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tv   Fox 5 Morning News  FOX  February 8, 2016 7:00am-9:01am EST

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>> ♪ >> this is fox5 news morning. mng >> straight ahead at 7:00 get ready for another blast of of winter in the dmv, another ano round of snow is heading ourading way. tucker is going to fill us in on when and how much. >> plus, an historic win inric w i many ways at super bowl 50.owl 5 the denver broncos beat the carolina highlights plus the other thing everybody is talking about lady gaga national anthem star studded half time show, cam newton's postgame.s ptg we have it all covered for you. you. >> the ads too steve.te >> i suppose we'll talk about a few commercials. >> the search continues for ah gunman who shot twoco people including a toddler.od the very late nest a live report. >> color change. why parts of the potomac willomacil be dyed today in an effort to answer questions about an oily
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mess. >> ♪ >> good monday mourningoo everybody.d i know it's a rough start to the morning if you were inwatching the super bowl last bowla night. we're here with you. y good morning i'm allison seymour. se >> and i'm steve chenevey. cne a lot of people had only a fewa hours sleep. sle let's get this week startedt >> all righty. in just about 12 hours ourur region will be dealing withli w another round of now don't panic. p this is just one to two or -- or -- to 3-inches we're talkingal about in the immediate d.c..c. area but more snow in otherer places not too far a this time another round ofndo snow d.c. mayor muriel bowseruriel isn't taking any she sent out a statement ste saying by noon today theng bon today the district plans to deploy more than 200 2 those crews will pretreat pretreat bridges highways and residential streets with salt.wi the mayor says the plows will remain in place until the snow snow is gone. gone. tucker will be with us in just three minutes with thehe snow forecast but you cant b c track the storm and get g updates from fox5 weatherea throughout the day on
7:02 am and fox5 d.c. on.c. o facebook and twitter and the t fox d.c. weather app.eather a >> all right, that will get w you prepared for tomorrow. t let's talk about last night about last right now. the super bowl went to the broncos. the defense dominated.nse doated they beat carolina 24 to 10. game's m.v.p. vaughn milleriller led a defense that recorded aor super bowl record tying sevenyi seven sacks and forced four turnovers for the broncos.roncos. peyton manning his line notan terribly impressive.niiblympre 13 of 23, 141 yards, no touchdowns, one interception,erpt one fumble. became the first quarterbackirst to win the super bowl with two with two franchises. after the game the playersgame t spoke with the media. >> special i certainly know how hard itard it is to get here. it takes a lot of hard workdor and you got to have some -- some got to have some good fortune. fortu we were very grateful to befu here, to be in this game to game, play in the 50th super bowle th super and certainly to be victorious
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victorious. >> throw the football. that was the game >> that was cam newton just walking off during the press the p conference. he said i'm done and huge theuge panthers quarterback obviously obvus feeling the weight of losing the big game. so, the celebration afterle the game in denver crowdsr crowd spilling onto the streets aseets a expected.excted. police closed down several closed do roads to try to keep those t fans contained.ined. we're going to have much more muc on the big game including ourlu take on the national anthem,al the half time show, the ads a et cetera. t ce wisdom holly and more we'llor all get together and talkthnd about it at 7:18. >> signs of hope andand devastation in taiwan two daysn tw after a powerful earthquake.e. rescuers today pulling out twoliut survivors from a collapsed aolla apartment building.artm one survivor a woman was foundas f shielded under the body of her husband. hu officials say life detectorsetecto used at a collapsed highriseise found more than two dozen
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people are still alive butut they're trapped under thethe rubble. friday's quake killed three qua dozen people and injured injur hundreds.hundreds >> closer to home police ine po i the district stillt s investigating a violent crashg viol that happened near nationals nio park yesterday afternoon sendnoon throwing peoplesending three people includingclin a child to the hospital.d to t a driver was frying to getwafrying to get away from the -- trying to get get away from the police.the one person was thrown from the vehicle. that person has life-threatening injuries.ea a womante and her child were wer also hurt expected to be okay. oka the search continues for a a person hoop shot two people including a toddler.udin >> melanie alnwick joins us aln live from northwest now withst now w the latest.est mel. >> reporter: and goodep morning, and, yooru know hopefully early this week police will get a better idea of who they are looking for.are lookin we know this is an active act investigation and thision an this happened saturday night.ened it was about 10:25 and people people say there was just a barrage aar of gunfire here in the 5400 t 5 block of georgia avenue. ave you can still see some bullet som
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holes that went throughat wt t pierced the metal security secur gate that security door down d in front of the under the sunthe hair care salon there. the that is where inside a small small boy a toddler was sittingng with his mother. apparently he was grazedraze according to d.c. police by a bullet nonlife-threateningea injuries for him but stillor hut s very frightening and then outn on the sidewalk an adult male m was struck by a bullet in whatn w police said were the lower extremities. we take that to mean like amean lik leg or foot that sort of thing.thin again, nonlife-threateningni injuries there but really justreut r very frightening with theh the amount of gunfire that was here on the street but police,ol we can only assume that theyt are trying to look for some for surveillance video. they're working on leads l trying to develop someevel s information here but at thishi point, no good leads in termsner of who they are looking for. f still asking for help from the public to contact d.c. police.ole. live in northwest i'm melanie'melanie
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alnwick, fox5 local news. >> thanks mel.s, 7:05 right tuck has got a look at whatk at might be on the way tomorrow.omor >> get down to business.n to business. >> weather alert.>>eath >> real quick.ea this is not going to be snowmaggedon two but it will t but be enough to likely cause c travel issues tomorrow morningro especially north and west. not a lot of moisture. temperatures will be kind of bki marginal. parts of the area it may snow are for awhile but not reallyy stick, one of those and thenndhen off to the north and west we could get up to about 6-inches 6nc so it really depends wherends where you're watching from thisatg morning. no issues for your monday.foyour 35 now in washington. 34 in leonardtown.natown. 20's north and west.'s n mid 40's for daytime highs h today. today. little sunshine early and then a we cloud up this afternoon.ud watching a clipper systemm approach from the west. the w by the way if you want to seet to s an incredible storm look tooo the bottom right-hand side of your screen. see that. almost looks like a hurricane hricane eye down that's one monster area of loww pressure.prsure that one missed us but out toutut the west that clipper is goingsoi to move in tonight likelyy
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start as some light rain and a then transition to snow late sno tonight and by tomorroworrow morning's commutell havee we snow across the area and withnd temperatures right aroundht aun freezing we'll probably havebl hav some sticking we'll probably have some travel issues tomorrow morning. how much are we looking at? local, this will be tweakede t but a general one to 3 inches 3 ihe locally with less to the ls to south, more to the north andhe nornd west. get up to 6-inches as you get y g up a little further north and nor west and particularly in this case the bull's-eye may be b baltimore towardslt philadelphia. that sort of corridor, 95 corridor. so just coped in you'ret co travelingkeep that in mind ifyou're traveling tomorrow. no problems with your eveningr rush hour. >> one to three we can handle. >> thanks very much.hankh. >> get a look at this morning's roads.oa >> skyfox still over thekyfox still over southbound side as youas you approach 32.appr you can see all lanes still need to get a tow truck t out there to get that lastha l vehicle involved in the crash t c told look how much nicer traffic is moving.
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steel some stop-and-go sto traffic. but as you can see traffic is improving. 95 southbound will save youun some time there but againe b again we're getting back to normal.orma let's switch it over for ach it over look at our cameras.r cam a couple other accident scene locations you need to be awarebe awa of. right now blocking the inner thenn right shoulder, this is thede inner loop a crash north of braddock road is blocking thecking the shoulder again but watch for aga slow moving traffic past that t point. one quick look at 95 out byt 95ut by prince william parkway par northbound accident involving iol a semi. sem slow traffic past that pointt as well. that's your traffic.r traffic. back to you >> still ahead, don't beckad, alarmed if parts of the potomac river change colorve today. it's part of testing to try to figure out where that royalhat came from that was in the river.rive we'll have more in a liveore a l report coming up next. n >> plus all hail lady gaga. g the singer getting raveetti r reviews for her rendition ofenditi the national anthem at them at super bowl. bowl. please, i want to know aboutbout those shoes. but anyway a look at that plushat p the half time show just ahead.showt we're back in less than a minute.
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he's in arlington with the w latest on today's efforts. eor what color may we see theor m we river later today bob.ob >> that's what i was thinking.hi >> reporter: we're toldorter: bright yellow an wd green and they're letting people know. kno the coast guard wantscoas everybody to know so that t you're not alarmed because the armed gw parkway runs right by. b this is roach's run.ach'sun they calm eight water foul sanctuary because a lot of canada geese and ducks live liv here. behind us here this oily 15s oy that first appeared last week and they frankly don't know kw the source of this. t they have put out some boonese b here to try to contain the spill but later today theoday coast guard working with arlington county and virginia environmental officials are going to dye, put some dye some into this bodies of water of w which is connected to thecto t potomac river by a little a littl inlet. they'll do dye testing on theyeting oil to try to find the source src of this fuel spill and that may turn the water thisat t brighter yellow or green. it's nontoxic.xi
7:11 am
the coast guard has taken some sam foles try to figure outure the source of this oily fuel oy and right now they alreadyylr have almost two dozen canada canad geese that have beenge es contaminated and at least one or two ducks some of them have been taken to a facilityn in delaware to be cleaned. the source again, they just aga don't know but we are at the a t north ends of reagan airportir and across on the other side sid of roach's run here you see it's a rail yard so there could be a number of different sources of this and it could be that this fuel spill thisll t sheen originated somewherewhere else and has just gotten here h and been noticed. notic you can kind of smell it and s clearly see it and hopefullyefully this dye testing later today,ng l guys will help officials officia determine the source of thise so they can get it cleaned up u stopped and get things back to normal out here. >> it will be a sight to see.. >> sure will. >> thanks for letting folks know. we appreciate it.we well, are you like us, a a little tired this morning? i bet a lot of people arelot following the super bowl.the broncos fans celebrating thisti t win this morning.
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there were plenty of other o nonfootball action to celebrate though. including that a closer look is next. next. >> first though a live look outside. right now it's pretty calm but snow is on the way. w not today but by this time t tomorrow. we'll get the details fromthe il tucker coming up next.omin weather and traffic on the 5'safc on at 7:15. find fantasy shows. when it comes to the things you love, you want more. love romance? get lost in every embrace. into sports? follow every pitch, every play and every win. change the way you experience tv with x1 from xfinity.
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econds.nds don't squander it. >> i need the extra seconds.e a se >> go for it. >> yeah, the weather is not so much -- this will be lateil be tonight, probably after nine,er 10 o'clock tonight. tonig that morning commute tomorrowommu will be a challenge for partsr p of the area. we're talking about lightbo lig amounts. this is not going to be as majorno storm. s >> we know what light amounts amo can do. d >> my thinking is it play snowinng i for awhile and not stick onti the roadways and that willth hoedown accumulation as wellacti but eventually parts of thetual area will get at least aateast a couple inches.le here we w again this is most al daytimel d event tomorrow, kind of late kindf tonight for the day andnit fo tuesday into tuesday night. we're ing to go with moderate so where snowmaggedonnowmaggedon would have been off this chart, this one will bet, moderate. t >> okay. mo >> okay. so not minor no major moderate. mode here's what i'm thinking. >> not major not minor, moderate.dete >> moderate. mostly it's a time related issue. that morning commute tomorrow com is going to be somewhatt compromised. not a terribly big snowfall. swf expecting generally one toally o 3 inches locally lesseres amounts to the south where you wre guys are mixing with rainith
7:16 am
more to the north where itth where looks like the highest snow the hhest totals could be actually northe ac and east of baltimore perhapsha up to 6-inches so again so aga traveling tomorrow is notin going to be great if you'ret you headed up towards philadelphia p or new york. falling temperatures tuesdaymture night, wait until you see theu s seven-day we got some really cold arctic bitter air on the way for much of the week here.of all right, this is likely l changed since you went to bedto last night.lastig winter storm issued for anneor a arrundel howard countyarru montgomery counties iniein nothing in virginia, nothingirgi in d.c. although i expect the weather service will issuel perhaps a winter weathera wint we advisory later today. t >> do you think we could seenk we could se delays tomorrow morning. t >> likely some delays tomorrow tomrow morning.rn i can't guarantee exactlyguartee where they'll be. to the south of d.c. you're less like to see those delays.ays. monster storm off the coast. c on the bottom right hand sized han your screen you'll see thateen eye teach.ey just an extraordinary storm. sto the rain, snow you see out in out ohio that will move in here late this afternoon andft tonight the evening rush hour tonight no issues at all. a likely get a little bit oftle bit
7:17 am
light rain around here thisn e evening and then it willin transition over to light snowno overnight and earl he will tomorrow morning. temperatures by tomorrowes byomorro morning around freezing soreezg we'll likely have with snowit s falling for that morning morning commute tuesday some travelra issues around here and then snow continues kind of on and off throughout the dayth tomorrow. whol e thing wraps up tomorrowing wraps night and again i'll show youi'llhow the snow accumulation map.ulatn m i just tweeted it out tucker tuc fox5 if you want to take close c look at it. generally one to three locally locally. >> is that a snow-cane. >> winter snow cane. >> snow-cane, weird naturew-ca stuff. >> i don't like it.>> today is not i a problem were probl were you the we have usual monday morning problems. switch problems outside of o east falls church. delayed on the orange andrae silver line. other metro lines on orn close to schedule.clos in anne arrundel crash on the
7:18 am
shoulder.ouer 3-mile backup towards thatards location. 95 southbound a better beta bettr even though both lanes again have reopened. reope let's take a live look outsidek out show you what else you'ree dealing with this morning.g wi we have a crash on the innerhe inner loop out by braddock road.adck you can see those vehicles andics police blocking the shoulder. 95 northbound a stalled semi s clearing by prince williamnce w parkway. that's your traffic. back to you. >> erin thanks very much.n thanks very much. let's get to some of the major nongame relatedel highlights from last night. from lady gaga sing thenghe national anthem which she nailed to the super chargederha halftime show to the t commercials which were >> we have the whole cres w with us. >> the formation. we're in formation for you. >> here's how we're going toe' do this.s we got to speed through these.rough these we'll go down the lineown the lin starting over there on steve'sn ste side and we'll come this way. one sentence lady gaga.a. go. >> nailed it. nai >> allison. >> flawless. loved the outfit. o >> i was impressed. holly. >> oh say can you see i cried. i c >> she did it. >> she did it. >> all right. r >> oh, wait.>> o wai
7:19 am
>> steve found out that's a whole gucci outfit including iludi the platforms. >> is that okay. >> 1200 bucks for the shoes. sho >> for the shoes. >> but you didn't see them.ou d >> they were beautiful. >> the shoes wy ere everything. erything. >> she's lady gaga. she can do it. >> it's all good. she did>> work on that. >> everybody gives railroad her a h thumbs up. >> halftime show.>> him >> felt like i'd seen itel before. >> allison.t is >> was up dancing and w up screaming from the beginning until the end. >> all loved bruno mars. bru m >> don't believe me justus watch absolutely off the off chain loved every minute of it. it. >> i didn't watch l to go back and click onto it and watched parts of it i'm liked what i thought chris martin coldplay.martin cdp >> that's more than ones mo sentence maureen.enceaure that's about eight sentences. [laughter][laur] >> back in formation. >> i liked coldplay more than c i thought i would.i >> me, too. >> exceeded my expectations.s. >> back in formation.tion. commercials. your favorite steve lastavore st
7:20 am
most were duds. >> puppy monkey baby.y i said that because it creepstre allison out. >> creeps me out too. t. >> i liked avocado commercial cmerc with scott baio. stt >> poor scott baio he was ao w heart throb.b. >> allison stay on task here. >> i'mi'm sorry. sor >> i loved the amazon with alec baldwin and joe montana and missy elliott. ell >> dan mar >> dan marino sorry. sor loved that.ha >> i had a couple. had aou i'm going with doritosit commercial because the babyse the that was breezy crazy. cra >> that was also weird.ei >> but i thought that washoughthat funny. >> you goat show yours.ou g >> i'm the quarterback here.uarter >> sorry. >> i'm the quarterback. t qua >> sorry, cam. >> i'm the the winning >> i actually -- i didn't see a lot of commercials.lo they were a little undert a ttle welling but i'm going to it g t shock top beer. a loser walks into a baralks i
7:21 am
starting now. made me laugh out loud. l dumb humor. hum i liked it. >> no one mentioned thisonment because this was one of the few i did see. the audi commercial with star man. very advicely done. >> since i'm the quarterback quarter mike tyson michael and sons.ndons. >> michael only has one son. >> mike tyson and his son now now so now he's got two.wo >> are we going to see to e >> here we go. >> here it is. >> we'll see it. >> can i just say this. t >> i want to know whatnow michaelson budget is.icel >> they do. >> here comes mike, he knockede knock him out. >> if you can't, we >> but wait. wait. >> but wait. >> michael and sons. >> but wait. there's more. here here, here. h >> no, that's the other version. >> the other one is the one ine love. >> that was a hem run.a n. >> has mike tyson been reduced red to this. >> the guy is getting paid. >> that's some funny stuff. isome funny s >> i saw the rock doing a ford
7:22 am
commercial.erci >> when. >> he's done two fordone o commercials.comm >> you just getting all your y money. >> it's all about branding andinnd getting paid. p >> all right.>>ll r last one. cam newton, not so graciouso graci after -- in defeat last night. n let's take a look at whatawhat happened at his little press littl conference after the super aft t bowl. bowl. here we go. >> they made more plays than tha us and that's what it come down to. >> 18 gary a game. >> that is pretty much realtime. >> and then he got up and walked off. he >> steve, your opinion.te >> go back and watch russell wilson's gracious acceptance's when he lost the super bowl glost t sup last year and make of it whatft you will. >> allison. >> you know, i love camnow,ove newton.newton >> yeah. >> the excitement around thisemen young guy and i was -- i felt f like it was out of character chara and i was disapp pointed to see his reaction. reaio and i get it. i mean, you feel bad about it i but it goes -- >> you out of going down the line.going do
7:23 am
we got to go. i think it was immature move.e he needs to grow up and realize that this is just notot about him, it's a press just do it and move d >> my line is grow up. u welcome to the big show.w. >> yeah. >> act like you've been theree yo before. >> to win you have to knowhave tknow thousand loss.s. >> you have to be gracious. >> we're done now.>> >> that's it. >> we're out of time. t everybody dab.evybody dab. >> no, i'm holding my two super bowl champions i'm peyton manning. >> i'm cam flute toning. i >> i'm going to disney'm world. w i'm peyton manning. i just won the super bowl. >> see you in a couple>> minutes. s all righty. cam, come on cam. i'll call him later tell him, son, don't -- n, d still ahead this morning mor mark zuckerberg, a man of many talents. the hidden skill he showed off shoof this weekend. this w >> one day and countering toee d a the nation's first primary tomorrow. tomorrow. it is crunch time for thes candidates in new we'll have the latest from the campaign trail coming up. it's i 7:23.
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>> welcome back. let's get right to it. no issues for your monday.your monda 35 reagan national 27 dulles. bwi marshall 34 clouds this afternoon.ous here's our clipper system. system. we're still on track for someor som snow later tonight after the aer rush hour tonight. really i think after midnight mid is when the bulk of it willbulk w move in. it will be a clipper systempper syste then an area of low pressure pre right here tomorrow.ghre t that combination will give us giv a period of snow late tonightonig during the daytime hourshe dme h tomorrow.torr not looking at a lot of snow. s
7:27 am
i think for part of the time t it may not even stick on theti on roads. roads. eventually about one tobout to 3 inches locally, three to sixthree to to the north and to the east the e and more like a dusting to an inch to the south we'll havethe plenty more on the weather forecast and the snow cominghe s in later tonight and tomorrow tor coming up in a couple minutes. minutes let's toss it back to allisono aison and steve.dteve. >> still to come at 7:30t 7 donald trump gets good newsod new ahead of tomorrow's debate but but it has nothing to do with thengo do election. election we'll tell you what it isou wha i next. xt. >> speaking of the primary weg of are hours away now but will it will help narrow the field in then the race for the white house? fox's doug luzader will have a live report. >> ♪
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♪ ♪
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♪ >> 7:30 this morning.:30 this look at that a little sunshine sshine out there over the nation'sheio capitol this m looks pretty. it is the final full day of of campaigning on this monday thi before votes head to the pollshe p in new hampshire tomorrow forrow the first primary of the nation.f the io >> primary could help narrow thearro field in the race for the whitete house. doug luzader has more now. >> reporter: good morning. mning look, it's a big group of o undeciderred voters in newedoter hampshire right now, and if you if are a front runner heading intoeading the contest tomorrow, that gives you heartburn because you don't don know when way the folks will w break.eak. on the other hand if you're not h polling all that wellan right now n that's reason for some optimism oim because things can change therehe pretty quickly.
7:31 am
this is retail politics in neww door to door. dr. >> we're volunteers with donald trump's >> reporter: this is also the this case of donald trump volunteerser in the granite state trying toryin t succeed where their iowaow counterparts came up short. s getting out the vote for theiror t candidate who is the clear front runner here. here. >> a lot of these politiciansns say it's not important who you who vote for but you have to goave to g through the process.the i feel if you're not going to vote foro ve f me do not vote! >> okay?>> >> reporter: it comes after it s af saturday's debate may haveave scrambled the gop field. >> this notion barack obama doesn't know what he's doing ishat he just not -- - >> threats.>>ts >> he knows exactly what he's he's doing. >> memorized 252nd speech.oriz >> reporter: that exchanger: left marco rubio reeling. if you don't think there's a pill up for second place in newcen hampshire look at this recent poll from monmouth university.rsy. kasich rubio bush and cruz all a within two points of one another another. the two democrats meantimemoats actually left new hampshire overpshire ove the weekend.
7:32 am
>> democratic socialism. sociali >> bernie sanders appeared on nbc's saturday night live while live while hillary clinton traveled toclinn tr flint, michigan to address theddress water crisis there. tre but that was after she called c out her arrival's foreign policyy credentials.tial >> there really isn't any kindny of foreign policy network that is supporting and advisingdvin senator sanders.r sande >> if you go back to 2008, this 2008, exactly what the clinton people peoe were doing to senator barackor barack obama. they were attacking him e didn'thim have the experience and etnd cetera, et cetera. >> reporter: now, this is kinds of adorn out operation at thison athi point. the weather could potentially belye a factor we're going to new tew hampshire later today. i'm pack mike snow boots they're expecting a lot of snow today.loof s may not ab big issue tomorrow tor though. . hopefully the storm will pass by that point.nt but that always couldou potentially affect turnout.fectur steve and allison. >> all right. r pack the snow boots just inju i case. all right, thanks so much, doug. d
7:33 am
donald trump's d.c. hotel. h could open in time for the november presidential election.. the luxury hotel project isroje scheduled to open in earlypein e september ahead of it was previously scheduled toul open later in 2016. the hotel will occupy the space the where the old post officeff building used to be. it's beautiful structure. str it will feature 263 rooms and the price tag for this project $200 million. mon >> united nations condemningd na north korea's launch of long range rocket. communist nation lounge the rocket which contained atain a satellite despite internationalnaon warnings still itch matchesma releaseed kim jong-un celebrating the launch. many countries believe the launch is core for a ballistic bli missile test that d reach as rea far as united ud stat >> gas prices continue their downward trend.rd. national average price for a a gallon of gas has dropped 8 dpp cents over the past two weeks. it is now do 1.82. 1 your commute could continue toti get cheaper if crude oil costsl c
7:34 am
continue to slide. to slide the highest average price in then the country is in los angeles. drivers there still paying $2.622. a gallon on average. ara >> let's take look at this athi several cars singing through anhrou icy lake in wisconsin.nsin they had been marbled on the ice for a winter festival.l. when it began to give way. imagine that.. >> i would you -- you - >> festival goers say thetival weather was warmer than in pastn in pas years which likely contributedtribut to the i believe the old saying, if youg, i park on ice prepare to get wet get or something like that.omet >> if it's not, we shall startha s it. >> yes. okay. you her it here >> okay. tuck. tuck >> i actually saw that story that sto little closely.lose it's like the ice was 10-inches 1inch thick. th typically that's thick enough. eugh. >> to hold the weight of a whole a w bunch of vehicles.icles. >> would you park your car. >> i'd never lived in a place where you could comfortably parklyar your car on lakes. >> neither have they. n >> let's go to the forecast.eito not looking at that around here h but we have the potential for for snow and isolate tonight for
7:35 am
your morning commute tomorrow. tomrow. really that threat will lingerillin into the day on tuesday.uesd so it's going to be mostly mtl tuesday event, and we're ande' expecting generally lighterallyig this is not going to be snow snow mageddon two.. however, i think it will i w certainly ab nuisance andnd potentially we'll have travell issues and potentially delayselays around here for the day the winter storm watch issued iued overnight. that's probably big change sincehange sin you went to bed.nt toed anne arundel county howardard county northern montgomeryomer county looks like frederick freri county in maryland now undernow that winter storm watch it looksorm h it like the heaviest of the snowf the snow will be to our north and north a and east. ea up towards baltimore, bell air bel as you get up towards that's writ looks like the heaviest ax six of snow will benoll b potential as you get up u northeast of baltimore thereal could be 6-inches ofti snow.f s that's a pretty substantialubstanti snow. around here i'm thinking morenkg m like one to 3-inches. i do want to give you heads up this storm has not been an easeas so one to forecast and we could we ul tweak that little bit today. t
7:36 am
temperatures could hold down our snow totals. total monster storm system off the sys coast right now, that's not sosot much impacting us giving giv northerly winds. nd we're faux cuff to the west. c out in ohio the rain showers sho that's a clipper system and asm a as that moves through late thisathi afternoon really this evening eni we'll likely get a light periodhtd of rain that will transition tonsion t snow overnight much what's going what's g to happen is, that clipper ispp i going to create a secondary low l to our south and east.nd eas when that happens we'll likelyik get end hasn'ted snow aroundround here. we could see banding that kindki of thing and that will likely that give us a period of snow for thewor day on tuesday. tue all right. all righ forecast for today, no issues today. mid 40 force daytime highs. highs your evening commute will bemu just fine. just again, this will mostly arrivey arriv after midnight tonight. tonht we'll have light snow aroundw aro here tomorrow morning for your for y morning commute and then thaten snow threat will linger kind ofind on and off throughout the daythe day tomorrow with temperatures in the mid 30s.the so again temperatures in the midinhe 30s tomorrow. tomorrow. i think the snow will have asnowh tough time sticking on the roadsonhe so even if we do get a couple of coue inches the main arteries hadries probably be in pretty good shape good s with temperatures again not aga n expected to really be a whole who
7:37 am
lot below freezing. fre all right. plenty more on the forecast. i'll show you the snow forecastt total map in just a and, you know, i'll tell what il wt think of super bowl and all off >> or whatever you want to talker yan about. i'm easy going. gng >> what was your favoriteour vo commercial, how about that?, >> i think i like the dan marino m commercial with alec baldwin. bdw >> that was good one. o >> that was good one. tha >> i like the taco belloel commercial. that was just metroat updates switch problemss outside east fall directions in both direct forirect fo orange sim very line. l keep updated with metro.. western of a pole and wires down at chevy chase circle.. watch for delays northwest.thwest. northeast right now 295 issue i typical slow down eastern avenueternve to pennsylvania avenue. anu 14 miles per hour give yourself yoursel lost extra time to get through thr 295 just the morning congestion.ongeio let's go ahead and he show i was look right new inner through and and local lanes from the split to split the wilson bridge 13 miles per hour and that is just because ofbecase very heavy traffic in princepr george's county.orge'snty.
7:38 am
let's take live look outside. osi a crash blocking the shoulder onr o the inner loop out by braddock b road you can seeehiclesse vehic involved there and also try tolsory keep it to the left lanes of the inner loop to get around thatt one. let's switch it over and showch i you another look at some other at soth cameras for what else you are upyou a against this morning for your y monday morning ride. slow-moving traffic as you headea inbound right now outer looper l backed up top of the beltway beltw we'll keep you updated. uat that's your look at traffic. traffic. back to you allison.o you >> erin, thank you.rin, we may be getting ready fordy f winter weathert the nats haveatav spring on their m how they're preparing for thering f the upcoming season.ea >> also, if you're in the mood the moo for chipotle you'll have to delay that craving a little bit today. fast food chain's doors will be wil closed for awhile. is i stay with us. details coming up after this. ♪ this moment for awhile. a moment other kids wouldn't think twice about. her first bowl of cheerios. because now that cheerios are gluten free,
7:39 am
violet, and many others are enjoying their first bowl today. it's about time the taco...came out
7:40 am
of its shell. unleash the power of dough. give it a pop. it's always worth remembering... that icing the cinnamon rolls is a privilege not a right. unleash the power of dough. give it a pop.
7:41 am
♪ ♪ back now with a new pollow that shows the impact of thet of t zika virus on international reuters pole shows 41% of peoplee say they are less liningly togly take trip to puerto rico mexico m or south america in the next year. 48% say the virus has notas affected their travel plans. pla. airlines and cruise ships haveships not noticed a do and in books b because of the virus.he vus n just hours, we will learn howl learn the government plans to protecto pro students who borough money for college.ege. 12:30 u.s. secretary of education is expected toecte announce the new steps the administration is taking. tak now their goal so prevent and investigate fraud, waste and, ste abuse within higher >> all right.
7:42 am
with this super bowl in the rear the rear view mirror now the nationalsror have their sites firmly set on set spring training.sp today the team packs up theirp equipment and sends it toto florida. the annual truck day willill showcase more than 50-foot 5 tractor trailer pack with all wit the nats gear for the upcomingoming season.season. including 16000 baseballs, and 600 bats.0 the players are due to report tot t florida on february 23rd.3r won't be long now. a couple weeks till string tilstri training. trai >> a couple weeks still spring.e wes st >> kevin sits down with ryanh r reynolds talking about his newis n movie dead pool which hitss theaters on friday. >> facebook founder mark zuckerberg showing off a hidden talent alongside his beautifulutif family. look how big the baby isy getting. why this video has so many people talking. 7:42.ou're a cow and all. and you may not know what i'm talking about, but, uh. the yogurt made from your milk, is delicious.
7:43 am
mmmm, yoplait.
7:44 am
7:45 am
>> well therendship heights, washington, d.c., was northwest d.c. sunshine today. 24 hours from now, probably won't be seeing that, right, tuck. >> people don't realize m i play that drum solo behind the scene.d thece >> sometimes it happens.imest ha >> hardest working man in news.kian >> that actually is work.actually is wo tomorrow morning at this hourorning a we'll likely have snow across acros the area. not going to be terribly heavy h but it will be enough to cause c travel problems, likely schoolool >> where will we fall on thisl o thi list right here.htere. >> i'm sorry, al youd your hand. yr h >> i want to know when does itw whens start. st regular rush hour, hr, 8:00 o'clock -- >> not tonight.>> this will be late tonight. >> after midnight. our evening rush hour will be hr wi fine. might be a few showers around by
7:46 am
five, 6:00 o'clock tonight.ight. won't transition snow until u later today tonight. tight >> we're going for moderateode impact, steve.te >> snow mageddon would have been h off this cnhart. more than nuisance but it's notance but i going to be a major storm by any a couple inches.coup look at the expected snow totals totals. all right. mostly it's a timing issue because tomorrow morning we'reorning likely to have some snow flyingw again for that morning commute. cmute not a terribly big snow for us.or u we're thinking one to 3-inches locally might tweak that ami little bit. stargh ting to get mr. guidance inuince here.he. the most snow will be to thewill b north where we have colderwe he c temperatures. less to the south.less t we've got real temperature temra issues and that's going holdoiol down i think on some of then snowfall here at least initially initi it may fall and not stick on thec on roadways for a time.roys but eventually we will get atil get least a couple of inches here. here. falling temperatures tuesday night. we're going to have difficultiesfilt traveling tuesday night intoight into wednesday. at least the potential foror refreezing out there as extremely cold air arrives forives the middle of the week.f wee 35 now in 20s to the north and west. and it's a cold start to your day.r 34 in leonardtown..
7:47 am
mid 40s for us for your monday.on no issues for daytime hoursaytimeours today. to your evening commute will be comte w just fine later this afternoon. somebody just tweeted me they're me the flying back in from the west wt coast from las vegas tonight att 8:00 o'clock will there night n arrive on time.n t >> i think you're just fineust no issues until late tonight. tig early tomorrow this is our clipper system thatte arrives late this afternoon ton after night much this is what we'res ishat we're concerned about.concerned initially it may start as aitay s light rain and then transitionra to snow later tonight.ight and then what will happen, we'lln, w watch a secondary low developevelop right here kind of the delmarva peninsula and once that low getst low g going it will throw some moisture back towards us we may w m get banding of snow tomorrow. tom watch our future cast againast we're fine at 6:00 o'clock tonight. just clouds for your eveningfor your eve rush hour. rush hour. here comes that snow notice we're trying to get mixing too gemix the south and east that willt w hold down your snow totals south and east of the city then therehen t we are two at 2:00 o'clocko'oc tomorrow.rrow. it will back and phil light forhil a period of time, it may come m down moderately for an hour orou o two, and then kind of fade awa there we are at midnight midnigh tomorrow night.morr
7:48 am
most of the tomorrow we'll have h light snow around before it befe i fades away by early wednesday.edsd town 3-inches locally. highest amounts will be off tos be of our north.our rth in fact our north and east,ast, baltimore, bell air up towardsards philly, more like three toree to 6-inches that's where thes wher heaviest of the snow there willow t be as they'll get in on more of that secondary low that develops off the coast. all right. there's your seven day.ev 46 today. tod 38 tomorrow. 38 t notice that daytime high tomorrow above freezing that mayezin that may help the melting on the roads t r and look at those coldhose c temperatures.atures wednesday through sunday rightundaig around freezing.ezin high temperature on sunday 27 and no football, erin. what am i going to do? d >> it's valentine's day tucker. >> aww. >> just throwing it out there. >> thanks for remind mowing.d >> and anyone else. >> that's for telling me,.el m >> now i know what i got to do. to d >> right now metro problems. switch problem outside east e falls church.rc delays in both directions orangesra and silver. asteroid other metro lines on ores o o close to schedule in montgomeryonom county outer outer loop down tooop dn t 13 miles per hour o georgia.eorg
7:49 am
a ton of increased volume around aro the area. e area. let's take live look outside 270 basically at a crawl. c as you make your way down fromn frederick to the spur. you can see sunshineing weather wea is not impacting our ride but just volume slowing us down a us d lot of stop and go traffic. i'd say typical 45 minute to ano hour early from frederick ondeck down by the truck scales you jams up as well.. some sun glare could slow you slow y down grab your shades thishas t morning you'll need t switch it back over now for n for another look at our maps andaps a some other areas you need to be nd worried about.worrieout. this morning 66 inbound slowlow cabin john parkway the beltway to clara barton parkway 13 miles 13 miles an hour. i would say get an early startar s you'll hit a lot of slow trafficwra all over us a head into the district. back to you steve and allison. >> erin thanks.s. heads up about chipotle today.. every which it pohle locationhle l will close for four hours soou that workers can attend a meeting to go over food safetyety procedures. proced among the topics changes in food preparation one changeha there will be a new way of o marinating the chicken and the and steak.ea the doors will finally open forpen
7:50 am
business at 3:00 this afternoon. facebook ceo founder mark zuckerberg is racking up thep the likes for his latest >> features his wife and threes wife three month old daughter. >> aww. >> cool part he's speaking inaking mandarin. take a listen. (speaking inspeaking in mandarin). >> in the clip the couple wishede sh viewers a happy lunar new yearew y and they they also a announceded max's chinese name. n he asked max do you think myy chinese is bad? >> so far the clip has more than 24 million views.iews didn't he say that was onet was one his goals was to learn mandarin.da >> yes, did he. >> so it looks like goal is being accomplish.h >> that's sweet. tha i love the way he look at her. a her >> one of my goals is life is tofe ito be more like kevin mccarthy atccarth least the experiences that hehat gets to be a part of.f
7:51 am
>> look who it is kevin mccarthy. >> hi, kev. >> h you're in san francisco still. >> yes, good morning steve andorni ste allison. steve, i want to be like you le when i grow up, i really d >> let's just trade for a little bit.. >> why don't we trade for ae traor little >> i'm totally down. totally i will totally anchor the newshe and you can do the junkets.kets we should switch for whole week. w we shall.eewe shall. >> that would be mazing.wo we should totally do that.toy do >> all right.llight kevin, you're not getting theti best part of this deal. >> shh. don't let him know.lehim kn >> you're not getting the bestttine bes part of this deal.l any wage what you got for us? >> i get to sit next thehe beautiful allison seymour for aeymouror whole week. w i'll tollly okay with that.lly ok >> aww that would be amazing now amazing you're talking i'm so easily wonwon over. >> i was out here in san francisco to cover the new movie dead pool film coming out onut friday i've seen it twice now n i'm going for a third time onimen thursday if that gives you aes y hint whether or not i like it or or not. it stars ryan reynolds he plays h p as character dead dead pool inl
7:52 am
the x-men universe and this character they give a little bitittle of origin story he finds out hedsut has cancer and they kind of o mutate him into essentially essentially a sun super hero, anti super hero h called dead pool we saw him inim i the x-men vol we are 15 film didilm di he a bad job of him now they've kind of done it done i again here. h in this case they did it right.ig i spoke to ripe and tj miller mle about the but while we were doing theere dog t interview, we happened to be te throwing darts at a photo of wolverine.. check this out.chec >> i'm wondering how the masked maske works were the eyes packet pac confidential and were you alwayse you speaking vocally as we heard youarou y. y. the latter question is yess y you're always hearing me speake s through the mask.ugthe weirdly enough there's a lot off bittersweet happen stance to thehapp mask it's uncomfortable but atmfortable bu the same time it was really tim functional. you can hear everythingn hear eve perfectly. i could emote through it. we just got lucky there. ran shank kell who developed thell d suit didn't a good job.ood job the eyes are really subtly animateed. >> really.l >> they film my face doing every
7:53 am
line and every expression that iry would make and they tak ee my eyesyye and actually map them on to the suit. >> he's such a good improvise ser. se >> hit. hit >> g are that was terrible.. >> for a journalist -- >> one journalist throw it that it way. >> it was awful man.. >> the scene that geeked me out in the most that's in theosthat trailer. trai the moment where you flip and flip you throw the three bullets oneon bullet.bull. how does that look onset when ons w you're shooting that set.. >> not nearly as sexy.y as s i'll tell you that much.uc never as sex it's slow an lot of oww my leg leg i'm never going to walk again a lot of that happens but no no shooting the movie because weause w don't have the budget of theheudge avengers we have -- i mean wewe have contained budget of most m x-men movies.ov >> we have a indicators budgetats b from the avengers. >> exactly.>> exactly. >> wrapping me up. w i'll talk to you guys again at ain another time. >> of course.. >> absolutely.>> absolut
7:54 am
>> ask another question. >> ask one more. o >> one more.>> one more. >> we love kevin.>> >> i think the beauty this moviey is is the art of the reference. like referencing things that yous know are going to do well withl w an audience you have a blade twowo reference, 127 hours in there.nhe i won't give away what they all are. >> judy blum reference. >> mca soy reference was myoy refce favorite reference in the whole who >> that was a late addition.dd goofing around.inround. >> what is the -- how do you how do you know the audience will get those t jokes? >> you don't. youon't >> the reason the interview cutvi off abruptly because that's the the pg version of the interview wetew did very a rated interview thevi t movie itself a rated r which is wch very rare in the marvel universel uve you see a lot of pg films likems the avengers and captain c america. this is not for kids whatsoever. and the interview itself that's tha the pg version as i mentioned ifenon you want to seat r rated versionedersi not for kids go to facebook pagee mccarthy fox.y fox the movie opens up on friday.. more from ryan reynolds later ons l this week. is i'll have my review back in thek in
7:55 am
t >> don't think we didn't hearid ryan reynolds say we like kevin. kev >> he said we love kid. >> social media has been a a social media for this movie.ovie i've been tweeting him aboutg him about seeing the film and how exciteed.cite you have to understand -- we've seen so many super hero movies m steve seeing this film which is is so different from any super hero movie you've seen pretty surreal surreal. first time director and the guyecto who wrote it wrote zombie land. l similar feel to that.ha i'll have more on that friday. fday. he was very very cool to talk to tk and so was tj miller.r >> i can't wait to do your job. your j i can't wait to find out who i'm i'm going going to get to talk to. talk this will be so much fun. fun >> let's talk to patrick.atri let's get this >> all right. all r >> i will definitely do yourlyo y show for a whole week. i would love that.d love t i would love that. >> it is going to be awesome. asome. >> thanks kev.hanks . >> let's check in with tucker barnes. tomorrow he'll be very busy >> i love my job.ovmy j this is the best time.e st t >> you'll keep it we don't want w to t. >> that's sweet. swe by the way super hero movie
7:56 am
that's not fit for kids. >> hmm. >> yeah. >> it's a little weird. wrd 36 now at reagan 27 dulles. 34bwi marshall. msh no snow today. i'm getting lots of tweets thank tweets t you for tweeting me.. feel free to tweet me if youif have questions. no snow today. later tonight.r toni in fact if we get anything inthing the next 12 hour hours or so it so will be light rain hours. hou. clipper system comes through.. secondary low develops rightelop about here early tomorrowrow morning. we'll likely get a period ofiod snow after midnight tonight.ight i think morning commute we'llmute we' have snow around and snow on andw o a off throughout the day on tuesday.esy. and it lingers into tuesdayge night. so again there will be travelbeve issues tomorrow like smellll delays. dela but not a major storm for us. generally one to 3-incheshe locally. loca higher amounts to the north and to the north and east plentyle more of this weather in just a in just minute. let's do more traffic with erin. >> 7:56. even though weather is not a factor seeing a lot of delaysay around our inter states and onn our secondaries in the districties also metro updates switch problem outside east fallsas f church because of that orangeatra
7:57 am
and silver line experiencingeriein some delays.some aside from that montgomeryom tha county right now, 95 to georgia down to 13 miles per hour.iler h we have a crash university unirs boulevard causing additionalit slow downs. 95 southbound slows to the inner slo loop as well.ll. cabin john parkway slow the beltway to clara barton 13 milesn 13 mi an hour and at a crawl the innerlhe loop across the wilson bridge.n be. that's your look at traffic.ra back to you. >> as erin just auction warily reminded tucker valentine's dayen's is less than week away.way >> she's not awkward. awa just the reminder itself arts awkward.awkw >> exactly. >> next sunday. good news for retailers. >> plus body mass index.. it's typically been an indicatorinca of possible health concerns.oncerns but now research shows it may bee which i've been saying for years years. >> spoiler alert. >> we'll explain what's up s. ♪
7:58 am
7:59 am
8:00 am
>> this is fox5 news morning.ews morning. happy morning after they super it is 8:00 o'clock rice right now on this among morning. february 8th, 2016. lo 8th01 and despite the sunshine, thingsine, thi are going to change. this is a live look right now atow the d.c. salt dome on farragut onra street northeast we'll see we' activity there over the next few hours as the region gets ready rea for another blast of winter.inte thanks for being up early with w us this morning. m i'm steve >> i'm done. d >> i'm al so seymour. al sey welcome to fox5 news morning. mni next storm could bring a fewng f inches to the d.c. region andegio make for a slick conditions outon there on the roads.on roads. tucker is outside actually onll
8:01 am
wisconsin avenue for the latest on what we can expect and i was plugging my ears because i'msecause like no more snow. s good morning. >> good morning, allison. allon this is not going to be major major event. e a lot of have a and have nots.e if you're south of the city itouththe city it will mix with rain. m wit the snow will have a tough timeime accumulating at atll. north of the city, that's wherey, that' the jackpot is going to be we to be could get up to 6-inches i thinkhi as we get up into northernorth maryland and southernland and southern pennsylvania much there's your winter weather advisory winter winter storm watch issued overnight and early this morning. mning anne arundel howard countyou montgomery county, frederick f county under a winter stormrm that's where the snow jackpot will be. will no advisories locally. lly nothing yet in virginia.gini although i do -- i would expectld expec that the weather service willsce w issue some local advisoriesdv probably winter weather advisoryr advisor a little later this morning fororng f us. us. again, this is not a daytimes ot a event today. this will be later tonight andonht during the day on tuesday. tsday we'll talk a lot more about this abo t winter storm but again sunshine out here item calls in the 30sm lls in early. earl you'll be fine for your monday.r monda all steve and allison i'll toss itl ss back inside to you.ou
8:02 am
we'll talk about our upcomingom snow. back to you.. >> it must be called out there.uthe are those tears?tears >> yes, those are tears.esthose >> we thought you missed it butsed i we realized it's just cold.tol thank you.anou >> yup. how is d.c. and the region melanie live northeast d.c. with w more with that.t. those preps getting underway,nder mel, good morning. >> reporter: good morning.r: d.c. not taking any chances. ces do not want to repeat of what happened just before the big b blizzard. bliz do we have tore hyped anybodyed a about that -- tore mine anybody abo about that completely nighty marish commute a lot of people people will not soon forget whattha happened on the wednesday beforeayef the blizzard.d. just 2-inches of snow led to t just a disaster on the roads. roa people in some cases stuck in sck traffic for as many as six hours. what happened there? well, the forecast maybe down played alad little a lot of people not payingot p attention because they were soauhey focused on preparing for the
8:03 am
blizzard. d.c. readily admits it didn't did pre treat the roads. r didn't think it was going to beng t that big of a deal.igf a it turn out to be quite a a problem, because of the roadheoa temperatures and the freezing tre and the ice and the little bit lite bit of snow on top of it as we know. it was nothing short of a mess. so now today even with what is considered to be not a lot off snow in comparison to the blizzard forecasts to come down dn and perhaps impacting the the commute d.c. mayor muriel bowserow is activating d.c. snow team at noon today. t what does that mean? it means a full deployment of 200 plows and lows salt trucks. t they're going to be posted onsted on bridges, overpasses, free ways, major routes and we're told we're told reasonable streets as well and they will remain out there until the winter weather event so we'll see a lot of activity aiv here starting at noon todayoon trying to get those roads pre they also are asking people in peo the neighborhoods to as well.el go ahead and do what you can do
8:04 am
pre treat your sidewalks. sew get that gradient and ice melt ice down so that when the snow comesw on top of it it will be easiereas to remove. reme back to you guys. >> good steps mel, thank youth very much. a look at our other top oth top stories for you now.ories police in the district stillt sti investigate a violent crash near nea nats park last night. nig. sent three people including ancdi child to the hospital. hospita we're told it all started with w driver who was trying to get to g away from police. pol one victim was ejected from therom t that person has life threatening injuries. a woman and her child were also a hurt but they are expected to beteto b okay. also in the district policeolic need help finding a gunman who shot two people including alung toddler.ler i'm not sure if that's the right t righ video. it zapped happened saturdayatda night on the 5400 block of bck o georgia avenue northwest. a little boy inside a nearby business was grazed by a bulletle that came through the window.e window a man also hit in the leg. the l if you know anything about thatabou give police a call. pol that story about the potomac abohe river we'll get to that just a minute much talk about the super abo bowl last night.ast win went to the broncos.
8:05 am
broncos defense dominated they the pete the paniers final 24-10.. the mvp von miller on defense. led defense that recorded super bowl record tying seven sacks.. there he is.ere he and forced four turnovers fornors the broncos. bronc may peyton man pogs line notot pretty. 43 of 23, 141 yards.41ar no touchdowns.ouchwn one pick, one fumble.. began the first quarterback to t win the super bowl with twoo franchises.ises much more on the super bowler b coming up throughout good day d.c.d.c. >> i have a question.uestn. i watch because super bowl pop culture.e. it seemed like the panthers mades a lot of mistake.ta >> they did make a lot of mistakes. >> it seemed like there was a l window forik them make a big playig p and they didn'tly what do you think happened? >> it's a good questiothn because i kept thinking it was a one score game right up in the last couple minutes of the game. >> i can answer it for you.. >> denver was in the super bowler b a couple years a they have players with the experience.ri. carolina first go around in recent history. hto
8:06 am
>> nerve or -- >> i think it helps.el >> just a casual viewer.wer. >> yeah. >> >> i pick up that.>> >> i made all that up. u >> tell us about the weather.. >> hopefully i'll do better withr with that. let's go to the forecast.o all right. moderate impactht. iact. that's what we're going with, wit off the charts would have been the snow mageddon this will bel more than, you know minor m travel delays, but it's not going to be a particularlytilarl memorable storm when we lookwhen we look back in the mystery books we're w expecting a couple of inches of inches november all right.all right the main thinking, main point in in want to push on to you morning mor commute tomorrow morning will w will be prime time getting snowtingno across the area and then againhenin tomorrow afternoon.rr. it looks like we could have awe couave couple bursts one would bene wld tomorrow morning. mor another later tomorrow afternoon afternoon. not a huge snowfall one tonowf 3-inches locally.ocally more to the north less to thes south.soh. temperatures are going to be a real issue here. h so it may snow for awhile butwhe not really stick to the roadways with temperatures kind of in the mid 30s.d 3 and off to the south it may mix m m with rain for a good part of thet t time. the real story will be as the system wraps up it is reallyp s re
8:07 am
going to be cold by wednesdayedsd thursday, and friday.. no i i tod 36 your daytime high.daytig looking at mid 40 today's.0 tay no issues for your evening rushru hour tonight.hour ton the snow will get in here late le tonight and errly tomorrowly t morning. look at more details coupling up couin in a minute. >> thanks, tucker. tuc >> let's get over to err inn with a look at traffic on thisic on t monday morning.orng >> the good news is, that snow s is not move into the area and not going to affect our eveningur eve ride either. however bad news a lot of delayss around this monday morning.. inner through and local lanes from the split to the wilson bridge on the inner loop down to about 13 miles per hour.s per hour. just a whole lot of heff vo flowlo there. in alexandria 395 on the t northbound side slows down offlowsow and on from duke vote to thevo t 14th street bridge. average speed checking in under under 30 miles per hou now we're also seeing delays ongays the inner loop through annandale 295 inbound eastern to t pennsylvania 14 miles an hour. 1 top of the beltway outer loop4 ay out loo from 95 to georgia really heavyeavy congestion.cong we'll take a live look outside right now. ri show you 270. look at that. athat basically a parking lot. sun glare slowing us down fow
8:08 am
frederick down to the spur the things are heavy mainly from 121 to the spur seeing the heaviestea traffic. you know the drill.u leave early much that's yourkn thas you traffic. back to you gu >> erin, thank you very much. you we appreciate it. >> nearly a week after the centers for disease control released a manufactures alufactures al warning to women the agency now defending itself. ielf. we'll explain why ahead.explwh >> plus chipotle closing itsts doors once again but it's justt for several hours and just forhoan today. the details in a live report. 8:08 right n we're back after this. ♪
8:09 am
♪ >> back now nine minutes pastw ni the hour. in maryland more testimony me t expected in the hearing for f sacred his case became wellcame known for the pod cast serial. defense lawyers get a chance toeo question an f2 agency who testifies in -- >> sigh idea was convicted ofidas c killing a woman back inn
8:10 am
2000 sand. other news now. now u.s. coast guard still working w to clean up an oily sheen on the potomac river. today they plan to perform a dyerm a d test to identify possible sourcee so of the substance.uban the area affected near roachesr ro run water foul sanctuary. booms are putting in place to couldn't taint oily substance.aint oily officials say people may noticee discolored water.. yellow like --ik-- >> bright yellow ish. i >> due to today's dye tests but that color will over timee naturally disappear. if you are in the mood for for chipotle today you'll have to have wait a little longer.littleon the popular mexican food chain will open its stores late thiss afternoon instead of thisn inst morning.. >> not going to get the lunchch today.da. bob barnard joins us live fromm alexandria with more. what are they doing that'st' keeping them closed today. closed >> reporter: it's basically a four-hour food safety traininginin for all chipotle employees atloes every restaurant all across theshe country today.ay this is the one here in old
8:11 am
town.wn so instead of opening for lunchrun at 11:00 all the restaurantsur will open at 3:00 o'clock today. this follows that e. coli outbreak that affected 14 states states. sicken dozens of people.ozen peo so basically chipotle is going i to unveil a bunch of neww policies and procedures startdures dag including offering paid sickick leave to employees to encouragencou employees who are sick to stayy they're also going to be now washing and cutting their lettuce and tomatoes and sledding their cheese at centralese cen kitchens not at each individualndiv restaurants of aunt and startta marinateing their chicken and steak differently and blanching bnc some of their vegetables,les, avocados onions and lyme's much all in response to that e. coli outbreak because they don't know don't kno what the source was. so they're going to just do a d whole bunch of things t differently now to try to get it -- offering their customersir healthy, clean, safe food.d. ceo of the company will be onny wil o this conference call.e c again running from 11 a.m. till. t
8:12 am
3:00 p.m. today.od and so that's local time hereal tim and so these chipotle restaurantsesuran will not be open for lunch todayoday hoping to bring business backess b and as you're watching tv you'llou see a lot of campaigns trying toigns try get their customers to comeers to com back. ba guys. >> all right. right bob, thank you very much. coming up the centers forenrs for disease control and preventionreveio going on the defensive. why they say their controversyontrov new warnings has beenn misinterpreted. >> all right. take look at the salt zone oncet zone o again.ain. preparations under way today foray tay f snow we might see tomorrow. tomor we'll get up to speed onn everything next. nex it's 8:12 and cuteness coming c up too.the w ca >> excellent. ♪ uplift your mood with hand-crafted layers of espresso, milk, and a caramel-flavored swirl. from 2:00 to 6:00 p.m., indulge in a medium hot or iced latte or macchiato for $1.99. america runs on dunkin'. again! again! again!
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donuts. heart-shaped happiness too sweet not to share. america runs on dunkin'. >> there we go, there's the salt >> look pretty quiet right now. >>et looking good. g >> looks like a beautiful skyky out there, too.. >> gorgeous.>> gorgeous. nice blue little bit of a breeze.e. >> pretty.>> pretty. >> with a blue sky no issues for issues the daytime hours.e hours. >> we can focus on things likeon tngs cuteness, right?ss, riht >> absolutely. >> let's do it.>> l >> i think we should.hould >> let's do it.>> let >> football cuteness.ooall time now for fox5 first fiveir fiv photo of the day. >> what do you mean more snow mea tomorrow?ow >> he's not sure if he wants hists h picture taken.ak this is nigel everybody. >> hi, nigel. >> here he is getting his -- itt can see why he has that face. face. six month check up. up >> well there are you go.ere you go. >> so cute. >> all this is -- this is how long he's been a fan. a fan his mom says he's been a fox5 fan since before he was born. (laughter).ghter) >> well, i'd like to thank momo thank for that too, then.
8:16 am
>> yeah. >> he is just delicious. >> that's what we call life longca lif fan. >> you got to step it up around a here.he all right. l r nigel we love your picture. super cute. i hope your check up went well. well. >> he's so cute.. >> similar face when i go for f checkups. i think we all do.thin >> do you? >> yeah.h. >> he's like try t me. try that needle on me. >> i will cry.l c >> all right. so cute. cut >> to send us your child's child's picture go to fox5 d.c..c >> let's go to the number. numbe mid 30s right now at reagan national.. 26. 34bwi marshall.arshal let me say again no issues today today. your evening commute will beommu fine much get clouds thisclou afternoon but no rain and/or snow expected until late lat tonight. i think after midnightnigh it will be prime time.e. even then it won't be terriblyriy heavy. that is what we call a bomb offom off the coast.e coast look at that.. almost has an -- almost looksos loo like a hcane that area ofa of low pressure to the east of usthe of just amazing stuff. stuff they're getting major winds upds u along the cape and snow upw u towards boston we're notn we' concerned with that storm.
8:17 am
i don't know what i'm talking --t i'm why i'm talking about it. it we are concerned with a clipper clipper out in ohio and west that will move in later tonight.ig bring us a period maybe a little ae bit of light rain and mix with and change to snow overnight.rnig by tomorrow morning's commuteomte light snow around.d marginal temperatures.empe right around we'll have snow flying. you know we'll stick on then t roadways probably not in the not in th city at least at the onset onset eventually maybe we'll get light but this will not be major storm. further north you gonort particularly north and east upnd et u towards baltimore and get up and get u into bell air and that part oftar the world that will be the b the jackpot for this storm. more like three to 6-inches 6-inc farther north and east.nd eas if you're south of town, you'll'l have mixing issues. iues. so much of your time will beimwill kind of mixed with rain and rai snow.. it might be snowing but notowg but really we'll go with dusting to an t inch. inch. these numbers could be tweaked. still 24 hours out until the the real events gets here.. most of tomorrow will be lightht snow he been and flow tomorrow. might be a little bit of banding bandi and break and then startsnta snowing again tomorrow afternoon
8:18 am
afternoon. but it should all be out of here o by early wednesday.edne we get cold. look at the daytime highs. wednesday through sunday welly below normal by next weekend we night not get out of the 20 of t 20 force daytime highs.. >> wow. w >> what we do get in the way of way o snow will stick around for the t rest of the week.k >> cold.ol >> yes. >> yes. >> tuck, thank you. t >> let's check in with erin getucn get a look with how the roads are. we are herb river this morning'sis morning commute tomorrow might be crazy. >> i'm anticipating crazy onene steve really crowded right now.ed right n i think a lot of people hit the road at the same time thise morning post super bowl sunday celebrations outer loop rightht now 95 to georgia down to 13 miles an hour. 95 southbound several miles ofilesf backed up traffic leadingaffic towards the inner loop.the a crash blocking the shoulder at university boulevard.rd sun glare, grab your shades. gw southbound backs up around 123. 270 to the spur a lot of stopf and go traffic.raic especially once you hit 370.. western avenue we're dealinge're dli with a pole and wires down at at chevy chase circle.ircle caution northwest second of thewest s district northeast section 295on 2
8:19 am
inbound eastern to pennsylvania.a typical slow roll t bottom of the beltway the inner the loop across the wilson bridge inner through and local lanesan down to 13 miles per hour. heavy traffic continues throughtinu annandale as you make your way myour w up tour the american legion lio bridge.brid. 66 inbound from manassas through throu centreville slow and 395 3 northbound you back up towardspar the 14th street bridge with stop and go traffic.ic if you're taking metro on lines l on or close to schedule except eep the orange and silver lines fromr linefrom earlier problem at east fallst fls church. church back to you guys. >> all right, erin, thank you very much. days after the centers for for disease control released a controversial ad aimed at women wom the agency is defending itself. >> the ad faux cuff on the dangers women may face if if they consume too much alcohol.. many set said it was degradingradi and maureen is back with the latestt update here here, mo. >> that's right. r last the cdc issued the warningni that was intended to focus onocus o the dangers of too much alcoholoh can pose to women especiallyspll those who are pregnant or tryingrying to conceive.ceive. but the warning stated thattated
8:20 am
women who want to or could get pregnant should not drink alcohol as half of allas half pregnancies in the u.s. are.s unplanned and most do not know not know they are pregnant until four to six weeks into their pregnancy.gnancy in addition, many say the cdc also implied women who drink too much are at a higher risk of of developing sexually transmitsed diseases. the ad received a lot ofot backlash many saying it is condescending and judgmental.gmental. spokesperson for the c d.c. now.c. n says they were not quote aste a clear as they had hoped to be.op to the agency says they did not mean to imply women should stopd drinking alcohol. alc they simply wanted to point outint the risk of drinking before a woman knows she's pregnant as she well to show that the sidehathe effects alcohol can have on o unborn baby are preventible.le cdc report finds more tha 3 million women who drink whilenk not on birth control risk exposing infants to fetal to fetal alcohol spectrum disorder.r. experts point out that three ine four women who intend to get t g pregnant do not stop bringingp bringin when they stop using birth birth control. the cdc says it was not tryingrying to sell women how to live theirehe lives empower them to take care car
8:21 am
of their bodies. the controversy continuing withontiing women saying, don't tell me whatme wha to do. to d >> right. don't tell me what to do. m i need to look at ite sometimes the message is good. goo >> how it was delivered. >> they say it's not what yout say it's how you say it the.he i think this is a prime example exale the delivery not matching whatch the intent was.. >> right. all right. mo thank you very >> um-hmmk . still ahead this morningorng can we talk? bmi.mi body mass index typically used as an indicator of possibleossibl health issue. issue we're all on board with that.h it turns out it may bee misleading more so than helpful actually. dr. shilpi will join to us join to u explain why.exain why. >> one day and counting for the nation's first primary.mary. so today it is last wintast nt campaigning fort candidates. we'll have a live report from the granite state coming up. 8:21. ♪
8:22 am
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>> he is show mowing pup me sho monkey baby on his phone.ab >> it's awesome. >> you saw what i think.y >> it's disturbingou s.. >> please don't ever take usak when we don't know we're on tv. okay. now, let's take some time toime t look at some other super bowl b moments people are talking aboutalking a today.y >> first up, peyton manning ofanni course got to take home thetake home trophy last night.trophy last how about eli he got to takee home the stone face last night. unenthusiastic reaction to peyton's win last night. night
8:25 am
>> the woman on the right i'm oe ri not sure if sister, somebody's wife look at the hand.k at he gets the hand.he they do the -- i think i gt may betay more of a like yeah what tot t get it >> yeah.>> >> i think it's more like, man now you have two super bowls b too? i got to win another onenother o now so that i can claim victoryic in the manning household.ousehold. >> i think he's just breatheing ahein sigh of he got it done.ton >> i like the little guy. he's the enthuse as aft. >> that's legit enthusiasm.huas >> what's that peyton brother in broer in the front holding the baby.t hoing >> i'll get back to you.'lget >> how about this moment. abo first of all i loved this wholes who thing was ron howard' productionroctio of the pre-game video when v everybody is talking about theirki abo favorite super bowl moments andomts a blah blah, blah. blah, blah. then betty white says, i taughtau cam newton everything he and they say including the dab dab and david letterman says what'ste s the dab. e da betty white does it.oe it was one of my -- i was like l let's get ready for the game. >> i thought that was great.. somebody following twitter allng twitt night and everything people wereerng peo saying no matter who wins theins the game betty white wouldn't theouldt t super bowl last night.
8:26 am
>> and we hadn't talked aboutkebo that that pre-game it was aas short, like a whole -- it was -- it w really good. good >> i typically don't watch a lotot of pre-game.-gam >> okay.y >> i turn it -- literally thely first thing i saw was lady gaga gag getting ready to perform.y to perfo >> i'll zen it to you. izen it i have it right here. >> cooper is eli's other other brother. >> that's all we're talkings we'r about. >> we have another three >> we have a couple hours left.thoue ho >> it's not fair. tucker, will you talk to me, ll y about it downstairs. >> absolutely. >> thank you. >> let's talk -- can we talk weather for like 12 more 12 seconds. >> if we must.. >> winter storm watch to the the east and north anne arundel howard northern montgomeryntgome county frederick countyrickount maryland under a winter storminter sto watch. that's where the jackpot of this t particular event looks to be.ks to let me just say again, no issues today. no issues for your eveningni commute this will get in heret in h later tonight may start as a period of rain and transition toit light snow overnight tonight. ionig. think that morning commuteom tomorrow we're liking to haveing h some issues i would not be ate all surprised if the weatherrier service does not issue iss
8:27 am
additional advisories maybe winter weather advisory herether aisor inside the city for tomorrow.omor all right.rht there's live look atk satellite/radar, sunshine at the sunsh moment clouds this afternoonhis aer eventually the rain and snow you sw see out in ohio will get in here.he. start it's a rain, transition toit snow. periods of snow around for thew ound f day tomorrow. tw. not sure it will be terribly terbl heavy still looking at prettyretty light accumulations i'll showw you our likely accumulation map in just a just a min but again expect snoe.w aroundnow here for the day tomorrow.omro temperatures in the mid 30s.. and then cold weather settles s in, thursday, friday, saturday,day, sunday we are looking at daytime highs right around aund freezing. s?>> teens? >> yeah. >> puppy money company baby.ompay. >> so nasty. >> i'm not going to look at that that. >> it's sounds funny to say itds f when you put the visual with itual th i it's not appealing.ppealing. >> i don't even know what that ad was for. for >> it could have been done cuteene cute but it was done creepy. 66 east nutley to the beltwaytway 33 miles per hour.erour.
8:28 am
anticipate those delays cabin cin john parkway slow beltway to clara barton parkway. pkway keep it to fox5 news morning weni we got you covered as that snow that moves in later tonight as well.
8:29 am
8:30 am
♪ >> > 8:30. there's a look at the radar on the left of your screen.your scr on the right d.c. snow that's the salt dome inalt dome in northeast d.c. rtheast they'll be busy later today later getting ready for tomorrow'somro snow that is expected to falld fall overnight and into your morning commute tomorrow.
8:31 am
up in new hampshire it'sre it' snowing. we're a day away from the nation's first primary.. voters get set to go to the ballheal tomorrow. bret baier is there into news ere in hampshire. hampsh how you doing and is it thought thoug snowing up there this morning? >> hey steve g morning. g morni not yet. no but we are expecting -- we're-e' expecting a bit of snow today and into tomorrow. listen new hampshire theps residents are kind of used toe kind that. they're probably not going tong let that get in the wave any we showing up at the polls.ol >> you are in like nerve centerente central this morning, my friend., my friend. this is the last day -- day - >> that's right. >> crunch time right now.h what's happeningti? >> well, this by the way is our master control.trol we've taken over the cafeteria at one of the buildings here att san hanson college in manchesteran and this is our fox spot for the week.ek you're right. rig it is crunch time and after the the debate on abc this saturday sur there's a lot of fallout fromlout that debate. debat you see on really every paper p
8:32 am
this is the union leader. rubio on defensive as rivals close in.. the going conventional wisdom heism did not have good night and how new hampshire digests that willhatil really make a big factor in the establishment lane how theyow t donald trump is well positionedn here heading into tomorrow.row. potentialpotentially could pull off all win.y >> because of that, and we'vee' herd donald trump saying sure iture i would have great to have a win thave in new hampshire but i'm not i n really worried about it you can say that when you're up 15 up points in the pole. are we looking at rubio doesio d because of what happened in iowa ow iowa. what are we really keeping an an eye on here. >> the biggest battle is a amongis a the establishment lane. governor jeb bush governor john kasich, governor chris christietie and senator marco rubio they arehe a fighting for one spot. because ted c iowa winner and donald trump probably winner here will see, l go on and they and t are positioned pretty well intty w
8:33 am
the south. sou south carolina and the sec states.stat the real question is what is the establishment candidate do? who d who is it? it? >> and there's a battle for that that spot. spot. >> so on the democratic side i mean it's no doubt that berniet b sanders has been trending wellreing there. it's his home tower towerowerow essentially for months he's beenonth predicted to win new hampshire.psre but what does he have to do to stand out in a place where he'she already expected to do well. >> if he has a 20-point win overwi hillary clinton in new hampshire hamps where she won in 2008 i think that that would make a huge h stand and probably send some redeed flags up the democratictic establishment poll. i think if he squeaks out a win a w hillary clinton will be the come com back kid like her husband was in 1992. 1992 >> brett, let me ask you we'llle y call an audible now before weefor w let you go.let you go. i don't know if you had a chancef yo to watch the super bowl last night.nit i know --i >> first half.
8:34 am
>> a big fan of politics. polic what did you think aboutbo political tweets and campaigningampaig during the super bowl?l? >> well, it was interesting. i mean, i watch the first half. then i obviously saw everything after -- i woke up this morning. but i thought that here in new hampshire there were a number of of campaign ads that ran during thehe super bowl.l. obviously those are prime time tim spots and i saw a jeb bush even eve saw a marco rubio. so investing during that timeim and, you know, politics all of o them had super bowl parties andarties trying to cash in on the cacheac of the super bowl. >> it is interesting much thees whole nation is watching foringor sure. in new hampshire i'm sure allure the new hampshire voters were watching.watching thanks, have fun up there. we'll talk to you soon.ta >> we'll see you, steve. >> all right, bud.lkll rht, bret baier host of special speci report he joins us from newrom w hampshire every -- from wherever wre he's traveling.raveli iowa last week.iowa last we new hampshire this week. >> all righty.>> thank you steve.thank you st if you live in virginia listenn up. up
8:35 am
today asked deadline to register registe if you want to vote in thehe march 1st primary. pri this mark the first presidential election where virginia willreirgi allow online voter registration.istr so far in fairfax county more than 1600 new voters haveave registered. re the countygi says it got about 3700 other applicationslica requesting name ored dress changes. deadline fast approaching.roaching. 8:00 thirty five.8:00 let us say good morning to our o favorite weather guy tucker tucke barnes. >> thank you, allison.nk let's get right it to.righ lots to talk about. snow on the way. o not today. t. not for your evening late tonight and in your morningor commute tomorrow morning like vol snow around and let's get g right into the detail. de looks like moderate impacteri across the area. are certainly not going to be snownow mageddon two. two a couple inches of possibleossi accumulation and i think evenhink eve that may be held down with somehom moderate temperatures aroundre a here. we'll be flirting with thelirting with the freezing mark and temperatureserature likely for part of the event the eve mid 30s that will hold down onow o the snow totals. the snow all right. tl ri mostly timing relateed it willt wil arrive tomorrow morning early.
8:36 am
not big snowfall.wfal one to 3-inches more to the north. nth less to the south. sth the further south you go the more of a mixing issue you'll you'l have and temperatures in the mid m 30s. i'm not sure it will get aret wi chance to stick on the roadways roadway at all for the south.ll s that's good news.'s g all right.ig current numbers 36 at reagan rga national. 27 dulles. bwi marshall 34.shl there's your satellite/radar.lite huge storm off to our east.r et and then we're focused on o clipper working through ohio ando west virginia. that will arrive late thishi afternoon ton night. and it may start as a period ofio o light rain around here this he t evening and then transition generally after midnight to snowono northwest to southeast and we'll and w have snow around here earlye ear tomorrow morning.or again, i think temperatures are tempe going to be right aroundt aroun freezing. not sure the snow will be heavyevy enough to stick on roadways atays least initial until will holdil h down snow totals.tota i'll show you our expected snowecd s totals coming up in just an just a minute. but again your monday forecastt 46 cool temperatures, cloudylo skies by late this afternoon buton hold the precip off until afteril aft the evening rush hour.shou that's a very quick look atui look
8:37 am
weather. more coming let's do more traffic with erin.. >> 8:36 a lot of typicalical slow-moving traffic andg congestion and don't let thatha sun be misleading you need your y shades you might encounter sun glare. colder temperatures today.. slow-moving traffic as you head inbound so be prepared for that.or t gw parkway out by 123 is backing up. up. we're seeing delays all overelays all ove into the district. thetric you can see as you make your wayr to the beltway not looking hotng either.. 270 southbound jams towards the the spur. spur. switch it over for a look at our f maps. show uh-uh what else you're up'r u against. 66 eastbound nutley street toy stree the beltway 33 miles an hour with congestion and here closer cabin john parkway slow as well.el outer loop typical delay down to 39595 to georgia a crash in the in mick on the shoulder out by b university boulevard.vard 95 south is all backed up as youps make your way to the inner loopnner l and keep in mind route weren'tteer southbound a little stop and gond g traffic. traffi bw parkway getting back too normal your steady flow pastlow powder mill much that's yourl muc
8:38 am
traffic. allison and steve. >> love is in the air. valentine's day less than week tn away.ay. welcomed news for realtors.s >> or retailers.airs >> maybe realtors.bes. too. we'll explain why >> maybe you'll buy somebody a s house. >> maybe so. >> probably just flowers.just f later we'll check ilon with kevin. he is still in san francisco fncis this morning. m the morning after the big gameafr the bi out there. there perfect place to talk about the tk about movie trailers that weree released during the super b we'll do that with it's 8:38.
8:39 am
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>> somebody has a fortuneebod waiting on them in florida thatm has not yet been claimed. member the california ticket that just ran out? >> yes. >> now time is running out for somebody hupot a powerballint a powball ticket worth a half a billionon dollars. >> 528 million. >> the ticket one of the threet on to split the $1.5 billion prize prize purchased at a publics supermarket in mole bourn beach. bea the winner has 180 days to claim the prize.ri they have like four more months. m >> come on. >> i would lose it.>> ild lose i >> i know.>> kno >> from night out on the town toown flowers and jewelry americansns are planning to go out all outto gout for valentine's day. >> new surveillance have ive reveal spending will reach aeach a record high. record according to the national retaill federation 54% of consumerssurs will spend an average of $146 and 84 cents. now that's up about $4 and 50 cents from last year.asea i would have thought up a lotug up more. that seems like a lot.eems. >> it does. >> i >> any way common gifts include incde flowers, jewelry candy
8:42 am
clothing total amount ofot spending this year was expectedxp to reach a new high of $19.7 billion.llio >> somebody claimed their lottery ticket they can buy a buy lot of valentine's presents. when it comes to healthy body image body mass index is typically been used as an indicator of possible healthfossi concerns. nc >> but new research shows it mays it actually be more misleading than helpful shocker. >> dr. shall pee joins us next to explain why. ♪♪
8:43 am
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♪ welcome back everybody. looking at the salt t d.c. says it will be ready for any sort of wet stuff we getet falling from the sky in the formhe s in th of snow if it -- i'm not going not goi say if.saf. tucker says it's coming when it comes. >> there you go. the you >> tomorrow. >> all be ready for it. toe night i guess overnight intoight i tomorrow does that sun rightht tuck.tu >> later tonight after midnight. aer m the real question will be thestiowill amount of stick catch we geth g temperatures pretty marginaly m around here.e. rain/snow line won't be too faro away and i think the snow willl have real trouble particularly at the onset sticking to thetohe roadways. so that's going to hold down on our eventual accumulations. tracking tuesday snow and take a look at some maps in just a in s second. 20s20s early this morning. gators now arthritic. 36 here in the 37 good morning in leonardtown. fredericksburg 35.burg if you're south of the city, significantly south, you won't get much snow at all.. not much accumulation. might be falling from the skyli but not sticking outng there o during the day tomorrow.or
8:46 am
30 in winchester. now 22 martinsburg.. satellite/radar we're in good i g shape today. ape today. sunshine at this hour.t th h clouds this afternoon.on here's our clipper system.m and that will arrive in the formhe f of clouds maybe light rainig showers around here this her t evening. then after midnight it's coldersol air gets to filter in. it will transition over ton period of snow.riod i think the kind of prime timerimeim for this will be tomorrow tomro morning for tomorrow morning's commute likely to have snowaveno around and with temperatures inn d.c. and north and west rightes r around the freezing mark it will w likely start to stick on the totick o roadways and i would expect att least some travel delays somesom school delays tomorrow morningwni as it's moving through at worset time possible for us during thatur t rush hour. sh here's future cast again nogain issue today's.od there are the clouds tonight.onight. there we are at 7:00 o'clock a0 tonight. snow starts to move on in.. future cast all over the place.he place. this is really been kind of a been o nightmare to forecast. fec but looks like we get a mixet a m south and east.d e all snow here and then the heaviest the snow will be off to be off to the north and north every eastever where the likely bulls eye is.s. tomorrow on again off again
8:47 am
snow showers mick for time with time temperatures in the mid 30s thed 30 whole thing wraps up kind of up kind late tomorrow night and early wednesday. we how much snow we looking at. not a lot.. as again we're looking at the potential for temperatures inre the mid 30s at the onset.e oet one to three here more likeore l three to six as you get up to get up the north and east and then coldhen cold gets in here. look at the cold temperatures.tus highs only around freezingez thursday friday saturday inatury the 20s 20s for valentine's day.'say bundle up with your sweetheartethe steve.ev all right. that's the latest weather.atest weather. i don't have any idea where i'm ia wh going. goin >> right here, tuck. rht h >> steve over to you. >> then right there. the and now we toss it over therever and we'll check in with wisdomh wis and holly and fine out what's coming up on good day.on gooay toss it over.. >> well oiled machine. >> we caught it.>> >> we got it. >> we got you.t you. >> well tucker barnes continuestinues to tweet the snow we're all over the snow preps inpr effect to make sure that your commute is a very smooth one.ot o we've got live team could haveou ratch throughout the next two n hours on good day >> also ahead at 9a we're talking super bowl, of course,f cours from the game to the half timeime
8:48 am
show to those commercials.meia tell us what you thinknk #gooddaydc. >> and it's a mystery on they on potomac.potoma where is the oil sheen comeinging from? it could be solved today by dying the river different river d colors. colors. bob barnard will explain whatla wha it's all about because he's onau the case.the ca >> we'll talk live dr. oz about a fad diets. some promise immediate weightteei loss but there's some things youhingou need to know about them. about the >> on good day at 10a he calls himself a real live hitch.. the date doctor in the house with advice on how to hand a a long term love.e. >> maryland, married hook is that for.or. >> we get real with the ladiesad of real in the loft. the lof what they have to say about onebout one another. we'll have our interview at onter 10:30. good day dc just minutes away.wa >> it's time to send it over to over t allison seymour. it's like a relay race withac the fox5 news morning t that's right.ig okay. well in today's health watchat body mass index inn bmi using a a
8:49 am
ung a measure of obesity and a a possible indicator of future i health problems.nd but now some researchers are saying that bmi numbers may be misleading and that some peopleeo with a supposedly healthy bmimi may not understand their actual a risk for future health problems.. joining us nouse this morning asouse tas she always does on mondays dr. shilpi goawar physicianar physi board certified in me family medicine g to see you. >> good morning.>> g >> now, through the years i i have bad mouthed this bmi thinghing as a sham.ha said i could not possibly besiy what these numbers say i am.m. what is the new research on the t body mass index?nd >> you're not wrong to do so tdo s allison and the new research on body mass index really shows uss that actually indeed it's no theit no a great marker for actually aua determinedetermining how healthy a personhow really the reason is, because it onlyy takes into account kind of your you height and your weight and the a the reality there's so many other other parameters for us to look at a healthy persons and in the study s
8:50 am
instead of what they found whenou whe they look at all of thesef these individuals a lot of them who them w were being classified as healthysealt quote unquote they had a healthy bmi between 19 and 25 actually5 acal had a lot of medical and health problems things like highe hig cholesterol they had heart h h disease and then people who arepl being classified in some caseses as overweight may have actuallyy had more muscle mass and things andhi that would make them actuallyct healthier but they were being caused by over waste or obesity.. bmi not a great way to determine dermi whether or not you're healthy.y. better actual ways you cans determine the way you're healthyu'ealthy are things like looking at your you blood pressure measurements speak wig your doctor looking at docto your cholesterol levels and then the waste circumference is anothers a big one we don't think about. abo it's important f you've got fat surround your mid section andon a organs that's a much betteret predictor if you'll develop d diabetes or heart disease than t just saying let me take youre y weight and divide that by your height because anybody could bee anyb
8:51 am
classified as obese or overweightover. >> that is indeed how that test t is measured, right?easu rig >> yes. you take your weight kilograms kog and divide by the height squaredt sqre and that live give you a b.. mi number.umbe typically they look at a rangean from about 19 to 25 as being healthy. 25 onward as being overweight oveei and then over 30 being we're seeing that that's not a a great indicator and up to 30% of people who quote unquote had a normal bmi actually were very unhealthy in this study and they t had who are disease, high cholesterol. chol so i would not recommend bmi as an indicator of what your health wyour is. is >> if you do have a high bmimi don't feel bad if you're a youe healthy person.y person. if you've got muscles, you know,yo kno those are the things you'rehis y working out.working ou you're eat eating healthy.lthy. talk to your doctor. docto >> in your face bmi.mi before we let you go, we're w constantly talking about the zika any update over the weekend ineeke the medical world?dicalor >> here's what we really knowe really k about zika.about zika
8:52 am
there is cause for concern andce a it's kind of scary rightig sometimes we hear about these the we don't know how that affect aec us. us. it's primarily and predominantlydominant spread by mosquito what we're finding pregnant women and unborn babies the t bobby's bees born in pregnant women at the highest risk for something called micro selfly ifel they get the virus. virus. they have a smaller head andnd small brain development andme a creates a lot of problems with w birth. but the other thing is that we we no we're doing a lot currently very dynamic in terms of research to fine out the ways ofs tran mission.sion. protecting ourselves protecting the population in hears areasararea like florida and southern statesouthern here and then of course my my recommendation is if you'reif re pregnant, do not travel to anyvelo of those countries.ri. >> right. >> speak to your doctor aboutyour the best d ways you can protectte yourself. try to wear long sleeved clothing use deet, that's tt' considered safe in pregnant pre that's the best way to protectte yourself.yo also a question about tranbo t mission from saliva urine weri do know that the virus has been
8:53 am
found in those bodily fluids, flus, but the mode of transmissionns really isn't sure.really i so the best thing you can do iso just protect yourself byelf avoiding travel to those areas a and if you're pregnant,gnan absolutelyabsolutely speak with your s doctor and stay home bound.ta >> righty . dr. shilpi, thank you very much.k yo >> you're welcome. >> all righty. i believe we're going to steve.te good morning.orning >> bringing it all back aroundk aro again, al. ag thank you very much.yory much. i'll zen it out to the west i coast rightt now. n because that's where kevin kev mccarthy is in san francisco this mor kev here's my first question touen you.yo >> are you there?he >> good morning, steve.d morn steve how are you, sir. >> that's question number one. number o i know you got to go to the to t metallica concert out there.ut the was that the highlight of yourfou super bowl weekend or did d something beat that? >> yeah you know what, it hadw wh to be the highlight probablybably interviewing ryan reynolds fornos dead pool but honestly as a big metallica fan the first concertston i went to my whole life on was april 2nd 1997 was metallica.etlica
8:54 am
they're from the san franciscoan franc area.area so being there at at&t parkar watching them live for over 2.5 2 hours was one of the mostfos incredible shows i've he have've he seen. he is special physical you're ays massive metallicaic fan. fan i took two of my friends whorien who were big fans and they wered blown away by the stage presence prese and the energy of those guys.hoses. it was incredible.dibl. >> so here's my second questionco q then. did any of the trailers or ads last night below you away? >> honestly the only thing thatngt really blew me away probably lady gaga's national anthem andnthe i actually am one of the people ppl who loved the half time show i thought bee i don't know san it bruno mars did a great job withobit cold play. p you couldn't hear chris martin's marti mike in the beginning.eginni the editing was mazing trailersraer wise, i thought some of the adse the were great. gre doritos ad movie trailers wiseis captain america civil warmeri awesome ad.esome . we haven't seen footage fromta f that film since november whensinove the first trailer came out oftraile second i thought the bournourn trailer was very very cool.eryc first footage we've seen ofeen o
8:55 am
jason bourn reveal the title forit the first time last night as nht a well. that's jason burning fifth bourn b film i loved the x-men the cool shot olivia mu inform ior inform slices a car in half andn hal a flips on the screen. screen. that was really cool.y c finally i loved the turkish tki airlines batman versus super man spot very very clever withy ever metropolis and gotham city. other spots gritty secret liveret of pets i loved the trailers thehe dogs are head banking to thengo metal music. music that was >> i just thought the overallve commercials last night weren'ts that th i thought they were veryat under under well ming.we they need to do better job. j too many ads about poop and towd tow fungus get all of that air. a those are info commercial.omrcial. they're not super bowl spots. spots. >> we were able to get you to get make references to bothtoot metallica and system of a down in one segment.ment >> steve, that's why you and iat why y are awesome we appreciate metal.e met i love metal.. i love metallica system of the o down was awesome. >> kev, thanks.ev tha see you gone day. day >> steve, see you buddy..
8:56 am
>> 8:55 right now. rig >> hello. >> i'm back.>> i'm b it was fun.un tossing over connecting thenehe dots. do >> like a tour.>> like i'm go and send it over tover t tucker. tucker >> keep it moving. this show moves like that.eha >> reagan 38 dulles. bwi marshall 34. 3 you know what our daytime hoursme h we're in good shape. sha mid 40 today's.od partly sunny early. clouds by afternoon.ftnoon mostly cloudy here by sunsetyse tonight.igh there we are right now and again and a we're in pretty good shape.d shape that's our clipper systemer system watching that this is one hecke of a bomb of a look at that almost looks like l hybrid there with tropicalpica characteristics and it'sacte bringing extremely heavy -- ieavy -- i don't know why i'm focused biged b winds up into new england heavy hvy snow towards boston this this morning.rning. that will arrive later thiserhi afternoon ton night. night. rain showers transition to snow sno overnight. looks like that morning commutemorninom tomorrow we're going to haveoing to h snow around and snow kind of offnd o o and on throughout the day.t th d not talking about major accumulation i'll show you snow accumulation map coming up at 9at in just a moment. that's a quick look at more coming up.more com let's do more traffic with erin..
8:57 am
>> still a slow roll nothinglhi compared to what we'll see twhat we'll tomorrow as that snow movesw moves inform western of a northwestth section of the district heads upichead here. poll is down in the street at the chevy case circle. ccl montgomery county cabin john joh slow from the beltway to clara tcl barton down to 13 miles per hourour a look at the beltway right nowig n out by good luck road. r live look there we're seeing sin significant slow downs.. crash north of that point. all lanes stacked.acke moving over to another live looknoer l outside.ou 395 on the inbound side alsoo very jammed up towards theowards 14th street bridge withbrid congestion. keep it to fox5 news morning.or good day at 9a is coming right up. (burke) at farmers, we've seen almost everything, so we know how to cover almost anything. even a stag pool party.
8:58 am
(party music) (splashing/destruction) (splashing/destruction) (burke) and we covered it, october twenty-seventh, 2014. talk to farmers. we know a thing or two because we've seen a thing or two. ♪ we are farmers. bum-pa-dum, bum-bum-bum-bum ♪ the new caramel macchiato from dunkin' donuts. uplift your mood with hand-crafted layers of espresso, milk, and a caramel-flavored swirl. from 2:00 to 6:00 p.m., indulge in a medium hot or iced latte or macchiato for $1.99. america runs on dunkin'.
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9:00 am
>> denver's defense film dop ninety-eight giving peytonht manning his second super bowll victory.ct what manning said about hisbout future with the game when it was w all over.. plus beyonce' bruno mars m and cold play rock super bowll >> ♪ >> lady gaga brings down theown house with the national anthem. >> ♪ >> the crop of super bowl super b commercials that lit up socials at media. >> puppy monkey baby.. >> we'll have the best and theavthe best worst for the big


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