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tv   Fox Morning News at 5  FOX  May 17, 2012 5:00am-6:00am EDT

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singing that all morning. the music world is remembering the godfather of go-go, chuck brown. i'm sarah simmons i'm will thomas. welcome to fox 5 morning news. certainly very sad to hear about the passing of chuck brown but as we've been saying, his music will live on. all of us still moving in like we always have. >> all right, will, let's see some more moves. >> wait until the next commercial. >> i know it's sad morning but we are starting the day with the weather on a positive note. if you can, are get out and enjoy today. it will be just about perfect around here later. there is your cold front moving through as we speak. south and east of the city now, if you are in southern maryland, lower eastern shore, you have not quite gotten the cooler and drier air. the conditions here should get gradually more and more
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comfortable throughout the morning. currently, we are still a little warm. 69 at reagan national. 66 at dulles. bwi marshall, 67 degrees. here is your forecast for today. just a perfect afternoon. lots of sunshine. low humidity, 75 your daytime high in washington and la plata. a little cooler in northwest. >> i say julie wright, start filling up your kiddie pool. i'll join you. >> we filled that up yesterday. come on over. >> i didn't make it. >> there is plenty of room on the deck. come on over. on the roads right now, northbound i-95, they granted an extension for the work crew out there. i've had callers telling me to it is taking them 35 minutes to get through the work zone. if you are traveling independent bound suitland parkway headed for south capital street and the douglass bridge, lanes are open here. no problems reported. you will find your lanes are open if you are traveling inbond on 50 leaving annapolis
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for the beltway. that's a check of your fox 5 on-timetraffic. imetraffic. music fans especially here in the d.c. region are mourning a legend. chuck brown died at the age of 75. >> friends, family and fans are all pausing to remember his life and impact on music. melanie alnwick is live at the howard theater in northwest with more reaction. >> reporter: good morning. take a look at the video screens here. you can see they are just rolling these retrospective pictures of chuck brown. he had been scheduled to play sold-how the out shows here first in april before he fell ill. he apparently got ill, went to the hospital and was hospitalized since april 18th. mayor vincent gray said the city will be a different place without chuck brown. he create d.c.'s own go-go sound in the 1970s. in interviews, brown explained
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he used the word go-go to describe a music that goes on and on, sort of a call and response in communication with the audience. his shows were legendary and would last for hours. last night, as fans learned of the news of brown's death, they came to the historic howard theater not far from where chuck used to hustle ads a kid and where he was scheduled to play. his family is asking for privacy right now. >> we thank this great city for loving chuck brown as much as they loved chuck brown. please keep the family in your prayers. lease remember he was more than go-go. he was a family man. >> he made you feel like you were part of the family and it was wonderful. >> reporter: in 2005, brown was named a national heritage fellow by the national foundation for the arts. but again, he is being remembered not only as a music ledge end but as a man would loved his music and his family and his community even more. >> all right. thank you.
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by the way, we have posted lots of stories and photos of chuck brown on our web site. we want to hear from you. log onto and share your stories with us as well. also making headlines this morning, another tragic death is making headlines. this one a member of a prominent political family. mary richardson kennedy, the estranged wife of robert f. kennedy, jr. was found dead yesterday at her home just north of new york city. so far, the cause of death has not been released but an autopsy is planned for today. kennedy had battled in the past with drugs and alcohol and was charged with dui just days after her husband filed for divorce two years ago. she was 52 years old. police in fairfax county are working a homicide investigation in mount vernon. this were called to the intersection of stanley unger please and mendocino place just before midnight and found a man in his car with gunshot wounds to his upper body.
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he was rushed to the hospitals where he was pronounced dead. investigators have no suspect and have so far not publicly identified the victim. two suspects wanted for impersonating police officers now in custody this morning after a police chase ends in this messy multicar crash. the chase ended yesterday evening on south dakota avenue in northeast. that is where the suspects plowed their black suv into three other cars sending several people to the hospital. a budget deal struck in maryland's special session in the state capital. it raises income taxes on 300,000 tax payers. the house of delegates passed it by a vote of 77-606789 now, single filers who earn more than 100,000 dollars a year and those who file jointly making $150,000 will pay more. >> income taxes are going to go up. i hate to have to say it but it is only on the highest earners.
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i hate to say that too because it starts at $100,000 and in this area, that doesn't make you a rich person. it still keeps new the middle class. >> the budget agreement also shifts the burden of teacher pension contributions to county governments over the next four years. another attempt to get the case against former penn state assistant football coach jerry sandusky thrown out. that is coming up next. a new houseguest at the international space station and they are about to welcome another milestone arrival. checking more headlines on the other side. time now is 5:06.  [ male announcer ] at p.f. chang's,
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soyuz docks at the space station. three astronauts arrived at the international space station overnight. two are russian cosmonauts and one is an american astronaut from nasa. they are getting ready for the first ever private cargo ship due to arrive on saturday. the new crew will spend the next four and a half months on that space station. a long time. closing arguments are set to begin in the criminal trial of john edwards. yesterday, the defense team rested their case without calling edwards or his former mistress to the stand.
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they also elected not to question his oldest daughter as a kirk witness. instead, his lawyers focused on the legal question of whether nearly a million dollars from campaign donors was actually a campaign don't oition. jerry sandusky is once again asking a judge to throw south the child sex abuse charges against him. his attorney argues some counts are too vague to defend and others involve alleged victim whose identities haven't been determined. the trial is scheduled to get under way in less than three weeks. sandusky as excused of abusing 10 boys over 15 years. he denies any wrongdoing. we continue to remember the life of the legendary father of go-go, chuck brown. >> we'll talk with darryl brooks. he will share some memories
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with us when we return. first, let's check in with talker. >> our cold front has come through. we've got some cool and dry conditions set up for your thursday. going to be a beautiful forecast. i'll have details on that. and julie wright has a look at your traffic. we'll do that as well right after the break. the break.  does your phone share what you are seeing and hearing right now with the touch of a button ? droid does. does it post it instantly to facebook with sound ? droid does.
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taking a look at the u.s.
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capitol dome. at least we can see it today. it has been kind of thick over the last couple of days. we'll check in with tucker come up in just a couple of -- coming up in just a couple of seconds. you could have the chance to win a vip ticket package to see aerosmith in concert at jiffy lube live. >> you watch the american idol final on may 23rd to see aerosmith's live performance. then you log on to our web site, and answer a question about the performance to register for your chance to win the concert prize pack. >> speaking of aerosmith, jessica sanchez sang a song
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from aerosmith. steven tyler stood up and gave her applause. >> that is a difficult song to pull off. >> she nailed it. >> you mentioned that ways perfect karaoke song. i have yet to find my perfect karaoke song. >> this is temperatures. we are watching temperatures fall back. we are now 67 in washington. we lost two degrees in the past hour as that cooler and drier air continues to kind of filter in here from the north and west. it will a beautiful day as our temperatures will be in the perfect department. mid-70s for afternoon highs and noticeably less humidity than what we had here the last couple of days. 50s now, look at that. comfortable 50s at that. hagerstown, 54 degrees. martinsburg, good morning, you are 56 degrees. still a little warmer here to the south. quantico, 70. that cooler air still kind of filtering in and will be moving in shortly. temperatures will be in the comfortable department. wind are going to pick up a
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little bit. they are now out of the north and northwest gusting to about 15 miles per hour. these are sustained winds. we are 14 right now in washington. 10 up in frederick. it will be a somewhat breezy day today. not going to be uncomfortably windy but it will be breezy at times as that cooler air continues to filter in with an area of high pressure that is just off to the north that is allowing that cooler air to move on in. we are setting up for a great couple of days. all this cloudiness and the shower activity you see south and east, that will slip out to sea and stay far enough south and east that we'll be looking for sunshine today, tomorrow, saturday, right into sunday. i know we've got lot going o we have a big orioles, nationals games this weekend. as we get into the nighttime hours, clear and cool overnight. 51 the overnight low. winds out of the north at five to 106789 the five-day forecast, yes, ma'am, next couple of days. sunshine is the rule.
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there you go. sunny, sure, friday, saturday, sunday. a few more clouds on zipped. maybe a scattered storm. maybe-- a few more clouds on sunday. maybe a scattered storm. maybe a scattered storm by tuesday. lepts a see what julie is offering up. >> northbound i-95, that has been the tough spot as you guys travel out of stafford between 630 and 610 aquia harbor. a good 35-minute ride northbound on i-95 heading out of stafford. this is eastbound 66 coming in from manassas. look pretty good here. no problems to report as you travel eastbound in towards centreville. southbound 270, so far, off toon easy start leaving 109 headed out to the truck scales. that's a check of your fox 5 on-timetraffic. etraffic. it is the big story this morning, the passing of the godfather of go-go. >> chuck brown died yesterday after suffering from pneumonia.
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joining us on the phone is a friend and local promoter, darryl brooks, mr. brooks, it is will and sarah. can you hear us? >> yes, i can. good morning. >> i know this is a tough morning for you. thank you for joining us. let me get your reaction to mr. brown's passing. >> i think the ambassador of washington, d.c. is a guy would gave the texture and sound of families and generations will be surely missed. i was talking to the manager and one of his family members. i was asking where the statue of chuck brown is going to be placed. the only place i think is big enough is probably down on the monument grounds. this guy has meant so much to so many people in reference to washington, d.c. but i had the privilege of being a promoter and very good friend of his, to travel with him to japan, to holland as well as some of the
5:19 am
concerts that my company did over the years, packed the washington monuments. i surely miss imof his he was one of my best friends. >> tell us what it was like as chuck was getting his career started. did you know at the time how big this was going to be. did you realize that he was getting going that we were onto something big? >> one of the things that i think made chuck stand out that is chuck put in work as they would say. if he played a record or played music of other artists at the time like stevie wonder, his sound, when he came out and played it live for you, it sounded just like the record. and i think people were just blown away because he put in work. his band was always a well rehearse band. the presentation was always stellar. he always had good sound. so when you went to a chuck brown performance, you knew everything would be right. it was a comfort feeling there where he would take the time
5:20 am
and recognize you in the audience and shout you out. those shout-outs have meant something to three or four generations. he has played to the parents and grandparents and entertained the kids over the weekend i went to japan and tokyo with him. i watched him perform in front of people who basically didn't speak english but knew him and they loved him. he had such a personable feeling, a personal connection with his audience and he always gave his all. he had one of the biggest hearts. >> larger than life performances. those of white house have had the honor to refuse him, a larker than life person. but behind the scenes when he wasn't on stage, i understand he was very much a family man. >> believe me. a big family man. i used to call him a cry baby because he was very sensitive and things would be very
5:21 am
touching to him. he loved his wife, his sons, his daughter, his grandchildren and his great-grandchildren. somebody would always be with him. he was a the epitome of family, manhood and he made a definite imprint across the country. he was recognized as being a milestone, something to shoot for. >> right. darryl brooks, thank you so much. certainly, he will be missed by not only his family but also his fans as well. we appreciate you joining us and giving us your unsight. >> please god bless him and keep his family. >> thank you, mr. brooks. our coverage will continue all morning long. the happiest place on earth right here in our region coming up next on fox 5 morning news. >> we're happy every day. yeah. >> it doesn't change. >> and now, they are even happier. it may not be exactly the
5:22 am
happiest place on earth but lots of smiles nonetheless. we'll slain why solomon's island in maryland is getting -- we'll explain why solomon's island in maryland is getting national recognition. stay with us.
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welcome back. time now is 5:24. a live look outside from our tower cam. stun starting to peek out. shaping up to be a beautiful day. more weather in just a moment. but first, it is just about an
5:25 am
hour and a half from d.c. but city slickers could learn a little something from a maul maryland town. >> : the town really has something to smile about. >> reporter: maybe it is the sound or the sights. if you have to work during retirement, this is a pretty good office window. >> how can you not be happy way setting like this? >> reporter: that word happy comes up the moment you are welcomed to solomon's island, maryland. >> we are happy every day. >> yeah. >> it doesn't change. >> reporter: this community of 1900 people in southern calvert county has made coastal living magazine's list of america's happiest seaside towns. >> i think they are right. >> when chris mcnellis heard the news. >> i smiled. we are happy. what is not to like. it is beautiful here. >> reporter: carmen opens car men's gallery. >> it is like another world down here. >> >> reporter: on this day, she is involved in a painting class. there is plenty to eat and
5:26 am
paint. >> we have beautiful sunsets every day. >> reporter: now, one of things that people like about this place is it seems there is water everywhere you look. take a look over there. that is the pat oxent river over my left shoulder. this creek is called the narrows and way out into the distance, that is the chesapeake bay. >> i can look out any window in my business in the front, the back, anywhere and see water. >> reporter: coastal living considered things like crime rate, education, number of sunny days versus cloudy days. some things though you can't measure. >> you have something happen to you, everybody comes to your rescue. i'm southern. i like people who are nice to each other and you find that here. >> lisa and her husband glided right into solomon's i few years backen she is a retired navy captain. >> they tell me that they cross route 4 or they cross a certain bridge and they just feel the decompression settling in. they come down here and say here i am in my happy place. >> reporter: there might be one
5:27 am
thing that makes these happy people think twice. that is being number 15 on the list. >> number 15, what's with that? >> so they'll plan to be even happier next year. beth parker, fox 5 news. >> it really does look resort- hike. >> i think we should bump them up from 15. that looked pretty darned nice. a milestone in the latest u.s. census. add had in about 14 minutes, details of what happened for the very first time. next, we continue to remember a d.c. legend this morning. melanie? >> we are live at the howard theater where fans came here to gather last night after learning about the death of the legendary chuck brown at the age of 75. fox 5 morning news will be right back. right back.
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i decided to call it go-go music. >> it doesn't get more cool than that. the godfather of go-go telling us how the name of that famous beat came to be. >> and this morning, we will continue to look back on the life and legacy of chuck brown who passed away yesterday. also makes me think of go-go boots. >> go-go certainly has had influence on other brands of
5:31 am
music. did you know this? i was reading up for an interview wear doing. that song, busting loose, was sampled by nelly for that -- remember it is hot in here. >> he won a grammy for that. he had sampled part of that song. >> i hadn't thought about that. you are right. >> he has had quite an impact. >> he sure has. >> i'll do the weather really quick and more on chuck brown coming up. our temperatures are cooling off. we are in for a great looking day. it will be very comfortable out there. if you want to get out and enjoy a nice lunch. should be perfect. 67 in washington. 56 in baltimore. 50s now to the north and west, 55 degrees. hagerstown, 54. look ago -- looking at our radar, should be dry thursday and friday. the entire weekend looks bright and sunny with low humidity. we are in for probably one of our nicest weekends of the year
5:32 am
as temperatures will be in the comfortable department but not much humidity. one or two clouds. >> i look that, the comfortable department. >> a great time to go to solomon's island. we were talking about that earlier. >> didn't that water look great? >> julie wright i hope you didn't see it because i'm afraid you are going to run off and not do traffic. >> where's julie? >> she is in solomon's island. >> we can do a live broadcast. i'm not opposed to that. already a hiccup on the northbound side of 270 approaching 124, montgomery village avenue. the death penalty activity the are -- the accident activity reported on the northbound side before 124. eastbound 66, still easy going out of manassas. no problems to report as you work your way inbound towards centreville. we had delays northbound on i-
5:33 am
59 due to lingering construction at 610 aquia harbor which has cleared. that's a check of your fox 5 on-timetraffic. etraffic. >> thank you. our coverage now continues. the passing of chuck brown, he is synonymous with d.c. culture and he passed away after battling pneumonia. >> brown is best knowns athe godfather of go-go but he was also an incredible family man too. fox 5's melanie alnwick is live at howard theater in northwest where fans paid homage to his movie and the impact he had on the city. >> reporter: that's right. it is quiet now here this morning but last night, so many fans came out here. hundreds of fans came out to the howard theater to celebrate the life of the legend. brown was supposed to play a show here on april 21st. but then he fell ill on april 1th. he was hospitalized. his daughter says he died from complications of pneumonia at johns hopkin university in
5:34 am
baltimore. the 75-year-old brown grew up in washington, d.c. when he was younger, spent time at lorton penitenty and he said he traded five packs ever cigarettes for his first guitar. he began playing with local bands in the mid-60s and than formed his own group. go-go sound was born in the 70s, a mix of jazz, blues and latin beat strung together with heavy percussion. brown called it go-go because he said it is music that justify -- that just goes on and on. he remained rooted in d.c. brown hay sold-out show scheduled for june 29th. while finances considered him a music legend, he is also remembered for his commitment to family and the community. >> chuck brown kind, humble, generous, fun to be around. he was that person that you -- if you wanted to copycat
5:35 am
anybody, you wanted to copycat chuck brown's style, his smile. >> reporter: and that is how many people remember him, with that huge smile, the golas and sls a stylish suit or hat on. just a happy guy to be around. he was so excited in 2010 when he received his first grammy nomination. yesterday, mayor vincent gray said without chuck brown, the city will be a much different place. back to you. >> thank you. we have extensive coverage of chuck brown on our web site. that includes stories and photos. to offer your own thoughts on the godfather of go-go, go to another tragic death is making headlines this morning. this one a member of a prominent political family. mary richardson kennedy, the estranged wife of robert f. kennedy, jr. was found dead yesterday at her home just north of new york city. so far, the cause of death has not been released but an autopsy is planned for today. kennedy had battled in the past with drugs and alcohol and was
5:36 am
charged with dui just days after her husband filed for divorce two years ago. she was 52 years old. south a mysterious murder in fairfax county after a man was found shot in his car late last night. police first got a call of a noise complaint in the mount vernon area just off route one around 11:30. when officers got there, they found the man sitting in his car with gunshot wounds to the upper boddive homicide detectives have not released his identity yet. look at this scene in northwest d.c. this was after a police pursuit ended in a messy crash as you can tell. police say the suspects were wanted for impersonating police officers. the chase started yesterday evening and officers pursued the suv from the area of sheriff road and eastern avenue. they wound up on south dakota avenue where the suv plowed right into three other vehicles. several people were taken to the hospital. >> what a mess that was. maryland lawmakers wrapped
5:37 am
up their special session by passing a new budget which includes higher attacks. the house approved a tax hike in a 77-60 vote. tax increase affects individuals who make more than $100,000 a year and couples earning more than $150,000. >> i think that taxes have been kept really low for higher income people and that they need to contribute their fair share. >> are you one of them? >> i actually happen to be in the category that you mentioned and i don't mind kicking in a little bit more. >> also a part of the deal, county governments will now have to share half the cost of teacher pensions. a milestone in the latest u.s. census. coming up next, details of what has happened for the first time. first, a check of the markets shows wall street closed at a three-month low as greece looks increasingly like it could pull out of the euro. the dow fell 33. the nasdaq lost 20 points in one bright spot, japan's nikkei
5:38 am
actually rose 75 points overnight after the government announced at japanese economy grew more than 4% in the first quarter. time now is 5:37. we'll be right back. what makes hershey's s'mores special?
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with the all-new rx f sport. ♪ this is the next chapter for the rx. this is the next chapter for lexus. this is the pursuit of perfection. north korea resumes nuclear construction. new satellite images show the construction activity. take a look. these frr april 30th. the work at the term experimental light water nuclear reactor stopped in december. the new activity comes athe communist nation is making progress on a third nuclear test possibly using highly enriched uranium for the first time despite warnings from the united states and china not to carry out the nuclear test. minorities now surpass whites in births for the first time in the u.s. according to census. rausch and ethnic minority make
5:42 am
up almost half of all the children born in the united states. but the rate of growth of hispanics and asians actually fell last year while black growth rates stayed flat. the montgomery county council is reviving a county- wide ambulance fee after it was rejected by vet ores and vetoed by the county executive. they will charge $300 to $#00 for ambulance services. in most cases, health enshushes would pay for that fee. people without insurance or those below a certain income level would be exempt. are more chains in store for american idol? the rumor mill is really churning. is j-lo on the way out? >> no, say its anot so. >> i think they do it to get us talking about it. >> i call it contract
5:43 am
negotiates. we are going live to france. a live picture. kevin mccarthy waving hi to our fans out there. we'll speak with him about movies and some parties and all his hobnobbing as we continue. time now 5:42. look at him smile had. >> he is so excited. 
5:44 am
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a live look outside right now. it is 5:45. the commute well under way. sun peeking out. i think you're going to like what is in store for you from mother nature. >> yeah, maybe those guys are going to be heading out of town here soon too. maybe get an early jump op this nice forecast. >> everybody will want to. they are all heading to solomon's island, right? >> sunrise in about 10 minutes. going fbi beautiful day. a gorgeous weekend. not just here in washington but the whole mid-atlantic. wherever you are headed, it should be a good time for you. let's go to your headlines. our conditions are improving here. we have a cold front moving through early this morning and continues to kind of push south and east. it will be down across is lower eastern shore shortly. our winds have shifted here out of the north and the north and west bringing in the cooler and drier air so we are expecting the drier air to stick around here for the next couple of
5:47 am
days. lots and lots of sunshine in your forecast today, tomorrow and right through the weekend. a little warmer this weekend but nothing terribly extreme. low 1r0 around here by saturday -- low 80s around here by saturday. quantico, still 70. annapolis, 69. the cooler air jet on your doorstep. off to the north and west, we are falling back into the low 60s and even 50s. here we go. not only is the air cooler but the huge has really fallen here in the past few hours so you will notice a lot less humidity in the sky as well today. the cloud cover and some light shower activity should all push off to the south and east today and we'll be left with bright sunshine. notice out into ohio and indiana, clear skies. high pressure will be building overhead for the next couple of days. this areaen high pressure complements of our friends from canada. it will provide plenty of dry,
5:48 am
cool air for us for the next couple of days. 75 today, lots of sunshine. a little breezy with winds out of the north gusting to about 15. then clear and cold tonight. 51 your overnight low. there is a quick look at your five-day forecast. next couple of days, temperatures a few degrees warm than normal. lots of sunshine right through the weekend. that's weather. let's do some traffic with julie wright. >> we have got the j team is in sky fox, jeff and jeremy doing their thing along southbound 270. we find the crew offering above 370 here in gaithersburg. no problems to report leaving gaithersburg headed down to rockville. we had the accident activity northbound but that has been cleaned up and moved out of the way. still a little heavy in stafford. overnight construction finally cleared at 610. 66 leaving manassas, easy going so far headed into centreville. that's a check of your fox 5 on-timetraffic. etraffic.
5:49 am
could the rumors be true? is jennifer lopez really leaving american idol? j-lo just topped the forbes list as the most powerful celebrity and she is the highest earning star. there are reports she may leave idol. the show is already conflicting with her worldwide summer tour. >> come o she is making $15 million for idol. she is in contract negotiations. i say it is an obvious ploy for more money. >> maybe. i don't think she will leave. i don't. >> i love her. movie reviewer kevin mccarthy, you saw him as we went to break. he is at the cannes film festival this morning. >> how's it going? >> how are you guys doing? >> who have you met so far what has been the biggest thing? >> right now, i'm in the
5:50 am
carlton hotel. the film festival opened up last night with a movie called moonrise kingdom which stars bruce willis, ed norton and tilda swinton. i'm here to interview the cast of moonlight kingdom which is the fill opener. i tapeded a party. i met tilda swinton. i met hugh macgregor was there. he is one of the jurors. he actually remembered me. he remembered picking out his eyebrows during our interview. i couldn't believe testimony he walked by me at the party and i put my finger on my eyebrow and he goes i remember that. i totally remember that. >> you are memorable. >> it was awesome. tilda swinton, she is
5:51 am
absolutely beautiful in person. i'm here to attend the 65th cannes film festival. this year on the jury, they have alexander pane. they have diane krueger. hugh macgregor, a huge eclectic jury here. now to be here and jut to be around this film festival and ethe actors, robt earth pattinson is here, chris tip stew are the, brad pitt is here. a huge -- -- robert pat inson is here, kristin stewart, brad pit is here. this is known for its independent type artsy movies. we are now in the summer blockbuster season. before a lot of summer movies coming out. men in black iii is coming out next week. we have prometheus which is supposed to be a prequel to
5:52 am
alien which i cannot wait to see. in july, we have the ending of the famous dark knight, dark knight rises. the final film in the trilogy for bat map i don't i want to say one thingen. i'm glad to hear in your voice that you have had your dose of five red bulls today already. do you have one next to you right now? >> yes, i've had two red bull and you've had two cups of french coffee. it is very, very strong. i do want to say next week, we have the interviews with the cast of men in black and i asked a fox 5 fan view are question to will smith. you can stay tuned to that. i dropped in two very famous washington, diesel meant. live video. >> kevin mccarthy. have fun out there. >> another milestone for nats rookie bryce harper. that is coming up next in
5:53 am
sports. stay with us. 
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society time now to say good morning to our facebook fan of the day. there she is. her promile name is create i havely made and she is a local make-up artist for local business. >> i love your picture. she also had her wisdom tooth, i don't know if it was just one tooth, i'm sorry because it was so painful. she had her wisdom teeth pulled last week. thank you for being fan of the day. the washington nats beat the pittsburgh pirates 7-4. bryce harper hit his first major league triple. gio gonzalez pitched seven solid innings. adam laroche had four hits. the nats are now back in place
5:57 am
in the national league east right where they need to be. to the os now. the os and royals went to the 15th inning last night. adam jones broke a 3-3 tie with his first home run of the year deep into the seats in left field. baltimore wins 4-3. the team wraps up their series later this affect. and straight ahead at 6:00, all of our top stories plus weather and traffic. >> we continue to remember the life of legendary godfather, chuck brown. stay with us.  [ male announcer ] hot outta the oven, it's the pizza sub!
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