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tv   Fox 5 News Edge at 6  FOX  February 2, 2013 6:00pm-7:00pm EST

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plus, get $300 back. or get this great price with no annual contract. last chance, this deal ends february 2. visit that's once you've got fios, you get it. and according to pc mag... [ male announcer #2 ] if it's available, you should get it. the alabama hostage crisis continues, as the suspect shows no signs of turning himself over to police. we have a live report from alabama, coming up. >> all new tonight, with the former inmate locked up in a district jail cell, discriminated against for his hearing disability. john hanrahan investigates. >> plus, immigration reform debates. efforts to fix america's immigration system moving forward this week on capitol hill. the latest on the president's plan. thank you for joining us tonight. >> we'll start with that wild
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weather outside. here's a live look out there. a bitter blast of arctic air hitting the dmv right now. winter weather, not letting up a bit. we are even sing snow flying in parts of our viewing area right now. glenn gwen tolbart has more. >> we'll deal with this the course of tonight and couple days ahead. we've got this series of clipper systems moving through, fast-moving, leaving all of this in place. looking at live radar, a few light snow flurries here and there, nothing that's going to do too much in terms of accumulation, so that's one thing we won't have to worry about. looking at the weather maps, looking at the numbers, an advisory is currently in effect for the west. this over the allegheny front and garrett county, maryland area through until at least sunday, some areas until monday. looking at the highs today, 32 at reagan national airport. 30 at dulles. 29 at bwi thurgood marshall.
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and currently it is only 29 at dc. 28 at dulles, and 29 at baltimore. temperatures very much on the chilly side. not warming up. overnight low, 27 degrees. light snow showers will continue and a cold night ahead. the week isn't looking too warm until we get about midweek and i'll have those details a little later. back to you. . a big story we are following tonight, a hostage crisis in alabama now on day five. 65-year-old jimmy lee dykes is in constant communication with police, as he continues to hold a 5-year-old boy in his underground shelter. fox's craig boswell is live from midland city, alabama with the latest. >> reporter: maureen, good evening to you. investigators have listed items, including a heater and blankets and also toys provided to the boy in the bunker. those were new items. they also had a message for the
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alleged kidnapper. >> i want to thank him for taking care of our child. that's, that's very important. >> reporter: investigators say alleged alabama gunman and kidnapper jimmy jimmy lee dykes is allowing food, warmth, toys and medicine to a 5-year- old boy he's been holding in a bunker tuesday since. as of now, the suspect is showing no signs of giving in. a day after the schoolbus was towed away as evidence, more stories are being told about the bus driver, charles poland, jr. >> surely this man died an american hero. >> the laughter and the love he had for kids, somebody would lay their life down. that's a hero. >> reporter: officials maintain the 5-year-old child has not been hurt. >> this whole nation actually is coming together and sending their support for this young boy. >> please, continue to be patient with us. we continue to pray for a safe conclusion to this incident. >> reporter: memorial service for mr. poland is being held this evening. his funeral service is
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tomorrow. this area, you can see it's on a very busy highway. people are stopping here and just trying to give, offer condolences, words of hope to anybody who will listen. this has become a focal point to get a look at what's going on at this property. back to you. >> craig, any word at all from the 5-year-old? i know jimmy lee dykes has been in communication with police, but any word at all from the 5- year-old? has anyone made any contact? >> reporter: what i've been told from investigators, and they are very tight-lipped, so you can't get much, but the boy is crying for his mother and his grandparents. that's all they are saying about what they are hearing from the little boy and they will say they are in constant contact through this -- basically it's a ventilation pipe, pvc pipe, 4 inches in diameter. >> let's hope this ends in a good way. craig boswell in midland city, thank you for the update. . a missing new york woman found dead in istanbul, turkey.
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her body was discovered near the remnants of ancient city walls in a low income district. the 33-year-old mother of two went missing while she was on vacation alone. her family last heard from her on january 21st, the day she was scheduled to return home. her husband and brother traveled overseas to help with the investigation. police have detained nine people for questioning. all new tonight at 6:00, former inmate of the dc jail is suing the city for alleged mistreatment. the district man is deaf and the lawsuit claims he was unable to effectively communicate while he was jailed. fox 5's john hanrahan joins us from the newsroom with details. >> reporter: a deaf man who speaks almost exclusively with american sign language found himself in dc's jail. he says for weeks when he was in solitary, he was handcuffed, even during visits from his mother, and he couldn't communicate about his problems inside the jail. 44-year-old william pierce is profoundly deaf. he wound up with a 60-day sentence in the city's
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correction system, after an altercation with his partner resulted in a conviction for simple assault. at the order of the judge, pierce actually wound up in the correctional treatment facility to get help. >> and there was no interpreter there for him at intake or at any of his medical appointments. he had some medical problems, or at any of his classes. he was taking an anger management class and he didn't know what was going on. he didn't know what people were saying. he couldn't participate in the group discussion that's part of that. >> reporter: the lawsuit says under the americans with disabilities act, accommodations for the deaf must be made, so inmates can communicate. things got worse for william pierce. >> he was put in solitary confinement for two weeks, where he was locked in his cell 23 hours a day, and some guard tried to explain to him as best he could understand it, that they put him there because they thought he had asked for protective custody, which he never asked for. and we allege in the complaint
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that we think it was actually retaliation against him for complaining and trying to get an interpreter. >> reporter: pierce is now out, after 51 days in custody. his lawsuit is seeking unspecified monetary damages and policy changes at the jail and adjoining correctional treatment facility so that deaf inmates can better communicate. a spokeswoman for the jail acknowledged receipt of the lawsuit, but she declined to comment other than saying it would be sent over to the city's attorney general. that office defends lawsuits that are filed against the dc government. >> john, any discussion as to why mr. pierce didn't just use a pencil and paper to write out his requests? >> reporter: there's two answers to the question. first of all, inmates don't often have access to pens and pencils because they can be used as weapons. secondly, according to his attorney, sign language is his primary language, and in his past, when he was a child, he didn't learn to read and write terribly well. and they want him to be able to
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communicate in his primary language, his hands, sign language. that's their answer. >> john, thank you. the issue of immigration taking a front seat in washington. senators continued to work on new legislation and the president's unveiled his new plan this week in las vegas. peter ducey has more. >> reporter: the bipartisan group of senators that's working together to write a comprehensive immigration reform bill says they hope to have the details hammered out by next month, in march. but president obama is now saying if they can't figure output the legislative language on their own, he'll go ahead and send his own immigration bill up the street to the capitol. on friday at the white house, the president pitched immigration reform as a great way to enhance the economy. >> one important piece of that reform is allowing more of the best and brightest minds from around the world to start businesses, initiate new
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discoveries, create jobs here in the united states of america. if we want to grow our economy and strengthen the the u.s., we want an immigration plan. >> reporter: senator marco rubio does not think it's a good idea to offer up a new pathway to citizenship. >> i'm not in favor of a housekeeper or landscaper coming across the border illegally. i'm not in favor of that, but what keeps me up at night is a terrorist coming across the border and this leads to that possibility. the border is about as much as our sovereignty and national security as it is about immigration. >> reporter: chuck schumer from new york is also part of the bipartisan senate group and said that both parties are working right now to clearly explain on paper the definition of a secure border so discussion about reform can move forward without confusion. in washington, peter ducey, fox news. the white house has released a photo of president obama firing a gun just two days before he scheduled to head to minnesota to discuss
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gun control. the photo dated august 4th shows the president skeet shooting at camp david. the release is believed to be part of a strategy to portray the president as sympathetic to gun owners and opponents of his gun control measure. he is push agnew gun control package following the newtown school shooting last december. coming up tonight, police aren't messing around anymore in one part of the district. why doing a u-turn could get you a ticket. >> plus, twitter under attack. the social media site hacked. how many accounts were compromised? that's coming up. oming up.
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the cause of a house fire that killed two youngsters in frederick maryland is still under investigation tonight. officials have identified 3- year-old maddigan and 6-year- old sophie lilard. the home was fully engulfed in
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flames with the two young children trapped inside. there is a growing memorial outside the family's home. meanwhile, police in montgomery county investigating a deadly collision on friday. it happened on the 1600 block of bachelor's forest road. officers and fire rescue now know the name of the teen who died in the crash, 19-year-old earl dong min lee, pronounced dead at the scene. the cause of the collision remains under investigation. more and more people are choosing bicycles to get around in dc. when cars and bikes try to coexist, there can be problems on streets. >> reporter: as this youtube clip from a helmet camera shows you, a bad accident can happen in a flash. a close call here and another along pennsylvania avenue for russ among this morning.
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the problem? drivers making u-turns, crossing over bike lanes. >> i was literally right beside his door and had to slap on his door to stop him from making the turn. >> reporter: in an effort to cut down on the accidents, mayor vincent gray issued an emergency order, making u-turns across bicycle lanes illegal. dc police spent this wednesday morning stopping drivers, handing out flyers, reminding them of the rule. >> we want to make sure everybody knows the rule. right now, we're focusing on education. >> reporter: the law has been in place for several months now. the signs are up here along pennsylvania avenue, and warnings have been issued. tomorrow, though, those warnings turn into tickets. cab drivers seem to be blamed the most for making these u- turns across bike lanes. >> it's a lack of knowledge. i think there's the fact that they are in their taxi, there is a money agenda. they got to get the next fare to the person standing on the other side of the road. >> reporter: fair or not, crossing the bike lane will get
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ou a $100 ticket. in the district, matt acland, fox 5 news. a fox 5 news alert tonight. the social network site twitter announcing it may have been hacked. an estimated 250,000 accounts may have been compromised. the company's director of information security calls the attacks sophisticated and says it does not appear to be the work of amateurs. anyone involved may have or will receive an e-mail with more information. still ahead tonight on fox 5 news at 6:00, two groundhogs go head to head with their forecast. so six more weeks of winter or spring? which groundhog will you believe? >> plus, february marks black history month. we'll show you how some people are celebrating. . >> if you have a story idea, call the fox 5 tip line at the number on the screen or send an e-mail to
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. february marks black history month. in the district, museums are opening exhibits to celebrate. the newseum is opening an exhibit, "jailed in birmingham" featuring a casting of the original jail door behind which martin luther king was held after his arrest in 1963.
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it was in that very cell that the civil rights leader wrote the famous letter from birmingham jail. and the smithsonian is also celebrating black history month, holding a family day today. the full day of activities inspired by the march on washington. if you're marching today, better move fast, because it's cold out there! >> so cold! >> that will put a spring in your step. >> i got up this morning and it was like 16 degrees. where am i? >> i know, brutal. >> it is winter, it's supposed to be cold, but, boy, what a shock to our systems! >> the hawk is out, as my grandmother used to say. and the hawk isn't going anywhere soon. here's a look outside. lot of clouds today as well and some of you might have seen a little earlier, or maybe seeing now just an odd flurry here and there moving its way through and across the area. and that's a little pattern that we're going to be dealing with. but you know what? it is winter. i think we've been totally
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spoiled that we keep forgetting how cold it should be. also the fact we could have a little bit of winter activity. but it's actually a lot colder today than it really should be. so we are really getting a real, real arctic air mass settling in. so here's a look at fox 5 accuweather radar. you can see we do have just a little bit of light snow activity moving through. none of this is going to really stick around and accumulate too much. we're just talking this light, quick-moving type of snow activity. that's all associated with this series of clipper systems that will continue to move their way through and across and we'll continue to have to deal with this as we head through in the next few days or so. this is what's happening right now. some of you are seeing some of this. some of you not seeing a lot. areas to the west, totally different story, especially over the mountains in the allegheny front. let's take a look at weather maps. we do have a winter weather advisory here. here, we are talking anywhere up to 3, 4, 5, 6 inches of snowfall. this advisory is in effect, ranging from sunday into early
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monday for parts of west virginia, along the potomac hylands, as well as the panhandle. it's a big far cry from what we do expect to get further to the east. we won't see that much in terms of accumulation. look at the numbers for today. 32 degrees, your high at reagan national airport. 30 at dulles. only 29 at dwi thurgood marshall. these temperatures, some 13 to 14 degrees cooler than the seasonal average for the day. yes, exceptionally cold. good news, we didn't have a really strong cold wind, so we didn't have a lot of significant wind chills to have to deal with. look where we are right now, temperature wise, 28 at dc. same at baltimore. 25 at gaithersburg. 33 to the south at fredericksburg, which right now seems like it's warm. 28 in martinsburg, 24 at hagerstown, 30 at manassas, 34 at culpepper. we're not alone. in terms of the national conditions, take a look. you can see the really colder air is settling in all the way up to the mid-atlantic.
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28 degrees in boston, with buffalo at 19. then we've got this little dip here. then to the south of that, we started to see a real difference in temperatures with a bit of a warmer air pool. this is the area right here that is going to continue to stay in that cold air mass. lows tonight expected to be into the 20s. low to mid-20s, upper 20s here and there. calling for about 27 degrees as far as dc is concerned. tonight's planner, by the time we hit the 10:00 hour, we'll be at 30 degrees. that light snow kind of off and on. do anticipate it. i know everybody's gearing up for the rest of the weekend. it's going to be cold and as far as our friends in new orleans are concerned, as they are getting ready to put together that game, look at this, what a difference. sunny skies, kickoff 57 to 58 degrees. >> nice. >> with light winds. we wish that weather was here! >> 50s sound nice. >> thanks, gwen. >> thanks very much. crowds anxiously awaited this morning to hear the fate of the weather, according to punxsutawney phil. it is february 2nd.
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despite the arctic temperatures this morning, people were in high spirits waiting for the sun to come up. phil did not see his shadow and that means an early spring. but doesn't feel like it at all. meanwhile, punxsutawney phil's groundhog brother in dc may be the stuffed variety, but it did not stop potomac phil from making his prediction. he is forecasting six more weeks of winter. this morning, in dupont circle, the critter saw his shadow. >> he has to decide this one. and you decide this next story. new york city gossip columnist cindy adams is telling readers exactly what she thinks of the district of columbia. adams calls the city a pew tried, vile sewer. she drove her recently and says the district needs help. paul wagner has the story. >> reporter: cindy, cindy, what's that you say? our fine city is a dump? the nation's crap-ital? on page 18 of friday's new york
6:24 pm
post, gossip columnist cindy adams didn't take a swipe at our lovely city. she launched a full-out offensive. >> she said that it's rank, murky, smelly, putrid, vile, and a sewer. what, what do you make of that? >> i can't, i can't -- she's not talking about any neighborhood that i know. >> reporter: adams writes in her column, she drove down here recently and found dc stands for the district of crap-ola. >> is that the washington that you know? >> oh, my god, that's awful! what's her beef with washington? i mean, no, that's not the washington that it's ever been! it's a wonderful city! >> so we should fire a salvo back at her, don't you think? >> yeah. >> what would you say to her? >> i would tell her that if she felt like our community or the district was that bad, that she needs to come help us clean it up! [ laughter ] >> reporter: when we showed the column to a couple from new orleans, they couldn't disagree more.
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>> visually, what do you think? >> i think it's historically beautiful. we really, i guess we've been doing a lot of the tourist stuff. we haven't been throughout the whole city, but as a whole, you know, what we've seen has just been really beautiful and well kept. >> everything we've seen is tip- top. >> reporter: the 82-year-old columnist writes she saw graffiti, syringes, rotted junk, drug paraphernalia, filthy rags and dog poop. oddly, she gives no degree gavickal location geographical location. cindy adams calling the entire district a dump? forget about it! >> it's clear to me that she's trashing the suburbs more than she is the city itself. i would say she's not too familiar with the city and maybe she ought to spend more time than just driving by. >> do you want to invite her down for lunch or something? >> is she around? >> reporter: well, maybe not.
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her paper, as you know does buy ink by the barrel. paul wagner, fox 5 news. >> what was she thinking? >> that's insane. you're from new york city, cindy! hello! have you looked around lately? >> where was she staying that she saw all these things? >> cindy, don't come here! let's move on. >> not invited back, right? >> no! still ahead on fox 5 news, army art. what one war veteran is doing to his army fatigues to help him and other soldiers cope. we'll be right back. 
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top stories at the bottom of the hour, the five-day-old hostage situation in alabama. police are thanking jimmy lee dykes for taking care of the little boy being held hostage. the 65-year-old suspect is accused of pulling the child from a schoolbus on tuesday, after killing the bus driver. he has allowed authorities to deliver coloring books, medication, and toys to the child. a look now at what's making news around the world. formal charges are expected in indiana -- india, rather, against five men accused of raping and killing a young woman last month. the 23-year-old victim was gang raped while taking a bus. she was kidnapped, then taken someplace where she was repeatedly assaulted. the case has brought worldwide outrage. all five men facing charges plan on pleading not guilty to the charges. to brazil, authorities are cracking down on unsafe public
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spaces after last weekend's deadly nightclub fire. the crackdown comes as preparations are under way for the country's annual carnival festival, less than a week away until opening day. but the parties already started in rio. this year, officials expect nearly 5 million people to attend. a news alert out of japan, officials are reporting there was a 6.9 magnitude quake near an island in northern japan. there are no reports of death or damage. we'll keep you posted on any new developments. an indiana veteran is recycling his own fatigues and turning them into works of art. fox has the inspiration behind his story. >> reporter: malachi muncie joined the national guard after 9/11. at 18, he says he wasn't prepared to see death when he was deployed to iraq. >> i had seen some of them get injured and medevaced and shrapnel and then thinking, like, oh, that's what's going to happen to me. >> reporter: he says he was broken by war and he was also
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dealing with a broken home life. >> i started taking sleeping pills to sort of, like, zombie out. >> reporter: then he turned to drugs and alcohol and was afraid to ask for help. >> my biggest concern was, well, i'm going to go ask for help and they are going to kick me out. i ended up in the hospital with overdose. >> reporter: when he hit rock bottom, he started keeping a journal. >> started with writing. my art started with writing. >> reporter: then his passion turned to what's called combat paper. >> it was sort of a medication. >> reporter: it's paper made out of shredded uniforms. >> this is a print on paper made from combat uniforms. >> reporter: a canvas to share his conflicts and convictions. >> it speaks to my personal experiences with addiction and that trapped feeling. >> reporter: soldiers tell him that's how they feel as well. >> that's what happens. >> reporter: andrew heelie says it all speaks to hope, and she's donating some of her uniforms to his new mission. >> so he can share the other uniforms with other veterans in
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his workshops and continue his service. >> thank you very much. this is one of many, and we'll come up with some great piece of art so that i can use as a memory. >> reporter: malachi says this is his favorite piece. it's called escape. an image of what's possible, even when it seems like there's no way out. >> i want to enable other people to share their stories and reclaim their stories. >> reporter: wallet mack, fox 59 news. >> brave young man. great he's found an outlet. well, do you have any super bowl predictions? seems like we've seen it all, from fish to dogs, making bets. now, some chimps in baltimore might be a little biased, but find out who they have got winning tomorrow's big game. 
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. well, the super bowl hype is certainly upon us, as fans look forward to the big game and the party and the good food. they are also excited for the super bowl ads. in tonight's fox 5's first look
6:35 pm
at the sunday night commercials. >> reporter: super bowl xlvii isn't just a showdown between the two best teams in football. it's also a showdown between advertisers. >> this year, the super bwl spots are going for anywhere between 3.8 million and 4. 4 is a record. this is a big stage.ands to get really huge reach, a huge odd wrens to get their message out, to move cars and sell beers and soda. >> reporter: millions are spent producing some of these commercials. with high concept ideas, big name stars, and memorable results that viewers will be talking about the next day. ♪ >> reporter: beer ads are popular and once again, budweiser's clydesdales will make an appearance. >> this year, they will have an interesting crowd sourcing trick, where they will have people actually vote for the name of the baby clydesdale, which will appear in their ad. >> no worries, man. everything will be all right. >> reporter: volkswagon is attracting controversy. >> it's gotten some complaints
6:36 pm
that it has a sort of racial overtone. i disagree. it's basically some white sort of desperate office workers. they throw in a sort of character who has sort of a jamaican accent. he lifts the spirit of the place. i think it's more playful in tone. ♪ >> reporter: sports illustrated beauty kate austin appears in a spot for mercedes. >> she looks great, but where's the car in the ad? that's not quite as controversial as the volkswagon ad, but causing a little chatter on social media. >> reporter: go daddy is taking a different approach. >> they use humor instead of sort of the sex. so actually, that ad has a lot of promise. >> reporter: hollywood is teasing movie fans with previews of upcoming block busters, including the lone ranger and iron man 3. with all this anticipation, it seems the buzz this year may be just as big over what's happening between plays. >> fans are there to watch
6:37 pm
football, but there's almost as large an audience to see how all these ads are coming through and what's created their message that they are going to come out with and what envelope they will push. >> dave, you're from minnesota, right? >> yes! >> reporter: in new york, fox news. >> should be fun. well, this is no monkey business. the chimpanzees at the maryland zoo in baltimore are picking the winner of sunday's big game. zookeepers put up two paper banners, one representing each team, whichever banner got ripped down first would be the team the monkeys chose to win tomorrow's big game. here you go. no surprise. these maryland zoo monkeys, yeah, they chose the ravens to be the super bowl champs. >> chimpanzees are very intelligent animals, as you can see. this is the first time they have actually seen a football, so they actually played with footballs like you should. i think they have got a really good feel for it. >> yeah! the ravens take on the san francisco 49ers tomorrow in the super bowl, in case you're living under a rock. >> although i'm sure the 49ers,
6:38 pm
san francisco fans are saying, you know, i don't know -- what does a chimp know, right? >> i know. ripping down a banner. i thought they would say whichever they threw their food at or whatever and it stucco oh. >> which last weekend-- >> was that it? >> that's what happened. >> all very scientific. >> 50/50, people. coming up on fox 5, the oldest senior in high school. we are talking about a florida substitute who is still teaching at the ripe old age of 90. his story, coming up next.
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. grand central station is celebrating its 100-year anniversary. we have more on its history and how grand central terminal has stood the test of time. >> you sound like you're hungry! [ laughter ] >> reporter: in the grand central terminal information booth, jokes come almost as frequently as the 1000 questions they receive each hour. some more memorable than others. >> another lady wanted to take a bus to the airport. she wanted to know if she had to go outside. no! the bus comes right in here! >> reporter: the booth also has a secret. a covert spiral staircase leads to the lower level. but that's just one of the gems in the iconic 49-acre station that serves 750,000 people a day, built in 1913. grand central terminal is celebrating its centennial this
6:42 pm
year. the rail station was almost knocked down in the sixties, but was saved thanks to jackie o, who took the fight all the way to the supreme court. still, it needed plenty of work. >> what we have is a dark, smellingy homeless sheet. >> reporter: between 1996 and 1998, a half billion dollars restoration project brought grand central back to its original splendor, perhaps one of the most cherished items was this massive tiffany clock. climbing up to the clock tower was challenging. >> scary! >> reporter: but we made it, just as the clock struck half past the hour. the historic terminal has also kept up with the times. home to the state of the art operations control center and a pretty elaborate lost and found, people who work here say they love this mix of old and new. >> and it shows how things within our own country, within our own tradition and history and even within ourselves can be made new again and great and wonderful. >> reporter: the centennial celebration starts tomorrow at
6:43 pm
9:30 in the morning. there will be performances and music all day and anyone is welcome. at grand central, fox 5 news. . >> love the history there. gwen, not loving this cold. >> it's cold. >> oh, my goodness, the pressure is on. it is cold! now, we're going to warm up, but it's going to take a few days before we gradually warm up. hopefully you can ride on that. >> this is the coldest it's been all winter, because i think it was yesterday i thought, my goodness, i've not felt this kind of chill in dc in a couple of years. >> it's the kind of cold that gets right to your bones. >> i don't like it at all. >> let's get right to it and let's give you a look at what's happening right now and what you can expect as we head through, into the end of the weekend and beginning of the week. so cloudy skies right now across most of our area. some of you may be seeing a flake or two kind of flying by there. we do have light snow showers in the forecast. some of that has already begun
6:44 pm
in some of our viewing area. light snow expected. not talking about a lot of accumulation in the city, but areas to the west, totally different story. we'll talk about that as well. chilly days and cold nights. and gusty winds ahead in my forecast also. but as i mentioned, a bit of a warmup. it's going to be a slow warmup later in the week. i'll be able to show you that as well as we take a look ahead. meantime, our highs today, oh, some 13 to 14 degrees below the seasonal average. only 32 degrees at reagan national airport today, 30 at dulles, only 29 at bwi thurgood marshall. so definitely it was cold out there. and it's still cold. look at the numbers. 28 at dc, same at annapolis, only 27 at baltimore this hour. even cooler for hagerstown at 24 degrees. frederick at 25. dulles at 27. we've got 34 at culpepper. and 28 degrees at winchester. now, taking a look at the national map, you can really see the dip of where this cold air is settling in. take a look here at the dakotas, all the way down to
6:45 pm
the south of the great lakes, up until boston, where temperatures are very much on the chillier side. so that colder air, really making itself at home. chicago at 13 degrees. we don't want to know about that at all. these temperatures really pretty much in uniform with that colder air settling in. then of course to the south, things are a lot different, but we will get a little warmer air starting to push its way up moving through, into the week. we do have snow happening. now, in the west, there are advisories. across the allegheny front, we're talking 1 to 2 inches of accumulation. west virginia, beck lee, fayetteville, could see anywhere from 4 to 8 inches of snowfall. these advisories in effect, ranging anywhere from expiring on sunday through into the early hours of monday. let's take a look at radar. i'll show you what's happening here at home. once again, some areas of light snow showers kind of pushing their way through. we're dealing with a series of clipper systems, so we're not talking a complete uniform amount of snow anywhere. it's just going to continue to push its way through fairly
6:46 pm
quickly and then we'll get a break and it will do the same thing again. this is what's going to be happening as we move through into tonight, get a little break, back again tomorrow morning. then the same thing as we push through into the monday period. so we have to kind of anticipate it, but as i said, nothing that's going to really cause us a lot of accumulation. back to our weather maps then. let's take a look at what we're talking about in terms of these clipper systems. cold air in place, series of these low pressure systems and they move quickly. they are not lingering through and kind of causing a lot of accumulation across areas to the east. the areas of the west, we've got so many coming, one behind the area, that is causing a bit of an issue. that's where we're seeing those advisories in effect and a lot of colder air as well. taking a look at what we can anticipate, we are talking under an inch, coating to half an inch overall for our immediate viewing area here, then the advisory area, as i said, those amounts will be higher. 36 degrees by midday tomorrow. a bit breezy. winds start to pick up. we've got gusty winds by the time we move through into
6:47 pm
tomorrow night. tonight, however, 27 degrees. it's going to be cold out there. light snow showers off and on. tomorrow, same thing, light snow showers, cold and breezy, 37 degrees. if you're getting ready to settle in for the football game, tomorrow will be cold enough to stay inside, but in new orleans, they have light winds and talking 57 to 58 degrees for kickoff, under mostly sunny skies. here's our fox 5 accuweather seven-day forecast. we're going to talk about gusty winds sunday night into monday, gusting up to 30 to 35 miles an hour, so it's going to make it feel even colder. but the gradual warmup comes once we get into wednesday, thursday, friday, heading back to the 40s, upper 40s there, too. not bad. and back to a little bit of sunshine. >> looks good. thank you, gwen. >> thanks, gwen. it is a job that can be tough for any educator to handle. >> a florida man is making substitute teaching look very simple at the age of 90. fox news has the story.
6:48 pm
>> reporter: consider him the oldest senior at gulf high school. >> stewart? >> reporter: 90-year-old walter hillgart says working as a pasco county substitute teacher is his secret to staying young. >> i think by staying active, i live longer and have a happier life. >> reporter: his grade preference might surprise you. he subs exclusively in high school. >> they know they are going to go out in the world. they are going to go into the military, college or work. >> reporter: but after 25 years of wrangling rambunctious students as a sub, you better believe he knows what he's stepping into. >> i know that when i get all freshmen, i'm going to have a tougher day. >> reporter: perhaps it's his background that makes him one of the most requested subs among pasco teachers. >> i was a fighter pilot in world war ii, flew 22 missions over in the pacific. >> reporter: but these days, hillgart prefers to take on a different kind of battle, in
6:49 pm
the classroom. he's booked almost every day each week. >> he thrives on it. and he'll call us if we need extra help, if he has a day off, he'll call, do you have any subbing for me? >> reporter: and he's not just popular with teachers. hillgart's also a hit in the high school hallways. >> he is a phenomenal man. our kids learn so much from him. he shares stories and brings history to life when he talks about his past and his experiences. >> reporter: hillgart says his attitude will always trump his age. and hanging with high schoolers, well, that only helps keep this 90-year-old young at heart. >> i forget i got gray hair! >> reporter: in new port richey, fox news. >> really is keeping him young. he looks good. a bizarre sight to see on a highway in oklahoma. folks driving down interstate 40 in oklahoma city during rush hour saw two mini horses galloping down the road. officials say the horses escaped from someone's property. animal control was called to the scene to try to corral the
6:50 pm
animals. >> we do have livestock in the outlining county, so we have goats, cows, horses. we get calls of those out all the time, dogs. >> took about four hours, but animal welfare workers were able to finally capture the mini horses. the owner could be fined for not securing those animals. the father of the super bowl head coaching brothers prepares for an emotional supersunday. and college basketball takes center stage, as the hoyas and terps take to their home court. sports is up next. 
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. everybody's gearing up for the super bowl tomorrow. >> yeah, do you have your party situated? >> we'll be partying right here, on this desk. >> is that it? >> party all the time. >> i might come in to work! sounds good. >> that's how we roll. let's talk a little hoops to start. we'll get to the super bowl momentarily. before you know it, ladies, it will be march madness. it's going to be ll, it is febr thus ends the obvious part of the sportscast. what's not so obvious is whether the three of our prominent local schools will be invited to the big dance. all three on display today. we begin with georgetown, and devonta smith rivera misses the long jumper, but watch the big follow jam. hoyas up by 12. later in the first half, taking on the johnnies of st. johns. here we go, on the loose ball,
6:54 pm
starkes to lubic and he throws it down. lubic with 16. hoyas by 11 at the half. second half, more of the same. trowellic, nice drive, nice lay- in. georgetown defeats st. johns 68- 56 to complete the season sweep. now, how about maryland and mark turgeon trying to get back on track, taking on wake forest. wells, the inbounds pass to big lynn for the slam. 12 points for lynn. maryland, 6 of 7 shots for lynn. maryland also good from distance. lehman stroking the three right there, made four of those. team converted 11 of 16 three balls. second half, more of the same. allen pulls it, rips it, and gets fouled. that's a four-point play. he would convert that. maryland shot 67%. they hammer wake forest 86-60 for the most lopsided win of the season in the acc. virginia tech on the road
6:55 pm
against north carolina, carolina fans amped up, but tech, not intimidated, at least not early. green averages 25, going to hit the three here. the hokies jumped out to a 12-0 lead on the road. green limited to 16 points today. second half, here come the heels off the miss. it's james michael mcadoo! son of bob mcadoo, for you old- timers out there like me. we go to overtime tied at 55- 55. freshman, marcus page in overtime scored a season high. 72-60, the final. how about paul hewitt and george mason on the road against jmu. patriots off to a great start. corey edwards going to knock down the three. mason raced out to an 11-0 lead. second half, the lead, though, down to three, but here come the patriots on the run. it's wright and he's got nice moves. gets it to the lane.
6:56 pm
team-high 22 points. mason over madison barely, 74- 73, completing the season sweep. jeff jones, an american hosting lafayette early in the second half. it's all eagles at this stage, when stephen lumpkins, the big lefty knock this is one down. he had a season-high 24 points. au led by as many as 17, fell behind by one. final minute, the patriots are clinging to -- eagles clinging to a two-point lead. munoz gets it to go. au beats lafayette 68-64, winning 10 of the last 11 in that series. couple streaks on the line tonight in san antonio. wizards have lost 13 in a row to the spurs. san antonio, meanwhile, seeking a 10th straight win. the wizards may be shorthanded. don't think so, though. this was last night in memphis. john wall goes down hard in the second quarter and hurts his left arm. he was riting in serious pain
6:57 pm
with his shoulder. looks worse than it is. he got up, began the second half. hopefully he will play tonight. wizards think he'll be good to go against the spurs. nfl awards tonight, robert griffin iii is in new orleans. he's been walking around, apparently looks pretty good. he's up for the nfl offensive rookie of the year. last red skin to win that, runningback mike thomas wei back in 1975. nfl hall of fame class, it's announced, 10 members will be inducted, including famed head coach bill parcells and former ravens tackle jonathan ogden, who went to school right here at ben. ravens, major story line for super bowl xlvii, first time the brothers have coached against each other ever in the big game. john harbaugh of the ravens against younger brother jim of the 49ers. two siblings squared off last thanksgiving in baltimore with the ravens getting the better of that matchup 16-6. tomorrow will span the full range of emotions for the entire
6:58 pm
harbaugh family. >> one thing i do think about is after the game, there's going to be one winner, one, going to be totally disappointed, and my thoughts go out to the one that will not experience the thrill of victory. every single parent can identify with that. that thrill of victory, the agony of defeat. and on sunday night, we're going to experience both of those, those great emotions, and our thoughts will be with the one that comes up a little short. >> very nice, dad. third round of the phoenix open, this is phil mickelson on the famed 16th hole, a stadium field, the fans are always rowdy. they get rowdier when the left- hander almost aces it! how about that? a tournament record 24-under after three rounds. he is on fire! >> love it. >> take a breath! see you tonight for the news at 10:00 and 11:00.
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