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tv   Fox 5 News 5  FOX  January 6, 2016 5:00pm-6:01pm EST

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at 4:06 a second call to 911 asking where the help was. emergency crews finally arrived at 4 sl 15. 19 minutes after the first call. fox 5's paul wagner broke this story and joined us tonight with the fire chief's response. >> reporter: in an interview today, the chief told me he's making some changes after what happened last sunday. and he's ordering all units to confirm addresses with the dispatchers as they pull up on the scene. and although it appears the crew on the truck made a mistake, they could be disciplined for not making absolutely sure they were on the right call. just before 4:00 last sunday afternoon, gloria jackson called 911 to say her husband was unconscious and needed help. but when truck 17 arrived, they found a man in the street with
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dc police. zbl when they came across mpd they had a person in custody in the same block. mpd said hey, we don't need you. that's when they made the assumption, without confirming the location. >> reporter: listen now as engine 8 which was also put on the call radios in to the dispatcher. truck 17 advised mpd is on the scene and they're not needed. >> we now know all units responding were put in service until gloria jackson made a second call looking for help and at 4:09 help was sent again. >> what i see is that it was an honest mistake. they went to the location. they saw the police, they made
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that assumption, a bad assumption, but they made that assumption and they made a decision. it was the wrong decision. so we have some responsibilities, they have some spovensibilities. >> reporter: albert jackson was a 67-year-old retired construction foreman with joy construction. he had recently been sick. his wife gloria who did not want her face shown says she called 911 when she saw he was getting sick again. >> we tried cpr but we kept doing it. >> do you think if you had gotten help sooner he might have made it? >> maybe. >> reporter: the radio dispatcher is not the only way firefighters get their information. it's also sent in print on a terminal like this one inside the truck. now the chief says they'll be making the change. >> we're going to increase the information we get to help them
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in decision making. >> reporter: nearly 19 minutes went by before a paramedic got on the scene, but mr. jackson was pronounced dead at the hospital. gloria jackson said she knew nothing about what happened with truck 17. she told us she's had to call for help several times and has never had an issue with the response from dc fire and ems. paul wagner, fox 5 local news. >> new tonight they are happening all over the district. robberies and many of them right out in the open. this one caught on video a few days ago at a 711 in northeast. and it is such a problem that dc's police chief has formed a task force to fight this issue. >> it includes special officers on the street to senior u.s. prosecutors assigned to prosecute the cases. matt ackland is live tonight where two weeks ago a robbery led to a serious assault. matt? >> reporter: hey, laura.
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the police chief for metro told me today that since they released those pictures a couple of days ago, they have been getting a lot of leads. they are hoping to make an arrest in the assault just as soon as possible. but as you were saying, it's just not one crime that has authorities in our area concerned. it's many robberies recently, and that is why they formed this task force to hopefully stop them. a crime scene just a half a block from where dc's mayor and police chief held thard press conference wednesday. as a television crew was covering the meeting, its vehicle window was smashed and computer taken. >> one robbery is one too many. >> reporter: officials say street robberies are up 5%. hard to see but this robbery was caught by a home camera. you can even hear the victim yell out. since early december task force members have been positioned across the city watching police cameras in real time talking to
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sources moving in quickly to stop what is called a new trend, robbery sprees. >> last year it was a run-by snatch of cell phone type of robbery. but what we're seeing now is a small group that will commit robbery after robbery so four, five six in the night. >> reporter: officials talked about involving the public. getting out video and pictures of suspects quickly. so we wanted to know why it took almost two weeks for metro's police chief to release these pictures. what did you have earlier this week that you did didn't have two weeks ago that nabltd you to release these pictures. >> cooperation from our witnesses and our victim. >> reporter: speaking of metro this neighborhood commissioner told us that some of his neighbors have given up public transit all together and are choosing their cars now because of the number of attacks. >> we're trying to make sure people, after a hard day's work can get off the metro, walk home and have a safe path home.
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>> reporter: and we should point out that dc police have recently stepped up their video release program. you'll remember fox 5 did several stories over the last summer of victims saying the video wasn't released quick enough or not enough of it was released. that has changed. authorities really have been trying to get the video out just as quickly as possible. the mayor and the police chief really believe that if they get the video out, the public can help solve these crimes. live at the noma-gaulladet metro station, matt ackland fox 5 local news. >> is montgomery's government using tax dollars. >> opponents are calling foul savor flyers started appearing. now some lawmakers are demanding answers. tom fitzgerald is live in
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bethesda tonight with more on that story. >> reporter: here's the deal. if you live in montgomery county, you want to buy beer, liquor or wine, one way or another in this county, all of this comes out of a warehouse where under law here is owned and operated by montgomery county's office of liquor control. there is say big political fight under way to end that. now critics say the county has gone too far to try to get people to come over to their side of thinking. at issue is a flyer. now, this started appearing in liquor control stores over the holiday. what it says is it first thanks customers for doing business with the division of liquor control, which, by the way they have no choice under because of the liquor control law here in this county. after claiming that a system puts $35 million every year into county coffers it also goes on
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to state that if the liquor control law were eliminated that each and every household in montgomery county would face a $100 property tax hike here. councilman who has been a critic says it is just not appropriate for county offices to be putting out information which amounts to some to be a threat against taxpairs. the head of the office of the county who put out the flyers says they are simply trying to educate the public. >> can you see how some people would interpret this as a threat, perhaps? >> no, no. it's simply the facts. in this case this is simply the facts. if you take this money away, you've got to make it up one way or another. i think it's wrong. what we need to do right now is reform the department of liquor control. we need to partially privatize it. we should not be engaging in a big campaign to defend it. we need to fix it. >> reporter: two very different opinions on this. now, keep in mind liquor control
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in montgomery county, it has been in place here since the end of prohibition in the 1930s. but 2016, well, that could change this year. they are not only billed on the county level here but on the state level. we're live in bethesda tonight, tom fitzgerald, fox 5 local news. >> just don't drink all that at once. >> it's so cold outside, he might have to. >> even though it's cold, it's quite beautiful. look at the sunset. >> this is a live look outside. >> i love that it's staying a little bit lighter. >> yes, that's true too. it's very deceiving, right, sue palka? >> although you have to admit it felt better today, right? >> i don't think so. i hate to say it. >> we need some more layers. we did get up to 40 degrees today which was a lot warmer than yesterday but it was a real cold start. no doubt about it. a lot of places fell into the
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single digits last night. we won't be quite that cold tonight but i would not describe it as warm. by the way speaking of that sunset sun goes down at 5:01 it gained a minute over yesterday. it makes me happy to see it light at 5:00 as well. meanwhile 36 degrees is our current temperature in gaithersburg and frederick, 38 here in the district, 37 in quantico. not too wreezy -- breezy. we begin to see signs of more warming in places south and west. even boston has warmed up to 40 degrees now. also check that wind direction in those little lines out in the atlantic. cape hatteras had enough snow that they had to close schools down there from the ocean effect of that cold wind bringing in a little bit of moisture. the next headline for us though is that the cold is going to be easing and we'll see our
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temperatures rising even a little bit more during the day tomorrow. the trade-off is it's not going to be as sunny tomorrow as it was today. we can see those clouds already starting to close in down towards the outer banks and eventually we're going to have a squeeze play with those thin clouds coming in overhead late tonight and during the day tomorrow. for tonight temperatures slowly drop from 34 degrees at 7:00. wealthy we'll probably bottom out in the 20s tonight which is a whole lot better than those single digits and teens. we will have more information on what you can expect in the 7-day forecast and the warm-up we're expecting into the weekend as well as football weather all coming your way a bit later. >> i think i'm just cold to the bone from sitting out at the bus stop this morning. >> coming up, a developing sto tonight at montgomery county. >> a court commissioner is being charged with a sex-related crime. >> and new details tonight in the freddie gray case.
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the trials for the second officer kicking off amid shocking information just revealed in a newly released document. >> and ryan zimmerman filing suit against a national television network. >> plus donald trump opening up in an exclusive interview. hear what he says about beating hillary clinton and he talks about his feud with meg an kelly. we're back after the break.
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we are following a developing story tonight in montgomery county. >> for the second time in a month a court commissioner has been charged with a sex-related crime. lauren demarco joins us with more. lauren? >> reporter: on the morning of december 3rd at this mcdonald's here behind me, police say that a suspect planned to meet say 15-year-old boy or who he believed was a 15-year-old boy for sex. it turns out there was no teenager involved. it was actually an undercover police officer that he had been communicating with and that suspect was arrested right here. let's take a look at the mug shot that we received from police. according to charging documents, 30-year-old daniel reed had been communicating unknowingly with the officer on the application
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grinder since october. the officer created a profile saying that he was a 17-year-old boy but at some point he told reed that he was actually 15. reed continued communication even after learning that. they eventually exchanged cell phone numbers and were texting. police say reed requested nude photos of the teenager and the two agreed to meet here at the mcdonald's. read's layer says he is innocent. this is the second montgomery county court commissioner to be accused of a sex related crime within about a month. the other man is awaiting a court date this month he is facing charges from back in november, accused of trying to take a video underneath a woman's skirt. so court commissioner's, just for some background here, they review applications from police
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to determine whether there is probable cause to bring criminal charges against suspects. they also make determinations on pre-trial release conditions and bail. so a pretty important position in the maryland judiciary system. i spoke with a representative from the state and they say that read and the other man no longer employed by the state this evening. that's the latest here in german town. back to you. >> donald trump sat down for an exclusive interview with the editor and chief at >> he said he could win the republican nomination, gain establishment support and beat hilary in the debates. ronica cleary is here with the story. >> anyone who may have doubted mr. trump's commitment should no longer doubt the donald. in an exclusive interview he spoke about winning the nomination, his feud with meghan kelly and his plans to win new
5:18 pm
york. we've got audio so let's take a listen. >> it's what i do, i win. i win. other people don't win. i know more about winning than anybody. >> reporter: mr. trump opened up about his desire to win iowa. he says if he wins the nomination he can win new york. something a gop candidate hasn't done since 1984. >> if you win new york it's over. and they love me in new york. this is my place. i love new york. >> and with an upcoming debate later this month hosted by fox news. >> i don't think we will get along. >> reporter: cusack believes mr. donald trump really sees a path to victory. >> i think he does see a path to the nomination, but he does have his eye on the general election.
5:19 pm
he thinks that he can take on hillary clinton in the debates and easily beat her in the debates. >> and with 12 candidates still vying for the republican nomination, most are hesitant to say they know exactly what is going to happen in this race. >> i think it's going to be a very, very intense 2016 in politics you never know what's going to happen. >> well, donald trump will be traveling the rest of the week making steps in vermont, south carolina, iowa and nevada. >> what he said. you never know what's going to happen in politics and it's just -- i think people didn't think that he would ever get this far. >> and you know what bob said today? he said he has interviewed him three times in the past few months and he has seen a change where he thought the possibility was there of winning and now he sees in mr. trump in saying that he's confident that he's going to do it. >> he's just as surprised as maybe everybody else. >> we'll see what's going to happen. >> he sure knows how to play the
5:20 pm
game. >> thanks, ronica. >> coming up, the days of crunching your komths into 140 characters may soon be over. >> we're going to tell you about a big change coming to twitter straight ahead. >> and americans have driven auto sales to their highest total in years. >> and power ball fever. a lot of you may have pooled your money and bought a bunch of tickets with your coworkers, but will that improve your odds of winning? powerball trivia coming up after the break. stick around. 
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is luck going to be on your side tonight? the jack pot for tonight's power ball drawing has now wristen to $500 million. >> wow! >> it makes it the biggest jackpot in nearly a year. people have been streaming into
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stores all day to buy tickets. you've got time left to do so. the cut-off is 10:00 p.m. although some stores stop selling earlier than that. >> caitlin roth is here to test everyone's powerball knowledge. >> there are urban legends out there and myths. we'll see how much you girls know. first of all, do either of you play? >> i did this time around with the office pool. >> when there's an office pool. >> okay. >> the first question was a change was made to the way power ball numbers were drawn back in october. did that make your odds of winning better or worse? i didn't know about this change. >> i knew there were changes because we reported it and now
5:25 pm
i'm trying to remember. i would guess that it made it worse. because nothing ever goes in our favor. >> the answer is it's a trick question. it actually did both. the change lowered your odds of winning the overall jackpot. but it did increase the odds that you'll win a smaller prize. so that made it i guess more incentive for people to buy tickets anyway so there's a chance to get something with that. so that's one thing. next question, is there a secret to winning? >> everybody wants to know that and a lot of people think they have the trick. >> right. it's the superstition in their minds or whatever it is. >> their birthdays or their lucky numbers. >> some people even go further than that. and powerball had to clear this up on their website saying it does no good to follow the alignment of the planets or the arrangement of tea leaves.
5:26 pm
it has had winners who played their fortune cookie numbers on two occasions but that was just chance. the real secret to winning, what a surprise here, is to buy tickets. and our last question, a lot of you, including us here at fox 5, have pooled your money and bought a bunch of tickets with co-workers, friends or family. does that actually improve your odds of winning? popular answer would be yes, right? the power of numbers. the answer is not really. the odds of winning the jackpot are so tiny that adding 50 or 100 chances doesn't make much of a difference. it's so minute that you would win that even adding more people is the same thing. but if you are pathology money the lottery recommends putting down rules for splitting the
5:27 pm
prize. >> i think it was gwen tolbart people had to sign contracts. >> just in case. >> but remember if there's no winner tonight there will be another drawing on saturday. >> so will is our treasurer. >> you've got to write up the contract. >> thank you very much. >> switching gears, coming up nats' first baseman riinl zimer sman files a defamation suit against a tv network. >> we have the court documents of zimerman's exact claims. >> and the second officer in the freddie gray case. an attorney breaking down the next round of proceedings and how this trial may shape the future. >> and a hospital bar fashion designer is debuying
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a. the officer who was behind the wheel of a van in which freddie gray suffered a fatal spinal injury is set to go on trial. gray's death sparked protests in baltimore. six officers were charged in connection with his death. the first trial for officer william porter ended in a hung jury. now officer cesar goodson will be tried and a pre-trial motions hearing was held today where a judge ruled that porter must testify. goodson faces the most serious
5:32 pm
charges. >> reporter: here with a little more insight on the case to help us understand what's going to be happening with goodson's trial and porter's as well. >> thank you for having me. >> i understand that the judge ruled that porter must testify in goodson's trial. >> yes, his ruling actually compels him to testify in the upcoming case which is scheduled to begin on monday. >> and the defense attorneys said they tried to fight this and they last their fight late this afternoon. what did this mean, number one in good son's trial and for porter's retrial? >> it means that goodson, in his upcoming trial, that officer porter is a witness. and the judge has compelled him to testify. but you have to remember that an individual has a constitutional
5:33 pm
right, fifth amendment right to not incriminate him or herself in an ongoing trial. that's porter's case right now because his trial ended in a hung jury. he has a constitutional right which he may invoke. the important thing to remember with the judge's ruling today is that he has compelled porter's testimony and goodson's trial under a grant of immunity. so you will see that if porter does not invoke his constitutional right, fifth amendment constitutional right, that it will be a very tightly controlled line of questioning, only to get the information that they need in good son's trial. >> does it boost the prosecution's case? >> it depends on the testimony. but here again, porter is a material witness. and the information that he may testify to will be very substantial in goodson's case. >> i want to ask you about a
5:34 pm
couple of interesting things that were revealed recently. a document filed last week say gray complained about some back problems recently to officers a couple of weeks before his arrest. if there was a preexisting condition, what does this mean -- how does this impact the cases going forward in the officer's trial? >> first of all, that information came forward in the first trial in porter's case. so but it came in, it was turned over during the course of the trial. so the judge sealed that information or that evidence. so it can be used in this particular trial. a defense counsel would want to use that because it may be a preexisting injury or that it may have existed, but then again, it could be a red herring. it has no relevance in the ultimate cause of the death or the actions that took place. you have to put that in the
5:35 pm
context of the medical examiner's autopsy report and the testimony listed it from the medical examiner that the type of injury that was sustained may be a little different than the type of complaint that is found in that document. >> okay. so also in this court documents there was a report that freddie gray may have served as an informant of some sort? does that have impact on the case? >> here again i think it may provide insight as to what may have been the ultimate cause to initiate the interaction with the police. maybe something that we don't know at this point took place to allow or facilitate the officer's initial engagement of freddie gray. ultimately that relationship i think doesn't have any relevance
5:36 pm
on the calamity that caused the injury that he sustained while in police custody. the evidence will bear that out and i don't think we have that evidence at this point. >> and how likely is it, keith, do you think that we could see none of these cases turn in a conviction? >> well, i think you're looking at a hypothetically that is possible. because here again, remember. these are six officers who have been indicted and charged, and they are not tried together. they are separate individual cases. and each trial will stand on the weight of its own evidence and the outcome of each. separate juries, separate testimony. some of the same witnesses but maybe different witnesses in each case and you could potentially have an outcome in which there is an acquittal in all six cases. so that is a potentiality. these are not very easy cases to prove. i think baltimore city is in for a long haul as we begin to
5:37 pm
address this second trial and the subsequent trials that will follow as well. >> officer goodson's trial to begin on monday. >> jury selection, that's right. >> all right. if you for being with us. appreciate your insight. sarah, back to you. >> washington national's ryan zimmerman has filed a lawsuit over allegations he used performance enhancing drugs. he joins other out lets. they claimed they were falsely accused. what do we think? do we think this was the real deal here? >> this is getting a lot of play here. a lot to be done on this. the suit was filed here in dc.
5:38 pm
the same allegations against peyton manning. here's where sly speaks with collins and when zimmerman's name comes up. >> how long have you known zimmerman? >> probably six years. >> very busy. thanks for taking your time to come down here. you're awesome. you know how to get out of here. >> who dance on several reality shows. you're going straight right -- as well as claiming. desperate for ratings. they're playing that up because al jazeera america is in a lot
5:39 pm
of trouble and they're playing up the credibility factor. they're going to defend themselves on that. >> let's talk about the skins. it's actually some good news. let's put this aside. let's talk about what happened today over at the redskins practice facility. they're back, it was all hands on deck there. not everyone was 100 % but everyone was there and that's a very good sign going into sunday against the packers. obviously a very different vibe these days in ashburn. we're talking about a playoff-bound team right now the most stable franchise in the nfc east. everyone is looking for a coach these days, not the cowboys. next year. that said, the early season drama is clearly paying off and a lot of the credit goes to this guy, scot mccloughan. >> i feel like he saved us in a way. bringing him here and the veterans he put in place, this
5:40 pm
is a young team and having guys around like that, it just helps you mature a little faster. >> i've been in the league longer, he's played in the super bowl, he's played in more playoff games than i have. those kind of things that you know a lot of us don't have on our resume that we can pull information from him and knowledge from him and just try to gain it, you know? >> you know that saying act like you've been there before? a lot of these guys have never seen a playoff game in their life, but three members have seen some super bowl action. they were blown up by russell wilson and the seahawks. talking hockey right now, the caps will be represented well in this month's all-star
5:41 pm
game. alex ovechkin will be joined by knack list back strom. shall tonight the wizards host the cavaliers and you might remember the wizards handed cleveland their only home loss of the season. tonight a battle of two of these point guards. in spite of having only played in three games all season. it's a joke, i played awful the first mont half but i was still averaging 16 and 8. that's not bad numbers. i guess it's the team's record. the response there were no i respect him as a player, as a point guard in this league, so for him to say that, the all-star becomes a popularity
5:42 pm
contest. >> mike richards who won two stanley cups one-year contract, he had some trouble trying to turn him around and get him on the ice, the nhl says they're ready to play. >> you get my fan. >> you don't know what he says once he gets offset. >> thanks jim. coming up, twitter could soon be expanding its rules. >> just like that. >> plus you can't stop tapping those apps, can you? how apple's app store cashing in this month. >> we'll have details on that one next.
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if you love to tweet, listen up. >> twitter is known for its word limit but the social network could let users be a lot more wordy. since tweets began, they're closer to adding a feature that will allow users to stretch a tweet to 10,000 characters. >> that's a big change. >> the change would be an effort to make its service more appealing to a wider audience. >> so we'll call it facebook then? >> i sort of appreciate the shortness of it all. >> i know. brevity. >> apple users broke records by steng more than $1 billion on apps. that figure includes money spent during a two-week period ending on january 3rd. and new year's day was the biggest day in app store history with more than $144 million
5:47 pm
spent. games such as clash of clans were among the highest grossing apps of the year. >> >> it was also a record sales year for the auto industry. new vehicle sales increased to over 17 million topping the previous high setback in 2000. the number of cars sold also increased by more than 5% compared to 2014. experts say gas prices, low interest rates and the release of several new car models all contributed to that rise in sales. >> cool stuff. >> all right. let's check in with sue palka. >> is it sue or caitlin? >> caitlin. >> how are you? >> we missed you. why did you leave us? >> just getting my exercise. i'll be upstairs with you in a minute, don't worry. but first we had another chilly day. so cold this morning starting at 20 degrees here in dc. we made it to about 40 and we are tracking a warming trend in your 7-day forecast. that is coming up next after this break so stay with us.
5:48 pm
fox 5 news at 5:00 will be right back. 
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dolce and gabbana released photos by some of the pieces inspired by the garb. they come mostly in black and beige but their spring collection will feature gar ments with colored patterns. they are one of the many designers tapping into the luxury market in the middle east. >> so would you shell out 100 bucks for a doughnut, before you roll your eyes, check this out. >> am i supposed to eat it or look at it? >> eat it. >> you can buy the fancy pastry at a restaurant in brooklyn. it is covered with 24 karat cold, filled with gelly and
5:52 pm
topped with champagne. and the chef hand delivers every doughnut ordered. in new york they are reportedly flying off the selves. >> what? 100 bucks for that? >> a doughnut. >> i don't get it. all right. >> you know, caitlin you wouldn't spend that, would you? >> maybe if she won the lottery. >> if i won the lottery i wouldn't. >> my question is, do you get the effects of the champagne along with eating the doughnut? not that i would, but that could kind of convince me a little bit more. the effects of it. it's all about the effect. thank you ladies. head lanes starting off not as cold tonight we started the morning at 20 degrees here at reagan national, single digits in a lot of our suburban spots. it will still be chilly we'll fall to about 28 here in dc. not as harsh. temperatures slowly moderating
5:53 pm
beginning tomorrow. showers are likely on friday and then again on sunday but the difference here we warned you about this yesterday is now it really looks like the rain is out of here before game time with the redskins at 4:40 in the afternoon. so that would be good news if the rain is long gone even for tailgating. we'll have that forecast coming p. 40 at reagan, 40 at dulles, 41 at bwi. here's where we stand right now. about 38 in washington, 38 in gaithersburg, 34 in winchester. 28 in mannasas. some of those more remote spots cooling down quickly with the setting of the sun. satellite and radar is very quiet right now. we had a beautiful looking day with a lot of sun and we do have more clouds and showers back towards our north and west. that front will move eastward and bring us a chance for some showers by friday. but first for tonight high pressure moving slowly avenue
5:54 pm
towards the east, light southerly winds, we should drop to overnight lows in the 20s. that is still winter jacket weather early tomorrow morning. but with more of a southerly flow we should get into the 40s tomorrow afternoon. a few more clouds though and with our flow becoming more easterly over the next couple of days, we're really watching that because that could allow for more clouds, possibly some drizzle and cooler temperatures ahead of this warm front which arrives on friday. it could be dreery starting friday into saturday. the first round of showers to be friday. lows 30 in mannasas some of these right at the freezing mark that's certainly better than the past couple of mornings. 44 should be our high temperature tomorrow and we'll have more clouds that will limit our warming a little bit but that is seasonable for early january. weekend forecast, look at these numbers. 55 saturday, 58 on sunday with that early rain.
5:55 pm
here's the early call for the redskins game. so tailgaters now it looks like those showers move out. probably by about 12:00, 1:00 p.m. we will have falling temperatures and it will turn pretty chilly at 48 degrees by kickoff. clouds and showers friday, into the 50s over the weekend and we cool back down next week. we'll be right back after this.
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all right moms and dads. you know how emotional it can be to watch your child go off to school for the first time. the duchess of cambridge sent prince george off to nursery school for the first time today. so cute. duchess kate took the photo herself. isn't he precious? fox 5 local news at 6:00 starts
5:59 pm
right now. mpd still on the scene and then they're not needed. >> right now at 6:00, a fox 5 exclusive. new 911 tapes describe the frantic call for help for a heart attack victim who ultimately died after a major mix-up. plus frightening moments when a packed school bus starts sinking into the road. and? >> it was awful. because we never had to make that decision before. >> a family's pain magnifies after they bury their beloved family pet. then are accused of neglect. ultimately facing criminal charges. we thank you for joining us tonight. i'm tony perkins. >> and i'm sarah simmons. shawn has the night off. we have an update tonight to a fox 5 exclusive. dc's fire chief is responding to our story about an engine crew's
6:00 pm
mistake. >> 67-year-old albert jackson died after going into cardiac arrest. he waited 19 minutes for first responders to arrive. fox 5's paul wagner broke the story and joins us tonight. paul? >> reporter: chief gregory dean told me today he's ordered some changes after what happened last sunday on 60th street northeast now all units on the street will have to confirm addresses with dispatchers as they pull up on the scene of every call. and although it appears the crew of truck 17 may have made a mistake, they could be disciplined for not making absolutely sure they were on the right call. just before 4:00 last sunday afternoon, gloria jackson called 911 to say her husband was unconscious and needed help. but when truck 17 arrived, the chief says they found a man on the street with dc police. >> when they came across


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