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tv   Fox 5 News Ten  FOX  February 5, 2016 10:00pm-11:01pm EST

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>> right now at 10:00 a grieving community comes together remembering a school teacher and her daughter killed outside their home this week. plus we're keeping a close eye on two systems that could bring us more snow. and this is not your every day purse snatching. >> they have my cash. >> why the victims is she was
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carrying around so much cash. >> your news at 10 starts right now. >> thank you for joining us. i'm shawn yancy. we begin with emotional night in capital heights. a large crowd came out to remember de shante davis and chloe. davis's exboyfriend shot and killed them outside their home. >> tisha lewis is live at brad bury heights elementary school where davis taught, tish a. >> tony and shawn davis's family came here, her church family came here, her church extended family from brad bury height where she started her dream job as a second grade teacher. they all gathered here to grieve together, pray together sing together and mourn the two young lives lost far too soon. >> it gets emotional for me. young lives lost for no apparent reason. it needs to stop. >> i'm a teacher here. she was a wonderful person. >> judy describes a close-nit
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community heartbroken and grieve grieving as they remember one of their own. >> this is not about anger and hate this is about love. and we need to love each other right now. >> how do you explain something like this to a child? >> i don't think there's an easy answer to that question. >> reporter: it's a crime that left many speechless. 26-year-old nashante davis and daughter chloe were fatally shot tuesday morning. by wednesday police arrested and charged chloe's father with their murder. now the healing process is underway for angela prince and countless others. >> the message is to show our love and support and to really just have our presence, our presence says a lot being here. my husband and i are heavily involved here and so we are a family. >> a family torn apart by losing one of their own.
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davis was a first-year second grade teacher at bradbury heights and by all accounts a bright light inside and outside the classroom. ♪ lien on me♪ . >> at the vigil young and old alike holding candles to remember the young teacher mother daughter and friend. >> and what a week for this community. a rough week and a long journey and road lie ahead. we know according to prince george county public school spokesperson grief counselors and crisis team have been on campus all week and will remain on campus in the coming weeks or however long it takes for the community, little ones parents, families teachers and everyone who knew the family and those who didn't, to heal. tish tish teesha lewis "fox 5 news". >> prince george county police
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were called to this apartment complex on darryl drive on wednesday afternoon. when they arrived they found maurice sinclaire of southeast d.c.. he was shot to daebling. earlier today police charged darnell and darshay bowingland with sinclaire's murder. police have not released a motive for the deadly shooting. trinity university student is recovering to after a group of teenage girls attacked group of teenage girls attack group of teenage girls eded her. well tonight's the cool's president says violence citywide has to stop. lauren demarco joins us live with the details lauren. >> well, shawn a fraud student was walking down the street past this metro pus stop last night on way to class at trinity university, when a group of six to eight teenage girls crossed michigan avenue and came rushing at her a cord and came rushing at her a cording to police one of the girls leading the pack knocked her to the ground roughed her up. they made off with her cellphone own other items. students here, people who live in the area, they're stunned
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and outraged and so is the university president. >> this is the first i ever heard someone got jumped from trinity. >> it's like a bunch of you guys. you want to get on one person. >> i'm sure their parents don't know they're out here doing that. >> who would expect a group of young girls to be behaving like some gang? >> the school president pat mc gir put out campus wide alertch the victim was hurt badly enough to spend the night at the hospital. the hospital. she was released today and too shaken to talk to the media. witnesses describe the pack of girls as wearing khakis and dark-colored tops. the thinking is they may have been in uniform coming from nearby high school and maybe middle school. trinity security stream beefed up their presence on camera and they're working -- pardon me on campus and working with d.c. police to investigate this. >> we have been seeing it on
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metro several horror stories of gangs on metro terrorize of gangs on metro terrorizing people elsewhere in the city. be aware of your surroundings. if you see a group of young people unfortunately, you have to be aware that maybe you need to protect yourself. and we wish it were not that way. we're especially upset it's girls. we do women's education here at trinity. we want girls to grow up healthy and strong. we wanted to reach out to the school if we can find out what school to maybe help the school with programs for those girls. >> officials are reviewing surveillance footage. it's not clear whether any of the girls were caught on camera. they were last seen taking off in the direction of franklin street in northeast. and, again police want to hear from you if you know anything about this. it happened around 6:30 last night here on michigan avenue near the metro bus stop in front of trinity university. lauren demarco "fox5 local news". d.c. police chief kathy
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linear announced all nine armed robbery cases were solved including this man michael williams. he's accused of robbing six different locations. he aapproached the counter employee with a note and made threats and demand and then took off with the cash. really it is an allout frevrt all the law frevrt all the from all the law enforcement actions to stop this trend whether in the metro or commercial establishments. >> chief linear shows a small number of people are committing multiple crimes. >> it's pretty cold out there right now. it was a cold day. if you're headed out tonight you could see slick spots on the roadways. but gwen says we'll see plenty of sun this weekend let's check in with gwen at the weather center hi gwen. >> you're absolutely right. we will have plenty of sunshine saturday and sunday. today was a different day.
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we had a flew flying flurries here and there. some of you saw accumulation. but definitely as temperatures dropped below freezing we're talking a chance of seeing icy spots here and there. with high pressure in control it slides across as we head to the weekend. right now not a lot happening. we'll see clear skies and take a look at snow totals today in some neighborhoods where they got anywhere from a trace in d.c. all the way up to over two ib inches in ib inches in parts of maryland. do be careful out there tonight as temperatures continue to fall. speaking of temperatures. here's a look where we are now. 34 at annapolis and 35 at d.c.. cold tort south only 29 in fredericksburg this hour. culpeper and mannasas at 27 and a very cold 25 martinsburg. 32 in hagerstown and 32 cumberland. so highs today we're into the mid 40s. close to where we should be.
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but as you can see those temperatures dropping overnight and tomorrow will be day where it will be a little on the cool side as well. 30 degrees, northwesterly wind and plenty of sunshine for the weekend. more details coming up and information on the possible snow coming our way. tony. >> women speaking of that the district is getting ready in case snow hits next week. mayor muirial bowser directed the city snow team to spring into action monday and the city will deploy more than 200 plows by noon and they'll be ready to start clearing streets as soon as the first flakes start to fall. a lot of you know, there's a lot of uncertainty about the snow that might happen next week. stay with "fox5" on the air and online for latest updates on the possible systems as they move through. >> well coming up next tonight incredible new video of a crime collapsing to a new york city streets. what we learned about the deadly accident. also what we learned. take a look at this. that's a woman stealing a purse
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from a dunkin' donuts that purse had $10,000 cash inside. find out why the victim was carrying around so much money. >> hey, sarah what are you working on? >> shawn a mysterious chain of waters in the potomac river. where is it coming from? we'llar from the coastguard and what they believe may be behind it. >> tony. >> sarah, beginning of new era for playboy magazine with latest issue to hit the shelves latest issue to hit the shelves. "fox 5 news" at 10 continues. you can't predict the market. but through good times and bad...
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your path to retirement may not always be clear. but at t. rowe price we can help guide your retirement savings. so wherever your retirement journey takes you, we can help you reach your goals. call us or your advisor t. rowe price. invest with confidence. >> welcome back. developing overseas tonight a strong earthquake struck southern taiwan early saturday morning. at least three people were killed. more than 150 others were injured. the 6.4 magnitude quake caused several buildings to collapse. there were reports that many may still be trapped in some of those buildings. hundreds of people have already been rescued and residents say
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they felt the tremor in main land china. >> we're seeing incredible images of the deadly crane collapse in lower manhattan. cellphone video captured the moment the crane toppled on to the street. one person was killed and three others were hurt. mayor deblaseo says workers were trying to secure the crane this morning because of high winds. the workers tried to lower the crane and it suddenly crashed to the ground and smashed into surrounding buildings and several cars parked on the street. >> this type of crane is called a crawler crane. it was being moved into a secure position because by the manufacturers instructions as winds topped 20 miles an hour the risk from this company the instructions were the crane should be nut secure position. >> initial reports said the person killed was sitting in one of the parked cars but it now turns out that victim was
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walking on the street. no workers were hurt and inspectors spent the day checking surrounding buildings. >> tonight the coastguard is still trying to figure out what is causing an oilly sheen on the potomac river. s have been looking for the source, but still no answers. it seems to be concentrated in the area of roach's run sanctuary north of reagan national airport and where sarah simmons is live with the latest sarah. >> shawn crews called it quits for the evening. they're expected to be out here again tomorrow trying to figure out exactly where the oil is coming from and, of course they're concerned about pollution in the water and getting into the water's supply and what it could be doing to wild life. when we got to the roach's run we noticed here what is a dead bird back here and appears to be possibly covered in oil. we don't know that for sure right now. but this is the type of thing that the coastguard is concerned about. and it is going to be looking into. the affected area runs from
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this area, roach's run across gw parkway north of reagan international airport and stretches here to woodrow wilson bridge where people were seeing oil sheenz over the past three days. let's take a look at the scene from earlier today when crews were out cleaning up. they were soaking is up when what they can of the oil and trying to track the source of it. it's coming, they believe, near roach's run and spilling into the potomac. so far they have found 18 birds soaked in oil and they are cleaning and rehabilitating them. so far there is no public health concern. the coastguard says the sheen largely dissipated and their efforts seem to be focused now near roach's run. >> we know the product is of petroleum base. we sent samples to the lab for analysis. at this time i can't characterize the exact nature of the oil in the water.
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>> now the coastguard says it's a possibility that due to all the snow melt from the storm that this could be street residue mixed in with it. getting into the water there ray lot of storm drains that empty into the potomac river. so that is a possibility. but they're also not ruling out the possibility of this being some type of oil spill. that's the latest here at roach that's the latest here at roach's run sarah simmons, "fox5 local news". >> thank you. maryland governor larry hogan says he's committed to building a brand new hospital in prince george county. earlier today he announced the healthcare system would support -- receive 15 millionto support the county need. prince george hospital center will eventually close once that new regional center completed. "fox5" is in fairfax county with a bizarre crime. a woman's purse with her daughter's college tuition in
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it is stolen from a dunkin' donuts. now police are trying to identify the woman that took it identify the woman that took it. "fox5" alexandra limone has more on how it happened. >> maria thought it was a joke. 10,000 dollars in cash she had saved for her daughter's college tuition gone. stolen actually by this woman who was caught red-handed on surveillance video. >> i never, never, crossed my mind that this could happen. >> maria and her daughter liliano were on their way to penn state on january 10. during a coffee stop that dunkin' donuts on highway 50 false church they forgot the purse with the tuition money inside. they were only gone for five or six minutes before realizing it six minutes before realizing it. >> we went back and there was no purse. >> i could not believe it. i could not -- fist of all my daughter was upset. >> this woman is trying to put her kid through college.
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we feel for her. >> in the surveillance video released by fairfax country police department you can see the purse catches the eye of the suspect and she walked over and checks out her surroundings and finally makes moves and swipes the bag. >> whether she knew there was large amount of cash in there or not, we don't know. our goal is to identify the suspect and move forward with charge and let the court work everything out. >> now maria is hopeful someone can i.d. the woman in the video can i.d. the woman in the video. alexandra limone "fox5 local news". >> fairfax police department says it might be hard to get that cash back. but the victim could take the court -- woman to court and ask for restitution. if you recognize the suspect please give police a call. super bowl 50 kicks off in less than 48 hours. >> millions of people will be watching and thousands in the stands and thousands of security personnel will be making sure nothing goes wrong. we're going to take a look at the incredibly tight security coming up next.
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>>up, we are less than 48 hours away from super bowl auto and each year it's rate the at the highet level for security risks highet level for security risks. >> in the wake of recent terror attacks officials are taking extra precautions to make sure nothing goes wrong. claudia kowen is in san francisco with the story. >> we'll secure the antenna. >> from eyes in the skies to boots on the ground. security surrounding nfl milestone game is three years in the planning and involves more than 4000 people from local police and bomb squads to federal agents screening delivery trucks enterserring levi stadium. >> we're looking for anything that can do harm or be used as a weapon or anything to disrupt
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the super bowl or people attending. >> ticket holders must pass through a hard perimeter of metal detectors and bag checks. cyber security experts are monitoring interests net chatters and fbi ais plying lessons learned after november terrorist attacks in paris where suicide bombers targeted france's national soccer stadium. agents both seen and unseen will be looking. >> at what people are doing and wearing and acting as they stand in line. >> beyond the stadium security extends to soft target like shopping malls. transit systems and fan attractions like nfl experience here in downtown san francisco which is attracting thousands of fans and hundreds of cops. >> bay area law enforcement is getting support from department of homeland security and after a tour of the stadium and endorsement from the boss. >> i toured the stadium this morning, and when i see the preparations that go into event
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like the super bowl, i'm always impressed by the level first of all the planning that goes into this is something like two years. >> officials say they have not received any specific credible threatsut add, their best defense is vigilant public and reminding people if you see something say something. claudia wowen, fox news. >> more super bowl coverage coming up including likely celebrity reporter that stumped cam newton during a press conference. >> our own kevin mccarthy sat down with george clooney. can't wait to see that and channing tatum to talk about filming their new movie and how they can never remember their lines. we'll be right back.
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>> we're back now with tonight >>
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we're back now with tonight's top stories, friends and family gathered in prince george county tonight to reason a mother and 2-year-old daughter killed earlier this week outside their for the washington home. a candlelight vigil was held at bradbury heights elementary school where de shante davis was an elementary teacher. a trinity university student is recovering after being attacked by a group of teenage girls yesterday 6:30 in the evening at a bus stop near the campus. she says the teens knocked her to the ground and stole her cellphone and took off. anyone with information is asked to call police. it is still unclear what is causing an oilly sheen on the potomac river. authority authorities were notified about the sheen wednesday it extends gravel point north of reagan airport to jones point north of the woodrow wilson bridge. now to a "fox5" exclusive you know very well, that waiting for an ambulance in the district has become a well district has become a well-documented problem in recent months and as the city grows cause for service increase and the fire
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department struggles to keep up with the demand. >> last week a man that was stabbed in the chest and was in cardiac arrest waited approximately 20 minutes for an ambulance an ambulance to take him to the hospital. he later died. paul wagner has more details. >> on the fourth floor of this apartment building 37 street southeast, d.c. police say shawn baker stabbed robert wiggins in the chest and the 91 wiggins in the chest and the 911 center september an engine and truck than were no ambulances in the immediate area. the officer in charge asks for extra help to come to the scene extra help to come to the scene. >> 17 to communications, send my a supervisor since the patient is not breathing now. >> as first responders performing cpr an official gets on the radio and wants to know where the ambulance is. >> engine 18 communication. >> come in engine 18. >> confirm. >> communicate ambulance 23 ambulance 23. >> communication to ambulance 2 >> communication to ambulance 23. >> officials on the scene have said the man is in cardiac arrest and there's now urgency to get him to the hospital.
10:31 pm
and an officer picks up radio and this times calls the ambulance himself. >> ambulance 23 what is your location. >> southeast freeway. >> okay ambulance 23 engine 18 to communications you can reassign him. >> sir we're --. >> copy that. considering we have cp nrxt progress. >> alpha hold means no other ambulances are there to send and first responders have to wait for ambulance 23 still miles away. at least 20 minutes after the first call for help ambulance 23 calls the hospital to say they are on the way. >> ambulance 23 they are at facility 23-year-old male. doing cpr. >> paul wagner "fox5 local news". >> last year after ambulance short waj as documented the mayor's office decided to add ten additional ambulances to run calls between 11 a.m. and 11 p.m. and the fire department was not always able to put them
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out on the street. a must new plan involves using private ambulances and so far that plan has not been put in place. now to the race for white house. it is crunch time for the presidential candidates. they're spending time new hampshire ahead of next tuesday's first in the nation primary. a snowstorm for some candidates -- forced some candidates to cancel their appearance today. donald trump is shown as lead in the granite state 30% and marco rubio off his third place showing is poling second at 17% and ted cruz slipped to third at 15%. trump rallied his supporters yesterday. some of his remarks included some pretty salty language. >> we are going to bring businesses back. we're going to have businesses -- we're going to have businesses that used to be in new hampshire, that are now in mexico come back to new hampshire and you can tell them to go [bleep] themselves.
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>> okay. some candidates like jeb bush were dwoyk criticize trump. using profanities is unacceptable for someone run foring president. on the democratic side bernie sanders is poling even with hillary clinton. sanders addressed a crowd in new hampshire today and he told them to stand loud and proud on tuesday. >> yes we are going to proof this country in a very new direction. thank you all very much. . >> polls show sanders leads clinton in new hampshire by double digits and two candidates squared off last night in their first one-on-one debate. >> the centers for disease control and prevention is taking new actions to combat the zika virus outbreak. the agency is urging pregnant women to talk to their healthcare workers. and health officials in texas
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confirmed a patient contracted the virus sexually from someone that traveled to convenient sgail venezuela. and if are you pregnant and live in couldn't nental u.s. don't go to a place zika is spreading. if you live many a place it's spreading protect yourself against mosquito bites wear long sleeve shirt and long pants and use clothing treated with primethan. all those things are safe in pregnancy. >> 30 americans have been diagnosed with the mosquito born illness and three are in the distribute including one pregnant woman. still to come playboy magazine is reinventing itself with upcoming issue starting with the cover. we'll take a look. >> also, coming up tonight, a piece of advice for guys looking for love online. it doesn't have to do with playboy. we'll tell you about something in your profile, you know, your dating sites. it's something in your profile that may be scaring the ladies
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off. we'll explain what that is coming up it's a recall that keeps growing. 5.7 million vehicles worldwide because of faulty air bags. today 14 different auto makers recalled 25 million vehicles with those air bags. if you're driveing a car that is working it's still costs you less to fill it up. national average for regular unleded is now $1.76 and prices came down just about every day this year. meantime the economy adding 15 meantime, the economy adding 151 jobs next month fewer than expected and most jobs at retail shops, bars restaurant. wall street not impressed and dow falling more than 200 points and nothing says fat tuesday like a fat hamburger and february 9 at fudruckers
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you can order a pound burger and pound fries in 20 bucks. if you finish in less than an hour you can get two free meals and a tee shirt. hello, less than an hour, sign me up. child's play. all to help celebrate mardi gras. reservations are required. that's business. i'm neal
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>> the cover of first nonnude issue of playboy has been revealed feature revealed featuring 20-year-old model sarah mc daniel on the cover and ernest hemmingway great granddaughter drey sanderson appearing as the first non nude center fold. they announced in october they would no longer show nudity in
10:40 pm
their magazines and feature partially nude women in proactive issues and it hits february 12. >> i'm not demographic for think don't know what guys think about this. when i saw this initially i was like wow, this doesn't look like your kip call playboy cover. they don't want it to. they are going after instagram and snap chat it looks to me like 14-year-old girl taking a picture of herself she should not be doing. >> and that thing in front of her as well. i have to say that is among the most proactive covers of playboy i've ever seen for that reason she looks like a teenage reason she looks like a teenager. >> looks like a teenager and she's very i don't know the word. she's not all made one a bunch of makeup she's very snap chat of makeup she's very snap chatty and millennially. >> now non nudes but perhaps going for more proactive -- yeah okay. >> it's interesting. hit us up. let us know what you think shawn yancy facebook and
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twitter "fox5" shawn. >> tony perkins fox5dc. >> and if you look for love online you may want to brush up on gram mar. men whose profiles contain spelling errors are 14% less likely to find a good match. a lack of proof reading may say a man doesn't care how he presents himself or he may not be bright. now women were also found to maker rors and men were less likely to hold the women, you know accountable. you know the slipups were not so bad for the men. both the men and women surveyed admitted they judged dates harshly for poor grammar than lack of confidence. >> it can indicate degree of intelligence and that kind of thing. >> if we cannot have a conversation or i can't tell you out in public it could be a problem. >> whenever you can, use good
10:42 pm
grammar. >> coming up at 11 d.c. hughley sounding off about violence associatesed with expensive shoes like air jordans and nike. the entertainer explains who he thinks should come forward to help stop the violence. interesting. >> a woman attacked near a metro bus stop. she walked past trinity university. the stunning part her alleged attackers were a group of teenage girls. we'll tell what you shocked the community and what they're saying about this one. and later at 11:00 we're lightning the mood as we kickoff the weekend and we're seeing cheers to the weekend super bowl style. when you back panthers or broncos or redskins we have something for you. it will be fun.
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>> passengers that had a window seton the flight to france had a show. a lightning bolt struck the jet
10:46 pm
on the wing of the plane and caused a massive bolt to disperse into the cloud. the jet was not damaged and able to make a safe landing. planes today are designed to withstand lightning strikes like that one. >> on our 6:00 news i read a script that said, oh, t. was terrifying moment and someone wrote in right away saying no, no, this happens all the time and planes withstand it quite easily. >> it's amazing. >> it would freak me out. >> if you saw t. sure. >> it would. >> i don't like flying in storms. >> i don't like it either. i close my eyes and start pray i close my eyes and start praying. that's it. i'm up there now. >> so everybody wants to know what is the weather going to be like. you guys started using snow word. >> we have used the snow word. we're going to put it right out there and be honest about it. we've got plenty of sunshine and snow on the horizon. it's that time of the year once again. so as far as saturday and sunday are concerned things are looking great. it's beginning of week that we're really concerned about.
10:47 pm
clear skies tonight however and temperatures though dipping a little bit. so there was a little bit of snow and little bit of rainfall that moved through earlier today in some of our neighborhood and some subfreezing temperatures could see slick spots as a result out there. the weekend is dry with plenty of sunshine. we're watching monday and tuesday closely because we have not one, but two systems to keep an eye on and next week we're trending a little cooler than we were this week overall in terms of our temperatures. and talking about the snow that we got today here's some of the totals. you know not a whole lot over 2 no i some parts of maryland and then we also have downtown d.c. a trace or so. not a lot to speak about. it moved its way through. ridge of high pressure is in control and that will slide its way across the mid atlantic tomorrow. that is what will hold us for the sunshine on saturday and into sunday. so we're going to see skies remain fairly clear. your highs today into the low to mid 40s on the mark where they should be temperature-wise they
10:48 pm
should be temperature-wise. so no surprises there whatsoever. but, tonight, the temperatures really dropping and we're talking about 30s and upper 20s in many of our neighborhoods. right now it's 35 at d.c. and 3 right now it's 35 at d.c. and 34 at annapolis and 30 at baltimore. that's the same at leonardtown. it's cooler in mar tipsburg, 25 degrees and 32 at frederick this houring while mannasas is at 27. so tomorrow that ridge of high pressure will move its way right over the mid atlantic. it will keep us under the sunshine and few high clouds will be chilly. we are gusty whipped today and we'll have fairly mild winds tomorrow. it won't be all bad. we're not talking about gusty winds. it will be on the breezy side and overall 40s and 50s for daytime eyes. once we push to saturday and into sunday couple of systems that we're watching because we are talking about the chance of seeing some snow we've got a system that will move its way up the coast. that system is expected to move a little bit more out to the sea. we're watching that closely as well. and we have another system that
10:49 pm
will move its way a clipper system to approach us as we move through as well into monday. a couple things happening. by the time we get to tuesday we have a greater chance of seeing snow than we do monday. monday it looks like that system could move a little more out to sea. but, tuesday, we have to watch it and kind of see thousan does develop. that's the system that could give us some accumulating snow. we're going to have to see what happens. that system will move its way off the coast and it will redevelop and that's at the time period. on tuesday where we're really going to have to keep an eye and see how much it may bring us and where exactly will it land and how strong will it become. lots of variables and models saying a couple things. as we get closer maybe we'll have more development for you and we'll be able to give you more information as the models come into play. lows overnight tonight into 30s and here's a look at that "fox5" accuweather 7-day forecast four. we're talking about temperatures stick around to 40s. exceptional day sunday we get into the 50s.
10:50 pm
other than that it will cool down back to the 30s again. so monday night, tuesday, are the days to watch. >> monday night, tuesday night and thursday we're warned thank you, gwen. >> thank you. >> all right. >> all right. sorry. >> that's okay you can share the story with me if you like. i know you're excited look at these puppies they're so cute. >> it's annual super bowl tradition puppy bowl dominion annual hospital hosted the high stakes game this afternoon the carolina panthers beat the denver bankos, 42-36. >> and that's about the point spread in the actual game. >> we had the barkos. >> brody ! >> you ruined it. >> brody. >> gee when i. >> they >> e wiz. >> they were due. >> the real thing i think so.
10:51 pm
whenever coach once the sunday super bowl will join an exclusive club. in 50 years 30 different head coaches won super bowls one is don shula. today in san francisco a local high school coach was honored by shula with winning the award bearing his name. tuesday ka done bernett received the coach of the year award. he has been there 15-60 record over the time. bernett was humbled by the honor. >> we would like to thank the washington redskins and nfl not for honoring me as coach of the year because i don't think you can put that title on any one coach when there's thousands of amazing coaches but to recognize all the coaches and i stand as a representative of the thousands of high school football coaches who areselfless and tireless in their journeys to try to help you know young boys turn into
10:52 pm
productive men. >> all right. throughout the week players from denver broncos and carolina panthers have been bombarded with questions, is this a must-win game. yeah i say it is. to why do you wear sandals with socks. that's an actual question they asked cam newton. the best question came from unlikely reporter. >> first question is, is the kid in you out weighing in man in you in this big game you're about to play. >> damn, that was a good question. half of me tries to be as professional as possible. but the human in me, wants to take it all in you know what i'm saying? >> i think he was surprised such a serious question would come from snoop dog. >> from the dogg to the topping on the dog. it celebrate they're serving this hot dog complete with real
10:53 pm
gold flakes. >> yes. >> the sausage is custom blend of 50 ingredient may not be a good thing. served on poppy seed bun served with gold and sets you back $12. you can only get it at the game. >> good. >> you cannot eat gold? >> i looked it up to see if there's nutritional properties behind. it it's nothing good for you only bad for you if you have too much of it. it can be toxic. don't go on a gold hot-dog-eating contest or something. if joey chestnut is at the super bowl, hold off, buddy. >> all right. thanks brody. >> coming up next "fox5" sits down get this with george clooney and channing tatum. >> nice. >> yeah.
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>> this move >> this movie looks funny to me >> this movie looks funny to me, the brothers that brought you fargo and more are back once again. >> joel and eeming an cohen
10:57 pm
move movie "hail ceasar" hits the theaters today. let's take a look. >> there's a great scene you're delivering an epic monolog and you forget one word of dialogue you forget one word of dialogue. >> that happens all the time. >> truth we could see if we had but -- if we had -- if we had -- cut. >> is there a moment in the career where you remember doing that. >> he can remember his lines. >> ki never remember my lines. >> you know, i will say there have been certain times in my career where there are lines that i just won't remember. and it will be like a dumb one. somebody else will be doing a long monolog and you have one word and they're like doing the whole thing and you watch them and they said cut, and you said that seems good to me, he had it down [ laughter ].
10:58 pm
>> i start to stutter. like i'll be like on one word in the middle of a thing i won't forget lines so much as i'll be like my brain starts to --. >> there's certain words too that i see coming and i know i'll never get out. >> you start to fear it. >> and your head is going did dit, dit like there's going to be nothing when i get there. >> i love shooting a movie set in the early 19 50s and you two are great actors of our generation and i love that time period. films are set going back to film. if you two were actors in 1950s what famous movies would you have tried to star in. >> whatever happened to baby jane you and me. >> i think that would be perfect for us. >> i would want to play tom from tom and jerry and anchor's way. >> excellent. >> sorry jerry, jerry.
10:59 pm
>> tom is the cat. >> jerry i want to play jerry. >> then i'll play tom. >> perfect. >> i love that. >> anchor's away i love that. >> i would like to see you on royal wedding. >> i would love that. >> i would fully do that. >> dusk till dawn one of greatest movies of all time i love that freaking movie man. guys thank you so much. >> cool, cool stuff. >> that was funny i like the scene where he forgot his lines scene where he forgot his lines. >> can't wait to see it. >> stick around news at 11:00 is right now. right now at 11 a vigil at local elementary zoo remember a teacher and 2-year-old gunned down in front of their home. >> i'm eye teacher here. she was a wonderful person. >> how this family is being honored. >> a grad student rushed to the hospital after she was attacked on her way to class. police say she was jumped by a
11:00 pm
group of teenage girls. >> and we're looking at the chance of snow to start your workweek. this is "fox5 local news at 11":00. thanks for if i can sticking with us i'm shawn yancy. >> we begin in capital heights maryland where steps of local elementary school were filled with mourners that came to show love and support for a murdered teach erin daughter. the child's father is behind bars changed with their deaths. >> tisha lewis was at the vigil tonight and she joins us with more on what's been a difficult week for the victim's family and friends and entire community. tisha. >> shawn, tony, this was a culmination of week-long tribute to nashante davis and prince george county public schools posted tributes her students did during the week. one said i have a heart string with ms. dave us because she was like a mother to me.


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