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tv   Fox Morning News  FOX  January 24, 2013 7:00am-9:00am EST

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indeed we have it. it's not a lot but causing problems out there. this is thursday january 24th. good morning i'm tony perkins. >> and i'm allison seymour. the early morning snow means a lot of closings. the federal government is open but workers do have the option of taking unscheduled leave or tele working. >> now to schools in maryland anarundle county schools will open two hours late. calvert schools will close. st. marys county schools are closed. >> in virginia, alexandria city and arlington schools open late. culpeper schools are closed. fairfax schools are open 2 hours late. louden county schools 2 hours late. i know it's a lot to take in. just a reminder for you, the full list of closings
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and delays will school across the bottom of your screen and on our web site >> and of course we're keeping an eye on conditions outside all morning long. melanie and julie are watching the roads but we will begin with tucker barnes with how long the snow will last and if we'll get much more. when can we see more? >> got a lot going on. here's the first answer to your first question, things are winding down. might stick around for another hour or two. gradually sunshine this afternoon. let's get to the radar. widespread reports of anywhere between a dusting to an inch locally. and then we've had a band set up to our south between fredericksburg and st. marys city where we're getting reports of more than that down there. they've won the jackpot across southern maryland and parts of south central virginia. otherwise,
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still left over snow showers all associated with our clipper system that will push to the south and east over the next several hours. gradually more and more sunshine building today. current temperature reagan national. it is cold out there. right now at reagan national, the temperature is 20 degrees. 18 dulles. bwi 16. the winter weather advisory continues until 9:00 a.m. the weather service will let this go shortly. that's all the counties here in purple until 9:00 a.m. as snow totals expecting to be between an inch or two. high temperatures only reach into the upper 20s with the winds blowing out of the north and west. blustery and cold afternoon. wait a couple days if you want mother nature to clean the sidewalk. many more details. more snow on the way coming up. allison, back to
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you. >> thank you, tucker. our team coverage continues with melanie alnwick live in northwest with a look at the roads. slow going out there i would imagine. good morning. >> reporter: in some spots but i got to tell you in the three and a half hours we've been out here, things have gotten better and better. western avenue right now completely wet. no snow no ice at all. here on living stone street it started going back into the back roads here. also now almost completely clear. it was covered with snow when we got here earlier this morning and the stalled trucks made a couple passes by. sidewalks are going to be the issue for most people. they have not been treated. i know homeowners want to take that extra two hours if you have a sidewalk where you have a lot of pedestrians going by, that's where you are going to have trouble. and these granite curbs, that's going to be a
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problem. they are very slippery. the granite is so smooth. not a lot of traction. let me show you who is having fun out here. the kids are sleeping in; right? the dogs are not. i'm not sure if you can see them. they are threeing the ball around. this is the good stuff, this is the good snow. not going to cause a lot of trouble. good morning, how are you? we've seen the buses on schedule and the trash trucks on schedule. so far so good out here. >> who was that that you were talking to? just a passer-by? >> just a passer-by. you know. people are walking by going to the bus stop. it's one of those things where they are just enjoying themselves. >> melanie alnwick always friendly. thank you so much. now let's check in with julie wright for your on time traffic.
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>> melanie is talking about the dogs. beagle daily did that went out and dipped his nose in. wasn't that deep so. on the roads it's not that deep. not a lot to clear right now. they have been treated shoulder to shoulder southbound along 270. the heavier volume is not -- wet pavement to accompany your drive and making your way out through rockville. you will find traveling in bound it's like the left and right turn lanes are still questionable right now. the major arteries have been cleared. still slush there you are going to have to squeeze through. allow extra timeout there. watch your speeds on the ramps, bridges and overpasses. this is the inbound drive at suit land parkway. getting tweets along constitution avenue and independence avenue the roads have been treated.
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quick peak at the map southbound on 95 this is where we had problems earlier. delays traveling from 32 out to the beltway. southbound on 295 you are backed up down to 18 miles an hour. that's a check of your fox 5 on time traffic. >> julie, thank you. and as you always do, we are thanking you for helping us tell the story of the overnight snow. this is picture from southern stafford county virginia. posted by one of our facebook fans. you can post them or e-mail them to us at >> our other big story, a historic change for the military. >> for the first time in united states history, women will be moving to the front lines. sarah is here with us with the details. this coming in yesterday afternoon and unbelievable and amazing.
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>> yeah, this is a big moment in our history for sure. defense secretary is expected to announce he is lifting the military's ban on women serving in combat rolls. this new directive will open 230,000 jobs to women in the army and marines which will be the first branches of the armed services to make that change. the ban has been in place since 1994. some say women can meet the same standards they should be allowed on the front lines. critics say could create a distracting sexually charged atmosphere. and women will not be able to perform the more physically demanding jobs. >> we're going forward. women should have all the equal opportunities. >> you are not looking whether the person next to you is male or female. you are looking for somebody with a rifle that's trying to keep you alive and themselves alive. >> i say it but that's because
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i'm old timer. >> do you want to restructure the front ine infantry to accommodate what could wind up being a small women who are capable of handling this task? >> the change will not take place overnight. service chiefs have until may. but some jobs may open as soon as this year and also up to military service chiefs whether women should be excluded like the navy seals. comes just months after the military ended the don't ask don't tell rule. so now we have this other big milestone for our military. interesting to see. >> see how it plays out. thank you. >> happening today, vice president joe biden launches a white house campaign to promote gun control plan. today the vice president will host a web chat to discuss ways to reduce
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gun violence. tomorrow he takes a message on the road with a stop in richmond, virginia. john kerry will face the senate foreigns relation committee. the president picked massachusetts senator to replace the retiring hillary clinton as the nation's top diplomate. kerry will likely cruise through an easy confirmation. >> it was emotional, blunt and sometimes heated testimony as secretary of state hillary clinton answered questions about the deadly attack on the u.s. consulate in benghazi. accused the white house of fwlaming the attack on an offensive video. >> the fact is we had four dead americans was it because of a protest or guys out for a walk and decided they'd kill americans? what difference at this point does it make? it is our job to figure out what happened and do everything we can to prevent it from ever
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happening again, senator. honestly, i will do my best to answer your questions about this. the fact is people were trying in real time to get to the best information. >> the secretary of state was also questioned about requests for beefed up security from ambassador chris stevens. she said she never read them. if he were president he would have fired her for not reading the requests for more security. >> the federal government has delayed a credit default for four more months. yesterday house law makers voted in favor of the bill that will raise the debt ceiling. the move also defuses another fiscal cliff crisis next month. the bill now heads to the senate where it will likely pass. >> metro wants to make major improvements to infrastructure. keeping pace with gross could mean spending billions. >> we'll take a closer look at what's included in the
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improvement proposal. >> college football star and his fake online girlfriend. we're going to hear from manti te'o and how the same thing almost happened to a red skin's player. >> we'll check in with tucker and julie with an update on the messy morning rush hour. stay with us. 11 minutes after 7:00.
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there's your live look outside. would this be one of the salt domes? you betcha. >> they are open for business. the crews have been out spreading salt, spreading chemicals on the roads. in some of the neighborhoods still slick spots. >> all i could remember yesterday is you saying in our
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editorial meeting it's going to be too cold for those chemicals to work. so i'm inching in. black ice. >> secondary roads are covered and temperatures are in the teens. we'll have to deal with refreezing out there. we're never going to get above freezing this afternoon. that will be a bit of a player. >> just take your time. the best thing to do. >> good news is it's been mostly been a scenic snow. it's about an inch. and it's beautiful. the exception is our friends to the south widespread reports st. marys county and calvary county 2 to 4 inches. a little pocket there. a little in the way of moderate snow during the overnight hours. that's the jackpot. fredericksburg, king george county. you picked up about two inches. anywhere between a half inch to an inch. and frederick an inch. out towards annapolis an inch.
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all right. let's do temperatures and they are very cold. temperature right now reagan national 20 degrees. 19 in cambridge. these temperatures will not get out of the 20s. highs in the upper 20s. and now we have a snow pack, that will aid in keeping these temperatures down. looking at satellite radar, last of the showers moving through. things wind down by the end of the morning commute and breakout into partial sunshine this afternoon. quiet afternoon and evening. before we do it all over again or potentially tomorrow afternoon as yet another clipper approaches. and that one will have more moisture available to it. we could get a few more inches during the day tomorrow. you can see off to the north and west. that's the beginnings of our next storm system that will arrive tomorrow afternoon and bring us light snow for the evening rush hour tomorrow.
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there's your accu weather 7 day. 30s through the weekend 50s by the middle of next week. we're all over the place. >> bring on the 50s again. >> really? couldn't handle it huh? >> it's okay but i think about the school buses and the accidents and seeing people on the side of the road. it's kind of a mess. that's all. >> let's find out how much of a mess it is. for that we turn to julie wright. >> and of course tucker broke the news it's sunny and 75 for a high today in miami. >> there you go. >> yeah, nice. tucker with the good news always. this is the trip south on 270. we have been treating the roadways overnight and early this morning. dealing with wet pavement for the most part headed in towards gaithersburg and out towards rockville. let's pull up the map and show you what else is happening out here on the roads. we are quite busy. delays on 295 headed north and from the suit land
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parkway to the inbound bridge. the roadway temporarily blocked off while they continue to treat the road. we are receiving word of icy conditions at 281 along 231. icy conditions reported on some of the ramps and overpasses. allow extra times on the roads. there's a big difference along the beltway to and from silver spring versus making your drive-thru the inner changes. so again, roads have not been treated, proceed with caution where you may have 3 to 2 lanes of travel. may be 1. that's a check of your fox 5 on time traffic. >> manti te'o tells katie couric he briefly lied about his online girlfriend but only after he found out she didn't exist. the heisman finalist maintains he had no role in the hoax. wisdom martin is live with excerpts from that interview.
7:19 am
>> good morning to you, tony. this started last week after a web site discovered manti te'o's online girlfriend was made up all part of a practical joke. now, in an emotional sit down with katy couric, he says he had no choice but to cover up the embarrassing situation. >> you stuck to the script and you knew that something was a miss. >> correct. >> why? >> well, if anybody put yourself in myself. katy, put yourself in my situation. my whole world told me that she died on september 12th. everybody knew that. this girl who i committed myself to died on september 12th. now i get a phone call on december 6th saying she's alive and i'm going to be put on
7:20 am
national tv two days later and they ask me the same question. what would you do? >> now, in the same sit down, his father says his son made an honest mistake. he admits he never met the girl he called the love of his life. the same thing almost happened to a few red skin's players. a fan using an important star's picture struck up conversations with four players online. said the players tried to arrange face-to-face meetings but they never happened. the skin's posted a memo warning players to avoid a woman claiming to be sydney ackerman. the face twitter and facebook accounts have been deleted. and hard to believe this kind of stuff goes on but there it is. catfishing is big and people get scammed by it. >> and that's what it's called. catfishing. >> it's based on a woman that
7:21 am
had similar things happen to the people in the movie. that's apparently what it is. >> highly unfortunate. >> it is now 7:20. coming up later. the caps still looking for win number one. and a soccer star ejected after unsportsmanlike conduct. we'll show you what happened. >> first though, why the secrets to a longer slief anything but. we'll tell you about the results of a landmark study looking at the health effects of smoking. 7:21. we'll be right back .  [ lane ] are you growing old
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welcome back. 7:24. there's a new study out on smoking. it shows people who smoke cut their life span by at least ten years. 1.3 billion people smoke worldwide. 35 million right here in the united states. and scientists say smokers here are three times more likely to die between the
7:25 am
ages of 25 and 79 than nonsmokers. and about 60% of those deaths are directly attributed to smoking. it's worse for women. the risk of dying of lung cancer is more than 25 times higher for women. >> this article is the first article to look at the entire u.s. population, a representative sample of the u.s. population and link it to death records and smoking status. if we don't do something dramatic to turn this around, there will be a billion deaths in the 21st century from smoking. >> the findings show quitting smoking is obviously a good thing. the research shows smokers who kick the habit before 40 reduce the risk by 90% and gain back several years of their life. tony, over to you. >> thank you much. still ahead in our next half hour, a three
7:26 am
decade multi billion dollar plan to upgrade metro. we'll look at what's included when we sit down with washington post columnist. plus, idol drama. for the first time since that video leak last fall we see what led to the blowout between two new judges. but first, cold and snowy commute. tucker and julie will be back with a check on conditions. 7:26. you are watching fox 5 morning news. s.
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all heck broke loose. >> i can't help her. >> every word she said was a yodle. >> well, all heck broke loose on american idol last night. but viewers did finally find out the source of the tension between new judges. >> summer cunnigham was auditioning. carry and jackson were pushing her too hard. she was trying to be helpful.
7:30 am
turned out to be tamer than behind the scenes video. what we saw. it's heavily edited. that video seemed to be like really escalated. cursing between the two. i get it though. basically she comes out and goes i used to do country. keith urban off like country is a passing fad. >> she said i decided to do that country thing. >> but she abandoned it. and so that's what it started. >> do they really not like each other or is it an act? >> i don't know. i got to be honest with you if you turn on the radio, you are hearing nicki as far as pop goes. i'm not hearing mariah. keith urban is at the top of his game. seems to be like randy was like i have 40 years in the business. that's clearly a slap in the face to nicki. it's irritating after a while.
7:31 am
okay. i have street cre d. >> and nicki is giving good advice and when that argument ensued i thought she was right. the other judges went on and on about this girl. and the girl is standing there waiting for them to vote. well the country thing. are you doing it or not? >> right. she wanted to expand. i don't know. i said i'm team mariah. i might be team nicki now. >> switching forces. >> i might be doing that. >> i was busy studying my weather maps last night. >> you were really? >> what did you come up with? >> still dealing with light snow across the area. school closures or? >> should we do the school closings first? okay. we have something else we're going to show. sorry. there are a lot of school closings and delays today. you can see them all on the bottom of your screen and one of your younger facebook
7:32 am
fans posted that a two hour delay equals a date with his bed and fox 5 morning news. we like that. >> as we once talk about snow again, now we want to share another one of your pictures. take a look. this was posted by katrina williams. this is snow outside of her front door. keep the photos coming on facebook and e-mail them to us. >> now we have day light. it's beautiful. it's absolutely beautiful. still snowing out there. it's becoming lighter by the minute. not expecting much in the way of additional accumulations. so far anywhere between half an inch to an inch in and around the beltway and this time if you go further south, that's where the jackpot totals have been between 2 and 4 inches as you get roughly in a line here from fredericksburg pushing through king george
7:33 am
county. st. marys county widespread reports of 3 to 4 inches including places like lesby. california, maryland they have four inches. and the snow should begin for another hour or two. let's push on to the next map. we're looking at temperatures on the cold side here. reagan national is 19 degrees. 21 this morning in leonard town. 19 in annapolis. 16 in baltimore. it's going to be a cold day. winds are out of the north and west in the wake of our system. snow should wrap up shortly but never temperatures above the freezing mark. later today our temperatures will only reach the upper 20s. third day in a row with temperatures only in the upper 20s. had to go back to 2005, 2006. all right. here are your wind s out of the north and west. sustained 14. gusting to about 30 . locking in
7:34 am
a windchill and you may want to limit your timeout doors if you are shafb he willing or sweeping the sidewalk. make sure you have lots of layers. 5 the current wind in leonard town. 10 in annapolis. this weak clipper system not a lot of moisture. as we look up stream should get sunshine in here later this afternoon and next storm system will move in tomorrow. it's yet another clipper. we could do another round of some light to moderate snow around here tomorrow afternoon. that could bring us a few more inches. the timing on that will be tomorrow afternoon and maybe even your rush hour tomorrow night will be problematic. cloudy and cold and the snow should not be here for the morning commute. tomorrow afternoon and tomorrow evening. gradual warmup this weekend. 40 on monday. and check out your daytime highs tuesday and wednesday. we're all over the place for the next week. that's weather. let's do traffic. and julie wright has been manning the roadways.
7:35 am
>> yes, very busy out here on the roads this morning, tucker. icy conditions reported along route 5 atopen pen avenue. they have shut down the road so they can treat the roadway. wet pavement. other areas ice. that's why we were encouraging you to leave early and slow down. the trip on the baltimore parkway incident free but below speed. 16 miles an hour leaving 32. continuing the drive in virginia in the right lane. expect to find a delay south of route 50. gw parkway approaching the cia one car off the roadway to the right. that's tying up traffic northbound. eastbound 66 average speed now down to 31 miles an hour. let's continue with the cameras and show you what else is out here. major
7:36 am
arteries look good across the 14th street bridge. secondary roads are questionable. 270 remains in good shape out towards the split. and for a while all the roads leading over to beach drive between the marilyn line. so keep an eye open for that. rock creek parkway is open as well as beach drive. that's a check of your fox 5 on time traffic. >> thank you. today metro managers will debut ambitious plan to upgrade the aging transit system. the proposal calls for digging new tunnels under the district along with other major infrastructure over hauls. $26 billion. over the next 30 years and raising that money would require big contributions from local governments. you can read all about it on the front page of the post. and for more on what we think about all this, which turn to robert mccartney. columnist with the washington post. that's on page one.
7:37 am
your column is on page one of the metro section talking about it. it's a lot to take in. >> yes, there's a lot in there. >> needed? not needed? what's your big impression? >> i think it's definitely needed. maybe not all of it is needed but the region is going to grow a lot by a couple million people in the next few decades. and the metro system is supposed to handle much of that growth. a lot of the growth is in the city or the close end suburbs. and the system is already straining. the system is already worn out and they've been rebuilding it since the reforms following the 2009 red line crash. they've been rebuilding it and rehabilitating it and get it up to where it should have been all along. that has to continue and they need money to do that but they also want to expand it and
7:38 am
improve it. and in particular all the trains as 8 car trains so only about a third are 8 car trains now. and that takes a lot of money. if you are looking at 2040, they want to build a new tunnel up 10th street north south of 10th street and a new tunnel next to the key bridge and down emma street towards downtown. and this is all basically to relieve congestion and deal with the new riders coming in in the future. >> rebuild my youth when they were building the system in the first place. those are some of the highlights. your main question which i love and people are asking that right now is i'm going to quote it here. in your column what politicians business
7:39 am
leaders or others are going to step up and make this happen for the sake of the region so we can be that all class city we are in our minds already. >> right. >> how about that question? is that harder to answer? >> very hard to answer. as i say in my column, it's not clear right now who is going to take the lead in selling this to the public. you have to sell it in several phases. you have to get everybody to sign on to continue investing about a billion dollars a year indefinitely. you have to keep the system in good repair. what metro says it's going to cost by 2040 is an extra a little more than a billion a year on top of that. that would be all new money on top of what's being spent now. and if i look around the region and i think this is necessary for the region for our economic prosperity, for the environment and kwaul of life frankly.
7:40 am
this is the central transit system for the region. if you are going to see who is going to carry the ball, i'm skeptical unless people step up in ways they haven't before. the politicians in virginia and maryland right now, they can't even decide on how to find enough money to keep their own road systems from going bankrupt. if they can't figure that out and struggling with that right now how are they going to come up with lots more money for transit? if you look at the business community, some people in the business community like the greater washington board of trade, they are all in for metro. they are the leading supporters for metro. the business community is fragmented and there are lots of parts of the business community that have sort of view. out the dulles corridor in northern virginia and the medical
7:41 am
companies and technology companies up 270 in montgomery county and north of there. they are not necessarily as tied in or focused on what's best for the region. and the metro general manager says you've got to have the business community all in on this to get the politicians to agree to make the changes. and then of course you've also got the federal government which if anything is going to be reducing the amount of money it gives to metro rather than increasing it. and the rising public i don't see a constituency. they are very good on putting pressure on metro to fix the escalators. but in terms of them also being a constituency to urge the politicians to raise the money to help metro do those things i don't see that. i call as a columnist on the region to rally together and get behind this
7:42 am
even if you don't like all aspects of the plan. >> kind of one of those things whereas a consumer you expect it to be done. you can read all about it today read about the plan and about some of bob's concerns. thank you so much for being with us again today. >> my pleasure. >> we'll see you right after the break. 
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7:45 am
here's a live shot. snow is coming down more than it was before. this is in montrose, virginia i'm told. the roads are slick. not a lot of snow out there. but the roads are slick and it has caused problems and delays across the region. >> also cause it's so cold. >> that's the problem. >> that's a big factor. that's northwest washington. >>s pretty. >> i got to say it's beautiful. >> you know we haven't had this for a while. >> didn't have it last year. an inch last year and parts of the area waking up to 4 inches. st. marys county you guys have
7:46 am
won the jackpot here. widespread reports of 3 or 4 inches. >> where i was there was about half an inch. >> that was more common. half inch to an inch is what we've been seeing locally. >> did you measure? >> i can tell. i did this for many years. >> once a weather man, always a weather man. >> the live shot still snowing. it is in fact still snowing. it is light and we're not expecting a whole lot in the way of accumulation. enough to reduce visibilities and will be with us for another hour or two and things should gradually taper off to flurries and afternoon sunshine. here's snow totals. about an inch in winchester as we switch maps. two inches. reports in california, maryland for our viewers thereof close to
7:47 am
four inches. st. marys city four inches. that's the jackpot where we have more moderate bands of snow. there we are at 1:00 today. should we sunshine breaking out. going to be cold afternoon with high temperatures in the upper 20s. and pretty brisk wind out of the north and west. anything that has a chance to melt off could refreeze. be ready for icy spots. here we are tomorrow afternoon at 5:00. looks like we're going to do another round of this later tomorrow afternoon and tomorrow night. 29 today. cold again tonight. 30 tomorrow with light snow redeveloping. gradual warmup. 50s around here by next tuesday and wednesday. we're not going to know what month it is by next week. >> we're not going to know what month it is by next week. i understand. >> you guys are paying such close attention. >> of course we were.
7:48 am
>> you are over here giggling. >> okay. let's find out what's happening on the roads. here's julie wright. and while julie is talking we'll say why we were giggling. >> i want to know the secret. we'll pull up this camera here. i wanted to show you this earlier. now we can see the road has been treated and traffic is able to get through. this is southern maryland where tucker was talking about. a lot of the storm hit overnight. traffic is moving once again. unfortunately, a number of accidents have popped up. we have in charles county the accident along 301 as you continue to make your way up towards small wood road. let's continue now and show you what else is happening out here on the highways. if you are travel the outleter loop you are below speed. college park around georgia avenue. streets have been treated. southbound 95 headed south towards 198 and 212
7:49 am
to the beltway. also backed up with a 40 minute commute out of laurel. ramps and overpasses are still questionable. lanes are open. delays continue from the beltway to king street crossing over the 14th street bridge. that's off to the road to the shoulder. southbound delays from 123 to the key bridge. that's a check of your fox 5 on time traffic. >> thank you. graffiti is frowned upon . but in this case most people are making an exception. workers finishing up the tallest building at the new world trade center. personal marks and messages all over the concrete and steal. the works of art range from 9-11 tributes to poetry to sketches even. the graffiti is a way for workers to release feelings after the attacks. one of the beams has a
7:50 am
handwritten message signed barack obama. >> 7:44 on this thursday morning. coming up next the caps look for their first win and the wizards drop another one in dramatic fashion. good morning, dave. >> the wizards are showing life. and a bizarre story overseas involving a footballer who kicked a ball boy. we have all the details of all of the above next in sports breakfast. stick around. fox 5 morning news is back in a moment. at honda,
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at 100 calories or less, there are plenty of reasons people are saying "progress-oh!" share your story for a chance to win a progress-oh! makeover in hollywood. go to to enter. the caps welcome the canadians to the phone booth tonight. i don't even know what that means. >> it's the verizon center. i don't like the nickname. >> they are still looking for the first win of their short season. >> dave ross is back now with another serving of your sports breakfast. >> the phone booth is not
7:54 am
great. what else we got though? >> call center. >> come up with a better nickname. >> the call center? the big v. the v center. >> i don't think i like that either. when you say canadians, they have a talk. we've lost tony. let's move right along here. it's a big one tonight. the wizards have been playing better basketball as well. are we going to start with them? we're going to start with the caps. >> i'm sorry. >> no, we're going to start with the wizards. i'm confused as well. this is what happened last night, they were on the last game of a five game roady. and they fell down by 22 points. oh, this is over. they came all the way back. knocking down the 3 there. part of an 11-0 run. they weren't done. going to
7:55 am
kick it over to trevor for 3 and the wizards cut it all the way to 2. watch this play here. this is impressive. through the legs. i miss the lay up. but yet they still get the win. tucker barnes, that hurt . hurt your pride. caps got to play with pride tonight. the montreal canadians do come to the phone booth. that's the best we have so far. the first goal in a 4-2 loss the other night against ottowa or winnipeg. so hoping we can beat the other canadian team tonight. he was involved in two fights. one goal and two fights. he was the only guy who stepped up. here's the bizarre story of the day. this is chelsea footballer
7:56 am
loses his patience with the ball boy. look what he does. knocks him down and wait for it. >> come on. >> kicks this 17-year-old ball boy. take another look. he got a red card. he's not going to face criminal action. but he will have a minimum of a three match band for violent conduct. there's the red card he got. they were down by two goals. he was trying to get the ball pack. trying to get to a corner kick. there's just no excuse for kicking anybody. a ball boy. the ball boy -- >> give him the ball so they can get back in play. >> they have the cleats? >> yeah. >> oh, come on. >> there are things that happen on the field and if they happen on the street, you'd be arrested. >> and you'd be charged. there are no criminal
7:57 am
charges pending and he has apologized. you and i in the middle of the street, yeah. >> can you hear me now center? no? >> no. >> thank you. >> the phone booth. >> we'll stick with that. still ahead a healthier twist on home cooking. we're going to check in with the fox medical team. >> it's better van the big v. first check back in with tucker and julie. thank you. stay with us. 7:57. fox 5 morning news continues. ♪
7:58 am
7:59 am
[ female announcer ] at yoplait, we want you to feel even better about your favorite flavors. so when you call, tweet, and post, we listen. that's why yoplait light and yoplait original are now made with no high fructose corn syrup. and why we use only natural colors
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and natural flavors in yoplait original. so, anything else we can do for you, let us know. but you'll keep it to yogurt, right? 'cause we shouldn't really help with your love life. yoplait. it is so good! this is fox 5 morning news. >> winter blast. snow mixes with freezing temperatures creating slick conditions. what you need to know before heading out the door this morning. >> pretty big move here. the pentagon is expected to clear women for combat rolls. what this means for the military and
8:01 am
women serving. >> and opening up. manti te'o visits down or i'm down for his first tv interview since his fake romance went public. why he says the lie went on for so long. good morning i'm tony perkins. >> and i'm allison seymour. and the snow fall causing closings and delays. we have you covered. the federal government is open. the workers have the option of taking unscheduled leave or tele working. >> now to schools in maryland anarundle schools open 2 hours late. calvert and charles county schools are closed. frederick, montgomery and for instance georges county schools open 2 hours late. st. marys county schools are closed. >> to virginia now alexandria and arlington open 2 hours late. culpeper schools are closed. fairfax county schools are open 2 hours late. king george county schools are closed.
8:02 am
louden county 2 hours late. prince william, staff forward, frederick, all closed. we know it's a lot. the fullest of closings and delays will stroll across the bottom and on our web site at >> right to the man with all the answers. tucker barnes is here keeping track of this. this did what you said it was going to do overnight. light snow but causing problems. >> i remember waiting for the news to come on to find out about the school delays. >> me too. >> now we get to deliver that news. that's great. >> mostly a scenic snow. not going to cause a whole lot of problems. snow totals between an and a half inch to an inch plus with the exception of our viewers in central virginia down towards fredericksburg and colonial beach. you guys hit the jackpot. 3 to 4 inches. things are winding down here. still snowing out there
8:03 am
. i just stepped out. very cute here in northwest washington kids are playing in the snow having a good time. as you can see here, we don't have a whole lot left in the way of snow falling. i wouldn't expect a whole lot in the way of accumulations. >> did you tell them to get off our line? >> i reminded them twice. security was going to come get them. 19 at reagan national. 17 at dulles. this is the other story, very cold. the winds are going to pick up out of the north and west. if you are out and about shoveling or sweeping, it's going to be cold. make sure you have layers on. temperatures are really never going to warmup much above the mid to upper 20s. winter weather advisory. this is the heads up it's going to snow. we know that at this point but in effect until 9:00. issues on roadways, julie will have more on that. breezy and cold. highs in the upper
8:04 am
20s. we can do it all again tomorrow. details in a minute . >> let's go to julie wright for a look at your on time traffic. >> okay. just to keep in mind, the roads are still slick in some areas. others wet pavement. it has been a tough drive. secondary roads that would leave you over towards beach drive remain closed at this time. this happens to be the inbound drive on route 50, westbound 50 from 202 over towards new york avenue. the lanes are open. in the back up coming from river dale headed in towards new york kennel worth avenue split we have a snow plow stalled out. be careful there trying to exit. we'll show you what else is happening out here. the outer loop of the beltway. all lanes are open. both 95 and the parkway struggling out of laurel.
8:05 am
no accidents just volume delays. route 5 has been opened atopen pen avenue. we had that blocked off. again, roadway reopened. 395 and separate stretches. no issues here. gw parkway is where we found one car tying up the right side acoaching cia. 123 out towards the key bridge. and you will find on 66 lanes are open but the pace is slow leaving fair oaks in towards 123. traffic slows on the outer loop of the beltway with a stalled vehicle in the right lane. that's a check of your fox 5 on time traffic. >> all right. thank you much. much more now on this winter blast. >> old man winter hitting the area hard this morning causing slippery driving out there. melanie alnwick is live now with the latest on the road conditions. how are we looking out there in northwest? >> reporter: here in northwest dc, everything looks really good. most of the streets we've seen are down to wet pavement
8:06 am
right now. main roads, traffic is moving along at a nice clip. and the side roads we haven't seen anybody spinning their wheels or skidding at all. we did see lots of workout here early this morning by the salt trucks. we've been monitoring metro's twitter feed and apparently a couple metro buses reroute in parts of northern virginia because of icy conditions. very important if you are waiting on a bus or planning on taking a bus, check their web site and give them a call if your side route is on this schedule. western avenue just fine. so people moving along for sure. we also just happened to be here by one of the dog parks in dc. so that is one of the things people are taking advantage of if they have that delay or don't have to be at work. the pets are really enjoying this. they are running around. they are having a good
8:07 am
time. we also saw a couple kids looks like they are dragging their sleds as well. this kind of snow is really kind of fun. >> it is the perfect snow. you don't have to work to remove it but still have fun in it. they get a workout just like kids do. running and jumping and having fun. >> what can you do right? everyone seems to say this is the kind of snow that's not causing them too much headache once they get out into the main areas. sidewalks may end up being an issue. want to make sure you get out there with shoes and have a decent amount of traction. you never know when you are going to come across an area that isn't getting cleared. and so far so good. back to you. >> and looks really pretty behind you. thank you so much. we can't be everywhere . that's where you come in. many of you are e-mailing and posting pictures where you are.
8:08 am
check this picture out. four inches of snow down in valley lee, maryland. thank you so much becky and jodie for e-mailing us this picture. keep them coming. in news now the pentagon is expected to lift the ban on female service members in combat rolls today. the last remaining barrier inform a full inclusive military. expected to make the announcement today. the ban has been in place since 1994. some say if women can meet the same standards as men, they should be allowed on to the front lines. >> you are not looking whether the person next to you is male or female. you are looking for somebody with a rifle or whatever putting rounds down range that's trying to keep you alive and trying to keep themselves alive. >> critics say the move could create a distracting sexually charged atmosphere and not be
8:09 am
able to perform the more physically demanding jobs. open most jobs to women by may 15th. tony, over to you. >> firy testimony from secretary of state hillary clinton on capitol hill. for more than five hours in two separate hearings defended her role in libya. she heard the anger of republicans who say they are not satisfied with the steps taken by the white house before and after the attack. and when she talked about comforting the families of those who died, secretary clinton got a bit emotional. >> i stood next to president obama as the marines carried those flag draped caskets off the plane at andrews. i put my arms around the mothers and fathers, the sisters and brothers, the sons and daughters and the wives left alone. >> this is likely the last time clinton appears on capitol hill
8:10 am
as secretary of state. she is stepping down from her position in a couple weeks. and in less than two hours from now, that same senate committee is beginning confirmation hearings of hillary clinton's possible replacement. he answers questions to become the next secretary of state. no senators are opposing the nomination if the democrat from massachusetts is named, a temporary senator will be named until a special election can be held. allison. >> tony, also on capitol hill, the house passed a debt ceiling bill by a vote of 285 to 144 to let the government keep borrowing money. the bill withholds the pay of any law maker in the senate or the house if they don't vote by april 15th. the vote clears the way until the next budget battle in march. it is still unclear whether a student at the university of virginia will be charged for a
8:11 am
hoax. the campus was put on lock down around 9:00 last night when a student called to report a man with a gun. police saefrped the campus building by building. the student who made the call confessed he made the story up while being interviewed by officers. the lock down was lifted about two hours later. >> now to a fox 5 follow up on a deadly house fire in falls church virginia we told you about yesterday morning. the home on manner road went up in flames at 3:30 wednesday morning. fire investigators and gas employees were on the scene most of the day. they still don't know what sparked the fire. neighbors say the two people killed were a mother and daughter. and they say they were both hearing impaired. >> it is 8:11 now. it's a thursday morning here on fox 5 morning news. overcrowded schools. officials vote today on a plan to make room for more students. a look at the options on the table.
8:12 am
>> cold conditions become dangerous for a maryland worker. how he was rescued. >> and as we take you to break, a live look. this is alexandria, virginia where the salt trucks are still spilling up. continue to update the forecast and the roads with tucker and julie. we will be right back. [ male announcer #1 ] verizon fios
8:13 am
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8:15 am
welcome back. 8:15. the cold weather led to a scary afternoon for a man in gaithersburg. look at this. he was working on a cell phone tower when he started experiencing hypothermia symptoms. his co-worker was able to make his way up and bring the man down. he was taken to the hospital to be checked out. hopefully he'll be okay. >> it is 8:15 right now. the big story everybody is talking about is snow. any amount in our area shifts things. >> you set the stage very well for us. you talk about how cold it is.
8:16 am
it's going to stick and make slick spots. >> that will remain the case later today. later this afternoon only in the upper 20s and get icy spots redeveloping later today. before we get to the weather and the snow that's falling out, let's do my first 5 and time for the cuteness factor of the day. >> how perfect. >> this is jacob everybody. >> look at him. >> snow baby. >> he's super cute. he's having fun in the snow. >> yeah. >> i assume this is not the snow from this morning. jacob lives in morefield, west virginia. this is from his parents. they've nicknamed him chunco because of his rounded girth. >> he is super super cute. >> sweet ol' face. oh, those cheeks you could just go to town
8:17 am
on those cheeks. >> super cute, yeah. kind of if he fell off help him get back up. >> he's really showing no emotion though. is he happy? >> he's probably like what am i doing sitting out here in the freezing cold? go to and click on mornings. thank you so much to your parent ands what a perfect picture today. i'm not sure if he'll be happy if that nickname sticks. >> it will have to change. >> let's do some numbers at reagan national we're in the teens. winchester an inch. fredericksburg two inches. southern maryland three to four inches in st. marys county and st. marys city. california, maryland. southern charles county 3 inches. for the rest of us between a half inch and inch. still waiting for the airport. still snowing out
8:18 am
there but it's very light and things starting to wind down. by 9, 10, 11:00 we should be done with the snow and a little afternoon sunshine but cold. high temperatures today only in the upper 20s. and with temperatures remaining so cold, anything that kind of gets a chance to melt off will refreeze later this afternoon. do be weary there will be icy spots on your sidewalks for the next couple days. later today a little sunshine. tonight we cloud up again and our next system approaches from the west tomorrow. that's going to gang up with southern string moisture julie wright and more snow in the forecast tomorrow afternoon. the evening rush hour could be a bit of a challenge. there's your accu weather 7 day. warm it up into the 50s by next tuesday and wednesday. julie will be sporting a more summery clothing attire by next week. i was trying to be careful about what i say. take it away. >> i'm going to miami.
8:19 am
somebody cue up will smith please. southbound 270. pulling up the camera s to show you what this ride looks like. some of the schools are in session just running two hours late. your rush hour is going to be late. a lot of folks hitting me up on what's up? that's the deal. delays continue from german town out towards the divide. you're still going to find delays on the top side leaving 95 around the georgia avenue with 95 and the parkway congested out of laurel. dealing with wet pavement here traffic slows leaving 286 to 123. the toll road is backed up from 28 all the way in. southbound route 1 that's where we had problems. utility poll was knocked over. power outage in the area. be careful. northbound i 95 lanes are open but traffic remains well below speed. traffic slows on 395 leaving the beltway out
8:20 am
towards that 14th street bridge. kennel worth avenue open for business but below speed. so again, the bridges, ramps and overpasses still concerned with that. slow down and allow extra time. that's a check of your fox 5 on time traffic. >> big story today. vice president joe biden launches a white house campaign to promote the gun control plan. the vice president will host a web chat to discuss ways to reduce gun violence. testimony will continue today in the misconduct trial against executive john leopold. yesterday his chief of staff told a judge a member put together a file on a political opponent. the officer says he questioned the orders but didn't refuse out of fear of retribution. he is also accused of using his security details to
8:21 am
drive him to sexual liaisons with a co-worker. >> packed friendly high school last night hoping to get answers in the shooting death of marcus jones. he was shot and killed sunday morning after he left a house party. community leaders were there to encourage anyone with information to come forward. >> the whole antisnitching culture is killing us. all of us feel the same frustration that this person hasn't been brought to justice yet. >> i think the whole situation is terrible. i just wish we could do more to prevent the situation. you never know what child is going to be next. it's terrifying. it's heart break. >> investigators believe the gunman had been at the party. parents also express concerns of what they say is a growing gang problem at the school and called for beefed up security. police plan to present a security plan
8:22 am
to the school next up mow. >> updating metro. a look at the plan and the cash needed to make it happen. >> drivers this will slow you down. new speed cameras. find out where official s are thinking of installing them. it's 8:22. we'll be right back . wx
8:23 am
8:24 am
8:25 am
welcome back. it's 8:24. later this morning the fairfax county school board is voting on new plans to build more schools in the county. the capitol improvement program would cost $870 million over the next five years. includes plans for three new elementary schools and a new high school in the south western part of fairfax county. also school officials are considering a plan to move about 300 students from fairfax high school to neighboring schools because of overcrowding. >> tony, drivers in high atsville may be hitting the brakes. drivers caught going 12 miles per hour over the speed limit would be fined during the 30 day grace period after the cameras are installed. the drivers will only receive warning. after that a $40 fine. >> metro is planning a major construction project that includes new tunnels under the
8:26 am
center of the district and another under the river. the costs are estimated at $26 billion. washington post columnist tells us he thinks it's needed. >> maybe not all of it is needed but the region is going to grow by a few million people in the next couple decades. a lot of the growth is towards the city or the close end suburbs and the system is already straining. first of all the system is already worn out. >> the proposed new train tunnels would go from 10th street to thomas circle and roslynn and georgetown. the column is on the front page of the washington post metro section this morning. >> and the big story is right on the front page. so how long will the snow keep falling today?
8:27 am
tucker is back with an update. plus dave ross is here serving up sports breakfast. >> plus a look at how the ravens are preparing to take on the san francisco 49ers. it is 8:27. we'll be right back. amazing. dunkin's new turkey sausage breakfast sandwich. surprisingly great sausage taste with under 400 calories. try one today. america runs on dunkin'.
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butter, olive oil, herbs and spices... so dinner really sizzles. it's one step, no prep. and so good, they'll ask for more. and that little victory is a pretty big deal. land o'lakes® sauté express. find it in the dairy aisle.
8:30 am
making headlines here at home and around the world a new threat from north korea. it will conduct new nuclear tests and rocket launches that would target the united states. a date was not given but officials say it could happen at any time. a rocket launch last month brought more sanctions this week. >> a new study in today's new england journal of medicine says people who smoke cut life span short by at least ten years. women who light up now die at a similar rate as men. and the risk of dying of lung cancer is
8:31 am
more than 25 times higher for women. but kicking the habit before the age of 40 reduces the risk of death by about 90%. >> and temperatures plunge for a third day across much of the midwest and northeast. the deep freeze is worse for people in new york still recovering from super storm sandy. residents still without heat have been forced to take shelter in tents. the story is continuing to be reported cause we had another story on it yesterday but man, there's so many people now who still their homes are virtual destruction zones. it's terrible. >> it is terrible. the sanctuary that you know is gone. it's terrible. >> these tempere s not helping. >> not helping at all. >> very cold. today looks like day number three where we fail to get out of the 20s. the cold temperatures continue here for another day.
8:32 am
not going to see, the snow is so light and airy that it doesn't take much to brush it away. there you go, snow still flying for parts of the area. you can see things getting quieter with every passing minute here. we continue to have snowflakes in northwest washington. it will be reduced to light flurries here shortly and should see breaks in the clouds and partly sunny afternoon. how much should we get in anywhere from a half inch to an inch loek atly inside the beltway. the highest amounts have been from fredericksburg east getting widespread reports in southern charles county. i just got a facebook fan in lusby who has 4 inches. that's where the heaviest of the snow has been. and again, we're going to be looking at quieter conditions here. it's cold. temperature at reagan national
8:33 am
19. 15 in baltimore. 21 in leonard town. high temperatures later today only the mid to upper 20s. now we have a bit of a snow pack, that's only going to help hold the temperatures down and help temperatures get cold again later tonight. anything that kind of melts a little bit with any sunshine will get a chance to refreeze later this afternoon and tonight with the cold temperatures expected. let me show you the advisory one more time until 9:00 a.m. travel difficulties. most of the snow out of here. looking at our satellite radar, much quieter conditions. sunshine building in shortly and a decent afternoon. looking upstream, we have our next clipper system out towards chicago. that's going to team up with moisture to the south and bring us yet another chance of snow tomorrow afternoon and tomorrow night. doesn't look like a major storm but could bring us a couple inches around here.
8:34 am
couple inches for parts of the area tomorrow afternoon and tomorrow evening before that one gets pushed out by early saturday morning. there's your 7 day forecast. light snow returns tomorrow afternoon. saturday and sunday sunshine mid 30s. then we're going to warm it up with temperatures back in the 50s. can you believe it? all the way into the 50s. really? it's january. by tuesday and wednesday. tony, allison, dave, do some sports. >> it's cold. >> the caps host the canadians tonight hoping another winning record at home. i'm hoping to get to this. >> dave ross is here. we're going to behave this time. >> the reason why i was celebrating, i have a 55 degree rule. >> what is that? >> for golf. i will not play until i see 55 anywhere on tucker's forecast. if it says 54 i'm out. >> you will go out in 55 degree
8:35 am
weather. yes. but 54 below, have fun. got to have principles. we have to have a cap's win tonight. >> yes, we do. >> it's a 48 game season. we talked about this yesterday. you don't want to panic if they lose tonight and go 0 and 3 but 1 and 2 sounds better. montreal coming in tonight. 7:05 puck drops down. should be a packed house. they are selling out every time. i know it's only been a week and week and a half without the new system. also had a couple fights. we need more guys like matt to step in there and show pride and get this thing turned around. i heard whispers of well they really didn't have 100% effort the other night. that's inexcusable. i don't think that's the case. what it is is frustration after losing first two games. they've been playing better. last night the end of a
8:36 am
five game roady in utah. look at this move. behind the back and to the rack. the wizards are down by 22. going to get blown out. no. the wizards showing backbone , some spine these days. the big three there. and they are cutting into this lead. that was part of an 11-0 run. and john wall since he's been back, trevor knocks down a three. got it to within 2. one of the better moves here by jamal. that's what i do to wisdom martin. right between the legs. didn't make the lay up but they still get the win 92-88. college hoops. this is george mason paul hewitt and right now george mason is good. and they got another big win last night. this is sherod right. the patriots up by 7 at that point.
8:37 am
second half all mason. allen underneath for the easy lay in. and mason wins 77-67. they have won 20 straight in the series. patriots second place in the caa. how about this. miami taking on number one duke. they ran a clinic on the duke. the number one team . mike doesn't even want to watch. they storm the court down there in miami. number one is done. duke gets blown out. 90-63. >> what? >>e down by over 30. miami is coached by jim larinega doing big things down there. that's the good news. the bad news is maryland plays at duke saturday. when you see coach k going like this you know he's going to have them ready to play. you hate to see a mad team. >> that's domination. all right. thank you , dave. >> thank you.
8:38 am
very professionally done. >> io . now some redskins are dooped by a fake woman. coming up, how the team stepped in before anyone was catfished as they call it. >> ♪ oh, say does that star spangled ♪ . >> plus stars show their support for beyonce as she remains silent. 8:38. we will be right back. 19 degrees out there on a thursday morning.
8:39 am
8:40 am
8:41 am
this girl who i committed myself to died on september 12th. now i get a phone call on december 6th saying that she's alive and then i'm going to be put on national tv two days later and ask me about the same question. what would you do? >> manti te'o says he had no choice but to keep talking about that fake girlfriend who
8:42 am
supposedly died of cancer even after he learned she wasn't real. the story of her death was moving to many in the sports world. the notre dame linebacker sat down with katie couric for an interview that airs today. doesn't appear manti te'o has been the only target of an online hoax. the red skin's front office warned its playering following a similar incident last month. according to an article, a woman using a fake name and fake picture was contacting the players through twitter and facebook. they would engage in conversations with her and on several occasions face-to-face meetings were arranged but never happened. the fake social media account has since been removed. according to that article, the woman is a die hard red skin's fan. never asked for money or attempted to exploit the players. >> superbowl 47 less than 11
8:43 am
days away. and the media frenzy will step it up a notch when the team heads to new orleans on monday. the ravens beat the patriots last sunday to advance to their first superbowl in 12 years. they will face the san francisco 49ers. this will be the first time two brothers will coach against each other. lots of excitement around the game. big name celebrities are coming to beyonce's defense. >> ♪ oh, say does that star spangled banner yet wave ♪ . >> aretha franklin said she laughed when some people were upset. it's hard to sing when it's cold outside. it's very difficult to sing live in open air because the sound comes back distorted. singing to a prerecorded track is no big deal.
8:44 am
>> i'm not bothered by it. she still sang it at some point. it is 8:43 on this thursday morning. still ahead, sweet home recipes. our fox medical team is putting a healthy spin on old favorites. >> plus, holly is fishing this morning. not really but she is cooking up fish. >> reporter: good morning. before you have your breakfast, hold on. we're serving up snake fish this morning and actually, there's a real reason why we all need to be eating it in our area. there is a bit of it coming up where you can eat it for a good cause. we'll explain it all and cook it up live on fox 5 morning news. stay with us. 
8:45 am
8:46 am
8:47 am
all right. we're talking fish here. most snake heads caught in this area are shipped overseas. >> that is why organizers behind an up coming benefit are hoping to hook locals. holly is live with more on the event. and a look at how snake head fish or snake fish is prepared. holly, good morning. >> reporter: good morning. how about this with your coffee this morning?
8:48 am
you probably remember when the snake heads were found in our area back in 96 i think. and really people thought these fish were terrorizing our area walking on land and eating our children. they aren't eating our children but they are bad fish actually. and we need to eat them. that's where john comes in. and scott who is a chef at the source. good morning to you both. thank you. we were talking about these guys here. they really are mean. >> they are mean and prolific. they breed a lot . 20 to 50,000 eggs per fish. they guard their young once they are born. they swan at least twice a year. we need to get them out of the system. >> the problem is they are eating all of the other fish. >> they are top of the food chain for sure. >> you guys have a fishing tournament and you've caught how many last year? >> the first year 300 pounds. last year there was 120 entries.
8:49 am
1760 pounds of fish in one night. >> so the question is are they tasty? that's where scott comes in. >> they are absolutely tasty. >> that's your line and you are sticking to it. you are fixing up something for us. >> the great thing about snake head, high oil content and firm fish. it stands up to a lot of different cooking methods. today we're going to make -- since it's so cold out we decided to make a curry. so really simple. we take a whole bunch of these ingredients. lemon grass, ginger, garlic, chilis. we make a paste out of it. and this is going to season the entire thing we're making. we just sweat that out and if you can smell this at home, it's so flagrant. we cook this for a
8:50 am
little while at home. add chicken stock to it. a little bit of coconut milk. and then basically you are going to have a pretty good amount of sauce you can make with this at home. i mate some of this earlier. we're going to slowly poach these snake fish fill as. once you get the skin off them, they are beautiful fish filets. >> looks good there. as you poach those , i wanted to ask you. we're making a little light of it but it's a serious campaign. and you have a charity benefit coming up that people can help the cause. >> that's true. the benefit dinner at tony and joe's restaurant. it's called snake heads at the harbor. that's the name of the event. john is coming. he has a hunting show. he cooks and fish es and things.
8:51 am
it was a perfect fit. >> there's going to be a five course meal. snake head is going to be served as one of the courses. all the other include wonderful seafood. >> local seafood. and is it about ready? >> yeah. it's ready to go. >> all the time people ask me how do you go and do all the things you do? well the brilliance behind my segments is a lady named julie maze. come on in here. because this is what's really fun. yesterday when julie said you are going to eat snake head fish. really? i thought you liked me. she said no, no, no, i would try it. >> i'll try anything. >> what was your reasoning? >> really ugly gooey duck, even uglier. recent wolf fish which is really good. >> she feels the love for this
8:52 am
fish. >> let's see. go ahead. >> it's good. >> do you have another spoon? wouldn't that be terrible if you didn't. just because i love you. i'm going to support you too and go on your opinion i'm going to like this. it's really good. julie, i trust you even more now. that is excellent. the best way you still have tickets available? >> we do. you can go there and buy your tickets. the fishing tournament. that's the best way. >> and in all honesty, we want to eat these until they are gone. >> that's right. we're not trying to make pallets used to it. we want to eat the last one. >> we need to eradicate it so we can enjoy the sea in the bay. >> we want to make one
8:53 am
correction. our understanding was a lot of these are sent overseas but you said they are not. >> local chefs are the ones using it. >> use it and eat it. scomb julie will go out and eat with you any time. thank you much. back to you all in the studio. we have plenty here if you want to come over. >> i'll try it. why not? thank you much . a lot of us speaking of food, grew up with comfort foods. stick to your stuff like macaroni and cheese. a new food guide that offers a healthier twist. here's beth gal vin with more. >> reporter: the beautiful is the kind of place you go when you want food with soul. fried chicken and mac and cheese, greens and gravy. the kind of food iesha grew up eating and still loves. with a husband and full time kids a job.
8:54 am
>> i have to make sure we use less butter, less ingredients that's just not healthy. >> she still wants her food to taste good. she's intrigued by the african heritage food pyramid. emphasizing fresh, flavor full, easy to find foods. >> whole grains and vegetables. >> they eat everyday foods. at the bottom are anything you can find in the produce isle especially greens. >> you have your kale and collard greens. >> she loves kale. but instead of seasoning it, she steams it with cloves of fresh garlic. >> season salt, celery salt. a little olive oil . >> the african american heritage pyramid pushes whole grains. makes a lighter version of mac and cheese. with poultry and seafood, she bakes some
8:55 am
chicken concentrating again on flavor. >> i added mushrooms and red and green peppers. i would say start small. i love my soul food but i also love my health. >> that looks good. >> yes, it does. it is now 8:55 on this thursday morning. coming up at 9:00, more on the snow. what you need to know before heading out.  oh!
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this is fox 5 morning news. >> right now at 9:00, a messy commute this morning. the snow is subsiding. but we could see another round as we head into the weekend. a live report on conditions outside and an update on the forecast from tucker. >> also emotional testimony from
8:59 am
secretary of state hillary clinton in the final days of her term. she shows her frustration with the deadly attack in benghazi. >> and if you have a desk job, listen up. how you sit and what you do could put you at risk for what they are calling sitting disease. i don't know if it's an actual disease but it's a condition. a chiropractor's tips to help keep your spine healthy. >> and one man's challenge to run faster than the subway. his interesting task and the results. good morning i'm allison seymour. >> and i'm tony perkins. we're turning to our fox 5 snow patrol this morning. and that means you. we love the pictures you are posting and e-mailing. want to show you a couple of them. the caption read hello winter. the view in fredericksburg, virginia. >> and check this one out. this pick was e-mailed to us by renee. she says she was


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