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tv   Fox Morning News  FOX  February 26, 2013 7:00am-9:00am EST

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forecast. >> marking one year since the shooting death of trayvon martin. how his parents will commemorate the tragic anniversary. fox 5 morning news at 7:00 starts right now. >> this is fox 5 morning news. >> it's cold, it's calm and perhaps the calm before stormy weather makes its way through here. find out exactly what we can expect to get here in a moment from tucker barnes. this is tuesday february 26th. good morning i'm tony perkins. >> and i'm allison seymour. we're waiting to see what happens here. in the meantime, parts of the region could see a wintery mix and school districts are preparing. garret and allegany schools are closed today. >> now has sights set on kansas and missouri. forecasters say it could leave behind between 8 and 24 inches of snow.
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in preparation, the mayor has declared a state of emergency and flights in and out of kansas city's airports were shut down. hit the pan handle with 15 inches of snow and hurricane forced winds. blame the storm for at least two deaths. one from a traffic crash and one from a roof collapse. dozens of roads and highways are still shut down. and power is out for thousands of people. >> a minute after the hour, let's see what we are in store for. >> good morning. mostly rain around here . could be good soaking rain particularly this afternoon. the evening commute will be a slow go. looking at the potential for one to two inches of rain. a flood watch here locally. let's get to the radar. it's still several more hours before the main event. it's moving in from the south and west and packing everything. wintery mix off to the south and west. a lot of rain. thunder storm activity and
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the white you see out towards kansas city pushing up towards chicago and milwaukee. that's snow that's flying. temperatures right now and it's a good thing it's not moving in at the moment or talking about much more widespread wintery mix. 34 at reagan national. dulles 28. bwi marhsall 30. highs later today are forecast low to mid 40s. primarily just rain locally. to get to the west out towards winchester, hagerstown, martinsburg, you are endeering a wintery mix. and well out to the west in western maryland, definitely going to be a freezing rain event as these temperatures slow to warmup. the green, that's a flood watch. louden county under a flood watch. the purple counties a winter weather advisory. and that's a winter storm warning in pink.
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a lot of advisories today. and again, rain will get here by noon. it will be heavy at times. that evening commute likely to be a wet one and probably a slow afternoon commute. all right. more on the weather in a minute. let's do julie wrigtraffic with. >> dry pavement this morning and looking at the third accident involving an overturned vehicle. i'm anxious to see what's going to happen this afternoon. be prepared. drive slowly. southbound 270 to exit over on to 370. that ramp was shut down for quite sometime. traffic is able to get by to the left. southbound on 270 delays are forming headed southbound trying to work your way out towards exit 9. 4 to 5 mile back up sitting on southbound 270. taking you out towards research boulevard out towards the west side of 270 or 355 as alternative route. show you what else is happening out here.
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the beltway very slow from at least 295 headed towards the wilson bridge. northbound on 295 where we had an earlier crash. which has been cleared. metro orange line additional time needed for those. that's a check of your fox 5 on time traffic. >> thanks, julie. we begin this hour with a developing story out of egypt where 18 people are dead after a hot air balloon accident. happened this morning in the city of luxor. all believed to be foreign forrists. according to officials, there was a fire on board. the balloon fell from the sky crashing into a sugar cane field. no word on what caused the fire. three people survived. >> the other big story this
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morning with three days to go before across the board spending cuts kick in, president obama is heading to virginia to detail the affects of sequestration. >> the president will speak today and with military operations, the commonwealth could be one of the hardest hit areas. melanie alnwick is live with a closer look at the potential impact. good morning. >> reporter: good morning, allison. there are still questions about exactly how all of this is going to play out. and the truth is that the friday deadline may come and go without most americans even noticing. >> today the president turns to the navy traveling to a part of virginia that depends heavily on the flow of pentagon cash. >> that region as everyone knows will be hard hit if the sequestration is allowed to take affect. >> and there is almost certainly some truth to that. defense contractors are bracing for cuts. but other claims about what is a relatively small
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cut may be more dubious. secretary of homeland security says the country would be less secure. >> i'm not here to scare people. i'm here to inform. and also to let people begin to plan. because they are going to see these impacts in their daily lives. >> what if things like long airport lines don't materialize. take weeks or months to kick in. and republicans claim the president is exaggerating. >> he's far more interested in holding campaign rallies than he is in urging senate democrats actually pass a plan. >> if you can't handle a 2.3% cut, how can we put this place back in order. >> and the is he questionster may also get lost while those cuts start hitting on friday march 1st, the continuing resolution that funds the government expires on march 27th. flip forward to may and
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against another debt ceiling making the sequester cuts look like petty cuts. >> seems like there is no chance of avoiding it. i'm melanie alnwick. tony and allison. >> thanks, melanie. happening today a deeply divided senate could vote to confirm chuck hagel as the next secretary of defense. law makers will hold a vote to end a fill buster. the former republican senator likely has the necessary support to pass despite criticism from some of his former colleagues. also today, president obama will meet with two key senate republicans to discuss immigration reform. john mccain and south carolina senator lindsay graham. members of a bipartisan group.
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>> full senate will begin debate on a gun measure. the bill bans assault weapons and blocks people who have been involuntarily committed for health reasons from owning guns. would require people to submit fingerprints for hand gun licensing. supporters say that will make it harder for people to get others to buy guns illegally. the measures violate second amendment rights. no word on if or when could face a vote. >> other stories making headlines. a man accused in the mother/daughter murders in prince georges county will have to be retried. declared a mistrial on a technicality. the bodies were found in the trunk of a stolen burned out car in 2009. someone testified scott was involved in multiple home
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invasions but only one was admissible in court. the retrial is set in october. >> the search continues for a suspect. police are looking for 59-year-old john wesley jeffreys. they believe he beat 80-year-old and his 74-year-old wife to death in their home on saturday. also wanted for an assault case where he was charged with abduction. >> and dc police have released this surveillance video in the hopes of solving a deadly hit and run. chose a vehicle police say was involved in the accident. happened after 10:30 p.m. on saturday in the 100 block of m street. 20-year-old was killed. if you have information, call district police. >> there are two tragic anniversaries to mark today. one year ago today george
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zimmermann shot and killed 17-year-old trayvon martin in florida. zimmermann claimed self defense. the case heads to trial in june. martin's parents will mark tonight in new york. meantime, 20 years ago today that terrorists attacked the world trade center for the first time killing 6 and injuring 1,000 others. new york will mark the date with a moment of silence and a noontime ceremony at the 9/11 memorial. >> just getting word of breaking news from the vatican. officials say pope benedict xvi will be called emeritus pope. he will continue to wear white. church leaders have been scrambling to figure out how to move forward since they haven't
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faced this situation in nearly 600 years. people say that no good deed goes unpunished. for one homeless man, a good deed paid off. >> still ahead at 7:00, show you how one couple is rewarding that man for returning a lost engagement ring. >> an outspoken warrior in the battle against aides passes away. the life and the legacy of former surgeon general. >> first gio gonzalez takes the mound. dave ross will join us live at how the nats fairs. we'll be right back. we need to look for a new van. yeah. i just don't know where to start.
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gio takes the mound for the first time in florida. and the wizard takes the night off. make him a patriot for life.
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>> dave ross joins us live with another serving of your sports breakfast. >> big day in sports. the geo gonzalez thing , people on twitter they want to sigh him. he's two ace or one-a ace. a lot is expected of this team. and he took to the mound for the first time. and he looked good. got defensive help here . slide and dive and layout. that's lovely. and geo doing what he does, wisdom didn't get my reference of blue bayou. big base here. steve with that one. and the nat sshgs s beat the mets. >> is that original? >> i stole it.
7:16 am
did it years ago. stuck with me. >> how about the wizards taking on toronto. trade talks a couple months ago. glad they held on. the brazilian super star just flipping in and the foul. wizards get their 15th road win of the year and john wall just plain great, lights out right now. the wizards had been there all year. won 7 of their last 9. tom brady will be as you said a patriot for life. three year extension. covers him through the season. annual salaries of 7, 8 and $9 million in the 15, 16th, 17th season. if he plays through 2017, he'll be 40 years old. >> wow. >> it's amazing to think about this. this league and how hard
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it is. the rules right now to me are predicated on helping guys like tom brady play until they are 40. you complain about the hits. this is why they do that. stars can play seemingly forever. it's a modest deal in most quarterback terms. it's great news for the patriots. the face of the franchise for three more years. >> makes sense and tom brady at 40 will still be better than most quarterbacks. >> yes. and he can buy plenty of uggs. >> poor tom brady. wear are your man uggs tom? >> tucker doesn't wear them. >> he was opening up the salary cap. they have an extra $8 million. >> the raven's guy over that knows thachlt saved them a lot of money. >> buy a few raven's players. we have a lot of rain on the way. wintery mix out to the west.
7:18 am
action packed weather day. big storm moving in. 34 in washington. 35 in new york city. let me mention a lot of the region here is at or below freezing. temperatures are in the 20s and low 30s. that will be a factor as this storminess starts to move in by late morning. by 10 or 11:00. and by the noon hour inside the beltway. there's your developing storm system, we've been mentioning the blizzard out to the west. that will spread up towards chicago later this afternoon. the band of heavily rain a 1, 2 combination. pushup into the great lakes and develop and move over us later today. bottom line for us shgs rain moves in by the noon hour. it will be heavy at times. there's potential for gluing. we have a flood watch locally that goes into affect at 3:00. the evening commute will be a slow one.
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be prepared here for some heavy rain later this afternoon. there's the bigger picture. and i mentioned the snow out to the west. here's your 7 day. winter weather advisory posted in the mountains to our west. that goes into affect later this morning. flood watch locally. things get better tomorrow and thursday. still a little grumpy out with clouds. but won't be raining. >> a little grumpy out? >> yeah. a little moody. >> i like that. julie wright, you might want to take your phone and turn it off. they might be calling you this evening with this terrible rush hour. >> they do. and then they tweet me. there's no getting away from it. what i know folks is northbound on 295, north of the beltway the accident activity is on the shoulder. however, traffic is slowing to continue over towards the exit for northbound 295. in the back up of 210 crash in the right lane. crash in the outer loop leaving route 1 continuing
7:20 am
across the wilson route bridge. we've got slow traffic for those traveling the top side of the beltway leaving 95 around the georgia avenue. the ramp reopened from 270 to head eastbound along 270, that's where we had accident activity prohibiting you access through the icc. now cleared. still find yourself on the brakes 395 and now from the pentagon and the express lanes and main line across the 14th street bridge. if you commute on metro's orange line, allow additional time there because of delays on the orange line due to unscheduled track maintenance. that's a check of your fox 5 on time traffic. >> thank you very much, julie. 7:20 now on to this tuesday morning. coming up next, celebrating a surgeon general for a passion of patience. >> and later, holly takes us inside a local group giving back
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to the community for three decades. 7:20. we'll be right back. 
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in today's health watch, a good excuse to keep the olive oil flowing. mediterranean style can cut your risk of heart related problems. includes lots of olive oil and nuts in addition to fruit, fish, chicken, beans, salads and wines. >> troubling news about teen driving. experts say the number of deaths of 16 and 17-year-old drivers rose in the first 16 months of 2012 reversing a decade long trend. the number remained unchained. researchers say they don't know what's behind the fluctuation. c everett coop passed away.
7:25 am
served for president regan . his nomination met a wall of opposition because of his views on abortion and drugs. he became a household name for antismoking campaign. he was the government spokes person on aid when it was still considered a quote gay disease. survived by his wife, three children and 8 grandchildren. he was 96 years old. >> still ahead in our next half hour, mixed reviews.. >> take a look at what first time oscar host said. >> both sides of the isle for an update on sequestration. any negotiations going on to stop it? is talking exaggerated and should congress be taking a pay cut? >> here's a live look outside. the latest weather and traffic
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really getting it out to the west and we're getting a little bit of it today.
7:29 am
we're talking rain only right? >> mostly rain. wintery mix for the area. it's we're on the messy side of things. and the potential for heavy rain this afternoon. if you want the dry pavement or out on the roads in the next couple hours, it will be dry but guarantee most of us will be getting rain later today. so bring an umbrella. let's get to the numbers, cold enough to support winter weather right now. we'd be talking about much more widespread wintery mix. 32 in leonard down. 30 in fredericksburg. annapolis i know we have viewers out there. the weather station is not reporting. it's down. hopefully we'll get them back. 27 in frederick. 30 in winchester.
7:30 am
30 at martinsburg. mountains out to the west. pretty much a gather ante. sleet and the potential for freezing rain. going to be very slow to budge as that warm air has to work down. rain on the way. it will be a good soaking rain around here too. i mentioned the potential for one to two inches of reason. could be certainly the potential is there for flooding, urban flooding on the roadways here later today. pushing in our direction. let me mention one more time you'll the snow out to the west. kansas city they are expecting 10 inches of snow. up towards chicago where there's a winter advisory. for us, primarily rain with the exception of our viewers out to the west. where it will transition to rain slowly during the afternoon. a lot of advisories. the flood watch in green here. louden county, prince georges county, under a
7:31 am
flood watch at 3:00 today. winter weather advisory in purple. sleet and freezing rain. and the pink you see, that's a winter storm warning. do be ready for the potential of freezing rain and sleet here later this morning. most of the region will transition to rain later this afternoon. cloudy skies, rain sleet developing. might be a few pellets in town. it will quickly change to rain. 42 tonight, rain early. breezy and mild overnight. there's your wednesday/thursday forecast hchlt we'll keep the clouds in the forecast. maybe a few snow showers for parts of the region on thursday. and then we turn the page to march and cool temperatures to kick off the month of march. that's weather, let's do traffic and find out what's happening on the roads. >> still kind of busy out here northbound on the 295.
7:32 am
accident activity has been cleared over to the shoulder. traffic slow leaving the beltway and from the pentagon across the 14th street bridge slowing between bradick road. slow exit off of the outer loop leaving route 1 to go northbound on 295. southbound on 270 traffic still trying to recover. all of the activity cleared. delays headed out into gaithersburg. the outer loop, you are below speed from 95 to georgia avenue. 197 at powder mill road. follow police direction to get by. additional time needed on the metro orange line. unscheduled track maintenance taking place. that's a check of your fox 5 on time trachlt
7:33 am
>> all right. thank you very much. president obama says it will take a little compromise for law makers in congress to solve the looming sequestration problem. high ranking hill staffers say they haven't been able to get answers about what to do if the hammer falls at the end of the week. what exactly is happening? we turn to maryland democratic representative chris van holland. good morning how are you today? >> good morning. >> thanks for joining us. let's jump right in . for those of us on the outside looking in, it does not appear there are any real negotiations going on to solve this. are there negotiations happening? >> there aren't any direct negotiations i know of. i know there's conversations among members. i had conversations yesterday with scenarios we could put forward to try to find a solution for this. i do know this, folks back in my district
7:34 am
are concerned about this. and their want is to get things done. to bring people together and get a solution on the table so we can set aside this sequester. why >> why are there not any real negotiations happening? >> that's a great question. i've spoken with our leadership and other members to say let's get this done. there's common ground out there to find a pathway to reduce budget ands do it in a thoughtful way. we know the impacts it will have. we have to avoid that. >> representative van holland, can anything be done to avoid sequestration? or throw our hands up? >> no, there are things that can be done. later today, i'm going to go to the house rules committee and for the fourth
7:35 am
time, ask for an opportunity to have a vote. on a very specifically proposal that would replace the sequester with a balanced mix of cuts as well as revenue from closing tax breaks from oil companies and other tax breaks. that balanced approach is what we need. that way we achieve the long-term deficit reduction without the loss of 750,000 jobs. which is what the nonpartisan independent office would happen. i'm not asking people to vote yes or no. i'm simply asking for a vote on this very specific proposal from preventing the sequester from starting. >> the president is going on the road to talk about this, presenting these scenarios of doom and gloom.
7:36 am
congressman whitman, are those scenarios over blown? >> i do think the impacts are significant. i know for virginia, means upwards of 200,000 jobs and $20 billion of economic activity. i think there is an accurate reflection of what the impacts of the sequester will be. i go back to knowing what the affects going to be on dod civilian employees and across the military. we have an obligation to make sure we have the resources necessary to do their job to defend this nation. dod civilian workforce that want to get the job done and anxious to see this get solved. >> there's been some reporting that some democrats are concerned nothing will get done. sequestration happens and there's not a whole lot of immediate affect because some of these things furloughs and the like will take several weeks to put into place.
7:37 am
do you have concerns about that? what are your thoughts about that? >> as rob said, as the president has said, the negative impacts of sequester are very real. very disruptive. how that is timed will be a question we don't know. depends how different agencies can handle the different situations. but make no mistake, if the sequester takes affect march 1st and remains in affect, you are going to see major disruptions in the economy. those who say the president is exaggerating should look to the report i talked about. they say we will lose 750,000 jobs in this country between march 1st and the end of the year if these across the board cuts take place. and that's on top of the furloughs that could be imposed on federal employees. those job losses are in the private sector
7:38 am
market throughout the country because you are cutting so deeply so quickly as opposed to in a smart measured way and instead of combining those cuts with the elimination of tax breaks. >> i want to ask you both the same question. should you all, should congress if the sequester happens, should congress take pay cuts? should you have to endure a reduction in staff? >> the sequester does apply to congressional budget accounts. we have frozen our pay. even as we've asked for some for other federal employees so they have some cost of living increase. we've frozen our pay here and all the congressional offices are subject to the sequester as well. we have to decide how we're going to be managing those cuts. it's disruptive up here
7:39 am
but our focus is for folks throughout the country and economic dislocation it will cause. >> tony, i agree. we have to reduce our budgets here. we fall under the requirements of the sequester but members of congress need to set the example. members of congress should reduce their salary. it's only right if we're going to be asking this to be put in place or if these are put in place that congress leads by example. our office budgets will be cut likewise and also i think members need to lead and say we ought to reduce our salary. ets done during theho hopes next couple days. thank you both for joining us this morning. we appreciate your time. >> thank you. >> stay with us. 7:39 now. more fox 5 morning news coming up in just a moment.
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7:42 am
talkers of the day. some critics say the oscar ceremony is out dated. and lots of critics of this year's broadcast
7:43 am
called it a lot worse. despite mixed reviews, the host help attract 40 million viewers. don't ask him to do it again. overnight, he retweeted a question from a follower asking if he would ever take the gig again. he responded no way. a lot of fun to have done it though. >> i bet he changes his mind if he's asked. and proof that honesty pays. especially for a homeless man. he found not engagement ring. it belonged to sarah while accidentally dropping it in while dropping in spare change. the woman's fiance set up a web site taking donations for him. so far, the web site has raised $145,000 from donors all across the globe.
7:44 am
>> wow. >> and there you go. >> how did he get it back to her? >> oh, she came looking for him. oh, all right. >> is that different? my ring. >> he didn't have to give it back. >> but he did. very good. >> good story. >> set up a web site. i can get some money. >> got to be legit. >> do some good in the world, allison. that's the key point. we have rain moving in perhaps a wintery mix to start things off. just going to be a wet afternoon around here. make sure you have an umbrella. as julie will say pack your patience for your evening commute. pretty good rain around. it's all moving in from the south and west. late morning, probably the noon hour before it arrives in washington. and western maryland, parts of
7:45 am
west virginia. northern virginia, you may be dealing with a wintery mix here. should transition to rain for all of us. let's do future cast. show you what's going to be happening. watch the rain moving from the south and west. notice it's just moving in from the south and west and a good soaking rain later this afternoon. flood watch here locally. looking at the potential for one to two inches of rain before things wind down. out to the west the pink and white, that's the potential wintery mix. temperatures perhaps along the ridge lines right around the freezing mark. likely to still be issues. again, winter weather advisory out to the west. and all out of here by early tomorrow morning. tomorrow doesn't look great. peaks of sunshine during the day with a couple showers around. today is a soaker and things get better. 45 today, nice and mild tomorrow with highs in the upper
7:46 am
50s. and cooler by the first of march. can't believe it. and highs in the low 40s for the weekend. >> thank you, sir. >> thanks, tuck. >> let's go to julie wright for a look at traffic. >> i love when they fight over me. >> that was very polite. no fighting. >> cage match. winner takes all. all right . accident activity southbound along 197. this is tying up the left lane. 50 inbound this morning leaving annapolis. little bit of a slow down on that inner loop south of route 1 to the bw parkway. southbound kennel worth avenue has where we have left lane tied up. inbound 50 traffic slows headed into northeast. southbound on the bw parkway. traffic slows between 197 and also a delay south of the beltway. problems here outbound
7:47 am
suitland parkway where the left lane is tied up. involved in a crash early this morning. outbound the left lanes blocked, inbound lanes are open. inner loop starting to slow headed for the wilson bridge. that's a check of your fox 5 on time traffic. >> thank you very much. it is now 7 :47. coming up next, how you can help homeless families find food, shelter and support. >> reporter: it's really important, tony. homelessness for families is on the ride. tough times for a lot of people. we are live at stepping stones in montgomery county. there is a push on right now. not only for volunteers but donations. all about their mission and how you can support it live next. stay with us. what do you think k of this on?
7:48 am
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time for our facebook faven of the day. say a hello to bobby youngerman. he's been waiting to build a snowman all winter and would like some help from tucker. he's pounding his fist for you. we thank you for watching the show. for your chance to be tomorrow's fan of the day, like our facebook page and post a comment below bobby's picture. >> tucker would also like to build a snowman. that's according to the metropolitan council of governments. it is a 2% increase from last year. what can we do to help keep kids and families off the streets? holly has more now. so important today. >> reporter: it is so important. when i think about people out there, people are generally good in nature. i think there are a group of people that don't realize the help is needed and there is a group of people who want to help
7:52 am
but don't know how to help. we're live at stepping stones in rockville. this is a very special place and it's a place that needs you right now. denise is the executive director. they are both here for a special reason. we have tina and debbie here. i wanted to make sure we got them in. kind of give people an overview. >> stepping stones is a temporary shelter for homeless families. why families are homeless and what we can do to help. and get people stable. and moving towards self-sufficiency. our phrase is moving families forward. whatever point a to a better point b. >> we appreciate you coming and talking with us. i realize this is very hard. give me an idea of your story and the difference stepping stone has made for you. >> me and debbie became homeless back in october.
7:53 am
the county put us here at stepping stone shelter. which is a wonderful place. they are very caring and attentive to us. and they push us. not to the point to make it hard but want to make us be self-sufficient. do what we have to do to get the mission accomplished. and that's what they do. >> debbie, how old are you? >> 7. >> you are 7 and getting ready to head off to school. >> yes. >> what do you like about school? what do you like about stepping stone? >> the house is big and there's a park next door. >> there's a park you get to play at? that's awesome. you do great at school. thank you guys very much. you guys have a good day as well. so glad we were able too get their story on. that really is indicative of the people you serve. >> absolutely. the whole point is what can we do for families.
7:54 am
debbie's family is moving into housing very soon which is awesome. there is nothing that happens in this building that doesn't happen because people in the community care and step up and want to help out. the united way is an important partner trying to help us connect. >> for the united way, everybody knows the united way. and sometimes it's so big, people don't understand how personally they can make a difference. >> so important to see stories just like this. this is where we're connecting donors to the compelling needs. and there are a lot of compelling needs out there. for all of the bounty that is the capitol area's economy. there are a lot of problems out there. homelessness and food hunger. the united way is able to connect resources to those compelling needs. it's great for me to come here and see these personal stories. sometimes, you are right. united way is a big legacy
7:55 am
non-profit. but when you get to see the stories, you can see where the $35 million a year is actually going on the ground doing good work. >> when you hear a figure like $35 million people think they don't need my money. but you need every dollar. >> absolutely need it. there's extreme poverty pocket s. and again, you think of all the bounty that is the national capitol area. we have a lot of people that are homeless, that are having hunger problems, healthcare needs, education issues. the whole gamete of the societal problems everybody has, united way is addressing. >> she said i became homeless in october and you said i'm happy to report she's moving on soon. that's a relatively short amount of time. so how does the structure work here? >> families will stay an average of 60 to 70 days.
7:56 am
we are a very short-term assessment center. very much focused on identifying how became became homeless and helping them to address those barriers. we'll have 30 families this year that will call stepping stone home as a home of last resort. it's amazing the community will step up and do whatever it is whether it's providing clothing for families, meals, food, financial contributions, examines christmas gifts. >> she doesn't want to be in the situation. i like that they push me. i want to better my situation. so listen, they need you to help better families. is our web site. we have a link to the united way and stepping stones. you can see our volunteers hard at work. we're going to talk about how
7:57 am
you can volunteer and donate. and they have a huge fundraiser going on. all the information you need to know about that so you can help out that way as well. back to you in the studio. >> great stuff there. >> still ahead, a local champion will join us live fresh off his first win. la mont peterson sits down for a look at what's next. >> is a common household chemical causing arthritis in women? 7:57. fox 5 morning news continues next.  [ woman ] my boyfriend and i were going on vacation,
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even on a holiday weekend. ♪ things are definitely... looking up. [ male announcer ] with no blackout dates, you can use your citi thankyou points to travel whenever you want. visit to apply. this is fox 5 morning news. >>p count down to cuts. in days, automatic spending cuts will kick in. the president plans to prepare the military for their budget blow. >> dangerous medical mixes. certain foods could interact with drugs you are taking. our fox medical team says it goes beyond grapefruit. what you need to know. >> ready for next face off.
8:01 am
local boxing champ lamont peterson makes a come back. he'll join us live to talk about who he wants to take on next. it is not someone sitting at this desk. good morning i'm tony perkins. >> and i'm allison seymour. two quick closings to pass along. garret and allegany schools are closed today due to winter weather swirling in the region. >> tucker barnes is here with us this morning to tell us what we can expect here today. >> mostly rain locally. the further west you get a chance of wintery mix and school cancellations. they are going to endure a period of freezing rain and sleet here. it hasn't arrived yet. they are anticipating a rough day. you can see all the action. big storm cranking up. and heavy snow out to the west. it will
8:02 am
be a rain event. and hold off until late morning, early afternoon locally. if you are out to the west, mountains out to the west, winchester, martinsburg, hagerstown, a bit of a wintery mix and it will transition later this afternoon to all rain for you as well. as you get into extreme western maryland out towards cumberland, may stay for a wintery mix here. winter storm warning out there. temperatures at reagan national, 35. bwi 33. expecting highs in the mid 40s. going to be a chilly rain around here. flood watch locally, both the city of washington and the city of baltimore under a flood watch starting at 3:00 a.m. one to two inches of rain locally. that could cause urban flooding. rain by noon. steady rain around here for your evening
8:03 am
commute. >> all right, sir. thank you very much. >> let's check in with julie wright for a look at your on time traffic. >> on time traffic brought to you by toyota. >> as tucker was talking about the flooding, we encourage you to turn around, do not drown. a lot of those roads that typically flood, donna tempt to drive-thru them. if you encounter standing water, turn around and drive in the opposite direction. the accident southbound 197 tying up the left lane. headed for the capitol beltway. southbound kennel worth avenue. now cleared. you will find delays outbound on the suitland parkway. clean up continues from this morning's crash. you'll want to stay to the right. inner loop below speed headed for the wilson bridge. we'll show you what else is out here on the roads. if you are traveling along 66, heavy volume
8:04 am
leaving 123. the beltway inner loop. this is inbound new york avenue at north capitol street. right side of the roadway blocked. traffic squeezing by to the left continuing out towards the third street tunnel. that's a check of your fox 5 on time traffic. >> all right. thank you very much. across the board spending cuts will automatically kick in on friday. just three days from now. therefore, the pressure is on for law makers to strike a deal quickly. >> with no apparent signs of serious talks , the threat of sequestration is becoming more and more a reality. melanie alnwick is live on capitol hill with the very latest now. good morning. >> reporter: good morning, allison. president obama is continuing to talk to the american people about the sequestration cuts. he's traveling to newport news ship building today. republicans say the president needs to stop campaigning and start dealing.
8:05 am
among the first affects to be felt, reduction in benefits for the long-term unemployed. and furlough notice for federal employees. cuts to work hours wouldn't begin until april. no indication of serious negotiations between the two sides. $85 billion in budget cuts for this fiscal year alone. it is less than 3% of the federal budget. because entitlement programs are protected, deeper programs are hitting everything else. cuts were voted in by both parties. holding out on a deal hoping public pressure -- republicans say this could all be averted if the president would decide how to apply the cuts differently. >> compromise is something that allows us to make progress as a people and all the governors agree that congress should not allow these arbitrary sequester cuts to go through and hurt our
8:06 am
economy, slow our recovery. there's got to be a better way. >> if the president was serious, he'd sit down and begin to address our problems. the house has acted twice. we shouldn't have to act a third time before the senate begins to do their work. >> reporter: president obama will be meeting with key republicans today. senator lindsay graham and john mccain who have been defenders of the department of defense asking if there's anyway to avoid cuts to those programs. the meeting is supposed to be on immigration reform but a lot of people believe this could provide some small opening to a conversation about avoiding the cuts to begin. tony and allison. >> thank you very much. >> political gridlock in italy after national elections produce no clear winner. and global stock markets are tanking this morning. stocks started dropping. the center left looks
8:07 am
like it won. but conservatives are making come back leading in the senate despite charges of tax evasion and ahead of the third prime minister. >> the full senate is holding a vote to confirm chuck hagel as the next defense secretary. this will be the first time in history that more than a handful of senators will vote against a nominee to head the pentagon. >> also today the push to curb gun violence continues. plans to write a bill could begin in the next few weeks. says it will consider legislation banning assault weapons and large capacity ammo magazines. a bill could increase federal penalties for gun trafficking. the proposals reflect president
8:08 am
obama's plan for reducing gun violence. opposed by gun right's advocates including some republicans. >> now to a fox 5 follow up. a judge sentenced 15-year-old to 35 years in prison for a school shooting in baltimore county last year. fired a shotgun in the cafeteria last august. he shot a student with down syndrome in the back. daniel survived but missed more than two months of school recovering from his injuries. >> the man accused in the mother/daughter murders in prince georges county will have to be retried. declared a mistrial in the case of jason scott. the bodies were found in a trunk of a burned out car. scott was involved in multiple home invasions but only one home invasion was admissible in court. the retrial was set to
8:09 am
start in october. >> a call for action. hundreds of concerned parents and residents are coming together to end the violence they say is killing innocent children. the meeting was hosted by radio 1 calling the situation a state of emergency. 6 students have been murdered since january. >> 9 minutes after the hour. it's a tuesday morning . still ahead, uncovering eating disorders. a doctor will join us live to discuss the signs and symptoms every parent needs to look out for. a new push to get teachers vofshed. >> and more changes ahead of a conclave to elect a new pope. the uncertainty and controversy about who to decide the replacement and when. how we'll refer to the retired pope. 9 minutes after 8:00. ñ
8:10 am
8:11 am
8:12 am
8:13 am
welcome back at 8:12. time to lighten things up. get some cuteness in our life. >> tucker has that for us. >> good morning. a warmup factor. it's cold outside. temperatures in the 20 s and 30s. raw feeling to your day. time for my first 5 photo of the day. this is dominique, everybody. cute as can be. >> what's going on? >> is he a bird? >> i love the hat. >> cutie pie. >> tell us more, tucker. dominique is four months old. looking on cozy in this picture. apparent leah according to his mom, she says his brother joshua loves being a big brother to little dominic here. >> i think he's an owl. >> you think so? >> you are right, tony. >> he's a cutie pie. >> he's warming us all up.
8:14 am
>> sweetie face. >> go to and click on mornings. we love the hat. you are going to want an umbrella today. chilly as well as rainy later this morning. 35 in the city. 37 in new york. detroit 31 degrees. cold temperatures up and down the earn sea board. let's get to it. a lot of rain on the way today. as our system continues. look at that. very vigorous. our system continues to move towards the region. lots of clouds. if you are out to the west, let me say one more time, not only winter weather advisory, but endure a period of sleet and freezing rain then transitioning to rain. for the rest of us, it will be just a soaking rain this afternoon. we have a flood watch as potential for one to two inches of rain. could have issues on some of the roadways. be ready for a little extra time for your evening commute. lots of snow out west.
8:15 am
kansas city getting snow . chicago expecting three inches. if you are traveling in that direction, advise you call ahead and make sure flights are running on time. all right. i mentioned your advisory ies. the green is the flood watch. the purple the winter weather advisory. and the pink a winter storm warning. and the pink and the purple advisory areas will be freezing rain and sleet. not much snow with this particular event as temperatures just too warm. there's your 7 day. 45 this afternoon. very chilly rain. wednesday/thursday a couple clouds. and then we'll get sunshine back for the 1st of march. temperatures will remain cool into the weekend. that's weather, let's do traffic and get the latest from miss julie wright. loving the glasses, julie. >> maybe you need them cause you are not sure who to toss to. >> probably do. >> southbound along 197 had the
8:16 am
crash in the left lane. inbound 50 tapping the brakes and leaving 410 continuing into cherverley. wee low speed past east capitol street. stalled vehicle out of the roadway. still slowing from route 5 to route 1. show you what else is happening out here. this is where we have the stalled vehicle continuing to block the right lane. delays coming inbound leaving south dakota avenue. brentwood parkway. northbound 395 spotty delay s. pentagon crossing over the inbound 14th street bridge. that's with lanes open. outer loop of the beltway tied up leaving 95. tapping the brakes on the inner loop. southbound connecticut avenue. that's a check of your fox 5 on time trachlt
8:17 am
>> thank you so much, julie. 24 million people in the united states have an eating disorder. unfortunately common eating disorders are under treated. law makers are working to change that with a new law in virginia that would involve teachers. here to talk more about this topic is dr. gregory jones. you've seen him on our show before. he's a psychologist. wonderful to have you back in studio. >> thank you for having me. >> wish we didn't have to talk about subjects like this. so important to get the word out. so many people are hurting. tell us in broad terms about how big this problem is. eating disorders. >> as stated 24 million americans have an eating disorder. and eating disorder looking at anorexia, bulimia. 10% of people get treatment. >> and this can be deadly. >> it's the most deadly of all mental health concerns, more so
8:18 am
than depression. >> we talked briefly about that law there to try to basically get help for students, if you will. and if we could talk about what's going on in ever evolving, what is happening right now in the commonwealth? >> virginia law makers are currently working on a bill that would require schools to provide education about eating disorders, symptoms. this would be available at the schools whether it's online or through school programs. that's what is being worked on. >> this is national eating disorder week. i know this is one of your specialties getting the word out treating this. what message are you trying to get out and healthcare providers this week? >> eating disorders should never be taken lightly. they are a killer. and they should be addressed always. many people
8:19 am
are afraid of confronting someone or might be in denial about the eating disorder. really important that when in doubt, still confront, talk about, get support for the person. consult a pediatrician, school counselor, anyone that can be in a guidance role. >> you can direct me if i'm wrong, starts with your thinking and how you image yourself. >> correct. >> but it's interesting to me and sad that we hear a lot and see a lot of negativity surrounding people who might be heavier. at the same time we see eating disorders being so prevalent. it's a dangerous combination. people think they can say anything to especially kids about the weight and then we wonder how some of our children get this impression they are just too heavy. it's terrible but it's a stigma and adults might add to it without even knowing it. am i right? >> absolutely.
8:20 am
children are so sensitive to body image, to self esteem and really trying to develop a sense of self at that age. everyone has the ability to have an influence on them. the stigma is horrible. it makes it extremely difficult for people to learn how to have healthy emotional regulation. one thing eating disorders really do serve for is a sense of emotional regulation for people who have difficulty coping with stress problems, stigma, bullying, family concerns. eating disorders help the feelings. >> let's take a look at some of the red flags. skipping meals, complaining about being fat. not wanting to eat in public, adopting rigid meal or eating rituals. >> these are some of the many symptoms and there are more to look out for. people with eating disorders are very
8:21 am
secretive. >> what can parents do? >> parents can do a lot. provide a healthy home. healthy modeling. minimizing stigma at home about body image and weight. talk to their children about it. if they are concerned, reach out. talk to your pediatrician, a local therapist or psychologist. reach out to your school. it's your child's life. make sure they are kept safe. >> some of those are good if they are disappearing after a meal. our time is up but you've seen those images especially with anorexia, those skeletal images. if you see that, might be hard to raise a red flag. this is dr. gregory jones. this is national eating disorder week. maybe it's a week to say
8:22 am
something if you see something. >> yes. >> tony, over to you. >> all right, allison. thank you very much. still ahead, they are almost as famous as the store's furniture. but now akea is pulling popular meat balls from european menu. what does that mean for stores here in the u.s.? plus, givening back. holly morris will join us live with a look at organization giving back to families for years. 8:22. we'll be right back . ♪
8:23 am
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8:25 am
pope benedict has altered the rules of a conclave that will choose a successor. >> but as the cardinals arrive in rome, scandal is rocking the vatican. sarah simmons joins us live. >> a lot of controversy surrounding as he is stepping down. this latest break with tradition was as unexpected as the decision to retire. for the first time ever, a cardinal has recused himself from the conclave process. >> pope benedict xvi signed a special legal document clearing
8:26 am
the way for cardinals to move up the start date. the normal 15 day transition period to start the process to choose a new pope was set in 1996 and could only be changed by another pope. it was one of pope benedict's official acts before stepping down thursday. >> we cannot expect that meeting to take place before march 1st. the day after. and we have no other information after the cardinals decide when the conclave will come. >> the date change comes after one less cardinal voting. highest ranking catholic leader is retiring and not be attending. his resignation was part of a mandatory age requirement because he is 75 years old. but comes in the wake of allegations of misconduct.
8:27 am
british newspapers report he has been accused by three current priests and one former priests of acting inappropriately back in the 1980s. the cardinal said in a statement monday he will not attend a conclave because he doesn't want media attention focused on him. >> in order to have a new pope he would have to be installed sunday. once retired, pope benedict will be called emeritus pope. seems like as we continue to watch this, other things unfold. >> all right. >> coming up, could cleaning up the house be hurting you? in a few moments we'll talk to the fox medical team. the link between household chemicals and arthritis in women. >> ready and rearing to go.
8:28 am
lamont peterson will join live for his desire. 8:27.
8:29 am
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8:31 am
it could only stay like this and no rain today. i said it. >> wish full thinking. >> not going to happen. >> nice shot. >> it's beautiful. if you want to go to the grocery store or not going to get wet, do it this morning if you want to avoid the wet roadways. guarantee we're all going to get wet later today. in this particular case well west might get icy. >> it is what it is. >> we have a flood watch for the district later this afternoon. potentially one to two inches of rain. that's a lot. more than we've had this month. >> i have to get rain gear for
8:32 am
the dogs. >> isn't that what a fur coat does? >> you would think so. >> not always the case. >> we are warming up. still below freezing. 31 in martinsburg. 32 in winchester. part of the viewing area where we have the greatest chance of a wintery mix. that would be sleet and freezing rain. cold air can hold on the longest. here's your storm system. it's a big one and packing everything. very heavy rain to our south. that will come up rolling 95. not literally. we'll be getting rain around here and potentially heavy at times later today. out to the west where the temperatures hold on to the cold a little longer. the wintery mix will continue. western maryland parts of west virginia
8:33 am
along the ridge lines, the temperatures may remain below freezing. winter humor warning out there. check it out, all the snow flying back up towards chicago later today. the big sloth of five to ten inches of snow. here we are at 1:00 and most of the region getting rain. and very heavy rain around here. we are just dealing with moderate rain bands. indicating good rain. flood watch again into affect at 3:00. and there we are at 7:00. start to quiet things down. most of the rain should be out of here late tonight. there's your 7 day. 45 today. rain moves in by noon and heavy at times tonight.
8:34 am
a little unsettled. couple showers. and then more sunshine for the end of the week into march and cold temperatures as well. that's weather. update in just a minute . back to you at the desk. >> listen up tucker and everybody else. important information for you here. the number of drugs that are risky when taken with grapefruit is on the rise. the influx of new medications. also learning it's not just grapefruit that poses a problem. fox medical team's dr. mike joins us live to explain the risks. good morning, dr.. allison says hello. >> well, i love you too, tony. i love her and i love you. >> i appreciate that. what medications are we talking about here? >> well, over 85, tony. 85. so let's break this down. if you like grapefruit juice or you eat grapefruits because you want to lose weight or be healthy, you
8:35 am
have to be careful. there are 85 drugs. i'm talking cholesterol medicines like lipitor and zocor. all kinds of medicines that are affected adverse ree by drinking grapefruit juice. it revs up the enzymes that allow metabolism of these medications. >> so in plain english, what is the risk for patients? >> so you are on zocor and lipitor and you drink grapefruit juice. you know what can happen? >> what? >> it can make the drug higher in the blood the amount and cause muscle aches. if it's a blood pressure medication, it can make the blood pressure drop
8:36 am
down. if you like grapefruit juice, check with your pharmacist to make sure there's not an interaction with the medicines that you are taking and grapefruit juice. it was so complicated for me. as a doctor, i married a pharmacist. i can ask her at home. >> is it just grapefruit or other foods we have to worry about? >> well, there's several other citrus fruits out there but by far tons and tons of people are addicted to grapefruit juice. i have nothing against grapefruits. it interacts with everything. so you have to be careful. >> very curious. want to move on. a new study finds the greater a woman's exposure to a type of common chemical, greater risk for developing osteo arthritis. what is the
8:37 am
chemical compound and where is it found in our everyday lives? >> right. we hear this all the time, we've heard about bizfenol a in plastics. these are known as pfcs. in just about everything. they are used to water proof clothing. they are used in fast-food restaurant so the greece doesn't leak out. it's everywhere. nonstick cook ware. what this study has found is there is an increased risk and i brought my knee with me. you increase the risk of developing osteo arthritis. you get a breakdown of cartilage and becomes very painful. it was mainly in women, not so much in men. so it's a real problem. these chemicals are everywhere . >> scary stuff.
8:38 am
great information. thank you for joining us and both allison and i love you. see you again soon. >> by dr., mike. >> allison, i miss you. next time. >> i can't get in there. >> all right. thank you, sir. >> coming up later on this morning, mindy mccready has been laid to rest. and her planned memorial. >> plus, he is one of the most famous surgeon generals in the united states. that the united states has ever had. we're going to take a look back. it's 8:38 now.
8:39 am
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8:41 am
ikea says it is withdrawing famous meat balls from stores in 21 countries overseas following reports the meat could be contaminated. comes after authorities detected horse dna in packs of the frozen meat balls. ikea says the horse meat hasn't made its way to the united states. all meat balls sold in the u.s. are made from
8:42 am
meat from a u.s. supplier. validate the results found. >> country singer mindy mccready will be laid to rest in her home town in fort mayors, florida today. days after leaving a court ordered rehab center. the 37-year-old mother of two shot herself about a month after her long time boyfriend was believed to have killed himself at the same location. a memorial is scheduled in nashville for next month. >> people with aides need a helping hand, reading, running errands. >> dr. c everett koop has died. actor johnny depp back in 1988. served under president regan from 1981 to 1989 and became known as beard, antismoking
8:43 am
campaign and conservative views. because of his push for research in education. he was 96 years old. it is couple ticks away from 8:43 hchlt and still ahead, ready for the next bell. lamont peterson joins us live to discuss his first win and quest for future fight. >> helping families in need. holly morris is live with a preview of how you can help a local organization doing just that. holly. >> reporter: good morning to you, tony. yes, it is the day you can make a difference. we are live at stepping stones in rockville. wonderful volunteers behind me. they are going through donations. they need more donations, they need more volunteer hz and a huge fundraiser going on. we're going to tell you all about the mission and how you can help live next. stay with us. [ male announcer ] here's a friendly reminder --
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to make peanut butter so deliciously creamy. ♪ it can even be a game changer. that's why choosy moms and dads choose jif. welcome back. the looming sequestration has many families seeking alternatives for making ends meet. homeless families
8:47 am
have already been hit hard. >> what can we do to help? holly morris joins us live with some options. >> reporter: good morning to you. on any given day 200,000 children have no place to live. that number is from the national center of the homelessness. we are not immune to those numbers here. we are at stepping stones this morning in rockville. it was the first shelter in front gom ree county -- montgomery county 30 years ago. it's busy in this home. >> good morning, holly. it's allegation busy in this always busy in this home. pretty big and exciting place. >> this is an amazing house. 100 year old home . but the thing about this for the families that are here is it feels like a home. >> absolutely. we can keep the
8:48 am
kids connected to home schools. we're focused on everything being as comfortable as humanly possible. one of the things we are fighting is the people we serve are lazy or crazy and i'm going to tell you there are so many families who are one less paycheck away from financial ruin. >> we want to talk about how people can make a difference. we have our wonderful volunteers behind us. how do people go about volunteering? >> our web site has all kinds of opportunities. liz is back here. >> raise your hand. >> you can check out the volunteer opportunities. >> you are going to do things like what? >> sorting donations. making meals. helping with our fundraiser. all kinds of opportunities. we know there are folks with super secret skills.
8:49 am
geniuses with musical talents. we can use even if you just want to come and do arts and crafts with kids, we have an opportunity for that. >> a lot of people say i don't have time to give up my time. where does the money go that people may not realize what it takes. >> we have a handful of part time staff. when you run a 24 hour operation, our staff people are here to help 24 hours a day. that costs money. we buy food resources. we have funds we use to help families move out. get rental trucks. to do all kinds of things folks need to do. >> i want to make sure i get this in. she's a board member and working hard as well as she always does. tell me about your fantastic fundraiser. >> oh, my gosh yes, this is a great fundraiser. it's our annual fundraiser.
8:50 am
the theme is a tip of the hat to march madness, give homeless families the home court advantage. we do this to raise money to help the shelter stay in operating condition and make sure the families have a safe place where they can be. i wanted to mention it's this coming saturday which is going to start at 7:00 p.m. you may buy your tickets online. please do so you can avoid waiting in line or come to the door and buy a ticket. we would love to know who is coming before that. >> you like to have numbers so you can plan. >> absolutely. >> my time is going. volunteers, give me one line about what you get out of giving your time to help stepping stones. >> giving back to my community is wonder and i'm a dc resident but i love coming up here to work. >> i think it makes an impact in your community and fill fulfilled making a difference. >> i love being around all the amazing people between the staff
8:51 am
and the residents and all the volunteers. everyone is wonderful. >> i meet the nicest people in the community and that's my favorite part. >> i like giving back because i want to give to my community. >> i like helping families get back on their feet. that's what stepping stones does. >> your heart will feel good if you become a part of it. is our web site. we have a link to stepping stones. this is the united way agency. we're going to talk about that in our 9:00 hour. back to you. >> coming up in our sports breakfast now this morning after a 14 month layoff, lamont peterson is back in a big way. >> peterson earned a technical knockout victory. now his sights are set on another opponent. dave ross is back with the champ. >> not been an easy road for our next guest over the last year plus. nothing worth having
8:52 am
is usually easy to get. lamont peterson knows that and he's back looking to unify the crown. the champ is here. great to see you once again. you look good for a fight just three nights ago. how do you feel? >> i feel pretty good. i was in the gym last night. ready to go. fight next month. >> you get done with a fight, three days later back in the ring training. is that normal for isn't it true. >> it's normal for me but sometimes themage you take in, the more you have to rest. this fight no damage was done so back to the gym. >> you entered the ring here, what did that feel like after a 14 month layoff back in dc in front of your home-based fans. back in business? or like wow, here i am again. >> back to work. yeah. it's a great feeling . the
8:53 am
reason i box, getting in that ring, the high i can't explain. i just felt great in there. i was ready to go. i heard the crowd. i just wanted to give them a show. your trainer joins us as well. the 4th round you turned it around and finished here in the 8th. i saw a different lamont peterson in the ring. dare i say a more vicious lamont peterson. more aggression to take out. >> i had some built up anger. no better place to let it out than the ring. it worked out for me. >> great to see you. let me ask you , did you sense a difference in lamont this time around? a lot of people saying he goes to the body, that big head shot
8:54 am
turned this thing around. did you see a different lamont? >> i noticed lamont. the thing is we pretty much baited him in. we figured come out boxing and try to take this late. we boxed early. and confidence got high there for a second. and i think it was at the end of the third or fourth round, he said i felt great. let's turn it up a notch. >> in the last 14 months, well documented what you guys have gone through. you said it was tougher on you than it was on lamont and it was lamont that picked you up. talk about that. >> he became the teacher and i became the student. lamont has great resolve. something i have to work on. any time a parent see their kid is in trouble or being attacked, of course you react to it.
8:55 am
kind of reminded me of the journey we've been on. never was easy and just hang in there. >> got to go quickly, oscar de lahoya is running the show. i know you have a lot of say. lucas, pacman, floyd mayweather. who do you want? >> all of the above. it really doesn't matter at this point. to me, whatever fight the fans want, that's the one i want. all those names, i'll fight any of them. >> any time, anywhere. >> can you get mayweather to fight in dc? >> if you are listening, it is what it is. >> there it is the champ lamont peterson. good to see you back on top where you belong.
8:56 am
tony and allison over to you. >> congrats. thank you very much. >> 8:55. still ahead. the globe trotters stop by. why not? >> and they have some special stand outs that are changing up the game. we'll meet at least one of the women players who are hitting the court. stay with us. we'll be right back. you're on timeout leo! ♪ ♪ some things won't last 25 years. ah! woof. some things will. save up to 20% on an ikea kitchen.
8:57 am
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this is fox 5 morning news. >> good tuesday morning. i'm allison seymour. >> and i'm tony perkins. there's a lot ahead this tuesday morning. count down to cuts. maryland and virginia law makers talk about the sequestration battle. why they are confident a deal can be reached. >> later this hour, meet a man whose family crumbled amid a downfall of


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