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tv   Fox 5 News at 5  FOX  January 19, 2012 5:00pm-6:00pm EST

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help cashing a check so she could feed them. the 84-year-old victim agreed to help the lady, then at some point the suspect implied she had a gun and ordered the victim to withdraw money from her bank. she took $8,000 from her bank account. >> our police captains did some research on this crime and found that the ruse of approaching someone blindly in a shopping center and asking for help cashing a check is not uncommon. what sun common is using those children as part of the scam. >> reporter: now, police are also looking for a second suspect in this. that would be the female who walked in and took the three kids away after the suspect went into the bank with the victim. so they're searching for that suspect as well. they don't know the connection. they don't know how this is all tied together. they probably will figure this out once they find the. back to you, shawn. >> wisdom, we know the details are just coming in.
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you're trying to sort this out. what else do we know about the suspect? do police know if she's possibly run this scam before? >> reporter: they don't know at this point because they don't have her. all they have is an arrest warrant. they know she lives in the hyattsville area, and they are in the process of getting her, but they don't know anything else about her at this point. of course, the big thing is they have to get her and find this second person to see how this scam all comes together. they don't even know if the three kids involved in this are related at all to the woman what is involved in this scam. so they have to figure this all out once they get her into custody. >> still a lot to sort out. much more tonight at 10:00. wisdom, thank you. >> we are following a news alert out of northwest d.c. where u.s. park police have found a body near georgetown university. the body found this afternoon along canal road so far no id but an autopsy will be done to determine how that person died. a woman is dead after a car crash in prince george's county. it happened on brinkley road in
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temple hills. police say the driver went into cardiac arrest and crashed into a pole. there is no word on the victim's identity. monitoring metro tonight, two veteran employees, including one cop, accused of stealing tens of thousands of dollars from the agency. federal prosecutors say the two conspired to steal coins, then spent the cash on lottery tickets. paul wagner is live from the federal courthouse tonight. >> reporter: laura, according to a affidavit filed in federal court the duo has been doing this for years. stealing the coins from the fare cart machines, then keeping that money for themselves. it one was a technician, a revenue technician. the other was a cop who has been working on the force since 1997. he and the other man worked together. the cop was to provide security. after the two were arraigned here in federal court metro's general manager announced an audit. this is a metro employee since
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1979 who prosecutors say had a scheme going with this man, john vincent hale, a metro transit police officer since 1997. metro's general manager commenting earlier today said he was disgusted and dismayed by the charges. it. >> it's a betrayal of the trust of our customers, of washington metro itself, and of the thousands of honest employees here. as a result of this i have ordered that a forensic accountant from deloitte touch join the investigation to look at the existing systems, control systems for the revenue system and to determine what more improvements have to be made to improve securities so this doesn't happen again. >> reporter: according to a court affidavit the scheme worked like this. mcdade and hale were assigned to what's called emergencies unwhich a revenue employee and a police officer worked together. the two would service fare cart machines that either needed to be replenished with cash or emptied. according to the affidavit the fbi received a tip last
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september that a metro police officer was using bags of coins to purchase virginia scratch- off it lottery tickets worth thousands of dollars. and he was doing it a lot. in october, the affidavit says hale spent more than $13,000 on lottery tickets at one store near his woodbridge home. in november, he spent over $7,000 and just about the same amount in december. it. the affidavit says the two would stop at an overpass near a hotel in alexandria and hide bags of coins in the underbrush. they would then come back later in their personal cars and remove the cash. police were able to track their movements using gps devices attached to their cars. according to the affidavit, bank records show hale had unexplained cash deposits in excess of $150,000 since 2008. >> they betrayed all their honest colleagues that they have worked with for many years.
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it. >> reporter: now, the affidavit also says that officer hale won as much as $62,000 from the virginia lottery, and when he went to purchase these tickets, he showed up in uniform, and apparently didn't think twice about having all these coins and buying all these tickets night after night after night. those two men appeared here in federal court, laura, and they were released on their own recognizance. >> finally caught up with them. paul wagner, thank you. now to a fox 5 weather alert. the radar shows a clipper system headed our way, but that may not be the round of winter weather we that he had to be worried about. gary is down in the weather center. all right, gary, lay it on me. >> it's a clipper. so just by name, it clips along, moves fast, and generally speaking we get very little, if any, from these storms, but they tend to give us sneaky little snows so we keep a very close eye on them. let me show you as we go over
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to radar. this is a little closer view of the clipper, the snow, and it's all snow, western maryland, up into western sections of pennsylvania. that's where i think they could get one to two, maybe in some places three inches. we may get a snow shower north of 70 or flurries from metro to the north, and that's going to be about it from this particular storm. it is cold enough, i think, 34 up in frederick right now. temperature here in d.c. holding around 40 degrees. speaking of the next little system, friday night into saturday, winter watch has already been posted. the closest this will be, washington county for now. but let's watch and see if that changes a little bit for friday night and through saturday morning. more coming up on that storm in the full forecast, shawn. >> gary, we'll see you in a few. a reminder, check the weather 24/7 with fox 5's weather app. go to apple's app store or the android market store on your smartphone and search for d.c.
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weather, or use one of those bar scowed canners to scan our qr code. you will find it on our website at tonight another big shake- up in the republican presidential campaign. texas governor rick perry has dropped out of the race and has made an endorsement that could cause trouble for front runner mitt romney. tom fitzgerald is following this one. why did he drop out now? >> reporter: you know, laura, it's all tin numbers. rick perry has been polling in some of these polls in the single digits in south carolina. clearly as the governor of texas, if rick perry wasn't doing well in his first southern primary after already losing in iowa and new hampshire, the pres spekts for his campaign just didn't look very good. perry came close to dropping out of this race once before, following his loss in the iowa caucus back on january 3rd. he announced he was returning to reassess his campaign, but the next day, perry tweeted a picture of himself jogging with a message, i'm still running.
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in suspending his campaign today perry threw a curve ball into this race in south carolina endorsing newt gingrich over the current front runner mitt romney. >> i have come to the conclusion that there is no viable path forward for me in this 2012 campaign. therefore, today i am suspending my campaign and endorsing newt gingrich for president of the united states. >> and it has been a busy day down in south carolina, and all of these four remaining candidates will have a lot to talk about tonight, laura, when they debate once again. >> we'll look forward to the. tom fitzgerald, thank you. just as newt gingrich's campaign starts to pick up steam his ex-wife is dropping a bombshell. in an interview with abc news gingrich's second wife says the presidential candidate asked her for an open marriage. >> i said to him, newt, we've been married a long time, and
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he said, yes, but you want me all to yourself. callista doesn't care what i do. >> what was he saying? >> he was asking to have an open marriage, and i refused. >> gingrich is now married to callista gingrich whom he acknowledges having an affair with. mary ann says her husband carried out that affair in the bedroom of their d.c. apartment. they divorced in 1999. president obama is making a pitch for u.s. tourism from a crucial state at disney world in florida. the president called for the united states to become the top travel destination in the world. the white house believes the significant increase in travel and tourism could lead to the creation of more than a million jobs over the next decade. a billionaire is giving the capitol a generous gift. david rub ben -- david
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rubenstein is donating a generous gift. >> reporter: here's a view you don't see every day. the park service just released this helmet cam video from the folks who repelled down the monument walls last fall checking for damage. >> this is the large crack on the west elevation. >> reporter: this is what it looked like inside the washington monument the day of the earthquake. you can see the violent shaking, and the national landmark has been closed for business ever since. >> the damage includes cracks up of to one inch thick the full height of several marble panels, chips in the panels, missing mortar, damage to components of the lighting protection system, and to the elevator counterweight frame. >> reporter: most of the damage is near the top or the tip, called the pyramidium. the total cost of correcting the cracks is $15 million. enter david rubenstein. he has donated $7.5 million to get the job done.
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>> i come from very modest circumstances, and i'm very fortunate to have achieved wealth beyond what i ever expected, and i don't think i want to be buried with my wealth, and i don't want my executor to gift all away. i would like to have the pleasure of giving it away to things that i think are good while i'm alive. >> in making his donation david rubensteen is demonstrating his love for history, his respect for the pillars of our democracy and his recognition that our nation depends on the generosity of all americans. >> reporter: some repair work is already underway but fixing a 19th century structure is tricky and time-consuming. it took 40 years to build it it the first time around. the repairs should take just one year. and one generous man. >> the country has been wonderful to me. the city has been wonderful to me and may family, and as with the magna carta and other things i've done, i kind of want to repay a debt i had to the country, and that's really
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what's behind it. >> reporter: stacey cohan, fox 5 news. >> coming up, cruise ship catastrophe. a mystery woman surfacing as the search and rescue operation resumes. it's decision time in alexandria. the warehouses that lie along the potomac river are going. the question is what's next for this extremely valuable land. and find out who is throwing a kink in the plans to bring metro to dulles airport. and a plan to protect the environment pits virginia's attorney general against a d.c. city council member. we'll tell you what all the fuss is about next. 
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developing the waterfront in alexandria is a hot topic. nearly 100 people are signed up to voice their opinion to the council this weekend. here's more now on a proposal to develop several square blocks now home to warehouses. >> reporter: in old town alexandria much of the potomac river waterfront is already parkland. it is the dream of many residents that some day the whole riverfront will be a continuous park. but long before there were parks here, alexandria was a port. this doc was used by ships to bring newsprint for the washington post. a subsidiary company still owns the dock and owns the adjoining warehouse. the warehouse is still being used, but this riverfront land is now quite valuable.
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so is the similar robinson terminal warehouse at the north end of old town. the owners of this land and the owners of yet a third warehouse are now apparently ready to cash in, and they have the right to develop this property under current zoning. city planners have suggested a proposal that allows about 20% more density if the future developers agree to waterfront access and street access to the waterfront. why doesn't the city simply buy the properties and make it all parkland? >> purchasing all of those warehouse sites for parkland would be extraordinarily expensive. almost $100 million would be the cost of the plan, if we were to go that way. >> reporter: and, of course, parkland yields no tax revenue where as mixed use keeps much of these properties on the tax roles. some residents of alexandria vehementlily oppose allowing the extra density on the riverfront land. >> reporter: five years, ten
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years from now, what would you like to see on these sites? >> i'd like some open the space nearest the water, more than what's in this plan. what's in this plan is minimal. >> reporter: opponents are also gathering the signatures of nearby landowners. the opponents claim a certain threshold of signatures will require a super majority for approval as the council considers the waterfront plan on saturday. john hen ray hahn, fox 5 news. >> could the dulles rail project veer off course? a board member with airport authority wants to scrap plans to build metro to dulles airport. robert brown says a cheaper option would be to make the route 28 station the airport station and then create a people mover system to get passengers to and from the airport. other board members are skeptical and proposal was rejected. virginia lawmakers are now backing off of a 20-cent bag tax proposal. lawmakers initially proposed the tax on all plastic bags used by grocery shoppers. the only exception, bags used
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pho ice cream -- bags used for ice cream, meat, or fish. lawmakers say the bill is meant to cut down on pollution, not to raise money. well, he is off and rung. it ken i don't know mcduffy, a former staffer with vincent gray announced he's running for the seat vacated by harry thomas junior. he is the first person to file for the seat. >> i'm running because the folks in ward 5 are clamoring for change. they want new, fresh, positive leadership. they want somebody what is going to usher in a new day forward 5. >> mcduffy is a native washingtonian. he graduated from wilson high school, attended howard university, and earned his law degree from the university of maryland in baltimore. the special election will be held in mid-may. the war of words tonight over the wildlife protection act in the district. virginia attorney general ken
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cuccinelli claims the law goes too far to protect rats and encourages wildlife control operators to relocate them to virginia. but d.c. lawmakers are now firing back saying rats are not protected turned year-old wildlife law. a d.c. council woman introduced that legislation and joins us now. first of all, con krill woman shea, i want to give a little history on how this war of words started. it was on talk radio, and attorney general cuccinelli accused the district of being sympathetic to rodents. you introduced this legislation. i understand you have received threatening e-mails now from constituents who are upset over the city being soft on rats, is that correct? >> well, actually, they're e- mails not from my constituents, they're e-mails from people responding to rush limbaugh picking this up and going on a rant about it. but i would like to explain to everybody, the attorney general of virginia simply got it wrong. i don't know why he got it
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wrong. maybe he didn't read the bill or whatever, but the fact of the matter is this is in the an opinion, not a debate between the attorney general and myself. the law exempts rats ander vermin. it doesn't -- the law exempts rats and vermin. >> so i want to clarify, rats are not protected under the act. >> that's correct. >> i do want to throw in a quote from ken cuccinelli who we did invite to come on our show. we were told he was unavailable to join us. he said, "i want to ensure the humane treatment of animals just like anyone else but when it comes to animals that may be carrying disease, human health must come first. this is a serious public health issue, and we should resolve is it by sitting down together to find a solution which i have proposed for almost a year with little response from the d.c. city council until today. so council woman shea, have you
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received an invitation from the attorney general to meet with him on this issue? >> not at all. and it's a nice sentiment he expresses, bye's responding to a problem that's a figment of his imagination. the law does not apply to rats. we're not shipping rats to virginia. it has nothing to do with that. and why he keeps persisting in portraying it that way is a mystery to me. >> why do you think the rat problem is such an issue in the district? >> well, it is an issue, particularly in urban areas because they do carry disease, an that's one of the reasons why the law doesn't even apply to them. beyond that, the law says, very simply, these companies that remove wildlife from homes that they have to do so in a humane manner, preferring non lethal methods to lethal methods. butt it even allows for cases where animals have to be killed but they should be killed humanely. and there's a safety valve in the law overall, too, because any animal that represents any danger to humans or even to other domestics animals can be
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killed. so -- and it's specifically exempts rats. i don't know what he's talking about. >> well hopefully we can get him on at some point here on fox 5 news at 5:00 and hear from him directly. council woman, we appreciate you joining us. >> thank you. well, it's cold outside, and it should be, because it is mid-january, but a clip ser heading our way, according to gary mcgrady. >> hopefully that will send the rats underground. >> let's hope underground and not someplace where they're not supposed to be, trying to stay warm. and that's the nice way to put it. let me show you, there is the clipper. we can look at radar and see that. the accumulating snow stays to the north of us with this. we will get a few snow showers possible in most of that. we'll stay confined to areas north of the district. i would say those communities right along i-70 and up towards frederick, up towards hagerstown, and then out
5:23 pm
towards baltimore probably will see a little bit more in the way of a snow shower than we will here. we may see a flurry or two. now, the windchill value, because there's still a bit of a breeze, temperature in d.c. is 40. the windchill is 32. as we progress through the evening i think clouds at 7:00, 38 degrees, some spotty snow showers mainly north at 9:00 and 11:00, temperatures mid- 30s. again with the breezy, it will feel like it's right around freezing to the upper 20s, so bundle up for. that next storm system on the way, that is the one that could be a little bit more dicey. more details on that. full forecast, of course, coming up. >> you're just bringing us all kinds of fun. >> hey, winter, you knew it was going to come back. seriously, winter is going to come back, but wait until next week. >> oh, really. that was a nice tease. >> i'm just saying. >> thank you, gary. all right, coming up here on fox 5, a gun ends up on an american airlines flight, but wait until you hear how it got
5:24 pm
there. plus, an actor doing an about-face after making some controversial comments about 9/11. 
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an airplane passenger carrying a gun made it on a american airlines flight. she told police in dallas she just forgot she had a loaded .38 caliber revolver in her bag. the report claims she grabbed her handbag and walked away before anyone stopped her. she was not found until two hours later. actor mark wahlberg is apologizing for comments he made about the september 11th attacks in an article. he claimed he would have stopped the attacks if he had been on the flight. wahlberg says if he had been on that flight with his kids, quote, it wouldn't have went down like it did, end quote.
5:28 pm
now he admits it was ridiculous and irresponsible to suggest that he would have acted any differently than anyone else did on the plane that day. coming up, parents are on high alert after a suspicious man is seen near a local elementary school. details at the bottom of the hour. the mysterious woman reportedly on the bridge of the italian cruise ship when it crashed speaks owment i'm greg burke in italy. i'll have the details coming right up. ♪ ♪
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a new witness may shed light on that deadly cruise shipwreck in italy. a woman claims she was on the bridge with the captain and that he's really a hero. meanwhile two crew members are telling a very different story. here's the latest from italy. >> reporter: speaking on tv,
5:32 pm
this woman is clarifying what she was doing on the bridge with the captain shortly after the ship slammed into a bed of rocks off the tuscan coast. >> i was asked to remain on the deck because i speak five languages, just so i was there in case it was needed to make the last announcement. i was next to the captain and the officers. >> reporter: she claims the captain did not abandon ship. >> i've heard in russian media that the captain left the ship first, or among the ship first, but this is not true. i'm a witness. >> reporter: the woman could be a potential new witness into the investigation of the ht of the crash. but audio recordings recently released paint a somewhat different picture of the events. a coast guard official can be heard arguing with the captain who was already on a lifeboat to reboard the costa concordia and coordinate ongoing evacuation efforts. two crew members who worked on the ship returning home to
5:33 pm
india describing a scene of confusion after the crash. >> the ship shook for awhile, and the crockery started falling all over. the captain ordered that everything was under control and that it was a normal electrical problem. the people calmed down after that. >> reporter: after awhile the ship started tilting. the emergency alarm was sounded very late and i think it was due to the captain's fought. >> reporter: meanwhile crews continue to search for survivors, racing against mother nature as bad weather heads their way. in italy, greg burke, fox news. fairfax county police are on the lookout for a suspicious man in a red pickup truck who has been seen prowling around young kids in alexandria. he is the subject of a mage tonight at claremont elementary school on stranger danger. fox 5's karen gray houston has an update. >> there have been four or five of these incidents where a man in a red pickup has been seen staring at young kids, calling out to them, and the community is concerned so police are
5:34 pm
hosting a meeting at claremont tonight to talk to parents about how to keep their kids safe. now, school officials have been proactive and sent hope notes and e-mails alerting parents to the problem. the suspicious activity was first reported in late december, twice when students were walking to school, once when a student was going home after school, there was one incident last week. no children have been touched or injured, but people in the neighborhood are alarmed and keeping a much closer eye on their kids. >> i knew people were on the look-out for a red pickup truck. going back, i think at least a week. so i'm just amazed that he's that bold. >> this community is very together, and we never used to have that kind of incident here. it was nice to see kids walking up and down with dogs and friends and stuff, and right now they cannot do that. >> we have to catch him soon and if this was a game for him, i hope he quits and students doing this. >> the suspect has been described as 30 to 35 years old with short black hair and the
5:35 pm
goatee, wearing a red nationals baseball cap and several gold chains. police say if you see his truck don't approach him. wait down his license plate and contact authorities. tent's meetings at claremont elementary school is at 7:30. laura. >> karen gray houston, thank you. we are on top of a news alert out of prince george's county. investigators are releasing new information in the search for the driver in a deadly hit-and- run. on january 6th, the car hit 55- year-old michael thomas senior and 62-year-old mildred freeman on oxon hill road. police believe there's damage to the grill and headlight area. if you have any information give police a call. jutes being called a painful but necessary decision. coming up, penn state officials reveal more of their rationale for firing legendary football coach joe paterno. and a knowsy neighbor has a
5:36 pm
bone to pick with the quarterback of the baltimore ravens. find out what forced him to call the team's front office. i want a baby.
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a painful decision that had to be made. more than a dozen penn state board of trustees members are recounselling their decision to fire football coach joe paterno. they axed paterno back in november as the scandal surrounding jerry sandusky widened. it they say they fired paterno in part because he should have done more after the sandusky allegation surfaced. cincinnati bengals wide receiver jerome simpson is in trouble for marijuana trafficking. federal agents say they tracked a package shipped to his home in kentucky last september. it contained two and a half pounds of marijuana. if convicted he faces up to five years in prison and will
5:40 pm
likely be punished by the nfl. baltimore ravens quarterback joe flacco got himself into hot water by skateboarding around his neighborhood. flacco, just days away from competing in the big afc championship game against the patriots, when one of flacco's neighbors saw him skateboarding, he called ravens management. turns out flacco's neighbor is teammate ed reed what didn't want flacco getting hurt before the big game. he has some stake in that. >> okay, i get it. couldn't he have just gone over and said, look, man, why are you skating? >> it's kind of a tattletale third grade strategy. >> my point. >> i'm with you, shawn. anyway, american auto is back, but the rumors are swirling that the hit show's host is maybe getting his own network. plus, a major wireless carrier announces a price hike in its data plan. and a clipper system is coming our way. gary is back with your extended
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we're back now with a follow-up about your tax dollars and where some money set aside in trust funds is really spent. >> reporter: shawn, we're talking about maryland's dedicated special fund. special taxes and fees are collected on everything from boat sales to new tires to pay for certain projects. the largest is the transportation trust fund. this is where maryland gas taxes and vehicle fees go. the money is supposed to be used for road construction and maintenance, then there is the bay restoration fund which is dedicated to upgrading sewer systems. maryland residents pay a fee every month for this fund but time after time the state ends up moving money out of these dedicated funds and putting it in the general fund.
5:45 pm
$200 million transferred out of the bay restoration fund over two years. 90 million for this budget year. here's what governor o'malley said when i asked him and the state budget secretary. >> we've never moved, i don't believe that we've ever moved a dime out of the flush tax. >> this year as in past years we've taken the cash, put it tin general fund, but we have always bonded those projection. >> that's true. >> reporter: so bore rowed the money. >> swapped it for bond dollars. in other words, taking the cash, but putting back in the bond dollars. so, in other words, the dollars raised were not -- >> the project didn't go without being done. >> well, bonded means investors loaned the state money with interest to replace what was taken out of those funds. this is a really important issue right now especially because the state is considering raising the flash tax and the gas tax. coming up tonight at 10:00 why some say this is bad practice and also what the governor says
5:46 pm
about your gas tax dollars. >> mel, thank you. consumer alert tonight for at&t customers, or those who might switch to the service. the company is changing its data plans. starting sunday you will pay $20 for 300 megabytes of data, $30 for three gig a bairkts and $5 for five gig a baits. the plan increases the cost by $5 but also increases the amount of data you can access. current subscribers can keep the plans they already have. apple promised a big announcement in new york and delivered. the company is launching interactive textbooks for elementary and high school students. the e books will be used on ipad tablets and will cost $15 or less. schools will be able to bay those backs and give them redemption codes so they can put the backs on their ipads. a sad sign of the times for the company that i know vented the handheld camera. east manko dac has filed for bankruptcy protection. it struggled to keep up with
5:47 pm
competitors who have adapted to digital photography. definitely sign of the times. >> how much time will we have to prepare for the clipper? >> the clip ser comin'. >> time to reorganize. >> i would say if you haven't prepared for the clipper yet it is too late. >> oh, okay. >> did you get that? >> please don't run on the stores for milk and eggs. and toilet paper. don't forget about toilet paper. we stocked up for this big winter. the next storm is the one that really looks interesting. that's going to be friday nature into saturday. but as usual, with these clippers, they can be tricky. so the headline, you don't want to look past the clipper. i've learned that a long timing a. so, yeah, it's a clipper. you know by now. i want to show you a cup pap things to look at. a lot of snow to the north of us. usually, and to be quite honest, when we get burned by these things on the forecast it
5:48 pm
is because the tail of them goes a little farther down to the south and southwest so we look over the mountains and we see a heck of a lot more snow than we are seeing now and think, is that snow going to be able to come over the mountains? usually it does, and it gives us a dusting, and it is almost always at a bad time of the day, during the commute, but we're fairly confident, as confident as we get with clippers, that the snow will stay to the north with this one, and we will get a little tail later this evening, and for the first hours of the overnight it may be a snow shower here or there, but very light. williamsport, central p.a., up to the mountains, punxsutawney is going to get some snow. hagerstown, it wouldn't surprise me if you don't see a little bit out there, and in those communities right along i- 70 east and west, maybe a light snow shower. clouds at 7:00, spotty snow showers at 9:00, spotty snow showers around at 11:00. again, most of this will be north of the metro. we would officially say metro to the north is the highest
5:49 pm
likelihood of maybe a light snow shower out there. temperature plenty cold. 40 degrees here in town, 36 for gaithersburg. farther to the north and west, both hagerstown and dulles is 38. there is some wind so keep that in mind if you are out later on this evening. because it will feel a little bit colder. 32 is the feels-like temperature now in the city. gaithersburg 31. already feeling like the 20s farther to the north and west. so mostly clouds tonight. we'll be cloudy, but once the clipper passes through, 2:00, 3:00, 4:00 in the morning, the skies will begin to clear. again, just some light snow showers out there. temperature in town 29 degrees for a low. okay, some sunshine tomorrow morning. the clipper is gone with 31. not as cod out there in the suburbs as it was this morning. it was very cold. teens for dulles this morning. 36 tomorrow afternoon at noon. we will have more clouds
5:50 pm
through the day tomorrow the clouds will be on the increase, much like what happened today. and temperatures tomorrow only up into the upper 30s to rate around 40 degrees tops. this is future-cast tonight. see what it's doing with the clipper? it's not doing much, and it takes it through and just kind of evaporates the thing it is a moves to the east of us. by tomorrow morning this is 8:00 a.m., we wake up with nothing but sunshine. as we progress through the day we become cloudy by afternoon. this is the next storm, the one we want to keep an eye object. this is saturday morning, 2:00 a.m. we're already into this messy mix in the city. snow to the north. it i think we're going to get some accumulating snow north and west and up into pennsylvania. as we get to saturday morning we've got this messy mix down to the south, a wedge of cold air we're so used to. a little bit of a change everyhere in town but that's really close in setting up along i-95. by saturday at 6:00 we're drying out. we could have a few problems. and just, by the way, they've
5:51 pm
already issued a winter watch farther out to the north and west for those counties. i suspect that by tomorrow afternoon we will probably have a little bit more out there, maybe a little bit more towards the north and closer to us. there's the five-day forecast. i teased this earlier, so i want to mention it. what i was talking about, monday 54, tuesday 53, and the long-range guidance for next week is suggesting that we stay in the 50s pretty much all week long. >> how nice. >> it's the winter of rebound. we get a couple cold day, then up go the temperatures. >> love it. >> more details on that storm, too, coming up tonight at 10:00 and 11:00 and tomorrow as well. >> i want to correct the detail on a previous story. ed reed is not -- apparently not joe flacco's neighbor. >> and apparently the story isn't that he called on joe flacco for riding the skateboard. apparently a neighbor, really a neighbor, called. >> a real neighbor. >> called and tried to get ozzie newsome, the neighbor. but reed had criticized
5:52 pm
flacco's playing, so apparently it got all misconstrued. there's the real deal. brian, over to you. what's coming up? >> i think you're trying to say that ed reed hates joe flacco. it. >> nobody said that. >> is that what's going on? are we starting rumor? >> no, we're correcting them. move along, brian bolter. tonight, new concern about medications used for heart patients that expired weeks ago. why officials say there's nothing to worry about. and more than a year after the verdict there's a new ruling on one of the judge's decisions during the chandra levy murder trial. plus, herman cain is back. his new partnership with stephen colbert about to go public. stay with us for the news edge at 6:00. ♪ i'm feelin', feelin' a sunny day ♪
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"american idol" host ryan seacrest could be out at the
5:56 pm
end of this season. his contract ends this year but he may be getting his own network. hd net's founder mark cuban says he and seacrest may become partners and rename the network access. would it focus on live entertainment and lifestyle. it. thigh gel lithgow is still hoping -- nigel lithgow claims he will pay the salary difference out of his own pocket. he claims that seacrest is extremely important to the show. >> ryan and the idol judges kicked off season 11 with a start in savannah, georgia. here's a look at tonight's talent. >> we don't think, we sing! >> reporter: as always, the idol auditions brought out some of the most colorful and perhaps tone-deaf singers. ♪ are you ready
5:57 pm
>> they always have this look on their face. >> they don't blink. >> their eyes are dry. >> you think they're going to be, you know, one of the not so great auditions, then they turn out to be great, and some are like, oh, they're going to be amazing, and they open their mouth, and you're like, okay, bye. >> reporter: kicking off the 11th season, savannah, georgia impressed the judges. >> we probably sent the most people through. >> how many people? i think that was the city where we september a lot of people -- more people through than -- >> it was the most ever. >> that's right. i remember the door kept opening, and there were people sprinting ow of it. i've never seen it happen at that frequency. >> auditions begin rate now. let's go! >> reporter: it may look easy, but waiting around most of the day to get your one chance to impress the judges can be stressful. just ask this season 10 finalist. senate's a scary feeling going in front of those judges and not knowing what you're -- not
5:58 pm
knowing what they're going say. ♪ when you believe in things that you don't understand ♪ >> reporter: savannah saw the most contestants put through to hollywood, but pittsburgh hit some high notes vuts own. [ music ] >> another talented city, kind of cold ?oosm i remember we'd look up at each other at lunch, like, it means it's a good day. >> we'd never been there before, so you think, what's this going to be some is it going to be any good? i've got to say we were pleasantly surprised bia bunch of cities. [ music ] (s:reporter in hollywood, fox news. >> did you watch last night? >> i did. >> it was kind of fun. >> i never enjoy watching the beginning ones, but, you know, i got into it last night. it. >> me, too. >> thanks so much for joining us. the news edge at 6:00 starts right now. an ex-wife of republican
5:59 pm
presidential candidate newt gingrich drops shocking details of her marriage to the former speaker and his relationship with current wife callista. this is one of the big stories on the campaign trail today. before the gig rich drama unfolded, he was endorsed by rick perry who dropped out of the race this morning. tom fitzgerald is following all this. let's start with the interview. how damaging? >> reporter: brian, it has the potential to be very damaging. newt gingrich has admitted did he not behave well in his previous marriages, but this time for the first time his second wife, mary ann has conducted a tv interview. what she had to say could derail the former speaker's hopes of scoring an upset win in south carolina. speaking to abc news mary ann gingrich says she does not believe her ex-husband has the moral character to be president. >> he said is, yes, but you want me all to yourself. >> reporter: the former speaker's former wife claims newt gingrich said he wanted to continue an


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