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tv   Fox Morning News  FOX  May 1, 2013 9:00am-10:00am EDT

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with a chef teaching us to makek delicious tamale. >> save me one i know you areu a going over there. >> i will. >> tucker tony is saving us tamales. >> he's not just saving them but i'm going, too. >> i didn't know that. [ laughter ] >> a beautiful day today. get out and enjoy if you can. look outdoors. take the dog for a walk. get out and go. suns yoin and 70 later today. it's cool right now. 56 at reagan national. dulles, too. bwi marshall 55 degrees. clear skies across the region temperatures able to cool off overnight. generally sunny conditions out there. a few clouds. in the a perfectly sunny day.ay. mostly sunny conditions and a dry wednesday for you. sunshine out there we should warm it up. yesterday and the day before wee didn't get out of the 60s 6 today closer to 70's.
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in addition to the sunshine warmer temperatures and a quiet afternoon. a beautiful forecast the next several days. 70 today. cooler by the day.e 63 in annapolis and 66 in baltimore. lots more coming up in a minutem >> first up at 9:00 the redskink controversy back in the headlines. >> the d.c. council is going to discuss a resolution pushing for a name change and there's no shortage of response from fans. sarah is back with the latest in this heated debate. >> what do you think? they are talking about changingn the name. it has a lot of mixed reactions. >> yes. >> d.c. council members plans to introduce a resolution calling on the washington redskins dos d change the name. one is the red tails. 200 viewers responded and almosa all are against the idea. they didn't like it at all. a the council member said the team's name is racist and deroge tory and it's time to make a
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change. >> he maintains they cannot force the team to change the name. he suggested the red tails as the nickname in honor of tuskeegee airmen from world war ii. the councilman talked about it at 10:00 last night listen. >> we need to recognize there are people truly offended by tht term and the use of term and way it's been used for years. it's time to step up and do the right thing. when you are asked to lead and a leader in a city like this i think it's important to take a a stance and do things that are not easy and aren't necessarily not the most favorable thing but the right thing to do. >> the mayor said he would be in
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favor of changing it. >> we're not 100% certain robert griffin 3 was referring to thehe call for a name change but the same time the story broke he tweeted this quote in a land of freedom we're held hostage by the tyranny of political interesting timing. you have to think it's what hert was referrin wg to.ha >> it would seem to be. you see the other side of coin,, too where it's offensive to a group of people.e >> it is. it's tough. i mean, you know, i get it. i've lived here all of my life -- most of my life and i think it's a name that can be derogatory but it's the name -- >> it's finding the right name,
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too. >> red hawks? >> a bird. >> but it has no significance. >> there's no meaning behind it. >> okay, just trying. [ laughter ] >> there's the eagles. >> you don't want the eagles. >> these are the nick -- >> ravens.>> >> the red hawks okay tony. >> red hawks. i started that one. >> tony, i like it. wouldn't it be great if i renamed the team.he >> we'll make t a resolution.olt >> we've deemed them the red hawks. >> in all seriousness i like it. >> thank you, sarah. >> rail service will be extended for any caps game extended past 11:00 p.m. they can take trains through
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12:45 a.m. a there's an announcement at the verizon center on the night that extended service is offered onn those nights. >> members of montgomeryry county's executive office will appear to discuss the status off silver spring transit center. the $120 million project has been delayed by construction problems and cost increases. council members are calling on c the county's expect general to investigate the problems.e the center was supposed to open two years ago and major repairs are scheduled to begin this summer. >> we're following breaking news from the district of trinidad neighborhood. two men were shot just before b 8:00 this morning. this happened in the 1200 blockk of rom street northeast. one victim was hit in the chesth and theit other in the leg. threes are looking for at leasts one suspect. a brazen smash and grab sendsnds police on ape hunt for four -- f
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sends police on a hunt for four thieves. >> now according to police a man was buzzed in the store and then he let his three mask add come places. in less than a -- accomplices.ol in less than a minute they slashed the case and made off with expensive jewel rix suspects took off on a car and led police on a brief chase that ended with a d.c. officer.c. crashing the cruiser. this robbery is a similaril incident in the area including two.two. the third happening in downtownw frederick earlier this police are looking at whetherhe any of these smash and grab crimes are connected. >> the family of -- >> tamerlan tsarnaev willill receive his body today. tod the family is working on funeral arrangements for the boston bombing suspect. president obama is ordering an intelligence review.
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russian agents followed tamerlan on his six-month trip to russia and saudi arabia warned the u.s. about him in writing. finally his youtube channel has no original videos, a sign investigators shows that he wasw self radicalized. >> federal investigators linked the prime suspect in the ricinin investigation to three letters sent to federal officials. o according to an f.b.i. affidavit, a dusk mast found in his -- mask found in his trash a tested positive for ricin. r >> andi he bought castor beans over the internet used to make ricin. the letters were sent to the president, a mississippi senator and a judge in mississippi. today is may day and immigration supporters are planning rallies around the nation including one in herndon, a rally start as the 5:30 but it's not just here of
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course. may 1 is labor day in most nations. new changes to the controversiar morning after pill to tell you about. as you can imagine reaction is heated and mixed. the f.d.a. says plan b can now be sold over the counter in drugstores without a prescription to girls as youngou as 15 years old. the drug is intended to be used within an emergenciry in 72 -- emergency in 24 hours. >> it's a little early an taig be able to pick it -- an age to pick it up anywhere. people should plan ahead.head you should use more reliable, safer contraception. c i don't think it's going to encourage young girls to have more sex if they are.they i think it's great it's more convenient and an awkward a question to ask someone. >> the decision comes to sweepss after a federal court judge ruled that the f.d.a. must dropp all age restrictions.
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over the counter sales are expected to begin in a few months. tony. >> we're getting a response to this debate on the facebook page. it appears to be divided. one viewer wrote this is not good. what a way to promote unprotected sexes to the teens. adults know the risks, the kids don't. >> another says it isn't murder it prevents pregnancy and say what you will, you won't stop s the kids from having sex so i think not getting pregnant is a lot better than an unwanted pregnancy. former ann arundel county executive is meeting his community service at the capital of anap list center. he is expected to be there 40 hours a week to complete the 400 hours required of him. he was convicted in march of two counts of misconduct for referring county workers to do his personal bidding.
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he spent a month behind bars. >> beginning today parts of smithsonian shuts down as you y part of sequester. museum says no major exhibits eh will close. they had to cut its budget by more than $42 million. >> later this morning the new george w. bush presidential library and museum will open too the public for the first time. the center was dedicated in a ceremony last week featuring all the living presidents. the museum includes exhibits onn the september 11 terrorist attacks and other historical events.ev every u.s. embassy around the world is getting an historic copy of decoration of independence. it'sin from local fin lal troa pivot david ruben styne. hehe is loaning it to the state department and have it
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reproduced for the em basises bs and donating the funds for the project. in 1820 secretary of state john quinie adams ordered an ingrave to reproduce it. 200 copies were made and he got one. >> wow. >> hmmmm. >> very cool. >> he has done so much for the city. >> really and quite a bit inn just the last few years. >> right. >> extraordinary. e we have dreams for one man to play his did you guitar at an i3 premiere. don't miss the flashy act ahead. >> women are criticizing others, it seems like, than ever before but why? w we're looking at the disturbing trend next ♪ >> today marks the start of national bike safety month. m get ready to bike to work on may 17, tony. triple a reminds bicyclists and
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drivers they have the same rule on the road.
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>> welcome it's probably safe to say women can be caddy at times. we read it on social media. it's on the blogs, too. scw with kim scik is dust and either kim -- why are women quick to bust on other women? it's a topic we're exploring this today from the american university of university women. we have to talk about this is always out >> here is the thing. it ultimately -- i know we're reading into this women on women
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hating other women but in our society everybody hates on womew and they are appearance. >> why -- they judge women on their appearance and not who they are. to blame women for this perception we're missing the boat on the messages that we are sent by media by the peers, by family, on judging women on appearances first. >> this story came up. i'm happy you are here from aauw. with the sore up roarity letter sent from the president to the former sisters she stepped down.n. while this isn't exactly what we're talking about today, itt did bring up the topic is where are we so harsh on each other? i guess we would hope it wouldd be a little island out therehere that we can find safety in talking to another woman and trusting another woman. a >> >> sadly it does not alwayss happen though. >> it does notha happen but we'e
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subject on honing in on the negative scenarios. i would call out there was an instance recently in the pop culture around woman coming to o the rescue of kim kardashian saying it's not appropriatete we're attacking her weight. even gloria steinham said why are we attacking the weight of a pregnant woman. >> beyonce gets her share of it. gwyneth paltrow the most beautiful woman and just beforeb that the most hated woman in hollywood. what is this about and is it different from secretly talking behind the back of a friend. do we like to hate on these celebrities from afar. >> our online culture makes it easier these days. >> we've prop gated this behavior that can i easily judge
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and attack someone and i won't be held accountable. i think it takes each of us in our daily lives to we aware off our own behaviors but certainly online it happens on a daily basis. when you see it happening online, step up and make a comment and say this is ridiculous that we're making these vicious remarks. >> you know, this also -- at ths same time as the sore roarity ra letter was the -- sew -- someone else commented on the professional cheerleader for the thunder and shead shouldn't be n the outfit.e >> what is going on there?here >> weight, will we ever get over this? >> right i think what we're looking at is we have set norms of what femininity is and masculinity withit cheerleading this is an instance in which women are objectified in a male sporting
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event. this is a part of how they are putting themselves forward. unfortunately, anything thatthin dates from the norm of what we expect, it opens up thiss opportunity for people to to comment on them. >> right, right. >> and we're seeing this. goodness knows we've done ourur fair share of reporting on bullying. right. >> this just goes right in linei with that. this doesn't start what we're in our 20s. this starts in grade school. >> it does, aauw did do a reporr on sexual harassment specifically in high schools, but for our purposes, certainly looking at bullying and sexual had a racement, you know, -- harassment, you know we have toll hold parents, schools, administrators accountable for f calling out the behaviors. in many instances the high schoolers didn't think it was a big deal to harass or thought it was funny. and we really need to look atk that and say, you know what,at
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this actually hurt someone's feelings and impacted their behavior, their self esteem, even their physical health. you she had a light on that this -- you shed a light on that this i don't think we talked about women the brunt of this and we hoped we wouldn't have to face it from all of the people in the sisterhood of women but we do. >> exactly. >> the closing thoughts from the organization of what we can do. >> certainly, i think one of things is really being self aware of your own behavior bull secondly, i think we -- behavior but secondly we need to look at what can we ask for as female consumers. we may get 86% of the marketing and purchasing and let's make a decision of the type of programming we're looking for, the type of shirtsi that are not gender biased with messages and really ensuringurin that we're using our purr case - purchasing power to really put t
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out there a more realistic view of women. >> i think you are wonderful! >> thank you. >> thank you for being with us today. she's the director of campus leadership programs with aauw. see you next time. >> thank you very much. it's 9:21 now. easier travel in the district as street cars get ready for a comeback. wisdom? >> in the district we're another step closer to having the street cars rolling through for the first time in 0 years. we'll tell you about -- 50 years. we'll tell you about it in a live report. >> we're on the course at greatt meadow in mclean, virginia where they are set for the virginiairi gold cup. you can actually bet on the races. we'll do the draw for the race live right here on fox 5.
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>> we're back. street cars are one step closerc to reality in d.c. today. >> they are ready for testing. linda is -- wisdom is live withw an upgiet. i love this -- with an update. i love this idea, wisdom. good morning. >> good morning. it's a>> g great idea. it's the street car they moved from greenbelt to here in the district. this is where they'll hold them until they are ready to go to another loangs and the process stars to get them on the streets. we're going to get more detailse about this project. why it's important, all the ins and outs on it. she's a spokesperson. thank you very much for gettinge up early in the morning for talking with us. u we appreciate it.t. >> my herb pleasure. >> how many cars. coming from green belt what are he doing here? h >> the district owns threehree district vehicles. they are coming from greenbelt. this was number one as you mentioned. number two coming today and number three tomorrow.
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they are housed here over the summer and into early fall where we'l some major testing on te the vehicles and then they'll be moved over to the corridor where they are run. >> the routes involved in this, once they hit the streets the time table and routes involved? >> we don't have the timetable set. >> tell us why it's so important to have this particular mode of transportation here in the district. it hasn't been here in 50 yearsy it has not. we're excited to be bringing it back. the district offers several se different modes of publiclic transportation and this iss another one giving residents an other when they are ready to come to h street and being road and enjoy everything that that t area has to offer. >> when you see street cars you get a different kind of mindset. >> it it makes everything old new again. >> thank you for talking with us this morning.
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we have a press conferencefere coming up at 10:00 at this location. the mayor will be here. if you miss any of that. you can get it on the web site tony and allison back to you inn the studio. >> i like the looks of it. >> yeah, there are cities that still use them. it's so nice.'s s >> thank you wisdom. ahead this hour you might not believe how lindsay lohan is spernding her final days before rehab. we're chatting it up with tmz in the buzz minimum. >> if i'm -- buzz bin. >> if i'm right its ridiculous. and why this man created this ironman suit when we come back.
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>> i know you like the music. a missouri native spent four f months building this light suiti and led guitar and posted this i video all in an effort to get to play at the ironman 3 premiere on friday. as of now there's no word on whether or not he will be invited to do thank he wants it be at the l.a. red carpet doing this. >> he put a lot of time and energy into that. >> i would have to considerener. >> how would it work at the premiere of thing? >> it would have to be dark. maybe inside the theater. >> greeting people as they are coming in. >> you want to see the suit lit up. he put a lot of work into it. in >> i think it's a pretty goodod job. >> i know what you are sayinging why should they invite him i because of that. >> go to the premiere.
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you can go. >> it's not like it's a rihanna concert. >> he wants it be part of it. >> like star wars everybody is dressing up. >> you can watch the stars comee in and but you can't go to the theater? >> why woe want to be a part of it? >> he's an ironman superfan. >> i'm a fan of a lot of stuff.s >> you are more reasonable. >> you don't have the time. >> maybe if he could just meett robert downey, jr. >> that would work, too or not we don't know. >> don't need that outfit because outside it's a beautiful day. >> you have to admit it's odd. >> it's a super fan. we do a lot of odd here. he wants to be a part of the phenomenon. >> right. you.ank >> there you go. sunshine across the area and if you are building an outfit or space craft, low clouds. >> others are more patient than
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you are, tony. i can't understand it. i understand it better. >> he said the same thing i said. >> tony and i are working together on that one.e. we're working together on the tamales in a few minutes, right, tony? >> what did you say? >> hot tamales. >> no, no, no. >> 56 in washington.ashi >> the tamales from nextdoor with the cooking section. s >> i know that. [ laughter ] >> okay. >> did someone take a detour on the way to work this morning allison? [laughter] >> satellite radar. i don't have s anything to show you just clear skies. high pressure from the north building to the region we're in for a beautiful couple days. lots of jiens. high temperatures next couple of days 70s. maybe low 70s as we get closer to the weekend and 40s and 50s at night. on the horizon warmer temperatures and humidity eventually.tual sunshine warmer this afternoon.
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70 the daytime high. 5-10. tonight 48 clear skies and cool temperatures keeping windowsdows open for a time. beautiful seven day forecast. thursday, friday, saturday, sunday, temperatures about 70 even low 70s, mid 70s heree by the end of weekend. wend looks dry. that's weather. allison and tony back to you. >> thank you, sir. s >> celebrating cinco de mayo ahead this hour. >> delicious mexican cuisine from a local chef. his recipe come up at 9:45, yes. >> first though -- months from their due date kimye is helping little babies in need. we'll tell you how they are doing that when we check in with the buzz bin on tmz.
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>> you log on to netflix today nearly 800 titles have been t taken down asit they end a licensing deal with warner brothers and universal. they lost a bulk of high profile titles last year when its deal with stars expired. that's not good. >> in fact it's bad. >> that's right. >> all right. well lindsay lohan hits the bars, is that what you get, tony? she hit the bars, tony? >> these kind of bars? >> no the other ones there. >> kim and can yes, a two-fer day. their special question.stio here is dax with tmz. >> good morning, how are you? >> doing well, thank you. lindsay lohan we were disappointed where she chose to spend her last couple of days but there's good news here. >> there is good news.
9:39 am
so lindsay lohan went to the bitterend in new york which is a bar. it's also a performance bar where lady ga ga got her start. she went there with a group of 9-10 friends hanging out inside the bar slash club area. the one thing good thing is we're hearing no drinking. she had a soda all night but was not serve alcohol and drinks, keeping a low profile. half the people at the bar didn't know she was there. t and was just very chill. that is good news. she has to check into rehab tomorrow. we actually just posted a storys a couple minutes ago saying s she's considering bailing on it because they are not going tooig let her smoke but i between smoking and jail you might wantt to go to rehab but she's in a panic. doesn't think she'll last 90 days without a cigarette. >> whoa, 90 days.ays. >> we're pulling for you lilo. l come on! >> moving on.>>
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>> m good news kim and can yes doing good for the world? w what is up dax? >> they are. they have a lot of rich friends wanting to buy them baby gifts saying please don't send us gifts. we don't need them. we have more money than we can spend and instead if you are going to get us something send a donation to the children's hospital in chicago in our namen and we're hoping to help them out. i guess can yes was raised in in chicago so he is touched by that and i think that's a great idea. you have to think jay z and beyonce are their buds and want to given them a gift. why not just send over $1 million to the children's chi hospital that would be much more awesome. >> fantastic. you know what? it's fantastic. you are right, dax. >> i love it. >> have a super day in l.a. watching the show later. >> buy dax. >> stay tuned. >> do we have a name yet for the baby? >> can't we name the baby kimye.
9:41 am
their name name is the baby's name. it could be either. b >>e boy or girl. g very good. >> okay. >> thank you. [ laughter ] >> changes to the cold cup coming up next this year you ca bet on the race legally and holly ahelping with the gold cup draw. find out which numbers the horses get live next. it's a big deal. first celebrating mexican heritage. cinco de mayo is this weekend and we have just the meal for to ando ise up to family friends. learn how to make chicken tamales. we'll be right back.
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♪ >> hi, it's time to celebrate cinco de mayo. did you know tamales were on the menu for traditional feasts dating back to 1200 b.c. many restaurants are celebrating cinco de mayo with special menu and cocktails. juan is the chef at central df in northwest d.c. welcome. tucker has worked his way into the segment. >> i'm going to be a helper. >> you are going to help because i'm under the weather so i don't want to get involved in the cooking process. you will make a tamale. >> we have flower which say corn flower. >> are all the ingredients readily available? >> you can get them in the local store or actually here. you have the baking powder. we have here chicken stock. s it's a lot of chicken stock. >> we -- you'll see one.
9:46 am
we have chicken stock and mixing. >> and then here we have paste a drycally le. a little bit spicy snfnlg a little bit not much. >> what was the first ingredient. >> corn flour which we get a lot of guests at the restaurant because it's gluten free. f it starts to get thick. >> wow. okay. all right. i'm intrigued. >> we have montego which is pork lard some consider it liquid bacon for flavoring and texture. >> what do you call it again. >>monteca it's a lot better than pork lard. look that it's great. >> you see how a lot of --
9:47 am
>> i smell it, too. >> i don't have a lot off experience eating at that mall yeses -- tamales but you are making the shell, right? >> yes. >> that makes around 40 or 50tamales. you see you asked texture to the masa. it's going to be done. there you go.oing and then here we have the chicken which is 50% white meat and 50% dark meat. >> accident which we marnate with the tomato salsa which we make in-house and here we have h a, dobo it's it's a mexican sng. add it to the chicken. all of this smells really good and really fresh which is great. >> yes. mix it up. >> tamale a traditional foofd cinco de mayo. >> it's a traditional food foror every occasion of the year in mexico being that has been in
9:48 am
mexico for so many years. >> while you are making this ig want to mention youth are doing- you have celebrations going on thisel weekend. friday and saturday i'm intrigued by this event, the pants off dance off party. >> yes. all about?that >> what we're going to do is basically looking at services.ei we'll do dinner service at the main level. we have a rooftop and a basement. specials andink dj's and it's a lot of fun all sunday. >> you go downstairs have a couple of drink specials and and pants come off. >> what is the pants off. >> people can drink -- [laughter] >> i might be going to this one. [ laughter ] >> usually do this in a conhusk. we want to make it easier we put it in paper. >> can i wanted to buy those ata
9:49 am
a store? >> go to a local mexican store and they are dry. put them in water and then let it sit for about 15 minutes and soak up. >> traditionally would you cook it in the -- >> okay. >> when you go here, fold it like so. use an eye full. the tamale or am i thinking off something else? >> well, you are thinking abouto perhaps some other stuff. a lot of specials on it fromro central america from south america from mexico. >> tucker is going to help. >> he's make it this put it in and then you have your tamale. >> how long do you cook that? >> 15 minutes which i'll show you. wrap it up. >> we're going to -- we have to break away to something else bub let's keep doing this and we'll
9:50 am
check in a moment. again, juan is el central dia located in northwest d.c. and they'll have a celebration thisn weekend for cinco de mayo. take your pants off day. [ laughter ] that's not what it is but they are a dancing off for you where you take your pants off. anyway we go to holly and allison. she'll tell us what is happening with holly. >> oh, boy! thank you. with names like swimming river,, shaky valley and school housel h wood how could you lose? this year legal betting comes to the virginia gold cup. holly joins us live. >> allison i saved the biggest hat for last what do you think? >> it's so cute. >> stunning. come out to the gold cup wherere something you have in your closet but spend your money on a fabulous hat. get something that is going to t wow them.
9:51 am
don't forget they have a chance to sell you the hats. there's a hat competition and will thomas one is of the judges of hat competition.tion however that pales in comparison be a part of the actual draw which i'm doing right now i have the racing commission right here. this say big deal, right? >> yeah. [ laughter ] >> you are are so serious we'rew having fun here.e >> basically we'll put the entrt blanks in this box. doc is going to pull out the box and a pill out of here and it correspondents. >> it's more important becausecs of whole betting thing, right? >> right it's common practice every where in the race the post
9:52 am
positions and participants. the jockeys want to know where they are going to be. owners wants to know. it's important. >> and the public. >> because they are the betting ones, right. >> okay, let's get started. >> we'll mix them up here. >> are you the official -- mixed and ready to go. >> go ahead pull one out. out >> i'll pull a pill and i'm'm going to say 6. >> number 6. i put it in here. >> number 6 foil chris fareed the scroky and bruce fenwick the trainer. the first one we drew was the jockey we talked to in the 7:00 hour. next up two number. >> number two. >> richard valentine the trainer. >> the next one is number 5:00. horse racing at home.
9:53 am
>> here is will rodney mckenzie the irons william the trainer. >> all right. number three. >> number three.hree hot rice jeff murray edward mulligan trains. >> i could have a future as a lottery girl.lo here we go, the next one number 8. >> moon socks amelia and kevin bona face trainer. >> okay. number 7. >> number 7 straight to it it william dowling, jack fisher trains. >> number 9. >> all right on the outside pose goes to alpha beat, james slater, william meister trainer. >> number one. >> number one, grinding speed mark beamer, alicia murphy trains. >> and our last one is number
9:54 am
four. >> number four dakota slew, robert walsh and river valentinn the trainer. that completes the field. >> what happens?>> >> they put the posts positions into the rto system which is the jockey club and they'll compilec the performances for the race so they'll be able to tell the running history of horses how they've run different races. >> you can print the program. that's what that means? >> yes. >> you have all the information in a booklet. how important is the post? >> in a race this long itt wouldn't be ooze important as aa sprint race at a track. that said, some horsz like too run in company, perform best and some performing better when thew are off by themselves. sometimes they separate. s so it depends on the individuald preference of a horse. horses are just like people. they are all different.
9:55 am
>> do you -- could you handicap the race a little bit? >> yeah -- >> no pressure. you have 30 seconds go. >> i like blinding speed myself and i like the local horse da cote slew. >> why? seen then run this spring. da cote slew was very impressive tnd as the home team. >> what do you think about this hat? >> i think it's a nice hat. >> they are like you are never e doing the draw ever again. smosm our web site.ou we have ar link to the virginia gold cup association web site so you can get everything you need to know to come out for race day on saturday. gates open at 10:00 a.m.. betting stations for the first time open at 12:15 p.m. the first race at 1:30. actual gold cub running at 4:10 p.m. we'll have more on fox 5 morning news when we come back. stay with us.
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>> 70 today and warm times head. >> jose is a chef located on 14th street near u street. the heart of the city right now. that's where everybody goes. cinco de mayo celebrations this weekend. may 3 and 4 and on the 5th. they have 90 types of tequila. >> wow. >> >> okay. >> nice! (inaudible). >> there you go. thanks so much for being hereere and thank you for watching the morning show. we'll see you tomorrow.


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