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tv   Fox 5 News Edge at 11  FOX  March 30, 2012 11:00pm-11:30pm EDT

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sold 200 copies a week of a song jumped up to 800. that's a significant spike. publicity like this is almost worth more than the actual royalties that they will pocket. >> reporter: in hollywood anita vogel, fox news. >> thanks so much for joining us tonight at 10:00. maureen umeh is in for brian now with the news edge at 11:00. get your tickets out. we are seconds from revealing the winning jackpot numbers in tonight's mega millions drawing. welcome to the news edge at 11:00. i'm maw movement so are you holding the winning ticket? i -- i'm maureen umeh. so are you holding the winning ticket? i think i am, so don't even bother. millions are waiting for their chance to win the $640 million mega millions jackpot. audrey barnes is in bethesda where the numbers are about to be revealed. >> reporter: let me read them to you. i'm watching them come. in it's 46, 23, 38, 4, 2, and
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the money ball is 23. once again 46, 23, 38, 4, 2 and the money ball is 23. someone out there is going to bed tonight a very rich person. it all came down to those six numbers. tuesday is when the jackpot first started to creep over the $500 million mark. people have spent unprecedented money trying to win this cash and estimates nationwide are that we will drop $1.5 billion on lottery tickets this week. someone hopefully will win enough to make all of their dreams come true. >> i give mine to church and pay off my bills. >> you know, if i win something, enough to just pay off my condo, educate the kids, give a few dollars to the church and the nonprofits, i'll
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be happy. >> reporter: all right. so once again let me tell you those winning numbers. they are 46, 23, 38, 4, 2, and the powerball for that mega millions $640 million jackpot is 23. sound familiar to you? >> the only reason i'm standing here is because i can't be here. don't think i played that, but i don't know. i did a quick pick, also, so you never know. >> reporter: that's true. i guess we'll know soon. >> if you don't see me tomorrow, you'll know. >> reporter: exactly. >> audrey barnes, thank you. in other news tonight we are following a fox 5 news alert out of hyattsville. police are on the scene of a multiple shooting inside the bell crest plaza apparentlies on northwest drive. officers were called to the building -- plaza apartments off northwest drive.
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officers were called to the building and found three people shot in one unit, no word yet on their conditions. this friday night a lot of folks headed from work to happy hour, but how many will know when they've had one too many? it's going to be a lot easier to know for sure at a bar in bethesda and one in d.c. soon. fox 5's karen gray houston is in the newsroom with the skinny on this one. >> police departments everywhere have devices that can measure your blood alcohol content. now bars all over america are starting to install breathalyzers to let their customers know when they should not get behind the wheel. just check out the box on the wall at flanagan's harp and fiddle in bethesda. it almost looks like something you might see in vegas. >> at first we were getting like people were just looking at it, what is this? is this a game? but more like in the last few months people love it. >> reporter: after few drinks and for only $1 you can actually find out your blood alcohol content. >> no one wants to be unsafe on
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the road and get a dui or possibly hurt yourself or someone else. >> i think it's fine to have, but i think it's more of an entertainment device than anything else. >> i think that for people who need to gain roughly where they are, it's not a bad thing. it will help them. >> reporter: the local distributor is 729 vending, kevin melanson is founder and president and said his best friend was killed by drunk driving. >> i used to accidentally drink on the weekends and unfortunately got in the car with my best friend mike and lost control and hit a tree, took mike's life and placed me in a coma. >> reporter: now pees on a mission to right the wrong. >> the purpose of the machine is 100% to help the people of the community out and its goal is definitely being accomplished throughout the country. >> reporter: the machine accepts $1 bills and takes your blood alcohol reading after you blow through a straw.
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for now flanagan's is one of the few bars where you can find the machine locally. the breathalyzers will pop up in locations all around the district real soon. >> interesting concept, thank you. the news edge on to virginia where two suspects involved in a prostitution ring were in federal court today. 26-year-old justin strom is charged with sex trafficking as the accused ringleader. investigators say as many as 10 young women ages 16 to 18 were involved in the ring. today fox 5 spoke with strom's roommate who lives in the lorton home where the sting went down. >> i just think it's crazy, but i guess the police got enough information. you know what i'm saying? they say they've been investigating for a long time, so i don't know. >> reporter: did it seem to you that justin was up to this kind of stuff? >> i don't know. >> investigators say strom used social networking sites to recruit teenage girls. they say strom and four other people involved in the ring are members of a violent gang
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called the underground gangster crips. they face life in prison if convicted. on now to the campaign trail where republican presidential candidates are drumming up votes in wisconsin ahead of tuesday's primary. mitt romney is heeding the pack as he picks the numb -- leading the pack as he picks the number of high profile endorsements. >> reporter: add influential and conservative paul ryan. >> what we need is mitt romney to be the next president of the united states. >> reporter: ryan's support could help romney beyond wisconsin which holds its primary with d.c. and maryland tuesday. he turned up the heat on romney's rivals to step aside. >> i think we're entering a phase where it could become counterproductive if this drags on much longer. so that's why i think we need to coalesce as conservatives around mitt romney and focus on the big dark at hand. >> reporter: the latest marist poll has romney leading santorum by seven points. roll film has more than half
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the 1,100 -- romney has more than half the 1,144 delegates needed for the nomination double that of santorum. >> we need someone who can talk and relate to them, who maybe doesn't talk about, you know, being the ceo of a company and having, you know, jokes about firing people. >> reporter: by contrast newt gingrich in debt and downsizing all but declared romney the nominee on wisconsin radio today. >> i'm comfortable that the day he gets 1,144 delegates that we will all unify and support him, but he has to finish earning the delegates and that's how the process goes. >> reporter: romney on the stump focuses on president obama almost exclusively now. on the phone he's tapping into wisconsin governor scott walker and the gop's battle with big labor in wisconsin in a robocall targeting santorum's pro union reputation. >> rick santorum repeatedly supported big labor and joined
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with liberal democrats in voting against right to work sltime in washington. >> reporter: the most blunt pressure on santorum came from former president george h.w. bush last night while endorsing romney. >> it's time to hold em and fold em. i think it's time for people to get behind this good man. >> reporter: romney is favored in all three races next week. wisconsin has 39 delegates, maryland has 37 and the district of columbia has 16. gingrich and santorum may win some delegates in wisconsin, but romney is again expected to win most of them on tuesday. just ahead the white house is letting the kremlin know they're not happy, why our ambassador to russia is on edge after a number of suspicious incidents. we'll be right back. >> this is fox 5 news edge at 11:00. the word is swapportunity.
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it's a kremlin spying on our ambassador to return ya? the ambassador seems to think -- to russia? the ambassador seems to think so complaining about cameras that seem to follow him everywhere. >> reporter: after initially down playing the confrontation on russian tv the obama administration is now officially complaining to moscow about a pattern of harassment. >> there's been a number of
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incidents since his arrival that have caused us to have some concerns about his security and safety. so as we would in any following normal protocol, we'd raise that with the government of russia. >> reporter: the ambassador's schedule is not public and when he met with the human rights activists in moscow thursday, he found a scrum of russian reporters already waiting for him. they work for a kremlin friendly tv station. [ speaking russian ] [ speaking russian ] >> reporter: mcfall known for his openness and pro democracy stance took to twitter to question whether he was being spied on. the ambassador is the target of russian state controlled media and has been from the moment he set foot in moscow. >> a few days after he arrived there was a documentary shown
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on that same channel where he essentially was accused of being sent over by the cia. >> reporter: while the white house has showcased hitting the the kremlin in its analysts say the two remain far apart on nuclear problems and the strategy in syria. >> reporter: this may be part of a more concerning trend. some analysts say they haven't seen such crude and overt anti- american propaganda since the fall of the soviet union 20 years ago. a massive data breach for two major credit cards, but google unveils its car of the future. >> no. 5, it may taste good and give you a quick pick me up, but spanish researchers saying eating commercial baked goods and fast food is linked to depression. their study found the more fast
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food a person ate, the higher their risk of developing depression. no. 4, your honey could be at risk. a commonly used pesticide may be destroying the honey and bumblebee populations. the infecttwo european studies are now calling for safer alternatives. no. 3, honda is recalling more than a half million suvs affecting the 2002 to 2004 crvs and the 2003 pilots. over time the wiring can come loose and cause headlights to fail. no. 2, could be the car of the future, google introduced its self-driving car today. a blind man test drove the car to taco bell. he made it there with no problems. the car uses cameras, radars and lasers to see the road ahead and map to help find the way, no word when a model like this one will be hitting the streets. no. 1, your personal information
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maybe at risk. mastercard and visa are investigating a massive data breach. the problem is with a third party processor. visa claims its u.s. customers are not affected. mastercard says contact the bank that issued your card if you have concern. the bottom line, keep an eye on your bank statements to keep yourself safe and that's a look at tonight's fox 5 top 5. >> talking about our weather, things calming down tonight. it was a so so day. >> kind of chilly today with the clouds. this time of year you get the clouds in, winds out of the northeast, temperatures don't want to warm up. we've had a break in the clouds tonight. so temperatures have actually gotten chilly. we're in the upper 30s out there already to the north and west. out in our western suburbs the temperatures are falling, too. a beautiful shot of the monument out there again. the skies have become partly cloudy. let me show you the weekend forecast just from the get go here, kind of get it out of the way. tomorrow's temperatures will
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warm up to the 60s, a little bit warmer for sunday, 68 degrees. 46 early sunday morning. we're still looking for a morning shower tomorrow morning and then we get into some afternoon clouds on sunday and there could be even a late shower on sunday working down from the north and west, but it does look like most of sunday is going to stay dry. temperature continues to drop here in town under those partly cloudy skies, 48 degrees, 43 now for gaithersburg and frederick has made it into the upper 30s. there's some warm air down here coming up into southern ohio, most of west virginia in the 60s now. certainly into north carolina still in the 60s there. but you notice you jump the front and temperatures quickly cool off down into the 40s. big line of showers and thunderstorms coming our way tonight. i'm telling you, this out through the ohio river valley all severe now, along this squall line, as it jumps the
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front it comes into cooler air. it comes into more stable air. so it has been weakening over the last several hours pushing over into sections of western maryland. hagerstown, this is real close to you, too. so it won't be long before you start getting some rain there. we'll have clouds in advance of these showers coming on by and if they hold together, they're thunderstorm characteristics, we could have a rum pell of thunder as well, temperatures -- rumble of thunder as well, temperatures down into the upper 40s. tomorrow temperature around 65 degrees or so and late in the day winds will become northwest and that will help dry things out. here's the line tonight and it moves on through. you can see by 1:00 futurecast we're beginning to break up the skies here with drier conditions. 65 tomorrow, a few more clouds and we'll be in the lower 60s, a little bit more sunshine and perhaps we could get a little bit warmer than that number. late clouds and a few late showers sunday and by monday we're back up into the lower
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70s. tuesday and wednesday around here looks like we'll have a mix of clouds and sun, temperatures back up eventually to the lower 70s. that's the forecast for the weekend. now it's time to switch gears, get over to sports where we find lindsay murphy. >> this is the verizon 4g lte sports desk with lindsay murphy. >> hello, everybody. i'm lindsay murphy. wizards forward chris singleton is either going to be a very rich man tonight or a little poorer than he was this morning. the reason being, he bought 10,000 tickets for tonight's mega millions. luckily his game with the wizards ended just in time for the big drawing. the wizards got off to a great start versus the sixers tonight, nene with the rebound. he gets it to singleton for his slam. his line tonight, six point, six rebounds and 10,000 lottery tickets. more good passing here off another sixers miss, recently signed martin looks ahead to john wall. he loses it. nene finds it. he sees his partner perfectly
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in stride. no let up for the wiz kids tonight, martin fresh off that 10-day contract made an immediate impact, three of his game high 20 points. the wizards crush the playoff bound 76ers 97-76. >> these guys want this bad. you know, these things hurt these last four games, five games, whatever it is that, you know, i just try to keep reminding them, you know, remember the good things. it's all right to be disappointed, but let's don't get where we lose sight of the good things that we're doing. d.c. united was in action tonight at rfk for the first time since their season opener. going into tonight's contest the black and red scored just one goal in their first three games. tonight all of that changed as they made up for some lost time. we'll pick it up in the 28th minute. it's scoreless, but santos changes that. check out this left footed rocket, his first goal of the season and the offensive
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explosion was on for d.c. united. tied at 1 in the 59th minute it's santos a head to nick deleon, a rookie with talent. in front for good. the screaming eagles are loving it. 2-1. the icing on the cake 73rd minute, danny cruz who scored to make it 3-1 finds blaine derosario. d.c. gets in done in style 4-1 over fc dallas. we've got more sports ahead. coming up fresh off the heels of a big win is there more good news for the caps? nick backstrom update right ahead. [ male announcer ] at green giant we know nature
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welcome back. after the caps big win last night over boston to tie buffalo for the eighth playoff spot. both the sabres and panthers lost meaning the caps if they continue to win control their own destiny and that destiny hooks better with nicholas back -- looks better with nicklas backstrom back in the mix. is he good enough to take the hits in a big game? that's the big question. today backstrom wasn't ruled out of playing tomorrow but nobody said he's definitely in either. so what's the deal? the deal? >> everything is possible, possible i could play the last game, too but i mean depends how i feel tomorrow and felt
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good out there today, too, so we'll see. the nationals hosting the marlins today in vieira and if you arrive late, you missed ian desmond leading off the game with a home run for washington, his second round tripper of the spring. henry rodriguez is expected to be a replacement. he looked good tonight. the nats win 3-2. opening day slooming, folks, april 5th at chicago -- is looming, folks, april 5th at chicago. the masters is also looming and the defending champ is charles schwartzel. he dusts his chip, but there's a reason he won last year. he has too do it again. this time no problem. schwartzel at 1-under and in danger of missing the cut. finally in nfl news saint coach sean payton appeals his season long suspension from the nfl for his role in the saints bounty scandal. that's all for sports, but the edge will be right back. 
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so are you holding the winning $640 million ticket? in case you missed it here is one last look at tonight's winning mega millions jackpot numbers. good luck. 46, 23, 38, 4, 2 and that powerball number is 23. again that's 46, 23, 38, 4 and 2. good luck to you. doesn't sound like they were my numbers.
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now you have the news edge. we'll see you tomorrow night. have a good one. >> fox 5 news isn't over. go to now for news, weather and entertainment updates. fox 5 news is washington's best news on air and online at brought to you by verizon 4g lte. 
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