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tv   Fox 5 Morning News at 425am  FOX  February 7, 2012 4:25am-5:00am EST

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good tuesday morning to you. looking at a live picture downtown. not a lot of traffic at this point. weather, chilly. okay for right now. good morning. i'm wisdom mairnt. >> i'm sarah simmons. let's get a quick look at the weather with tucker barnes. >> good morning. -- i'm wisdom martin. >> should be a beautiful afternoon for us as we are expecting highs in the low others. let's do it. let's get started with a look
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at our satellite picture. you can see across the region, that wouldn't be a satellite picture but the temperature is 45 degrees. the humidity is 49%. your winds are out of the north and west at three miles per hour. we'll go right to the forecast. why not. sunshine today and mild temperatures. highs in the low 50s. about 52, 53 degrees later this afternoon. a great-looking day. same can't be said for tomorrow. we have a little bit of winter weather in the forecast. details on that in just a minute. toss it back to you guys. >> thank you. we are following some breaking news out of new carrollton this morning. police are investigating the death of two adult males whose bodies were found less than a mile apart. someone found the first person around 10: 45 last night lying on the ground near the new carrollton metro stop.
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then about 45 minutes later police found another body. a carbon monoxide poisoning in prince george's county overnight. children may be among those rushed to the hospital. paramedics warn against leaving heaters unattended. a big day for republican white house hopefuls. there are three contests today that could change the gop race. mitt romney is facing a tough chal fedex rick santorum in today's colorado and minnesota caucuses. and the primary in missouri that is not binding. a tax season scandal involving the instant tax service. dozens of customers say they are missing thousands of dollars from their refund checks. others are accusing the company
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of filing returns with their information but without their permission. d.c. government workers accused of cheating the city out of about $800,000 by cashing unemployment checks after they landed a job and at least one works in a high- ranking councilmember's office. will thomas has a closer look. >> we take this very seriously. they've all been notified. >> reporter: dozens of current d.c. government employees notified they've received fraudulent unemployment benefits while holding their city jobs. they are accused of double dipping with your tax dollars. lisa mallory is the director of the d.c. department of employment services. >> about 90 or so cases of current droi. government employees that have overpayments. they've received money that they were not entitled to. >> reporter: so about 90 city employees accused of getting paid to work but not reporting that they've got a job.
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so theen employment checks they may have been entitled to at one time keep on coming. they are all on paid administrative leave. fox 5 has learned one of those city employees works for d.c. council chairman kwame brown. >> the person was brought over from another staff member's office and it is up fortunate because you clearly want people to be working these days. it is just an unfortunate situation but they are on administrative leave. >> reporter: turns out chairman brown's employee was actually inherited from the office of former councilman harry thomas, jr. who resigned. he pleaded guilty to stealing more than $350,000 in city funds. en. now, in addition to the approximately 90 current d.c. government workers accused of fraud, there is at least another 40 former d.c. government workers also accused of double dipping. the d.c. inspector general and the u.s. attorney are investigating. all of them would be required to pay back the money and we're told some have already started.
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we still have plenty ahead. weather, traffic and all of your top stories. good morning on this tuesday, february 7, 2012. it is 4:30 right now. taking a live look over washington, d.c. this morning. wake up to another chilly start to the day. things shouldn't look too bad later on this afternoon. >> i'm sarah simmons. >> i'm wisdom martin. juror tucker? >> today is warmer than yesterday. 24 hours ago, we were tolder than we are now. >> boy, this has been an interesting winter. >> wait until tomorrow. reagan national, 45 degrees. 37 in baltimore. 39 in winchester. let's see. ocean city, 41. remember yesterday, ocean city
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was in the mid-20s. temperatures later, low to mid- 50s. so we'll be comparable to yesterday but it should be a beautiful day. a few clouds moving through at the moment particularly south of city and one or two sprinkles out there. most of those have faded away. we should be looking at another bright and beautiful day. we will cloud up tonight and then things get more interesting tomorrow. more on that coming up. for today, high temperatures in the upper 40s and low 50s. just a beautiful afternoon here for february 7th. >> thank you so much, tucker. >> time now to check in with julie wright with a look at traffic. what's happening, julie? >> not a lot, wisdom. good morning to you, sir. we are looking pretty good as you travel the capital beltway. i think this camera is stuck. this looks like something we saw from last night.
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i think they need to recirculate this. it got stuck on us. that is not what the commute looks like right now. that looks like last night around 6:00. if you are traveling 395 at seminary road, your lanes are open. no trouble spots to report as you travel between the beltway and the 14th street bridge. overnight construct has been picked up. the construction southbound on 27 0rbg the crews were pick up the cones there on old georgetown road as i was headed south. that's a check of your fox 5 on-timetraffic. ffic. >> thank you. we begin this morning with some breaking news. police in prince george's county are investigating the discovery of two bodies in new carrollton. the first was around 10: 45 last night. a man was found lying on the ground on 85th avenue. he later died. then, about 45 minutes later, another man's body was found at garrison road and 78th avenue, a little more than half a mile from the first in this case,
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the victim was found near a bicycle. they are not linking the cases at this moment. we are following other breaking news in prince george's county. a family of five rushed to the hospital with carbon monoxide poisoning. it all began when a child from the home on bernard drive in fort washington was taken to children's hospital last night. the staff at the hospital did blood work on the child only to discover they had high levels of carbon monoxide. the hospital tried to call the family but not no answer. that is when they called police and fire and ems. the fire department went to the home around 12:30 this morning and found a mom, dad and three children unconscious. she were flown you out to the a hospital in baltimore that has a hyperbaric chamber. all were in critical condition. fire crews think the carbon monoxide came from a malfunctioning gas furnace. three states are voting today in the race for the republican nomination for president. mitt romney leads polls in colorado ahead of today's caucuses there. he is not expected to do as
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well in caucuses in minutemen or today's nonbinding primary in missouri. rick santorum is leading polls in both of those states. >> it completely changes this race again. when i said it resets the race, it will reset the race. the idea that the challenger to mitt romney is newt gingrich, well, that is reset. and that mitt romney is the heir apparent. >> former speaker gingrich is giving up his legal battle for a spot on super tuesday. a report on the status of the city and his administration as well ads outline his agenda and priorities for the coming year. it is set to take place at the sixth and i historic synagogue in northwest d.c. in other news, 130 current and former d.c. employees are accused of fraud this morning. the director of the d.c. department of employment
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services says an audit turned up the names of city workers who may have collected unemployment while on the job. altogether, between $700,000 and $$800,000 was scammed. the fraud may have started back in 2009. a report on a scandal you will only see here on fox 5. a tax preparation business is under scrutiny after dozens of people complained about missing money. customers say the instant tax service owes them thousands of dollars in refunds. others are accusing the company of filing returns with their information but without their permission. an instant tax service employee says this is not true. telling us what he thinks happened. >> the irs crash. when their data bass crashed, there were 200 million people, all their information got lost. when it got lost, their money got lost, their information got
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lost. their numbers government lost. so the irs right now is reinputting over 200 million people back into the system. >> i would like to know what is going on. that is my money. i want my money. >> no one at the irs that we spoke with knows anything about a database crash of 200 million people. there are complaints against instant tax service on the ripoff reports web site from 13 different states. two prince george's county officers have been suspended. they said they thought two people were about to rob a convenience store so they confronted them. officers say, when they caught up with one, he tried to take the officer's gun so the officer fired it. no one was hurt during. this police say video evidence has surfaced that does not support the original story. lawyers for the young man accused of killing his ex- girlfriend at the university of virginia are back in court picking a jury this morning. george huguely looked a lot
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different in court yesterday. he pled not guilty to five charges including premeditated first degree murder of yeardley love. two potential jurors said they didn't know anything about the case. we are following two huge international headlines this morning, both with implication for the united states. up next, the latest on new sanctions against iran. plus the growing violence in syria. we'll tell you what unfolded just hours ago. stay with us. q get irresistibly clean and fresh carpets in your home
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with resolve deep clean powder. the moist powder removes three times more dirt than vacuuming alone while neutralizing odors for a clean you can see, smell and really enjoy. don't just vacuum cl one person is dead after this chain reaction crash in prince george's county along oxon hill road in fort
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washington last night. police say a chevy yukon caused the five-car pile-up. one of them flipped over. the driver of that car died at the scene. four others were taken to the hospital with life-threatening injuries. police say the suv may have crossed the line. investigators looking into whether speed or alcohol was a factor. more fallout this morning over this disturbing incident that was caught on camera. metro police slamming a man from a wheelchair to the ground. this happened last may outside the u city cardozo metro stop. eight madosky later, that man now suing. dwight harris filed a lawsuit against both metro officers for brutal battery. developing in syria, a few hours ago, the syrian armory resumeed a relentless shelling of a city. there are reports that 50 people were killed yesterday but others say as many as 98 died as the heaviest shell since the uprising began
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continues for a fourth day. in responsibilities to the brutal crackdown, the obama administration closed the u.s. embassy in syria yesterday. est iran is dismissing new u.s. sanctions on tehran. the sanctions come amid fears that israel could launch. a military attract over iran's nuclear program. the new u.s. sanctions are targeting iran's central bank. worries over the nuclear program are beginning to affect financial markets around the world. you know, texting and driving can be extremely dangerous on the roadways. up next, some lawmaker in our area want a serious crashdown on it. >> but the question is are they going too far? that is. coming up next. we've got cool temperatures to start your morning and a sprinkle or two south of the city. we are in for just a beautiful tuesday. i'll have all the details on the weather forecast and julie wright has a look at your on- time traffic. all that coming up right after the break. the break. hey guy!
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should be beautiful out there. a little chilly start to your day as we check in with tucker barnes. >> maybe we'll get one of those nice moon shots. >> it was pretty this morning. it didn't look the same way. is it a full moon now? >> i honestly don't know but i'll look. >> wear asking the weather guy. >> coming right you up. i'll yell it across the studio at some inappropriate time. let's get right to the forecast and let you know. yesterday was beautiful. today will be gorgeous too. today will be a degree or two warmer than yesterday. so really, this forecast a nice one for another day but we've got changes and i'll show you those coming up in just a second. here are your high temperatures from yesterday. very pleasant temperatures. 52 at reagan national. 53 at bwi marshall. we are thinking the same department today. 53, 54 for afternoon high temperatures. we've cooled off overnight. remember yesterday, we had a lot of 20s, even some teens across the region. today, not as cool. 45 right now in washington.
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30 in gaithersburg. 30 in manassas. parts of the area here still in the 40s. 44 in annapolis. fredericksburg and leonardtown, 41 degrees the not a bad start at all. these temperatures should jump a good 10 degrees or so. one more nice day. we have a little more cloud cover and one or two sprinkles during the overnight hours south of the city. one more nice day as high pressure will hold intact here for our tuesday and give us lots of sunshine and a quiet afternoon but we'll cloud up tonight and this is our wednesday weather maker. it is not terribly strong. it doesn't have a left die nam ins to work with but it looked like it will encounter just enough cold air that we'll get a wintry mix around here starting late tomorrow morning and during the afternoon tomorrow and it is likely that we'll see some light accumulations here north and west of the city. something for keep an eye out for. this will arrive later tonight and will start to snow or rain around here during the day tomorrow. expecting light amounts. we haven't had a lot of winter weather to talk about this year so we've got to keep an eye on
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it. sunshine, just a beautiful afternoon today. 53. winds out of the north and west at five to 10. we'll start to cloud up tonight. 33 your overnight low. we are not going to rebound a whole lot in temperatures tomorrow. i think that rain-snow line will be right across the immediate washington area tomorrow during the day. i'm going to budge that snow over a little bit. light rain, snow during the afternoon tomorrow. lingering into the evening commute. that will be fun and then we'll get it out of here in time for thursday, friday and saturday. sunshine, much cooler by the weekend by the way. highs in the upper 30s, low 40s by saturday and sunday. that is weather. let's do some traffic. julie wright has got your latest. good morning, julie. what's going on? >> not a lot, tucker barnes. looking good on the roads. lanes are open if you are traveling on 395 trying to get past seminary road headed out to the 14th street bridge. traffic is moving smoothly now with no incidents to report. traveling eastbound 66 coming
4:48 am
in from manassas leaving business 234. that's a check of your fox 5 on-timetraffic. etraffic. >> thank you. a heads up for you drive through bowie, maryland actually new speed camera is up and running near benjamin tasker middle school on kept hill drive. according to state law, you have to follow the speed limit whether school is in session or not. virginia may becket next state to make texting while driving a primary offense. right now, it is just a secondary offense in the commonwealth meaning a police officer can ticket you for texting while driving but only if you break another law as well. virginia lawmakers are now considering the bill. critics are concerned it will lead to overblown charges and confiscated cell phones. in health news, we all know the dangers of smoking and while it has been banned in most places you would expect to see kids, a surprising new study shows teenagers are still being exposed to a lot of secondhand smoke. fox's jonathan siri has the
4:49 am
details. >> reporter: while smoking has been beened from many public places, nearly 23% of america's middle school and high school students who don't smoke themselves are still being exposed to secondhand smoke in private vehicles. those find go ahead from a new study by the centers for disease control and prevention published in the journal pediatrics. >> there are several health effects associated with secondhand smoke including everything from ear infections to acute respiratory infections as well as delayed lung growth and even sudden infant death syndrome. >> reporter: secondhand smoke is particularly dangerous in cars because of the small enclosed environment. >> regardless of whether you have the windows rolled down or whether it is even one cigarette. there are still levels of indoor air pollution from secondhand smoke that are dangerous to health. >> reporter: the study concludes the comprehensive smoke-free policies in work sites and public places should be included to expand motor
4:50 am
vehicles when youth are present. arkansas, california, louisiana, maine and puerto rico already have such bans in place. critics of this type of legislation say the government is trying to regulate behavior inside private vehicles that is not directly related to traffic safety. but public health officials say, in light of this recent study and growing concerns over secondhand smoke, the law needs to step in and protect those too young to protect themselves. in atlanta, jonathan siri, fox news. as we continue to honor black history month, up next, we are spotlighting one of the unsung heroes of the civil rights movement. here is a look at today's my fox half off deal. $65 gets you cleaning service for a three-bedroom home from golden star cleaning service. that includes the bedroom, the kitchen, living room and dining room. $130 value. to get in on that, go to and look for my fox half off on the right side of the page. see if they can get them to
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today in black mist month, we are spotlighting a civil rights unsung hero, byard ruston. he would have been 100 years old next month. >> karen gray houston has the story. >> i am not ready to die. >> reporter: many are unfamiliar with the face. >> i want no negro to die. i want no human being to die or to be brutalized. >> reporter: that dramatic voice belongs to a man who long acted from the shadows of the civil rights movement. at the recent celebration of his life and legacy, there was a screening of the documentary,
4:54 am
brother outsider by film maker bennett singer. >> we call for a nonviolent uprising. >> reporter: he was often the impetus behind the turn of other cheek philosophy of major demonstration in the '50s and '60s. >> byard ruston was the man who was principally responsible for bringing the idea of nonviolent direct action and civil disowed obedience for the civil rights movement in the south. >> reporter: walter nigel was ruston's partner. >> he had been working in the 40s with a group of nonviolent direct activists riding buses and trains, trying to integrate restaurants and hotels in the south. >> reporter: ruston was openly gay, threatened arrested and beaten because of it. air force quaker, had traveled to india and studied with
4:55 am
gandhi's followers. >> dr. king was equipped with a theoretical knowledge of nonviolence. book learning if you will. byard knew how to do hands on organizing. >> we have effective civil rights legislation. >> reporter: ruston was the fiery activist who organized the successful march on washington. he was also a true rep cianci man. >> in addition to his advocacy, he was an accomplished singer, a musician, a creative chef. >> reporter: he took up the movement and gave up the art. there were totic tributes regarding ruston's life. >> what is different about me didn't settle on my skin. if given a choice, i would wear an entirely different face to 199job interviews but this is the face i got. no amount of make-up hides the
4:56 am
fact that i am the son of slaves. >> reporter: ruston's partner says he fought against poverty, injustice and inequality. still a part of the fabric of our society, he says that means important work still needs to be carried on. >> what do you say? in washington, karen gray houston, fox 5 news. >> really interesting to hear about other participants in the civil rights movement that you maybe didn't know exist giant food he was right there with dr. king. now, we know more about him. two rare occurrences for the washington wizards, an overtime and a victory. with flu complications. lysol disinfectant spray is approved to kill over 50 germs on surfaces. this includes cold and flu viruses. so we recommend using lysol every day.
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for the washington wizards. they beat the toronto raptors 111-108 in overtime last night. this is the first overtime game of the season. john wall led the way with 31 points. nick young had a season-high 29. the wizards blue an 1-point third quarter lead but hung onto win this one. thank goodness. >> the wizards win! to women's college basketball now. maryland on the road against georgia tech. hawkins scored a career high 23 points. the eighth ranked terps defeat number 22 georgia tech 56-56 for the 20th win. they are getting ready for a parade in manhattan to celebrate the new york giants. eli manning treated


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