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tv   Fox 5 News Edge at 11  FOX  February 1, 2012 11:00pm-11:30pm EST

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i just think it's crazy. let kids be kids. >> i thought i was crazy about the candy. the news keeps coming. brian bolter is off. shawn yancy in for the news edge at 11:00. fresh off his victory in the sunshine state gop frontrunner mitt romney is feeling the heat tonight and it all has to do with what some people are calling his poor choice of words. fox 5's tom fitzgerald is following this from the newsroom tonight. what happened here? >> well, during a morning interview one of romney's responses included the phrase i'm not very concerned about the very poor. tonight the obama campaign is seizing on that remark, but romney says he is being taken out of context. it was supposed to be a victory lap day for mitt romney after winning the florida primary. >> leadership is about taking responsibility, not making excuses. reporter: but now romney is on the defensive after saying this
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during a cnn interview wednesday morning. >> i'm not concerned about the very poor. we have a safety net there. if it needs repair, i'll fix it. i'm not concerned about the very rich. they're doing just fine. reporter: the phrase i'm not concerned about the very poor lit up twitter with the obama campaign manager writing so much for we're all in this together. >> you have a lot to write about. reporter: the white house used the remark to contrast romney's view of the recession against the president's. >> middle class americans, lower income americans and poor americans were hit hard by the recession. reporter: but it wasn't just democrats piling on. >> let me shot governor romney. the founding fathers meant the very poor who they called americans. my goal is to find steps for every american to have a job. reporter: later romney said the comment was meant to show he is focused on the middle class. >> of course, i'm concerned about all americans, the porks the wealthy, middle class. the folk -- the poor, the
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wealthy, the middle class. the focus of my efforts will be on the middle class. reporter: this isn't the first time romney has had to explain himself. >> i like being able to fire people who provide services for me. reporter: romney's comment about insurance companies put him in a similar position, but his campaign says they expect the obama campaign to use the remark to their own voters. >> this really goes to their base which they need to energize because right now nobody is really excited about barack obama getting rye elected of. reporter: what's -- reelected. reporter: what's not known is if his rivals will be the first to use his remarks in campaign ad. this republican presidential race has picked up and moved out of florida to other locations. republicans now are focusing on nevada, that state will hold its caucus this saturday, february 4th.
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house republicans tonight approved legislation to freeze the wages of federal workers through 2013. the measure would bar members of congress from giving themselves raises. many democrats objected saying federal workers have done their part to reduce the budget deficit. president obama is expected to propose a .5% wage hike for federal employees in the 2013 budget. former mississippi governor haley barbour was criticized for pardoning almost 200 people last month including a dozen convicted murderers. now the supreme court will take the place. some of those people were in prison when they got their reprieve, others scattered across the country and had to be tracked down. the court has set a hearing for monday to decide whether to reverse some of those pardons. the news edge on d.c., police investigating a sexual assault at a school in southeast. it happened this afternoon at ketcham elementary 15 street. school officials say an adult male touched a student inappropriately after entering the building without permission. the victim alerted a school employee who contacted police.
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so far no arrests have been made. the news edge on virginia, a woman pleads guilty in a murder for hire plot. federal prosecutors say ann cinnamon of sterling hired a hit man to kill her boyfriend's mistress for 500 bucks. this so-called hitman contacted the fbi. cinnamon was arrested last october following a meeting with the informant in a shopping center where she discussed the plot and the payment plan. >> this was a woman who was going to pay $500 to have her boyfriend's mistress killed and she got so frustrated when the murder didn't happen quickly enough that she said she would go kill her herself. >> cinnamon now faces up to 10 years in prison and will be sentenced in may. now to the news edge exclusive, for the first time since her husband's body was found in a prince george's county well, the wife of local activist lenny harris speaks out. will thomas is here with our exclusive. >> lenny harris disappeared last september from an
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alexandria rec center. he got a call, walked out and was never seen alive again. in the last couple days police confirmed a body discovered in a prince george's county well was lenny harris and they made an arrest. harris' wife of 19 years sat down with us tonight. she's trying to make sense of all this. how could it happen? why? and how to be strong for their 20-year-old daughter. someone shot harris and dumped his body in an abandoned well on a property in ft. washington. 49-year-old linwood johnson of temple hills confessed to his role. investigators don't think he actually shot harris and more arrests are coming. his wife says she wants to see johnson face to face before highs sentenced. >> i would go to court and do a victim impact statement. i'm not saying i don't want him to be punished to the fullest, yeah, they deserve to be punished, but i think that all of us have to at some point
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forgive. reporter: prince george's county misconducted a search today of an area near the beltway -- misconducted a search today of an area near the beltway by the wilson bridge where lenny's cell phone was found. investigators don't think linwood johnson actually pulled the trigger. more arrests are expected. a crucial clue is released as police in the district investigate the death of an abandoned baby. the infant girl died after being left on the porch of a home in northeast earlier this month. tonight police are releasing a picture of the towel she was wrapped in. it has multi chored stripes. anyone with information about -- colored stripes. anyone with information about this case is asked to call d.c. police. >> i don't know about you, but i am loving this weather, hit the 70s in some spots today, cooler temperatures tonight, but earlier we saw people walking around in shorts. sue palka is in the weather center to let us know what to expect overnight into the morning. insight not going to be cold
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overnight, but it is -- >> it's not going to be cold overnight, but it is definitely cooler than earlier today. first off another look at those temperatures because wow, not a record here for february, but 72 degrees, last year on this date it was 38 degrees. we'll enjoy what we have and it's completely wild and warm this winter. 73 degrees was the high at quantico, fredericksburg 72, temperatures well above our average high for the day would be, d.c. coming in at 57, fredericksburg 61 and that's about as close as the rain has gotten. there are showers coming. there will be some showers in the morning rush hour. they will mostly be light. the best chances will be south of d.c. there could be an occasional moderate downpour briefly here and there. so the clouds will thicken overnight, some showers around for the morning rush hour, overnight low about 46 degrees. tomorrow not going to be in the 70s. here's a look at temperatures around the region, mostly in the 50s.
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more details on the weekend in a few minutes. tonight dozens are dead after a riot at a soccer game in egypt. laura evans is everywhere at 11:00. >> the death told 74, 250 more injured -- toll 74, 250 more injured. soccer fans rush the field in syed one year after former president hosni mubarak was forced from office. tim tebow cancels an appearance at an ohio christian revival. the event was led by televangelist rob parsley who asked followers last year to give more than $1 million to ward off satanic attacks. the spokesman for tebow said he hadn't researched the event before saying yes. soul train host don cornelius found dead in his l.a. home. police say he shot himself. the brilliant tv host showcased black music and artists for decades, considered a cultural
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ground breaker. cornelius later descended into marital trouble and illness. he was 75 years old. we also just learned one of boxing's most recognizable figures has passed away. angelo dundee, the trainer who helped groom muhammad ali and sugar ray leonard into world champions died today. he was 90 years old. on the news edge a director handcuffed at a hearing on capitol hill caught on camera. also pulling the plug on pink slime, mcdonald's fesses up about what it's putting in your burgers. this is fox 5 news edge at 11:00. ♪ pierre! your fashion is so "right now," but your banking is so last season! earn more with high yield free checking at capital one bank.
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an oscar nominated director was led way from a hearing on the hill in handcuffs today. josh fox was trying to direct a film on natural gas drilling. a director can be heard on the film asking the arrest to be stopped. capital police charged fox with unlawful entry saying he did not have permission to. in i has since been released. have you -- to film. he has since been released. have you heard of contempt of cop? there were so many complaints against d.c. police city leaders set out to rewrite the law and today we got a progress report. here's fox 5's matt ackland with the upday. reporter: it was an arrest at
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the corner of 17th and u streets in northwest in 2009 that caught the attention of city leaders. pepin tuma shouted a comment at a group of officers nearby. one of the officers didn't like it and the next thing tuma knew, he was under arrest for disorderly conduct. >> he had the ability to do, it but i doesn't have the legal power. this is a question about abusive police power. this happens all the time in the city. reporter: in response to numerous complaints of abuse of power by police, d.c. leaders d law. on wednesday chairman of the judiciary committee phil mendelson held a hearing one year after the law was revised. >> it appears we have achieved exactly what we wanted, which is less abuse of. reporter: mendelson heard from a number of witnesses including the d.c. police department that laid out how every officer has been advised of the revisions to the law by chief cathy lanier herself. >> chief lanier recorded the introduction to the online
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training to direct members to address disorderly incidents in the community with a measured thoughtful response. >> based on what the statistics that i see here, these are definitely encouraging trends of. reporter: matt ackland, fox 5 news. caught on camera an update to a wild crash. a deer smashed through the front window of a d.c. library yesterday. the library was closed today but will reopen tomorrow at 1 p.m. that deer unfortunately had to be euthanized. fortunately no humans were hurt. millions of birth control pills recalled and mcdonald's pulls the plug on pink slime? laura is back with your fox 5 top five. >> up first tonight mcdonald's changing its burger ingredients. known 5, no more pink slime. -- no. 5, no more pink slime, beef trimmings treated with ammonia hydroxide and believe it or not it's approved by the usda, but after this picture showed up all over the internet
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mcdonald's is making changes. no. 4, want a massage? now you have a real excuse. massage reduces inflammation and promotes energy transmission to the muscle. researchers believe massage could have the same effect on the body as conventional anti- inflammatory drugs. no. 3, ladies, you have a 40% chance of getting engaged this valentine's day. according to a new survey, 40% of men in relationships plan to propose. 40% of women expect their man to put a ring on it. in case you're wondering, that's a 2-5 shot. no. 2, your birth control pills might not work. pfizer is recalling about a million packets of the lo/ovral 28 norgestrel and generic ethinyl estradiol packets with expiration dates between july 21st of 2013 and march 31st of 2014. no. 1, the virginia house delegates
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will decide if women in the states have to get an ultrasound before they can have an abortion. the senate passed the measure. it does not require a woman to see the image or hear the feta heartbeat and that is tonight's fox 5 top five. >> slight changes in the weather tomorrow. might need some umbrellas in the morning? >> i think you can ditch them in the afternoon and find the sunglasses. this will be fast moving showers coming through. we can see them as we look live at our max hd radar. just now starting to maybe get the first sprinkles in fredericksburg. all this is kind of moving west to east. notice a couple yellows indicating there are embedded in this light rain a couple spots where rain is moderate. in those yellows you could get 1/4-inch, the rest of us 1/10 to 2/10 and a lot of this will stay south of d.c. we probably won't be able to do this again tomorrow, but we will get to
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the 50s and that's still 10 or 11 degrees above average for this time of year. overnight we'll watch the showers spread in from southwest to northeast, 46 d.c., the low tonight, 48 fredericksburg, not bad at all. sentinel radar will show you how this is beginning to fill in, what you're seeing north of d.c. not hitting the ground. there is more behind this. we have another line, an area of low pressure that will develop on a front moving through later tonight that will squeeze out these showers. that's where our cooler temperatures will come from tomorrow. here's why the turn to the cooler weather. we've had an area of high pressure off the coast. we've been getting that nice warm south wind. that's why temperatures were so far above average today. a new area of high pressure willed in after this front tomorrow and will drop -- will build in after this front tomorrow and will drop our temperatures back down. the showers are arriving again mostly south, but will get into
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much of the area for the morning rush hour, temperature 46 degrees. tomorrow we start out cloudy, morning showers. hopefully the groundhog will see his shadow, sun back in the afternoon. our temperature 54 degrees. so it's really not a bad friday. here's your max hd futurecast because as we run this closer to the morning rush hour, you can see how the tendency is for most of this to stay south, but you should still have a good 50/50 chance north of d.c. of seeing a shower. there's one of those moderate down powers downpours and by the noon hour the sun is back and much of the day saturday we'll be sunny as well. the clouds will increase later in the day, another shot of moisture coming. we think this probably doesn't get in here for saturday night but might get here sunday in the form of very light showers. we don't have them in the five- day forecast yet. we'll keep an eye on, it temperature sunday about 49.
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if we do get rain, it will be light, maybe a couple showers around monday as well at 45 degrees. so a pretty nice start to february here in d.c. let's find out what's going on in sports. we know one of our favorite coaches is back in town. feldy has the report right now. this is the verizon lg4 sports desk with dave feldman. >> the maryland terrapins went to miami tonight to win game on an opponent's court. miami coach jim larranaga battling the flu. terps down and nick faust called for the charging foul. head coach mark turgeon disagrees strongly, teed up twice and ejected. but it fired up the terps. stoglund, good look, career high 33. now we're in double overtime, hurricanes find a cutting daequan jones. maryland defeated by miami 90-
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86 in double o.t. terps did win one in puerto rico. g town hosting uconn, 1st half hollis thompson comes off the strong and hits a three. 2nd half, sims to thompson, for the lay-in plus the foul. made the three-point play. he had a team high 18. under six minutes to go thompson to sims who drives in. sims with 13. georgetown defeats uconn 58-44 holding the huskies to their lowest point total of the season. george washington hosting xavier in foggy bottom. off the muskateers miss and a rebound. taylor with a team high 20. the colonials built a nine- point lead but fall to xavier by one, 59-58. with us ampeds on the road against the magic, early 4th quarter sheldon mack to trevor booker over dwight howard and high off the glass, game tied
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at 71. six minutes to go, magic by eight. inside to dwight howard who spins and look out, javale mcgee. howard with 18 boards to go with 21 points. wizards fall to the magic 109- 103, wizards are 4-18. so maryland loses in miami, the wizards lose in orlando, not a good sign for the caps who were in sunrise playing the panthers as the local boys try to avoid the sunshine state sweep. no ovie for the third and final game of his suspension, but there was a brooks laich. the caps fall to the panthers 4- 2, now trail florida by a point in the southeast. don't go anywhere. when we return, tom brady with a chance to make postseason history. 
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patriots tight end rob gronkowski missed practice today, said the team is looking into finding a special cleat that will allow him to play sunday despite his high left ankle strain and the giants osi umenyiora, a. >> show this morning, costing him 20 grand -- a no show this morning, coursing him 20 grand. he later said -- costing him 20 grand. he later said i'm sorry. sunday tom brady has a chance to make super bowl history as a quarterback, a win will give
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him four matching joe montana plus set a new record for most postseason wins with 17. >> this is everything you ask for as an athlete and we have as competitors have said yes, no, you're not maying in this game -- playing in this game, it sucks as we've heard on tv these days because every channel you turn on is talking about this game and the players. as a competitor you need to be here. today was national signing day. the big name from our area, eddie goldman of friendship collegiate, 6' 4, 310 pounds. he's going to florida state. the seminoles won out over alabama and auburn. >> that's where my heart was. i mean it's just the future that they have in store, that we have in store and it's going to be great thing. >> goldman is one of 18 players from friendship collegiate to receive college scholarships. his team back albert reed the running back has committed to
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a current nba roster. thanks for joining us tonight. good night, everybody. >> fox 5 news isn't over. go to for news, weather and entertainment updates. fox 5 news is washington's best news on air and online at brought to you by verizon 4glte.


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