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tv   Fox 5 News Edge 6  FOX  February 5, 2016 6:00pm-6:31pm EST

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capital heights. that's right, tony and the people who are gathered hereere today are here to celebrate the life of 26 year old nashante davis and all of this comes com after this tragic story that you mentioned that really struck a cord so many people and hasas really broken the hearts of family, friends and even complete strangers. taking place behind me is a candle light vigil at bradbury b heights elementary school where davis was a first year, second grade teacher. and right now actually coming to to the podium is a second graderade student who is going to be sharing a few words. again, this is the scene here at bradbury heights elementary school tonight. the community and her family will remember her. this is a private vigil. davis and her two year old daughter khloe were fatally shoty tuesday morning as they wereere leaving their home. h the toddler's father 25 year old darren boss well johnson was arrested. the next day and charged inn
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their murder. right now, members of the community here in capital heights are coming to bradbury heights along with some friends and along with parents and factually and staff to remember davis.vis. you can see that there is a large picture of davis and also on the right of the podium there's a large picture of khloe. we spoke with someone who lives in the area who also had some family members and children who attended this school. here's what she had to say about this tragedy. all right. we'll bring that to you a little bit later. prince george's county publice' schools did release a statement saying alls as of us at prince george's county public schools are deeply sad end by the loss of nashante davis and her young child. crisis teams are available at ava the school for all of our students, staff and families as long as they need it. the district will do everything they can to support bradbury
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heights elementary school. our thoughts and prayers arers a with the family of nashante davis. again, this is a private vigil. the media actually was not invited to attend this vigil. so we're across the street from where it's happening. h we definitely wanted to come here and bring this to you because there's obviously been high interest and also outrage by what happened to davis and her two year old daughter. again, the information aboutmati this vigil was posted on facebook, along with several condolences tot davis family from the community. tisha lewis fox5 local news.ews. > it's nice to see the community out powering of support. thank you. tonight we're learning more about woman charged in the death d of a teenager. tee she was bullied just like the 13 t year old girl she's accused of blotting to kill. k her virginia tech classmate david eisenhower is charged with kidnapping and killing lovell.
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both are being held without bond. > it is a bizaar crime a whole who lot of cash meant to pay college tuition is stolen at a northern virginia dunk kin donuts. fox5's alexandra limon isle filling us in onxa this one live from falls l church. alex. >>reporter: that's right. r the story is hard to believe and it's also kind of sad. s i spoke to that woman who lost the $10,000 in cash. c she tells me she's been a housekeeper here in the northernorth virginia area for the past 25 p years and she was saving up all all of the cash that she could so that her kids could have a better future. but now a large chunk of that college tuition money is gone afteer someone stole it. she's just hopeful now that someone can help identify the suspect who was caught on surveillance video.ideo marie as that stress says at first she thought it was a joke $10,000 in cash she had saved sav for her daughter's college tuition gone stolen actually by
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this woman who was caught red handed on surveillance video. i never never cross my mind m that this could happen. maria and her daughter were onn their way to penn state on january 10. but during the coffee stop at this dunk kin donuts on highway 50 in falls church they forgot the purse with the tuition money inside. they were only gone for five orr six minutes before realizing it. it. we got back and it was not there. i could not believe it. it. i thought it was a joke or something. my daughtey have cameras. this woman was trying to put her her kids through college. we feel for her. in the surveillance video released by the fairfax countyy police department you can see c the purse catches the eye of the suspect. then she walks over and checks out her surrenderrings. finally she makes a move and swipes the bag.. > whether she knew there was a large amount of cash in there or o no. our goal is to identify who who the suspect is and move forward
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with charges and let the court work everything out. now maria is just hopeful someone can id the woman in the video. we spoke to police who tell us tel that there's a good chance that the cash is long gone but att least if someone identifies thaties woman there's a chance that maria can take her to court and maybe get her money back that way. they need the public's help, soo if you recognize that woman, you should call the fairfax countyount police department. reporting live in falls church alexandra limon, fox5 local news. > cathy lanier announced 19 armed robberies were recently solved much officers arecently posted 13 people, includingnclu michael williams. essay caused of robbing six different locations in d.c. this is williams on surveillance video. he approached the counter employee with a note, made n threats and demands and thennd took off with the cash. it really is an out all outut effort from all the law enforcement agencies in the city
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to try and stop this trend of robberies, whether they're in the street, at the metro or at the economics establishment.s > the recent arrests show that tha a small number of people are committing multiple crimes.mes. > straight ahead at 6 wow. >> frightening moments in the a math of a deadly construction crane collapse in new york city. > also coming up tonight, the cdc issued new recommendation asatio concerns about the zika virus continues to grow. sue. >> hey, there, shawn and tony. t we got lightly brushed with a little bit of snow this morning, but it was enough to be disruptive adoes lower southernes maryland. here's a look at l some of the t snow totals that we saw. it ended up being an inch maybe two inches towards suit lettersville maryland, millington, 1.2.mi do you maryland in calvert county 7 tenths of an inch, enough to cancel schools in calvert county.
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we have a couple more potential pot storms to keep an eye on, but b they will not involve theve t weekend. we'll let you know when to expect those when we return. .
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and lower medical costs. take control of your health at cigna dot com slash take control. sheen visible on the potomache p river. an investigation is underway to u determine what is causing it. it. authorities were notified b
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notified about the convenience p.en it extends to joins point just north of the woodrow wilson bridge. the us coast guard and severalnd other agencies are responding. investigators are trying toor determine the source of the oil. o we know that the product is a petroleum base. it's an oil by its characteristics in the t we sent out cam samples to our laboratory trend of robberies t analysis. but at this timere i can't characterize the exact nature of the oil that's in the wear. it is not untypical to see this t type of sheen after a major snowstorm like what we experienced two weeks ago. investigators are not ruling outg some type of spill. right now there is no public health risk. > a freak accident in new york city, a crane collapsed.psed take a look, one person was killed, three others were hurt. workers were trying to secure the crane because of the high winds out there.. when they tried to lower it the
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crane crashed down tot ground. it smashed into surrounding billings and several cars parkedd there on the streets. > we have one fatality, an individual happened to be sitting in a parked car not c associated with the work being done with the crane. we have three individuals with injuries, two serious, one minor, none live threatening asteni far as we know at this point. > amazingly none of the workers the were hurt. inspectors were now checking to see if any of the surrounding billings had structural damage. lightening stakes the tip of an airplane. they were on a bowing 777. the footage shows the bolt strike the plane and then spiral out into the clouds. the plane was not damaged and it i was able to make a safe landing. there is it seems, almost no way to escape it these days but
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the question is is the internett making you stupid? coming up tonight at 6 how researchers how our brains are being rewired to retain less information. i don't think the internet is making me any worse or stupid. > men, listen up, looking for a valentine? you might want to brush up on your grammar. >> all right. take a look at this. you > okay. this viral video may be the sweetest thing you will see today. oh, my goodness. david ma toll a of salt lakesalt city played this lullaby piano on his five month old and he and interest stanley went to sleep. little sam yell had ane infection, couldn't sleep, but as soon as the dad touched the
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keys, he was out. > this is so sweet. lucky his dad can play like that. look at him.
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> is that michael jackson? >> yeah, this is from dangerous d i believe. > okay. this is with madonna, i think. is madonna in this song? >> i don't know. no, not madonna. i just don't know that one. > all right. so if you are looking for love, remember proofread. p a new study found of he harmony profiles that have spellingerrors are less likely to find a match. a lack of proofreading mayadin indicate that a man doesn't care how he presents himself or that
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he might not be very bright.righ women were found to makerrorses, too, but men were less likely to hold their grammatical slipup against them. both men and women admitted they judge poor grammar. you can be confident great but if we can't go out. o >> and i don't know how to talk tal and writing is important. people don't think it's important. it's important. we don't dito enough of it anymore. > it is very important. > it's your turn now. no surprise here but one studytudy suggests the internet is making us dumber. researchers at ucla say when you read something online you're constantly bombarded by links too other articles, videos and pictures. all that makes your brain work while it reads because it has to to make a bunch of different decisions. it also makes it hard to retain things that you're reading. r on the other hand when you read
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say a book you don't have all these options, go here, click on this, all that kind of stuff andnd because your brain isn't making mak other decisions itself it does a better job reading and committing to memory.ory. >> i get that, but that is the way things are now. people are not all of a united states sen going to stop looking loo up things on the internet. i in this day and age when you need to know something you google it. you don't go to the dictionaryary or encyclopedia to figure it it out. > i get what it's saying, butut what i'm wondering is will the brain adapt.dapt > if you think you are picking a healthy option with a salad at mcdonald's you might want to consider. that has a whopping 200-calories more than a big mack. >> how can that be. > it has a total 730-calories 7 just in that little bitty l sat sat add. although the super food has been praised with iron kale caesar
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salad with chicken pile on the calories. the creamy ass go oh caesar dressing. that is more than 200-calories by itself. its there's somebody who is thinking we're going to be healthier and market this. they had to look at this and t know that the calorie count was outrageous. this is true of any salad. it's the dressing. d when you put the dressing on it. it. you can put some other fattyatty things on it, crispy chicken chi but it's the dressing that puts all the calories on. >> people are like, i'm going to to get the kale.ale. > if you're going to fast food just eat the fast food. do what you want. if there's where you're going g i'm going to get a big mack. >> let's check in with sue palka and find out what's going on with the weather. >> it's another one of those hangry moments. m tone initial you're hungry. sue knows me.e.
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yes, i am. i was chucking over here as i was listening to you talk aboutalk all of that. by the way i'm also salivating. i'm really hungry for a kale salad. we are saying goodbye with an early morning brush of snow. sno we picked up an inch or two inches around the region but it was again mainly south and east over on the delaware, earn shoreare, to leonardtown. national arbor it a.m. notice our snow department map even a trace shows up. we're still melting off a lot of l the snow that we got from the blizzard of 2016. 2 the weekend looks pretty quiet. we should have a good amount of sunshine. next weekend looking active again. no weather concerns at allll saturday 48-degrees sunday 51. tonight will be on the chilly side though. t and we will have to watch for a little bit of refreeze lateat tonight because temperaturesuse will be heading down. nice to get into the 40s today although i will admit it feel f
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like the 40s. it felt more like the 30s and and 20s because we still had pretty good wind chill. we're down to 34 at gaithersburg d winchester and when wee continue to watch these wind gusts which still in some areas are up and over 20 miles an hour they're getting better but it does contribute to a wind chill that has most of us feeling like we're in the 20s to aroundd 32-degrees of the dress for the wind chill although it will certainly be getting better towards morning. m ear night we drop to about 30-degrees. there will be some spots though, in thee upper 20s which is why on these cold nights wee do want to remind you that the refreeze is still doable and we we did add a little bit of moisture and a little bit of melting. 32 sunny and cold, it's on the chilly side.e. we get up to about p 48-degrees and by 5:00, 48. there are a couple of things we're much whatting for next nex week. one of them is sunday night. we've been watch for quite a while this actual area of low
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pressure, a coastal that appeared to be too far out to see. i have to tell you that this storm track has shifted. it's a little l closer.lose itself it's going to maybe brush bru the coast the way things are looking right now and maybe clip new york that's sunday night.y n we're going to watch that very closely because the trend hastren been for it to get a little bit closer, one that has maybe a bit a more interest and impact on our area is this clipper that wouldt be approaching on monday evening. it will promote a mix of rain orf ra snow around here, maybe a little bit of sleet.bit but a lot of times it appears as as they want to get off the coast and really develop again. a we hate these situations becauses half the time they don't develop and the other half the time they do and the models are split on this than would. that's a question for us on how much snow we might get tuesday morning. if this develops and it's nice nic and strong, tot south we can can get more snow, if it's to the north we may not get as much snow. our american models say it's
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going too far north. maybe we'll get an inch monday into tuesday. good ole euro model sees it more aggressive and has it more to mor the south and has us into the three to six inch. that's our dilemma. d we're going to have to make thiss call probably sometime on monday, but first call probably pro sunday night. we're thinking again monday m night into tuesday has to be watched. next week definitely on the chilly side. you can senie we've got a lot of 30s as we look toward next week w and we're going to head toward valentine's' day on the chilly side. we're going to keep an eye on o what we think is going to be a potentially busy monday night and tuesday.d t unless it ends up being the bei american model and then it will be a little bit of snow. > we always like the american model. i knew you would go > we enjoy all models. >> just not on paper. > in case you guys didn't know it is national wear read for for
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womens day in support of womens health that is why sue tony and i are all wearing red. the disease kills approximately one woman every 80 seabeds and 80 percent of cardiac and stroke str events can be prevented with education and action. that's why the organization is asking people to wear red today which is national wear red day. d and get a checkup,. >> absolutely.olut heart disease kills more women than all cancers combined. it's until. you don't think about that.t t you don't hear about it as much as you hear about cancer. can > it is the annual tradition. the dominion festival hosted the high stakes, the wieners were wer the carolina panther. they beat the denver bark ohs. the score was 42 to 36. >> that's very that is thrye same way the vague
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> if you don't have a ticket to the super bowl, who cares,, wh right? well here's why. carolina panthers star roman harper put his luxury apt in charlotte on the air b and b the big night of the game. it will only set you back bac $5,000. that's pretty. guests will be able to watch the super bowl in style on a 70-inch television while they relax on the nfl's star couch. the apartment also has an outdoor pool and a health club c with a spa yoga a room and and fitness classes if you can get all of that in one day. all of the money raised will gowill to the panthers players charity which is called harpers hope.
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and air b and b will match the $5,000 price tag.,000 there are some ground new, no partying, no football indoors and no wearing cleats on the hardwood floors. would you want people in your house. >> i would not. if i could affor>>d it, i would doo that. > it's a beautiful apartment. he has excellent taste. >> he needs his own show. sho > thanks for joining us everybody. we will see you tonight at 10. have a good weekend.
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>> today on "tmz" -- >> rob kardashian, this is a big deal. doesn't have the beard anymore, but he still has blac chyna. >> he's smiling. he looks really happy. >> doesn't rob have a history of falling hard for women and then when it doesn't work out, he falls into a deep depression? >> this is what he's falling apart into right here. [laughter] >> eugene from "the walking dead'." i was just reading the walkers have to go through training. he then gives us a demonstration. >> just kind of like this. >> you have to look like you're on death's door. harvey: through death's door. >> right, oh, right. >> abby lee miller from "dance moms" is pissed off at pizza hut. someone hung up on somebody. she went on to social media and put up a pho


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