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tv   Fox 5 News Edge at 11  FOX  January 20, 2012 11:00pm-11:30pm EST

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a musical genius to figure out if the contestant is a bit off key. >> while somebody is singing if you notice, you can hear us groan and moan when the note goes awry. i hear steven go oh. >> we all immediately know. reporter: casey steigel, fox news. the news keeps coming. here's laura now on the news edge at 11:00. we begin with a winter weather alert. get ready for snow, rain and ice, the entire d.c. region under a winter weather advisory, the flakes falling already in several areas. fox 5's sue palka starts us off with an update in the weather center. >> it's coming down moderately in a lot of spots and it's a very fine snow, so it is sticking. while crews did pretreat the roads, there is going to be a little slipperiness as this comes down at a pretty good rate. heads up if you're heading out and if you can get home, maybe now is the time because the snowy portion of this forecast
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is underway, just about everybody reporting snow. check out radar to see what we're talking about. i'll give this some motion so you can see how this is overspreading the entire area. within these snow bands we're finding some areas that are heavier, especially down to our south across charles county into the northern neck of virginia. that area also continues to expand. quick look at sentinel radar. this system will be moving through in the next let's say 12 to 18 hours. it's just enough snow and sleet for trouble. there's a second part to this, though. as we go through the early morning hours warm air comes in aloft and while this start out as snow and sleet with a small accumulation it's probably going to change to freezing rain. there could be a wants ice accumulation for some of you. south and east of i-95 it will be most lane and should be out of here tomorrow afternoon, but it might be quite a process. take your time later tonight, early tomorrow morning and stay put if you don't have to travel, much more coming
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including a full weekend forecast in a few minutes. crews hard at work to prevent any road problems and fox 5's roz plater is in alexandria continuing our team coverage tonight. reporter: what a difference an hour or so makes, top of the 10:00 not so much snow. right now it's really coming down hard and take a look here. it is sticking on the ground and covering all the cars so far. it's coming down on ground that is already cold because of the temperatures. the snow is very wet. so you can see the problems that will lie ahead. here is the plan for tonight heading into tomorrow morning. the roads around the region have been pretreated the past couple days. now the sand and salt trucks are getting loaded up hitting the highways in northern virginia alone more than 600 crews. still with the cold temperatures, snow and freezing rain expected the roads will likely be slippery in the morning and driving could be down right treacherous. >> we got half the people that think they know how to drive on
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snow nice. the other half come from the southern states that never seen it before and ones that think they can drive on it, they run 45, 50, 55 and the ones that don't run about 20 and they tangle up with each other and massive accidents. reporter: the best advice is take it slow in the morning even with all this pretreating. the snow we're seeing so far is very, very wet and things could ice up very quickly because it's just so darn cold out here and another piece of advice i will tell you, probably shouldn't have to tell you this, but you should know be careful as you're driving on the roads because those bridges and overpasses freeze up first. laura, back in to you. >> that is something a lot of local school districts are paying attention to and many or some have decided to close or delay activities tomorrow. here is what we know so far. prince george's county schools say all extracurricular activities will start aten. >> tomorrow and the following
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school district -- start at noon tomorrow and the following school districts are cancelling their activities for tomorrow at anne arundel, charles and fairfax. you can check for the very latest closings. our other big story, a jury in the district returning a guilty verdict in the case of a man who set fire to a d.c. strip club in 2007 and killed its manager. tonight that manager's family is speaking out about the tragedy and finally get justice. fox 5's maureen umeh is here with that story. >> it is long awaited justice for vladimir djordjevic's family who is still grieving his death. they say vladimir was always helping people and that's what he was doing the night he was burned. this is the way the family will always remember the 28-year- old, happy, smiling, full of life. >> look at that smiling, beautiful smile. >> vladimir, he was a happy person, friendly, very
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positive, always looking at the good side of life. reporter: djordjevic died in may, 2010, 2 and a half years after being burn in over 90% of his body at the strip club good guys in northwest where he worked as a manager. it happened as 41-year-old so see graure was asked to -- vasile graure was asked to leave the club after trying to photograph a dancer. he came back with gasoline and poured it around the restaurant. the manager tried to stop him. >> he did a lot to help a lot of people that night to, you know, at the expense of his own high. reporter: annette said her husband was working to pay his way through school. he was studying international business and hoped to work globally. bauer was convicted friday of -- graure was convicted friday
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of 1st and 2nd degree murder. the closure has yet to come. >> it is still very hard because it doesn't matter what the result is. my husband is not coming back. reporter: graure will be sentenced in march. he is facing life in prison without parole. in virginia tonight the hunt is on for a woman who has robbed several convenience stores armed with a gun. she's hit four stores in fairfax county, prince william county and manassas park since december 29th. she walks in, pullings out a small handgun and -- pulls out a small handgun and demands cash. she may be in a dark colored small station wagon similar to a subaru forrester or outback. the occupy d.c. movement set its sites on the supreme court today, at issue, campaign financing and the court's decision that dramatically changed the way corporations can support candidates. fox 5's tom fitzgerald was there. >> rights of the people, not
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the corporations! reporter: they've occupied the white house. >> if you change democracy, you're doing it wrong! reporter: and they've occupied congress. >> i want you. reporter: this time the occupy movement set its sites on the highest court in the land. >> we have come to the supreme court. >> we have come to the supreme court. reporter: under police escort demonstrators marched up pennsylvania avenue from occupy d.c. camps on freedom plaza in mcpherson square to the supreme court. >> do you respect these institutions today? >> no! reporter: the occupy movement has taken criticism its message has been too broad and against too many things, but this demonstration is about one thing, the supreme court citizen's united decision that the protesters say opened a floodgate of corporate money into political elections. >> it's about who owns our government. reporter: in 2010 the supreme
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court ruled corporations can spend as much as they want to on campaigns. the result has been super pacs, political action committees which can spend millions on ads. >> corporations are not persons. reporter: in the republican presidential race many of the negative attack ads have come from superpacs. demonstrators say they want a constitutional amendment to reverse the decision. >> superpacs are basically just another way for corporate america to buy government. >> the people united. we will not be defeated. reporter: the protests remained peaceful until demonstrators dragged a barricade from the supreme court steps into the crowd. later they jumped on it and broke it apart. officials say in all supreme court police made 12 arrests, one of them occurring inside the building. tom fitzgerald, fox 5 news. it is south carolina's turn to weigh in on the republican
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presidential race. voters head to the polls tomorrow in what's expected to be a close contest. fox's craig boswell reports from charleston. reporter: it's a neck and neck race in south carolina just hours before the polls open and the republican presidential candidates are going on the attack this primary eve. newt gingrich is surging in south carolina, the day after turning allegations surrounding his personal life into a winning line of attack against the media. some polls show the former house speaker leading in the palm met toe state. with gingrich on the rise -- the palmetto state. with gingrich on the rise mitt romney wants to bring up the ethical problems. >> i think 80% of congress voted to reprimand speaker of the house, first time in history and nancy pelosi has the full record of that ethics investigation. you know it's going to get out before the general election. out to get it out now. reporter: gingrich who has been calling on romney to
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release his tax records is calling romney's move a panic attack. >> he doesn't release anything. he doesn't answer anything and he's even confused about whether or not he will ever release anything and then he decided to pick a fight over releasing stuff? reporter: although polls suggest the primary will be a two-man race rick santorum said he's still very much a contender. >> i know the intellectualism of a professor of bouncing around different ideas, but you're not a professor when you're commander in chief. reporter: ron paul who finished a strong third in iowa and came in second in new hampshire made his last minute appeal to voters. >> we don't know what tomorrow will bring or the next day, but i do know there's a lot of encouragement. one way or the other the momentum is building. reporter: today in the palmetto poll 20% identified themselves as undecided. voters begin casting ballots at 7 a.m. in the morning. craig boswell, fox news. as we know, herman cain dropped out of the presidential race weeks ago.
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so why did he appear on the campaign trail in south carolina today? the comedic stunt next. check out some of the other stories on our rundown tonight. the news edge at 11:00 is coming right back. >> this is fox 5 news edge at 11:00. 
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herman cain may be out of the presidential race, but that
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didn't stop him from appearing before a crowd of thousands in south carolina today. he showed up at raley for stephen colbert in charleston. -- a rally for stephen colbert in charleston. cain's name is still on the state's ballot. colbert had also tried to get on the ballot but he failed and write-ins are not allowed, so colbert says a vote for cain is really a vote for him. >> herman cain is me. we both refuse to play by washington's rules. we both flout convention when it comes to things like taxes and debt and how many beckys there are in you beckybeckybeckystanstan. >> colbert outs his campaign fund to sat rise super pacs and said he joined in to help bring attention to the problems. at home a weekend travel alert plus how much are you
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spending on coffee? shawn yancy has your fox 5 top five. >> up first tonight how much your daily cup of coffee is really costing you. no. 5, you may start brewing at home. a new study shows the average american worker spends almost as much on coffee every year as we do on commuting to and from their job. the survey found people pay more than $20 a week on coffee. that's a yearly average of about $1,092. no. 4, more americans are having safe sex these days. according to a report from the cdc the number of people engaging in risky sexual or drug-related behavior dropped 3% in the last 8 years. researchers believe public health messages are finally working or people are reluctant to report risky behavior. no. 3, pack your patience. maintenance cruise will be working on all five metrorail lines this weekend. expect delays on notice
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through closing on sunday night. check with metro for the specific station as affected. no. works the loudoun county board of supervisors is concerned about the rising cost of dulles greenway, a privately operated toll road. it's now asking vdot to conduct a study on whether it's legal or possible to implement distanced priced tolling on the 14-mile read connecting dulles airport and leesburg. no. 1, as the storms move into the d.c. region, you can get the latest weather information 24/7 on the new fox 5 weather app. go to apple's app store or the an destroyed store on your smartphone. -- android store on your smartphone. that's a look at tonight's fox 5 top five. >> it's really coming down out there. >> i looked out. our parking lot is covered. gary mcgrady says there's about 1/2-inch on the cars already. this will only last a few hours and then we'll start seeing a transition especially
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overnight. too bad. it's kind of nice to see the snow. >> yeah. >> this was a little while ago in northwest d.c. at our station. it's actually gotten a lot more intense. it's kind of dramatic when you look outside, but the flakes are very fine. they are accumulating because these ground temperatures have been so cold. here is the big picture. you can see it on radar moving in across most of the region, but later tonight as we switch over to sentinel for a wider view this will mix with some sleet and eventually change over to freezing rain, not because the temperature changes at the surface but aloft. that will start the process of melting the snow and it falls to the ground as liquid and freezes on contact with any place it's still below 32 degrees or at 32. that's a lot of us at this point. notice how quickly the temperature dropped. at 10:00 we were 33 degrees. once the precipitation starts the temperature drops. we're down to 28. so this will stick and be a powdery dry snow for a while,
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34 degrees annapolis, 27 gaithersburg, dulles, manassas and winchester. a big picture look again, we expect this to stay mostly snow the farther north and into pennsylvania it's going to be a good accumulation of 3 to 6 inches. in the pink area it starts as snow, eventually a bit of sleet mixing in and freezing rain closer to morning. that's what we're worried about is the pockets of freezing rain ice, nothing ve a small horrendous. this is definitely not the worst thing we've ever seen, but sometimes the little ones cause the bigger problems. south and east will probably change over to rain. here's the potential for what we think we'll get. it looks like wow, maybe something is going wrong, but this probably will end up being only a coating to an inch. if this does change over to rain, we'll probably lose a lot of this. 1 to 3 inches farther north into pennsylvania you could get more significant and the ice on top of it mostly in the pink area. we're not thinking it's going to be too much freezing rain
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farther north, maybe a little bit but mostly snow. down to the south and east it looks too warm for that but maybe .1 to perhaps .2 of ice in some spots after the snow and sleet end and we change over, but most of this is out of here by noon tomorrow. last stop here futurecast, let's look as we progress out to 8 a.m. the snow is gone. we have pockets of freezing rain north and west and rain to the south and east. by 1:00 or so we think this is out of here and the worst of it will be over as we dry out for the afternoon. in the five-day forecast we could have more rain and maybe a little very light mix sunday. showers and possible thunderstorm on monday at 57 degrees, tuesday lots of sunshine with a temperature of 52 and wednesday at 48. that's weather. time for a look at sports. here's lindsay. this is the nissan sports desk in hd with lindsay murphy. >> good evening. tonight was a big night for the wizards fresh off a win over one of the nba's best. it was time to see if they
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could continue to play at a high level. they're going for back to back wins the first time this year. last season it took 39 games to win two in a row. flip saunders and the wizards off to a hot start and it looked like two in a row was very possible. late in the 1st quarter sheldon mack with the alley-oop to javale mcgee, wizards score a season high 37 in the 1st leading by 10. they found themselves traveling late in the field. watch john wall, he barely misses a triple double, 13 points, 10 assists and nine boards. wizards down 83-79. final 10 seconds, wizards down two and give up an uncontested slam. the nuggets win 108-104. >> i think we're going to keep on working. the beginning of the year we were doing so much one on one. we're moving the ball better, had a lot more assists, but sometimes you have a tendency we get it late. we almost hold the ball and
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wait for the defense to guard us instead of getting the ball and attacking them right away. the capitals and canes have got to be sick of each other. they've played four times this season, two of those games in the last five games. tonight entering the game the caps were 3-0 against carolina. the caps had an advantage in the 1st but didn't take advantage, john carlson getting sloppy with the stick. it's 1-0 bad guys. just before the end of the 2nd period the caps trying to fend off a power play. they can't clear the puck and look who it is again with the rebound in front of vokoun. yes, the second tally of the night two nights after shutting out montreal 3-0 the caps shut out by the same score. tonight's game of the week douglas versus largo and i think the students in the stands had all the fun. early on douglas dashawn johnson getting the ball in the paint, an easy two for him but
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largo responds. the lions off and running. alley-oop for michael graham, pretty. 24-9 hearingism 2nd half look at the moves of monty nenio from the baseline. he spins the double clutch. largo cruises 73-54. >> just want to get up and down the floor play our game. we had two great practices this week, so we're really excited about it. >> we just want to be able to take this shot, want to value the basketball and take good shots and we did that tonight. we have more to come in sports like a battle of the top draft picks, eli manning versus alex smith coming up. ♪ i'i'm feelin', feelin' a sunny day ♪
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welcome back. carlos rogers is one former redskins still a hive in the playoffs. last year he was on a 6 -- alive in the playoffs. last year he office a 6-10 team. now he's one win away from the super bowl with the 49ers. he says he knows so many guys on the team are ready to leave. sunday's game features two quarterbacks that were both no. 1 draft picks. the giants eli manning the top pick in the 2004 draft. he was known best as peyton's little brother and has become his own man with a super bowl title. alex smith has recently found success under jim la ball. smith was the no. 1 pick the -- harbaugh. smith was the no. 1 pick the year after manning coming out of utah. >> i don't think anyone has been in the situation he has.
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those are pretty unique circumstances. your older brother is arguably maybe the greatest quarterback ever and a lot of expectations on you and then you go to a big city like new york. so i didn't have to face those things. finally the nationals agree to terms with mike morse on a two year $10 million contract extension thus a vieding arbitration. last season morse hit -- avoiding arbitration. last season morse hit 31 homers. that's all for sports. the edge will be right back. look! here she comes!
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