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tv   Fox 5 Morning News at 425am  FOX  August 8, 2012 4:25am-5:00am EDT

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good morning, everyone. it is wednesday. happy hump day. august8, 2012. temperatures in the 70s once again overnight. that is part of the drill as we head deeper into august and into summer. while many of you were sleeping last night, another late night thriller for the nats. they beat the houston astros in
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12 innings. danny espinoza hit the game- winning run. that's nice. nats win 3-2. in london, a big night for aly raisman. she within gold in the floor exercise and bronze on the balance beam. gabby douglas finished seventh on the beam after a fall. be sure to stick with fox 5 morning news all morning long because katie ledecky will join us live here in studio. the bethesda native will join us live during the 8:00 a.m. hour. she won the goal in the 800 meter free style. she is the youngest american olympian in the games. so good packed show this
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morning. >> the nationals are winning. she is bringing home the gold. >> speaking of winning, tucker barnes is here. >> we have warm and humid conditions for your morning. generally quiet. we have a thunderstorm or a few showers down towards ocean city. another little shower has popped up just west of fredericksburg. otherwise, a quiet start to your day with a mix of clouds and a little bit of sunshine. we were expecting partial sunshine and highs in the 90s. big changes in the five-day forecast. we'll talk about those coming up in just a minute. >> back to you. some top stories, a 25-year- old man is charged with kidnapping and sexually assaulting two young girls. police say he abducted the girls from a thrift store on university boulevard in hyattsville on two separate occasions. the first happened on july 9th. the police officer made the arrest at a nearby park after
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the latest incident on monday. despite all the backlash towards pepco after june's derecho, the company plans to ask for another rate hike. we are getting a look at the first photographs from the mars rover. >> we have at latest in this report. the world watched as nasa's sites celebrated curiosity's successful landing on the red planet. >> every time we get a new picture, we all crowd around the screen and watch the first images come up here. >> this photo shows the
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distinct mountain ridges. although it is slightly fuzzy, you can see how it leads up to a bigger mountainous region. >> looking at the dust covers on the various cameras on curiosity, we know a lot of dust was kicked up over the course of the events. hopefully, we'll be able to get even better -- more detail in these. >> reporter: the photo was taken with the imager nicknamed molly. >> the molly is a focusable color camera. this is the first color image of the landscape where we've landed. i waited a long time for this to come back. >> reporter: in the meantime, engineers will start booting up
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curiosity's various functions. >> curiosity is still healthy, still in great shape. >> reporter: the rover won't be making its initial movement for a few weeks. first, engineers need to make sure the items are functional and are worth the $2 billion price tag. good morning to you. wednesday, august 8th. live lock outside as we get things stirring on wednesday, hump day. >> getting closer to friday. good morning. i'm sarah simmons. >> women a wisdom martin. welcome to fox 5 morning news. i was outside pretonedding like i was doing some yard work -- pretending like i was doing some yard work yesterday. >> do you do any yard work yesterday? >> no. >> i give up. i can't go back out until
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september. the mosquitos are bad. >> it was awful. i wasn't even working. >> the humidity has moved in. we kind of traded the heat for the humidity. it hasn't been too hot but the humidity has been hot last couple of days. >> you look nice, matching. >> we didn't even plan this. >> you called. >> what you wearing today? >> you had a little call before bed. all right. i wish we had something new to talk about. more of the same today. could be a few pop-up showers and thunderstorms. generally going to wake one clouds. you will see rays and peeks of sunshine through the high, thin cloudiness. that frontal system from the last couple of days has fallen apart across the area. later this afternoon, there could be a few thunderstorms that kind of get going. i don't think today will be the main event.
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that will arrive friday with a cold front. humid later this afternoon. >> you warned us. you knew it was going to be like this. >> time now to see what julie wright is wearing -- i mean see what is happening on the giant foods i weak up really late this morning. >> you look good. >> you're lucky this came together. when you wake up doing this job about 45 minutes later than you are supposed to, you're lucky i wasn't in my fuzzy pajamas. >> you look good. >> thanks. on the roads, lanes are open both east and westbound out here on 66. no problems reported approaching and passing 28 in centreville. the outer loop at the dulles toll road, we had only one lane
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getting by. gw parkway, south of bell haven, we have accident activity. the southbound lanes remain closed south. a 25-year-old chillum man is being held without bond charged with preying on young girls. police say charles afafo kidnapped two girls on two different owe indications from a thrift store in hyattsville. in the second case, a 6-year- old girl was snatched and sexually assaulted at a nearby playground. a police officer said he found her in the park. >> as i approached the little girl, she had tears in her eyes. it reminded me of my 3-year- old. the only thing coming out of her mouth was i want my daddy. >> reporter: the father of the 6-year-old released a statement warning children to watch their children carefully. he said it only takes 30
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seconds for them to disappear. maryland governor martin o'malley unveiled a bill that would expand gambling in the state. it would allow a sixth casino, authorize table games and allow all casinos to operate 24 hours a day seven days a week. the general assembly will return to annapolis tomorrow to begin debating the bill. pepco's response to the power outages. maryland regulators are giving the public a chance to voice their concerns. melanie alnwick has more. >> reporter: the maryland public service commission is hold eight public hearings around the state for utility customers to share their experiences and opinions with their local power company following the june 29 storm that left so many people in the dark.
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at one point, 702,000 pepco customers in maryland and d.c. were in the dark and some remained that way for more than a week. residents have grown increasingly frustrated with pepco's performance in recent years. the company is in the midst of a $253 billion, five year, reliability program. news that the company intends to seek a rate hike to cover its losses does not sit well with montgomery county residents. >> i'm asking you to do the right thing. tell them they've had three strikes and they are out. >> we have to be fighting every year, every quarter. >> i rate increase is just rewarding nonperformance. it is inexcusable. >> reporter: pepco says it does plan to keep going back to the public service commission every nine months continuing to ask for the rate increases. they did not specify how much
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they would ask for for a rate increase every time they go back. prince george's county customers will get their chance to sound offer this evening. there is another public hearing tonight. that one is in largo. it starts at 7:00. i'm sure there will be some very colorful opinions there too. >> a lot of people will have something to say on that as well. thank you very much. now to a story you will only see on fox 56789 a -- on fox 5. he found a semiautomatic rival when he ordered a flat screen tv. the shipping librarile had his name and address but the invice inside the box indicated it should have been shipped to a gun shop in pennsylvania. not sure what to do, he called d.c. police. they came to his house and confiscated the rifle which is illegal in the district. >> they were a little confuse
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at first. they had never seen anything quite like it. they just sort of took my information and then said we'll handle this weapon because it is legal to -- it is illegal to keep here. you can't transport t they took possession of it. >> reporter: he said the package was left in the hallway outside his apartment. a third party seller did ship the package, not we will keep you updated on this story. jared lee loughner pleads guilty to the arizona shooting that killed six and wounded former congresswoman gabrielle giffords. the guilty plea spares him the death penalty for the mass shooting in january of last year. after he was forced to take a drug for months, the judge now
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says he is mentally fit to stand trial. investigators in wisconsin say they may never know why 40- year-old wide michael opinion went on a shooting rampage inside a sikh temple. a vigil was held last night and six simple crosses are now on the lawn outside the temple. in rockville b1,000 people showed up at the sikh temple to pray for the victims -- about 1,000 people showed up at the sikh temple to pray for the victims. coming up next, details of a volcanic eruption that came as a bit of a surprise. >> we are checking more headlines on the other side of the break. 
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new this morning in the philippines, severe monsoon rains are causing raging floods that have already killed 16
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people. half of the capital of manila is underwater now and tens of thousands are stranded on rooftops. rescuers are using boats and helicopters to get to people cut off by the flood waters. a volcano at a national park in new zealand erupts for the first time in more than 100 years. experts say it had been rumbling for weeks but they didn't expect the full-blown eruption. now, the incident prompted some people to leave their hosni mubarak but luckily no one was hurt. officials there say their biggest problem is all the ash spewing into the sky. the first color images from the mars rover curiosity are coming in. the one-ton rover touched down on the surface of mars on monday. initially, it beamed back black and white photos but now the cameras are able to send color photos. scientists are examining curiosity's surroundings which include a three mile high mountain. the rover will spend the next three years on mars chiseling into rock and scooping up soil
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to determine if life ever existed or if it still exists on the red planet. >> good news on the way for commuters. that is coming up next on fox 5 morning news. >> i think this may be the beginning of the end for something that we've had to live with in this region for a long time, worst congestion in the united states. >> straight ahead. details of the big groundbreaking that has officials so excited. now, let's check in with tucker. >> that has me excited. yes, humid conditions and we've got the possible of a few thunderstorms thg to be hot aga i'll have details on the weather. julie wright made it to work. we'll have a look at traffic too right after the break.
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welcome back to fox 5 morning news. it is 4:45 and it is wednesday. on to the news now, creating a stronger community, that is the idea of national night out. >> the annual event brought out more than 100 communities and neighborhoods just in prince george's county. it gives people a chance to meet their neighbors and law enforcement officers along with local organizations and businesses. now, i know not just there but neighborhoods in virginia as well were doing that. so it is a good opportunity to get out and meet the officers
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in your community, your neighbors, get to know everyone and watch out for each other. >> and the weather generally cooperated. with the exception of our friends in southern maryland who had some thunderstorms. >> oh, yeah. >> they had a pretty eventful afternoon. >> they are okay down there for the most part? >> i think so. not sure for we officially know if it is a waterspout. high temperature yesterday at 90 degrees. i think we have not had a day yet this month where we haven't had a temperature of at least 90. another-- it was another warm one yesterday but the humidity, that is what you probably really notice. you will notice that again today. lots of humidity across the region as we've got the southern pump doing its thing and it is august. 7 # now in washington.
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80 this morning in quantico. -- 78 now in washington. the farther north and west you get, the more comfortable the area. lots of humidity close to the metro area. down towards fredericksburg, we've got a shower. a couple of showers down to the east of salisbury. that is about it. not expecting a lot of activity today but later this afternoon in this rather unstable atmosphere, we could see one or two showers kind of of spring up or one or two thunderstorms. still deal with the same air mass we were yesterday. no big changes. that frontal system that tried to come through earlier in the week is just falling part and that is giving us the cloud cover. there will be some sunshine today. it won't be a bright sunny day. another hot and humid afternoon. 92, that is what we're expecting. winds here out of the south at
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about five miles per hour. then partly cloudy, warm and muggy overnight. that should say 72. 52 would be nice but we're not expecting that any time soon. looks like thursday into friday, this is a pretty good cold front. could bring us a round of strong thunderstorms on friday and then cooler weather for the weekend. 82 on saturday. 85 with lots of sunshine and low humidity on sunday. that is nice weather. julie wright has your latest on traffic this morning. >> all right, tucker. >> it >> >> -- it's early. i need some coffee. >> no problems reported here out of manassas. gw parkway at collingwood, we had overnight accident activity. the southbound stretch of the gw parkway remains closed until further notice. northbound lanes are open.
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if you are traveling south on 270, no problems reported leaving hyattstown headed out past 109. you will find traffic at speed in each direction at the american legion bridge. no problems to report on the inner loop. would you pay $5, $10, even $20 for a hassle-free commute. soon drivers along the beltway on i-95 will have that choice. >> melanie alnwick has the story. >> one, two, three! all right. it's open. >> reporter: on wednesday morning, the earth starts moving in the hov lanes along interstate 95. in two years, the high occupancy toll lanes here will be in business. >> i think this may be the beginning of the end for something that we've had to live with in this region a long
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time. worst congestion in the united states. >> reporter: the billion dollar project will run from stafford county to i-395 in fairfax county. these 29 miles of express lanes will link up with the new toll lanes on i-495 slated to open in november. >> it is about getting small businesses to be more productive. it is about parents spending more time with their kids. it is about tourists coming to virginia in bigger ways. >> reporter: you can't ride it without one of these. now, there is a new option for make it free for carpoolers. >> it is simply an e-zpass transponder with a button on it. you can slip the button to hov on mode. our equipment will pick that up and not charge you a toll. >> reporter: tolls are the big question. hovs swat least three people are free as well as commuter buses. the fee for solo drivers could be stiff, as much as $1.20 a mile at peak rush. that could be $34 for a
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stafford county commuter to get to the beltway. we asked governor bob mcdonnell if commuters can pay that. are you confident that virginia drivers can afford these tolls and would you reduce the tolls if they couldn't? >> we've hay number of studies done by v-d.o.t. and professors at george mason and they have all given us a reasonable measure of confidence that this population here up and down the 95 corridor will in fact use hot lanes, will pay the congestion pricing fee at the rush hour in order to use those lanes. this is the eighth most prosperous region in the country and people will pay a little bit extra for the improved quality of life. >> reporter: if enough drivers do pay the tolls, it should mean less congestion for everyone. melanie alnwick, fox 5 news. >> got to pay for that commute. last week's close call at reagan national airport, remember this, leading to a big change for airports across the nation.
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>> coming up next, details of what the faa is now banning to avoid near collisions. we'll be back.
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the faa is suspending a procedure that led to scary moments in the sky at reagan national airport last week. >> the faa says there was a miscommunication between air traffic controllers about reversing the flow of traffic to and from the runway. for now, they will stop all opposite direction operations nationwide. kenneth quinn is the former chief counsel for the faa. he responded to this change last night on fox 5 news at 10:00 saying the administration will probably reinstate this procedure in the future. >> i don't think there is any way of avoiding a switch in the runway which is usually dictated by a switch in weather and wind conditions. you want to have that wind coming at you as you take off to get the lift. i don't think so.
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it is a good cautionary note to accepted a re-education message throughout the air traffic control ranks and with flight crews as well to be sensitive to the issue. a late night down in texas for the washington nats and one big bat. that is coming up next. >> and espinoza will tie the game. see you later! >> danny he is pip owes awasn't finished there. we'll show you his other big hit and the
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[ male announcer ] new fiber one chewy bars. great taste kids love plus calcium and fiber kids need. checking out the olympics in london. aly raisman won gold in the floor exercise and bronze on the balance beam.
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that gives her three total medals. gabby douglas finished seventh on the beam after a fall. two american teams will square off for the gold medal in women's beach volleyball. two-time defending olympic champ misty may trainer and kerry walsh jennings beat china for their 20th straight olympic victory. be sure to stick with fox 5 all morning long. olympic gold medalist katie ledecky will join us live in the studio. the bethesda native will be here during the 8:00 a.m. hour. she won the gold in the 800 meter free style. she is the youngest american olympian in the games. while many of you were asleep think another late night thrill north nats. they beat the houston astros in 12 innings. danny espinoza drove in the winning run with a single. in the bottom of the 12th,
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roger bernadina made an amazing catch for the final out. the nats win 3-2. and the baltimore orioles also delivered some extra inning magic. they beat the mariners with a walk-off base hit. the orioles have now won 12 straight extra inning games. they are on fire, both of them. >> everybody is on fire. >> coming up next, the redskins wrapped up their final practice before the pre-season opener in buffalo. >> the head coach sat down with our dave ross to talk about rg iii. we'll have that interview in the next hour. fox 5 morning news continues right now. s right no


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