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tv   Fox Morning News at 6  FOX  March 21, 2012 6:00am-7:00am EDT

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claims of bullying ate local elementary school and it is the teachs are who say they are being targeted. now, they are taking some sax eastchester d.c. schools will take on the topic of student bullying. another win for mitt romney. just over five months out from the republican national convention, he racks up another large chunk of delegates. fox 5 morning news continues right now. right now.
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good morning. i'm sarah simmons i'm will thomas. that was a big change from even 15 minutes ago where we couldn't see the cars. roads looked like runways. >> looking better but here what is is happening. the fog is on the move. it is actually just pushing up to the north and west. >> so we just got lucky with that shot. >> good news there but we are anot done with the fog quite yet. we'll get the sun out and mick up the atmosphere and then we'll get rid of the fog. visibilities all over the place. this you go. you can see that dense fog starting to lift off to the north and to the west. it looks like it is just west of 270 here now getting into virginia out toward leesburg. the darker colors indicating the reduced visibilities there. your yellow and oranges indicating some visibilities here about a quarter mile or less. out toward leesburg and reston. the fog is becoming thicker for you. here in washington, we are starting to see it lift a little bit and out towards
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annapolis, where we had dense fog earlier is living as well. we are not done with it yet. bottom line, we will have the fog around to your morning commute. temperatures, they're comfortable. 06 at reagan national. 58 at dulles. -- 60 at reagan national. early fog. we'll be mild this afternoon. it won't be a brit and sunny day. it will be a partly sunny affect. could there be a shower, yes. will there be a shower, probably not. >> i'm just waiting for the mosquitos to start hoeing up. you know it is like muggy outside request it usually takes about a month after our first spring weather. >> here is miss positive this morning. >> next, the locusts are comforting. >> i know but i'm just saying -- >> i'm with you. once the mosquitos arrive, it's game over. >> i know they will show up. >> : you and i are just adjusting to the allergies. >> i have had it all week. >> last night, it was the worst. i was like -- hopefully that is
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not true of the commute this morning. even though this is a lot of fog rolling around. >> a lot of fog and that is what we're dealing with. we have accident activity outer loop of the beltway before you reach route one in college park. that is where we have the second lane from the left tied up here. heads up coming out of greenbelt headed around towards the ikea. southbound 59 in good shape coming out of laurel. big talk will be the fog. southbound 270 coming in out of rockville. a foggy start for you here. lanes are open stacking up on the top stretch approaching and passing 109. that's a check of your fox 5 on-timetraffic. imetraffic. new this morning, police are investigating a shooting and car fire in fort washington, maryland. officers say they found the driver dead in the burning vehicle with a gunshot wound. it happened on palmer road just before 1:00 this morning. still no word on a suspect or
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motive. a look at the morning's other top stories now. police in fairfax county are searching for a suspect in an assault on a high school student. the teen was walking home from woodson high school yesterday around 4:00 when a man grabbed her and knocked her to the ground. this happened on a path near picket road. the teen was able to get away and was not seriously hurt. a group of montgomery county school employees are suing their principal over allegations of bullying. six teachers and staff members at kemp mill elementary accuse principal floyd starnes of demanding they ignore suspected child abuse. he is also accused of inappropriate touching of students and staff and threats of retaliation. the teachers say they have repeatedly reported these issues for years to the school board and nothing has happened. >> bullying has become a term to describe behavior that is overly aggressive, intimidating, hostile. with that description, that is what has been going on at kemp mill for the past four and a half years.
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>> the attorney says this is not a money grab for the teachers. he maintains this thought would go away if the school administering removed that principal. montgomery county schools release a statement about the situation saying, quote, we will respond to these allegations in the appropriate manner at the appropriate time. d.c. public schools are working to battle bullying. they have set i'm pan told discuss ways to prevent the problem -- they have set up a panel to discuss ways to prevent the problem. right now, d.c. and south dakota happening to the only two places in the united states that have not enasked anti- bullying legislation. hundreds of of people came out in support of a rally against hate in the district yesterday. they first gathered outside the ihop in columbia heights where a gay man was shot and wounded a week ago sunday. then they marched seven blocks
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along irving street to where i gay man was beaten and robbed the night after that ihop shooting. the attack of a strains gender woman near gallaudet university has not yet been classified a hate crime. -- the attack of a transgender woman near gallaudet university has not yet been classified a hate crime. mitt romney can claim another win following yesterday's primary in illinois. he got 47% of the vote. rick santorum came in second with 35%. ron paul and newt gingrich were a distant third and fourth. the win puts mitt romney nearly halfway to the number of delegates needed to nab the nomination. we are also following a developing store yes out of france this morning where police are investigating an explosion at the indonesian embassy in paris actually suspicious package exploded shortly after it was found by an employee at that embassy. no one was injured.
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we move now to southern france where there is an ongoing police standoff. two officers were hurt when police tried to raid the guy's home in toulouse. the man inside is suspected of the shootings of a rabbi and three young children at a school this week along with the death of three french paratroopers. a familiar debate making headlines. >> less than a month after the virginia governor mandates that women receive an ultrasurround before getting an apportion, lawmakers in another state move closer to a similar law with a much more controversial requirement. new details about what happens in the moments before a florida teenager was shot and killed. the case raising enough questions to set off an investigation by the justice department. we're back in just a moment. 
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house republicans have released a budget plan in severe contrast to proposals being pushed by the obama administration. the goal is to save medicare but the plan is so extreme the democratic controlled senate has no plans to even take opportunity this year. president obama's budget plan released lasted month would leave many benefit programs untouched. now, to the latest on the deadly shooting of this black teenager by a neighborhood watch captain in florida. the u.s. justice department civil rights division is sending representatives to address the mounting tensions in that community. george zimmerman says he shots trayvon martin in self-defense and that he thought martin was a suspicious person. turns out the teenager had a soft drink and candy skittles in his pocket. a controversial abortion
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bill passed in idaho's senate. the bill requires a prosecute abortion ultrasound quote using whatever method the physician and patient agree is best. supporters of the bill say their goal is to protect life but opponents believe the bill requires information that can only be acquired through an invasive transvaginal ultrasound. >> senators, with this bill work treat a woman like a criminal before she takes any action. >> this legislation does not take away a woman's right to choose an abortion. >> after passing the senate, the bill now goes to the house for debate. we are continuing to follow developments out of mexico this morning following yesterday's 7.4 earthquake. >> also ahead, we are going to check in with tucker for your full forecast. almost feels like we skipped spring. gone straight to summer. you will feel it in the humidity as you step outside. fox 5 morning news continues. we'll be back in just a moment.
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no reports of injuries following a magnitude 7.4 quake in mexico yesterday. it is surprising that there were none. the epicenter was about 180 miles outside mexico city. several homes were damaged and a pedestrian bridge actually collapsed. flood waters tore through an amuse pant park allas yester heavy rains fell apart parts of texas. the same storm is causing problems stretching from louisiana to missouri prompting flood warnings and some tornado watches and warnings. as we said, it almost feels like we skipped spring and went right to summer. we were saying that about winter too. >> the pattern very reminiscent of a summertime pattern. we have an area of high pressure off the coast. we've got fog and the air feels kind of stagnant each morning. >> of a got summer throwing on
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already. >> people like that but the summer clothes are out. we had a big thunderstorm yesterday morning. the national weather service issued a dense fog advisory for much of the area. we'll start with that. all the counties there in blue under a dense fog advisory. where is that gray? i can't see. until about 10:00 a.m. that includes the district of columbia, counties in close here in maryland, prince george's county, much of central virginia under the flowing advisory. visibilities in spots have been a quarter mile or less. so that will likely slow your commute a little bit if you are deal with the fog and if you are traveling by air today, could be a few problem spots down at reagan national or out at dulles here for the foreseeable future. temperature right now is down to 59. 59 now in washington so comfortfully cool although our
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average daytime high now is only 58 degrees. so we are already above that. leonard up two, 57. annapolis, 59. should be a d.c. the day today, just like yesterday. we'll start with clouds and by this afternoon, at least par shall sunshine if not full sunshine by late in the day. could there be a shower today, yeah, but i think most of the ask will hold off for i afew more days with this cold front. this is very impressive. look at how the rain is just treatmenting from the south to the north through louisiana, arkansas and missouri. they are getting extremely heavy rain, lots of flooding problems out there that. front will very slowly track to the east and get in here by saturday. could bring us some showers and thunderstorms by about saturday and some cooler air behind it. temperatures by the end of the weekend, high temperatures will be in the low 50s. today, a nice one. 74. partly sunny skies. don't forget about the morning fog and fog advisory until 10:00 this morning.
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some fog developing late. 57 your overnight low. your five-day forecast, tomorrow, 77. mix of clouds and sun for your thursday. friday looks warm. friday will be beautiful. sneak out of work early. 80 your daytime high. here yoms your weekend forecast. shower and thunderstorm on saturday. -- here comes your weekend forecast. >> i tweeted, julie. >> i retreated you. >> i'm going to retreat you next. >> he has no idea what that means, folks. >> i'm going to retweet you. you just wait. >> bring it on, tucker barnes. >>. tucker barnes is talking about all the fog we are talking about. if you are traveling outer loop of the beltway approaching route one, the accident activity is what is tying up the two left lanes. delays from before the baltimore-washington parkway headed out around towards greenbelt. southbound 270 below speed as you work your way out towards
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hyattstown. no incidents, just volume delays. you will find slow traffic on the inner loop approaching 236. northbound 95 now starting to slow as you work your way north of the prince william parkway and continue across the occoquan. that's a check of your fox 5 on-time traffic. >> thank you. a parking change meant to make it easier for handicapped drivers to find a spot has been suspended. the red top meter program was meant to discorning drives would are not disabled from using handicapped smoots. it requires disabled drivers to feed the meter doing away with free spots. but the drivers are allowed to park for twice as long as the stated time. yesterday, the d.c. council passed emergency legislation to suspend the program for 90 days after american drivers complained they were getting hit by a $250 parking ticket. that is pretty expensive. up next here on fox 5 morning news, we'll go live to fox business network in new york city. even if you keep your facebook opinion private, more and more employers want to know what
6:21 am
you're posting on there. >> be careful. >> as we go to break, find your jeff daydreaming at work a lot perhaps? >> never. maybe you're thinking of a nice day at the beach. >> or a nap. >> you don't want to be at your desk. it could be the sign of a good lemery actually. that is according to the study out of the university of wisconsin madison. they found subjects who did that were more likely to score higher on a memory test. i don't think that works for me. >> not on this shift. >> i can't remember anything. >> be right back.
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welcome back. a small dip on the market and another good rope to be careful about -- good reason to be
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careful about what you post on facebook. >> good morning to lauren simonetti with fox business network. >> loving your yellow. >> thank you. and i love your blue. >> we had a pullback yesterday. dow down 69 points but futures up across the board this morning. things could change a half our after the market opens because that is when he with get sales of pre-owned homes. if it comes in disappointing, we could see another pullback today. >> hopefully not. we'll keep an eye on that. another thing where everybody is kind of getting their interest piqued a bit is this facebook issue. it looks like bosses are really starting to crack down on how you use your facebook especially at work. >> the moral of this story is every single post that you put on facebook, whether you think your page is super priet private or not, be careful because it is not as private as you think. we're hearing that many employers are asking potential job applicants to log in to their facebook opinions so they
6:26 am
are either asking for your user name and password and they will log in whether they want to and you have the choice whether to fork it over or not or they are asking to log in right then and there using a work computer so she can see what you do and others are simply just asking to become friends with one of their human resources managerss so they can get greater access to what you do online. be careful. legality of this issue is very murky. it is a tough job market and many people mate say, you want to see my pictures from spring break, go ahead. but that could bite you in the butt in the end. >> it is so true. at what point does that become an issue that is not right for the employer to be doing. very interesting. thank you so much. we'll check in with you tomorrow. >> okay. allegations of bullying at a local school and it is the teachers who say they are being targeted. >> mitt romney can claim another win in the race for the presidential nomination. we'll have the results out of yesterday's primary in illinois when we come back. come back. 
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good morning. it is 6:30 on this wednesday morning. that was a live look at our tower cam looking down at our parking lot. there is a lot of fog out but it is not quite this dense. >> we just lost the picture here. >> you know who this is? >> this is earl scruggs. this is the foggy mount tape breakdown. >> there is a breakdown dance to go along with this? >> yeah, julie will show you the dance here in a minute. >> : a sure with her booted foot as well. >> i remember square dancing back in elementary school. >> remember having to take that. >> it was required. >> no. >> around here, it was required because i definitely had to
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take it. >> no. i had p. e., maybe some jumping jacks. >> it was at appear early age i demonstrated a lack of dancing ability. i like that song. that was fun. the fog is dense. we have a dense fog advisory until 10:00 this morning. the yellows and oranges you see, you that is where the fog is particularly thick. getting up to 270 out to the west, out toward leesburg and reston. your visibility is likely a quarter mile or less. won't be foggy all day. we'll see some sunshine later. let's get the kids to school. a light jacket, temperatures generally in the mid-50s to about 60. foggy skies to start your day. later today, we'll be back in the 70s. it will be a nice afternoon and with partial sunshine, you will be pleased with the afternoon forecast. got to get there first. but later today, 74 in washington. 75 in la plata. >> beautiful. >> might be a shower as well. i think most of the day will be dry. >>. cog up in a couple of minutes,
6:32 am
ask the weather guys. great question and that is a question i received last week when i was out -- remember last friday, somebody stopped their and ran up to me and said i have a question for you. >> let's talk with the lady on the power on the roadways, at least talking about it. let's get to julie wright. >> a square dancing julie. >> i was thinking, tucker definitely puts the square in square dance. >> there is the music. come on. >> loop arms and go around. >> then you goes to dosey-do. >> you are moving better with your foot. >> how does that go again. >> wait a minute, tucker. did you have a partner? >> oh, you're funny. >> everybody got a partner, julie. >> even if you didn't like them. >> there you go. >> on the roads, we've got accident activity, outer loop. beltway as you approach route 1. the accident active is tying up the two left lanes. big delays from 50 headed around towards the accident
6:33 am
scene. you are down to about 10 miles per hour on that outer loop. traveling in the fog, allow extra time out there on the roads. northbound on i-95, no wins to report. definitely picking up the volume here as you work your way north of prince william parkway. northbound 5 at brandywine. authorities checking for a car at that location. police are investigating a shooting and car fire in fort washington. officers say they found the driver dead in a burning vehicle with a gunshot wound. it happened on palmer road just before 1:00 this morning. still no word on the suspect or motive. several montgomery county teachers and staff members are suing their principal claiming he is a bully. >> they are ewing the school district for ignoring their complaint about it. melanie alnwick is on the story and joins us live outside kemp mill elementary with reaction. >> reporter: according to the lawsuit, this is a school in
6:34 am
trouble. the complaint says that student scores are declining, that bullying problems are on the rise and teachers are fleeing. the complaint goes on to say it is the hostile environment and the behaviors of the principal here that is to blame. the 76-people lawsuit by the employees say the principal floyd starnes repeatedly harassed and threatened them. they claim he retaliated against those who complained. they also sent letters about their misconduct to the school administrator and they said the allegations that they asked for them to be investigated, that those were ignored. student ay they also have seen achievement. >> i have aseep it for myself. my sons were in good schools. when i brought them to camel mills, that is when things didn't go as well. now that i took them out of camel mill, they are at a new school and doing fine. have you to realize when the teachers are unhappy to come to
6:35 am
school, the kids can't get a good education. >> reporter: the school board -- the school spokesperson did send us a statement saying that these allegations have been raised, that they have been raised by the same employees in the past. they have been the subject of proceedings at various levels including the equal opportunity comoiment commission. it says in each of these proceedings to date, the allegations were found to have little or no merit. the eeoc did not move forward with any of the complaints. that is the position of the school board and the school administration at this point. the employees are seeking $18 million each for negligence for emotional distress and for economic damage. their attorney says that, if the school administration did the right thing in his words and fired the principal here, that the whole lawsuit would go away. back to you. >> thank you. society d.c. public schools are working to battle bullying. they ever set up a pan told discuss ways to prevent the
6:36 am
problem. that panel will meet for the first time today. right now, washington, d.c. and south dakota are the only two places in the u.s. that have not enacted anti-bullying legislation. a look now at the morning's other top stories. police that fairfax county are searching for a suspect in an assault on a high school student. the teen was walking home from woodson high school yesterday around 4:00 when a man grabbed her and knocked her to the ground. this happened on a path near picket road. the teen thankfully was able to get away and was not seriously hurt. hundred of people came out in support for a relievey against hate in the district yesterday. they first gathered outside the ihop in columbia heights where a gay man was shot and hurt about a week ago sunday. then they marched seven blocks along irving street to where a gay map was beaten and robbed the night after the ihop shooting. the tax of a transgender woman near gallaudet university has not yet been classified as a hate crime. an internal memo from arlington police is raising
6:37 am
some questions this morning. it appears to be pressuring officers to meet a quota when it comes to tickets. chief as suring the public that is not the case. beth parker has more on this. >> reporter: one, two, three, four, five. that is how many parking tickets you're expected to hand out on the evening shift as an arlington police officer at least according to a memo from earlier this month. but now the chief says wait a minute, that memo didn't say quite what we meant to say. we showed that memo to people on the streets. >> that is what it looks like. >> a quota? >> yeah. >> it is like a quote on. >> they do have quotas. >> we do not have quotas and we do not want there to be any confusion with our officers, with the public that we have numeric expectations and value quantity over quality because we simply do not.
6:38 am
>> reporter: arlington police chief doug scott as he rescinded that memo issued march 1st by the patrol command because it has caused confusion. the memo includes each shift and list monthly, quote, expectations. evening shift, seven arrests, 30 traffic sum mops, five parking citations. >> it lookss like they have a sent amount of quota per month. >> reporter: the chief says no one is exbing numbers and not one officer has been disciplined for failing to reach a quota. -- the chief says no one is checking numbers. >> the mere suggestion of a quota in a police department damages or sullies the professional rep taiftion the agency. >> reporter: the public perception is powerful. >> it seems like around the 27th or 28th, they are pulling people over for. >> that is why they're out like towards the end of the month. >> the end of the month idea that will not idea. in arlington, beth parker fox 5
6:39 am
news. news. we are just over five months away from the republican national convention where the gop will name its nominee for the white house. mitt romney can claim another win following yesterday's primary in illinois. he got 47% of the vote. rick santorum came in second with 35%. ron paul and newt gingrich were a distant third and fourth. the win puts mitt romney nearly halfway to the number of delegates needed to nab the nomination. exit polls showed voters who went with romney were most concerned about the economy. romney meanwhile continues to focus his attacks on president obama. >> under this president, bureaucrats prevent drilling rigs from going to work in the gulf. they keep coal from being mined. they impede the reliable supply of natural gas. they even tell farmers what their kids are able to do on their farms. this administration's assault on freedom has kept this so
6:40 am
someone called recovery from meeting their projections let alone our expectations. >> romney spending on campaign ads in illinois far outpaced santorum. the super pac showed about $3.5 million for tv ads compared to about $500,000 spent by santorum's campaign. we are also following a developing story out of france this morning where police are investigating an explosion at the indonesian embassy in paris. a suspicious package exploded shortly after it was found by an employee at the embassy. no one was injured during that. a standoff with police in southern france is about to come to an end. riot police tried to raid the house overnight but ended up getting into a shoot outleaving two officers hurt. man inside is wantedded in connection with the shooting rampage at a jewish school and taxes on french soldiers last week. he has roots in algear gentleman and is linked to al- qaeda, he says. police have been northing with the man inside and says he has agreed to surrender in the next
6:41 am
hour. an update coming up at 7:00 on that one. still ahead, an aspirin aday can keep cancer away. details on a new study touting another potential health benefit of aspirin. >> doing good things. first, peyton manning announces his next movement there he is in denver. what does this mean for the tim tebow. we've heard some of the photos in the head office have been removed. hi. we're spreading the word about new honey bunches of oats fruit blends and their unique taste combinations. like peach/raspberry. with one flavor in the granola bunch and one on the flake. two flavors. in harmony. honey bunches of oats. make your day bunches better.
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making headlines, peyton manning going to the denver broncos. it is a big move. he spent the entire 14 years in the nfl with the colts. manning was officially introduce as the new broncos quarterback yesterday. gig comes with a five-year $96 million contract. >> this is all new to me. you are talking about a guy that was with one team for 14 years, only team i worked out
6:45 am
for really for the draft, the only team that i took a visit to. so the indianapolis colts is the only team i've ever known. of a he told john and coach fox that i will need their help to help me kind of get through this transitionation. know they will help me in that process. >> broncos jm john elway says they haven't decided to what to do with tim tebow. here is a quote. elway says, tebow is a great kid and, quote, if i want someone to marry my daughter, it would be hibl. >> a nice guy but apparently out of a job. >> i read this morning that tebow's pictures in the front office have been taken down. >> i eastently signed a five week $96 contract. >> you got five weeks?
6:46 am
>> a dense fog advisory will continue until 10:00 this morning. so a few extra minutes on the way to work. there you go. dense fog advisory issued about 45 minutes ago and includes much of virginia here, central virginia, washington here in the district where we've had fog and north and to the west. dense fog advisory until 10:00. once we get the fog out of here, we'll be left with some clouds and then we'll get breaks in the cloud and by afternoon, i think we'll be partly sunny and mild again. temperatures will once again be in the 70s. maybe 74, 57 for daytime highs. satellite-radar, we don't have alet to talk about here in the washington area. we continue to be under the influence of an area of high pressure which is off the coast and if it were july or august, we would say that is a bermuda area of high pressure so we are
6:47 am
getting that flow out of the south. the warm temperatures are set to continue around here and the air partern is stag newschannel ten around here for a afew more days. out with the west, very vigorous cold front. the rain is training over the same areas and causing lots and lots of problems. they are expecting additional flooding issues in missouri and ash ago and even texas later today. this front will eventually get in here but it will take a couple of days. nice warming trend around here. tomorrow, i think by friday, we'll be near 80 degrees and then some showers, maybe a thunderstorm move back in along with some cooler temperatures for your weekend. there is your five-day forecast. could be a shower this afternoon. honestly, i think most of the day will be dry. 74 your daytime high. nice tomorrow, 77, near 08 on friday. should be dry on friday as well. shower and thunderstorms on saturday. maybe lingering into sunday. but notice it is cooler. highs by zipped only 62 degrees. >> oh, how cold. >> we'll -- highs by sunday,
6:48 am
only 62 degrees. >> oh, how cold. >> now, we can start complaining. >> unacceptable. >> good morning, tony perkins. >> good morning to you. >> before you take us into the big moment here, this one is for you, mr. robert smith in northeast. we met him at rita's yesterday and he says this moment. you introducing the segment is his favorite part. i made good on my word. >> very good. this is for you. i'm here so you no what it is time for. i don't have to do that anymore. it is time for ask the weather guys. it is the most popular segment in local television where tucker barnes and i put our big heads together on answer your most pressing questions weather- related or otherwise. today's question, i'll let you do the honors. >> i just want to mention a quick hell toe hawk. he stopped last fright when i was out doing the whole segment about running. he said i got a question you got to answer. he wouldn't leave until i promised i would put it on.
6:49 am
who was the first person to use a parachute. he thought this was a great question. >> it is. >> you don't think about it. >> the answer to the question, we took it as who invented the parachute and who used it first. the first time they were used was not to jump out of planes. there is a very long established history. you know how sometimes we have questions and it's like murky. this one is clearly established and there are a number of people would could claim to be involved in the invention of the parachute. >> the first one, leonardo davinci. >> he didn't jump or use a parachute but he drew one back in the 1500s. >> it is amazing the things he visualized and thought of.
6:50 am
submarines and helicopters. >> it was made of fabric. >> he just drew it. >> we should have made the drawing available. >> you can see someone suspended with -- yeah. >> wikipedia. thank you. >> not wikipedia. ot wikipedia. >> they only do that every other day. >> that was back in the 15th century or so. then we have faust rensick in 1617. he jumped from a tower in venice. this is not video of that. this is later. he con instructed a parachute based on the design drawn by leonardo davinci. >> the first person actually
6:51 am
credited with jump is 1797, this guy, andre guarnanin who jumped from a balloon. >> and then there was jean pierre blanchard. he made the foldable pair chute from sill believing. he dropped a dog in a basket. >> did the dog survive? >> it doesn't say. >> the wright brothers invented the airplane in 1908. the first person to jump out of a plane, this took them to 1911. >> three careers later -- >> someone finally -- isn't that the nature of man. this is great. i wonder what it is like to jump out of that thing. >> after was the wing walkers.
6:52 am
>> they were early too. there are a whole lot of other names. initial parachutes were rim i had in construction. other people invented the soft harnesses. >> putting the vent in there was a big breakthrough too. >> fascinating. >> isn't that interest something. >> great question. >> very good. so hawk, there is the answer to your question. if you have a question you want answered, go to and click on the weather tab. can you also upload your video question and we may play it on air. i sense another julie wright dance coming on. >> you can see tony is doing it. >> come o julie. >> that was a good time. >> do your thing, julie. there you go. >> a day like today, if i could keep high hair up, i would be right in there with them. today, the fog, the humidity, not a fun out on the roads either f you are traveling the out are loop
6:53 am
of the beltway right now making your way from 50 headed around towards i-95, about a 22-minute commute. the accident activity we had there has cleared. 201 southbound at eastern avenue, authorities checking at the scene of this crash so follow police direction in order to get by. coming in out of waldorf, northbound 5 at brandy wipe. accident active reported here. wrapping it up in virginia northbound i-59 below speed now leaving woodbridge headed up towards the occoquan. another funeral presogs leaving eastbound seven to the greenway to the toll road, continuing in wards arlington cemetery. expect temporary closures along the way. -- another funeral procession. a new health alert for those of who you use aspirin and it is more good news. three new studies published today suggest that take daily dose of aspirin can help prevent and possibly even treat cancer. no joke. the study also fun that aspirin
6:54 am
has short-term benefits in preventing cancer and reduces the likelihood that it will spread to other organisms. so snacking between meals may be getting out of hand. we eat twice of number of daily snacks that americans ate 30 years ago. researchs are say snacking provides about a third of the empty calories americans eat in a day. to cut back on snacking, experts suggest eating regular balanced meals that include veggies, fruits, grains and proteins. so don't look at our team up here as the picture of health. >> i was just going to say that looked like a vending machine. >> the baked lays. i know exact lit order. >> there you go. >> i meant to grab those fruit snacks. >> commercial break. still ahead on fox amorning news, pulling off the right look can take an army of talent. >> holly is going behind the scenes with design army. see how the company is making
6:55 am
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good morning i am holly morris on this wednesday i have signed you and me up for the army not that army the dc design army, it is one of the topographic design firms in the country located on a street in northeast. we are live at their super cool super chic studios, they have won tonnes of awards we will go behind the scenes with the husband wife team whose mantra is dream big. you will like what we have to show you this morning. >> it will make me feel very noncreative. let's say good morning to our facebook fan of the day,
6:59 am
carolyn barnes she has been a loyal fan writing in how tony and tucker are her favorite weather guys we appreciate you watching and congratulations on being fan of the day. head to facebook and search fox 5 morning news, no space between fox and number 5 and post a comment under carolyn's photo that does it for the 6:00 a.m. hour. >> over to tony and allison for hump day wednesday >> i like the sound of that. thank you sarah. coming up fox 5 morning news the results are in. >> thank you illinois what a night. wow. >> three big wins in a row for mitt romney while he celebrates his biggest rival is looking to rebound in the south more from the campaign trail straight ahead. >> disturbing accusations against a local elementary school principal why he is being sued by staff members a live report. >> new details about what charges a u.s.


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