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tv   Fox Morning News  FOX  June 14, 2012 7:00am-9:00am EDT

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written, makes a stop. and what was this on the beltway last night? doesn't it look like something from a spielberg movie? hundreds of you saw it driving down the road. pictures posted all over facebook. it looks like a flying saucer from the movies. we are sharing a pretty cool story about what it actually was. good morning. it is thursday, june 14th. happens to be flag day as well as we celebrate the u.s. flag enacted back in 1777, i believe. that's my his trinchts you are absolutely right. june 14th, 1777. happy to have you with us in the 7:00 hour. you will be happy to hear the weather.
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this this is gwen in for tucker. >> good morning. there will be a few high clouds. you're going to have a fair amount of sunshine that you will get to enjoy for today and the other good news is that humidity won't be too bad. a little sticky. 59% right now at reagan national airport. a bit of moisture being pushed in from offshore. we will see some those clouds. humidity will kick in some. currently 62 degrees at dulles, 65 at bwi thurgood marshall airport. for today, temperatures are mild, 77 in want koa, 65 at fredericksburg. 59 degrees at frederick and pretty nice. so for the high today, 79 degrees, partly sunny with light winds, once again, very
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light northwesterly wind. the weekend forecast looking absolutely great. we have lots took about a little pit later. hopefully you'll get out and enjoy the day. let's go out to lauren dimarco. >> thanks seem to be cooperating at this -- things seem to be cooperating at this hour. we do have some volume, of course, as you travel inbound all over the area. let's take a look. they have wide ened out this camera earlier. it was zoomed in because they had a disabled vehicle on the left shoulder of northbound i- 95. also seeing some delays through stafford. 66 just jammed. very heavy and slow. once you get to centreville, things do begin to open up but very heavy as you get past 50 to fair oaks. new hampshire, starting to see delays stack up. that's a look at the fox 5
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ontime traffic. thanks lauren. we begin this morning with the number 1 issue impacting the nation and most of you right in your own homes. we are talking about the economy, of course. >> these days, it's about the bottom line. today, the president is set what the white house is calling a major speech on american's finances but will it set the course of action. doug is here. good morning, doug. >> reporter: good morning, guys. both the president and mr. romney are going to be in the critical swing state of ohio. both will be talking about the economy but the messages will be different. the white house won't say much about the president's big speech on the economy. >> i won't get into details previewing the president's speech because we want you to listen closely when he delivers it. >> reporter: if you do listen closely, you are not likely to hear any major proposal on the economy. this is built as a framing
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speech. the president has again been telling his supporters that the economy is not his fault. >> i inherited a trillion dollars deficit. we had a surplus. they turned it into a deficit, built in a structural deficit that extends for decades. >> reporter: polls show that the race is tightening. some like this one have mitt romney ahead of the president but still within the margin of of error. the real clear politics average of poll shows that the race is within just one point. the romney campaign is targeting ad buys in isn't swing states, including ohio. romney offered a preview of the president's speech. >> he will speak eloquently but the words are cheap and the record of an individual is the basis upon which you base whether an individual should hold on to his job. >> reporter: romney and the
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president are competing about the same time slot speaking about the same time 250 miles from each other in ohio. >> doug, thank you. virginia's george allen getting a boost today. he is running for the virginia senate seat opening up in november. later this morning, senator mark rubio will give him a hand. they will appear together at the flour shop. the race is now between allen and democrat tim kaine. coming up, we'll be talking live with george allen in his first television interview since his big win on tuesday. less than a week after the resignation of kwame brown, there is a new council leader. council members argued for the vacancy for pro tem many which is the vacancy after the chair.
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we sat down with the new chairman on fox 5 news over concerns over the recent drama surrounding the council. >> folks on the outside are frustrated and council members are frustrated. it was kind of unpleasant to watch. on the other hand, this is the process playing itself out. you know, in the past, this would have happened behind closed doors. we are much more faithful to open meetings now, so the public got to see the display. i had hoped that it would be more of a consensus, but we got there. despite these attempts from vincent orange, the council selected michael brown as pro tem many. staying in d.c., the police are on the hunt for a driver involved in a hit-and-run that sent a child, and an elderly
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victim to the hospital. all three victims are suffering from serious injuries. three major cases are making the headlines. first, former presidential cape date john edwards won't be retried. a judge declared a mistrial on all but one counts. lance armstrong is denying the latest accusation that he is used performance-enhancing drugs. the u.s. anti-doping agency filed formal charges accusing armstrong of using a blood booster called epo, blood
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transfusion and other performance-enhancing drugs. as a result, armstrong has been barred from competing in the triathlon and as a result, he may be stripped of all of his seven tour de france. if he appeals, he can face a trial. and yesterday was another day of trial against jerry sandusky. one witness who was a foster child at the time of the alleged abuse said that he stayed quiet because sandusky threatened him. another one said that he didn't say anything because he wanted to continue getting tickets to penn state games. back here at home, allison, a fairfax elementary school teach is in hot water charged with having child porn. he is 26-year-old robert fin.
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he finished his work with special ed students. investigators say they found pornography pictures of children at his home here. they arrested him at poplar elementary school in chantly a senior prank backfired on a group of students in fairfax county and today they are missing out on today's graduation ceremony. sherry lee has the latest from herndon high school. the three herndon high school students, instead of going to the ceremony today will receive their diplomas privately despite an appeal to fairfax county schools to lift that graduation ban. that's the punishment for this senior prank. the student spilled baby oil in the hall. chris shoe maker one of six students involved now admits it was a bad idea.
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the school unamused gave the student a three-day suspension. he and his parents appealed, arguing their case before a hearing officer yesterday but did not succeed in getting the punishment reduced. >> i think if they had been forced to mop or clean or month floors in the presence of other student and received a little ridicule, the message would have gotten across. >> students at the school were spread on whether this punishment was too harsh. shoe maker and his parents said that one disciplinary infraction in 13 years should not result in a graduation ban but the school system is not budging. he will receive his diploma, instead, privately. that's the latest here in herndon. back to you. the red shot washington nationals just keep getting hotter so hot they are on fire. another win last night but it's the three-second remark from
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that star, it the 19-year-old the phenom bryce harper getting all the attention. >> bryce -- >> that's a clown question, bro. >> thanks to bryce, that's the catch phrase. dave ross is up next with sports and what that response was to. >> boy. and take a look at your screen. where one of you, a whole bunch of you saw this scene last night. did you see it last night? people say it was a u f o. the real story about this out of the world sight. >> that's rosswell, new mexico. and something that we are used to seeing, next, the traffic. time now 7:11.
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all right. folks were talking about it last night. talking about it this morning. take a look. these are pictures from twitters from what many saw on the beltway around 11:00 last night. it looks like a u f o on top of a flatbed truck. people calling us said they saw it on 270. >> here is the deal. maryland state police say it's a drone made by nor thrup gummian transported in virginia. here is a picture when the same aircraft rolled through kansas last year again on its way to maryland. here is why it's in our area. the defense tech websites reported last december that engineers practiced aircraft carriers taking off and landing
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with the drone on a strip of runway at patuxent. the strip is painted to resemble a carrier deck. >> i am surprised they didn't cove it up. >> the spaceship enterprise. >> did i hear you earlier that you were looking forward to talking about the five-day. i wonder why? >> well, because it's a nice one. a few high clouds during the course of the day. we have an east-northeasterly flow. currently, 69 degrees at reagan international airport. humidity won't be quite as bad as yesterday but it's going to be out there. so just be prepared. currently, 56 degrees at bwi thurgood marshall airport. 55 to the to the west in win
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chester, 59 degrees at frederick. here is a look at the day planner for the day of the we are talking about mainly partly sunny skies, a few clouds, not much to be concerned with. 77 degrees by the time we hit mid-day. 799 degrees by the 5:00 hour and, yes, the weekend looks great and so does the five-day. >> love it. >> thanks, gwen. >> let's heads over to lauren dimarco. >> so far, so good, no unidentified objects this morning, so there's that. we do have a little bit of volume on the beltway. greenbelt, reports of a wreck on the outer loop between route 1 and then just prior to 95. here we are. things are moving despite reports of a wreck. traveling 270, looking pretty good right here. you will be off and on on the brakes getting past falls road as you travel towards the split
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in bethesda. no incidents reported. 66 is jammed through manassas and again right here approaching route 50, fair oaks. once you get to 123, things open up for you. 395 heavy from the beltway, past edsal road, through duke and seminary. that's a check at the fox 5 ontime traffic. >> thanks, lauren, with a little cough this morning apparently. like all of us, right. >> poor baby. >> time to ser up a little sports breakfast with dave ross. i guess we can talk about how hot the nats are. >> but we'll talk about why bryce harper is making headlines but not for another home run? about the ufo story, that would be a better story if it was a ufo. >> a little disappointing. >> we'll talk about bryce. allison said she didn't think that the 19-year-old was quite ready for the all-star team. >> no, no, no.
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i just said perhaps he should not be included and he is ready and he would slay. remember the word slay? >> and nice use of slay by the way. >> thank you very much. >> i went back and i did some homework on the stats. .3203 batting average. that leads the washington nationals, seven home runs, 19 rbis. home run, third on the team. he only played in 411 of the 61 games. he didn't start the year up here so allison has a very valid point. if you put the numbers and extrapolate -- good use of that -- over what people have done, maybe his numbers are not quite all-star worthy as of yet. but my point is more to the excitement level, that it is the fans' game. >> he is a flashy dude. >> they want to see him. they want to see all of that stuff. i don't know if he's going to make it. they have to appeal to major league baseball and the commissioner bud selig. >> but, no doubt he fills the seats. >> he fills the seats and the
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nationals are filling seats. tyler moore filled the seats twice. stephen strasburg, allison and i agree should definitely be on the all-star. >> we agree. >> he is the first guy in all of major league baseball to do that. the nats are amazing ever day. that's all they do, win, win, win. >> no matter what. >> right, right. right now, to me this is downing. they are 38-23, 15 games over .500, percentage points behind the l.a. dodgers. >> you're going to have to start hearing these stories. >> there is a great story that came out out of toronto this week. that, of course, is the question, the catch phrase that we have all been talking about. he was asked after the first game in toronto, being 19, if he would have a cold canadian beverage because up there the legal drinking age is 19. he is legal to have a beer at
7:21 am
19 in canada. this is now his famous answer. >> i'm not answer that go. >> yes or no. >> bryce. >> that's a clown question, bro. >> it's a clown question, bro. >> wow. >> and that has spawned t- shirts all over the internet. what do you think? which one to you like. >> i like the one on the right. >> yeah, i like that one. >> yeah. >> i actually kind of like the clown. >> one for day, one for night. >> and i can't wait. we'll go to the nats park. yankees are in town all weekend. we'll try to talk to bryce as to what constitutes a club question. >> he is a smart kid. he is a fun kid. i hope he is on the all-star team. >> all right. thank you. new questions this morning about the ms. usa pageant. we are still talking about. this the unfortunate of virginia continues to find itself in a controversial spotlight. faculty members take new action over the firing of the
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university's president. those stories and much more coming up next. and plans for prince george's county. it's 7:21. 
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7:25. back now on fox 5 morning news and word that a second con contestant from the ms. usa pageant says that the cop test was rigged. the contestant said that ms. pennsylvania saw the list hours before the pageant. ms. pennsylvania was the first to say that. donned trump says that's false. the pageant is now suing ms. monin the school board of visitors announce that had theresa sullivan would step down in august pause of
7:26 am
philosophical differences over the future vision for the school. 33 faculty members sent a letter to the board asking for a better explanation. the board is holding a meeting on monday to discuss potential kaint david. the washington post says it has obtained a copy of a the tragic memo written by sullivan which outlines her top five concerns about the university and the post-says some of what sullivan wrote about are the very same themes that the board claims she was not addressing strongly enough. prince george's county executive is creating a commission to advice him. he said that the group will provide him with recommendations on how 0 mu the school system forward. the panel will include parents, educators and business leaders. and the county executive will give us more details about his effort to improve education when he joins us in studio coming up in our next hour. we have been hearing about
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this for a while. terrible things happening to children caught up in all of the fighting in syria. >> tortured and used as human shield atop tanks. that's the word on the ground. is there something that we can do to help? we will talk with the international red cross. >> and it was prices continue to fall even going below $3. what's the outlook for the summer? >> hmm, not around here, not yet. >> we'll take a look at the traffic outside from gwen and lauren, coming up next. when mitt romney says
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"planned parenthood we're gonna get rid of that." romney is saying he'll deny women the birth control and cancer screenings they depend on. when romney says "do i believe the supreme court should overturn roe v. wade? yes." he's saying he'll deny women the right to make their own medical decisions
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and when his campaign can't say whether he'd support equal pay protections. "and we'll get back to you on that." romney's putting your paycheck at risk. planned parenthood action fund is responsible for the content of this advertising because mitt romney is out of touch and wrong for women.
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well, if you were with us yesterday, we hope that you saw this. an early birthday salute to the army from the army field brass band brass brass quintet. there are several ceremonies, there is the wreath laying in arlington, and a flyover will e and mascot screech and the racing presidents will join top army officials in cutting a
7:31 am
birthday take in the pentagon court yard. >> i hope that does not get messy, screech throwing the cake. another celebration kicks off in baltimore >> we are talking about sail -a-bration. they're going to spend the next week to commemorate the bicentennial of the 1812 war. there will be concert and fireworks at fort mchenry, a blue angels air show. love those. and daily tours of the ship. we're going to be live at the sail-a-bration. >> beautiful aerial which shows the scope of it. gorgeous. >> nice. and a nice day today. >> and that's great, too. >> definitely the weather for it. could not ask for a perfect combination to get out there.
7:32 am
yesterday was nice and we are continuing that friend for you. we are on a weather-winning roll so let's not stop. you're going to enjoy today if you enjoyed yesterday because there will be a little less humidity. the weekend is going to stay very calm, weather wise. not a lot to talk about and temperatures will stay very comfortable as well. wait until you see the five-day forecast. i think you might like it. here is a look at the composite radar. just a few high cloud. a little moisture coming in off the coast and that will give us a little bit of cloud coverage. 58% humidity. wind from the northeast at 10 miles per hour. the wind will stay light throughout the course the day. and it is currently 63 at manassas. 66 at fredericksburg. we have 63 at gaithersburg.
7:33 am
to the west, 55 at winchester, the same at cumberland and 71 degrees at this hour at annapolis. ridge of high pressure to the north will hold us through the weekend. take a look at where we are headed in terps of the weekend. dry conditions. going to be just down right pleasant. you're get out to have a chance to get out. partly sunny with light wind today. high of 799 degrees. wind from the northeast and as i said, northeasterly. martelli cloudy and mild, 62 degrees. as we move to the beginning of the weekend on friday, we are still looking good at 80 degrees. a few cloud. saturday and sunday, bright sunshine. and then we are back to mild temperature as well. temperatures staying in the upper 70s, low 80s, right where we should be. very comfortable and i hope that you are ready for the
7:34 am
weekend: nothing but good news from the weather center, thank you, gwen. bill berth corner, south of route 50, we've got a wreck. traffic is alternating directions to get by it single file. let's take a live look at traffic lens. 95 northbound, we had records of a disabled vehicle as you head into short done. pretty heavy in the main lane as you make your trip towards newington. 395 heavy from the beltway toward seminary and here at the 14th street bridge. and broken down bus blocks the ramp to head eastbound from the beltway to maine avenue. leaving the mixing bowl, you are off on the brakes as you head towards van dorn street. 66 remains jammed through manassas and then getting past through fair oaks and now we have reports of a wreck at nutley street. 270 southbound off and on on
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the brakes from the split almost on a daily basis, we are reporting on the blood shed in syria between syrian government forces. the u.n. is now saying this is a full blown civil war. simon show from the international committee of the red cross in d.c. is here to talk about the crisis. good to have you here this morning. we know you are doing great work over there. give us some ideas of what aide workers are en countering when they are trying to help these refugees. >> the situation is very difficult in syria, everywhere where. we have seen a strong increase in the fighting and in the number of people displaced, people needing food, pretty dramatic situation on the ground. >> clearly, we have been reporting about this. innocent civilian and children caught in the middle of this. besides food, what other types of services and need do they have? >> people are in need of protection, they are moved and
7:36 am
displaced because the violence taking place. the parties have a duty to protect civilians at all time. this is not happening at all times in syria at the moment which causes mass displacement of people. they are able to get food, water, basic necessities. it's very hard to come by. >> secretary of state hillary clinton, we saw her speaking in wednesday. she says that the situation is spiraling towards civil war. programs not an agreement with the u.n. how do you folks get around safely since you, themselves are being targeted. >> we have been a he will to work in syria for over a year now and are able to move to the field and we have to wait until the fighting stops in order to be able to come in which means there is a delay between us being able to provide aid and the needs that the people face right away when fighting is taking place so that's an issue. >> certainly providing aid requires people at home who are watching us to try to do
7:37 am
something to help. let me paint perhaps more of a graphic picture. i know the red cross is not a political arm but according to the u.n., some of these children are being used as human shields being placed in front of windows of buses carrying military personnel into the raid, beaten, blind fold, interrogated with electrical cables. so, at this point, now that people are hearing that children are pawns in this so- called civil war, what can folks watching this do to help the international commit snow. >> the red cross is the only international committee on the ground active bringing relief to the people. so perhaps people can help our effort by donating some funds to our effort and this can be done by going to our website and >> the red cross is the banner. is the international committee run separately and if so, where are you headquartered? >> we are headquartered in
7:38 am
switzerland and we work in situations of violence and wars. unlike the american red cross, we work mostly abroad. >> the reason that you want to stay apolitical in this, you want your aide workers to come in and help whoever needs work. >> it's very important for to us remain neutral at all time and this enables us to access victims. we are able to move on the ground, arrange for people, government, nongovernment to bring relief to people. that's why we remain neutral. >> and based on what needs they are saying, where does this rate? is this as bad as it gets for victims of war? >> we don't tend to rate situations because there are so different one from the other, but, certainly, the situation is grave and since february, we have seen a sharp increase in violence and in the needs of victims. so a real crisis. >> what kind of numbers or. ground do you have right now is. >> we have about 60 staff and we work with 300 syrian
7:39 am
colleagues and assisting about 3200 people at the moment and hope to assist a million inform people. >> communicating is an issue. is one of your efforts to try to get people on the ground in the form aid workers that might speak the language? >> it is. we work with colleagues who speak arabic, and colleagues who speak syrian and we work with the syrian red crescent which is an arm. >> the way is and there you see a banner for donation for syria action. >> and we will post this segment this morning, our conversation, on you just click on fox morning news for more information and to hear that website once again. simon, schoeno, thank you very much. finally some relief at the pump as gays prices continue to
7:40 am
fall. and swimming for a world record. what pools around the nation and some right here in our area are doing to bring awareness to safety while in the water. we'll be right back. 
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the pentagon is changing ways it's screening visitors. it will useful body scans. the system is used at airports all across the country. a 90-day trial period will begin on monday. mayor vincent gray and new brand analystics launched a system called grade.dc .gov. the idea is to make sure that you receive high quality. it will be launched the day of a my birthday. >> july 10th.
7:44 am
the fine state of south carolina, drivers have been lining up at this one particular station to get in on the pig savings. the national am for a gallon of regular is currently 3.54. that's 40 cents cheaper that when prices peaked in april. road trip to copway, south carolina. >> i'll be lining, too. >> not far from myrtle beach. >> it is painful, even at the reduced prices. a few cents a gallon makes a difference. >> every penny counts >> and every degree counts, you know, in your business. >> and what's a few degrees between friends. >> a lot times. >> that's true. >> good point. >> we are not far off. i think we are going to be on the same page. that's fine. here ace look at the highs yesterday. 82 degrees at reagan national airport. 80 at dulles and 80 at bwi marshall. a little bit of moisture
7:45 am
kicking in. humidity won't be quite as bad as it was yesterday. it will be kind of nice. very very light wind. 69 degrees at reagan national airport. 66 degrees at thurgood marshall. a fairly mild start to your day. by mid day, expect to be about 76 degrees. we are looking for a high of 79. we'll see the sun, see just a few clouds. really not just too much to be concerned with. for today, partly sunny, light winds. 79 degrees. northeasterly winds from 5 to 10 miles per hour overall. the weekend is looking absolutely fabulous. i'm happy to say we are talking temperatures that will be sticking around in the low 80s. we are talking about 81 degrees by saturday. 83 on sunday with no shortage of sunshine. >> time now for a check of your ontime traffic good morning, lauren. >> good morning to all of you. we'll start off with a little bit of waves. we have reports of traffic headed in bound from prince george's county into d.c let's
7:46 am
take a look at what folks are saying. if you are traveling pennsylvania avenue in bound, we do have reports of things heavy and slow. we do have a fox 5 razor reporting. in bounds new york avenue, slow. route 50 from the beltway and continuing on new york avenue, delays all the way into town you are heavy and slow, just jammed through lorton. we do have report of a disabled vehicle blocking the lanes continuing off and on through newington. 395, very heavy from the beltway, pretty much towards the 14th street bridge. here we are edsal road. we have a broken down bus blocking the ramp. traveling the beltway outer loop slows from college park to head into silver spring. bethesda, typical delays there. everybody is stacked up.
7:47 am
66 jammed through manassas. it continues through centreville all the way through 123 in vienna with reports of a crash on nutley street. that's cleared. that's a look at ontime traffic eleanor holmes norton is kicking off music on the mall. i love this idea >> i love it. >> next month, the series will be every tuesday and thursday. today, a violinist from the district will perform. congress woman holmes will kick off. >> it's like jazz on the mall. have you been to the sculpture gardens in the sumer? i have not. >> awesome check out this kido. more than 24 countries, including ours, the usa, will participate in the guiness world record for swimming lessons. drowning is the number 1 cause
7:48 am
of deaths in the summer for children. the open lessons start at 11:00 this morning. falling rocks are forcing the national park service to close parts of yosemite valley for good. the 3000 food tall glacier point is so unstable that some of yosemite valley's most popular lodging areas will have to be closed permanently. at least 15 people have died and 85 injured by fall rocks since 1857. you might agree this next one is just incredible. a basketball carried hundreds of miles away by the tsunami and back where it belongs. the ball with kesson junior high was found off an island near alaska. someone picked it up, sent it back to the basketball team. they are putting it to good
7:49 am
use. they were cheering as it was taken out of that box. symbolic in many ways. still to come. >> or years after lending her voice to the animated favorite, jada pinkett smith is whack as the hippo. 
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[ male announcer ] it started like this... i speak the language of business. i know how jobs are created. [ male announcer ] but it ended like this. one of the worst economic records in the country. when mitt romney was governor, massachusetts lost 40,000 manufacturing jobs. a rate twice the national average. and fell to forty-seventh in job creation. fourth from the bottom. instead of hiring workers from his own state, romney outsourced call center jobs to india. he cut taxes for millionaires like himself... while raising them on the middle class... and left the state two point six billion deeper in debt. so now, when mitt romney talks about what he'd do as president... i know what it takes to create jobs. [ male announcer ] remember, we've heard it all before.
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i know how jobs are created. [ male announcer ] romney economics. it didn't work then, and it won't work now. you know him as the mini darth vader in that super bowl car commercial. we love it. max page will have open heart surgery in los angeles. the 7-year-old has a hole in his heart and last problem with a pulmonary valve. the hole will be repaired. doctors hope this is the last surgery that little max will have to have. >> let's hope so. he is just adorable. >> he is wonderful.
7:53 am
audiences are loving madagascar 3, europe's most wanted. they raked in $64 million -- a little bit of your money, right? >> a little bit so but not my 3d money. >> it's about lost animals from the central park zoo. jada pinkett smith plays gloria the hippo in all of the madagascar movies and i had a chance to talk to her about the ongoing success of the franchise. >> reporter: so this is 3. did you have any idea what you were approached to be another yatch hippo which is funny because you are so tiny and gloria -- you know, has her curves, her pig old curves, are you surprised that it has lasted so long and kids still love it and adults still love it? >> i tell you when. when i decided to become part of the madagascar family, i surely at didn't expect for us to have three. it's been a wonderful journey.
7:54 am
really has. >> and the journey continues now. you are trying to get home from europe. for the 14 people who have not seen this hit yet. what is it about? what's the crew doing this time. >> we are still trying to get back to new york, being chased throughout europe by a very mean french woman who wants to get us back in cages. we try a circus chain, jump on the train and take this very rundown circus and make something very fantastic to help us get back to new york. the circus animals find out that we are zoosters who escaped from new york, are put back in cages. our circus friends miss us and come and rescue us. >> we see in the trailer, chris rock, the afro circus and, of course, i'm sipping that at
7:55 am
home. what are the breakout things. i love you and mel man's connection in the last one and that's when the lemurs and that's when the king lemur had this. >> what's the moment in this movie? afro circus? >> i would say that. chris made that on the fly. that's not written. that's something that he i am proficiented. that's what makes it even more amazing and we all will to come in and try to sing that song and sing with him. >> the whole country is singing that song so it's all good yeah. >> everybody has seen the movie -- congratulations on that success. i have to ask you about annie because in our house we are waiting for that, too. we heard that your lovely daughter willow and you and your husband are in production to make this a reality. >> we are working on the script. we have collaborating with jay zee for music, and it is very
7:56 am
special. >> wow. >> we do know it's a classic so we are trying to do what we believe is best by the story >> right. >> i guess that is hard trying to walk that line, but, please, with willow -- and let me tell you that i was whipping my harass a 45-year-old woman when that song was out. >> oh, nice >> she's combing out with new music this sum are so look out for that. >> excellent. >> also, we are in d.c. but let me ask, as a baltimore native, do you get home often? >> i will be in d.c. next week. so you'll see me there >> well, you have an open invitation. come by fox 5 if you happen to on our our of the beltway. we appreciate it. >> okay. >> what a pleasure talking to her >> why not, put some big sunglasses, ball cap and walk on here >> what a showbiz fam. willow as annie. i love it.
7:57 am
with will smith and jay zee behind here, great. the idea of the casino on the banks of the potomac river inching closer to reality and george allen joins us live. he is speaking with us ahead of a campaign stop. he'll be in arlington this morning. we'll talk to him from that flower shop. we'll tell you why he is there, coming up. ♪
7:58 am
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straight ahead on fox 5 morning news at 8:00, sitting out graduation. a senior prank gone wrong. it cost at least one honor roll student that you just saw a chance to walk with his classmates and george allen wants his senate job back. today, he will pick up a show of support from a florida republican. the former governor joins us live from arlington for his first interview since securing the gop nomination. and super cyclist lance armstrong facing another round of doping allegations. what it means for the retired
8:01 am
seven-time tour de france champion. big trouble for him potentially. thanks for joining us. i'm will thomas. tony has the week off. >> >> and tucker is off but that does not matter because gwen is here bringing us glad tiedings. >> i think that's christmas. >> definitely no mistaking today's weather. >> definitely. i like to say. if you like yesterday and if you like today as well, we have really nice temperatures on tap as well as sky conditions. here ace look at where we lit for the highs. 82 degrees at national airport. these temperatures pretty close to where we should be, just a degree or two off the mark but you know what, it was very, very good. here is a look at the satellite radar composite. we have a few clouds. a little bit of moisture being pumped in. the majority of the day will be
8:02 am
very, very sun filled. right now, 69 in d.c., 63 at dulles, 63 degrees in baltimore and forecast for today -- well, wait a minute. we have more temperatures to show you. 73 in quantico. 59 at frederick. here you go. here is death planner. made day, 77 degrees but the magic number for the day. 79 for a daytime high and not as humidity as yesterday. i think that's a good day to get out and do whatever you want to do outside. take your lunch break outside for sure. >> wait until you see the weekend. you're going to love it. >> thanks, gwen let's go outside and check in with lauren dimarco. well, the weather is having her in a good mood. you are bound in bound 66 through manassas, continuing through center ville past route
8:03 am
50 in fair oaks. things seem to be lightening up. 395 appears to be easing somewhat, still on the brakes. this is in bound capitol street. we will a wreck on the ramp on howard road in bound. that has cleared out of the way. outer loop of the beltway jammed from before route 1, college park, heading into silver spring. here you are past new hampshire avenue. once you get past florida, the pace i am peruse. allison? lauren, thank you. more emotional testimony in the trial of jerry sandusky. more accusers will take the stand but it appears that the prosecution could wrap its case against the former penn state assistant coach yesterday. yesterday, one of the accusers told the jury that sandusky
8:04 am
threatened him following a sexual encounter saying that he would never see his family again. another accuser said he kept quiet in orthopaedic to continue to receive game tickets to penn state. seven-time tour de france lance armstrong is facing new charges. this comes months after federal investigators closed a two-year investigation into the athlete. armstrong maintains he is innocent. and one other legal note this morning, john edwards is off the hook. it's official. yesterday, federal prosecutors dropped all criminal charges against the former presidential candidate. that means that the just cyst department cannot retry him for campaign crumbs. >> the search is on today for a driver involved in a hit-and- run in the district.
8:05 am
the accident sent an infant, a child and elderry woman to the hospital. this happened yesterday afternoon at kenilworth and eastern avenues in northeast. witnesses say that the suspect crashed into the victim's car and then ran away on foot. the three victims all have serious injuries. it's a day of dueling speeches for president obama and the gop presumptive nominee mitt romney. both will travel to ohio. ohio is a battleground state. for president obama, it is a chance to outline the ditches between him and romney and for mid-romney, a chance to talk about how he will lead the country from recession. kwame brown resigned because of fraud charges.
8:06 am
council members argued over the seat for chairman pro temp which is the number 2 spot behind the chair. despite a heated debate, the council selected brown as the new pro temp. a group of seniors from fairfax county won't be walking across the stage to receive their diplomas today. a tough lesson for these kids. >> they have been banned because of a senior sprang that they pulled last week. sherrie lee has the latest from herndon high school. >> one of the students involved in this bank appealed to the fairfax county school system to try to reduce his punishment and lift the graduation ban. after that hearing, the school system decided that the punishment stands. the senior prank was engineered by six students last wednesday at herndon high school.
8:07 am
chris schuman admits bringing the oil to school but no one was hurt. school administration were not amused. students at the school were split on whether the punishment was too harsh and shoe maker now admits that the decision wasn't wise. >> i realize now it presented a dangerous situation to a lot of people. it was just a silly mistake, i guess. >> i think that's pretty fair. they did that sprang, they knew the consequences. i'm not surprised that it happened to them. >> it was a stupid prank. i still think they should one because no one got hurt at all. no one got hurt. >> the school system is not budging. so shoe maker and the others will not be able to walk across the stage to get their diplomas with the rest of the class of 2012 here. instead, he and the others will receive their diplomas privately.
8:08 am
in herndon, sherrie lee, fox 5 news. >> thanks, sherry. time right now is 8:07. it is a thursday morning. still ahead on fox 5 morning news, the future of gambling in prince george's county. county executive sharon baker joins us live. what a new slot study to mean for the maryland suburb. >> we will see. ding, ding, ding, ding. first, this story out of buffalo. a deadly shooting out of a hospital. now police are on the hunt for a killing doctor. and later a pitching perfection. matt kaine makes history in the bay area. we'll be right back. 
8:09 am
8:10 am
8:11 am
making headlines around the country. police are on the hunt for a trauma surgeon who is being called a person of interest in a deadly shooting. a 33-year-old hospital clerk was shot four times in a stairwell of a hospital in buffalo, new york yesterday. dr. timothy jordan is the
8:12 am
victim's ex-boyfriend. the government is expanding an investigation into fires in older jeep cher keys. the jeep liberty is being added to the probe. it now covers more than five million vehicles. it was tanks are leaking, causing fire in rear end crashes. five people have died in the fire. feels like summer but looks like it's been snowing in some parts of texas thanks to thunderstorms that dumbed large amounts of hail and rain. this is footage from adrian, texas, where baseball size hail fell, damaging several homes. >> looks like the mob got to that roof. that is incredible. equally as incredible, our weather here, right? >> right. >> it's like one of those days, where you are at work trying to figure out where to get to work. find an outdoor cafi.
8:13 am
you have the yeoman's duty of showing us the cutiepatuooty. >> this is the keep duty the day because this is time for my first 5 photo of the day and take a look at this gorgeous little one. isn't he cute? >> he is cute. >> today, we are saying hello to adam and this is a picture of adam at his first dentist appointment. he is keeping that smile going quite nicely out there. he is getting to say his little hello on, very, very nice. he is just as cute as he can be the you know what it's like for the first dental appointment. >> you know, from the treasure chest from the dentist. >> absolutely cute, adam. we thank you for sharing your day with us and we ask you to send in your child's picture if you would like your child to be our child of the day.
8:14 am
good morning to adam and it thanks for his friendly smiles. >> i have smiling weather on tap. 82 degrees on tap. today is going to be pretty much the same. satellite radar composite, not much to show. overall, it's going to be a fairly nice day with plenty of sunshine and comfortable as well. so we'll have a little bit of humidity but not as bad as yesterday. 69 degrees at reagan, 65 at dulles, 6 degrees at bwi thurgood marshall and here ace look at temperatures in some our other neighborhoods. 71 in annapolis at this hour. 74 in quantico, already warming up. 64 in fred ricks. we can expect a few clouds but a lot ever sunshine as well. we'll be kicking in at 79 degrees.
8:15 am
let's check in now and see what's on the road. here is lauren dimarco. >> gwen, as you travel southbound on bwi parkway, a brief delay but there is a slowdown from 410. delays continue on to inbound new york avenue. let's take a look at the beltway as you travel the outer loop. typical stretch of delay from college park making your way past new hampshire avenue toward beltsville road. delays off and on toward the outer loop. no real issues to report. heading down towards the split in bethesda, nothing in your lane of traffic. beltway in virginia, seeing some volume now on the inner loop leaving the mixing bowl heading towards 66. outer loop clearing. 66 itself, a parking lot through manassas. the pace improving a little bit here in fairfax county. a little bit of space between cars but slow going to make the
8:16 am
trip towards 123. that's a check at the fox 5 on time traffic. >> with father's day around the corner, a survey says that the majority of dads spend time with their kid more than a generation okay but today's father said they could use a little help to learn how to be better parent. the u.s. national health of human and services, the father hood clearing house and the ad council launching these campaigns to inspire you fathers to be the best you can be. we want to talk about that. michael strikeoutman in the white house office of public endowment. it's the president's fatherhood initiative. we want it find ways to encourage dads to get more involved in the lies of their
8:17 am
children. there really is a crisis of absent fathers in this country and even us dads, we could do better, spend a little more time with our children. we want to encourage dads to spend more time with our kids, get involved in our children's lives and give information to make it easier to do so. you hear that saying, you are only as good as what you know. maybe this will help dads step up their game a little bit. are we talking about new dads, teenage dads? >> can, new dads. i remember my son, my oldest son just graduated from high school this week and i was thinking back to when i was 23 years old. >> a couple of years ago. >> as a new dad, i was looking for all the information that i could get. but, of course, younger fathers, new fathers, but even dads that have been around. the president has been a dad for a while. he says it's good sometimes for
8:18 am
him to turn off sport center, pick up a book and maybe read to their child. we are trying to reach out to all fathers. >> although nothing wrong with sports center once in a while. >> right. maybe the first time. the second loop, you can turn it off. >> yes. >> especially when the nats are plug as well. >> that's right. >> let me talk about the power of media. you are using pessas, aren't you. we first see a little clip of this, i want you to sort of talk about what your aim is. >> we got the spirit, we are high. we can't be stopped. >> can't be stopped. basically this is a father going out, enjoying a little time with his daughter who is cheerleading. she is adork. very cute. >> it was great for the ad council, one of our partners who decided to use these psas and people can go to father hood .gov and use the psas and get more information about spending time with their children. we really just want to make
8:19 am
this a very positive message. father's day is right around the corner and through the psas and through great shows like yours, we can get the word out to more and more fathers. >> let's talk about president obama. he said yesterday we want to work with barber shops to figure out how we can get more information to fathers. how do you intend to do that had. >> i've known and worked with the president for almost 20 years now. this is permanent for him. he grew up without a father in the home and he -- one the great joys that he has is being a dad who is two girls. we want to use barber shops, a place where men get together, talk and share and get information about job training, information about ways for dads to pend time with their children. we have a lot of partners that stepped up. there is the logo. give dad information to give
8:20 am
them cools that they need to be engaged with their children. >> one problem that experts continue to point to is the sense in some men,one men see with having the idea of sex and bainy as a sport and competition. how do you change that mentality? >> one of the things that i think we can do which will be goods for everyone is be role models. there are children in your lives, they may be fathers themselves but there are children in your community, in their families, if they can be mentors, role models, we can show your young men a different path. >> i run a mentoring program at the white house and i think that we see things that belie some these statistics, young men doing the right thing and stepping up. >> very exciting when you see young men making those right decisions and you are helpingwith that. >> thank you for coming in. >> thank you.
8:21 am
everybody go to fatherhood .gov. lots of information. >> allison, to you. time right now is 8:20. still ahead, a close encounter on the capital beltway. we'll show you the pictures that had some fathers and u f o sightings. >> and marking two centuries since the war in 1812. a sail aia brace. [ crows cawing ] [ male announcer ] strange things happen
8:22 am
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8:24 am
metro's board meets to discuss the transit system's latest crime stat. overseas, british prime minister david cameron will testify in front of a committee looking into the phone hacking scam. and looking ahead, the 235th anniversary of flag day and the army's 237th birthday >> way back in 1777. and kevin durant and the
8:25 am
oklahoma city thunder will try to extend their lead. the thunder lead the series:10. >> high drama in city by the way. giants pitcher matt cain had a perfect game on the line with two outs in the bottom of the 9th. here is what happened. unbelievable. >> groundball, a play, completing the perfect game for matt kaine. >> it took several nice difficult plays but mattcain is the 22nd player in baseball history to pitch a perfect game and a first for the san francisco chan skies. giants won 1-0. >> they better have won with a perfect game. >> that would have been a downer. >> you see him there in the dugout, nobody saying a word to
8:26 am
cain. it worked. time now is 8:25. coming up, prince george's county county executive joins us with a live look at the future of gambling at the national harbor. >> he is right there off camera. and the united states marks a grim milestone in the war in afghanistan. more on that as we continue. and later, keep watching the skies, washington. we'll clear out the mysteries surrounding the so-called ufo spotted. >> is that x-files? >> it is. 
8:27 am
8:28 am
8:29 am
checking our it top stories this thursday morning, the war in afghanistan just passed two milestones. as of this week, the decades long conflict has lasted more than 3009 hyundais. it has now claimed the lives of nearly 2000 american service men and women. today, more accusers will take the stand in injury
8:30 am
sandusky's sex abuse trial but the prosecution to wrap its case against the former penn state assistant football coach as soon as tomorrow. one of the accusers testified that sandusky told him he would not see his pham hi again if he told. and a grawp of seniors will not be graduateingwith their class after a prank. they poured baby oil. chris shoe man is one of the people involved and he admit that the prank was not such a good idea. fairfax county officials denied the appeal after the family fought to otherturn. >> a whole lot of people saw this sight on the beltway last night. a huge saucer-looking aircraft riding on the back of a flood bet there was plenty of talk
8:31 am
about u f os. maryland state plays say not so. it was a bone aircraft being transported from west virginia to patuxent naval air spatial in maryland. >> very cool. it was sightd in other states as it was making its way. >> no sign of spock, i guess. >> or little green men. >> was it you or melanie who said, why didn't they just cover it up in. >> just cover it up like lumber or something. gets people talking. >> so is the weather getting people talking? >> we have nice weather to talk about, i'm happy to say, smiles and no frowns with the forecast. let's show you the forecast and so you what's going to be happening. as we get into the week, i'm going to be the bearer of good news and i love being the the bearer of good news. you can get out and enjoy it. if you like yesterday, you're
8:32 am
going to like today with a little less humidity. humidity now at 63%, however. current temperature, 69. northeasterly wind about 12 miles per hour. we're going to continue to see that northwesterly wind into the course of the day. it's going to bring a little moisture in. that's where we're going to bring the clouds and a little bit of that humidity. 65 degrees at dulles airport. 58 at thurgood marshall bwi. 62 at haggerstown, 64 degrees at martinsburg. 66 degrees at culpeper. >> just a few clouds. high pressure will hold us steady. no shortage of snipe for your forecast. going to be really nice. dry with temperatures staying pretty close to where they should be for the seasonal average. 77 degrees by mid-day. by 5:00, we hit our daytime high of 79 degrees.
8:33 am
here ace look. look at the five-day forecast. talk about award inning weather. not bat at all. >> a new study says that prince george's county could successfully operate a 6th casino within the county's borders. it could generate gross revenues of $1.6 billion and a percentage of that will be ear marked for education funding. >> to talk more about that is the county executive rashorn baker. always good to have you here. >> let's start with that study that was done that shows that prince george's county would thrive with gambling. what are the results and how do you resnapped. >> we are very happy with the report because it confirms what we are saying in annapolis that the state could have a sixth site and the sixth site would be one of the better sites and
8:34 am
could generate a lot of money for the state and county. important for prowrns is where the sites are located, the five sites are located. the local revenue stays in those areas. so the one in ann arein dunn county, money that's generated there stays in anne arundel county. the one we want to have at the hard for will generate, we think, about $5 million a year. we think it's good sign and we hope that the commission will look at it and will get something favorable out. >> what's the next step? if it were up to your office, brown might already be breaking but what are the next steps here. >> i testified before the commission, the other day, and the next step is for them to do their report make a recommendation to the governor in a special session we are can he can actually put this to a vote and get to the voters. the real thing toys get to the
8:35 am
referendum in november so the voters can decide whether they want a 6th site and whether we want table games for all the other sites. this is a good thing for us also, you have come up with an education initiative. the commission on education excellence. will you tell us about this. >> we are very excited about it. that's something that i have been pushing the administration since i came in. we're going to move the he case system forward. dr. height and the school board are doing a good job but they need more help. what this commission will do is help us think out of the box, be proactive, push the inform and look at best practices, not only in prince george's county but across the station and see if we can help fund those. the other thing we could do is bring every facet of our government to bare on education. we know there are health issues dealing in our school, there are social services issues,
8:36 am
unemployment issues and housing issues. as a county executive, i can bring those agencies together to work on these issues. >> in the past, you talked about switching to a board of appointees versus the elected school board. do you still feel that way? >> no. i think by using the office of the county executive, bringing these individuals from the business and private sector, that we can get that innovative thinking and work in tandem with dr. height and the board to push our school forward. what i said to everyone is that i won't be patient. i want prince george's county to move quickly up the ladder and become one of the best school systems in the state. you know, my wife on i have gone through a public school system and we want the best for people. >> i want to get to the bun bill that just passed, the tni. are you seeing progress yet or where are you with na?
8:37 am
>> i am very cheesed with the process we are making on the tragic forms neighborhood. that is six neighborhoods in prince george's county that have high indicators of things that are not good, whether they are dropout in schools, whether they are crime, lack of jobs or economic developments. we are starting to see some of that tournament i was in suitland the other day listening to a report and getting some feedback and we are moving forward. we also have our cadets running each one of these targeted neighborhoods, just to show people that we are serious about this. we are very pleased with the movement. >> you are there. >> and just a quick headline. the county passed a bill thousandsing the police to run a gun registry check. >> we have a bill that will allow police to run to make sure that offenders do not have
8:38 am
a gun. this has worked well in baltimore. still ahead this morning, former governor george allen fresh off a primary win. the republican senate candidate joins us live for his very first tv interview since securing that nomination. >> first, a scene straight out of a movie. check it out. complete with a surprise twist. we're going to show you when some daring robbers try to break into a truck while speeding down a highway. yep, no joke. we'll be right back. houghts? wow. outstanding. off the charts. boo-yah! excelente! that went well. add flavor to your day with dunkin's new breakfast burritos, with fire-roasted veggies and delicious steak. try one today.
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i'm drinking dunkin'.
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i'm drinking dunkin' iced mocha. they make it exactly how i like it. medium, iced, with a turbo shot. french vanilla, hazelnut, caramel -- i love 'em all. they make it perfect every time. america runs on dunkin' coffee. it's like something out of a hollywood movie, in this case, a foreign movie. >> a dangerous and daring robbery. two men climbed out of a sun roof. one hold the leg of the other. they get the back door open with some tools but apparently there wasn't anything worth stealing inside. so they left empty handed. >> surprise. >> okay. more proof that money can buy everything. that's pitcher gio gonzalez.
8:42 am
he turned to tweeter. he tweeted he needed a date for a dream gala. a few of his teammates even tweeted pleading for help. >> maybe this is the thing. people have been married online. gio is smart. time to turn to tweeter. virginia republican senate candidate george allen joins us live later and they are marking an anniversary in baltimore. >> we have something really special on this flag day. you are looking at pieces of the original flag from 1812, the one that inspired the writing of the star spangled banner on this 200th anniversary of the national anthem, we'll tell you how parts of this flag are making history once again when fox 5 morning news continues. 
8:43 am
8:44 am
8:45 am
virginia republican senate
8:46 am
candidate george allen is getting a big boost. in just moments, florida senator mark rubio will campaign with him. the senate race in november is now between allen and democrat tim cain. joining truss arlington ace george allen, former governor and former senator from virginia. good morning, senator, how are you? >> i even picked out a gardenia that i will buy myself for a father's day gift. >> i thought you would say it was for me >> well, i like gardenias and i like to have one around where we live in mount vernon. >> i think that's a fine plan. a big win on tuesday coming out of the gate in arlington. tell us why this location? >> reporter: this location is a
8:47 am
small business. this is where jobs are created. we are worried about the high fuel cost and inactivity in washington. mr. nicholson who is one of the co-owners of in facility says i want some certainty. make decisions. i do think this is a time for making tough decisions but also empowering decisions. i envision a much better future than what we are having to endure these days and we do need competitive, simple tax laws. i think we need to unleash our american energy resources and regulations needs to be reasonable. if we do that, the enterpreneur spirit of our country will be here. >> you put out this these points. you talked about counsel -- tell us more about in blue
8:48 am
print >> tax laws, that the federal government imposes the highest taxes in the world on job creating businesses at 35%. i propose to reduce it to more simple, fair and competitive, 20% which would create over 500,000 new job as year. regulations need to be reasonable. they need to have common sense. they are too burdensome, especially on small businesses. on energy, great use of energy, we are number 12 in the world when it comes to resources. virginians from the field, are willing to provide energy to power america. on day 12, i would introduce if i'm hired on to represent the people of virginia, i'm going to introduce a bill that will allow virginia to produce oil off our coast and use the royalties for roads and transportation. we need to take control of our own destiny and we have the opportunity to do so with the right leadership. and i aim to provide it.
8:49 am
>> your democratic challenger, of course, former governor tim cain was on the show yesterday to sort of re-create what he said. he said that you were part of the problem when you were in the senate, the last time around, saying that your approach helped to create the economic mess that we find ourselves in now. how do you respond to that? >> well, i respond that i would be happy to compare our visions when i left the senate. unemployment was around 4 1/2%. tim cain has opinion an advocate for many of these policies that have put our country in this poor economy of unemployment of over 8% for 40 straight months. underemployment of 19% where young people may have a job but not utilizing theiral many and skills. we have our country's credit rating downgraded and the draconian cuts to our military
8:50 am
readiness. tim cain's approach of raising taxes and more regulation and higher debts and more government programs are not the solution. the best social program of all is a job. when somebody has a job, they are taking care of their families and themselves rather than depending upon the government. i envision a better future than what we are having to on during these days and these are the policies, including obama care which is a major impediment for small businesses to hire anyone on because they are worried about the cost occasioned by the government takeover of health care and you have people's religious liberties impinged upon, seniors who are worried about access to doctors taking medicare and from orthodontist to hospitals worried about it. tim cain wants to tout it as the overachievement. i want to be the deciding that
8:51 am
vote that repeals obama care. and i want to have create a health saving plan that people can take from job to job so they don't have to worry when taking insurance when going job to job. and it's something that my wife susan and i, can take over from virginia. we have some democrats who do think that our country ought to be ascending again rather than a country with diminished opportunity. >> we'll be watching this closely. two titans in virginia politics going after the senate seat. thank you for joining me today. >> the pleasure's all mine. >> thank you, sir. >> he can still get you a flower. >> maybe. to maryland now. up in baltimore, a big celebration getting underway to commemorate the 200th anniversary of the war of
8:52 am
1812. that's where melanie is joining us. she is starting at a flag house where a major event is planned today to mark the birth of our country's national anthem, right, mel? >> that's right, will. this is an amazing place i'm here at flag house, really just the touch stone of some of our greatest histories in the united states. joining me right now is anna lise mantone. tell me about this room. a lot of his tre in this room. >> this is an amazing part of the flag house. this is actually the room where most of the star spangled banner flag, the flag that flew over fort mchenry was sewn, right near this room. this is where the woman heary picker skill used to sew the flag. it's big, a two-story bus. >> she sewed by herself.
8:53 am
>> she did it with some friends. everybody here came out to help. >> these are actual remnant of the flag? >> these are pieces of the actual star spangled banner flag. >> after the battle of the flag went into the home of commander armiestad and his wife would cut off pieces of the flag for souvenirs to get to people that fought in the battle and wanted to be buried with the souvenir. she would snip pieces off. if you see it, it's missing pieces of. >> there is a ground zero flag many we have some video of that. this is the flag that flew at ground zero after the bombings at 9/11, just one those images that touched everybody's heart. so tell me how are we bringing this history together along with this history? >> this is a once in a lifetime
8:54 am
thing. the flag is actually authorized fibers to the original flag to be attached to the 9/11 flag. it will be sewn into the flag, pieces of mary's original flag. the flag that francis scott key saw will be going into the 9/11 flag. that's a wonderful bringing in the two histories together. >> bill pensek, you said this is a way of america's darkest moments and greate inspiration as well? >> during the war of 1812, that was the first time that the united states was invaded by a foreign nation. it was just two and a half weeks after the destruction of the nation's capital, the burning of the white house, the navy yard that defenders here in baltimore, 15,000 strong fought off the greatest army- navy in the world, the same general that burped washington was killed, more tallly wounded here at the battle of baltimore at north point. what is america's darkest
8:55 am
moment? we have young enough to remember 9/11 and how horrible we felt and continued to feel how it's changed life in the 21st century but just imagine how people in the chesapeake region felt after the destruction of our nation's capital when the greatest army- navy in the world were bearing down on this place >> reporter: coming up later in the show, we'll talk a little bit more about sail -abration and how you, coo, can come and be part of this. [ crows cawing ] [ male announcer ] strange things happen in the black forest. [ metallic bell toll ] [ car speeding down the road, lightning strikes ] where things aren't always what they seem. [ wolves howling ]
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good thursday morning to you. i'm allison seymour. >> and umeh will thomas coming up in the 9:00 hour,
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it is action packed. look at this one. a group of school seniors sliding down a slippery slope. let's see how many s' we can put on this one. they can't walk across the stage after a senior prank gone wrong. one of the students talking about his punishment. and walt the wizard william made history. now he is shifting his focus from the court to biking in an effort to raise money for people with is abilities. he will here to talk about the challenge. >> will be it's tea ache a peak into studio b. we need that smell-a-vision. >> i'm cooking in the kitchen with a chef dedicated to teach men how to cook and have the perfect drink. what's that perfect drink? >> might be beer? >> i guess you are right. take the fear


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