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tv   Fox 5 News at Ten  FOX  June 16, 2012 10:00pm-11:00pm EDT

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it didn't work then, and it won't work now. ♪ call the verizon center for customers with disabilities at 800.974.6006 tty/v.
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♪ ♪ . a deadly accident at a concert sends people scattering and lands some in the hospital after a stage collapses.
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a situation so serious in syria tonight, the u.n. announced it's suspending an important program. good evening, everyone. i'm matt ackland. we begin with a search for a hit-and-run driver and that happened around 10:00 last night. a 33-year-old man is in a coma and police are trying to find his family. the police have good leads. >> reporter: just 10 days ago, a 27-year-old woman and her two daughters died in a crash on fairfax boulevard. new, a hit-and-run driver in an suv support another zip victim, a man out walking with a friend to the intensive care unit in critical condition. they were walking on the sidewalk eastbound on fairfax boulevard and this is the point of impact when one was hit by
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the suv. the force launched the victim 50 feet and this is where he came to rest. >> and people come out here too fast. >> reporter: an eyewitness, a man on the way home from the nationals game, came forward with valuable information about the friday night crash. >> he heard the accident and looked over the shoulder and in the side mirror and got a look at the vehicle. >> describe that for us? >> a white suzuki vitera, an suv. on the back of the vehicle where there is a tire, there is a tire cover over it saying sue jukeo it. >> reporter: police have some surveillance tapes from the car dealerships at the intersection. >> and we pulled them. joe all police can say about the man is that he is 33 years old from west virginia they trying to locate his family. he spent the day in church with his mom and praying that his
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friend recovers. audrey barnes, fox 5 news. to the district, firefighters had to rescue several people from a burning apartment building this morning and that happened on orange street southeast. there were a few firefighters on the truck when they got to the building and found people hanging out of the windows. >> and i was not able to get out and had to climb the windows to get out and rescued. and i am glad and i am glad -- and. >> one firefighter tells us some of the first responders were hurt and we don't have details on their injuries and the red cross is trying to help charged for a sex crime that happened more than 10 years ago he was a coach at james madison highways in 2001, when investigators say he had
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inappropriate sexual conduct with a 17-year-old girl. he was 29 at the time and is still a swim coach working with swimmers throughout the area. violence in syria is so severe, the united nations monitoring mission is suspended. the general in charge of the operation said that it's too risky and, since they don't carry weapons, there is not much to protect them. >> reporter: a new bombardment and amidfears of syria's steady descent towards a civil war. gossipy sent on -- innocent civilians, men, women, and children, are being killed every day and poses a significant risk to my servers. >> reporter: 112 civilian staff are part of the mission and
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have been try fog curb the violence. they to stay in their current location. >> engagement is restricted and this is to be reviewed on a daily basis. >> reporter: the general said the violence has prevented the monitor from carrying out their mandates to oversee kofi annan's april 12ths so fire. it's been widely ignored. syrian government forces launching a fierce offensive in recent days. the u.n. monitors witnessing heavy shelling in populated districts. citizens were fired upon by attack helicopters hovering over towns and cities. and many hundreds of people have been killed in the two months since the deal was brokered. the u.n. said at least 10,000 people died since pro democracy protests began in march 2011 and activists have a higher
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estimate. in new york,. the elections in egypt may not matter to some egyptians. voting continues today and tomorrow. the candidates are conservative muslim and a former mubarak ex- prime minister. whoever wins, the military won't remain in power because egypt's highest court dissolved parliament and the military declaring marshal law. a huge election in greece tomorrow. the outcome could play a big part in what happens to the american economy. this is a second greek election in six weeks. this time, the citizens could elect leaders who would want to opt out of an international bailout plan that was agreed on earlier this year. if that happens, the greek economy could drop and that drop could affect u.s. markets early next week. back here in the u.s., the upcoming elections are also marking headlines. this week, president obama announced his new immigration
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initiative. today, more than 250 members of maryland's latino communities met with obama officials in montgomery county. john henrehan has reaction from local residents. >> reporter: presume a who in the past has been criticized for deporting too many illegal immigrants o friday announced a big change. immigration authorities will generally not go after young people who have no documentation if they came to the u.s. before the age of 16 and had have stayed out of trouble, earnedhigh school diploma or joined the military n. liberal montgomery county, most people we spoke with support the president's new strategy. >> they innocent kids, you know, they're caught in the cross fire and letting them stay is the right thing to do. >> kenny mccoy worries about the affordability. >> this system is stressed to the max. >> reporter: hundreds of latino
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residents gathered for a long scheduled summit with white house staffers who came to offer help to the community now. >> today they need access to affordable college opportunities. they need access to small business contracting and small business opportunities. we're here to deal with the business of today. >> reporter: the young people in the room said president obama's directive will help many people. >> and my cousin would not have an opportunity that i have in college. >> reporter: twenty-year-old ericson, a student at montgomery college, said president obama is plague smart politics. >> when he noticed we were turning our back on him, he came out and said i am going to do this. >> and will it work? will he get latino votes in november? >> i think he will. >> there is a huge issue on the maryland ballot in november. the state legislature passed a
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law to allow many undocumented young people to go to state universities at in-state tuition rates. opponents have gathered enough signatures to allow voters to decide the issue on november 6th. john henrehan, fox 5 news. what an amazing week for weather. and light check in with gwenn. >> reporter: it's father's day tomorrow and won't mother nature to cooperate and we were on the money and with 82 at reagan national and 81 at bwi thurgood marshal and it's mild outside, 72 degrees at national and that humidity is 53%, the southeasterly winds at 13 miles
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an hour and staying light into the leave night hours. seventy, hagerstown; 63, winchester and temperatures are mile. we had a nice day and with we're going to see partly cloudy skies, becoming clear before the night is over and with 62 that is our overnight roll. everyone's going to like the forecast, especially if they plan anything outside for dad. back to you. >> i like what i hear. thank you, we'll see you in a bit. no one likes it when someone gets their food order wrong, correct? you won't believe what one guy did about it when he didn't like his sandwich. preparations for a concert go wrong fast and send the stage crashing down on people below. what happened next. appened nex
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. one person is dead tonight and three people are hurt after a stage collapse before a rock concert in toronto. crews were setting up for an appearance by radiohead when the stage came crashing down. the venue quickly posted a message on the website saying the concert had been cancelled. terrifying moments in the skies over idaho. a stunt plane swirled into the air at the legacy air show. then it lost power and crashed on to a golf course. the pilot suffered minor injuries and no one was hurt on the ground. >> and you calling 911, you don't like the way they made your sandwich? >> exactly.
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>> don't buy it. >> a frost ritted -- frustrated man called police saying the worker gave him a hard time about his specialized sandwich order and charged him full price. the 911 operator talked sense into him and he said he's going to look at the sandwich before paying next time. might be a good idea. and to the campaign trail now. and today, romney held a handful of rallies or held a handful of rallies in pennsylvania to talk about the state's economy and mole hennen beg has more. >> reporter: governor mitt romney is bringing the political conversation back to the economy after making a big announcement on immigration yesterday. he's on a bus tour of six key states. he went to a factory in
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pennsylvania and is going to ohio, michigan, and california. he said he may want to take the focus off of the job but he doesn't. >> the president wants to talk about the economy a little and last time around, his campaign slogan was hope and change. he would like to change it to hoping to change the subject. >> reporter: president obama spoke in the rose garden yesterday announcing he was changing immigration policy to allow young illegal immigrants to apply for a work permit if they meet certain cryter. >> and to avoid the threat of deportation. he's back on his weekly themes and urged congress to pass the jobs plan. >> i support them a plan that would have reduced our deficit by $4 trillion in a balanced way that pays for the investments we need by cutting unnecessary spending and by asking the wealthiest morns to pay more in taxes. >> reporter: republicans say
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tax increases, quote, destroy jobs and they want more cuts in spending and taxes. molly hennyberg, fox news. >> and president obama's turning the focus back to the economy and more specifically on to his jobs bill. he called out congress saying they should pass a bill he believes will put thousands back to work. >> this isn't about who wins or loses in washington but about your jobs and your paychecks and your children's future. there is no excuse for congress to stand by and do nothing while so many families are struggling. and right now, congress should pass a bill to put teachers and fire tighters -- firefighters and police officers back on the job. they should have passed a bill a long time ago to put thousands of construction workers back to work. >> the gop address, wisconsin governor scott walker said americans need to stop being so depend on the government so that the private sector can
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grow. and imagine being told you can't get on a plane because you're too big. it happened to a sumo wrestler. why the airline told him they could not get him to the next wrestling match in italy. in what -- and what he's doing about it. plus, major new information about the so-called morning after pill that could change the way people see the drug. find out what the fda new says the bill might not do on the other side of the break. stay with us. 
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. a health alert about the so- called morning after pill. the fda is changing the claims about how it works. the study shows that scientists can't prove that plan b works from preventing it from being implanted in the uterus. instead, the fda said it may work by delaying ovulation for several days so an egg can't be fertilized. we all know how importg childre
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vaccines. when it comes to the whopping cough, it's just too, just as important for adults to get their shots as well. that is the message behind a new campaign trying to raise awareness to the dangers of the illness. >> unfortunately, the numbers continue to increase 87%, as a matter of fact, to about may of this year. and what is happening is a lot of times the parents, in this case, a lot of the times we see the adults see the booster, the parents, grandparents and givers will be in close contact with an infant and their vaccination is worn off and we have to go back and get the booster. >> the most important step family members can do is to take the t-dep booster offering whooping cough. leukemia's 24th anniversary gala. the last 10 weeks, 18
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candidates in d.c. have been working to raise money. the charity named the 2012 man and woman of the year the goal of the year's fund raising campaign was $1.1 million. >> amazing opportunity to give back. as a survivor myself, i had leukemia in college. it was important for me to give back any way i could. i thought this would be an amazing way to give back to others so we don't have -- and we continue to raise money for research. >> and the leukemia and lymphoma society's mission is to cure those diseases and other blood-related cancers. the society works to improve the quality of life for patients and their families. the world's largest athlete wants answers tonight. he booked a fight from newark to italy and was told he is too large to fly. fox's laura ingall has that
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story. >> reporter: a recent business trip turned into a big disappointment and cancelled ticket for the american amateur sumo wrestler who holds the guinness world record for the heaviest living athlete on the planet. many yarborough stands 6'7" and 700 pounds. he's travelled throughout the years just fine, making special arrangements ahead of times with the airlines and buying extra seats. a recent trip from delta -- on delta from new york to italy was cancelled without a real explanation. >> i could see if i tried to get on one seat and there would be an argument. i have three seats paid for. >> reporter: most airlines, including delta, have a standard customer-of-size policy that doesn't have a weight limit but an armrest rule. it must be comfortably lower to hold the passenger. if not, additional seats must be purchased. delta airlines tells fox they review these on a case-by-case basis adding, quote, we conducted a thorough review of the customer's request to fly with us. based on that review, we can't
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accommodate his request. we spoke with a travel law attorney who tells us it will be up to the department of transportation now to decide if there was any discrimination in his case. >> i hope the d.o.t. forces the airline give up enough of a penalty this time that the airlines will think twice before they tell a manuel yarborough or someone like him you're too big for the planes. >> reporter: they have no decision yet. in new york, laura ingall, fox news. who turned a jewish neighborhood into a shocking scene full of swastikas overnight? on the hunt for those vandals who spray painted the residence. we'll have that more next on fox 5 news at 10. stay with us. ♪
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. a stunning sight in a brooklyn neighborhood this morning where residents woke up to find swastikas all over walls, windows and cars. they believe they have surveillance video of the people who did it. residents there say the vandals need to learn a serious lesson. >> i woke up at 5:45 and i was shocked and sad. >> reporter: debbie found is a swastika on the door of his brooklyn synagogue this morning and he was not alone. at least five of them were found today within a few blocks of each other in this predominantly jewish neighborhood of burrow park. >> this is a symbol of hate. the people who did this knew what they were doing and they have to be apprehended. it's that simple. >> reporter: this assemblyman said it's upsetting for holocaust survivors and their families in this community. >> my own mother was in auschwitz in 1934, and her mother went straight to the gas chambers. that is the symbol that support her there. >> my husband is survival.
10:31 pm
my mother family gone and we went to 70 years ago. and this should should not be here. >> reporter: the deli was one of the targets. employees said their surveillance cameras captured the suspects. two men wearing light-colored hoods around 2:40 a.m. and that video is in the hands of police. by this afternoon, they were painted over but the damage was done already. mark has this message for those who did it. >> they should be given courses or lesson when is they get caught w. what it really means and maybe the next time they will think twice before they do that. >> reporter: the councilman is offering a reward of $1,000 with anyone with information leading to an arrest. police ask anyone with information to call crimestoppers at 1-800-577- tips. in brooklyn, carrie drew, fox 5 news. 21 years after winning the
10:32 pm
noble peace bruise, bernice activist suu kyi has given her acceptance speech. suu kyi was held under house arrest for 15 years for demanding democracy in her home country, also known as myanmar. the 66-year-old said when she learned about her reward in 1991, she realized the impact it would have for her people. >> it had made me real again and drew me back into the wider community and what is more important, the noble prize had drawn the attention of the world for the struggle in human rights in berm a. we were not going to be forgotten. >> suu kyi was released from cappativity in 2010. a car bomb in northwest pakistan has killed dozens of people. in addition to the deaths, more than 50 people were injured. a car exploded near the crowded
10:33 pm
bazar near the afghanistan border. officials suspect pakistani taliban insurgents were behind the attack and so far, no one's claimed responsibility. meantime, the death toll continues to rise in iraq. two car bombs in baghdad this morning killed at least 26 people and thatplast came the last night of the shiite religious festival that has been the target of numerous attacks. more than 100 people have been killd this week and a series of attacks across the country. 46 years after his plane disappeared in vietnam, a u.s. air force pilot was laid to rest at arlington national cemetery yesterday. it took nearly a year for forensic work to find out who he was. the service to mark his burial contained an incredible coincidence that no one could have predicted. >> reporter: 22 years ago as an air force cadet, the lieutenant colonel received a p.o.w./mi
10:34 pm
abraselet. a bracelet she's worn since. >> whatever happened, there would be at least one person who remembered a specific individual. >> reporter: the name was of air force lieutenant colonel chuck wallings. his phantom fighter went down over south vietnam. >> and he was an exceptionally good pilot. >> reporter: carolline posted as his sister and in all of the years since, she said she has never once described chuck as killed in vietnam but only missing. >> hoping, again, that chuck would be found somewhere. you don't give up hope. >> reporter: even though the years and decades passed, his family never gave up hope that he would be found one day. and then n2010, they got a phone call to changeed everything. the air force said a search of the crash site in vietnam had
10:35 pm
teachally found remains. using dna from carolin, they were able to confirm they were that of chuck walling's. >> a miracle. never thought this day would happen. >> reporter: michael and jeff are his sons. >> i think it was a sadness at first and the relief like, wow, he's coming home. he's actually coming home. we're going to be able to see him again. >> reporter: so, nearly 46 years after the plane went down in vietnam, lieutenant colonel chuck wallings was laid to honor and rest at arlington cemetery. the lead pilot who flew over his burial was amy young, who has worn his m.i.a. brace hit for more than two decades and only coincidentally assigned to lead the flyover.
10:36 pm
>> i am so honored we were in the right place to do this for you. >> reporter: her face says it all. they will tell you this is not coincidence at work but chuck walling making himself felt and even after 46 years of being gone. [ playing "taps" ] at arlington national cemetery, tom fitzgerald, fox 5 news. all right. still ahead. he looks like a hard worker but this young man started out on a path that might have left him dead. we'll show you what turned him around. right here in maryland. hey, gwen. a beautiful day today. the temperatures are beginning to rise. take a look. all of this warm air from the south will continue to hit the mid-atlantic. i will let you know how long it's going to stick around and what is in store for father's at father's day.  [ tires squeal, engine revs ]
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>> hey. >> did you -- . >> you know, i thought we were coming off -- . >> that is okay. >> that's all right. >> i don't do this too awesome. again, another sellout crowd today. >> uh-huh. >> another packed house house and not with us controversy. this is bizarre. >> yeah. >> and we'll get to that now, matt. >> sounds good. >> instant replay is used in pro football and nba games and used in the national hockey league. in major league baseball, they only use it to determine a home run but not on out or safe calls on the base pass. after today's game, they may want to rethink the policy and these two kids could argue about this one after in game was long gone. this is the play we're talking about in the bottom of the 8th, tied at 3. laroche with the base hit to right feel. moore is on second and trying to score. this is dwayne wise, the throw, the umpire and tim timons, calls him out. wait a minute, matt and when you look at the left hand, that beats the tag. he was safe and this game should have ended in 9 and
10:41 pm
didn't. went to 14. in the 14, mark tashera is rattling a cage down there and two they lose the second day in a row to the yankees. this time, 5-3 in 14 innings. jackson will try to avoid the sweep tomorrow for the nats. the orioles on the road against the braves. mark reynolds from virginia beach and the bases loaded. two outs and this is the very first hit of the ball game for either team and two runs will score. the orioles take a 2-0 lead. how about brian roberts, the return of the lineup for him. it's been good and he's going to get a base hit here and this is steve pierce scoring. roberts will try to stretch this to a double. the starting pitcher with a no- no and went the distance and os defeat the braves 5-0. and ben olson back in action against philadelphia. after fallling to the union june 5th and the u.s. open cup.
10:42 pm
hmm, 77th minute. there is chris, gets tripped up and that is going to give d.c. a free kick o. it, boskovich and the free kick and johnny-on- the-spot for the sixth goal of the season, 1-0, united and 85th minute and trying to hold it. united holds on to win and edges them 1-0. coming up, the third round of the u.s. open is coming to a close as we speak. it ended. how did tiger woods do? it's a wild ride. we're back in a moment.  [ male announcer ] we imagined a vehicle
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. oh, gwenn, i can't even remember when we have had a nicer week than last week. >> i know. fabulous. >> and just perfect. >> great. >> how long is this going to stick around? >> it's going to stick around briefly. it's going into the weekend and father's day is tomorrow.
10:46 pm
get to it. >> uh-huh. >> a beautiful shot of the national cathedral and it's mild outside as we speak and that is a fabulous day. i hope you all got out and got a chance to enjoy it. so, we're going to begin with a look at the weather headlines then. a pleasant father's day, since you're planning anything outside for dad tomorrow, that is a good choice. a chance of storms early in the forecast and that is changing things up a bit. the things are hosting up into the 90s and that humidity is going to make a return, too. we have hot days ahead of us and some uncomfortable levels with that humidity. today's highs, 82 degrees at reagan national airport; 81, dulles and bwi-thurgood marshal. and they're where they should be for the seasonal average. it's mild outside. look at the numbers, 72 at d.c.; 70, baltimore; 61 at monasses, 70 degrees at hagerstown; 66 in martinsburg and 76 at quantico. if you look at national, the
10:47 pm
temperatures, you can see the heat is on through the mid- section of the country and through to the southwest. las vegas, 100 degrees and the warm air is moving up the atlantic seaboard and into the course of next week, we're going to see a ridge of high pressure push off and that is going to allow the warm air from the south to push into our area and that is where we're going see the temperatures start to rise and showing you not much happening and a few clouds into the course of the early hours tomorrow and clearing out fairly nicely and we're going to be left with mostly sunny skies. a ridge of high pressure in control and mostly clear skies before it's said and done and the mild conditions. tomorrow, warming up for father's day and making it a very nice day for dad with mostly sunny skies. going to brung or anywhere, that is going to be nice and sit outside and get there early enough. becoming clear, 62 degrees. the winds from the south, five to 10 miles an hour and for
10:48 pm
father's day, we're just bringing it in for dad. mostly sunny and warm, 80 to 83 degrees and we don't have any precipitation to talk about. this is a look at the day planner. by midday, 77 degrees. by the 5:00 hour, about 79 degrees and this is a look at your five-day forecast. expecting to see temperatures stick around into the low 80s into the beginning of the week. new, we have a short wave that is going to be bushing through and that is going to set us up for a thunderstorm. be prepared to keep your eyes to the skies for. that tuesdays, we start to see the heat get turned up. we will into the mid-90s by wednesday and thursday. unbelievable. >> i saw that 95. >> 95. >> i am sure the humidity's back, right? >> exactly. that means the heat indices is going to be high. even though the air temperature is big, it's going to feel like it's in the low 100s. >> oh. and we have to be careful. that is dangerous heat and you have to watch.
10:49 pm
>> summer heat? >> that's right. >> and you have something special to tell bus? >> on another note, when you get abused, abandoned or homeless, it's hard to find a way back and there is a place in olney, maryland, that helps men find a path back. it's called our house. i am honored to be on the board of our house and i want to introduce you to a new man who has gotten a chance there. >> i didn't have the family manage. my dad was working and my step mom, they were always arguing. i kind of pushed myself out to the streets and i stayed there. i felt more at home and then i realized what am i doing? >> reporter: that was the beginning of his turmoil in life. he was 10 and sleeping on park benches, eating from trash cans and doing what he could to survive. and at 13, he was placed in foster care and felt hopeless. >> i gave up. tried to take my life a couple of times. my dad found out and put me in the hospital and foster care.
10:50 pm
>> reporter: at 13, that started a journey for him. from foster care homes and eight group homes, at age 20 to our house where his life changeed and he's learning in more ways than one. >> i learned that i'm not a bad person, and i am more of an upstanding citizens than i was back then. i learned that i have a promising career as a carpenter. and i am good request with my hands. i can identify all kinds of wood and just by what they look like and i learned how to build things and put a roof on the shed that we have. >> reporter: jason said our house gave him a work ethic for his future he didn't think he had. >> i want to go on as a carpenter and further it as a welder. >> what is he accomplish something. >> knowing how to do something that you learned it and the fact that you did it. when you physically do it, it's like a ball of energy and just
10:51 pm
total wealth, it's a wealth of anxiety that is like wow, i really did this. it was -- it's like the coolest feeling that you could have. >> reporter: our house operates on donations. can you help. we're hosting a fund raising gala and the information is on your screen. it's friday, june 29th from 7- 10:30 in the lockheed martin lobby in north bethesda. we have more information on our website at search our house and that is collin powell and charles dutton put their names there, ike leggett and former congresswoman cone morella will be there. we'll have food and music. >> love it. >> things made by the students there and they learn the carpentry trade and get the academic education there. >> although he got older, it's never too late to learn.
10:52 pm
>> absolutely. >> he had trouble early on and sounds like he has everything together. >> and the young men are from ages 16 to 20 and get a second chance. >> thank you very much. >> sounds like a great night. yeah. >> and everybody can use a double dose of inspiring a. when we come back, we'll show you how a man with no arms and no legs managed to do something most of us would not even try. . and an out of control car careens into the house. find out what happened to that car. we're back in a moment. stay with us. [ female announcer ] with xfinity,
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. we all have our challenges. things we feel like we can't do. but we're about to introduce you to someone who won't let that stop him. fox 5s beth parker explains. >> reporter: craig dietz is a competitive swimmer who knows
10:56 pm
how to power through polls. in fact, he just finished a grueling three-hour swim across the chesapeake bay. >> nice swim. you're there. you're there. >> reporter: there is one other thing you might want to know about craig. he has no arms and no legs. he was born that way. >> may parents, my siblings raised me up not to feel that i was any different than anyone else and i could do anything i wanted to do. >> reporter: craig grew up in pennsylvania and has always been active. he's been bowling for years, he went to college and then earned a law degree. eventually, he was wishing for a new challenge. >> i have all been looking to somebody who looks for the next adventure and the next way to challenge myself and push myself. jive he was living in pittsburgh at the time and decided to do a triathalon. friends did the biking and running, he did the swimming. his reaction when he came out of the water? >> can i go again. >> reporter: he's been at it since. >> what i didn't anticipate was loving it the way i ended up
10:57 pm
loving it. when i finished the swim, it was such a rush. >> reporter: craig works out at a pool in harrisburg, pennsylvania, near where he lives. by now, you might be wondering how this works. well, craig makes his way to the edge of the pool, he used a flipper. >> standard order off of a swimming website. >> reporter: he attaches it to the small stump where his right leg would be and takes the plunge. craig said that he swims a little like a dolphin. new, craig tried the bay swim last year but the swimmers were pulled from the water because of lightning. even so, to his words -- >> they kicked my butt last year big time. >> reporter: that is why he's back in the pool four to five times a week getting ready for this year's swim. as usual, he got a few funny looks from other competitors at the start of the race. >> there were several people that kind of looked at me with a question mark and then like,
10:58 pm
you know, are you swimming this? yeah, i'm going try it. wow, that is pretty cool. >> reporter: and it was. that is craig in the blue cap. his friend is next to him in a kayak. the swimmers pass between the two spans of the chesapeake bridge. >> it's a roller coaster, honestly. >> reporter: a 4.4--mile-long roller coaster. the main goal was to complete the race and he did more. >> reporter: when i came up to the finish and saw i was at three hours, i was elated. i mean, i was -- i was in disbelief myself and didn't think i would be able to get through it that fast and then i look in the water and i still see people coming in and that gives you -- sets it off more and that really actually did better than i expected to do. >> reporter: to get to the finish line, he had to climb a steep hill on land. but in life, he's climbed over pretty much every obstacle.
10:59 pm
>> people say i'm never going complain about having a store ankle again. that implies that i have it really bad, and i never thought i had that bad of a life. >> reporter: life's been pretty good. he's married and does motivational speaking. if along the way he opens a few doors for others that is just fine. >> i'm glad that my living my life and doing do, i am glad a side affect of that is that people see me and get inspired to do something on their own. being an inspiration is never been what has driven me. what drives me, is what i want to do, and how i want to live my life. i want to push myself and challenge myself. >> reporter: one of the challenges was figuring -- figuring out how to get around. he never goes anywhere without his sense of humor. this look, mom, no hands license plate was a gift from his own mother. he has a special


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