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tv   Fox 5 Morning News 5  FOX  February 5, 2016 5:00am-6:01am EST

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>> ♪ >> this is fox5 news morning. mning >> and good friday morning tong you, everyone. february 5th, 2016 on this 5th, 2016 on morning you're going get a little bit of snow showers. showe
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gary mcgrady is talkingal about it clearing out as the day goes on. on. he'll have the details. erin will talk about that asbout the newscast goes on.s on. >> so far we know that calvertal county schools in maryland maryl closed today. today. saint mary's county schools inoo maryland and page countyage cou schools in virginia, they arehey both on two hour delays.el >> melanie alnwick is on thes on roads this morning. morng >> she's near brandywine.ndin how are the roads mel?ds m >> reporter: well, you know, what's funny i keep going into very different weather conditions.cond we just passed through a tough little squall and definitelyqu it was tricky to see, youal, you know, that kind of snow that's flying right at the windshieldthe winds and it gets very distracting.trti and then we just again camet agn into another one of thesenoer o little dry spots here but thenn looking at the radar we're we' heading down to route five ande making our way down to saint mary's county and southernoun parts of charles county and wend
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were not far away from where where that changeover line is onceeover i again. i can tell you we have seen s state highway and county crewsnt out here.t here. it's not a fun experience whene w you pass them 'cause they'rey' definitely spraying and salting there so be aware ofere that as well drivers if you'reversf out on the roads, they'redshe going to be throwing someom stuff at you. they didn't -- maryland state highway said it was not able abl to treat the roads overnightvern because the storm is starting srt out as rain melt that all oft whatever chemical they putmica p down would just wash off. vdot on the other hand did pretreat some yesterday andrd a then said that they're goingt 're g to have about 330 trucks out and around monitoringit conditions and putting put anything down as needed. so definitely we've seen thateen tha it is flying in some placesla and as you know, certainly theerta parts of southern maryland are getting the worst of it and we w will be there and keep you keep
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updated.upda back to you guys. >> all right, mel, thank youmel,hank very much. very muc as fears of the zika virus grow, three cases have now been confirmed in d.c. d the d.c. department of health says all of those cases involved contracted -- they t all contracted it after a traveling abroad.broad. now one case was reported last year and two already this year including one woman who isone man pregnant. the world health organizationrganiz has declared the mosquito born virus a global public healthob a dozen cases have been n confirmedly in florida. fri texas authorities say a person pern there contracted the virusir through sex. there's currently no vaccination.vacc >> we are following developingg devel news now out of princews n george's county. police are investigating ati they say a man was shot andhot killed in temple hills and fox5's annie yu is liveiv there with details.etails good morning annie. annie >> reporter: good morning,ter: gd mo holly. that's right, police areht, poce searching right now for therigh gunman who left a man deadan this morning at the 2600 block600 b of southern avenue in temple tem
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hills. if you look right behind mek and look straight ahead youriait ah see several officers on theic scene beyond that crime tape. investigating what happened. this is the south pointth apartments and police haven'te haven confirmed to us just yetus whether the shooting occurredrred inside one of the units orts o outside but the it looks like lik it might have taken placeen outside then tree way. the 911 call came in around aroun 12:30 this morning. morning. when officers got here theyicert he found one victim.e victi we understand the victim is a male suffering from gun shotun s wounds. he was transported to theporto t hospital but sadly did notid make it. very little is known at thiswn time t it's still very, veryer early.ea we don't know who police arerl police looking for and what the wt t motive is but we are told thisdhi incident does not appear to beto be a random act. a that is everything we know atno this point. hopefully we can get morey we c information and bring it toiod bring it to you but at this point we know one male dead, shot dead thiseath morning transported to theeo hospital but did not make it. we actually have a fire truck t arriving here so we'llll hopefully get more information for you and bring it to you int
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about 30 minutes.. back to you. >> ♪ >> all right, five past theight, hour is your time right now gary mcgrady we're talkingalki about some snow showers but nothing to panic about at aut least for some people on theon t eastern shore a little bitittl b more >> i think that's where it is it i going to be more substantialubsttial definitely around the bay,tely across the bay and then outnd tn towards the shore.s sho that's where it could be ascould be a much as one to two. t let's get right to along i-95 again we're going to have a mix here. her i don't want to completelyomel say oh, this is no big deal b d because there could be a fewe a spots over the next couple, cou three hours that do get downn around freezing which couldhi c make a slippery spot here or there. a dusting to 1 inch at most. listen that 1 inch is probably well east of i-95 approaching central parts ofal pts of charles county way out ins coun easttyern parts of prince oprin george's county and thend calvert county so right on theig edge of where you're seeing see the white meet the blue therelu the because the blue representsrese where we could have an inch orncr more, one to two maybe a a couple of spots will beill b
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flirting with 3-inches of snow in some of these heavier snowvierno bands from time to time today tim but really again for us here along i-95, this just does notdoes look like it's anything substantial, just nothing more not than a little bit of a mixture mix this morning. mni the winter storm -- winter- win weather advisory goes untiloesntil 10 o'clock this morning. in terms where we're seeinge'eein the snow this morning it's off it's to the east of us and again and aga nothing very heavy at all onll on the radar scope in thisis picture. pict if you're to go just a little a ltl bit farther down to the south t s and to the southeast, down d towards southern sections of calvert county, throughy, tou northern parts of saint mary's county, that's where most ofre most of it is now and then the heavier heavi snow stretches across the bayhe as well. wl. so, if there's anything that t we would classify as decentlyentl heavy, it would be this saint this saint mary's area here in the purplehere and then you just kind ofou jki follow the purple up into the delmarva over into delaware delar and more into western -- ortern -- eastern sections of maryland mar
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there. western and northwesternth suburbs you don't really haveu re anything to worry about.bout there might be a flake or two a and that's going to be aboutbe it. it. we do get into some sunshinesh today. today. temperatures will warm upur lower to mides 40's. here's erin como with a lookh a loo at the t i don't expechet much problemsh probl around here -- or manyy problems around here and then a t all of that will be off to theoff erin. >> on-time traffic brought toraff you by toyota. u by visit buy a for special offers.ffer >> 5:07 gary and you definitely went to take it wt to slow this morning especiallyll bridges overpasses on- andd off-ramps they stoned icehest first if you're heading oute head east of the district.distr right now georgetown pike weown p have a crash on the weikstbound wes side. lanes closed at river bend road. ro caution as you make your way y out in fairfax county. checking in with the innerwith loop right now ongoing construction two right lanesti blocked after colesville roadon and then in alexandria thisr coalexan t h morning 395 looking good goo problem free on 295. on 295 bottom of the beltway acrosse ltway a the wilson bridge is lookingooking good as well.l. and then as you make your wayour out downtown no problems on o our second dancer the capitolap with the white house. we got you covered if and when w
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anything pops up.p. right now metro and vre on or close to schedule. schule. back to you guys.s. >> 5:07 is the tim thank you very much, erinry muc como. what's more importanttant experience or judgment? itt? it depends on which presidential whi candidate you ask.nd we're going to take you toake you last night's democratic debate right after the break. new garnier skinactive introducing clearly brighter. a new active daily moisturizer to brighten dull skin. packed with antioxidant vitamin c, e and active lha. it does more than moisturize it actively smoothes boosts radiance and protects with spf 15. clinically proven. see brighter skin in just one week. new clearly brighter from garnier. skinactive. the active way to better skin. you can't predict the market. but through good times and bad... t. rowe price... ...we've helped our investors stay confident for over 75 years. call us or your advisor. t. rowe price. invest with confidence.
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your path to retirement may not always be clear. but at t. rowe price we can help guide your retirement savings. so wherever your retirement journey takes you, we can help you reach your goals. call us or your advisor t. rowe price. invest with confidence. >> ♪ >> now to new hampshire. it is down to a two personer
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race among democrats. bernie sanders and hillarynd hil clinton squared off in their t first one-on-one debate lastst night giving voters a chance cha to see them in action beforee heading to their polls next t week. the two tussled over several issues including foreign policy and qualifications. >> new hampshire voters go on tuesday to cast your vote you vot y are voting both for a president an commander-in-chief and therein-c is no way to predict whatwh comes in the door that of door th white house from day to dayay that can pose a threat to thet united states. >> i fully fully concede that t secretary clinton who was secretary of state for fourou years has more experience.xperie that is not arguable. but experience is not the only point. po judgment is. >> the two will debate againga on february 11th.ary 11th. on the republican side,ide, ben carson announced he's he' trimming his campaign staffampaign sta after his fourth place finishce finis in the caucus. carson says he has no plans to
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suspend most of the cuts came from carson's national campaignamig headquarters in alexandria,a, virginia. virginia. his senior staff will remain r in their positions. former first lady barbaray bar bush is also in new hampshire hps campaigning for her son jeb bush. speaking to a crowded towno a hall she called thele the presidential hopeful decenteful decen and honest and everything thething nation needs as a president.rede she also appeared to take a shot at donald trump sayingin her son is not a fox5 is teaming up withngth the for an in depth in dep look at the candidates, the campaign and the nation's natio first primary. ar the's editor in chief bob cusack and fox5's political reporter ronica cleary will look at all the t twists and turns and a look loo ahead to new hampshire and what my as the race move toas t the south. join them here live on fox5 oroxor streaming on thishi sunday at 8:30 a.m. >> 5:11 is the time.he t a year long search for a new for n superintendent in montgomeryde
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county is over. we'll introduce yntou to theco new tohe man in charge. crg >> first though traffic and weather on the 5s.weat good morning, gary.orning, gary. >> some of that white stuffwhite has fallen out there thisen the morning. most of it is off to the eastt down through southern maryland. temperatures are very, veryes a ver important. here in the city we've actually gone up a degree.egree. we're up to 38 degrees now. again, i don't anticipate much, if any, accumulation forum us here in the district even e though we are in the winter w weather advisory. advisor we'll talk more about this, how much snow, when is itnow, w it going to get out of here and h more importantly what's the wha the weekend forecast looking like. we'll talk about that. stay with us.
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>> 5: 14 is the time. back now way look at school soo close and delays.el calvert county schools closed: cse page county schools inls virginia on a two-hour delay d this morning. >> ♪ >> be careful off to the easto the e this morning. this morni i'm not sure -- let'ngs see.s s this is u.s. 50 so basically maryland 331, that's acrosss aos the bay, isn't it? somebody someb tell me yes or no.te okay that is across the bay. basically that's alreadyllat's getting the accumulating so, one two, couple spots maypots get as much as 3-inches of wetas 3-inches snow out there. not the case t c here. we're right on the westernes edge of this winter weatherer wth advisory up and down i-95.ry uand it does include the district technically but we think most of the snow is well off to the t east of us. look one to two maybewo m there's a three here or aere o three there but the storm t s system looks like it's goingit to be exiting out of 'shere by about eight or 9 o'clock.
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in terms of where there is the i heavy snow right now where w the visibility has been reduced to more than likelymore tn l less than a mile, of coursef course over here, this is obviouslybvus the eastern shore here andere and then back over into southernther maryland and over intornt delaware too so dover get get something pretty decent snowetty decent sno all the way down to cambridge.ambrid you jump the bay here.ayer southern calvert southern and sther central sections of saints mary's most of saint mary'sins county getting at least some some pretty decent snow, s accumulating snow but noticeot nothing in terms of anything any moderator or heavy along ther or i-95 corridor. corrido that's just not happening.ap. and i really don't think it's going to looking at the trendsthe tr here. there we are in the districtn now. a couple of wet flakes herela and there, even all the way up 270 northwest but againutga nothing to worry about upg wor there. ther temperatures are well above freezing along the i-95 corridor all the way up andhe way up down north and south. nor again, we take you down intoou dow i saint mary's county. cou there's southern sections oftion o calvert county.y some of this through princeri
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frederick and northern partsther p of saint mary's countycounty approaching moderate to heavyt h looking the radar returns. rur still thinking most of theinst snow is off to the east of us. technically speaking couldg c there be a burst of snow sno somewhere? yes.mewhere? y so that's why we're juste're jus covering all the bases here up and down i-95 with the potential of a dusting onusti o grassy areas maybe on a car or a rooftop something like that. certainly no more than m and this 1 inch keep in mind m this is way off to the east.ff to the eas this would be extreme easternme sections of prince george's grg county through central andtr eastern sections of charlesf ca county, too and thennd t obviously you start getting into saint mary's county andcounty then you're talking about one,bout two, maybe an isolated an ate 3-inches there. storm system is cruising upem i the coast.s we're right on the westernhees extent of that.fha notice how everything cuts offcuts o real quick north and west and that's going to be the case, to be c too. too. chilly this morning, 34. ts mo i think after 8 o'clock that'sck tt's when we'll start to see someom sunshine breaking through. through don't expect any real sunshineshin or significant sunshine until late morning early afternoon.
5:18 am
looks like it's pretty sunny late today. alleges get up into the lower int to mid 40's. it will be breezy, tone 20's with an occasion gust higheroc than never really feels like it's in the mid 40's today. tod nice tomorrow with a few clouds.clou. nice on sunday. sunda temperature there in the uppere th 40's and the low 50's and then and we deal with the possibilityposli of another storm coming into com monday and tuesday of nextnext week.we does look like it's going to feel much more like februarye february next week.xt w here's erin on this friday thifr morning with a look at traffic.affi >> 5:18 and we're taking a8 anwe'r look at our maps and ournd cameras right now a crash in fairfax. irfax. georgetown pike westboundtown lanes closed at river bends riv b road. road eastbound traffic getting bytraf without any incident. incid we'll switch it over right nowch r for a look 395 cruising there tre no problems bottom of thettom beltway. this is a look through inin virginia. you can see traffic picking upfic but moving along okay towards tards the keep in mind though as gary as has been mentioning with thewith the wintry mix coming downown especially east of the district use caution take itse slow watch for c some salt spraypr and some water spray out by out b the bay bridge especially.sp let's go ahead and take a lookeook right now. n
5:19 am
you can you can see 95ee5 cruising up towards the towds the beltway no problems.lty no problem 50 inbound looking good.nd lking problem metro on or close to we're going to keep youosinto k posted. that's your look at trafficr ok a early this friday morningy m commute. holly.holl >> thanks erin.hank to montgomery county nowtg where a year long search for a montgomery county schoolgo superintendent may be the board of educationdentd of officially announced dr. jacknced dr. jack smith as the finalist for the position.position smith who is named the ned maryland superintendent of theuper year in 2013 currently servesly serve as the interim stateer superintendent of maryland schools. schools. montgomery county schools has c a good reputation ouin the areahe a but dr. smith says there aree ar still educational disparitiesisriti that need to be worked on. on. >> you don't have to be sick be to get better. bte montgomery county is theis strong healthy vibrant schoolchool system but there are areashere a areas where we can improve like inro the disparities that exist,hat ex like moving more kids rigorousrigous programming so all kids get aset shot as whatever it is theyhateve want to do in life. (applause).(app >> his term would last fourur
5:20 am
years beginning july 1st and lasting until june 30th of 2020. >> ♪ >> developing overnight in newg york someone shot two policetwo police officers at a public housing complex in the bronx. there are reports the officers were conducting a drug investigation at the time ofn at the shooting. police say one officer wasth w shot in the head.shot the other in the arm. t both are expected to survive. surve one suspect was reportedlyepordly killed and two others were arrested.arre fox5 in charles countyles where a sheriff's deputy haseput been put on administrativetriv leave. it comes after an officern oic involved shooting near saintar charles parkway in waldorfrkwaaldorf tuesday afternoon.tuesday afternoon. officials say the deputy shothot a man who he says was acting suspiciously.suspiciously the suspect was shot twice and suffered nonlife-threatening-threatening injuries. officials say the suspect wasthe armed. the shooting is under investigation.ig >> we're learning more abouting the alleged murder plot involving the blacksburgg virginia teenager. tnage police say david eisenhauer and natalie keepers worked together to plan thege to kidnapping and death of 13-year-old nick cole col
5:21 am
they allegedly brought bro cleaning supplies and a shovel before meeting the teen last week. friends and family saidnd s goodbye to the 13-year-old3-year-old yesterday at her at neighbors say nicole was aole happy teenager who will be missed.missed. >> her smile. everybody's going to tell you that they're going toin miss her smile because she had somebe kind of magic under her eyescac unde and around her mouth and iouthnd will miss her potential.ti i looked forward to nicoleicole years from now.ow >> both eyes he was andbotheisenhauer and keepers are a engineering students at stus at virginia tech. >> when we come back remembering a legend in r and b.
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>> ♪ ♪ >> yeah, gets you moving you m doesn't it. maurice white founder of earther o wind and fire has died. d earth wind and fire had dozensoz of hits including that's theng that'the way of the world sent shining star and boogie wonderland. wonrland. white co-wrote and produced-wro most of the band's hits. he stopped touring back inpp 1995 ased he battled parkinson' winds and fire wasnds d fi inducked into the rock and into the rock roll hall of fam ae in 2000. maurice white 74 years old.
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>> interesting there they --he they're still around earthround ea wind and fire still around aro still touring but it's justs jus not the same. philip bailey is still in sll there. it's not the same since he since h left in 95. 9 >> i saw a documentary on them the and it talked about when heout n h got diagnosed with parkinson'sins how he pretty much -- iy mu -- wouldn't say became a recluseecluse but really no one saw or heard h from him again and it's sad toad see just a musical genius, hiseniu voice silenced far toolily andoolily of course now news of his death, another musical legend l gone this year. y what's happening 2016? all.6? a >> y'all are amazing 'cause ii can't sit still. s. >> i hope we have a earth windth and fire good day section where we can jam out. jam out. >> iconic sound. >> it is. >> i agree. >> september is my jam. mber >> there's so many, though.'s s >> i know, there's so many. t >> listen we wanhet to remind rem you there are a couple of school delays and at least one closing there at the bottom of your screen. >> some of that may be revisited. revi i don't think so but calvert
5:26 am
closed. more significant snow is down there through saint mary's, too, so they're on a two-hourr delay. de let's see what notice just about all of thise all of is concentrated to the east of i-95.i- baltimore you're getting a fewet snow showers up there kind ofind o mixing in still temperaturespetu are good here along the i-955 corridor and well above freezing. off to the east, though where whe more of the substantial snowantial snow is that's helping to cool thetol atmosphere so that's bringingringin temperatures down just aerat little bit. in terms of how much snow. s one to two plus out easternte shore, out there southernouth maryland, places like that allha the way to the beaches alonglong the maryland-delaware linesrein there and then here along i-95 look, it's not going to n g be a big deal 'cause 'cause temperatures are going to stay are g above freezing.reezin dusting in places on grassyn areas maybe with a snow burst.ur certainly no more than that. that 1 inch is off to thes o eastern sections. stions. here's a quick look at yourk at your forecast. this should be out of here by out of he mid to later morning and we'llnde' end up with sunshine todayshin lower to mid 40's breezy butre
5:27 am
never really feels like lowery felike l to mid 40's. really nice weekend coming up. >> oh, good. gd. like to hear t >> thank you professor. [laughter] [laugh >> let's get over to erin get como. >> he's a weather scientist.cienst >> yes, he is.he is. >> right now 5:27.htow 5 if you're making your way outay keep in mind late clearing crash carriage ford roadford roa closed both directions. use caution at that intersection and be prepared a to detour around that.r ar also this light wintry mixix coming down could cause slickause sli spots around town and somen ad some visibility problems.bity p take it slow this morningis m especially if you're makingf you' mak your way out east of the eof district. right now fairfax georgetowneoet pike westbound lanes closed at river bend road because of and be earlier crash as well.s wel moving over to the bay bridge right now in anne arrundel noo delays but they're askingut t folks to use caution as they as the drive for ice removal on bothal spans of the bridge.s of good time to remind that you bridges overpasses on- and off-ramps tend to freezera those are areas you definitely want to slow down thisn is we'll let you know if anythingknow if an else pops up that could slowldlo us down on this friday morningrida m drive.
5:28 am
holly. >> ♪♪ >> ahead three confirmed casesedas of the zika virus here in d.c. d and one of the patients isnts pregnant. what health officials want youals want to know. we'll be back.
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>> hey, welcome back on this, we friday morning. taking a live look outside. o some of you may be waking upy bein to a bit of snow causing some schools to close and delay. del we are scrolling that information on the bottom ofion your screen so please takele heed of that as you head outut
5:31 am
for your day.r >> all right, we're going start in inaryland. calvert county, queen ann'sueen county and calvert countyou schools are staying in maryland anne anne arrundel county and saint mary's schools on a two-hour delay. >> in virginia page county schools and westemoreland county schools on two hourch on delays this morning.orni that list seems to be growing. gwi >> it does. >> definitely stay tuned asitely stay t the situation develops.on d >> light snow and rain couldht s create a mess for your commute this morning isn't crews areorng i out and about trying to prep the roads.s. >> fox5's mel ann is also5's me out and about driving around charles county this morning. tmorni how is it looking there, mel? there >> reporter: definitelyefinitel we're seeing a lot more of the heavier precipitation now that we're now on route five into i saint mary's county. cnt and, yeah, this is definitely d we can see a big differencefe between this area and where we w started out at the station andtaon ending up going around the topund th side of the beltway.. we checked out bowie. that seemed to be okay ande okay a even on the northern parts of
5:32 am
301, not too bad but here you her can see that the snow is starting to kick up. kick u sometimes it's a little hardertle to see on the camera there. the it is that kind of snow that that comes at your windshield andd definitely can distract you distract with your driving. drivi we have seen a few crews out here putting some salt and and some sand they were not able to pretreat because of the rain that preceded this would wash theld chemicals away. chals we're also starting to seeing t some accumulation here now oner n the grassy surfaces.gras so again word of caution toauon t everyone here. vdot as well got crews out.rews just if you're going to be driving in from this part oft of the metropolitan area bere very very careful thisulhi morning and we'll check backll c in with you guys in a little bit. >> mel thank you. be careful.ul as fierce of the zika virus gross three cases haveee cas been confirmed in d.c. i d the department of health saysh s all contracted it aftert traveling abroad. abr
5:33 am
one case was reported lastt year and two already this year alr thi including one woman who is who the world health organization has declared the mosquitoit borne virus a global publicl health emergency.alth e dozen cases have beendo confirmed inze florida.lori texas health officials say affic person there contracted zikate z through sex.. the most common symptoms ofof the zika virus are fever rash rash and joint pain.join there's currently no vaccine. vacci >> back to a big story we arerye following out of princellow george's county now.or police are investigating atiti murder. they say a man was slot andas slot killed in temple hills and our fox5's annie yu is live on ie the scene with details.enwith anything new annie? ann >> reporter: hey, good>> rter: hey, go morning, holly.mornin actually we just will the homicide unit leave the scene t s here. it looks like they've beenheve b able to gather up all the all evidence and clean things upngs now and we see severaleral detectives leaving the scenehe s but if you look straight ahead aad between those two pillarswo there and that doorway that doorway is the area that investigatorstigato were walking around in trying in try to find a motive in this cases c and more information about the
5:34 am several officers were here onrs whe the scene. this is the south pointouoi apartment complex in the 2600 t60 block of southern avenue in temple hills. h and we're told that the 911he 9 call came in around 12:30 this30 morning and when officers gotn offi g here they found a man with multiple gun shot wounds.t wou he was actually transported to the hospital but sadly did notut sly d make it and was pronouncedrono dead at the hospital.t th no word yet on who the victim is. is it's still very early in theearlyn investigation obviously butly b detectives are telling us this us t incident does not appear to be random and they're looking for any additional information. informati if you heard something sawaw something, prince george's county police want to hereyolic from you. they are urging you to call 186-6411 tips t-i-p-s. t-i-p that's the latest near temple t hills maryland. annie yu fox5 local news. >> developing overnight wikileaks founder julian assange find support from the united nations. the human rights path says
5:35 am
assange has been arbitrarilyrarily detained by britain and swedende since 2010. he faces rape allegations sweden. sw he's consistently denied thetldeni allegations.alle he's been living in thengn ecuadorian embassy in london lon since june 2012. >> ♪ it is february 5th and i that is important to know because. >> yesterday was mailman appreciation day i know that.on >> but today is d national weather persons day. so, we are thanking ourre thag wonderful weather leader herer h in the early hours. h >> i'm trying my best to keeping myest the snow away. i haven't accomplished that. a >> making you work on your you way, right. >> that's fine. >> beats the alternative.ernati i also want to you tweet uset some snowfall totals if you're you there where it's accumulating.ccat we're getting nothing from the weather service yet. i don't know what's going on. but anyway gary fox5 d.c.5 d.c. tweet them over to tucker, tooucke and then we'll try and getnd
5:36 am
some of these out.. pictures, anything.nythin you guys are a snowy scene outne there this morning.this not the case here in the city. 38 degrees. 38 deg i don't think we have anythingink to worry about too much.or going to be a little bit ofa ttle bit wet snow falling in places. fredericksburg 36, manassas6, manas 37, dulles 38, frederick 37ri but over -- southern maryland, myl leonardtown you guys are 32. cambridge 32. stevensville 36 but we're 36 t we' seeing some pretty good some etty accumulation there aroundmulation eastern over -- eastern -- easton sorry not eastern eas easton over on the eastern theas shore. here's the snow this morning. morning up and down i-95 it's just a jus little bit of a mix. look how much there's notuch re's going on west of i-95. it's all i-95 and off to the o to east. the deeper purple is the more substantial snow that's wrapping through calvert county, parts of anne arrundelof a county and there's sill some pretty good snow through saint mary's county, too. cy, t charles county there's are's little bit for you guys in the the eastern section of thatt county. county. other than that it's just ath little bit of a mix to theanita mi western part.wen p there's where we are now.were n
5:37 am
once this snow gets out of here by late morning, we'll be, we'l getting into some sunshine. sunsh temperatures will be warmingbe up middle -- 34 w mid 40's andsnd the winds will be northwest 100 to 20, little bit gustier than guser t that at times so it is goingt ti to be chilly. c weekend still looks real nice. erin como is on this fridays f morning with look at your look at you commute and it does look likeoo again most of the commutingst of th issues east of i-95 erin. >> that's right gary but wet's ry have a new accident.ew aen this is the outer loop it's out by former you can see the crash blocking that left tha left shoulder part of the left lane lt definitely slowing things downhingsow steady flow of traffic. t backed up to allentown road. up llen so give yourself some extra e time to get through thathrou portion of the beltway.of the beltw inner loop quiet. qui let's switch it over for as sw look at our maps.ap carriage ford road we're dealing with a crash closing clo the road in both directionsecti between aiden run andn ru warrington road so caution in prince william as well.ces out in fairfax georgetown piken westbound lanes remain shutain shu down at river bend road.en and that is because of a crash iuse of a c scene as well.scas w as gary mentioned especially as you make your way out eastur way out e of the district watch out forwatchut for icy conditions that wintry mix m
5:38 am
really causing i saw salt trucks around here in friendship heights onp ig wisconsin. give yourself extra time torsel get around. aro use extra caution onti bridges. overpasses they always a tend to freeze first. bay bridge heads up. no delays use caution.aution ice removal on both spans.pans. metro right now is on or closese to schedule.ule. back to you t >> all right, erin thank you. y two d.c. firefighters ared.c. firefig off the job.b. the building injury they missed on patient. that's -- big injury they missed on a patient. that's coming up next. (vo) shop all makes, models and colors in your neighborhood... all with worry-free ownership. head to your neighborhood enterprise car sales and let the people who buy more vehicles than anyone... shift your thinking about buying
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your next one.
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5:41 am
>> whole new income and wealth is going to the top 1 percent. perce not what america is supposed s to be ba >> i want to get the economyhe eco going it's not just enough aboutut what we're against as important as that is. i >> bernie sanders and hillarynders clinton battle it out in newut i hampshire last night. n both gave voters a chance to t see them in action before theion befo primary next w the d.c. fire departmentpartme investigating two of itsstatin firefighters after they faileder t to notice a patient they wereer caring for had a serious s gunshot wound.nshot w now it happened last friday in lastri the 200 block of l street see southwest. ut not far from nats police told the firsthe responders that the victim was high on pcp. it wasn't until doctors andto nurses cut the man's clothing clo off at the hospital that theyl that t realized that he had been b shot.shot.
5:42 am
sources familiar with theces fa investigation say theinve stfirefighters were immediatelymmediate taken off the street. stree d.c. fire and ems declined to comment. comment. fairfax county police needco your help to identify a pair of thieves who robbed a jewelry he store atret springfield plaza this week. w now the theft happened onpene monday morning.or. the two men entered the storehe and were looking around then suddenly one of that many pulled out a knife and draggedra the owner into a back rooma back r where he was forced to open a t o safe. now while that was going on was going o the other suspect was removingemovg jewelry from the display c the owner was shaken up andp treated at a local hospital. l >> a story to start your to start your friday off right.iday >> a local student got a heartwarming surprise during s his school play last night.ay lasig don't miss it after trafficafte and weather.d wer hey, gary. >> thanks a lot guys. listen the weekend forecast ist is up. 50 to 51 degrees on this wehi could. a good amount of sunshine. sun it does look like for some oddome and reason -- not an oddotn reason, it doesn't matter butter sunday does look likeuny the sunnier of the two days two but it's definitely a winner w for this the first -- let'sst -- see, this would be the first f
5:43 am
full weekend of february. febar snow is flying most of it tong mof the east. the we'll show you that on radarn how much we expect and betterr yet when does it get out of here. more forecasts more news, more traffic coming up. stay with us.
5:44 am
5:45 am
>> 5:45 is the time. 5:4 school closings and delays to pass in maryland calvert county c queen anne's county and talbot talbo school closed. scho >> in virginia page county
5:46 am
schools and westemoreland w county schools both on estwo both on hour delays this morning.elays all those closings and delays scrolling across the bottom of your screen. >> ♪ >> listen. winter weather advisory inther aory place goes until 10:00 a.m.00.m it's basically i-95 to the i-9to east. it does include d.c. evenven though we're not getting muchnguch here. traffic seems to be movingovin pretty good this morning out there now. 38 degrees here in the h let me step out, you can seeout, all the temperatures. the coldest of thestf temperatures leonardtown at leonardtown 32 cambridge 32.brid 3 that's where the heaviest ofhere the snow is.. basically d.c. west andt a northwest we're all above freezing. doesn't mean one slippery spotlipo here or there so just keep that in mind and you're did goo together run into a little bitun i of a mix. they're tracking this snowg this snow this morning and rain, too the mixture down i-95. i-9 there's just not much through tou the city now and just a fewust a flakes back out to the northac and northwest.k d no no problems there. again it's i off to the east where thishe snow really is.
5:47 am
we jump radar sites for you so for you you can see over here doverere d down to georgetown and then salisbury, this is where most of the snow is, the heaviesthe hea of the snow, the accumulatinging snow where the visibilitiesibilities are coming not yet for ocean city but itut i probably will before it's allefor it's a said and done because low pressure is coming up thecong up coast trying to drag cold air a into the center of the stormter rm so eventually i think we see a we s changeover all the way out toayut the water.the wer. in terms of snowfall potential, most of the snow, one, 2-inches, we'll get a few places out there eastern shorernre and over into southern sth maryland where there might bere might be a little bit more thanha 2-inches, 3-inches some of it has been melting too as it hits so it's hard to hd t track how much in the way ofch ie wa accumulation. here along the the the i-955 corridor doesn't look much.oe't at the most a dusting and then andh off to the east of i-95 there-95 there could be a couple of spots up around 1 inch. inch. storm system is coming up the the coast.ast. give this a few more hours and it will start to wrap up and it will start to wrap upapp quickly.
5:48 am
we'll be getting some sunshinee s by late morning into the early afternoon. this is how our model sees it.s i 6:00 a.m. still a little bit bit of light snow, mix up and downp d do i-95. by eight, 9, 10 o'clock all this starts pushing offer torts the east. then we get the sunshine insunshi in here. here winds will pick up too. it's little breezy this morning already and it will beady breezy throughout the day today. so, chilly with still sometiom mixture at 8:00 a.m., 34. a.m., that's probably the coldest cde we're going to get here in the city. breezy at noontime, 41.ntime, 4 sun is coming out.. 44 with sunshine thisine afternoon. again, it will be breezy with w 44 so that's going to feel fee colder than that, okay.n at weekend looks g a few clouds tomorrow, mostly sunny onowmost sunday temperatures upperratu 40's low 50's. 5 next week another storm foror monday and still a lot of unansweredlo una questions there.estis th and then next week looks likeooks l it's going to get cold feel f more like february.ebar here's erin with a look at lat your friday morning traffic. >> 5:48. melanie alnwick she tweeted usshe twted us a picture of hadder commute onute o five as she's heading intoding i saint mary's county andt ma visibility is a problem.ty so make sure you slow down you sw do that wintry mix definitely defin causing issues and some slickes aome
5:49 am
spots. aside from that carriage fordarrie road right now remains shuthu th directions between aiden road andeen ai warrington road. rd. there's a utility poleity replacement from an earliert from crash in prince william. wliam aside from that in fairfax fairf right now georgetown pikenik westbound lanes remain shutnein s down at river bend road bend road because of a crash. cra crash activity at that tt location.on. moving over to prince george's grg county outer loop an accident as well. as it's on the left side of thee road at four.t f things are slowing down fromn allentown road through thatha point. let's take a live look outsideut 301 out by five and show youhow what you're up against. again some volume increasing andasg and traffic moving slowly. swl again slick conditions as youons as make your way out five f northbound at 301 more time t there needed. nee i would say especially slowy s down on bridges overpasses on-rpasses on and off-ramps.f-amps metro and vre on or close to close t you can always keep up with meup wit me on twitter as well at erin at e fox5 d.c. back to you guys.u guy >> all right, now to a story that you'll only city on see on fox5. fairfax middle school studenttu acted in his first school playis
5:50 am
last night. f >> what he did not know wa sw was while he was on stage there was a special guest that was t in the audience and it turnsns out it was his father who has was spent the last several monthson in afghanistan working for the f the state department.deparen >> one young man had somee extra support and he didn't even know it. we'll move that's trey kee he who is playing mufasa in the lion king. while trey had been learning had his line and practicing his own father has been supportinguppoin him from afar while serving in afghanistan.afgh robert kee moved mountains too secretly show up at the school the sch last night. st nig he watched with pride in theh ide in the back of the audience.e. not even trey's mother and sister knew he was there. he made an awesome surprise appearance. the director began to ask a
5:51 am
mufasa questions about the about theme of the play and this isnd this i what h >> i would say it's abouts abo family. mily. >> and the relationshiphe relationshi between fathers and sons.on >> yeah.>>eah. >> becoming leaders. >> yo', yo'. yo'. >> back from afghanistan.fghani [cheers and applause] >> my gosh. >> i cannot even stand it. oh my gosh.osh. so, as trey headed back to thed ba stage, his mom and sister came running up tears in their eyes probably much like mine rightneht now. they weren't expecting to see robbed until sometime this -- robert untilobert sometime this summer.mesu but the timing couldn't becoul b better. >> honestly i still can'tillan really believe it.real believe i'm excited because we justause we j got through our premiere andmie this just made it a thousand times better and i'm so happy.oap he told me he would be here in i wore a little pin to remind me of him and now i have thed now i have better thing in person.
5:52 am
>> that's awesome. >> you're pretty excited too,oo hm? ? >> yeah. >> were you expecting to seeex your dad here tonight? tonig >> no i wasn' i wasn't.i i was -- it was just so unexpected. >> he talked with trey overh trey face time a few days ago helping to calm his nervesg leading up to their big play.toth he said it wasei unbelievable toieto be there in amazing story. sto >> those kind of stories neveresev get old.t o we're both here like -- lik >> i know, right. >> awww. >> ♪ >> one local girl's dream tos be the next american idol unfortunately it is over. centreville's sara sturm wasturm was center home on last night's show. >> after her eliminationlimina
5:53 am
tweeting guys everything lapsee for a reason. god definitely has a plan. p i'll make it somehow i it meho promise. is love you all and thank you american idol. i we apologize. apologize clearly we're having some some audio issues here this morningorni so we apologize for that goingha on this morning.on thi let's go ahead and talkgo ahead and tal about this week's fox beateat free friday. how about a three monthee m membership to gold's gym. the gold's gym prize pack also includes a free personal pso training session a customized 12 week transformation plan, a gym bag a-water bottle andnd even a gym towel.ym >> all right. r to enter for a chance to win go to the contest page between bet now and 11:59.59 one winner selected by random drawing february 8th 2016. 201 the approximate prize retailret value is $399 and is providedded by gold's gym. gym. the offer is valid at participating locations only. >> ♪>>♪ >> time for to your facebookfor fan of the day.fa today it's diane mccalvin. mal she is pictured here with her outstanding lovely family. famil
5:54 am
her husband michael and son devon.von. >> diane lab a long time fan l of fox5 and todayab is her birthday.birt happy birthday diane. >> if you want to be our nexte o nex facebook fan of the day just post your picture right below diane's. >> all right.>> you ready?yoready? >> uh-huh. >> cute alert. check out this brand new video of giant panda cub bei bei frolicking outside yesterday. >> the smithsonian nationalnianional zoo uploaded the video.. it shows the giant panda beianda b bei and his mother mei xiang climbing up a tree and can yound can describe ling. bei bei lab capturing hearts since his birth in august. really captivating videoaptiva v out of japan. the soccer regime, one of the most active volcanoes in thees in t world erupted overnight.vernig look you'll see lightning in it as well.ll that's called a dirty d thunderstorm.
5:55 am
the lightning is caused by caused static charges from theic c debris. >> that's awesome. >> like big static electricityst is what it is. >> okay, all right. okay, allight so what's helping happening gary. >> a little mix of rain and rain snow and it shouldn't amount'tmo to much but it's off to the t east this morning wherehis obviously the snow is a little a lit bit more substantial outal out there. we have a lot of schoole t of delays too. t one to 2 inches maybe a littlehes bit more in spots. sts radar slows it this way.hi if we can see he that and ittnd kind of shows you where the where t heaviest of the snow is well off to the east of us. us. not too bad along the eastern ete shore. or but over into southern maryland and along the shore ang t that's where the heaviest ofhere the heavies this snow is.t th the snow is now beginning toinng push down. dow the delaware beaches thees t maryland beaches are allndeach starting to change over tong snow now as the cold air is a moving into that area of low o pressure. here's what we're thinking.hinking. no more than a dusting if that. th i don't even know that that'sth going to be the case here ce he along the i-95 corridor.orr. all the snow accumulation, oneatn,
5:56 am
to two plus well off to theff t east of us. it wraps up late morning andp we glaet some afternoone aferno sunshine. weekend looks really nice. erin, it's your turn. t >> no, it's not.>> no, i >> no, it's not. o, i >> but first we have this because she tweeted this. >> i like she tweeted it.weeted i >> she put a picture of everyf one of our weather team for national weather persons day and my favorite part is where she says happy weather personsppy day fox5. all other stations let it go. >> ♪ let it go. >> she's got elsa.a. >> she's a loyal tweeter. >> thank you so much forou s helping us celebrate ourebrae favorite weather people.eopl >> yup. >> now they're going the makere me breakfast g.. yeah. >> we're going to toss over tossr our favorite traffic person erin como. >> no breakfast. no breakfast. >> this is my favorite block mfavo of news, that story with the with dad from afghanistan and thestan t panda playing. this is a solid end to the 5 o'clock hour. hou >> end on a high note.igh n >> good stuff. stu
5:57 am
if you are commuting we want w to warn you about thisar weather. as you travel across the bay b bridge no delays urging folks to use caution. ice removal on both spans.oth spans melanie alnwick showed us that five is dealing withling w visibility problems towards saint mary's this morning. also in prince george's outer loop crash on the left sid ge ofid the road at four and a little a bit of a slow down from f allentown road on through. georgetown pike westbound lanes closed at river bendt r be road. more traffic in just a few. ijust a keep it here to fox5 news morning. 6:00 a.m. hour starting in just a couple minutes. at wegmans we believe the best way to help you is to provide choices
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that offer you the best prices, quality and selection. wake up with wegmans family pack ♪ 1,2,3,4 ♪ you can save 30% or more. from tasty energy bars to creamy and delicious yogurt. let us help you find that perfect balance of size & savings. how can you save 30% or more? sfx: finger snap wegmans family pack. we do it because we're family too.
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>> ♪ >> this is fox5 news >> yeah, it's back, snow.k, sno falling in parts of the d.c.. region on this friday morning february while most of it is nots sticking to the ground ord o close to town sticking to the t ground that's not the case in southern maryland and theanand eastern shore.ho already some school closingsool closings to pass along, too.g, t this is a live picture fromro easton maryland, a winter a winte weather advisory still inll i effect for a few more be careful out there thisre morning. mo we will have weather andther traffic on the 5s at 6:05.. good friday morning to you,ngo y i'm allison seymour.seour >> and i'm steve chenevey.'m steve cheneve welcome to fox5 news morning.mor that snow down to the south t and out to the east leading to some school closings and some in maryland calvertvert queen anne talbot and a dorchester county schoolser c closed also anne arrundel county saint mary's county both onru a on two-hour delay. delay that's's >> in virginia king george,


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