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tv   Fox Morning News  FOX  March 12, 2012 7:00am-9:00am EDT

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intense in afghanistan a new threat from the taliban after 15 afghan civilians are attacked and killed by an american soldier, the latest on this investigation. >> one republican presidential candidate gets closer to the parties nomination, two others banking on tomorrow's big contest fox 5 morning news at 7 starts now. my goodness look at that. >> yeah. >> we are not used to this, sunrise on the way that is a beautiful picture, get over to your tv, if you have a moment it is monday march 12th i am tony perkins,. >> i am allison seymour that ought to get youth out of bed ready for the workweek. -- get you out of bed ready for the workweek. good morning allison and
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tony temperatures on the rise, no body will be disappointed as we head through into the forecast let's look at where we stand now, not quite as chilly this morning as it has been national airport reporting 47 degrees, southwesterly wind flow very light winds will pick up a little bit later and that seoulerly wind will be responsible forgiving us -- and that southerly wind will be responsible forgiving us a nice temperature boost. we've got 46 degrees in winchester. satellite radar composite showing you a few clouds rolling in this morning not much it will be a pretty nice day overall clouds will increase as we get to the later part of the day keeping a close eye on the frontal system expected to bring us showers as we head through into this evening keep your umbrella handy if you are heading out any where later on 6 or 7:00 p.m. hour but still fairly mild temperatures by midday expected to be 62 degrees your daytime
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high 67 degrees, and in the 5 day forecast your workweek is going to be warming up just absolutely love those numbers once i get to them get out and enjoy it as much as you can. >> actually we will check with julie wright see i am new to this julie not used to this morning thing i didn't forget about you let's update the highways and by ways. >> on the roads seeing the delay forming in german town, father hurly boulevard towards mva more slow traffic, leaving montrose toward the split and grid locked traffic in from manassas. more slow and go between 50 and 123, lanes open, no more problems to report inbound, 150, we are slowing 39 miles an hour 202 headed in the northeast that is a check of your fox 5 on time traffic. all right julie thank you new developments out of afghanistan involving the
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slaughter of more than a dozen civilians allegedly killed in the middle of the night by an american soldier. >> this morning the taliban is vowing revenge sarah simmons back with the latest. >> definitely continuing fall out from this the taliban said in a statement posted on their website today american savages committed the blood soaked inhumane crime but a pentagon spokesman maintains a single american soldier acted alone. in an early morning massacre in souther afghanistan 16 civilians including 9 children were shot and killed 11 bodies set on fire, the u.s. says an army staff sergeant walked more than a mile sunday to carry out the killings then walked back to the base and turned himself in >> we will let the facts and evidence take us wherever they need to take us to find out what the motivation was and hold the individual responsible accountable through u.s. law. >> president obama said in a
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statement, this incident is tragic and shocking, and does not represent the exceptional characters of our military. the defense secretary called president karzai to express their condolences and promise a thorough investigation the suspect a married father of two on his fourth deployment is being interrogated as the incident ignites renewed fears of afghan hostility following the burning of the koran but u.s. personnel last month and put new focus on the withdrawal. >> we need to consider the whole region our being in the middle of countries like afghanistan is probably counter productive we are not prepared to be ruthless enough to force them to change. now president obama vowed to with draw more than 20,000 troops by the end of the summer and most combat troops by the end of 2014, u.s. official says the suspect in this case is an relation fall soldier from --
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conventional soldier from joint fort lewis mccord from washington state. tony allison. in another big story this morning, the university of maryland, a university of maryland student is currently under going a psychiatric evaluation he posted threats online claiming he would go on a shooting rampage on campus with the hopes of killing as many people as possible lauren demarco is live in college park with the details lauren. >> good morning tony we do know there were two websites involved here the suspect was posting comments according to police, on read it and omegal some fellow bloggers were commenting saying please don't under go any acts of violence and wondering whether or not they should report the postings
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to police, clearly, someone did that, police were tipped off saturday night and they worked throughout the night with the schools it department here at the university of maryland they did locate the student about 10:00 a.m. sunday, he is a 19-year-old student, name is alexandre song of fulton maryland unarmed when arrested and taken in for emergency psychiatric evaluation a search of his room in oakland hall did not turn up weapons he is facing a misdemeanour charge a fine up to $2,500 up to 6 months in jail, song has been banned from campus. police say his postings read in part, i will be on a shooting rampage tomorrow on campus hopefully i will kill enough people to make it to national news. we have apparently lost lauren demarco we will see her
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later throughout the morning. thanks lauren. tony. all right thank you the trial over the virginia tech shootings enters its second week, today the state begins its presentation with a witness list topping 50 it is unclear how many will be called to testify the families of two students killed in the mass campus killings say school officials didn't do enough to alert the campus they are seeking $100,000 each. other top stories, district police are still looking for the gunman who shot a man inside a restaurant this happened sunday morning at ihop 14th and irving the victim fought with the gunman before the shooting. in maryland a catholic priest in gaithersburg denied communion to a lesbian at her mothers funeral last month that priest has been placed on administrative leave the archdiocese says the reverent was place -- reverend was
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placed on leave, regarding a different incident still barbara johnson's family hopes the action will ensure others don't suffer the same treatment. we go to the campaign trail now where the top republican hopefuls, are zeroed in on the deep south polls show a tight three way contest ahead of tomorrow's key primaries in alabama and mississippi, fresh off victories in saturday's kansas kaw suss, rick santorum believes he has what -- caucuses rick santorum believes he has what it takes to win both states. we've lost that sound we should tell you santorum is calling for newt gingrich to step aside saying a head to head contest between himself and romney should happen sooner
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rather than later. gingrich predicts he will win tomorrow's primaries he is calling romney the weakest gop front runner a ventry a win for romney -- century a win for romney could all but close out the nominating process. an issue to play out in the polls is gas prices the cost of a gallon is up 12¢ over the past 2 weeks while some suggest president barack obama may be responsible for the high fuel costs others say that is not the case. the president has been president because the gasoline doubled not exactly what he might have hoped for he says it is not my fault. >> gas prices fluctuate under every president they were over $4 a gallon under president bush not far before he left office these things go up and down regardless of party and president there is only so much a president can do. >> some experts say there is a chance prices could fall due in part to relatively soft consumer demand and increase in supply.
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it is 7:09 a.m. on this monday morning check your time make sure you are at the right time, signs of spring starting to pop up around our region not necessarily a good thing we will explain next. >> still ahead a local group trying to stop the irs from putting new regulations on the people who prepare your taxes what all the us if is about next -- fuss is about next. >> football fans in the nations capital are already really excited rg 3 dave ross will be here after the break. the latest weather and traffic from gwen and julie up next 10 minutes after 7:00 a.m. monday morning good morning 
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an american journalist
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killed covering the unrest in syria will be laid to rest today a funeral service is planned for marie colvin in the long island community of her childhood she worked for sunday times of london the british government ordered an investigation into her death to build a war crimes case, against syrian dictator. a federal lawsuit set to be filed today is taking on the irs virginia based institute for justice is seeking to halt regulations which require tax preparers to get a federal license and pass a competency exam explains the agency lacks legal authority without congressional approval to do that the irs argues the regulations are needed to ensure the millions of americans who rely on tax preparers get good service. bugs are getting an early start this to the warmer weather a professor at university of maryland said insects are cold blooded and
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come out earlier when winter months fail to get cold there have already been mosquito sightings and a warning about tickets. >> eww. >> stink bugs. >> we had those. >> yes. >> which actually look like big tickets you know. so. any way >> i hate the bugs >> i hate bugs also. >> i think the nats annoy me the most. i wish none existed i know there are some insect fans who say oh, but we need them they provide a service. >> they provide a service. >> right >> they bite you. >> maybe they don't provide a service >> they have their whole place. >> that's right. well, as long as their place is not my place i am happy. in the meantime it is going to be a why would day today, some clouds rolling in but we are not too bad off as we start out this morning as well. let's take a look where we hit yesterday, yesterday's tie, 11 degrees above the seasonal
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average, 63 degrees at regan national airport, 65 dulles, and 63 degrees bwi it is only going to get bet inner terms of temperatures, 35 baltimore airport, and temperatures now in our neighbourhoods aren't too bad either, 39 gaithersburg, 46 already winchester, 37 fredericksburg, 34 frederick and 34 degrees manassas. satellite radar composite a few clouds starting to roll in that will be the pattern into the course of the day as we head through the later afternoon you will see increasing clouds, and then by this evening keeping an eye on our frontal system that will give us a few showers that will last into the overnight hour, early part of tuesday heading out tonight keep the umbrella handy but it will be a mild day by midday 63 degrees, really nice and by 4:00 p.m. hour about 66 degrees we are headed to a high of 67.
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>> what? >> yes. >> we will take it. >> bring it on thanks gwen. julie wright and area roadways, good morning. >> good morning tony, allison, gwen looking good right now if you are travelling around the capital belt way find your lanes are open northbound 395 leaving duke street headed toward seminary road. definitely well below speed if you are travelling eastbound 66, delays manassas and centerville more traffic leaving 50 headed towards 123 and again lanes are open approaching the capital belt way, bogging us down braddock road toward 66, average speed down to 29 miles an hour southbound bw parkway checking for a crash 410 river dale that is a check of your fox 5 on time traffic. the red skins are a step closer to welcoming a new quarterback to town and march madness is upon us dave ross is here with our big sports
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headlines. >> sarah and i were still auditioning with the red skins cheerleaders. >> sweating profusely just stick around all morning. no? tony came up a couple minutes early to say hello >> he is a gentleman. >> are you going to greet rg 3 when he comes in. >> he will get a big greeting. >> allison what is your take. >> you know i was behind getting a young talented player from the begins no offence to anybody. >> well, i was -- >> you were >> i guess the question really ask though, you will get a price tag a lot of people were saying in essence, you are spending three three number one draft picks and yet it gives up two future number one picks, and you give up your second round draft picks, less than four players for one, there is no bones about it.
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>> it is the one. >> it is the one. >> to get quarterback, we have talked about it for years. it is a quarterback driven league and we are always talking about ely and tom brady you got to get one of these guys that will be a difference maker and it looks like, he is that type of guy he is big enough, 6'2" and a half as he told me, no, he says he is 6'2" and a half, 220 pounds he has an nfl ready body he runs, still spread offence, quick trigger, all the intangibles and a really smart kid, so when you go make a move like this you have to have done your homework and obviously, red skins are impressed. >> you got to do what you got to do. what will be costly, another team might have done it. >> giants just won the super bowl. >> eagles have michael vick
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cowboys tony romo, you got to update that position. >> that's right. >> capitals fans, very very important game yesterday at home against toronto yes, the playoffs have not started yet if they did the caps today would be in right now they are at the 8th spot in eastern conference looks like here they have a shorty short handed goal right there a beauty caps went up 1- 0, great goal tending only needed one goal got a second here, shot by alexandre, stop the rebound, caps get a big win again right now, raul they got to do, -- all they got to do this team is so talented if they can get into the playoff they could be a very dangerous -- >> i think the caps will peak at the right time. >> really. >> they have not done that before. >> they have not. >> i hope you are right that would be exciting. >> speaking of excitement,
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marchmadness means georgetown are dancing outside take a listen when they heard their reaction. yeah, they are pumped up in the midwest going to columbus and taking on belmont that means, bad news for belmont, howers are the three team we will take a look at their graphic and their graphic if they beat belmont which we hope they will, they will take on the winners of san diego state and north carolina state no easy out there on the other half of that bracket you see kansas that is the dangerous two seed that hopefully if the seeds hold that will be a 2-3 match up with kansas and georgetown down the road really good seed for georgetown the committee must be impressed as we were most of the year with the squad good luck to the hoyas we will track their every move as march madness begins thursday >> irdon't understand how they wound up in the midwest. >> playing in columbus ohio i
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can't figure it out. >> so i guess ohio is in the midwest now. >> i think it always has been. >> midwest? >> i think it has been. >> i will take a look. >> thank you dave see you later. >> let the cheerleaders go. >> okay ladies come on back over. >> just about 7:22 a.m. on monday morning arlington national cemetery is rolling out new technology to improve day today operations and provide a better experience for visitors. we will have more details coming up. cracking down on sexual abuse against children in the district next proposed legislation up for debate today. all right and jumping to new heights sterling virginia a new indoor trampoline arena combines family fun and fitness we will check back with holly morris for more later  look! here she comes!
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welcome back a dc council committee is tackling a serious subject, sexual abuse against children. councilmember mendhelson wants to strengthen reporting laws in dc in the wake of the child sex abuse scandal at penn state currently in the city teachers coaches and other officials are required to report abuse he wants to amend the law to include all adults. what the bill does is to require that anybody who is aware of child sexual abuse, has to report it either to the police or to the child and family services agency. a number of people who disagree with this legislation are expected to speak before the judiciary committee at 11:00 a.m. this morning if passed the district would follow 16 states that already require reporting of sexual abuse that includes all adults. in maryland today state senators will continue to debate a bill that would outlaw smoking in a vehicle with a
7:27 am
passenger younger than 8 years old, proponents said while second hand smoke is harmful to children of all ages, limiting the ban to children under 8 will make the law easier to enforce. >> arlington national cemetery is going digital, starting today, an army designed electronic mapping system, will be used to manage all cemetery operations making it easier for the staff to assign and track grave sites, it also offers an online guide for visitors arlington is the first national cemetery to use this technology. 7:27 a.m. on monday morning coming up love letters soon to be made public reveal the sensitive side of a former president. plus after contest and 26 states and territories mitt romney holds a commanding lead in the delegate ground is it enough for a lead. the campaign trail in depth next. >> as we head to break a live lookout side i-395 north 14th
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the president perhaps best known for his involvement in the water gate scandal may have
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had a sensitive side love letters written by richard nix on to his future bride pat while they were dating are giving the public a rare glimpse in his private life he day dreams about the couples future together and referring to pat as his quote dearest heart. the letters will be unvailed friday at the richard nix onpresidential library in california celebrating what would have been the 100 birthday of the former first birthday. >> certainly a side you don't associate with president nixon. >> a lot of people will be interested to see what his sensitive side was like. >> i would be too. >> none of us is one defense fall. not at all. >> that's right. >> -- dimensional. notal all. >> that's right. >> gwen you are giving us good temps. >> i take credit for anything good in weather as much as i can we will begin with a look at maps and show you what to
7:32 am
expect as we head through the day and into the rest to have week a ridge of high pressure off the coast and that kept us really very much in the sunshine yesterday, today we've got a few increasing clouds, as that ridge pulls out, heading across the east to the atlantic and an approaching frontal system that starts to move its way in that frontal system has rain associated with it we expect to see showers hitting our area as we move through into the evening hours of today if you are going out tonight keep the umbrella handy temperature wise some good news for you starting out this morning with 46 degrees at regan national airport, 35 bwi, dulles 43, 38 to the south fredericksburg but warming up take a look at the jet stream well north of us opening the door for a really nice southerly flow to get in here and that is going to bump our temperatures into the 60s and 70s unbelievable, so you are really going to get the benefit
7:33 am
of that warm southerly air that will head our way and that will stick around into the course of the week, we have at least, a day or so before we will have t not going to be too dry, so showers are moving into this afternoon later on tonight, stick around overnight hours early part of tomorrow morning you might see a little bit 67 degrees for your high 53 for your overnight low by midday today expect to be around 62 degrees, increasing clouds at least by the 5:00 p.m. hour pretty much taking over in terms of sky coverage, 5 day forecast, taking a look, chance of thunderstorms tuesday, more sunshine instability gets built in as the frontal system claws through we have a chance we could see a storm or two temperatures, 77 degrees even today areas of lower south, maryland, virginia i would be surprise first-degree you got to the 70 degrees mark, we are headed for a high of 67, very pleasant very nice let's check
7:34 am
now with traffic julie. >> so far so good on the roads no accidents to report travelling eastbound along 66, still tough coming in from manassas, slow in here, continuing in through fair oaks, we have accident activity reported in this area on the other side of town as you work your way inbound, route 50, traffic slowing down to 32 miles an hour, at 202 land over road and again new york avenue, bladens burg road accident activity southbound, baltimore washington parkway, 410 river dale, inner loop of the belt way seeing red, braddock road, average speed southbound to 20 miles an hour that is a check of your fox 5 on time traffic. all right thank you the republican presidential hopefuls are duking it out one day before key primarys in alabama and mississippi joining us with more from the campaign trail adam managing editor at
7:35 am
human events newspaper did i say it the right way. >> trigone. >> sorry about that. let's talk about this weekend, rick santorum won in kansas, so, does he have the momentum going forward into tomorrow's primaries? >> those two states, alabama, mississippi and the south play well to rick santorum strengths he is a very conservative compared to mitt romney cultural conservative strong roman catholic, rick santorum has the strength, and the money to go into alabama and mississippi, and perform well. for the romney camp what are their -- how is the polling looking? what is the romney poll looking at? >> over the weekend 35% mississippi as of this morning both states alabama and mississippi, all three candidates are very well clumped together around the 30% range, so it is tightening and tightening is good for mitt romney at this point because
7:36 am
santorum and newt gingrich, being the more conservative of the three candidates, they were polling higher as of last weekend, and a month ago when looking ahead to these two races for mitt romney, that was good and that stems from the fact that you know, washington post poll coming out today over 70% of gop primary voters expect romney to be the nominee at some point so the poll is tightening in those two states, have benefited the former governor from massachusetts. >> let's talk about newt gingrich referring to romney he called romney the weakest gop front runner in nearly a century, all right so now this new poll 70% of the republican primary voters expect romney to be the candidate or the nominee, but is he a weak nominee? would he be a weak nominee? >> i don't believe so mitt romney certainly can win the moderate independent vote tony,
7:37 am
more so than newt gingrich and rick santorum when you look back at the michigan primary for instance, rick santorum lost that race, without question, for a few of the gaffes he made especially the one gaffe in regard to candidate kennedy 1960 talking about the roman catholic church and whether or not kennedy would legislate and do things based on the pope or things like that rick santorum said he grew up with the notion that the separation of church and state was weak in this country took that quote completely out of context things like that from rick santorum and newt gingrich has a pass with very gal gaffes on the trail, those two -- with verbal gaffes on the trail those two men have a hard time relating to independents and moderates a very important voting block in the general election you have to win them to win the general election. >> newt gingrich last week we had one of his aids saying he
7:38 am
has got to win alabama to stay in the race newt himself clarified and said i am staying in regardless how things go. what is he looking for, if he does not win either of these, and continues to go for it he says he is going to tampa all the way to the convention what is he hoping to get out of that. >> hopefully he would like to if he is not the nominee speak at the sam at that convention which a lot of candidates ron paul and rick santorum would like to be a part of the process putting together the 2012 platform to republicans but it is extremely unlikely and i think maybe a little foolish of newt gingrich, if he wants to go to tampa if he loses to mississippi, rick santorum and gingrich need one of them if they would win have to beat mitt romney head to head, there is still a lot of delegates to be allocated newt
7:39 am
gingrich has to win over 70% of the delegates rick santorum has to win 65% the way they have been doled out at this point the road ahead is difficult mathematically for both of those candidates going forward. >> very good we thank you for coming in and we will see you once again i am sure managing editor of human events newspaper. 7:39 a.m., it is a monday morning still ahead the penn state sex abuse scandal heads back to court plus whitney houston's only child breaks her silence how she says she is coping with her loss. >> time for a look at today's my fox half off deal get deep discounts on three trial classes or a one month membership to group to -- how do you say that tony? >> i am over here.
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making headlines lawyers are due in court today for a hearing in the case of former penn state football coach jerry sandusky addressing how much information she should receive prior to his child sex abuse trial. his lawyer says he needs specific information regarding the alleged crimes including names of people present or nearby sandusky is on home confinement awaiting his trial which is expected to start in may. >> whitney houston's daughter is speaking out in an interview with oprah winfrey she recalled the last moments she shared with her super star mother and feels her spirit passed through her all the time then the personal moments too anyone goes through when they lose someone they love. >> does it seem real yet to you that she is actually gone? does it seem real? >> some times no you know, some
7:44 am
times it is cesural that you know, -- surreal that i still walk in the house and call mom, i still call her name but i have accepted it. >> you have accepted it. >> i have accepted it. >> did you ever fear this could happen she would be gone too soon from you as a little girl? >> no. never. >> she said she plans to carry on her mothers legacy and become a singer and act and dance tmz reports she wants to change her name to christina to distance herself from her father bobby brown. famed nuclear aircraft carrier, featured in top gun set sale for its final voyage. it left norfolk for the straight of hormuz over the past 52 years it played a pivotal role in the cuban missile crisis and served in the vietnam war,
7:45 am
operationdesert fox and enduring freedom it will be decommissioned in december. quite a history. >> yes, it is. >> all right. >> gwen joins us now with more on today's rather pleasant forecast. >> yes, we have a big rise in our temperatures. if you like yesterday's warmth you will like today's, temperature wise at our airports, quite mild this morning compared to what they have been, usually lower 30s, 46 regan national, 43 dulles and 35 bwi at this hour and elsewhere in our neighbourhood temperatures aren't too bad either, 45 annapolis, 38 fredericksburg, 41 degrees hagerstown, cumberland 37, martins burg at 36 degrees and 34 culpepper, ridge of high pressure moving its way through the east off the atlantic moved off the coast in the course of the past 24 hours or so, seeing
7:46 am
increasing clouds gradually throughout the day. overall the day isn't going to be too bad i do anticipate showers, but not until this evening, before they start to pull in, and that is all associated with a frontal system that will head across from our west. it will be mild and it will be mainly cloudy throughout the course of the afternoon 62 degrees by midday, your daytime high 67 degrees, that will be fairly nice, and overall parts of southern maryland virginia i wouldn't be surprised if we hit a 70-degree mark winds pushing from the south will help boost temperatures culpepper should reach 69 in the city expect to see 67 pretty nice if you are heading any where this evening into tonight, you want to have your umbrella handy, showers will be lingering through until the early hours of tuesday morning and later on when i show you my 5 day forecast i expect widespread applause. >> all right. >> great temperatures. >> we will be clapping even if
7:47 am
no one else is. >> demanding thank you gwen. find out what is happening with your rush hour, julie wright. i will tell you this much i have already take an peek at gwen's 5 day not only will i clap i will give you a a woot woot too. 7100 keep your eyes peeled for that, just getting word we have accident activity reported, louden county route 9 berlin turnpike watch for fire rescue units responding westbound 66 average speed fair oaks dropped to 20 miles an hour lanes open inner loop of the belt way, traveling from braddock toward the west side, 66, 20 miles an hour as well lanes are open travelling northbound 395, you will find delays as you work north, heading out toward seminary
7:48 am
road all lanes are open traffic flows again crossing over the inbound 14th street bridge southbound 270 not looking bad as you leave shady grove road delays leaving father hurly, toward mva outer loop, 95 to georgia, and the wreck earlier has cleared that is a check of your fox 5 on time traffic. >> thank you very much we want to let you know about something you might see in the skies over the dc area today, norad will conduct flights from 10:00 a.m. to morning until noon some aircraft will fly patterns 1,000 feet up not high up if you see these aircraft don't be alarmed it is a training mission. >> unique experience fun for the whole family,. >> yep holly morris is live in sterling, this place looks spectacular you are still at it. >> i am. you know what i am going back to my elementary days you remember knee drops, all right but i am not elementary school
7:49 am
aged but having as much fun as the kids we are live, at rebounders, how your family can have this good time as well live next fox 5 morning news stay with us pgh >> we want to say good morning, to our facebook fan of the day, she is celebrating her 34th birthday today happy birthday to you she plays coed flag football loves to bowl, if you want to be tomorrow's fan of the day find us on facebook searching fox 5 morning news no space between fox and 5 and post a comment under the lovely birthday girl's photo, have a good one see you on the other side of the break 
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8 minutes before 8, holly morris is at a unique family entertainment center.
7:53 am
>> rebounders indoor trampoline in sterling virginia where both kids and adults can have a great time good morning. >> go fox 5. wow. >> okay that is enough i think i stretched my limits or maybe i didn't stretch i think that might have been the problem here this morning but here is the thing i love about this place is that it is truly a place where everyone in your family, can have a good time no matter the age, no matter the ability, and the people that love it the most are kathy and tina, because they are the owners and part of the reason why it came here to sterling good morning to both of you. >> good morning holly >> this is like trampoline on steroids. that's correct we are all about safety. >> you are. we are going to talk about it in a second first the concept i know it started in florida but why, this is the first franchise why this area why do you thing this is something that our area needed. >> well, first of all, virginia is a very business friendly state, the county of louden fantastic, very business
7:54 am
friendly we live up here so it was only natural for us to bring the concept up here we are parents ourselves and so with the advent of family fun and entertainment what a great way to come out here and absolutely show everyone, that this concept is definitely working. >> what is this all about how does it work? how do people make the most of this experience. >> well, the first important thing it is all for families anyone from 2 to 92 can come and jump a great way for families to come together and bond the most important thing though like we said before is safety, so that is what we are going to demonstrate for you why we are safe how everyone should come out and have a fun safe time. >> do you pay by the hour? >> you come in it is $15.75 for an hour you can jump for an hour you got wi-fi cafe a whole bunch of video games the kids can play with,. >> we should mention while you have 12,000 square foot of jumping space you have 26,000
7:55 am
square feet in terms of your whole area, you do have -- it is like going to the bowling alley you got to get jumping shoes tell me about these. the shoes we have are specifically designed for trampoline so nothing gets punctured, ankles stay safe they don't roll upon jumping the other thing is that anybody under 18 has to wear the helmet so that is why you will see some people with helmets anyone 18 and older doesn't have to wear the helmet. >> you think i am over 18. >> yes, definitely. >> i amway over 18 but it is up to your discretion my discretion is i should wear a helmet, i will put one on. >> holly just for you. >> make me safe. >> make you safe for your trip to the foam pitt. >> exactly now tell me about this foam pit. >> well, it is one of the highlights of rebounders we have a tom pee lean actually a -- a trampoline actually a
7:56 am
trampoline bed in the bottom when people jump you get an extra push in you have foam blocks when you land you are not hurting yourself. >> thank you ladies. >> with that i am making my way up first to these referees tell me your name. >> drew. >> so what is your job drew make sure no one ends up in the emergency room? >> well, we are all about safety first we need to make sure everyone is doing everything correctly to keep everybody safe and happy. >> what do you tell people what gets them in trouble. >> no pencil, pencil dives, head first it is possible to reach the bottom and we want people to stay safe, you can flip in it and that is why we encourage kids that can't completely flip a few feet to practice. >> i think you have the lip down. >> this guy does. >> he is pretty good as he makes his way to the foam pitt. >> tell me your name. >> april. >> what do you like about this place. >> it is fun and energetic you
7:57 am
get your energy out. >> you will be ready to take a nap by 9 tell me your best foam pitt move there she goes she even matches in the green love it. nice. here is a little one what is your name? >> olivia. >> what do you like about this place? >> we can bounce and dive in. >> let me see go ahead take it away. >> there she goes olivia, down the trampoline, face plant in the foam pitt love it. our website we have a link to rebounders if you want to check it out sterling virginia, next hour if you can imagine this is the next place for birthday parties okay, i am tapping you on the way ready? you get off i get on birthday parties and the like more about the other opportunitys in our next hour back to you. >> wow. >> wow. >> that looks like so much fun. >> really does.
7:58 am
>> help me. >> thanks holly. >> all right very good. coming up something that millions of americans struggle with, too much debt. coming up next hour advise on how to get out of the red on this monday morning >> also after 8 wildlife heros, people dedicated to saving animals from extinction coming up next hour stay with us how did this small colorado town get
7:59 am
through tough economic times? freight rail. it attracted large eating over seventeen hundred jobs. then suppliers, stores, more companies followed, creating more jobs. economists call that the ripple effect. i call it the freight rail effect. freight rail connects every rner of america, bringing jobs and economic growth along for the ride. visit
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>> taliban vowing revenge after an american soldier accused of killing 16 villagers this afghanistan many women and children. >> then this university of maryland student is behind bars accused of threatening to go on a shooting rampage on campus that would put him he hopes in the nash that will headlines we are live -- national headlines we are live in college park. gas prices keep going opting a toll on president obama's re-election bid. i am tony perkins.
8:02 am
>> i am allison seymour also making the headlines this nice day we have on tap gwen is here today tucker is enjoying a couple days off we are happy to have you with us. >> thank you. >> especially when you bring us nice temperatures. >> i am going to bat on that one for sure wonderful temperatures it will get even better folks but let's begin with a look at whether we stand regan national airport 46 degrees southwesterly wind flow 5 miles per hour southwesterly wind is a key component it will continue to bring us a rise in temperatures elsewhere in our communities right now 34 degrees bwi marshall, 34 frederick, 40 degrees hagerstown 39 south fredericksburg and to the west winchester 45 degrees already quantico 49 and dulles, 43 degrees a few increasing clouds into the course of this afternoon be prepared, we will have some sunshine and the day fairly -- is going to be pretty nice pretty much for most of
8:03 am
the day t difference will come and the change will come in the evening hours a frontal system heading our way it will bring us showers, so as a result of that, we will see some wet weather by the time we hit 6, 7:00 p.m. hour it will linger through tonight into the early hours of tuesday our high today is 67 degrees, your overnight low will be 53, but the workweek has a big warm upcoming your way our temperatures are going to rise higher than that 67 degrees temperature we will get today that is a good teaser stick around wait until you see my 5 day forecast you will love it. >> thank you. >> all righty. >> here is julie wright the latest on our morning return hour hey. >> good morning once again to all of you very busy travelling out to the west, we do have problems to report accident number one, popped up on us eastbound dulles freeway, ryan road that puts it out there near ash burn village, the right shoulder able to squeeze by at the scene of this crash 28 new broad dock road
8:04 am
authorities -- braddock road authorities checking for accidents at this location, average speed fair oaks, 26 miles per hour as you head eastbound toward the capital belt way inner loop, below speed, annandale, average speed 15 miles per hour southbound 270 a better story, leaving rock dale out toward the lane divide towards connecticut avenue into that bright sunshine, 395 congested trying to get past duke street past seminary road. thanks julie our top story a deadly rampage in afghanistan the u.s. military says united states soldier went on -- went house to house in an afghan village killing 16 people many of them women and children foxes connor powell has the latest from kabul. >> reporter: afghan civilians shot to death before dawn in kandahar provinces, just 500- yards from a u.s. military base, women and children are
8:05 am
among the dead, the military says a service member is the only suspect, he turned himself in. >> he is being interviewed by investigators right now in a secure location, i can tell you he is an american soldier and he was acting alone. >> reporter: three homes baring the brown of the shooting spree 11 killed in one -- brunt of the shooting spree, 11 killed in one site. karzai calling it an assassination this is the so called birthplace of the taliban wary villagers feel they have been targeted by coalition forces. they are still reeling from last month's koran burning. >> as tragic as this incident is and it is tragic it would be more tragic to let this derail us from the larger strategy and mission in afghanistan. >> reporter: the current time table has afghans taking control of security country wide by end of 2014 sunday, capital hill sounding the alarm
8:06 am
a renewed push for a faster exit strategy, calling for an end to the 10 yearlong afghan war,. >> is it time for us to leave afghanistan mr. speaker? >> i think it is we have to reassess the entire region. >> the idea of turning it over to afghan forces is the rite way to go. president obama calling president karzai offering condolences and promising to hold accountable whoever is responsible. the taliban is vowing revenge after this attack u.s. led forces stepped up security the u.s. embassy is warning americans in afghanistan about the possibility of reprisele. university of maryland student is under arrest, accused of threatening a campus shooting rampage. those threats according to police were made on two different websites, lauren demarco is live in college park with the latest good morning lauren. >> reporter: good morning, to
8:07 am
two websites were reddit and omegal the suspect posting those threats online and there were responses from other people who read them and said please we urge you to not under go acts of violence they were talking about reporting these postings clearly someone did because university of maryland police worked along with the it team and were quickly able to make an arrest, the postings were there first on saturday night, by 10:00 a.m., sunday morning, a 19-year-old student was taken into custody, his name, alexandre song of fulton maryland he was unarmed when arrested and taken in for emergency psychiatric evaluation a search of his room in oakland hall did not turn up any weapons, song has been banned from campus he is currently facing a misdemeanour charge that could mean a fine up to $2,500 up to 6 months in jail. police say songs postings read in part, i will be on a shooting rampage tomorrow on
8:08 am
campus hopefully i kill enough people to make it to national new, and stay away from the mall tomorrow at 1:30 p.m. the mall here if you take a live look this is the mall here at campus we do not know police have not elaborated on if that is what he wasreferencing that could be the case we did speak to students and staff for their reaction. >> i just have this i guess this mind set where i feel nothing is going to happen but obviously it can and a lot of things happen on this campus in the past it doesn't surprise me. >> one hand it is very unnerving very scary, very off putting, but on the other end, we know that there is resources on campus and people who are always working in the background. >> reporter: the overwhelming sentiment here is gratitude to the university maryland campus police and also to the it team that helped locate this student, alexandre song the 19-
8:09 am
year-old is in psychiatric care tony back to you. >> thank you very much. gas prices still going up according to triple-a the average price for a gallon of regular unleaded is now $3.99 in dc up 12¢ in just the last week in maryland, gas is going to cost you $3.79 a gallon in virginia, 3.68 dollars. some city it is price of a gallon of gasoline surpassed $4 some are blaming president obama others suggest itjust the supply and demand. foxes patty ann brown takes a closer look. >> reporter: the price of gasoline is on the rise once again up 12¢ over the past two weeks, some suggest president obama might be responsible for the high fuel cost. look since this president has been president, the cost of gasoline doubled not exactly what he might have hoped for and he says well, it is not my fault. >> this is a no energy policy
8:10 am
on this, we are already looking at $4 a gallon gasoline that has without question an impact on this economy. >> reporter: according to the latest lundborg survey of fuel prices national average has reached 3 .8 $1 while some blame the president others say that is not the case. >> gas prices fluctuate under every president and were over $4 a gallon under president bush not far before he left office so these things go up and down regardless of party or president, there is only so much a president can do. >> we had so much volatility in gas prices over the last several years i feel consumes to some extent feel like they have seen this movie before. >> reporter: with this being an election year the issue of gas prices could play out in the polls. gas prices are a daily reminder for people they are having a problem in the economy when they have to spend 80, 90, $100 to fill up a truck to go to work if he doesn't get the energy prices under control it can damage economy recovery. >> there is a chance prices
8:11 am
could fall due in part to relatively soft consumer demand and increase in supply. in new york patty ann brown fox news. if gas prices go up president obama's approval rating goes down according to a new washington post, abc news poll 65% of all americans disprove of how the president is handling gas prices. 11 minutes after 8:00 a.m. a little debt is okay too much can derail your financial future, how do you know how much is too much more on the six signs to look for when we come back. gwen will be back with a look at our spring like forecast ain't that the truth stay with us fox 5 morning news will be right back. 8:11 a.m.  turneft.
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8:14 a.m. a look at stories making headline as somber anniversary yesterday marked 1 year since jana murray was murdered inside the lululemon store in bethesda some people left flowers out front of the store coworker
8:15 am
brittany norwood was convicted of murray's murder murray's brother and his wife ran the st. patrick 8 k race in the district. dc police still looking for the gunman who shot a man inside an ihop in northwest washington yesterday, it happened 14th and irving the victim fought with the gunman before the shooting. maryland senators would continue their debate of a bill that would not allow smoking in a car with a child under the age of 8. while second hand smoke effects children of all ages limiting the ban to 8 would make the law easier to enforce. 8:15 a.m. let's head over the gwen, she has a look at this day plus a bonus. >> yes, got to start with that. >> definitely a bonus, and this is something that will make you smile because, it is my first 5 our first 5 photo of the day,
8:16 am
take a look this is steven. >> oh,. >> i just want to grab those cheeks and tug them to death look isn't he adorable. >> look at his grown up shirt. >> he is a cute little man. his family says every day is a good day when you see a smile like this i am sure he has his crying times too but he is special, and we just want to say thank you for showing up on our show this morning stephen with that smile if you would like to send your child's picture go to click on mornings let us see your first 5 little sweetie he is adorable i want to take him home. >> cute. >> gwen and i will babysit. >> for sure as long as he is always smiling like that i don't mind starts crying i am giving him to allison. >> we've got something else to make you smile it is the forecast, we are doing great as far as weather is concerned 46 degrees regan national airport,
8:17 am
34, thundershower good 34 marshall we have a ridge of -- 34 marshall, we will see increasing clouds throughout the day by evening hours, 6, 7:00 p.m. don't be surprised if you feel sprinkles showers will be heading our way sticking around through the evening, into the overnight hours into your early part of tuesday. heading out tonight any plans keep the umbrella heavy, we are still talking a mild day headed to the 60s we expect to see temperatures to the south, southern maryland, virginia could see temperatures near the 70 degrees mark. mostly sunny clouds taking over, mostly cloudy skies, 67 degrees light southerly wind winds pick up a little more by this evening, 10 to 15 miles an hour from the south and we are talking once again that chance of showers, at 53 degrees for your overnight low.
8:18 am
5 day forecast, great days on, higher rise in temperatures we will show you that later on otherwise we will be looking good for most of the day, we will be smiling just as much as little stephen. i am sure july is smiling. i am smiling because of the forecast, unfortunately we have problems, out to the west, this is where we have accident activity travelling eastbound along the green way. we also had accident activity 28, new braddock road, follow police direction to squeeze by here. follow police direction to get by there if you are travelling inbound 66, still a slow go as you work your way in from manassas, through centerville, fair oaks down to 34 mimes an hour inner loom -- miles an hour, inner loop remains slow, 295 on the bridge malcolm x inbound 11th street bridge, 13 miles an hour outer loop of the
8:19 am
belt way delays, as we work your way across coalsville road other lanes here are open, on the inner loop sunshine delay, travelling 270, that is a check of your fox 5 on time traffic. it is easy to get a little behind on the bills or dip into the savings account when money is tight those little habits could kill you toward personal debt crisis time. jennifer streaks is a financial author there are six warning signs you may be headed for trouble she joins us with more good morning always good to see you on the show. >> your tips are good people can really understand them you know if we are talking about you i am looking forward to getting into that but what we said on the introduction is true you could slide into that real trouble zone and not know it until you are almost there. >> until it is too late you think you are going on with your daily business activities kid, drives the kids back and forth to school we talked about
8:20 am
how gas prices are going up next thing you know you have this bundle of debt you just don't know how the get out of. >> so you have really comprehensive six ways to know i am going to go through them and ask you to highlight them, reliance on over draft protection. >> always using your banking account over draft protection if you know that you don't have money in the account, but you would rather suffer that $35 penalty and have the check paid but you don't actually have the money that is a warning sign >> this is a bad one too, we are very conscious of it too, no savings or other emergency funds when that fund is low you are asking for it. >> right and state farm did a study at tend of last year stated half of americans do not have an emergency fund which means if anything happens, from a blown tire, water heater something with the babysitter you don't have anything to fall back on you really put yourself in a precarious situation. >> is there a way to come up
8:21 am
with a formula you don't know if it will be a furnace or $200 check up on your car is there a way to know how much you need. >> i would say 8 months, worth of expenses i mean, and it sounds like a lot of money but there is so many people that are considered long term unemployed, jobs just aren't as safe as they used to be you have so many things you can't account for now gas prices utility prices food prices, are going up everything is going up you need to have that emergency fund. >> next two, no discretionary income and you have taken a payday loan. >> discretionary income yes you don't have any money to do just regular normal things a movie every now and again, dinner out maybe but the payday loan is a red screaming flag, this sets you up for just a cycle of debt and interest rate is beyond credit card debt beyond instore credit card some of those loans charge 30% interest, so you put
8:22 am
yourself in a hole you cannot get out of. paying one credit card with another and always paying your bills late. >> right going from peter to pay paul using one credit card to pay another you just don't have the funds to take care of your bills you are always late because you don't have the money to take care of your expenses. >> this is what i love about you too jennifer you come up with ways to help get professional advice set a budget stick to it find expenses to be cut now and make a long term plan for other expenses. >> that's right you have to look at where you are spending your money if you have to do a weekly journal i noticed i was always in starbucks that is $5 a day that adds up quickly and there are places we can all trim our budgets even if it is the smallest thing taking a premium cable channel, $30 a month. >> you know you don't really watch as much as you thought. >> exactly. >> jennifer streaks financial analyst author and a friend of the show we always love when you come in. >> thank you. >> tony over to you.
8:23 am
thank you it is now 8:22 a.m. >> thank you allison. >> coming up we've got holly morris, she is at rebounders having a great time grown ups can too bouncing all over the walls literally, more on that in just a little bit stay with us ♪
8:24 am
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one month after the death of whitney houston her daughter broke her silence in an interview with oprah winfrey bobby christina shared her favorite memories of being on tour with her mother and said they were best friends she said she realized at the funeral how much impact whitney had on the world she also talked about life after her mothers passing. does it seem real yet to you that she is actually gone? does it seem real? >> some times, no, you know, some times it is cesural i still walk in the -- it is surreal i still walk in the house and say mom i call her name but i have accepted it. >> did you ever fear this could
8:27 am
happen? she would be gone too soon from you? as a little girl? >> no, no. never. tmz reports bobby christina wants to change her nanaimo just christina to put distance -- change her name to just christina to put distance between her and her father bobby brown. >> coming up next dave ross is back with today's sports headlines. >> plus gwen will be back with a look at our spring like forecast stay with us fox 5 morning news will be back too. 8:27 a.m.
8:28 am
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right now 8:30 a.m. let's look at stories making headlines this morning a dc council committee is discussing a child sex abuse bill in the wake of the penn state scandal if passed it would strengthen reporting laws in the district to include all adults, currently, teachers, coaches and other school officials are required to report abuse. people across japan are remembering the massive
8:31 am
earthquake and tsunami that devastated the nation one year ago sunday, a moment of silence was observed yesterday at 2:46 p.m. local time the exact time the earthquake struck it killed more than 19,000 people leveled several cities and knocked out the vital cooling system, at a nuclear power plant. well, warm temps are not the only thing getting an early start bugs are too this year thanks to warm winter professor university of maryland said insects are cold blooded and come out early when the winter months fail to get cold there is already mosquito sightings and a warning for tickets now the mosquitoes that is so early >> i know. >> i wouldn't even think it was a mosquito if it landed on me. >> cold blooded they just want to bite you i am glad it is another year of cicadas. ly take the whole year off -- i will take the whole year off and go somewhere i hate
8:32 am
bugs. you know what, we do have warm weather, i know bugs love it and you will love it too. right to the forecast, here we go, a look at where we stand now national airport, regan, 46 degrees, a nice light southerly wind flow we are going to be thankful for this southerly wind because guess what that will boost temperatures as we move into the course of the week we will be well above seasonal 11 degrees above seasonal yesterday, do even better than that yesterday, 46 national 34 degrees baltimore, 43 hagerstown, 41 to the south at fredericksburg. satellite radar composite showing a few light clouds, ridge of high pressure moving well out to the atlantic approaching frontal system with that, all this weather and clouds associated with it that will reach us as we head into the evening hours increasing clouds throughout the day the
8:33 am
better part of the day get out enjoy it it will be dry sunshine with a few clouds as the day progresses clouds will continue to increase 6 or 7:00 p.m. expect to see showers moving in they will linger overnight into tuesday morning tomorrow night, we are talking about even a chance of thunderstorms between tonight into tomorrow morning an inch to an inch and a quarter of rainfall but in the meantime today, a mixture of sun and cloud, 67 degrees, unbelievable with that light southerly wind your overnight low 53 degrees, once again we are still looking at wet weather, winds will pick up from the south 10 to 15 miles per hour, look at these temperatures as we head into the week, unbelievable as we head into the 70s and by thursday, we are at the upper 70s areas like southern maryland, virginia, northern virginia, i wouldn't be surprised if you reach the 70-
8:34 am
degree mark, so not bad at all let's check with dave ross i think he has a guest over there dave. >> well, a guest, tony perkins. >> oh, am i the guess guest. >> is that how that works. >> yeah. >> here is dave ross. >> yes >> just skip right over me you are not a guest >> can i ask you, you were walking over from the set i noticed a limp tell the people why you are limping. >> i played football for two hours yesterday with my 8-year- old son and his friend. >> that caused a limp. >> i got pretty beat up. >> just imagine if you are rg 3 right, and you are going to get hit by 250-pound lineman i am assuming connor didn't tackle you >> no, just running around. >> but it was quite the work out a lot of fun. >> sorry to put you on the spot. >> that's okay. i want to ask about rg 3 your thoughts on we have been talking about whether or not we thing it is too much to fight to pay to trade up to possibly get this guy. >> it is a hefty price to pay,
8:35 am
but we did what we had to do we have been talking for years about the red skins planning for the long term. >> just think how sore you would be if you ran. and you know, i think the red skins have done the right thing is it costly yes now you got to hope that he can make that transition to the nfl and you hope we put some other pieces around it. >> when you put it in context talk about drafting and giving up two number one picks those could be guys like brian and ryan care began. former number one -- kerrigan, former number one picks but when you thing about pragmatically what those guys are, then you start to go oh, that is a lot to give up but you are right i agree i think this is a move long term that the red skins organization had to take a chance on it might not pan out. >> right. >> he might not be the guy i think he could be but it is a shot and a chance worth taking and i think the red skin fan
8:36 am
base feels that as well it is a lot to give up forgive that for now be excited about the guy. >> here is the other thing we won't have the first round pick which is huge but you got to focus on what you will get, and the picks you do make have to be good ones. >> if he is the quarterback for the next 10 years, you give up those three number one draft picks now we do have to switch gears and talk about the washington capitals it has been a rough year for dale hunter they have been on the outside looking in, yesterday really important game against toronto at home, they call this a shorty when you are down a man yet you get the goal, that is all they needed but they added a little insurance late the bottom line with this win, they won at boston saturday as well, the caps seem to be riding the ship at the right time right now the playoffs ended or started and the season ended, caps would be in right now 8th
8:37 am
spot eastern conference very good news for them also quickly georgetown, march madness is upon us can you believe it we are talking march madness it is here get out your bracket people georgetown in the midwest they are playing ohio this is the announcement yesterday when they heard they are the number three seed they will be taking on belmont, gain the 314 match up, yes, it hasn't been that easy they were 3-1 ohio 14 and beat georgetown a couple years ago. >> belmont is good. >> belmont is good it is a dangerous -- i really don't think unless you are a one seed, if you are a three and have a 14, it will be tougher than you thing there are no easy draws as you can see by the bracket kansas down here has detroit as 15, detroit, they have a couple guys going to play nba basketball that is what i mean no real easy match up unless you are a one seed, a one is never lost to a 16, so i think that will bare out again
8:38 am
this year just won't happen but you can see, twos lose, threes lose georgetown is not upset. >> cross our fingers. >> next hour anthony armstrong, joins us in studio to talk more rg 3. >> he will be the guest. >> very good. >> thank you dave. allison back to you. >> 8:38 a.m., 46 degrees on this monday morning if you are looking for work you are going to want to stay tuned up next more on a free job fair taking place today. stay with us ♪
8:39 am
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8:41 am
>> more than 300 jobs up for grabs at a job fair in arlington today, at the holiday inn in rossland runs 11:00 a.m. to 2:00 p.m. it is free some hiring companies include secret service, true green new york life affleck and more for more go to and click on web links while on our home page check out the job shop tab top of the page there you will find hundreds of jobs including our job of the day a furniture and electronic store looking for a customer service representative in clinton maryland for more on this job
8:42 am
and others go to click on the job shop tab at the top of the home page. >> 8:41 a.m., heros are often people who save lives. >> those lives don't have to be human up next take you inside a new book honouring heros who dedicate their lives to saving annals holly good morning. >> good morning we have a new way for you to have fun we are talking birthday parties, corporate events and even the latest when it comes to dodge ball i think right now i happen to be in the danger zone it is a whole lot of fun rebounders sterling we are live, we will tell you about it how we can get a jump start on the fun live next fox 5 morning news stay with us 
8:43 am
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>> it is a new book profiling really honouring the work of wildlife heros here it is these are people who are committed to saving our planet's animal life, jeff walkin is one of the authorrun it is dc office of international fund for animal welfare good to have you here. >> thank you will. >> let's talk about where you came up with these leading
8:46 am
conservationists for the book. >> sure three years ago my coauthor and i were sitting around talking about these amazing people we worked with over the last 20 greer years i is -- 20 years i have been doing conservation for not-for- profit and government and my colleague as well and we met these amazing people who really commuted themselves and dedicated their lives to saving species to us they are like celebrities. >> you couldn't highlight all the ones in danger the one that is really need attention how did you pick these? are some of these your favorites? >> absolutely i am partial to big cats i have worked with them for quite awhile but also the unique species we probably had 300 in mind and narrowed it down and found the ones that made the best stories and had champions people could relate to and get excited >> you said you work with big cats are you a lion tamer?
8:47 am
>> not at all but i have a history doing conservation policy for big cats for example i was one of the coauthors of the petition to list african lions as endangered. >> i would imagine preserving and protecting wildlife has to start early with parents getting children involved in this. >> very much i think most people are born with an inherent love for wildlife and animals and nurturing that and getting them to understand the choices we make every day as individuals influences the ability of animal that is exist in our world is very important in the book we include a section how to help which talks about what people can do not just supporting these heros in their effort but also the life choices they make on a day today basis >> i think this will get a lot of attention out there, which this is not a for profit book you are directing these funds to the cause. >> correct my coauthor and i are giving 100% of all our profit to wildlife conservation. >> you asked and received giant yeses from a lot of celebrities
8:48 am
who wrote essays talk about people who attracted and why you picked them. >> we were very fortunate we went after celebrities and well known individual who is have dedicated a part of their own life toward celebrity hood we talked with ted dan son who has done so much great work on oceans and ocean animals, and the author, cookie galman who they made the movie africa around. and she is involved in africa. >> she started the william holden wildlife conservation in africa. jeff walkin,. good work. >> thank you will. >> thanks for coming in.
8:49 am
all right thank you very much will if you are looking for a fun place to let your kids burn off a little energy, holly morris has a great idea. >> she sure does but i like it too. at rebounders, i want you to give me a guess, did you have a peak day how many jumpers. >> my goodness 150. >> i am going to say 528. >> how about i tell you the answer is 973. >> what? >> wow. >> and in fact, in january, they hit the 10,000 mark, and now, for this month they are on track to have 15,000 jumpers. >> let's just say, it is a good idea, and it is popular, which is why, when you come out you
8:50 am
might want to call ahead, there is a waiting line to get in this place kathy lester is with me one of the coowners, the waiting line while it may be frustrating for some is to give them comfort that speaks to safety. >> right the reason we have wait lines we limit the number of jumpers on a trampoline at one time while it is frustrating for guests we are trying to make sure everyone is safe every jumper holds a certain number after that certain time everyone goes on a wait. >> you give preference to parties. >> right we do birthday parties corporate events and when we are on the weekend birthday parties come first and then, if they don't have a lot of the actual numbers for their jumpers then we let the general public in. now, for like a saturday is there -- how far in advance do you need to plan a birthday party >> at least 2 to 3 months. >> wow plan ahead is right and is it really taking off in terms of corporate as well. >> yes. >> older people?
8:51 am
more mature? >> yes. >> absolutely we have a lot of team building activities when we do a corporate event private functions for schools, home schooling night which is really big for people come here, they get socialized play dodge ball people are looking for a team building activity. >> i am glad you brought up dodge ball, one side is jumping on the trampoline space is not enough, we have a dodge ball game going on. >> we were talking what happens when the novelty wears off how do you keep this as a viable business you come up with new ways to use the trampolines. >> we have a dodge ball game going on now this is a typical thing we would do for a corporate team building event we pair up teams, they are jumping, in a friendly fun way trying to hit the boss.
8:52 am
>> exactly. >> i am kidding no. but i can see, this dodge ball, you know, in a lot of schools this is a fun safeway to bring it back. >> we still have referees on par watching and monitoring what is going on and then we have a foam ball not the hard balls, so they are not going to injury you. i will make my way into the dodge ball area, and dangerous as it may be and i am making my way over to sarah. no, i am hopping in with you sarah, tell me what is the strategy here other than you want to hit them and don't want to get hit >> exactly dodge the balls if you get hit you are out if you catch it that person on that team is out. >> have you played regular dodge ball. >> yes. >> how does this compare. >> you want to be in the air when throwing the ball. >> that is the key. >> yes. >> touching the ground doesn't count. >> all right. >> did you get it. >> almost. >> man you know i kind of -- we got two guys in the front now
8:53 am
do they make you move closer as people get eliminated. >> yes, when people on the team get less and less they have you move up so it is easier to hit them. >> do you usually hit people more or catch the ball more. >> you want to catch the ball because then that person is out and knocks another person off their team. >> this is good we distracted everybody. >> we are still on the team just chatting. >> exactly. >> our website we have a link to rebounders in sterling now listen, they have a fitness class, rebounders a flip master, that is our 9:00 a.m. hour back to you. >> love it. >> thank you very much holly. >> today marks a special anniversary it was 100 years ago the very first girl scout troop was founded on this date in 1912 savannah georgia she signed up 18 girls for the
8:54 am
american girl guides, the name was changed to girl scouts the poll lowing year in -- following year in a tribute madame tow sews announced it would make a wax figure of her today bow in may. >> all right. a local 6-year-old showed skill and corn tense beyond her young -- corn tense beyond her young age. >> she was crowned champion of the prince william county spelling bee this past weekend. wow, just 6 years old. yeah, laurie ann beat out 21 of the best spellers from elementary and middle school she said being the youngest competitor didn't bother her. >> i was confident because i have been in spelling bees with
8:55 am
older kids before, and i judge them by who they are not about age my parents quiz me i read lists and i have a really good memory. >> okay she is phenomenal. >> yes, she is. >> she is phenomenal she now moves on to the scripps howard spelling bee held after the memorial weekend >> i don't even know the word she won with. >> i don't either. >> time now 8:55 a.m., monday morning a lot more to bring you coming up next hour. >> more dc classrooms come under the microscope for cheating on standardsized tests. plus, the red skins anthony armstrong joins us live here in studio to talk about the red skins big trade move to get rg 3 and frugal socialite shares fun affordable spring break
8:56 am
staircase ideas stay with us we will be right back we believe keeping kids healthy can start with healthy hands.
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good monday morning right now at 9, taliban responds to events in kabul. a student banned from university of maryland after he makes threats on websites, lauren demarco with the latest in a live report. >> he won the hysman trophy, now red skins have their sights set on him. rg 3. hey, are you looking for something fun and inexpensive to do this spring break look no further the frugal socialite is here with us this hour


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