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tv   Fox 5 Morning News at 425am  FOX  January 20, 2012 4:25am-5:00am EST

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good morning. happy friday, everyone. we are taking a live look at the woodrow wilson bridge this morning t will be another cold one out there this morning, folks. definitely opportunity seat warmers on. good morning. i'm sarah simmons. welcome to fox 5 morning news. let's say hello to tucker barnes to get the latest on the weather. definitely still cold out. >> yes, in the 30s. things are kind of quiet today before we get our next chance of wintry mix later tonight and
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tomorrow. you can see that things have quieted down. we did have one or two flurries to the north and west but skies are clearing out. we should be in for sunshine for the first part of your day. temperature right now at reagan national is 36 degrees. humidity, 59%. winds are out of the north and west at five miles per hour. it tells us that frontal system has passed. here is your forecast for today. chilly conditions expected. highs, you are pretty much looking at them in the mid-30s. temperatures will be critical as we await the push of our next storm system. details in just a minute. back to you. >> thank you. a police standoff is under way right no the 1300 block of i street southeast. it all began with a traffic stop in alexandria. they attempted to pull over a car but the suspect took off. they followed the car to d.c. where the driver jumped out and
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ran into a home along i street. it is now a barricade situation involving d.c. police as well. we have got a crew headed to the scene. we'll take you there live coming up in just a bit. nato is reporting that six american marines died in a helicopter crash in afghanistan. nato is now launching an investigation into that accident. it says there was no enemy activity around the crash site and the chopper was likely not shot down like at tax on a navy steel helicopter that killed 30 -- the attack on a any ofy sale helicopter that killed 30 last snowfall. texas governor rick perry has dropped out of the race for president. rick santorum apparently won the iowa caucus and newt gingrich attacked the cnn moderator. >> reporter: in a volatile day for the republican field of presidential candidates, debate moderator cnn's john king cut right to the chase asking newt
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gingrich about allegations leveled by his ex-wife. >> she says you came to in 1999 and she says you asked her to enter into an open marriage. would you like to take some time to respond to that? >> no, but i will. every person in here knows personal pain. every person in here has had someone close to them go through painful things. to take an ex-wife and make it two days before the primary a significant question in a presidential campaign is as o d i can imagine. >> reporter: for a man who originally tried to paint himself as family values candidate, some would say it is a very fair question. >> these are issues of our lives and what we did in our lives are issues of character for people to consider but the bottom line is those are things
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for everyone in this audience to look at. look at what of a done in my private life and personal life. >> let's get op to the real issues is all i got to say. >> reporter: issues that came up late, candidates' tax returned, job creation and which candidate would be most capable of repealing obama care. that one had more sparks flying. >> the idea that you have created this marketplace with this government-run health care system where you have very prescriptive programs, you are defending a plan that is top down. it is not a free market health care system. it is not bottom up. it was the basis for obama care and you do not draw a distinction that will be effective for us because it was
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at the state level, not the federal level. >> if you want to go be governor of massachusetts, fine. but i want to be president. we still have plenty ahead. your weather, traffic and all you have your top stories. fox 5 morning news at 4:30 starts now. it is 4:30 right now on this try. we are taking a live look from our tower cam right now. washington monument right there on your right. it is about 38 degrees it looks like right here in the district. i'm sarah simmons. welcome to fox 5 morning news. let's check in with tucker barnes to get the latest on the weather. do we still have some wintry stuff headed our way. >> jerk as we get into the nighttime hours tonight and tomorrow morning. we'll be fine today. this will not be a major storm but we could have some icing band that is a problem. i like that.
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is that a shirt? >> i think it is a shirt. >> it's very spring-like. i like it. >> thank you. julie will like that. >> 36 in washington. 34 in winchester and in baltimore. 20s now in hagerstown. that cold air coming in. 28 in hagerstown. 43 in ocean city. the little clipper systems come on through. we are getting clearing now and we should wake up with sunshine although the sunshine won't last all day. the clouds will start to move in later today. we'll be dealing with that wintry mix tonight. i'll have details in just a couple of minutes. highs in the mid-30s. >> we're here to stay at these temperatures. >> right. >> let's get a look at julie wright. >> miss spring, i love it. >> just for you. >> i heard you identifies talking about it. >> i figured you did. you a little bit too, a little
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festive. >> you put us together and it's like a bad trip gone bad. you know what i mean? lanes are open traveling along 66 coming in from manassas. a nice easy commute. nice and light for our friday morning drive so far. they are in the process of clearing the work zone at the hot lane zone there. no problems to report on the dulles toll road headed eastbound from the beltway continuing over towards the connector and beyond. no problems to report southbound along 270. this is an easy trip this morning leaving germantown headed out to the lane divide. that's a check of your fox 5 on-time traffic. we are following a developing story. police on the scene of a home in southeast washington where a suspect is barricaded inside. but this all began with an incident in fairfax county. sherry ly is live on the phone to explain this for us. >> reporter: right now, they've got a very wide area here in
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southeast d.c. blocked off. they've set up a perimeter around this home. we know it is somewhere in the vicinity of i street, potomac avenue and 13th street in southeast d.c. police are not saying exactly where that home is but they have several blocks around the location barricaded off. we understand this start wade traffic stop in fairfax -- started with a traffic stop in fairfax county at north kingshighway and telegraph road. police ran the tags and discovered that the tags were wanted in a felony arrest. at that point, the suspect took off. they were pursued by fairfax county police. the suspect headed out 295 and ended up just off of the 395 here in this vicinity of southeast d.c. the suspect is barricaded inside a home from what we understand. we don't know if there is anybody else inside this home or what this home is in
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relation to the suspect. police are not telling us if this suspect is armed, if anybody is being held hostage. what we do know is they have a very tight perimeter set up. there are a number of. [applause] a number of police here. probably a dozen or so. this is still a developing story. police have not given us a whole lot of information right now. this started last night around 10:30 or so and they are still going right now. as we get more information, we'll bring it to you this morning. >> thank you so much. we'll check in with you later on. also new, six u.s. marines are dead after their helicopter crashed in southern afghanistan overnight. nato was investigating the cause of the crash but it does not appear the chopper was shot down. the international coalition released a statement early this morning saying there was no enemy activity in the time of
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the crash. it is the deadliest crash in afghanistan since 30 american troops died when a chinook helicopter was shot down in august. august. in the race for the republican nomination, the four candidates still left in the race debated in south carolina last night after rick perry jobbed out yesterday. it turns out rick santorum actually won the iowa caucuses. he and newt gingrich are now locked in a tight race for the conservative vote with the former senator from been pen saying he was not as flashy as the former house speaker. >> i love him but at times he has sort of that worrysome moment that something is going to pop and we can't afford that in a nominee. i'm not the most flamboyant. i don't get the businessest applause line. a steady, solid. i'm not going to do things that you have to worry about.
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>> you're right. i think grandiose thoughts. this is a grandiose country of big people doing big things and we need big leadership prepared to take on big projects. roject checking headlines right now. a community is taking action after finding out about a suspicious man creeping around elementary schools. fairfax county police and residents held a meeting last night discussing what to do about the man who has been lurking around the area of claremont elementary school. police say he has been seen in a red pickup truck five times in the last month. the latest incident happened earlier this week leaving parents worried about the kids' safety. >> i'm very, very concerned, you know. i mean so far as far as i know he has not done anything wrong but it is suspicious and it is kind of just a matter of time it feels like. so very, very concerned. >> so far, police say the man
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has not done anything illegal. they are taking precautionary measures to prevent a crime from happening. a d.c. mother is accused of sexually abusing a boy who was staying at her house for a sleepover. police say 32-year-old za kia gaskins gave the boy a drink and pulled him into the bedroom and forced him to toucher. a vigil was held where a baby girl was abandoned and later died. police are still looking for the parents of that infant. neighbors hope they come forward and do the right thing. >> just ask got to forgive them and turn themselves in. i mean how could you? how could you put a baby? she accident ask to be born. >> reporter: neighbors say they
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hope this will bring attention to the stow's safe haven law. they say the baby was abandoned just down the street from a fire station where the baby could rob dropped off. two veteran employees are charged with stealing from the transit agency. particulars said horse mcdade and john vincent heal would service fare card machines. they would use the bags of coins to purchase scratch-off lotto tickets. eventually winning more than $60,000. police say they were able to track their movements using the gps devices attached to their cars. a wall of flames taking aim at dozens of homes. the latest on a fast-moving wildfire that forced thousands of people to evacuate. a potential new witness in the sunken cruise ship defending the actions of the ship's captain. more news on the other side of
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the break. 
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wildfires destroyed 10 homes in nevada. about 250 firefighters are battle that fire which grew to six square miles last night. this is a live look right now at the cruise shipwreckage out of italy. bad weather is once again forcing rescue workers to suspend their search for those still missing. it is the third time choppy waters have caused the ship to move underwater deepening concerns over environmental crises. a woman who was on the ship is now defending the captain's efforts. she says he saved thousands of lives and did not abandon the ship. the captain is currently under arrest facing possible charges of manslaughter, abandoning ship and causing a shipwreck.
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the u.s. continues to put the pressure on cuba to release alan gross. he is an american jail there had for more than two years now. gross is from potomac, maryland. he was arrested in december 2009 for setting up internet equipment without government permission. he is now serving a 15-year prison sentence. senator dick durbin from illinois made an unannounced trip to cuba this week. he pressed the cuban government to release gross but so far, they haven't. coming up next, one of the worst snow storms to hit that region in years and coming up, they could soon have another problem. never in my lifetime did i think i could walk 60 miles in 3 days. if my mom can fight and beat breast cancer, i can walk 60 miles. (woman) the fund-raising was the easiest part. people were very giving. complete strangers wanting to help. i knew someday i was gonna do this walk.
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the state of washington is fairlized right now by a severe -- paralyzed right now by a severe storm. it is forcing the governor to doe clear a state of emergency there. tens of thousands are still without power and one runway has finally reopened at seattle airport but a lot of flights are tea laid or canceled still. -- doe laid or canceled -- delayed or canceled still. the rains are blamed for a
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together of a death of toddler. officials are telling people to leave their homes saying things will get worse before they get better. floods in oregon, snow in seattle. what a mess out there. at least it will be quieter here. >> today will be quiet but tonight we have the potential for a little bit of ice, a little bit of snow. the bottom line is it is not a big system but it doesn't take a lot ofitis to start causing some problems. because of that, we are sort of sending up the warning flags because we have to look out for later tonight. >> looks like temperatures will be just cold enough for ice. >> just a little bit of ice and things get crazy. the good news is it will happen during the weekend so people don't have to work, most people. 36degrees at reagan national. 38 in annapolis. the colder temperatures in the wake of our clipper system which came through with oneflur the evening hours. 36 now for you in
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fredericksburg. hagerstown, 28. you are the cold spot. 32 in both martinsburg and winchester. let's get to it. our clipper system sliding there to the north and east still bringing a little light snow shower activity to the new york city area and now you can see wear breaking out in the clear. we should have a nice sunny start to the day but just like yesterday during the afternoon hours, i think the clouds will increase and that is our next storm system. this is going to come kind of sliding down just like the last clipper system and move into some air here that is just marginally cold enough that we could see a period of -- here is what it looks like. it looks like a brief period of snow and then a wintry mix with sleet and freezing rain being the likely result of this cold air kind of stuck in place here. because of that, the national weather service has already issued some advisories. not here in washington. it doesn't mean we couldn't see some winter weather even in close but there is a winter stormwatch off to our north and
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west. it includes hagerstown, winchester, martinsburg. lots of advisories. winter weather advisories off it our north. winter storm warning now north and west out towards pittsburgh and western maryland. you get the idea here. it looks like we'll have a spell of winter weather here starting later tonight. it will transition to that dreaded freezing rain during the overnight hours before changing to all rain during the day on saturday. 38 today. a.m. sun, p.m. clouds. then the main event arrives tonight. not a lot of prosip with it but just enough to cause problems. 30 your euro night low. we will be below freezing here in the city or right around freezing. tomorrow, it should transition to rain with temperatures near 40 t should be an early shower sunday. back into the 50s by monday and tuesday. old man winter will be in retreat by the end of the weekend. let's doing traffic and julie wright has your latest. >> you are talking about a little wintry mix and all of that, you got to keep in mind that bridges, ramps an overpasses freeze before
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anything else. do keep that in mind if you do happen to be out in that mess we're talking about. the inner loop is at speed coming around the curve headed around towards bethesda. no frobz report on the beltway. it is smooth sailing as you travel to and from the wilson bridge. your lanes are open traveling northbound 95. -- no problems reported on the beltway. that's a check of your fox 5 on-time traffic. imagine facing a medical emergency and being treated with medication that expired weeks ago. up next, life-saving drugs in short fly for some first responders here in our area. but should we be worried? stay with us. we'll explain. 
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a life-saving drug is in short fly and some of it in
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circulation right now expired weeks ago. we are talking about lidocaine, but a top d.c. medical official says although the drug has passed the expiration date, it is still safe. matt ackland has more. >> reporter: we received this picture from a concerned first responder. take a look at the expiration date. we are told this is lidocaine, a life-saving drug used most every day in the district. >> it is one of those many anti- arhythmic drug that we use on patients suffering anywhere from chest pain to cardiac arrest. >> reporter: kenneth lions is the spread of the union that represents ems workers. he worries about administering expired drugs. >> we can't assure the public that the drugs will be effective. >> reporter: but the medical director for d.c. fire and ems says there is no reason to be worried. >> lidocaine in question is
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supposed to expire inian of 2012. we have a 30-day wiggle room for that medication according to the fda labeling. in no way, shape or form is this lidocaine bad. >> reporter: the doctor says it is not just lidocaine. other drugs used in emergency situations including morphine are not easy to get these days. >> we're having problems with shortages due to manufacturers' issues. we have had to make some adjustments. >> reporter: for now, although the bottle says it is expired, lidocaine will be used until the end of the month as new supply comes in. >> there are study after study after todayy that many of these medications have the equivalent poetnessy well after the expiration date. >> reporter: the medical director says within the last couple of weeks, they have started to receive smaller shipments of lidocaine and others she get those, they try to circulate them just as soon as possible. in the newsroom, matt ackland.
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fox 5 news. a bizarre scene in one neighborhood actually wild tiger on a roof. emergency crews were even called to the scene. sometime you can't believe everything you see. that is coming up in about 20 minutes. next. >> off the wall is coming up next. >> we are going to talk about joe flacco and ed reid, the comments, the controversial comments that were made and bad predicts by wis demeanor martin. >> are the staints still play something. >> off the wall is next. >> drew breeze is mvp. >> what ever!   -- are the saints still playing?  dad, a big giant bee! get it! hang on, pumpkin.
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aw! bad call, dad! hey, sweetie. guess what, the bees came back and i broke the phone... no, no that was unrelated. you know what, why don't you call it to see if it works? pretty sure it's broken. probably right. looks like we're in new phone territory. when it's on your mind, it's on ebay.
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welcome back to off the wall, dave ross, wis to him martin. wisdom, we are down to champion weekend nice glasses there. >> i'm trying to see. >> i know what ed reed is thinking. he is thinking that joe flacco is basically bothered are line not getting the job done. called out his quarterback the
4:57 am
week of championship week. is this a god idea? >> the truth is the truth. just like when i call you out here on a weekly basis. just like you were wrong about the redskins and their season. >> what are you talking about? why do you always go back to the redskins. >> ed reed said he did not have a command of the offense in the last game of the texas yaps. >> he is right. >> he may be right but is it right and a good move -- >> if you are catching everything and going to the hall of fame, can you say whatever you want. he is a hall of famer. man up. >> what about unity of about the biggest game you've ever played. >> how about i don't flacco not whipping about getting respect. if you want respect being win the game, play the game. show me some stats. show me you can beat the new england patriots. >> he may have been right but the timing was wrong.
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we'll pick the two big ones. we'll start with the afc tilt, the ravens going up to new england to take on the big bad patriots. who do you have and why? >> i'm not a tom brady fan. i'm not a patriots fan. >> you love brady. i see you wearing uggs also time. >> thips they cheated, they wouldn't anything. >> there is a pick sometime in the future. >> joe flacco is average at best. i'm going to the new england patriots. now don't bet any money on this because i don't know anything. my picks are always wrong except for when it deals with the redskins. >> is it close? >> it is going to be close. >> i think it will be a close game as well but i just can't see joe fake-o getting it down. >> calling him that. >> not a big fan. we have the giant going out west to take on san francisco in the city by the bay. who do you have and why, sir?
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>> here is the thing. eli is 50-50 on every possession. >> wait, wait, wait, wait. what? >> let me finish what i'm saying. now, on the other side -- i know we're running out of time, he have smith. >> who beat your guy, drew brees. >> in that victory last week, he vanished from quarter number one to quarter number four and then the saints went to that -- >> will you make a pick? >> and they lost. i'm saying alex smith can't do it again. i'm he going with 50-50 eli. giants-ravens rematch. >> you spell elite without eli. >> that's real. >> that is why el its manning and big blue will roll all over your 49ers and the giant are going to the super bowl to take out the patriots. >> my 49ers? i do love in maryland


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