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tv   Fox 5 Morning News Sunday  FOX  July 22, 2012 8:00am-9:00am EDT

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right now, the movie massacre in colorado. president obama heading west to comfort victims families. flags here in the district and across the country at half staff. >> thousands of aid activists, descend on the capital for a rally and march in morning. but we have breaking news. penn state officials announced the statue of famed coach joe paterno, coming down today from outside beaver stadium. 20 police officers and 20 construction workers have barricaded both sides to have street and sidewalk to keep
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things orderly. you are looking at a live picture we can't see much but you can see the barricadewhat looks like the tops of the hard hats there with construction workers. the status of the statue had been the focus of kittings since a report was -- critics since a report was released, alleging a cover up, that allowed jerry sandusky to continue molestic boys. paterno died in january of lung cancer. welcome to fox 5 news sunday i am melanie alnwick. we are keeping a close eye on the weather. we have seen a bit of rain a nice soaker i thought in the last few days nice cool down, with fox 5s. gwen tolbart tracking how the rest of the weekend will look. doesn't seem that will last too long. >> we have temperatures on the rise as we move into the course of the week but today will not be too bad. the good news at least we have some of that wet weather out of the way. lots happening on the national mall into the course of today. let's look at numbers and show
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you where we are headed to as far as yesterday is concerned, 71 degrees regan national airport, 69 dulles, 69 bwi marshall. regan national airport, the high was the coolest since july 26th, 2002 and for baltimore, the coolest since july 29th, 2002 and at dulles since july 29th, 2001. these temperatures actually some 18 degrees below the seasonal average we really did take a big drop in temperatures, it was so hot. here is a look at satellite radar composite moisture well to the south leaving us with plenty of clouds across the area. we will get sunny breaks later on this afternoon in the meantime clouds are sticking around, with some morning patchy fog currently 72 degrees regan national airport, 69 dulles, 69 degrees at bwi marshall, and humidity up at 81% we are not going to get too
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much of a break-in that humidity be prepared for that as you head out. today's high, talking 82 degrees, with mostly cloudy skies. more details coming up later on the 5 day forecast. thanks gwen. we begin with the latest on the movie massacre in colorado. president obama is heading there today, to visit with victims and families. the coroner identified the 12 victims killed in the shooting. bomb squads have cleared out all explosive materials from shooter james holmes apartment and holmes will apparently make his first court appearance tomorrow. police say he planned the attack with calculation and deliberation. foxes craig boswell has the latest from aurora colorado. >> reporter: police removed the immediate danger families are being allowed back into the area as they removed booby traps meant to kill. investigators give off a series of audible warnings before setting off a detonation inside
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the third floor apartment of mass shooting suspect james holmes. bomb technicians removed ieds. grenades, trip wires hazardous materials and have begun looking for clues. he is accused of a calculating and deliberate murder spree saying the murder theater attack was just the beginning. >> if you thing we are angry we sure as hell are angry, what happened in our city and what he threatened to do to one of our police officers. >> he said pierce pierce i'm shot man i'm shot, and i said me too just stay down and -- >> reporter: and who helped them. >> josh helped me, protect my wife and he got shot. >> reporter: memorial across from the theatre, where 12 people were killed is growing, as families and a grieving community, chart the path forward. >> prayer, staying positive loving one another being there
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for one another. stopping the hate red. >> reporter: some crime tape remains outside the apartment building james holmes is being held in solitary confinement. in aurora colorado, craig boswell fox news. details started to emerge about the victims in that shooting we are learning names, ages and in some cases the reason they were at the movie that night. >> reporter: names of some 12 victims of the movie massacre are beginning to emerge and we are sharing a little bit about the lives they lived before the gunman robbed them of their futures. 27-year-old petty officer third class john larimer was among the dead. a navy notification team contacted his family last night providing saw fort for the family and their friends. he is eligible for military burial but arrangements are up to families. alex sullivan, a husband, brother and son also killed, alex planned to ring in his 27th birthday with friends at a
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special midnight showing of dark knight rises and then celebrate his first wedding anniversary sunday. 24-year-old sports blogger, jessica ghawi recently wrote about surviving a shooting in canada, she was shot in the leg and head. jessica was a very spontaneous, funny, willing to try anything, take a road trip just great dancers and, funny girl really just one of the sweetst people you have ever met. 27-year-old matt mcquinn died shielding his girlfriend, samantha from the gunfire her brother nick was also shielding her nick escaped physically unharmed samantha shot in the leg. >> a makeshift memorial of 12 candles sat in a row among piles of flowers near the entrance to the theaters parking lot just up the hill, 20 pastors lead a vigil for 350
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people, some hugging, and crying. a sign at that vigil read 7/20, gone not forgotten nothing could be more true. in new york, anna coin man, fox news. the colorado movie massacre doesn't appear to be keeping movie fans away from theaters in our region this weekend. in alexandria, officers routinely patrol near the two big movie theaters, police confirm extra patrols have been added this weekend and some movie goers did say they noticed the extra police force >> chef seemed a little unnerving seeing extra cops and extra security around but still felt like it was safe to do it. >> wouldn't you rather they be here? >> oh, yeah, absolutely. >> yeah. >> i agree. >> i feel safer with them there. >> yeah, but i still feel all right, about coming out. can't let it change my life. >> according to one police source, extra officers are not in uniform, they are wearing street clothes to blend with
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audiences. in the wake of the shooting amc theaters announced it will no longer let patronning wear over the top costumes or masks that cover faces regal cinema will implement a similar rule but hasn't released details just yet. they have however release add statement saying in part we are profoundly saddened by the tragedy, security and safety of our staff and guests is always our number one priority. christian bail released a statement about the tragedy he says quote words cannot express the horror i feel i cannot begin to truly understand the pain i feel about victims and loved ones but my heart goes out to them. >> our coverage of the shooting in colorado continues on as new information comes in we will keep you updated find everything on our home page. in other news chief environmental officer at fort detrick says the army has no plans to post signs of warning
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a potential contamination in surface water. levels were higher than accepted under federal drinking water standards but army officials say it isn't a health concern in part because people are not actually drinking the water. this man is wanted for a murder that happened last week in prince georges county. police believe he shot a man, who was found dead in the hallway of a apartment building in langley park. officers caution the suspect is armed and dangerous and say you should not approach him. we are going to take another live look now from the national mall you can see, again those flags down, at half staff, in memory of those shooting victims in colorado. this is also where aids activists are gathering for the keep the promise march and rally kicks off at 2:00 p.m. today event coincides with open aids conference advocates want to remind world leaders and
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policy makers it remains a global threat to public health. new hope in disappearence of two young girls in iowa. investigators believe the cousins are still alive. we will have the latest on that case. two drivers killed by falling trees in the dc region could road crews do more to prevent these accidents óñ
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making headlines, insurgent attacks killed three nato service members in eastern afghanistan. two died when a roadside bomb exploded this morning the other happened in a roadside attack yesterday. the deaths bring the number of foreign forces killed in july to 30 and 245 so far this year. airforce instructor sentenced to 20 years in prison for raping and assaulting several female trainees. he was found guilty on all 28 counts against him one of 12
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instructors in san antonio investigated for sexual misconduct six have been charged. investigators in iowa believe the two cousins who vanished just over a week ago are still alive. the fbi has not said why they are so sure the 8 and 10-year- old girls have not been killed but a spokesperson said investigators are expanding their search out of state. on friday investigators announced they believe the girls were abducted and do have persons of interest in the case. good news for pepco customers in maryland the public service commission rejected a large portion of pepco's request for a 4% rate increase, the decision comes after the company was heavily criticized for those prolonged delays restoring power after a severe storm most notably what hit the area last month. >> it is a no brainer, they don't deserve to get a rate because they are not a reliable
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company. okay they have to prove to their customers okay, from by the track record, that they indeed deserve that kind of money because i am not sure where that money is going to go. the commission did approve a small rate increase required by law to provide safe and reliable service to customers. >> to virginia earlier this month a driver was killed when a tree came down on top of his car, v dot does not routinely inspect trees along state roadways to see if they need to be cut down now the widow of another man killed in the same manner says the state government needs to do more. >> reporter: sarah toby and her older children were shocked to learn that a huge distressed tree on v dots right-of-way fell tuesday evening in great falls, killing a passing motorist, the family was shocked because the day before thanksgiving the same thing happened to 38-year-old demola a large tree came crashing down, into the windshield of
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the system engineers car as he was driving on harpers ferry road just inside louden county. v dot says the agency cannot afford to inspect every tree along state roadways. >> we have millions and millions of trees just in northern virginia alone if you drive down any road clearly it would be an overwhelming job to inspect each and every tree. >> reporter: john says v dot crews report distressed trees when they see them but also monitoring pavement, guardrails, signals and lighting and just can't look at every single tree. she says the tree that crashed into her husband's car caused a prolonged painful death. >> he was in a great deal of pain and begging for pain medication and because his vitals weren't stable they wouldn't give him pain medication, so i witnessed the whole thing and i had sheridan with me just 3 months old at the time.
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>> reporter: she says she doesn't want any more deaths along virginia roadways and has specific suggestions for the transportation department. >> you have prison workers out collecting trash, train them to assess whether a tree is dead or not, put those people to work in a better way than just picking up trash on the side of the road and yes, there are thousands or millions of trees along roadways, then if that is the case, you know, when you are building a roadway clear out the trees. >> v dot could not immediately confirm the tree that killed mr. etobe was on the state right-of-way but joan morris says the state agency will consider her suggestions and invites ideas from anyone else she repeated what she told reporters earlier this week if you as a motorist see a tree along a virginia roadway that looks distressed and dangerous call v dot, she say as crew will be sent to check it out. fox 5 news.
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fox 5 is monitoring metro there are delays on every single line, except the yellow, this morning because of track work. the medical center and bethesda stations will be closed on red line. shuttle buses will be closed and trains single tracking some spots green, blue and orange lines find details on nats try to rebound from friday's heart breaking slug fest they played a doubleheader and it was another wild day for bryce harper. off the wall coming up. we are talking about unwritten rules in baseball. >> i am going to write a book about the unwritten rules. >> plus can you miss a major championship, for the birth of your child? i don't know. >> easy abser to that one. >> coming -- answer to that one. >> coming up next on off the wall 
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in our sports breakfast another huge gain for the nats they wrap up their four game series with the second place braves. they had a doubleheader yesterday, bryce harper has a scare he fouled the ball off his ankle then hobbled for a few minutes take another look at this. and that has got to hurt. bryce would finish his at bat and strike out and then come out of the game. atlanta got onboard with a home run with catcher brian mccan in the second inning. game two, john landon hit the mound he pitched well allowing two runs, seven innings. roger put the nats up by a run with a clutch hit with two outs bottom of the 7th. nats win 5-2. bryce harper returned to action and got a pinch hit single. >> orioles in cleveland, steps up down a run 7th proceeds, check it out here to hit a line
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shot into the stands for a 2 run homer, rookie, ryan flaherty followed up, os beat indians 3-1 they wrap up a series this afternoon in cleveland. today is the final round of the british open, scott heads in to play with a four shot lead. there are americans within striking distance. he shoots a 3 over 73. he is tied for 2nd place with mcdowell at 7 under par how about tiger woods still in the thick of things with 6 under complements of nice birdie shots, adam scott shot 2 under 68 he never won a major championship. to the pitch, ben olsen, and d.c. united they haven't won since august 2007 only one goal scored, sadly, it came from the home team in the 46th minute a beautiful pass, sets it up. columbus beat it is black and
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red once again,. bryce and the pine tar incident and u.s. open champ ducks out of the british open. dave ross and wisdom martin go off the wall. welcome to off the wall. wisdom martin dave ross fighting like ozzie and bryce harper with a baseball bat what was that all about you know what is in the coach, yelling at the player. >> you know how the unwritten rules of baseball >> here we go again. >> here we go again a 19-year- old, right, i guess he thought he had too much pine tar on the bat showed the bat to ozzie and he lost it came out of the dug out and said no 19-year-old kid is going to sew me up you have a -- show me up you have a problem with this. >> much adoe about nothing. >> okay. >> ozzie blows his top on a
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regular basis always over the top with everything his criticisms, comments. >> but we have seen this from bryce in the pass he blew a kiss to a pitcher once after getting a home run, showing a bat to a guy who has been in major league baseball for 25, 30 years. >> i don't care you need to be attitude and swagger to be a star. >> yeah, but a little difference. >> you get that later. >> you don't need that right now, show them what you are made out of. >> do your thing. >> do your thing bryce harper you don't owe anybody no apology. put pine tar all over the bat next time. >> right now over there in england we have the british open going on. one guy not there. >> why not? >> his wife is expecting a child. >> well,. >> do you have a problem with that. >> look if his wife is expecting at any moment he shouldn't be there he better not be there you can't duplicate having a child >> i am with you but it is not their first child it is the
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second child. >> spoken by a man who has no children. >> it is the second one. >> so you are going to treat the second one different than the first one? oh, honey i was at your brothers but i missed yours because i was playing golf. >> he is not playing video games he can have all the money to pay for college for kid number two. >> that is the most ridiculous thing i have heard in my life >> was your dad in the delivery room? >> i don't know. >> see that is my point you don't know no body knows i don't know. so no body is going to remember. >> you know who knows? >> except for the husband and wife the kid doesn't remember. >> it is not for the kid it is for the wife. i will teach you all about relationships once this show is over clearly you are setting yourself up for failure. >> you made my point for me because you didn't know. >> but my mother knows if he was in that room and they are still married. >> now i think i am in trouble with my mom. >> you will be in trouble for
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awhile with a lot of ladies you go ahead and play your golf. >> i am going to play. see you on the lynx. >> good luck. >> see you next week on off the wall pgh >> the colorado theatre shooting, having an impact on the presidential campaign. fox news sunday talks to key lawmakers about renewed calls for tougher gun lawwhether either candidate will address gun control as one prominent mayor has asked them to do so. another look at the keep the promise aids march on national mall. gwen will be back with what kind of weather activists can expect. stay with us fox 5 morning news will be right back [ male announcer ] where did all the obama stimulus money go?
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the tragedy in colorado very much on the minds of president obama and mitch romney. both campaigns cut short schedules and pulled advertising in colorado out of respect for the dead and
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injured. president obama will fly to colorado to visit with families and victims. mitt romney said this is a time for national unity but very soon people will demand answers to the very real questions about gun rights. chris wallace will ask some of those questions this morning good morning chris. >> reporter: good morning melanie. >> senator diane feinstein of california was one of the first ones in early comments to bring up the obvious issues about gun control. >> reporter: yeah, and we are going to talk to her today. first of all we will have a report from on the ground in aurora colorado the very latest on the situation there but then we are going to get into the question and it is broader than just gun control what can we as society do to protect ourselvess from someone with a twisted mind part of that is obviously gun control there are two sides, diane feinstein as you mentioned who we will talk to top of the hour interesting she was there in san francisco in the 70s when a former politician, snuck into city
8:32 am
hall and assassinated the mayor and also a fellow supervisor, sort of a city councilman, if you will, named harvey milk diane feinstein was a supervisor herself, she has been leading the move for gun control since then. there are two sides to the argument while feinstein says we need more gun control you hear a lot of conservatives say the problem is not too many guns too few if someone else in the theatre had been armed he could have defended the people and stopped the assailant this is an argument that goes on i have to say democrats have been scared off this issue because the public doesn't support it very much >> it was interesting to see michael bloomberg, called the candidates out and basically said, that you know, maybe it is time for the two men who want to be president to stand up and tell us what they are going to do about it. they are being challenged on it. >> they are but jay carney the
8:33 am
white house press secretary said friday the day of the shootings the president is going to propose no new policy. it just seems democrats have made a political decision this is a loser for them public support for stricter control has gone from 80% to 40% around the country, they just don't touch it any more. >> also in news this week chris, this shadow war that is said to be going on between israel and iran possible show down with syria i know you are going to speak this morning with prime minister benjamin netanyahu. >> very special guest live from jerusalem top of the hour with the prime minister of israel. first that situation in syria, does ahsad have control of the country and control of the huge stockpile of chemical and biological weapons and if he doesn't will israel make the decision to cross the boarder intervene to seize those weapons and then of course, response that he has threatened
8:34 am
retaliation against iran, for the savage murder, the bombing, that killed those five israeli tourists in bulgaria, a dangerous neighbourhood getting bloodier. >> a lot of difficult stuff to talk about today. chris wallace we look to you hopefully to get answers thanks so much. >> thanks melanie. >> catch fox news sunday 9:00 a.m. after our show. severe wait inner arizona check it out this is a stand storm that hit in a valley area of phoenix gusts up to 45 miles an hour blew sand and dust across the whole metro region heavy rain fell an hour later, a local airport had to stop all flights for 20 minutes this is just incredible there were also some power outages in the region. gwen i don't know if i have ever seen anything like that in the u.s. before i know it happens but, seeing video like that is crazy. >> it is incredible thank goodness the rain came at least, to kind of get things calmed down and out of the way, but pretty incredible here at home things have taken a change melanie. >> i like it.
8:35 am
>> talk about complaining about triple digit highs and finally getting a break i know people had rain for a couple days, got tired of that, leaves were getting tired all the wet weather well to the south of us guess what those clouds are sticking around folks not going any where, some patchy fog this morning as well with all the moisture in the air, so be prepared for that visibility certainly reduced as you head out to morning services, 71 degrees regan national airport, 69 dulles, same bwi airport, these are the highs, 18 degrees cooler than they should have been, but, temperatures that actually have not been as cool since 2001 and 2002 in our neighbourhoods, currently 70 degrees manassas, 68 martins burg, 74 annapolis, 66 gaithersburg and right now, 72 degrees at regan national airport look at that humidity 81%, it is going to be a little sticky out there today, but also, a little cooler than yesterday, here is a look at
8:36 am
your planner by midday, 74 degrees, daytime high 82 degrees. >> that is not bad, that is for -- i am looking forward to getting out in the yard it is nice and wet and damp. >> but humidity will be there. >> humidity is one thing, it is that horrible heat we will survive >> we will. >> vikings are descending on verizon center bringing some fire breathing dragons with us. reviewers says the quite the spectacle. this dream works live adaptation of how to train your dragon. later in our show holly morris takes you for an insider sneak peek we will be right back [ crows cawing ] [ male announcer ] strange things happen in the black forest. [ metallic bell toll ] [ car speeding down the road, lightning strikes ] where things aren't always what they seem. [ wolves howling ]
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here is the latest information on that devastating mass shooting in colorado. president obama is going to visit with victimfamilies explosive experts say they cleared out all explosive materials from suspected shooter james holmes apartment. we learned he had a federal grant to study neuroscience at
8:40 am
university of colorado that money came from national institutes of health head quartered in bethesda. the university decides who gets the grants. meantime the coroner in colorado identified the 12 victims killed in the shooting. >> all the messages of support that we have received from literally around the world, people giving us their thoughts and their prayers, we can i think now start this process of natural process, of grieving, and healing. >> police say they have received more than 80 tips from a phone line they have set up they have also learned james holmes received several deliveries over the last few months they believe that is how he received his ammunition. president obama and mitt romney pulled attack ads in colorado. peter doocey has the latest. >> reporter: the air waves in colorado are missing attack ads this weekend after both the
8:41 am
obama campaign and romney campaign reached out to affiliate tv stations in the centennial state and asked them to pull their so called contrast spots for the time being and the political truth isn't isolated to colorado because in his weekly address president obama reiterated a point he made friday morning at the end of his abbreviated trip to florida, that now is a time for prayer and reflection, not for politics. >> our time here is limited and it is precious. what matters in the end are not the small and trivial things which so often consume our lives, it is how we choose to treat one another and love one another. >> reporter: the speaker to of the house john boehner share that is feeling >> we join president obama sending condolenceprayers to the loved ones of those killed and wounded we also thank god for the police, first responders doctors, nurses, who swift and heroic efforts saved lives. >> reporter: in new hampshire there was no music no campaign signs at mitt romney's event he
8:42 am
didn't say anything about the weak economy or president's record either because he decided to deliver remarks as a father, grand father, american not someone running for president. showing that even in a tight presidential race, both sides are willing to put politics and poll numbers on the back burner so families of those most directly impacted by the events in aurora can put their lives back together. in washington fox news. still ahead, drama and humour for all ages holly morris gives us a sneak peek at the latest cast of characters that checked into the verizon center. we are getting a break from the heat and as well, from the wet weather. i will let you know what to expect today as well as the 5 day forecast. we will be back after the break 
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>> more now on breaking news from the top of the hour. penn state remove add statue of famed coach joe paterno outside of beaver stadium. 20 police officers and 20 construction workers barricaded both sides to have street and sidewalk to help keep things orderly we will show you a picture now of where that statue used to stand you can me longer there. the status to have statue had been the focus of kittings since a report was -- critics since a report was released alleging cover up by paterno and others allowing sandusky to continue molestic boys. one more chapter the sad saga of penn state coming to a close this morning. here at home melanie, we are starting to get a break from all the wet weather we are getting a break from triple digit highs and it will be comfortable low humidity but not bad a lot of things going on across the area. let's get to it we will begin with a live shot outside down
8:47 am
at the national mall, where, they are preparing for their march on washington, for the international aids convention kick off for today, so, people will be happy to know it will not be raining down there today because we know there are thousands and thousands of people, who are involved in this, and it will be a huge outdoor event so i am happy to say at least there won't be a lot of sunshine but will get at least sunny breaks to help co- operate they are down there getting set up and ready for the big huge kick off happy to say at least a lot of people here from out of town, or at least not going to be -- have the damper put on them with all the rainfall. morning fog, very patchy in nature definitely effecting visibility for some of you it will clear out before too long however, clouds will be sticking around however we will have a little bit of sun this afternoon today we will get pretty good breaks and as we head through into the week, some unsettled weather in my forecast that i will talk about, and temperatures will once again be on the rise heat will return, enjoy this break while we have it out there.
8:48 am
here is a look now at temperatures from yesterday, setting a record, coolest since 2001 and 2002, july, 71 national, 69 dulles, same as bwi marshall, should be 89 degrees we are 18 degrees cooler than we should have been yesterday. all the moisture that hit us well south now but still leaving us with a lot of cloudsome moisture still in the atmosphere hence we have patchy fog but we will get a break as i said with peak peeks of sunshine -- peeks of sunshine into the course of the day. humidity 81%, that is the factor into the course of the afternoon expect to see not too much of a break-in humidity you will still feel it when you step outside, 74 annapolis, 68 hagerstown. 66 degrees winchester and 69 at dulles, as we head up the mid- atlantic temperatures not do bad. pretty much the same, 69 boston, 70 new york city.
8:49 am
east, southeasterly wind we will see once again morning fog mostly cloudy skies into the course of the day as we head through into the week things start to change we have ' couple disturbances to deep -- a couple disturbances to deal with, monday and tuesday both going to be set up both days for a chance of seeing thunderstorms be prepared for that. none of that today mostly cloudy skies temperatures low 80s pretty much everywhere in all of our neighbourhoods sun will make an appearance into the course of the afternoon. so, we are talking this should be 82, not 92, east southeasterly wind, 73 degrees mostly cloudy but mild. here is a look now at your day planner by midday expect to be about 74 degrees, that fog will be out of the way, and as we head into the course of the next few days, thunderstorms, keep your eyes to the skies monday and tuesday all clears out with a nice ridge of high pressure wednesday. looks good. >> all righty. >> get ready to report some
8:50 am
fire breathing action, acrobats, ancient warriors, all part of dream works how to train your dragon spectacular. holly morris got a behind the scenes look at the production. >> okay gang i have done a lot of shows at verizon center it is fair to say i have done none like this one. how to train your dragon, live spectacular, it is truly an experience. one for the whole family linda, knows first hand she is the resident director good morning. >> good morning welcome >> i think when people come to this show one it will exceed their expectations two they will talk about it for some time after they leave. >> everyone will. this is a show for all ages kids adults, it is a state of the art technical show,. >> i think they are waking up >> i think they are. this is really imher sieve in every sense of the word. >> totally involved we have a video that encompasses the entire arena walls, on to the
8:51 am
floor, with 3d effect you can see without wearing special 3d glasses animation, pup tiering, acting we have aerial stunts, so much going on at one time in the show. >> put on by the people who know how to do this best dream works, they did the film academy award nominated now they brought it to life. >> they have. they collaborated with a company called global creatures we have 23 amazing dragons, designed by creature technology company if australia, flying dragons, big ones small ones all over the place. >> we are getting a behind the scenes look thank you so much gavin is the head of puppetry this takes it to a whole new level. >> absolutely these are the most unique poupts in the world. >> oh, -- puppets in the world. >> oh, he is getting feisty. >> no other puppets like this in the world this is the most advanced technology. >> where do you find the pup tiers to run these puppets.
8:52 am
>> we were lucky we got pup tiers to do walking with dinosaurs they have a whole list of experienced an ma electronic experts. >> does it take more than one person? is it a team? >> absolutely it takes three people to bring each character to life. we have two puppeteeers up and a dragon driver underneath. >> get out of town. >> yeah. >> how do they make it look so life like? >> we have like up in the voodoo lounge we have a miniature version of the creature you see here almost like the spine of the creature, when we manipulate that, instantaneously the creature responds in the same way. >> how long did it take to master the craft. >> takes a puppeteer with experience to get it over a 6
8:53 am
week period. >> working around the clock practicing continually you have to become the dragon. >> just like acting the role only we are doing it remote control. >> what is the biggest challenge. >> we have 25 actors on stage, you have multiple dragons on stage lots going on you got to make sure you are hitting your marks. >> not hitting each other. >> that's right. >> can we meet the driver. >> i rereckon you should go over and meet him. >> let me bring you over here. inside here today you will see. >> hey how are you. >> food how about you? >> at -- good how about you? >> at what point in your career did you thing you would drive a dragon around. >> i still don't. >> the show through your eyes. >> amazing you are driving around operating this creature and can still see all the audiences reactions it is amazing to see how much they love the show >> i was going to say i haven't yet decided who is going to have more fun the people
8:54 am
watching or the people in the show. >> i say us. >> it has to be pretty fun. >> like driving a big toy. >> it is like driving a really really big toy the best way for people to really experience the show is to? >> buy tickets and come along of course but look there is not a bad house in the entire arena if you are up close if you are up at the top you are still going to see it all these creatures are so enormous with all the flight track flying around there is no bad seat. >> what is a good age? >> my 3-year-old son came, he saw the show, he is a huge fan of the movie and loved it. >> and his dad knows how to train them that might help. >> a little bit. >> our website we have a link to ther vieson center get your tickets now -- verizon center get your tickets now how to train your dragon. >> a gentle giant only here through sunday coming up next hour, i am really going to learn how the train one back to
8:55 am
you in studio. red skins training camp now just days away a perfect time for the media, to bang heads on the gridiron. first ever media bowl football game at red skins park, tv versus radio and print see how fox 5s. dave ross and lyndsey murphy faired.
8:56 am
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8:58 am
red skins training camp begins thursday can you believe it already. in order for the media to get ready for the two week affair the teams pr department organized a game of our own. tv against the radio and print journalists, played two 30 minute halfs of seven on seven football there is dave ross and lyndsey murphy they may not have been the best players but were among the best dressed sore so they say. dave had a faux hawk and dave had under armour gear won. tv won. >> weather? >> yeah, well, we are going to get a break from the heat and rain, it will be dry today, but as we take a look at the 2 day into next week a different story thunderstorms temperature starts to climb low 90s but be prepared keep your eyes to the skies a couple systems are going to kick in. we do have a chance once again
8:59 am
of seeing some storms. today will be nice, 82 degrees, humidity a little bit but we will see sunny breaks by the afternoon not bad at all. >> we like it. >> a couple things i want to share with viewers last saturday i was not here i was in indianapolis on the stage at national speakers association competing in a national speaking competition i came in second. i am happy to say. >> congratulations >> thank you i would like to thank my local chapter for all their support it was a wonderful time for me and it is a great organization. >> i know you have been working hard on that. proud to represent dc and come in second. i also want to mention part of the international aids conference we know is going on, is huge. >> seeing live pictures this morning. >> right, there is also a film festival and aids 2012 film festival there is going to be a film local connection produced by business woman, sheila johnson called the other city aids in dc going to be shown wsd


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