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tv   Fox Morning News  FOX  June 29, 2012 7:00am-9:00am EDT

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implications during this election year. fox5 morning news at 7:00 starts right now. there you go, there's your view of the sky, and during the last two days we've seen it get a bit more hazy each day, as we get that increase in humidity. this is friday, june 29th, 2012. my brother's birthday, so i want to say happy birthday to scott. >> happy birthday! >> good morning, i'm tony perkins. >> i'm alison seymour. major headline besides the news is the weather today. tucker barnes joins us. >> good morning. we've been promising hot temperatures all week, and arrived yesterday. today, upper 90s. mix in the humidity, which is on the increase, and will feel like 103 to 107. dangerous he's for your friday. 79 now in washington. 78 in baltimore.
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76 this morning in ocean city. winchester 72 degrees. nice, warm, mild start to your day. a few thunderstorms develop to our north and east overnight, and still hanging out over delaware and southern new jersey. here in washington, generally partial sunshine to start your day. hazy, hot and humid day. highs in the 80s and eventually, take a breath, upper 90 to about 100 later today. mix in the humidity, will be a warm one. there's your weekend, 99 tomorrow. and the heat sticks around next week. more details in a coming up. let's do traffic and julie wright. see the smile on her face. what's going on? >> not a lot. headed out of town this weekend, i know a lot of folks are planning for the fourth of july weekend and heading out now. that's a good thing. not a lot happening on the roads. congested on the outer loop leaving van dorn street towards
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telegraph road into the sunshine. no incidents to report. inner loop smooth sailing. northbound i-95, traffic nice headed towards the beltway. lanes open traveling southbound along 270 coming in out of germantown headed to the lane divide. that's a check of your fox 5 on- time traffic. we begin this hour with breaking news out of northwest washington. we've been following this for the past hour. a house fire that sent a huge plume of smoke across the d.c. skyline. it broke out in a home on glen brook road around 5:30 this morning. firefighters don't believe anyone was at home and no firefighters were hurt. the home is near the campus of american university and we understand part of it has collapsed. we'll continue to bring this story this morning.
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meantime we continue to follow a developing story out of prince george's county, where a man is still missing inside a collapsed building. >> started last night at a warehouse in landover. now the conditions are forcing firefighters to put the search on hold. fox5's sherri ly is live on the scene with the latest. >> reporter: firefighters believe that man is trapped in the most dangerous section of that collapse inside this building. about 90% of the roof gave way, and the walls are buckling. rescuers, while they were inside, could actually hear the creaking as the cracks were growing wider. about an hour ago they had to pull out because it was no longer safe. the missing man was one of about 25 workers inside the recall warehouse when the roof caved in around 10:00 last night. this is a document storage business with rows of storage shelves and boxes. investigators believe a forklift may have knocked down one of the shelves, creating a
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domino effect that knocked out a support beam and caused this collapse. coworkers were able to tell firefighters where the missing man was working. collapse teams searched that area but have been unable to locate the man and no word from him since the collapse. >> we've checked with his family. he's not been seen or heard of. his car remains in the parking lot. his cell phone goes directly to voice mail. his wife is here on the scene with us, at least was earlier. so he remains unaccounted for. the fire department considers this still a rescue operation. >> reporter: firefighters are waiting the arrival of structural engineers here. at that point they hope to stabilize the building and bring in the heavy equipment so they can safely remove whatever rubble they can, then rescuers can go back in and resume the search.
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a fire official described this man's family as distraught, clearly. his wife and many coworkers tell us have been here throughout the night. two other warehouses that adjoin this collapsed building have also been evacuated. they are distribution center for pepsi cola and whole foods and have been evacuated as a precaution. that's the latest here in landover, back to you. >> thank you very much. new this morning, a suspect accused of burglarizing two elderly victims is in police custody. d.c. police arrested 47-year- old anthony ford yesterday. he is allegedly responsible for two separate robberies that took place earlier this month in the district. in both cases police say he pretended he was a maintenance worker. once the victims let him in, police say he assaulted them and robbed them. occupy protestors are back
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at mcpherson square this morning. they hung banners and put up a sign reading, occupy d.c. here to stay. a group of occupy protestors from san francisco joined them. they are part of a caravan heading to a meeting in philadelphia next week. another big story we're following today, the house is expected to vote on a package to salvage millions of highway construction jobs and prevent interest rates on some college loans from doubling. two conservative groups have sent e-mails to rs encouraging no votes, but approval is expected. lawmakers want to end the debate and push through passage before taking a holiday break. now to reaction from the historic health care decision by the supreme court. the justices found president obama's health care law is constitutional. for reaction and fallout, we turn to jennifer davis live on the hill. good morning. >> reporter: good morning to you, allison.
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the supreme court settled the legal battle surrounding the health care law, but the political one is underway. both parties say the ruling is energizing their bases and republicans say they'll hold a vote to try to repeal obama care. crowds in front of the supreme court thursday have moved on, but passionate reaction to the health care decision certainly remains. the president, though, says with the constitutionality of the affordable care act now settled, it's time to move ahead enacting it. >> the highest court in the land has now spoken. we will continue to implement this law and we'll work together to improve on it where we can. >> reporter: the 5-4 opinion is a big win for the president. the court upheld one of his domestic achievements, ruling the individual mandate requiring nearly every american to have insurance falls under the power to tax. >> the decision announced by the supreme court is a victory for america's families.
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>> reporter: but mitt romney says the law is bad for business, and an intrusion by the federal government, and he vows his fight to repeal it is just beginning. >> if we want jobs and a bright economic for ourselves and kids in the future, we must repeal obama care. that is my mission. >> the president's health care law is hurting our economy. it's driving up health care costs, it's making it harder for small businesses to hire new workers. >> reporter: president obama didn't get advance word about the ruling. he learned the way much of america did yesterday, watching it unfold on television. live on capitol hill, i'm jennifer davis. >> we know what will happen next politically. what else will happen with this piece of legislation? when does this kick in? >> reporter: states have a lot of decisions to make. they have to decide whether or not how they're going to create the health insurance exchanges people can join. they have to decide whether or
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not they want to take part in the medicaid expansion, and the individual mandate will go in effect by january 2014 at the latest. >> jennifer davis, thank you so much. quite a day yesterday, history was also made when the house of representatives voted to hold attorney general eric holder in contempt of congress. about 100 democratic lawmakers walked out of the chamber in protest. they were led by the congressional black caucus. inside, 17 democrats joined republicans in voting 257-67 for a criminal contempt. a couple dozen democrats voted with republicans in a 258-95 vote on a civil contempt charge. holder says it was nothing more than political theater. >> made for good political theater in the minds of some, but it is at base a crass
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effort and grave disservice to the american people. >> citing an administration official for contempt is a tactical maneuver to put pressure on. couple of ticks away from 10 minutes after the hour. it's a friday morning, and another big story topping national headlines, the devastating wildfires in colorado. we'll get an update on the efforts to control the flames straight ahead. >> heads up for metro riders. fare increases take effect this weekend. we have what you need to know straight ahead. ♪ >> remember when she was on the show? >> uh-huh. >> she was. after singing at the royals' wedding, she's here with us. that's what we're listening to as we head to the break. we'll get the latest weather. here's a hint, it's going to be hot.
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and traffic from julie next. she was great. >> i was off that day. ♪ that fridge in your kitchen may have crossed
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this bridge. your new car probably rode these rails. that shipment you just received was tracked by satellite. we build and maintain. we invest and innovate. so we can deliver what america needs.
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this year alone, freight rail companies plan to spend twenty-three billion of their own money, not taxpayer dollars, to build bridges, maintain track, and develop new technologies to keep freight rail and our economy moving. there's a lot riding on these rails.
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you may notice a smoky smell when you step outside this morning. it's from a pair of wildfires burning in the shenandoah valley now. several trails are closed because of one of those fires. meantime, officials say the massive colorado springs wildfire has now claimed a life. a body was found in one of the estimated 346 homes that have burned. >> president obama has issued a disaster declaration for federal funding helping those in colorado springs and others in another fire in the northern part of the state. he's expected to visit the state today. >> reporter: the waldo canyon
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fire in colorado becoming the most destructive wildfire in state history. it's been burning since saturday, forcing more than 30,000 people to leave their homes. >> we now know we have preliminarily 346 residences that have been destroyed. >> reporter: some progress thursday, as they tried to slow the spreading of the fire. >> we've looked at it from the air and we're feeling confident that we made good progress today. minimal fire growth. and troops in good position, safe, and no injuries to the firefighters today. >> reporter: meanwhile, the state's other massive wildfire near fort collins is now expected to be contained this weekend. the high park fire has destroyed more than 250 homes. >> fortunately, the weather has been cooperating with us. we've had better relative
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humidities in the last few days. the relative humidity recovery really helps us out. currently the fire is sitting -- we haven't had increase in growth. >> reporter: in utah, firefighters also working to gain control of several wildfires in that state. the largest one has burned over 50 homes. meantime here at home we are dealing with what's going to be a heat wave. metro allowing customers to carry water on buses and trains through monday. the exception applies only to water. no other drinks allowed. basically that's the only thing you can take is water. riders are encouraged to use containers that can close tightly, so they don't spill. want to take your pepsi, orange drink, no. >> water. and that's what you need, water. >> that's what you need. >> right. tucker barnes is here to tell you all about the heat.
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>> it's here to stay, later this afternoon, tomorrow, sunday. next tuesday still in the 90s. unfortunately, this will be one of those extended heat waves we're famous for here in washington. >> pace yourself. >> exactly. pace yourself. let's get to the numbers. reagan national 79 degrees now. just not cooling off overnight. starting our days in the upper 70s. buffalo at 75. st. louis now 78 degrees. yesterday st. louis was 108 degrees. >> i've lived in st. louis. >> really? >> oh, yeah. >> 100 in chicago. currently 77 there. check out how much of the country is currently under either a heat advisory or excessive heat warning. that's the darker red you see. much of the country, and as we get closer to washington, heat advisory starting at 11:00 this morning through 9:00 tonight.
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combine the heat, air temperature near 100 with humidity, will feel like 103 to 107. bring the animals inside. don't leave them in the car, because it will be dangerous heat later this afternoon. fairly quiet weather pattern. were showers and storms to our north and east earlier this morning. you can see those clipping off the coast of new jersey. might see a popup storm later today. not really going to cool things down a lot. might provide you temporary relief. 99 today. 99 tomorrow. temperatures fall back into the mid-90s the middle of next week. this will be a heat wave that lasts the better part of a week. >> tucker, thank you. let's go to julie to get the latest on the rush hour. >> we're around the beltway, and unfortunately slow traffic. our waze group checking in, says heavy volume on the outer loop of the beltway working past van dorn street headed to
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eisenhower. into that sun. 395, fox 5 wazer checking in, thank you so much, from the pentagon headed across the inbound 14th street bridge, heavy volume here as well. accident activity to report on the inner loop of the beltway, working up the west side headed to the georgetown pike. accident activity tying up the far left lane. outer loop of the beltway, your lanes are open. that's a check of your fox 5 on- time traffic. as we just told you, you can carry water with you on metro this weekend because of the excessive heat we're expecting. you may also need extra cash. fare hikes take effect sunday. train riders can expect about a 5% increase, depending how far you go. bus fares up about ten cents and parking fees up about 25 cents. according to the weather post, the department of --
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"washington post," the department of transportation wants the street cars to replace the buses. will cost $65 million a year to operate. tony? world stock markets are rising sharply, and the euro is surging this morning, after european leaders say they agreed on a breakthrough. they met all night long. alec baldwin was not there for that. they finally agreed to use europe's bailout fund to funnel money directly to struggling basks. asian and european stock markets are way up now and u.s. stock futures are also up. it's official, the city of stockton, california has filed for chapter 9 bankruptcy protection with almost 300,000 people. it is the biggest city in the united states to declare bankruptcy and has the second highest real estate foreclosures in the country.
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this month city leaders reached a deal with creditors to restructure hundreds of millions of dollars of debt. don't be a wise acre with alec baldwin. he'll punch you in the chest. >> just wanted to make it clear he wasn't at the summit. embarrassing moments for actor almost shatner -- william shatner. >> first, words with friends -- >> now a top secret. >> how technology is helping him with his wedding plans. >> it's perfect for a light summer meal. holly is learning how to select the freshest fish from the market. she'll share tricks of the trade, that's coming up, 7:21.   
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a police officer is accused of leaking this note o of rihanna. the officers allegedly gave tmz pictures of the singer bruised and beaten after a fight with her then boyfriend singer chris brown. yesterday the d.a. announced there was not enough evidence to prove the officers were paid for this photo. william shatner was waiting in line for security at an airport, when he was picked out for a random search. he was wearing loose clothing and had no belt on, so when officials patted him down, his pants fell down. shatner was left standing in front of dozens of passengers in only his underwear. the 81-year-old star says it was the most embarrassing thing that's ever happened to him. >> that is simply awful. >> it is embarrassing. >> awful. alec baldwin will tie the
7:26 am
knot with his fiance in new york city tomorrow. but the actor is trying to keep the details of the party under wraps. guests will reportedly be given directions to the reception tomorrow by text message. we know the 54-year-old will marry his 28-year-old bride in downtown manhattan and his "30 rock" costars will be among the guests. >> we wish them well. okay. >> it is now $726. >> yes, we do. >> the washington wizards had the third overall pick in the draft. who did they pick? >> we continue to cover the fall out from the supreme court's decision on president obama's health care law. how it will affect the presidential election. >> here's a live look outside, 395 at the 14th street bridge heading into town. traffic a little slow. we have the latest weather and
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traffic when we return. 7:26. ♪ oh, baby, baby ♪ that fridge in your kitchen may have crossed
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this bridge. your new car probably rode these rails. that shipment you just received was tracked by satellite. we build and maintain. we invest and innovate. so we can deliver what america needs. this year alone, freight rail companies plan to spend twenty-three billion of their own money, not taxpayer dollars, to build bridges, maintain track, and develop new technologies to keep freight rail and our economy moving. there's a lot riding on these rails.
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welcome back. it's 7:29. we want to bring you an update and pictures from skyfox. this is sherri ly's story
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today. it's our breaking news story. this is the recall warehouse in landover, maryland. we've been reporting the roof collapsed there. there you can clear see the damage we're talking about and really get an idea about how devastating that is, as the search last reported has been suspended. but there is a missing worker still and that worker is believed to be inside there. but the search has been suspended because it's too dangerous to go in at this time. also news coming out of this is that a pepsi and whole foods center attached to this building has been evacuated as a precaution. this is too unstable to have anyone inside and look for that missing worker. sherri ly again is live on the story all morning long. we'll join her for her latest report coming up shortly on fox 5 morning news. tony? allison, thank you very much. in sports news this morning, with the third overall pick in the nba draft, the washington
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wizards selected bradley beal. the florida guard who turned 19 yesterday, happy birthday, is 6'4" and considered to be one of the best shooters in the draft. he averaged more than 14 points per game last season. for the first time in nba draft history, freshmen were chosen with the first three picks. round one of the at&t national congressional is in the books. bo van pelt shot the only bogey free round of the day. it was an up and down day for tiger woods. on 14, just gets the ball rolling. that's not tiger. that's the other guy. let's see, tiger dropped even par. there were issues on 15 when he would bogey the hole and finished with a 1 over 72. we're talking about tiger now.
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he is now five shots off the lead. >> tiger too elusive to be photographed. >> clearly we are having technical issues this morning. our apologies. the video not matching the stories. >> i really want to see tiger play. love to see it. >> me, too. >> one day. >> one day. >> going to be very hot out there. lots and lots of water. temperatures will be close to 100 today, saturday, sunday, into early next week. unlike last week when the heat was around for a couple of days, this one will last. >> that was a warmup. >> that was a preview. yesterday not, i mean, it did get hot but didn't feel terrible because our dew point temperatures weren't terribly high. i think it will be a different story later this afternoon, as the humidity has been creeping
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up. yesterday's daytime highs. we'll get close to 100 today for your afternoon high temperature. actual air temperature. 79 in washington. 81 in annapolis. 75 at dulles. last couple of mornings been waking up with temperatures in the 50s and 60s. not the case this morning. all about high pressure and the steamy heat will be building in. earlier this morning, had a previous thunderstorm complex push into delaware. you can see it slipping off the coast of new jersey. around here, sprinkle or two with a mix of haze and clouds to start your day. the trend will be more sunshine and hazy, hot and humid, with a bit of a breeze later this afternoon. not even a cold front, so we won't call it that, and out to the west we got a lot of heat.
7:34 am
i mentioned st. louis yesterday 108 degrees. sunny and hot today. 99 today's daytime high. winds north and west 5 to 10. heat advisory begins at 11:00 tonight until 9:00 tonight. could be early storm tonight, and warm and muggy overnight. 77 the overnight low. do it again tomorrow, and sunday, upper 90s close to 100. overnight lows mid- to upper 70s. don't see relief in the next seven days. will continue into the fourth of july. that's a look at weather. still it's friday. that gives us a reason to smile. julie wright has the latest on your traffic. >> it's summer, it's supposed to be hot. >> i know, but it's awfully hot, julie. >> you know what -- >> it doesn't bother you. >> outer loop of the beltway headed into the sunshine over to telegraph road, and all the lanes are open. inner loop of the beltway, tieups to report. inner loop up towards 193, two left lanes are blocked.
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traffic slow moving from tyson headed to the scene. that's a check of your fox 5 on- time traffic. thank you very much. president obama says the supreme court's decision to uphold the individual insurance mandate is a victory for all. if elected, mitt romney is vowing to repeal it. romney promises to fight the health care law, and president obama is highlighting a few of the 450 provisions that are already in place. >> they can no longer discriminate against children with pre-existing conditions. they can no longer drop your coverage if you get sick. they can no longer jack up your premiums without reason. >> what the court did not do on its last day in session, i will do on my first day if elected president of the united states, and that is i will act to repeal obama care. >> the mandate takes effect
7:36 am
starting in 2014. the entire law in 2016. this being an election year, there may be a lot of political hay to be made out of the ruling. joining us is emily ethridge, health care reporter. john roberts siding with the more liberals on the court. republicans seem to win the argument, but lose the battle. you know, the obama administration was saying it's not a tax. the court said it is a tax, and that's what allowed them to uphold the mandate. were you surprised? >> i was very surprised yesterday. this was not a ruling that a lot of people were expecting. i think given the way the oral arguments went, the conventional wisdom after that, even though the supreme court is hard to predict, people were thinking at least the individual mandate is going down, if not possibly the entire law. there was a lot of surprise yesterday and a lot of
7:37 am
lawmakers on capitol hill were saying, we didn't know this was going to happen. people were very much taken aback by the ruling. >> the supreme court has the ultimate word on this kind of thing, but we are in an election season, much of which will probably revolve around this. who gains the most -- i assume it's president obama who gains the most from this. >> both parties now are completely fired up because of this decision. you have president obama now that he's made this huge victory, really domestic achievement has been upheld as constitutional. he worked on it and put a lot of political power behind. his supporters are excited. they're ready, they're saying, okay, this is settled, let's implement it, keep it moving. at the same time, as you mentioned, mitt romney is saying, okay, the court has decided, now your only chance for getting rid of this law is to elect me and put republicans in congress. so they are fired up. now they're angry. >> which in a way, to me, this
7:38 am
kind of crystallizes the election to some extent, because you are going to have some very clear choice between the democratic side and the republican side here. both sides are energized. both sides, do they believe they can gain from this? >> both sides believe they'll win voters. when romney was governor of massachusetts he enacted a similar law, requirement for people to buy insurance, so he has a bit of a trickier line to walk now. it's one thing to say, i'm going to take the law down, but people will say, what are you going to do after that? because no one wants to go back to the way the health care system we had before. pretty much when you do polling, everyone agrees, that wasn't right. the question is, how to fix it. >> when you do the polling, a lot of americans who don't seem to fully understand the law,
7:39 am
you know, they've heard the headlines each side has put out there and maybe don't understand all the complexities, but a lot of the american people say we don't want this. >> that's right. there's been a lot of debate over this law, whether it's good or not. less debate over what's in this law, what does it do. because it has this slow rollout, not really fully in effect until 2016, a lot of people don't know what's to come yet. maybe some people, things haven't changed yet, and it's hard to say what is this really going to do? i'm still confused because i haven't seen the changes yet. >> when romney says and the republicans say, we're going to fight even now with what has happened, we're going to fight to repeal this law, to make it as inaffectal as possible, don't they run a risk, because looks like we may fight about this all over again?
7:40 am
>> they do run a risk, and also being seen as going backwards. we've heard house republicans will vote july 11th to repeal the health care law. they already voted to repeal it several times. now they're going to vote to repeal it again, in case we forget they are really opposed to this law. eventually you have to offer something new, something different. again, people, we're concerned about jobs, the economy. health care is part of that, but it's not really the forefront. maybe it is this week, but for most voters in america, this is not the top issue coming into the elections and they might want congress to do more things to help our economy rather than keeping relitigating health care. >> it's a complicated issue. we can't do it complete justice in four minutes. i thank you for coming in emily ethridge with cq roll call. appreciate it. >> thank you. 7:40. it's a friday morning. a
7:41 am
mission to hunt astroids. how realistic is it? we have details on the other side of the break. we'll be right back. 
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new this morning, a live look from the kennedy space center, where nasa is preparing to launch a rocket. the delta iv rocket carrying a classified spy satellite. the launch yesterday was delayed by the threat of tropical storm debby. a chinese space capsule with three astronauts on board returned today. during the trip they docked with a module and parachuted to a successful landing on earth. china declared the mission a great stride ahead for the country's space program. more about a california company's plan to hundred astroids. they want to launch their own telescope to track astroids. it would search for astroids big enough to wipe out a city
7:45 am
or a continent. it would cost hundreds of millions of dollars. but if it saves a big city, even a small city, or two lives, go for it. right? >> yeah, sure. >> we say, it's barreling towards earth, but it will be okay. i say, can't we blow it up? >> they're working on all of that. >> we've got bruce willis when the time comes. we're going to be fine. >> think he can still do it? >> he's getting old. >> getting up there. let's start with the beach forecast. if you're one of the lucky ones going to the beach, a little relief this weekend, as your temperatures will only be in the upper 80s and low 90s. i mean, that will feel a lot better than what it will feel like in the 95 corridor, closer to 100. saturday, 91 in ocean city. 89 on sunday. water temperature now in the low 70s. should be a great weekend down
7:46 am
there. cape may, high temperatures by sunday afternoon about 90 degrees. around here it will be hot. hot later today. our high temperatures expected to be in the upper 90s. currently it's 79 degrees in washington. 78 in baltimore. 75 in winchester. no relief around the area for the day today. five-day forecast, let me mention heat advisory goes in effect at 11:00 this morning. will feel like 103 to 107, though our temperature is only 99 degrees. that's what you call a washington, d.c. heat wave. >> sure is. thank you, sir. let's head over to julie wright, see what's going on on the roads. are the roads doing that waving image they do when it's super hot? do you know what i'm talking about? >> i know. not yet. i'm anticipating that later this morning. but not yet. light traffic volumes. tucker was mentioning, if you are planning to head to the beach, now is the time to go. nice and quiet each direction
7:47 am
between annapolis and the bay bridge. again, plan the trip accordingly. put the kids in the car ask get moving. closer to home approaching the georgetown pike, two left lanes tied up. expect delays leaving tysons towards that accident scene. other side of town, delays on the outer loop leaving van dorn street headed to telegraph road. no incidents reported in the way, just volume. outer loop of the beltway, not too busy. lanes open southbound 270 leaving germantown towards the split. that's a check of your fox 5 on time traffic. thank you very much. spicing up that summer menu with fresh fish. >> how do you know what to look for at the market, though? holly has us covered this morning. what do you have coming up? >> reporter: i think you see it in the eyes, right there. i'm looking for the freshest seafood and i think i've found it. we are live this morning at canon seafood market in georgetown.
7:48 am
they've been in the seafood business for like 70 plus years. so i think they know. coming up, though, we're going to talk with bobby moore, the manager, and the executive chef from d.c. coast, matt is here checking out the stuff. they're going to give us their tricks of the trade in terms of selecting and preparing the best seafood around. it's all live on fox 5 morning news. >> holly, i love you very much, but i didn't mean to say honey. >> honey works. >> big good morning to our fan of the day. self-professed fan for life. melissa says she watches fox 5 every morning and loves how much we can laugh at work while still getting the job done. isn't that a nice comment? >> thank you, honey. >> now, i don't know if that's appropriate. thank you so much melissa. for a chance to be monday's fan of the day, log onto our facebook page and leave a comment under melissa's photo. we'll be right back. ño
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welcome back. if you're grilling this season, you know nothing would ruin your barbecue like spoiled meat or stinky fish. >> that is so true. how do you pick the freshest cuts? holly morris is going from market to market to show us the tricks of the trade. >> reporter: for the record, i prefer honey bunny. [ laughter ] or any term of endearment you want to throw out. we are having a lot of fun, because we are on a hunt, and we're looking for the best of the best and we're starting with seafood and we're in georgetown at cannon's. they've been in the business 70 plus years. so clearly they know what they're doing. and one of the best chefs in our area recommended it to us.
7:53 am
matt is the executive chef at d.c. coast. bobby moore is the manager. good morning to both of you. >> good morning. >> reporter: we're talking seafood. tell us where you get your seafood from, how do you run your operation? >> every morning i get on the phone and i order what i need for the day. i call them up. there are a couple local guys. i call it up for boston. they ship it down to me buy freight truck. i get it flown in from alaska. >> reporter: so it's fresh. for you, when you walk in, how do you know it's a good market when you walk in? >> the first thing i look for, the fillets, the blood line is nice and bright, not dark brawn. the flesh is nice and firm and bright and clear. doesn't have slimy or nasty gray color. this here is fresh, and
7:54 am
obviously everything in the box is amazing. >> reporter: i've heard it really shouldn't smell like seafood. >> exactly. smells fishy, it's bad. >> reporter: probably is fishy. okay. moving on from there, what are the things we should be getting now? >> definitely in season are rock fish. this is from rhode island now. halibut from the east coast, and the west coast. sock eyed salmon, prized for its medium fat color. >> reporter: pretty color. >> this is what you want to get from the copper river in alaska. good buy. also in season now, we call it the jewel of the chesapeake. it's a nice soft shell crab. everybody loves them sauteed, fried in a sandwich. that's the way i love it, on a sandwich. >> reporter: let's talk about preparing them. we pick our seafood, and we have something great and fresh. what's a great way for us to prepare it or make sure we're
7:55 am
handling it right? >> one of the best ways i would prepare seafood in the summertime is grilling it. my girlfriend and i in the summertime, on sundays, we buy salmon. grill it with a grilled salad, basil pesto and lemon olive oil. brush the fish when it comes off the grill. nice summer flavor. >> reporter: you're going to show us how to cut some here? >> definitely. >> reporter: when people come in and say, hey, i'm trying to get fish for, i don't know, four people, how do you know how much to get? >> about 8 ounces per person. >> fillet is fresh, nice and firm. very clear, nice blood line. >> reporter: you said 8 ounces per person? >> 8 ounces per person. >> reporter: you can put this in a stew or saute it up and eat it on a sandwich. >> reporter: don't throw it out? >> exactly.
7:56 am
nothing is a waste. goes into our gumbo every day at the restaurant. take off the scales off. take your knife, take a little bit of the scales off. >> reporter: he makes it look so easy. if i'm going to grill this, what's the rule of thumb, how many times do i flip it? >> definite rock fish, i would sear it in a pan. keep the skin on, and sear it on one side. kind of want to push it down a little bit and seven minutes in the oven on medium. i wouldn't grill a rock fish usually. i love the skin, it's delicious. >> reporter: thank you for letting us be here. we appreciate it. and thank you, those of you who wrote in on our facebook page to tell us about other great places to get seafood. in fact, i'll mention, d.c. wharf. one of them said they were heading down there tomorrow.
7:57 am
and one said costco is great for fish., we have a link. coming up, we're moving on from fish to meat. see where we show up in our 8:00 hour. i got a yeah from the fish guys about the meat. back to you in the studio. >> sounds good to me, too. >> thanks, holly. what is a pootan party? >> excuse me. >> that's what is written here. looking for something different to do -- tucker calm down -- >> are women invited? >> yeah. it's fine. >> straight ahead, we are talking to the folks from destination d.c. to check out some of the events that aren't your typical ways to celebrate independence day. back with that and more. >> french word.
7:58 am
7:59 am
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well, all right. thanks. okay, here we go. whoa! no one said "cheese." progressive mobile -- insurance has never been easier. get a free quote today. straight ahead on fox 5 morning news, two developing stories, the desperate search for a person missing in the rubble of a building collapse in prince george's county. >> and parts of a house crumble after an early morning fire. >> plus, more fallout and reaction from the supreme court's historic health care decision. fox news sunday host chris wallace joins us live with a
8:01 am
closer look. good morning, i'm tony perkins. >> i'm alison seymour. the other big story of the morning, the extreme in a heat es. advisory. and because of that, metro officials will allow passengers to carry water on buses and trains today, but only water. you know, no high c, no grape kool aid. >> i think that heat advisory actually begins later in the morning? >> at 11:00. got a couple of hours. either way, hot, hazy, humid start. highs in the upper 90s to about 100. heat index, 103 to 107. dangerous heat in the forecast today. this will be an extended heat wave. through the weekend and early next week. i was reading numbers from other cities across the country. it's extraordinary how hot, not just here in washington. >> what is funny, how kids seem unaffected by it. when you're an older adult,
8:02 am
too, it can be dangerous. >> working outdoors, definitely take it easy. there's your heat advisory. starts at 11:00 this morning. approaching 107 this afternoon, as these temperatures will be even warmer than yesterday. and more humidity. currently 79 in washington. humidity 60%. winds out of the south and west at 5 miles per hour. hazy, hot and humid day in the forecast. there's a live look at your satellite radar. thunderstorms, strong, pushing just to our north and east across northeast maryland, into delaware and southern new jersey. those are off the coast. it's not a cold front, just a lift in the atmosphere. a few scattered storms in our forecast each afternoon, but most of your days will be kind of hazy and hot, with highs each afternoon in the upper 90s starting to today. >> 98 degrees. thank you. >> here is julie wright. hey, julie. >> hasn't been too bad.
8:03 am
we have accident activity reported on the outer loop of the beltway at braddock road. expect delays traveling northbound leaving tysons heading around to what was the scene of the accident. slow moving traffic, van dorn street headed to telegraph. inner loop slows into the work zone at telegraph traveling across the wilson bridge. that's a check of your fox 5 on time traffic. d.c. fire crews remain on the scene of breaking news this morning. a house fire in northwest. this broke out a few hours ago in a home on glenbrook road near the campus of american university. new video into our newsroom shows the gutted shell of a large house. it's unclear whether the home was lived in or not. no firefighters were hurt battling the flames. the fire broke out around 5:30 this morning and a big plume of smoke could be seen for miles. developing now out of
8:04 am
prince george's county, rescue crews suspended their search for a man missing after a warehouse roof collapsed. >> this happened last night at a building on cabin branch drive in landover. firefighters say it's too dangerous now. sherri ly is live at the scene. >> reporter: good morning. we've seen a lot more activity here in the last half hour or so. a structural engineer just arrived a few minutes ago. coworkers were able to tell firefighters where the man was last seen in the building, and rescuers did search through the night, but were unable to locate him. about 90% of the roof caved in on the warehouse. about 25 workers were inside when it collapsed around 10:00 last night. you can see some of the extensive damage from skyfox above. the building has rows of shelves stacked with documents
8:05 am
and firefighters believe a forklift struck one of those shelves, causing a domino effect. you can see the rubble that's piled up floor to ceiling through a bay door. the walls have buckled. the collapse team and k-9s searched for the man believed to be in one of the most dangerous sections of this collapse. a instructional engineer a-- structural engineer arrived. but now it's too dangerous. >> they're determining, and you can stand there and hear the creaking and cracking that's going on. there's gaps that are getting wider and wider. that's the reason they feel that the stability of this structure is deteriorating, and it's really unsafe to enter. >> reporter: once that structural engineer determined how best to stabilize this building, they will still have to bring in a lot of heavy
8:06 am
equipment, so it will be some time before they can resume the search. two warehouses attached to this collapsed warehouse also have been evacuated as a precaution. firefighters say this does remain a rescue operation. the man's family we're told has not heard from him. his family has been notified. his phone they say, his cell phone goes to voice mail and his car is still in the parking lot. back to you. three big stories from capitol hill this morning. the deadline to reach a deal on student loans and transportation, a contempt charge for the attorney general and fallout from the superior court's historic ruling on health care reform. we begin with congress, where the clock is ticking. house lawmakers have one more day to wrap up work on a package of bills that would stop interest rates on some
8:07 am
student loans from doubling and salvage millions of highway construction jobs. a vote is expected by the end of the day. in the meantime, attorney general eric holder is dismissing yesterday's vote to hold him in contempt of congress as a politically motivated act during an election year. the vote stems from the botched gun smuggling operation and the justice department's decision to refuse to hanover documents to investigators. both could lead to a lawsuit against the department of justice, and does not mean lawmakers will get the papers they want. last but certainly not least, the battle over health care reform. yesterday the supreme court upheld president obama's domestic accomplishment. but the fight is far from over. the justices' decision stated the individual mandate that requires most americans to have health coverage can remain. chief justice john roberts
8:08 am
wrote the majority ruling. >> they can no longer discriminate against children with pre-existing conditions. they can no longer drop your coverage if you get sick. >> what the court did not do on its last day in session, i will do on my first day if elected president of the united states. >> house republicans have scheduled a vote to repeal the affordable care act, but it won't make it to the floor in the democratic controlled senate. tony? allison, mitt romney might not like yesterday's supreme court decision, but he is making the most of it. the former governor's campaign says on the heels of the ruling it's raised more than $3 million from 26,000 donors. president obama is turning his attention to the wildfires out west. today he'll spend three hours in colorado springs. overnight he declared the state a imagine disaster area -- major disaster area. authorities in colorado say the fire has claimed its first
8:09 am
fatality. a body has been found in one of the estimated 345 homes that have been burned by a raging wildfire there. so far, the flames have forced more than 30,000 people to evacuate the region. to florida now, where the man who accused of shooting trayvon martin will be back in court. today a judge will decide if george zimmerman deserves a second bond, is a flight risk or threat to the community. his $150,000 bond was revoked earlier this month, after prosecutors accused him of misleading the court about how much money he and his wife had. urban living, it's more popular than ever. the latest data shows life in washington is getting even more crowded. still ahead on fox 5 morning news, we'll break down the latest numbers and what they mean for jobs and housing. >> plus, the washington wizards welcome their new point man. who they took in the first round of the draft.
8:10 am
>> heads up for metro riders. you'll want to keep a little extra cash handy. we'll be back. it's 8:09. @@
8:11 am
8:12 am
8:13 am
making headlines in the days ahead, another fare hike for metro riders. starting sunday they'll be increasing fares by 5%. that means riders will pay between $1.70 and $3.50 during offpeak hours and up to $5.75 during peak hours. the surcharge is being eliminated, but now a one dollar surcharge. in maryland people will pay more on sewer bills. a law limiting septic systems goes in effect and fees on storm water pollution.
8:14 am
in virginia, a new law on requiring ultrasound exams for women seeking abortions and voter i.d. law, and schools have to have epi pens. let's check in with tucker. he's got your hot, hot forecast, and a cute, cute picture. >> yes. let's start with the cute picture first. time for our fox 5 first photo of the day. >> hello, beautiful! >> sidney walker. two and a half years old. favorite thing to do? >> pose for pretty pictures. dress up cutely. >> correct answer, she loves to sing and dance. >> very nice. >> maybe she'll be on "american idol" one day. >> may be. >> if the show is still going, and it probably will be. >> you're probably right. >> her parents say she watches fox 5 every day to see the
8:15 am
other kids. >> it's your time, sweetie. >> to send your child's picture, go to and click on mornings. sidney, want to stay cool today. temperatures will be into the upper 90s later this afternoon. mix in humidity, which is on the rise, will feel like 100 to 107 later this afternoon. already 82 in washington. 79 in leonardtown. check out our friends in martinsburg. 88degrees at 8:15 in the morning. gives you an idea how warm it will be. warm start to your day. let's talk dew point temperatures. i know what you're thinking, why are you showing me dew point temperatures? they're on the rise. as they rise, so does the humidity and you're going to notice that today. last couple of days, yesterday we were hot, but our dew point temperatures were in the low 50s, so didn't feel that humid. today will feel much more
8:16 am
humid. thunderstorms pushing through new jersey and delaware early this morning, and kind of nipped our area there in northeast maryland. i think most of our day will be hazy, hot and humid. might be a late day storm for a couple of us. but otherwise, washington heat wave, 99 today and tomorrow. 95 by tuesday. dangerous heat in the forecast today. that's a look at the forecast. let's do traffic and julie wright has the latest. what time is the pool opening up at your house? i'm headed up. >> 10:00. >> 10:00. >> you get home, change, walk the dog, and you're in. >> lifeguard on duty. i can't wait. >> it's only this deep. >> well, we can still get in trouble, julie. >> i'm going to do traffic. how about that? braddock road, accident activity tied up the two left lanes. no problems through the work zone at university towards georgia. if you are headed out of town to the beach this weekend, now
8:17 am
is the time to go. 50 looks great in each direction. no problems between annapolis and the bay bridge. quiet on the outer loop leaving van dorn towards the wilson bridge. that's a check of your fox 5 ontime traffic. look what somebody gave me. >> it's nutty buddy time. >> all right! >> a nutty buddy. >> see you sunday. >> bye, julie. bye. now that the supreme court has upheld health care overhaul, will it become the law of the land and what role will it play in the 2012 general election? chris wallace joins us with a sneak peek on what he's working on for the weekend. good morning. >> good morning. >> big, big news coming out yesterday, with the supreme court's ruling. you'll be all over it. >> you bet. it was like a civics lesson yesterday. the supreme court deciding whether a bill passed by congress signed by the
8:18 am
president was constitutional or not. then we had the house, declaring a member -- first time in history -- is in contempt of congress. living history here. we are going to be focusing primarily, but not exclusively, on the health care decision, which allows obama care to go forward, though now the mandate is no longer a mandate, it's a tax. interesting that you have the obama white house to thank a conservative justice, chief justice john roberts on the one hand for keeping it alive, but on the other hand for calling it a tax, which may have political ramifications. the republicans are saying obama care is the biggest middle class tax increase in history. the policy of it and the politics of it on fox news sunday, talking to the white house chief of staff and senate republican leader mitch mcconnell. >> i have to ask you this question, that term obama care has been coined maybe not in
8:19 am
the nicest way to sort of talk about what this is and put that sort of slant on it. and now the administration is sort of using that themselves in trying to push it as a more, i don't know, a nicer term to describe what this is. i find that extremely interesting. it might work in their favor? >> i must say, i've never viewed it as positive or negative. like the bush tax cuts. you can agree or disagree. bush tax cuts and obama care. certainly was his plan. you're right, i think you're going to see the president, now that he knows it's around, they're going to say, look, forget about the mandate, let's talk about the things people like in obama care, like the fact kids can stay on their parents' policies till their 26. people can't be cut off for pre- existing conditions. there are a lot of specific benefits. still the overall bill, the overall law is unpopular. there are specific aspects that are very popular, and though i will say this, the president said, well, the fight is over,
8:20 am
let's move forward. the fight is far from over, and i think what you'll see republicans say is the legal way to challenge this is gone, so there's only one way to stop obama care, and that's the political way. elect a republican president and congress and we'll appeal it. >> interesting. you're right, a big lesson yesterday. we'll look to your show to see where it goes from here. thanks, chris. >> thanks, allison. coming up, the newest washington wizard and a surprise olympic snub for one of soccer's biggest stars. >> if you aren't hungry, you may be after this. our holly morris is live with a look at some of the best meats for the summer barbecue season. it's 20 minutes after 8:00. we'll be right back. 
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8:23 am
last night the washington wizards selected bradley beal. the florida guard who turned 19 yesterday is considered one of the best shooters in the draft. he averaged more than 14 points per game last season. round one of the at&t
8:24 am
national congressional is now underway. happening at congressional. >> yeah. i think -- okay, whatever. van pelt is the leader after day one. chipping from off the green on 6 par. and he drains it. he shot the only bogey-free round of the day. tiger woods finished yesterday with a 1 over 72, 5 shots off the lead. unfortunately, don't look for david beckham on the soccer field at the london olympics. some are saying it's a surprise. in a statement beckham said he's disappointed but promised to be the team's biggest supporter. check this out, carmelo anthony is now a wax figure. madame tussauds unveiled it
8:25 am
yesterday. >> that's funny. >> that's when he pretented to be the wax figure. scared them badly. here it is again. car his figure will be put in a room with other sports figures like eli manning. did we see his wax figure? >> no, i guess that's still it. >> funny guy, i guess. >> very good. still ahead, a more crowded capitol city. we'll take a closer look at washington's growing population. >> another probe involving a d.c. council member. why michael brown wants investigators to look at his book. 8:25. 
8:26 am
8:27 am
8:28 am
making headlines, at 8:28, d.c. council member michael brown says he is taking over as
8:29 am
treasurer over his re-election campaign, after firing his former treasurer. d.c. police are conducting an investigation. brown is bringing in an independent auditor to go over his own campaign books. this morning passing of a leader and community man. albert hopkins died yesterday from cancer. he was the president and ceo of the corporation that built many projects in the southeast. yesterday the d.c. council passed a bill to name a portion of mlk junior avenue after hopkins. weeks after we reported they were moving out, protesters are coming back. they put up tents and hung banners yesterday. there's a sign reading, occupy d.c. here to stay. they were joined by a group of occupy protestors from san francisco.
8:30 am
it's 8:29 now. tucker barnes is here to tell us more about the hot and steamy forecast. >> yeah. unfortunately here to stay. temperatures later this afternoon will be in the upper 90s and close to 100. mix in the humidity, will feel like 107 degrees. why not? we can handle it. >> why not. >> see how we feel monday and tuesday. 82 in washington now. overnight lows in the upper 70s. probably will notice as soon as you step out this morning, the humidity has crept up and the humidity will be with us for the next couple of days. 79 dulles. 77 frederick. martinsburg, 88 for you. 86 winchester. we'll be well into the upper 80s, low 90 in a couple of hours. eventually near 100 this afternoon. this is going to be a historic heat wave not only for washington, but the eastern
8:31 am
half of the united states. yesterday the actual daytime high in st. louis was 108 degrees. around here not quite that hot. we are going to get in on it, and the heat index will push 107 later today, with actual temperatures about 100. heat advisory 11:00 a.m. through 9:00 p.m. tonight. heat index likely will approach 110 degrees tomorrow. one or two showers off to the east this morning. but mostly now offshore. little thunderstorm complex got going last night, and pushing through new jersey there and pushing to delaware. not much else to feature here. high pressure and a lot of heat to the west. that will dominate washington weather not only today, but the weekend. 99 today. 99 tomorrow. hopefully we'll slip back into the mid-90s by tuesday. and let me mention each day we have the possibility of a few popup storms. honestly, most of each day will
8:32 am
be dry. that's the forecast. d.c. is one of the fastest growing cities in the country. the data shows the district gained more than 16,000 residents in the 15 months after april 2010. that's more than half as many new residents as the city gained during the entire decade of the 2000s. over all, data shows most big cities are growing faster than suburbs for the first time in decades. joining us to talk more about the findings is peter tatian, did i say it correctly? >> yes. >> thanks for coming in. good to have you here. >> good morning. >> the numbers are rather surprising. that's a significant increase for d.c., about 2.7%. 16,000 people during a 15-month period. d.c. isn't in the top 15 growing cities, though alexandria is. what might be driving there?
8:33 am
are you surprised by these numbers? >> i think it's obvious to folks, going around town you see changes in d.c. the fact something dramatic happening is no advise. i think we do need to remember that these are estimates. so there's a little bit of uncertainty about the exact number. and also this is only one year of data as you pointed out. we don't know if this is a long- term or short-term trend. >> hard to tell that at this point. >> right. >> i want to show the list of the 15 cities. when we're talking about large cities, cities with a population over 100,000 people i believe. there are the top six. new orleans tops the list. several cities in texas at the top of that list. as you go down, actually alexandria, virginia is one of the fastest growing cities at number 11 with a 3.1% increase. little higher than washington, d.c. so what do we think is making this happen? >> i think there's two things.
8:34 am
one of the biggest is jobs. i think in this economy difficult to find jobs, and many of these cities are where there are jobs available now. you have a lot of people, particularly young people, coming to cities like washington, d.c. to look for work. and actually in this region we're at an advantage at the moment. we have one of the strongest economies in the country, so lots of people are coming here for that reason. >> very interesting. it is driven largely by younger people? >> that's what we're seeing in d.c. certainly. a lot of younger people coming here. they're willing to double up, triple up in housing to be here for the opportunity the city has to offer. >> if this continues over the next few years, and again we don't know if it will, is this likely to drive housing prices up because there will be more demand? >> it certainly will drive more demand for housing and i think this is one of the key issues in terms of whether this trend is something that can be sustained and the growth is something the city can build
8:35 am
upon. in a few years the folks coming here now, they'll want to buy homes. and the question is, are there going to be homes that will be affordable to them in the city? this is where we're at a bit of a disadvantage. this is one of the highest priced housing markets in the country. for the longer term, i think local governments need to think about. >> sometimes it's cyclical, the newer arrivals sometimes push out those who can no longer afford to live in the cities. is that something we're seeing here or is it too early to know that? >> no, i think it's definitely a concern. if you look at the demographics, you see while the number of white residents in d.c. has been going up, we also know the number of african- americans has been going down. and there are lots of places in the city where affordable housing is becoming scarce. it's true in the rest of the region as well. again, this is another area where if you want to have a
8:36 am
diverse population in washington, d.c., we need to think about the housing and we need to have affordable housing in our neighborhoods as well as housing for middle income people and upper income people. >> so people are moving into the cities, does that mean, seems to suggest people are moving out of the suburbs. >> no. i think what we're seeing is we're seeing a lot of growth overall. i think we're seeing more of the growth at the moment being attracted to the central cities. >> and i would imagine as younger professionals come in, they start their careers and all that kind of thing, eventually they meet someone, they marry, they have families. is it logical to think maybe 10 years from now those who came in may move back out? >> it's entirely possible. i mean, that's been the trend we've seen in the past in big cities. the growth we're seeing now is some of the fastest we've seen since world war ii. what happened after world war ii? all those people moved to the suburbs because they thought that was the place to raise
8:37 am
their families. now, maybe this isn't going to happen exactly the same way this time. but it's a possibility. so again, that's why i think cities need to be more forward looking and thinking about what's going to happen 10 years from now, 20 years from now. what do they need to do to retain those residents in the future. >> you have to think in the long-term. thanks for coming in. >> great, thank you very much. >> allison, back to you. thanks, tony. july4th will be here before you know it. later we're going to show you the best ways to mark america's big birthday. >> first, though, a foul mouthed bear and male we have a preview of what's new at the box office coming up next. 8:37now on a friday morning.
8:38 am

8:39 am
8:40 am
♪ we're on tv, tony. we made it. >> with our extreme heat this weekend, we are all going to be looking for a way to chill out. >> so what better way than to take in a movie or two or three? it's expected to be a big weekend at the box office. "magic mike," a movie about male strippers. tyler perry's popular madea is
8:41 am
back this weekend. she houses a family hiding from the mob. also, the much anticipated "ted," written and directed by "the family guy" writer. it's the story about a teddy bear that comes to life. but it's not for kids. our movie reviewer kevin mccarthy gave it four out of five stars. >> how much you want to bet you'll go to the movies and there will be kids there. >> not appropriate for your kids. alec baldwin will tie the knot with his fiance in new york city tomorrow. baldwin is trying to keep details under wraps. he doesn't like the paparazzi that much. guests will reportedly be given directions to the reception by text message. he'll marry his 28-year-old
8:42 am
bride in downtown manhattan. his "30 rock" costars among the guests. afterwards she'll go back to college. >> okay, very good. it's 8:41 now on this friday morning. coming up next, celebrating america's birthday in style. we'll show you some of the best ways to ring in july 4th. >> why would you go anywhere else? first, our holly morris is here to make mouths water. good morning,. >> reporter: good morning to you. our search continues this morning for the best. this hour we are talking meat and we have found ourselves at the georgetown butcher. he's making up his signature
8:43 am
pastrami sandwich. stay with us. ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪
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♪ everywhere around the world ♪
8:46 am
when it comes to the fourth of july, no place like home, no place like home. we have the best national birthday blast. if you have visitors coming in, or if you want to enjoy what we have to offer, our guests have great ideas. teresa is the vice president of tourism at destination d.c. i said before, you have the best job. >> i do. the greatest city in america. almost the world. i love what i do, to promote the wonderful things. what a better way to celebrate the fourth of july than at the nation's capital, washington, d.c. >> wonderful. we want to go through everything. if you're local and happen to be in town or know people coming in town, what you need to take advantage of. first of all, the wonderful parade. >> yes. >> can you tell us about it? >> absolutely. everybody loves a parade. >> sure. >> it's great because it
8:47 am
celebrates our military and the celebration and anniversary of our birthday. >> okay. >> of course that will start about 11:45. i tell everyone be prepared. will be hot, but there are so many activities to keep people cool, before and after the parade. >> it's all on your screen. 11:45it starts, constitution and 7th and ends at constitution and 17th. also check it out on you might not be sitting there with a pen. so much to take in. fourth of july at the national archives. >> yes. >> what do we see there? >> they're doing a reenactment and reading of the declaration of independence, again, another celebration of america. it will be a dramatic reading. thomas jefferson and benjamin franklin. it will be fantastic and fun. another cool activity for you to do inside and get in the spirit of the holiday.
8:48 am
>> okay. and i thought we were going to be showing this, but do you know what time? >> it runs all day long. they'll be doing a number of readings throughout the day. >> excellent. the folk life festival. every year, it's always a great place to be. you had a great tip about not dying with the heat. >> there are so many activities. we have obviously all our museums will be open all day long, with extended hours because of the fireworks in the evening time. the folk life festival started this week. it will be the celebration of the 25th anniversary of the aids quilt. folklife has different things as far as food celebrations and historical celebrations as well. >> right. one of my favorite memories of me in this career is when i was an intern with weta with the capital 4th. to see it as a spectator, it's
8:49 am
something else too. can you tell us about it. >> i moved here 10 years ago, around the fourth of july, so it was my first celebration. nothing is more traditional than watching the concert on west lawn of the capital and finish it off with the fireworks and what a great celebration of america. >> we talked about the aids quilt and how important it is and how significant. i can't believe it's been 25 years. >> i know. >> that will be able for visitors to see. moving out of d.c., because we have great suburbs, too. the great american festival at the national harbor. >> as you know, in virginia or massachusetts, there are different fireworks festivities. we know even after our fireworks, you look up in the sky and fireworks going on in every corner. you can see it, since we don't have highrise buildings. national harbor will have a festival with concerts and
8:50 am
foods and celebrations. >> the last one, july 1st at 4:00 p.m. this is a wonderful venue. i think people, if you haven't been, this is a great time to take advantage of it. >> i always try to encourage people, always want to do the traditional museums and activities. go to strathmore. nothing is better than being in washington, d.c. for these activities. >> this is teresa, she is the vice president of tourism with destination d.c. no excuse to not get out. >> yeah. and you can find all this information on our web site to get out, because transportation is important. >> we'll link it at our web site. thank you. if you haven't dusted off your grill yet, you'll be ready to after you see this. we're learning about the best meats for a sizzling season. holly morris shows the tricks of the trade.
8:51 am
we're ready for this. >> reporter: hold on. i'm tasting already. you saw us making up that signature pastrami sandwich. i highly suggest you come and get it as soon as you can. it is good stuff. we are talking about the best of the best when it comes to meat. this is jamie, he is the owner, the georgetown butcher. >> the georgetown butcher. >> reporter: you are looking at him. we have our two experts here in terms of meat. thank you both. >> thank you. >> reporter: just opened in april? >> open a couple of months and had a great reception, coming up on summer grilling season. let's show everybody the wonderful sausages we make here. >> reporter: i got to lick my fingers first. because that is finger licking good. >> smoky, salty. >> reporter: salty. >> tender. >> reporter: tender.
8:52 am
a lot of the sausages made here. >> yes, they are. all the deli meats you see, all the sausages down here are ours. we make them here, from the white hots, red hots, texas beef franks, sweet italian. chef, you know what to do with cajun budan? >> put them on the grill, slow and low. simmer until they're done. >> reporter: keep retating them? >> i would rotate them four times. >> and of course the heart and soul of the operation, the kilbaska. >> reporter: the grill is the best way to cook them? >> as long as you know how to use the grill, don't scorch it, char the outside, you'll get a
8:53 am
lot of extra flavor, charcoal, wood. gas is my last resort. right? >> or smoker outside, then on the grill. >> reporter: let's talk about steaks. >> after sausages, close to my heart, everybody wants meat. the meat they want the most on the grill is beef. as you see here, we have an array of cuts. we use martin's beef, a local family farmer in virginia. >> very good. >> you can see we got the t bone or porterhouse cut there. argentine style rib. >> see how much marbling is there. >> reporter: is that what you're looking for, the marbling? >> the color, red, and when you cook it, that will melt and give it flavor. >> reporter: jamie, do you have a tip? >> when you're going to have steaks, plan two or three days out. what you want to do for ideal cooking is a dry steak.
8:54 am
what i recommend for folks at home, when you bring that steak home, take it out of the wrapper, take it out of the plastic, and keep it on a piece of paper in your refrigerator, alternating sides every eight hours. you'll get a nice, dry steak on the outside. that's going to help you cook very nicely. you'll be able to get that crust, or that real good sear. >> no moisture on the outside. >> reporter: okay. our time is fleeting. i want to make sure people get in your best how to make a hamburger patty. >> let's show them, chef. let me pull that out. >> what kind of meat? >> chuck. beef shoulder. we grind it fresh every day. >> this is about 15% fat, which is what you want. >> reporter: you want a little bit of fat, right? >> you want to keep it moist. i like a 12-ounce burger. >> reporter: 12-ounce burger? [ laughter ] >> you'll have a little
8:55 am
shrinkage. little bit. you want to get a perfect round shape. then you want to flatten it out again. when you put that on the grill, it's going to start to tighten up a little bit. >> reporter: we got to go. we're off time. but by god, what is the one thing we don't do with our hamburger? >> don't smash it. the only thing we want to do is flip it over. do not ever, never, squeeze or press your burger. >> reporter: you heard it from the georgetown butcher. that's what you are, right? is our web site. we have a link. i'm out of time. coming up in the next hour, we're heading to find the best produce and we'll talk about where our viewer said is another good place to get meat and produce as well. back to you in the studio. >> scared me. i'll never squeeze a burger. coming up, health care 101. we're going to break down exactly what the supreme court's historic ruling means for you. >> and later, d.c. singer green tea brings her sound to the fox
8:56 am
5 studios. it's 8:55. we'll be right back. @ñ
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8:59 am
waiting and hoping. coming up in our 9:00 hour, still no communication from a worker trapped inside this maryland warehouse after the roof collapsed last night. sherri ly is live on the scene with the latest efforts to find this missing man. >> health care 101. by now you've likely heard the supreme court's health care decision. but what does it mean for you? how will you be affected? we're breaking it down coming up at 9:15. >> coming up in today's ask allison question, a woman questioning the future of her relationship because she makes more money than her partner. i'm weighing in on this tough, yet more common situation than you


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