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tv   Fox Morning News at 5  FOX  June 7, 2012 5:00am-6:00am EDT

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your weather, traffic and all your top stories. fox 5 morning news continues right now. right now. good morning on this thursday, june 7th. happy friday eve, everyone. temperatures feeling nice out there. you will notice things getting a little sticky out there. i'm sarah simmons. >> i'm allison seymour. >> welcome to fox 5 morning news. >> get out whatever you need to get that relief when it is humid and hot. >> it is already humid. you see a hint of what is to come for the rest of the day. >> skies mainly clear into the course of the morning. that is how our day will start out. i can't show you much on the satellite-radar composite because there is not much to show. we've got clear conditions out there with just a few high clouds. those clouds will start to move in and thicken up a little bit more later in the day.
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here is a look at yesterday's highs. these are the highs from yesterday. we had 75 degrees at reagan national airport. 74 at dulles and 77 at bwi. it will be a much warmer day today, however. currently 58 degrees. there is that number, 87% humidity right now at this hour of the day. southwesterly wind at five miles per hour. so when it is that humid this early, it is a pretty good indication of what is coming down the pike. by midday, expect to be around 57 degrees. by the 5:00 hour, 78. we do have a chance today of seeing a shower and a slight chance of an isolated thunderstorm that could pop up. don't be surprised. we'll keep our eyes to the skies on that for you. very scat ared and ice hated in nature if it does happen. our high today will be a very warm 80 degrees. i don't want to begin to imagine what the humidity will be at that point since it is already 87%. >> julie wright is standing by in on-time traffic and julie,
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can we be in agreement that the humidity part can actually be lower than the temperature, is that okay? >> yes, but i want all the ladies to know i do have hair ties and baseball caps. >> okay. >> i look at it this way. if you want me to come to work dressed up, it will be a baseball hat or a pony tail. >> one or the other. >> the overnight construction that was in place has cleared at nutley street. also cleared is the overnight construction on the dulles toll road working inbound and outbound on 495. northbound 59 in virginia, not i abad line in the main line and express lanes as well. still easy going right now for those continuing their trip on the beltway north of town, college park towards bethesda. southbound 270, nice and easy as you work your way south from before 109 headed out through the truck scales. that's a check of your fox 5 on-timetraffic. -timetraffic.
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the big story this thursday morning, another black eye to d.c. politics. kwame brown resigns hours after being charged with felony bank fraud. fox 5's melanie alnwick is live at the wilson building with the story this morning. >> reporter: good morning n the charging documents, particulars say kwame brown lied about his income by tens of thousands of dollars and falsified documents in order to object tape home equity loans and a loan to buy a boat. this happened about six years ago. that is considered bank fraud for which brown is considered and that is a felony and he is expected to plead guilty to that. now, yesterday, chairman kwame brown was swarmed by reporters and photographers as he left his office in the wilson building late in the day. he had spent most of the day in closed-door meeting with council and staff and, as we know, rumors of a deal with federal prosecutors had been dogging brown for days and he publicly said on tuesday that he had no plans to resign. but hours after he left city
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hall wednesday night, brown relinquished in a letter to the council secretary writing, quote, you here by resign my position as chairman of the council effective immediately. i've chosen the only honorable course in submitting my resignation at this time. it has been a tough run for the remaining council members as we know with two years of allegations and investigations sometimes overshadowing the business of the council. >> i'm very concerned about the future of this government and the changes that we are facing are profound. >> while this is quite devastating on many levels, i want to assure people that the business of the council will go on uninterrupted. we will not be skipping a beat. >> reporter: now, kwame brown is expected to appear in federal court tomorrow. we do not know what the sentencing guidelines at this point are going to be. we do expect, because it is a plea deal, that it will not be
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as stringent as you might expect for a felony count of bank fraud. in the meantime, mary cheh is going to take over the city council until the remaining members of the council can vote on an interim council chairman. that is latest here from the will son building. back to you. >> thank you. -- from the wilson building. this is the talk of the town as you can imagine. here what is some people we talked with are saying. >> shocked but not surprised. the way our politics are going and especially d.c. politics, it is disheartening to so council members going down one by one. >> it is not good when we can't trust the leadership in our city. it is just a black eye for washington, d.c. >> stay with fox 5 for continuing coverage of kwame brown and the d.c. council chains. we'll have updebts both on air and online at -- updates both on air and online at massive crowds for the opening of a new gambling site
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and the streets around the mall were jammed with lines of cars slowly streaming into the parking lot. it officially opened at 10:00 last night but this is what it hooked like an hour later. now, inside the maryland live casino, the big draw was las vegas style gambling. some started winning as soon as they sat down. >> i got a baby sitter, brought my sister, brought my friend. i'm very excited. >> it is rock and roll constantly from here on out. >> maryland state police are ad rising drivers to expect a whole lot more traffic along route 100 and route 295 this weekend because of the opening. a huge step forward for phase two of the silver line metrorail to dulles airport.
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it was agreed to drop union- friendly incentives. loudoun county has until july 4th to decide whether to commit its $200 million in funding. a guilty verdict in a drunk driving crash that killed a child. 22-year-old victor aldana was convicted of manslaughter and several other charges. his car slammed into maria chavez and her son while they walked to a playground. the boy died and the woman broke both her legs and her hip. can federal workers expect to see a pay raise next year? up next, a development concerning the federal pay freeze. a new wave of deadly violence in syria. dozens of people killed including women and children. we're checking more headlines coming up. time now is 5:07. 
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developing overseas in syria, dozens dead in a new massacre. up to 87 civilians died yesterday. but the exact death toll is impossible to confirm. some reports put the number at
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78 instead. later today, u.s. peace envoy kofi annan will present new proposals to the u.n. security council on preventing the country from spiraling into civil war. federal workers face a new battle in getting their first across the board raise in two years actually house subcommittee has passed a spending bill that would extend a pay freeze for another year. the white house opposes the bill. it is urging lawmakers to support a half percent raise for owed for federal workers that president obama proposed for 20136789. investors who lost money on facebook's ipo may get a chance to recoup the losses. the initial public offer was launched on the nasdaq stock exchange last month. there were so many computer glitches and technical problems that investors lost millions. now, the knack is setting aside $40 million in the form of rebates. most of that will go to companies and big firms that trade on the nasdaq. a jury is now seated in the jerry sandusky sex abuse case.
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and 12 jurors have tied to penn state. sandusky is charged with sexually assaulting 10 boys over a 15-year period. sandusky has denied any wrongdoing. opening statements will begin on monday and the trial is expected to last several weeks. it is a story you will only see on fox 5. two off-duty police officers accused of assaulting a teenager. it all began at a memorial day picnic and led to a very nervous ride inside of a police car. >> i was very scared and nervous there. i didn't know where they was taking me. i didn't know what they was going to do. >> i just sit back there and just ride. i didn't know in i would see my parents again. >> it didn't end there. up next, we'll get the details. plus we have a check of your weather and traffic coming up. 
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5:15 on this thursday. you can see the skies trying to lighten up just a bit out there as we get closer and closer to sunrise on what is going be for a huge you had day out there and i warm one for the weekend. we'll check in with gwen in a second. we talked earlier about the new maryland live as keep owe. in addition to the thousands of slots and games there, there are also five restaurants. >> all of them republican by
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someone fabulous but one of them is run by celebrity chef bobby play. he has opened on bobby's burger palace inside the casino. we'll talk with play from his new restaurant coming up in our 8:00 hour. i know are a big fan. >> you know those burgers are going to be delicious. they are not going to be a regular fast food burger, i'm sure. >> it has bobby flay's name on it. >> we'll be warming up into the course of the afternoon. it will be stickity out there. let's begun with a look at our maps and show you what is going on. not a whole lot going on in the skies this morning at all. that is because we have hardly any clouds to talk about. mostly sunny but there is a coastal flood advisory in effect this morning and so do be aware of that. by high tide, we could see some minor flooding along areas of the chesapeake and the lower potomac so just be aware of that. nothing really going on here as
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you can see. we don't have any clouds to talk about at all. we'll see a little change in that late are in the day, however. here is a look at yesterday's highs. 74 at dulles. 77 at bwi. these temperatures below the seasonal average. we should be into the 80s but guess where we're headed today. exactly right. that is where we'll be into the 80s. 59degrees this hour. temperatures jumped up a couple of degrees. look at the humidity. it has now gone a little bit below the # 7%. 83% right now this hour. southwesterly wind at about three miles per hour. so winds will remain light as we'll today. current temperatures elsewhere, we've got 53 degrees at martinsburg. 54 at winchester. hagerstown at 56. annapolis, 61 degrees. leonardtown, 54 degrees. temperature down to the south heating up as well. we'll get the southerly air that is going to start to kick in. we have a chance later on today
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of seeing an isolated or pop-up scattered shower. maybe even a thunderstorm as well. be prepared for that. there is a possibility you could see it. not everyone will get it but just keep your eyes to the skies if you are heading out this afternoon. for today then, then, 80degrees. sunshine and into the low 90s for the weekend. right, jewel. >> i? >> you are right. all we node to do is do a live report from bobby flay. i'll go out and do the taste testing. no problems to report northbound 359 as you work your way north of duke street. express lanes, main line at speed. light traffic volume southbound on 270. this is still an easy go for those headed out towards the scale south of 109. no problems to report inbound new york avenue as you travel past north capital street headed for the tunnel. that's a check of your fox 5 on-timetraffic. etraffic.
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now to a story that you are seeing first on fox 5. two prince george's county police officers are under investigation in charles county for allegedly assaulting a teenager. >> the officers were off duty but in a marked cruiser when they allegedly stopped three teens in a waldorf neighborhood. pauling with near has the story. >> reporter: this is where it all started, in this house on a quiet court in waldorf where the teens say they were invited for a memorial day picnic. as the afternoon turned to evening, the teens told investigators the home owner accused them of taking items from the house and searched one of the teens. the three then left. about 20 minutes after the home opener searched one of the teeppedz, the three arrived in this neighborhood. two were on bikes, one was on foot. as the off-duty officers approached, one of the teens ran off. a second one was detained by one of the off-duty officers and the third teen who we're calling j. l. arrived here in
5:20 am
the 3000 block of miranda place where he says the officer shout the stop or i'll shoot you in the back. he says he then sunk to his knees and the officer tackled him. the man who says he witnessed the incident agreed to recount what he saw as long as fox 5 didn't identify him. >> approaching the roundabout, i seen a large caucasian male chasing a younger black male down by the park through charles crossing. then once i came around the roundabout, i seen the officer -- or i do want he no he was an officer or just a regular guy, he was dressed in regular clothes, i seen him pounding on top of the victim. >> reporter: j. l. says he and the other teen were then handcuffed and driven away. >> i was very scared and
5:21 am
nervous. i didn't know where they were taking me. >> reporter: j. l. 's father allowed us to speak to him. the second teen who was also detained was able to slip out of his hand cuffs and get away now, j. l. was all alone. >> i didn't know filled ever see my parent again. >> reporter: j. l. said he was told on get out of the cruiser and walk up to the fence. that is where his handcuffs were removed and the officers told him to put his chin against the fence and count to 100. they then drove away. they never said anything to you about why they were detaining you. >> no, sir. >> when you got here and you were told to walk forward, what was going through your puget sound here? >> i don't know was he going to hit me in the back of my head again. i think he was going to shoot me. i think he was going to tase me. >> reporter: paul wagner, fox 5 news. >> the charles county sheriff's office is conducting a criminal
5:22 am
misconduct investigation. the officers' police powers have been suspended and they are now on desk duty. it could be one of the summer's biggest blockbusters. up next on fox 5 morning news. >> the question depends on me understanding what you hope to achieve by coming here. >> what we hope to achieve was to meet our makers, to get answers. >> prometheus opens tomorrow. coming up next, director ridley scott sat down with kevin mccarthy to plain why getting prometheus into theaters wasn't so easy. [ mom ] to me, chex is not just a little bowl of cereal,
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we know ridley scott has directed block butters including alien and blade runner. his new movie, prometheus, opens tomorrow. >> kevin mccarthy talked to the director about the thriller and the long trip that it took to get prometheus into theaters. >> i love the fact that the 3-d adds a depth to the actual visual but also to the characters. >> it take you into the room. >> i agree. if you could go back and shot one of your earlier films using need, what film would it be? >> i would have done alien one,
5:26 am
blade runner, lemignot end, kingdom of heaven, black hawk down, robin hood legend. >> a whole idea about having this be a pg-13 rather than an r. >> you can't. i would have it had to lose one whole scene. >> where that is difference between art and film? >> if you are sensible, you can bear that in mind. you can't just say screw them. you can't do that. because films are so expensive today anyway. you have a kind of responsibility as well. i know that sounds dull but it actually is real. and your job is to put bums on seats. it is not like i'm writing a novel and the only time you are going to waste is yours or not. the low budge the film today is expensive. high budget film is crazy expensive. somebody is going to put that
5:27 am
out. there you have to pay attention to that. >> do you think cutting it down to p tb.-13 would have been compromising the art form. >> you would have lost the punch. it would still have been as interesting and beautiful but you need that punch where it comes. actually, we can't do this. it was the before the call we've ever heard. the film is what it is. going into it, he said can we try to make this pg. i said i'll try to make it pg. but if you want that scene, i'll try and i'll cover it without this and without that but it is not the same scene. e >> all right. we'll have kevin's movie reviews tomorrow plus an interview with two of the stars of prometheus as well. a milestone for the world's tallest man. ahead in about 14 minutes, details of what is finally
5:28 am
happening. >> melanie alnwick is following our big story for us. >> good morning. kwame brown, city council chairman, has resigned. coming up, we'll tell you what charges he is facing, what he is expected to plead guilty to.
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welcome back. it is 5:30. glimmers of light as we start
5:31 am
this thursday morning. it is june 7th. you are looking live at the commute there at the beltway at the oxon hill area. safely travels as you start to get around. >> it should be pretty decent on to get around. as you step outside, you might want to put the ac on in the car. we don't have any clouds to talk about today at all. a ridge of high pressure to the southwest of us. so really not a whole lot happening outside currently. wind are very light as well. so we'll see most of the day where we'll actually be mostly sunny skies and a little bit later, we'll see a few clouds starting to roll in, however. here is a look at yesterday's highs for you. we actually hit 75 degrees at reagan national airport. 74degrees at dulles. and that is actually some seven degrees. both of those seven degrees below the seasonal average. we hit 77 at bwi thurgood marshall and that is three degrees below the seasonal average for the day. we'll be even warmer than that
5:32 am
today. currently, we are at 59 degrees. humidity is at 83%. southwesterly wind is going to be pumping up that high into the course of today as we get that wind flow from the south. so here is a look at your daytime highs into the course of today. 81degrees at fredericksburg. 79 at warrenton. la plata will be 77 degrees. 80 at annapolis. we can't rowle out later today a pop-up shower or maybe an isolated thunderstorm or two popping up. just keep your eyes to the skies. we have about a 40% chaps ever seeing any precipitation across the region today -- a 40% chance of seeing any precipitation across the region today. with the moisture added to the atmosphere, it won't feel so comfortable outside. so just be on your guard. >> we will. we've been warned. >> let's say hello to julie wright and get latest on the traffic. >> don't forget about the pets outside too. the humidity affects them as well. lanes are open. no problems reported traveling the top stretch of the beltway working your way if college
5:33 am
park trying to get past colesville road and continuing around towards 270. in virginia, northbound 395 easy going in both the express lanes and the main line leaving landmark headed up and across the 14th street bridge. that's a check of your fox 5 on-timetraffic. imetraffic. our big story this morning, the d.c. council chairman steps down. kwame brown resigned his seat hours after being hit with a felony bank fraud charge. prosecutors allege brown overstated his income by tens of thousands of dollars on an application for a home equity loan more than six years ago. councilmember mary cheh will take over as the acting council chair. kwame brown's charge and resignation are the talk of the town as you can imagine. here what is some people we talked with are saying about it. >> it is getting a little old. >> my first reaction was lack of surprise and my second reaction is i'm glad at least for he was doing something wrong, at least he has been
5:34 am
caught an is stepping off the council. >> meantime, d.c. mayor vince gray remains under investigation after allegations of campaign violations and at least one councilmember says enough is enough. david cat apia wants gray to come pauline -- catania wants gray to come clean. >> the time has come for the mayor to address those,s. >> we could not reach mayor gray for a comment last night. he has not recently addressed the investigation. his spokesperson says he has said all he can say and is focused on his job. stay with fox 5 for continuing coverage of kwame brown and the d.c. council changes. we'll have updates both on air and online at big crowds at arundel mills last night. take a look at this for the grand opening of a new gambling site at the mall there. maryland live opened its doors apt 10:00 last night causing some major traffic delays in
5:35 am
that area. this was the view from sky fox. it was owe crowded some people had to be turned away. wisdom martin was there for the grand opening. >> reporter: las vegas casino style comes to maryland. >> it is just rock and roll constantly from here on out. >> reporter: maryland live casino at arundel mills mall is officially open for business. >> i'm a very excited. >> reporter: there are 4750 las vegas style slot machines and table games including black jack and roulette. this woman started winning as soon as she sat down. so did her friend. but it is the state of maryland that hopes to win gig with this new attraction an estimated 14 million people come to arundel mills every year. that number is expected to jump dramatically. more people, more shopping and
5:36 am
more gambling means more tax revenue for maryland. >> this is a world class gaming entertainment attraction. it will attract people from all over the baltimore-washington market, right? we'll send over a million dollars a day to the education trust fund here in maryland. we'll be the number one taxpayer in the state. >> reporter: the casino is also expected to create 4,000 new jobs and $4 manhunt million in tax revenue per year. some people initially voiced their concerns about having a gambling casino so close to third neighborhood. >> i was concerned because it is in the parking lot of the mall but as i got more news and input about it, that some of the funds from here are going into the education. >> i think people left with a choice will go 50 miles one way, 50 miles the other. i don't think that will have any bearing. they want to gamble, they'll go gamble. >> if you don't like gaming,
5:37 am
we've got great restaurants here, world class shopping. we have over a million and a half square feet of great shopping, retail, entertainment, so there is something for everyone. >> wisdom martin, fox 5 news. a woman eight months pregnant tased by police. did it all start over a parking space? that is coming up next. a milestone for the world appear tallest man. we'll tell you what has finally happened next as we check out more headlines. first, a check. markets. the dow sees its biggest gain of the year so far picking up 287 points in wednesday trading. nasdaq also had a great day, up nearly 67 points. but stocks, most stocks in asia are up as well with small are gains than seen here in the u.s. japan's nikkei gained 106 points. we are back in a moment.  homicide of young people in america has an impact on all of us.  how can we save these young people's lives?
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as a police chief i have an opportunity to affect what happens in a major city. i learned early on if you want to make a difference you have to have the right education. university of phoenix opened the door. my name is james craig, i'm committed to making a difference and i am a phoenix.
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5:41 am
an altercation did ensue. >> you can't always tell if be in is pregnant. you want to use it where you are overcoming assault or preventing an escape. >> the woman made a smart remark that she had a hernia and she said no, he is she's pregnant. so he knew she was pregnant when he tased her. days after the miss usa pageant, a beauty queen and donald trump are squaring off. miss pennsylvania claims that the competition is rigged and that another contestant saw the list of the top five before the badgent even started. trump is the owner of the miss universe pageant. he fired back saying he will sue miss pennsylvania over her claim. miss marveled was one of those top five contestants -- miss maryland was one. those top five contestants.
5:42 am
the world's tallest man says he has finally stopped growing. the turkish man showed off his 8' 3" inches. the 29-year-old credits doctors at the university of virginia medical for his height. he says treatment for a brain tomb our caused his growing spurt. a little girl way huge act of bravery. coming up next, we'll tell you why this second greater was just presented with a rare award. what makes hershey's s'mores special?
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the shuttle enterprise is now at its new home. it treated new yorkers to a show on the hudson. once it is at home, it will be 10 feet above the flight deck so people can walk underneath t. google maps is upgrading some of of the new features. it will include the ability for users to browse street maps on their mobile device without an
5:46 am
internet connection. there will be more 3-d imagery. >> that is pretty cool. >> i love google maps. trying to find your way. you can kind of click on the little guy that stands next to a certain street corner and see the photograph and get your landmarks in your head. >> you can see where air going if you've never been there. >> -- where you're going if you've never been there. >> my gps gives me here is four options. what does that mean? i always end up with the scenic route. very scenic out there. if you want to go for i walk, we have plenty of sunshine. the clouds will be rolling in but only a little bit later on as we prepare for a slight chance of seeing a little bit of precipitation. in the meantime, not bad at all out there. not much cloud coverage on even talk about out there. there is a coastal flood advisory in everything and so at time of high tide, we can expect to see a little bit of minor coastal flooding along the chesapeake and the tidal potomac so just be aware of
5:47 am
that. here is a look at the highs yesterday. we were actually below the seasonal average. on the average, maybe about seven degrees or so. we should have been into the 80s but we didn't quite make it. 74 at dulles. 77 at bwi. we are headed to the 80s today. 59-degree this hour as we start out. look at the humidity. that number climbs, 83%. a southwesterly flow. wind are light but they are going to continue to push in from the southwest today and help to boost our temperatures and with it that, moisture is also going to be increasing so the huge will be sticking around. 61 at annapolis this hour. we have 56-degree at fredericksburg and out to the north, 56 at hagerstown. new york kicking in at 55 degrees. jet treatment spot north of us continues that real influx of warm air, allows it to get in. 80s and 90s as we head into the
5:48 am
weekend forecast. by midday, we expect to be about 75 degrees. can't rule out an isolated shower today or an isolated thunderstorm. just keep your eyes to the skies for a little bit later. the weekend is looking great. plenty of sunshine heading to the 90s. julie wright has already got her pool pass ready. i know that. >> i have the pool on the deck for the dog. you're all welcome to come over too. your lanes are open. no problems reported on 395. that is still an easy drive for those once you get north of the beltway headed out to the 14th street bridge. we are in good asian-pacific here. the beltway is running smoothly between annandale and merrifield and traffic volume at speed as you travel across the top stretch of the beltway working your way past 59 and colville road headed out towards 270. southbound 270 now starting to slow approaching and passing 109 with lanes open. that's a check of your fox 5
5:49 am
on-time traffic. she is only in the second grade but a virginia girl is getting a big honor for her bravery. 8-year-old katie lee called 911 a few weeks ago after seeing her mother fall down the stairs. yesterday, county's emergency call center presented her with its 911 citizen lifesaver award if front of all of her classmates at her school. katie described the scene to reporter and told them why she called 911. >> i saw a big opening right here and then her leg was all bruised up and she hit her eye on the ministerial bar. >> katie told the operator that she recently learned how to call 911 at school. she is only the third person to ever receive this award. way to go. >> good for her. >> she is really cute. >> the redskins announce a big
5:50 am
move. training camp headed further south next year. could this be a good thing? dave ross joins us next for sports breakfest. if you ever listened to donnie simpson --  aa party?
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let's do it now. if you've ever listened to donnie similar on or tom joyner on the radio, you are familiar
5:53 am
with hugy lowdown. >> hugy also hits the road with comedian chris paul and they'll be with us in our 9:00 hour today to share some laughs and you will find out how you can see them tomorrow night. all right, dave ross. time for sports breakfast. very interesting, more a moving down south the redskins. >> this is a big deal. they'll do it next year. they'll move down to richmond, virginia. only two hours away. i went to school down there. >> a whole other area. >> it really is. the players, the veterans conditioned can't stay in their own beds at their ownouss. they have to travel as a team down to richmond, virginia. ashburn goes, that will be their main facility. you see the big bubble there that was just put up this year. governor bob mcdonnell of virginia and bruce allen announced they will put in $4 million in a grant to upgrade
5:54 am
the facilities at redskins park which i think really signifies that, okay, we're going for richmond for training camp but during the rest of the year, around here and around the county, we are staying put. we'll be here seven days a week. they're going to upgrade the facilities as far as the fields go, as far as the administrative building go. there will be a cafeteria put in there. these things may sound the but they are actually big. if you go up to baltimore to owings mill where the ravens train, it is immaculate. i think that is first class and inthe redskins are trying to get up on that level. it has been a long time coming. they will stay there at redskins park in ashburn for the long term. i think this is a good sign and go down for training camp and get away. i think those are two very significant and very good moves. nobody is moving here for the nationals because they have been on fire. have you guys seen -- do you know this? the nationals are 10 games over 500. that is the second best record
5:55 am
in all of baseball. this is june and here we are at 32 and 22. bryce harper, we know he can hit. can he catch? playing center field. yes, he can. the kid can do anything. put him in any position, doesn't matter. ad am laroche, they are calling this an adam bomb. the nats win again. michael morris gets his first rbi right here. go out to nats park. it is fun to watch these guys play. they are playing well. how about the orioles? we talks about owings mill and the ravens. how about this. they won for the seventh time in boston against the red sox. they are back in first place too. so they win again 2-1. half game lead over the yankees. all is well in baseball. now, last night, oklahoma city had a chance to do something they've never done before, go to the nba finals. this team has only been around for like a week. here we are. they can take out the san antonio spurs with a game six
5:56 am
winen you go to the thunder dome here in oklahoma city. it is a tough place to play. they trail by as many as 1, ladies. they came back because of one guy. we know him very well, kevin durant, kd, montrose christian. they take the lead and they wouldn't give it back. oklahoma city wins 107-99. they now wait for miami or boston. that game six is tonight in boston. >> kind of rooting for oklahoma city. >> me too. got some local ties there. we want to say good morning to you are facebook fan of the day. it is linda karioku. i hope i got that right. she posted she enjoys the show every day. >> lind say says her profile pic is of her rescue pup alex.
5:57 am
-- linda says her profile pic is of her rescue pup alex. stay with us. ♪
5:58 am
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