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tv   Fox 5 News Edge at 6  FOX  January 23, 2012 6:00pm-6:30pm EST

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primary battle now moves to florida. gingrich derailed, romney's edge, scoring a 12% win over the massachusetts governor in south carolina. with florida's primary coming up in one week romney is taking a more aggressive tone on gingrich's lobbying career and ethics commission. speaker was the only speaker in american history, to have been reprimanded by his republican members, 88% voted toreprimand him he was forced from office. >> enough of the guy who is i think a very good sales man, very much wants to sell, but he has a really weak product and so, i think he has been dancing on eggs trying to figure out how to find a version of romney that will work. >> romney waiverred a bit last week during last week's republican debates exactly when he would release his tax
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returns today we learned the romney campaign says, that will be tomorrow. we will have to see how his aggressive style plays out for voters when the remaining voters, come pain this evening in florida. >> what will these candidate haves to do in florida, that may be different than south carolina >> you got a taste of it just there. mitt romney will have show not only can he take a punch but can give one as well. newt gingrich is debating skills have proven in the last couple days, mitt romney is under pressure to show that he can give as well as get. newt gingrich on the other hand will have to appeal to a more diverse electorate in florida, not just evangelical conservatives he won in south carolina. you know, mitt romney, while he is going to talk about ethics in lobbying investigations, newt gingrich is maybe going to talk more tonight about how he did work with democrats. getting interesting. tom fitzgerald thank you. the run down for the coming
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weeks, volters in door da going to polls a week -- florida, going to polls a week from tuesday. then nevada caucuses will be held february 4th, february 7th, colorado and minnesota, february 11th, maine holds its caucus. both minnesota and maine caucuses are nonbinding. another big story we are following tonight the man who shot president ronald regan once again looking for more freedom. lawyers say he should be allowed to visit with his mother in virginia, for at least more weeks at a time but prosecutors argued against that. paul wagner is live outside the u.s. district court with more. paul. >> reporter: laura, what we are seeing is the government's case allowing john hinckly to spend more time with his mother, weeks at a time in williamsburg. back in november, and december, he and his attorney put on their own case arguing for it. today the government put on two secret service agents as well as a clerk, from barnes and
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noble in williams burg who all say they saw him looking at book titles, that had to deal with presidential assassinations. he told the court, he helped him look for a book about the kennedy assassination, in the late summer, early fall of last year. more specifically, the clerk at barnes and noble thought it was in august during evening hours between 6 and 10:00 p.m. he said he didn't recognize him at the time but remembered the encounter because he was detached and didn't ask for a specific book like most people do. he said he was sure it was him after looking a photo on wikipedia. on cross-examination, when barry he vine told the clerk, hinckly wasn't in williams burg in august and doesn't shop at night he said he would be willing to back off his story that he had an encount we are the would be assassin the court
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heard from a secret service agent that saw him looking at book titles in barnes and noble, that included titles about the kennedy assassination. when a would be asaucen looks at a book about a person he tried to kill it causes great concern i had an involuntary response, of goose bumps. this hearing is expected to last the rest of the week. laura back to you. >> thank you. former cia worker charged with revealing classified information, to journalists about secret interrogations of suspected terrorists. fox 5s. karen grey houston is live with this story. >> obama administration is once again cracking down on unauthorized leaks of classified information. the former cia agent, is 47- year-old of arlington. he was a cia officer from 1990 to 2004. he was released from federal
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court in alexandria late today on $250,000 bond. he ais accused of ex-- he is accused of exploding to journal lists, names of operatives and locations. he is a familiar face he appeared on tv, numerous times including on fox 5, to promote his book the reluctant spy, my secret life in the cias war on terror. now according to an affidavit, he was interviewed by fbi agents last week, he denied leaking names of nico vert cia operaties, in 2007 he said that water boarding was used to break down that he considered the practice to be torture but that it was some times necessary. laura. >> thank you. monitoring metro tonight, two veteran metro employees were back in federal court this
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afternoon revenue technician hour race mcdade and metro ran the sis police officer, john hail waived their right to a preliminary hearing. grand jury will now consider their cases. the men are accused of stealing thousands of dollars in coins from metro and using the money to buy lottery tickets the men were arrested last week. if they are found guilty, they face up to 5 years in prison. >> fox 5 monitoring metro, 24/7 if you see something that needs reporting send us your story ideas, pictures, video to fox 5 metro g the governor held his first tweet up to a face to face gathering of people who normally only communicate on twitter. o'malley tweeted during his meeting and discussed his legislative agenda he is the first maryland governor to hold a tweet out. money talks but will it help lowest performing schools
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the plan is to give higher performing teachers incentives to transfer to lower performing schools. matt went to the first public hearing and joins us with details. >> reporter: the idea was first proposed by council chairman kwame brown the plan is to offer incentives to highly ers to lower performing schools those teachers would receive a $10,000 bonus, tuition reimbursement, tax credit, even housing assistance. >> it is called highly effective teacher incentive act its main goal. >> go into the worst performing schools and fix them. >> proposed legislation would encourage some of dcs best teachers, to pack up their classrooms and move to schools where their talents are needed most. >> bills broad package of incentives has potential to bring more great teachers to our highest need communities. is school's chancellor offered her support at a public hearing monday but she also addressed concerns from
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parents, with students already at high performing schools. >> let me also say focus on our low performing schools does not mean ignoring higher performing schools in fact we have to make sure that we continue to support those and maintain those as well. >> nathan sanders with the washington teachers union is looking out for all teachers he wants to make sure all high performing teachers are offered incentives, even if they are working at the low performing schools chosen for this pilot program. >> however we believe highly effective teachers already in the schools chosen by this pallet must receive all benefits, and privileges mentioned in this act. >> chairman brown said he held listening sessions in living rooms across the district and believes when it comes to providing a better education perks offered to great teachers will help. >> this program would exempt teachers from impact evaluations basically if they went to lower performing schools they would have time to turn around the kids would
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worrying about being fired there is no time to waste he hopes to have new legislation in place by the end of the year but this issue required extra time he hopes to have a final vote to council by march. thank you. >> just ahead local lawmakers come together to protect a dc war memorial. why they want to keep it from bomb becoming a national -- from becoming a national world war 1 memorial. >> we had an icy spot this morning but temperature will sneak up a little bit. i will let you know what may be a problem for us in the morning on tuesday with the full forecast coming up. >> dave ross i felt like i watched fantastic football yesterday. >> there is great games, the red skins are not going to the super bowl but one former red skin helped his new team get there. devon thomas, now he is busting out for big blue his story back in a moment  ♪ i'm feelin', feelin' a sunny day ♪
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today marks the 39th anniversary of the roe v wade decision. and another march for life on the national mall. thousands packed the mall to voice their reaction. pro choice supporters met them with their own chant this was the 38th march. smaller pro choice celebration took place at the high court there were shouting matches with pro life supporters, pro choice demonstrators say roe v wade protects women's rights and should not be over turned. >> supporters got a boost from president obama he said he is committed to a woman's right to choose. >> dc leaders fighting against an arizona congressman who wants to national rise the district's world war 1 memorial. ted poe introduced the bill to give control of that memorial from the federal government.
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mayor grey says the nation should have a world war 1 memorial but shouldn't take it from the city that built and paid for it with its own people's blood and treasure. >> we should resist this with every fiber of our being because if this happens, this is yet another statement that we really don't exist as a separate entity as a separate jurisdiction as a people worthy of being called americans. 26,000 dc residents served in world war 1 and names of the 499 who died are engraved there in that memorial. >> just ahead, what a catch. virginia fisherman reels in the big one and it could be a record breaker. ♪ i'm feelin' subway ♪ let's go
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prince william county man made history friday it appears he caught a record setting fish
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not at home in prince william out in the ocean. he is taking a line. >> reporter: he knew he had something >> just like dragging a big old heavy tire. >> reporter: he was out in the atlantic friday not far from virginia beach also on the boat a man who taught him to fish growing up in prince william county his dad freddie. >> when you talk to other fishermen you like to stretch the story, hard to stretch the fish but you can stretch the story. >> reporter: there was no need to stretch this story the poles were lined up on the back of the charter boat when one began to bend. >> offered it to my dad here you want this he looked at me so. >> carrie was calling for me to come and crank it in but i already saw the pole bent over like that i said no, you take care of it i will watch. >> reporter: 10 or 15 minutes later. >> holy mackerel. >> reporter: not a mackerel a striped bass.
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seems to be a new record, 74 pounds the old record was 73. >> 1 pound. >> that is it. >> yeah. >> his great nephew wasn't strong enough to help him reel it in but did come in handy later as a prop. >> this fish was so big that they didn't have a cooler large enough to bring it home so they turned the back of his truck into a cooler you can see, the ice is still here, and one more thing this wasn't just big fish it was also, an old fish. >> through ages they go in and pull a specific bone out of the top of the head and age it like a tree, it has rings and i got a call from them today they said it was about a 25-year-old fish. >> back home in brentsville this record setter will soon be dinner and then some. >> fried, absolutely. baked fish is edible, fried fish is delicious. >> there is nothing about this that tastes bitter. >> just one of those father son situations where you know, when he was little, i was more proud
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when he would shoot a rabbit than when i shot one. >> how long will you remember this >> i guess until the alzheimers kicks in. >> prince william county virginia, beth parker, fox 5 news. well, if you like fish it is good to be a neighbor. >> yeah, that will be one big fish fry. >> that is a huge accomplishment. >> good for him. well, this fog, my goodness it is sticking around. >> this type of weather pattern where the cold air gets trapped, or the wedge it is so hard to get rid of and the models some times thing it will be gone sooner than it is i heard you saying yesterday i thought today was going to be warmer yeah, we thought it would be warmer too. it will get here tomorrow the fog, called an inversion it usually wins out a lot of warm air aloft but the cold air is like i like it here i will stay awhile. we are beginning to see signs of fog returning that will be tonight's forecast issue not
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the freezing temperatures, temperatures will stay upper 30s to around 40 degrees but fog may continue to hang around and in fact get dense more on the fog in a minute touch on the snow we had over the weekend it certainly provided a backdrop for this picture of a blue jay sent to us from idat abolins i know i am probably not saying your name right but thank you for sending this picture through our my fox weather ap. so check it all out weather ap is free and we would love you to download it a lot of you have. pictures are easy to send from the aps. meanwhile temperatures come up 1 degree 39 degrees warmest we have been all day most places are near 40, some are a little warmer and what we are finding is that at the higher elevations we are finding warmer temperatures and more fog because of this inversion we have, mild just off to the west, this is the kind of weather that could have gotten in here the cold air wedge wins again.
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pittsburgh 56 degrees. now a front coming later tonight, there will be cooler air behind that, but we will start to sample, that warm air, for one day tomorrow so get out and enjoy it. 44 degrees tomorrow 54, wednesday 46, thursday 50 and friday 53. still not very winter like, but the concern won't be any kind of freezing rain or drizzle, that you had, that caused delays around the region, it will be potential for fog. could be a shower or two, get in here closer, most of our showers, amounted to a few 1/100ths t front here producing showers and occasional thunderstorms, that will come through later tonight. we will watch for fog, it is possible ad fog advisory could get issued if visibilities drop. make sure you check us out to see if we will have foggy problems in the morning light shower possible. temperature around 40. might go up a little bit from there. might stay below that. early fog will be what we watch tomorrow sunny and warmer
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afternoon after we burn off the fog should get up to 54 degrees. quick look at your planner fog to start, sunshine for the afternoon during the day tomorrow and 5 day forecast looks like this. we are up tomorrow a little cooler wednesday as cooler air comes in behind the front, 46 degrees lots of sunshine, next chance of showers looks like thursday, with a temperature of 50, linger into friday, that is not a bad weekend, in the temperature department that little bit of snow that might be hanging out, crunchy crust in your backyard will be out of here tomorrow. >> love the 50s. >> i do too and i loved our 1 inch of snow friday night that was perfect. >> exactly. >> all right thank you. well, the ravens my goodness, poor poor ravens. they run -- it ends in heart breaking fashion, teammates are not blaming the kicker, dave ross is up next.
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♪ [ music ] >> i thought he was great. >> you be the judge. steven tyler getting a lot of attention for his redecision of the national anthem, a poll in the l.a. times ranks him as the second worst behind rose ann bar, christy than aguillera, i mean really would you pass the aerosmith front man out on the next round of american idol?
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>> i am dave rose we know super bowl is set. -- ross. we know super bowl is set. they will lock horns like four years ago in another case of history repeating, gianting moving on to super sunday, in
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part due to dehave been thomas, he -- devon thomas. overtime, giants td williams gets stripped gain and once again look who it is. devon thomas again. and that lead to this. devon celebrate you should, time will come out here and kick the game winning 31-yard field goal. december 18th to red skins of all people and the head coach likes his team's fighting spirit. they have grit battle, they we have had five straight single elimination games some how, some way we have scratched our way into finding a way to win and you know we prepare well, the guys really do know what is at stake. >> you got the feel for our neighbors to the north ravens had not one but two chances to win or tie their game with the patriots in final seconds instead of a story bookending ravens suffered a rip your heart out defeat. ravens and flacco, had a chance
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to pull off the upset final seconds, less than 30 seconds to go, perfect, oh, couldn't get second foot down but sterling more for knocking the ball loose, no replay no touchdown, and two plays later, billy, trot on in, no problem. 32-yard field goal. oh, no, he didn't. yeah, edged it left and ravens can't believe it. heart break they lose 23-20 and obviously he didn't want to talk about it but one raven would not place blame on the foot of billy. >> not one play won or lost this game. could you have put us in a position to keep playing, absolutely but one player didn't lose this game no one man has ever lost a game for me to go to him which i will very quickly don't you ever drop your head we went as a team we lose as a team. fourth round, open, certificate vena williams,
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facing the -- serena, williams, facing ekaterinas day. even when she was in control the russian had an answer. 23-04. no more americans men or women left down under. football notes, mike shanahan said today, stacey lainedly will not have surgery and he is an unrestricted free agent. >> all right now you have the news edge news is always on on
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