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tv   Fox 5 News Edge at 11  FOX  April 30, 2013 11:00pm-11:30pm EDT

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>> some good imitation shins there. >> the news keeps coming. shawn yancey standing by with your news edge and -- at 11:00. >> it's a story and video you saw first on fox 5. feuding high school students in a violent fight at an downtown d.c. metro station. it's not what you would expect to see when you ride a metro train but video was no surprise to metro officials. lauren joins us with an update. >> well, shawn, d.c. and metro transit police work together to try to prevent incidents like this but now administrators are involved at schools and stepping up efforts get kids to resolve issues and avoid future violence. >> crowds of commuters flood the gallery place around 4:00 o'clock on week. dade -- week. days. tights start of rush hour and
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school is out. this very phone video of a violent brawl friday has riders on edge. >> i mean i come here every day so anything could have happened. my somebody could have got pushed on the track. i could have got pushed on the track. i could have got hit. he could have got hit. it's bad. >> it turns out metro was expecting a possible fight. transit police and m.p.d. hold a conference call around 2:00 p.m. to keep on top of school rivalries. they were alerted to an ongoing issue to kids on mckinley tech and wilson high school. the fight was so large backups had to be called in. >> well it certainly makes you a little apprehensive when you see a lot of students come on board one of your trains because you're hoping that they haven't arranged some sort of altercation. >> d.c. council member measure real bowser says the system functions as d.c. school bus -- safety for the students and all riders is a top priority. >> we have to took -- to make
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sure we have enough adults that can supervise the children during the process so right now it's just the metro transit police and we're investing as much as possible into a more police on bus and rail. >> about half a dozen juveniles were arrested friday. the principal and wilson high schools released a statement our stud department government representatives from both schools will be meeting soon to bring this matter to a peaceful resolution and work on a collaborative community service project to ince hans our partnership. -- enhance our partnership. >> if you know that there's a certain issue at one station and maybe it's gallery place that we do things around the school that may be releasing the times that they're releasing and adult supervision around those release times. >> the reported -- we reported last night that metro plans to
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set up a meeting between school officials and d.c. police. i'm told that is the works for marketing strategy to communicate with young riders. and metro is asking parents to discuss with their children what is appropriate and what is inappropriate on the metro line. >> investigators are looking into whether friday was retaliation. >> now to a news alert. the search continues for four people in a smash-and-grab robbery in chevy chase at the cartier store on wisconsin avenue. one man was buzzed into the store. he led three masked accomplices in and they took control of the store smashed a display case made off with extensive july let police on a jays evend withing a
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d.c. officer crashing his cruiser -- chase ending with a d.c. officer crashing his cruiser. >> police in d.c. i maryland and virginia are working this case together because there have been other cases at least three other jewelry store robberies this year that were similar. the officer is expected to make a full recovery. >> a local man is facing life in prison tonight for the murder of a d.c. teenager. johnny sweet was found guilty of the death of latisha fraser. six men and women beat latisha to death and dumped her body. >> now the news edge on virginia state police looking for the driver of tractor-trailer in a
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deadly hit-and-run in fairfax county on i-95 in 4:30. timothy hall opinion slid into the center lane -- hall pin. tractor-trailer hit him and did not stop. >> the boston bombing suspect could avoid the death penalty in exchange for information. this comes after a big defense shake up. prominent anti-death penalty lawyer joined the defense team. female d.n.a. was used on one of the bombs. police are collecting d.n.a. evidence from catherine russell the widow of the older brother. >> the f.b.i. has linked the ricin laced letter to james dues sky -- according to an f d -- f.b.i. affidavit tested positive for ricin.
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the other person accused wants damages reimbursed. >> president obama is planning to send lethal rep upon are to syria -- weaponry. today president obama said he would consider military action against syria if it can be determined their government -- syrian government used chemical weapons against its own people. >> now a consumer alert. new changes to who can buy the plan b morning-after pill. the drug is intended to be used in an emergency within 72 hours to prevent an unintended pregnancy. karen gray houston is here now with reaction. >> plan b is always a hot topic but what's new and reel talk kerr is today's action by the food and drug administration -- reel talk kerr. the f.d.a. is lowering the age
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limit for buyers from 17 to 15. that comes from a federal court judge mandating the fda let any girl or woman have access to the emergency control sep shin without a prescription -- this all dates back to 2011 when the fda was ready to lift all age limits but then health and human service cis kathleen sebelius decided girls as young as 11 should not be able to buy it on their own even though they're old enough to bear children. so the fda set the age group at 17. a women's group stood -- sued to get the age limits dropped. today f.d.a. announced 15-year-old could buy the pill. >> there's not a ton of evidence that really connects the availability of the morning-after pill with increase sexual activity among teenagers or anything like that. >> generally i'm for the morning-after pill but i do
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think 15 is a little young definitely because then they'll fall back on that all the time. >> i know girls my age i'm a senior in college who use condoms and birth control and the condoms break and they need that pill. >> the app -- option of the morning-after pill is a great option for women around the country. >> the fight isn't over yet. the center for pre-- reproductive rights has not given up on getting all restrictions lifted and the psychologist we spoke with says this action should encourage parents to have a frank conversation with their daughters about sex. >> coming up next tonight doctors are calling it a miracle. tonight a little girl can finally breathe on her own thanks to an historic procedure. >> and preparing for next month preakness race the new security changes you need to know about. >> shawn, it's almost next month. may is a busy time here in the
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district and hopefully we can change that weather pattern up a little bit. good news i think we can brighten those skies. we'll talk about the seven-day forecast when the news edge continues. >> this is fox 5 news edge at 11:00. >> [ male announcer ] unlimited is a beautiful thing.
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we're back with a medical milestone. a south korean child born without a wind pipe grew one. the little girl had not been able to breathe, eat or swallow since she was born. doctors believe her new wind pipe is working and she will live! >> she really had one chance. now she has it. she got it. she's here with us and couldn't ask for anything else.
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>> approximately one in 50,000 children worldwide are born with this defect. the surgery took nine hours to complete. >> security changes for the preakness and where a new trader joe's is opening up in d.c. will thomas has your top five fox 5. >> hi, shawn. we begin with good news for anyone in the market to sell a home. number five home prices are at their highest since 2006. experts point to low mortgage rates, reduction in foreclosures and shrinking inventory for homes on the growth. it is a sellers market. bad news if you're buying. number four what's in your ground turkey? more than half the ground turkey samples from retail stores are contaminated with fecal bacteria and more than 90% of the tamp pals contained 105 bacterias that can make you sick. the national turkey federation refutes the study. >> -- samples.
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>> d.c. is the most super visual fall -- superficial city in the nation. study found it only takes d.c. ers 9.8 seconds under 10 seconds to do it. the most important qualities d.c. ers look for profile pick, income, occupation, age and body type. >> salt lake city is number one most superficial city according to the study. >> a second trader joe's is coming to d.c. it will be locate dated -- located near the u street. >> increasing security for the broke necessary -- preakness. backpacks will be banned from the infield at the raceway t-100 38th running of the preakness takes place on may the 18th -- that is your fox 5 top five.
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>> we're back with good news. sue palka, we're going get rid of this nasty weather. >> we're going to get some sunshine back here. nice gradual warmup but not too hot. doesn't the city look good? >> it does. >> all the azaleas are blooming and look gorgeous. when the sun comes out tomorrow i think they'll be popping more. we do still have a lot of clouds out there tonight. maybe some of you are picking up on that very fine mist or drizzle because we do still super the same influence but we do see signs this is going to break down. we can tell the air is getting drier and it will brighten our skies. it might not be bright in the morning but it should become bright before the noon hour. yesterday we thought that might take a little while longer until thursday. >> another big story happening across the country more snow from parts of the northern plains including the rockies and
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denver. that's going to move all the way up into the dakotas into wyoming and maybe minneapolis. i'm not sure how much we're going to get but there could be narrow band of 6 inches and some places more. it's going to push warmer air in our direction. for tonight temperatures are in the 50s and again because of the cloud cover and a little drizzle hanging around it's not going to be a cold night. we look off to our west and find first signs of the warmer air look at columbus at 62. chicago is 74 degrees. there is warm air trying to push on in. and once we ditch this east wind and actually the drier air comes in the temperatures will rise. tonight's temperatures dropping into the 50s. maybe upper 40s in spots. thanks to the cloud cover that we're going to have around. again we'll keep the patchy drizzle as part of the forecast in the overnight hours and maybe into the first part of your wednesday. our temperature overnight 52 degrees. tomorrow how about 68 degrees.
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believe it or not it's still below average for this time of year. may 1st we should be around 71 degrees. we'll break those clouds up in the mid-morning and maybe to the noon hour for afternoon sunshine and a very pretty looking wednesday. so brighten up the skies as the sun returns for the first day of may at 8:00 in the morning about 54 degrees. still a lot of clouds around then and we think as we get into the noon hour with the temperature of 64 it will be more sun than clouds and buy 4:00 62 degrees. a look around the region tomorrow mostly upper 60s. you could see a few spots touching 70 degrees. great news as we head into the weekend. high pressure is going to build a big ridge for the east coast. that's going to provide yiet a -- quite a warm-up going into the weekend as temperatures get into the low 70s. we'll keep the chilly air where that snowstorm is going to be starting to drop a little snow cover again well off through the western united states. so here is your fox 5
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accuweather forecast. check out the weekend. frooit -- friday 74. great for the gold cup and sunday while the crowds will increase we'll keep the rain off until monday and tuesday. so a nice looking first week of may on the seven-day forecast? that's it for weather. let's see what is going on with those nats. here's scots -- scott in sports. >> well the good news for stephen strasburg is there's nothing wrong with his arm. david johnson expressed concern following last night's game but a visit to the team doctor he's still strong as an ox and he's expected to make his start at pittsburgh. we're looking for the first win against the braves. gio gonzalez. simmons turns on the inside fast ball has just enough to clear the wall. 1-0 raves.
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gonzalez facing gaddis. gaddis rips one off the wall bounces past moore. upton comes around to score the braves built a five zip lead. bottom of the fifth 5-1 now. zach duke facing pitcher tim hudson fly ball to deep right field. watch this bryce harper in and out of his might and over the wall it goes. that's a homerun. big night for hut -- hudson. the nats fall to the braves 8-1. geo gets the loss despite nine strikeouts. >> -- a lot of guys were full counts or we reached a lot of pitchers and hitters but i tip the hat to the other guy. they had a lot of good pitchers. it's just one game. >> the bucks show walter the orioles out west.
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matt beat sisters. nick markakis -- mat wheat sisters. chris gave -- davis also scores on the wheater double. orioles lead 4-0. >> it's time to rock the red. the caps get set for their playoff opener against the new york rangers. >> 
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good news for the caps as they expect wenger joel ward back after missing two weeks with a left knee contusion shin. the eastern conference rivals met tree times. the caps claim one victory. their last meeting march 24th was a 3-2 shootout victory. this is the fourth postseason clash with the rangers. mike rib berra wasn't part of the games but says the past has no bearing anyhow -- >> it's a new year new playoffs.
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new teams on both sides. new coach here and you have to look at it as a new season a new year and you know what happened in the past obviously might have more emotion in the game but you have to stay focus on this year. >> well american university didn't have to look far. mike brennan takes over serving as an assistant to john thompson iii. prior to his time at georgetown he spent time. u under jones so it's place he's comfortable with. >> i don't think i would be h today if jeff didn't hire me and working with john at georgetown has been a tremendous under experience. i learned a lot from those guys how to run a program. >> we have 2n h.l. playoff
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finals. -- nhl. >> that's sports. shawn is back to wrap things up after this. >> hey everybody, hi mom... streaming live with a tour of my new place... knowing you can still reach out. ... and now you've seen it. that's powerful. verizon. get mom a lucid 2 by lg for free.
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we're taking the edge off tonight with a tiny training exercise. take a look for yourself. as the tennis players at castle stadium start hitting the court the chew was was a -- chihuahuas are doing the same thing. the contestants for the annual running of the chihuahuas joined fox 5. they were running out in the rain doing their best. by the way we should let you know the big race with the chihuahuas kicks off saturday. the winner will take home $150 in cash. >> thanks for joining us. >> we'll see you tomorrow. >> 
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