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tv   Fox Morning News at 6  FOX  December 8, 2011 6:00am-7:00am EST

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morning. >> we want to tell you about some school delays before we get going this morning. some due to high water. others due to snow actually n maryland, charles county and garrett county schools are delayed two hours. in virginia, shenandoah county schools are delayed two hours. west virginia, the union educational complex is in grant county. ments on a two-hour delay today. and by the way, you can always see the latest delays as they come in on high water is causing problems in several areas. this is the scene on water street in upper marlboro late last night. snow did not cause big problems but did leave behind some scenes like one outside of frostburg. that is pretty. >> a little frosty in frostburg. >> this is at the the help house restaurant. >> it would be good to go in there and have a cup of coffee.
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i would love some hot chocolate for you. >> we'll see if we can get in for you. >> put the coat on before you go out. it's cold start to the day. here is your bus stop forecast. skies will be mostly sunny this morning. sunrise is at 7:14. cold, rather breezy. those winds gusting up to around 20 to 25 miles per hour and your actual air temperature is 30 to 35 degrees. temperatures across the region, let's check in and see how they look now. currently in washington, we are at 36 degrees. annapolis is at 39 degrees. the warm spot right now, salisbury, maryland, 40 degrees but elsewhere, dulles, 34. winchester at the freezing mark at 32 degrees. the forecast for today, we're going to see lots of sunshine, rather breezy, particularly this morning. those wind will diminish as the day progresses. it will be a dry day, highs today only in the mid-40s. so dress accordingly. this you go. >> thank you. we did not get a lot of
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snow right here in the immediate d.c. region, the rain is causing some problems. water street is flooded and closed this morning and that is where we find fox 5's stacy cohan live this morning. what is the situation out there right now? >> well, we do have floods. i for one am glad we didn't have snow. i know the kids all wanted snow. we didn't. i'm kind of glad we didn't. we did have a lot of rain and this is the result of it here on water street. it is flooding the road in front of prince george's county courthouse, what they call the new courthouse out here. if you are trying to access this area from route 4 pep pen avenue, you won't be able to. ments shut down. you can see they have trucks surrounding it. water is still quite high. they are simply going to have to wait for it to recede. this is an area that is prone to flooding. you certainly can access upper marlboro and the courthouse. there are other ways to work around and get your way in here. but for right now and for the foreseeable future, at least through the morning rush probably until the water recedes, this area will be
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closed. julie wright will have much more on traffic. back to you. >> thank you. let's get right to julie wright so she can have the latest for us. how are things looking? >> a little bit better along route 1. we have standing watt for those traveling between ritz way and powder mill road. that activity has cleared. we do have lanes getting by in each intersection. we have problems for those traveling on the outer loop of the beltway traveling over towards kenilworth avenue. traveling north out of landover headed into greenbelt and college park, the accident ask tuft here at kenilworth now tying up the second lane from the left. heads up as you try to work your way around towards 95. lanes are open but traffic is still congested coming in from buckiestown. you will find slow traffic eastbound on 66. building in manassas. slowing briefly as you make your way closer to 123. southbound lanes are closed. outer loop of the beltway, no problems to report here, university boulevard headed around to colesville road.
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that's a check of your fox 5 on-time traffic. more troubles for the air force's mortuary at dover air force base. more remains of american service members were dumbed in the virginia landfill than the military first reported. the "washington post" reporting that the remains of 274 troops were send to the landfill in king george county. air force says it has no plans to alert the families of the dead that their loved ones were dumped there. the hunt is on if a bank robber wearing a superhero mask. a person dressed like spider- man robbed the bb & t bank on living ton road in fort washington. police say the suspect passed a note to the teller demanding money and showed a gun. he got away with an undisclosed amount of cash in a dark colored chrysler pacifica heading toward otion on hill road. a 17-year-old high school student is behind bars charged in a stabbing at a maryland high school. brianna funez is being charged
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as an adult for stabbing another 17-year-old during an argument between girls. the victim is expected to survive. another big story we are following is the fight to extend the payroll tax cut. senate majority leader harry reid said the senate will skip its vacation if congress does not reach a resolution to pass the measure. the gop supports extending the tax cut but has not found enough support for its own plan. former illinois governor rod blagojevich has been sentenced to 14 years behind bars. he will report to prison in february. he was convicted on charges that he tried to sell president obama's former senate seat. he will be eligible for early release in about 12 years. coming up next, former penn state assistant coach jerry sandusky behind bars this morning. the government reach as a decision on whether or not to allow the morning after pill to
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be sold over the counter. we're back in a moment. time now is 6:07. 
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plan b will not be available over the counter. the fda was preparing to lift the age limit and let it be sold over the counter to anyone. but kathleen sebelius overruled the agency. jerry sandusky is behind bars after not being able to post the $250,000 cash bail. police arrested sandusky yesterday on new charges of abuse. the ex-coach now facing more than 50 counts of child sexual abuse. his lawyer hopes to have him out of jail today. if released, he must submit to electronic monitoring. the latest in another child
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sex abuse scandal. little case closed for former sir excuse assistant basketball coach bernie fine. according to the d. a., fine cannot be prosecuted for allegations he sexually abused two boys in the 1980s because the statute of lemignot stations has run out. federal authorities are investigating accusations made by a third accuser now. man says fine abused him across state lines in pittsburgh. fine denies the allegations. wet roads and strong wind causing problems out there this morning. coming up next, we'll check in with tony for your full forecast. much colder weather sticking around even once the wind and rain clears out.  [ male announcer ] citibank's new app for ipad
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back now at 6:14. new video this morning. all aspect of the rain coming into a little clearer picture here.
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this is a tree down on lawyers road in vienna, virginia after the storms. brought down some power lines too. right now, lawyers road is closed east of hunter mill. >> the heavy rains have been too much for parts of the local sewer system too. wssc reports sewage overflow at the fort washington forest number one pumping station on monroe avenue. now, that is causing waste water to overflow into a storm drain that leads to some local creeks. so obviously doing some damage there. we had rain. this is out in western maryland. live pictures we're seeing right now of snow covered roadways. this is at i-68 and u.s. route 219 out there. we see some snow still sticking around there. >> trucks making it through. you can see how wet the roads arrest and the snow out there as well. we knew that parts of western maryland would get hit pretty good yesterday. >> they sure did. >> no snow but lots of rain. record-setting rain for the day. i'm kind of underselling it because we had records set at
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all of the area airports, reagan, dulles and bwi marshall. new records for the day. that is a lot of rain, hence the problems this morning. i don't the other problem is windy conditions and cold temperature across the region. that is something you will have to get used to although the wind will diminish although it will be cold fore the foreseeable future. we'll start with the rainfall totaled. reagan national, man, just over 3 inches of rain yesterday with the storm that came through and if you were out in it, or even looking out your window, it was really, really coming down. dulles airport, just over 2 inches. bwi, just over 2 1/3 inches of rain yesterday and again awful these new records for the date. let's take a look at those morning temperatures. now, we told you every day this week, we told you, we got a transition happening and things are going to change. here is your change. earlier in the week, temperatures are in the 50s and 60s early in the morning.
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we're in the 30s now. 36degrees in washington. 35 in baltimore. dulles airport is at 34. winchester, 32 degrees. our friends in cambridge, maryland are at 37 and salisbury, it is 40 degrees right now. wind are gusting this morning. they're blowing, sustained winds around 10, 15 miles per hour. 23 mild per hour in manassas for the wind. 2the combination of those wind and the cold temperatures are giving us wmps in the 20s for much of the area. take a look at the satellite- radar composite. -- giving you us wind chills in the 20s for much of the area. this morning, cheer skies here. some clouds out to the west. but the most interesting thing is the storm system is virtually exiting the united states already. it is moving across eastern portions of maine. this was a fast-moving storm which make it more remarkable
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that that much rain was dumped on us in one day. here is your forecast for washington for today. kind after different forecast than what we've been used to. mostly sunny skies, breezy at times. winds will diminish at times as the day progresses. highs today only about 46 degrees. that is three degrees below normal. for tonight, clear skies again. another cold night as our overnight lows will be in the 30s. your five-day forecast, we are in december and now it feels like it. daytime highs only in the 40s. tomorrow will be near 50. not bad for your friday but cool this weekend. those of you heading out to the redskins game on sunday, it will be chilly. 43 for your high. this might be the score sunday. 43 to 28. you can assign whatever total number you want to the team you want. now, let's find out what is happen with the traffic. julie wright has that. >> come on now. you're supposed to have faith in your team. >> i know.
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i know. >> wow! >> julie, it is not about faith. i'm being realistic. >> okay. next time i need a helping hand, i'll make sure not to grab yours. >> it's the patriots! >> hopefully the crew in sky fox has got my back this morning. the outer loop at kenilworth we had a wreck tying up the left side of the roadway. now, we've got lanes open. big delays on the outer loop as you travel out of landover headed in towards greenbelt. we are starting to stack up back near the john hanson highway headed northbound up to 201. taking it back inside, we'll update the ride inbound on 95. as you -- or 66 here, let's start off here first out of monday as as. inbound towards the capital beltway, traffic slowing briefly at 234. now, hears my 95 shot. again, below speed leaving woodbridge from the prince william parkway headed up to
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the occoquan. for years, we watched them keep watch over an army surgical team in the korean war. talking about harry morgan there best known no his role on mash. he died yesterday at the age of 96. he had pneumonia. morgan won an emmy for his role on mash. his show business career included nine other tv series, 50 films and the broadway stage. today marks the passing of john lennon. the beatle great was shot to death 31 years ago. his killer, mark david chapman remains in prison. yoko ono is attending a tribute concert to her husband in tokyo. we'll go for new york next. we'll check with what is happening in europe today that could affect our mark the at home. a look at today's my fox half off deal.
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it is from arganica farm club. head to and look for the my fox half off link on the right side of the page. pag
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ininvestors' eyes are on europe as they try to find a way to save the euro. lauren simonetti has more. >> reporter: we've seen gines or things holding teddy recently. what is on tap for today? so far the futures don't look great. >> no, we are showing some weakness this morning. but you know what? european stocks are kind of flat at this moment. flat to slightly higher. we do have kicking off later tonight, the big eu summitt in brussels. it will conclude tomorrow. big question is do they have a plan to fix the debt crisis after more than two years.
6:24 am
many people are saying that a plan is in the work but they're not going to have one in time. a german official saying that that background plan might take until christmas. that is entirely too late. the rating agency, standard & poor's coming out saying it is threatening to downgrade the entire eu and all 27 nations in t we had mixed trading yesterday with the dow and s&p up and up for the third day in a row. the nasdaq slightly lower yesterday and this morning, like we're sitting on our hands. >> so, of course, as you mentioned, we are watching the eu summit closely in brussels. that is having quite an impact today you would say on our markets? >> definitely. you have to remember also that this is also the end of the year for many investors so there is a growing sense of wanting to just close out the books on an up note and just kind of float into the next -- the end of the year and there is also this sense of restlessness that we are sick of trading based on what europe is doing.
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so investor optimism keeps rising and fading on every headline and it just keeps happening. so it is do or die. you can say this big eu summit that kicks off later tonight. >> we'll just have to wait and see. i don't know about you but i'm done with 2011, ready for 2012. let's start this all over again. >> yes, i think many people would agree with you especially down on wall street. >> all right. thank you so much. we'll check in with you tomorrow. coming up next, food and blankets, basic needs on the wish list of soldiers in afghanistan this christmas. we'll show you what one familiar live fallen soldier is doing to make sure his memory lives on. first, say messy morning commute. the leftovers of yesterday's rough weather causing some plobz out there today. you can see that high water still rushing across the roadways in some areas. we'll have an update in just a bit. we're back in a moment. 
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back now at fox 5 morning news with school tea lays to talk about because of the weather. in maryland, charles county and garrett county schools delayed two hours. in virginia, shenandoah county schools delayed two hours. in west virginia, the union educational complex in grant county is on a two-hour delay. you can see the latest delay as they come in on >> just evidence of what we've been dealing with here in the area weather-wise, rain, snow, still -- >> winds. >> that too today. that is our big problem. did you say wind or recovering from the rain? >> yeah, because low-lying water -- not low-lying water. >> standing water. >> standing water in low-lying areas. it is windy too. >> blowing in the low-lying areas. >> yes. let's take a look at our
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sentinel satellite-radar. didn't this start yesterday morning around this time as well. >> yes, it did. you couldn't multitask. >> things are moving out of the -- things. what is going on? >> i got you all flustered. >> it should be siesta time. >> that would be good. the clouds have moved out. we've got mostly clear skies and it will be a dry day today. this morning, we do have windy conditions. those wind will gradually diminish as the day progresses. all right. take a look at the temperatures around the region. it is a cold start. put on an overcoat this morning, folks. 36degrees in washington. 37 at quantico. fredericksburg is at 37. in baltimore, it is 35. cambridge, 37 and in martinsburg, west virginia, where they did get some snow, 33 degrees. all right. here is your forecast for today. mostly sunny skies. breezy but nowhere near as mild. our highs today only in the mid- 40s. that is the big change, that front that brought the rain also brought in the colder air so that is what we'll live with
6:31 am
for the next several days. that is a look at what is happening with the weather. coming up, today's edition of the ask the weather guys. it is the question we were going to do yesterday that we didn't because of talking about the weather. it is about the planet pluto. wait. pluto, is it a planet or is it not? remember, it was demoted. >> it was depoeted. >> we'll talk about what its status is. >> good to have an update. >> let's check in with julie wright -- no, stacy first of all. >> i know we are. we're talking talking about wet weather. >> at least one road in upper marlboro is still closed this morning. that is where stacy is on water street. >> i know it is usually weather, then julie then me. i'll take a place out of turn and talk to you about a little bit of traffic. julie can handle the big picture. water street, we've got water.
6:32 am
take a look. it happened overnight with all the heavy rains. it is closed down and if you are trying to access up this part of upper marlboro where the courthouse is via pep pen avenue you will be diverted. just in front of the large cones, there is the access road that take you into the courthouse. you did see a bus, the bus as it is called here in prince george's county come out of the courthouse from that entrance but there have been no cars down this road and allowed to enter. that does -- bus came around from the route 301 side, around the courthouse and out. you can access this through route 202, 301. the lights are on at the courthouse. the stores are opening in this area. if you are trying to reach -- access this area through water street, you are going to have a tough time. now, for the woman who knows a lot more about traffic than i ever claim to, julie wright. you guys will take it to her. back to you. >> thank you. let's get right to julie and
6:33 am
find out what is happening on the roads. >> i thought stacy meant tough times. i do work with tucker and tony. so i do know what tough times are. on the roads, not an easy drive around town at all. westbound other is where we'll find the crew in sky fox. this is 50 headed inbound towards the capital beltway. there is traffic that is able to get by single file to the right at this point. it looked like this is going to be the portion of the route 50 incident are change where you stay to the right to continue over the beltway or you stay to the left to continue inside of the beltway and continue in towards riverdale. fire truck on the scene and traffic is able to get by single file to the right but that is going to slow your roll as you travel inbound from 704 this morning headed towards the capital beltway. inside of the beltway, riverdale through cheverly of course lanes are open. no issues to report headed into northeast. earlier crash on the outer loop of the beltway cleared through the shoulder. expect delays from the john hanson highway headed around
6:34 am
towards the scene. northbound i-59 below speed headed towards the occoquan. you will find lanes are open on the beltway between anden dale and merrifield. a portion of lawyers road shut down at hunter mill road. that is due to trees and wires down at the highway. this is eastbound 66. no issues to report. however, below speed at business 234. more slow traffic waiting for you at fair oaks and again at the beltway. that's a check of your fox 5 on-time traffic. >> thank you. they are cold and they are hungry and they are defending america. >> soldiers in afghanistan putting food and blankets on their christmas wish lists and now the family of one local fallen soldier is working to make sure the needs are met. fox 5's bob barnard with the story. at the manassas office of keller williams real estate, the m girlfriend ever a northern virginia soldier killed in afghanistan three months ago are collecting christmas donations. they will be sending them to doug grown's platoon still in the war zone. >> when we created the douglas j. green foundation, we knew that he, of course, always wanted to serve and we knew
6:35 am
into we wanted to continue his legacy and start helping the soldiers. >> not just with stocking stuffers. they say some of our troops are begging for blankets and food. >> it is heart breaking to know these guys are freezing and hungry. >> reporter: doug green was stationed at an isolated outpost working 16-hour days often eating just one mre a day. of his the communication chief able to skype with his girlfriend. >> seeing that look in his eyes was a game changer for me. seeing him seat a tuna packet and that is all he had. that just broke my heart. so after doug died, i adopted a soldier because i really -- i realized there are other guys out there who are enduring the same situation and i wanted to help out in any way that i could. a bunch. our friends adopted soldiers and the guy i adopted said i'm freezing at night. can you please send me a blanket. it is getting really cold here. >> some of these guys are at
6:36 am
the very forefront of the war. >> there is nothing there. >> he with he can spue marty horne via skype from his home in indiana. he runs any, a web site allowing troops to place requests for anything they need. yes, some ask for food. others want blankets. >> not everybody has barracks. not everybody goes home at night. unless you've been there, it is hard to explain. war is not a fun place. >> reporter: but specialist green's sister chrissy says the pentagon should be doing more. >> don't even admit t just start sending stuff over there. i don't care if anyone has to know about it as long as they are getting fed and staying warm and getting the comfort they need for doing what they're diagnose over there, that is all that matters. >> that is bob barnard reporting. the douglas j. green foundation has been collecting donations from across northern virginia. they way be shipped to
6:37 am
afghanistan this weekend. too much debt can ruin holiday happiness. in this morning's smart phone zone, we'll show you something that can help you steer clear of spending too much. >> holiday greeting from our service members overseas. i'm lieutenant colonel john meade with my wife patty and our daughters, kailey and caroline. we want to say hello to meg snow and danny in mclean, virginia. >> merry christmas and happy new year. year.  ♪ [ male announcer ] from our nation's networks...
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good morning. it is kind of tough for me this time of year. i always try to stick to at least one credit card during the holiday shopping season to not get things crazy and lose track of how much you're spending. >> good advice. >> there are several personal finance web sites out there that can help you get a hand olympic things. i spoke with an executive at about their web site and apps for smart phones and tablets. >> we make it easy to get started. >> reporter: aaron force says it takes five minutes or less to link all of your accounts on that will help you get a clear picture of where your cash is going. think buy chart. >> it gets all of that financial data from your financial institutions and it makes sense it was. it organizes it for you. it categorizes it. it cleans up the name of the merchant so it is clear to you.
6:42 am
it doesn't look like the garbled transaction description that you get on your credit card statement. >> reporter: you can also set a budget the a crucial step during the holiday soap. if you get close to going over that budget, mint will alert you through e-mail or text. you can also plan for the future. >> you can set up goals to getting out of debt. you can set up goal for wanting to buy a home. >> reporter: there is other helpful advice as well. >> if you spend a lot on gasoline and you don't have a card that is come pep sitting you for your spending on gasoline, we'll point that out and show you cards that do give you rewards for gasoline. >> reporter: is free for the user. the advice is where they make their money. >> the way we prioritize the advice we show is solely based upon how much the consumer can save. what we do is we challenge our financial services advertisers to create the best products they can and that is the way they get more sole yum from us -- more volume from us in terms leads to their business. >> the big question, of course,
6:43 am
security. you provide your account numbers. >> there is nothing that is personal lie l.i.e. identifiable. we don't know your social court or your name. even if somebody compromiseed a mint account which hasn't happened ever, you can't do anything. you can't transfer money out of accounts. >> mint has more than a million active mobile customers. smart phone user can enter trance,s on the go so you don't forget about them before you get home. >> you're say i just spent -- whatever. it looks like you're in starbucks, is that the more chnt you are at? you say yes. >> there is a brand-new app made specifically for the ipad. >> it is a very graphic view of your finances. can you use your hand and gesturing in order to wade through graphs of your finances. if you are getting charged fees, if you don't know your interest rates, whether it is on loans or credit cards, if you don't know what your balances are, like just knowing that information puts new a
6:44 am
better position. >> is a product of intuit which also makes turbo tax and quicken. there are plenty of personal finance sites out there. you just need to look around. >> always a good time to do that at the beginning of the new year. >> start it early, your new year's resolution. >> thank you. we want you to help us out this holiday season and be a part of our holiday tradition. you can send orangements to the address on your screen courtesy of fox 5. 5. today, special thanks go out to margot rhett smith of greenbelt, maryland for sending in this ornament. it is the greenbelt movie theater in miniature. margaret said she enjoyed it when we were in town for our grown belt friday, all the way back in the summer of 2010.
6:45 am
great to see it has a part of our holiday tree. we appreciate it. we'll send this ornament and the tree to a worthy group. >> those were really hot days. just remember that when we're talking now about how cold it is out there. >> yes, we enter this colder time of the year. our thoughts turn to summer. we've had a very nice november. december has been nice up until now and now we get these changes. it is wintertime. let's take a look at what is going on out there. we'll start by showing you the temperatures across the region. it's cold start to the day. we told you it was on wait. it is here. 36degrees in washington. leonardtown, you are at 36 degrees as well. so annapolis is at 39 degrees. in manassas, it is 34 degrees currently. winds are gusty this morning. gusting up to 21 miles per hour at washington?
6:46 am
23 in manassas. 22 in baltimore. leonardtown has had a wind gust of 16 miles per hour. and in winchester, 18. again, that is giving us wind chills pretty much in the 20s. so it is definitely a cold start to the day. you will need the coat this morning. and you know what? even later today, it will just be chilly today. sat-rad is showing you we've got mostly clear skies. had a pretty good shot of the moon this morning. some cloud cover up to the north. there is your storm system beginning to exit the country. it is way up in new england. forecast for washington for today looks like this. it will be a chilly day, breezy at times although the wind will diminish as the day progresses. mostly sunny. 46 for your high. for tonight, another cold one under clear skies. overneat lows in the lower and mid-30s. some of you will be at the freezing mark or below. for your five-day forecast, tomorrow, over the next few days, tomorrow not bad. 49 for your high. sunny and the wind s have died
6:47 am
down by then. we will have cold temperatures, chilly at night. temperature definitely below normal. ladies and gentlemen, please welcome back to the set mr. tucker barnes. >> thank you. >> it is now time for ask the weather guys. sorry, we took a break yesterday. tucker and i put our big heads together to answer your most pressing questions weather- related or otherwise. today, it is otherwise. and today's question comes from michael proctor who writes, how come pluto is no longer considered a planet? many people are upset about this. this is an ongoing controversy started about 12 years ago when there was first talk of hey, pluto doesn't meet some of the qualifications and we both looked into this one. i'll let tucker do most of the heavy lifting here to tell us about it. >> thank you. let's begin by saying the debate rages today because
6:48 am
depending on which side of the fence you come on this one. all the way back to 1930 is when pluto was discovered by an astronomer named -- did you know it was that late? >> no. it was by clyde tomba. he named it. but things just kind of bubbled along there for i good 60 years and then about 20 years ago, satellites and our telescopes started to get more and more powerful and we were able to peer deeper and deeper into our solar system. about 15 years ago, astronomers made a shocking discovery and that was that pluto was part of a larger belt, almost like an
6:49 am
asteroid belt, what is called the kuiper belt. within this -- the kuiper belt. within this belt, there are 70,000 other rocks, icy possible planets, just sort of debris that is out there that kind of follows around pluto. so pluto is not alone. as recently as 2005, an astronomer found a rock-like struck tairks possible planet even bigger than pluto farther out in the solar system. -- a rock-like structure, a possible planet even bigger than pluto farther out in the solar system. should we say it's nerdy debate. >> a lot of people are vested in it. i grew up thinking there were nine planets. now there are a bunch of other planets. some have names. some have numbers. the demotion of pluto, some people have taken it quite
6:50 am
personally. >> there are three things you need to be a planet. >> you need amcdonald's. >> you need -- yeah. >> it needs for orbit around the sunen pluto does that. it needs to have enough gravity to pull itself into a spherical shape. pluto does that too. it has not cleared the neighborhood. its orbit. by that, they mean any time when a planet forms, it will either absorb other space debris around, it other icy structures or it will kick it out with its gravity. pluto is unable to do it. >> it is still relying on somebody else or something else. >> it has got a lot of other stuff around it. >> it doesn't want to come play with us. >> pluto is also small. it is smaller -- it is only about 1400 miles across. >> could you actually hold it? >> no. >> there is an organize called the international -- there is an organization called the international astronomical
6:51 am
union, i believe. they make these decisions. they've been talking about this for a long time. several years ago, they determined that pluto would be classified as a dwarf planet. and before we go, late breaking news. there was a moon discovered around pluto this summer. a lot of people are arguing that, if you have a moon, you are a planet. >> thank you, tucker. are we clear? >> not really. >> pluto is a dwarf plan the. the one thing that made it not a planet was -- >> it was unable to clear the other pieces of junk out there in its orbit. >> perhaps, if it was a bit bigger, it would have had the strength to break away.
6:52 am
& one is the loneliest number. >> that makes you feel sorry for pluto. >> i always feel sad. you are calling to a dwarf planet. let's get to julie wright and get the latest on traffic. >> on the roads this morning, we're talking about route 50 coming inbound. that is where we had the accident scene before the beltway. the crew in sky fox live with us now. that accident activity has been moved into the striped safety zone. all lanes are open but police are on the scene. this is causing about a mile backup as you travel inbound on 50 headed in towards the beltway. chopper brad showing you the remains of this crash. pulled into the striped safety don't and all lanes are open. muddy branch road over near diamondback, this is where we're checking for accidpossibl pedestrian. heads up traveling north of great seneca highway.
6:53 am
southbound 270, lanes are open with no problems to report out of germantown. eastbound on 66, look for delays at business 234 and at the beltway. that's a check of your fox 5 on-time traffic. >> thank you. next hour, we'll jump up on stage with the jersey boys. >> all right. we're live at the national theater this morning finding out what it takes to put on this award-winning production. we're back after this.  to make a commitment
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reporter: good morning, everybody, i'm annie yu filling in for holly morris. happy thursday. we are in for a really festival treat today because we are going back stage here at the national theater for the jersey boys. they are in town until january 10th. we're going to be looking at the cast, looking at the costumes, trying on wigs. you definitely want to stay
6:57 am
tuned. of course, franky vale and the four seasons brawtz us hits and hits of the 1960s, "big girls don't cry" and so many more. so we'll get a behind-the- scenes look, so don't go anywhere. sarah. >> annie, thank you. time to say good morning to the facebook fan of the day. it is ashley staley goat. this is a picture of her 6-year- old daughter addison. she's adorable. what a great smile. they get up at 5:00 a.m. everyday to watch the show. we appreciate it. good morning, little addison. thank you, ashley for being our fan of the day. you want to be tomorrow's fan of the day, find us on facebook by searching for fox 5 morning news and post a comment under ashley's photo of addison. marcus canty impressing the judges on "xfark" last night. the judges said he come back strong last week when he was in
6:58 am
the bottom two for the second time. fine out who will be the next to be -- find out who will be the next to be eliminated right here on fox 5 now let's send it over to allison who is joining steve. >> good morning. may i just say that baby's dimples are so adorable. coming up on fox 5 news at 7:00, mother nature causing some big problems. while the rain might have moved out of the area, it's a difficult commute. how are things looking right now? we have team coverage straight ahead. plus it's the place where most fallen soldiers return. this morning disturbing new details about how many passed through dover air force base were dumped in a landfill. and the race to the white house getting ugly now. it is game on in iowa for republican presidential candidate mitt romney. he is out with a new ad taking aim at rival and current frontrunner newt gingrich's personal life. fox 5 morning news at 7:00 starts right now. now.
6:59 am
lelele it's 7:00 right now as we take a look toward the east from our tower cam right now, and it's a beautiful start to this early morning, although it's a little chilly out there. but compared to the last couple of days, we got the rain outta here at least on this thursday morning, december 8th, we do want to tell you about some school delays this morning before we get started with weather and traffic. this is due to high water, others due to snow. yeah. in maryland, charles county and garrett county schools are delayed two hours. in virginia shenandoah county schools are delayed two hours and in west virginia the union educational complex is in grant county and is on a two-hour delay today. you can always see the latest delays as they come in on let's check in with tony perkins and find out more what we can expect on this


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