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tv   Fox 5 Morning News 6  FOX  February 4, 2016 6:00am-7:01am EST

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>> ♪ >> this is fox5 news morning. >> straight ahead at 6:00 6 making a move to get back into int follow activities the a announcement from former d.c. d. mayor vince gray is expected to make today.od >> also an active scene in in southeast days. four people shot last night including two juveniles.g two coming up a live update on the condition of the victims alsoms a a search for the suspect. sus >> a live look outside. outsi it is thursday morningday everybody february 4th 2016.y we'll have weather and trafficra coming up on the 5s at 6:05. good thursday.od i'm allison seymour. t >> and i'm steve chenevey. chevey. welcome to fox5 news morning. mni big news in d.c. politics today. today. a source telling fox5 that vincent gray will run for theun for ward seven council seat. the former mayor expected toxpted make the announcement today.od gray spoke first to fox5 following the news that's theews u.s. attorney's office wasff closing its investigation into gray's former campaign for mayor. also a big announcementnnncem from montgomery county public schools.ol
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the board of educationcation expected to appoint a newnt a superintendent tonight.rintende it will be at a meeting in aa meetin rockville. the job will start in july way four year contract. we'll keep you posted on those developments. >> a minute after the hour andte also happening today in today blacksburg, virginia virgini 13-year-old nicole lovell willl be laid to rest. police say the seventh graderder was abducted and stabbed tobb death last week by virginiarg tech student david eisenhauer. eisha it's believed the two metwo m online and had an inappropriate relationship.riat the woman that was saw was a sawas second virginia tech student also charged in her death, ther death, young girl. 19-year-old natalie keepers isd natalie ke due in court today for a bond a hearing. she is accused of helping to plan lovell's murder.ur the gunman who carried out cri a double murder in prince iprince george's county is being held without bond this morning.t >>bo yesterday 25-year-old daron boswell-johnson confessed tojohn that crime. melanie alnwick joins us live us l with the latest on this mel. >> reporter: good morning.r: charging documents say that umdaron boswell-johnson was actually located by prince by prin
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george's county detectives on o that very day of the shootinghoot and that he did confess too killing his daughter and her mother.ther. boswell-johnson kept his head h hea bowed as he was escorted by police to jail and he did not respond to questions fromrom reporters. he told investigators that thehat morning of february 2nd he2ne drove to the home on palmere opalm drive to confront neshante nesha davis the mother of hisis two-year-old daughter chloe. c he approached at gun point and demanded that she drop her ongoing child supportg child su petition. a judge ruled in december thatt boswell was chloe's father andathean order him to pay $600 a month in child support. suppo yesterday the police chief andnd states attorney took no joy in j i announcing the arrest. >> tragic case of domestic violence. a father killing a child. chi as the father of a daughterte it's incomprehensible to me.ehble it's cold, it's callous. cal
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>> reporter: police tell us that they were able to obtainoai a surveillance video and alsoo a witness statement to corroborate what boswell-johnson told them in i his confession. he is going to face charges of premeditated murder.edur live in palmer park i'm p i melanie alnwick, fox5 local news. >> ♪♪ >> developing overnight fromght f alexandria police there calledre to the scene of two robberies. you're looking at one of t a 7-eleven in the 5700 block70 blo of edsall road. roa police tweeted around 2:30 2 this morning that the store s had been held up by two people with guns. a little earlier they alsohey so tweeted that another robberyob happened at a business onusiness on bauregard it's unclear right now whether whe the two are relateed.e rat >> let's get to southeast d.c.east.c right now.righ still an active scene afterce after four people were shot lasteho night. two of those victimsic juveniles. >> this morning the shooting suspect is still out there on the the loose foe x5's annie yu is live in i southeast with the latestth theat details now. annie, good morning.
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>> reporter: hey, good morning, allison and steve, s that's right, still noo suspect. we still have officers outers here at 15th and butler. b you can see it's still a sti pretty active scene it's quitete unsettling for residents asidts more and more are waking upin this morning.this i'm told it's going to remain this way for another couple of cple hours they'll have the crime tape up. up. the quadruple shooting shoin happened around 9 o'clock lastast night. officers are walking residents walkies in and out of the neighborhoodgh this morning due to this area due to still being treated as a crime c scene and they wouldn't want anyone tampering with the evidence scattered on the on t roadway here so d.c. police pol still out here processing theg t scene.ene. evidence markers stilliden scattered out here.atte among some of the evidence aredenc liquor bottles and beer cans and police tell us that highte caliber rifle rounds were alsowe found here last lt ni now last night a number ofber officers were out here carrying rifles themselves andmselves a scoured the air with k-9 units. units. we still don't '93 who they're looking for and what causedd this shooting. shoot sources tell fox5 it's5 i believed the shootingg potentially stemmed from a guny st battle that happened earlierppen e
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in the night here in anacostia.os as a result, four people werepl w shot as you mentioned.enon the victims are two adultsdult two teens. teens one we know is a that victim was shot in thein the thigh. all victims were transportedre t to the hospital with nonlife-threatening injuriesen and are expected to recover. rec so, again out here on butler and 15th, we have four people peo shot late last night around 9 o'clock. 9 everyone is expected topeed t survive but this morning the investigation continues andio police are still searching fortill searc the gunman. thnman. that's the very latest here in southeast, annie yu, fox5ie f local ne >> annie, thanks so much., th 6:05 right now. n you saw it still kind of damp kind of damp out there this morning, tuck mor, tuck after all that rain yesterday.ay. >> yeah, fog overnight. trying to burn the fog off. we'll be in for a nicer day ner than yesterday. not really hard to >> it was really coming down. >> oh, it was pouring. p >> not only pouring but we gott we g flooding issues, some of the s roadways in montgomery county are still closed because of flooded roads, et cetera.eter let's go to it. mild 53.
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>> it's so >> very humid.>> 52 in annapolis.nnol look at leonardtown, goodwngo morning, 61 degrees. 61 degree 40's now north and hagerstown is 44 degrees. 46 this morning for you in winchester. it will be kind of a funny dayay today in that we'll try and'ltry clear it out.ut. we'll get some sunshine. temperatures are going theures fall back a little bit andlile b then they'll start to rise again midafternoon and thennd then fall back again tonight with w more clouds than sun but weut w should get some sunshine ase well. you can see the clouds kind of hanging up.p. our front hang up to our east east with rain lower eastern shoretern s maybe southern maryland.rn maryl we'll talk about that in authat minute. 53 today. and again a mix of sun and clouds.ds. we should be dry today.uld be dry tod if you have plans, you want tou nt wash the car, that kind of thing, go for it.o >> i think nature washed mineashed yesterday. >> i got take a close look andk and inspect the tire rims and thems a under carriage make sure thesu salt is not --ot >> you sound like you're readyike ou'r to go wash some cars. cars. >> getting ready for springtime. >> getting very detailed. dai
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>> ready to wash some >> all right. rig fired up.fired u erin como good morning to to yo >> just need to know for the to know f car washing orare you going wear homemade jorts or did you buy ready made daisy dukes. >> the answer is you neverr wear jorts. jor >> it was a quick question. quest >> i don't know what jorts.or >> we'll show you pictures ptu after traffic.r traff >> right now as you wake up in southeast a crash on the 11th 11th street bridge. bri let's see if we can forwardor our maps and show you a lookhou a look in prince george's county now. now crash activity 301 north at five. steer clear of that. also in prince george's countyunty unfortunately another crashth crash location bw southbound at 50. 5 50 inbound volume buildinge build from columbia park tok kenilworth.kenilwor typical area of congestioneaconges there. several areas of flooding this morning you need to watch out for. montgomery county barnesville roadnt at peach tree road.h treeoa also in montgomery countyount brookeville road betweene ro b georgia and gray heaven drive.
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in anne arrundel 450 between0etwe hunt wood and rutland.ood and prince william big location location because of vre there's a parking lot there. avoid piper lane between 28 bet 28 and the railroad tracks. vre broad run riders shoulduld use goodwin drive to wakemanakem drive. driv and also if you encounter anyncouer any other flooding that has notding that yet been reported as you wake y w up around the area turn aroundrea rn aro don't drive.dri find an alternate. you never want to driveo through flooded water. 270 southbound typical volume v 70 to the truck scales. the ts. i'll let you know when other things pick up. dense fog may stable around.ay stable use your low beam take ittake i slow. ow. back to you guys.. >> thanks erin. eri >> steph curry put on a clinicli in verizon center. >> round two in new hampshire. both sides in the race getting get personal just days away now a from that state's primary. 6:08. back after this.
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>> ♪ >> the sexual assault case s against bill cosby will movemove forward.forwar a judge in pennsylvania rejected the testimony of a ttimo former prosecutor who said hecutor sa promised cosby would never beever b tried for the accusations back in 2004. 200 a preliminary hearing is setring for next the presidential candidates turning up the heat in new hampshire five days d weigh from that state's democratic candidates hillaryandi clinton and bernie sanders attended a town hall meetinglee last night in the town off dairy.y.
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the two continued the war ofar words over being a true true >> i'm a progressive who likesho l to get things done and i -- ihing was somewhat amused today that that senator sanders has set himself up to be the gate keephe g are on who is a >> senator clinton said some people call me a moderate and moder i proudly say that i am a i am moderate. mo that's what she said. so all i said you can't sayu c't you're a moderate on one dayn on and be a progressive on thesi other day. >> both will appear at ar at a debate and in northern virginia vgi today clinton supporters willrters gather in fairfax and reston r to make calls ahead of virginia's march first mch f primary. prar now onto the gop side ofop side the campaign trail.mpai tra the field narrowed once again. a rick sonny santorum dropped d out of the race and announced he'll endorse marco rubio. rub rand paul is dropping hisis presidential bid. b trump is accusing ted cruz ofuz
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stealing the iowa caucuses. cau he wants a rematch. remat he says during the caucuses caucu the cruz campaign told voters that ben carson was quitting the race which was not true. t also in nashville yesterday a yesterd scare for trump's private jetriva j while he was on board. boa hit to make an emergencyt to happening after the pilot mr the ot reported engine problems. problems. >> president obama wants tode help young people landnt theirand first job as part of his budget recommendation next week he's going to propose prose spending nearly $6 million.million. the white house says much of the money would fund grants to fund gr cover up to half their wages.irag in sports the warriors ins i town this morning afterhirnin beating up on the wizards last steph curry scored 51 pointsred p for golden state. >> what. >> what. >> first quarter even. en. the nba clams will visit the vit white house today and meetee with president obama. president john wall had 41, too. >> well, attention subwayenti s sandwich the next time you go buy thatuy t foot long make sure you bringyo an extra dollar. dol the chain is make somethinge som big changes.nges.
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people wanted an actual foot actual f long. long now you're going is to pay. p >> pay for it.>> pay for >> yeah, that starts tod >> a live look outside as weutsi head to break on this thursday morning. mo a lull break from some of that rain yesterday. weather and traffic on the 5s coming up next.
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>> all right. we're live. yeah. we are live. all right. so fog we're burning the fog offer. fthe fooffe got leftover cloud cover outcloudover there early but along with it wit i the mild temperatures which we waited all day for yesterday yes
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are still hanging around. ad. you might encounter a little bit of fog here and thereand there although the winds are picking icki up a little bit and that's helping to push the fog on outogn ou of here. her so mostly good news forecast fec for our thursday. trsda 53 in washington.ashito check out your mild numbers. baltimore 53 degrees leonardtown, that's nice, 61. 6 off to the north and west we wt got 40's in frederick 45 degrees, 46 in winchester w and martinsburg some verynsbue very comfortable conditions toti start your day. d satellite and radar cloude and r cover is hanging tough. t we're hoping to get some get s clouds out of here. h we'll kind of mix the sun and clouds for you for your dayou today and we should be dry be today so we're in good shapeoo s this afternoon if you'reer if looking for dry weather andeather high temperatures right nows ri we're in the 50ly we'll fall f back probably into the 40's in the0' the next hour or two and theno and then kind of rebound back into theto low 50 this afternoon. so all in all a nice lookingoo fork. our front, there's our rain our r shower activity from yesterdayvity kind of faded off to the southof and east. the front is kind of hanging hangi un. we'll get an area of lowreaf pressure that will develop andt will delop roll along that front laterha
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tonight and tomorrow.night and the reason i mention that is t it looks like it's going too try to spill some showers back back in parts of our region byion early tomorrow morning. that moo issue some snowflakesue mixing in. d.c. south and east will be at the greater evident risk for ar ev little bit of that showerit activity. right now it mostly looks like ooks lie it's just wet as temperaturesperatu will be kind of marginal. mar i'll just put it out there fort it you that it co ould mix in a m i little bit of we're not expecting anyingny accumulation. that area of low pressure will that scoot out and we shouldnd we sh be in for sunshine tomorrowe torro afternoon. saturday sunday both lookoth l fantastic and then as we gett into next week more winter-like pattern. maybe we'll see somee we snowflakes next week.owfl 53 today, sun and clouds c breezy afternoon, winds norths north and west at about 10 to 20.0. winds will pick up.k maybe an early shower tomorrow morning as mentioned and thenhe there's your weekend forecast. forecast. saturday and sunday lookdayoo great. high temperatures about 50 degrees. notice your overnight lowsnit lows back near the freezing mark. so areas that are still all dealing with snow pack you mayk you m have some freezing and refreezing issues early iss tomorrow morning.rrow all right, that is a weathert is ath update. update erin is back. bac
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she's got a smile on her face.r how is it looking.t looking >> i'm happy and it's friday f eve. eve. >> yeah. >> dealing with problems but it's the day before the weekend. it's not that bad out. right d now crash activitysh inbound 11th street bridge.ri expect delays getting on from fro 295. definitely want to givetely yourself a little extra timext there. as we move over to look in look prince george's crash activityrg ase' well 301 north at five anve area where you want to giveoiv yourself extra time.self you can see that red line thate is picking up on our map on five. delays there, too, justre, too, because of congestion.onstion. crash activity bw southbound approaching 450 and then alsothen a typical delays 50 inboundnbou volume building from columbia park to kenilworth avenue. flooding closures right now: n an update in prince william. willi piper lane reopened between 28ween 28 and the railroad tracks. vre broad run riders wereidere given a detour before bute they've been able to reopen that. still use caution.e caution. montgomery county barnesvilleou road at peach tree floodinntg asg well as brookeville roadle between georgia avenue andvee gray heaven manor road.oa anne arrundel 450 betweenet
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rutland drive avoid thiss morning. let's take a live look outside. outsid 66 eastbound really backing up from 234 through centreville.entrevil you can see just a lot oflo o volume has picked up.d we'll let you know as soon asno things start to dissipate. dsipate right now looks like we're in the full swing of the morningf rush coming in fromth manassas manassa or metro on or close to schedulecl if you want to consider that.onder typical delays on 270 from 70ro to the truck that's your traffic.ffic. back to you guys.yo >> erin thanks very much. muc >> tax refund delay.unel coming up next why the i.r.s. the i.r.s has to temporarily shut down its e file system.eys >> they'll take care of you.ake re o don't worry about it.ab >> they always do.o. >> plus subway ditching the 5-dollar-foot long.ton what could be next? we'llt? w head to the fox businessx bus network in new york. we'll find out what's behind the move.
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>> 6:22 right now.>> time for our business beat andus news of why some people aresome having issues filing their taxes. first we'll check the can't do thaect without our good friend lauren simonetti fromti f fox business network. netwo >> reporter: hey.ey >> friday eve.>> f >> we missed you yesterday.ou yesterday >> reporter: friday eve.r: fday almost at the weekend. wkend >> looks friday is in thererida somewhere then we're it was a good wednesday for most of the markets yesterday. >> reporter: it was.ep okay, so the dow surged 1833 points as oil price went upp 8 percent as the dollar took a took bath. we have so much oil on the on market but because the dollar was so cheap yesterday, oil prices rallied despite thepi the
6:23 am
supply glut and the gains yesterday for oil and fory stocksfo continuing to surge.turge oil prices up as well. wel >> so, i know you have a story a s about i.r.s. problems wheni.r. people are trying to fileg to fil their taxes. >> reporter: yes. rep >> maybe my world is slower is slo than others. th i haven't gotten my w-2's yet. i don't know how people arere already filing their taxes.filing their tax >>es reporter: you should haveul gotten them by >> okay.en >> reporter: folks are already filing. >> i'll get right on that. >> reporter: i don't want to say we're in the middle of tax season but we kind of are right.t. it's -- we're getting through tou february. folks are starting to do thisto do t already. and there's a major issue withh the hardware system, the computers at the i.r.s. that started last night mean they n could not accept your electronically filed taxtr returns. they're working on that, the situation.tu it's down as i speak. spe you can still e-file if youou like if you use a middlemanidem allah your accountant jackson jacks lieu with the the i.r.s. web site is working just certaint rt portions that accept thecc e-file are not working. working
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>> i'm not worried laurenorried lauren because you know how it is.yo ifu you expect a big refund you refund you want to get it right away andt it r you know iigf you're on theonhe other end of the spectrum youctrum yo put it off for a few months.on let's talk about subway.s ta they're battling an imagen ige problem already with theirhe pitch people and now perhaps not the best time to get away a from that famous five,iv 5-dollar-foot long. >> reporter: exactly.ep they've had that sinceor whatha 2007? that's what they'rethey're known for.knowfor. very successful promotion forti them and now the 5-dollar-footlar- long is six bucks.uc yup. it started. started. six dollars each.six look, this is the cost of inflation. their food prices have gone uprices so they're ditching thehe $5-foot long and making it sixg it bucks.s. i don't know many people areow m going to be fine with it ih it think. >> i guess. i think people will just ---- look there's some subways if s you go to subway in the probably like $14 so if youf, y know -- i think people aree are just going to buy if they're t in the mood for it, they'reood going the pay for it.or >> reporter: i'm with you onh y that. th still it's like an end of an
6:25 am
era. >> it really is. >> reporter: and a 6-dollar-foot long doesn'toe't have the same ring to it. >> we could have celebrated with one last 5-dollar-footollar-fo long. >> reporter: they could havehe made eight little bit smallertle t s and still charged fivergede dollars. >> no, remember that problemthatro when it was what like 2-inches 2-inche shorter and that were just jus like no, people revealed.reveal >> reporter: forgot about that. we'll see if they revolt withvo the dollar >> breathe deeply.>> bathe we'll get through this.ous. >> reporter: lauren >> reporter: by. b >> weird there i was just at subway. >> you pay the six dollars. the >> we do the flatbread. flatbread >> isn't there two of themf t that you can actually get fory five >> it's only like -- if youe -- if y get just like the bread t bre special it's five dollars. dla >> don't joke on subway.ub i really like subway.ubwa you can get a nice salad or a >> sure. >> anyway. tucker -- >> i'm getting my money'smones worth one way or another. anoth i'm going ask for more olivesorolives on it. >> we used to go to the one t
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right across the street. >> yes, but that's -- thas -- >> it's gone. >> it's not there any.not ere >> i saw one of the same sande san whip makers at another one anoer one that i went to yesterday. >> sandwich artist there i'vear seen her too. she's wonderful reagan reagan 53. we're looking at mild a temperatures to start youruro day.y. those numbers girlfriend normal for our normal daytimeur n highs. cloud cover still out there. t front still coming through. t and it's taking its time. going like 5 miles an hour. >> is that bad for >> just means the clouds are going to linger a littlea lite longer today.. eventually winds pick up outds pick up out of the north and west andt a we'll see our daytime highs highs generally in the low 50's and we'll get at least partial pti sunshine this afternoon.nes af so dry afternoon. aerno hey, late tonight earlyly tomorrow morning there could m be a fewor showers. sho i'm thinking of you guys inuy i southern maryland lowerd,ower eastern shore and there could be a few snowflakes mixing in.wflake so we'll talk more about that. t stay tuned for maybe next week a feway snowflakes as well monday,e nees as m tuesday, wednesday we havey, w some question marks.rk >> but nothing like we had. >> well, we've only done thereonther
6:27 am
once in history so probably not going to do that again. >> storm zilla whatever it wte was. >> snowmaggedon. s >> twice inno like --ik >> i didn't say it couldn't happen. happen i said i didn't think it was did going happen this time. t >> i can't believe erin hean said we're going get another'toi 6 feet of snow. >> hey, steve. h >> tucker is going to end up tend sitting in the corner for thefor t show if you keep that up. >> exactly. >> he's not laughing.e' >> how much fells 4-inches.-ihes. >> let's not do this now. >> 12-inches is now sixow dollars. ll >> i worked out with a trainer yesterday and it hurts my whole body to laugh.y to l >> but that was funny. b >> it was wutorth the laugh. laugh flooding barnesville road at rd peach tree road. turn around don't drown.'t drown watch out for that one.out for that montgomery county as well brookeville road betweenll georgia and gray heaven manor. man piper lane reopened at 28.t that flooding cleared. clear if you encounter any other e locations make sure younc practice turn arounons d don't d drown. also important to note we have we have an outer loop crash out by out colesville road that isat
6:28 am
slowing us we can see the backup in our i wanted to let you know 14thnow 1 street northwest a crash and csh closure for stevens drive tove rittenhouse street. watch out for that o that's your traffic. tff back to you guys.back to >> thank you erin.>> tha it's 6:28 right now.. >> still to come --om >> we're talking sports comingsom up. >> big game last nightup. >> uh-huh. >> steph curry and the ste warriors beat the wizards atwis at home. john wall made eight gamemade e gam though. we'll talk with the sports junkies.ju what about peytonkn manning? is manning? there life left after the super bowl, maybe somewhere warm and sunny? we'll find out.
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>> ♪ >> welcome back. 6:31. it is friday eve, everybody,everybod but we're still working. worki that's the traffic on i-66. i erin como will be along inn just about four minutes or so fouminutes with tucker barnes.wiucke they'll give you your weather weather and traffic.affi that's coming up on the 5's at 6:35. first, though, at 6:31,:3 we're following up thisng up morning on a shooting that a shog happened last night in i southeast d.c. d.c police say four people weree w shot including two youngoung people. all are expected to make amak full recovery. a fu that's the good news here. it happened last night in theht t area of 16th and butlerutr streets in southeast.outh so far no suspects have been arrested. let's stay in thelet' district. a firefighter is recovering from minor injuries afterr fighting a blaze last night in northwest.rtest. crews responded to a fire atded an apartment on m streettr around 9:30. flames could be seen shooting shoot out of the fifth floor of theloor building.
6:32 am
you're looking at it there. investigators are checking in in to see what caused thishis apartment fire.ire. developing overnight from alexandria, police are calledal to the scene of two robberies. robberies you're looking at one of them the a 7-eleven in the 5700 block0lo of edsall road. r police tweeted out around 2:30 2:3 this morning that the store had been held up by twotwo gunmen. a little earlier they tweethey twe that'd another robbery'd ather robbery happened at a business oniness bauregard street.d it's unclear right now if thef two are connected.onct big news today in d.c. politics. politics. a source telling fox5 that vincent gray will run for therun for t ward seven council seat.ou seat. the former mayor is expectedxpecte to make this announcementement today. gray spoke first to fox5oox following the news that thee news that u.s. attorney's office wasas closing its investigation into his last campaign for mayor. steve over to you.r y >> 6:33 now and time for the morning line. l talking wizards, going to talkoing to t some football, maybe a movee for peyton manning. let's check in with the sportsin with th junkies from 106.7 f.m. the fan. why are you guys not verified
6:33 am
on twitter? can valdez vic valdez that for you. >> yeah, valdez fix that. who cares if you have a stupid h check mark. >> i care. i see guys with like 30003,000 followers who have the blue the check mark and i'm very envious. >> i knew somebody would haveould a sore spot on that and my money was on cakes. o >> no respect. >> first of all, i watchedatch probably the firsthe f three-quarters of the gamers o last night.ig steph was unbelievable justus the fact he could hit from f anywhere on the court effort ssly.le i did feel like you a watchingching the all-star game.r game. there was no defense. def >>. >> i felt like it was ait w playoff game to be honest. hes john wall clearly feeding off that environment. it was awesome to see him play well. well in a perfect world i'm a a wizards fan but i was thoroughly enjoying steph curry last night steve. steve if he would have had 75 pointsha 7
6:34 am
and we would have won it would i have been perfect. >> i was too. but don't you hate the factate th that everybody at verizon at veriz center was standing uptanding up cheering every time he hit a three. >> that's bad fans. f >> able to blame them. a it was >> you can't tradeas 3's for two's. >> and i believe steph i b consider re, did he have 50 points in the last three games leading up to to this game.sam he kind of knew he was due for an eruption. eru didn't know it was going to beitas going to 50 plus. b unfortunately the it happenedt here. re the wizards take another loss. five games below .500. >> he is simply unguardable. unguardab he just is.he j i he's got such a quick release,elea got such great range. ran he's quick.uick he's great with his handle. handle. he's just -- he's an unguardable player.gudable >> what's amazing about it isbout it there were colleges thate were didn't want that guy because c they didn't believe het in him because he was too small tooma skinny and even nba teams including the wizards passedards over him in the nba draft andftnd now he's become clearly thear t best player in basketball.asketbal last year there was some som controversy me won the m.v.p.
6:35 am
because james hardin maybeardin deserved it, lebron james butames steph curry right now watching now watch him and going to his gamesis g it's like watching michaelicel jordan in his prime. >> jp who did the wizards taked that year, do yothu know.know. >> the wizards? that was --t was - the wizards had the fifth pick pic and they packaged that. tha >> traded it. i >> traded it for mike millerille and randy foye in that worked that out well. >> tell me what they're still doing for the wizards. war they haven't been on theeen on t roster for years. >> six teams passed on curry. c >> we'll write that one off.te thaone >> wizards weren't the only wer ones. that's true. th >> let's talk about peyton manning right now.nn we had all but written him off o as done after this game onen sunday. su now could there be life inife southern california?iforni >> well, it's interesting ing mean there are rumors outum there that the rams haveam talked about potentiallybout trying to makee sort of pitch to peyton to maybe playeyto next year as they move to l.a..a and that might play into theinto fact like one of his former teammates or coaches says you know what, this guy reallyhis guy really loves football he reallye rea wants to play and he wouldn't he woul rule out him playing nextngex
6:36 am
year. if you got a team out there the that wants him and he loves it as much as he does --much >> right. >> -- it might be more in play. pl >> but at the same timeut a yesterday you're hearingy reports that he needs hip hneed surgery.suery. to me when i think of hip ohi surgery i think of he wouldlyouldly people.people. >> he is.s i can't see it. why would he go a worse team? ea even if it's l.a. >> love of the game. >> especially if it's -- he lovers the game, he love the nfl but he also doesn't likeoesn't to hurt and that's what he wha he does every single monday morning he hurts, so i just, so i j think he's going to walk away gwa especially if he wins. win if he wins, that's 200 wins. w that will be number one allone a time in wins and it will be a great with to ride off into the sunset.the i just don't see it. >> if he wants to retire afterts ttire a five and 11 season playingn playing for the terrible l.a. rams r have fun with that. >> i think if you have ahi chance to go out at the super theup bowl you go out at the super bowl. >> if there's a team that'sm tha going off him $20 million20 mli though to play quarterback.uarterba
6:37 am
>> do you think he needs money. >> he doesn't get thatdo broadcasting. >> he can get a broadcasting deal, he can get a coach bying job. >> he owns 40 papa johns ins in colorado whereeed is legal.egal. he doesn't need any money.on he's printerring some some >> he's not getting 20 million0 a year and if he wants to a eventually be an owner in thende an league he needs to put those $20 million checks together. >> the saddest thing about tng this is that that old man is i younger than all of us.ll o u we'll leave that for another f a game. >> that is true.>> >> see you guys. we'll talk to you tomorrow. >> thank you buddy. >> you got it. the o hajunk at 107 the fan.. >> i hurt every monday morning morning. >> how old is he. >> 28 i think.ow >> football world that'sworld hat' pretty old but for hip but f hip replacement not so much.em >> it is a brutal sport.tal spor >> yeah. >> for a guy that already had his neck fixed. >> okay, okay.y, oy. >> currently he needs to have hav his hip replaced, too.s hip >> kind of what we were just talking about how many i know how much you pay attention. attention
6:38 am
>> steph curry was awesome curry last night.. i heard you say that. >> 53 in washington.hingto >> allison i can't be expectede to listen to steve every minute.nute >> tucker when we don't listenis to every word you say you getou mad. >> i don't get mad.on m hey guys we'll clear out thisll clear afternoon. kind of a partly sunny day.rtlyunny hope somebody at home is home listening because i know you two aren't with temperatures in the low 50's and. a >> did he just throw us tow thunder truck that was on theuck top of our screen. >> 53 degrees.>>gr >> yes. >> with winds out of the north and west at 10 to 20.0. breezy afternoon but a dry day. we got a couple chances for a few snowflakes that we'll talkak to >> aside from the rain all day today and the 70 degrees we're eg going to be okay, >> mostly yeah. >> let's check in with erinn wi right now get a look at roads. roa >> feeling a little feisty infeis i here. >> i know. i don't understand it. >> i think we all need that w second cup of coffee.e upf co >> uh-huh. >> i think everyone does.veryone do yesterday was so rainy it waswas the perfect nap day. nap day >> and i took one. >> me, too, and i'm not sorry not sorry about it. right now traffic is really rea backed up outer loop afteroo a colesville road.oa a crash taking out
6:39 am
65 on the way to the location. lat hearing delays of about 15 abo minutes towards that point. poi outer loop jammed up anyway a this time of morning. of morning. inner loop there's a silver lining looking quiet.uiet. aside from that crash we havee hav other problems. pbl some flooding locations.ocatns practice turn around don't drown. drown. barnesville road at peach treechre in monk montgomery brookeville road betweenntroad bween georgia and gray heaven manorr road. anne arrundel 450 shut down d between huntwood drive andri a rutland road.d. notice 295 we have some veryer backed up traffic.ed crash by eastern avenue. anu crash and closure inside the district, 14th street northwest between fort stevenseeve drive and rittenhouse streettr northwest. crash activity as well 301vi as north at five.iv in addition crash activity you need to steer clear of to southbound bw parkway. pay 50 inbound really backed upcked columbia park to kenilworth.h. crash also 66 eastbound out bynd o the car rest area blocking the traffic already heavy there. 270 another crash in the local l lanes by 28 so a lot oflot o
6:40 am
problems out there. the check in with me on twitter att erin fox5 d.c. before you hit the roads. steve. >> thanks erin. e a mol delivery for toddlers in the district. i free books.n >> right. >> we'll explain the programla coming up. >> plus a once in a lifetime trip. tr can you imagine being the onlyy person on a plane. why one woman showed up for aor flight that had been booked for hundreds of passengers.
6:41 am
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>> the director of the fbi is educating students and youngg st adults about the dangers off prescription drug abuse. ase james comey and the acting administrator of the dea.fhe the plan is to use this video v in classrooms nationwide toatioid teach teens about the cycle ofthe cye addiction and consequences.ences >> this morning 70 advocates a for the maryland healthy h vending act will lobby law lby macanese montgomery m the bill is focused on providing healthier vendinger ven options in the state and also fighting childhood obesity andbe teenaged diabetes.teen d advocates say it will helpelp make maryland a healthierlthi state. stat as education weekon continues in the district today the mayor will announceyor willnnou a really cool new program foram small children.hiren. it's called books from birth. every child in the district district under five years old will receive a free book each
6:44 am
month. for newborns that's more than 53 books by the time they turn five. five >> that's great. >> about thely.>> >> good news for fast and furious furi kevin isou comings up with that with in the fox beat in just a little >> if you have a news tipyou ha share it with us. call 202-895-3000 or e-maill your tips at fox5 tips at wt we're back in a moment. it's 6:44. ♪ oh-oh, oh-oh ♪ ♪ oh-oh, oh-oh, oh-oh-oh-ooh, oh ♪ hearts are made for sharing. spread some sweetness with dunkin' donuts' cookie dough and brownie batter donuts. heart-shaped happiness too sweet not to share. america runs on dunkin'.
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>> live shot of washingtonive monument. waking up with some cloud cover but still mild temperatures in the 50'swi. allison today is a huge day.uge d you know why. >> i'm going let you tell it. >> because it is thank a mail a carrier day. >> awesome. aweso >> yay! >> we want to encourage all mail carriers or familyam members sends us your favorite picture of your favorite mail carrier.rr what are we doing. doi we're going go out and thank them. >> do you know this for sure. this r >> pretty sure. re >> let's wheel that back. >> i know my mail carrier is a fox5 viewer and fan and i'm and i'm sure yours are as well so wl s thank to you them. you t >> great big thank you. gre yes, i think we're going out.hink wre going one way or another.rno even if we just go out with wh our phones and put it ont o facebook we're going out.oi 53 in washington.n washgton. 56 this morning in quantico.rning ua 49 out at dulles. duls. 59 leonardtown. still very mild out there.ut t high temperatures in the lowmper he to mid-50's today.ay.
6:48 am
waking up with cloud cover we had a lot of really dense really fog overnight. dense fog advisory has beeng ad let go so that's good news. we'll get ath little sunshine but a mix of sun and cdalouds and cloud this afternoon. all right, as we look a littlea l down the road, later tonight ton here's our front from yesterday that brought us the ushe heavy rain, we'll get an area a of low pressure that will ridere ssalong this front and that and could bring rain to parts ofo p southern marand and loweraryl eastern shore.stern might mix with a fewith a snowflakes later tonight.akes later t keep that in mind that duringinind the evening hours overnighthours ern tonight into early tomorrowomor morning there may be a period of rain showers south and eastsh of town andow we might even seeven a shower or two squeak furtherak north and west up towards u tow days. it will be very light. l this should quickly scoot out scoot to sea by early tomorrow tom morning. there's a quick look at yourqu seven day. seve 53 today. i mentioned early showerwer tomorrow. weekend looks great.weekenok temperatures about 50 bothut 50 b saturday sunday. s next week gets interesting.ntes clipper system which mightch m want to become a coastal low,oastal we'll have to watch that'll monday, tuesday wednesday. wedsd nothing is certain but thetain but
6:49 am
the possibility of some snow next s week or maybe a mix. okay. that's weather.ther erin's back with the roads. roa >> i don't mean to be dramatic't tucker m but we have a lot ofot crashes and delays. del this is 395 crash between dukewe street and seminary.inar because of that you'reou basically at a standstill from the beltway on so give yourself plenty ofy o extra time if you have to battle that congestion on 395. 3 another area of concern this morning 270. 270 dealing with a crash onal the local lanes downin by 28.s down because of that look at thisook at t backup by father hurley. stacked from frederick to 70ck t to the truck scales and again a again towards the spur.wards e sp really heavy traffic there. t let's move it over for a lookr at our our aside from those areas anotherre a crash inbound canal road just south of reservoir roadir road involve throwing cars. so definitely want to giveit yourself time to get aroundto g a that for northwest portion ofor the district. let's see if we can forwardcaor our maps because we have another accident northwest. nrth it's also causing a closure. closure 14 street northwest shut down dow both directions between fortet stevens drive and rittenhouseittenhouse street northwest. as we take a look in prince in in
6:50 am
george's right now crash n c activity a lot of problems. pbl southbound bw parkway crash approaching 450. here is a big heads up. u northbound bw parkway shutkway shu down right now at 202.t there's a crash between 202 and 450. because of that if you'ret trying to get to bwi keep top to it 95 northbound. nth you're going to be forced to exit at 202. also inbound 50 backs up from fm columbia park to kenilworthnilw avenue. ue heavy traffic from newom n carrolton this morning. crash activity on 301 north at five. . also outer loop top of theuter loop beltway there is a crash byther colesville road. r that's causing big i need some more coffee.more coffee. we have a lot of problems.ava lo everything is tweeted at erintweeteat fox5 d.c. back to you guys. >> thank thanks erin. eri appreciate it very much.ecia it new study revealing a child's grades in school might suffer if a parent isffer suffering from depression.epressn. researchers in sweden examinedden examined data on more than 1 millionn mill students they found that if either parent had previouslyent had previously been diagnosed with depressionosed w it affects the teenager's performance during their finale during the year in
6:51 am
health experts show say the findings show parents need to seek help. hel >> this chinese woman had aines flight all to herself. excessive weather delays forced impatient passengers toasseng leave so her flight wast delayed 10 hours due to a snowstorm.ow she stuck it out and waited. w she was the only passenger onassenger o the entire plane, literal allitel star for the day getting personalized attention from the flight crew.flig she documented the entirented t ent experience on social med what would you do if had youf had you to run around an entire planee p by yourself. yrs which seat would you >> good i would take something in take something i first class. cla can i go furs class evengo furs class though there's nobody in firstt class. >> i would take the second row in first chase. chase. >> i would to too. >> i would go to the coach area and lived up the arms and lay out in a bed and ask for askor the first class service and lay out on the full bed.l b first class is usually twosuly seats.
6:52 am
>> ♪ >> this is fox5 news morning. f5 news >> ahead at 7 o'clock this'clo morning, career come back back perhaps? former d.c. mayor. m vince gray set to announce a set return to local politics.ics. which position is he after? >> plus, police out all nightut a n after four people including a teenager shot in d.c. d.c we're live with the very latest as police search for the gunman. >> later a war of words in new in hampshire as the democraticemocra presidential hopefuls takeen part in a town haltil event just event days before voters there get to the polls. p >> before we get to newso n though a live look outside andutde it's thursday morning. mor hm. what's that sky giving us,y gis, steve? >> some not so good vibes thiss morning. >> it's thursday>> it's th february 4th. 10 days until valentine's day.til vantin that makes us happier.. 2016. 2016 weather and traffic coming upg on the 5s at 7:05. 7 good thursday everybody. i'm allison seymour.i'm allison seymou >> and i'm steve chenevey.'m s or one day until friday thaty, makes us feel better. >> there you go. i agree. >> let's get to the headlines.thhead happening today a funeral fun service in blacksburg,ic


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