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tv   Fox Morning News at 6  FOX  March 23, 2012 6:00am-7:00am EDT

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with with south we wouldn't to follow be right backing news at this hour. >> two serious accidents overnight causing big problems. one of them a police chase that ends in a deadly crash in montgomery county. we have a full report live from the scene and julie has an update on how this may affect your commute. fox 5 morning news continues right now. ght now. taking a live look outside right now at 270 and montrose road, it is friday, march 23rd, 6:00 a.m. straight up. we are about to kick off the first full weekend of the national cherry blossom festival and we are about to go
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live to the tidal basin where we will be all morning long. good morning. good to have you with us. i'm will thomas. >> i'm sarah simmons. speaking of tucker barnes, let's agree there right now because it is so pretty out there. we want to get there immediately. >> check out the cherry blossoms this morning. tony and allison will join us in our next hour. i see you've got the pink tie flowing today. >> yeah, i save it up every year so i can wear it on this big occasion. today is the day to get down here. we are starting to notice a few petals down on the ground. i think with wind and rain in the forecast, today might be the peak as far as the blossoms go this year. should be a beautiful day. come down and join us. we are situated right next to the martin luther king, jr. memorial. it should be a beautiful sunrise as well. we do have fog to the north. a dense fog advisory continues across northern around central maryland. locally, let's get to it and talk temperatures. at reagan national, we are 61
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degrees now. 50s there for the remaining airports. after a mild start, temperatures should very quickly jump without much fore today. ic we'll be well into the 70s by late morning and we are expecting high temperatures in the 1r0 a little later today. up ahead of this storm, mostly sunny skies today. clouds will move in later this afternoon. today, we should be just fine. 82 your daytime high so about five or sick degrees warmer than yesterday. lots of sunshine. rain will move in overnight tonight. more details on that. coming up in just a couple of minutes. that is the latest here from the tidal basin. >> thank you. meanwhile, we continue to follow breaking news out of chevy chase, maryland this morning. two people are dead after a police chase ends on connecticut avenue. >> officers say the driver lost control of the car, crashing right into a tree. the car then burst into flames. fox 5's sherry ly is live at the scene this morning with the very latest. just a horrific outcome here.
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>> reporter: it is, will and sarah. right now, the medical examiner's office is here. firefighters have just removed the bodies from that car. the car is actually just beyond the fire trucks right there. it was badly burned. two people survived. two people did not. police say the stolen car burst into flames in chevy chase circle. officers who had been pursuing the car rushed to save the four people inside after it crashed into a tree. they were only able to get the driver and a front seat passenger out. a montgomery county police officer spotted the stolen toyota near east-west highway and jones mill road around 1:15 this morning. police say the officer continued following the car south onto connecticut avenue waiting for backup. police were about to move in when they say the driver sped off. >> when the driver increased his speed significantly, the officer turned on his lights in an attempt to stop the car.
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the car continued south on connecticut where the driver for reasons still under investigation lost control and ran into the tree here at the circle. >> reporter: investigators have not released the identities of the victims because of the fire, investigators say they can't tell whether the people in the back who died were men or women. police tell us the man driving was in surgery early this morning and the front seat passenger had only minor injuries. investigators are expected to be out here for several hours this morning through the rush hour which is going to make this a very difficult commute along connecticut avenue. they have the area southbound from bradley all the way to western avenue closed off. people will have to find another route. that is the latest here in chevy chase. >> that will cause major problems this morning. thank you. for more on the traffic impact and another situation at 295 and suitland parkway, let's
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go to julie wright. >> sherry ly is reporting live from the scene. she is there at the accident where it occurred and she is giving out the live updates. while she was talking, i heard from police. they have changed the closure point now along southbound connecticut avenue. traffic is being diverted off at 4 10rbg the east-west highway. we suspected they would do that earlier this morning. -- traffic is being diverted off at 410, the east-west highway. it gives you an easier option to get over to wisconsin avenue or stay to the bw parkway. southbound connecticut avenue, the change is they have closed it southbound at 410. now, northbound traffic according to police can get by single file to the right. let me move you into virginia. this is eastbound 66 coming in out of manassas at the car rest area. accident activity here along the left side of the roadway so heads up as you travel from 234 south headed in from the car rest area. 295, sarah had mentioned this. the accident activity at the suitland parkway now cleared. our lanes are open headed in
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towards the 11th street bridge. lanes are open leaving college park headed around towards 270. that's a check of your fox 5 on-time traffic. >> thank you, julie. , julie. this morning's big story, the governor of florida is appointing a new prosecutor to lead the investigation into the killing of an unarmed black teenager. >> later today, attorney general eric holder will meet with african-american ministers at the white house to talk about the justice department's investigation into the death of trayvon martin. the meeting was planned before his death but comes at a time when the case continues to make headlines across the country. meantime, more marches are planned in honor of trayvon. members of congress plan to hold an event and tonight, the naacp is planning a prayer vigil at the big chair on mlk avenue in southeast starting at 6:30. another big development in the case the police chief of the city where trayvon was killed says he is temporarily stepping down. a look now at the morning's other top stories. >> police continue to search for the suspect in the stabbing
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of a woman who was eight months pregnant. doctors were able to deliver the baby would did not survive. the mother was stabbed early yesterday morning at her apartment on ninth street southeast. there was no signs of forced entry into the home. police are offering a reward for any information that leads to an arrest. the baby boy, named keiron rashad hunt was due in just a few weeks. in prince george's county, police are investigating a sexual assault of a realtor. it happened as she was preparing to show a home in suitland. police say an unknown man walked into the house and attacked the realtor in the basement and took offer. another sexual assault in prince george's county. this happened around 6:00 yesterday morning. vehicle ours say a masked man entered an apartment on greenlawn drive in chillum and attacked a woman inside. coming up next, even more major grocery chains are joining the growing list of
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the u.s. soldier accused of going on a shooting rampage in afghanistan will be charged with 17 counts of murder today. the military now says robert bales is suspected in the death of nine children and eight adults. originally, he was accused in 16 deaths total. bales also faces other charges including dereliction of duty. also making headlines, former presidential candidate john edwards facing accusation of another sex scandal. a call girl working for new york's alleged millionaire madam says she was paid to have
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sex with edwards while he was running for the democratic nomination in 2007. edwards flatly denies the allegations. he is already facing a federal trial on charges he used campaign donations to cover up an affair. three more grocery chains say they will no longer sell beef that includes an additive known as that pink slime. giant, kroger and stop and shop are joining the list of stores that will no longer use the product. the low cost ingredient is made from patty meat left over from other cuts. the fat is removed and it is then treated with ammonia to kill bacteria. federal regulators say it meets food safety standards but customers have expressed concern about using the product. >> i think just a couple of days ago, safeway joined that list as well. really gaining steam. still ahead, a big name announces he is run for the governor of virginia. >> as we go to break, a live look at the tidal base tidal basin if we could, where the
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cherry blossoms are in full block. they're there. >> trust us they're there. >> it is easy for post the photos of cherry blossoms that you take, send them to my weather photo at g we're back after this. 
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d.c. is in full bloom as you ski from the picture. >> it sure is. tucker is live at the tidal base inas we celebrate the first full weekend of the national cherry blossom festival. with our weather, the blooms have been around for a few days. >> yeah, they have. we are starting to see some petals on the ground so today is the day to do t as we get into the weekend, the weather forecast will fall apart a little bit on us. we'll have some rain showers around and perhaps some thunderstorms. any wind will start to blow the petals towards the ground. today should be a picture
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perfect day. get it, no pun intended. we're expecting high temperatures in the low 80s and a lot of sunshine. we'll take a lee forecast and we'll have more from here. right now at reagan national, we are 60 degrees. 60 at reagan national. dulles is 55 degrees and at bwi marshall, it is 56. taking a look at our next map, we can see that satellite- radar, we've got very quiet conditions. let's talk fog for a minute. the last couple of days, we've been dealing with a lot of fog. looking out over the tidal base in, i see stars at the moment so we're fine here in washington. to the north, some fog has developed and there is a dense fog advisory if you are in howard county, frederick county until 10:00 this morning. so northern tier of maryland still under that dense fog advisory until 10:00. you saw out to the west that cold front. that will get in here tonight. your forecast arc little patchy fog. notice the temperature, warmer than yesterday. 82degrees. we'll be noise and summery this afternoon. wind out of the east at five to 10 miles per hour.
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later font, we cloud up. rain showers return overnight. as we get into tomorrow, the rain will stick around. we've got showers and thunderstorms back in the forecast for both saturday and sunday. so today is really your day to get on down here. that is a live look here from the tidal base in. coming up, we have a great ask the weather guys question that is related to the cherry blossoms. i think i'm tossing to the julie with the latest on the traffic. >> i'm ahere. cherry blossoms look beautiful. great day for it. you are absolutely right. metro down folks. don't worry about the hassle and trying to find a parking space. get outside, walk around, enjoy the fresh air. not rest of us heading into work, it is very busy and a very complicated ride out there on the roads. southbound connecticut avenue, a fatal accident there. what you need to know as far as your commute is that southbound connecticut avenue is now blocked off at 410, the east- west highway. if you are heading from montgomery county headed out towards the d.c. line, you want
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to stick with wisconsin avenue and use that as your workaround. northbound, only one lane to the right is able to get by headed north from chevy chase circle back up towards bradley lane. this is eastbound 66 coming inbound at the car rest area east of business 234. accident activity remains along the left side of roadway. heavy volume delays from 234 south headed east. president obama defending his record on oil drilling and now his administration will not block parts of the keystone pipeline. in oklahoma yesterday, the president announced he is ordering a fast track for the south keystone pipeline that will relieve a glut of oil that is keeping gas prices very low in nebraska but very high in other parts of the country. later tonight, president obama heads to asia for this weekend's nuclear summitt in south korea. the republicans running for president are campaigning ahead ever tomorrow's primary in
6:20 am
louisiana. mitt romney's campaign is publicly complaining that rick santorum's presence in the race hurts the gop's ability to unite against president obama. santorum is leading romney in the polls in louisiana. attorney general ken cuccinelli is running for governor in virginia. he filed paperwork with the state board of ed yesterday and formally established a campaign committee. the republican says he is running for governor to continue the work he has done as attorney general and as state senator and says that work includes strengthening the state appear economy and promoting smaller, more efficient government. coming up next, we'll go live to fox business network in new york. what a new study says about coworkers who use lets sea a some colorful language. >> that is a nice -- let's say some colorful language. >> that is i nice sort of pc way to say it. $1 could turn into $ 290 million for a luck you winner
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tonight or winners. the megamillions jackpot is closing in on $300 million. we're back in just a moment. a  >> it's our turn. >> it is! 
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maybe you've got a coworker who isn't afraid to use a few four-letter words now and thenen a new study says it could be a good thing. we'll have more on that coming up in a minute. first, let's take a look at the market. lauren simonetti with fox business network live in new york with this morning's business beat. >> good morning. happy friday. >> we need good news for the markets after yesterday. you got any for us? >> trying. we have our futures set to open completely flat this morning but we get a key report on new home sales today and we're seeing signs that the housing market may have bottomed and that would be great news if it is actually the case. sales of previously owned homes for january and february basically coming in at the best
6:25 am
start to the year in five years. and we are also seeing mortgage rates tick back up so that suggests that, yeah, the housing market may have bottomed. hopefully, that will encourage the bulls that the housing market is getting better too. >> hopefully, this is the bottom. we've heard so many tombs that we've hit the bottom. let's hope this is the time. i'm not so sure how the hrds at businesses around the country will feel about this but some researchers seem to think cursing in the office could help you. >> leave it is to the brits to come up with this story. researchs are in the uk say if you drop the f word, the s word, the c word or the a word in the office, you are actually considered kind of cool relatable and it is a great way for bonding among coworkers, sharing frustrations and it is eastbound good for women to cuss because -- even good for women to cuss because they are seen being on the same level with men. whatever you do, be careful to stay out of the hr office i
6:26 am
don't contactually. you think i've got a few people in mind downstairs that are saying thank goodness. thank you so much. >> have a great weekend. >> you too. coming up next, two overnight accidents causing some problems on the roads this morning. we'll have an update on traffic. also ahead, we are live along the tidal basin all morning long checking out the cherry blossoms for you. this so pretty. take a look down there. you can see them. we have the lights down this for you so can you kind of see them on the early hours before the sun comes up. we want to see your pictures as well. edmonton mail them to us and we'll poet them on -- e-mail them to us and we'll post them on  when it comes to getting my family to eat breakfast,
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and i feel good about serving. and nutella is made with simple, quality ingredients, like hazelnuts, skim milk, and a hint of cocoa. it's quick, easy and something everyone can agree on. ♪ nutella. breakfast never tasted this good. back now with breaking news out of chevy chase, maryland i'm deadly place chase comes to an owned con avenue. police say the are car they were following lost control at
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chevy chase circle, crashing into a tree and then bursting into flames. two passengers sitting in the back seat were both killed. we have a live report from the scene in just a few minutes and find out what you need to know if you commute through this area t will change your morning commute. >> all right. on the brighter side this morning, we are live along the tidal basin where the cherry blossoms are in full bloom. >> they sure are. >> tuckers enjoying the beauty of the blossoms. what does it feel like out there today? still humid? >> still some humidity but it is absolutely beautiful. very serene setting here. going to be a beautiful sunrise. we are getting the first rays of lighted coming up over the horizon here. next couple of hours should be fantastic down here as we are celebrating the cherry blossom festival and the cherry blossoms in full bloom down here for our friday. today will be a great day to get down here. i highly recommend you do so because we have some showers and thunderstorms in the forecast saturday and sunday. right now at reagan national,
6:31 am
we are 60 degrees. 60 at reagan national. humidity up, 93%. dense fog advisory for north central mayor -- north central maryland until 10:00 this morning. low 80s for the afternoon high. out to the west, you can see the rain into kentucky and indiana. that will get in here overnight tonight, really tomorrow and bring us periods of showers and maybe some thunderstorms. a little fog to start your morning. warm conditions with sunshine. should be a try friday for you. highs in the low 80s by 4:00 p.m. lots more coming up from the tidal basin. tony will join us in a couple of minutes. we have a great ask the weather guy question. we'll find out all about the crown that the queen wears. apparently, it is adorned in gold and pearls. i know you know something about
6:32 am
that. >> about wearing a crown. i was lucky to get aster on my door here at work. >> we hook forward to seeing you and mr. perkins shortly. we've hay very busy rush hour for our friday morning commute. sherry ly has been reporting live on this deadly accident which occurred southbound along connecticut avenue south of bradley lane down near chevy chase circle. what you need to know as far as your commute goes is that southbound connecticut avenue remains closed off at 410, the east-west highway. you guys can go no further south than 410. wisconsin avenue is open for business. that could sufficient time using that as the alternative route. if you are coming northbound on connecticut avenue from chevy chase circle, you get by the accident scene single file to the right. on the other side of town, this is 66 coming inbound at the car rest area east of business 234. left side of the roadway remains blocked off here with the accident activity. delays from 234 south headed eastbound along 66. and now northbound i-95 in
6:33 am
virginia as you work your way up towards the franconia springfield parkway, left lane here tied up with a multivehicle accident. that's a check of your fox 5 on-timetraffic. raffic. we continue following breaking news this morning out of chevy chase, maryland that julie just mentioned. a deadly police chase on connecticut avenue. police say officers were following the car when it sped off. >> the car crashed at chevy chase circle killing two people who were sitting in the back seat. the car just burst into flames. sherry ly is on the scene this morning with the latest. >> reporter: i want to update you on the situation julie just talked about as far as the traffic is concerned. police have just told us minutes ago they expect this cleared hopefully by 7:00 this morning. they have removed the two bodies from the car and they have been taken to the medical
6:34 am
examiner for identification. over here, you can see they are preparing to tow away the vehicle. this was a horrific fire. two people died, two people survived. one was antitaken with minor injuries and another one, the driver is in surgery. had police not been there, it is possible no one here would have made it out alive. take a look at the car engulfed in names. the pick were taken by a neighbor right after the crash. two people who died were in the back seat. they are still inside the car. the officers were unable to get them out. an officer spoted a stolen firefighter toyota near east- west highway and joan mill road. the officer followed the car south onto connecticut avenue while waiting for backup. officer turned on his lights and destroyed to stop the car but seconds laterrer, it slammed into a tree.
6:35 am
>> the officers report seeing smoke first and then flames. they ran to the car. they were able to extract the driver and the front seat passenger through the flames. they got their fire extinge winners out and attempted to put the fire out and tried to rescue the other two occupants in the rear seat but were unable to do so. >> reporter: police aren't saying how fast that car was going. that is still part of the investigation. they are just finishing up the clean-up. they expect to have this reopened sometime right around 7:00 a.m. back to you. >> thank you. this morning's other big story, the governor of florida is appointing a new prosecutor to lead the investigation into the killing of an unarmed black teen. >> later today, attorney general eric holder will meet with african-american ministers at the white house to talk about the justice department's investigation into the death of trayvon martin. the meeting was dead you would before his death but comes at a
6:36 am
time when this case continues to garner headlines across the country. members congress plan to hold an event and later tonight, the naacp is planning a prore vigil at the big chair on mlk avenue in southeast starting at 6:30. -- a prayer vigil. still no arrest in the stabbing of a pregnant woman in southeast. this happened in her apartment on ninth street early yesterday. she was stabbed in the stomach. police say she was eight months pregnant. doctors were able to deliver her son but he did not survive. officers say there were no signs of forced entry into her apartment. they are offering a reward for any information that leads to an arrest. this morning, prince george's county police are still searching for a suspect accused of taxing a realtor. investigators say a man ambushed and sexually assaulted her as she was getting ready to show a home and a potential client. it and last night at a vacant house in suitland. police say a man walked in and attacked her in the basement
6:37 am
and ran off. officers have been searching the neighborhood looking for any information. prince george's county police are also investigating another sexual assault. this one happened around 6:00 yesterday morning. several hours after the attack in suitland. investigate ours say a masked man entered and were in on green lawn drive in chillum and attacked a woman inside. -- investigators say a mask man entered after patch on -- an apartment on green lawn drive in chillum and attacked a woman inside. we'll check in with tucker barnes when fox 5 news continues. ♪
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the big serena -- screen adaptation ever the hunger games is out today. kevin mccarthy joins us now. this thing is like only thing opening this weekend and you really liked it, 4.5 out of 5. >> this is nothing like the twilight movies whatsoever. compared to like twilight, everybody is saying because it is based on a book series, it is popular, i feel like comparing it is like comparing the godfather and toy story. this is a legitimately great film. gary ross has created a film that i think completely transcends that teenage teenaged genre and opens opportunity to an audience that anybody can like. now, anybody past the age of 13, this is a very, very violent story. it is about kids killing each other down to the last one. >> what is rating? >> it is pg-13 butt book are
6:42 am
geared toward a young adult audience which is very interesting. be aware of that. it is a very violent story. idea that it takes in post apocalyptic north america. the capital oversees these 12 districts and every year, they pick one young boy and one young girl out of every district, 24 total to go fight to the together until one is left. >> what is up with these future movies? they are always so negative. i heard jimmy kimmel talking about this as well. he said why can't we all hang out at applebee's and just chill out. they are always such sort of dark plots. >> it is very dark but i will say this. it is the love story that carries this movie. there is a love story between two characters that i think is one of the best love stories i've seen in a long time. what gary ross has done here is he lets the film breathe. gives you a good hour of character development so you care for these character before they enter the games so you are emotionally invested in everything that is happening. >> let me just have you make the point to parents. a lot of your kids have read the books. do you think that this is age
6:43 am
appropriate for kids of all ages who have read the books that are already familiar with it? >> i honestly would say that, if you are under the age of 13, i think parents should go with their kid and i think there are very violent sequences. the director does not let up. he allows the violence to occur. don't want to give anything away but people who have read the books and they are aware of how certain characters die. there is one particular scene which was very unsettling. i was actually shocked at how violent the movie was. but it is done in a pg-13 way. they do a lot of cutways but you are able to fill in the violence. i do want to say that the performances, what a cast. donald sutherland, woody harrelson, everybody, jennifer lawrence, i think we need more strong female-led films. is she is so kick butt this this film. i absolutely loved it. i think it is a fun movie. it is very important. it says a lot about society. >> let me move o i know you
6:44 am
want to pitch to some of the interviews in case people haven't seen them. >> i sat down with the entire cast and i asked every cast more this one question. i said if you could look back over your previous career, all the caches you've played which one would live and which one would die in the hunger games. i'm tweet it out. it is at bdk reviews. lenny kravitz was great. >> dvd of the week, your pick. >> i trusted you a couple of week ago. it was a great call. on the cover of the dvd, your review. >> i know. this is my dvd of the week. >> this is the back of the muppets dvd. i couldn't believe it. it came in the mail. i was freaking out. this is one of of my favorite movies of last year. i really do feel like if you weren't a muppets fan, you will become one when you see the movie. it will put a smile on your face the entire time. definitely rent it. the hunger games is fantastic. >> kevin mccarthy, thank you. >> you have arrived.
6:45 am
you are on the back of the muppets movie. >> i'm excited about it. i'm a muppet. >> that is so cool, kevin. congratulation. >> thank you. let's get back out to tucker live along the tidal basin checking out the cherry blossoms. >> what a beautiful morning. we are starting to get a nice crowd starting to show up at the tidal basin. sunrise in a couple minutes time. we are starting to seat sun over the horizon. it will be a absolutely gorgeous day. come down and enjoy today. we've got rain back in the forecast both saturday and sunday and the possibility of some thunderstorms. with the a few petals already on the ground, i think the peak may be today here. so get out and enjoy the afternoon with temperatures in the 14r08. let's get to the weather forecast and then we've got a great ask the weather guy and was as we get into the afternoon here, i mentioned our temperatures should be in the 80s. -- get out and enjoy the afternoon with temperatures in the 80s. it is not bad out here.
6:46 am
it is fairly mild. with temperatures already in the upper 50s and 60 at reagan national, it's nice comfortable start. 63 for new quantico. dulles is at 5 #. frederick, 54 degrees. -- dulles is 55. columbia, elk ridge, up towards ellicott see, they are under a dense fog advisory for a few more hours. we'll be on the warm side of things. we are expecting temperatures in the 80s around here later today. i think by day break tomorrow, some rain showers around and the rain will continue on and off and it is possible that again we could have some thunderstorm activity around here saturday night. saturday afternoon, saturday night. notice the cooler temperatures. only 62 by tuesday.
6:47 am
now, we've tape it on the road. a very special -- >> we don't get to do this very often. ask the weather guys. her guys. >> i don't know if that effect worked or not. >> i can't hear anything. i love our viewers because they ask the perfect questions at the perfect times. >> you are right about that. >> wyff special cherry blossom edition of ask the weather guys. today's question is from john letterman. he wants to know about the crown worn by the cherry blossom festival queen. >> did you know anything about this crown? >> i did not know about a crown. >> i didn't either. >> he wants to know about the crown and whether what is written about it in wikipedia is true. here is part of the wikipedia entry. containing more than five pound of gold and 1585 pearls, the crown is used at the coronation of the festival queen at the grand ball. now, john goes on to write,
6:48 am
i've never heard anything about this crown. is it still in use? if not, then what became of it. or is wikipedia wrong and the downnever exist giant food i knew nothing about t i thought maybe julie wright would have the answer. of course, she knows nothing. >> we've called in an expert. this is billivityian, president of the national conference of state societies. >> good morning. >> we are all in our pink ties. >> indeed. >> does the crown exist? >> it does indeed exit. yes, virginia, there is a crown. >> and is the description of the crown in wikipedia accurate? >> i'm not familiar with the wikipedia description but it is close. we are pretty impose to accurate on what the crown is. it is a heavy crown. it weighs about five pounds in total. two of that is in gold, 14 karat gold. rest of it if you can imagine
6:49 am
the weight is 1585 pearls. so that is what contributes to the size -- we are pretty close to accurate on what the crown is. >> is that the crown? >> it comes out only one day a year for the coronation of the queen every year under armed guard at our grand ball that we have and it immediate hi goes back into hibernation -- immediately goes back into hibernation. whoever is crowned the queen is actually given a much smaller crown that she can keep for herself. that is provided along with a strand of pearls. the actual original crown goes back in the vault until the next year. >> we have a photo of the first queen to wear the crown. would this have been in 1957? >> 1957. that is right, tony. >> this is jean marie lee of alaska and she is being crowned. >> he mentioned to me, notice the strip. it is so heavy, they have to
6:50 am
put a strap under negotiate their chin so it doesn't fall off. >> she is being crowned in this picture by general alfred grunther. he was president of the red cross at the time. he looks like he is quite taken with the korean there. >> or the crown. >> or the crown. we don't mean to be rude but is it okay to ask how -- what the value of the crown is? >> well, if you have to ask, then you can't afford it, tony. >> i guarantee you i can't afford it. >> the truth of the matter is that back in 2005 we had it appraised for insurance purposes so we could get proper coverage it was and it was praised at $300,000 but we actually consider it priceless because of its history and its unique nature. >> does it ever make an appearance other than the festival? >> if it does, i am in the aware t we only know of that crowning, the coronation that night and the queen is very nervous when she has it on because she can barely balance it on her head with the chin strap and everything.
6:51 am
as soon as that comes off, then it goes right back into the vault. >> can we ask where it is kept? >> i could tell you but you know the rest of the story. >> okay. never mind. >> i think we've asked enough. >> that is fantastic. i never knew. i never knew. bill christian, thank you so much. i know you have a busy few weeks coming up. >> we sure do. >> it will be beautiful today. >> thank you. >> just a great question and a great answer. >> did not know that. that is it for today's edition of the ask the weather guys. if you have a question you would like to have answered, go to and click on weather. >> we'll try to do more travel editions. >> this is fun. we'll toss to julie wright. no crown for you this year. >> oh, bummer. can i at least get a nutty buddy or do i get stuck with you two? >> we have an eye patch for you. >> all right.
6:52 am
on the roads right now, you will find outbound new york avenue, that is where we have the roadway blocked after the b it is shut down leaving northeast into northwest and that is due to accident activity. inbound the lanes are open. connecticut avenue has been reknopped each direction traveling between 410 and chef you chase circle. -- connecticut avenue has been reopened each direction. the remains of accident here off the road to the shoulder leaving 234 south and headed in towards centreville. that's a check of your fox 5 on-timetraffic. etraffic. fur. >> a nut you buddy. if that didn't make you hungry, member this will. this is time for a look at the my fox half off deal.
6:53 am
look under my fox half off on the right side of the page at >> our live coverage continues all morning long here on fox 5. >> still ahead, holly has a look at neat things you can see besides the blossoms. don't you love this music? lets ahe go to yoga this morning. >> i know -- let's go to yoga this morning. >> i know. >> holly will check in with us live along the tidal basin. stay with us. it's where you spend a lifetime so your kids can go to college. so you can actually visit that beach proudly displayed on your monitor. for that, you work through lunch. or as we like to say, lunch through work. perfectly balanced hormel compleats meals. freshness sealed for flavor. in over 30 varieties, it's the lunch that works.
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>> reporter: good morning, everybody. i'm holly morris. i, too, am amidst the cherry blossoms this morning. there is no better way to start the day. it is spectacular down here on the tidal basin. the flowers are in full bloom. it's the 100th anniversary of the original gift, so it's a special celebration. of course, as we all know
6:57 am
weather-wise, spring has officially sprung in the capital. so there is indeed a lot to celebrate and why the whole show is coming down here. when you're talking about the cherry blossom festival, nonstop entertainment for five weeks. we're going to have a renowned guitarist from japan. he's going to play live on fox 5 morning news. plus, we'll talk about other performers that will be around the city. also for the first time in the 100 years, the art and drama therapy institute will have performers be a part. and a two-day celebration of family day. no matter who we bring out, the
6:58 am
real stars are the flowers themselves, and they are spectacular. >> they are. tony perkins has his cherry blossom tie on, and as usual, no matter where you are, you were wearing the right thing. are those cherry blossoms? >> i know, they're beautiful. >> reporter: well, this old thing, i went in my closet and picked out something and it happened to work. >> i'm sure. she was probably showing last night. thank you. we want to see your photos to us. e-mail them to us and we'll post them on they might end up on the air like this one. send your pictures to my weather back in a moment. first, a big good morning to our fox 5 fan of the day, karen hall. karen says her 4-month-old katelyn marie loves to sit and watch fox 5 in the mornings with her. karen says she was go to give up, so we thank you for continuing to write in.
6:59 am
our fans of the day are picked at random, so head to facebook and search for fox 5morning news, and post a comment under karen's photo. that does it for the 6:00 hour. let's send it to allison and tony, also live on the tidal basin this morning. mother nature gave us the hookup today, that's for sure. >> well, mother nature certainly did. i hope you can hear us. we are down at the tidal basin today, celebrating 100 years of the gift from japan of our trees. >> it's a wonderful start to the day. going to be a beautiful day. we have a great morning planned. you don't want to turn away from the next three hours. a lot of guests and pretty pictures. we're going to give you everything you need to know, if you're coming down for a visit the next few days and coming weeks actually. we are still covering the


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