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tv   Fox 5 News Sports Extra  FOX  October 29, 2012 12:15am-12:30am EDT

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that fought for each other. >> yourself, you came on late into the series. how satisfying it is it to contribute the way you did? >> it doesn't matter. it's not about any one person's contributions. it's about what we collectively did. this twelve san francisco giants found a way to get it done, whoever's name was called. that's what will be remembered. >> pitching and defense, how good was it? >> you saw for yourself. it was good enough to find a way to be here right now. >> hunter, thanks. congratulations. back to you. >> ken, thank you. hunter pence came along relatively late in the ride. ryan theriot, tonight, scoring that winning run on phantom cam and it's an image that will be looked at over and over again in san francisco. erin andrews standing by with the giants game one here row, barry zito. erin. >> matt, thanks so much. here right now with barry zito, who really everyone on this
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pitching staff credits your efforts in game five of the nlcs, really giving this game momentum, new life. how good -- you said you looked like a football player, but how good does this feel right now? >> this feels incredible. it's surreal. everyone helped out from the start. three games in cincinnati, no one had done that in a couple years. game five in lcs i was blessed with having the game of my life. and the momentum turned when we got back to san francisco. >> everybody counted you out but you have gone through a lot in your career as well. you just said to me you have been laying low since you have been pitching. what is it like now you can finally enjoy this? what are you thinking about? >> i think it's just important to enjoy it with, you know, the team and my family and friends and people that really matter. and, you know, not make too much of a spectacle of it, keep it inside. >> talking to bruce bochy about what should be remembered. the pitching staff came together, the defense. what do you think it is? >> i think it's the
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intangibles. the x factor. nobody can look at a roster and no one can look at statistics and factor this in. we had the heart and the spark. hunter pence came over and he was giving us rally talks the first day in cincinnati. we were down 2-0. he went there and gave a speech and we were all kind. speechless. we were like, wow, who is this guy? it kept going all the way through so i joined up with him today and back in st. louis. i got on the wagon and me and hunter tried to get with all the boys and motivate everyone. i think it's just the x factor. you can't really count that stuff. >> we appreciate it. goen joy it with your guys. matt, back to you. >> thanks, erin. the giants sweep the tigers, the 21st sweep in world series history. the commissioner's trophy in the locker room. the mvp trophy on the field. more of our coverage from detroit is coming up next.
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>> matt: welcome back to the chevrolet world series postgame show on fox. the giants 2012 world series champs as they have swept the detroit tigers with a 4-3 victory in game 4. ken rosenthal standing by with tigers' manager jim leyland. >> ken: jim, you had such a great run to get here. you beat the a's, you swept the yankees. what happened in this series? >> it was freaky. i would never guess we would have swept the yankees and i never would have guessed the giants would sweep us. i want to start by congratulations the giants. there's nothing fluky but it. about it goes sevengation, maybe it's a fluke but they swept us. they were the better team. they beat us four straight. you have nothing to complain about. we didn't hit enough, we didn't score runs. >> ken: obviously coming into the series you are thinking about a lot of things. you are down 3-0 coming into tonight. did you think if you got
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this win, with verlander going tomorrow, you had a chance to get back in? >> i sure did. you know, you can only take it one at a time. but i felt good coming into this series about our pitching staff and they were terrific. you know, scherzer did a great job. wasn't quite as strong sometimes with his velocity but he did a great job. i felt really, really good about our rotation coming in, and i still feel good about it. i would have to say that if the giants have any respect for us at all, i will have to say they respected our pitching pretty good because we did a pretty good job with them, too. but like i said, there was nothing fluky about it. they are the world champs, they deserve to be the world champs. it really turned out to be no contest. >> i know you have great affection for your fans. people of detroit, state of michigan. what would be your message to them? >> well, the message is that, from my self, you know, it's not the message i like, but if somebody would have told me in february we will be in the world series,
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i would think that's pretty darn good. i'm sure we broke a lot of hearts tonight. i hope they enjoyed the season. hope they enjoyed that we got here. the fans stuck by us. we put on a pretty good show for them. we just ended up not being the main attraction. we got beat by the giants and they were the main attraction. we got to the heavy weight fight and we got beat. >> jim, thanks very much. >> thanks. you get a good sense why jim leyland has cultivated the kind of respect he has for so many years in this game. i think the immediate response to losing a world series, especially when it ends in a sweep, is one of failure and disappointment. when, in fact, the detroit tigers had a very good 2012 season. >> did you see the tiers in his eye? this is real. that's gut-wrenching and it hurts. they will hurt for a while. this is a good club. and i really believe in my heart they never got beyond the lay off. if you don't get past the layoff, it's tough
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to turn it on again. they were three games late getting back on track and that's the end it. >> the layoff i think did have something to do with it, especially with the type of club they are, come out and bangs the ball around. they weren't manufacturing runs, they weren't scoring guys on outs or anything like that. when you have a layoff and you don't get your timing back, it will hurt you. >> a.j.: this will be a good team next year. they have a guy named victor martinez next year coming pack from a knee injury. look for them to be pack and you see why everyone respects jim leyland so much. >> matt: guys, in the booth -- jim. your closing thoughts after this 108th world series? >> i think jim is better than putting our names together. let's hear about the giants from you. what do you take away in this world series? >> the big thing i took away from it was barry zito's talk about hunter
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pence giving a speech and we were rendered speechless. that's a strong statement. a lot of karma that they have for each other. i think bruce bochy was right. i mean, their pitching, their bullpen, they held the tigers to twelve hits over the last three games. twelve. >> and i think you can't lose sight of the fact not only did they come back in the postseason, in april they lost their close, brian wilson. they had their best player, arguably, melky cabrera suspended in august. they watched the dodger make all those blockbuster deals. and yet here they are. they are the last team standing in twelve. they win it all. >> it was once said that those who don't know history are doomed to repeat it. we have all seen this before. but how many dismissed the giants of a unexpected losses, rivals and deadline deals and playoff deficits? well, the 2010 season is
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remembered as torture and the pure joy of the first time, 2012 signature's might just be determination and resilience. they are still oddballs and characters, but fun never eclipse the resolve to win. shaken by cincinnati, shoved again by st. louis, san francisco fought back with roster-wide determination, pitch by pitch by pitch. at times a friendly nudge or two from fate. like the san francisco constance of beautiful views and fog, this giants organization has doggedly assembled elite pitching, their own young talent and choosing just the right tweak over the splashy deal. talented ingredients powered by some of the best fans in baseball and placed in the steady hand of manager bruce bochy, who may in the
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crave attention, but that is proven time and again capable of nurturing excellence. so we arrive, two years later, in this same place, san francisco giants, world series champions. there was never a doubt. >> in terms of our final thoughts, mine is bruce bochy, 24 years in the big leagues as a player and manager. he lost other world series as a player, lost one as a manager. now within a span of three years has won a pair. a job well done. congrats to the giants coaching staff humidities when i look back on the giants this year, this is a team effort. they changed the roster in augustful they have been through adversity. this has been a team collective thing that happened. congratulations to the giants. >> matt: you hit it right on the head. best definition of team there is in baseball. you can go down the roster and i think in the postseason everybody contributed in a significant way. >> a.j.: i agree. once a giant, always a giant. congratulations to the san francisco giants. we had our ups and downs when i was there.
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con great layings to brian sabean and the entire giants organization. >> matt: 100 years after the new york giants lose a world series in extra innings to the boston red sox, the san francisco giants win a world series in extra innings against the tigers. a reminder, except on the west coast, your local news. this week it's a college football double-header. coverage begins at 2:00 eastern, 11:00 a.m. pacific. for more information on tonight's game and other major league baseball news, log on to, powered by msn, the world's favorite sports site. before we leave you here, those in fox would like to express our appreciatation for our partners. it's been a great
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association and partnership for the past 17 years. we are thrilled that fox sports will continue to be your home for major league baseball's postseason and world series for the next nine seasons. we would also like to thank the talented men and women who brought you the pictures, audio and graphics of our playoff telecast who spent much of october away from their families. a big thank you to each and every one ever you. i'm matt vasgersian, and to close out our coverage of the 2012 season, our faction crew has put together some of the plays and moments that made such a memorable october of baseball. see you next spring! >> and the magical season of the orioles continue! >> the first game will be known as an infield slide rule game. >> and the a's have forced a fifth game! >> tigers are moving on!
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>> good bye! a grand slam by buster posey! >> what a comeback. >> he has put on one of the great playoff displays of any! >> four runs for the cardinals here in the ninth. >> can you believe this? can you believe it? ♪ ♪ i get on my knees and pray ♪ ♪ we don't get fooled again ♪


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