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tv   Fox 5 Morning News at 425am  FOX  January 19, 2012 4:25am-5:00am EST

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good morning, everyone on this thursday, january 19th. we are taking a live look at reagan national this morning. if you saw it down there on the left, excuse me. temperatures in the 20s. right now, it is super cold outside this morning. i'm sarah simmons. welcome to fox 5 morning news. let's get the latest on our weather from tucker barnes. it is cold. >> yes, it returns. cold is back. much, much colder than yesterday and we'll be off to a
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cold start and a so-so day. we have quiet conditions. not expecting any problems this morning. no wet weather of any kind and just kind of cold out there as we get going here. let's go to our temperature. reagan national is 27 degrees. the wind which was really blowing, winds are now 10 miles per hour out of the north. that is good news. later this afternoon, we'll cloud up. we have a clipper system coming in from the north. high temperatures in the low to mid-40s. back to you. >> thank you. a bethesda mother is facing charges this morning, accused of leaving her young dot anterior lone in her apartment. montgomery county police say
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the 6-year-old was trying to cook something in the toaster oven when it began smoking. a neighbor called 911 when the alarm went off. a d.c. police officer is facing felony assault charges after allegedly taxing a female bartender. a witness says urell washington, a 25-year vet rap of the force, yelled at the bartender before grabbing her neck and throwing her to the ground. the italian captain of the cruise ship that ran aground is being called the most hated man in italy by the italian press. the captain says he accidentally fell into a life raft. the search for 21 missing people is on hold. it is that time of year. the race for the american idol crown has begun. season 11 has kicked off. the judges have their work cut
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out for them. we have the idol round-up. >> he has this look on his face. the eyes are dry. >> no blinking. >> you think they'll be amazing and they open their mouth and you're like okay, bye. >> reporter: kicking off the 11th season, savannah georgia, impressed randy, ryan, jennifer and steven. >> we probably sent the most people -- >> how many people -- >> it is the most ever in an audition city. >> i remember the door kept
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opening and there were people sprinting out of it. i've never seen itppen at that frequency. >> reporter: amay look easy but waiting around most of the day to get your one chance to impose the junes can be stressful. ask season 10 finalist pia toscano. >> it's a scary feeling going from front of those judges. >> reporter: though surf advisory and saw the most contestants put through to hollywood, pittsburgh hit some high notes of its own. >> another talented city, kind of cold. >> i remember we would look up at each other at lunch and we'd have that look on our face. >> you think when you've never been there before, what is this going to be, is it going to be anied. >> i got to say we were pleasantly surprised. talking sports, it was a
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great night for d.c. sports. wizards pulled off a majorup set beating the nba top team, the oklahoma thunder, 105-102. john wall led the way with 25 points. >> the caps kicked off their three-game road trip with a win against the canadiens. it is 4:30 on this thursday, january 19th. 27degrees. it will be a cold one. make sure to really bundle up out there today as we take a live look at the u.s. capitol dome this morning. i'm sarah simmons. welcome to fox 5 morning news. let's say good morning to tucker barnes and get the latest on our weather. >> it was breezy yesterday. now, it is just downright cold. >> the wiped lightened up and we lost our heating from
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yesterday. -- the wind lightened up and we lost our heating from yesterday. we have some interesting things to talk about on our satellite- radar. our current temperatures, 27 in washington. 19 at winchester. 20 in hagerstown. 25degrees at fredericksburg. yesterday morning, ocean city was in the 50s at this hour. now 28 in ocean city. very cold temperatures to start your morning. kids will need to bundle up. this is your sentinel satellite. we are doing fine right now. we'll wake up with sunshine but as the day progresses, the clouds will increase as we have a little clipper system. this particular one will give us the possible of a few flurries late this afternoon and tonight. >> that would be nice to see a
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couple of flurries. >> thank you, sarah. i agree with you. seasonal forecast. 39 in frederick, 45 in fredericksburg. colder tomorrow and an interesting start to the weekend. mother -- more on that in a minute. >> let's get the latest from julie wright now on traffic. >> it is all i could do to peel out of my jacket. it's cold. on the roads, we have reports of a water main break along new york at west virginia, montana. according to d-d.o.t., all of that activity should be wrapped up and the lanes are open once again as you travel through northeast. no trouble spots to report right now 395 coming across the 14th street bridge. traffic flowing freely as you work your way over towards the southeast-southwest freeway. that's a check of your fox 5 on-timetraffic. ffic. >> thank you. a bethesda mother is
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accused of leaving her young daughter alone in her apartment. montgomery county police say the 6-year-old girl was trying to cook something in the toaster oven when it began smoking and the large went off. a neighbor called 911 and found the girl wandering in the hallway. mother is charged with leaving a child unattended and could face more charges. disafter the fore home owners in potomac, this house was engulfed in flames by the time firefighters got to it a little after 7:00 last night. the nearly 4,000 square-foot home on vantage court is destroyed. a woman who was home told 911 dispatchers she heard a pop before the fire broke out. investigators are still looking for a cause of this fire. a 25-year veteran of the d.c. police force is facing serious allegations. officer urell washington is accused of taxing a female bartender at a local bar. witnesses say he yelled a woman
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before throwing her to the ground. >> she's bruised real bad. her shoulders hurt. she went to the emergency room this afternoon. >> according to the police report, washington and the bartender had previously dated. fox 5 spoke to her last night and she said that wasn't true. an all-out manhunt is under way for the woman in this surveillance video. take a good look here. montgomery county investigators say she forced an elderly woman to withdraw thousands of dollars from her account at the bank of america in langley park. during a news conference yesterday, the 84-year-old victim says she was duped by the suspect who lured her in with a story that touched her heart. investigators are offering a reward for info leading to an arrest and conviction in this case. developing this morning.
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in italy's cruise ship disaster, the ship is in danger of falling into a deep abyss. it has shifted over four feet since run ago ground on friday. so far, 11 people are confirmed dead but there are still two dozen people missing. rough seas put the search for them on hold yesterday. now the captain is coming under intense criticism. as laura evans report, italian authorities want to put the captain back in jail. >> reporter: in rome, a moment of silence. the italian parliament honoring the victims of the crashed cruise liner. italian prosecutors want the captain of the ship back in jail instead of under house arrest as ordered by a judge tuesday. >> we would like to avoid the situation where he escapes from his responsibilities given the behavior he had on board. that doesn't give us a positive outlook. >> reporter: but his lawyer says the house arrest decision makes sense becauses there no
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evidence the captain ever intended to escape. >> they did not find him hidden among the passengers. he has always been in front of his ship. >> reporter: italy's environmental minister planning to declare a state of emergency by week's end freeing up state money for a potential environmental disaster. the minister says efforts to remove the fuel from the cruise liner will start soon. the search for survivors hit a snag wednesday when electronic equipment detected the tilted ship moving. officials want to make surety ship is stable before allowing rescue crews to resume their search. relatives of the missing arrived at the scene of the crash hoping their prayers will be answered. laura evans, fox 5 news. drivers resumed looking for victims this morning. this is a livelike right now. salvage crews are waiting to see if they will start pumping the half million gallons of diesel out of the ship. you can kind of see there is a few people that are kind of
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around that ship assessing the situation. there are worries of an environmental disafter ther in the pristine waters. those are live pictures of that shipwreck over there off the italian coast. a billionaire philanthropist from bethesda is going to donate the money to fix the washington monument. this isn't the first time he has donated some significant cash. this comes just one month after he donated millions of dollar to help the national zoo's giant panda program. fox 5's stacy cohan is live at the washington monument with all the details. >> reporter: it is some good news. i can tell you, david rubinstein is fast becoming one of the city's best known benefactors with this gift. he is the co-founder of the carlyle group. he heard about the damage done to the washington monument by that quick last summer. the washington monument has been closed since august
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waiting for the repairs to be made. he stepped forward and offered to split the $15 million cost with the federal government and, as you mentioned, this is not his first gift to the city. just one month ago, he donated $4.5 million to the national zoo's giant panda program. he has also donated $13.5 million to the national archives. this is a man who said he would like to give away the bulk of his $2.7 billion fortune. a formal announcement is expected this morning. back to you. >> thank you. just two days out from the pivotal south carolina primary. coming up next, we are learning more about one candidate's pac plan while another candidate is facing some questions about his personal fortune. we'll have the details after the break. stay with us. i can't stand these spots.
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those spots are actually leftover food and detergent residue that can redeposit on your dishware during the rinse cycle. gross. jet-dry rinse agent helps wash them away so the only thing left behind is the shine. jet-dry rinses away residues for a sparkling shine. the canadian company that is hoping to build a canada to texas pipeline says it will reapply for a permit.
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this comes after president barack obama rejected the current proposal saying congress didn't give them enough time to thoroughly review it. house speaker john boehner says obama is breaking his promise to create jobs by rejecting the plan. republican frontrunner mitt romney is admitting that part of his millions are invested in the cayman islands but romney aides point out he never used the caymans to avoid taxes. rick santorum wants to cut taxes. santorum is fighting with newt gingrich for second place over who is the true conservative. the latest rasmussen poll in south carolina has mitt romney leading with 35% followed by newt gingrich at 21%. rick santorum and ron paul at 16 and rick perry at 5%. the candidates will debate again tonight. a new alert system coming in our area to warn us about
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emergencies. we'll have that story straight ahead. let's check in with tucker. >> cold temperatures here to stay this morning. we have temperatures in the teens and 20s. i will have the details on your forecast which features a few snowflakes. julie wright will be in with your on-time traffic if the word of flurries didn't scare her away. 
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taking a live look over washington, d.c. this morning. you can see the cathedral there just over there, just the outline of it. it will be a cold one out there, folks. definitely bundle up. we'll talk with tucker here in a second to get a better idea of what you can expect today. prince george's county residents now have an easier way to find out about emergencies that are happening. the county's new system allows you to get alerts via e-mail, text message or a page. if you're interested in getting notifications, you can register for free on the prince george's county web site. >> the good old days. >> the good old days, the big snowstorms you saw there, the trees down. it has just been quiet. we talk about out uninteresting it's been. we should probably be glad it is. >> you're right. no one is complaining about a
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relatively quiet winter so far. we have some interesting forecasts here as we get into the weekend. i will elaborate on that as we speak. let's get right to the headlines. we have temperatures in the teens and 20s right now. we have a chance for a few flurries tonight and maybe the dreaded wintry mix mere to start the weekend. this could get going as early as tomorrow night. so that could be a point of interest here as our temperatures look like they'll be below freezing as we get moisture moving in friday night, early saturday morning. certainly cold enough for wintry mix right now although skies are clear. 27 in washington. 19 right now in gaithersburg. here we go again, 18 in frederick. martinsburg, you are 15 degrees. the entire area below freezing and we are off to a chilly start. i think temperatures will probably fall a few more degrees here before that sun gets a chance to warm up the atmosphere here. looking forward here, let's look at our satellite-radar. we'll wake up with sunshine.
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clear skies to start your morning. clouds will move in quickly here from the north and west. we'll be mostly cloudy later today. this is a weak clipper system and if you're familiar with washington weather, we typically get this during the winter months. we have just enough moisture we o squeeze out some snow showers or snow flurries late this afternoon if you are off to the north and west and then tonight, maybe 10:00 across the washington area. not going to be a major snow event but we haven't had a lot to talk about so maybe some snow flurries in the forecast as we get into the nighttime hours. temperatures up where we should be. winds out of the south at 10 to 15. unlike yesterday when they were out of the north and west gusting to about 35, they should be heighter today. there are your flurries with the clipper moving through. here is your five-day forecast. -- they should be heighter today. we'll cloud up and by tomorrow night and early saturday, we have the risk of a wintry mix. this is the overnight low t
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could start as snow, quickly transition over to sleet and freezing rain. have to watch that one very carefully early saturday. sunday, monday, rebound in temperatures, back in the 50s by monday. want to remind you, you can download for free the fox 5 weather app. go to the apple store. you can get it on your droid. we've got the 10-day forecast on that, hourly forecasts and you can get it all including appear occasionual treat by your very own tony perkins. we encourage you to sign up as we get a chance for wintry weather over the next couple of days. julie wright has your latest on traffic. >> all those tweets coming into to you guys, you all will need a twitter intern or something. >> we're looking for one. >> can i get one too. >> you don't need one. >> people are so excited to find you guys on twitter. >> we're getting better at it. >> slowly. it has been a process.
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on the road right now, inbound new york avenue at west virginia, moment, we had word of a water main break and they were busy treating the roadway. we were told that everything is open but this is highly unusual for this hour of the morning. we'll call d-d.o.t. back and see what is going o this is an unusual delay headed inbound trying to work your way past the checkers and headed back to west virginia and montana in the circle there. i can see in the distance, there are some flashing lights. some traffic is betting by but very slowly as you travel from northeast to northwest. icy conditions reported as a result of that water main break. new york avenue at west virginia, montana. top stretch of the beltway not so bad, not so busy. lanes are open from 95 college park headed past university boulevard. get ready to pay higher water and sewer fees. the washington suburban sanitary commission is looking to make some changes. they want to raise fees by 7.5% for montgomery and prince george's counties.
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for most customers, it would mean about $5 more a month for them. some of the the money would be used to improve the aging infrastructure which they have talked about in the past. another guilty plea stemming from the embezzlement case that is involving former d.c. councilman harry thomas, jr. james garvin admitted he knew tom was as stealing money but didn't do anything about it. garvin served on the board of directors for langston 21. that is the same úorganization thomas used to acquire grant money for his own pocket. garvin faces up to three years in prison. listen up, folks. a big announcement coming from apple today. the company is going to reveal the big plans from the guggenheim museum in new york. no one with apple is talking but this is not expected to be a new gadget upgrade. many believe the company will leap into the next book industry. we'll find out this morning coming up at 10:00 what the big
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secret is. the cofounder of yahoo, jerry yang, has resigned. he abruptly quit the company he started back in 1995. it might be a move to apiece shareholders. they were upset over his handling ever the company. in after hours trading, yahoo shares rose 5% on the news. all web sites that participated in yesterday's blackout went back online early this morning. wikipedia had been shut down for the past 24 hours protesting against anti-piracy laws being considered in congress. some democratic and republican lawmakers responded to the blackout withdrawing or scaling back their support for the proposed legislation. coming up, maryland is facing a $1 billion deficit and governor o'malley's plan to raise some money is sparking some controversy even from members of his own party. we'll tell you who he is
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targeting and what the plan is. our half off deal is from $10 buys you $20 to spend on already discounted brand-name merchandise. head to ab we are site and -- head to our web site and click on the my fox half off link. 
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martin o'malley has released his operating budget. a move for shift teacher retirement costs to the county. melanie alnwick has more. >> reporter: the governor says the state can raise $182 million by phasing out personal deductions for high income
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earners. >> i don't line doing this. >> reporter: for singles making $100,000 couples making $150,000, the personal exemption get cut in half. certain deductions like mortgage interest will also be capped for incomes above $100,000. >> in my view of the unpopular choices that all of us wish we did not have to make, this is the fairest way to go about this. >> reporter: o'malley estimated the measures would only affect 20% of state taxpayers costing most families in the higher brackets between $201,000 a year. herb mcmillan says despite the governor's claim, this squarely hits maryland's middle class. >> there could be a husband, a wife, they both have a job where they're making 50,000 a year. they are struggling right now. it is going to hurt most working people that i know. >> reporter: as expected. the governor also wants to make
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counties share most of the cost of teacher pensions. the county would have to pick up more each year as the cost for retirement grows. >> i'm not accepting. this. >> reporter: montgomery county executive ike leggett says the two proposals air double whammy for his constituents. >> we are being cut and asked to tax our own people to solve the cuts. >> melanie alnwick, fox 5 news. coming up income, we'll recap last night's season 11 premiere of american idol. the washington wizards deliver a big surprise to the thunder. we'll have highlights coming up.
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♪ [ female announcer ] if whole grain isn't the first ingredient in your breakfast cereal, what is? now, in every box of general mills big g cereal, there's more whole grain than any other ingredient. that's why it's listed first on the side. from honey nut cheerios to cinnamon toast crunch to lucky charms, get more whole grain than any other ingredient... without question. just look for the white check. look at this. the wizards took on the nba's
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best team, the oklahoma thunder last night. the thunder's two stars shined. but it was the wiz that would not be denied. john wall led the way with 25 points. washington pulls off the upset 105-102. to hockey now at ped caps game a three-game road trip north of the border against the canadiens. the great 8 would add a goal in the second period and the caps go to the shutout win 3-0. season 11 of american idol is now under way. >> if a 16-year-old from north carolina can win american idol, i can do that. >> ryan seacrest pumping up the crowd there as the judges head from city to see checking out the pool of talent. we saw last night that they were very impressed with savannah, georgia.


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