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tv   Fox 5 Morning News Saturday  FOX  January 16, 2016 7:00am-9:01am EST

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>> ♪ >> this is fox5 news morning. >> ahead this morning, aox panda pandemonium. plus the man accused ofus causing a deadly multi car multi pileup in prince george'sprince george's county out of jail this of ja morning. we'll explain why and why itplai could take months to know if know i he'll actually face any charges. charges. later powerball fever may f be over and if you're bummede about missing out on that big jackpot find out how you canfi out increase your chances of winning the next time.ext thursday always next timeays tim right. >> there's always next time. >> welcome to fox5 news n morning on this saturday i'my annie yu. yu. >> and i'm caitlin roth. r as we take a live look outside this morning, so muchso m rain last night.rain lt night. annie, i don't know about youbout y but i kind of got caught in it it
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coming home and most of thendt of rain has moved off but you can see still kind of cloudy andud a drizzly as we take a live look a lot of headlights evenev though we've moved past we' sunrise here early on a saturday morning.orni. it's all about bei bei today right?gh >> it is. >> i >> i think a lot of people areot going to want to go to the zoo the z and it's going to be a reallyea nice day once we get the lasthe l of this foggy weather to clearle out. out. so radar right now shows thehows departing rain and snow all sno the way up in new york and new england. and just a couple of showers shors across west otherwise, we're not really going to see any more rainain today. there is some fog locally low visibilities for sure out atut manassas and fredericksburgsburg, virginia, down to a half mile.e. 3-mile visibility at dulles,ul 5-mile visibility out ofle v reagan so be careful if youul if head out early this morning morning wet roads and also some fog.og temperatures still in the mild side.. 43 in washington, 37 manassas, 41 in left-hand turn.d t typically mid january you getd jay
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yo a big storm that comes t through, some parts of ourrtof area would see snow but notnow b n the case. e case. we're way too mild no one saw snow saw snow he they won't in new york or even boston. boston you got to go into interior inter new england for that laterr that l today. to here's your fox futurecast. futec it's mild. mil the actual cold air doesn't doe come in until tonight. tig that's the secondary front which will bring clouds and yes, snow showers tomorrowro sunday. it's much, much colder witholder w some scattered flurries as that front goes by but foror today we still got the got sunshine and we still got the relatively milder weather.eather it will be pretty 48 by 11:00 a.m., low 50's 5 this afternoon. much more on your sunday andour su and the brutal cold that's coming comin next week. next that's still ahead in yourn seven-day forecast.. >> ♪ ♪ >> in the news this morningmo the worst of a terrornristerri attack at a hotel and cafe inin the tiny african nationatio appears to be over. o more than 120 people have beenve b
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freed from the splendid however 22 others were killed and nearly two dozen injured in the attack which began on friday.ay three al-qaeda linkededa li attackers were killed after military forces moved into too rescue the hostages much right r now it's unclear if more m people are still inside that hotel. al-qaeda is claiming responsibility. >> ♪♪ >> happening today the wait w is over. d.c.'s cutest resident makingntak his public debut.eb >> we're rolling out the red carpet for bei bei officially b going on display at the national zoo. nati that is for all of us to sees to this morning and lucky enoughkynough to get her own glimpse fox5's megan is here this morning. you're so lucky. lucky what a great assignment.ssignment. >> reporter: i know. this is very excitingveitin especially for my first one fir one near good morning to all of now, bei t bei has largely beenee
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kept under wraps until now. w you could only see him on the panda cam. c that was until he was strong enough to walk.enou now, bei bei means precious preou treasure and was named by first lady michelle obama and china's first lady.rst l if you'll remember he was born h b in the panda is listed as an endangered species. there are just over 1800 pandas in the wild. wil baybei bei turns five weeks oldweek today. the cub will be sent to china c to live after he turns four.ur f now everyone is welcome todayco for the debut.eb the zoo set to open at 8:008: a.m. this morning. the panda house will open at 9:00. now those interested shouldho enter at the asia trailsitr entrance across from thehe visitor's center. make sure you send us those those photos if you're heading out headi to see that little guy. g tweet us at fox5 d.c. or on facebook. now when bao bao made her
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public debut over 5,000 people peo came through these we'll bring you the pandemonium on fox5 at a 6 o'clock. live in northwest megan fox5 local news.s. >> checking our other topther t stories this morning d.c. police need your help tracking t down what appears to be t b another violent group off teenagers. this late of the incident iid caught on surveillance video v at a convenience store. as fox5's jennifer davisfer davi speaks to the store's owner.wn take a look.k. >> reporter: police released policrelease more than two minutes of minutes surveillance video taye taken about 8:30 in the evening onni o tuesday december 29th.embe29 it shows seven people ofe of interest coming and going fromoi fro mike's market on benning road. at one point police say three of the men attempted to stealo candy from the front counter. cnt the clerk tells them to put the items on the video you can see himim grab a baseball bat and lockan the store door. d police say the three compliedee com with his requests and he let l them leave but they returnedur
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with others and assaulted thelted clerk kicking and hitting himti around his head and body. bod we spoke with that clerk whocl asks us to conceal hisce h identity. identity. he says he went to theay went to the hospital after the attack and needed eight stitches on hishe head. he still has bruises on his on his arms too. t he says the store regularly rul deals with kids coming in and trying to grab chips and candy and that it is an ongoing problem. problem. his store is not alone dealingealing with this kind of crime.f cri this is just the late nest aes string of violent incidents in the city including assaults aau and robbery attempts allegedly aeg at the hands of a large groupargero of teens. teens >> now the crime in this case cri is aggravated assault and as a always there is a $1,000 a1, reward for anyone who provides pro information that leads to arrest and could that speedhat restrictions in this case.ctio in maryland we're learningd about the man suspected ofn suspe causing a deadly crash in in landover. police say it appearspp 34-year-old juan sanchezear- collided with another carothe killing a springdale the crash caused a nine car a n pileup on 202. 202.
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sanchez was arrested thursdayted thu for a pending warrantng warrant involving a 2014dui.. he posted bopped and is a free a fre man this morning. mni a spokesperson for the prince the p george's county state'sta attorney says -- explains why sanchez is a free man.. >> these cases, if you were toou wer rush and charge the traffic offenses first, someone could conceivably come into court cou take care of those charges and a then if the investigation wereti w to show that a more serious ser charge such as motor vehicle manslaughter or negligentr nli homicide would be warranted weou would not be automobile toldile charge them with that if theytth had taken care of the traffic offenses because that would be considered double jeopardy. >> sanchez's family told fox5 famtold that he suffers from epilepsy e and was on his way to get medicine at the time of thet th crash. it could take weeks or months mon before we know what charges ift charg any sanchez will face. f also in prince george'sn pr county police arrested a manrested a in the death of his girlfriend's six month old daughter.dahter. kareem bryant is charged withant second degree murder and child abuse. abus police say he admitted to
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causing the injuries.ur the infant was rushed to theusheto hospital on january 6.anuary 6 she died days later. l police say brighter and theter ane victim's mother were in a relationship. >> still ahead the latest onhead that military helicopter crash off the coast of hawaii as a rescuers search for a dozen d crew members.. plus, hot off another debate republican presidentialubli candidates back on theates bk on campaign trail this weekend asrailhis the democrats get set foror their next debate. dat we'll have that and caitlinaitlin will be back with another look at your saturday forecast. fec stay with us. stay with us. we'll be right back. ack.
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>> ♪>> >> back now here at the search continues thisk ar conti morning for the remnants of two marine corps helicopter helicopter
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that is crashed off thethe hawaiian island of oahu during durg a training the fate of the 12 crew cw members on board is stills s unknown at this time. officials say the chopperse hoppers collided during a nighttime n training mission on thursday. meanwhile a plea for the man convicted in the boston marathon bombings has been rejected by a judge. j on friday the bid was denied. den the judge ordered him to payed h t the victims of the deadly ddl attack more than $100 million00 mil in restitution. however that order is seen as symbolic since the 22-year-old 22-ye is in federal prison right now rht n and has no ability to pay. 2013 attacks killed threeled thre people and injured more than 200 others. john kerry is in vienna vienn discussing the landmark iranandmark nuclear deal with the nation'satio foreign ministry and thestry a european union.. under this deal made in julyen of last year iran agreed to limit programs that could useould u to make nuclear weapons in return for information.ti
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>> ♪ >> all righty.>> a rig so,. >> good morning. >> the rain -- good morning. gmorn the rain started last night. >> yes. >> this morning it was kind ofrng it nasty but it's clearing out. o >> it is good. yeah, our saturday is not lostsot and we're going to keep thekeep mild weather at least fort today. the rain is moving out. is moving it is mild. it m actually it's a really greatlly gr saturday forecast for january.uary >> that's good.hat's good. >> if you're headed to theyou' national zoo this morning, it is a little wet out t the roads are still kind ofll kd slick and we do have some localized fog in some spots som spo but looking at radar you see y s the system that brought us the heavy rain long gone. boston getting the heavy hvy new hampshire seeing snow. you have to go pretty farrey north to see that snowfall. snowf it's january 16th and this is pretty surprising that ouringhat our area and all of really the t midatlantic not seeing any sin snow with this so it's just is j too mild.oil couple of snow showers moving throughout laurel highland in l western pennsylvania.ster otherwise we're pretty much rain free as we go through theough t rest of the day.ay maybe some flurries in the mountains but that's it. tt'
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zooming in on washington youashito can see a lot of the rain hasn cleared our area. still morning clouds and fog drizzle but we'll clear out quickly this morning. morni 43 in washington right now, 43ow, in baltimore.timo everyone well above freezing frein including the mountains. mnt any flurries that fall won'turt be sticking the there is coldhere i col air though just wei backweac towards our west where it'ssthere i been just about all winterll wte season. look at these it's only 2 degrees in minneapolis, eight below ins, eight bow fargo. that's the air temperature andturend this core of cold air is going is goi ugh the central centr plains and then eventually by monday move into our we'll see some of the coldest of e coldest numbers that we've seen all season. the cold air has not quinsiednsied with any precipitation chances so far and that's going to be the case ahas we go nto theinto the first part of next week.nextee fox futurecast slowing thatlowi sunshine peeking through the tgh clouds this morning and we'll and w have a dry mild breezy day.. pretty nice.pretty nic you can see a couple of snowf showers well off the mountains theou of west virginia.irgi that's just about it though. arctic front comes throughes t later on this afternoon and itrnoon it will cloud up overnight, even e
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snow showers for for tomorrow.tomorr we definitely have flurries in the forecast for sunday. sunday is much colder.h col it's mainly dry but with the with passing of that front you see fro you the chance for snow showersor s just about everywhere. it might favor areas south and south a east as the storm moves alongng towards our south but eastern shore, southeast virginia,st v southern maryland, toohe charles county, yourn guys could guys see some of those snow showersse snow s the. little accumulation if aumulatio anything expected.anything here's the weekend forecasthe weekend for you. 51 today. mild and breezy.ezy. possible snow showers in yourw showers in you neighborhood on sunday.od onun best chance south and east off d.c. or in the mountains. look how much colder it getsuch coer i as we head towards martinds luther king day.ther three day weekend for some ofor som you. high of just 30. 29 is it for the high h temperature on tuesday.uesd this come with the sunshine,ome with t its sunny cold weather with weather high pressure in place notla bringing us any snowfalall least not quite yet.te then temperatures start totemperat moderate as we head towardsd towards the end of the week. friday a chance for snow. for we'll call for mostly cloudy skies right now, 41
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that's a look at your y seven-day forecast.seec now i'll send it back to t annie. >> thanks so much caitlin.nks muc the supreme court says itprcour will hear appeals to former virginia governor bob mcdonell's public corruptionru conviction.nvon mcdonell claims there's anlather overly broad definition of the word bribery.wo mcdonell and his wife werend his w convicted back in september of 2014 of doing favors fors fo wealthy businessman inbussma exchange for money and gifts. gif the case will be argued inn april and a decision isisio expected by the end june. j and vice president joe biden set to launch ann aggressive new initiative to find a cure for cancer. c it comes after he last his son h beau to the disease last year last y and says he's determined more than ever to wipe out a disease that's devastated soatev many people.e. biden adds he hopes the the initiative will encourage scientists to work together instead ofwo competing againsttinggainst each other. turning now to the raceg for the white house.noe wh following another debate the republican presidential candidates are back to the
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campaign trail this weekend. there are just a few weeks left to go before the firsthe votes are cast in iowa and new hampshire. fox's garrett tenney has the latest. la >> reporter: fresh off aep strong debate performance pfo donald trump fired up the trump fir crowd in iowa as state polls p have in a dead heat with ted cruz. cr they once enjoyed a friendlyy rivalry but that's turned sour t over the last few weeks asks as cruz's poll numbers have surged in the hawk eye state.te. >> nbc came up way headline hdlin trump way up cruz going >> reporter: cruz continues to face ocean yeses raised byse b trump about his eligible toe to become president. pre he was born in president.reside his smother an american citizen. the senator tried to shore upre up support in the first primaryry state. jeb bush who has been struggling received aneceived an endorsement from his one time rival senator lindsey graham gra who dropped out of the racef he last month due to low pollow numbers. >> first lindsey graham's a
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patriot. he loves this country.oves ts count you just heard it, how he spoke from his hurt about what's at stake here. what's at stake is our way of life. bush's one time protege marco rubio hammered away at away president obama's policy p rather than on his own goper tn on his rival. >> i think the bigger issue ishe the challenges before americaefame and the damage barack obamaagrack obama has done to this country andis country the damage hillary clintondamageilla will continue to do.willtinu >> reporter: on theter: democratic side, hillaryry clinton her chief rival bernie berni sanders and martin o'malley'mal will meet on the debate stageta in south carolina this sunday.s sunday. in washington i'm garrett g tenney, fox news.nney, >> it was a tough week on wallh weekn wa street as stocks marked their first -- or their worst firstor f two weeks of the year ever. the dow sunk 391 points you while the s & p slid about 42 abo and the nasdaq following suit suit tumbling 126 points. p experts say this volatility isolis to be expected after the fed t f hiked interest rates and following an e. coli outbreak e chipotle will close all alsoe al doors for a few hours next
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month to hold a company wide meeting to discuss food safety. safety. it's scheduled for february 8th and a spokesperson says the meetingrson will involve all staff inv all members.memb chipotle sales fell 30 percent 3perc last month after the food food poisoning outbreaks. obr wal-mart announced it wasedt pulling out of a deal to buildto two stores in the district theistr city may actually sue the megaa store.ste. wal-mart had agreed to build d.c. mayor muriel bowser saysiel er say while the city will try to to make wal-mart accountable forntable its actions wal-mart announcedounced it's closing nearly 270 stores stores worldwide. good news if you plan onod ns if flying this year. y chances are you'll get to youro y destination on time.atio tim more airlines are actually actua improving their on timetheir tim performance.rforma hawaiian airlines and deltand topped that list followed byt st alaska airlines united and american. flights are arriving on time.e. worst on time records can you from spirit and frontier.nt
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if you think you're> if getting a good deal on gas theod story will make you think twice about it.lltwice ab a gas station in houston texas tas offering gas for 99 cents a 9ce gallon earlier this week.arli the promotion only lasted foraste a few hours but had driversvers lining up. i would, too t less than an a year after two marylandar teenagers were killed in a violent car crash there's a new effort aimed at parents tot ai keep it from happening tong to others. we'll explain this coming up.. plus a tree house causingng a controversy in one d.c.. neighborhood. why some say it breaks cityit rules. time now is 7:19. we'll be right back.
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>> back now here at 7:22.k w he the tragic car crash that cha claimed the lives of two of tw montgomery county students last year has throwed newth efforts to crack down on undernd aged drinking. aged drinking. parents are the target here. h tom fitzgerald has more. has >> reporter: well, the goal here is a simple one.ime one. boost the penalty that parentsnay th will pay if they host a party where under aged drinking goes on.. this bill as it's currentlyre written here in the maryland m statehouse would not onlyy double the fines that parents would have to pay butter ito y bu would include jail time. t one year in prison for then fo first offense, two years in in prison for the second offense. offen >> i think it's a good idead ide because kids are still young yng and they don't make rashra decisions. >> the teenager kids they want to dri >> reporter: now this all stems from a june 2015 crash j
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that killed 18-year-old calvin-o calvi lee and alex murk after thehe teens had been at a partya p where alcohol was provided. a parent was at that house atat house at the time. the samuel ellis 19 years old faces five charges including ilu vehicular manslaughter. now the parent kenneth saltzman of north potomacac pleaded guilty to furnishingurnishing alcohol to minors. he made paid a maximum penaltyumen of $5,000 which is $2500 for00 f each count. c >> you have two 18-year-old 18-ar-o kids in the beginning of t lives there are gone.ves ther they're dead now and their parents and friends have to he live with this for the rest ofr the st o their life and it's not the at's way it's supposed to be.d to you are not supposed to burysed to bur your children.your your children bury you.n bury y >> reporter: delegate deleg frazier says he's not alone on on this. the majority of the montgomeryonom county delegation has signed onto the legislation.he he's hoping to get a hearinget a hea in the judiciary committee andtt a full vote before this house of delegates. del in annapolis at theth statehouse, tom fitzgeraldit fox5 local news.ews. >> in prince george's countyin there are mixedce reviews about
7:24 am
the county's new 911 dispatchtc system. the new system is known as automatic vehicle locator orocatorr avl firefighters say it's dysfunctional and not sendingdi the close of the units to fireitto fire and medical units.d mel un the county officials disputeia dis that claim saying the new gps system is designed to improvemp those response times and it's d i doing just that even taking tak into account things likeng like traffic lights and speed bumps anded b fire trucks may encounter.ount caitlin. caitlin. >> annie in the district arict a tree house is fueling a fueling neighborhood the structure is along an alley in historic capitoltoricapitol hills. neighbors say the own heree own her built it is invading public p property. fox5's tisha lewis has details. >> seriously, i'm sorry. >> reporter: ellen was short washort on words when we asked herer about this tree house shaped sha like a castle nestel in thestel in front yard of this southeasteast home. neighbors say if i can can you say owns the home but does not currently live there.tlhe the tree house is causingau commotion because the structure steeps onto publice st o
7:25 am
property.prop a neighbor claimed to matthewatthew mchugh. >> an inspector went out andut a confirmed that a portion of itonf was on public space and thepa and property owner was directed toireco come to our office to apply for a permit.ermi this will be the first tree tre house to the best of my knowledge that ever be hearde th by the public space committee. committee >> reporter: at the center the cente of the controversy the treeontr house is 20-inches hovering hoverin over this public alley way.eyay. the district says the tree te house's owners must apply for a permit to have their privateir property in public space.ce. >> the public space committeeace commit could approve the applicationpplication they could approve theould application with a condition. condition it could deny the applicationpplica or it could table thehe application pending furtherer information. informatn. >> and that was tisha lewis reporting.port all of this goes down on january 28th. the tree house owners reportedly did get a permit a per from the district but it was d is apparently the wrong one. wrong o it approved a balcony.alco that's also under review. annie..
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>> well, the district isist i taking action it hopes willes w reduce crime.ri d.c. mayor muriel bowser has bowser signed a new program into lawam that would i encourage businessgin and property owners in highnig crime areas to buy securityecurit cameras for their the program will providero rebates to anyone who buys b these cameras and you have toav register the cameras with the t police department and allow a officers to use these t surveillance video from those fro cameras to help identify ident people who may have committed crimes. cr well, still ahead thisl ah morning, a virginia community cni rallying to keep its schools sch safe. the one type of business itess i wants banned from popping upoppi near schools. schoo we have quite the treat inreat i studio this morning. the dance group step africa isfr in the find out how they're honoring honoring martin luther king jr. caitlin is it is a big days ago for aagfo certain d.c. resident isn'tent that right megan? meg >> reporter: that's rightr: thas r annie. annie. and in fact if you're looking you'rloo for something to do, we are ate are the national zoo.nal z bei bei the panda makes his
7:27 am
public debut today.ay details in just minutes. stay with us.
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look, i know you're a cow and all. and you may not know what i'm talking about, but, uh. the yogurt made from your milk, is delicious. mmmm, yoplait.
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>> ♪ >> all right, welcome back. time now 7:29. 43 degrees outside. noteg too too bad caitlin. >> some day we'll look at thatt shot. >> it will be awhile.t wie awh we should be grateful we'rele' not 4 degrees or so. >> absolutely. a >> and it is january afterbsisuary
7:30 am
a all. >> it is january and 4 degreesnd 4 is happening somewhere across the country.e cou >> yeah. >> but not in our neighborhood and the storm that cameor through last night only brought rain to the area. >> yeah, i kind of feel like we needed a little rain. >> it clears everything out.ears kind of starts you anew. annie, you're so positive. posiv i want to take you around aro every day of hi my life.y l you're always seeing theeein the silver the optimistic forecastorec outside today is we're going wre to get some sunshine and it'st' actually pretty mild thisil afternoon despite the facte th that we've got a cold front waiting in the wings. some scattered showers acrossed s the mountains.thmoun even some snow showers in s western pennsylvania and westest virginia but zooming in onn washington here the big storm b sto system is passed towards ourasse northeast. no more rain. no m just some cloudsor and even somen s localized fog to start you offta you early this morning. morni so visibilities are low inow some areas where we're seeingee the denser fog.dens two and a half mile visibilityisibilit in gaithersburg, half mile manassas, zero culpeper. cpepe if you're out on the roads this morning be careful ofng that. it is a little wet out there.ut it is hard to see in some s spots but that should give way
7:31 am
to clearing skies prettyretty rapidly this morning. 43 in washington, 399 gaithersburg, 39 martinsburg martinsbu 43 baltimore, 41 everyone is well above well freezing so all that rain thatai came through last night was nig just going to be rain for us, for u just rain for philadelphia andde new york and now even bostonos only seeing the rain with it.t. that pretty classic wintertime winte storm system passing offm sy towards our north and east. interior new england getngnd something snow but really theeay major coastal cities just rainies juai and yeah behind it we've got a we' got lot of sunshine as highes pressure builds in but there actual cold air doesn't arrivedoesn'r until tomorrow.l mor so, here's your holiday your weekend forecast.. hopefully most of you enjoyingou a third day off on monday. monda clearing and breezy b 51 degrees today on youresay o saturday. so still nice and mild.d. by tomorrow much, much colder col and with that cold air comingir cin through snow showers areowhowers a possible. most likely towards our south sou and east and in the mountains.ouai but anyone could see some snow se sn flurries tomorrow.flurries shouldn't see much accumulation though.ho high just 30 degrees on marl king day. it gets much colder.
7:32 am
your seven-day forecast stillor ahead.ahea annie. >> thanks caitlin.>> what weather bay toat w celebrate the weekend than with some cuteness overload.s ov are you in luck because beiecause b bei making his public debut at deb a the national zoo today and fox5's megan dice is checking things out for us.or u not too bad for your firstour rs weekend assignment right. >> reporter: i know.>> r this is a great stormy i'mtoy i'm excited to head on in there shortly. shtl the gates are opening just inenin a few minutes of course andes then at 9 o'clock the panda house will be opened. one now, since his birth in august he has largely been kept under wraps. this is bei bei the panda cub.ub. he of course could only be onl seen on the panda cam until unt today. da so, if you're looking forlook something to do, this is ato d good one. o bei bei means precious pcious treasure and was named by named first lady michelle obama and china's first lady. l if you'll remember he was bornheas b back in august. aug the panda is listed as an endangered species andered according to the world the w wildlife fund there are just over 1800 pandas in the wild.
7:33 am
now, bei bei turns five weeks five week old today and he makes four pandas at the zoo here he including his mom his dad his sister.ster now, the cub will be sent to china to live when he turns four years now, everyone is welcome today, like i said before, fore, the debut. the zoo is set to open at ope 8:00 a.m.8:.m the panda house will open att 9:00.00 those interested should enterhoul at the asia trail entrancee across from the visitor's center and make sure you sendake su us all those photos if you'reou head tout see the little guy.le tweet us at fox5 d.c. or onorn facebook.fabook now, when his sister bao baobao bao made her appearance a fewe a f years back about 5000 people,000 peopl came through these gates so ifat so if you're not going head out today, you can be sure to see s you will the pandemonium onni fox5 at 6 o'clock. o'clock we'll bring it to you ofg to course. for now live in northwest megan dice fox5 local news. n >> ♪ >> checking our other topckg our ot stories this morning, thethorni worst of a terrorist attack atttk a hotel and cafe in the tiny
7:34 am
african nation of back keen bk ke faso appears to be over.e o 22 others were killed and and nearly two dozen injured in the attack which began onn three al-qaeda linked attackers were killed afterilleaft military forces including ilu french and one american ameri soldier moved in to rescue the hostages. closer to home d.c. police are looking for a group of of teens caught on camera assaulting a convenience store a worker. c take a good look at your screen. police say the suspects beat bea the man after loitering in the in store and tried to steal to steal candy. surveillance video shows the man being punched and knocked he to the ground but at least seven suspects are in thepes are store.ste. later one teen used a baseballasal the victim had originallygina grabbed it to defend him defen several. police just released thist video but say the assaultss happened back on on december 29th. anyone who recognizes those r attackers in this video shouldho contact d.c. police.ol and we're learning more about the maryland man suspected of causing a deadly crash in landover earlier thislier thi week. meals say it appearspp 34-year-old juan sanchezeaold ju collided with another carith aer car
7:35 am
killing a springdale the crash caused a nine carin pileup on route 202.ou 2 several other people were alsoher injured. sanchez was arrested on thursday for a pending warrantng warrant involving a 2014dui but he has h since posted bond and is is a free man this morning. m spokesperson for the princerson george's county state's attorney's office explains whyice sanchez is a free man. m >> these cases, if you were to wer rush and charge the traffic offenses first someone could cou conceivably come into court cou take care of those charges andes then if the investigation werega to show that a more seriouser charge such as motor vehicle manslaughter or negligent homicide would be warranted, wou we would not be able to chargeo cha them with that if they had iey taken care of the trafficffic offenses because that would be considered double jeopardy. >> sanchez's family told fox5 fily that he suffers from epilepsypilepsy and was on his way to getet medicine at the time of thee ti of crash. it could take weeks or evenrve months before we know whatnow wha charges, if any, sanchez willwill face. face. and happening today a push to establish gun freesh gun
7:36 am
zones in it happened after a gun store s opened feats from an a elementary school in mclean m virginia. vi they want to show their support for proposal but the state assembly. assembl currently virginia law bans b the possession of guns on school grounds but does notroun stop a gun store from openingpeng next to a school. powerball fever may bewel fe over.ov the jackpot is back down to a measly $40 million. coming up if you're hoping to strike it rich next timech around find out how you can improve your betting odds.ti listen closely to this one. we'll be right back. [mother] yeah but this neighborhood,i feel like it's got a lot of what we were kinda talking about. the kitchen is light and bright,new. we should definitely go see it.
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[agent] hi...welcome i'm maggie.melanie.maggie. so nice to meet you. [mother] this is brendan. [agent] hey brendan. living room. [dad] hey. [mother] hey sweetie. [dad] sorry about that. what about this? this looks good. [brendan] no. [mother] isn't it so great?i think we found it. [agent] hey brendan,you might like this room. [announcer]redfin pays its agents based on your happiness... that's real estate, redefined.
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7:39 am
>> ♪ >> all right, welcome back.ig well, take a this lucky family are oullr nation's newest multi-million fairs am i.s i. so jealous. jealous. >> we all are.>> wall ar >> john and lisa robinson of tennessee stepped forward to forward t claim their prize and theythei decided to take the lump sum of $328 million instead of the annual payments over 30 years.ments ov the couple sayers they don't d plan to make any wildany purchases but they do want to wan pay off their daughter'saute student loans. good for them. >> i heard their story tooto t it's incredible. a frederick couple
7:40 am
katherine ricardo claiming cim their prize. she was going to throw her tow h tickets away until a coworker c told her a 1 million-dollarol ticket was sold at a wawa in frederick. they plan to establish a college fund buy a house andnd take a vacation.atio >> you have to splurge. have to splur >> they really have their planly havthei together don't they. >> responsibly, yes.nsibly yes that is wonderful. all right well, the story of sry o the powerball jackpot may be be over for now it captured the the nation. na it had many dreaming about a what they would do with all that cash. th cas >> fox's gerri willis has tipsliha to increase your odds ofou winning the next time youe you play. play. >> people from all parts ofe from the country scrambled to get to g their powerball tickets for for the recent $1.5 billion megalioneg jackpot. the odds of taking home theking top prize one in 292 million.ilon >> thank you and good luck. >> reporter: while millionsr: w failed to score a winning ticket dreams of how to spend s
7:41 am
that money still lingering for many. many. >> i would lots of money away a because i don't know what ido would do with that much money. >> pay off some bills and plandlan my retirement. >> give some to my parents. and pay off my student loans. loa >> i would give anyone i w 8 percent of it to charity i real wolf. real wol >> reporter: to increaseorte your chances of winning next time seven time floridalo lottery grand prize winner win richard lustig says don't uses don u quick pick.ick. >> every time you do you get aou get different set of numbers. n therefore your odds are alwaysyour o going to be at their worst.heir worst >> reporter: his lot lee luck lit also includes playo includ pla consistently, never change, your numbers go beyond birtheyond birth dates and anniversaries whenrsaries wh picking your digits and a understand your odds. >> buy as many tickets as youickes y can afford.ff and that's the key. k. what you can afford.ff don't spend grocery money. mon don't spend rent money.t m stay within your budget.our budget >> reporter: one in fiven americans believe winning theeve lottery is the only way theyayhe can build up their savings.avin
7:42 am
and 15 percent of millennialslenn say their retirement plan islan you guessed it winning thenghe lottery. in new yorlok gerri willis fox f business. >> all right. well, if you're still a bit b sleepy this morning we haves something that will certainly wilcer wake you up. oh, the dance group stepthe danc avenue today, they are in the house. they're going to perform for us in just a few minutes and found a out how they ared a honoring martin luther king jr. this >> ♪ ♪ >> super excited to see them.xcit >> we will be back after this. fter this.
7:43 am
7:44 am
7:45 am
>> ♪ >> all right.>> back now with our facebook fan of the day and today it is i i miss anisha harris. har >> good morning.. she says she wakes up and goes g to sleep with fox5.leep with f always on. and while she loves the wholes w gang, annie is her favorite. >> what. anisha dap to you.ou virtual dap. d >> she recently celebrated aebrad birthday. we hope it was great and ofas great and of course for everyone else foronse your chance to be tomorrow's tomorro fan leave a comment and a selfie below her photo. p that's on our facebook happy birthday to you. you wonderful picture right tre >> yes, that picture says like l come on y'all, get on my my level okay anisha you work it.
7:46 am
i love it. thank you.k you weather-wise you said it'sou s going to shape up to be a b pretty decent day.pret dec >> yeah, you wouldn't think so with the gloomy skies outsideut this morning but we should seeshou some sunshine, still kind ofll kind o on the mild side so not bad. b bei bei her arrival. >> let's not forget about theabou other panda, too, bao bao. b >> sometimes we take theometim cameras and we're in a windowless studio and it takest t me by surprise. there's the sunshine that ie nshi thought we would be waiting beaiti long are for but we got it.ot what a gorgeous gorgeousou that is an awesome start to awert the day.the da okay, so the rain that camet ca through last night you can seeouan that storm system way up intem waup i new england long gone, a g a couple of snow showers across a western pennsylvania and westnsnia virginia but clearly we have rid -- we've seen the cloudslo move out so we've got some g som nice sunshine in store for youreor y today. should be pretty mild, too.oo. it's already fairly mild. mil 43 degrees in washington rightashing now. up are 30's to low 40's. everyone well above freezing fez
7:47 am
and our whole area only saw rain from that storm system.stm syst pretty unusual for january 15th but i haven't heard too many complaints yet.many temperatures, though, across cough, acros the nation huge disparityispa because we are pretty mild asild we have been basically allal winter season and the central plains right south of canadaan where all the cold air is a locked up they're getting thegeg very cold temperatures rightempe now. only 2 degrees in minneapolisneapol eight below is the air temperature in fargo north fargo n dakota. that air mass is moving ourr way. we're going to get very cold by monday. futurecast sunshine sun beautiful looking afternoon aer especially for january.ry. hit 50 degrees, so just wonderful. that actual cold air will come c through late tonight. tig we'll cloud up and we couldcl even see some snow showerswers early tomorrow morning specifically south of s washington. actually a little clippere clipper system comes by and if you're by d if along the eastern shore ifref you are down east of richmond,icon charles county maryland, you you guys could see some pretty some pre decent snow showers that couldha c coat the ground just from that system towards our south soo anyone southeast of washington washington watch out for that.tch otherwise it's just some just s
7:48 am
flurries here. fl we do clear out by sunday s night and then the cold aird air comes rushing on in. in. it's high pressure meaning it will bring us sunshine but arctic high pressure and highressure temperatures monday, tuesday struggling to hit 30 degreesde so we are going to be very be v cold despite the sunshine. sin winter will be back but just b jus temperatures, no snow at leastnonow not quite yet.. 51 degrees for today. beautiful. skies clear, it's mild andr, it'ld a breezy west wind gusting tong 25 miles an hour at 39 tomorrow.omor much colder. ch sunday is very different is ve different because it's we'll have e some snow flurrieslu much. watch for snow to our south sth 39. very cold monday martin luther king day, high of just 30ly 30l it's breezy, too so windtoo so w chills all day in the 20's. ie 2 29 is it for the high on tuesday. tues we'll moderate a bit towardsit tar the end of the week watching ach chance for some snow.eno that's on friday.rida but that's still as much days out. so, we're watching but we're not confirming anything justing ju quite yet. we'll have more coming up in ae bit. that's your seven's y now let's go back to annie. >> thanks so much caitlin.aiin well sad news to pass on pass you to.
7:49 am
there's more sad news for singer celine dion. dio days after losing her husbandg ba to cancer her family says her ss brother is also battling the disease. her brother is reportedly battling throat tongue andt tongu brain cancer and likely hasncer a just days to live.iv he's currently being treated treat at a hospital in montreal. montrea on thursday celine's husband hband rene passed away at the age of age 73 after a year's long battle with cancer. cce very sad news. n certainly we pass along our alo very best. bt. meanwhile we are wakingakin you up to the steps of stepf ste africa. rica. take a look. l all right now. n thisologicalthis will definitely wake youou up.up. you don't want to miss why w they are in our studio. sdi work it. work i we'll be right back. patients across the country have spoken. they recently rated their care experience at over 3,500 hospitals nationwide in a survey conducted for the centers for
7:50 am
medicare and medicaid services. fewer than 6% received 5 stars. among them was cancer treatment centers of america in philadelphia. learn more at slash eastern. cancer treatment centers of america. care that never quits. appointments available now.
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7:52 am
>> welcome back. you are in for a treat this f morning. we've been teasing themor all a morning long and its it's it' finally time.ll >> we did see them going to gng break earlier. eli step africa joining us in the us in loft. as they get ready to honor martin luther king jr. thisr. this weekend. we >> we're excited.>> we're exc we've done things with you allou in the past. p >> yes.>> yes. >> you're such a big presenceig presence in the dmv. t for over 20 years you've been wowing crowds across the country. >> we are step africa based in d.c. and we have a big showve a big s coming up tomorrow at therow t strath more. m it's a showcase where we are
7:53 am
hosting six diverse step teams in the area. in t >> wow. when we say big we mean big, b that it's sold out y'all okay sold out but don't freton'tre because there is another showere coming up at the end of thef the month. >> that's correct. that's monday january 25th atry5t the malcolm x community centernity cen in southeast. it is free, open to the public. please go to our web site foror more information.ormati. >> mark your calendars nor day. we're looking at some video. veo >> yes. >> yes. >> caitlin and i we wanted to know -- we've seen stepping,pp we've seen the stepping teamsgea at football games and thingsnd thi like that but this is a real -- this goes back in i history and there's a deepera d meaning to this. >> yes it started in the early e 19 hundreds with historicallytorica african-american fraternitiesic fra and sore rots are and it's and i grown over the years so we'vee've taken stepping and we've beenng really innovative with it. we stepped with video and multimedia, with orchestrasrchest and jazz musicians so it's an harder form that's foreveror growing but it has a richich tradition rooted right here inro h the united states of america.tates of a >> what are the actual steps or the dance moves based on? ased
7:54 am
on? what would you -- how wouldhow wo you actually describe it?cribe >> well, it's usually based on our pride and our love for our organizations. so it starts out as something simple and develops with music dev and influences of military and marching bands and pop and p culture. >> it really gets the crowds cro going no matter where you >> very energetic. >> full disclosure when i waslo asu teenager i wanted to be on a a step team but i didn't have it in me. in me. dreams might come true today.trod maybe you'll teach me a few steps.steps. it's using your body as an you instrument. >> that's correct. >> and really creating hottho beats. >> that's correct. >> enough talking. let's see them do their thing. caitlin and i will step out ofp the way and take it away, guys. guys >> every time we do a show all the people want to know. the beats go like this. >> (clappingclapping and stomping).
7:55 am
7:56 am
>> get low. >> step africa is back. (applause). >> that was so >> i love this when you do d the -- [laughter] >> what is that, annie? >> okay, now, let me show you this one beat i learned in learned in high school 'cause i really rea
7:57 am
wanted to be on the team.eam. they taught me this one beat. ready. >> (clapping and stomping). stoin >> that's all i know.l i kno i brought it.t i i brought my game. okay thank you so much. that was great, guys. was >> yes, it was. yesit was >> i'm come to go that show in january. all right the one tomorrow isomorro sold not surprised there. they have been doing their dng t thing for over 20 years y'all in the dmv so thank you so much guys. so, the show once again comingom up at the malcolm x community cmu center right. >> that's correct.>> t >> the date. >> january 25th on a monday.y. >> mark your calendars. calen >> two opportunities.rtun >> that does it for us here at 7:00. bye. let's do another another >> one more. o >> o >> one move. mov >> okay. so first let's learn l attention. any time you hear me say attention bring your arms up up to your chest and say h uh-uh h. >> good annie.
7:58 am
7:59 am
8:00 am
>> welcome back on this saturday. it is 8 o'clock as we take we this beautiful live look outside. outside. >> gorgeous. g >> gorgeous. and the good news is caitlin n is bringings good news she's telling us it's going tos going be a pretty good day, right.y go >> it is. that's a beautiful shot off oftff i believe our tower cam. tower you can see the low level fog but then that blue sky above skybo
8:01 am >> as long as we see the sun.s we >> we will totally.otly >> welcome back i'm annie yu. >> and i'm caitlin roth.aitlin r let's get straight to thatt straight to check of our forecast for our saturday.tuay. improving every minute becausemi we had the rain lastnu night n heavy at times and that has has cleared out pretty remarkablyy remarkably overnight. you can see that massive colorsiv up in new england.n ne that's our storm system thatrm brought just rain to the just rain to philadelphia, newlphia, n york. now boston. you have to go way up into newin england to even see some snowow showers.ows. january 15th this came throughcame tou yesterday veryerda uncharacteristic the middle ofstic t winter you don't see any snownyno in our area but temperaturespetu were way too mild.wereay t we have cleared out.clead o we're just seeing someeein s mountain snow and rain showersn swers right now and we do have some s patchy fog out there a few a clouds but as you saw from our tower cam shot a lot ofhoa lo sunshine and we should seed partly sunny skies laterly sunny today. s visibilitys are low where we we have dense fog. d out at dulles down to an t a quarter mile visibility, sameity, sam in culpeper. culper. if you're about to head out onut the roads it might be a littlee a wet and you might have thickav thi
8:02 am
fog in your neighborhood.ighb temperatures very 41 inur baltimore.timore everyone well above freezing freez so aside from some mountain mount flurries this afternoonri really not going to see mesuchseeuc in terms of precipitation.pita. that's all long gone with theg go wit rain last lt ni what to expect for saturday? atury? sunshine and high pressure h p building back on through. tou that storm system well offwell towards our north and eastounort bringing rain to parts of newf england and possibly even affecting the football gametb g there tomorrow in foxboro but the actual cold air behind cold a this front is knotter arriving until tonight so sunday looksks much colder.der. 51 degrees for today, partlyay, partly cloudy skies, 39 tomorrow andes sunday, . sund snow showers are in the forecast. basically south of us is theh ofs is best chance to see some snow. s even down into the eastern eas shore maybe coating the roads t r but probably just flurriesust here in i.c still much much colder forolder f sunday. hey, the cold sticks around.ks aun we'll have that in yourl have seven-day forecast stillda ahead. annie.. >> ♪>> ♪ >> well, developing overnight orn three jihadist killed and 126 people have been freed after
8:03 am
extremist seized a hotel inurkina faso.kina fas 22 others were killed and neard and n two dozen others injured inured i this attack. route now it's unclear if more i mor people are still inside thatid hotel. this is the same group thate gro claimed responsibility for ansibilior a attack at a hotel in mali last mali last clear to killed 20 people. k the search continues thistinu morning for the remnants of two marine corps helicopter helic that is crashed off thecrashed off hawaiian island of oahu duringahdu a training mission.i the fate of the 12 crewf e 12 c members on board thosese helicopter center city stills is still unknown. new this morning, howardning county police say the peopleeopl that shot at a vehicle after vle a the driver was trying to ramam his car into officers ins ellicott city last night thatlast nig man was not injured. injed this happened in the 3100 3 block of fergus mill way. police arrived to the sceneo for report of a burglary.urar the suspect refused to guiltyil out of his car and drove and towards officers.towas officers.
8:04 am
its man is in custody andcustdy a could face charges.ce c secretary of state john joh kerry in vienna discussing the landmark iran nuclear deal i with the nation'ras foreigns ministry and the europeanopea union. leaders are waiting to hearai from the un as to whether iran has met those commitments under the agreement.r under the deal made in july of last year iran agreed to limit programs they could use tould us make nuclear weapons in return for an tend to sanctions.end d.c. police investigatingng alleged -- an alleged attackeged by a group of teens.ns this latest incident caught on caugh surveillance video at a convenience store.conv it shows the seven people of ppl interest coming and going fromngro mike's market on benning road. at one point, police say three t of the young men attempted toemed steal candy from the front counter. the group then leaves buten returns with other ls allegedly assaulting the clerk. he went to the hospital and says he needed eight stitchest st on his head.ead. and our area is beamingea with excitement today at theitem national zoo.oo. panda cub bei bei will make his first public debut it's aut it's very big day.ay. fox5's megan dice is theree ihere with more on how you can sayan
8:05 am
hello to bei bei and bao bao. megan, good morning.oo >> reporter: hey, goodor morning, annie and good morning to all of you. well, the gates are officially open.op. so this little guy has been has b kept largely under wraps onlyraps o to be seen on the panda cam panda until today.ti now, his name, bei bei, meansei precious treasure. treasure. he was named by first ladyad michelle obama and china'shina first lady. l if you'll remember he was born wasorn back in august and the panda pan in fact is listed as an endangered species. spe bei bei turns five months old. the cub will be sent to chinato c to live after he turns fourns fr years old. years ol now, everyone is welcome todaycome t for the debut.eb the gates are already the panda house will open at 9 o'clock. those interested should enterd at the asia trail entrancee, that's ac crass from the ac cr visitor's send center. c
8:06 am
you can tweet us at fox5 d.c. or on our facebook page.k p when his sister bao bao made b m her debut a few years back over 5,000 people comingple cong through these gates so ifes you're not going fight theot crowds then, you can g go ahead ahe and see it on fox5 at 6 o'clock all the pandemoniumande we'll have for you. megan dice fox5 local news. >> the infection with a mosquito born virus is a risk. i the cdc cautioned pregnanted pregn women not to travel to those tl to areas as this virus has beenas linked to serious birth defects. de the travel alert applies toli popular places like brazil bzi mexico and puerto rico.o also happening today, ang tay, push to establish gun free school zones in northernolones in nort virginia this comes after as co gun store opened just feetre opened from anju elementary school justchool ju last year in mclean. mcln. organizers of today's rallyay's rally
8:07 am
say they want to show their support for proposals by thesy state's general assembly thatemblha would let local governmentov establish a 1,000-foot safetyafet zone near schools in which gun g stores would be prohibited bybited law. currently virginia law bans the possession of guns onn school grounds but does notun stop a gun store from openingm oni next to a school.chl. and the supreme court announced yesterday it will yesterday it wi hear appeals to former virginia governor bob mcdonnell's public pub corruption conviction. justices will review lower l court rules that upheld hose convictions and mcdonnell mcd claims there's an overly broady br definition of the wordfinition bribery. o mcdonnell and his wife were convicted in september of wentr of went to 14 for doing favors for avo businessman in exchange forhange f money and gifts. the case will be argued inl be april and a decision isis expected by the end of june. meanwhile d.c. may sue may wal-mart after the companyny announced it was pulling outulling of a deal to o build two storesto east of the anacostia river.iaiv the major retailer also announced it's closing nearly nea 270 stores worldwide. world half of those are in the u.s..
8:08 am
wal-mart agreed to buildeed to b stores in d.c. at sky land mall and capitol gateway andeway and city leaders are not happy the retail sr backing out of the deal. >> we're going to look at alloingo lo of our legal options in options in regards to wal-mart's apparentt's apnt decision to pull out. o there is no doubt that thebt district of columbia reliedel upon the representations andio a the course of conduct withduct wit respect to wal-mart to proceed with the deal.eal. >> d.c. mayor muriel bowser says while the city will trylehe c the make wal-mart accountableccntable for its actions it will alsoo explore other options to fill fil that retail space.l s d.c. taking action incton in hopes to reduce crime.ri the mayor signed new programrogram into law that would encourage business or property owners iners i high crime areas to buy t security cameras.secuamer the program will providero rebates to anyone who buys theo buys cameras and you have to register them with the policehem department and allow officersnd
8:09 am
to use the surveillance video from the cameras to help avelp identify people who may have committed crimes. well, coming upming u presidential candidates hit candites the campaign trail.paig we have candidates that arendid neck and neck trying to swingg to swi more voters their way.otereir we'll have more on those pollsse p and the race to the white house. stay with us. we'll be right back. back.
8:10 am
8:11 am
>> welcome back. time now eight:11. police in oregon made theiron m t first arrest in connection to conne a standoff with an armed milled m shaft the armed group tookmeoup too over a federal wildlife wil
8:12 am
refugee for the past two weeks kenneth maiden back wasack wa arrested for unauthorizedut group of a government vehicle.t ehic the group is unhappy they unhappy can't use a county building to meet. dzhokhar tsarnaev's bidsarnaev's for a new trial was denied. d the judge ordered him to pay himpa the victims more than $100 million in restitution.ion in restitution however that order is seen as ord is symbolic since the 22-year-old2- is stillly in federal prisoneder and has no ability to pay.o p the 20's 13 attacks killed kil three people and injured morenjuredore than 200 others. meanwhile lawyers for billwh cosby's wife camillile are fight fighting a a judge's order for a deposition.epos the suit was filed by seven women who allege cosby cby sexually assaulted themaulted decades ago. now last month a judge ruled the marital disqualification rule doesn't apply to deposition testimony.timo camille's lawyers are appealing that and arguing the
8:13 am
rule prohibits spousal privilege.iveg after a bitter andbitter a bruising debate in charlestonn charl south carolina the 2016a the republican presidentialbl candidates are hitting thees areting the trail hard with just a fewl weeks to go until the first votes are cast in iowa and new in io hampshire.hamp garrett tenney has more on the campaign trail. >> we have to focus. f >> reporter: fresh off>> strong debate per rformance perform donald trump fired up the fed u crowd in iowa as polls have pls him in a dead heat with ted trump and cruz once enjoyed a friendly rivalry but that's turned sour out of the past few weeks as cruz's numberss have surged in the hawk eye state. ate. >> the poll headline trump way up cruz going down. >> reporter: cruz continueste to face quer:stions raised byse trump about his eligibility togibility t become president. he was born in canada though tug his mother is an americanca citizen.tizen. the texas senator stayed in south carolina to trtay to shoreo s up support in the first and fst the south primary state. meanwhile jeb bush who has been struggling to gain g
8:14 am
traction throughout thera primary season received ctaeivea endorsement from senator sat lindsey graham who dropped out who of the race last month due too low poll numbers.bers >> first, lindsey graham is a patriot.patr he loves his country. lov his just heard it how he spoke he spo from his heart about what's at stake here. take what's at stake is our way of life. >> reporter: bush's one times time protege senator marco rubio mco r spent most of his debate timeebat time hammering away at president obama's policies rather thans ra his rivals. hi >> the big issue is theheig i challenge before america ande fo the damage barack obama hask a done to this country and thentry a damage hillary clinton willilla continue to do. >> reporter: on the democratic side, hillary r clinton her chief rival bernie sanders and martin amy moletin amy mo will meet on the debate stageebatst this in washington i'm garrett gar tenney, fox news. >> president barack obama sitsde down with some ofnt youtube's yoube biggest stars to talk about t a everything from star wars tor wa chemistry and obama did not -- mr. obama did not hesitatee when thorn known as swazi onzi on his popular blogger youtube yoube
8:15 am
page asked him which star wars star wars character he would be immediate going with han solo. sol he was decisive on who would win a rat battle between drake betwe and kendrick lamar.endr here's what he had to sayhe hado about that. >> if drake and kendrick lamarendrick got in a rap battle who do you who do yo think would win. >> got to go with kendrick. i think drake is anink ake outstanding entertainer but kendrick his lyrics -- his last all bum was best album i think lasthink las yearly. >> all right, kendrick lamardrk recently visited presidented pre obama at the white house and w hou lamar is part of the white house's youth mentorships youtmentorsh initiative my brother'sve my ro keepers. so maybe that's why but both but are great artists. art >> it sounds like the president gave him a thorough t listen to his album, both of bot o them. them >> yes. >> all right, as for us, it's going to be a nice day. >> yeah. >> we are already seeing the sunshine come out behind the rain that fell last night. n >> yeah. >> so, good news in the s goo forecast. before we get to that here's tt he
8:16 am
something else to brighten upghten your saturday. oh, my gosh, three month old smile right there. that is beckett. he is three months old. and beckett's older brother old b bryce was actually our fox5 first last spring. spr >> family is double dipping.ou >> oh, yeah, but they'reut there probably just so cute.t i mean look at beckett. bec i'm sure bryce is just as cute as and we can't not have them onan't n have them our tv with a smile like that. like him and his brother also loveo watching fox5. beckett enjoys rolling overen and finding his feet.d findin he's three months old.ld you got to start with the basics. if you want your child to bent the next fox y5 first f please poster their picture right underneath beckett's. becke cute.c >> pleasure every day. love the hat. >> annie let's take itnnieet's outside. outside. satellite and radar shows theand storm system that brought the rain last night now long gone tt now long gon up into new england. eng probably bringing some rain some r rain showers -- just heavyt rain right now in boston but leftover rain showers for the f new england kansas city game. g playoff game later on thiser o afternoon so in foxboro fans
8:17 am
probably still going to be a gng to be a little bit wet as the gamehe starts. otherwise back home here ine backe washington we have reallyll started to clear out. ot. leftover showers in thehowe mountains so that's where we whe could see some rain and snowsee showers through the rest ofth the morning andro some fog early e today but that should burn off o as it already is starting toin following that we'll see a mix see a of sun and clouds thiss pretty mild, 43 in washington whi 41 in baltimore. baltimore up are 30's well abovelbove freezing all across its area area and pretty remarkable midble mid january the storm system that came through yesterday justterday rain for all of us. there is cold air out there o t but you got to go pretty fartty f back into the midwest yetidweet again. temperatures in the 20's andatur 30's. still above freezing in bostonovfree and in buffalo.uf 25 in chicago.hi here is the really cold stuff. s it is 0 degrees in the twin cities right now minneapolis,neapolis eight below, that's the airs temperature in fargo, 18 inargo, lincoln nebraska, 16 in 1 denver.denver really, really cold,. well, well below zero up in can dan then were you factor in thee yo winds these are those reallylly brutal wind chills showing up showing in the northern plains rightor
8:18 am
in fargo it feels like nearly nea 30 below zero, bismarck 23 below zero 16 in that whole air mass is moving eastward.eastwa we should start to get reallyd st chilly by monday. but first your fox futurecast furec shows we've got some sunshine sunsh today. the actual front with the coldnt w air comes in late tonight. tonig tomorrow morning.morrow m so we start off with cloudsoff w clo and even some snow showers. showe there's the system towards our south that looks like ifks lf you're along the eastern theaste shore, even southern maryland mar you could see those snowu co showers persist through tomorrow afternoon maybe get a quick coating on the road.tin the here's you remember forecast you for today. still warm, 51 degrees. at leastrm relatively warm.y w clearing skies mild and breezy. that's about to change prettytt quickly though. th. 39 with snow showers mainlyh towardsns our south sunday. sunny and cold for martin luther king day. we stay very cold especially tuesday. tuesday. temperatures slowly moderatees through the rest of the week. s the at'sre your seven-dayr n-da forecast. annie. >> thanks caitlin. following an e. coli outbreak chipotle will closehi
8:19 am
all of its doors for a fewew hours next month to hold a h companywide meeting to discuss food safety. the meeting is scheduled foring isfebruary the eighth and aighth d a spokesperson said the meeting mti will involve all staff staff members.membs. chipotle sales fell 30 percent 3 last month from the food foo poisoning outbreaks. outbr and good news if you planou p on flying this year. chances are you'll actually get to your destination on time. doesn't that sound wonderful.ul. the department ofpartment o transportation says moreays airlines are improving theirng t on time performance andce hawaiian airlines and deltand topped that list followed byt listollo alaska airlines united and american. am flights on the 13 largesthe 13 gest airlines are arriving on time.e. 83 percent of the time. of e now the worst on time records r come from budget airlines spirit and frontier.r. meanwhile ride sharing company uber using its driverr ing it application restrictions. in california the next timeext you hail a ride on uber the person who picks you up may u have a criminal history. uber says this is an effort tot align itself with california'sifor prop 47. the voter approved measureea passed some 2014 that t
8:20 am
redefines some nonviolent nonvi felonies as misdemeanors.mi now this is a way to give ia wa people a seconds chance but the reaction is mixed. mix >> you don't want to ride withe w somebody in the front has ant h criminal record. that's absolutely out of the question. question. for many kind of transportation buses taxes uber limos or anybody, this, is a bad rep for la n. l general. genera >> when someone comes out ofout of prison as society we expect that they are going to becomeg to bec contributing members ofngembe society and get back on the the straight and narrow and become b self-sufficient but how canfi you do that if you can't get a job? jo >> uber says it will continueys i to disqualify driversivers convicted of a felony or driving related more violent misdemeanor. misd coming up a new play is is hitting the stage at arena a stage to be exact.e exa we'll talk to one of the main characters of fleck which tells the story of a community dealing with america's industrial decline. time right now 8:20. we'll be right back.
8:21 am
8:22 am
8:23 am
>> ♪ >> welcome back. a new drama from pulitzer prize playwright sweat.weat joining us now is tony award nominee kimberly scott whott plays cynthia in the play. p good morning.good mor >> good morning annie.ood >> i love your hair. hai
8:24 am
>> thank you.. >> it says a lot about your personality. personalit i can tell. [laughter] >> so, tell us about this tel play. i mean it's sort of -- it's rt obviously a serious topic. my parents firsthand wentst through that recession.ugh that recsi it was a hard time for a lot a of people across the can country. coun this one specifically talkslly ta about one community int pennsylvania. >> yes, reading pennsylvania,a, which is -- one time wase ranked as the poorest city inity america and it went through a terrible time of recession and plant closings and, you know, k this play sums up some of the experiences of these people who went through working atorki these plants for so many yearsmany y and then all those jobs justob going away. ing >> right. i mean, this affected business owners down to the staff. so, what are some of the hard hitting issues that we'reissueshat going to be seeing on thiss play. >> it's not only just thenot only jus economic issues but it's mostly about the economic impact on friendship and alsoo how education and race has a has a
8:25 am
play in all of this. it's complicated and it'snd i emotional and you know i thinkhi that lynn's gift as a playwright is to tell a story without being you know, without there being villainsilla and good guys and for you f y being able to sympathize withe people you you may not necessarilyly agree with. >> and get that emotional connection. connection. >> absolutely. >> what has it been like for you, the audience regardinge regar the play. the play >> it's really -- i -- it - resonates for me because ime b grew up in a union householdouse and, you know, and i -- my-y father worked on the railroad rai for 30 years and one of thenef first thing i thrown read was the united transportationport union newsletter.ion nelet so, all of these issues we talk about in this play really r resonate for me and peoplend peo come to us after seeing theus after seeing play and talk about theirbout t personal experiences and it'ss
8:26 am
really really resonating forsonang for people on a very deep levelp l especially considering the fact that it really shows whatow the effects of the middle class shrinking and thehe deindustrialization of america, what that emotionalon impact is on us as a country. >> right.. now performance-wise you've you'v done a variety of plays andnd how is this different for youou though to step into this role? ro >> you know, cynthia is -- >> passionate. p >> very passionate.iona. she's a little sexier.ex >> hey, only live once, you only live livnc have fun. [laughter]aughter] >> you know, she -- there's -- there her husband is also locked outou of his plant so there's a lot of emotional things aroundngs that. so it affects theirt cts relationship and it affects my relationship with my son who
8:27 am
works at my plant.t m p so, it's not -- it's rather complicated and it's not onlyit's n o just the issues of thessue economic but there's also the interpersonal within thenaw family and within >> right. i have a feeling people areee going to be walkinlig away feeling inspired. ipi >> i think so. you know i there's -- peoplee have very different experiencent of it and i think they're they' going to have a feeling of knowing that they're beingre b heard. heard. >> yeah. >> i hope. >> you know, i real dollardollar believe that lynn has written the desk.e desk. salesman for our generation. it really speaks to a very particular experience of of people who worked for a long a l time at one place and that and experience is going away. it's narrowing greatly. so she's a brilliant bllia vertebrae louisiana write.ra >> sounds like a wonderfule like a wonderf play.ul i can't wait to see it.wa >> thank you. >> i hope all of you do asit>>s well.well.
8:28 am
it's playing now until u february the 21st at arena ana there's the info there. you can get your tickets at arena state st got until february plenty of time to take theo tak family there.mily there. thank you so much.ouc >> thank you.>>hank >> pleasure meeting you.asure >> come see us.>> >> yes okay. all right, well on monday mda we will be remembering the the life of dr. martin luther kingtherg jr. of course, his birthday was yesterday and a group of students in d.c. came together to reflect and honor his his famous speech. s we'll have that story comingry up next. of course caitlin will be back b with us as we take another anoth live look outside. it's shaping unto be a veryng unto be very beautiful a day 43 degrees, not too bad., not we'll be right back.
8:29 am
this is violet. she's been waiting for this moment for awhile. a moment other kids wouldn't think twice about. her first bowl of cheerios. because now that cheerios are gluten free, violet, and many others are enjoying their first bowl today.
8:30 am
8:31 am
>> 8:31. good saturday morning to everyone. beautiful start to the day all throw you can see that fog kind of blocking the sunshine. s it's so trying to peak through thr the clouds early this morning. this morni we will have some sunshine inomun the wake of all the rain that rain t fell last nht. heavy rain but just rain for rn the whole dmv and we have noweav cleared out a couple of rain r and snow showers acrossrscros western pennsylvania westvani w virginia.viinia here's the whole storm system that brought rain toat b philadelphia, to new york city, now to boston. b you have to go well into newl into york interior new england toengl pick up any of the snowfall.wfl. so an unusual winter storm in storm that as it moved through theit m northeast it brought mainly rain. but again zooming in on washington we're pretty clear. c we have patchy fog in some some spots.
8:32 am
that might hinder your ability h as you head out early thisint earlis morning. reagan national visibility down to one and three-quartershree-qua of a mile. m if you have a flight check ahead.ea that morning fog can delayel some departures and arrivals.iv we should see the fog burn off b very more sunshine through the rest of the day. temperatures still prettyrett mild. 42 in washington.n up are 30's, above fwareezing all of us and we should spenduld spe some time in the low 50's this afternoon.rn that front passed theresether brought the rain but the cold the air lagging a bit back towardsack our west. once it comes in sunday, it'sday, i here to stay.otay. it will be reinforced byorce b arctic high pressure on mondayre on and tuesday.uesday. sunny but cold.butold. the coldest air we've seen of seen the season so far, high, temperatures will struggle to hit 30 degrees both monday andy tuesday.tu so, really really colds.eay in advance of that here's your you holiday weekend forecast. for hopefully you're enjoying anjoyin three day weekend. wee clearing and breezy todayngnd b 51 degrees and still mild. a sti look how much colder by sunday 39 snow showers especially south and d.c. sunny and colder on monday,r on monda
8:33 am
just 30 degrees for a high a h temperature on martin luther o king day. that's yourki forecast. fec now we'll send it over too annie. >> thanks caitlin. tha one of the main stars ofof the national zoo t is making his public debut today. instead of seeing him on theg hi panda cam you can see him in person.on megan dice with more on me o megan's big day. meganbei bei's good day. good d >> reporter: good morning tote all of you.r: we are officially in and we're in line. that's right. so you got to beat us here. her but since his birth bei beithei has largely been under wrapsr wraps and you could only see him ond only s the pandaee cam. c now his name means preciousnsre treasure. he was named by first ladyy firs l michelle obama as well as china's first lady.ady. if you remember he was born back in now, bei bei turns five weeksur old today and he maknses fourou pandas at the zoo that that includes his mom his dad hisis sister and he will be sent toent china to live after he turnse t four years old.ld now everyone is welcome todayme t for the debut the zoo set to
8:34 am
open at 8 o'clock this morning, already a panda house opening in just ae enin few minutes at 9 o'clock. 9'c those interested should enterdnt the asia trail entrance across acr from the visitor's center. make sure you send us those t photos you can tweet us at cweet us at fox5 d.c. or facebook ifeb if you're heading to see this little guy today. now when bao bao his sisteris made his debut a few years ago 5,000 people came.eopleame. so let me take you over heree where the paparazzi is i standing for him. you want to get in line the line closes as early as 2 o'clock today to enable alle to enter because they're goingse to close that panda house att 4 o'clock so you want to maket tma sure get out here get in line if you're going to fight thosetoight crowds but look if you don't make it we'll be sure to sure t bring you all the pandemoniumum here tonight at 6 o'clock on on fox5. fox5 we're live in northwest megan dice fox5 local news. n >> all right megan thanks so thas much. well, yesterday would havest been martin luther king jr.'s 87therth birthday.iry. the civil rights leader was assassinated in 1968 and students from watkins watns
8:35 am
elementary school in d.c. d.c recite dr. king's "i have a"i hav dream" speech on the steps ofh on t the lincoln memorial. fox5 photo journalist chip ace was there and has the story.d has the >> i am happy to join with youith today in what will go down in d history as the greatest greest demonstration for freedom inio the history of our nation. >> 100 years later the negro was still languished in the corners of america's society. socie >> itwe have come to the names' capitol to cash a check.he >> marked insufficient funds. >> but we refuse to believeve that the bank of justice is bankrupt. >> so i've come to cash aome ash check. >> to remind america themeca fierce urgency of now.ce urgen >> now is the time to lift our nation from the quicksand of racial injustice to the solid rock of brotherhood. >> ♪>>♪ >> so the bright day ofe br d justice emerges. >> justice.>> >> but there is something i must say to my people.eo >> i have a dream. freedom. freedom. >> not be guilty of wrongful deeds.
8:36 am
>> i have a dream brotherhood.hood. >> we must rise from thee fr the physical for >> must not lead us to distrust of all white people w the. >> that their freedom is bound to our freedom. >> when will you be satisfied. y >> we can never be satisfied. >> we can never be satisfied.our r be sat >> no, no, wisefi are not are n satisfied. >> and we will not bee satisfied. >> a persecution inspired thecu winds of police brutality.utality. >> go back to alabama, go back to south carolina. col >> i have a dream that oneave day. >> we hold these truth to beld tse t self-evident that all men aree created equal. eal >> i a have a deem there one the day on the red hills of georgia sons of formers slaves and sons of former slaveormer owners will be able to sit wil down together at the table of brotherhood. >> i have a dream. i >> i have a dream. have a >> i have a dream. dre >> i have a dream.drea >> ♪ i have a dream. d >> i have a dream. >> i have a dream that onem thne day. y. >> with this face.h th fac >> with this face will be ablebl to transform the genuineui discourse of our nation toation beautiful brotherhood.otherhood. >> we will be able to work together to pray together to t struggle together to go too etto g
8:37 am
jail together. >> knowing that we will be tha free one day. d >> play country 'tis of thee sweet land of liberty of theee i sing.i si. >> from every mountainside letunta freedom ring. >> ♪♪ >> let freedom ring ♪ >> from the prodigious hillsgious hill of new hampshire. new hampshire. >> from the mighty mountainse mi of new york. y >> from the high in the h alleghenies of pennsylvania.ylvani >> from the snow capped rock many mountains of colorado.o >> curvaceous foot's offoot of california.rn >> let freedom ring fromm tennessee.esse >> from every hill and mowy hi hill of mississippi.ississip >> every >> every lam let.>> e >> every state and every city. >> jews and gentiles.en >> protestants and catholics will be able to join hands and han sing in the words. w >> of the old negro spiritual.piritual. >> free at last, free at last,as thank god almighty we are freeree at last. >> ♪ >> walking land in handng l through the promised land.d l i have a dream, i have a dream, brotherhood. ♪♪ >> all right, great stuff. sff
8:38 am
>> okay, well today we get a g sneak peek at what one d. restaurant is offering for restaurant week which is next week. the chef is going to whipoing something good for us here ins h the loft. stucksticker round to getstick around to get a taste. what you got there?
8:39 am
♪ ♪
8:40 am
>> ♪ >> welcome back. get ready to make your reservations. >> it's that time year again for you to go to a restaurantes and get a three course legalourse at a reduced price here in the
8:41 am
dmv. january 25th through 31st is1st restaurant week in d.c. >> that's right. participating restaurants are offering prefix lunches for $22 and dinners for $35.or $ more than 200 restaurants areurts participatingparticipate including some ine in maryland and virginia as wells so that's always a big >> such a big treat to be able to bbl to experience all thesee ll restaurants at an affordablee price. as mentioned in just a fewoned i weeks it will be restaurant restaurant week in d.c. fox5's lucky enough to see what nova kitchen and barnd b located on f street in northwest has to offer. >> and here in the loft thisere morning is the executive chefhe matt coon who has been hard athaen h work cooking up. it's smelling very seafoody. >> yes exactly. >> seafoody. i didn't want to say fishy.t toay >> so, this is a really exciting time for that you because at the restaurant thehe staff and you get to create rget to cre some really creative stuff for people to try.o >> exactly. we have a lot of people thatlot come to the restaurant during dur restaurant week we'll slow s case a lot of nice things one the menu some for a small
8:42 am
supplement. >> what did you bring in. >> nice pan roasted scallopssted scall with a lemon sauce roasted cauliflower with local tuna carpaci.. chili local beats as well w because they're in season.inson. cilantro and this is on the menu right now and it sellst really well. w >> fantastic. and i see that you'rei se heating up your pan there.e. >> yes. >> getting ready -- rea >> we're going zero off some s scallops for the entree.ntre nice fresh scallops clear,re sca nice no marks on >> is that was want to look wan for no marks. m >> yeah no, marks, they're notma t broken and they smell fresh not >> you go to the smell it.o i love scallops. scallops >> start with a medium hotm pan nice canola oil. >> okay. oka >> lie smoke point so it's notoint s's going to burn. >> better to use than al live oil. >> olive oil will burn yourill house down. >> when we're cooking fish andi stuff should we use canola wuse oil. l. >> yes, if you're going to
8:43 am
zero the fish really high.ea >> there makes sense. the mak >> get the pan hot. the h you'll see the oil move, it i turns translucent.cent. put the scallops down. d there we go. e >> how long do those sit there for? >> zero them two, threewo, three minutes on one side get theme getm nice and carmelized.armeze >> that's what searing is, you're just cooking the tophe layer. >> exactly on high heat. ht. we'll flip them over and baste them with butter and freshted fresh herbs. zero for two or three minutesr thre on one side nice and carmelized. >> how do you guys gear up forgu this time of year. >> this time of year we have a we have lot of staff at the restaurantes many we'll start prepping saturday and sunday for lunchnc and dinner that we do for do fo restaurant week. we have a lot of staff and wend w get a lot of support and stuff. st >> and what are you known for.knn f what are some of yourom y signature dishes. >> one is scallops and chilean chile sea bass is really popular. pul >> fantastic. did you guys add anything newdd for restaurant week? ant w >> we just -- a lot of thesehese were added in the past two pastw weeks. s. we want to slow case a lot ofa lot o new things and all these are the are
8:44 am menu is not some minimized.inimiz all the on trays are free foror all. portion sizes are all the samel he s size. >> that's good. g >> we don't skimp on anything.t sk >> if you're not a seafood person war that some otheromther dishes people can try. >> we have a new york strip. york st we have a really nice roastedoa pork loin. scallops obviously. we have a nice shellfish stu.hellfish s all those things are offeredthingsre o in a full portion. >> how are the scallops? we don't want to burn down theo ur loft. >> once they start carmelizingarme on the outside you knowno they're good.ey'reood. >> be careful chef.fu >> i know.l >> perfect amount of zero youf ze you want thereon. >> exactly. >> oh, ma and.nd >> those look good.hose >> okay. >> oka >> so, you'll continue to cooke to that. and then do we eventuallyvell incorporate the other. >> exactly. we make a nice lemon puree.ur winter citrus that is in is in season.on
8:45 am
>> are these turnips.nips >> these are white beats. >> it's a tough time of year yr because not many vegetables v are in season.eason. >> people think colors are boring but everything is pretty bright beats and cauliflower.ifwer. there's different colors of cauliflower you can buy to brighten up the plate for fall. >> those who are interested a i can they log onto your web w site and look at the menu. >> yes, at nopa. >> keep cooking that. kee >> coming up a hit show on foxit sho is making its way back to yourk toou screen. we're going the tell you whiche te one and when it's making at's ma come back. time now 8:45.ow we'll be right back.
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8:47 am
8:48 am
>> ♪ >> >> great news for "empire" fans. the golden globes nominatedinat series renewed for a third ahi season. fox made the big announcementt yesterday. "empire" has skyrocketed in ratings since its debut lastut l year. season two returns march 30th right here on fox5. f and fox's hit show prisonri break returning to the tthe network. series stars miller and and dominic will reprise their roles as brothers michael and lincoln.n. the original action drama dra prison break centered on a man determined to prove hisedo pr convicted brother's innocence innocen
8:49 am
and saves him from death rowom dea by hatching an elaborate plante to escape from prison. prin. the breakout success in its premiere season garnering gne golden globes nomination. glo the heart pounding thrillerg ri ended its run in may of 2009. 29. >> ♪ >> ♪ >> all right it's time now fors me n our facebook fan of the day d and this morning it is anisha harris. she says she wakes up goes tooe sleep to fox5.sleep ox5. thank you very much. and while she loves the whole t gang she says that i'm herer favorite. i feel really weird saying that or reading reading that.ding t >> i should have said that. sd t >> thank you annie.nn >> she also recentlylso celebrated a birthday.irthday. so happy birthday. b we hope it was a great one. gre o for your chance to bee to tomorrow's fan just leave a comment below and a selfieel below anisha's photo on ourn facebook page.ce pag looking great. happy birthday to you.hday t >> happy birthday.>> happy birth >> it's a good one.a go one >> fox5 favorite. >> all right so, a lot of aot rain last night annie butnn b clearing out looking at bettert bet weather for today.weat >> yes, that's good newsgood news
8:50 am
'cause we really need it. >> yeah.>>eah. honestly really nice saturday. sur we had megan dice down at thethe national zoo with bei bei. always flies to go to the zoo. not when it looks like that, a terrible camera shot to choose because you can't seee you can't se anything. >> is that going to burn off.burn >> it is going to burn off.ur you can kind of see from the see from the top left-hand corner the sunerhe sun trying to. i wish we could show everyone a better view of what itd looks i loo like outside but that is depicting the current weatherurre right now. we have some low lying fog inog some spots.po if you're about to head out bee careful. careful. roads are still wet. fog still thick in some spots. somspots we'll clear out as we got as w go through the next couple ofe nextoupl hours. so storm system that came s through last nightys now far off towards our northeast. just a very impressive coastal coast storm. what's not impressive is thatisha it's mid january and none ofon the big cities seeing anyg snow. nowhere in the dmv d we just j had rain same with philadelphia, new york and now, new york a boston heavy rain leftover ltove showers in foxboro for the newhe england and kansas city gameity g later this afternoon.on interior new england seeingngla some snow but that's about it.boutt.
8:51 am
everyone just well above freezing. back home here the rain ishe long gone. maybe some flurries in the mountains this morning. but we should see those cloudshose cloud give way to more sunshineun through today.oday 42 in washington, 41 gaithersburg, 37 out atburg, 37 dulles, it's 42 in i fredericksburg virginia right now. ly temperatures well above w freezing here in theere inhe midatlantic. but well, well below freezingreezin and in fact even below zero in zero i some spots in the northern the northern plains. eight below in fargo.lo zero in minneapolis.inneol that cold air is headed ourdeou way unfortunately.tute some sunshine today but withay but w the cold air can coming aan coming through we've got a systemm towards our south tomorrowth that looks to bring in snowow showers. so if you're south on 95 downn towards dale city and points south southern maryland anduthe the eastern shore watch forn e wa snow showers tomorrow t afternoon that could quicklyn at c coat the ground.coat the gro we're not looking at manylooking at m accumulations and probably only some flurries here ine washington. 51 today. tod still mild and breezy withezit those clearing skies.kies and then let's show you yourw you seven-day forecast real quick q show you this cold air coming 39 for tomorrow martin luthermart king day just 30.us30. sunny and cold, 29 on tuesday. tueay
8:52 am
temperatures moderate a little m bit as we headod through thehe rest of the week. annie. >> all right thanks so much. muc well we all know thathat trying to stay fit can be a big challenge.hall coming up we have tips on hown how you can have a successful fitness journey. we'll be right back.
8:53 am
8:54 am
>> so many people are starting the new year with a fitnessarith journey. sometimes it's hard to stay on track right annie. >> oh, i'm doing okay though so far. f joining us with ways to have
8:55 am
successful fitness journey the owner of fit body boot camp.ot c i don't like anything that t says boot camp.t c and you have muscles. boot camp plus muscles equals like, you know, severew, s workouts and i don't likeke that. that >> no, we're not too bad. b not too severe. 30 minutes, 37 minutes.inut >> that's not bad at all especially for moms on the go.oms >> what is a full body boot body boot camp workout. >> we work on legs, back, shoulders, core.lder c it's high intensity 30 37 3 3 minutes with nutrition.ut it's goal oriented. >> in my mind i always think cardio to burn the calories soburn i will stay on a treadmill oradll elliptical for 30, 35 minutes minut just going at a pace.a ce >> yeah. i doing myself a disservice.isserv >> no, need to work on yourork on your muscles and we work on whatk on w they call after burn effect so eect you got to realize when you utilize your muscles, that's mes what burns the fat. f cardio burns calories rightorie then and but when you use your muscle your
8:56 am
that burns the calories afteraloraf you stop working out. >> okay.>> o >> so we need to build those muscles. >> yes, definitely., defi >> it's also beneficial to getni the heart rate uenp and to be getting some cardio with the muscle building. i guessing. >> yeah, yeah, you get are heart rate way, way up. u you doing push-ups 32ndh-ups 32 straight or mountain climbers climb or burps your heart rate willrt rwill be through the roof. thrgh t >> we did there with our other our oer trainer. aine you brought two beautiful but ladies with simple equipment you can buy and do at home.t home >> yes exactly. exactly. >> tell us what exercisesl us you'll be showing us.ll >> they're going to d bo jump do jump rope right they have the sliders, they'llrs, ey be doing circles and i'm goingircles and i to be doin'mg what we call tightens or thrusters.hrus we'll simulate what we do in an a boot camp. boot camp. >> okay. >> all right. >> so, this is what you do atat the gym.thm. >> oh, yeah.>> o y >> when you lead this class.yo go for it.u f it. >> okay. ready? let's go.o. >> so we've got jump ropeum rop mountain climbers, we've got the -- what did you say thisyosay th was?s? >> thrusters. >> t >> yes. >> love that. >> all right.
8:57 am
so, all of these type te exercises, how long do you have everyone do, like it's high intensity. inten >> 20's seconds.>> 2s >> 20 seconds. secon switch them out. >> 20 seconds each. e whew. and you guys are not even not e smiling. what is up with that? you areat? y a not convincing me. me. >> ready, let's go. >> you're supposed to be smiling and having fun.g an that way i'll come. c >> i know. know. >> and these are just some som examples of different diffe exercises. >> yeah, very simple, stuff you can do at they house. house >> sure. you can do this at home, too.ome, t >> like on average how many how m calories would be burning if you did this for 20 secondsec each. each >> oh, throughout the whole segment it will be about 350 to 400 but when you stop it'syou stop it's going to be close to acle to a thousand. >> that's excellent because myecse my session i'm like 400 calories00 calor and i'm just like bored to death. >> no. >> we have to entertain ouverselves. >> you going get probably about 21 different setsfe probably about nine to 10 to different exercises during aexer session. >> thank you so much.nkou good luck to all of you.y. >> thank you ladies.hank >> thank you for join and us you this morning. mning rock on. >> bye everybody. >> we'll see you tomorrow
8:58 am
morning. >> thank you guys. >> all righty.
8:59 am
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