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tv   Fox 5 News at Ten  FOX  February 10, 2012 10:00pm-11:00pm EST

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this is fox 5 news at 10:00. >> fox 5 all over a weather alert. a blast of cold weather as we speak tonight. thanks for joining us tonight. i'm shawn yancy. >> i'm brian bolter. some of you will see snow tonight and everyone facing winter weather tomorrow.
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fox 5 gary mcgrady in our weather center. >> nothing much has really changed with this storm. i'm going over all the new information. everything seems to be on track, not a lot of snow for us, but we will be getting colder, much colder by late tomorrow and then through the day sunday. we start with radar, show you what's going on right now. we're seeing a little bit more in precipitation coming across being a bit of rain, a mixture and snow in the gray there for the northwestern and northern parts mainly right along the i- 70 corridor to the north is where it seems to be a little light snow. that will be the greatest chance for a little bit of accumulation overnight. now as we switch over, the setup is we have some very cold air to northwest. that will come through tomorrow evening. we had this storm system pulling from the south and it's not necessarily going to stay close enough to the coast with this particular storm to bring us much in the way of a snowstorm. so we ruled that out.
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this looks like it will take a track out to sea far enough away from us that it's not going to be a huge problem. in terms of what we do know for this weekend, it is going to be cold, much colder than we've had in quite a while. this probably rivals the coldest air mass so far this season and we will have some accumulating snow and it likes that will come in two separate phases, more in the full forecast coming up in a little while. >> you can track the snow and falling temperatures on the fox 5 weather app. you can download it at apple's app store or the android market. search for d.c. weather or use the link on our website some breaking news in maryland, a vigil for a teenager killed this week ends in gunfire. police are still on the scene now in new carrollton where more than 100 people turned out to remember liz smith. >> reporter: still a very active scene here. behind me more than a dozen shivers and they're still
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questioning folks trying to get -- officers here and they're still questioning folks trying to get to the bottom of what happened here. we're told this was a vigil held to honor a young man who was gunned down this week when more violence broke out. this shopping center on annapolis road in new carrollton is where police say they caught up with people they needed to question about what happened. at the vigil which happened up the street at an apartment complex there were more than 100 people in attendance. along with them were new carrollton police because of the size of the crowd. we're told about 7:30 tonight an officer heard a gunshot and the crowd dispersed and began running. officers found a man in that crowd with a single gunshot, a nonlife threatening wound we are told that they are investigating who shot him and why. now they don't know if the shooting was related to the murder of chris smith. he is the 17-year-old florence high school student gunned down late monday night near the new carrollton metro. that case is still unsolved.
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he is who the vigil was being held for. there are unconfirmed reports as well there was a fight that broke out at that vigil. back out here we'll show you this tops off a very violent week here in prince george's county. two high school students shot and killed. tonight police say they do not know if those two cases are confirmed. there's no indication they are connected in any way, but again a very silent week here that this tops off and they are now trying to get to the bottom of what happened here. also new tonight in northern virginia a frightening robbery spree in the franconia area. men wearing ski masks targeted four different people in the course of an hour. fox 5's maureen umeh working that one in the newsroom now. >> the victims were alone when targeted usually right outside their homes. so far no one has been seriously hurt, but police fear it could be a matter of time. 20-year-old fred alba is still shaken by what happened to him thursday night. he had just pulled into his
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driveway on the 6300 block of dana avenue in springfield where he said three men wearing black hooded sweat shirts rushed up on him demanding money. >> they come rushing me with guns saying give me all you got. the only thing i had on me was my phone. that's the only thing they took. once they started running away, i honked the horn got everybody's attention. they hit me twice in the face of. >> reporter: fairfax county police believe the same robbers are responsible for three other similar robberies in a 5-mile radius between 10:15 and 11:30 thursday night. the first one happened in the 6900 block of kingstown village. a 27-year-old woman was getting out of her building when the suspects robbed her near the dumpster. 15 minutes later police say the robbers struck again. the victim was matthew hale's 22-year-old girl friend. she was getting out of her car when the gun wielding robbers demanded money and hit her with a gun. >> she has a couple marks on
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her chin and throat, but she's doing fine otherwise when they tried to punch her. she broke down when she got in the house, but she's doing a lot better today. she's even a little empowered by it because she scared them off. were the fourth incident happened in the 5500 block of ponder road. the crime has residents on high alert. >> i won't be out walking around late at night. >> reporter: the robbers are armed and dangerous and fairfax county police say if you are accosted, cooperate. then call police as soon as possible. there is no suspect description, put the robbers have been seen driving away in a black toyota camry. a developing story in montgomery county, two young girls seriously injured when they were hit by a van crossing the street. it happened just after 7:00 at the intersection of route 355 and lake forest boulevard in gaithersburg. the driver stayed on the scene. the girls are expected to survive. another big story tonight,
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the murder trial of the former uva student charged with murdering his ex-girl friend. george huguely broke down in tears today while listening to a videotaped interview he gave police on the morning of his arrest. fox 5's paul wagner has today's testimony from charlottesville. >> reporter: george huguely wiped tears from his eyes and repeatedly sipped from a cup of water on the desk in front of him as the tape was played for the jury. at first a goingy sounding huguely sounded matter of fact -- a groggy sounding huguely sounded matter of fact. that is until he was told yeardley love was dead. just before 8:00 the morning of may 3rd, 2010, george huguely walks into an interview room at police headquarters and begins to tell his story to detective lisa reeves. after waiving his miranda rights huguely tells police he went to love's apartment because i just wanted to talk to her about what happened the
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week before when love attacked huguely over allegations of infidelity. sounding like he had just woken up huguely said yardley started freaking out when i came in the room and i told her to chill out. i shook her and her head hit the wall. as the interview went on huguely said, "i was holding her arms. we were wrestling a little. the detective asked it you touch her neck area, choke her? huguely replied i never strangled her. i may have grabbed her neck, but i never strangled her. as the interview went on huguely first denied taking anything from the apartment, then admitted he took love's computer and threw it in a dumpster. all this time he apparently had no idea love was dead and never asked about her condition. when detective reeves said george, she's dead and you killed her, the defendant became distraught first saying she's dead? she's dead? how is she dead? i don't believe you. did you smack her head against the wall the detective asked? no. didn't hurt her.
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she's not dead. i swear to god. i never did anything to hurt her! when the detective told huguely he was under arrest, the defendant shouted oh, there is no way, no way, no way she's dead! how did she die i asked. when the second detective said from head -- he asked when the second detective said from head trauma or suffocation huguely said oh, god. i didn't kill her. i'm not lying to you. didn't kill her! although most people in the courtroom could not see the interview courtroom artist bill hennessey had a advantage point that allowed him to see the interview on the prosecution's computer. as the interview came to a close a distraught huguely laid his head on the table in the interview room. george huguely wasn't the only one wiping tears in the courtroom. you could clearly see a female juror in the front row wiping tears as well. reporting from charlottesville, virginia, paul wagner, fox 5 news. >> fox 5 is covering this trial
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from start to finish. paul will continue providing updates from the courtroom through our blog on our website. for the very latest go to and look for the link in the hot topics part. a driver said they got a ticket from a speeding camera while the car wasn't even moving. plus a big change coming for the martin luther memorial. tonight at 11:00 a virginia woman killed in a police shooting. tonight her widower questions the officer's version of what man, the puzzling investigation on the news edge.   news-- of what happened, the puzzling investigation on the news edge. ♪
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an about face from the obama administration after a major backlash over a controversial contraception rule. the president now says religious-based employers will not be provided to require women with birth control. not everyone is happy with the compromise. >> reporter: the white house calls it an accommodation, not a compromise, but religious hospitals and universities will not be required to tell employees their insurance includes free birth control. president obama hopes this will be the solution to a growing
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controversy over the contraception mandate in the new healthcare law. >> if a woman's employer is a charity or hospital that has a religious objection to providing contraceptive services as part of their health plan, the insurance company, not the hospital, not the charity, will be required to reach out and offer the woman contraceptive carefree of charge. >> reporter: not everyone is happy with it. the fund for religious liberty, an organization leading three lawsuits against the mandate, calls the offer a false compromise. utah republican senator orrin hatch who cosponsored the religious freedom act almost 20 years ago released a statement saying this is about religious freedom and anything short of a full exemption is no compromise and mitt romney took a swipe from the campaign trail. >> my presidency will be a pro life presidency and i will reverse every single obama regulation that attacks our religious liberty and threatens innocent life in this country.
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>> reporter: the president spoke with archbishop timothy dolan, head of the u.s. conference of catholic bishops. he said he's studying change. mr. obama spoke with sister carol keenan who said she is pleased with the administration's change. let's bring in fox 5 political analyst mark plotkin for more on this birth control debate. is obama pandering to the left? >> this is barack obama's strategy and methodology, brian, which is kind of split the difference and find out what is politically palatable to both sides, but he might be displeasing both sides. the catholic amp bishop cardinal dolan was -- archbishop cardinal dolan was actually brought into the oval office to discuss this months ago and said it's a step in the right direction, but it's really politics. it's about the swing vote which
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are catholic voters. they're not a monolith but they're very weary of alienating a group he carried by nine percentage points and i think vice president biden probably talked him into the compromise. >> is this over yet? >> i don't think it's over. i think as you saw with the clips romney and gingrich said this is a war on religion. this is going to be a theme of republicans during the entire campaign that this administration is anti- religion, that is not sufficiently protective of religious liberty and religious freedom and there's a real divide about religion in this country and republicans are going to try to portray president obama and the democrats as not being sensitive to religious freedom and liberty. >> do you think president obama did lessen damage to the catholic vote? >> no. i think he thought and i think he's capable of more changes or more concessions or more compromises, but what did he did think is that they were out of step with voters that are
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the major swing vote in white working class people in industrial states like pennsylvania, ohio, wisconsin and they don't want to lose that vote. >> all right. mark plotkin, thanks for coming in. >> thanks, brian. many people would agree the most dreaded part of getting your driver's license is parallel parking during the driving test, but not in d.c. in fact, the test is no longer included, at least not for now. the reason? the dmv claims it cannot find the adequate space it needs to test out drivers. the city hopes to reinstate that test sometime next year. if you live in the district, look at your street signs. the city is changing signs to meet federal standards. they'll have order natural numbers like 6th street instead of 6 street and the signs will be written in mixed case. these signs here have not been changed, but they will be in the coming weeks. even if you are in the wrong, getting a speeding ticket is frustrating, but
10:18 pm
imagine getting a speeding ticket when your car is parked. it happened on 16th street in northwest. fox 5's beth parker shows us. >> reporter: in a flash you can catch somebody speeding on 16th street in d.c. >> we've had some incidents where people were hurt and trying to cross the street and we were very interested in having ways to slow people down. >> reporter: so the folks at the israel congregation thought it was a fine idea when mpd decided to put a speed camera right in front of their synagogue. >> we thought it was a great thing. >> reporter: until a member of the congregation got a speeding ticket on a car that not only wasn't speeding, it wasn't moving at all. >> it does sound pretty funny. parked cars don't usually get speeding tickets. >> reporter: look at the photo sent with the ticket. >> you can see in the first picture where the car is parked and in the second picture the car is parked and the truck is further down the road of. >> reporter: your first thought might that be this camera is pointed in the wrong
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direction, but that's not it. you see, the whole thing is positioned in such a way that when somebody pulls up here to parallel park along 16th street which is perfectly legal, that parked car blocks the view of the lens. the solution they've decided is to move the whole box about a block north to a spot at the next intersection where you can't parallel park. >> their response was quick and appropriate and considerate and everything you would want a city government to be. >> reporter: mpd tells fox 5 it issued a ticket to the wrong car in that case. the congregation's executive director david zinner hopes if the word spreads about cameras in general, it would help drivers and pedestrians. >> they'll all know that there is a speed camera on the corner of 16th and john glow. don't speed there. >> reporter: the ticket has been tossed out, but they'll be hanging onto the photos for fun. >> we got lots of chuck ams out
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of it. it's a great conversation -- chuckles out of it. it's a great conversation piece. he blew up his house killing his two young sons, tonight police turn up what could be a key piece of evidence in his wife's disappearance. his trial is set, but jerry sandusky has a request of the judge. hear from the man at the center of the scandal next. [ female announcer ] with swiffer wetjet,
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the penn state assistant coach jerry sandusky is asking for access to his grandchildren. he's charged with 52 counts of sexual abuse with minors. more now from state college, pennsylvania. >> our home has been open for 27 years to all kinds of people. >> reporter: jerry sandusky seeking a change in his bail status while awaiting trial on child sex abuse charges. at a hearing the former penn state assistant football coach who has been under house arrest
10:24 pm
requested access to his grandchildren. >> i had a wife who came home after visiting with grandchildren or who is sitting there when grandchildren call on my birthday and they asked to talk to me and she has to tell them that they can't. i'm sensitive to that. >> reporter: but prosecutors say sandusky's home is not a safe place for children. they also say one daughter-in- law objects to contact between her children and sandusky. >> you have numerous charges over a long period of time coming from multiple, multiple victims. >> reporter: sandusky faces more than 50 criminal counts for alleged sexual misconduct involving 10 young boys over 15 years. a judge set a tentative trial date of may 14th. sandusky denies the allegations. >> i don't have a lot of resources, but what i do have is some people who will pour their heart and soul into defending me and i'm grateful for them. >> reporter: penn state's legendary football coach joe paterno was fired in november following the scandal and died
10:25 pm
of complications from lung cancer last month and two penn state administrators are awaiting trial on charges they lied to a grand jury investigating sandusky. the trial judge said he will have a quick ruling on the motion asking for visitation with sandusky's grandchildren and a response to the prosecution's request for stricter controls over sandusky's house arrest. david lee miller, fox news. shocking new details in the case of josh powell, the father who brew up his house with his two children -- blew up his house with his two children inside this past weekend. a lawyer for powell's in-laws discovered incestuous image ooze powell's computer two years ago but was -- images on powell's computer two years ago but was never told about this. police say they found a comforter in a storage unit this week that tested positive for blood in initial exams and will be tested further. a new report by the l.a. times says a teacher accused of lewd acts with children got 40
10:26 pm
grand to resign. the paper said mark berndt was fired from miramonte elementary school in february, 2011 while under investigation. he appealed and the case was dropped after he was paid with back pay. law enforcement told the school district not to interfere with the criminal case. what the gop candidates are doing to sway voters as they head into town. also ahead she escaped after a man tried to kidnap her at wal-mart. now she's standing up in front of her entire school to make sure her classmates stay safe, too. >> if you see a story we should look into send your tip to or call 202-895-3000. 
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this is fox 5 news at 10:00. three of the four gop presidential hopefuls are in town trying to win over a key
10:30 pm
voting pocket of the republican pocket, the conservative republican action conference. fox 5 tom fitzgerald shows us who is the most conservative candidate. >> reporter: at the conservative political action committee mitt romney tried to lay claim to the title most conservative. >> i was a severely conservative republican governor. >> reporter: facing rick santorum's surge, romney was on the hard sell, a long list aimed at skeptics. >> i spent 10 long years balancing budgets and stood up to those who wanted to call into question the very definition of life. on my watch we fought hard and prevented massachusetts from becoming the las vegas of gay marriage. >> reporter: to help sway the group virginia governor bob mcdonnell was brought in to vouch for the former massachusetts governor. >> that's why i'm strongly supporting mitt romney for president because i believe he's a conservatism. >> reporter: while romney got the crowd's attention, his
10:31 pm
challenger got its enthusiasm. >> rick santorum. [ cheering and applause ] >> reporter: santorum drew standing ovations with sharp contrasts all aimed at questioning romney's credentials. >> the person in massachusetts who built the largest government run healthcare system, someone what brought in demand and made global warning and imposed the first carbon cap. ladies and gentlemen, we're not going to win with money. we're going to win with contrast. >> reporter: for his part newt gingrich argued he'd been targeted with unfair attacks. >> all of you have seen the washington establishment and the wall street establishment pile on top of me. all of you have seen them say things that were profoundly false. >> reporter: in the audience the debate over who is most conservative is far from over. >> you've got to be kidding, santorum? >> i think romney is the best candidate. >> they're far more conservative than obama. >> reporter: but the big question remains, if mitt romney wins the nomination, will conservatives turn out to
10:32 pm
help him win in november? from here this calendar kicks into high gear once again. on saturday we will find out who won the maine caucus and then it's off to arizona and michigan, both states holding primaries on february 28th. tom fitzgerald, fox 5 news. the white house is confirming a report that president obama's new budget predicts a $1.3 trillion deficit for 2012. the deficit would drop to $901 billion next year under the administration's tax and spending policies. on monday mr. obama will repeat his call to raise income tax rates four individuals making more than $200,000 a year -- for individuals making more than $200,000 a year and families earning more than $250,000 from 35 to 36%. it has been a business i week in washington from the cpac conference to the president's birth control compromise. earlier today i talked to fox 5 sunday host chris wallace about his sunday lineup.
10:33 pm
>> we'll talk first to the new white house chief of staff jack lu, his coming on to talk about the president's budget to be unveiled monday and it sure looks like it's more of a political document than a governing plan. the chances this will get through congress, it calls for billions of dollars -- hundreds of billions of dollars more in new taxes on the wealthy, no major fundamental reform of entitlements. my guess is it will be dead on arrival on capitol hill. we'll also talk to jack lu about the controversy over birth control in the catholic church and then we'll speak with sarah palin. she is one of the people in town for the cpac conference, the conservative political action conference, and she's going to deliver the keynote address on saturday afternoon. then she'll be here on set on sunday and we'll try to probe with her to figure out who she's for in this race.
10:34 pm
she keeps saying i want to keep the race going, but we'll ask her, try to figure out between gingrich, romney, santorum and paul who she's for. >> it's been very interesting as we continue to watch the gop race now. i think last week we sort of talked about the same thing. this week we saw santorum sweep the caucuses. what do you think now about gingrich and about mitt romney? are their chances still looking good? >> not as good as they did when we talked a week ago. clearly romney after strong wins in florida and nevada looked like he reestablished his roam as the frontrunner, the aura of inevitability. that certainly has been weakened, if not destroyed by the three victories by santorum. i think in a sense it may hurt gingrich even more because gingrich was the one saying look, i'm the conservative alternative to romney. at this point there have been eight connests. santorum has won four. romney has won three. gingrich has won one.
10:35 pm
santorum can make the case he's the conservative alternative and gingrich ought to drop out. >> i know gingrich says wait until super tuesday when he hopes to pull in more wins there. it is very interesting indeed to watch. this thanks thanks for the update. we're looking forward to seeing you guys this sunday at 9 a.m. on fox 5. they're the photographs fans around the globe waited to see. we have the first pictures of beyonce's and jay-z's baby blue ivy. plus an unbelievable shot after this free shot. but first fox business network neil cavuto. >> worries on money weighing on shoppers again, consumer spending in february for the first time in six months as americans look at their bank accounts and worry about paying bills. gas prices aren't helping up about a quarter this year. meantime uncle sam is trying to figure out where drivers side doors on some toyotas are
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the national park service will remove and correct a controversial quote on the new mart in luther king jr. memorial on d.c. the quote is paraphrased from a sermon. critics including maya angelou said the shorter version altered the meaning of dr. king's words. secretary of the interior ken salazar announced plans to fick the inscription today. >> this is a mon -- fix the inscription today. >> this is a monument that will be with us through the ages and the context of the statements made are extremely important to the generations to come. so we're happy to see it. >> architects were hoping to simply add a few words, but portions of the granite will likely have to be replaced. dr. king's younger daughter is thanking the park service for the correction. a uss combat ship will be named after former
10:41 pm
congresswoman gabrielle giffords. she and her husband were on hand for a special ceremony at the pentagon to unveil an artist's rendering of the uss gabrielle giffords. the combat ship is among the most versatile and can operate in more shallow water than most larger ships. a virginia woman killed in a police shooting. tonight a widow questions the officer's version of how it went down. plus we'll hear from the driver who saved young kids from this intense school bus fire, the news edge in 18 minutes. 
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10:44 pm
did you see it? it would be a tough shot to make even for the pros. check out this game winning basket this 7th grader made at a high school basketball game in toledo, ohio yesterday. his team was down one point with seconds on the clock when logan hillshime grabbed the ball from a rebound on the opposite end of the court to win the game. a big honor for a brave
10:45 pm
little girl. her school and the sheriff's department-or departmenthonored her for fighting off her would be attacker last week. >> reporter: to her 2nd grade classmates she's now a celebrity, a tv star and more. >> you're my hero. >> reporter: that word hero was used a lot in the special assembly friday morning honoring brittany. >> things like this happen all the time and some are not so lucky and brittany is a hero of. >> reporter: so much so the county sheriff gave brittany a badge. >> this is to certify that brittany baxter because of her actions on february 8th, 2012, is awarded the rank of honorary haroldson county deputy sheriff. >> reporter: but the real purpose of the assembly is to use the experience as a teaching tool for other children. most of us have already seen the shocking video from wal-
10:46 pm
mart wednesday where police say thomas woods tried to kidnap brittany. the school counselor walked through that video with brittany step by step. >> what did you do when he grabbed you? >> i was screaming and kick nothing and what did he do when you screamed and -- kicking? >> and what did dewhen you screamed and kicked? >> well, he was putting my hand on my mouth a little bit and then he dropped me. >> reporter: that was the key police say. brittany fought back and was able to safely get away. >> she might save somebody else, another little boy or girl that might see this and might know what to, do right, brittany? she did a fantastic job. a california woman's most prized possession is back around her neck months after she dropped it in the toilet and accidentally flushed it away. for three months her gold jewelry was racing around the town's sewage system. amazingly a sewer worker found it and returned it to its rightful owner. she has it right back around her neck.
10:47 pm
>> gary, we're getting a couple rounds of winter weather. when does the first one start? >> it's starting now. we have a little snow on the radar now and probably a little accumulation overnight tonight. storm system is just not really going to get together. so this is not a big storm by any means. we called this just a little event and some real cold stuff comes in. track this event on your fox 5 weather app. download it free. you can do it on your iphone, ipad or droid and it's free or you can text fox 5 weather to 29473. it's really handy. it's really easy to use. it's super simple and has a ton of information. i promise you you won't be disappointed you downloaded it and it's free. how bad can that be? listen, here's what we see right now. we see a little bit of rain come in across, a lot of this is heaviest of which is in montgomery county now right on top of rockville there at the
10:48 pm
270 spur and then up north where, of course, it's white. that's the snow coming across carroll county over into hartford county and we'll have waves of this overnight tonight, nothing too heavy, but up to the north and west where it's colder, that's where we'll get just a little bit of grassy accumulation. we have already seen some pretty good totals out to the west and higher elevations. in terms of the advisories in place, this has not changed from this afternoon. frederick county right here, you're in it, washington county, you're in this winter weather advisory as well as carroll county and it kind of wraps back around. frederick county, virginia as well for winchester. farther to the west the higher elevations, this is where there's a winter storm warning. we've seen a little snow flying there, a little accumulation, too. before it's all said and done you get as much as 6 to 8 inches, maybe a little bit more than that in places and that will be tonight through tomorrow till 7:00 in the
10:49 pm
evening. 43 in town. it's dropping for gaithersburg, 36, from hagerstown down to winchester temperature at freezing or nearly freezing. everybody else is still above. the real cold air is well back to the northwest. detroit just beginning to feel it at 25, chicago right now 16 degrees and that cold air will come sweeping through here. we'll really start to feel the cold air by tomorrow evening. temperatures will start to drop and the wind will begin to go up which makes it feel that much colder. look at all the snow flying back out to the west of us. now this is in association with the upper level storm system. there's a lot of moisture and thunderstorm activity way down to the south. this is in association with what will eventually be the surface storm, this coastal storm, but what we're not seeing with this particular storm is that the upper level system and the surface system aren't getting together. so they're going to stay in two pieces which means kind of just a couple weak events.
10:50 pm
one moving through and will move through tomorrow and then once the upper level storm system comes in late in the day tomorrow, that's when we'll end up getting our secondary chance for some snow. this is how futurecast sees it tonight. this is 1 a.m. we're right on the line with some rain, a little transition north and west. you're picking up a little snow. overnight tonight by 8:00 tomorrow morning this is not going to go away for a little while and the next cold air wave comes through pushing more snow in. i think we'll probably get most of our snow tomorrow afternoon and into tomorrow evening and most places could pick up as much as a coating to an inch. north and west should get a little more than that and by sunday it's going to be cold and dry with sunshine. this is snow potential by tomorrow morning. northwestern neighborhoods, maybe you have a coating to 1 inch on grassy surfaces. i don't think it's going to be a huge problem on the roads and by tomorrow night looks like a lot of folks see snow all the way down to the south. here in the city up to 1 inch,
10:51 pm
farther north and west as much as 1 to 3. overnight tonight, rain, snow, a little accumulation north and west. here's what tomorrow looks like, 37 to start with snow and rain, some clouds at noon and then the winds kick up. the temperatures start to drop in the afternoon and the next wave of snow begins to come on through, 41 for a high. we get colder tomorrow afternoon. blustery and real cold on sunday, 44 on monday and we start warming back up on tuesday and wednesday. >> how about that? >> the earliest storm is just an event, a little bit of snow out there. drumroll, please. here are the pictures fans have been waiting to see around the world, our first look at beyonce's and jay-z's little girl blue ivy. the couple released five pictures a short time ago. they posted them on tumbler with a note that says we welcome you to share our joe. thank you for respecting our privacy during this beautiful
10:52 pm
time in our lives. you can see all the pictures for yourself. we posted a link on fox 5 sports is brought to you by acura. >> after a heartbreaking overtime loss last night caps players were back in action tonight. >> but not on the ice. tonight was a day away from the stress of fighting for that division championship. lindsay murphy joins us with the scoop. >> no pads, no skates. tonight was all about charity as the capitals hosted their third annual caps cares night, their biggest charity fundraiser of the year and the event brought in over half a million dollars its first two years. the vip area packed with caps players including mike green, alex ovechkin and coach dale hunter who were available for pictures, autographs and conversation. there was a gaming area with some blackjacks, craps, poker and signed sports memorabilia also up for auction, a night the sports organization is very proud of. >> it's good for everybody
10:53 pm
right now. we have a good time and we're going to make some money and we're going to help some people and kids who need some help. so it's always nice to be involved in this. >> reporter: it's the casino night. so what's your game of choice? >> probably i'm going to play blackjack. >> i'm kind of hoping to see some roulette. black 29 is my lucky number. i'm hoping to win a few dollars, see what i can do. >> reporter: are you frugal or will you put down some big bets? >> i'm going to go all in. >> i like to indulge. i usually have a cap and if i try and go over that, my wife gets mad at me. >> i prefer roulette because i lose slower. i just know cards and i don't get along. >> reporter: joe ward says he goes all in. >> yeah, yeah. they actually win. like i said, i never win ever. >> poor mike knuble, he can't gamble, he can't win, but he can write a segway. that's one of the -- ride a
10:54 pm
segway. that's one of the auction gifts. it was a good time. four prince george's county police officers honored for saving hives by the fire chief. eric lee, daniel gonzalez, jonathan eyler and matthew ling saw smoke billowing out of spellman house apartments in college park saturday. senior citizens live there. they rushed to the sixth floor, realized the alarms weren't working and went door to door getting residents out. >> i know this fire chief went out of his way to recognize somebody who doesn't work for him. we all work for the county, but to have him recognize us means a lot. >> we didn't do anything that any other county officer would not do for a fire department employee. >> it feels great. >> the fire chief says firefighters are trained to go into smoke filled buildings. police officers are not. he believes they went beyond the call of duty. the first lady takes on reality tv. see how she's using star power to promote her healthy living campaign. at 11:00 your personal electronics the target of thieves in the district these days. now police have a way that
10:55 pm
could stop them cold.  [ bell >> this fox 5 sports update is brought to you by acura, acura advance every advance. ♪ rather, rather be ♪ [ male announcer ] dip into sabra hummus and discover a little taste of the world. enjoy sabra dips. adventure awaits.
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first lady michelle obama entered a celebrity cookoff using some star power to promote healthy eating. it's all part of her national tour celebrating two years of her let's move campaign. here's fox's peter doocy. >> reporter: michelle obama teaming up with members of the dallas cowboys and bravo series top chef contestants in a healthy cooking competition. this is part of the first lady's three-day trip across america promoting her let's move initiative. students from nancy mosely elementary school creating healthy meals with the help of chefs and cowboys stars like miles war. the event celebrating eating well, exercising and overall healthy lifestyles.
10:59 pm
>> i'm proud to announce that 1,589 schools have already earn ad wards in the challenge this school -- earned awards in the challenge this school year. >> reporter: the first lady took on the issue of childhood obesity because almost 1/3 of u.s. children are overweight and about 17% are obese. mrs. obama is trying to curb this by promoting the healthier school u.s. challenge program. the dallas independent school district is the leader in making healthy changes for students and has the most gold schools of any district in the country. >> right here in dallas more than 150 schools have been recognized in this challenge. that includes 78 schools that have earned gold awards which go to schools that meet the highest levels of standards. >> reporter: approximately 3,400 chefs signed up to help schools create healthier meals. >> this program brings local chefs into our schools to help repair healthier food just like we did hear today and to teach our children about healthy eating of. >> reporter: mrs.


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