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tv   Fox 5 News Edge at 6  FOX  December 31, 2012 6:00pm-6:30pm EST

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we're going over this cliff. how dire is there situation? >> there is more wiggle room here. they have time to try to work trthings out, if they are able o pass a deal in the next couple of days. ay the bush era tax cuts would not go into effect for the majoritye of americans, but there are certain things that will affect people. a payroll tax, 2% payroll tax that's been in effect for two years, and no deal that's looking to extend that, so that is one thing people will see taken out of their paychecks starting in the new year. >> jennifer davis, thanks for , the update.the we appreciate it. let's bring in let me ask you, at this point,th are there any winners and losern because we still have no deal? >> yeah, i don't think there are any winners. senator mansion of west virginia said it best, quoted in the wall street journal n when he said there's something terribly wrong
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when the problem with the u.s. economy is the u.s. congress. and i think that's it. people are pretty fed up, and all they're trying to do really is sort of damage control, andct not make themselves look worst than they look. >> lot of, just observers hereob in all of this, is this going to be the new normal, unproductive do nothing congress?co >> i think because of the political complexion of things, and extremism is sort of appreciated, and that congress people view just staying in office rather than doingdo something for the betterment of their country, coupled with just the institution that there's ath republican house, democratic president, a democratic senate, you are always going to have problems, but you have moremo problems than 10 or 20 years ago because of the political psyche of the elected officials. >> so many people thought, nowth that president obama was reelected, that we still wouldn't receive the same sort
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of gridlock in congress. >> it won't happen, it won't be different until incumbents are beaten just for being an incumbent, and that didn't happen. even the approval rating is 9 o 10%.%. >> let me ask you about we haven't finished this deal yet, and as we wait for the clock to tick down here and hopefully get this deal accomplished, we're going to have to deal with a debt ceilinb in a few more how frustrating is this? >> you took the words away from me, because that's what i was going to bring up. brlast time, the credit rating f the united states for the first time was dropped, and remember the president said we talked about this a few sundays ago, said i'm not going to play thato game again.inn. he wanted a permanent doing away with that, then he settled, and said i'll do two years, now it's off the table, so that's what republicans are using asus leverage to get what they want,
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and you're right.e that will be an annual trainua wreck. >> and if we don't get this deal done here in the next 24-48 hours, what sort of fallout will we see politically?li >> i don't think anything.'t we have a new congress coming in thursday at noon, and then some people in the newsroom have suggested that i say, and they make good suggestions, then the new congress could say oh, looko they raised taxes and then we voted to cut them down.d so they are all interested in political consumption, or looking good rather than really taking on and tackling a difficult problem.icm. >> it is frustrating for all of us watching, but we're going to stay on top of this. mark, i know you will, thanks so much.thch the other big story we're following, redskins nation celebrating washington's victory and historic win over the cowboys last night. the team clenched the nfc east,
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and ticket to the playoffs fora the first time since 2007. it has been an exciting 24 hours for the team and fans who arear now preparing for game one ofga the mepost season. let's head to fedex field. >> reporter: shawn, the nfl is a rough business, and no dayan assumption it up betterd today, why 12 teams are smiling heading to the post season, 7 headhe coaches, five gms fired today. fortunately, mike shanahan, theh redskins, one of those 12 still smiling. the playoff hopes are still alive, as they are the nfc east champs, let's take you to lastt night and o how it went down frm fedex field in front of a freezing but frenzied fan base. they finished off the season sweep of the cowboys, first in 7 years, rgiii rushed for 63 yards, 9 in the third quarter for the skins first lead of the game to make it 14-7. alfred mother rix one of the ali time great redskins -- morris, one of the all time great
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redskins performance. becoming the single season rushing leader, 1613 yards on, the season. nearly 100 yards better than the old mark.m skins win 28-12, or 28-18. on to the playoff for the home game against the seahawks on sunday. >> first step is to win the division like we talked b secon step is take one game at a time. what you have to do is pay is attention to detail every day. and same things we've been doing for the last 7 weeks, we will continue to do, and hopefully do them at a higher level. we know when it's on the line, we will step up and makend the plays. it's been that way for several weeks, and i couldn't be anymore proud of the offense or defense, coaches, everyone just had thee same mind set, so we know we have to win, and that's all that matters. when it's on the line, redskins will step up and make it happen.
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>> reporter: so this sunday, ma be the biggest day in the last five years, they host the seahawks, we will have a special pregame show 3:30 on sunday. the game will follow up at 4:30. now coming up, how the skinsth depleted secondary may get a big boost coming up, and i'll explain that ahead in the sports end. now back inside to you. >> thank you. >> washington is abuzz, it's the first time in years that fans have been able to imagine a super bowl run. fans celebrate on social media, and scour particular sites for sales. >> reporter: there's a grainr: range of options. this is stub hub, if you have $20,000, there is a corner suitu available be marketed on line. there are also front row seats you can get a pair of front row seats at fedex for $5000. if you want to do the standingsn room only route, those tickets go for about $150 a piece.ce
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that's right now.s n we want to introduce you to a big-time redskins fan. his name is charles jones, hene lives in arlington, virginia, and he believes his custom van may have something to do with the redskins success this season >> my name is charles jones. i'm a super fan. super redskins fan. coming off the bye week when iwh thought about doing the paint job, just explain strips, andd that seemed to i think the time has come together, and i consider myselfe part of the team. i'm doing my part as a fan. i had 12 cans of burgundy, and five cans of -- when i got downg to two otor three cans, i knew i had to hurry up, and make it work. because i was ready to run out. >> i'm getting a thumb's
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number of fans who admit they don't like being inside it, but they can't deny the fact i created a masterpiece and theyn want to be part of my number one skin is joe gibbs. then rgiii. and he got me excited and everything, so inspired me toird put him in the back. this is where i started.d. after i put him in the back, i walked around several times, i said he need to be on here more than onc so i put him here. after being on the driver's side, i realized i got to have it on this side, too. so the combination of three, rgiii, and that summed things up. i think we cans get to the super bowl. i think we can win. i truly believe it.. and i'll be right there every step of the way. >> super fan charles jones, want
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to thank doug wilkes for putting that together. we've been out and about, and a lot,t of people are wearing ther pride ton their coats, hats. >> and on their cars. he is indeed a super fan. >> 12th man. they talk about the 12th man, the fan, important in this wholh >> thank you. fox 5 will bring you a special pregame show sunday starting at 3:30. scott smith, lindsay murphy, and doc walker will be here with the inside angles. coming up tonight, the latest on secretary of state hillary clinton, after she was admitted to the hospital for a blood clot. plus we are getting ready tong ring in the new year, just ahead, we're taking you live to times square ahead of the big ball drop. >> you know, more of the same,h that's how we're going to ringo in the new year, and there is ae chance that we may get a little flurry or two. i don't want to oversell this. i'll have the complete forecast for the new year. this is the last one, well, not
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quite the last one, the last one of 2012. stay with we'll have the forecast and the news edge. 
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tonight, we know more about hillary clinton's conditionon's after doctors rad mitt her to the hospital, doctors discovered the clot yesterday after ate follow up examination for a concussion. we have learned that clot is clotlocated in her head. doctors stress it did not result in a stroke or neurological damage. they are predicting a full recovery. today, we spoke to a neurologist about the risk associated with the blood clot. >> you can present with princreased pressure, seizures, convulsions, focal deficits so it deis possible that any damage can be a problem, but in this case, there was no focal deficit, the person was normal.
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>> second clinton's doctors say that to help the clot dissolved, they are treating her with blood thinners. still ahead, it is time to say so long to 2012, and hello to 2013. coming up, people have already started to pile into times square for tonight's big ball drop. we'll take you live to new york city when the news edge returns. irene, drop the itch. we dropped the itch, you can too. with maximum strength scalpicinĀ®. it's not a shampoo so you can stop intense itch fast, wherever you are. i dropped the itch. free yourself from embarrassing scalp itch. drop the itch with maximum strength scalpicinĀ®. also available scalpicinĀ® 2 in 1, itch relief plus dandruff control.
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so where will you be withl the ball drops tonight? nearly 1 million people are expected to crowd that times square in new york city. craig boswell was live. has the party started yet? >> reporter: it certainly has.ce good evening, look, peopleok , started streaming into times square early this afternoon,af right around 3:00 p.m. eastern time. they started, we're between
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46th and 47th.nd they started getting into the viewing sections so they could get a good spot. basically, as you said, about a million i'm surrounded by a million of my closest friends. we can say while 2012 has its ups, it had its downs, everybody isns layered up because of the cold, saying good-bye to 2012, and hello to 2013. they are ready to let this ball drop. less now than 6 hours away.ho it is officially lit. we have heard from carly ray -- we heard the taylor swift do an equipmedont check.eq they were ready to hear some more, and ready to watch theh ball drop, and ready to get those new year's eve regs loses out in the open, and out so theh
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can have those wishes fulfilledf for a better 2013, and this crowd stretches about another 12 blocks up to central park, so this place is jamming, it isis ready. >> i've experienced it onceonce before. i think 2:00 p.m., the streets and sidewalks were aeady tarting to get we might just stick around so wo can see a little gangnam style.m >> reporter: excellent!or he was in dc tefor christmas inn washington, certainly, he's not quite on stage. let me show you what's going on stag ge as the performers come , do the sound check. the you can see exactly where we the great view, and even theth people to stage left and right have a good view, and with the cameras, you can see this atat home, very, very well, and we're glad you're here. >> it looks like agents going tt be a great -- it's going to be great night. craig, stay warm and have funfu with a million of your closestr
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friends.s. >> you've got it! >> we just missed it. gangnam style. >> lindsay, our producer, i'll ' give up my time so we can -- i'm kidding. >> the last thing i want to hea is one more time this year isi gangnam style. i don't think i've listened tost the whole thing.ole >> you can do the dance. >> you know i can't dance! here's what's going on thiss evening. not here, not times square, but here, here for us, it's actually the same weather for them ast what we heget right now. we have cloudy skies, that'ss, been the trends all day long, temperature here in the city isi at 40 degrees, okay? 36 for gate burger, frederick,fr mr., baltimore 39, leonard down, 34, and to the southwest in thee suburbs, culpeper, manassas, you are in the middle 30s.
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and temperatures will move down, but with the clouds, i think temperatures will still bebe staying pretty much in the mid-30 range for just everybody, maybe a little bit cooler outside the belt way, but not much, and the good news here, if you're going to be out and about, the winds will be light.t so you know how cutting the winds have one thing is for certain. 2013 is going to start offof chilly for us. the next several days, temperatures will be holding right about 40 degrees, give orr take a few degrees for highs.h so we're at 40 now. there's real cold stuff, to the north, fargo, north dakota,dak zero, international falls, minu 1, so an intrusion of very drydr cold arctic air coming down into canada, and there are indications that late in theth week, as we get toward thed latter part of the week, we might tap into that briefly.thy. so we're just talking about highs in the 30s towards the latter part of the down to the south, dallas is 49, new orleans really nice atat
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62 degrees, tampa, temperatures are in the mid- to upper 60s. so they will bring in the new year with some very, very nicey conditions. this is on the floor done. f we don't have rain -- this is overdone, we don't rain in the area, what rain we had is moving on. we have a big plume of moisture coming up where it's cold enough for light snow, where it's not cold enough is light rain,r headed for us, i don't think itt makes that much of an impact on our cloudy tonight, 35 in town. slightly cooler.tly down around freezing for some out fin the suburbs. tomorrow, clouds, there may be a spotty sprinkle or spottysp flurry, okay?fl? other than that, we're talking about cloudiness, andan chilliness, and temperatureste will start in the middle 30s.30 we will only warm to about 40, 41, with spotty pre-cip.pre- and that means there might be a raindrop out there from time to time where it applies, where the temperatures will support the snow, there will be flurryflur
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activity, but not any accumulation, as i said, for tho next several days, talking temperatures right aroundgh 40 degrees or t so for a high. sunday, the way it looks, and os course seattle comes to it will be sunny and dry, and chilly, so let's hope thatthat stands. >> absolutely.ut >> we miss gangnam style. stick around. sports is coming up next. redskins 7th consecutive win earns them a playoff game. 
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>> these are not the same redskins, they are heading to the eypost season. rgiii was not at number speed, but was able to find the enden zone. he coasts in from 9 yards out to give the skins the fired lead. morris, he had his best game ofe an incredible season, hishi 32-yard touchdown was the third of the game for him. he finished with 200 yards on the ground, single season total of 1613 yards. rgiii was asked, where this 28-18 victory ranked. >> top one. it's a championship game. we won. w so hopefully we can win the overall championship of the league, but this is the besthe feeling i've ever had. i'm at a loss for words, justjus because it's that important to us, and we went out and did what we said we were going to do. we won 7 straight, won the division, and now we're in thet
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playoff, and now we need to decide honiara we want to go. >> this doesn't happen without the assist let defense -- hash let defense.ns tony romo was picked off three times last night, none bigger than rob jackson in the final minutes of the fourth quarter. they held the cowboys to 18 points, and a nice feather inic the cap for the "d" to end thet regular season. >> to we definitely executed the game plan, and pulled it out.ut >> we went out there, we haveth been playing like this the last 7 weeks, we knew we had to win 11 in a row to accomplish theac goal, and we are dock it, man -- doing it, man. it's a great feeling. we have to keep it going. >> this is what's coming up onon sunday at 3:30, a pregame show, followed by the fox networknet show, then the game.he
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they're calling it black monday, many losing their job around the nfl for unmet expectations after 14 years tain philly, andy reids out, disappointing 4 listen 12 season. 7 head coach, five gms, lovielo smith from the bears, browns pat chromier, norv turner and romeo crennel.nel. we'll send it back to you. >> thank you shot, and thank yoh for joining us. the news is always on on
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