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tv   Fox Morning News  FOX  March 14, 2012 7:00am-9:00am EDT

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>> santorum sweep in the deep south as he breathes new life into his campaign mitt romney is still the man to beat. plus an all day man hunt for a murder suspect ends in a rockville neighbourhood. what police say led a man to shoot his estranged wife and leave her for dead during morning rush hour. new cloud hanging over the dc council involving possible campaign violations why federal subpoenas went out to a number of elected officials fox 5 morning news at 7 starts now. all right there you go, there is the start to your day this wednesday march 14th, it is going to be a spectacular day, it is amazing how quickly we have seemed to move right into a very pleasant string i am tony perkins.
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>> i am allison seymour it is right on time. >> it is pretty early. >> it might be early but it is right on time tucker barnes is back with us good to see you good morning. >> good morning everybody. yeah, if you enjoy temperatures about 25 degrees above normal you will love the afternoon forecast as we feature more warm temperatures. regan national, comfortable, 56 degrees. 50 dulles, hagerstown good morning, 58 degrees and 58 in ocean city don't have a lot to show you on our sentinel radar we did have a shower or two during our evening hours even a thunderstorm or two that popped up that pushed off to the south and east and generally it should be a beautiful day there will be clouds that pop up hard to believe it is middle of march this is more typical of the middle of may we are two
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months ahead of schedule, highs upper 70s to about 80, and more on the nice forecast in just a minute, let's do traffic julie has your look at traffic. that is what she is doing julie what's up. >> all right on the roads tucker if you are travelling the outer loop of the belt way yes, indeed it is slow leaving college park headed around towards 270. accident at i-95 interchange possibly involving an over turned vehicle fire and rescue headed in that direction. meanwhile south side of town, before you reach route 5 follow police direction. northbound 301, billingsly accident activity on the shoulder. slowing to 30 miles an hour land over road headed into northeast washington delays inner loop of the belt way, annandale, down to 12 minutes
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between 95 and the exit for 66 that is a check of your fox 5 on time traffic. all right julie thank you we begin this hour with breaking news a strong earthquake has hit off the coast of northern japan. the 6 .8 magnitude quake prompted tsunami advisories to be issued including for the area heavily damaged by a quake and tsunami a year ago forecasters said a wave of only a foot and a half could be expected to come ashore there is no threat across the rest of the pacific. to the campaign trail results are in, republican presidential candidate rick santorum is waking up with big momentum this morning he took the mississippi and alabama primaries both extremely tight races in alabama he came within a few percentage points of newt gingrich and mitt romney he squeaked out a victory in mississippi taking 33% of the votes with gingrich and romney
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on his heels. now santorum is sending a message to his biggest rival and current delegate front runner telling mitt romney he is in it for the long haul as nicole collins tells us that is exactly what a lot of conservative voters say they want to hear. >> reporter: rick santorum getting the nod from two very red states overcoming mitt romney's financial advantage and newt gingrich's southern roots. >> we did it again. >> reporter: a southern sweep for rick santorum he takes alabama and mississippi solidifying his claim he is the main conservative alternative to mitt romney. >> the time is now, for conservatives to pull together. we will nominate a conservative and if we nominate a conservative, we will defeat barack obama and set this country back on the right track. >> obviously we would like to have come in first. >> reporter: finishing behind santorum gingrich faces growing
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calls from conservatives to bow out and let santorum go head to head with romney but he says he is staying in the race until august. >> i emphasize going to tampa because one of the things tonight proved is that the elite media's effort to convince the nation, that mitt romney is inevitable just collapsed. >> missing from election night rallies mitt romney instead campaigned for saturday's missouri caucuses romney did win contests in american samoa and hawaii tuesday and picked up delegates alabama and mississippi despite dispointing finishes he issued a paper statement, while surrogates said he will get the nomination. >> he has to go out and earn it but if you look at delegate count numbers nothing changes he remains in a commanding delegate count commission. >> romney campaign also calling santorum's chances of reaching the 1144 delegates needed to clench the nomination a virtual
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impossibility. in washington nicole collins fox news. at 9:00 a.m. this morning president barack obama and the first lady welcome the british prime minister and his wife to the white house the visit has the pomp and ceremony of an official state visit t two leaders will hold a joint press conference in the rose garden tonight is the big gala a lavish state dinner and reception on the south lawn before festivities the president and prime minister will sit down that happens later this morning for private talks on afghanistan. speaking of afghanistan in that country eight civilians are dead from a bombing in southern afghanistan just as the team arrived to investigate the shooting of 16 including 9 women and 3 children by an american soldier. the pentagon chief arrived overnight in an unannounced trip meeting with president karzai to talk about sunday's shooting spree that left 16
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civilians dead we are learning the american staff sergeant who is alleged to have committed that shooting spree is not co- operate being the investigation and also that alcohol may have played a part. he says he could face the death penalty. also overseas a bus packed with students from belgium crashed in a tunnel in switzerland 28 of 52 people onboard were killed including 22 children on their way home from a skiing vacation in the swiss alps the belgium prime minister is flying to the area with families of the victims. another big story the hunt for a man accused of killing his estranged wife found dead. >> this ends an all day man hunt in montgomery county. melanie alnwick is live where this tragedy all started melanie. >> reporter: good morning tony police knew there was potential for what they called significant danger throughout the day yesterday, with 51-year-
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old phillip armed and on the run after allegedly murdering his wife just behind me here on connecticut avenue in kensington tuesday morning we are told he has a long criminal record including arrests for domestic violence he was also arrested just this past saturday for stalking his wife and violating a protective order and released on bond monday morning. tuesday at 9:30 a.m. his wife 36-year-old kimberly maguire was dead on connecticut avenue he shot her in their minivan and pushed her out of the vehicle on the run he made threats against several people he contacted during the day including family members, montgomery county police tracked him to a friends house in rockville. >> we had probably over 100 police officers at different locations watching vehicles, watching homes, and everyone of them understood how potentially dangerous this individual was
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we did have information that he had the gun with him. >> reporter: police had him surrounded in a house on fordham street in rockville when they could not make contact with him they entered the home and found him dead of the gunshot wound in the hallway attorney who represented him told fox 5 he believes the boyfriend or companion of kimberly maguire may have sent compromising photos of his wife to him just on monday and that he believed is what may have set him off tony and allison. >> all right it is a horrible story thank you melanie. other top stories now this wednesday morning police still on the hunt for the man accused of stealing an suv with a baby inside of it 5 month old was found unharmed the baby's mother strapped the child in the suv parked in a garage on suit land road southeast
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yesterday morning, a man jumped in stole the vehicle when she went inside to get a second child the suv and baby were found less than two miles away in prince georges county. a german man charged with killing his 91-year-old georgetown socialite wife will be held today he was moved to a mental health ward after a doctor said he was delusional that hospital says he is incompetent to proceed with the case but his condition is likely to improve with time and treatment his wife, was found beaten and strangled to death in their georgetown home last year. closing arguments begin in the wrongful death lawsuit against virginia tech families of two victims claim the school didn't do enough to keep students safe during the 2007 shooting massacre the state presented experts who testified university officials did act properly when they concluded the initial violence was an
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isolated domestic incident the parents say their daughters could have survived though if a warning was issued earlier. it is 7:10 a.m. on wednesday morning still ahead transportation and lawmakers pay checks hot topics on the hill today. >> campaign contributions under the microscope in the district why some elected officials faced subpoenas from the feds. barack obama and david cameron kicked back to take in march madness in ohio. as we take a live lookout side the latest weather and traffic from tucker and julie coming up next. stay with us 11 after 7:00 a.m. 
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making headlines this morning a busy day ahead on capital hill senate is poised
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to pass a bipartisan overhaul of highway and transit programs the measure would give states more flexibility in how they spend federal transportation dollarwould step up the pace of road construction lawmakers face a march 31st deadline to pass a bill or temporarily extend programs. also on the hill an official hearing over proposed bill that would cut off lawmakers pay if they can't or won't pass a budget blueprint. two alaska he may not feel like it for a day or so but dallas is the youngest musher to win the iditarod sled dog race the 25-year-old and his 9 dogs were the first to trot into nome arriving last night he briefly greeted his family and friends then turned to hug his dogs including his two lead dogs guiness and diesel, good boys. he finished the theory 1,000- mile trek in 9 days 4 hours 29 minutes and good. >> cool. >> that's cool i forgot we said
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it was starting. >> you announce it and then -- >> they have still been racing. >> the whole time. >> so it is bracket time did you fill out your -- >> i did not. >> your basketball bracket. >> no, i have not. we are talking of course march madness president obama gave the prime minister of britain help filling out his bracket. >> prime minister cameron this is your first time being here. >> very first time. >> what do you make of the experience so far? >> i am enjoying it it is fast and furious hard to follow some times exactly who has done what wrong. >> is our president helping you. >> he is giving me tips. >> he is helping me fill out my bracket. >> and he is going to teach me cricket. >> do you see similarities between this game and football. >> yeah, how you have to mark people how you have to be quick on the break play as a team i think there is a lot of similarities but it is very
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fast. >> they just look like two guys. >> two regular guys. >> isn't that great college basketball game in dayton comes during the british leaders three davie sit to the u.s. the president and mr. cameron will discuss the upcoming nato and g 8 summit followed by tonight's lavish state dinner at the white house i am telling you, david cameron could have been in line at the hot dog stand you would not have known he is the prime minister of britain. >> that is so funny that took me by surprise. >> another feature how tall is that sports reporter he makes the president look -- >> he must be a former basketball player. >> isn't that clark kellogg. >> the president is 6'3". >> amazing i hasn't seen that footage yet. >> okay. >> tucker barnes how are you sir. >> i am tired. yeah,. >> i want to thank the airline that got me home last night within 3 hours of my scheduled arrival. >> wow. >> that is bad. >> i could have walked.
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but enough on that. here is your bus stop forecast, as you continue out to school should be a beautiful day and start to the day mild conditions expected and mostly sunny skies we are a little cool, 45 to 55 but off and running shortly and all the kids will be out running during recess outdoors as we are going to be enjoying fabulous weather here. i got to hurry already. 55 washington we are not the only ones enjoying unseasonable spring warmth chicago near 80, minneapolis high of 78, 35 degrees above normal, a lot of warm temperatures on the map. one or two showers overnight, to the east of us high pressure keeps us dry today and tomorrow, we will get awfully high to some records, showers thunderstorms friday the weekend looks cloudy but generally dry. >> as i was asking tony on the break it was fun at first but should i be scared it feels
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unnatural now. >> well, something is definitelyout of whack this whole season. >> is this la nina. >> later this summer winter will start in september. >> we won't be happy. >> hey, julie. >> well, we had a crash on the outer loop of the belt way near 95 college park involving the over turned vehicle it is back up on its wheels the crew in sky fox hanging out to show us the delay westbound 495 from college park they are kind of staying up a little late for us, outer loop accident activity out of the roadway again right after the traffic merges on to northbound 95 well before new hampshire avenue this delay started to stack up leaving route 1, headed over towards the accident scene you will find your lanes are open. all right on the other side of town 66 eastbound slowing as you work in from fair oaks to 123 at the capital belt way all lanes are open that is a check of your fox 5 on time traffic. more trouble for dc council after last week's fbi raid on
7:20 am
the offices and home of major campaign donor jeff thompson. >> the u.s. attorney's office is sending out subpoenas sarah simmons is back with details sarah. >> allison and tony, sources are telling us some members of dc council received subpoenas one councilmember told fox 5 he expects to be served for obvious reason few want to say outside they got a subpee that that would tie them to the -- subpoena that would tie them to the investigation of jeffrey thompson. we told you last week jeff thompson has been a long time major donor to major dc campaigns he owns chartered health plan the top medicaid contractor subpoenas request records related to fundraising. >> i was not served today i don't expect to be but this is really about ending public
7:21 am
corruption and dc campaigns and politics. the investigation started out with allegations of wrong doing involving mayoral candidate suleman brown. tommy wells has not received a subpoena but has thoughts on what is goingen. >> seems the -- going on. >> seems the fbi and u.s. district attorney believe jeffrey thompson provided campaign donations repeatedly to different members, changing the name of the corporation but they all came from him. >> vincente orange is asking the office of campaign finance to investigate checkmoney orders made to his last campaign he believes are suspicious. >> i am not an expert some do look questionable and some look suspicious i met with the office of campaign finance yesterday and provided them the information and they are going to take a look again. >> now councilman orange said donations were handed to him the night before he had to
7:22 am
report them to campaign finance officials he had worked with jeff thompson in the past and didn't suspect anything was wrong until a radio news report revealed a connection to jeffrey thompson. tony and allison we will keep an eye on this one. >> you know we will be thank you. >> very complicated. >> definitely. it is 22 minutes after 7:00 a.m. now last year's earthquake caused a lot of cracks to the washington monument, but is there more damage than was first thought next what surveyors are looking for this time around. and a comedy sensation is playing out in the nations capital the tony award winning musical, monte python's spam a lot will keep you laughing from start to finish. we will check with holly morris later in the show, 7:22 a.m. how did this small colorado town gett
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we know the washington
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monument cracked and crumbled during last year's earthquake now government surveyors are working to find out if the quake also caused the monument to sink or tilt. crews started taking measurements yesterday but they are not expecting to find any major changes however the findings could effect repair plans. the monument is expected to remain closed to visitors until next year. maryland senate will take up the state budget today more than 100 amendments are up for consideration, lawmakers are trying to balance this year's book and cut an on going deficit in half they hope to cut the measure to delegate this is week. >> martin o'malley will try to sell his plan to create a 6% sales tax on gas he is expected to testify to state lawmakers this afternoon his plan would ultimately generate $613 million annually, and help pay for necessary transportation projects. the state's current gas tax has not been raised since 1992.
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7:26 a.m. on wednesday morning still ahead one of the oldest and most popular encyclopedias has stopped the presses for good. >> rick santorum chalks up two more primary wins in the deep south and sends a message to mitt romney he is in it for the long hall. our political strategists join us live from the campaign trail. >> another look live outside, it will be an amazing day as far as temperatures sky conditions tucker barnes is here to tell us about weather and julie will tell us about traffic stay with us we will be right back 
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all right this story is for anyone 30 and older maybe 40 and older remember when the library encyclopedia was just about your only resource for research in grade school and high school times have changed encyclopedia britannica announced it is done publishing print editions that ends a 244 year run for the flagship publication in print it has been online for more than 20 years that is what the company will focus ongoing forward, the final hard cover set can be
7:31 am
yours for $1,400. >> see that is the problem. >> yeah. >> when i could get it for free. >> remember when sales men used to go around. i remember when i was a kid we got a set it was the world book encyclopedia it was so exciting those books had that guilded edge. >> yeah >> and they took you any where. >> yeah, they with heavy. i mean now, it doesn't make any sense to have them >> i didn't have them at my house my neighbors family had them they were missing a few letters there were certain things we couldn't learn about. >> smart. >> i won't ask what letters. >> well, i suspect i know so smart. >> on that person's parents part. what is going on tuck. >> gorgeous weather this forecast very straightforward easy, and unseasonably warm temperatures 80 later today. >> excellent. >> yeah. >> do you think it is? >> well, now i am weirded out.
7:32 am
>> we got spoiled early so what do we have to look forward to now >> we had no winter. >> we had no winter i know. and you know tony now we are going to have to answer the ask the weather guy question are we going to have ze? warm continues, that is the theme next several days temperatures will be well well above normal 25 degrees above normal for afternoon highs cool, 55 washington, a few spots in the 40s manassas, 49 dulles, 54 this morning leonard town, 53 annapolis looking at satellite radar not a lot to show you, expecting quiet conditions i mentioned a few minutes ago we are not the only ones enjoying the unseasonably warm air minneapolis expecting highs upper 70s st. louis, just a fine looking forecast tomorrow heat continues we will call it heat because we will get awfully close to record highs 79 today lots of sunshine enjoy your afternoon
7:33 am
unseasonably warm winds out of the north and west, 5 to 10 later today we will cool off nothing we can't handle, 53, clear skies winds out of the south, 5 to 10. here is your 5 day forecast tomorrow 81, might do 82, 83 and then shower thunder storm in the day friday not going to rain all day, friday doesn't look great cooler, cloudy to start our weekend highs 72 saturday, 70 by sunday afternoon not a bad 5 day. let's do traffic and julie, i am doing what i can with 85 and sunny. >> you know what i know exactly how you are going to do well in this weekend's race. >> how. >> we will put the nutty budty machine at the end of the finish line. >> you are going to be waiting for me right. >> that is how you will run 13 .1 miles. >> i will root you on of course. lanes open eastbound travelling on the dulles toll road no problems there as you work inbound towards the belt way, eastbound, route 9, before you
7:34 am
reach business 7, louden county, accident tieing up the left side to have the roadway other side of town, slow go out of green belt georgia avenue, accident activity college park, on the shoulder, 14 minute commute southbound 95, to the belt way inner loop leaving 95 headed towards 66, 16 minute ride there, leaving fair oaks, 123, more slow and go as you travel nutly to the belt way. time is now to make sure, to make sure that we have the best chance to win this election and the best chance to win this election is to nominate a conservative to go up against barack obama who can take him on, on every issue. >> it was a big night for presidential hopeful rick santorum he squeaked out victories in mississippi and alabama mitt romney picked up a
7:35 am
few more delegates winning both hawaii and american samoa caucuses. joining us now or peter feen and jim innocenzi. >> good morning. >> jim i will start with you rick santorum wins mississippi alabama here is what this says to me, you know if i didn't feel it before, this really does seem to say all right conservatives they just are not buying what romney is selling they don't believe in him and they really are going with santorum. >> certain conservatives are you can't lump them all into one group they are fiscal conservatives social conservatives clearly in the south they are more social conservatives and that is what you saw last night i mean what it says to me i think is that newt gingrich you know is out of gas. he is the only person who doesn't know when he is out of gas he is out of money out of steam he pointed to everything about i am going to win in the south we are going to -- you know we are going to kansas he
7:36 am
lost in kansas we are going to alabama, he lost there, we are going to mississippi no, granted he was close but hasn't won in awhile now and the big donors out of los vegas he will keep writing those $5 million checks, excuse me $5,000 checks. $5 million checks he can only do that for so long. at some point the house is kind of closing down on him pretty quickly so i -- while he won't leave right away he is starting to become a nonfactor. >> so let me just follow up on this if you were advising newt what would you say to him? i guess just that, i mean he doesn't get the message. >> well, newt's advantage early on was all his debates peter loves these debates because the focus comes on the republicans rather than the president but i think there haven't been any
7:37 am
debates and i don't think there are any scheduled for awhile no debates no money no ability to get your name out there unless you said something stupid or have a big gaffe it is a problem. >> the big story is this was supposedly going to be it for gingrich and according to him last night it ain't it, but look you are right the situation here for romney is bad. the wheels are beginning to come off the bus a little bit the big question will be for romney can he begin to win again can he win in illinois if he loses in illinois which he almost did and michigan and ohio he is in deep deep trouble because people are not warming to him he has everything going for him in mississippi every single of the top elected officials haley barber organization out spent santorum
7:38 am
by they are saying 10-1 people were voting for him saying i want this over i want to get to obama i don't like him much i am going to vote for him and he still couldn't get a third of the vote. >> do you think the wheels are about to come off? >> they are wobbling i don't know they are about to come off but certainly wobbling they anticipated winning one of those two states or doing better than finishing third but he still is the leader still the front runner this is still all about delegates he has a big lead in delegates so i mean you know, peter is right about illinois, illinois will be an interesting situation an issue having run a governor's race i mean you've got chicago, cook county suburban areas and the rest of the state. >> the other thing is i think mitt romney has got to get rid of those you know, pressed jeans his butler does for him and the silly shirt he is beginning to look stupid just be a regular candidate don't
7:39 am
try to be the working man you are not the working man you never have been. and you know, -- >> he should own who he is. >> exactly and he doesn't know who he is yet. >> you can't own it if you don't know who you are. >> look you are right jim i mean this is so crazy because the math is working i mean look he did win probably more delegates when it was all settled with guam, american samoa and hawaii but if he starts losing these big states he is behind in pennsylvania, suppose he starts losing in new jersey and california at the end if you go to the convention and you are not at that and have the super delegates members of congress and uncommitted who have to put him over the top after santorum has beaten him that is trouble. >> let's talk about the president. >> i like talking this other stuff. >> i know but here is the thing we can say support for romney is not as deep as it needs to
7:40 am
be to have success in the long run the president's approval ratings aren't that deep, his numbers have gone up for a little bit with the economy starting to look like it is doing something now gas prices are up numbers drop again, just a week later. >> you know polls are all over the place here jim and i will acknowledge that and you know, one minute we come in here and say boy, president is looking great well, clearly, even though during bushes -- when gas prices were way up, it is not the president's fault but they blame whoever is in office you get it, do something about it. and so i think there is no question this is rebounding, but you know, this president has had you know more oil coming out of this country now than ever before he is -- we have a 15 year low on imported oil from other country which is is the driving force for these gas prices. but alternative fuel is moving i mean, it is not like he is
7:41 am
sitting on his duff. >> what about the key stone excel pipeline? >> so far down the road -- >> listen [ overlapping voices ] >> 25,000 jobs we could be doing. >> my own personal view of this i think they will have an alternative route and things will get built. >> the canadians are already starting to build it. >> i know. >> i disagree with some of my environmental friends on that thing but you can never root on it. >> we need to do it. >> 15 seconds jim what does romney have to do the close this thing -- to close this thing up. >> win in illinois if he does that it is all back to normal then we will say can he wrap it up next week first he has to catch up and then can he wrap it up. >> all right peter feen jim innocenzi thanks for coming in. >> you bet. >> well, we are checking more headlines next including a
7:42 am
fight over barber poles why this old time symbol has modern importance. >> plus we have enjoyed nice warm weather but it brought on an early onset to allergy season does that mean your allergies will last long instruct her we are checking in live -- longer, we are checking in live with an allergist. ♪
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making headlines this morning a large section of downtown boston remains without power this morning, the black out happened after two big transformers caught fire last night. it was in boston's back bay district filled with hotels, boston police are trying to staff dozens of intersections where the lights are out. some static in the hair business over those red, white and blue poles a symbol of barbershops minnesota, michigan and north carolina are the latest states that might reserve those barber poles for just barbers, barbers say the laws are needed to keep beauty
7:46 am
parlours and salons as passing themselves off as barbershops. all right i will stay out of that. >> who knew that was such a big deal >> you wouldn't think so but okay the police have to step in. >> tucker barnes. >> gorgeous weather temperatures upper 70s to 80 yesterday our daytime high was 81 real close again today. >> it might be weird but i like it. >> if it is going to be weird you might as well like it. >> weird good not weird bad. >> 55 washington, 54 leonard town, fredericksburg 50 looking for a cool spot, manassas. 45 degrees for you. temperatures close to record territory, chicago, detroit close to 80 degrees detroit is 40, and let's see as we get north and east of us, new york city 58 degrees new york and boston enjoying the warmth as well. that warm front will continue
7:47 am
to lift north and east and we will be on the pleasant side of things today and tomorrow highs upper 70s to 80 today should be a dry day i know yesterday we had a shower or thunderstorm develop late in the day today dry tomorrow near record high temperatures there is your 5 day i am out of time 81 tomorrow showers around friday. >> here is jew low with the latest on -- julie with the latest on traffic. >> ask for a nutty buddy they gave me tony perkins. >> next best thing. >> that's right. >> on the roads, southbound 270, heavy and slow, not only in the service road, mainline out towards the split outer loop slow, greenville route 1 accident activity college park on the shoulder, university boulevard headed through silver spring right into the sunshine lingering delays out of centerville, head into 123 slow traffic continues, nutly street, 395 on the brakes, pentagon across the 14th street bridge that is a check of your
7:48 am
fox 5 on time traffic. >> holly morris is hanging out with the cast of an award winning musical. >> she joins us from warner theatre northwest dc i love this show. >> i know too much fun we are talking about spamalot it is in town for only one week here is a fun fact, there are 100 under garments used in this show, including 60 pairs of men's fish nets, i am telling you it is funny and talk about fish nets, get a load of my back up dancers ands this morning we are on stage getting an all access pass and showing you first hand why you need to come out and see the show live next on fox 5 morning news stay with us. how can we turn away thanks holly time to say good morning to our facebook fan of the day, she watches closely she noticed tucker was off yesterday and the day before she wrote in that she wished that he were here today to wish her a happy
7:49 am
birthday well, guess what tucker is here so, tucker. >> as soon as i heard i flew back, happy 45th birthday to you that is the perfect age i hope you have a wonderful day and all your dreams come true. >> i love that age 45. happy birthday. to be to morrow's fan of the day head to facebook and post a comment under her lovely photo. see you after the break land o'lakes spreadable butter with canola oil
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is made with sweet cream, canola oil and salt. just three natural ingredients. what's in your spread ?
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all right if you are looking for laughs this week holly morris has the show for you. >> she is at the warner theatre where you can see spamalot through saturday. >> have either of you had spam. >> when i was a kid >> i have seen spam. >> tony, you and i are like this let me tell you growing up in fair foot ohio we know how
7:53 am
to fix some spam can't beat it and of course in this show when it comes to the knights of the round table in camelot they eat ham and jam and spam a lot get it this musical won the tony for best musical in 2005 it won two other toy anies as well -- tonies as well it is back to tour the nations capital for the third time, laura is the production stage manager good morning. >> good morning. >> don't you love having a job where every day you get to laugh. >> it is so much fun every night i can find a different part of the show to laugh it and it never gets old. >> for the five people who don't know about monty python and the holy grail give us an overview of the story line of the show. >> it follows king arthur on his qwest for the holy grail, and we get to meet all of your favorite characterses from monty python, the knights of me, the black knight, we get taunted by the french taunter and of course we meet tim the enchanter and killer rabbit. >> how can you beat that
7:54 am
>> absolutely. >> when you have a show that toured as long as this how do you keep it fresh and either people coming back to see it again or how do you get that new audience. >> i mean i think it is just such a fun show we have all the favorites in there plus, you know, our cast has fun on stage every night keeps it fresh for them they get to try new things audiences respond differently which gives us new insight. the thing is even if you are not a monty python fan you will love the show. >> absolutely it is hilarious. >> with that, what is not hilarious is the real work that it takes to pull something like this off i was reading about you guys it takes some 60 people on and off stage to pull the show off there are 30 wireless microphones used each and every night and you go through 2000 triple-a batterys in a month. >> it is quite a thing to get our show going but i mean obviously all the work is worth it we put in long hours and long days but i mean, it is a
7:55 am
beautiful beautiful set, we have a fabulous cast and they work really hard along with us, so. >> and you are a doll and but there are people watching a few minutes ago i think they might want the dancing girls back. >> let's give it to them please. >> come on dancing girls i will bring in me police is a as well part of the en-- melissa as well they are part of this ensemble. this nice tall drink of water, i want to be a dance inner my next life. >> king arthur, brings his knights to have a good time camelot, i will just read thely kicks off we start off we're knights of the round table bring it up and down we dance when ever we're able. we take it down and jump up and
7:56 am
you stay down we do routine, snap jump out and gory scenes like you are shooting across and then turn up stage hands up take it down a little shim my. >> here is the good news i am quite positive no one is looking at me right now. i think they love the little sparkly dancing girls and in fact, you will love this entire show spamalot is here for a limited engage t at the warner runs through sunday our website tickets start as low as $40 don't forget about the student tickets 2 hours before the show $25 valid student id come in and see it, today on wednesday a special matinee, thursday and friday evening performances, matinees saturday and sunday as well more fun with the cast coming up we will learn to ride a horse with coconuts or something >> i love that >> why not. >> i have not seen the show. >> it is well worth seeing. >> thanks holly. >> in our 8:00 a.m.
7:57 am
hour a back to basics lesson in managing your money. stove reveals the -- steve reveals the key to being a smart shopper. >> thanks to a mild winter some of us are feeling the effects of allergies the pollen counts in our zip code is in the medium to high range, in 15 minutes we will talk with an allergist live from the tidal basin 
7:58 am
7:59 am
8:00 am
a woman shot and left to die on a busy maryland street an all day man hunt for her estranged husband ends when he turns up dead new information about the couples troubled past. big boost for rick santorum and race for the republican nomination we will break down the latest primary results. >> springtime in washington is beautiful, but allergy suffers beware the warmer weather made an earlier arrival are we going to face a longer season of sneezing i am tony perkins.
8:01 am
>> i am allison seymour. >> the season of sneezing. >> i have been sneezing this morning. >> you wrote down what they were what is high? >> juniper, tree pollen primarily, juniper, and two others. >> okay. >> mango. >> maple and magnolia. >> those mango trees a big problem. >> the mango bloom. >> wishing i was somewhere ... >> temperatures upper 70 to about 80. >> wow. >> yes, those mango allergies,. >> that is what it feels like. >> washington 57 ocean city not a lot of weather to talk about, nice and easy, a few clouds to start your morning, temperatures well above normal, enjoy your afternoon near 80 this afternoon in washington hot spot fredericksburg, 81, 82 later today. >> julie wright will show us
8:02 am
what is going on on area roadways. >> all right you guys travelling around town, inbound, still tough leaving 410 out of river dale towards new york avenue inbound new york avenue after north capital street accident activity tieing up the right side of the road brent wood parkway as you travel downhill from 9th street toward the 3rd street tunnel you find delays leaving route 1 college park georgia avenue, southbound 270, lanes are open leaving german town, approach 370, leaving 28 headed out towards the split. other side of town travelling inbound on the dulles toll road lanes are open 13 minute commute leaving hunter mill road towards 123 delays centerville headed to the belt way off 66 an 18 minute ride that is a check of your fox 5 on time traffic. >> big boost for rick santorum republican candidate for president won both primaries in the deep south last night santorum easily won alabama
8:03 am
with 35% newt gingrich came in 2nd, 29% mitt romney trailed close behind with 29% as well. it was a much tighter race in mississippi where santorum got 33 to gingrich's 31%, both romney and santorum both say they have the best chance at winning the white house. the best chance to win this election, is nominate a conservative, to go up against barack obama, who can take him on, on every issue. >> i am the one guy in this race who can beat barack obama. >> romney did win a couple of the other smaller contests last night like caucuses in hawaii and american samoa, next tuesday is a primary in illinois tony. allison another big story we are following the morning the hunt for the man accused of killing his wife in the middle of a street is over. police found phillip gilberti dead inside a home.
8:04 am
melanie. >> reporter: well, tony it was a tragic end to a tumultuous relationship 36-year-old kimberly maguire murdered her body jumped here on connecticut avenue during busy rush hour yesterday morning her estranged husband dead with what appears to be a self-inflicted gunshot wound by tuesday night in rockville. 51-year-old phillip gilberte has a lengthy criminal record including charges of domestic violence kneeing his armed -- knowing he was armed and a significant danger deputies surrounded a home they believe he confronted maguire in the home tuesday morning before the pair ended up in their minivan arguing on connecticut avenue where maguire was murdered 9:30 a.m. witnesses heard gunshots then saw maguire exit the minivan and collapse dead outside the kensington shopping center an attorney who represented him when maguire asked for a
8:05 am
protective order told fox 5 tuesday what he believes might have led to this violent end. >> bill's best friend told me this morning that some photographs were sent of his wife and they were sent by that individual, and -- >> to phil. >> phil told his best friend he spent the night with his best friend last night and the friend didn't even want to see the pictures but phil told him that, he had every reason to believe him, i have every reason to believe him because i think that really is what pushed him off the edge. i don't think he could handle this individual being involved with his wife. >> we understand he had been arrested just last saturday charged with stalking his wife and violating a protective order he posted bond monday the couple have three children under the age of 10 they have been in foster care for some time we understand those foster
8:06 am
families were well on their way to adopting those three kids and he was supposed to have a final meeting with his kids, next week tony. >> all right thank you very much. >> in the district, police are on the hunt for the man who stole an suv with a baby inside of it the 5 month old was found unharmed the baby's mother strapped him in the suv parked in a garage suit land road southeast yesterday morning a man jumped in and stole the vehicle when she went inside to get a second child the suv and baby were found last than two miles away rail street prince georges county. >> we are following developing stories overseas including a strong earthquake that hit off the coast of northern japan there are no reports of damage or injury tsunami warnings issued after the 6 .8 magnitude quake struck, were lifted, small changes to the tide were detected in coastal
8:07 am
towns. a bus packed with students from belgium crashed in a swiss tunnel killing 28 of the 52 people onboard 22 of the dead are 12-year-old children, they were on their way home from a skiing vacation in the swiss alps when the bus hit a curb and slammed head on into a concrete wall there were three buses only one crashed this happened last night around 9:00 p.m. local time 24 students were rushed by helicopters and ambulances to hospital. body in southern afghanistan killed 8 people it happened when -- a bombing in southern afghanistan killed 8 people it happened when a team arrived to investigate the shooting of 16 people. the massacres are raising questions of the amount of time soldiers spend in war. aiynsley earheart reports how stress may have played a role. >> reporter: the staff sergeant
8:08 am
suspected in sunday's attacks near kandahar has been in the military 11 years he served 3 tours in iraq before being deployed to afghanistan some are questioning the amount of stress he might have been under as a result of his time spent in war zones. >> i think four rotations is probably way too much for an average person to be able to deal with and stay mentally healthy. >> comes down to the individual and what they are going through i think you cannot do enough to try to pay attention to that. >> reporter: a number of afghans are calling for the suspect to be put on trial in afghan court but the soldier is subject only to american military justice >> i can as sure the american people and afghan people we wiwherever they lead us we will make sure that anybody who was involved is held fully accountable, with full force of the law. >> reporter: meanwhile the taliban is claiming responsibility for an attack in response to sunday's killing shots rang out tuesday while a high level afghan government
8:09 am
delegation paid a visit to the scene of the shooting rampage the incident left one person dead two others injured. >> innocent people have been killed and we are looking to why this individual carried out this action. >> reporter: the soldier remains in u.s. custody in afghanistan. military investigators say he has not been talking and generally not co-operating. in new york aiynsley earhart fox news. >> the white house is gearing up for a big day of pomp and circumstance with a ceremony this morning and state dinner tonight. plus are you already coughing sneezing, are you wheezing, blowing your nose will thomas is helping you find some allergy relief will. >> reporter: allison, tony, just check it out we found one of the trees blooming out here, tidal basin if you are like me just watching that your eyes are starting to water i am here with dr. shriver we will talk about allergies i thought the two of us would be sneezing together this morning she goes no will i don't have allergies
8:10 am
she just happens to be an expert. our report after the break fox 5 morning news for wednesday morning continues 
8:11 am
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can i try yours?
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welcome back president obama will host a state dinner at the white house honouring british prime minister david cameron and his wife. while we are waiting to see what will be on the menu there is one detail you won't hear about the wine list this comes after criticism following a state dinner last year where a bottle of wine on the market for nearly $400 was served. yesterday the president and prime minister flew to ohio for basketball they sat court side for an ncaa basketball game between mississippi state and western kentucky. >> prime minister cameron, this is your first time being here. >> very first time at a basketball game. >> what do you make of the experience. >> enjoying it, it is pretty fast and furious hard to follow
8:14 am
some times exactly who has done what wrong. >> is our president helping you follow the game. >> he is giving me tips will help me fill out my bracket. >> he is going to teach me cricket. >> that's right. >> because i don't understand what is going on with that. >> do you see any similarities between this game -- >> today the two allies are expected to discuss the upcoming nato and g 8 summits they will discuss their unity dealing with hot spots like iran, syria and afghanistan. >> good to see them looking like they are having a good time. >> that is so funny and you are right i would probably walk past both of them. >> dressed like that. >> that is great. >> 8:14 a.m., tucker barnes is back with us, bringing something special today. >> yes, indeed. >> thank you so much. >> time for my first 5 photo of the day this is baby zach. >> oh, there you go. >> he really is a baby. zach is just 4 weeks old, you know what he is up to right now. >> dreaming of super bowl winning red skins. >> yeah maybe in his lifetime.
8:15 am
>> showing his love for the red skins. >> maybe. >> listen tony if he had been born 20 years ago he would still be waiting. just like his dad he is going to be a huge red skins fan i think there is some promise, things will finally turn around in red skin nation. all right zach just the cutest picture of all time love your little football. >> he has the booties too. >> really cute. >> to send your child's picture go to click on mornings 56 washington off to another bright and beautiful start should be a gorgeous day highs expected to be in the upper 70s low 80s. 58 right now chicago, minneapolis, is in the 40s, 48 international falls, want to mention temperatures across the upper midwest 30 degrees above normal we are not the only ones getting in on this early spring warmth. east of the mississippi,
8:16 am
enjoying unseasonably warm temperatures, sentinel radar quiet conditions lots of sunshine expected today and tomorrow, we will have more showers and thunder storm in the forecast but until then we will flirt with record temperatures by tomorrow 79 today, 81 tomorrow cooler, after the showers and thunderstorms get it out of here for the weekend right now, keep our fingers crossed saturday and sunday should be dry cloudy highs 70 degrees that is weather let's do traffic and there she is julie wright what is going on. >> well, we got problems on the road if you are travelling inbound, 66 this morning tucker this is the accident activity before the belt way two right lanes blocked traffic squeezing by to the left of the scene inbound off the dulles toll road, the average amount of time will take you hunter mills to the belt way, 66 is tied up not only because of that accident delays to centerville will cost you 22 minutes of time delays travelling
8:17 am
southbound, 270, german town to the spur,. spring has sprung early while the warm weather may be welcome it may bring unwanted relations what? any way it is bringing on allergy season too early. i don't know what that was about. >> our will thomas is at the tidal basin with an allergist who has advice on coping with the potentially long sneezing season will bring this back together for us. >> reporter: is that tony coughing i hear? >> yeah. >> reporter: hey, me and you both buddy my allergies are the worst but what i can tell you for sure is this warmer temperatures are definitely giving all our plants a big shot of adrenaline just take a look at this cherry blossom tree at the tidal basin the blooms are popping but this one kind of on its own most of the trees look like this one over here as i hobble over with my bad foot the buzz is starting to bloom but you don't have long to wait national weather service says peak bloom 24th to
8:18 am
28th here is what else i know, with all this pollen hitting the air waves already, a little early in the season allergy season is upon us my eyes starting to itch a little bit throat scratchy let's welcome dr. shriver with shady grove adventist hospital good to see you. >> good too sew you too. >> an -- see you too. >> an allergist would know unseasonal allergies. >> let's just confirm this allergy season upon us. >> definitely upon us this year, it started much earlier, in february we saw some pollen counts double what we saw the year previously at the same time. >> wow with allergy season already here does that mean the season will last as long as it usually does or be cut short? >> unfortunately an earlier season does not necessarily mean an earlier time. >> you have coping tips to
8:19 am
reduce severity you said perhaps shut the windows. >> at home in your car, limit your exposure to the pollen, you want to take a shower when you get home,. >> so i guess that is common sense limit your outdoor exposure if you are really prone to say allergies like i am pollen, cedar, grass, don't be outside unless you have to. >> that's true but that is hard for a lot of people you want to walk your dog you have to be outside take a walk play sports, whatever it is get from your office to your car you are outside. >> here is another tip if you have to be outside and have allergies, maybe take a shower as soon as you get home. >> absolutely take a shower change your clothes, get that pollen off of you. >> all right, we've got some facebook questions a lot of you who are facebook fans my fox dc, they have posted some questions this morning doctor we will try to answer them now the first from terry she says what can i take that is effective and non-drowsy. >> there are a lot of over-the-
8:20 am
counter medications that used to be prescription for example allegra claritan, sertac. >> how can i protect and soothe my newborns allergies this one surprises you >> it does surprise me newborns generally do not have seasonal allergies you have to experience the seasons to develop allergy newborns can have other allergies like food but generally don't have pollen allergies. >> last one this comes from danny can someone not born with seasonal allergies develop them later what do you say? >> absolutely. it is tough you know, with allergy we think there is a genetic component and environmental component you can develop allergies at any time i see lots of adults who come in and say i never had allergies until i moved to washington. >> that makes sense as a kids
8:21 am
hated brussel sprouts now can't get enough dr. shriver with shady grove adventist hospital thank you for joining us. we are enjoying these blooms hope you are as well. >> it is beautiful. >> thanks will gorgeous. >> you see those cherry blossoms in bloom will just talked about them you can share your bloom picks with us it is easy upload picturevisit owe on -- video on or e-mail them to my weather photo@g >> red skins dominating in off season once again you were great in the off season adding several new players to kick off free ageneral ski details other side of -- agency. details other side of the break. >> monty python's spamalot. we will be right back  [ man ] hmm. a lot can happen in two hundred thousand miles...
8:22 am
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8:25 am
1975 rejoined in the late 80s quit again in 2010 because of health problems he was 65 years old. red skins made a splash on the first day of free agency biggest catch, wide receiver, pierre garcon gets a 5 year contract worth $42.5 million including an $11 million signing bonus. >> what? >> the 25-year-old caught a career high 7 passes last season red skins signed wide receivers josh morgan and eddie royal. >> picking up. >> more red light cameras may be coming to arlington 8 additional cameras are in police departments, proposed budget 2013 budget, they are currently red light cameras at four intersections in arlington, generated nearly $600,000 in revenue last year. it is 8:25 a.m. on a wednesday morning, on the table in maryland, a new sales tax on gasoline. >> how much it would go up and
8:26 am
how close is it to becoming a reality details next. then forget balancing the budget some lawmakers in new jersey can't come to an agreement about purchasing basic supplies for public buildings more on the toilet paper crisis, on the other side of the break stay with us it is 8:26 a.m. [ female announcer ] pillsbury presents:
8:27 am
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 less drama, more fun! chili's $20 dinner for two has a bold new favorite -- steak. first, share an appetizer, then choose two entrees, like our 100% usda choice sirloin, available for a limited time on chili's $20 dinner for two. officials in trenton new jersey will finally restock toilet paper after a city council stale mate led to a shortage in public buildings. >> they had previously voted down the budget that allowed for the tissue. they were not happy it allowed for purchase of disposable coffee cups. >> there is no doubt there was stealing going on here in the city of trenton too with the workers. >> you believed these were going to disappear. >> 100% no doubt in my mind these cups were going to
8:30 am
disappear. >> apparently they do have money for beatle wigs. [ laughter ] >> the city is moving forward with the $16,000 emergency order of toilet paper that should be delivered today, and tomorrow. >> are you trying to say that was a wig? it looked really natural to me. >> okay good. >> who would want to take rolls of toilet paper from places like that? it is not the highest grade toilet paper. >> yeah, right. >> maybe just to make a point though. >> i don't know. >> the city is to broke. >> politicians node to get the people's business -- need to get the people's business done. >> at least he is looking sharp. >> weather wise. >> beautiful forecast no problems whatsoever, we will be near 80 today yesterday we had the risk of a shower thunderstorm today it is out of here. >> great day. >> yeah, beautiful day beautiful tomorrow too some records are going to fall shortly, it is not frequently near 80 in the middle of march
8:31 am
we are way ahead of ourselves. >> love it. >> warmth continues then you know today will be just like yesterday, comfortable highs expected to be as mentioned upper 70s to 80 later today 56 washington 45 the cool spot all morning here manassas. 57 for you in frederick and let's see leonard town, 57 for you. satellite radar, we are going to try the look at satellite radar quiet conditions across the region high pressure will build on in, a shower or two see it dissipating to the south and east during the overnight hours we will do it quietly cincinnati and chicago clear conditions unseasonable warmth washington and really east of the mississippi, 79 today, 81 tomorrow i think we will get close to records by tomorrow afternoon next time next chance for a shower thunderstorm
8:32 am
friday and right now, the weekend looks dry although to be honest, cloudy cooler temperatures highs 70 saturday and sunday that is the weather tony and allison back to you. >> thank you very much governor o'malley is trying to convince lawmakers to create a 6% sales tax on gasoline in maryland he is expected to testify on the bill today, but skyrocketing gas prices could bring that plan to a screeching halt, the state's senate or state senate's president says he is not sure lawmakers have the stomach to pass the bill and may save the issue for a special session later in the year the money generated from the tax would help pay for necessary transportation projects. today maryland senate will take up the state budget senators will start considering more than 100 amendments. senator miller has discussed two budgets to balance the work load. miller hopes to pass the budget measure to house of delegates
8:33 am
some time this week. >> more trouble for dc council after last week's fbi raid on the offices and home of major campaign donor jeff thompson now the u.s. attorneys office is allegedly sending out subpoenas related to the ongoing investigation of dc officials, and possible campaign violations we are told some members of council already received subpoenas and one member says he expects to be served subpoenas going out request records that relate to fundraising. it is 8:33 a.m. wednesday morning fox 5 job of the day after the break plus tardy kids means legal trouble for two local parents you heard about this story we will fill you in on details charges they are facing for their children showing up late to school too often. >> first another that's my take the topic this morning maryland teacher pensions. nsions.
8:34 am
governor o'malley's fiscal 2013 budget proposal to shift 15% of teacher pension costs pegged at $239 million down to county level has triggered a dangerous spike in blood pressure of every county official across the state well, you better get the crash cart ready it seems one way or another counties and possibly county school boards are going to have to pick up some of the teacher pension costs this coming fiscal year. there doesn't seem to be any other way to reduce the $1 billion budget short fall governor o'malley and state lawmakers are wrestling with. whether the teachers pension costs continue to be paid by the state or portion shifted to the counties and school boards isn't the real issue, regardless as to who pays, the ballooning teacher pension cost which is have more than doubled in the past five years will continue to impact the financial health of the state and all its counties. the focus of our state lawmakers should be how to get the rising pension costs under control, republican and
8:35 am
democratic state senators alike say the state can't continue to pay, county officials say that they are already fighting off deficits senator brinkly from frederick addressed the elephant in the room saying if the shift of pension payments doesn't happen the promise of pension benefits to teachers has to be broken and benefits rescinded. that is pretty drastic, but that idea had to be considered along with the state getting more serious about mandating changes, to these mention plans and not only for -- pension plans and not only for newly hired teachers employee contributions should be on the table federal employees, contribute 1% to 2.3% for newly hired employees while it may be difficult to change benefits states have more flexibility to change who contributehow much. that is according to a recent report released by the government accountability office while governor o'malley and county officials play a you pay no, you pay game with the
8:36 am
pension bill the residents of maryland can only look forward to a growing problem in years to come unless there are serious changes to how pension benefits are paid for. the state and counties cannot continue to foot the entire bill. we hope this issue is not kicked down the road again. that is my take let me know what you thing go to and click on that's my take or send me an e-mail at ... lysol invites you to take the dual action wipes challenge. try lysol dual action wipes and see the cleaning difference. because unlike ordinary wipes lysol dual action wipes have two sides. a scrubbing side that cleans tough stains
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>> back now with our job of the day assistant restaurant manager, crest line hotelresorts in fairfax they are looking for restaurant manager and supervisor for more on this job and see other listings head to look for the job shop tab. topping economic news the federal reserve says 15 major u.s. banks are strong enough to survive another serious recession. that means they get to buy back shares they lost in the last one and post gains to shareholders. that led to a late day rally on wall street the test simulated 13% unemployment, stock value drops of 50% and a drop in home values of more than 20%, these are not things we want to see
8:40 am
there are four bank that is did not pass the feeder's test, city bank alleyed financial sun trust and met life. dc police said there is no record of video footage from an imf protest in 2002, lawyers for some arrested that day say they have new photographs that prove police did record the protest and streamed it into police command center this is our video of the demonstration hundreds were arrested four people are suing and challenging the mass arrest, they are students who were there as observers or journalists the dc government said for years no video existed. later today, two local parents will be in court facing charges because their children were chronically late for school. >> as early february sew fee, daisy and tuck -- sophie, daisy and tucker were late for
8:41 am
school, 30 times, their school is water ford in louden county teachers say they were required to report it childrens parents were charged with three class 3 misdemeanours could be fined, mark is an attorney they plan to try to get the case dismissed today. 8:41 a.m., trying to get finances under control it is best to go back to basics up next consumer reporter steve joins us with helpful tools you can use to manage your money. >> it does not involve putting it under a mattress. >> it does not. >> holly is checking out a new performance at warner theatre good morning. >> good morning we are on stage with the cast of spamalot the question is what could they possibly do with a cow. oh, it is a cow cat polting over a castle that is' funny at
8:42 am
least for me. we will talk to him and show you yet again, even more reasons why you need to see this hilarious musical all next fox 5 morning news that cow almost hit me. q finally carpet cleaning got easier. try resolve easy clean to deep clean your carpets. just 3 easy steps for beautifully clean carpets. it removes 3 times more dirt than vacuuming alone. don't just vacuum clean. resolve clean.
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eing a smart shopper basic budgeting. >> if you need to get your cash situation under control, steve is here to help he joins us live from dallas with a back to basics lesson in managing your money good morning steve. >> good morning. allison and tony grab a pen and piece of paper because this is the key to financial success it is ground breaking you ready? >> all right. >> spend less money, than you earn. >> oh, steve you make it seem so easy where do we start? where do we begin. >> we have so much trouble it is like when you want to lose weight someone says i am willing to do anything except diet and exercise the same thing happens when we want to better budget our money we are going to give you help this morning i want you to check out a website here is what i like this is an aggregate of
8:46 am
all your different financial accounts and information you link it up with all your different online accounts it is one stop shopping for everything you have and owe you can use it online or also use it in its ap form for your phone as well it tracks what you spend tracks your progress for paying down debt also will track your progress for things like retirement, now here is the nice thing about it, as you spend money it will also make suggestions how you can better budget in certain area, now if you are leery about handing off that kind of personal information to a website you can check out a site called budget, the only problem with that one though is that you have to manually input the information i don't know about you but for me a lot of folks i know having money management issues probably have time management issues as well you got to really stay on top of that one. >> good point. now let me ask about a group of people that get overlooked in talking about all this, the folks still trying to figure
8:47 am
out simple things like how to divide the rent with roommates. >> yeah, absolutely you know those 20 somethings really kind of just getting started, where should they be? my best piece of advice is this, you need to understand what your financial reality is, where are you in your life and there is a website that is designed for those 20 somethings called bucks it hits home with simple lessons they need to learn like pay your bills on time plan for future you know, spend less money than you earn right all that simple stuff and it uses the type of functionality that they need things like how do i divide the rent with my roommates how do we split our bills how do i call in an iou from a friend the functionality is really right size for where they are. >> you have given so many good online places to go to try to get in line here but if there is one good piece of advice you would like to pass on what do
8:48 am
you think it would be? >> people need to keep it simple here first things first if you are having trouble paying the light bill don't worry about what is happening with the ira you are just not there yet a simple piece of paper and pen and let's get down those line items really go through every single thing that you spend and one of those things in your line items should absolutely be, a line item for savings now here is what i do for my savings i've got my savings goals for the year but i planned them con grew congruently with my pay checks we can say i would love to save $5,000 by the end of the year but you know what will happen but if you say i have to have $100 by this week 200 by next week 300 the following week you are much more likely to stay on track. >> good advice something so many of us have a hard time doing. >> all right steve thank you. >> we are here to help.
8:49 am
>> good to see you. all right here is something a little more fun i guess, you can see monty python's spamalot at warner theatre now through sunday. >> holly is there to give you a preview of the show good morning. >> i think flat lent french men are -- flatulent french men are more fun you can tell by tony's laugh he knows this part of the show it is only a minor part there are so many things about this show that are funny we got killer rabbits, we've got catapulting cows over castles the only person it is not funny for is this guy who plays patsy, good morning. >> good morning. >> how is that every night getting chewed by a cow. >> it is my one break-in the show i get to lay there and relax for a second before they get me back up. >> so this is your touring debut. >> mm-hmm. >> that is very exciting. >> yeah, my parents are
8:50 am
thrilled i am employed. >> your parents were thrilled you are employed however, let's talk about the fact that you are a classically trained actor. >> yeah, i mean i studied in london for awhile. >> shakespeare. >> shakespeareian classical acting. >> yes, they were excited they are monty pythons fans it is raise mag how much i learned there, -- it is amazing how much i learned there, how to play a real good servant a lot of it still applies. >> now you said this is your first time back to dc since your sixth grade trade. >> yeah. it is gorgeous i barely remember it we had like one of those whirl wind class trips i was excited to come back for a week. >> did you get time to see the city. >> we did a bus tour yesterday i love a bus tour. >> nothing beats a good bus tour >> i have pictures of every monument in town. >> monty python is hilarious
8:51 am
the show is hilarious when you do it on stage is it still hilarious. >> yeah, i am lucky i am on stage almost the entire show. i never know what is going to come out of the actors mouths the hard part is keeping a straight face after 120 something performances. >> do you ever get a chance to watch the audience. >> yeah, there are moments where i can allow myself to peek out the reactions are crazy people are always the whole show grinning and you know i have never seen a show where people laugh almost nonstop from beginning to end. these poor people must be existed. >> it is tiring. >> how does this relate as much to the movie there are a lot of fans of the movie want to see it on stage it has those moments but its own too. >> yeah, it has almost every famous moment from the movie the killer rabbits the cow, the
8:52 am
french taunt which you can't have it without but a lot of new surprises poking fun at broadway shows and musicals nice little surprises for fans. >> you make fun of local celebrities too. >> that is one of the fun impro vises you never know what king arthur will say he finds some fun new joke about every venue we go to >> i am nervous they handed me these coconuts. >> yes. >> and these are training coconuts. >> training nuts. >> your training nuts. >> but what are we doing with these. >> in the show obviously none of the knights ride horses in the film they didn't ride horses we do a gallup behind king arthur, one, two, three, one, two, three nice little bounce. and then we have canter which is just and one and one and one and one and one. >> trot and it is just one one
8:53 am
one one. >> if you ever get off on any of your gaits? you are talking and doing this all at the same time. >> yeah, if i am tired and the knights horse will trip or something. >> dare i ask do the nuts ever break? >> they do there have been a few moments i have come on one will shatter that is where one of the knights and his horse will stumble he looks at me makes for a fun little bit. >> since your parents have spent so much money training you in your field give us a line in patsy's characters. >> he doesn't say much he much more just sort of watches king arthur do his thing because he is just his mighty servant it wouldn't be in my place to speak to most people. >> that is my applause. >> money well spent our website we have a link to the warner get your tickets now only here for a week they have a special matinee today, matinees saturday and sunday as
8:54 am
well the show closes on sunday coming up next hour sir lance a lot and king arthur both local actors will join us can i just say i am so glad they asked me to wear the coconuts like this. >> yeah. >> that will be another morning. >> exactly. >> thank you holly. >> it is time to say good morning to today's facebook fan of the day. we know she watches closely because she noticed tucker was off yesterday and she wrote in that she wished he would be here today to wish her a happy birthday so, tucker flew back and he wished her happy birthday earlier this morning. we wish her happy birthday as well she turns 45 today if you want to be tomorrow's fan of the day head to our facebook page and post a comment under her photo have a great birthday. well, it is every year it seems like but here is this year's drama playing out behind
8:55 am
the scenes of american idol, germaine jones sweeted he was no longer competing on the show, but then he quickly deleted that tweet according to tmz he is being disqualified for lying to producers he reportedly asked about the situation and footage of that confrontation is supposed to air on tonight's episode. we will find about it when we check with tmz next hour catch american idol tonight at 8 fox 5 i presume germaine will be on it. >> either that or just the footage will be on. i was reading about it yesterday online, unfortunate. >> messy. >> yeah. >> tonight local man will be honored for his role in capturing some images for the ages. >> talking about ray wilson who spent 30 years taking pictures, countless photographs, famous black americans he will be in our studios next hour sharing his story and the story behind some of these amazing images. we will be right back [ dog barking ] mom!
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>> good morning i am tony perk kins. >> i am allison seymour. >> a man allegedly shoots his estranged wife and pushes her into traffic. how the man hunt came to an end. >> afghanistan likely to become a conversation between president barack obama and british prime minister david cameron they are meeting at the white house this morning. take a look at this photo it was taken by a man with an amazing story, his hobby turned into a collection of great photographs, of many icons of the civil rights era, here in washington, celebrities, politicians, that is dominic dawes next to me from a long time ago he


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