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tv   Primer Impacto  FOX  February 14, 2013 5:00pm-6:00pm EST

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detectives back here looking for evidence in neighboring yards. murdered during a violent attack. a house ransacked and blood inside. body found by his adult stepson before 7:00 wednesday night. >> we're devastated. he was a kind gentle soul. he was very appreciative for anything he did to him. >> alexandria police have arrested this woman. charging her not with last night's murder but for allegedly burglarizing the victim's home in late november. johnson was arrested during a traffic stop here along duke street around 3:00 this morning. >> when the detectives got there, found out what they had on the scene. part of their investigation was to pull prior activity. this came up as this incident that occurred within the last few months. and so that's where it kind of led to from there. detectives went
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after that aspect of it. pulled in extra resources because of the nature and able to find this woman. and place her under arrest. >> police are not saying how she was identified. but the victim's house he shared with his wife and elderly son is surrounded by security cameras. >> it's a wonderful family and his wife is a very active -- she's an older person too but works like a weaver. puts the rest of us to shame. it's a huge loss and we can't imagine why anybody would do that to joe. >> they called him joe. everyone knew him as joe. as for the woman arrested, she's being held without bond. not implicated herself but they also say the car she was stopped in is being processes for possible evidence. >> all right. thank you for
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the update. >> developing right now. more than 4,000 passengers and crew are still stuck on this carnival cruise ship engine room fire cut the power. passengers are getting cell service. we're getting a better idea of conditions. buckets of sewage in the hallways. stench. people forced to sleep outside because of the smell. let's get a closer look now. >> reporter: from the shores of alabama, you can see the carnival cruise ship as it creeps toward the port in mobil. >> we have mobilized 200 of our staff that are here to assist the guests and our crew. and the operations and logistics here. >> passengers stuck aboard the ship describing nightmare conditions with no power. scarce food and overflowing
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toilets. >> they tried to work on it. the line was like an hour long to go to the restroom cause everyone had to go. >> on land, family members of the passengers anxious for their safe return. >> i am going to hug her and tell her i love her and i missed her and praise god she made it back safe. >> when the ship arrives in mobile passengers will have a choice of taking a 7 hour bus ride back to the galveston, houston area or taking a two hour bus ride to new orleans and travel back to texas tomorrow. >> we've arranged for a very large bank of charter flights that will take them back to houston. >> offering the passengers refunds, free cruise hz and transportation home. the company will face a slew of lawsuits in the aftermath of this incident. passengers may be in for a rude awakening. the fine print on their tickets will most likely limit carnival's liability. >> when you sign up for one of these tickets and cruises, to
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some degree, you are signing away a lot of rights. >> carnival says it will cover all transportation costs to get the passengers back home. fox news. >> the california couple says the man who led police on massive man hunt tied them up and stole their car. karen and jim renolds say christopher dorner forced his fay in. they say they recognized him immediately. he repeatedly told them he wouldn't kill them but tied them up and put rags over their heads. >> he came in with a cord and tied it around. >> put a pillow case over our heads. >> and tied the cord through the mouth and tied it real tight. >> after dorner left in the couple's truck, karen managed to reach her cell phone and call 911. the human remains found in that cabin where dorner were
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last seen have not been identified but authorities presume it's him and called offer the man hunt. >> the man convicted of killing chandra levy is back in court. paul wagner is live outside the court house. paul, what do you know? >> reporter: this is the 4th hearing in this case. two of them he did attend. two he has not attended. and the hearing began with the judge announcing this is quote a discovery hearing. it would be sealed. the press would not be allowed to hear what was going on. he politely asked reporters to leave the courtroom so lawyers could discuss the issue. the reporters declined. we said we would stay inside. we have a sketch bill made. sat there and listened through the proceedings through head sets.
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after 15 minutes he decided to take them off and the interpreter stopped talking. in early december prosecutors went to the judge with information about a witness that could be impeachable. prosecutors want the information kept secret. the defense wants it made public. and there have been four hearings as i've mentioned. the judges told prosecutors they will have until early april and all transcripts will remain under seal. he has said this has to do with quote security issues. levy was murdered in 2001. her disappearance made international news when it was revealed she was having an affair with a married congressman. he has never been charged in the case and not a suspect. he is serving a 60 year sentence. during this hearing today us reporters sitting in the
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courtroom could only observe what was happening. we couldn't hear anything. there's what's called a husher. it sounds like a large fan. and there were three attorneys for the prosecution and three for the defense all standing there talking with judge fisher. at times they would breakaway and huddle with each other and then come back and talk at the bench. i left the courtroom at about 25 to 5:00 and it was still going on at that point. it's going to be a while before we understand what was happening in this case, what is happening in this case. it's all a big mystery at this point. >> paul wagner, thank you. >> the mother of a teenage girl shot dead after school was among several people calling for stricter gun laws today in washington. the children's defense fund and 1 million moms for gun control held today's event. they pointed out more than 2,000 children have been shot this year alone including
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15-year-old pendleton. >> unnecessary. she wasn't a bad kid. when i say bad kid, she wasn't a kid that didn't have any direction. she had direction. and she had hope. she had a future . >> the groups went to capitol hill today delivering teddy bears asking them to fast track what they call common sense gun safety laws to protect children instead of guns. >> president obama will visit hyde park academy tomorrow to amplify proposals to combat gun violence and help the middle class. today the president was in georgia to promote early childhood education. visited a prek class and spoke about plans for universal pre-school. proposed an early head start child care program. >> republicans have temporarily delayed a vote on president obama's defense secretary nominee. some of the gop colleagues are demanding more information on issues including
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the attack on the u.s. consulate. hagel a former senator, his nomination was approved by the services committee on a straight party line vote. the vatican says pope benedict xvi hit his head last year. but officials say it did not play a relevant role in his decision to resign. no one knew about the incident. the pope announced monday he is resigning at the end of the month. he is the first pope to step down in more than 600 years. >> a superde history last year in london is now a suspect in the shooting death of his model girlfriend. oscar was the first double amputee to compete in the olympic games. his girlfriend died this morning after a shooting at his south africa home. elizabeth is following the investigation for us. >> reporter: car made headlines last summer at the olympic
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games. now he's back in the news. this time being investigated in connection with the murder of his girlfriend. >> there was a shooting incident this morning. at this stage, a young woman did die on the scene of gunshot wounds. >> police arrested him. the first double amputee to run track in connection with the shooting death of his girlfriend model. she was shot multiple times when police arrived on the scene. >> police in south africa do not officially named suspects until they appear in court. but he was at his home at the time of the shooting and there are no other suspects involved. >> previous incidents at the home. i'm not going to elaborate on it.
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>> some local media outlets are reporting he may have mistaken her for an intruder and accidentally shot her. >> we're not sure where this report came from. >> court hearing was scheduled for thursday afternoon but has been postponed until friday. according to a spokes person to give forensic investigators time to carry out their work. elizabeth pran, fox news. >> it sounds innocent but affects can be harmful. >> liked it because it was very much like ecstasy. gave you that euphoric feeling. >> we will introduce you to molly. a dangerous drug parents should know about. >> will he be ready week one? why rumors are swirling rgiii will be back on the field. >> and a couple comes forward to claim their power ball prize. find out what they plan to do
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with all that money. >> couldn't have bought a day like this in the middle of february. plenty of sunshine. temperature was 50. we'll be even warmer tomorrow. let's talk about how warm we'll be tomorrow and a few changes in our weekend forecast. first look at your forecast when the news continues. stay with us. 
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have you met molly? chances are your kids have or they will. it may sound like an innocent name but this drug is
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anything but. russ spencer has what parents need to know tonight. >> reporter: meet molly. a dangerous drug hiding behind a friendly name. >> you can think somebody is talking about a friend or family member when they are talking about a drug. >> molly is the star of lots hit songs. >> molly, i don't sweat. >> even getting a shout out from madonna. >> how many people in this crowd have seen molly? >> it can be a good thing if you are the one using it because it's very discrete. hanging out with molly tonight. want to see molly. >> molly is short formol kul. comes as a pill or powder. >> you don't know it's pure. >> that pure reputation isn't exactly true. >> it's a synthetic derivative
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of ecstasy. >> natalie took it everyday for four months. >> i really liked it because it was like ecstasy. at the time it was a lot cheaper, a lot easier to find. >> hanging out with molly wasn't that difficult. at $20 a pill or $100 a gram. put this 26-year-old in rehab 6 times in four years. >> i used to take it and sit at home with my friends, listen to music, watch tv or whatever. it hasn't gotten worse since the last time i used it. >> it's a way traveling throughout the country. and something we have to be on the watch for. >> parents, here's what you need to know. the affects of this drug lasts three to four hours. does have symptoms. >> increased blood pressure. increased heart rate. severe dehydration. dramatic increase in your core body temperature
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which results in your organs being cooked from the inside out. >> holmes finally went her separate way. >> i've been clean for 13 months today. >> a fresh start after years of addiction. >> it's never too late to turn your life around and do the right thing. >> we've talked about some of the affects and we've talked about molly. here's other code words. rolls, beans and loves are other terms for ecstasy. aunt nora, coastal and dream are code words for cocaine. synthetic marijuana has been linked to kidney damage. 16 people who smoked drugs like k 2 and spice were hospitalized with kidney problems last year. all recovered but 5 needed dialysis. already been tied to health problems. >> two new studies out just in times for valentine's day. the studies by the centers for
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disease control reveals data for the 8 most common stds. in 2008 there were 20 million new incidents at a cost of $16 billion. researchers say people ages 15 to 24 account for half of all sexually transmitted diseases. it looks like more and more women are resorting to plan b. the use of emergency contraception is on the rise. as many as 11% say they've use the the morning afternoon pill at least once. most common among women ages 20 to 24. >> well, it is the 14th, valentine's day. and you know who i'm in love with? >> who? >> mother nature. >> gary, is this going to continue into the evening hours? >> you could have thrown a little love my way. >> i'll do that in the break. >> i'm used to it. it's fine. mother nature , it's good. up to
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50 today. how about that with all the sunshine, temperatures in some places a little warmer. we have fair skies tonight. you see a little snow up to the north and west. that's a little clipper passing by. a clipper passing by to the north of us as opposed to a clipper coming by to bring us snow. several of the little snows from clippers this season. that one won't get us. we'll have a few clouds overnight tonight. it looks like tomorrow the clouds are going to come back. it's going to stay comfortable with the temperatures for tomorrow as well. 48 here in town now. fredericksburg 51. frederick is 46. and western suburbs around dulles, temperature is holding in the upper 40s. real nice at 7:00. temperatures not much cooler than where they are now. a few clouds at 9:00 and 11:00. these are city temperatures. going to be a little colder than that. by 10 or 11:00 tonight, the temperatures out in the
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suburbs will already be down into the 30s. i suspect overnight tonight even though it's not going to be too cold in town, down around freezing, maybe a little colder out there in the suburbs. all the snow is melted. sun angle is getting higher in the sky. i want to say this, we've made a couple changes for the weekend forecast. that includes maybe a little bit of rain snow on saturday. a little coastal system. may want to run up the coast and bring us a little bit. we'll talk more about that in the full forecast. i don't think it will be the entire weekend. but going to be a pretty winter like weekend. >> see you in a few, gary. >> he's talking about that and wants a little love. i don't know. it's a hard sell. it was all over twitter and facebook. remember that melt down on the green line? what a disaster. metro explains what ultimately left thousands of passengers stranded. >> questions still remain. there is reason for
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red skin's fans to feel hopeful about their quarterback. he may be ready for week one. that story is next as the news at 5:00 continues. 
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sf is is the questions we were all asking after rgiii hurt his knee. how bad is it? does he need surgery? will he ever be the same player and when will he be back? today the redskins have more clarity. lindsay joins us now with answer september to all of these questions. >> they do have clarity. it was bad, he did have surgery but still so many questions. questions for the next couple months. that's just the way it is. questions will remain until griffin is able to participate with the team again. whether that's during mini camps or in july when training camp starts. underwent major surgery to repair a torn acl.
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griffin has said all along he will be ready for next season but now reason to believe the optimism. he has a long way to go in his recovery and will not rush him back. there are reports today that based on what they've seen so far, it is possible griffin will be the team's starting quarterback. griffin won the offensive rookie of the year award after setting a record by a rookie quarterback and leading to first nfc title in 13 years. bruce allen said today the redskins continue to be optimistic. will be ready to start the season. he says doctors ultimately will make the final decision. if he doesn't meet the deadline, i don't think he wants to push himself too hard that he feels like he's failing. it's up to robert, up to the doctors but at this point feel good about it. >> the fans want him to get healthy and come back when he's ready. thanks. >> staying on sports, today was
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the ground breaking of the new red skin's training center. the $10 million facility is part of a development deal between a city and health system which allows for the lease of that site. when players aren't there the facility will be open to youth and families. the new center is expect had had to bring $40 million worth of investment to richmond as well as hundreds of jobs. good for richmond. >> coming up tonight, monitoring metro. we're learning what caused a melt down on the green line and how passengers may have contributed to all the confusion. >> american airlines and u.s. airways are joining forces. an aviation expert joins us to tell us what this megamerge her could mean for you. >> one of the richest men in the world is getting into the ketchup business. details when we come back. lucky charms?!
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it started with a miscommunication and led to a melt down that created chaos on
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the green line last month. part of an investigation by metro into what happened out there. thousands of passengers became stranded on trains between the navy yard and an tec ostia. >> the first failure was because of a miscommunication. but the entire situation got worse when a passenger on one of the trains deep in the tunnel decided to lead people out against orders. two green line trains stuck in rush hour with about 1,000 passengers each after the power suddenly cut off. january 30th incident created panic and confusion. people uncertain how long they'd be stranded. >> the customers were alarmed. some were frightened. all inconvenienced and very uncomfortable. >> a lapse in protocol led to miscommunication between officers that led the initial power shut down.
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>> we would not have been there if the protocols had been followed. >> the transit agency said the train operator failed to make adequate announcements some passengers on the second train began self evacuating too. nigel told fox 5 he led riders in to the tunnel and out. >> really wasn't thinking about danger. thinking about trying to get in a better situation than we were in. my big thing was how long are we going to be down there? >> metro says the train operator told the man to stay on the train but he refused leading to a more dangerous life threatening situation. some confused passengers thought they were being led by a metro employee, not a passenger. board chairman believes metro needs to do everything it can to
5:32 pm
make sure people know the deadly consequences. >> they are risking their life existing a train without any direction or supervision or protection. >> the incident started with an arching insulate or on the track. the passengers in the tunnel caused the delay to stretch more than two hours. >> one of the few good things that came out of this is no one was injured and no one lost their life. >> metro says no one has disciplined for the lapses. plans to improve training and drills for situations just like this. most concerning to a lot of the board members was that self evacuation. why people would exit a metro train. but you don't see people doing it from an airplane stuck on the tarmac.
5:33 pm
>> bottom line is stay put. >> absolutely. >> thank you. >> american airlines and u.s. airways are merging to create the world's largest airline. once the $11 billion deal is finalized, the airline will be called american airlines. offer more than 6700 daily flights to more than 300 destinations in 56 countries. >> the over 900 routes when we fly them individually, only 12 of them where we have overlaps. this is about taking two airlines and putting them together and providing better service. and also i would note it creates a nice third competitor. so our view is it increases competition, it doesn't decrease competition. >> the company will likely continue operating for the next few years. thanks so much for being here. >> my pleasure. thank you for having me. >> more flights. more destinations. seems
5:34 pm
like good news for consumers. what's your take when you heard about this? >> i think as we've seen in the past, nothing goes as smoothly as you hoped it does. we hope they've learned from the experiences and mistakes in the past. i believe in the long run this will be a great benefit. >> i know a lot of people right now are tweeting if this will mean lower airfares for them. based on your history with the airline, do you think it could mean that? >> well, i think that might be a little short sided. here you have two carriers. one of them in bankruptcy. it's a turbulent time. has been for the airlines. i think what you'll find is that had this not gone through, the potential for one or both in the long run, perhaps even in the short run that one or both may not have been here had to have gone out of business. i think the fact
5:35 pm
they've merged, they'll become stronger. in the long run will have more opportunity and more choices available to the traveling public. >> as we've seen with other mergers, employees often lose their jobs due to the overlap of positions. what are you hearing? is there a concern that could happen? >> i'm sorry, i couldn't hear that question. >> in past in other mergers we've seen employees for the airlines lose their jobs because of an overlap of positions, what are you hearing? what's the talk? is there a concern or fear for both airlines they could be out of a job because of this? >> certainly, that's a legitimate concern. and i am sadly have the same fears. i would believe that in some ways there will be overlap and opportunities for as many employees just won't exist. there will be perhaps down the road as the companies expand,
5:36 pm
greater opportunities but in the short-term, may be loss of jobs. >> thanks so much for coming in tonight. >> thank you. >> still ahead, one of dc's most popular landmarks is opening up another location. where they plan to set up shop next. >> hopefully my neighborhood. a fredericksburg couple comes forward to claim the second largest jackpot in virginia history. lucky dogs. >> we have very big numbers on gold. try this. a grand total of 4405 tons were sold in 2012. the gold business was worth well over $2 trillion last year. now break it down. governments bought 500 tons. individuals bought the other 3900 tons. that sounds like a lot of gold coins for the grand kids and it is. for the volume of sales was
5:37 pm
the lowest in three years. when the price was going up we bought. but when prices leveled off we bought less. maybe that's why gold has been stuck recently. by the way, who buys the most gold? the people of india. we'll see you tomorrow on the fox business network.
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moving ahead with plans to open a second location. the owners of the landmark hope to have the new restaurant at 10th and h street in northeast up and running to the end of this year. the original owner passed away in 2009. his sons and daughters in law now run the company. >> billionaire investor warren buffett is getting into the ketchup business. partnering with 3 g capital to buy hines for $23 billion. it is the largest deal ever in the food
5:41 pm
industry. shareholders will receive $72.50 in cash for each share they own. and that is a 20% premium. the company will remain headquartered in pittsburgh. the deal is a potential boom for the new u.s. secretary of state. his wife teresa is the widow of john hines. he has shares worth more than a million dollars. >> a couple comes forward to claim $217 million in power ball jackpot. find out where they bought that winning ticket and cannot wait to quit their jobs. >> talk about a vacation. >> we will show you how this student won jeopardy's teen tournament in style. >> and we could see warmer temperatures tomorrow. gary is back with your forecast. 
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imagine this.
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a man is $217 million richer after hitting the power ball jackpot. what's he planning to do? quit his job and the 81 mile commute. john picks up the story. >> reporter: our story starts at richmond international airport on superbowl sunday. >> 53-year-old dave honeywell was departing on a business trip. he spent $10 in this airport state lottery vending machine purchasing five opportunities to win the then growing power ball jackpot. in denver, the morning after the drawing, dave checked online. >> they called the power ball number first. and then i started going left and right and my hands were shaking so bad. >> the ticket was the sole winner of the $217 million jackpot. he called home with the happy news. >> we both worked thursday, the same day. we were still working. >> i was actually in denver and leading a meeting. i had to
5:46 pm
continue with the meeting. >> next problem getting the ticket home through airport security screenings where wallets get separated from people. >> i found this wallet you put on your arm. i've used them before. i put it inside my long slaefb sleeves. i kept checking it. >> dave got the ticket home and now been presented with a ceremony check for $217 million. he has elected the quick pay out option of only $136 million. dave and nancy are federal workers. because of base consolidation, their daily commute is now 81 miles each way and they have stayed on the job. >> she's retirement eligible ready. and i'm going to retire probably about another month and a half. i've got things i need to closeout. >> how will their lives change? >> we're going to build a bigger
5:47 pm
retirement house. we want to build something we can have all of our family there. that's the only big change. >> this hand shook the hand of power ball winner dave honeywell. >> 1, 2, 3. >> for the record boss, i'm not expensing this purchase. if these numbers hit, it's all mine. >> in richmond, john henrehan, fox news. >> we are pulling for you. wouldn't that be cool ? >> it would. >> he's my best buddy at fox 5. it would be good for me. >> he's the best reporter ever. >> yeah, all right. don't listen to them john. that was what i was saying. i was not brownnosing him like you guys. >> wait until he wins and then we'll see. >> what is she saying? >> $136 million. >> wow. >> that is crazy.
5:48 pm
>> weather's been nice today. especially everybody celebrating valentine's day. >> this was the gift for my honey. >> if mother nature is your honey. >> you were showing me no love so i don't want you to suck up to me. here's what's going on with your forecast. 48 degrees right now is the current temperature. at 4:00 it was 49. sue and i put that out on facebook. immediately we got 1,000 likes. i guess now everybody liked today with all the sunshine and the nice comfortable temperatures. official high for national was 50 degrees for a high. listen, we're going to be warmer for tomorrow at least for most of us but we're not going to be nicer. the clouds will start coming back tomorrow. we'll stay dry at least most of the day. temperatures still very pleasant out there. i think it's nice at 7:00. a few clouds at 9:00. a few clouds at 11:00. these are city temperatures . out in the
5:49 pm
suburbs already down in the 30s. a little cool. the wind is not going to be a problem. really not a bad february evening all things considered. we've got clear skies here. sunny skies all day long. and up to the north of us you can see the snow. that's going to stay up there. that's a clipper moving through. this clipper stays to the north. we don't have to worry about that. and we have nothing but fair skies pretty much all night long. we're going to start to see clouds increasing by early tomorrow morning and then through the day tomorrow it looks like we're going to have clouds start moving on in. don't expect much sunshine by tomorrow by any means. this is future cast tomorrow morning. we start off with some sunshine. we'll have some clouds mixing in as well. as we progressed through the day, more clouds will come on across. more clouds will thicken up. 3, 4, 5:00, most of us will be cloudy. we're still dry though. future cast is showing just a little bit.
5:50 pm
there's a chance, a slight chance of some showers tomorrow evening. it does not look like a great chance. earlier this week we talked about a potential for a coastal storm. the models have wiped it off the map. well, it started coming back a little bit earlier today. and this is where the models are departing radically on what may be happening friday night and into saturday. we take you on future cast and show you. this is on saturday. you can see snow real close to i 95. right now future cast is keeping this all to the east of us. and i might add that future cast has done a great job with the last little snow events we've had coming through. there's no reason to believe this isn't going to happen. but looking collectively at all our model guidance. some of it is still suggesting a pretty good likelihood we'll have rain and snow too throughout the area on saturday.
5:51 pm
we have to keep that in the forecast. but opt miss stickily future cast is keeping most of that east of i 95. only a few clouds tonight. around 32 in the suburbs. 37 in town. not that bad for a february overnight. cool start with some sunshine. mostly clouds at noon. clouds for just about everybody by 4:00 p.m. we stay dry tomorrow and just about completely dry tomorrow evening. however, there will be a slight chance for showers. more showers coming in friday night. there will be a few snow showers as well. and then as we get into saturday, we're going to keep rain and snow in the forecast. but, again, that can change. it's a little moving target right now. one thing is for sure, sunday looks cold. sunday looks blustery. 37 for a high but feel like it's in the 20s all day long. all that being said, enjoy middle 50s for highs tomorrow. >> thank you, gary. >> the talk of the town on tmz, the man who once inspired
5:52 pm
millions of people now charged with murder. executive producer harvey levin is live. we reported earlier in the broadcast on the investigation. what's the latest from your angle? >> well, we're hearing a couple things. number one, he had an incident in 2009. not with reeva steenkamp, the murder victim but with another woman and it was some domestic violence incident. and he was basically in jail for 24 hours. the woman withdrew the complaint and nothing happened after that. the other thing we've heard is we talked to people who were close to reeva steenkamp. and they were around oscar and her. and they said there was never any evidence that anything was going on. and as a matter of fact, he seemed very sweet. and she had never led on. her family was stunned by this. if
5:53 pm
something had been going on with them she gave no indication of that. >> i saw this on the web site. didn't one of your tmz photographers encounter pistor pistorius? >> we did. got him in october. he was talking about training for the next olympics. look, i mean, he was a hear ee and gone from being a hero in the summer to a murder suspect in february. it is stunning. >> all right. more to come on this one. harvey levin on tv tonight at 6:30. >> a jeopardy contestant has gone viral. he didn't know the answer but didn't matter. >> he's looking pretty happy. why? did he come up with ike? >> no, i didn't. >> you did indeed. come on over
5:54 pm
here. >> fans are calling this one of the most entertaining moments ever. leonard doubled his money by betting it all on a daily double. >> very buttoned up show. and it is fun to laugh. >> absolutely. >> let's head over to brian. standing by with a look at what's coming up next. >> new on the news edge, the nomination of secretary defense nominee chuck hagel stalled. and then when it comes to valentine's day most of us thinking about getting flowers or chocolates. a much more serious message across. and why home schoolchildren in our area will not be allowed to play sports at public schools. those stories and more just ahead at 6:00.
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pet lovers are sharing this
5:58 pm
valentine's day with furry friends. partnering up with the congressional animal protection caucus. virginia rep jim miran was among the law makers to help find the little guys a good home. >> some love birds spent valentine's day by tying the knot. the dc superior court was so busy today couples were saying i do every half hour. 14 couples were married. ages ranging from 20 somethings to 70 somethings. wendy posted happy valentine's day to my loyal hard working husband ray. 13 years of marriage and still going strong. i love you and thank you for all you do for your family. and will writes, happy valentine's day. my beautiful wife of 7 years. my best friend for 11. words cannot express my love for you. so fox 5 dc has allowed me to share my love with
5:59 pm
you. and so has richard. happy valentine's day to everyone. and thank you all for commenting. >> happy valentine's day folks. thanks for joining us at 5:00. >> the news edge at 6:00 coming to you right now. >> this is fox 5 news edge at 6:00. >> we have now a situation where we're going to wind out without a secretary of defense. >> tonight the nomination for the secretary of defense chuck hagel running into roadblocks. first time a national security nominee has ever faced an filibuster. this mom nomination is in trouble. >> reporter: it is certainly troubled. hagel cleared the first hurdle tonight but obstacle course that may still lie ahead of him. the reason is a trio of three senators. john mccain,


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