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tv   Fox 5 News Edge Eleven  FOX  February 9, 2016 12:30am-1:01am EST

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starts right now. this is fox5 local news at 11. now at 11, say it isn't snow. another round is on the way. how much will we get and what impact will it have on your tuesday commute? and a volunteer at a local elementary school is charged with child pornography. police say he targeted several children by using a popular messaging app. but i will tell you is there one issue out there. > and a bernie sanders rally in new hampshire takes a frightening turn for the presidential hopeful. it's 11:00, fox5 local news starts right now. > and we thank you for joining us tonight, i'm tony perkins and i'm shawn yancy. we begin with a weather alert. let's take a live look outside right now. i believe we're seeing some rain out there. it looks like the pavement may be a little when the, but that will change as the night continues.
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by morning, snowfall will be well underway and it likely won't stop all day. we have team coverage beginning with sue palka and the latest on the forecast. hello there, shawn and tony. yes, we're keeping a close eye on it. temperatures aren't cold enough for anything to stick. we do expect that change over to happen in the overnight hours between 2 and 3. temperatures will be a big part of this forecast. while i do expect some challenges tomorrow morning and i expect that we'll mostly be seeing some snow i'm not sure how much of that is going to be sticking in the early morning making this a really challenging call for the schools. we're still at 39-degrees in the district. and yes winter weather advisories and winter storm warnings are flying, the difference being in the amount of snow you're going to get. we have a warning that it's likely that you're going to be see a little bit more snow, but some of our late night indications are that it might be closer to say late morning or the noon hour before we start even picking up on some
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accumulation that might be problematic. it may be that you see are seeing it in the morning and it may be sticking to grassy areas and let's hope so because we don't need a whole lot of trouble in the morning. with this kind of snow in the forecast we have to describe it as moderate. it looks like the evening commute will be the commute that will have more impact. we're still going with one to now. here in the city it may be closer to one inch. higher totals continue that look like they're be to the north. the bulk of this may come after the morning commute and maybe tomorrow afternoon. k freeze tomorrow nightat for a which means wednesday morning may also be an issue. and if you miss this on our 10:00 news i wanted to he some you some of these amounts. again, may come in on the lower end, especially closer to d.c. because of temperatures and the possibility of more melting. although i think all of us will be seeing snow when we wake up tomorrow morning. very latest on the hour by hour forecast coming your way in just a few minutes. we want to remind everybody that
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fox5 news morning will start earlier tomorrow at 4:00 a.m. that's because we think most school district won't make a decision between 4 and 5:00 a.m. you want to be tuned in on the delays and closings. > our team coverage continues now in montgomery county. crews are ready to go. fox5's marina maracco is live outside the salt dome in silver springs. >>reporter: they're waiting for the snow because they have finally treated all of the roads here, state roads in maryland, the pretreat has finished now. just an hour ago the last of the trucks leaving this salt depot here in silver springs heading out to those roads. of course they want to make sure that that snow is loose. it doesn't bond to the ground and that way the plows can get ahead of it and move the snow before it acumulose especially if we see two snow events tomorrow. just south of baltimore and hanover, the emergency years center now underway, 24 hours as
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long as need be it will be manned, watching all of the state roads making sure that there is no obstruction on the road. if there is no sort o accidents, if there are they want to make sure they get to them as soon as possible and avoid congestion and that allow traffic to continue. now, maryland state highway administration takes care about a third of the roads here in maryland, but they see about 70s p of the heaviest traffic, of course an arduous task to get rid of all that snow as it comes down. also it can be a very elaborate task as well. take a listen. it takes our crew an hour and 15 minute to an hour and 30 minutes to get back to where they started on the route. they say where is the plow. it takes them a little bit of time to get back there. what people see on the beltway are different is the plow
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trains. you have six vehicle also in a line diagonal and moving and pushing the snow all at one point. you can't do that on another road, on a side road. unfortunately all too often you see people get in the mid of the plow train we see them turn all the time because the safest place to be is behind the plow train, not in haven't from of it. they will be fully deploying all of their crews overnight and throughout the day tomorrow. that's about 600 trucks that will be out in the snow making sure that they remove that all and to avoid any sort of snarl like we saw back during the blizzard. > marina maracco, fox5 local news. > the snow is already creating dangerous conditions up north in connecticut a bus on its way to a casino lost control, over turned on i95. it was snowing at the time of the crash. the roads were slick. there were about 60 people on board. 0 of them were hurt. many of them are in critical condition. > a very disturbing story
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developing tonight, disturbing allegations being made against an elementary school volunteer in prince george's county. the suspect admitted that he made explicit videos of child remember. fox5's meaghan dice is following this story. >>reporter: hey, tony, that's one of the places in this school where police believe that he produced child pornography, committed sexual acts, another one here at the glenn warden municipal center, another location at an aquatic center nearby as well as private homes. ten victims in all say police with ages ranng from nine to 13 years old. it's shocking. i never thought -- seriously i never thought that he would do something like that. neighbors who knew deanita care way can't believe the allegations. they have a picture of a church going man who sang in a choir who loved kids. i see him mostly every day audit
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committee walking -- he lives in the neighborhood so i see him every day walking kids. he just walks them to school. one of those kids look medical hamilton's daughter. she has lived above care way for years. she never suspected anything. he was very friendly with the kids. so thinks kind of a wakeup call. you never know with individuals. so i'm very disappointed. > police say care way targeted minor during the school day and videotaped vial sexual acts. on thursday a victim's relative discovered a nude photo on the cellphone of a judge sill vein yeah woods elementary school student. that photo loudon county been electronically sent to care way through the kik messenger app. police recovering 40 videos in all. in a statement prince george's county public school administrate os say employees and volunteers go through a proper screening process. the school did do a background check on him. nothing came back. wow. so then the system is not
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working, then. we need to do something else. with any system you're going to have flaws and things slip through the cracks. that's the cause of the concern. > police tell us that addition l al charges are likely in what could be a month-long investigation. by the way he is being held on a $1 million bond. we're live in prince george's county, meaghan dice, fox5 local news. > thank you very much. this is the second case in less and month where danger and death affected a child through the app called kik. that's kik. it's a social media app where people can remain anonymous and approach whoever they want. there's no age verification. sexual predators use it to groom their victims. internet safety experts say part of the problem is children share too much information in these formulation. it's very important to have an atmosphere of trust around the use of technology so that your
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kids will be very open with you about what they're doing and how they're using the technology. > kik also played a part in the case of two virginia tech students charged in the death of 13 year old nicole lovell from blacksburg, virginia. a germantown family is asking for the public's help tonight to help find a missing loved one. 66 year old nancy strow meyer was last seen wednesday in the 13,000 block of million haven place. her family says she suffers from alzheimer's. strow meyer does not have her medication. today officers and family members searched a wooded area right near the home. police say there are no signs of foul play and anyone with information is asked to call montgomery county police. also in montgomery county, a judge sentenced a mack to 60 years in prison for stabbing two people at a metro station. reginald cooper stabbed the people as they waited for a bus back in 2014. the judge gave cooper the medication number sentence. president obama is asking congress for $1.8 billion to
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fight the zika virus. the monday would go towards mosquito control programs, research for vaccine and providing health services for low-income pregnant women. health officials say there is no need to panic. however, they say the risk for pregnant women means the virus has to be taken very seriously. reiterate again, we're not he ever confident and we will prepare for the worst, but we are saying we don't think there will be an explosive outbreak. > the request for the emergency funding comes after lawmakers on capital urged the white house to address the spread of the virus. > fuel oil is what spilled in the potomac river near reagan airport. the oil was spotted in the water last wednesday. the coast guard is calling the spill fairly minor but says there is work to be done to minute miss the environmental impact. around 30 con tamm knitted birds are being cared for at an animal rescue facility. the source of the spill has not
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been found. > well, there is plenty of name calling an attacking from the presidential hopeful on the eve of the new hampshire primary. on the republican side chris christie and jeb bush are going after rubio. they say rubio is not ready to be president. they took on trump and called him a loser. trump countered by calling bush a total stiff. > bernie sanders and hillary clinton are still going head to head. our job is not to accept what the establishment has told us is the way it is supposed to be. i was kind of amused the other day. senator sanders took $200,000 from wall street firms. it's made it for a very messy and competitive process in the short term. in the long time i think it will serve our country are well. they showed trump and sanders with solid leads. there were some tense moments. a woman fell off the riser
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behind sanders. landed right next to sander at the podium. it's unclear exactly what happened tot woman. she was helped off the stage and sanders resumed his presentation. > that's a scary moment. when we come back the super bowl commercial that caught a lot of us in this area by surprise. we'll explain how this local company pulled it off. and the most romantic city in the entire country, yep, that's right, a new ranking says it's right here in our region.
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> welcome back. bee assaye is receiving plenty of praise and some backlash for her super bowl half time performance. several people took social media to call her performance and anti police song. former mayor rudy july and i says it as outrageous. she says she meant the symbols formation to see a try bought to history and to strength. i thought it was fun watching her with cold play and bruno mars. so much energy. and boy, bee ahsan and bruno mars really elevated that whole thing. > now to the super bowl commercial that has the d.c. region doing a doublecheck. if you can't, we can, michael and sons. > i wonder how long it took just to get that. former heavyweight champion mike
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tyson pops up for a company, michael and son. now, the question, how did they bring in with a name with a worldwide recognition. for starters michael's ex-wife works for the company. we got a look at one of the ads with his son, amoore. i connected with i'm a dad with grown children and he's a dad with grown children and he was there with amere's mother and i got a lot of time to talk to amere. he said my mom and dad are divorced, but they are they're like best friends. the ad did not cost nearly as much. the company spent somewhere in the lower 6 figure range. it wasn't a nationwide commercial. we just saw it here regionally. it was still a lot of fun. when i say mike tyson, i did a double take. i was startled to see him in the
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ad. > here's something to consider with val corner right around the corner. the city of alexandria was voted the most romantic city in the country. they compiled by looking at what they railroad ordering. they buy plenty of romance novels, and sexual wellness products. rounding out the top five romantic cities, miami, tennessee, orlando and vancouver, washington. i am surprised by some of those. alexandria is lovely. i think it's wonderful, but knoxville. > okay. that's find out what's happening with the weather. is anyone seeing snow yet? it doesn't look like it. we've had a couple of reports, pendelton, mineral, west virginia. it's probably going to take a little while a few more hours before we see the rain change over to snow. gradually that will happen, tomorrow we're objection to the form going to top out around 36.
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when are we going to see snow accumulating. we think some places will have an inch or two. it may take a little bit longer looking at the new information. wednesday should be a chillier day coming in at 38-degrees. i wanted to check radar. it is mostly rain around the region. there might be here and there a little bit of sleet trying to mix in. by and large most of the snow will be in the higher elevations. this will end up somewhat elevation driven the snow that we're going to get. the mod models having a hard time picking up where we know the energy from the system is going to eventually develop off the coast. not seeing a big snow for this area, but a disruptive snow for some of the suburbs. we're going to have to stick with the temperatures. we think it may be on the low end in d.c., with one to four. to the north four to six inches.
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although it may take most of the afternoon to get there. some areas may be looking a at 6 inches. especially northern maryland. this remains a very challenging forecast. as i said during the 10:00 news it was easier to forecast the blizzard. temperatures have a lot to do with that as well. we'll also waiting to see if some bands of heavier snow will set up. as of right now you can see we don't expect to see much in the way of accumulation and this might be over doing it just a little bit because as i look at some of the new information tonight it may take until noon to get some of these numbers which is why it will be a challenge for the schools in the morning. we may end up again with some areas, especially north, on the four to six inch amount and here in the district it could be between one and four. right now temperatures could be on the lower end of that. here's the setup with our area of low pressure eventually transferring energy and getting over to the coast. t tuesday morning that process still underway and so into the
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afternoon that's when we may be able to get some of the heavier bands that would get us more significant accumulation especially to the north andest where we have a winter storm warning tonight. here's the most recent futurecast. 8 in the morning we're seeing snow. southern maryland you may be getting a mix, the rain/snow line will be mighty close to d.c. you can see it stays mostly snow as we look toward the north. definitely a storm that has the potential to be somewhat disruptive. it's still 3-degrees. even when we do switch over and temperatures will drop a little bit we're still pretty far from freezing so it's going to be a while before we get any accumulation going. that will be on grassy areas and trees and maybe even sidewalks that didn't get too warm today. we're going the rain changing to snow. we'll drop to 32-degrees tonight. tomorrow it looks like we're
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topping out in the mid 30s with snow likely and obviously some areas we'll have some tricky travel. we're getting colder. friday, only 34-degrees. the weekend looks cold and at night we may only be talking sync ill digits to temperatures to 10-degrees. we'll keep you ahead of whatever is coming our way tomorrow. not a good stretch for georgetown. they came into the verizon center on a three-game slide. even worse, st. johns came in on a 14 losing streak. someone's streak had to stop. in the first half lj peak splitting two defenders and he lays it up with his left hand. two of the 20 points come off the bench. in the second half, did i vaughn take smith rivera gets a pick. he gets the lane, he gets the foul, game high 24 points. he's now sixth on the a owl time
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hoya's scoring. cope land for the drunk, 23 points and general town cruises 92-67. maryland is ranked second in this week's ap poll. how about the maryland women they're coming in at number five on this week's poll. they were on the road seeking to avenge their only big ten loss of the season. brenda freeze and company needing a win to take over sole possession of first place in the conference really a big night for brianna jones doing her damage inside. she gets a career high 28 points. the terps never lead. the night belong to book eye's mitchell. the terps 31 and 2 as members of the big ten with both losses coming to ohio state this season. now that football is over, ready for baseball? it's coming soon. this morning, the annual tradition known as truck day. with the nats packing their equipment in the semi tractor trailer.
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it will make the trip by wednesday. by the way, pitchers and catchers report on
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