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tv   Fox Morning News at 6  FOX  March 22, 2012 6:00am-7:00am EDT

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grows shows of support for a florida teen allegedly shot and kill by a neighborhood watch man. >> a large rallies with held on the streets of new york yesterday for trayvon martin and more are planned here in washington as the justice department looks into allegations that the crime was racially motivated. three tamers stabbed late last night. this morning, police have made an arrest in this. we'll have more when we continue here on fox 5 morning news at 6:00 right now. a live lookout side right
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now. you're not going to see much depending on where you are, you are going to see this. dense fog has moved into our region. could make the morning commute very challenging to say the least. good morning. i'm will thomas. >> i'm sarah simmons. let's say good morning to tucker barnes and get the latest on our foggy, thick weather that is out there. >> it's back. it is back in a big way. our visibility is about a quarter mile or less in many spots. julie will have more on your traffic but i'm sure it will slow things down possibly if you are traveling by air as well. >> that is true. >> we will see the sun. it will take a while to live the knowing out of here and the cloud cover. imanticipate hoping we'll see the sun a little sooner today. the reds have moved n the red indicating visibility 1/4 mile or less so really stretching
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from d.c. up towards howard county and baltimore, ellicott city, burtonsville. you are dealing with dense fog and that is pushing out to the east as well. so annapolis, you get the idea here, much of the area enduring this dense fog we have a dense fog advisory for pretty much the entire area until 10:00 this morning. temperatures, at least not too cold out there. 57 in baltimore. 54 in winchester. 59 in morning in fredericksburg where you too have been enjoying the dense fog. your forecast for today, eventually, we'll see some sunshine. i can guarantee it will generally be dry today so that is good news. temperature in the mid-70s. it depends how much sunshine we get. less sun, the cooler the temperature today. >> i hate to see what it will be like in june. >> who knows? that is what we'll get snow, right? let's see how the fog may be affecting the morning commute. julie wright has your on-time traffic this morning. good morning. >> good morning. much like yesterday, you need to allow extra time out on the
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roads. southbound 270 with lanes open coming in out of hyattstown, no problems to report. traveling between sixth and seventh street southwest and main avenue. if you are traveling north on 395, leaped are starting to slow north of landmark continuing out to seminary road. -- lanes are starting to slow north of landmark continuing out to seminary road. this is the commute coming inbound leaving centreville with lanes open. that's a check of your fox 5 on-timetraffic. raffic. >> thank you. a big story this morning, a march in new york city? support of a florida teenager killed by a neighborhood watch captain. hundreds hit the streets chanting we want arrests. the march was done, the million hoodie march. 17-year-old trayvon martin was warring a hoodie when george zimmerman shot him. now we are learning that mr. zimmerman was born and raised in northern virginia. >> he is accused of killing the florida by but claims it was self-defense. zimmerman grew up in manassas.
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he moved to the orlando area from prince william county with his parents over eight years ago. zimmerman also took criminal justice classes and had dreams of of becoming a police officer. officer. some of our other top stories this morning, police have arrested a juvenile female in connection with a triple stabbing here in northeast. it happened on rhode island avenue last night at or near the mcdonald's. police say three victims were also young women and were all tone to the hospital with stab wounds. no word this morning on their conditions but police can't to investigate. a pregnant woman stabbed in southeast d.c. this happened around 2:15 this morning in the 4 #00 of block of ninth street southeast. the woman was eight months pregnant. her injure usc are nonlife- threatening bug no word so far on the condition of the baby. police in virginia have new clues in the assault of a 16- year-old in a fairfax park. police released these surveillance photos of a
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possible suspect. the teenaged girl says a man grabbed her from behind and threw her to the ground as she walked home from woodson high school. she was on a wooded path near picket road about 4:00 monday. girl scream and managed to get away. we have some new details this morning about a huge heroin bust at dulles international airport. customs agents caught a nigerian woman with nearly five pounds of heroin in her stomach trying to pass through the airport and this one as record breaker too. it is the most pellets and the heaviest amount of injested drugs the airport has ever seized. the suspect now in custody. she will be prosecuted by the u.s. attorney's office in virginia. republican presidential candidates are focusing on louisiana holing its primary on saturday after racking i'm win in illinois tuesday, mitt romney made a stop in maryland yesterday. he held a town hall meeting necessity american legion post
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109 in arbutus. it came federal reserve off his -- fresh off his 12-point win in illinois. >> i moo cell phone rang and i looked at it and it just said jeb on it and i picked up the phone and it was jeb bush. he said i didn't even have to ask. he said mitt i want to let you know i'm endorsing you today. that was good news. >> romney is not spending as much money on ads in louisiana compared to other states, a sign that he does not expect to win on saturday. santorum by wait took alabama and mississippi in their recent primaries. president obama is defending his energy policies on a two-day campaign trip. in oklahoma, the president is expected to announce plans to he can pedestrianite an oil pipeline from oklahoma to texas. this after delaying the larger keystone pipeline earlier this year. republican is are blaming the president for the recent spike in grass price saying his rejection of the pipeline project hurt the economy. president obama is countering
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that with arguments saying oil drilling has increased on his watch. the developing standoff in southern france right now is in its second day. police are not sure if the man suspected of killing a rabbi and three children is still alive. he stopped communicating last night. hundred of people are still outside his apartment in the city of toulouse. president sarkozy has say he wants police to take the man alive. another developing story, a coup in the west african nation of mali. rebel soldiers have seized control of the government, airport, tv station and its democratically elected leader no, sir where to be found. we'll continue for follow the story throughout the -- is nowhere to be found. we'll continue to follow the story throughout the morning. grocery stores across the country taking action on pink slime. the saint slapped with major
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sank00s on the wake of the bounty controversy. hear the words from the man in charge of the nfl. he is not fooling around one bit. 
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the nfl has laid down the law on the bounty controversy. the league suspended saints coach sean peyton for the entire 2012 season. the team's gm for eight games and an assistant coach for six games. the team will have to forest two second round draft picks and pay a fine of a half million dollars. gregg williams was banned indefinitely. he used to be with the skins. nfl commissioner roger goodell says paying for players to hurt other players will not be tolerated. >> we have a serious violation of an existing rule that threatens the health and welfare of our players. >> the investigation is still ongoing and punishment for any saints players involved in this
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has not yet been determined. according to the "washington post," the nfl did not find evidence that the redskins had a bunty system when williams was with the team. we'll have more on this when dave ross joins us later in the hour. here is a talker this morning. safeway, super value and food lion stores will stop carrying the so-called pink slime. it is what the meat industry refers to the lean finely tech toured beef. it comes from the parts of the cow that many argue is most susceptible to contamination. retails are are deciding just to pull it in response to concerns raised by customers. getting a lot of media attention so no surprise. >> it gets in people's heads and sometimes it is hard to change that. still ahead, with don't want to think about it but it never hurts to be prepared. >> what analysts are saying could happen if gas prices climb $5 a gallon. >> say it's not so. whether it is grabbing lunch outside or taking a stroll through the park, looks like
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the weather might cooperate again today. the great day to take photos. when it is foggy out, your lighting is even. that is what my photographer friends say. your full forecast as fox 5 morning news continues. 
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the cherry blossoms are gorgeous right now. i've got to tell you. i was down there yesterday and they looked wonderful. today, we'll find out more about new services available to visitors at this year's cherry blossom festival. the japanese ambassador to the u.s. will also be at a press event today to talk about the history behind the trees. this year's festival marks 100 years since yap and gave washington the original cherry trees as a gesture of good will. so you will want to watch that this morning. >> as well as the fog. >> yes, they're there tomorrow. you will be down there at the tidal basin. holly ill be down there at 7:00 a.m. and just ciewpped of taking a
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fun informative look at this year's festival. >> sort of in that peak point right now. the 20th to the 23rd. you were down there yesterday. you said it was beautiful but there was something else, right? humid, ticky, right? >> i was john pauling -- i was enjoying the blossoms and trying to i go north oppressive humidity. >> come o you were like my hair, my hair. >> tucker was kind enough to point that out. >> honesty is important. if you are headed down to the cherry blossoms, the fog will be with us for the morning hours. we don't have to be concerned about rain or thunderstorms today. >> trass true. >> without a lot of wind, we'll able to keep the cherry blossoms around for a maximum time. gorse that is true. >> they were starting to blow off yesterday. >> were they really. >> i was like let's get the
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glue gun. >> i haven't gotten down there yet. -- that is true. it is all about the sun. if we can get? sun in here, we should see temperatures in the mid 70s for afternoon highs. yesterday, we got up to 70. we'll have less fog tomorrow so we'll be able to warm up quickly tomorrow. showers and storms this weekend. pretty much guaranteed we'll have a period of rain. perhaps some thunderstorms embedded in that activity. as we get cool cooler air working in for theweekend. hewe the fog is really widespread this morning. washington, we are getting some fog as well. visibility in some spots, 1/10 of a mile or less. we should see the fog start to lift here over the next couple of hours as we start to get some sunshine. we can mix up the atmosphere a little bit for you. the weather pattern is to say
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the least stagnant. there is nothing happening. very slow pat were here as we have the summertime air mass overhead. high pressure off to our east and that will keep things nice and quiet for us today. we will be dry and we should have a clearing trend a little later today. i think by afternoon, we'll get some sunshine. this is our next front and this will bring us in rain this weekend. it is a slow mover so rain doesn't get in here until sometime during the day on saturday. it will be around here saturday night and probably part of sunday as well before we can get it out of here. here is forecast, early fog, afternoon sun. 76 your daytime high so temperatures about 15, 20 degrees above normal. 59 tonight. not too cold overnight. we'll call it cool. and then here we go. tomorrow, actually a beautiful day to get out and check out cherry blossoms. 82 with sunshine. we should be dry tomorrow. we will cloud up during the day on saturday. some rain showers, thunderstorms, saturday and sunday. look at that. cooler temperatures on the way. only in the 60s. only 10 degrees above normal by early next week. that is a look at your forecast. let's do some traffic and you know who we're going to go to,
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julie wright has your latest. >> some problems out here. we found that the truck that lost his it's load of asphalt actually occurred inside the northbound third street tunnel. heads up leaving the freeway headed over towards massachusetts avenue. out on the roads, still deal with the fog. it is kind of like you are traveling into the unknown as you travel in from springfield this morning continuing up towards the capital beltway. inner loop, no problems to report leaving annandale to merrifield. that is a crash on the georgetown pike west of the beltway that you need to keep an eye open for. lanes are open continuing out towards fair oaks. the bus that was on fire was westbound 66 in the service road at 7100. that activity has already cleared. lanes are open southbound along 270 but in the fog heavy volume trying to head south on 109. you break free before you reach 121 only to slow in the rockville interchanges. we'll go live to fox business network in new york. found out what could happen if
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gas prices hit the $5 mark. metro, bicycle. >> i don't want to think about t as you go to break, you may not know his name but chances are you have used his creation. samuel glazer as passed away. the businessman and a friend dreamed up the idea for mr. coffee. they hired two westinghouse engineers to actually create it. it hit the market in 19726789 he died in cleveland earlier this month. thank you, mr. coffee. 
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you hate to even say it with you would what what happen if the gas price hit $5. lauren simonetti is live in new york. >> the supply of homes on the
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market actually rose. did that play into this situation? >> that is not the best thing for price because we have this glut of homes. the housing market still a drag on the economy as are high gas prices. in the end, we had mixed markets. the dow was down 45 points. the nasdaq with its whole one- point game, that was an 11-year high for the nasdaq. we've got six more days to the first quarter. the s&p 500 which is your broader market is up 12%. >> we'll take the gapes one point at a time. quickly on this subject, some companies like fedex reporting their latest earnings before the bell, could that affect the market. >> yes, fedex is considered a bell weather for the economy overall because everybody needs to ship something, right? they use a lot of fuel. in fact, fedex ships a lot of apple ipads so it will be interesting to see if there is any correlation between the two. >> now to this subject. $5 a gallon gas.
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i almost gagged on my coffee. analysts are answering what if here, right? >> don't shoot the messenger but $4 ray gallon gasoline is in the knee future. we are just 23 cents away from the all-time high. $5 very possible. they put the what if questions for a business round table. they say that if $5 gasoline happens, unemployment would go back up above 9%. retails are from nordstroms to dollar yen would do bad but harley-davidson, motorcycles, they would see a very positive effect from high gasoline price. >> you can see why a little cheaper to ride on one of those than in a big car. all right. thank you for joining us. >> okay. >> okay. big development in the so high pressure called bounty scandal involving the new orleans saints. the nfl comes down hard on some big names. dave ross joins us with the details. but first, shows of support for
6:27 am
the familiar live a florida teenager shot and killed by a neighborhood watch cap town and -- captain and we've learned the man accused of killing the teen has ties on our area. 
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that is michael buble. >> he is like the modern day frank sinatra. >> i heard in my ear, somebody told me it was michael bolton. >> either way, you couldn't tell if this was london or not. it is thick out there this morning, folks. so tried to get into the mood by listening to music. >> that is a little better at
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the pentagon. >> it will be with us for a for you more hours but hang in there. later today, we might see a peek of sunshine. >> we might. >> are you trying to handle that sun with the tie. you want to tell us the story about that. >> i can't right now. but i can later. we don't have enough time. >> let me show out fog that is across the region. >> there it is, you've been warned. the dense fog is here to stay. the dark red you see, visibility is 1/4 mile or less that. includes all of the washington area up 95 towards columbia and baltimore. the thickest of the fog right overhead right now. temperatures right now at reagan national, 59. you know what happens when humidity hits 100%? >> my hair goes completely flat. >> i think it is too late for that, sarah. i'm only kidding. mild conditions. temperatures and sunshine in the 70s. >> you know i'll get you later.
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i will not set up julie wright way hair comment. we need to talk traffic. it makes the commute very difficult sometimes. >> you see, tucker. will already knows how to do this. >> i know. juror steered you away from it. >> he just likes to keep poking, tucker. then he winds up in the penalty box like the caps. >> this time of day he wakes up and that is what happens. >> on the roads this morning, you will find that we do have our happened full. we are deal with the fog. i pulled up the camera here again at 270 just to show you. wall-to-wall traffic headed around towards 121 before you actually break free. it remains heavy and slow. lanes are open continuously through rockville. typically, we could see up towards the springfield interchange. obviously not the case right now because of all the fog. delays extend from dale city across the occoquan leaving newington trying to get north of the fsp. that's a check of your fox 5
6:33 am
on-timetraffic. imetraffic. the developing stand offin southern france is now in its second day. and we are learning that french paratroopers are reportedly inside the apartment now but there is no information on the suspect himself yet. the man barricaded himself inside around 10:00 p.m. our time on tuesday night. but at this point, they are not sure if the man suspected of killing a rabbi, three children and three french paratroopers is even still alive. we are following a military coup in the west after cap country of mali. troops overthrew the president a few hours ago and there is no word on his whereabouts. rebel troops took over a steve station and went on the air saying they are now in control. the white house is urging all sides to peacefully resolve the situation. hundreds turned out on the streets of new york city yesterday in a show of support for the family of trayvon martin. martin was killed -- shot and killed by a neighborhood watch
6:34 am
man in florida. the justice department is trying to determine if the shooting was racially motivated. and now we know that the man accused of shooting martin grew up here in our area. >> melanie alnwick is following this one and jthe newsroom with more. >> good morning. >> reporter: george zimmerman has not been detained or charged in the death of trayvon martin. he has said nothing publicly except that it was in self- defense. george zimmerman grew up in manassas, virginia. he lived in a house on sweet briar street from the time of his a toddler with his parents, siblings and his peruvian grandmother. he graduated from osborne high school in 2001. a neighbor said he had dreams of become a police officer and had even wrib a letter of recommendation for zimmerman to attend the police academy in northern virginia. they say they were stunned to learn that the the boy they watched grow up is the man
6:35 am
would confronted and killed trayvon martin. >> perfect gentleman. he was very smart, very intelligent, very polite, healthy. he would be your ideal child. >> i don'tened how it came to that kind of tussle that somebody would have to shoot somebody. i don't know the boy he shot and i don't know what could have gone on there. require florida grand jury will take up the case on april 10. here in d.c., there will be two rail yeas, a prayer vigil tomorrow on mlk avenue in southeast at the big chair and a rally at freedom plaza on saturday. coming up at 7:00, george zimmerman's father has something to say. we'll tell you what that is when we come back. >> thank you. some of our other top stories, police have arrested a juvenile female in connection with a triple stabbing on rhode
6:36 am
island avenue last night at or near the mcdonnedals. police say the three victims were also juvenile fee males. they were all taken to local hospitals with stab wounds. so far, no word on their condition and police continue to investigate. police hope new video will help them track down a man who assaulted a teenaged girl in a fairfax park. surveillance video captured from a home shows a man jogging down mirren pond drive about the time of the attack on monday. the man attacked a 16-year-old girl walking home from school. she was able to get away after a brief altercation. we have new details about a huge heroin bust at dulles international airport. customs agents caught a nigerian woman with nearly five pounds of heroin in her stomach trying to pass through the airport. this is a record breaker. it is the most pellets and heaviest amount of ingested drugs the airport has ever seized. the suspect is now in custody. she will be prosecuted by the
6:37 am
u.s. attorney's office in virginia. a 1-year prison sentence for a maryland scientist who sold top secret information to and fbi undercover agent. stewart nozette is his name. there he is captured on tape taking thousands of dollars from a man he thought was an israeli intelligence officer. he once worked on some of the nation's most sensitive satellite agents. the sentence also included fraud and tax charges to which the scientist pleaded guilty back in 2009. did you hear about this one? it is the etch-a-sketch controversy from the mitt romney campaign. it is going global. he is now defending himself against claims of flip- flopping. this all started when romney's communications director was on a cable tv program and was asked if romney has been pushed too far for the right for the general election. here is the quote. he said, i think you hit a reset button for the fall campaign. campaign.
6:38 am
ouch. both rick santorum and newt gingrich immediately pounced on the remarks. >> you're not looking for someone who is the etch-a- sketch candidate. you are looking for someone who writes what they believe in in stone sand stays true to what they say. >> you will notice that the picture aren't permanent. there is nothing locked down. you can redo it any time you want. >> tomorrow we'll be running the story about etch-a-sketch sales spiking, right? pretty neat moment on the campaign trail that was caught on camera. a bridge community college student named stefan posted this video from president obama's visit to the school last week. stefan is deaf and signed to president i am proud of you. president obama responded touching his hand to his chin and then moving it away as the
6:39 am
sign, of course, for thank you. >> that was a neat moment getting caught on tape. >> i'm assuming that is him there. >> there you go. here you go. a busy morning in sports to say least. unprecedented sank shops for the saints and tim tebow is out of there. he is going to the new york jets. >> dave ross here with your sports break forecast. dave, my gosh. >> keeping us busy all around the clock. they never sleep. >> job protection with stories like this. >> you hope it isn't for something like this. but this has been one. most by door 24-power heard that i can ever recall in the history of the nfl and we're in march. we're not even talking about games. absolutely nuts. but that is exactly what it was the last 4 hours. we have one of the most talked about quarterbacks in years going to the biggest sports city in the united states and the saints are still reeling from the hammer of commissioner roger goodell. according the nfl, the saints
6:40 am
head coach ignored strucks from the league and saints ownership to make sure bounties weren't being paid. the league also chastised him for choosing for, quote, falsely deny that the program even existed and encouraged his assistants to back him up on that claim and for that, he is suspended without pay for an entire soap. the man who ran the bounty program, gregg williams, he is done indefinitely. after the nfl first made this public on march 2nd, williams admitted to and apologized for running the program from 2009 to 2011. goodell will review williams' status after the upcoming season and decide whether or not he can return to the league. he also said this about what happened yesterday. >> clearly, we were lied to. we investigated this back in 2010. we were told that it was not happening. it continued for another two
6:41 am
years until we got credible evidence late in the 2011 season and we were able to obviously identify significant information that verifies from multiple sources that this was going on for a three-year period. >> do not cross the boss. peyton manning signing with the brorveg hes made tim tebow expeppeddable and yes, he is gone out of denver to new york in exchange identify fourth round pick and a sixth round pick. the jets and the broncos have hit a nag late last night about the money. he was owed $5 million. those two teams have agreed to split that up. and tim tebow now officially a member of the new york jets. all robert griffin iii held his pro day yesterday at baylor university and he looked quite good. more on that and the more on the scandal. the nfl, they never sleep and neither do i, because it was. next, never seen before images giving the world an
6:42 am
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next month marks 100 years since the titanic disaster and now we are getting a new look at the wreckage. take a look of course it is the most complete look at the site ever revealed. the dramatic views were rated using new technology with images gathered. more can be seen in the april issue of nat geo. i just think a saw a commercial, james cameron's titanic is being rereleased in the theaters in 3-d which should be amazing. the movie that keeps giving to mr. cameron. >> absolutely. it really launched him too, didn't it or maybe he had
6:46 am
others before that. >> did you go with your girlfriends eight times. >> no, not eight times. it happens to be on on cable almost every other wind. you are alike there's nothing else on. >> tucker went on saturday dates seeing that movie. >> will, air not supposed to give way my secrets. let's get right to the forecast. -- you're not supposed to give away my secrets. dulles, 1/8 of a mile visibility. it will take a while before we can get the fog to lift off to the north and east. your dense fog advisory continues for the entire area until 10:00 this morning as we get into the afternoon. unwe'll see some sunshine, at least partial sunshine and mild temperatures expected to be back in the 70s, mid-70s later today. but it is all about how much sun we can get in hereen we'll
6:47 am
keep our fingers crossed. -- but it is all about how much sun we can get in here. we'll keep our fingers crossed. 52349 52349 and -- 59 in annapolis. still have this area of high pressure off the carolina coast. hasn't budged and it has been keeping us relatively dry here for the week and the weather pattern will eventually change. this frontal system, an area of low pressure, is going to move on through but it will tacky few more days to get here. we'll get a little sunshine this afternoon. i think tomorrow will be nice and mild. as we get into saturday and sunday, if you have outdoor plans, it looks like we have showers and thunderstorms that will be moving through along with cooler temperatures. highs by sunday will be back into the 60s. here is your five-day forecast. 76 this afternoon. honestly, we're being optimistic. 82 tomorrow. tomorrow looks fantastic with a lot of sunshine.
6:48 am
go down and check out the cherry blossoms. could be a few thunderstorms late saturday and then cooler. sunday, monday, only in the 60s. >> do it tomorrow. you never know if the wind will come through or the blossoms will blow off. >> of course, later today, it will be dry later this afternoon. >> if you will be around there tomorrow in the morning, you guess the whole gang will be there. >> i'm wearing my cherry blossom tie. it will be a nice day later on. i want to promote -- >> waiting for the fog to roll out of here. >> good morning. >> good morning to you. little time for -- i'm going to have to retire that. i like the big fancy one. >> i do too. >> it is time to act weather guys. it is the segment where tucker barnes and i put our big heads together to answer your most pressing questions weather- related or otherwise. today's question is from dave galt in germantown. excellent question. he writes, i often hear weather persons giving information on
6:49 am
the record temperatures and other weather-related data from the 1800s how accurate was the weather data from that era. excellent question, dave. haven't you had this before too? >> i don't recall having this question. >> oh, really. >> i think it is one of a kind. >> who knew you were using databased on -- >> yesterday we broke the record high temperature which was set in 1889 or something like that. his question goes right to the point. you want to start or should i start? >> i guess i'll start. we'll go back to the history of keeping track of the weather in the united states and we go back to some famous people like benjamin franklin and george washington. george washington is credit with being one. first people to keep track of weather. he had a weather log that he kept. the first official measurements started in 1871 in washington and baltimore and in the early 1960s out at dulles. whenever we talk about records
6:50 am
or setting records, we can go back to 1871 officially. the data is kind of hit and miss. it is somewhat suspect and the reason is they moved -- of course, they were new to this whole world of keeping track of weather. they moved the weather stayings around quite a lot in that period between about 1870 and 1930, 1940. so it was -- >> they had a weather station? >> we had some people at the smithsonian. we had some army surgeons, people at the naval observatory all keeping track of weather records back in the late 1850s through 1870s. >> as we know, depending on where you're taking that observation, it can be different. so, for example, now, and even -- hey, even today, the official temperature is taken at reagan national airport and there are some issues with that because it is often ciewpped of misheeding because of the influence of the river right
6:51 am
there. so that is probably not the ideal place to take the temperature. -- it is often kind of misleading because of the influence of the are you ever right there. >> early on, it was individuals keeping records. we are sure whatever observations they took and wrote down they were accurate for where they were, what have you. but there is some variance in all of this. it is a little stretchy. >> they would be the ones calling the weather department calling in saying you no what it is where i live. >> they would be weather observers. >> now, there are stringent standards on where a weather station can be located and how high off the ground it can be. they want to be sure it is a certain distance from any heat sources. a lot of weather stations have been on top of buildings and meteorologists and climatologists have discovered that being 100 feet up is very different than being on the ground. >> so many factors to think about. >> and this actually factors into the discussion about
6:52 am
global warming. there are -- some people who argue against the phenomenon of global warming say that, you know first of all, we've only been keeping records if a relate stifle short period of time and truly accurate records for an even shorter period of time. earlier observations on temperature really depended on who was keeping the record, where it was, was -- did they just step outside and stick a thermometer out there. >> did they have to walk 15 miles? >> so they say we don't -- it is hard to say, well, 150 years ago, the temperature here was this and now it is this. well, maybe. >> good question indeed that. was interesting. >> thank you, dave, for the excellent question. so you guess the bottom line, take it with a grain of salt to some extent. take it for what it is. >> this is a song from the
6:53 am
1800s. turkey in the straw. popular song in the 1800s. >> popular chart. >> julie has this album. >> if you have a question you want answered, go to and click on the weather tab. thank you, folks. >> julie probably haze dance to go along with this. >> if i have this album, it is because i stole it from tucker. >> she has turkey in the straw, the remix. >> skeet, skeet, skeet. tucker has to go google skeet. trying to head northbound leaving newington and springfield, the lanes are open. you will find delays on 395 leaving the beltway continuing you and across the 14th street bridge as you travel in from the pentagon. problems here on the inare loop. we had accident activity at braddock road. average speed on the beltway down to 37 miles per hour. westbound on the freeway
6:54 am
approaching south capital street, the third street tunnel, truck lost avery large piece of cop crete in the roadway. stay to the center and right to get by. that's a check of your fox 5 on-timetraffic. etraffic. >> thank you. a health alert for you this morning about a new study on balding. researchers say they have identified a protein that that can prevent hair growth. scientists hope the findings can help develop a topical treatment to block that resippettor. if so, that could possibly slow down or actually reverse balding. some good news there. still ahead on fox 5 morning news, it's high energy event packed with power players and we are not talking about the act the weather guy segment. >> holly is live at the newseum where today cutting end technology will be on display there. it looks like she is reading up on it just a bit. it is all with the aim of helping you save electricity and some money too. who doesn't like that? we'll be right back. [ male announcer ] how can power consumption in china,
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good morning i am holly morris today i am at an invitation only event the good news i am bringing you as my guest as we are live at the museum for powering the people 2.0 this is where utility companies and high tech companies come together and come up with gadgetsystems to help save energy which in turn helps save us all money. for example down here they are talking about the smart thermostat it can cut your cooling bills in summer by 10 to 30% right next door the modlet a modern electric outlet you can control the power flow and then over here we have the green button this is something where you can by simply clicking the button on your computer you can see the electricity used in your home and therefore regulate, use less. we will talk all about the future of electricity and where it is headed how we are saving
6:59 am
it and even will and sarah electric cars they did this last year they had two electric vehicles this year they have five we will go on the street and check them out as well the future is now i love this stuff. >> yeah, it is fun. >> times have changed. thanks holly. >> we would like to say good morning to today's facebook fan of the day, ellis johnson who tell us us he watches fox 5 every morning, morning noon and night look at that nice picture that is a good profile pick. >> a dapper man. >> he has a special connection to the fox family works at the building that houses our capital hill bureau if you would like to see tomorrow's fan of the day, go to our facebook fan page and post a comment and be our fan of the day tomorrow. now to allison and tony as fox 5 morning news continues. >> go


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