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tv   Fox 5 Morning News  FOX  January 7, 2016 7:00am-9:01am EST

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$675 million up for grabs, al. >> also an investigation undertn way after another violentle attack by a group of teenagers a on board a metro train. t what metro's new general manager has to say about thisbo disturbing trend straightng treh ahead in a lie report.ep >> let's take a look outside tak this morning.this m temperatures are starting toin bump up just a little bit.itit. weather and traffic on the 5's at 7:05.5. >> good thursday morning, i'm allison >> and i'm steve chenevey. following breaking newsakg stories off the thop we start with the tragicragic reminders of the dangers ofangef trying to stay warm in the wintertime.winter >> fire officials in>> f montgomery county believery cimproperly discarded ashes from a fireplace started aed blaze this morning thatthis mori greatly damaged this home in hom derwood maryland. mylan you can look at a live pictureec here of that home it's in thes 5900 block of willow knoll drive. dr the family who lived there didhe make it out okay but some s family members, the pets, did investigators say the ashes t as were left on the back deck.k d
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they started the blaze whichlazw then spread to the home.prd to m right now bowie mill road isro closed between muncaster miller and kashel road as theyd as t continue to monitor hot spots. again that's in derwoodner maryland.nd >> this coming from new yorkng state where the effort is on i to rescue a number of miners. mr emergency crews trying to free f 17 miners trapped in aners elevator nearly 800 feet below a salt mine in lansing. l those miners have been trapped since just before the elevator got stuck.tuck they're not injured.ey'rnot inje emergency crews have madey ews contact with them via radio. rio crews have provided heat packshc and blankets to keep them warm m during the rescue operation. >> ♪ happening now metroha passengers on high alert afterpi agh series of violent attacks in recent days. d >> one of them targeted aed 15-year-old.ear-old. jennifer davis is live with the latest. scary report if i'm honest.'mon good morning. >> reporter: it is, goodte morning to you. this is the third knowns th assault on a metro train inin recent days. d.c. council member jack evansje
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says the public has a right toig know about these. the this one happened here on a hap train headed towards thehe shaw-howard university metro station and the reason we knowt about it is because the victim's mother stepped forward to tell us the story.e now, as i mentioned ittied happened heading towards thisdst station on new year's day. d the mother of a 15-year-old 15-o boy tells us that her son andon two of his friends were randomly attacked and badly beaten while riding a train onin new year's day. day she said the victims, theytimsty were victims an unexpected and unprovoked attack by eight teenagers that they didn'thathey know. the train came to a stop at sto the shaw howard university metro station as the teension e were left battered and bleeding. they had been on their way ton n the mall and they ended up at at children's national medicaled center instead. inste >> sitting there and you just te get like sucker punched.ncd. all three of them said theyaid e put their arms up trying tog to protect their face. tir f >> reporter: now, this comes th less than a week after a 19-year-old was left lying onefy the platform at the pentagongon city metro station. station he had been headed to brunchtorh
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when he was sucker punched inuni front of witnesses who were wits able to take pictures of the alleged aggressor on theirn cell phones.cellhone now metro hasn't releasedd details of these most recenttec attacks until we made calls. cls d.c. council member jack evansra sales the public deserveslic dev better transparency on thesey on issues. metro's gm has made a commente m suggesting these attacks at at the hands of what appears to be minors could be related to the mayor's program thatam t allows d.c. public schooloo students to ride the transitrans system for free.or at least one council memberil m though telling us at thiss at ts point there's no data to support back to you. >> jennifer thanks.ha one of the biggest stories overnight if you were hoping you could cash in a winningca powerball no winner last night in the in t drawing. >> good news is that makes thes next big prize even bigger.igge in fact the largers jackpot inkp united states history. fox5's bob barnard joins usoinsu live from northwest d.c. where.w many are still on the hunt for that golden ticket.
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bob good morning.od morning. >> reporter: people haveorte been coming totten lee market steadily sincett 6 o'clock thisk morning. this is one of the manyone lottery outlets here in the in h d.c. washington with 44 other o states puerto rico the virgin islands selling powerballowerba tickets for the last nineasni weeks and not one has hit. i had two tickets from last i had one 62, the number 62 onbn were you ever my two ticketsve and that's it. so imagine that. for 18 straight games there has not been a winner.been a w that shows what your odds arer e with so many people playing,e pi now the jackpot is up to $675 million for saturday for st night's drawing. dwi and it's quiet here now. n there's a lady here let me just see. are you playing powerball?? >> yes, i will.i >> reporter: yes.>> repor do you play all the time? >> not really.ea >> reporter: when it getsorte big. >> yes. >> reporter: wouldn't thator be great.te good luck. >> thank you, thank you. i need it. >> reporter: she needs it. see she's at the atm getting cash to placement it's that kind of k she's going to play powerball. r that's the way it is, guys.
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there is lotto fever and it's, d what, only thursday morning. moi the buildup to saturday begins now and here at tenley marketrk it has already begun thiseg morning, supplies no doubtg, s about it bob and i have andave a feeling we'll be get somethingng tickets before the next couplepl days, too., to thanks bob.thks b 7:05. that means it's time for tucker barnes to give us lookgiu at our forecast out there.ut t temperatures warming up aer little bit. up are 30's right now. >> better than it has been.r th good morning. >> good morning. little more comfortable thanle t it's been.'see but it's still cold out there. t you want a jacket clouds dan 40's for daytime dti ghghs. >> that is better though.h. >> yes. >> believe it or not we'll bet r mild by the weekend. weeke 50's again by saturday andury an sunday.nday >> sounds good. check out the west there, the hagerstown, martinsburg, winchester. >> that's why i mentioned it'sy still cold in spots.po >> steve trying to get youret yr job? what's going on today.'s o >> he's a good weatherman.eaer >> you were not here last week. week >> i've seen him do theseim do weather. he's good. be cul >> 19 in winchester. w >> i'm not good at predictingdit
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it. that's where tucker shines.ker >> 34 in fredericksburg, 37 in7n washington.. there's your satellite and sat your radar.urar no radar issues here becauseerec we're not -- we don't have anyny precip locally. loc we have clouds starting toe clta develop and it will be ad it mostly cloudy thursday for clo you. yo daytime highs as mentioned lowai to mid 40's. that's you about where we wheree should be this time of year.e won't be ath terribly warm day m but it should be at least wellsl above freezing which is goodic news. a few afternoons ago we didn'tid get much above freezing.rein 42 at 4:00 p.m., chilly conditions.condions friday saturday sunday feature some variation of rainiaon o showers. we'll talk about that in atalk minute. >> sounds good tucker barnes.odt >> let's check in with erin in e right now see how the roads thea are this >> 7:06 right now. we'll slow that you problems. pm 95 northbound right by the b t occoquan we have a crash blocking the right l part of the right lane.e ri delays are pretty heavy backea b to dale city so get an earlyn ey start there. you're mixingeixin this crash in with an already congestioned ride up towards up the beltway.ay. again that crash right by the occoquan.occo 66 eastbound delays after a a
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crash at va234. va2 some heavy traffic moving intofn the area past that location.thao again crash by 234. watch for those delays. you can see just how heavyju traffic is moving past that tha accident on the inner left shoulder. we'll switch to it a look atch t our maps now.oups now aside from those two new t n accidents we're tracking a house fire causing closures in montgomery county. couy. bowie mill road closed between b willow knoll drive and muncaster mill road. caution there. in prince george's county crash involving several l we've been checking this for a little bit as well.s well still a sceneranch avenueh avenu northbound approaching the apphe beltway. delays are still very heavyy hey back to woodyard road.oad. so avoid five or give yourself l extra time to get through that area. ar taking metro red line back toact normal. normal blueline residual delays. del red line delays tousled groveuse should be cleared up very be soon. that's a your traffic.'s a back to you. >> erin thanks. its d.c. fire chief responding to our story a>>bouty an engine crew's mistake thatakt may have been deadly. 67-year-old albert jacksontac died after going into cardiacntc arrest on he waited 19 minutes for first f
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responders to arrive after hists wife called 911.. the first fire truck thatruck arrived on the block of jackson's home was waved out of by police who responded tondt a separate incident on thatent t block. block. loafer that was not who theyt were called for.we the mixup prompted d.c.'s fire.f chief to require all units to r confirm addresses with wit dispatch as they pulled up to al a scene. sce >> what i see is that it waswas an honest mistake. ista they went to the location. they saw the police.ol they made that assumption.n. bad assumption but 33 made that assumption and they madehed a it was the wrong decision. and so we have someome responsibilities, they have some responsibilities. >> it appears the crew on thes truck madeth a mistake.iske they still could bell disciplined for not makingnotak sure they were on the right call. call >> this morning, a montgomeryom county court commissioner is cme in trouble with the according to largingar documents, 30-year-old daniel-on read was communicate weighing person that he thought was a 15-year-old boy when in fact inf
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it was an undercover police the detective posed as a pos teenaged boy on the smartphonee app grinder. according to the charging crgin documents, read wanted to haveav sex with the teen and made aad plans to meet in person at the mcdonald's on middlebrook m road in germantown.ntn. now, when read arrivedrr officers of course were there.ut they were waiting to arrestrrt him. hi according to police he is charged with one count ofnt o sexual solicitation of a o minor.minor. police released video of an of armed robbery that happened at e a 7-eleven on brentwood roadwood saturday morning.satu the video that you see three ser people with masks on go intos on the store. they immediately go to the counter. one acts as a lookout whileile the other jumps the counter goes right after cigarettes.ftec the other one hits the cashs t c register and then they takehen y off. police are still looking for them. >> 7:09 and happening today fairfax county public schools will unveil their proposedro budget for the next year.orhe n several big cuts are expectedd in two proposed plans classns c sizes would increase at entry
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level.l. freshmen sports languageports lu immersion programs and some ands late bus service will be eliminated.ated student athletes would be would charged also $200 per t school officials won't have a final version of the budget until monday. mda >> -- until may.tilay >> the president will t w participate in a town hall style discussion on gunion on gn control this evening just days e after presenterring a renewed push for gun regulations inrruln his emotional speech. s the hour long town hall type conversation will be broadcast o live from george mason in the meantime the nra issuedrs a statement calling the townli t hall a "public relations ratio spectacle and declined to senddo representatives to that event. >> ♪ >> 7:10 now. 7:1 developing this morning the t united states south korea ands japan will all launch a unitedni and strong response to northnser korea's nuclear test. t south korean protesters burned in effigy of north koreakoa leader kim jong un. u they have vowed a toughav response to north korea's
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actions. action the white house expressedex doubts that the countrypr actually conducted tha the hydrogen bomb test saying early analysis of undergroundis activity is not consistent consi with north korea's claim.'s cim meanwhile china condemned cde north korea's actions buta'acti showed no signs of halting trade with north korea.h korea. >> we are following somee breaking news from overseasrom e right now from paris where french officials say a manials a armed with a knife was slot to o death by police officers at aica police station in the northern part of paris. two officials say the man had hd wires extending from his clothing and an explosive eve squad is on the that incident which that officials say is being investigated as terrorism ter happened after 6:00 a.m. our ae6 time. today is the one yearr anniversary of the attacksacks against the charlie hebdo h newspaper in >> a texas state trooper loseses his job after being chargedng cg for allegedly lying about ayingo confrontation with a woman who w later died in jail. jail. now the punishment he faces iff convicted.d. >> also a new target for donald the gop frontrunner stepping up his attacks on ted cruz.z.
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how cruz is responding to his claims coming up next.
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>> anybody else excited for the x files to come back likes i am. so.o.hinkto >> you interviewed him right.eri >> i d what a cool guy.
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i interviewed david duchovny.uco >> i know you remember a bignow fan of the original show. the o >> you didn't like it? i'm it? not even a sci-fi person.i rson you got a chance to redeemrede yourself young man later this month. what what's going on tucker.uc >> we'll warm it up to theto the 40's for dan 50's for thefo weekend. weeken >> that will help.>> t >> hurry up steve is choking. co >> let's go right to the maps. m >> are you okay. >> maybe. >> have you guys given a headsua up to the viewers that you guys are going to be fasting next week.xt wee >> we're not fasting. we're doing a juice fast to ft jump start to get rid of o toxins to jump start the year. >> i don't know if i'll be able to handle the two of you to next week. o >> we're going to have so mucheo energy and feel and we're not going to be here agoib lot because we're going to t have to be -- bee we're we're detoxing.detoxi >> got it. it. >> okay. >> but we'll be happy when we're onset. >> you'll get a lot of airl get time tuck. >> i can't wait. 36 in washington.ashing 19 in cincinnati.cinni. hey, off to the west we go. we got cold temperatures.empetu. fargo 25. i mentioned last hour
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minneapolis or for the game in minnesota seattle it's inle it'i minnesota this weekend, zeroken at kickoff minus 20 wind chill c so that will be the weather story of the weekend to watch. i'm curious to see how they play football in kind oftbl in k weather. there's your satellite andyo radar. all the problems are out westmss at this hour. california tornado watchesdo wat steve in southern californiaorna yesterday. they might have had a tornado east oavf l.a. they had severe thunderstormnder warnings in san el nino doing its thing out thig there. very heavy rain.n. flooding will be an issue sansss diego los angeles next couple n days. for us locally 44 today. 44 tod. mostly cloudy conditions.diti we've got arctic area of highrei pressure now off shore and sohod we're getting a flow off the ocean. that will give us clouds us clo today. looks like a few showersli tomorrow with a warm front. fro best chance of rain secondsf rac half of saturday into earlyar sunday. we'll get it out of here inf hee time for kickoff.ic it may be rather windy withdyit falling temperatures lateg temp sunday afternoon but i thinkeruk it will be >> so you say that 58 will beatw early in the day.y in >> i say yes if you want to enjoy that 58 that will be thetb
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first half of the day.t half ofa >> going to be the frozenoio tundra up in minnesota. >> frozen something.omethi >> love when steve puts hiss voice all down in the lower lowr wretch -- what is it registerr or registry.oristr whatever it is.ater i register when he's all like frozen tundra. >> sounded g some smooth jams in the background for all ofac >> always. >> always need. that as you head out 95 on thead northbound side over the occoquan there's a crashquan blocking the right l car involved in on thehe flatbed. should be out of the way soon.o watch for delays back to daleal city. heavy congestion there. we'lltie sw. itch it over right now.overt this is a look top of the t beltway the outer loopr loop completely jammed 95 tomed georgia.geor you can see just how parkedt how things are. th inner loop volume increasingncas but nothing like what we'reg l dealing with on the outeral loop.r but that's just basically a typical weekday commute there. e we'll show you a look at oursh maps.ow aside from those cameras accident -- i realized myeali fling lace -- there it is. i thought it came unclipped.e ud it was just leading on myle dress.dr having a moment.having a house fire bowie mill roadie mio
7:18 am
closed between willow knollwno drive and muncaster mill road.e. down to 13 miles per hour. 270 southbound between0 gaithersburg and rsoockville slow. slow. father hurley boulevard tourle tuckerman lane down toane down 13 miles per hour so beileser h prepared for that one. o. in prince george's countynce crash involving several cars. c branch avenue northboundbo delays approaching the beltway.beltway. back to woodyard road so justdo watch for heavy traffic there.f. we'll keep you updated.ouat check in with me on twitter atwt erin fox5 d.c..c i'm joining steve and allison for that juice reboot nextce r week. >> are we going to talk aboutgon it before? we should.ho >> we should talk about it. >> anybody wants to do it will o be a support system. system. >> yeah. i need support on social mediacm love. >> don't we always.alys. >> always if i give up cheese.if back to you guys. iback to >> thanksyo erin.n. >> republican presidential candidate ted cruz is pushingus back on claims that he may not n be eligible for the whitete house. while among democrats hillaryg r clinton may be battling enthusiasm gap with bernieie sanders. >> let's get more from fox's f doug luzader.uzad >> reporter: this is aorte thi familiar charge from donald
7:19 am
trump with a new target in mind.nd questioning whether ted cruzwhet is really a natural born citizen. after initially laughing off lgh claims that he didn't meet the citizenship test for the white e house ted cruz got serious. ser >> as a legal matter theter t question is quite straighttetr forward and settled law thatt the child of a u.s. citizen cit born abroad is a natural born >> reporter: cruz was born in canada but his mother was ahs u.s. citizen. c most legal experts say there is little doubt that he meets the constitutionalit requirements to be become president but it's a question'so that gop frontrunner donaldnn trump has been asking with renewed interest. i >> i would like to see ted do so something where maybe end goesng in a pre-emptive fashion intoasn court to try and get some kind of an order. ord >> to me it's the first time trump has shown anything similar to fright or panic ino t this race because he sees cruz c creeping up in iowa and in iow fact running ahead.. >> ♪ >> reporter: for democrats,or the focus were you on ate powerp house gathering in nevada withh
7:20 am
all three candidates taking part. hillary clinton given a warm wm welcome in keeping with they wi are strong national lead in lea the polls but enthusiasm still seems to favor bernie sanders. >> let me begin -- i'm trying'mn to begin -- all right. r >> reporter: he found iteportert difficult to tamp downam applause excitement and noise makers as he tried again and again to start speaking. s >> you look at the real clear ra politics average of nationalionl polls and hillary clinton is is up more than 20 points overpoins bernie sanders but theberniede question is who will show up at primaries and caucuses and ce that's where enthusiasm canhusim play a big role.ay a b r in washington, doug luzader, fox news. >> 7:20 now. vice president joe bidenre coming out with some -- an honest admission yesterday.estey he says he regrets not running r for president.for pres he says he has that regret r every day. just three months after bowingth out for the race the vicer the president told a connecticutonct flues station that he does regret that decision.hatision.
7:21 am
joe biden is standing by hisin choice not to run saying it r sy was the right decision for hisc family after the death of his >> still ahead, newll aad, ne developments in that armedt standoff in oregon. ore still going on. what the sheriff is now askingsw of those involved. >> bracing for the worst el wst nino packing that powerfulow punch out on the west coast.t how flooding there is impacting travel. time right now is 7:21.
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>> ♪ >> in texas, protestors took
7:24 am
to the streets after thetr trooper who pulled over sandra n bland was indicted by a grand jury. brian encinia accused of perjury and is in the process po of being fired for allegedly alg lying in an affidavit for whatfr happened in that traffic stop.t. dashcam video shows the trooper holding a stun gun. g bland was arrested and later a fonded in her jail cell three ch days later.ysater last month the grand juryrand j decided not to charge any ofan the sheriff's or jailer. >> standoff continues if burnsns oregon where an armed militiail has taken over a national natioa wildlife refuge. the the larn knee county schler riff says it's time fory' the activists to go home. speaking to a packed community meeting sheriff david wardifid asked residents be allowed to ad get back to their lives.iv schools have been closed inha be that county since they took over that federal the impact of el niño continuing to be felt up andel ofwn much of the west coast.h the ran weather caused a san francisco municipal rail wayo to shut down itsmu cars in the city. city. according to officials.fficia.
7:25 am
tucker has that happened many times in the past? up in the mountains heavy snow dumpingumpg as up as 17-inches.7-ch earlier this week you can seeee the clouds above california aso the storm cleared for the evening.eveng. beautiful but frightening kind of picture.ture thanks emly. >> doesn't -- >> you goals it's beautiful ort' guess it's frightening.ghni >> i guess it's beautiful.eaiful it's clouds.lo i don't know.i do doesn't rain -- it doesn't doe rain that much in los angeles. l >> i thought it was beautiful. >> thank you, >> beautiful for clouds or storms.or tuck looks at weatheroot we differently. >> i just thought it wasthoughtt dramatic.ic >> allison you'll appreciate y this real quick. they're getting ready in l.aou.l for the rains so the reporterser are asking people what they're preparing.prep a woman says she's wearingea waterproof mascara. masra >> well, let's be honest.on >> very l.a.>> very l.a >> let's be honest.
7:26 am
>> that's how she is gettingsh t ready for the rain. >> smart.>> >> bi marshall 34.>> b yeah, i guess that's -- yous -- got to think about that kindha of thing.of thi not for us today, you don't tod have to worry about thebout t waterproof mascara because itau will just be cloudy withudy temperatures in the low to mided 40's around here later today.od and we'll -- our chances forch rain will increase tomorrowomor saturday and into sunday. sun that's the next couple days. 44 today. mostly cloudy this afternoon.y s there's your shower activity.r a just a few much better chance saturdayhanc into early sunday. all right, plenty more weather r in just a j more traffic with erin right now. now. >> right this second. 7:26 and we are seeing delays on 95 a crash by the occoquan blocking the right one of those vehicles involvedse was towed out of the way.d ou should be cleared soon butd sn delays back to dale city andy a also because of congestion. cono let's switch it over and show you a look at another delay. d i'm going get out of the way. gh the beltway, the outer loop lp all of throws brake lights that you're seeing it's a stand still bae basically froml 95 to you can see by colesville thatht heavy volume just continuesontis
7:27 am
and that is simply because ofcae a lot of traffic.ff folks heading to work.lks no accidents to report. we'll have more traffic in mort just a few. f >> thank you so much.hank you s coming up a new report on rr the skins plans to relocate.eloc who they've allegedly hiredly now to build their new stadium. >> are you talking with food foo in your mouth? let me do itmohe steve. >> you were talking to somebody else. e >> lean on me. >> you were busy in the middle of the conversation. >> will sommer will talk aboutel that. also are you ready to ride? when d.c. streetcars will be ready to roll. steve, i've got you. next. 
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>> welcome back 7:30 right now. he just recently 7:reclaimed hisai life from almost five-year investigation so former d.c.r d mayor and councilman vin vent vn gray thinking about jumping bacc into local politics? this s supporters sure hope surhe they're doing something about it.t joining us now with more is will sommer loose lips columnist witl the washington city paper.on ci i don't think i've had a chancee to say happy new year. >> happy new year to you.ear to >> happy to see you.appyo se first of all, let's talk. has this packet been formed bye supporters for vince gray? >> exactly this is kind of vinc gray old crew essentially.enal 2014 campaign manager --anager - >> when you say vince gray portions old crew -- negativeive connotation.connotatio >> that's true.>> t >> another old crew.
7:31 am
>> thank you very much.hank y vr >> good point. poi. a lot of his former cabinet officials bank rolled this andnr it's a pack when you think d.c. mayors and packs you think ofhik mayor bowser.yor b >> the fresh pac exactly. ect >> they've been very clear beene there's a cap on these donationt and this was all created just a poll this year's raises at large ward seven and they're eyeingyeg which one should he get into. it so he can sort of survey theveyt field essentially and they'relly also asking vince gray treated t fairly by prosecutors or by the media? me >> oh, by the media as well? >> we'll see what the peopleee say. w >> ut-oh.>> uoh >> you think -- do you believeou that he definitely will seek a council seat then this year.s y >> i think it's more and mored e he's not officially associatedsd with this pac ann but a lot of a his friends want him to run anda they're putting up their moneypr to encourage him. >> last line on vince gray.e g >> vince gray is back.ray is bac watch out. we'll see. >> all right. i feel like i want to play theyt rocky music when you say that. >> exactly.>> exactly >> let's talk about the skinsou and the possit bility of them moving back to the city.
7:32 am
google's architect is maybes mab tapped to look at the potentiall for the old rfk stadium groundss what are the chances of this happening? >> that's great question. so, yeah, yesterdagry we saw a t of reports the redskins hired h danish firm sort of maybe not outlandish forward --rd -- >> cutting edge.e. >> exactly.ctly. >> okay.kay. >> so certainly interesting to i see what that sort of stadiumdi would look like. now the question is, are they at coming back to rfk? and there's a lot of reasons to suggest thet aren't. certainly we've seen the -- ash- you can see here, i don't know'o if we would have those sort ofot chairs at the >> doesn't seem like skins fansn but that's perhaps just me. okay. >> there's obviously the federae government isn't thrilled withsn the name't. nam the mayor here isn't either andd dan snyder shown no evidence.vie the skins are doing >> because the first step would be the name change for them tohm even be welcomed back into theit city, correct? >> right. right that might change our federal
7:33 am
administration.on >> i think the federaleder circumstance much larger onean than the city because i think at lot of council members would bed happy to have the skins back hak here. >> birdie logan in our sports department --, brody logan isani comparing the land issue andth we've got as much land as our or arrivals the cowboys and how too use all that 140 plus acres. a it could be pretty beautiful.. >> absolutely. if you see the space there'she tons of parking. pki exactly. that raises the other questionst all the neighbors around that t site. a lot of in hill east say we don't want just ton of parking i lot that sits vacant for most or the year.r. >> okay. i think it's exciting. >> what do you think? >> new big project. >> let's hit one more topic.or p street cars they might actuallyy be running next month. >> yeah. knock on wood. don't want to jinx it what havew you. but supposedly report says thata the d.c. government is finally y aiming for around februar february 20th to run and nowh tr of course we see the ghost tra
7:34 am
train. >> so they're ready to roll? e are we ready to actually dore this? what are we waiting on i suppose. >> for awhile it's been the d.cb fire department how to dispute s over whether it's safe to runfen they were the ones in charge ofg the safety certification.cert no one wants it running in it's' dangerous. obviously couple months ago we saw the streetcar catch on firer >> we don't want to be a big ol hoverboard.veoard >> exactly. >> do you like that?o >> yes.>> >> okay. >> i like when i tickle will.icw but it would be kind of cool o because it's free to you hop on, you hop off. o h street corridor.r. could be kind of cool.beind of c >> exactly. i think if this things finallys starts to run we might see morer people liking it much it'st mh i supposed to extend east to nortr seventh and potentially the mayor was saying the original plan was to go to t georgetown.orgeto what an infrastructure that t would be. ul you can't imagine.u ca >> maybe in late february. febru last line on this one.on the >> hop on the train maybe.. >> may be.ay we're still crossing ourssin fingers. will sommer thank you very muchm >> you're welcome.e >> tucker over to you.
7:35 am
>> thank you allison. t y let's get right to the weather.h cool start to the day.ay. it's cold out there. c temperatures north and west blol freezing but not the brutal colc we had the last couple ofple mornings.moin eventual daytime highs low to l mid 40s with cloudy skies.kies clouds moving in here from the south and south and east thisthi morning. i in washington.36 winning number in annapolis. leonardtown, too.own, north and west numbers belowum freezing.frng. dulles, gaithersburg both 30 degrees. degrees 16 up in martinsburg 29 this ths morning in chilly start to the day. day there's your cloud consist will be increasing throughout the day kind of a partly to mostlytl cloudy day but it should be a dry thursday for you no need for um blame today. tod looks like we'll have fewke w showers around tomorrow andom better chance for some rain on saturday afternoon and saturdays night. we'll talk more about that coming up. today cool 44 your daytime high withit clouds. clou that's weather. wea let's find out about tucker town road.road wait, tucker man road. roa >> tucker man road.oa >> keep you updated on that oneo i'll take cool by the way over w freezing. little bit better out today. you still need that heavy jack.
7:36 am
look at the brake lights.keig outer loop top of the beltway jammed 95 to georgia norgia n accidents to report a whole lote of volume so give yourself extra time inner loop not terrible rightble now let's switch things overhino show you what else you're upou'p against this metro nsdelays and other thingsr slowing us down.owing us down. 95 on the northbound side crashh blocking the right shoulder by the objection want. right now grosvenors train at -- read ad line expect delays inels both directions due disable train attune nemly town anothero red line problem glenn g montgomery bound train with a break problem at tunnelly town.y if you take the red line, best vice hook give is you leave early check the schedule.chede you'll experience delays at a a lot of different stops.. on on the lines of metro on orn close to schedule.e dulles toll road eastbound crash at wheelly avenue back to back t fairfax county parkway.. causing problems at the airporto
7:37 am
house fire right now bowie milll road shut down right now between willow knoll drive muncasterunst mill road. rd. 270 southbound tucker are you ready 40 we're jammed south froh father hurley boulevard tova tucker man road. r that's your look at traffic.tff back to you allison. >> coming up star wars the forcf awakens sets a new box officeic record.cord kevin has the details in today's fox beat. >> kev is in miami lucky him. >> chip hotly in deep trouble tb now. the criminal investigation andei what's next for the popularpur restaurant.nt time right now 7:37. 7 ♪ ♪
7:38 am
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♪ it is about to get a littlel easier for some drivers inrive i northern virginia when it comesi to that annual emissionings te test. the state's on road emissionsio test program called rapid passap is set to launch in several local locations today includingg fairfax, west falls church, c staff for, leesburg. lsburg this test just takes seconds and the best part no appointments,ot no waiting in long lines.. win/win and i'm moving to virginia. >> for that.t. u.s. navy announced it's i next generation of replenish many ships it will be call the usns john lewis named afterfter civil rights leader john lewisew and current congressman.grsm he hold as seat now in congresss this picture was taken during tn the naming ceremony.erem
7:41 am
secretary of the navy -- thehe secretary of the navy said thead future ship will play a vital a role in navy missions. mis >> very cool.y co. pentagon expected to make majorj announcement revealing whethertr hundreds of troops will beroopwl upgraded to receive the medal o honor.r. defense secretary ash carter c ordered a review of more than 1,000 medals issued since thessn 9/11 attacks in a push to make k sure the awards serviceerce recognizes its members.izes m a new record for star wars. >> emotional moment from vanm diesel -- vin diesel in lastast night's people's choice awards.a how he paid tribute to his late night's people's choice awards.a how he paid tribute to his late co-star paul walker. we work we. because it works for our patients. here, at cancer treatment centers of america in philadelphia, we give our patients the freedom to make appointments that fit their schedules, even on weekends. because we believe in being here when our patients need us, so they can keep living their busy lives. weekend appointments are now available here.
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wow. the internet is crazy fast here. i know, right? it's so nice to have everyone over. hi hey. mmm. i just laid an egg. does anybody want it? joey, you want some gasoline? yes, please. mom, guess what? i married a clown and we're having tiny little clown babies. mhm. i just bought a hammer.
7:44 am
with internet fast enough for everyone, your guests might get a bit carried away. get out of the past. get fios. we continue to follow breaking news out of france thi morning where a man was shot to death in front of a paris police station. now he threatened police with a knife and now officials say thei man was wearing a fake explosive vest. ve today also is the anniversary oi the attacks against the charlie hebdo newspaper there.. we'll keep up to date onn what's having there. 7:44.7: get to tucker with a look att forecast here in the nation's capitol. >> what's the ticket updateth price on the game.e ice >> that's a good question.t's oq about 150 to get in.toet i'll check for you.orou >> meanwhile i'll give the'l weather forecast.he you know what, i think the rain will be out of here i in t timer kickoff at 4:40 with0 wit temperatures falling and i'mng m actually cautiously optimisticim looking at the latest modeling l coming in we may have the rain r out of here by late morninge mni hopefully by tailgating i knowin lot of people will be out in thn
7:45 am
lots there ear it will be kind of cloudy with w temperatures in the mid 50sd 5 temperatures will be falling ani we'll be in the low to mid 40so by the end of the game with ge w windy conditions as w at least breezy conditions kic kicking in as our frontal system will be come through in the ce t early afternoon.te all right. all righ let's talk today's forecast.oras chilly out there. 36 this morning in 30 in gaithersburg. teens have recovered too hagerstown.rstown 18. 16 in martinsburg.s 34 in fredericksburg and 36 thit morning in annapolis andis a leonardtown.onar cool day today. today a lot of cloud cover in theer i forecast. not going to get a lot of sun. s might get a little sun the first half of the day generally cloudy conditions expected but it should be it might look a limb ominous like it's going rain but dry b d today with cloud cover. what's happening high pressure s off this arctic area of high hh pressure delivered a couple ofol days pushing offshore and star starting to get a flow off theg ocean that will help increasenc the cloud cover and moisture ini the atmosphere here locally much this is our next real weatherer maker. it will arrive in the form of af warm front tomorrow and bring ub a couple of sprinkles andines showers really our best chance for rainr
7:46 am
will be later this weekendee second half of saturday and saturday night nearly sunday oua best chance of rain.hanc that's a set up for tomorrow.or. generally cloudy conditions witw a few showers developing friday afternoon along with it it relatively mild temperatures to look forward to.lo nice. 44 today.44 today. mostly cloudy, cool afternoon,nn lights winds for you there's the your seven day.your sen mid 40s tomorrow.mid 40s tomo we kick it into the 50s saturdaa and sunday.s with showers around again.un agn second half of saturday intof at early sunday.unday. best chance that will all be wil liquid with warm temperaturespe and then much colder next week.w looks like another arctic arc boundary arrives neck week. a couple of shots of chilly air might keep temperatures in theie 30s. what do you think about that. >> do i dare say the s word is w possible snow.ssible >> a lot of conversation about >> am i jumping the gun. >> there's couple possibilities but nothing i would feel would confident about talking about aa this hour. >> i respect that.cthat. >> okay.y >> i'm on the edge of my seatf s for the snow update at least l cold temperatures next week.k have i to get another winter win jacket. all my jackets are light. i'm not used to this weather.thh right now red line --
7:47 am
>> they're on sale everywhere.wh >> we're going shopping. goinghp >> red line no longer singlegle tracking disable red line trainn it's on the move.e mov off load at vanness brakess b problems from that earlier issui expect delays in both directio directions. however latest update from metro earlier problems clearing ups cn residual delays left. in prince george's take a look a here. we have crash activity.crasti right now an active crash forrar out bound at suitland parkway. that's ann an active seen muchec this one on branch of a just cleared. northbound side of approachinge the beltway even though thathouh scene is clear you can still see red on the the residual delays to woodyard sood give yourself time there. t out in fairfax, dulles toll roao eastbound crash at wheelly of ao delays back to fairfax county ct parkway and aside from this thi house fire right now this just cleared out of the way, trafficc once again moving bowie mill m road reopened between willow knoll drive and muncaster mill road.road. 270 southbound is jammed frommef father hurley to tuckerman lanee down to 13 miles per hour. heavy traffic through t
7:48 am
gaithersburg and rockville thist morning. mo inside the disrntrict inbound 25 delays there. t we're seeing a crash reported northbound just north of howardd road. delays inbound from 50 androm 5d delays inbound on the other sidd from malcolm x be prepared for that. 395 inbound slowing towards tows 14th street bridge. typical thursday morning commutm as far as congestion is concern. steve and allison? >> all right, erin thanks. we are getting ready for the bie game on sunday. on su. the redskins/packers game.s g and remember fox5 is your home h for sunday's play off coverage.r we have a full pre-game showeho starting at 2:00 o'clock on00cl sunday right here on fox5. and then fox picks up the game g from there kick off at 4:40.:40. so you don't even have to changa the channel.e chel we make it just that easy for you you can join our redskins rk play off conversation on twittet using the hash tag httr on five. today is an exciting day forg df winter sports enthusiasts it ist opening day at liberty mountaint and white tail resorts.ts the snow guns on the bothheot locations working overtime inrt these cold nights that we've we' had. had. pumping out some of that powdera and they say they're ready readr
7:49 am
for the first riders to hit thet slopes this morning.. very cool.ool steve, you know thursday iss chipotle day. >> it is. it i however -- more trouble at chipotle.ote >> i her.. got me thinking twice.hi restaurant chain has been has subpoenaed as part of a criminal investigation tied to a norovirus outbreak.ut the investigation is specific tt that outbreak that happened ovee the summer at one of chipotle'ss california locations.atio the subpoena requires theoe reqe company to provide a wide range of documents to investigators. we'll see you later at chipotle. new coffee report meantime from the usda has us a littleit worried this global shortage of our favoritee tasty bean might be eminent.mi high demands and climate changeg causing lower yields in inn dough nia and brazil.. it means points where therehehee won't be enough coffee to go co around. ar some experts say that the effecf of the shortage could appear in just three to five years and yoy know what i say then, hello sa
7:50 am
inform ka.a remember sanka? >> 1978. 1 >> 7:49 right now.>>:49 wow. wow. throw back thursday for you. ths in today's fox beat anothero record for star wars and a emotional tribute at thena people's choice awards lastl how night as w >> kevin joins us live by skype from miami.. where it's always beautiful.eaif >> good morning.d morning. >> good morning steve andmorn allison. how you guys doing today. tay >> doing well.>> d not as good as you but we're b w doing all >> make sure you tune into 10:0o a.m. hour today if you want toyu see me get slapped in the faceee by ice cube.ube definitely watch that in the waa 10:00 a.m. hour today if youfou want.wa. the fake slap but very veryp buy funny. movie -- i'm out here in miami went to the world premier for ride along two.long two i'm sitting down with ice cube e and kevin hart this morning in about two hours and also the cast of 13 hours the new new benghazi film. f you mentioned star now, steve, you and i discussedd this earlier this week bout boxt office numbers and how is it a t big deal that really making thit much money and it really is.
7:51 am
i mean ticket prices are highere than they've ever been ever en obviously, but the --he interesting thing to look atg t here the movie is now thehe highest domestic grossing film l of all time passing avatar gross around $760 million.miio the interesting thing here stara wars did it in about 20 to 21 days.days avatar to get that amount ofmouo money took over 200 days to get $760 million so it is a presencp the movie is making more money n and people scene by more peopleo ticket prices are higher than then, but to pass that number in less than 25 days is a pretty amazing thing.hi now the highest grossing gro domestic film of all time. all t of the big thing now will itil i pass avatar as the biggestst worldwide film of all time which is $2.7 billion right now starr wars currently sits at 1.5 billion.billio but, again, opening up in chinaa this weekend on january 9th.uarh so i think it has -- i think itk has the potential to makel
7:52 am
over $3 billion at the boxn thb office.ce >> i don't see it stopping anytg time soon.n >> it's going to be huge. hug >> i still haven't seen it.'teen >> there's a billion rightli there. >> $15 right there. $15 >> i've seen it three times.reis i'm going for a fourth time next week.week the best theater to see it at is over at the lockheed martin inn d.c.c. actually very lucky in dc we'ree only one of 12 theaters reportedly by i max in then entire country who are showing o the film in 70-millimeter film.l tucker saw it there and he was s blown away by it.ay by i caitlyn saw it the i mean a lot of people saw itawi really it's a crazy experienceie there. if you get a chance to see ithae there. >> all right. good tip.. >> next up, making a murderer. this is has been a big story wew talk about this yesterday on thi s the prosecutor parent systemre getting death threats. threats. i can't get enough of this show. 7.5 episodes in.des i'm going to finish when it i we get home from miami former for prosecutor in the case isn thcae speaking out again.eaking out aa this time he's saying he's bombarded with death threats and
7:53 am
ken kratz who the formerr prosecute on the case of steven avery the documentary's subjectb matter he's received thousands s of threats on his life and the life of his family from those who believe he framed stevenam s avery. he says that some of the threata have been specific and policenol are currently investigating but, yeah, it's a crazy crazy show if you haven't seen it. it i'm so rivetted by allison and steve you have to check it out if you get aou chance. >> i'm on bore.>> i've just got to find a cool col little 10 hoursto but i'm on board.n board i will be >> it is 10 hours. 10 hou that is i will say this.ay t i knocked out about six of themt on my day off. my da off but it is a lot of time you havv to dedicate to it but it is it worth it.t. allison i'll guarantee you'll bl shouting at the tv for sure.ur >> no doubt. >> i was shouting.>> i it's crazy. >> rainy days this weekend youke can catch up.catch >> what did you say kev. >> finally, fast and furious star vin diesel making headlines
7:54 am
for his touching tribute to hiss co-star paul walker at people'sl choice awards.. he sank the opening line of seee you again. again. the theme song for the movie and diesel said it was a quote labob of love to continue filming f after walker's 2013 death. so i'm so happy to see they're ' still honoring paul walker manyn i loved furious seven it wasen my top 15 of the year y interesting night there and alsa kevin hart took home an award aa i'm talking to him this morningm right here in miami.nia >> very cool. all right. we'll see you soon, kev, thanks so much.. >> bye, >> enjoy it down there. 7:55. let's almost -- almost 7:55.t 7 good morning to our facebook faf of the day tracy williams ridl ridley. there she >> hi, pretty. tracy says fox5 makes her dayesd every day and she loves the love warmth, sincerity and fun.un. okay. i'll take sincerity.ri you take fun, tucker. tuc steve you've got warmth. w >> i'm take >> okay.>> okay. >> that the team bring to thee m news. thanks for watching tracy for ty your chance to be tomorrow's faf of date leave a comment anment
7:55 am
picture below tracy's cutee selfie on the fox5 d.c. facebook >> all right. >> very cool.>> ver now it is 7:55. 7:5 tucker barnes washington do youw have for us?as >> she does have a great smile.i >> sure does.>> sure does. >> love that smile. l i got cool temperatureovs.ratu let's do it.le 37 at reagan national.l. dulles 29 degrees. bwi marshall 34.arshall 34 when you step after a couple apl days in the teens with windith n chill near zero it doesn't feeln so bad out there early this morning.morning. reasonable why we hell thehy w temperatures cloud coverur overnight and it will generallyy ab cloudy day for us today.oday not going to get any rain that't good news our eventual daytimele highs will be in the low to midd 40s. we'll warm it up low to mid mid fours today. few showers tomorrow with a warw front. best chance for rain over the next couple of days will beof d second half of saturday probabla late saturday afternoon saturdar night into early sunday.t in going to the game sundayg afternoon i think the rain will be out of here by late morninger and along with it the warmt the temperatures. so we'll be cool and kind ofindo breezy and trying to clear outlr in time for kick off sundayy afternoon.n much colder by the way next week back to wintertime temperatures that is weather update. let's see about roads.ds
7:56 am
>> let's see, tucker. tke right now we have metro delays.l we'll start there. t if you're avoiding the roadsdinr trying to take metro watch out o for these silver spring boundbod red line off loading at farragut north red line residual delaysel no longer single tracking whichn is good news but delays in bothi directions due to earlier train malfunction at tuneley town.ey w red line a lot of problems.ems check that schedule before you head out. all other lines on or close to o schedule.schele. crash activity in princen in george's county right now.ow earlier accident cleared.t clear this is on five northbound buthb delays remain approaching the te beltway.beway. aside from as you make your wayw outbound at suitland parkway paw give yourself extra time to geto through that area as well.el aside from that 270 on the southbound side you are jammedem from father hurley to the splitt down to 13 miles an hour northrh of that point you're also jammed out by the truck scales and sca bowie mill road has reopen after fire activity has cleared out oo the way. the we'll keep you posted on your commute.coute. beltway is jammed in the usual t
7:57 am
spots top of the beltway by 95ay and georgia.georgia. that's your look at traffic.ff >> all right.>> a stay with us. we will be coming back with a w couple of really interestingesti stories including chick-fil-a-fa catering to customers with younu children. it's launching what's calledled mom's valet. v. erin don't laugh at me. a m we'll explain how it work and aa crasher at the people's choice awards gets shut down.huow we'll be right back with our 8:00 o'clock hour.lock hou we'll be right back with our 8:00 o'clock hour.lock hou ♪
7:58 am
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find your sweet spot today with dunkin's chicken apple sausage sandwich. enjoy sweet apple and savory sausage together for under 400 calories. america runs on dunkin'.
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>> this is fox5 news morning. back at 8:00 o'clock thist morning, we are getting ready for a little bit of a winter warmup just a tad. the8: bitter archill we've had t past few days is gone though.h. temperatures due to be around 44 weather and traffic coming up at 8:05. 8: good morning thanks for mor joining us and staying with us u i'm steve chenevey. >> i'm allison seymour.on seymo welcome to fox5 news morning onn this thursday morning.hurs we're following several breakinn news stories right now atight na 8:00 o'clock. some overseas, some closer toset home. home. >> biggest ones this hour a manh shot inside of a paris police p station. wisdom martin is on top of the t latest information. he is down in the newsroom right now. wis are what happened?atappened? >> steve and allison we beginndw overseas. we'll show you live pictures ouc of paris this morning whereni officials say a man armed with w knife was shot to death byo dea officers at a police station ini a northern part of the capitolol city. officials say the man wasy th
8:01 am
wearing a fake explosive vestvev and shouting allah -- god is-od great in arabic. the incident is beingg investigated as a potential terrorism. terr it is the one year anniversary of the attacks against thein the charlie hebdo newspaper in par paris. also, breaking this morningi this story out of new york sta state. four of 17 miners who were stuce in elevator 900 feet undert ground have been rescued.. the miners had been trappedn since around 10:00 p.m. last. l night. when their elevator got stuck. u rescue efforts are stillts a s underway for the remaining 13emi and officials say they are notye in crews have provided heat packs and blankets to the miners to t help keep them warm during thege rescue operation.rati there is breaking newsin n concerns about the stock marketk around the world including whatg could be a rough day on wall wal street. this morning u.s. futures are down across the board with the dow down by more than 350 points right now. now this is a reaction to what to happened in china today but thet
8:02 am
government shut down the markete early just 29 minutes into the e trading day. day. that came after chinese marketse saw crippling 7% decline rightli out of the gate. the gate. and back here, closer to home ie montgomery county a tragic trac reminder of the dangers of dgerf trying to keep warm in the tep w winter. fire officials believe inn properly discarded ashes from a fireplace started a blaze this b morning that greatly damaged a home in durr wood.oo this is a live picture of that t home in the 5900 block of willow knoll drive. the family who lived there madem it out okay but some of theire e pets did not.. investigators say the ashes werw left on a back deck. d they started the blaze whichze then spread to the home.he h right now bowie mill road is closed between muncaster millerm and casual road as they continui to monitor hot spots. s steve and allison, back to you.y >> wis, thank you very much., t. also happening today fairfax county public schools unveiling proposed budget for next year ya and several big cuts are cs expected inform two proposed p plans class sizes would increasd at every level, freshman sports, language emersion programs ands
8:03 am
some late bus service would beve eliminate the and studentde athletes would be charged $200 per sport. school official will now have ae final version of that budget o a until may. president barack obama will participate in a town hall styly discussion on gun control this s evening.evg. just days after presenting ant renewed push for gun regulations in what -- at some points were emotional, emotional speech. hour long conversation tonight t will be broadcast live from f george mason university.geon uni meantime the nra has issued a a statement calling the town hallw a quote public relations spectacle and declined to send s representatives to the now to the story that's ontn everybody's mine on this o thursday morning if you arening hoping you can just cash in youn winning tick start an early e retirement due to the powerball, nobody won the big drawing lasts night. >> good news. next big price will be evenl be bigger the largest in jackpot in united states history.. fox5 ross' bob barnard joins us live from northwest d.c.west d.c when i say it like that, it adds
8:04 am
the drama.e drama you're welcome. >> reporter: yeah. y i'll tell was a lot of thisot t going on today.ay two tickets, only one but, hey, the big number in thin one right here. sex 5 million never that highevh before in powerball history andd that's because in the last ninei weeks there has not been a winner.. 18 games in row. tuneley market and it's funny to watch people are coming andle an going all morning long they'rege getting their breakfast someakfe people saying they shouldn't be here this errlthy they'll put tl hoods up.hoods you got a lot of people comingec in on their way to work to wor t whatever they're doing today.ngt they're coming in getting theiri tickets. they're in and out quickly.. hoping that by saturday night 11:00 o'clock they will will have the lucky numbers. nobody matched all six last l night and again it goes back to november 7th since the last the was a winner we've just been bee seeing people coming and going i early. this is thursday morning. the drawing isay not until not saturday night at 11:00 and 11:0 people are coming, getting their tights and keeping their fingern crossed guys a record powerballl
8:05 am
lottery jackpot awaits somebodyb some lucky person out thereut t perhaps it's you or me.e. >> here's the good news withoodw that. if you forgot to buy a ticket tc for last night you get a secondd chance. >> little reminder. le re >> or 18th chance. cnc nobody has won since november.r. >> thanks, bob.nks, b >> reporter: you bet. >> fingers crossed. >> nice for all of us. >> no body won. w imagine all the tickets bought.b >> how many numbers there are? b then i start letting the littlel doubt thing get in.g t in >> the math?>> t m >> okay, the reality of it.he ry >> i figure if you do a couple u dollars it's worth the dream.rem >> it's worth being a part ofngf it. it's like being a part of pop culture.ure >> somebody won 200 million thet won one >> was it a random.random >> yeah.>> >> if it's meant to be. iit's >> meant to be. >> there you go. meant to be in the 40s laterin s today. it will wl b (laughter). >> i know. you're good.. >> what do you think allison? 37 right now in washington.asngo annapolis leonardtown, too.wn 34 in fredericksburg.cksburg. north and west hanging below the freezing mark.k. cloud cover has held the numberm
8:06 am
up close to the city but you cau see north and west they're off e and running again with coldol temperatures. 15 in martinsburg.artibu 19 in hagerstown.stow 29 out at dulles. cloud cover more of that today t than yesterday.rd generally cloudy conditionsy c expected.pect this is the warmer air trying to move and in also got morend in l moisture in it so that's thet' reason we'll be kind of loud ke today. we'll not see rain thissee rahi afternoon. and daytime highs about where we they shall be for early januarya 44 your daytime high.h. later tonight not as cold with cloud cover. we are going to warm it up inton the 50s this weekend. weekend we have rain around.we have rain will it be get out of here inn time for kick off? will theill weather impact the game onen sunday. >> so many questions. so many >> i hope to answer those questions in a few minutes.ew mt >> thank you tucker.nk you tuc >> we'll look for you for theor answers. >> we always do. >> and erin como for the roads. >> 8:06 right now.righow headed out in leesburg brand new crash seven eastbound bye charlestown so caution there.he in fairfax, there's crash on cso dulles toll road eastbound atrod wheelie avenue. are you going to do that walk across the traffic maps becausep you should share that with thett viewers.view
8:07 am
crash on gallows road northbounr at cottage cottage s no? you don't wanttr to? >> i'm going over there. >> hello. it's just green on the monitor t to the side. i don't know what's happening. e i'll just stick with the frontto of the camera so i can help c h people get around the roads t r today. today. right now there's crash activitv i'm a little confused now four w how about cleared at suitlandea parkway and another crash thetha other side of the green screenrs earlier accident has cleared bur there are still delays on fivele inbound approaching beltway. back to woodyard.d aside from that 270 fatherr hurley boulevard to the split dealing with slow traffic downiw to 13 miles per hour. h bowie mill road reopen after aft fire. re let's take live look outside.ut top of the beltway outer loop jammed as usual.ja all of those brake lights we'res just seeing slow moving trafficf as you head past colesvilleolesi road. there are no accidents.iden just congestion this morning m that you are up against.. inner slow as well in the same m area.ea. we'll keep updated but i get ann early start if that's your usuau commute, steve. s >> does not look good at all.ooa trying to get some answers thene janet jackson rumors out there.e she's speaking out responding tt
8:08 am
those rumors about her health. >> plus, a stage crasherge crash interrupts the people's choice awards. those stories and more when we're back is n just 30 seconds new developments in the charges broad against bill cos cosby. act will not be facing charges in 2la rape cases. prosecutors ruled too much timed had past and could not find f sufficient evidence.sufficient e he's been accused of sexualac assault by more than 50 women. m
8:09 am
so far he's been charged with just one of those assaults. janet jackson taking control of a rumor more setting the record straight saying she doese not have cancer. canr she posted a two minute clipinep from her song the great foreverr follow beside personal messagese in which she says she's's recovering. she said her doctors have doctoe approved her concerts asss scheduled in europe any way. way miss jackson had to postponeos some of her tour dates includinu right here in d.c..c >> the first award show of thess season the people's choices cho awards last night fans had thehd fate of the stars in their han hands. >> um-hmm. >> the people vote. t >> that's right. people choice awards.heice aw. but one fan took that a little bit too far. far. holly morris joins us with as break down what was a wild moment. >> did you see >> i didn't know the show was on last night. .> it was on weird night >> wednesday is a weird night ng but this was weirder than theer fact that it was on wednesday ws night. in fact it was so surreal asural moment that some people in theen audience actually thought it was stage.age the ladies the talk were honorer by fans last night with theighth award for best daytime tv
8:10 am
hosting team.ea. but their celebrations were cutc short when a rowdy fan storm the stage. >> we're like motley crew --y c >> my name is ricardo -- >> uh-uh.>>uh >> you going to pull no steveve harvey up in here. iner no, no, no, sir. >> security! quack to your to y speech girl. gl. >> i think we feel like we arere the motley crew of misfits. mfis >> if you're like what justt happened? so are we.. right? give them the tipping,., >> sharon shocker.. she flipped the finger. fin she also set a few expletiveslee but you heard host cherylt c underwood accused of of the fano of pulling a steve harvey whichi i also don't totally get. get won the reference have been better if it was kanye >> i think it was just -- any way -- okay. o so the talk actually won againsa other shows good morningorning america. live with kelly michael todayod
8:11 am
and the view.w. but the irony of it all being like the most awkward moment omn came from the people who wonon best talk show hosts.. >> >> it's so many -- who is this i person? like where did he evend come from? how did he get thata far on to the stage? >> right.>>ight >> you can crash the stage at least be slow -- speak slowlywly >> get your message o >> the whole thing -- it was weird.weird. and weird that it was ond wednesday night. >> but we're talking about >> but we are. we are i don't know if we would be ifld that didn't happen. hpen. >> right. >> probably not. pro >> thank you very much, holly. >> okay.. >> baseball hall of fame in cooper towns new york welcominge two more members and one of thee near can't griffey, jr., one of ther all-time greats voted in on alll but three of the 400 ballots. b. that is a highest ever voting percentage. 99-point 3%. 3 joining him in cooperstownperstn former mets and dodgers catchert mike piazza. piazz they both will be inducted ininn cooperstown this summer.sum i've never been.i' n i always wanted to go. >> it's great. i've been.i've
8:12 am
>> to the hall of fame.thhall o >> since i was kid. >> i lived up there and so, youy know. >> i know.>> i know. >> really cool. you don't even have to be a mega baseball fan.ll i'm not but it really takes youu lots good history.ts gd hi >> the prince is off to schooloo now england's adorable prince pc george made his first way rather to his first day of nursery our school yesterday.. >> aww. my goodness. the duchess of cambridge snappea these two photos of her sonfer s outside of his new school likeoe any other mom or dad would do. >> i love she takes her ownerwn pictures.ur >> i do, too. look how cute he is.s. okay. so george will attend the west acre montgomery is he toriise t school in norfolk, he know landa the photos show the prince pnc standing by the school's outside mural. mu i love it that he's going to a regular nursery school. >> not the school of of the s palacech. >> aww, my goodness.dness >> coming up you can have aanav cheat day and still lose weigh.i i had a big cheat day yesterday. >> so did i. >> as do you meaned on social ma media. >> not good.ot g we'll tell you about the neo diet getting a lot of buzz thisi morning.mog. >> but you got -- you had an ice
8:13 am
cream sunday.m >> it was so good, too. >> look delicious.deli >> local sports club raisingrt eyebrows over a racy new ad campaign. what the pictures have to doaveo with your workout or do they? t >> it look like american horror story arc show i love. ♪
8:14 am
8:15 am
♪ either of you watch american idol last night a little bit ofo it? >> i did not. i was watching the wizards game g it was pretty good. i don't know why it jusa tli>> j remained me -- i guess the
8:16 am
sinking. >> any of the guests -- surprisr guests last night? n >> some of the old people that e had to try to remember w oho thw >> contestants weiss. wei >> um-hmm. u it was really good. cool.. >> okay. two hours you can watch it to night. >> i'm going to watch it tonight. i watched lebron do hcais thingg last night. >> in retrospect probably should have watched ido >> my first five time? >> let's do it. cuteness fact of the yes. f our favorite time ofac day. d time for fox5 first five. f >> what's going on. >> photo of the day. >> happy birthday.. >> >> all right.ight help me with the name. kwon.on >> it might be kwonf you're watching and you know shoot us u little message.. i'm not sure.ure >> but i do know he's two today and he's so handsome.andse >> and super duper cute. cute. yup. two years old.two year happy happy birthday to you. y and we love your smile.mi and your glasses for thatasfor matter. >> rocking the specs. >> yeah.>> yea
8:17 am
>> aww. aww >> two is such acute >> happy birthday.irthday >> he's adorable. >> he's hand m how about that? ? i'm going say he's a cutie pie.e >> you can say all those thingsi >> okay. >> to send us your child'syour s picture go to our page book pagg fox5 d.c. and send us yourour picture. >> all right. >> we hope to get it on as soons as can happy happy birthday.r it will be a nice day forbe nic birthday.hday. temperatures will be in the 40s little later this afternoon.aft. 37 now in washington.hito 29 in boston. b we do have colder temperatureses north and we have this morning g you're out towards dulles,ul loudoun county much montgomery county, frederick county in i maryland all below freezing to start the day.t the day bring a jacket. regional temperatures national temperatures, reflective off really january. ing into brutally cold outtallyt there. although we are going to havegov another surge of very cold veryl arctic air that will arrive thii weekend across north central ses of the country. cou. of the real weather story nationally is the rain out to o the west. look at california in just austa second. cloud cover day for us.seco tevemperatures top out in the li to mid fours.ours
8:18 am
you want a jacket but you won't need a were you need an umbrella today. showers won't arrive until aiv tomorrow and really our bestes chance for any real measurablesa rain will arrive kind of second half of saturday, saturday nighr into early sunday. notice mild temperatures aroundo here saturday and sunday in the 50's right now i know i'm goingg on and on right now the rainshe out of here in time fort will he skins game sunday afternoon butb it may be kind of blustery andly getting windy by game time. >> but it will warm up. when they give a good spanking a to the packers.kers >> oh, yeah. yh >> don't worry about it.on wor >> perfect.>> >> i'm with al there.'m with ale >> i'm talking trash but i'm.shm talking it low. >> it doesn't really count.. >> erin, over to you? did youou notice that.ce tha >> i got that. t >> give a spanking to the packers. >> it was under stated brag.ra >> there it is.. >> we'll replay you next week. x >> metro new carol town orange o line train off loading at farragut next train at fog bee bottom rem line no longer single trackingck residual delays continue in bott
8:19 am
directions due to an earlier elr train malfunction at tuneley town. watch out for that. dealing with red line problems.. seven east crash activity on the shoulder after charlestown pikek moving over for some crashera activity as you head out inut fairfax, on dulles toll road tlo eastbound at wheelie avenue and also a crash on gallows glows northbound at cottage street. st couple problems there and princd george's county crash activity v as you make your way out on fouf outbound it just cleared at it d suitland parkway watch for for residual delays earlier crashsh did clear on five approachingprh the beltway but lee seven delayl there as well typical slow s moving traffic in montgomery county. 270 southbound father hurley toh the split little bit better thaa what we were seeing earlier buti you still hit about 13 miles ani hour as you get passed throughtg outer loop top of the beltwaytwy jammed 95 to georgia. typical slow down because of awb lot of traffic. traffic. no accidents to report.ccid keep you posted much that's youu traffic. back to you >> thanks very much, erin. popular high end gym chain in cn the district turning heads withh pretty wild ads.ild ads.
8:20 am
>> i think i saw you in this ad, maureen. i'll let you tell me what's all' about.abou >> i'll be ads in this ad givesd of give me a couple of months.s. equinox gym gaining a lot off attention for steamy ads. scantily clad models in provocative poses. pes some people are questioning whau these pictures have to do witha your workout. worko. the upscale sports club says tht message is commit to something.ometng anything. anythi one of the most controversialonr images shows a woman in her 30sr breast feeding twin babies in a fancy restaurant.ur the caption reads, table forle one, dinner for three.. yeah.. wheaton kennedy is the agency te behind the campaign. the c their goal was tigo highlight socially relevant themes for thv so far the reaction as you canso imagine is mixed.. >> gee, i was a little shocked,d you know, but today anythingg goes. i don't know.. >> what about this one? o >> oh, i didn't get that far. (laughter).ter). >> oh, wow. hmm. it's a little over the top.op
8:21 am
>> okay. so the ad agency stands behindn their ads saying the real worlda is full of controversy and pinsp now interestingly enough equinon says it would never show a treadmill in any of its ads. a >> don't do that.'t dhat. >> it's got you talking aboutt n equinox. >> of course.>>course >> mission accomplish. >> that's an effective ad then.h >> there you go. you go. >> thanks, mo.s, m. >> i mean it's inspirationaltion because they were definitely in shape. >> there you go.>> >> thanks, mo.>> >> coming up why major retailert is cutting thousands of jobs. >> plus chick-fil-a helping momm with a new dining we'll tell you how they're making dining out with kids ain little easier.. ♪
8:22 am
8:23 am
8:24 am
>> mysterious igloo just poppin up on a busy street in chicago.r photos of the ice box beganeg circulating on the web after wea rumors surfaced a moment lessom man built it but it turns outurs its creator is not homeless thes man who built it an engineern e part artist. he shoveled snow off thenow offe sidewalks to create the cool col cube creation. creat it took 15 hours to do it. i nobody saw it do it in thatin >> apparently mysterious.artly >> man lives right across fromia the -- the street from igloo. i >> wait a minute. what was mysterious about it. >> look how dirty it is. >> i don't think it's fully insulated. >> the man lives right across the street from the igloo.iv he says he will probably sleepys in it one night.
8:25 am
>> we shot as many holes in thii story -- >> the cold weather is cooperating to keep the igloo from melting.. >> would it be strange iglooanoo rather than mysterious it's not clear how long the city will lel it stan. even it's an eye sore becausee it's dirty snow.. >> well -- >> who knows who built it we do know. kno the man who lives across thecros street.s took 15 hours. >> way watch it apparently a minute by by >> this is what we do.his what >> we get to the bottom of these stories.orie here on fox5 news morning.or >> yeah, we do.eah, we do. >> all right then. rig >> nothing gets passed us excepe for that mystery.yste gloats to the forecast. tthe fos no mystery here.tery h we'll be in the low 40s later0s this afternoon. cloud cover much more of thatoft than the last couple of daysf much last couple of days havee been beautiful.eautiful enjoying arctic high pressureh p overhead.ov it's been cold but it looked >> it's been okay.>> i like to be prepare weather wise.wise. sometimes when i get like when e was in new york i wasn't nork prepared for how cold it was.itw it actually snowed and i wasy sn miserable.mi here it's good. >> okay. >> you tell me to put on myo pu puffy coat, i do it. i
8:26 am
>> all right. all whatever jacket you need fored 44 degrees much that's whath t you'll want to wear today. >> yeah. >> they have in washington.ha 29 bwi marshall 34. cloud cover today. today we shall remain dry.hall remai the warmer air starting to workw its way in. it we'll have clouds out there bute again rain will hold off until -- a few showers tomorrowm i'm not loving the thought of aa lot of rain tomorrow.lot a few showers.ers. much better chance late saturdat into early sunday get it out ofo here in time for kickoff for tht big game on sunday afternoon. >> thank you tucker. >> very cool. c >> i mean at least it won't betn pouring during the game or gamer anything miserable like that. le >> right. zero. like it will be in minnesota.nea >> dirt igloo.oo >> that would be mysterious.ter. >> erin, over to you. >> unless we film it.. (laughter).te >> right now, check out your out traffic in loudoun county seveny eastbound crash activity on the shoulder after charlestown pikeo just watch for little bit of slow moving traffic towards thad point let's see if we canle forward our maps and show wasous else is popp aing up in fairfax county.county crash activity you need to watct for on dulles toll road. roa it just cleared a little bit oft
8:27 am
a residual delay.el crash cleared on gallows road a well getting back to normal in 270 still a slow zone throughong rockville this morning father hurley to the spur.o he watch out for that one as you head to the split.he to up to 35 miles an hour which isn actually an improvement fromm about 13 miles we were seeingwen earlier outer loop top of theout beltway 95 to georgia slowia s moving traffic there. the. bw parkway northbound lookinglo good if you have an early morning flight to catch the bwi. typical around reagan nationalgt and thing looking good on theodo way to dulles.way ulle we'll keep you posted muchd that's your traffic. tra back to you allison.yoson >> update to that breaking newst in new york rescue crews are cre trying to reach some trapped tpp miners. >> more than a dozen trappedan d underground right now also a new twist in the freddie gray case.. a judge rules officer williamil porter must testify against his fellow officers.fe what does that mean for the resm of the cases? we'll get more gt insight into this decision coming up next.
8:28 am
8:29 am
8:30 am
♪ 8:30 there's great news to you coming out of new york stats where 12 of the 17 miners whosho were stuck in an elevator some s 800 or 900 feet underground havu been rescued now.ow the miners have been trappedn tp since around 10:00 p.m. last night when their elevator gotot stuck. rescue efforts still underwaylla for the remaining five. f we'll keep updated on that whene officials say they are not in ni danger though. tug crews have provided heat packsec and blankets to keep the minersm warm during this rescue steve?? today the lawyers for baltimore police officer williar porter will appeal a judge's jud order that order forces porterr
8:31 am
to testify against fellow fel officer in the death of freddiee gray. the trial for that officertff begins on monday.on porter had planned to invoke hie finger amendment right againstga self incrimination if call to cl the stand.d. now if he does, he can be heldeh in contempt of court.ofou so what does this all mean and n mean for other cases? joining us more insight into the judge's decision a scott first of all --t of a >> good morning. >> good morning. the chance of appeal in thisthi case are what? >> it will be tough. >> hard to say. this has never happened inpenedi maryland. never happen in the countryen i where the prosecution has h offered use immunity.uny. whatever you say on the stand od whatever you tell the prosecution we're not going towo use it against and and we can'tn prosecute are for what you'vet y center challenge and the problem here is, is the retrial of porter is in june. j it's going be -- they prosecutee him once already and now they're doing a a res it's going to be hard for them t to prosecute porter lateros because what are theyec prosecuting him for? for what he saie d in the goodson trial r
8:32 am
for they learn when he was onhes the stand in his own case? cas really complicated andated difficult. hard to call. >> on top of that i would think with the even the immunity is ii place they won't use that won ut against him in the trial when h goes to trial.ri that testimony will still be oul that in the public eye. e people will be able to readea about it.t. they'll know what he had to say. would that not taint a jury's perception of the case.tionf th >> the question will it stay oul of the prosecution.cuti i'll stay out of the weeds on this this is really difficult ra what if porter testifies andiean lies on the stand in the goodson case? what do you do, do you do prosecute him for perjury. you can't because you've given him immunity. the use immunity issue is an investigatory tool. you can't use the goldbergoldber decisions of the supreme court you can't use anything they've told you here the prosecutn prou knows a lot already. alrdy and so how do they sort throughu whether they're prosecuting him now in june for what he said in
8:33 am
goodson or prosecuting him whata they knew already for what heal said in the porter trial? veryr difficult process. i think they're going to walk'r away froe m porter >> so you're -- what you just j said basically porter could go on the stand now against officer goodson and flat out lie andutie they could not hold that againsn him. >> absolute much that's the uset immunity because anything they learn while he's on the standta they can't prosecute him.sete h but because he's being prosecuted in june i want to gei to that point. is that they want to prosecutere and convict goodson and white w far more than porter. porter is going last now.goinlat they've got the goodson is the one that is most seriouslyerious charged with the depraised hearh second degree murder they will m got to get a conviction to makek all this prosecution and theseta cases make sense at all.e at a >> essentially i'm speaking in n layman's terms you're the's ter attorney here. h they're essentially sacrificingi any case against him to say let's go after goodson and makek sure we get that conviction. cot >> it would seem to be the casec
8:34 am
they won't say that.on'tay tha but the way it's shaping up andp what the criminal defense lawyers i've been talking to aso well as the judges it seems likl they're willing to do that tohat get a conviction in goodson ands white and the >> what about the other fourth cases that are yet to come to co trial as well?l asl? >> he may testify against themfa as well. wl. but, again, they need ad a conviction.ti and whether they go after porter in the end or not, look at it this way. if they get four, fiver, f convictions and they get to junn and porter is out there and just becomes too difficult where byre they have a cast a guard hearina to determine whether prosecutioo has been tainted or whether they -- have they not used u anything that they learned inrn his testimony in the other cas cases, if that gets to be too bo difficult then got otherth convictions in this case, they t may simply either offer a deal d to porter or walk away from himm calling it a win. win. >> since we're just castingas stones out there way into advance, we talked with you at u length about the legal repercussions of the case and strategies of the case and thene
8:35 am
social actions of the well the case as well the perceptions of this case.thas if they don't get convictions ii every officer in this case willl that still be negativelyegativ received in the community?? >> well, probably. because the communities of color have seen either prosecutions or no grand jury indictments a lot. with that being said, this is awhile volatile case and these e cases quote had to be brought. now, the jurors are going to come from baltimore populationao and that doesn't seem to -- to resist or to support the community protests even aftervet the porter case which was kindcw of a draw if you and so i think it will bei important socially, politicallyy and legally for the prosecutionu to be successful.ssfu if they're not, the justice system has still worked. wke >> got to go.>> bottom lean do you agree witnesw judge's here or not.r not. >> i don't think he had much't t choice. i do, because in this case, c porter is just a witness. wness the problem is, how much has ths prosecution given up in givingiv
8:36 am
this use immunity which has never been done before. how much have they given up in their regard to abilityity prosecute porter the judge said as much as soon s as porter gets on the stand s prosecution is in trouble in regard to their ability toli t prosecute porter. stay tuned. >> as we have been and as wend will continue to be. scott, always good to talk toodo you. >> tucker barnes with a little better news for us today.ew tuck.tuck. >> cool temperatures to startur your day. 37 now iesn washington.hito below freezing north and west.nd let me mention north and west od the town we're below freezing ag well.. jacket w eventually low to mid 40s for daytime highs we should be in for a decent day.for bottom line with today.ith tod more cloud cover than yesterdayd see that streaming in off thef e ocean. as our winds have now shifted and that's going allow cloud all cover in this is tomorrow's weather.ea we'll have clouds of clouds of s tomorrow somebody scattered s showers wesh'll get more involved in thl weekend forecast coming up. thursday' forecast 44.orect cool conditions. i don't think you need ant thyo umbrella today but you'll wantln your jack. cool afternoon with cloud coverr
8:37 am
more weather in just a more of erin and traffic.. >> right now you good to go.d tg >> yes, i a i was having problems walking in rere. i'll hold it. seven eastbound crash on the one shoulder after charlestown pikep since all lanes are open thingss much better shape be prepared for that one.for at one. aside from that in fairfax righg now, crash activity we're seeing left over delays a crash clearee on dulles toll road as well wl gallows road.ows r typical stop and go traffic on o our secondaries as well as ourur interstate noose the district nt outer loop top of the beltwayay from 95 to georgia a lot of stos and good traffic still same se story 270 southbound as you make your way through rockvilleockvi dropped down to 35 miles an hour and north of that point by the truck scales stop gone traffice by 70 as wel in addition to that bottom of the beltway little bit crowdedio across the wilson bridge and one last metro update for you red r line good news normal serviceeri has resumed. rum orange line new carol townn orange train off loading at farragut west next train at foggy botto bot we have had a lf
8:38 am
issues come up and quickly quicy clear. cl you can always check in with me on twitter erin fox5.. >> latest trend in dietingti taking a day off.ay o. >> a couple of days? d >> taking a day off.. >> how you can lose weight withh a cheat day coming up.g >> first, though, macy's cutting thousands of jobs. job bad news here. here. the surprising reason for thesot decision is next.decion i it's 8:38.
8:39 am
8:40 am
8:41 am
netflix trying to take over thet world. world domination >> that's right.mi video streaming service lurched 130 new countries.ntes >> wow. >> that means china is the lasts country netflix has yet to conquer. the company said in a news ia n release -- conquer, steve. >> netflix is conquering the world.rl the company said in a newsid i release it continues to exploreo options for entering the chinese market.mark. now, where will not be able to o find netflix cry mia, northrt korea and syria.. >> something in common will notm be able to watch netflix shows.o that's all because of usse of government restrictionsrnnt r obviously on american companies. everybody else access to netfl netflix. if you're used to seeingo ng macy's in every mall that soon o be changing due to weak holidayd sales they have to cut back onao money and jobs unfortunately.ore it will be closing stores andtod eliminating thousands of jobs. j experts say macy's has been bee facing trouble on number ofn nbe fronts. the appeal online shopping cut t into the sales of the brick anda
8:42 am
mortar stores plus december's mild weather didn't really helpy the christmas shopping this ye year. chick-fil-a making diningmai out with the kids little easiere for parents. >> new dining option they'reinit doing called moms valet. i'm sure dads can get in on it.i the service let's parents ordero at the drive through with theirt kids in the car then go insidens where an employee will have a h table ready for family like ae regular restaurant.estaant >> that would be nice. that wouc >> not a fast food giant. >> this is definitely a firstter for fast food restaurants. chick fail lay came one witnesss idea how noticing hectic oringto could be for parents of littlefl young >> or keep the hectic in the car and not around everybody elsels maybe?be >> it is differ.>> i guess everybody is trying toin reinvent themselves a little b bit. >> something >> coming up a day off from youf diet much it's call the day offo how having a cheat day once weew will help you lose >> just once.>> just once. >> i get, though.>> get >> i know. >> you know what i mean.ou knowi >> something to look forward tok >> and then you don't mind goodo the other four, seven, sick how
8:43 am
many days. >> that's the there's six.there's six. >> live look outside on thissidi thursday morning. mor tucker will have your forecast.c we'll tell was our cheat foodsaf are as well coming up next.t. it's 8:43.:4 ♪ ♪
8:44 am
patients across the country have spoken. they recently rated their care experience
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at over 3,500 hospitals nationwide in a survey conducted for the centers for medicare and medicaid services. fewer than 6% received 5 stars. among them was cancer treatment centers of america in philadelphia. learn more at slash eastern. cancer treatment centers of america. care that never quits. appointments available now. ♪ >> chatting it up with our nextu guest. >> we got to get to tuckerp fif to give us a look at theook t forecast. >> all righty.ll righty tuck, over to you.r to >> thanks allison.>> i'm over
8:46 am
that's cloud cover across the area. ar all right.all right let's take some maps.t' all right.s all ri yeah, there's your redskin playi off game.f let's talk about the game veryae quickly. i think the rain will try to get out of here by late morning soo i'm optimistic there my be a leftover shower the 1:00 o'cloc' if you're tailgating and kickgak off partly cloudy with temperatures in the 40s fallingi back into the low 40s as we getg into nighttime hours. hrs 37 now in washington. annapolis leonardtown all 37. 3. hanging ton freezing fez temperatures or even some teenss look at whaert's going on inn hagerstown and martinsburg still in the teens at this hour.t th h 19 in hagerstown.stn there's your satellite/ lots of clouds out there.he you saw in the live shot cloudhc cover it will be a mostly cloudu day today. we're trying oh get warmer nairn here and moisture in theinhe what we call return flow aroundd the area of high pressure we'llr increase the clouds dan keep itp mostly cloudy thursday and cool day today. highs in the low to mid 40s witw cloud cover it will feel cooloo out there. there. rain showers down in arkansasn a and louisiana that will arrive in the form of a warm front
8:47 am
tomorrow.rr bring us additional clouds andno eventually a couple of sprinklel or showers tomorrow afternoon.wo here's your set up.. high pressure that's same arctic high pressure delivered a couple of very cold days around here. it retreats and allows us warm w front and the warmer air to geto in here for the weekend we'll be in the 50s around here bothere b saturday and sunday.nd sda there's your seven day forecast. mid 40 today's. today's with generally cloudy conditioni and then showers best chance for showers second half of saturdaya into early sunday and again aga cautiously operate mississippisi tick we get the showers out ofe here in time for that gameha g sunday afternoon.fton that's a little bit touch gonecg but right now it look like we'll get it out of here. h much colder next week bite wayiw upper 30s to about 40 next 40 nx tuesday, wednesday much that'sn weather.weher. steve, allison, let's get healthy. back over to oto >> or somebody else. >> we have names, tucker. >> we'll get a look what'sook wa coming up on good day. >> hey, guys. >> straight ahead on good dayah d.c. noea powerball winner meana the jackpot will be heading towards unchartered territory. >> can you say wow! at the topop of 9a we're talking live to d.c.
8:48 am
lottery official all about it. >> also at 9a3 days until sundaa and big showdown between theownt skins and packers. fox5 grant paulsen is live to ie talk to us about the play off push.pu. >> anyone going dry -- i needine to dry for january no alcoholol for 30 days. is it worth it? are you kiddini me? okay. o we'll weigh the pros and cons. s 30 days? >> that's nothing maureen.g mau. try 30 years. >> he's dry all the time.l the >> did you catch idol last nig night. kanye made a surprise appearance with the judges? what do you think of the final season? they talk about it on good day at 9a. >> wait a minute.>> w i'm still stuck on this dry thiy january thing.hi like no wine? no nothing 300 days? >> i'll fill in you after this.h >> steve, allison, could youd guys do it? >> yup. do i win money at the end? >> no. no >> oh, then no. the n >> you feel better. >> oh, okay. >> doesn't make me feel good.. >> over here with ashley our
8:49 am
friend register dietician. dietn it should be up here you canyou have it once a week. a wk. the whole red wine thing let's g talk about that.ha >> is it -- is it all it's chall up to be the glass of woad winew a day. >> there are great properties in dark purple things.. >> okay. o >> unfortunately, with alcohol there are things that don'tthha necessarily work so great withy us. >> much like some of the foodsks that we like to t e >> and that's exactly it.exaly >> that's the problem.the oble >> problem with alcohol, too, is that sometimes just having at hn glass of wine can be enough toht bring in some of thate of that permissible eating that we, youu know, maybe aren't going to beo as -- we might head over to the day off when it's actually a day on. >> you know that kind of thing.g >> we're here to talk about the beauties of a cheat day as we'rw talking about this new day off f diet that dr. oz is talkingsal about and we're talking aboutkio what to eat, and this coincidesd with the new dietary from the fda that have just come out. co. can you give us the headlineheai here.. >> the key thing the great thint you can have your eggs again. an actually on the program we talkt about having eggs for breakfastt
8:50 am
good quality eggs are greate source of protein. protein we're not as concern about a dietary cholesterol in terms oft eating cholesterol and causing u cholesterol.ol we know the rule of, you know,w, poor quality fats and high sugar having a greater impact onn unhealthy cholesterol.ol that was we need to reduce our sugar.ugar we need to eat more 57 eat moret grains and thus you have the dae off diet. which i want to ofactually say y been developed over the last l three years. so one of the reasons that i goi involved with the day off diet is the team all of the medical experts said what's not workingr they really turned to people ana said what's not working? andt w interestingly, it wasn't about o the food choices. choices really what we see here isn't ss much that's new it's about webow always end up wanting that. right. >> we're eating well but weut crave this.e thi >> exactly.. >> we all have our favorite favr advises we brought why the guys make it mine is is chocolate.chocolat how does it work on the day off diet for me to inn corp. my favorite?favori >> getting in your chocolate.ura we do want good quality when w
8:51 am
we're talking about on the daybo off. what we'll talk about whenll tk you're on, on the days, we're at six days.ixay we're asking you to eat well anl one of the main emphasis thishi idea nutrient balance make surea you're getting your carbohydrates which can comewhha from fruit. we love fruit. a serving of fruit. we want you to get your proteinn your healthy fats so here i have nut butter and different proteit powders.wd these protein powders actuallyot have fiber in them so if you'rer not using that you could throw your own flack seeds or oat brab or something in your lunch and dinner could bere the exact same thing but thatutt would be boring so i brought two different can i have a vegeburger? what w you can't have vegeburger an buu unwant to make sure your vegeburger gives you enoughou eo protein and your dinner this isi gorgeous.rgeous. >> first of all, honest physicai i can have somebody cook for mem every day.y day. this is what i would want everyd day of my life. m >> i was reading about how well tom brady eats.radyat his chef does this. t his chef does that. that. thanks a a one hint here when you'rent planning a meal when you're mea
8:52 am
eating outlook at everythingvern that's on the sides.n the es so this is all actually orderedo i actually did get this froms fo eating out i thought it was great idea.a. west end bistro these are theirt sides and the salmon.o we want to you get we call these mono unsaturated fatty acids wew want to you get those in during the day and they're great snacks specialsly for you guys we're ow the go or you need just a quickq break. the problem is, a lot of timesaf people end up doing this withhit the nuts. we sit there doing that. t so hint that i have just if youy take a mint case that will be your quantity and that helps you because almonds and cashews kind of the same size but if i said i brazil nuts to you it's like hol many brazil nuts can i have or how many pine nuts i don't wante you to have to memorize all of o those.ose so this is what you i want you n to do most of the time. t >> six takes a week on theee seventh day or whatever,, whatvh do we do? we d >> is that the healthy eating og is that the cheat day.atay >> this here. >> this is the healthy eating. >> i'm just making sure.gur >> that's total al greatt's tal question.qution >> that's a healthy one, too. t >> i'm coveting this plate.s pte i'm banging on the fact you'ret' not going to want to take this.t
8:53 am
>> can i still do this.s. yes. >> i don't want you eating a junk peace of pizza. something that's made of allthaf chemicals and doesn't even real really taste g if you love peass is that correct, sir chips,rrec chocolate what we realize thee t reason we have a lot of peopleeo that will stick to this and thia stick to this until january. jay if there's a prize at the end or stick to this until march. mch. we want to you stick with it ana lose the weight never fine itini get your health back. the way we do is you have a daya where you say, hey, that's goini happen. maybe it's a's bal maybe it's a maybe it's, you know a holiday.. >> i had one yesterday.esteay i indulged yesterday. yeste >> i don't think the powdersow often taste very good.. >> are they improving the tastee >> i think some of them tasteom good. i actually go for the ones thatn have no no that's what i look for in the fe plane and then i find the tastet in here.. so usually i'll actually throw a handful of greens doing almondsa butter and then the banana gives you -- here this banana looks ls really off and that's because it's frozen i like to do a d a frozen ba nan n it gives thatt i you really thick checks they ary
8:54 am
that you like in a smoothie. smi >> if we're going with our cheae day as much as we get excited nor cheat day we cheat too muchm we go all in and eat everythingn we wanted all week.ll week. how much does that set us back s for the rest of the >> reality it probably won't ses you back off of your program 5,000 calories maybe a worsebe a issue than you if 3500 caloriess but the key thing you're y probably not going to feel great the next day it can make it feet harder to get back on. o but that's going to be the keyby thing. th if you just totally enjoy yoursy and the interesting thing we'rei not calling it a cheat day. we're calling it a day i had people who said to me if what i want to keep eating likek this? that's totally f i just want to you mental volenl day where you're like, i'm justm not thinking about my diet on de that day. >> we can cheat in all facets oo our life one day a >> absolutely. a >> a day off.>> day no.o. >> tucker. tucker. >> he said all facets of myacetf life. life >> yes. >> that's right.>> t >> i didn't understand the segment. >> you can. there may be consequences.quens. >> right. rig >> that's all we're saying. >> i think it's really importany we did talk about alcohol.
8:55 am
we did talk about all those all other pieces and what itt basically is just to say beay be accountable for your choices an the reality is, we all need todt be eating from healthy stand s pope but the other part this t stuff is delicious. if you go on to the website,o tb there's a facebook community.omi >> what website. >> dr. and they have thet facebook community for the for t different groups.ens. we also have information depen depending on sort of where youte are. somebody may just want a rebootr and somebody else may be what ii call a health hot mess and i a need a lot of help. hel there will be more information b for you on that.e >> ashley, thank you very much.v >> thanks for having me.nks absolutely.absolu >> looks delicious.>> >> great. enjoy. >> can i have i >> meanwhile let's do -- let's >> two will fight it out.. we got 30s to start your day. 39 now update at reagann national. 31 still dulles. stillles a lot of cloud cover to start ta your morning. but we should see eventual ent daytime highs in the mid 40s. 4 might even be early sprinkle. sl looks like we'll get a sprinklel on one of our cameras. cameras could be a spring coat outprinct there.ere. but not lot of measurable rains
8:56 am
today. better chances as we get intont the weekend. wke few showers tomorrow and then by saturday notice the milderotthe temperatures along with the rain saturday really second half ofaf saturday into sunday that willh be our wet period all rain,ll ri though.ough. >> netflix day for me to tryix r catch up on the show.ho >> right. >> yes. >> all right. that's a look at weather. should we dok traffic. traffic >> why not? >> i'm eating cashew. cashe >> hey, erin.>>, er >> i want to come and snack.nack crash activity in prince i george's 214 central of a closec between church road andro enterprise road. rd new accident.en steer clear of that scene.ha sce let's forward our maps and showo you what else you're up againstu this morning. morni george washington parkway wehing have a stalled truck southbound under the memorial bridge causing some slow downs. dns. typical slow moving traffic topf of the beltway lingering aroundo new hampshire avenue and thenvee bottom of the beltway inner loow over the wilson bridge fromro springfield interchange through annandale slow moving traffic as well and taking a look at metrok we are getting back to normal. silver spring bound red line l train off loading at metrotet new brake problem next train at farragut north.
8:57 am
orange line delays to new carrollton that is because of an earlier malfunction thencti mcpherson square. s keep up with me on twitter at erin fox5 d.c.5.c we've been seeing a lot of metrm things popping up and clearingnd up. keep it to fox5. fox good day at 9a will be back in few. ♪
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♪ straight ahead, power failure.e. no one hit the jackpot duringot
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last note's powerball drawinglli and that means the next one wilw be worth nearly $700 million. breaking overnight, fran tis fra rescue attempt.scue more than dozen miners trappeded nearly 1,000 feet we'll have update on what went w wrong and the efforts to gettsto them out alive.. donald trump's new target t much this morning the gop frontt runner has set his sights on ted cruz.. claiming his birthplace couldacu block him from ever being we'll have a live report. r >> we get tired of sitting initn the chairs so we're justrso we stretching out.retcng o >> and later, the search for thf next music super star one last time.ti we'll look back at the firstat t night of the final season ofean american idol. good day at 9a starts now. ♪ >> all right. time is 9:00 o'clock.oc we've got conversation, we'ven,w got banter, wee got enough got anchors up what we don't have is millionsii and millions of dollars.ol


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