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tv   Fox Morning News  FOX  February 12, 2013 9:00am-10:00am EST

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that already. 49 at reagan national. 47 at dulles and bwi. has been breezy overnight . frontal system moved on through. going to notice the air is drier than yesterday. a lot less humidity out there and more and more sunshine. a few clouds passing through and a few clouds there in northern maryland as well. with high pressure again, we should be looking at a quiet afternoon and temperatures about 5 to 8 degrees above normal. here's your forecast and again, 52 in town. plenty of sunshine. enjoy today. changes tomorrow. a storm approaching from the south and west. bring us a period tomorrow afternoon of wintery weather or a mix around here. details on that in a few minutes. back to you. >> thanks, tucker. in the developing crisis with north korea more tough talk as the
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nation is warning of even more measures. follows an under ground nuclear test the north conducted earlier today that world leaders are condemning. >> north korea says the test was quote a first response to what it calls threats from the u.s. and warns it will continue with unspecified second and third measures of greater intensity if the united states maintains hostility. president obama calls the nuclear test quote highly provocative. the president says the danger posed by north korea's threatening activities warrants further swift and credible action by the community. in the next few minutes, the un security council will be holding a meeting to discuss this security crisis. it is a big night ahead for the president. first state of the union speech of his second term. >> doug luzader is live with a preview. good morning. >> reporter: good morning. the president is expected to layout
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a pretty aggressive agenda tonight. one of the things to watch is the facial expressions of john boehner. the president melee out the battle lines between them. the warm handshake at the podium is one thing. the specifics of the president's agenda may be something else. tonight's speech will be heavy on the economy. >> you will hear in the president's state of the union an outline for his plan to create jobs. the president has always viewed the two speeches, the inaugural address and the state of the union as two acts in the same play. >> that inaugural address layout an ambitious agenda. tonight, the president will be combatted. pushing for higher taxes and more spending for things like infrastructure and education especially with the looming battle over the sequestered spending cuts. immigration reform may also play
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a prominent role. republicans say the presidencies his chance to route the gop. >> his idea now his political objective now is to reduce to fracture, to marginalize who were the ones who stopped his agenda in years three and four of his presidency. >> a rising republican star. florida senator marco rubio. >> the combination of star power and his positions on immigration and other issues of interest to hispanics makes him really unbeatable for this position. >> and as far as the president is concerned, there's a certain amount of urgency to this. second term president doesn't have too long to push an agenda before he's considered something of a lame duck. tony and allison. >> doug, thank you. and stay with fox 5 and for complete coverage of tonight's state of the union address.
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it begins at 9:00 p.m. followed by the republican response and the fox 5 news at 10:00. the parents of chicago teenager will join the first lady tonight. the two men accused of killing the 15-year-old girl told police they thought they were firing at rival gang members who had shot one of them last summer. >> allison, in addition to mrs. obama sitting with the family, there's this too. maryland congressman chris van hollen says he's taking a gun control advocate carol price whose 13-year-old son was killed. participation in the million mom march that year. and maryland's attorney general is announcing a gun turn in program in may. doug gansler says it will let people turn in
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any weapons that are illegal or unwanted with no questions asked. similar to gun buy back programs. also backing a plan to get gun owners to report lost or stolen weapons. allison. >> new this morning, tony, early morning gunfire near the university of maryland campus ends in tragedy. two students are dead. another injured. melanie alnwick is live with the latest on this one. melanie, good morning. >> reporter: good morning, allison. a heart breaking turn of events here for the family and friends of these three college students here on 36 avenue. at this point we have no idea why one man decided to open fire on his two house mates. but we do know how it all started. this is a picture that prince georges county police tweeted out not too long ago. shows what was a small fire that had been set in the base amount of the home by the
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shooter shortly before 1:00 in the morning. police say after that fire was set, two of the house mates in this house here at 8706, 36th avenue. and ended out here in the front yard. that's when one pulled out a gun. one of those students was killed here in the front of the house. and you can see over here the neighbor's house, looks like the back of this car was hit with gunfire. the glass is sprayed all over the place. we also saw a bullet hole in one of the windows in this house and possibly another further down the street. we know the other roommate went running down 36th avenue we're guessing in this direction. that other roommate was shot as he was running away. and then we're told that police say the shooter then went to the back of the house and that is where the shooter used that gun to take his own life.
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there were also remnants that we saw of a small fire in the backyard as well. a gun was recovered at the scene. and now the work begins on trying to answer the difficult question, why? >> at this point detectives are interviewing witnesses, canvassing the neighborhood, talking to anyone who may have senior heard anything this morning. >> i got scared actually. because the shooting is near our house. it's unexpected. >> and again, police haven't said much more about these students except to say they are all male. they were all house mates here in this home. we don't know whether they are undergraduates or whether they are graduate students. as you can imagine, they do need to notify all of the family members involved before they release that information to us. back to you. >> incredibly sad. melanie, thank you. also new this morning, police identify a man struck and killed while trying to cross georgia avenue.
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frank sedwic was crossing a busy street in aspen hill when he was hit. unclear if any charges will be filed. also in maryland, a 14-year-old boy remains behind bars accused of killing his baby sister. the teen is being charged as an adult and being held without bond. he admitted to beating and suffocating the 7 month old girl inside their silver spring apartment. the boy was left alone to watch the baby while his mom worked an overnight shift. the defense lawyer says the 8th grader has never been in trouble with police before. catholic popes are elected for life of course. they don't resign. that's why pope benedict xvi's announcement yesterday that he is stepping down has come as such a shock to both catholics and priests. the stunning announcement that the pope is resigning comes recent concerns about his health. one expert tells us the vatican is in the process of selecting a
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new pope. >> this caught so many people off guard. the bomb shell news of the year so far. but in some ways, the church always has had in place a system so that when a pope dies or in this case resigns, the transfer of ordinary power goes to the whole college of cardinals who will all gather in rome. >> vatican officials are hoping they can pick a successor by the beginning of holy week at the end of next month. >> two special ceremonies will mark the 204th anniversary of the birth of president abraham lincoln. wreath laying at 8:45. there was a wreath laying at 8:45 this morning at ford's theater where lincoln was assassinated. then at noon, the secretary of transportation and the superintendent at the national mall will lead a
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ceremony. that event has happened every year since 1922. >> one of its oldest sports. plus a career in the nfl doesn't last long. the game is extremely tough on their bodies. so what happens next? >> some players are taking the time to learn off the field to help when they can no longer play. >> sadly, you can't play the game forever and some nfl players are getting a jump start on their future with a unique program right here in the district. details are ahead when fox morning news continues. 
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this morning's sports breakfast. a blow to one of the world's oldest olympic sports. wrestling is out of the competition starting with the 2020 games. is that true? >> really. >> is that true what i'm reading now? the executive board made the decision today. the board took this action in order to make
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room for another sport. what should it be? yet to be decided. in a weird twist, wrestling can apply to be that other sport. though it's unlikely it would be voted back in. >> that would be silly. if they voted it out and voted it back in. >> nba players might look like nascar counterparts. the league wants to sell ad space on the team's uniforms. put the idea up for a vote during a meeting in april. the move could bring in $100 million. this story is about the nba. if all goes according to plan, you'll see the change during the 2014 season. nfl officials are making the field wider. in a push for a safer game. the turf is 160 feet sideline to sideline. but according to the national football post, the league will look at the possibility of adding 30 to 35 feet as part of
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an effort to better protect players. any change could still be a long way off partly for stadium logistical reasons. adding 10 yards would mean fewer seats. >> we have professionals in studio that gave you the side eye. kind of scared right now. professional athletes get paid well. oftentimes don't invest in their futures. >> more and more athletes are realizing they need a plan for after their playing days. dave ross has more on that with his two guests. >> yes, that is exactly the point here. talking to two guys to my right who have 19 combined years. derek to my far right. and gary bracket nine years with the colts. you guys are back in town. not for football but at george washington university. tell me about this program and what drew you to this program. >> really exciting program. one, you get a
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star nba from george washington university. and two being amongst my peers. a lot of strength in numbers. so i'm excited be in the program. >> so, for you to be in the classroom again after ten years ago graduating from texas, what's this like? >> kind of a tough challenge being out of school for so long. but i believe that being in this program along with peers such as brac, equ skills that will prepare us for life after football and give us a chance to succeed. >> you played ten years in the league. still playing in the league. when did you say you know what i need to go back and get more schooling and try to get that mba? >> a good friend of ours found out about the program and they gave us the information.
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my wife and i, we think education is very key and important to our success long-term. about a couple years, i was thinking about we need to go back and further our education. so when i do finish playing football i can hit the field running. the main thing for us was let's find out about the program. let's get involved and let's get everything moving. >> gary, let's talk about the program itself. i know you went to rutgers. you are back in school. and you had a class that triggered it going back to those days. >> that's right. we're up to 10:00 at night doing our problem set. and i think it was 99 -2000. so it's in the brain. you just haven't used it for a while. bringing all that information out. post career, you really want to hit the ground running. this gives you a great leg up. >> you guys physically are used to being attacked. do you feel that too when you are going
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through the classes? >> absolutely. it's a grind. two week schedule. very rigorous. 11 to 7 everyday. you are learning. different subjects. you have to know when to shut stuff off. the skills that we're getting are indispensable. >> how long is the program before you get that? >> total of 16 months. in different cities and like i said, great connection. today we're going to capitol hill. that's one of the things we're doing. very excited about that. a lot of opportunities and networking is involved. >> for you to be back in town not playing football, got to be different and a pleasure in its own. >> yes, i've made my home here. all my roots are going to be here. it's a great opportunity to be back and to be able to network and engage the community. the program has allowed me to start yellow
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ribbons united along with my wife which aims to serve our military community and organizations. through that program, we have an ambassador program. where guys like myself can raise awareness. to help those organizations out there. we aim to enhance those organizations. so this is the type of opportunities the program allows us to have. we look forward to enjoying our time and able to garner information and greater information. >> what are you about 6-6? >> what about you? >> you can blend in a little better. what about you? that guy, what's he doing here? >> really, i'm not the robert griffin. it's kind of easier for me. i can blend a little more. >> gary's got a couple rings here. >> you ever show those off in
9:20 am
class? >> special occasions. >> i really appreciate that. we got to get you a ring. >> hopefully. i got my wedding ring. >> real quickly. i do want to ask you rgiii i know you weren't here this year, but when you see a kid like that and know about this town, does it say to you wow, this is the future, this is the franchise? >> most definitely. i'm excited for robert griffin. i believe he gives them the best opportunity to succeed and win that championship. >> great to see you guys again. star mba program at george washington university. let's go back over to tony and allison. >> great stuff. very good. thank you gentleman. >> coming up next, you can check your credit score for free three times a year. p find out why, next. >> holly is learning how to celebrate fat tuesday. >> reporter: good morning to you. there he goes.
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that's the man of the hour. listen, a couple years ago, his king cakes were named one of the top three in the country. and that is why. we're live here at the bayou bakery. coming up, we're going to talk about the history of that sweet treat and the sweets that will be on display. it's all live later. stay with us. >> and could a rel life instructor gadget be in the works? sort of. apple is working on a new watch that would operate on the company's io 6 software. reports say the watch would perform all of the same functions of an iphone without ever leaving your wrist. >> how big is it? >> the same size. no i'm kidding. some say it will be made from thin curved glass. what could go wrong? apple is yet to comment. we'll be right back.
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check your credit report. a new study finds one in four people may have a mistake on their credit report. the federal trade commission report looked at the result of 1001 credit scores issued by he can kwi fax, transunion, and experian. mistakes could mean paying more for things like mortgages and auto loans. the ftc says the report under lines the importance of checking credit score. census numbers shows the dc area accounts for one of the high concentrations of households earning top 5%. within the top 5%. 1 in 7 area households earned a year. among 10 counties nationwide that earn within the top 5%.
9:26 am
those counties are shown. louden, fairfax, howard, arlington. due to a majority of two income households and people having college degrees. >> there's a disturbing report on students in dc schools. shows a revolving door is in place as thousands are transferring even in mid year. the washington post reports more than 6,000 kids left traditional and charter schools last year and did not reenroll. quotes a study from the office of the state superintendent of education that comes out today. the high transfers raise questions about how funds are transferred. shocking discovery for a florida woman. find out who was found inside her car ahead. >> let me guess. local aspiring actors get a lesson from a 9 year old.
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how darling are you. thanks to the movie. beast to the southern wild. 9:26. 
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i just started. it was like a film we did to have fun. never know to go to sun dance. then ends up all right here. >> that is 9 year old quevenzhane wallis. she was in town along with the film's director. the film is the director's first feature film. the relationship between a little girl and her dying father. earned her an oscar bid making the youngest ever oscar nominee. she has no prior acting experience. i think she was so little, i don't know if she could read. >> she was 6 when she auditioned.
9:31 am
>> i'm not sure how she did that. >> i'm told she was 5 when she auditioned. >> i want to see the movie now. >> me too. i have not seen it. >> she put that movie on the map. >> yeah. or the movie put her on the map. >> that too. >> feel like i have to get myself together to watch it. pretty emotional. >> weather not heavy today. nice and easy. a bit of a breeze out of the west. >> that's nice. >> did you want to say out of the south? >> i was going to say it was easy like a sunday morning. sing it tony. realize it had nothing to do with the weather. 49 at reagan national. >> in a romantic valentine's day mood. >> thank you, allison. i am. working up to it. 48 in leonard town. i promise i won't sing that to anybody on valentine's day. 44 in annapolis. 50 in culpeper. i'm not sure we're going to get a whole lot more in
9:32 am
the way of increased temperatures here. going to be fairly comfortable and sunshine in northwest washington. here's a look at satellite radar. clouds overnight. now we're looking at mostly sunny skies. high pressure out to the west. we should be in for a quiet afternoon. this is our next storm system. why do we care, the clouds will increase around here later tonight. and by tomorrow afternoon, tomorrow morning's commute will be fine. by tomorrow afternoon in time for that evening commute, we're going to have a period of rain and/or snow around here. still some question marks about where that rain/snow line sets up. likely to occur through the washington area tomorrow afternoon. let's take a look at future cast. here we are looking fine. later this afternoon, generally sunny. we have clear skies. nice quiet conditions. overnight start to
9:33 am
get the clouds moving in. and 8:00 tomorrow morning, starting to see presip on the map. that will move in during the afternoon tomorrow. notice what's going on by 5:00. rain showers for much of the area. snow off to the north and west and that snow line tries to move back into the area by 7 or 8:00. future cast indicating by 7:00 we're transitioning to snow. i think the best chance for any accumulating snow tomorrow will be north and west of town. going to be a close call here as we have to fine tune that forecast a little bit. i'm not sure what that is. today's forecast, 51 with sunshine. that map just completely fella part. 51 with sunshine. and breezy conditions. winds out of the west here at 10 to 15. not sure what map is coming next. that looks right. afternoon rain and/or snow around here in time for the evening commute. could get slippery in spots. thursday and friday back into sunshine and we warmup again.
9:34 am
melt off whatever we pick up and could have a more significant weekend storm still a lot could happen with that storm. not sure it will materialize. highs on saturday and sunday only in the 30s. much colder here this weekend. that's weather, back to you at the desk. >> an american foxhound from baltimore one step closer to becoming america's top dog. >> it is day two of the westminster kennel club -- allison, you want to try this? >> kennel club dog show. >> banana joe is a black athen pincher. honor, a white brejae. >> and an old english sheepdog. they each won best in group. those four will face the
9:35 am
winners in the best of show competition. >> this next story is a hoot. that's a great honored owl in the grill of an suv in florida. the driver thought she hit a bird the night before. apparently, she didn't check. the next day someone spotted the bird in the vehicle. the owl was rescued. it will be released back into the wild and stay away. glad it's okay. it was probably stunned . >> beautiful those eyes. did you say something disparaging about cats? >> i don't think. >> here's our pet of the day. sparrow is our pet of the day. and she is sharing the photo cause she wants you to know cats have personalities too. >> that cat has personality. >> i did one day that dogs had much more personality. >> okay. look at you. hope you got out okay.
9:36 am
if you want to send your pet picture to us do it by going to and i teased everybody with a pet confession. i'm not ready to say what it is. tune in on friday. >> i stand corrected. coming up . good versus evil. kevin sits down with viola davis and talks about some of the secrets. >> if you missed out on beyonce tickets for her summer concert, the singer is adding another concert in our area. >> i really want to go. >> me too. >> beyonce will perform monday july 29th and tuesday the 30th. tickets sold out quickly the first time around. so be prepared. tickets go on sale february 15th at 10:00 a.m. ♪
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the new movie beautiful creatures centers around the idea of good versus evil. >> it's all based on a popular book series about a mysterious southern town where everyone has a secret. movie reviewer sat down with viola davis who plays a woman holding the key to many of those secrets. >> i love the whole idea of the character not knowing whether or not she's going to be claimed for the light or the dark. looking over the career you've had, what is one character that would be claimed for the dark and one that would be claimed for the light. i've played the character in a law in order criminal intent. >> maybe. and claimed for the light. i would say my character in doubt would be claimed for the light.
9:41 am
definitely on the cusp there. >> ultimately the great hand of god would pick her up and pat her on the back and say you are good. >> i have to ask you about the things you have on your body. is that one day of make up, do you shoot that seen in one day or multiple times. >> it's molding is what it is. looks like skin they put on my back. >> she kind of learns more and more about the decisions she has to make. over the career, is there a character you played? which one taught you the most about who you are? >> i have to say abaline taught me the most. and not only the narrative itself but the whole journey of the help taught me the most. because the whole movie was about finding the extraordinary in you. and through the whole journey, sometimes it's like the character just gets inside of
9:42 am
you without you knowing it. and my whole journey even through award hz season was me slowly peeling away all the masks and having the courage to live more on my authentic self. >> when you go to a theater and watch the movies, can you still sit back and enjoy it? >> in a stage you don't watch yourself. wow look at the way i walk. when you are in a movie, now you are watching yourself. and when you are on the outside looking at it and something invades you that is totally -- and van it is absolutely plays no part in acting. all of a sudden now you are looking at your hair, you are looking at your skin. you are looking at your weight gain. all the things you were experiencing at the time you were shooting the film. and you are not doing
9:43 am
that in your body. your eyes are blinking. you don't know any of that. you are no longer in your body when you are watching it. oh, my god and i'm aging. i don't know how people feel when they've been in the business and look back at something they did when they were 20 and they are 70. i'm like god. >> what wonderful perspective. >> hopefully she will find out and keep doing that. she's marvelous. >> she is. >> it reinforces what a great actress she is. >> she was wonderful in doubt. she's great in that . >> beautiful creatures opens on valentine's day. >> there may be a big party in the big easy but you don't have to travel all the way to new orleans to celebrate to fat tuesday. we do want to do that. holly is taking us to bayou bakery. stick around to learn about some of the mardi gras fun you can have right here at home. >> do you need a sweet treat
9:44 am
for valentine's day? we're learning how to make chocolate cream pie. that doesn't look like chocolate cream pie. oh, there's a variety. >> there it is. >> the executive chef from wildfire. >> we're going to be doing this together. >> it's my segment. >> i'll be over there too. ( man ) legs up ! ( man ) legs up ? legs up, legs up, legs up ! red hot deal days are back. let nothing stop you. good job ! it's red hot deal days. get the nokia lumia 822 in red for free and discover all the things to do on the go with city lens. or the droid razr m by motorola in pink for $49.99. everything droid does in an edge-to-edge display. hurry in, because the sale ends february 20th. powerful devices. powerful network. verizon. some things won't last 25 years.
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some things won't last 25 years. most consistent, ah! woof! some things will. welcome back. >> thousands will pack the streets of new orleans today for fat tuesday. >> we lost our live picture. >> imagine if people running around. >> mardi gras. >> rain is expected in the big easy. we don't think it will stop many party goers from celebrating. >> if you don't have to travel
9:48 am
far -- >> holly is live at the bayou bakery with more how you can join the party. we normally have a king cake today. we don't have one here. we're counting on you to do it. >> reporter: we will have one for you. aren't i great, right? you don't have to imagine, if you will, the streets of new orleans. what you need to do is come to arlington where the streets will be filled for bayou gras. and david, they are already requesting a king cake back at the station. >> we'll see what the 48 hours notice guys. >> you had one for me so they'll have to live vicariously. pays to have connections. you guys have quite the feast that's going on tonight. we have another friend we want to introduce. travis. this is all a part of all the different -- >> my idea was to bring my friends who have their own
9:49 am
companies so they can highlight their product. that's like gina is here mixing cocktails. that's why travis is here. and highlighting the beautiful products. >> you have good friends. >> that's for sure. i called him yesterday by the way. >> didn't have to have 48 hours for you. >> serving two types tonight. very sweet and mild buttery oysters. and david loves both. >> where are these coming from? >> from rapanic river port. >> good old, virginia. >> i was reading there's different tickets tonight. >> we don't want to lock everybody to one deal. >> created these tiers so you can come in at any entry level. a kid's car for $10. we've got
9:50 am
three different savory entray pace s. >> that's an extra tweet. >> putting this out there. throwing this out there . going to be added bonus. people knew. they have their own following. >> you can follow them at union market. follow me back here. we are indeed talking about the famous king cake. >> this is the one dish that symbolizes. >> this is a nice danish. not too much. and we put a little bit of cream cheese inside the filling just for added moisture. and let that settle. we have the tri colored. everything has a meaning. there's symbolism. all about
9:51 am
the catholic calendar. getting ready for lent. going to go with the green. >> as you are doing this -- how many have you done? >> the numbers aren't in yet but pushing 700. >> got to have the baby. >> that way we already know where the baby is. >> we don't stuff it but put it in your package. >> now, a couple years ago you were named one of the top 3 king cakes in the country. >> we bring new orleans to arlington. >> if that's not enough. >> this is one of the dishes we're serving tonight. this was named one of the top 10 sandwiches in the country. >> i guess you are good. >> factory makes our bread for us. smoked ham salomi. >> indulgence today. tomorrow, what are you giving up?
9:52 am
>> i've given up a lot of sleep. looking to gain back. >> he's giving it up for you. come out tonight. it is the bayou gras. give me another second line. going on tonight 5 to 11 north 15th street in arlington. tickets 10 to $30. there it is. let the good times roll. they've been rolling all along. back to you. >> that's fantastic. thank you holly. even if you are not a whiz in the kitchen. i'm told you can whip up a fantastic dessert. executive chef eddie from wildfire shows us how to do it. probably my favorite restaurant. how are you, sir? >> didn't realize what you were doing. >> you've got a bunch of your desserts out here. >> all our desserts are
9:53 am
homemade. started from triple layer chocolate cake. number one dessert. deliciod burning oven. gooey hot fudge. >> berries crisp. seasonal berry ies. oatmeal cookie and topped with homemade sauce. >> this is what you are going to make today? >> it's our pie of the month. clock late cream pie. pudding filling. >> there it is. >> that's a whole version and our homemade new york style cheesecake. >> let's get to the pie making. >> very simple. we're going to put half and half in here. then we're going to put a cup of sugar. >> it is dessert. >> what's that?
9:54 am
>> cocoa powder. >> no powder on your suit. >> while you are doing that. >> this is on low? >> hold that all together. if i add it right now it's going to turn into scrambled eggs. i have 42% cocoa chocolate. going to put it in there. and semi sweet regular chocolate chips. >> so two types. >> yes. and then a little vanilla. >> am i going too slow? >> you are okay. >> we're going to wait until that thickens up. add egg yolk in there. >> how long will this process take? >> 15-20 minutes. >> we don't have that, eddie. >> get the heat up.
9:55 am
wait until it thickens up. we're going to add it to here. i have the oreo crust premade. blended oreos. sugar and butter. >> okay . all right. we're going to have the recipe for this at our web site at you were trying to get the heat higher. >> there we go. >> very state-of-the-art. >> kind of hard to use that at first. then you get used to it. >> and so that takes 15-20. we have a finished one here. >> we have the finished product but if you are trying to impress somebody, as many as the perfect dish. follow it up with lobster tails. >> follow dessert with lobster? >> we could do that. >> start off with lobster and follow with chocolate cream pie. >> that's how we do it. exactly. >> and the whole process
9:56 am
overall will take how long? >> not too long. 25 minutes. but it's going to take about 3 or 4 hours for the pudding to set. >> this is my question. this doesn't go in the oven. >> no, no, no. we're going to add it in here and become a pudding. then pour it in the crust. and you have to refrigerate it until everything sets. >> how much time do we have left? we have to wrap up. >> you want to pour it in. >> nice thickened up. >> we got to go. eddie, thank you very much. it's wildfire. chocolate cream pie. the recipe is on our web site. we'll be back with more fox 5 morning news in a moment. >> i have the fork. >> who needs a fork?
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