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tv   Fox Morning News  FOX  March 15, 2012 7:00am-9:00am EDT

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karzai, meet within the last hour as the u.s. tries to deal with fall out following a shooting rampage. closer to home a heated exchange over prices at the pump in maryland both sides of the debate over a proposed gas tax hike coming up in a live report plus. >> they say some kids told him he was worthless to go hang himself and i think he got to the point where enough was enough. just emotional anti bullying documentary generating a lot of buzz it hits theaters later this month not everyone will be able to see it. we will sit down with this teen. fox 5 news at 7 starts now. good morning everybody there is a live lookout side, pretty sunrise on the way, a couple clouds out there this is
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thursday, march 15th, good morning i am tony perkins. >> i amuser a simmons in for -- i am sarah simmons in for allison seymour. let's get with tucker to get the latest on weather it will be beautiful outside. >> you said it temperatures low to mid-80s hard to believe we are saying that middle of march looks like we will get record heat around here later today current numbers at regan national, we are comfortable, 56 right now in the city, 55 dulles, ocean city, good morning 55 for you, 52 fredericksburg looking at radar we are generally in the clear out to the west we have a line of thunderstorms developing eastern ohio and cloud cover associated with that. we will see clouds from time to time particularly if that thunder storm complex can hold together and the possibility if you are one of our viewers west virginia, western maryland a few showers could clip your
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region here during early morning otherwise sunshine and warm temperatures in fact i think we will be flirting with hot temperatures later today as we expect highs low to mid-80s record high 81 degrees reports, 38, likely we will see records fall by late this afternoon enjoy the warm day. >> more details on weather in just a minute, let's do traffic julie has your latest. >> good morning tucker and right now we are talking about what is happening as you work your way into downtown accident activity involved with a motorcyclist, beach drive, military road. the medevac helicopter has come and gone. eastbound 66 inside the belt way down to 27 miles an hour checking for what was reportedly a stalled car on the inner loop, route 7 lanes are open once again 66 slow as you continue from manassas towards centerville. we've also got delays approachling the belt way, southbound 270 has a stalled
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car that has cleared, northbound georgia avenue before you reach aspen hill road that is a check of your fox 5 on time traffic. now to this mornings big story defense secretary in afghanistan leon panetta sat down with afghanistan's president karzai topping the agenda the u.s. soldier accused of has caring 16 -- massacring 16. it was unannounced hard to know if the attacker knew panetta was there. a senior military official says he believes the driver was aiming for a group of marines. >> u.s. defense secretary met with afghan president karzai amid-a string of recent violence including an attack at
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the airfield where his plane landed saturday. an afghan interpreter died of extensive burns after crashing a stolen truck in a ditch. >> at no time was the secretary or his delegation in any danger whatsoever. >> after the incident secretary panetta spoke to afghan soldiers and u.s. troops who in a rare move were both told to come unarmed panetta acknowledged recent difficult events in the country and spoke of trust between coalition and afghan forces and the afghan people. >> that is extremely important if we are to succeed in this mission of transitioning, all of the areas in afghanistan, to afghan control, governance and security. >> tensions in afghanistan are soaring after the accidental burning of korans by u.s. personnel, retaliation by afghans that left 16 americans dead and the massacre of 16
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civilians civilian at the hands of a u.s. soldier. afghans are angered over the move, saying he should be tried in afghanistan. military officials say the soldiers name will be released once charms have been filed. >> nicole collins, thank you. now for a look at some of today's other top stories it took just 3.5 hours of deliberations. >> jury found virginia tech negligent in the way it handled the 2007 shooting rampage. the parents of two students killed believe their children might be alive today if police and administrators warned students in the dorm about the
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shooting. finally you know, it has been acknowledged, what i knew for so long, that virginia tech took too long to let us know what happened. >> this will be an awareness among colleges and universities, you know, what does the warning mean when is it necessary how to keep these colleges safe. >> the jury awarded the two families $4 million each but a virginia law requires the award be capped at $100,000. a retired officer who owns an ice cream parlour in dumb dumb frees behind bars. the accuse sore was 12 years old at the time the officer is facing 23 charges of abuse. his family maintains he is innocent. >> prince georges county police say they have broken up an
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illegal gambling operation, yesterday, the restaurant was raided police found 23 slot machinesignificant amount of cash the investigation continues. >> also under investigation several dc council members over possible campaign violations, evans, alexandre, mendhelson all say their campaign officials have received federal subpoenas. at issue are money orders received from jeff thompson. subpoenas come after last week's fbi raid on his office and home. gas prices are up 14¢ in maryland since last week but they could rise even more if governor o'malley has his way he is pushing for lawmakers to increase the tax rate on gas, so the state can pay for
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transportation projects, fox 5s. melanie alnwick is live in bethesda with the latest. >> reporter: good morning tony, lawmakers heard a dire warning from the governor during a hearing yesterday about the consequences of not increasing the gas tax but you know i got to tell you a lot of drivers and consumer groups say they are not buying the argument, governor o'malley testified about 106 bridges in the state that engineers need repairs, he also talked about the areas crushing congestion among the worst in the nation which he says costs commuters and businesses lost time and money. >> yes, we are all against taxes but we pay for that too. given the shared realities we face, the cost of inaction is greater than the cost of action let us move forward for greater jobs greater opportunities better quality of life for maryland the choice is ours. the proposal would apply to the state's 6% sales tax based
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in over 3 years to the current 23.5% flat tax here is what triple-a mid-atlantic had to say quote given record high costs of gas our weak economy and absent strong protections to ensure an increase in gas tax revenues would not be diverted to balance the state and general fund triple-a mid- atlantic is unable to support these measures, so tony here is part of the problem in the past maryland has had a habit they have taken more than a billion dollars in gas tax money out of the transportation trust fund and moved it into other funds to be used for otherthings than transportation many people are concerned there is not enough protection to make sure that would not happen again the measure does face a vote today and tomorrow in those committees. >> thank you. rising gas prices sure to
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be a big test for presidential hopefuls leading up to november on the campaign trail today, rick santorum is in puerto rico ahead of saturday's primary he told a san juan newspaper he supports state hide for the u.s. territory but english would have to be the main language. mitt romney is looking ahead to tuesday in illinois where he faces another crucial battle he will stop there tomorrow for the first time. president obama speaking in maryland this morning the commander and chief will be at prince georges community college to talk about american energy he is due to highlight the colleges role in preparing workers for skilled trades like green construction and information technology. energy of course is becoming more and more of an issue in this year's presidential race. last night at the white house the first couple threw a huge state dinner for britain's prime minister big names sat at the head table including actor george clooney, warren buffet
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on the menu, halibut from alaska, kale from the president, french wax beans, dessert, mire leal monopudding, hugle berries -- lemon pudding and huckle berries. prison bound former illinois governor rob blagojevich speaks for the last time before he heads to prison. >> in hours march madness will be in full swing coming up next how the hoyas are preparing for march madness come tomorrow , ? not yet. i want to buy used but how do you know what you're really getting. check out carmax. all their used cars are guaranteed. that's where henderson found the one for him. way to go, henderson.
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making headlines this morning syria marks the first anniversary of the bloody up rising against that country's president with no diplomatic resolution in sight they continue to pummel rebel strong holds more than 8,000 people have died since the up rising began another 230,000 have been displaced. maybe one part of this whole story is you have to be a little more humble you can never have enough humility. >> former illinois governor rob blagojevich speaking to reporters before he heads to prison today he is going to serve a 14 year sentence. >> wow. >> all right. let's get the latest on weather now tucker barnes we are waiting on you sir. >> sorry i got here as soon as i could >> i know you are hard at work.
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>> he is here now. >> our cameras are programmed a certain way. > hello. >> 80s with sunshine no big changes can. >> now we are done with you. bus stop forecast. >> maybe a jacket some 40s and 50s across the area generally sunshine, comfortable temperatures by later today flirting with high temperatures, i am hesitant to put hot on the map but mid-80s in march. >> that is hot. >> i do think so too. 56 washington out to the west, 69 out in dallas look how the orange there all up in chicago, 65 degrees amazingly warm and then you get international falls and it is 27. >> my gosh. >> yeah, they got a little clash of seasons going up in
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wisconsin at the moment. speaking of a clash of seasons out to the west they have a thunder storm, complex and a few clouds will do their best to spill into the washington area won't be a perfectly sunny day although we will be dry and unseasonably warm 83 today, 77 tomorrow good chance of showers and thunderstorms late in the day tomorrow and tonight. cooler by sunday only 66 degrees >> i guess we can handle 66. >> chilly. >> let's find out what is happen tong roadways hey, julie. >> hey, you guys again kind of busy new accident activity to report northeast washington brent wood road north of new york avenue w street accident activity reported there problems if you are travelling along military road beach drive intersection remains closed right now that is where we had accident activity medevac helicopter called to the scene, one person was transported away we are not sure of the injuries
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a medevac helicopter was called, they are quite severe, blocked off each direction, eastbound 66, headed inside the belt way speeds improving, fairfax drive, 66 to the belt way, still tied up as you travel in from manana sis. belt way inner loop tied -- manassas, belt way inner loop tied up with delays. lanes are open traffic slow 395, duke street headed up towards the 14th street bridge northbound georgia avenue, headed up towards aspen hill shopping center with the safeway. you want to stay to the right to get by. thank you the red skins are making moves during free agency not as many as we first thought and the hoyas are in ohio
7:19 am
getting set for march madness. >> we haven't had a chance to talk since the big wide receiver brought in a whole bunch pierre garcon and josh morgan looked like eddie royal was going to be signed he is meet being san diego today so it is not a done deal for eddie royal yet but still if you are a wide receiver, what does that mean getting a little nervous. >> they need defensive help you know that tony they are probably going to look at this cornerback aaron ross, from the new york giants no relation i wish i was he will be a wealthy man when this free agency period is done he has two super bowl rings to flash when he comes here to meet with dan schneider and bruce alan they need help at corner and hall still under contract is a big cat hit we don't know if he will make the big cap hit.
7:20 am
switching gears have you filled out your bracket. >> i have not. >> are you doing one >> i don't know anything about all that. >> just do one tucker is doing one he doesn't know anything about it. >> okay. >> tucker loses every year. the hoyas are in columbus getting ready for their date with belmont, you expect to win that when you fill out your bracket but once you get past these first round games really you can just kind of flip a coin. seatings go out -- seedings go out the window it was a high seed for georgetown i don't think many people thought this was a tournament team so congratulations for georgetown we will see how they do out in columbus. president of the united states i want to take him to task he does this every year he does his picks every year the busiest man in the year yet he finds time to fill out a bracket. >> that's true i will do a
7:21 am
bracket. >> he is doing this with andy cats espn. last two years he picked kansas and he says they have broken his heart two years in a row he told that to the head coach. hey, coach, i picked you two years in a row what is he doing? going back to his roots picking unc once again, to win the whole thing. >> okay. >> no love for georgetown? here is my thing with the president love him obviously but he roots for the white sox in baseball not the nats and never picks the -- secret service calling yet? >> we will see what happens when you walk out of here. >> i want to see him rock a nats hat this year not a white sox. >> we got to get him to a nats game. been a pleasure working with you. >> call out the president.
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dcs famous cherry blossoms talking about this earlier this week they will get an early start thanks to mother nature when you can catch them in full bloom they moved that date up. >> they are already blooming. smokers beware, the government is launching its most blunt campaign to help you kick the habit. clowns, elephants and a bunch of exciting acts, once dubbed the greatest show on earth returns to dc coming up a sneak peek at this year's fully charged circus we will be back it is 7:22 a.m. [ female announcer ] with xfinity,
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welcome back, 7:25 a.m. the u.s. government is kick starting its first national anti smoking campaign the $54 million campaign will focus on tv radio and print ads they will include eye catching
7:26 am
images of health problems related to cigarettes, smoking remain it is leading cause of preventable death and disease in the u.s., killing more than 443,000 americans, each year. new numbers show foreclosures are picking up in some states reality track, reports an increase across 26 states including maryland the number of default notices dipped in january down 8% february last year the pace is accelerating following a $25 billion settlement reached last month between the nations biggest mortgage lenders and state officials of the nations handling of foreclosures. >> now 7:26 a.m. the national mall may have suffered more damage than first thought from the august earthquake why the land near the washington monument is in question. >> plus,. >> they strangle me, take things from me. >> it is a growing problem across the nation right now,
7:27 am
bullying, a new documentary brings awareness to that issue also controversy over the r rating of the documentary next we talk with the young woman trying to make sure every high schooler has a chance to see this, and what inspired her to do so. >> as we head to the break take a look at the screen it is a beautiful image or lookout your window too, it is sunrise this morning, beautiful start to the day we will get the latest weather and traffic from tucker and julie coming up next. ♪ ♪
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you knew this was coming the warm weather you have been enjoying means you get to enjoy the cherry blossoms earlier than first thought the peak dates are march 20th through 23rd, 20% of the trees are expected to be in full bloom this weekend. man. the five week cherry blossom festival begins march 20th. we are learning the ground around the washington monument is likely sinking more than expected, survey work on the national mall has preliminarily shown the land near the monument sunk by 2 mill meters this is possibly the result of last august's earthquake it is
7:31 am
not a huge drop but more than analysts say they would expect the ground to go down as you mentioned though, this is built on a swamp land. >> that's right that all used to be swamp land they had to fill it in. >> we could have our own version of the leaning tower of pisa. >> there may be a slight lean to the monument. >> really. >> don't be concerned you can still go down to the mall. >> cherry blossoms are beautiful. >> great day to be walking around out there. >> gorgeous, get a head start temperatures in the 80s. i can't get over saying 80s middle of march high temperatures should be a beautiful day in the tidal rea yesterday believe it or not even a little more sunny later today temperatures a few degrees warmer than yesterday's highs. 81 yesterday, high at regan national, 80 dulles, cool spots, bwi marshall, 79 later
7:32 am
today how about mid-80s. 83, 84 regan national, our record for today, is 81 degrees set back in 1990, i think we are likely to break that record at regan and dulles. 56 washington 56 regan national, cool spots baltimore, gaithersburg, 48 degrees, manassas, 45, dulles 50 degrees, fredericksburg 52, no time at all the sun will warm things up quickly we will see temperatures warm by 70 noon hour and well into the 80s by 2, 3 this afternoon sentinel sat rad, generally fine just a glimpse of what we are getting from our radar notice the cloud cover, thunderstorm complex watch it all morning it hadn't had a lot of luck moving east, it is doing its best cloud cover starting to push towards the washington area, if you are watching western maryland, west virginia, you will likely get cloud cover with this and
7:33 am
possibility of a few hours, we will keep an eye on that here later this morning mostly sunny skies record warmth good possibility, 83 daytime high winds out of the north, later tonight we will cloud up with the possibility of a shower or thunderstorm, 20 to 30% chance 57 your overnight low, better chance tomorrow afternoon, highs in the mid-to upper 70right now the weekend looks good. spring like 74, partial sunshine, for everybody out running and sunday, 66 mostly cloudy skies, that is a look at the weather let's do traffic and julie right. you are excited for your run. >> excited to get it over with. >> you are excited to do it >> i don't know it is a long run >> i think you can i have faith. >> on the roads tucker southbound 270, a slow go out of gaithersburg, leaving montgomery, south of 370, shady grove road both the local lanes
7:34 am
and mainline slow going toward it is split outer loop, 95 to georgia, route 1 towards the green belt metro, live shot 395, northbound below speed leaving the belt way past landmark traffic flows again, crossing the inbound 14th street bridge stalled cars reported braddock and route 7, all cleared leaving springfield headed towards 66, a 42 minute ride up the west side delays inbound along new york avenue, trying to get there, accident activity involving a pedestrian, tie up brent wood road, that is a check of your fox 5 on time traffic. all right thank you there was a new anti bullying documentary called bully and it is creating quite a buzz for its candid portrayal of what some call an epidemic in the nations schools. it talks of kids being bullies, bullies themselves and frustrated children some whom buried children who took their
7:35 am
own lives. take a look at the clip now. >> i feel nervous at school because i like learning but i have trouble making friends. >> they say he is a geek some kids told him he is worthless to go hang himself and i think he got to the point where enough was enough. >> tragic situation. perkins boy just 11 years old believed to have been desperate enough to take his own life. >> very disturbing to watch that even 30 seconds of the trailer the film is getting attention because of its r rating a high school junior in katy butler argued those who need to see the movie the most would not be able to. the movement earned support of 20 members of congress, numerous celebrities and katie's petition received more than 300,000 signatures, thank you for coming in we do
7:36 am
appreciate it. >> thank you so much for having me. >> you are a junior in high school right now from michigan, but you really took an interest in this, this documentary, doesn't portray your story yourself, but you took a personal interest because you were bullied yourself, throughout school as well tell us a little bit about that. >> yes, well, i started this petition on to change the rating, i love the movie bullied because when i was in middle school i came out as a lesbian to my school not a lot of people liked that so they bullied me called me names pushed me into walls, and one day they ended up slamming my hands in my locker and breaking my finger so i have a personal connection to this. >> mm-hmm so did you feel during that time, did you have you know seeing this documentary, did you have that kind of support? something to go to someone to relate to? did you have that until this documentary came out? >> no, i didn't i mean i didn't have anything when i was in
7:37 am
middle school, i felt so alone it was just horrible. i think a lot of kids feel that way in this movie and it could definitely change that if they end up being allowed to see it. >> take me through the process what it was like, and how you got help and what it was like for your family, trying to help you through this time were you reaching out to the bullies themselves the parents how did you deal with it? >> when i was in middle school, um, i wasn't out to my family, so, i didn't go to them for help i didn't go to the teachers, or really anyone else because i was afraid it would get worse because that is a lot of times what happens if you tell someone at school they don't do anything unfortunately, so the bullying just gets worse i think especially if administrators also get to see this movie, it will give them an insight into what is actually happening. >> now we took just a quick look at it there for 30 seconds but you have seen the documentary yourself tell me a
7:38 am
little bit more about what you saw in that, and how much you could relate to it and how just i guess astounding somethings are kids go through. >> yes, i did see the movie it was absolutely incredible, it was so powerful these are real kids telling their real stories and the things they were feeling i personally connected to, there is one girl in the movie who is a lesbian and she talks about her story and that really really hit home with me when i was watching the movie i started crying, because it is so real. >> even when we were just watching that, just kind of the goose bumps it gives you when you see some of the kids being hit and those are the things you go through day in and day out i find it interesting you were talking about the petition how you have had so many signatures, 300,000 signatures you have had trying to change the rating on this movie tell me how you came to this point of i have to do something about this so every child can see
7:39 am
this,. well, when i first saw this, as it was coming out i thought it was absolutely wonderful and a great idea it is a movie about bullying and giving such an insight to people who need that, and then i saw it was rated r and i was like well, that is really counter productive, because the kids who need to see this, the kids under 17 they can't go see it without a parent now, so i went on and started a petition to change the rating. >> you have gotten a lot of support, at least from several -- 20 different members of congress, congressman mike honda from california supported your petition as well i am sure that has helped you will be down on capital hill talking to these people today about this >> yes, i am so thankful all these people are helping and supporting me, it is just great to have their support. >> celebrities i believe as well ellen degenres i believe you were on the show is that right? >> yes. >> how much is their support
7:40 am
helped you as well >> it is wonderful. i mean, the celebrities helping, reaches a huge audience especially like justin bieber because that reaches a lot of the kids who might not have heard about it or thought about it before. >> all right well, katie butler you are a brave girl this is you doing a wonderful thing we appreciate you coming in and talking about your story, make some kids out there going through this as well. we thank you so much. >> thank you very much. >> tony back over to you. >> looks like a movie everybody should see. 7:40 a.m., a catholic priest who made headlines after refusing to serve communion to a lesbian at her mothers funeral is speaking out his side of the controversial story next hour. >> also at 8, cruel shoes we are talking about high heels ladies how they could change the way you walk even when you are not wearing them. >> first, if you have a sweet
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rowing cheers fox 5 from students at pine spring elementary school falls church tucker and i made a visit there yesterday afternoon, we do this on occasion as much as we can, get out to schools to talk about weather so many of these kids in these schools are learning about weather, and the kids we talked to were from kindergarten to third grade man they know their stuff. >> sure do.
7:45 am
>> really do. >> joing a are phi and weather >> -- geography and weather. >> they know words like front and things like that. >> yeah. >> the terminology. >> stationary fronts, weather fronts all that kind of stuff they were great. well behaved too we had a wonderful time. and take a look at this. >> let's see the shirts. >> because we were out there, you know we did the presentation they made us honorary bobcats. >> that is a big honor. >> yes they don't do this for everybody. >> they had to take a vote. >> pine spring elementary thank you for having us out the kids were super smart. >> rock stars. >> all right well, that is wonderful. there were one or two kids that didn't approve of us being honorary bobcats though. >> really? >> they raised hands and said who do you think we should make them honorary bobcats a couple kids weren't sure. >> let me do the forecast real quick more of the same in fact,
7:46 am
if anything, warmer, mid-80s. right now 56 washington you know what we are comfortably cool, 48 gaithersburg, comfortably cool here at fox 5 chef >> no way >> ladies and gentlemen i said, that's right. 58 -- like i said, that's right. chilly in boston this morning, jet stream retreated to the north it is in no hurry to return, the jet stream, like that unseasonably warm air will continue. today we will deal with record heat, the record today is 81 honestly, the next week to 10 days, temperature well above normal, mid-50s we don't even have that, next 5 to 8 days. >> no kidding. >> 07s and 80s -- 70s and 80s stick around next week. 83 today, get out and enjoy the cherry blossoms next several days blooming cooler for sunday, only 56. >> no wind in the forecast either. >> no big winds we will get a
7:47 am
thunderstorm tomorrow night. >> okay. >> all right. now we want to find out what is happening with traffic. since we mentioned school is julie going to join us? >> yes >> there you are. >> one of the -- the librarian at the school specifically wanted us to mention to you, that you need to stop teasing tucker. >> aww. >> she did say that. >> i think you are making that up. >> i think so too. >> she said she loves you julie but we left that part out. >> she doesn't understand the abuse i go through. that is why my foot is in a boot because of dancing with tucker barnes. >> so true. >> see, even sarah said it is true. >> 395, leaving duke street, heavy and slow continuously across the 14th street bridge, southbound 270, leaving rockville headed out toward the lane divide, leaving 95, inner loop below speed 95 to the green belt metro that is a
7:48 am
check of your fox 5 on time traffic. >> looking for thrilling entertainment, holly morris has just the thing for you for kids of all ages i thought we were thrilling entertainment. >> she is live at verizon center with some very special guests. >> i was just saying that sarah we are the greatest show on earth and they are the greatest show on earth we are live at verizon center for the ringling brothers barnum & bailey circus. the troop behind me is indeed making their ringling brothers debut all the way from china just one of the reasons why this year's show is called fully charged we will tell you about it live next fox 5 morning news stay with us q finally carpet cleaning got easier.
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time to say good morning to today's fan of the day on facebook. steve nelson he says he and his
7:52 am
kids watch every morning and we were giving him a hard time about that eagles sweat shirt a little bit but want to mention he wanted to be picked in honor of his uncle dave thanks for watching we appreciate you watching good morning. to be tomorrow's fan of the day head to facebook search for fox 5 morning news and place a comment under steeves photo. >> ringling brothers and bar none and bailey pre-- barnum & bailey presents fully charged. >> holly is there this morning to get a sneak peek for us. holly back where you are at your best at the circus. >> reporter: i think that is a complement. >> it is. >> well, you know since i work in a circus every day,. >> you two are a part of that. >> i know. you are right. i am right at home with the circus no matter what i say they think i am funny. he laughs right on clue right on cue. >> it happens. >> it is watts of fun here this
7:53 am
year. >> mega watts of fun. >> fully charged that is what they are calling 141st edition of ringling brothers, barnum & bailey circus, these guys are very athletic -- i was talking about giggle must for you. >> this is the boss clown not just any clown we said we wanted to talk to the main guy and here he is. you know what i think is fun about you is the fact that you always knew this is what you wanted to do literally from the age of 4 you are like i want to be under the big top. >> growing up in kansas city i knew i wanted to be a clown for ringling brothers, 7 years later here i am. it is fun for you you will never work a day in your life if you do something you love but it is no small task. >> no, it is a lot of work for any hack crow bat it is a lot of -- acrobat it is a lot of work we are on the road 11 months of
7:54 am
the year training, practicing, rehearsing putting on make up doing pr. >> the make up is tiring. >> and engaging with new acts all the time. >> of course. >> let's talk about the people behind us they are making their debut with ringling brothers they have been in the circus world >> this is their american debut from china the tiani chang troop, 27 men and women from china each person will learn about three skills and they will do that their entire life so you see these two lovely ladies up in front are doing what is called diablo which is a chinese yo-yo and that is a very ancient art form, of juggling. >> you know what amazing me about ringling brothers the fact they have been doing this so long yet they always find something new and find a new way to energize, staying on that fully charged theme, the audience. tell me a little bit what is new and special about the
7:55 am
circus. >> this year's show is all about the power of the audiences energy igniting our energy so you will see a lot of human feets, there is a guy who gets shot from a cross bow on fire 65 miles an hour, 100 feet in the air he is phenomenal. the world's most thrilling animal trainer he works with horses, tigers elephants we have so in animals in the show this is jam packed with animals. >> a new ring master. >> brian crawford scott i believe you will see him later on he is from california and he is a foe nominal voice. -- at the nominal voice you will see 17 countries represented in this year 's show. >> i always find that amazing not all of them speak english yet all are able to work together and pull off an incredible show. >> we like to call this, a un you have all the different nationalities working together and many different religions,
7:56 am
backgrounds but we can all come together and create the greatest show on earth. >> i also know everybody has their own unique individual talent did i hear you can say the alphabet backwards. >> you heard correctly it has been awhile i will have to warm up >> i double dog dare you >> ready. aww. [ saying the alphabet backwards ] >> that is impressive. the circus is in town. through sunday then they go through baltimore and then a stint at the patriot center fairfax. coming up next hour we are moving on to juggling. back to you in studio. >> all right. >> we do a little juggling here some times thank you holly. >> coming up in our 8:00 a.m. hour lose your smart phone a new study examines the odds of getting it back once you've lost it coming up, why it may depend on what city you are in.
7:57 am
>> also after 8:00 a.m. something a lot of women wear every day, those high heels i can vouch for that those are kind of cool. >> see that's the problem. >> fox medical team tells us why you might want to keep the 6-inch stilettos in the closet for a little while any way. >> where was that woman walking >> i don't know 
7:58 am
7:59 am
8:00 am
as gas prices continue to skyrocket, martin o'malley is pushing hard for a gas tax increase meeting heavy criticism but he has a word of warning about what he says could happen if it doesn't pass a live report coming up. >> losing your smart phone can be a major pain in the neck what would your chances be of getting it back if you happen to lose it in dc we will break down the results of a very interesting experiment. when it comes to shoes, many women choose fashion overcome fort what is the long term damage, you may be paying for those heels with more than
8:01 am
your check book. i am tony. >> i am will thomas in for allison her absence does not have anything to do with a heel injury. i saw the flip flops make an appearance yesterday i think they will be the rage later today. >> look under the desk. paps are important will >> -- pants are important. >> flip flops,. >> sorry. >> 56 in washington, 50 out at dulles ocean city maryland, 54 degrees comfortable nice comfortable start on the warm side later today flirting with hot i mean mid-80s in july wouldn't be bad but mid-80s march, hot for many of us sentinel radar watching thunder storm activity it has not had much luck progressing east but some cloud cover with it has been spilling into the mountains it is not going to be a perfectly sunny day even here in washington further west we
8:02 am
will get cloud cover and possibility if you are headed out to ohio or parts of west virginia, sunny and warm today in fact hot with possibility of record high temperatures later this afternoon here you go, i decided to put warm instead of hot but you know i think -- >> we get the picture. >> it will be beautiful, 81 by 4:00 p.m., highs 83, 84. >> fun to watch you all morning long tony you would agree figuring out how to say it a different way pretty much you are just stunned. >> yeah. >> i can't believe i am saying this. >> we will take it though you know who loves it julie wright. absolutely i am sitting here waiting to hear this story about women and shoes i will tell you i will be honest with you we will put our shoes in the starting can if it says prada or gucci on it. >> wait until you see this. >> tough commute on the roads,
8:03 am
prince georges county sen real avenue up towards the bw parkway -- central avenue up towards the bw parkway down to 22 miles an hour at land over southbound 270, german town headed toward the spur heavy volume, 32 minute commute, headed out towards the split, delays 95 to 66, a 40 minute ride travelling up the west side, 66 coming inbound from centerville headed in towards the capital belt way almost a 45 minute commute all lanes here are open that is a check of your fox 5 on time traffic. all right thank you very much new this morning the u.s. secretary of defense is in afghanistan, leon panetta just met with the president of afghanistan they discussed the shooting of 16 afghans by an american soldier. as panetta arrived an afghan man drove a truck on to the
8:04 am
runway and crashed a truck into a ditch setting himself on fire. trust is needed between the coalition and afghan people panetta said. >> that is extremely important if we are to succeed in this mission of transitioning all of the areas in afghanistan to afghan control governance and security. >> the staff sergeant who is accused of last weekend's massacre was flown to kuwait but the move is angering afghan lawmakers now calling for president karzai not to sign any strategic partnership agreement with the u.s. unless the suspect faces justice in afghanistan. it appears president obama's health care law could be more expensive than previously thought the congressional budget office estimates the bill will cost $1.76 trillion between now and the year 2022 that is twice as much as the original $900 billion price tag republican
8:05 am
senator, jeff sessions says the newest mate does not include implementation and other costs and the price tag could be according to him over 2.5 trillion for the first ten years of the law. >> several dc council members are under the federal microscope part of the ongoing investigation into possible campaign violations jack evans, alexander mendhelson say they have received subpoenas, regarding jack thompson. the subpoena's come after last week's fbi raid on thompson's office and home. >> it took jurors 3.5 hours to find virginia tech officials negligent for the handling of the 2007 campus massacre the parents of two victims brought the civil suit claiming the school didn't do enough to keep students safe two people were shot in a dorm, first 30 more
8:06 am
were shot two and a half hours later school officials believed the first shootings were isolated. they had a clear obligation to let their student, staff and faculty know of the danger that existed from having a gunman loose on campus. >> to a certain extent, families now can have something to make them feel better and move on with their lives now that it has been acknowledged that you know, the school acted too slowly. >> the jury determined the families deserved $4 million each, but a virginia law caps such awards at $100,000. >> retired police officer turned ice cream shop owner is behind bars this morning a man alleges he was sexually abused by him between 1996 and 2001 when he was a patrol officer in dumfries and he was between 12 and 16 years old he has owned
8:07 am
joe joes original soft serve since retiring from the police force in 2004. there is a new twist in the georgetown murder of a 91-year- old socialite a judge ruled him incompetent to stand trial in the death of his elderly wife he is currently being treated at st. elizabeth's the judge ordered him held for another month of treatment saying he believes he will eventually be competent he is accused of strangling and beating his wife last august he denied any wrong doing. tony, you like me you start filling up your tank and hit a certain amount like $50 i am done even if it is not filled. >> mm-hmm. >> it is disgusting the pain continues gas prices up 14¢ maryland just since last week but could rise even more if governor o'malley has his way. >> he is pushing for lawmakers to increase the tax rate on gas, so the state can pay for
8:08 am
transportation projects fox 5s. melanie alnwick is live with the latest. melanie. >> hi tony let's lock at the prices as erage -- look at the they stand right now in the dc area dc drivers are paying $4.03 a gallon, maryland 3 .8 4, 3.73 virginia in maryland they are up 57¢ since the beginning to have year making the idea of a gas tax increase a very tough sell for governor o'malley still the governor pressed lawmakers in the house and senate budget committees to pass his proposal which could tack on an additional 18 to 20¢s per gallon at the pump in maryland when fully phased in mr. o'malley said the money is needed to reduce congestion and address serious problems we have right now on the state's roads and bridges. >> roads do not upgrade or maintain themselves, bridges do not repair themselves or
8:09 am
rebuild themselves, minneapolis, kentucky, ohio, are not the only places where bridges crumble as they get older. our transportation infrastructure here in maryland does not grow broader or stronger with age. >> now opponents of the measure say the states habit of using gas tax money to fund other measures is part of what got local infrastructure in the bad shape it is in to begin with and they say they don't see enough protections in the governor 's proposal to ensure any additional money that comes out of drivers pockets will actually go to transportation projects. >> thank you. >> time 8:09 a.m., temperature. >> 55 degrees. >> really hot. >> little glits and a lot of glamour at the white house as the president and first lady host a state dinner, a big one more on that event coming up here on fox 5 morning news. plus a lost smart phone experiment here in dc how many phones were returned what did the people who found them do with the devices before
8:10 am
attempting to contact the owners, fox 5 morning news will be right back 8:10 a.m. [ dog barking ] mom! breakfast? in this house? in the morning i can use all the help i can get. that's why i love nutella, a delicious hazelnut spread that's perfect on multigrain toast and even whole-wheat waffles. it's a quick and easy way to give my family a breakfast they'll want to eat.
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welcome back 8:13 a.m. making headlines president obama is speaking at prince georges county community college in largo today, he will talk about american energy and the important role colleges play partnering with businesss to provide innovative energy solutions the event begins just before 11:00 a.m. know slack field house. >> last night at the white house, 350 dignitaries attended a state dinner for prime minister cameron. singer john legend, actor george clooney and billion air warren buffet. >> tony where were you? >> my invitation was lost in the mail >> later today cameron heads to new york city to visit ground zero
8:14 am
>> it would be great to go to a state dinner. >> unlike the salahees who felt like they needed to be there, there is an air even george clooney, i am at the white house. pretty cool. >> tucker barnes now have you ever been to a state dinner. >> never had that honor still waiting. >> you keep delivering forecasts like this you might. >> thank you will. let's get to my first 5 photo of the day and everybody,. >> oh,. >> isn't that the cutest picture you will ever see, 3- year-old joseph, and his 1 month old baby sister brianna look at the love in his eyes. >> that is great and as a parent you love to see that. >> both of their eyes. >> in a couple years they will be fighting like heck. >> true. >> his family says he is starting to get the hang of the big brother thing and he is loving it. >> you protect her that is one of your jobs. >> i think he already is
8:15 am
feeling that responsibility. >> super cute. >> to send your child's picture go to click on mornings thank you so much joseph and breanna, it will be a beautiful day you can probably sport the shorts later this afternoon temperatures well into the 80s 55 washington not a bad start 40s to the west, 45 martins burg, 41 frederick a few cool spots temperatures should jump quickly, in the next hour or two as the sun gets a chance to warm up. >> cooler north, new york city 44 at this hour and 38 boston, that cooler air will try to sneak down here, with a little back door cold front cool us down at least temporarily as we get into the weekend, but up ahead of it, later today, we will be all systems go for record warmth sentinel radar, thunderstorm activity out to the west not making much progress east cloud cover will likely be seen by viewers out to the west, otherwise sunshine, great conditions high
8:16 am
temperatures as mentioned, likely to shatter records around here by later today 83 degrees, hard to believe it is middle of march 77 tomorrow better chance of showers and thunderstorms tomorrow and tomorrow night, weekend looks dry and cooler high in the 60s that is a look at your weather forecast, traffic with one and only julie wright. >> all right tucker you guys were talking earlier the president will be speaking out at prince georges community college, just a heads up they h shut down the roads in that direction, 202, 214, auxiliary roads towards the campus. inner loop leaving connecticut avenue into the sunshine approaching georgia avenue, below speed 395 slow, from georgia to king gw parkway, close to the cia delays south, 270, 30 minute commute leaving german town, inner loop of the belt way 95
8:17 am
to 66, 40 minute commute, up the west side as you travel with all lanes open inbound from the west 66, slow in centerville headed in toward it is belt way a 33 minute ride all lanes open. >> thank you. it hasn't taken me long on this morning show to figure out jewellery has a bedazzled smart phone she probably uses it as a beacon of light for airplanes coming in for a landing but you will agree these are used for more than phone calls they are like minicomputers but they are easy to lose. >> if you were to lose yours what are your chances of getting it back? lauren demarco joins us with more from the smart phone zone hey, lauren. >> good morning well, what is the first thing you would do if you found a lost smart phone? in a new study, lost phones were placed around several cities including washington dc the researchers tracked where they went and what was accessed
8:18 am
after they were lost. >> i think it would be hell on earth if i lose it. >> most smart phone owners are seldom without beloved devices what happens when you misplace your mobile >> i lost my phone like a month ago i called a few places back no body said they brought it back i just ordered a new one. the common symantec performed an experiment. >> there were 10 smart phones placed in dc how many do you think people returned? >> one. >> like zero. >> actually we faired a bit better than that 50% of phones lost in dc were found by people who attempted to return them not great as ottawa canada but did top l.a. and new york >> would never guess anything so i am surprised 50% of the
8:19 am
people do return the phones. >> 50/50 chance is somewhatcomforting but that does not mean your data is secure. >> presented with opportunity to look at information, work information on these smart phones, 96% of the people took advantage of it even the people that attempted to return the phones looked at that personal information. >> kevin haley is director of symantec he said if you don't take steps to protect your smart phone you are taking a risk. >> we saw someone looking at the information, one night, the next morning 4:30 a.m. they woke up and started looking at salary information on the phone trying to look at it, they repeatedly looked at bank information and would access a file called passwords we think in an attempt to veer fie they had the right password -- verify they had the right password to log into the bank account. >> haley doesn't believe criminal intent is typical but people can be nosey.
8:20 am
>> i think it is curiosity but a lesson for all of us, that we have so much information on our smart phones, it is probably the information on the phone is more valuable than the phone itself. the bottom line look into password locks and aps that remotely wipe or track your phone if you lose it. >> i have everything on my phone from i don't even want to say, like everything like everything. >> thing about it. >> we have more information on that study available just head to the mornings page and look for the smart phone zone. i can tell you that guy at the end he really was pretty funny he admitted if he found a smart phone he probably would look through it and said the one thing he would be concerned with was do they have more blackberry bbm contacts than me somewhat are their photos. >> points for being honest. >> every now and then we report on study that is are ridiculous this is a good study
8:21 am
interesting and tells you about human behaviour. >> it comes down to karma if you find a phone give it back there may come a time you lose yours. >> good advice. >> thanks lauren. now 8:21 a.m. on thursday morning, a catholic priest who made headlines after refusing to serve common i don't know to a lesbian at -- communion to a lesbian at her mothers funeral is speaking out. >> holly morris is that holly from trampolines to space age contraption she is taking us to the circus the exciting show here in town until sunday we will check with her if she can talk. fox 5 morning news hold on holly.  whatcha lookin' for hon?
8:22 am
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8:25 am
ridiculously cruel and ridiculously unusual. >> he loved the people. >> he was a great man he is all about the kids and as you see in his laws and right when he was governor he loved people. >> a lot of strong opinions about this one blagojevich is appealing his conviction and sentence. catholic priest who made national headlines after refusing to give a lesbian communion at her mothers funeral is defending his actions. >> the incident happened february 25th, st. john newman church gaithersburg. she said she was told aloud at the altar he could not give herman i don't know because she lived with a woman -- her communion because she lived with a woman. the father said quote under these circumstances i quietly
8:26 am
with held communion so quietly even the eucharistic minister standing 4 feet from me was not aware i had done so in fact miss johnson promptly chose to go to that minister to receive communion and did so there was no scandal, no public reprimand s some reported. >> spring has sprung early, the peak bloom dates for the cherry blossoms have been adjusted. >> allergies are here too. plus president obama places his march madness picks, dave ross in studio he has a check of sports on the other side of the break time now 8:26 a.m. ah. so much better than last year. [ both screaming ] food out the window! throw the food out the window! [ roaring ]
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8:30 am
survey reports that the ground near the washington monument has sunk by 2 mill meters. don't know what they can do about that but all right. >> warm weather we have been enjoying has been raising concerns about the cherry blossoms now it is official the peak bloom dates have been adjusted prime time to see the blossoms will now be march 20th through the 23rd, 20% of the trees are expected to be in full bloom by this weekend. by this weekend the middle of march. >> early early i think we were saying yesterday the prediction was the 24th you guys said it on air no way jose. >> when we were seeing your shots from down there, we were all saying no way it could be. >> and sarah simmons brought up a good point earlier this morning she said a lot of folks come here they plan in advance to hit the peak blooms now things are off by a good week or so. >> if you are coming from somewhere in this country you
8:31 am
can theoretically adjust but some people come from overseas that is tougher. >> and they have you to blame. >> not much we can do about it to be honest, temperatures soaring to 80s later today not sure we are slowing down the process of blooming of any trees or plants. there is a live shot you can see, i don't want to call it haze but atmosphere is going to warm up very quickly a summary feel around here today, even warmer than yesterday daytime highs mid-80s for parts of the area, even warmer than yesterday, 55 right now washington, overnight, cooled off it was comfortable, many spots, 46 manassas, 49 out at dulles temperatures expected to jump, good 15 degrees. 43 frederick, southern maryland, 54 degrees. very warm afternoon some of us will call it hot later today as we've got, just a warm air
8:32 am
flowing from the south. all right thunderstorm complex out to the west, trying to track east, but generally fallen apart as it is moving into the mountains i don't think we will see rain or thunderstorm activity some of this cloud cover will likely roll over the mountains into the washington area. it will be partly sunny day today not quite as bright and beautiful as it was yesterday. with that, our winds are out of the south we are expecting to get awfully close to record high temperatures record high today is 81 degrees, we will get to 83, 84 later today a look at your surface feature, stationary front off to the north and east that will come back down as a back door cold front later tonight area pressure riding north and west best chance for a shower or thunderstorm washington area, late in the day tomorrow and tomorrow night and then quiet things down for the weekend right now, the weekend will be dry cooler than today, 83 today overnight low 57 record warmth good possibility, 77 tomorrow best chance for showers and
8:33 am
thunderstorms tomorrow afternoon tomorrow night there you go your weekend looks dry cooler sunday clouds as we get another back door cold front 66 degrees that is weather let's do sports we know where we are headed over to tony and dave. >> yes, indeed tucker. >> president obama fills out his march madness bracket meantime rg 3 memorbilia, is already showing up in dc, no surprise there, fox 5s. dave ross is here with a little sports. now the president filled out his bracket you said you will do so. >> i heard someone saying to you earlier i will need your help i know everyone is asking for your help i won't ask. >> well, i am happy to give you some help. although misguided but i will try. i will just fill it out. >> the president did this with andy cats at espn he knows his basketball he is a big basketball guy he doesn't just willie nilly, he picked kansas the last two years he said he is upset with bill south they
8:34 am
broke his heart and his bracket first year he did this he picked unc they won it all he is picking unc again to pick the whole thing he does have ohio state and missouri kentucky and unc in his final four with two number one seeds kentucky and unc doing battle for the national championship. >> not going out on a limb. >> i do get the sense though -- >> they call it chalk he is taking a lot of chalk. >> i do get the sense he puts thought into it and does it himself. >> he does i would like to see him pick georgetown just to see how far he would have them going they are a three seed they are in columbus getting ready for their match up with belmont this was them leaving is a good team everybody in the tournament there is no cake walk you think they are unless you are 1 against the 16 there is no game you go wow, so good luck to georgetown, never easy
8:35 am
this time of year. they are a pretty good basketball team >> they have over achieved already. >> nice spot >> i like the design. free agent news, aaron ross will be in town again today, no relation from the new york giants red skins looking for secondary help this is a guy presumably could give you help. also brandon merry weather a safety with the patriots, that is new news today also in dc going to visit with the jets but stopping off in dc first before he heads his way up north to meet with the jets. we all know those receivers are to help out rg 3 he hasn't even been drafted yet and yet, we already have these tony, we've got t-shirts i want you to hold that up if you could already up here and this comes to us from fred, the president of fans only, the most interesting man in the league, a little spin off on the most interesting man
8:36 am
in the world, robert griffin the third it doesn't take very long to get dc excited i figure give this to connor >> he will be super excited >> i am sure he will be. the fan base in dc is excited. >> now they draft andrew luck, give back the t-shirt but looks like rg 3. >> we will just paste the picture of luck over. >> i saw last weekend, a picture on the internet someone photo shopped of rg three in a red skins uniform, holding up a super bowl trophy. >> my goodness. >> people go from a to z in this town very quickly. >> thank you dave ross appreciate it will back to you. >> can i do your sports voice tony? >> not well apparently. >> better stick to just being me. >> time 8:37 a.m. labor department is out with a littest unemployment numbers this morning details coming up after the break plus attention travelers, jd power and
8:37 am
associates is out with a new list of customer service champions, which airlines, which hotels are making the cut as we continue ue 
8:38 am
8:39 am
welcome back almost 8:40
8:40 am
a.m., news just in from the labor department, new unemployment applications dropped to 351,000 matching a four year low reached last month, when unemployment claims drop below 375,000 it usually signals hiring is strong enough to lower the unemployment rate. >> speaking of all of that time for fox 5 job of the day, pot belly, in dc is looking for a restaurant general manager, for more details on this job and see more listings head to look for the job shop. on the housing front new figures out today show foreclosures spiked in half the states last month including maryland. the foreclosure activities shot up at banks begin to tackle a backlog of homes with unpaid mortgages real estate service reality track says the increase was in states where courts supervised foreclosures. >> when it comes to travelling it seems flying on say a discount airline may be the way
8:41 am
to go if what you are looking for is good customer service. >> but for hotels some customers say stick with those luxury brands, this is according to a survey put out by jd power and associates, jet blue, southwest and virgin america took top spots on the list of customer service champions among hotels customers preferred ritz carleton and four seasons why not. >> come on $600 a night for good customer service? really they know your name. >> you better get good customer service. >> time 8:42 a.m. shoes that make it hard to walk, seem like an oxymoron yet many women choose fashion overcome fort time and again. >> it comes with potential health risks delving into high heeled drama with the fox medical team up next. >> then holly is taking us to the circus hey, holly. >> we have circus drama live at verizon center, called fully charged up next we will show
8:42 am
you indeed energy in motion. all live next fox 5 morning news stay with us ♪
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high heels may have high fashion but can lead to health problems. >> the fox medical team is looking in depth we thought we would bring in sarah who is the resident high heel expert since neither will or i are. >> not this week any way. >> at least today if allison was here she totally understands. >> yeah, this is what i wear like every morning i know my podiatrist is probably going to kill me. >> that looks sensible. >> you would think. >> but yeah, i have had foot problems and i can guarantee you that he would tell me yeah, you need to stop wearing these, but i still do i try to take them off in between when i am not up here in studio but the reason we are talking about this of course, researchers studies young women who wore high heels 40 hours a week it changed the way the woman walked even when barefoot fox medical team's beth galvin joins us with more i hope you have something to save me here.
8:46 am
>> reporter: good morning sarah well, the good news you are not alone because a lot of women are wearing high heels right now sarah and they are not just wearing 2-inch, 3-inch heels they are wearing 4, 5, 6 and one foot doctor says we are going to pay for it big time later with pain. they look so good, yet they hurt so bad. >> toes up. hold it strong. >> reporter: tiffany forced her feet into heels all day every day for 20 years until they started talking back by that time her feet were screaming. >> it was severe pain to the point where it felt like some body was stabbing me with a knife i would be driving you know i had my heels on maybe an hour and i would have to take my shoes off the pine pain was excruciating. >> -- the pain was excruciating. >> reporter: this foot surgeon says 40% of his patients have foot problems because of their
8:47 am
shoes. >> women associate the higher the heel with more style and the higher the heel, causes more damage. these toes don't want to be pushed in this shoe. surprisingly, my own wife wears some pretty crazy high heel shoes these are her charles jordans i don't even know if she knew i took them women walk around 8 hours a day with their toe in that position. >> stuart says you can see on an x ray how a high heel pushes the foot forward and crams the toes together. >> reporter: your toes look like this in the shoe that is causing structural damage over a short period of time. >> research shows it doesn't take long for heels to do their damage. he has treated muscle sprains, foot pain, hammer toes, bunions because of heels. >> i have had to have the bunionectomy on one of my feet so far and eventually i will have to have the other one done but it takes a toll on your feet. >> reporter: if you love your
8:48 am
heels. >> use them sparingly for church, business, and use them when going out at night. >> australian researchers followed young women who had been wearing heels about 40 hours a week for a couple years and found that they actually walk almost permanently in the tip topo significance even -- topo significance even when they took their shoes off sarah my producer tells me your shoes while high look good they have a more square toe more square heel those are both better if you have room for your toes and they are not being crunched forward into a little tiny point and you have a heel more stable both of those things are pluses, when it comes to your feet sarah. >> now beth tell me a little bit too i have had to go to the podiatrist he told me things as well what do you know about those platforms they talk about having underneath the toe are some of those heels better than others? >> well, they can be as long as
8:49 am
they may be evening out your foot a little bit more and not sending it into that severe tip topo significance that can help but when the the platforms get up to 5, 6 inches you are still at risk of falling or twisting your ankle or suffering some sort of muscle or tendon injury too, so they are better not perfect, perfect would be a little bit lower to the ground and maybe a little rounder, or more toe box room there. >> yeah okay well, beth galvin such good advice we do appreciate it and obviously very big topic so i will be looking closely at my shoes yeah, i had cramming going on in there. >> this is serious business. >> it is. >> it is easy for me to say because i am a guy i just don't think it is worth it i just don't think it is worth it. >> even when they walk by in those patent radulater shoes. >> no. >> -- red, leather shoes. >> no. >> even the doctor when he held
8:50 am
up his wife's shoe he was grinning. >> it is about the grains. >> you -- brains. >> you don't have to torture your foot as the doctor said it can occur over a short period of time >> i started having issues in my late 20s because i was wearing them out on the street when we do our work and a lot. >> you have known this for years now and in your 20s. >> i back off. >> now you are 29. >> did you get that 29? >> right thank you. >> thank you. fully charged that is the new ringling brothers barnum & bailey circus show in town now through sunday. >> holly morris no stranger to high heels is at verizon center to learn more about the show lookout for her blue sneakers. >> that's right i don't have heels today i have my official circus shoes on yes i already had them in my closet but it work s with the circus and the circus has been working for 141 years that is this edition of
8:51 am
the ringling brothers barnum & bailey they want you to disconnect where the digital age and plug into a kilometre an hour curse experience like no other because of troops like the smaha troop a family group this is if older sister. >> yeah, i am the oldest one. >> and twins back here. >> they are my brother and sister. >> i understand the circus has been in your family for a generation. >> yeah, that's true from my fathers side like from circus and my mother she is coming from gymnastics, so. >> there was never a question you guys were always going to do this. >> well, actually yeah. >> which is pretty good because you are pretty good at it tell me about your juggling act. >> we are working in the middle ring actually, with the two other acts, it is to
8:52 am
argentinean boys from russia, and yeah, so us actually very different we used to work in one ring, like circus like two and a half thousand people here like ringling completely different, huge arena, and we are working with different two acts together so very new experience. >> i know you guys are making your debut with ringling brothers but you have been a part of other circuses, is it really just something totally different if what you have done before? >> kind of different it is true but actually still our work what we used to perform before, but just different like because of a lot of people. >> bigger audience more people more pressure. >> yes. >> more nerve wracking. >> first time was really impressive and really nervous because we never work in front of so many people.
8:53 am
>> you guys are from czech republic you work with some argentinean fellows and a group from russia, is it different do you guys show each other different things? do you learn from each other? >> yeah, they, different people go like different actors do different things some times we make like shows, with each other or somethings, but depends some people do co-ops, with the rings. >> so what you juggle is different but the basic skills are there. >> yes first we start to juggle it is actually with a ball, easier and then after you go to clubs or rings or whatever else. >> so who is the best juggler in your family? >> my sister. >> they are not listening they are busy say you. >> of course. >> of course right you have shown them everything they know. so we are going to join the group. go ahead notice i have nothing in my hands. i will be juggling nothing
8:54 am
except information ready? >> yep. >> here is what you need to know about ringling brothers, 141st edition, they have a new ring master by the way only the 36th ring master in that entire time the show is here verizon center through sunday but they will be back at patriot center the april 4th through 15th get your tickets for that if you live in that area, our website we got a link back to y'all in studio. >> looks like fun maybe this is the one thing you can't do holly is juggle >> i just ran out of time. >> as far as you know. >> thank you holly. >> if you said you could do it i believe it. >> time to say good morning to today's fan of the day steve. he and his kids watch this show every morning we do appreciate that he is wearing an eagles sweat shirt but, that is cool. that is cool. >> that is his team. >> as long as it is not dallas. >> we want to mention steve
8:55 am
wanted to be picked in honor of his uncle dave thank you for watching steve to be to morrow's fan of the day head to facebook search fox 5 morning news place a comment under steve's photo. >> steve puts an rg three t- shirt on maybe we will put him back on the news. >> it wasn't all about the singing on last night's episode of american idol there was controversy. >> we will talk more about that and go over performances with our own judges in idol chatter straight ahead next hour good to see you sir i will see you tomorrow sarah is back in the hot seat right after this ó
8:56 am
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8:58 am
good morning everyone i am sarah simmons allison seymour is off today >> i am tony perkins defense secretary leon panetta meet s with afghan president karzai
8:59 am
following sunday's killing of afghan civilians by a u.s. soldier, details on their meeting plus where the soldier was taken that is creating controversy. >> gas guzzling money out of our wallets prices spiked over the past few weeks now maryland's governor wants to make the tax higher. idol contestant booted from the show because of outstanding arrest warrants. hear what producers told germaine jones plus we will review last night's performances coming up in idol chatter. >> it bets more and more interesting always -- it gets nor and more interesting always a new twist. >> especially because they brought him back it is not fair we cut him off now they have to cut him because of this thing. >> it is crazy. >> so is this weather too. we will take it, a little crazy to get into the 80s. >> you said it sarah, very unusual, flirting with record high temperatures later today,


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