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tv   Fox 5 Morning News  FOX  January 26, 2016 7:00am-9:01am EST

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>> right now it's 7:00. more than two days aft mrizard of 2016 plenty of people still stuck in their homes. streets unplowed. sidewalks impasse sidewalks impassable and schools, businesses governments closed all morning we'll take out places we're telling about you in the great "fox5" dig-out. >> plus more concern this morning about slick roads with black ice. being the major issue. and metro is back up and running. still on a limited basis. details on how to navigate through the blizzard and aftermath. impact in a commute. it's coming up. >> outside a blizzard land the world moves on without us including race for white house and less than a week before iowa caucuses democratic candidates making pitches highlights and analysis of town hall meeting straight ahead.
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>> good tuesday morning to you i'm allison seymour. >> i'm steve chenevey. >> welcome to "fox 5 news morning". well the dig-out continues now for the nrizard of 2016 which pounded east coast leaving 4 people dead. here at home the federal government closed again today in d.c. as most schools and complete listle scoing on bottom of screen. in district mayor bowser says school in d.c. will reon tomorrow. many in suburbs though already closed tomorrow. d.c. city government offices are on today and noon the mayor is set to get another update on the blizzard cleanup. we'll strom that live on our web site rome around. right now in temple hills, maryland, bob barnard. >> bob is checking out streets and which neighborhoods are still in need of°ing out and bob i had somebody contact me on facebook they said i have anen interview tomorrow tell me temple hills will be cleared out good morning. >> hey good morning guys after we do this live report they'll come on out here. tell you what a beautiful sunrise and what you'll see
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here is awful. this is lime street in temple hills. it has not been touched. and we heard from twit are follower eye opener she lives around the korn. frankly if we went down there we would be wiped out. i asked her to come up heevrment she's on her way. 7:0 right here right now we have a gentleman named nathanal have a gentleman named nathanal. he came back at twelve hour shift d.c. snowplow driver put up hotel in city worked since friday got off 6 a.m. finally back to house for first time since mrizard and this is what you find where's your truck. >> hi to park on the corner and carve ot eye spot. i thought i could come in and get in any driveway now three days into the storm didn't work out that way. >> you've been clearing streets of washington three days and come home to find this i was kidding you didn't bring your plow home. >> didn't bring the plow home i would have cleared that out. streets in d.c. look betser than this.
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>> i would say what do you make this. you come home this is ridiculous. >> i've been living here 20 dwleerz is the first time i've seen them take this long to plow it ow. i don't know whats going on. >> further up you can get in there's ridges. you almost bottom out. there's ridges people are driven and probably a dozen homes nobody tried drive out. >> no tire track at all. >> probably smart movie. >> i think. >> if you go in you get stuck right away. >> what do you make it's heck of a snow what was it like moving snow had you to move in city. >> it was a bad snow. if you get on top of it right away before it gets hard because this turned to ice if you get ton right away it's still plowable that's what happened in city. >> my goodness nathaniel thanks you're back at it and maybe you have to come back tomorrow. guys somewhere down there eye opener at eye opener she's headed to us. we'll stick around. she told us to come out here. she has not made it up yet and
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i don't want to make it down to her. lime street temple hills not touched. >> don't caught yourself you have many neighborhoods to get to a wink we'll see you in a little while. he's ignoring me now. i hope he he gets to our hood. >> most train stations on running every twelve minutes however no service on silver line or orange line between vienna and boston. regular fares will number place regular fares will number place. meanwhile 79 of metro 91 bus routes run on severe snow plan. some of those stevie don't know how you get to them they're not clear at all. metro access resumes service beginning noon today. >> amtrak also inching closer to normal service today. trains operate on modified schedule with service north of district expected to be at least 80% however in virginia vre service is cancelled today while in maryland mark will offer limited service.
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>> if are you trying to fly this week things are slowly getting back to normal at airports but there's still delays and cancellations. reagan and dulles international airport both airports are only operating with one functional run way. you think your street bad? it's same at the airport. so if you have a slight be sure to check in with airline before you make the trip to the airport. >> taking a peak now picture of white house the sun is starting to come up and looks beautiful. >> sunshine today and warmer temperatures. right now 36. overnight deposit hit the freezing mark in washington. it helps a little bit. >> you know why it helps because a lot of people have to walk a distance to get to cars to get to work. >> i noticed yesterday part of that i was in street corners just like mountains of snow and then it's like one lane for people to walk by. >> be careful when you peak around that mountain to get clear. take your time. >> i guess everybody will be patient. it won't happen overnight. 36 washington. 40 annapolis. look at baltimore 24. 27 frederick.
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we have freezing rain advisory for extreme western maryland and that includes washington county. so friend in hagerstown you have freezing rain advisory. very very light. and not terribly concerned. you might ep count air sprinkle here early. what's happening cold front moving through later today and not a terribly strong one. it bring us clouds and perhaps a few sprinkles or light showers this afternoon. with daytime highs look at that well above freezing. 44 should feel good and that will help the snow melt. any time you talk about 20, 30 40" of snow won't go away overnight. >> no, i didn't even try to do my drive way or walk. >> i didn't either. >> the first couple days you survey it. >> right. >> you hope the foot tracks you make are enough. >> you also have had advantage of having somewhere else to stay you have not gotten there. >> feekz need get in own out of
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their house. >> i shoveled out and i'm sore from him. >> erin cuomo has been out traversing as well. >> i will tell you things are really bad on some secondarys and we're seeing big delays picking up on a lot of interstates because snow removal crews are out and lanes blocked and we are dealing with way more typical morning commute. 295 northbound ipt mit ept lane closures. same story by eastern. 295 northbound dealing with big delays. let's look live outside we'll show you look at 50. 50 inbound maryland really heavy traffic now moving slowly across two lanes as you approach the beltway. all lanes on 50 look to be clear now. aside from that 66 eastbound rub by backed up by nutly because of snow removal. 395 crash by pentagon blocking right lane and some lanes blocked king street basic any beltway up you deal with heavy traffic as you head past king street at this location.
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let's switch it back to maps now. aside from that other slow aside from that other slow-moving flask laurel sky fox on way to this location a water main break fourth and monday rose avenue an a lot of water flooding intersection avoi it causes very very dangerous conditions for roads. snow removal taking place in montgomery country as well icc after 370 270 big delays after falls road blocked. through lanes back up as well. trying to get those plowed. busy tuesday morning. give yourself extra time. silver and orange line afek bid third rail damage now. shuttle bussing and very and a, fairfax east falls, closed service picks up boston to new carlton. metro operating on severe schedule vre no service and mark on adjusted schedule as well. that's traffic. lots to talk about. back to you guys. >> thank you so much erin coming up more fallout this morning following investigation into planned parenthood. >> and manhunt continues for
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innature california that escaped. why officials think they had phelps inside. help from the inside look, i know you're a cow and all. and you may not know what i'm talking about, but, uh. the yogurt made from your milk, is delicious. mmmm, yoplait. >> bob barnard is throughout now.
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we know it. hopefully people can be patient for another day and this will not drag out the entire week. three democratic presidential candidates gathering in iowa to address voteers one last time before monday's caucuses. hillary clinton and martin o'maley former maryland governor one by one took to stage to answer questions from audience. nationwide poll shows clin nonlead 52% sanders 38% and o'malzahnly 2%. on the republican side candidates gather thursday for a debate before iowa. donald trump says he may not thereby he's not sure he'll attend because it will be co-hosted by fox news and moderated by megan kelly. tell sli not fair to him. fox news responded even if trump is president he has to learn he doesn't get to pick the journalists. . a houston grand jury indicted the group behind planned parenthood videos and jury was investigating graphic videos aling planned parenthood was
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selling fetal issue they found no wrong doing by planned parenthood and invite indicted activists from the center for medical progress for felony tampering with a medical record tampering with a medical record. first time anyone in the group is charged since videos released. manhunt continues for three prisoners who escaped from orange county california jail. security experts say the three inmates likely pulled off the daring plan with help of jail staffer. inmates vanished early friday after sawing through a metal game crawling through plumbing tunnels and shim writing down a rope raid in bed linens. >> a lot of people still ♪in this morning. >> we head to montgomery country to check side roads next.
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look, i know you're a cow and all. and you may not know what i'm talking about, but, uh. the yogurt made from your milk, is delicious. mmmm, yoplait.
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>> welcome back. live welcome at temple hills, maryland right there. bob barnard is there and he was waiting on a person who had contacted him about the bad conditions and i put money on the fact that is probably the family going to meet him. >> i think he found them what's going on sglob that was the family i saw coming out of here the hardy family she's eye opener on twitter janine hardy is name. you hooked us up last night because of what we've seen this morning here. lime street. what do you make of this we saw
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your family having to walk out of that to get to school and what have you. >> truly ridiculous. every time snows they never seem to take care of us here in temple hills. my child has missed work and husband missed work and even though like government and stuff is shut i go to private school i have to go to school vaep to have my kids walk up through that you snow because nobody dime plow i even sent them requests to let's them know that you know my mother-in-law goes to dialysis and everything and nobody still has not gotten back to me we running out of food, everything. >> how are you doing where are you on to today. >> i'm off to my grandma's house. >> are you and your dad mr. >> are you and your dad mr. hardy you have workd yes, sir. >> and so you'll be popped getting work stroing walk through this. >> absolute. >> i what do you make of this >> it's a travesty. i think they at least should have came down once or twice to help assistance to see
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everybody can get out. people might have emergencies or need to get medicine or something like that. >> absolutely and further up lime street people have driven it it is not plowed there are two ridges for fires you can bottom out if you don't have an suv. nobody tried you deposit attempt. >> we didn't attempt no, sir no, sir not at all. >> we talked to nathan an a d.c. driver came them to this after a plowing shift have you tried reach out to county. >> i reached out country on sunday i reached out to county yesterday i sent them request i even you know told them you know we are trying to get out. even if they come down one time it could help us a little bit get up the street. but no response at all. >> thanks for hitting us up. the hash tag is "fox5" dig-out hardy family off to school and grandma's and work. you tell us if you have a situation like this and we'll dlom as well.
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lime street temple hills as you're saying neglected once again. >> once again. >> thanks for coming up out. >> look this way. >> can i give a shout-out to my -- hardy. >> your grandmother. >> yes he's coming to you henrietta. >> and team dh. >> we have a lot of people we have not seen in a few days right we've been ♪in. >> who do you want to say hi to. >> i want to say hi to. >> everyone at fox news. >> you can say hi to steve and allison say hi steve and alley sglon hi steph and alley sglon awe. >> sorry. >> no ! >> thank you guys. >> straichker danger. >> yeah. >> stinker danger. >> just one family. just one family story. lot of folks dealing with the same situation trying to get to places they have not been in days. >> i was on main city streets
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today and it goes from two lanes to one all of a sudden out of nowhere. most cruz working. and i was able to get to their side street off 16th. very easily. >> i found d.c. clearer than virginia. i have not been to all parts of the city but the main roads are clear. >> let's go for a tour. >> he never wants to spend time with me tucker. >> spend such quality time together. >> 36 in washington and yeah it's cold cross the country and in particular out to west looks like we have 18 there. >> your favorite international falls it's a heat wave. >> not bad actually. >> and we're getting warm today. >> bottom line cloudy with shower or sprinkle this afternoon and mid 40s.
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warmer temperatures to look forward to to this afternoon and notice next 7 days daytime highs above preezing and we get there above the weekend. that will -- we with move this stuff so much but let mother nature do it. >> next story. >> slide ago cross the dmv. >> we were trying not to get too head of ourselves. >> if you walk you need boots or something for water. it will start to pool the melting snow. >> just a heads up there. lot of big puddles soon. >> go shopping. >> will you take tucker shopping for boots. >> i would love to take tucker. >> can we pick out ties and other stuff. >> let's start with boots you don't like my ties. >> i like your ties. why do you have to turn it negative. >> ties, shirts suits boots socks. >> why don't you receipts pe and allison take a walk to friendship heights from the station. >> i love that. >> it's on maybe we can bring a camera and have you do a fashion show. steve wants to come too it's a
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group trip. >> i think one at a time is good. >> allison get ready physician a day. >> we're going to store up here after the show. >> i love everything about this. >> shopping retail therapy is great after we're dealing with all this bad traffic today as we try to get out of town. 395 you're completely backed up 395 you're completely backed up. lanes blocked for know removal king street. delays and crash that moved to shoulder out by pentagon and really heavy slow moving traffic at folks make their way to district for work. 66 eastbound side nutly and snow removal crews out at that location traffic real backed up past 123 pain sense de tuesday morning ride. 50 inbound side looking better than we saw earlier parked for mile. slow moving traffic as you head to beltway now look at maps and we'll show what you else you are up against this morning. slow moving traffic 295 both dreks southbound after eastern and northbound after beping and snow plows there's snow plows there as well. bob barnard showed you
7:21 am
secondarys, trouble spots in the neighborhood. keep to "fox 5 news morning" we want to help you make your way out of this blizzard-like weather.
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>> welcome back. looking at the area looks kind of pretty now. i guess not the first thing that comes to your mind if you're stuck inside. >> all right. >> can't get out but it's pretty around the dmv. >> i was out walking a round it
7:24 am
was absolutely beautiful and you start to think i have to get out of my drive way. >> and go back to work. >> and in montgomery koptsy cries are work around the clock to clear out piles of snow and many residents waiting on plows to show up. >> here's melanie waiting on us to say good morning and good morning to you mel. >> good morning, yes. so look i think folks that live here on norton drive in silver spring probably don't think this is pretty at all. i think they're pretty much over. it i took a little walk down here this is norton drive. this say street. it goes around and this is how people who live back in this neighborhood have to get out. because the main streets are looking good. we come here from george jorming aavenue and georgia avenue looks great we're on icc and no problems there. i mean there's roads where you have to go to blocked lanes because of snow removal operations but plows will not help you here. this is kind of situation where you're going to need this removal. you can see how hard this -- it
7:25 am
looks like there's tracks here where folks are you try to get groceries or any sort supplies you need you have to walk it and drag it you need sleds in order to get back into your homes here. and so you can see where some people definitely are freingt raitd and allison i snow how you feel. because this starts to really wear on you and especially when you see sgripcy and neighborhoods and of course it doesn't help when you see crews saying the roads are looking good. and any number of reasons it happens because of contractor who was supposed to clear this part of neighborhood 345eub didn't show up or equipment broke down. and anything else the plan is constantly moving and changing and fluctuating and so there's any number of reasons why a
7:26 am
particular road gets cleared and one doesn't and unfortunately you're in a situation his plows will not do taken you bring in the heavy removal equipment. we found this street like bob barnard found his. and don't forget you can call our desk as well. we'll do the same thing sort of helping you guys out. one other thing we're short on time i know we're seeing a lot of people standing out there for buses and ride on buses work opening montgomery country and also metro bus and they're big snow piles and it's very dangerous. we've seen a lot of people standing almost right in middle of georgia avenue waiting to catch the bus please if you're drive around watch for watch for pedestrians. >> 7:26 let's stay on the roads and look at the big picture. >> 7:26 plows out blocking lanes on interstates. try to get snow that drifted to lanes cleared.
7:27 am
a lot more people headed to work this morning and federal offices are closed and so we're seeing a lot of delays yet we had a lot of lane closures and not the plays we're seeing now. 395 slow at king street and lanes blocked by snow plows and earlier crash at pentagon as we make the way out from the belt way to 14 street bridge give yourself plenty of extra time. there you can see now the traffic is back up term rarely out of service for that one and 66 right now plows still blocking rains and shoulders 66 by nutly street and backed up all the way to 123. we'll take a closer look at metro options and public transportation next. but again as melanie said use caution watch for pedestrians as well. back to you guys. >> all right. erin coming up counsel countdown to iowa. >> less than a week to go before the caucuses presidential candidates spent time des moines pas
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>> we need bold changes anded b political revolution.ti enducaring symbol our country is not bashed wire fence. f it is the statue of liberty.erty. >> the other side is not talking issues. they're talking insults. >> democratic presidentialsi
7:31 am
candidates facing off before theacin iowa caucuses.iowaaucu last night's event wasn't debateeb the audience was able to ask to some tough joining us now with fox5 political reporter ronicaa cleary. >> good morning.>> >> good morning. g >> in iowa hillary clinton withcl a six-point lead over bernie berni sander. anything last night to changet nito that for either candidate. >> i think so. format was excellent and itt really brought home the ideae the ide that i think one of the flaws ofla o debates is that you need morere than 90 seconds to convey your you thoughts on complex topics. top candidates were able to do that. tha including martin o'malley whoalley w didn't get much of a chance toofnc speak in the last debate.e. so i do actually think if peoplee were watching this town hall town could have changed some minds orr gotten undecided voters to maketoak up their minds. >> what were some of the keye of the key points and issues that kama kam joss. >> it wasn't an he can change an because this was not a dough bait and each candidate was on o stage. they got their own amount ofwn amot time on stage but one thing youhing y couldn't help but notice bernie sanders -- senator sander has a sander
7:32 am
chance to really address anddre a issue that he's had with hillaryar clinton's vote for the war in iraq.iraq hillary responded to that whenha w she had her time on stage.n sta i want to take a listen. >> the truth is that the most significant votes and issuetes regarding foreign policy that we have seen in this country in modern history was the vote on theot the war in iraq.. okay. that's the fact. i voted against the war in iraq i and if you go to my websitete listen to the speech that i gave when i i was in the house inse i 2002 saying yeah it's easesas city get rid of a dictator liketoli saddam hussein but there's goinghere's to be political vacuum.uu there will be instability and ittabi gives me no pleasure to tell you t much of what i feared in fact happened. hillary clinton voted for theor the war in iraq.. >> i have a much longer historyry than one vote which i've saidch i've s was a mistake.aista because of the way that that wast done and how the bush
7:33 am
administration handled it.t but i think the american publicc has seen me exerciseing judgment j in a lot of other ways. >> one of the key issues froms from hillary clinton also from bernieber sander. what about martin owe mally? e mal he's been so far behind these the other two this entire campaign. campaig did he have a chance to finally f speak out?ea >> he did, and in the last debate o'malley really feltt like he was just fighting to gethting to g a word inform he didn't get that t opportunity to have those those moments that politicians just 35 for where they can really bringay b home their message and inspirere people to vote. v o'malley had one of thosese opportunities last night whenhe the moderator chris cuomo saidmo s to them, what are you going to goi do, who would you tell yourelou caucus goers to vote -- to go for, go with if they can't goan with you? you got to hear whatea he said. >> i tell my people told strong.trg i know this is a tough fight but but i've always been drawn to aawn to tough fight. tough fight i believe that toughness in thess in t fight is the way hidden god hasn god h
7:34 am
of telling us we're actually fighting for something worthet saving. our country is worth saving, theavin t american dream is worth saving sav and this planet is worth saving. america needs new leadership and i need the o'malley supporters supporter out there on caucus night tohto hold strong and move forwarde fwa like iowa does. >> bernie sanders still with theith t overwhelming lead when it comes c to new hampshire.psre in the big picture hillaryture clinton with the lead now.wi if you look at the average of the af the polls right now that leadd was 27 points about six weeks six weeks ago down to 15 right now.. so things are changing becauseingau this was in the a debate it debe i seemed to me like it was just a j lot of attacking the republicanub party last night.ight. not maybe so much the other mucthe candidate. does that help or hurt in this hi situation? situatio >> i think it's a greathink i strategy.ra the candidates really have ann interesting comradery and we seend that when the republican debatesn d go on as well. and i think that's importantmpor politics are so divisive rightig now. w that when you start attackingart attacki within the party in a way that'shat' really aggressive and meann spirited i think it can be c b hurtful to the whole process. pcess >> but yet somebody still needs s to stand out to get the party's
7:35 am
nomination. so does that help if you're notp if you're attack the other person can youcan still get your points acrosss where you get separation >> that's a good point.t's a go i think they definitely stillni took the student to bring home hom their points. you saw that with the sandersanrs hillary exchange whether peopleereo decide to overlook the fact shet said she made mistake in thatha vote, whether people want to goanto g with senator sanders because hersause said he knew what he believed from the t i mean it's up to the voters tos to decide. they had the chance to bring home their points and their t ideas yesterday in a veryin a constructive way. i think it was well w wel >> all right. of course gop debate coming upte c later this week. week. we'll find out more from that side then. 7:35 right now. now ronica thank you.nk check in with tucker barnes. barne he's been the man of the weekend weekend, the week, so far the week,o fa month of january, tuck. >> steve -- - >> flattered. >> what's going on? wha >> yeah. i must do this though. >> ahh. >> ahh. >> you call it and i mean it and mea helps when you know it's coming. comin you just get what you need to doee t and stay indoors if you can. >> yeah.>> yh. i mean obviously we didn't -- didn't that's not forecast we want towan t get right but it was -- yeah. beautiful when it was falling. fli
7:36 am
>> i'm sorry it ever doubted youbted y and tried to rebuke the storm.he storm >> it's okay.ka you're welcome to point in pnt i whatever direction you want.ecou i encourage that kind of thing.hi we got freezing rain advisory advor that's been expanded a littled a bit. i want to mention this northern norther montgomery county and howardry cy an county and up in washingtonhi county frederick county you guysuy under a freezing rain advisory a until 11:00 o'clock this:00 olock morning. we've had light sprinkles movingkles through. very very light. but the issue is, temperaturespera north and west are below freezing and that's causings csi freezing rain out so just heads up there. t freezing rain advisory north andy n a west. 36 now at reagan national.ationa dulles 36. bwi marshall 24.4. north and west we are again a below freezing.rein there's that very light sprinklekl and shower aivit i mean it's just trace amounts amo and then out to the west we got couple light showers in westrs virginia. vi that's going to move in later l this afternoon.. so i'm not sure even enough toug t warrant an umbrella but i'ma b giving a heads up we got a got couple sprinkles later todayer t with this cold high temperatures in the mid 40s.40
7:37 am
the seven day looks rather sunny sunny and rather temperatureempetu optimistic.mist i'll have that for in you just aator i couple of minutes. minut erin is back with roads and it it sounds like,/people trying toe get back to work.rk >> that's right tuck carry lot of traffic and we have metro we ha updates. i'll get out of the way. station status for you. shut softs orange west faultsfa and east falls church shuttle shu buses service picks up between boston new carrollton.llton new alert on the green linein single tracking at mount vernon square. square. all fares are back to normal fur norl taking metro unlike yesterday yesrd where service was free. 295 snow removal police lettinget us know that we're seeing slow downs 295 southbound betweenun eastern avenue and polk streetoltr because of that.becaof t they're reducing their speeds atpes that location asking drivers ton take their time. te. northbound side by benning roadng as well. crews are working hard to get g those roads cleared out of the way. we do have police activity righty r now inbound pennsylvania avenuevaniavenue near minnesota avenue. anue. you're going to need watch outat for 95 northbound slow traffic tra
7:38 am
through lorton as usual.. 66 eastbound out by nutleyley street slow into the beltwayeltway because of earlier plow at thathat location trying to clear theg clear t traffic and laurel a water main main break fourth street and montroseontr avenue. because of that, we're asking to ain steer clear of that intersectionerct causing slick wet conditions.wet coion and then snow removal as wellell lingering blocking some lanes ones o the icc at 370. 270 southbound local lanesbounloca affected after falls r it's just a morning to leaveoea early and real he willea w anticipate slow ride in if you're heading back to work. to wor that's your traffic.ic back to you guys.. coming up want to cancel a monthly subscription? a new n website hopes to help.o h >> also late this morning theni the gender gap in heart attacks.hearatta how the difference between sexes beten s can lead to difference in care. ai ♪ again! again! again! again?
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welcome back fox5 newslcom morning on tuesday.rn taxi cab commissionaireioir upstated that $15 snow emergencymeen fee to the metered fair.ed f no word on when it may bee lifted. li we had reported on it then itt tn was gone now it's back. b you need to know that beforehat bef hopping in a cab.ab taxi riders in maryland anders ar virginia can also expect a snoww fee. e. however a little less anywhere from two to five extra bucks.ucks depending on where you are.ou a >> road conditions are stillre sll impacting public transportation in d.c. d.c. circumstance later will be limbed to three routes service will be provided duringuring daylight hours only from 8:00ro8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. unlessnl conditions warrant an earlier
7:42 am
time. here the routes.tes georgetown union station, ridley, dl park to adams morgan and mcpherson square and potomac avenue to sky land. >> several d.c. public schoolsoo will once help those who need food. 10 schools across the districte disic opening their doors from 10:00 a.m. until noon to offer free breakfast and lunch.un full list of schools is on our website mayor bowser says so far thear district has given out over 500 5 meals to those who need them.he coming up a new websiteeweb wants to help you better trackte t all the subscriptions that yout y pay for many we'll explain how it works.. >> leaving you with this livehis look outside at the white house. hse it's tuesday morning.sdayorni another look at weather andea traffic next. here in vineland, home of progresso, we love all kinds of chicken soups... t just one kind of chicken. white breast meat chicken every time. so if you're not going to make your own chicken soup tonight, do what we do...make it progresso. look at this sweet face. so sweet.
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>> welcome back. we've got very light rain that's rainhat' been falling to the north andno west. we. that's been causing icinging icg issues.issu. iceing a concern across thea ncer region this morning with theith very deep snow pack we have outweave there. just be extra cautious.auti obviously probably telling youablyelli what you already but there you go.t there yo so icing this morningsor particularly north and west north w temperatures were able to getere ab below freezing not terribly cold col this morning in the city. arthritic degrees.riticeg annapolis 40. an leonardtown 41.n 4 fredericksburg 40 degrees.0 ees so that's a good sign. and later this afternoon i thinkon everybody should be well abovelbove freezing and probably in the midy in t 40s here locally. lal so we'll get a chance to melt a mel little more of that snow today.. honestly the trend over the nextver the couple of days to keep the t temperatures each afternoon wellfton above freezing each day we'll do
7:46 am
do little better. bte there's that batch of freezing of freezing rain we've been watching moveeetchi through. weather service a few minutesin ago expanded the freezing raingai advisory to include montgomery and howard counties.s. frederick county as well. asell. keep that in mine.ine. there could be an in addition to addio the iceing we have with all thehe snow pack additional even if theven if t roads been cleared you mightou mht encounter north to the and westes early forest of us just raint later today.ter it will be very, very, very light. ght. i guarantee this does not have aotav lot of energy with it and bring bring us a little bit of light rainht r shower activity as it comes on on through.throh. future cast put it in motion mio there not much happening beforepeni bef 5:00 a few sprinkles there'seshe your light shower near chesterr town across the bay. bay and that's about it. i so later tonight cooler airle will work in and there might be t m a few wintry snowflakes to theto south and east early tomorrow torrow morning but again this is allagn th minor stuff. we're not looking at anyg at any potential snow accumulationsulio anything like that any time soon soon. this map i have no idea what idehat it's doing here. oh, no, i'm sorry i do know whatno this map is doing here. doing h
7:47 am
this is another -- i'm trying to show you again what's happening hpe with that light mix early mix tomorrow morning and a couple of a cple snow flurries off to our north our north and west. again we're talking about verying t ver very light stuff around hered her early tomorrow. t there's your seven day. sevenay. 44 today. today we'll keep it above freezing torein night in the city right aroundt aro freezing everywhere else. so could be refreezeing on paveedav surfaces later tonight. 39 tomorrow. notice that seven day featuringeatung temperatures right around 50 byund 50 the end of the weekend i think i t early next week we could be wellld be into the 50s.0s so we'll get a little bit of ae biof mid winter break here as we get w into the first couple days ofays of february that should help withp w the snow melt.el that is the weather update. erin iwes back with roads whichds w are challenging.hallengi >> very challenging tucker.leg tu i'm worried with that mix comingom in tomorrow morning therorning challenge may continue throughti the week. so we'll keep a close eye on cye o that for you this is 66 i 6 eastbound nutley we've been seeing sloweeg slow conditions here all morning.ning snowplows are out there tryingre t to get the lanes cleared soed s traffic can move just fine.ustin but right now you're backed upd from before 123 all the way to way t the beltway. you can see conditions are notditis
7:48 am
ar so great right now.reatight take it slow. slow. factor in lot of extra time as extra t you head out for work this t morning.g. we'll check in with our maps witr ma because we have some other slow o downs other things you need togs you need to be aware of.beware 295 is all backed up in bothnot directions because of snowplows snowplo taking out lanes. lanes that is out by eastern avenue ase a well as benning and between areaa of polk street and southeastouth right now as we take look police activity inbound pennsylvaniayl avenue near minnesota and justt please use caution take it slowaution tak on your secondaries in thend district.ri we're seeing a lot of snowy oowy conditions.nd let me get to the other side the sid of the screen.. green line stalled singleline stall tracking right now mount vernon square.. 53 vienna done loring west and wt a east falls church those stations on the orange line are closedlod right now. they are offering a shuttle service. se they were dealing with a third trd rail issue and because of that from boston and new car toll tonon service picks up watch out forch o f delays much operating on a a modified weekday schedule allule a other lines silver line rightin r now is not operating.perang all other lines should beneould b running about every 12 minutes. mut we'll keep updated and train t service marc dealing withh
7:49 am
adjusted schedule.chedul no vre service today.ay metro bus and ride on bus with modified schedules for this for t winter weather, as they detouretou around the secondaries thathat still need plow work we'll keep updated any questions queio at erin fox5 d.c. back to you. y. >> thanks erin.hanks eri it's tuesday. it's tuesd we have our first tuesdayay talkers. >> all right. >> all first up paying to stop they're multiple businesses thatusinesses that you can pay to help you cancel your gym membership, comcast service other difficult difficu subscriptions to cancel. >> let's get the details fromm sarah fraser she's in to talko t about it hey fraser. >> high, guys. guy how you doing in the snow.n th sno >> i'm doing fine. i live in arlington, things weregs wer good. wasn't too bad. >> good. >> no off roads.>> but it's been a mess.'s b >> all right. aig >> the company is called trimlled t and for $5 they will stay on thetay on line and cancel your comcastom that tricky gym membership youhiyo know you sign up for month ioron don't weren't to keep paying $50ay a month.a h. >> right. >> they'll cancel all of those.cel would you pay $5 to have someoneom do that. >> would are they doing that'snghat'
7:50 am
saving us time energy orrgy o effort. >> time. that's it. sometimes you can be on theyo on the phone forever with comcast. ccast >> right. >> i didn't realize this audioudio books.bos. apparently once you subscribe toubsc audio books services they can bes they c very very difficult to get out g of. of. >> really? >> yes. >> okay. >> these guys will hang on the line for you. line fou >> are those the guys who the actually do it. >> $5 a service. ser >> yes. yes >> okay. here's the website.he website so trim -- tm >> we make the call to the cable theab company and then they're like ae third party on the call or cl o something. >> you don't have to. you send trim your d comcastom account number or whoever whatever service you want toto cancel, and you go i want to be wt done with this. wit here's how long i was with it. wit i here's the contract, boom theyoo take care of rest. rest. >> if i give them $5 will theyillhe pay my bill for me? that would thawo be great service.. >> sometimes though whenugh,n you're on you have to sort ofort o prove that you're you. that have they sort of bypassedsed all those steps so they're --hey're they can actually speak for us. u >> that's great question.uestion so in some cases you have to y provide them with moreemit information perhaps like aperhli credit card, the last four lur digits of that credit card thatard
7:51 am
t you used for the account. accnt but a lot of people are turning to this, because, you know you can spend two hours on the phone phone. >> busy people.>> >> two hours it's worth it. if it takes me as muc ih time toime t give me my information as itormation a would be to be on the phone i'mho not going to do it. to do it. >> if it's like a gym membershipm you have to be like, hey, i'mbe going to l stop and then -- >> what's the reason you'reeaso you stopping?ng >> is it something we did.e >> is this too much?>> >> is it me? is it >> you know we can get i was w free we'll get you one session with a wit free trainer.. >> wow you've been involved in a lot of those.. >> the awkwardness i would lean would l to do it. to otherwise i think it's you got to kind of do it yourself. y make sure it's's de. >> $5 seems reasonable, though.sonabl tho >> $5 is reasonable. >> get on board with that. it is about your any way there's want to look look for. >> all right.>> >> what else we got. >> so the ceo of marriott arniet are soreson come out and said stoptop celebrating people who brag who brag about not getting that muchtti sleep. sl in fact marriott is doing big doi overhaul you'll see this year in yr lot of their hotels to kind ofin soundproof things, help youelp y
7:52 am
sleep better.p bette some people have a problem withroblemit this because they don't really then't re want a hotel company tellingny t them how to sleep. >> right. >> what you should be doing.ou how you should be but i think this was is great article begun point. because i used to celebrateo ceb people that didn't sleep all the'tep time. i was very envious of someoneom who goes i only need five hoursfive hou of sleep.ofep >> how do you feel now?feel now? >> now i can get eight hours.ours i can get nine hours every night night. >> i don't know what that's like. k i haven't done that years. >> for me the celebrate is like like, you're lucky because you got to g t keep doing stuff and you're pushing it staying up too so that was it i guess it was it w celebrating >> i remember seeing an articleg an article or story years ago with john joh gruden jay's brother when he was coaching in tampa he said ate sd most he got five hours sleepours every night. i was like you would you think you t hour you can get done.eton after living that into now forto n years no. >> you can get by but it's as a terrible life when you do.. >> you need your sleep.. honestly in a hotel that's stillll i'm sorry whatever people wanthatever people wan to do in hotels that's my tt's
7:53 am
primary thing if i'm hotel i'mel paying for sleep. sleep. i want hotel that will cater tol te the best sleep conditions. cdi >> you'll want this then.l marriott doing a big overhaul.aul >> i think as long as they don'they don say it in a judgmental way thenay it's cool.. flip. we've gost the best sleephe bt s conditions on your business trip or your time away get all thell sleep you can as opposed to --sed t >> shaming you.mi >> shaming you. >> >> i'm down with the shame.n th the >> i agree. agree. >> speaking of shame doing we o have time for one more.ime >> you know it. >> this is really interesting. interesting. take the oath will be trendingre on hash tag a guy who lost 115 pounds writes a lot for the huffing and post has dumb out withers do you mean asking you people they will sign an agreement they will not fat shame or judge overweight people much it's a very interestingeresting pledge. i love the idea. a lot of people are saying, looking, f we don't acknowledge that many relative, a sibling or friend is overweight, we're actuallye' a encouraging them to be unhealthy unhealthy. what do you think because this is get something backlash. >> i feel like you're preaching preac to the choir. t
7:54 am
those who would sign it won fatt won shame in the first place. t if you want to speak to somebodyoomeb in your life close to you you're y not going to do it in ani a insulting or judgmental waynt then go ahead don it. i i donnk one has anything any to do with the gloucester ihe g agree with you 100% allison. >> what?hat? >> what are all these pledges p get stored. gestored in one central database. this is not like the house taking roll call votes. vot you have pledges and pledges and pledges for that second it makes m people feel good.l g are people sticking to them? wem? w don't know.n't >> i agree with al. i if you have the personality aersonali you'll treat people fairly fai you're going to do it no mattert n what.what >> exactly.xa that will be interesting thatesti should be trending this month ass a the campaign kicked off oned off huffington post. >> congrats for losingos 115 pounds. >> the article was great. was g. >> get inspiration from that andraon from th pay that one forward.or so other people get inspired if if there's somebody who struggled struggled with that.wihat. >> i will also basically say itay i does get a dialogue going. gng so maybe you're thinking, okayg, o maybe you think again is thiss t fat shaming i'm trying to dog to something. somethin don't do it on social media.t on
7:55 am
how about just that?st tha >> yeah. >> i promise not to talk about a anybody about their weight on the wei social media. >> i think it's helpful. it's lpful. when i was much overweight andt and you guys have seen my storyry i've done it on fox. f >> first of all -- fst of al >> you didn't think i was thatashat overweight. ov >> i was lot heavier than i amhan a now. >> there were people in my lifey that said -- asking me, hey me,ey what's going o you've gained a lot of weight.ei is everything okay? i think i that's a fine line because i actual appreciated that. it's kind of your wake up call cal sometimes. so it's in the delivery in the way you say it.u it >> in the delivery. del and the method of delivery.. don't do it on social media.led >> don't tweet.'t twe >> what do you think about it? let us know.leus k >> and sarah as well. >> 7:55. we can still find you on twitter twitter. >> at hay fras.>> you got it. yo we'll check in i believe withn bel tucker barnes right now because bau i see him peering over sarah's s shoulder. >> do you have anything to add any tucker. >> absolutely nothing.tu aolutel >> okay. >> is that bad?>> >> no i. >> okay.>> oy. (laughter).(laur) >> sometimes i just don't have an opinion. an opi all gloats to the forecast.o e fo
7:56 am
we got temperatures in the 30she0s here in washington. 36 degrees. 36 dulles. 24bwi marshall.arsh there's a freezing rain and and advisory north and west.nd issue or two with little bit ofittl o light freezing rain across partsoss p of montgomery and howard county frederick county washington whi county in maryland just keept k that mind you might encounter a quick slick spot very very lighty l but that's been a bit of anitf a issue this morning.this. out to the west got additional addit rain showers with a cold frontd fro and that will get in here laterat so there will be a few scattered sca showers daytime high for hig tuesday. tuesday. 44 degrees. that will help with the snow w melt. more traffic right now with erinit erin and we've got a lot of cars ands a not as much pavement what'st wt' happening, erin. >> 7:56 right.ig skyfox is laurel over a water main break we'll get to that inhat i just a first you're taking a look 66 right now all jammed up from 123 fro to the beltway. snow removal crews out there working hard and we are seeingee some slow downs. here's that look at sky fox sky f right now. right n you can see the water main break bre caused some wet conditions on the road that is fourth streeth s
7:57 am
at the intersection of mop rosee so please steer clear of that. detour around it.round we'll help you out as we outs continue that's your traffic. >> erin, thank you very much.nk y we appreciate it.we a >> coming up 8:00 o'clock newclk new research on heart attacks. attks how they differ in men and women women. women. plus, why living near a wholefoods or trader joe's makeses your home value a little more appetizeing. pun intended. ♪ ♪ ♪
7:58 am
7:59 am
8:00 am
♪ >> this is fox5 news morningsor right now 8:00 as we show you sw what's going on in parts of of northwest d.c. we continue toonnu clean up from the blizzard of 2016.16. cabin fever turning into cabinrning into ca rage for many of us who areho are still literally snowed in. your sidewalk, your driveway mayriway be cleared thanks to your ownourwn work but a plow hasn't been onee o your street yet. yet. we understand your frustration.stti thanks for being with us on this thi tuesday morning.y mor it's january 26, 2016 i'm am sonam seymour.seymour. >> i'm steve chenevey.heney. federal government is once againin closed today.od as are most schools.t sools there's no doubt why. so many roads are still not s clear enough. >> that is why we're trying to tryin t cover the trouble spots this thi morning for you. you you're sounding off using the hash tag fox5 dig out.igut let's start our coverage rightage r here at 8:00 with fox buy fossesuy fse bob barnard live in temple templ hills, maryland. bob, good morning. good m >> reporter: hey, good morningi to you allison.. after our report at
8:01 am
7:00 o'clock, we heard from gentleman named todd sparks hed to called us and said, hey alsoe a here in temple hills broad water street broad water court have hav not been plowed. pwe here's mr. sparks. s good morning. good >> good morning. >> reporter: this is broad water street.wa he lives down the street ande stre a around the corner, and obviously it's been this way since the blizzard, and it doesn't looksn loo anybody has driven this, is thats, is th the case?e c >> no, sir. o, no, i've actually tried reaching outching o to the county and public works as well to no prevail. >> reporter: wow.>> r as we look down the street heretree you can -- you walked up a foot path. path in other people's steps but no but cars driven out here so it'st's really -- you live way aroundy a the corner.the you're stuck.yo you work in baltimore.n baltore >> yes. yes actually work on baltimorealti street down in baltimore city. cit >> reporter: you can't get't get there.ere. everybody else is kind of stuck.s nd o some people have walk out. out you said you tried and haven'taven't gotten a response.ponse what have you been doing to kill t k the time?e? >> well, actually my wife and i i
8:02 am
who we just recently got marriedried last october october of last year, we have been looking at ang a lot of netflix eating and mostt importantly unfortunately for me honey do lists you know, honey h can you take care of this, hahn this, h 93 can you do that? i prefer to pre be at work myself.el >> reporter:. repor (laughter).(laugh this is supposed to be the honeymoon mr. sparks.pas. (laughter).(laugh that's kind of what it is. kin w you're kind of trapped so you have no idea when they'llhen the get to your street?tr >> no.>>o. actually i don't. d't once again i tried reaching outching to them. the their website is down as well,el and now when i do call, all iall,ll get is a busy signal. sig >> reporter: all right. r this is one of many.ofan we've been hearing from lot of folks todd sparks thanks -- tnks walked on out here to meet us. us. some cars have driven right here rht h so it's kind of clear here butar then you hit a wall and there a t are dozens of home on broad bro water street turn left on broad b water court where mr. sparksr. spark lives and you guys have been b hitting us up. you've been calling us and usingnd u the hash tag fox5 dig out.. and it seems guys, here in theinhe
8:03 am
temple hills area and also forto r washington getting a lot ofng aot reports from fort washington wasng that seems to have been b neglected to this point. poi hopefully until will change, but there are a lot of people like l todd sparks here who just can'tust c get to where they need to go ando go it is already now tuesday thesday t week is moving along.g a the roads -- main roads are roa clear but lot of are peoplere ppl trapped in their neighborhoodsir n still. >> no doubt about it bob.t ab seeing it all across the region. rio we heard from people in princen pr george's county wonder wagon theder county is doing it. i we reached out to county executive bra sheared baker. baker we're reaching out and trying to ting get help to the neighborhoodso the neighb who need it the most.t. major roads prince george'se' county seemed to be one of the jurisdictions out in front ofs out in front of this and the roads were clearelear pretty quickly.ckly i'm hoping the neighborhoodseigh like that start to see some of the same attention becauseec that's dangerous to drive in. >> literally thousands of miles ofil of road in every county.verynt so just keep that in mine as youe as wait for the plow to get to your tou neighbor. we're trying to stay ahead of
8:04 am
this. this. hit us up with the hash tag fox5g f dig out if your neighborhood isood is particularly bad and we'll see bad a what we can do to get you some y s help. in the meantime heads up forhead metro riders. most train stations back open and running every 12 minute.g ev no service on the silver line orve line o the orange line between vienna v and boston the above ground partd part in have a v regular fairs willlar fas wil be in place. meanwhile 79 of metro's 91 bus routes will run on a severe snow plan.plan. metro access will resume service ser beginning at noon today.g at noon t amtrak is also inchingng closer to normal service today. trains will operate on a a modified schedule with serviceh service north of the district.trt expected to be at least 80%.. however in virginia vre servicece is canceled today. tay and in maryland, marc will offerer limited service.ervice. meanwhile it is slow and tedw t steady progress at airports.irr things slowly getting back to normal still many delays any de cancellations at reagan and dulles international bothtial both airports operating with one ifh one you know al ow al ru so if you have a flight be suree s to check with your airlineirli before heading to the airport.
8:05 am
today four smithsonian museumsan meu are opening aft being closedng cse since the national museum of natural history the national air andl air space museum, the american artcaar museum and the national portraitortr gallery will be open today. however the national mall and and memorial parks will remain closed. closed. the stairs of the lincoln ande lioln jefferson memorials also still sti closed today. very slippery.verylipp >> getting better though. b >> out thereet. >> we had maybe, what, 250 kids 2 k from louisiana in our hotel forel the weekend?ke >> right right.ight >> snow bound. bnd (laughter). >> i feel badly for them because they probably didn't get to see to much. >> they were having good time.avin >> oh, they were having a great time. >> with their friends.ith th >> hotel party. >> hotel par >> but you know in the nation'sw in capitol you want to get out andnd see the >> true. tru >> get to museums and monuments.onuments. i'm glad they're starting tore s reopen. all right. live shot, and i'm sure thate t scene has been repeated over and o over and over again across thehe region. regi >> it's miserable.t's miserable. let's be mon test when the the wheels start to spin it's a sit
8:06 am
miserable feeling. fli >> tough. it's tough when it's really coldea and everything is really likelly l icy and then it gets tough again when the snow gets really soft rll because everything -- you canhi-- you get the traction on >> a lot of slush out thereush today with the melting snow andting snow the warmer temperatures.s >> make sure you got your boots got your boot on when you head out along the t sidewalks because they're ally' going to be wet.goin all right. all throats temperatures.atmp 38 now in washington.ashng we are above freezing.bove fez dulles 37. bwi marshall 24.arsh haven't had an issue or twouer two north and west with a little bit of just a splash of freezing fez rain but that's all it takes.. frederick county howard county,co montgomery county washingtonasto county under a freezing rainezinn advisory until 11 a.m. not hereer locally and you can see thathat little patch of pink passing offassi to our north and to our east. o e we're concerned with light rainht rain showers out to the west in westwest virginia. we'll probably have sprinkle orine o light shower around here later today. toda i'll have more on that forecastec but we're concerned about ad about a storm thursday and friday thatriy t does not lock it will happen. happen. close call that should remainain out to sea and we'll havell h temperatures around 50 aroundd 50 here by the weekend. weend so mostly a good news forecast fec
8:07 am
and temperatures are abovere a freezing every afternoon.ftnoon >> very good. >> very good. >> that helps.>> >> thanks tuck.>> check in with erin get a lookoo what's happening out on theutn roads. road big picture the macro transportation this morning.orning >> we're dealing with some metro m delays even though service though trying to get back to normall orange line shut link vienna and done loring west and east fallsls church.urch station there is not running rning right now but again shuttlegainhutt service available and then metro service picks up from boston tooston t new carrollton so be prepare forrepare f those delays. delays. single tracking on the yelloww line at mount vernon square ase well as the green line at mountt mou vernon square.quar so watch for delays.s it's a modified schedule.oded metro running on the other lines l every 12 minutes.12 min silver line right now notow not operating.opat aside from that let's see if wes see i can forward our maps.forward our map i want to show i was train was t metro service again silver line suspended.en marc adjusted schedule to v.. e service as well as ride onid service and metro bus service. also, on detours and delays so d make sure you check in if urif uri lying on public transportationnsportat to get to work today. tod aside from snow removal causing cau
8:08 am
delays in and out of the diss out of the diss trek all morning. bw parkway northbound at 202 the 2 right lane is blocked. bcked water side drive remains shutains s down between massachusetts andsachetts rock creek it's really icy out there so tre they don't anticipate reopening rpe it until about saturday. surda then gw parkway northbound out o by spout run is blocked as well w for snow removal. roval we'll keep up it dad. 66 inbound by nutley reallyyea slow. back to you >> still to come why actressme whyress vergara is taking legaling l action against a beaut tow company. >> how living near a wholefoodslefo or trade joe's affects your you home's those stories and more when we we're back in just one minute.e minute.
8:09 am
♪ new information thisformatthis morning. shedding light on theding lig differences between hearts attacks and men and in women.omen according to the american heart association, heart attacks in in women have different causes and a difference symptoms.
8:10 am
both genders experience chesternce pain but women often have vagueag symptoms like nausea, jaw andw an back pain as a result there are are symptoms often go misdiagnosedagd or under treated and it could be be the difference between life andween l death. >> turns much turn out actressrn o act sofia vergara beauty doesn't come cheap. cheap she's suing a skin care companye compa for using a photo of her without w her permission.erio she received a skin tighteningin massage from venus concept backpt bac in 2014. she posted a picture of herselferse receiving the treatment ong the treatmen social media.. the company then used that photoho on its website. host 53 garr rah did not like l the procedure and the could could photo is an untrue endorsementlyly 43-year-old is demanding thats in they remove it and pay $15 million. a lot of things play a factor in in your home's value. >> dunk living near wholefoodsod or trader joe's makes yourour home's value little bit more appetizing? according toccding zillow, homes within a mile of either store saw their value rise twice as much as the
8:11 am
national median price between 1997 and 20 24. still ahead democraticoc presidential candidates makings makin their case for the white house.tese how they're setting themselveselve apart less than a week before wee the iowa caucuses.cuses >> a live look outside on this t tuesday morning.orning. tucker will be back with yourbe back wi latest forecast,th erin will have hav another look at road conditions next. ♪ ♪
8:12 am
that sound. like nails on a chalkboard. but listen to this: (family talking) that's a different kind of sound. the sound of the weekend. unleash the power of dough. give it a pop. it's always worth remembering... that icing the cinnamon rolls is a privilege not a right. unleash the power of dough. give it a pop.
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♪ scenes played out all overes played ou the trouble on the roads and roadshe roads that haven't been touched yet. keep send us your pictures letting us know your area.r how things are.w ings a there's the hash tag fox5 digig out if we see that we'll be able be to flag that and hopefully can put attention towards yourar you neighborhood. keep in mine, i mean frustrated fst as you are looking out at your unplowed streets there'sed s somebody in the next town over,n next township where it ishere looking at the same picture this t morning.mog >> all over the dmv. >> including two out of three two people here at the anchor desk.. >> i haven't touched.. >> nope. >> mine was clear for day ands got blocked up againcl when theyinhen plowed it the other w >> a lot of snow out there toou move. >> all have to be patient. patie let's bring a smile to our facesaces hopefully yours the home. with -- ♪ >> cuteness factor.sacto do cuteness or are we the we cuteness for the day. >> there we go.e g we got cuteness.ut >> oh, my goodness..
8:15 am
>> look at those eyes. eyes. are those baby blues or babys or b grays?ay >> i think our very own erinwn e that is a hat. >> fox5 photo of the day. this is julian everybody. every >> i'm sorry, we're just --we'r j we're loving the picture.. >> julian, i love that name. name >> what acute little outfit.tle ofit julian is nine months old. o >> is he helping to shovel? sho >> or is he getting pull in the pl snow maybe? maybe? >> as you can tell -->> as yo >> going for a little ridu e withittle rid his snow suit on. >> this is first snowstorm.wsto >> he is so cute. >> that is such acute littleittle picture. >> he ought to be like the be le little poster child for thishis makes you happy. happy. >> we can do this.can >> there was more snow thanor s julian is high? >> oh, yeah. yea i would think so.i would i think so probably.bly >> in my driveway. >> he's probably at the 3-foot-f mark. ma >> that's acute face. >> julian we love your picture.r picture to zen us your child's picture's pic go to fox5 d.c. send it on in. i and we expect lots of snows o pictures the next couple of days. >> super cute.>> >> yup.
8:16 am
>> let's do freezing rain advisory until 11am this is not1am for the city of washington.hing this is north and west where you whe guys have had light rain fallingn fli on top of surface which is belows b freezing there. t you can see much ofyou ca pennsylvania, too, for thato, f t matter if you're traveling.. but now includes northern nor montgomery county, westerngome county, w howard county washingtonasngto frederick county in maryland mylan under that freezing raining advisory and again just veryuser very light amount of rain but obviously when the temperatures t in the 20's won't take much 38euc in the city.y. 31 up in boston this morning. mng country is cold but not bitterot bit cold. steve mentioned international falls last hou 21 degrees.21egrees so yeah below freezing but certainly seen colder. and we are actually going toy going trend towards warmerrds w temperatures over the next over the nex several days. we'll be in the mid 40 today's 40 to for daytime highs with a lot ofh aot o clouds and a few just plain old plain rain showers.howers very very light rain showersai late this afternoon with coldit col front.front see the green on your map out in west virginia and eastern ohio o that had get in here mid to late afternoon with couple sprinkles.prinkles it may end overnight tonightig
8:17 am
with little bit of wintry mix. we're talking about light amounts after two plus feet ofee snow i don't think you'll you notice. there's your seven day.e'ev notice the warmer temperatures.petu back near 50 by sunday andnd monday. steve, what are we going to dot ar this week jenn we have no football.otball >> man. >> i know. i forgot about that.hat. >> yeah. >> y it's going hurt. it >> all this snow i made it this snow i made i through and now you just brawl me down. >> sorry about that.>> sor >> that's all right.>> >> what are we going to >> i'm still living high offe of my team going to the super bowl.ow >> i think we should go hang out ghang in hotel for the weekend.eeke >> no. >> i love that idea. >> do you.>>o y >> erin, don't you have that t shark hat. >> it's a sock monkey hat i wore h i w it on sunday for snow coverage. cer >> i felt like did you. i felt like d >> i was excited me and the ninehe n month old have the same hat. h he's looking good better than iet did. snow removal icc eastbound after 370 here's the thing we're in wre the seeing the usual amounts ofts of volume we've seen in the seen district because so many lanesse s are blocked on inter states and ste secondaries because of snowplowsnowp we're dealing with delays.g ith delays. keep that in mind.
8:18 am
270 southbound from falls roadom fal to the beltway slow downs.ns northbound side now backing up because plows are teagueing out the right lane. 270 spur delays democracyra boulevard to the merge delays back to the beltway.back again, a lot of snow movingw ving traffic 295 snow removal bw parkway northbound at 202. 2. we're dealing with water side s drive it's still shut down shu through about saturday betweenurda bet massachusetts and rock creekk parkway. that is because of really icy conditions.conditns. same story gw parkway by spout by run. 66 inbound a nightmare by nutley street because plows have beense p working hard and backing trafficng tra up past 123.t 1 snow removal both directionsec have patience.e. we'll take look at metro next.k at mro back to you guys.o you >> erin, thanks very much.n, thanks very we'll check in with erin again a in few more minutes.inut not a dough bait but toughbut tough questions for demc demra candidates in iowa last nightt took part in a town hall forum at drake university in u desmoines. >> they were attempting to woo woo undecided iowa voters. fox5's lit political report rep ronica cleary joins us in studio s
8:19 am
with more. how did they do, ronica? good morning.morn >> it was great event.t wa town hall was very smart and itwas was as you said the finalal televised event before theventor caucuses this upcoming mondaygonda night for the democraticratic candidates.ates now, they were on stageta separately last night.tight but, of course they did takeid the opportunity to take a few jabs at each one involved the vote for thee for war in iraq. in take a listen. >> the truth is that the most significant vote and issuess regarding foreign policy that wet we have seen in this country in i modern history was the vote on the war in iraq.. okay? that's the fact. i voted against the war in iraq. hillary clinton voted for thehe war in iraq. >> now hillary clinton responded to that when she had her she had opportunity to speak at the townhe t hall. she said that her record can't be judged by just one vote and she has acknowledged that shenowlsh
8:20 am
said that vote was a mistake. hillary clinton also took ano too opportunity last night to takeo t an attack against the republicanepublican candidate who we're talkingre tal about the most donald trump. and some of the remarks he'sarks made about muslims.lims. take a listen to that. >> one of the most distressingisessing aspects of this campaign has been the language of republican candidates particularly their front runner but i found it particularly harmful the way w that he has talked about muslim muslims, american muslims andusli a muslims around the world.ld. it's not only shameful and contrary to our values to say that people a certain religionigion should never come to thishis country or to claim that therere are no real people of the muslim m faith who share our values, and to have the kind of dismiss
8:21 am
seive and insulting approach.ach. it's not only shameful andl a offensive which it is. i think it's dangerous. >> now martin owe mal hal great h g opportunity to speak last nighttopeak something we didn't really see d in the last debate where he was he fighting for more time in last i last time he had -- last night he had solid am of time in thate in tha town hal and one moment that really setyet stood out he encouraged hisis caucus supporters to stick with sti w him on caucus night.. so my question for the viewers really is, did this town hall town work for them? and did they t like it more than a debate? i i think you got to know more about kmore about the candidates.the i said earlier when we were talking better than having 90 havin seconds to talk about thesebout the controversial issues.veial iss so i hope they'll find me onind m o social media and we can talke can t about it. >> good deal.ood dea maybe combination of both the down hall and gop debate. debat coming up on the show nextex trying to earn cold hard cashd with the snow.wi the what happened when one man listed angola for rent.
8:22 am
>> we're trying to find out theind out streets that are unplowed in thenplo dmv. if you think your neighbor isnk your one of them twneeet us using theng the hash tag fox5 dig out. o back in a movement 8:22 now.2 now.
8:23 am
8:24 am
♪ ♪ welcome back.e b check this out.this
8:25 am
this is an actual air bnb listing for those who don't know k basically you go -- i'm going to -- >> this was a listing on that t website.wee. a man in new york put this igloos i up for rent.or ren mind you so he went out there out t and made this i he put it up for rent on thisn this website for $200 night. he advertised it as quoteuo boutique winter igloo for two. six hours after the listing weptti w live, air bnb shut it downt saying the snow home wasn't upn' to code basically because he h made it himself out of the snow. >> no bathroom. >> i'm worried about waking up to you know, pounds and poundsand of snow on top of me. >> snowplow of new york city y just scooping you up in theopin middle of the night. >> that's a problem. p to it looked like it was in ae it w i backyard. >> he tried. >> i would not recommend rom sleeping in an laying in theaying in the middle of the street that.f would be a bad idea. >> right. always full of good advice,ddv steve is.eve . >> very creative. cativ
8:26 am
>> nice and warm in iglooss because the snow serves as a a cozy >> we hope your lesson fromesso today if you encounter an iglooern out on the street don't consider'tonsi that a place to spent the night.eight >> don't try to ren it on abnb. abnb >> you'll get shut down.hut d >> you can't trust who built b that igloo. igl reagan national 38.atio 37 dulles bwi marshall 24.. melt melting, melt app melting m situation today we'll be in they web mid 40s. 40s. have a little freezing raine eezing rain north and west early. over focus will be on that light tha l band of rain showers in western ines virginia and westernvi pennsylvania that will move inov little later this afternoon. afternoon we'll have a few scatteredtter showers out again temperatures in the mid 40 that is will help with thewi help melting there's your seven day.. we keep daytime highs above freezing in fact really 40 oreall40 better here for the next week. week. we might be near 50 by the end of the weekend plenty of time to of t do lot of melting the nextlt couple of days. coup >> all right. r let's get to erin and get looknd get l at traffic. >> 8:26a lot more people tryingpeo to make their to work thanan yesterday. ster
8:27 am
a lot of people stuck in for theple stuck in weekend. here's metro update.pd orange line is offering shuttleg sle service vienna done loring and l west falls and east fallsalls church. they pick up at boston and that and service continues through new tr carrollton dealing with trackon dealing problems. green line single tracking mount mnt vernon square.are. yellow line single tracking atg a mount vernon square. modified weekday schedule trains running of 12 minutes.utes silver line not offering serviceg ser because of smother issues with i the weather. keep that in mind train update u for you metro rail again silverr line suspend maac afternoon fornoon brunswick line camden linede penn line very much adjusted auste schedule.dule vre no service and ride on buses buses as well as metro bus operating operati on adjusted weather schedule.edul check ahead before you head out.d that's your traffic. back to you guys. t >> all right, erin, thank you very much. ve still ahead this morning --ng >> one of our favorite pandas. p tiang tiang is having fun in the snow once again.gain. he's having a ball much dad is dad loving it. loving i new video you have to see. >> first though are you stillreti
8:28 am
snowed in? if so we're tryinging to try to fine the worst covered cov streets in the dmv. tweet us using the #fox5digout.fox5ut we'll try to help you out. it's 8:28. ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ light & fit, 15 delicious flavors each 80 calories. try to beat that!
8:29 am
wow. the internet is crazy fast here. i know, right? it's so nice to have everyone over. hi hey. mmm. i just laid an egg. does anybody want it? joey, you want some gasoline? yes, please. mom, guess what? i married a clown and we're having tiny little clown babies.
8:30 am
mhm. i just bought a hammer. with internet fast enough for everyone your guests might get a bit carried away. get out of the past. get fios. >> that's a pretty shot.hat' bird's eye view.iew. back now 8:30. earlier this hour we mentioned mention many of the museums along the national mall are still closed. >> or open. >> some are open now.ome
8:31 am
>> four are open.>> fe memorial is also snowed in all of our attractions tourists comest com to with our great city. take a look much this is a livee picture from earth cam from a a top the washington monument look k looking down the mall towardsowds the lincoln memorial.emia isn't that pretty.y. >> beautiful.. >> hmm. love that.lohat thank you very much. mh >> get to mel know alnwick.ow awick she's in montgomery county thisnty t morning.moing. mel? >> not so pretty in some spots.e s good morning. >> reporter: yeah no.h, i think people would say theyhe don't think this is pretty any more. we are here on oak hill drive inrive rockville off of lancaster mill vera tweeted and said scum to myoy street and take look much this mth is where found martin scott. martin, what is going on with o your street. >> absolutely we've been abandoned. >> reporter: as you wereu er walking and tng, now this now thi part is clear because one ofne your neighbors had snowblower.wblowe >> right. the neighbor right here on theight corner, but this sit. the othbuer, you know severalever
8:32 am
hundred feet are not cleared at all. l. they're just footprints. >> reporter: the road here toohe roa was done by neighbors. >> exactly.xa exactly. there's been no county activityctit in here at all >> reporter: as you wereer: as w walking down and you were and you wer trudging because you do have tose you do go to work today, you wereyou w saying something about the nextheex election cycle.on cycle >> i'm not voteing for leg get if they run anybody they could runou a bat against hill and i'll vote'll for the bat. for the >> reporter: you're really'r rea upset about this.t ths. >> absolutely. yeah. i've been walking two days now ino had to walk down to get to workoor yesterday and back in.k got to walk out. o i'll bet i'll be walking back inin tonight, too.ght, it's a wild wild west over here.e. sycamore acres and we've beene' left on our own. o i don't know why i pay my taxes my t to be honest with you. with you. >> reporter: one of yourne o your neighbors told me i guess theyguesshe feel upset also because thesesehese are 1 acre lots and so you guysuy pay more taxes. >> i can't build anything on mything on my 1 acre lot because i can only can o build something half the size ofsizf my home. h so it's ridiculous.idiculous. i'm paying for nothing. nhi
8:33 am
absolutely my neighbor 97 years old andld she's stuck up there with noh no help. help i hope nothing happens to her.. that will be on ike's head too.ead t >> reporter: martin thank younk very much. your comments have been heard by fox5 viewing public so thank youo thank yo very much. ve we do wish you save travels herals h works for an auto recyclingyc i figure that he'll probably getet lots of auto parts to deal withl w over the rest of this weekend. >> hopefully.eful hopefully.ho >> reporter: thanks so muchte mar:rtin.main >> thank you. >> we'll send it back to you bac guys. i did talk with montgomery counsel pio when you guys joinuy joi me back the next time i'll give'll g you an idea of what montgomery county has to say about all of a o this. >> all right, mel, sounds greatou thank you.. >> keep sending us your pictures picture and reaching out #fox5digout. let's head out to bob he's been in prince george'sn prince county. county let's find out what he has foundasou most bob? >> reporter: hey, steve andeyte allison.alli we are on ricky avenue in templee hills.hi we heard from miss gb she lives l at the victoria manor down here.
8:34 am
it's 100 union -- unit seniorr center, and she says she's she's concerned because this streets has been driven on but it hasn't has been plowed.lowed. we just saw small sedan come by. b you can keep your tires in the in groove this doesn't look that tha high but the under belly of your y car is scraping along here it's a her really not the best way to go. to no idea when this is going to be plowed, and miss gb says she'says s concerned about a lot of her neighbors in the senior centerren have dialysis appointments andme how are they going to get there? the maybe metro access is comingomg back to life today but will they ty venture in here to pick peopleick ppl up? she's not sure.. so this is ricky avenue one ofe one many streets here in temple tpl hills we can show you video taped from earlier we were on lime l street with the hardy family t then on broad water street with wit mr. todd sparks and they're allhere telling us the same thing. tng that they've reached out to theuto t county. mr. sparks says he tried the t countyi' website. webte we reached out to the countyy executives office and have notav
8:35 am
heard back yet.ket to fine out what's going on.gog it seem here in temple hills ande hills a also in fort washington there the are many streets that have not hav been touched yet and we're and w hearing from people. they're calling us at thecallg us station. they're hitting us up with fox5 f dig out the hash tag on social s media and saying, hey give us give some help.meelp. we're hoping that perhaps by by highlighting what's going on forgoi o some people especially the ones t o we visited so far here in templeem hills that maybe the plows will visit these neighborhoods next. but we're finding many of thengany major roadways are clear but you b get a side street like thishi again this is ricky avenuee temple hills with a seniorh s center at the end of the block of the block an number of homes here and these people are feelingeeling stranded and neglected guys so you know, keep shouting outut to us and let us know how it is in your neighborhood and we'llood and we'll try to get there and again a lotot of people feeling like where is lik the service? where is theshe service we're paying taxes for? f >> you know not that it'st's comforting, but people acrosseople acr the region are dealing withe deaith this. we've been putting hash tagng h which you see at the bottom ofottom
8:36 am
the screen we saw with bob #fox5digout. if you are stuck if you cannotu cno get out on to your roads kevin mccarthy just put out a tweet t actually we can show you right here hash tag you can bright itt kevin put out tweet askingskin people to show our conditionsdion and install we got pictures fromrero maryland, from have a is from have a is the city from all over the place the pla saying my street has not yet been so we know it. soe kn hopefully those plows will get to everybody but just keep intp mine it's not just you. you this is unprecedented snowfall across the area that crewshatre across the region are trying to trying get to to deal >> all right. but we do appreciate you hitting hti us up if we can help in some s small way that's what we're here here. >> absolutely.>> >> tucker barnes.>> t >> we've heard about the plowhe drivers working fright hoursight hou straight. when i drove in this morning ithis saw nothing but plows all overlo the place. the pl i know they're working hard at wor h night. there's your freezing rain f advisory.visory. north and westmont county, cnty, howard county frederick --deck carol county, washington county. couy freezing rain advisory until
8:37 am
11:00 o'clock this it's been very very light amounts. trace amounts but just enough tonoug cause some freezing rain issues. notice the temperatures in theres in t 20s up in frederick 27, 28 in martinsburg, 27 in hagerstown.erow again very very coldy c temperatures north and west.ur a we're not bad here in washington washington. 38, 42 in annapolis that willpoli help with the snow melt. m everybody gets above freeze dag. i think we'll be in the mid 40s0s locally this afternoon.í
8:38 am
which should essentially makeallyak things move better. move bet let's take live lock outside onsi the beltway by the american legion bridge look at that on tt ramp you can see traffic israff moving really slowly snow takingw tak out much of that lane. lane. we're seeing lanes blocked in ack in lot of our routes secondariesecdari and inter states so please use caution. caution. 66 eastbound has been backed upeen bke by nutley all morning because ofecau snowplow activity. well switch it back to our mapsk ur map and show you smatter things you're up against this morning.ainst this mor snow removalni causing lanes to be to b blocked bw parkway northbound at 202. water side drive out by massachusetts it's going to be'soing to be shut down all week because ofek bse o icy conditions and 295 south sou 11th street bridge lanes are block for snow removal even e though volume is lighter than weghtean we would usually see on normall weekday, we have plows in pws different snow removal activityiv so we're seeing a lot ofl o problems we do have jackknifedacni trailer reported at the split on 270 south we'll try to get aoet picture of that for your nextou look at traffic.ok atraf aside 270 northbound dealingbo with some snow removal problems. icc lanes block. b let us know what you're seeing
8:39 am
#fox5digout.#fox5dig we want to help you get aroundyo safely if you are heading outeadi o today. that's your look at traffic. back to you.. >> erin, thanks.rin, t still ahead the halfal marathon running four legs four instead of two.f two cutest thing ever. er it will make your day.your later major health news this this morning. how much hpv can affect yourou cancer that's next. that
8:40 am
8:41 am
8:42 am
>> finishing seventh a halfenth a half marathon when you're on two legs how about if you're on four is. >> two-year-old went viral afterd she went out for walwek and thenhe stumbled across the starting thein line of a half marathon. >> she ran the and tire course. cou this was down in alabama.laba she ran the entire course the best part is al you know whenu knhe you finish a race you get rewarded.rd >> okay. >> with a medal typically sheda got thl e same medal that all off the two legged finish schers got for finishing the half marathon. mat >> that is the best.he b look at her face. >> you know what that face is.wh tha >> i did this.>> iid t >> yeah i did.>> yi di >> that is so cute.>> thais s >> i guess she didn't train fort tra it either. ithe that's just pure ability. a >> you think it was the scent.nk was she running or just peopleust peopl were running so she thought tug we're running. runni >> her owner didn't realize sheea s was missing.ssg >> okay. >>y. she ran that race in an hour andr 32 minutes 56 seconds.56 seconds. that was the official time. it's a really fast run. >> she's a blood hound much it'sound mh i not like she's a -- a >> she's not like a greyhounde greyh out there.ouere although that's more of a a sprinter i guess. but the owner said that the dog dog
8:43 am
just fell right asleep after the after the race was over. ce w my dog is lazy i'm surprised sheprised was gone that long running butning b she actually saw the pictures online. that's my dog. th my >> she's done much better than i ever dare to do.e to >> that's my girl.. everybody in the world saw theorld s t video. video of the panda daddy playing inying the snow. doing little exercising and a little fun. round number two. >> aww. >> aww. >> so cute. i'm caught up in the video. the he's had at it he's rolling in the snow at the sw at t national zoo. this was yesterday. pretty much snow over it.t but tiang tiang isn' he's still rolling.olli >> that was funny on saturday. (laughter). >> did i do that joke one on saturday? saturd >> oh, yeah, i guess we did.h, iuess >> it looks like he's juste's getting started. so did we do that one you'll get itet later. coming up new study revealseveals another danger of hpv.. what researchers say the most mos common std now leads to this t thi form of cancer.r >> keep tweeting us.eep eeti
8:44 am
we want to know where the snow t trouble spots are.spo a use the #fox5digout.. and take a look at this. a new traffic trouble spot on 270 south that is a jackknifedkkfe tractor trailer slowing thingss up just south of the split.plit. snow more al. al. >> that's better.
8:45 am
8:46 am
>> 8:46. we are looking right now at theking
8:47 am
view over oxon hill marylandox this is the parking lot at river town commons shopping center and s you can see thoshoe mountains of snow being plowed there arelowed th taking over many many manyy parking spaces there. so snow build up across the thanks for staying with us.h continuing to hear from many ofroan you. >> that will be the case.will i mean i remember last big snow i guess snowmageddon when you wn think it's okay you try to get a a park at your local grocery store sre or whatever there's a mound of of know.ow. because it's going to somewhere.ew >> even our parking lot. you can't pick all that snow upt sw up and move it out.and it takes lot of time. >> use the #fox5digout.fox5gout just trying to bring attentionritt to some areas that still needd it. we know the jurisdictions are working as hard as they can. the >> one thing that might help,ng thaght tuck, two things actuallycktwo temperatures in the 40s andaturn the sunshine today. t would that impact the snow removal? >> definitely help.>> not so much sunshine today bu dtneoday b temperatures in the 40s.he 4 by the way i tweeted out aed out a picture yesterday of the visible v satellite picture of the midr atlantic. incredible how much snow is how across the region. the rion. virginia, maryland did c all c
8:48 am
the way up towards new york n extraordinary picture.. >> 38 now in washington. wasngton. 37 in gaithersburg.ersb notice temperatures above theture abo freezing mark already to startlrdy to your day. we'll be in the mid 40s justt about everywhere later thisereater afternoon i want to mentionn i want to me north and west still in the 20's0' we have a little bit of freezingf freezing rain working through.king throu freezing rain advisory north andorth west until 11 a.m. our concern for rain showers and srs a very very light rain showersain later today.teroday it's a very weak cold front. f don't worry.t w it won't turn to anything otherthing than very light sprinkles and a showers probably between threeen thr and 6:00 this afternoon. here's future we'll keep clouds in the clo i don't think we'll get sunink today. generally chowed dee skies.y ch d that's he can treatmently lightcan rain shower activity at s 5:00 o'clock. might turnho into a few snowflakenowfla late tonight particularly southeast southern maryland myland, lower eastern shore you mightn e yo get little wintry mix early top morning and then we'll keep ite'll cool trow. general trend will be to warm t w temperatures up as we get intoet i the end of january and early ear february.brua so i think by the end of thenkthe weekend our temperatures mayture actually top out in the low 50s.
8:49 am
all right. all that's early tomorrow morning. m again, could be a light mix or m few snow showers across the acros area. there's your seven day.our se 44 today. tod 39 tomorrow. and then turn up the heat.ea at least it will feel like heat le heat after daytime highs in the 20s. near 50 sunday and monday with with sunshine.hi so all in all not bad week here h to melt off some snow. snow. allison and steve.nd s i'll toss it back to you.oss itack >> all right.ll r we want to check in with wisdomism and mom toll see what's comingll s up on good day d.c. wis. >> the snow still causing plentysing plenty of problems throughout the d.c. d region. re >> fox5 reporters are out lifeut roaming the streets going to going neighborhoods that are stillre snowed n guess what? you all are the guides. >> we're asking for you to sendyo us some pictures using the #fox5digout. boy, have you been doing that.been d t keep them coming. them who knows? fox5 may show up at u a your house your neighborhood and help solve these problems the maybe. >> probably be happy to see aee plow maybe if we show up thehe
8:50 am
plow will get their sooner we're w following travel delays,el closings and tonight's whether w could could you say problems ford tomorrow's commuteyo.ow'smu >> also on good day d.c. some comparing our snow response toespons new york city's. cit is that a fair comparison? r because we'll discuss it.. >> no. in my opinion plus we'll bring b you two big interviews at 10a of0a the women of the real in the lot t of talking about their interview ier with the first no we're really going to show it to sho today. i promise. and my interview with the stars of greece live julianne huff and erin. erin two hours of good day d.c. d starts in just a few minutes.ew minutes. >> thank you very much. tha just 10 minutes to go untilmi good day. >> all right. well, we continue tonu hea r from so many of you stuck about beingbo in your neighborhoods and we getrhoo and it. >> you've been tweeting, posting tweeting, posti on facebook and instagram usinggr u the #fox5digout. we know big job for local for l governments to get plowsws everywhere.yw we've been saying be patient butient we still want to know where thenowhe trouble spots are.troubl kevin is here with herth m kev.
8:51 am
ke >> good morning.>> trying to bring attention to t some of the areas have not beenve not bee plowed. plowed we've been getting photos allng phos all morning using the #fox5digout. continue tweeting those and wese a will try our best to get them onoet the the air to try call attention totion the area where you're placesou' p have not been plowed yet. this is from #fox5digout in in next photo up here we have bethav b newport saying, ashburn farmsms virginia willow brook drive andvend bell green drive one street awayeet awa from two major roads, again #fox5digout.#foxt this is from pamela. no plow in my neighborhood.ood bell brook street temple hills,tele hil maryland. ma again, tweet us the hash tag t us we'll try our best to get these g on the air try and call tnd c attention to these areas. a bob hill says no plows yet in our neighborhood in briar woodd terrace and milford terrace inerce i rockville, maryland.aryl please help.ease h this is from ash this is gone one on long enough. unzestable.stable. riverdale maryland again #fox5digout.. still stuck in potomac fromro karen hnd then moving on o next we have jason 4-inches of-ihe
8:52 am
snow in the street fox5 dig out. >> four feast snow. four feas >> wow. moving on next, finally last one is -- that was last one.. continue tweeting us all morning m hash fog fox5 dig out and we'llnd we' try our best to get them on theon t air. again, trying to call attentionenti to the area that is yet to beset plowed. back to you at the desk and i'lland'l be continue to go mon are tour a t those tweets all morning long.on >> thanks kev.s, k >> thanks, kev. >> t >> appreciate it.>>ppreci >> new study reveals anotherth danger of hpv.pv the fox medical team's dr. joe dr. joins us now to talk about itlk good morning to you. >> reporter: good morningr:mor allison. alli yeah, we keep hearing about hpv hpv and you know what's cominghat' front and center now, too, is, is the all right row mouth we're seeing lot more of thosef in males and linking it more to hpv. we used to worry a lot about hpv hpv16 which is of course 22oue 2 times the risk with hpv thatt
8:53 am
particular strain of hpv causing hpv c these cancers. can but now there's concern about a some of the other s you know with the hpv16 kind of16 kd incorporation into the genetictohe g material and a direct cause and cause a effect relationship.elionship. but we're also seeing in some of these other strains according toing to this particular journal articleic that what they're doing is maybe suppressing our bodies ability to fix damage that could occur occ from other things like smoking.. so again hpv being implicated ilica not only directly but indirectly indirec in the development of theseme of cancers. >> what can we do to protect ourselves? >> reporter: one of the firstr: onee things they say is don't smoke smo obviously don't smoke.t smoke don't do the things that cantan increase your risk of getting those oral forty one joelrt o cancers.canc as far as the hpv vaccine it is available for males.r mal it's available to malesle especially certain types ofes males up to the age of 26, 27. you know men having sex with sith men of course.
8:54 am
and so -- and teenaged boys. boy so getting that hpv vaccine willci be a big help. it does not cover all of thesef t strains that we're talking aboutut certainly. there are certain tests that canhat be done to detect hpv routinely rou done in some circumstances incumstances dental offices or it's a salivaiva test that can be sent for evaluation.aluati but end again i think we'rehi we' still waiting for all of the kind of jury to come in as to what we truly need to do and thend screening tests we will need toill nee do in the future to make suree s that we catch these cancersan early. rly >> okay. and the last 30 seconds i knowno vaccine is controversial. but is that the best way as far w as medical community thinks too prevent hpv? >> reporter: you know, i thinkhi it is. i'm a believer. my daughter was vaccinateed.ed i think that over time what time we're going to see that benefit bef especially in the females withes w that reduction in cervical cancer and hope in the males as mal well. remember it's not just oralt just forty one joel cancer and cervical cancer anal cancer pee ccer
8:55 am
nile cancer f we can decreaseec those numbers we'll see a great gre benefit. benefit. one study that was reallyudy th remarkable with someone who haditsome a type of wart that was on their hands very dramatic kind ofkind picture and they gave the person per the vaccine they actually receded. that was the only circumstancey where i saw an acictual benefitit after the fact of that vaccine v helping an individual.ndivid >> dr. joe, thank you very much.. >> thank you. >> all right.ll rht 8:55 right now. 8: let's take look at what'shat' happening out there.pp a lot of cloud cover today, tuck uc tuck. >> yeah, cloud cover and a few cov a f sprinkles early.les a little bit of freezing raining north and west temperatures ryetures r now reagan national thoughtthgh degrees.deees. dulles 38. bwi marshall hanging out at 24. we will be mild this afternoon afterno mid 40s.d mostly cloudy day.y and see the light rain showersnhowers off to our west. w some of those will arrive laterl arriv today. we do have a few sprinkles andinkles and showers moving through the city. theit so again temperatures abovere abo
8:56 am
freezing will be just rain forl ra us here locally.ereoc and then later this afternoon aft with temperatures in the 40s we'll keep just liquid falling from the tky it will have been very veryhave been very v light. there's your seven day might be sev an early mix tomorrow morning.orni it doesn't like a big deal at dea a this hour our friday storm looks srm to stay out to sea that's great ts news. we might be in near 50 by sun orun monday.monday 50 or big warm up.arm >> i'll take it. >> erin you'll ear that outfit outside. outside. >> this is my stand against the blizzard spring dress today.ay but i wore -- wor >> thank you al. >> i wore snow boots and a big big puffy jacket with fur hood.h fur hoo i did dress appropriatelypriate outdoors. >> y it's really cute. y is really c >> thank you. it's just, you know, i'm readynow, for the warmer items. ite big problems jackknifed semi on s the ramly to inner loop from 27070 southbound. big slow downs there.g sl you can continue on the ramphe take it over to the democracy to t cut across but i'd avoid gettinget stuck in that backup much switch mh switch it over to 66.itr to 66 on the inbound side is been i b really backed up because of snowsef s removal.val out by nutley that cleared and cleared a now this is a westbound delay asay you make your way out you'll hit you'l
8:57 am
that westbound delay towardsdel centreville.ce give yourself a lot of extrantofra time the snowplows try to clear the right lanes we're seeing big sin slow downs as you make your way yr out towards manassas.s we'll swift back over for a lookor a at our maps right other snow removal areasreas basically volume is lighter thanht t typical weekday but because of so many plows blocking lanes we lanes are seeing big delays. delays. bw parkway dealing with problems problems. water side drive remains closed. we'll keep updated with youred w traffic on good day at 9a keepa k it right here to fox5.e to fox5.
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♪ ♪ straight ahead trapped by the blizzard.. plows are out around the clock clo but some d.c. suburbs haven'tav seen one since the snow startedtrted falling. falling. that means the roads and sidewalks are still impassible.ib splice are running low. this morning, schools are still closed and so is the sis t federal government.ovnm metro is back up running running but running but delays on the roads and trailss d t are building. building. we have live team coverage tm cove across the region as the fox5 dig out continues.ontinu good day at 9a starts now. ♪ >> from the woods and into the io tundra. >> are we out of the woods.tuouof the woods. >> that's a great question.s i can answer that no.a >> look who made itn an b


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