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tv   Fox Morning News  FOX  September 19, 2012 9:00am-10:00am EDT

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we are back with more of "today" on a wednesday morning, the 19th of september, 2012. you know what? it is now not just a pretty nice day. now it's a beautiful day in midtown manhattan. nice crowd gathered here on the plaza, and we thank them for stopping by. matt lauer alongside savannah guthrie and al roker and i'll say this slowly, jennifer anniston pregnant. >> not really, but appears pregnant in a new commercial which is really hilarious. she is taking on the tabloid. all those rumors from her pregnancy to does she really have those beautiful long locks, she takes it all on in a new ad.
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we'll take it on in today's "take 3" and martha stewart is here to chat with us. >> and then jill martin is coming by. she's got some more of jill's fun finds. she is going to help us by showing us some hostess gifts for under 25 bucks. jewelry and all sorts of things. and then we've -- how many of us have had a little could have they morning? >> oh, come on. >> a little hit of caffein. >> yeah. >> this morning, we'll tell you the five facts you need to know about how caffein affects your daily performance. >> i have not had any caffein. >> no coffee? >> you drink that liquid. >> kabucha and ginger, that's my caffein. >> natalie is standing by with the headlines. >> a new nbc news/"wall street journal" poll shows president obama opening up a five-point lead over mitt romney among likely voters. on "the late show with david letterman" the president responded to romney's secretly
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recorded remark that half of americans think they are entitled to government support. the president says if you want to be president, you have to work for everybody. romney, not a advise jizing, elaborated saying when people are in distress, quote, we give them temporary help and pull them back up but we don't believe in redistribution. a french steer call paper is publishing highly offensive cartoons of the prophet muhammad today a week after an anti-islam video sparked outrage throughout the muslim world. embassies and schools will be closed as they brace for backlash on the muslim day of prayers. the paris offices of the weekly paper were firebombed last fall after it published another cartoon of muhammad. meantime, the white house says there is currently no evidence that last week's deadly attack on the u.s. consulate in libya was planned and pre-medita pre-meditated. officials say the violence was sparked by the anti-islam film made in the u.s. it's back to school for some
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350,000 students in chicago this morning as the teachers union has reached an agreement with the school district to end a seven-day strike. mayor rahm emanuel called the deal a, quote, honest compromise over issues including teachers evaluations and job security. for the first time a group of female u.s. soldiers heading to afghanistan will wear new body armor tailored to a womany's body. the vest is shorter and eliminates gaps between the protective material and the body. female soldiers have said that poorly fitting armor made it hard to bend over, get in and out of vehicles or position rifles against their shoulders. and a tiny ancient scrap of papyrus is sparking a huge ligious and historical debate. was jesus married? the fragment was written in coptic back in the fourth centuries, and it quotes jesus as referring to his wife. a second line adds, quote, she will be able to be my disciple. the finding was made public by a harvard scholar who has written several books about new gospel
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discoveries. the origin, the business card-sized fragment is uncertain, and its owner has chosen to remain anonymous. new trouble this morning for actress lindsay lohan. the nypd tells nbc news lohan was arrested overnight for leaving the scene of an accident in manhattan. her suv apparently clipped a pedestrian at very low speed. lohan was later arrested as she left her hotel. she was booked and then released without bail. actress gwyneth paltrow is sharing her thoughts about the possibility of having more children. paltrow turns 40 next week and has a son and daughter with husband and coldplay front man chris martin. she tells "in style" magazine my brain says i'm done and adds part of me would love to have another. she also says she no longer keeps to a strict diet saying, quote, i want to enjoy my life, and food is a big part of it. we agree with that all the way. it's four minutes after the hour. let's get another check of the weather from al.
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al? >> all right. i agree with her. thanks so much, natalie. let's see what we've got for her. thanks so much. big storm yesterday. i mean flooding, power lines down, big problems. and look at all the rain. anywhere from seven inches to two and a half inches of rain throughout the northeast into new england and parts of the mid-atlantic states. wind gusts 50060 miles per hour. the system is moving out of newening land. cooler temperatures, low humidity. for the rest of the country, gorgeous weather up and down the sea board. the warmth continues with the temperatures in the 80s. the heat continues in the southwest with no end in sight. that's what's going on around the country. here's what's happening in your neck of the woods. >> good morning, i'm tom kierein. just past 9:00, it's chilly. it's only in the upper 50s to the low 60s in the region.
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a breeze in the north. increasing sun, we climb into the low 70s and get chilly. down right cold in some locations. 40s to 50 z by down. mid-70s by tomorrow afternoon. another day with low humidity. might get a shower saturday all right. now to today's "take 3" where al, natalie and i give our take on stories catching our attention and yours and getting cozy on the couch today. the one and only martha stewart, thanks for being here. >> i'm not on the couch. >> you are in our living room. >> in our chair. >> so embarrassed i didn't know how to say fricasse. does everyone know that? >> no, no, it's not a common term in the american kitchen. >> thank you. >> but it should be a common recipe. >> it's very good. >> in one pot. all right. take 3. let's start with jennifer anniston. mart martha, did you see this ad? it is hilarious. >> i did see it, i did see it. >> jennifer anniston is basically taking on all the
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tabloid stories. ryan seacrest introduced this spoof video showing she's pregnant with triplets, that she has two kids, one of which is jimmy kimmel. there's a part in the video where she rips off a wig, and i guess we learn that she doesn't have those long. >> there you go. >> i love that hair under that. >> that is sassy. i love it. >> i guess the question is what does it -- do you think smart water when you see the ad? i guess the whole idea is refreshing to see the truth? and her taking on the truth? >> humor always works in these ads. >> absolutely. >> if you can laugh at yourself, shows you've got a sense of humor. do you like it? >> no, i don't really like it. >> okay. >> i just think it makes fun of some things and shows some bad examples to the youth of america, wrapping a pregnant stomach is not a good idea. >> right. people learn from youtube and they take lessons, it's funny up to a point, and then it sorts of
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steps over the bounds i think of sensibility. >> can you identify with her desire to kind of fight back against the critics? >> but is this about her or about the water drink that she's promoteing? do you see what i mean? >> probably a little of both. >> i don't know if it's caught on. has it? >> it's been viral. the ad has gone viral. >> just the spectacle of seeing her with that big belly. >> that alone. >> and people do have children that do look like jimmy kimmel, and, you know, they do, and it's not -- i have a lot of friends who have problems. >> not so fun? >> to have fun that look like jimmy kimmel. >> i don't think mrs. kimmel thought that was -- >> an oversized child with a problem. >> martha, you're taking this thick a little too serious. >> everything is serious. >> here's fascinating. what else do we have for martha? >> this is one i think you'll love. i saw this, and every little girl dreams of that, the closet
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karaoke girl. >> i've seen this, yeah. >> steps up to this grocery store microphone karaoke and belts out "i will always love you" by whitney houston. take a look. she'll blow you away. ♪ and i will always love you ♪ i will always love you ♪ i will always love you ♪ i will always love you >> incredible voice. her name is sandtee rose tenerefe, 21-year-old philippine girl, and as you saw basically undiscovered talent. though after this there's apparently some record labels that are very interested in signing her. she's got a fan page already on facebook that has over 5,000 fans. >> cee lo or adam le vine.
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>> "america's got talent" is calling. >> somebody has that kind of talent and has to promote herself, and she does, because it's so hard in this world of music. that's fantastic. i really go for that. >> are you one of those people that sing in the shower? >> i sing driving. >> you do? >> i love singing while i drive. >> do you have a good voice, martha? america wants to know. >> i don't know, i don't know. >> is anybody ever in the car with you in when you're singing? >> the dogs, they love it. >> do they join in? >> they love it, yes. >> now what if that had been jimmy kimmel singing? >> jimmy kimmel isgreat. i love jimmy kimmel. just don't like him at a 12-year-old. >> next, this is hectic. martha, when you get on a flight, i cannot imagine you're ever too overjoye to see the meals. >> i have made a point of not relying on the meals served on the plane. >> do you bring your own? >> i do. i do. a snack of some sort, and water.
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you can't take water. have you to make sure you hoard the water. >> people are now posting photos of airline meals. >> oh, look at this. >> the worst ever airline meals. >> what is that? >> not from the pages of "martha stewart living." >> this is no fricasse. >> 26,000 photographs of meals. some of them are good, but some a little bit less so. >> i wonder whathe calorie and fat content in. >> tuna fish sandwich or ham and cheese sandwich, wouldn't that be better than a lot of cooked meals? >> you need martha stewart to take over catering. >> usually when you fly, you don't get a meal anymore. >> that's right. you have to pay extra for it. >> absolutely. >> and it should be more sensibly presented and chosen for this kind of traveling that we're doing nowadays. >> we agree. sign martha stewart on. >> finally, finally, i can't take it. it's pumpkin palooza. >> i love it. >> i mean, come on. >> it's so good. >> one time a year we can
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celebrate pumpkin. >> we've got pumpkin doughnuts, pumpkin muffins, kisses, pumpkin latte. >> pumpkin beer. >> you try the pumpkin latte. i'm trying the pumpkin beer. >> do you think it goes too far, martha? >> do you like pumpkin beer? >> people want their coffee to taste like pumpkin spice, they can have it. >> that's a good coffee. >> this does not taste like pumpkin, it tastes like beer. >> pumpkin bread is good all the time. >> have you tried the pumpkin kisses? >> come on. >> i tried the pumpkin kiss. it is delicious. to die for. >> it's to die for. >> it's good. >> come on. >> i love pumpkin. >> where does this pumpkin bread come from? >> i don't know. >> oh, my gosh, got this -- someone on says a lot has changed the last year. i've moved on. i tried going vegan. did you know that? of course you didn't. you know why, because you never bothered to check in.
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i had a fling with peppermint in december. >> this is like the jimmy kim 'em of kisses. >> we invite you to be here any time on our "take 3." >> i'll have to be here for that. >> some new fashion finds that won't set you back more than 25 bucks. >> you didn't like that? oh no, not a migraine now. try this... bayer? this isn't just a headache. trust me, this is new bayer migraine. [ male announcer ] it's the power of aspirin plus more in a triple action formula to relieve your tough migraines.
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this morning on jill's fun find, everything you could want for fall for 25 bucks or less. today an "us weekly" contributor jill martin is here with this year's hottest items. good morning. did some shopping. >> wearing my price tag, 17.95 price tag. you can get in on the trend. went out shopping for 25 or less. >> starting with basics from h & m which is great for the fall wardrobe. >> printed jeans, a faux leather jacket. each of these, 24.95. i know you love this skirt.
9:17 am
>> also pleather, feels like the real deal. >> 24.59 and the bag under $25. just to show that everything you can get in doesn't have to be expensive. >> and your little top 17.95. >> now the metallic belt and other skinny belts, big for fall and metallics are really hot. >> great to wear over a cardigan. $19 from express, and when you have a fun color like this you can't wear it that often so for $19 you can get it and have it. >> for the little ones, stylish, too. found the great little wunsies. how adorable. >> 14.95. all different versions for your child. love it. >> over here a bracelet. little charm bracelets. >> of course i'm wearing them. these are always in style and stack them up. $25, and all your favorite things. an elephant, they have skulls. anything you want on these beads. $25, and then to go with it i love these jewelry pieces as a
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gift. those are from bloomingdale's for 25 bucks. >> and here's a straightening iron. >> ceramic for $25. great to throw in your bag, or again for travel. so i love these. >> fantastic. >> who doesn't love a little leopard. >> i love it. >> makeup over here and hard to believe the whole kit, how much is this, this eye shadow? >> $15, 14 different eye shadows, i love this. only $15 and you love these. >> can play with colors if you want more neutrals and metallics. >> beautiful colors. >> you don't have so-to-spend a ton especially if you're using the trendy colors. >> and you if you love soaps and bath scents and everything, got a way to get in on the luxury but a lot less. >> on the designers, always travel with a candle.
9:19 am, $20, and these come with the matches on top which is a great idea. >> as long as you're not traveling with the match nez your bag. >> exactly. >> unless it's car travel. >> going somewhere fun for the weekend. >> sound in your home. portable little speakers for your ipad. >> and for people who still listen to the radio or need an alarm clock, from target for $25 but another way to spice up a room with a little bold color. >> now to the snackses, the portion we love here. >> this is cereal. >> cereal, really. >> new york city trash, comes out during the holiday time. you're all laughing, but when you take a bite. >> it's like the yogurt covered pretzel stuff, yummy. >> $12, all different versions for the holiday. one of my favorite things came out last week. >> you won't put milk on that. >> last night we ate the other
9:20 am
half. a little higher during setup. and then truffles, beautiful gifts to give and often people think they are expensive. godiva has come out with this package. tasting will have, and what they do. >> wine lover. >> the winophile. >> send you the nine different packets and you can taste which ones you like. it's not like you're investing in something you don't like. and great way to do wine tastings. >> love this idea. >> don't they do the month club where you can do that as well? >> that's a great gift. >> jill martin, thanks so much. for more fun finds pick up this week's edition of "us weekly." coming up next, the five facts you need to though about caffein, but first, these messages. [ female announcer ] quaker yogurt granola bars.
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so i understand you are sharing some deep family secrets. >> oh, yes. well, if you call cooking deep family secrets, yeah. one of the things i love to do is actually cook for my family and friends, and in honor of hispanic heritage month starting today i'm sharing some of my recipes from my kitchen on >> swedish meat balls. >> not spanish. i made my world famous gazpacho, so easy to make, canned tomatoes into a blender, and it's all about the concoction of the fresh herbs and spices. >> how long do you cook that? >> it's cold, al. >> gazpacho. >> check the recipe out. >> what other things to do you do in. >> making flamm and empanadas all this month on linked to our website as well. check it out.
9:25 am
i'm opening up my kitchen to you, and see me in action. >> all righty. >> in the kitchen. >> beauty buys for under 20 bucks. >> but first your local news and weather. ♪ i'd like to thank eating right, whole grain, multigrain cheerios! my bowl, my spoons! mom, are those my jeans? [ female announcer ] people who choose more whole grain tend to weigh less than those who don't. multigrain cheerios has whole grain and 110 delicious calories. ...more grains. less you! multigrain cheerios in multi-grain cheerios peanut butter. [ male announcer ] if you think all batteries are the same... consider this: when the unexpected happens, there's one brand of battery more emergency workers trust in their maglites: duracell. one reason: duralock power preserve. it locks in power for up to 10 years in storage. guaranteed. so, whether it's 10 years' of life's sunny days...
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or... the occasional stormy one... trust goes a long way. duracell with duralock. trusted everywhere. good morning. 9:26 now on this wednesday, september 19th. i'm aaron gilchrist. breaking news affecting metro riders. danella sealock has details. >> red line is experiences a loss of power. right now, avoid the red line. metro is suggesting taking the green line. you are facing a 30 minute delay. let's get over to the roads. still seeing sluggish area on the inner loop. make your way to
9:27 am
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good morning. increasing sunshine. a bit breezy. temperatures are near 60. later into the low 70s by mid afternoon with lots of sun.
9:29 am
tonight, clear and quite chilly. down near 50. afternoon highs near 70. low humidity friday. high near 80. over the weekend, beautiful. a passing shower saturday nilgt. back to
9:30 am
that sounds like "call me maybe." >> we do have a "call me maybe" version. >> so that's the one. >> does sound like it. >> enough about our bumper. welcome back to "today" on september 19, 2012. coming up in this half hour, monday morning we'll do things different. >> answering questions about real estate, everything you want to know from short sales, to down payments and refinancing. they have us covered. >> and saving money on your beauty routine. the ten must-have items with a
9:31 am
price tag of $20 or less. and you've probably already had your dose or two today, talking about caffein and everything from soda and chocolate and coffee. well, we've got the five facts that everyone needs to know. >> all right. fans of "lord of the rings." >> yes. >> how long you within waiting? >> years, months. >> oh, my gosh. >> everyone wants to see what director peter jackson is going to do with the story of "the hobbit." now the wait is over. a look at "the hobbit, an unexpected journey." >> the doors are determined to reclaim their homeland. >> i'm surrounded by dwarves. what are they doing here? >> they are merely gathering. >> so this is the hobbit. >> you asked me to find the 14th member of this cabinet. i have chosen mr. baggins. >> no, no. >> we'll seize the chance to take over -- >> where are you going? >> i'm going on an adventure?
9:32 am
>> why the half link? >> because i'm afraid. >> battle of rituals. >> fair enough. >> home is now behind you. the world is ahead. >> "the hobbit, an unexpected journey." >> well, that could have been worse. >> are you excited? >> and it's in 3-d. oh, my gosh. >> going to be great. >> i get the creeps. >> the precious. >> if that creeps you out in the way you want to be creeped out on november 28th, we'll exclusive interviews with peter jackson and the cast so stay tuned for more on "the hobbit, an unexpected journey." >> bad boys, everywhere. all aflitter. >> now the weather. can you handleweather? can you handle it?
9:33 am
calm down. >> let's see what we have for you today. we are looking at a gorgeous day after a rough day yesterday with the storm system pushing through. gorgeous weather up and down the sea board. temperatures in the 80s. we are looking at rain and showers and thunderstorms in the mississippi river valley. tomorrow, the country high and dry. a few showers in the central great lakes and a few showers in central and southern frida. that's what's going on around the country. good morning, air is fresh and cool. it's turned less humid overnight. a few clouds over reagan national, it's 62. the dew point is dropping, getting drier and drier. the wind 10 miles an hour. it will stay this way for the rest of the afternoon as we climb into the low 70s with low humidity and quite a bit of sun. tomorrow, cloudy. chilly in the morning. high near 80 friday afternoon. migh
9:34 am
and that's your latest weather. >> thanks, al. coming up next, money and real estate. we answer your questions right after this. copd makes it hard to breathe, but with advair, i'm breathing better. so now i can be in the scene. advair is clinically proven to help significantly improve lung function. unlike most copd medications, advair contains both an anti-inflammatory and a long-acting bronchodilator working together to help improve your lung function all day. advair won't replace fast-acting inhalers for sudden symptoms and should not be used more than twice a day. people with copd taking advair may have a higher chance of pneumonia. advair may increase your risk of osteoporosis and some eye problems. tell your doctor if you have a heart condition or high blood pressure before taking advair. if you're still having difficulty breathing, ask your doctor if including advair could help improve your lung function. get your first full
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money, money, money. >> time for today's money 911. today we'll focus on real estate. our panel of experts, today's financial editor jean shatzky and david bavrngs author of "debt free for life" and sharon epperson, cnbc's personal finance correspondent. good to see you, everybody. >> good to be here. >> we'll head to christine in hartford, connecticut. good morning and what's your call, your question? >> good morning. over the years i've had a hard
9:38 am
time saving money to buy a home partly due to the cost of renting. i've been lucky to have a few stocks in the stock market and considering selling them for a down payment on a moderate home. if i were to do this, is it smarter to sell most of my investments to put a 20% down payment and avoid pmi, or sell a smaller amount and pay the pmi? >> all right. what do you think christine should do? >> quick question for christine. is this all your savings you're talking about? do you have emergency savings, a 401(k)? >> we have a 401(k). this would be considered my retirement savings, and part of my retirement savings, but i have multiple 401(k)s and we do have a smaller savings account. >> all right. so i wouldn't completely sabotage your savings in order to buy a house. it's a good time, of course, mortgage rates are really low, but when you said that you were going to buy a moderate house i
9:39 am
am going to hold you to that, because the problem that people have is that they buy so much how is that they forget how much it's actually going to cost them to live there. it is not just the mortgage payment. houses cost 2% a year alone in maintenance, and that's before you run into big trouble. >> true. >> so moderate house, buy less than you can afford and save more to replenish those savings. >> okay. christine, good luck with you w that. >> vicky in cedar hill, missouri. >> what's your real estate question? >> good morning, thank you. we refinanced our house in 2009 with warls fa in welts fargo and we want to refinance again because interest rates have come down and whene appraised the home it came in low. >> i just refinanced with wells fargo.
9:40 am
first appraisal came back, pointed out to the bank why it was so low. the bank went back and did a second and third appraisal so my refinance went through. go back to wells fargo and explain to them why the appraisal may be lower than you believed. see if they will do a second appraise a. the second thing i would do is get more educated yourself. go to two websites. and go to because in a matter of minutes can you see what things are selling for right in your area and you can do your own appraisal. if you can't get the appraisal up ask for a loan modification, but unless you're in serious financial need you won't get the loan modification. the last thing i'll say is this. even if you get the refinance done it, will drop the rate by 1%, lower your payments by $200 a month. take you a year and a half to recover the costs in the refinance process so i wouldn't stress so much about it and just go back to the bank and see if they will take another look and maybe give you another appraisal. >> and if housing prices are so low maybe she can lower property taxes and get a break there. >> let's get an e-mail in from
9:41 am
jennifer. back in 2007 i lost my job due to a company wide reduction in force. i own a home which is now in foreclosure. >> i would love to say she could keep her home. if she's really in an agreement, a binding agreement, where the lender has agreed to take less for the home than what is owed on the mortgage, she may not be able to get out of that agreement. if she's can get out of the agreement, the thing she needs to ask the lender about immediately, explain her financial situation and say can i do a loan modification, can i go through the home affordable modification program, the government, the hamp program, see if she can get a modification there. go to, a great website to get the happen to navigate through this process, but the first thing you need to do call the lender and say immediately thankfully she got a
9:42 am
job. >> thanks so much. >> youe welcome. >> still ahead, the must-have beauty products you need for 20 bucks or less right after these messages. two years ago, the people of bp made a commitment to the gulf. and every day since, we've worked hard to keep it. bp has paid over twenty-three billion dollars to help people and businesses who were affected, and to cover cleanup costs. today, the beaches and gulf are open for everyone to enjoy -- and many areas are reporting their best tourism seasons in years. we've shared what we've learned with governments and across the industry so we can all produce energy more safely. i want you to know, there's another commitment bp takes just as seriously: our commitment to america. bp supports nearly two-hundred-fifty thousand jobs in communities across the country. we hired three thousand people just last year. bp invests more in america than in any other country. in fact, over the last five years, no other energy company has invested more in the us than bp. we're working to fuel america for generations to come.
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to help keep curls well defined and touchably soft. new dove style + care whipped cream mousse. better style through better care. and one wedding, 2 kids, 43 bottles of olay total effects many birthdays later, still looks amazing. thanks to the trusted performance of olay.
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this morning on "today's beauty," the top ten products. erica metzger from "laid its home journal" with beauty buys under $20. good morning. >> good morning. great to be here. >> this is something you put your readers up to the test. had them test out 800 different products, is that right? >> 200 readers. they tested over 800 beauty products across 25 categories. hair, skin, makeup, anti-aging, the works. they came up with a list of the winners, and we brought ten of
9:46 am
them here that are $20 or less. >> all right. let's get right to. it got cleansers first to start us off for the face, and what wins here? >> this is yes. it smells incredible, cucumber scent so it's really refreshing. the other thing you need to know it's a wonderful cleanser, gentle, won't break you out and our ambassadors gave us rave reviews. >> like that you call them ambassadors, probably love that as well. on to body wash. this is the dove visible care toning. >> this body wash does triple duty. it's a cleanser and it can be used as a shaving cream because it has such a creamy lather to it and after the shower they were able to skip the post-shower lotion application because it left their skin so well hydrated. >> results in three weeks so there you go. >> get a ton of it. it will last you a while. >> speaking of shaving, talking of the foaming and lathering,
9:47 am
the razor blades that win from the ambassadors as well. >> this is from schick. this is a product they were worried their husbands and boyfriends would steal. it is a great razor. >> has the moisturizing strip on the bottom, too, which is good. over here, this is a hair conditioning spray or canteen. what does this do? >> well, if you see, you have to shake it. shake it, and you spray it on your hair. it will leave you with smooth hair, tame friz but won't lose all your volume. >> cool. >> a great styling spray before you use a hot tool or air dry. >> fantastic. that's just 6 bucks so that's a total deal. next over here, the deodorant that wins here by secret. >> secret, a great formulas odor and wetness control which everyone wants from deodorant. a clear gel that dries. >> that's nice. >> won't leave any residue on your clothes. won't leave the house with the
9:48 am
ugly white stains. >> hate when that happens. good stuff. over here. face serums this. category is all about the face. tell me about the product that wins here. >> this is an anti-aging serum moisture riser from garnier. it's an anti-aging product. $17, and it's going to treat fine lines and wrinkles, and our ambassadors told us it gave their skin an instant glow and over the course of using it it gave their skin a clearer appearance. >> this is a sunscreen. >> aveeno, lightweight, won't clog your pores. >> and i love this product, the l'oreal undereye concealer. >> it's easy toe blend and takes care of those dark circles. like a secret weapon to have in your bag. l'oreal. >> visible lift, that is, and then this wins for lip tints, burt's bees. >> known for moisturerizing, a
9:49 am
great color payoff. great for the lips. >> and for nails? >> packed up, moved across the country and their manicure didn't chip. >> great job to the ambassadors. coming up, five
9:50 am
9:51 am
this morning on "today's 5 facts," caffein as you sip your morning joe, tea. imagine, 165 million of us consume caffein every day. today's diet and nutrition editor is here with the five things everyone should know. >> good morning. >> good morning. >> so, first of all, you say there are health benefits to caffein. >> certainly in moderation, caffein is going to have great health benefits, and our first fact is caffein can boost mental focus and alertness. >> we know that. >> caffein gets right into the brain and acts on nerve cells,
9:52 am
on brain cells, that actually help promote concentration and remember. when we were foreageing men and women, to go for food and run away from predators so caffein is nature's stimulants. eat any caffein-containing foods you'd be able to survive. >> cocoa beans. >> nuts, tea leaves, coffee beans. >> and coffee beans. >> will it make you smarter? not necessarily. >> not going to make you smarter. what it will do is help with concentration. you won't learn more or be smarter for that so then you're on your own. >> how much caffein is best to consume? >> around 300 milligrams. you look at that and say what is that that, a couple cups of coffee, five cups of tea or coelho and moderation which gets to our second question. the left caffein that you consume the better it works. >> really. >> you might think, okay, the mar caffeine i have, the better i'm going to feel but the body is really smart and what happens is the more you flood yourself with caffein, the less it works. it's protection from your body, so the best thing to do is to
9:53 am
have a cup or two in the morning or whenever you want to feel the most aler. might not make the most sense, but limit your caffein, and then when you want to have that mental alertness and big boost of energy that's the time to have it. >> what about with your athletic performan performance? can it help in that as well? a kick before you go to the gym? >> the third fact, caffein can really help athletic performance. besides the mental boost, caffein has a direct action -- metabolic action on the muscles so you can actually work harder and longer and stronger. your endurance can go up. this is relative to doze and how much you weigh. you have a cup or two before the workout. it will really give you a boost. >> i have some espresso right before working out. >> is the form of caffein, does it change the effectiveness of it. in other words, if you have it in espresso or chocolate. >> like the know doze pills. >> why bother, you know, a food. better to have it in food because your body will absorb it
9:54 am
slower, in a -- in food it's always going to be better. when you take the pill, people think i can skip that thing. the dosing is going to be a problem. way too much too soon. get rapid heartbeat and not feel good so you won't have the effects so stay away from the pills. athletes do that often and that's not a good idea. >> the other fact is we think that you -- when you have a cup of coffee, you grave more, so is it addictive? >> caffein is not addictive. there's no physical dependence upon this at all. >> what about the headache you get though? >> the headache, this is the one thing that will last a few days if you go cold turkey. you'll get a headache that has to do with sort of the effect of caffeine on brain muscles. this is not an issue most people worry about. cut down on your caffein, do it gradually, half decaf, half regular and don't go cold turkey. headache will go away in a couple of days. >> and what about age, saw the honey boo boo having the red
9:55 am
bull and the mountain dew, the go-go juice. >> too much is not good. metabolizes differently at different ages. your dosing is higher, you're a little kid, dose is higher. older people metabolize it slowly so listen to your body and limit it to a cup or two a day. >> ten seconds. if it's found in coffee, tea, what's the best one? >> coffee has about three times more caffein than tea or koala. >> thanks. >> coming up, kathie lee and hoda with country singer josh turner. >> after your local news and weather. >> vision problems, numb necessary and tingling. >> now what could be a promising new treatment. "nbc nightly news" with brian williams tonight.
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9:57 is the time now. good morning, i'm eun yang. we are following breaking news on the red line. there are major delays because of a power problem. we are hearing 1,000 people are being evacuated from a train that stalled. there were earlier power
9:58 am
problems near the noma station. let's go to danella sealock with the impact it's having. what's going on? >> either take metro bus or the green line. significant delays on the red line. they are affecting the roads. right now, westbound in northwest is closed at nebraska avenue. also closed, again, this is because of the evacuation, southbound 40th street is closed. tom over to you with a check of the forecast. >> a beautiful pattern today into the weekend. feeling like autumn. might get a shower saturday evening. this pattern continues into sunday, first part of next week.
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