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tv   Good Day DC  FOX  February 11, 2016 9:00am-11:01am EST

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♪ straight ahead, shock andnd disgust gives way to anger in ar prince george's county as sex abuse scandal inside a local school continues to >> it was certainly a case where the principal should have knownn >> the principal of that schoolt now on leave. leave plus what we now know about thee the growing number of victimsf and the new details from the first lawsuit filed guy theiledy family of one of the victims. breaking overnight, an armea standoff in oregon coming to an end.end. why the last militia members ars ready to give up.. primary fallout.allo the field of gop candidatesan shrinks again. this morning chris christie anda carly fiorina are out. what it means for the ones still standing.ding. but first, the arctic chill temperatures take a bitter divee and the winds make it feel evenn worse.e but if you think it's bad now,, just wait. wai go
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♪ yeah. okay. good day d.c. it is 9:01 on thursday,, february 11th.. >> first at nine it is painfullf cold across the d.c. region. your apple jeans will be frozenf to you. you >> guess what --ha-- >> with the fur.h th >> you'll need to hit the floorr it's about get even worsese believe it or temperatures have been belowen freezing all morning long.ngon wind chill of course makes itt feel even worse, and actual ly this might be the warmest itt gets for while. w for details tucker is back withw a first check on the forecast. s i'm not sure i want to hear what you have to say t >> remember the ice planet from empire strikes back.ikes b >> yes. >> oh, wow! oh, >> i think it's ice planet.. >> there it is.t i arctic air invasion. ♪ >> all right. r i'm just being quiet for effect. i don't kn w
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quiet. let's get to the forecast.t we are looking at cold col temperatures. 23 now in washington. n 19 gaithersburgow.. let's not look past today tod because today daytime highs onlg about 30. ab very out. o leonardtown 25 and 23 fredericksburg.icks twee twenty two culpeper the winds have been with us alls a night our wind chills down towid nine in washington.ashing four in look at hagerstown two. seven in cumberland obviouslydbv it's going to be very cold daydy with wind chills in the singlee digits and that's even with a ew lot of expected sunshine. sshin should be beautiful looking dayg little bit of fair weather weaer cloudiness off to the north andh west and part ly most ly sunnyy day today. t it should be dry afternoon foren us. cold again tonight. ain tonight. maybe a quick burst of snow wit our arctic boundary tomorrow anw we're still featuring bidder ly cold temperatures this weekend e weevil look at this weekendhis e coming up but let's take care of today first.da 30 look at your winds westest northwest 15 to 20 that20 combination will give us windivw chills in the 20's throughoutth the afternoon. guys, plenty more weather i
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>> our big story continuedontie fallout from the child porn p scandal impacting prince george's county schools. disturbing new details comingetm out every day it seems in thet e case of deonte hold away thatha volunteer school aid accused ofd of making children engaging innn sex acts inside elementaryle school. >> a timeline of the case isof s coming into clearer view afterwt one of the victims families filed a lawsuit on wednesday.ede so here's what we know based on that lawsuit and from police ane school officials.. >> there you see the picture ofo carraway uncle of one of theof allege victims went to sylvaniai woods elementary in glenn ardend on thursday and spoke with the principle detailing concernsonce about carraway. crawa he was told to circle back ine k few days. instead he went to police withto the allegations.alle then on friday deonte carraway a is arrested 18 hours after firsf victim family went to police. >> monday police first informedo the public of the case. t in a news they detailed up to 11 childrenc were involved in pornographicgrp videos cal away fi
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school within this current thisr school year.scol year. also on monday a robo call goesl out to the families of sylvania what's elementary school.ntary . >> then on tuesday more actionsm from the schools letter aboutete the case goes home with the the students.udents. major action yesterday the firsf lawsuit filed on behalf of oneff of the young victims. prince george's county schoolouy leaders speaking public ly abou the case for the first time and the principal of sylvania woodsi is placed on administrativedm leave. >> we do expect more act fromec the school system today.ystem ty let's fine out what is in storee melanie alnwick is at the princt george's county schoolych headquarters this morning. mel? >> reporter: good morning, morni guys. guys. yeah, prince george's countyin o schools is now set up a parent and student safety hotline where anyone in the school system is call to report suspicious orcios questionable behavior. bavio hang with us we'll give you that phone number in just a minute.e. now, yesterday out here during a press conference prince george'' county executives and schooll system executives real ly were r bit on the defensive as parents pressed them about wt
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school new and when. w prince george's county policeyo say there are now 11 confirmedrd victims. victim seven who were direct ly abusedd by carraway.wa parents want to know how did deonte consideraway get so muchc time alone with these childrenhi and how was he able to get themt to participate in his sick gam games. carraway did go through theid gg standard brac ground checks his job was to assist teachers withw their students.r student now parents are coming out saying they expressed concernsre about inappropriate interactio interactions. superintendent dr. kevin maxwelx couldn't discuss particulars of the investigation but he didid defense the timeline of the school's actions and said theres was no delay. >> trying to gather additionaldo information and send outformatin appropriate information, again,, the first conversations we gotig an e-mail on saturday. we got -- we didn't haveav conference call until mondayiloa afternoon and so, again, there'e time issue when you're trying ty have a number of peoplefeo collaborating with one another.h it doesn't happe
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so. >> reporter: as you mentionedeni the principal michelle williamsm was put on paid administrative leave.leave we were told at this presst is p conference that that was done ae a precaution.caut while the school investigatorsto exact ly those allegations abous what she was told and what her h actions were. were. i'm sure we'll hear a lot wll h tonight as well with thathat meeting that was previous lyy scheduled. that is at sylvania woods w elementary school 6:30 tonight. here's that number. numbe the phone number for the new t prince george's counsel cityouny cool safety hotline.ol safy ho it is (301)618-8342.8-8342 so please make sure you put ae t note of it.f put it in your phone if you eveu need to use it you'll be able to have. other phone numbers associated with this case some from theomef prince george's county investigators office they areatc also looking for moreor m information from anyone out there. there. there's some information theremi could be as many as 30 victims in this case, and also the fbi
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we have all of those numbers ono our website. the school also final ly has pup up a whole page of information a for parents and other people in the wider community. communi back to you guys. >> sickening, sad denning andni definite ly more to come.. >> unbelievable. >> appreciate it.>> more now on the lawsuitowth filed in the t case. one of the victim's family has l filed a civil lawsuit against deonte consideraway.. school principal michelle prial williams and prince george's ge' county ceo devin maxwell.axwe the lawsuit filed yesterday claims the nine-year-oldld victim's uncle first met withh the school last thursday afteryt discovering inappropriateappropt messages including photos on the victim's cell phone. but the uncle claims the schools told him to follow up in a few w days. days we told you this when we werethe going through the timeline. timn that's when he decided to call the school has not yet commentee on the lawsuit. time now 9:07.:0 allison back s back with a chech on the other stories makingtorim
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good morning al. al >> good for that uncle.t u you see something, you sayg, yos something.somethin >> right. >> right now i love that.e that active. all right. first up, in other headlines, dramatic standoff between fouren armed protesters and the fbi in oregon may soon be over. group plans on turning tur themselves in this morning. this comes after the father ofr the protest leader clive bundy e was arrested in portland, oregon yesterday. also yesterday, the fbi surrounded the site the tensehe moments were broadcast to the te world through a live stream on v youtube.. at one point more than 66,000 6 people were listening.teng the protests stretched on fortr more than a month now. n this group of what was a largerr group of militia men were upsetu over what they called governmenn over reach when it comes too federal land.. today flags in maryland wilw fly at half is it a in honor ofn the to two deputes shot and killed on duty. dut this happen yesterday at a busyb shopping center in abington. 67-year-old david evans
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of the deputes in the head hd inside a crowded restaurant andt then took off. the other deputy caught up witht evans they exchanged gunfire.edg the suspect was killed but sad t ly the deputy was also killed aa well in that shootout.. zika virus taking center cen stage today on capitol hill. the senate appropriations sub committee will hold hearing on g president obama's emergency funding request.g request earlier this week, the presidene asked for $1.8 billion in fun funding to fight the virus whici is especially dangerous to pregnant women it causes birthrt defects in unborn children.hild that's why you're seeing that'rn video. potential athletes who payho compete in the 2016 summer gamer in brazil are worried about thee zika virus. vus u.s. olympic committee will hire two special disease specialists. >> terrifying moment forerri passengers on board a royalrd ay caribbean cruise ship headed toh the bahamas.aham we told you about this when it n happened it was forced to returd home after it saile
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a winter storm, hurricane force winds. some on board are blaming the the ship's captain for not correct ly looking at the weather forecast steering theteg ship into the winds of the the ship was carrying 4500 4 passengers four of them did the suffer minor injuries. injie but they're back home now. homen final ly, a plan then t demolition in texas didn't go as expected on tuesday. tsday and now the shocking video has been released. here it is. the footing -- footage ratherat was shot from nearby officeearbo building. the video captures the parking p garage collapsing near ly on top of an evacuate. cabbies fifty eight. >> that doesn't sound right.und >> he was trying to evacuate.o >> let's get out of here. get crews had been working for weeks to tear down this corporatepote plaza bringing down the parkingr garage was one of the final fin steps. step workers say it just came downamd much faster than expected.xpte the excavator operator managedrm to walk away though without a scratch.sctc >> lucky. >> yeah it is.>> yit >> crazy.zy >>
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read good night good nightd construction site you'd be all over that excavator. >> i don't think i've ever saids that word outloud clear back to you.. (laughter).(lau >> thanks, al. tha >> still ahead one small stepll foreman one big discovery forryf the smithsonian that we can allc enjoy coming up little bit later whata the museum just found inside the apollo 11 space capsule.ap >> saying goodbye to two more m white house wanabees plus thehe donald and the depth. the oscar nominee channeling cnl drum in many a funny or diee video.deo. we'll show it to you next. time now 9:11.
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♪ >> after a weak finish in new hampshire primary new jerseyimar governor christie decided to bow out of the race for president. christie finished sixth in new on his facebook page he said hed leaves the race without 1 ouncee of regret.. christie is announcement comestc on the same day former hewletttt pack ward ceo dropped out of the ways.wa only female contender for the gop nomination won 2% of party y fosses vote in new she had promoted her businessin expertise but struggled to buili support in crowded primary priry field.field. here's a look who is stills stil standing on the republican siden donald trump, john kasich, ted cruz,
9:15 am
still in the race. he says even if he wanted toant drop out his supporters wouldn't let him.t hi carson also says he thinks he can win the south carolina primary which is next week. wee meanwhile it's a rematch tonight for democratic presidentialia candidates hillary clinton andla bernie sanders. srs the pair will face off in a mucc anticipated debate in milwaukeee the debate comes 48 hours afterr sanders victory over clinton ini the new hampshire primary.rimary now yesterday sanders enjoyed a soul food breakfast withfastit reverend al sharpton at sylvia's restaurant in harlem. sharpton also plans to meet witi hillary clinton and after that sharpton says he will officialla endorse one of the candidates.d. now the big news here thishi morning is 11 a.m. the congressional black caucus pac p is expected to formally endorsee hillary clinton for president. >> he's one-time people'seople' sexiest man alive he might be ae strange choice to play donald t trump in the new web spoof waitt until you see it.t. aft eight years in officen oic president obama is sick of one e thing in particu
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i know you're all ears for thisi one right.ight. here with those stories and mucc more judy kurtz the'sl. in the know columnist.cost good morning to you. morni >> good morning.>> good mo >> good to see you. >> captain johnny depp playingp donald trump. trump >> yeah. i'd be honored right if you havv johnny depp playing you as a g guy. yes he's playing donald trumpal from funny or die.r. not one of these two minute mint viral videos this is a full aul fledged production.duction. 50 minutes. mutes minute me movie i suppose of ddepp trump here's a little biti of it. of >> that's looks like '70's graphic. >> i know. >> spoof on one of those '80's movie of the weeks. >> >> like that book came out. out >> right. right >> it's a spoof on trump's's famous book the art of the deald and you see trump or depp as trump having a bit of fun on stage -- on camera rather. you know, i don't see anyonee an lining up to play marco rubio.ub i don't see anyone lining up tot play t
9:17 am
>> how does johnny depp -- doep- you know how it came to be? >> it was the creators of behind funny or die came up with the t idea.idea they kept it under wraps it was a four-day shoot. 50 minutes long the fact they kept the secret -e that's amazing make up. >> it really is. >> they want to release it right around -- right aft the newhe nw hampshire primary after trump'ss big victory there. one of the creators says they do hope that it annoys trump. >> any response from . >> no response yet.o re i'm sure -- ooh not one to bitet his tongue shall we say.e shal. >> i think his ego would be stoke johnny depp is playings you. come on.come on. even if it's a spoof. a sof >> more free publicity.frubli >> all right. right. >> not that he needed any more r publicity.y. >> right. >> okay. >> it did look like miami vice.. >> it has that feel to it.. >> ready to come in any moment. >> lena dunham has been in the news talking about endometrios endometriosis. wanting to be first lady. b i got littlee confused.
9:18 am
doing these first lady duties. >> like the easter egg hunts. h. >> tasks like the easter eggg roll. she cher had he ever dream is to see bill clinton a range one ofo these teas for some foreigngn prime minister's wife. w she would love to see him inn this first lady roll.y rol i don't mean to be a dreamam shatter err but it ain't goingbt to happen. happe hillary clinton has said that id she does become president, billl clinton will not be picking picg outline in a patterns, not doing table cloths arrangement.ange >> probably a good move.ov >> going to be put to work doing some sort of economic policy oro other sorts of policy driven dre tasks. >> why not have him do a littlee something that's our norm inur this age of equality and allll this kind of husbands and wivesv sharing duties why not have himm doing something that's untraditional? >> high tea with bill clinton. >> there's absolute follow a reason he couldn't.on he's certainly a good host. he's known for h a being very jovial.
9:19 am
wing. come on. >> i think hillary she was firsr lady she has experience in thatt arena. >> she might want to -- sheo -- wants to control it all. >> you don't always trust yourr husband taste when it comes to t those kind of things sometimesis you got to be a little bit ofito control freak. >> let's talk about our currentt president president obama. he's got no more selfies thing going?going? >> yeah. obama is done with selfies. >> he hung up his stick. >> ooh seems a little peeved because he said no one wants too shake his hand any o more.e. he said everyone just wants aans selfie. if he had, f this had been theat case when he was first runningui for office that everyone has h their smart phone outlooking fof selfie he doesn't know if he kne would have run. >> look.>> lk. (laughter).. >> this dude.>> ts du >> shaking his hasn't but i alss would have been arrested. >> in my case ---- >> it would not have been worthh it. that's awesome.wesome >> can you imagine getting paidp because you tried to shake the president's hand
9:20 am
>> that's pretty darn cool.rn c. >> it was safe. saf >> it's congressional baseballei >> okay. >> but still that's reallyll impressive.essive. >> who do you know.ho d >> you pop up in the most interesting places. you have the craziest selfiesra witness coolestzi people >> i'm all over the place. >> i'm wondering if he wasng i referring to steve when hetoteve said -- >> it probably was.t pr >> if that's the case mr. president we'll make goodakd i'll come shake your hand. >> that's so generous of you.. >> when you come to the lot of o bring the fir lady with you andi we'll all make piece.all make pe >> they have the picture forev forever. >> it's a memory >> exactly. people did it with the pope.e. when the pope was here. her >> that's certainly in a few years once obama is ouo of office he might be wantingan selfies.self people aren't going to be askinn for his picture i imagine whenne you're not commander in chief. f >> ink you have more pictures than this you can show.caho continue to show that. >> judy kurtz in the know ashe s always thank you.wa see you next time. >> thank you.>> >> in my defense chris tried too get a selfie.t a ie right, chris?hr? >> didn't you?>> dt you? >> time right now nine ---- >> yup.. >> 9:20. 90. coming up,
9:21 am
else? see how many women say wy that's the deal when it comes t valentine's >> first though a warning for you seafood lovers out there whu d.c. is banning people from eating one type of fish. fis that story coming up next. ♪
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♪ 9:23.> having a little selfie chat infe the commercial break.ercial brek >> steve will be holding a workshop how to take selfies
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>> i learn from the master.r. wisdom has been doing it for i years.ars >> how about barracuda from bar heart there.heart that's because we'll talk aboutl this. for the first time one of the oo regions most popular seafoodeafo items rock fish is on the do not eat list.ea in d department of energy andnd environment put out advisoryor because of the levels of pcb's p found in the fish. pcb' are compounds used inn electrical equipment beforent bf being banned in 1979.97 these chemicals take a long timt to break down. officials say rock fish from thm potomac and anacostia riverss should not be eaten for the foreseeable future.ut >> all right. keep in mind it's only foror personal consumption.sumpti you can catch fish in the river and sell them. t if it's on the menu somewhere ae a market it came from somewherem else. else the parents avenue montgomery county police office who was killed by a suspecteda t drunk driver in december want to make maryland's drunk driving laws tougher now.ow officer noah lee yacht teeee y killed boy that suspected drunku driving walking back to his tois cruiser during a traffic stop.p
9:25 am
mothers against drunk drivingk and took their fight toht t annapolis yesterday.poli now the so-called noah's law would require all drunk driverse in maryland with a blood alcohoc level of .08 or greater to haveh an ignition interlock installedl in their the measure is being called noo what's law in officer of officer lee yacht tee. t police chief tom main jr. there in annapolis yesterday and joined us earlier this morning to weigh in. in >> we look at the drunk drivingi laws in the state of maryland, which i think are fairly weak,k, and there are certain thingscer that i think that we can do tooo strengthen them. but requiring people afterring l they're convicted of drunk driving to have to use one of o these ignition interlock, thiser is what they look like, have to blow into this before they can start their car is probably thee most effective legislation. >> chief manger says drinkingsa and driving is a real problem. he says when somebody iseby arrested for drunk driving theyi have on average
9:26 am
80 times.. i'm 080 times before they aree e arrested. >> i believe that.ieve t >> wow! >> i believe that.. >> still ahead on good day gd justin beiber all cleaned up fop the cover of gq. >> wisdom. >> we'll show you the new s pictures plus whohat he said aba new squeeze haley baldwin thatt left fans girls broken hearted.t >> first breaking barriers with the daughter of a legend.. sharon robinson the daughter of the late great jackie robinson down joins us fly tucker is back with an early look at the bitter cold weekend forecast and the next chance for, sorry,, snowflakes.flak time now 9:26.:2 ♪ look, i know you're a cow and all.
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i'm talking about, but, uh. the yogurt made from your milk, is delicious. mmmm, yoplait.
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♪ 9:29 right now how about another footballothero league coming to the district? ? could it be? the arena footbalf league confirm to fox5 they're e in advance talks to try to get team at verizon center.enter. if so it would be run by ted ana company. it's not done deal yet. y but the commissioner said leon sis and monumental sports would be great fit. gat fit arena football has been aroundun for 30 years now. now hard to believe. bie it is faster, it is higher is hh scoring they play on half sized football field. field a lot of touchdowns a lot of of passing.passing. family friendly.miendl cheaper tickets.r ticks. >> okay. oka >> okay. >> you had to go over the wall w buns off the wall andal a everything.hi if you are wondering
9:30 am
fan base, in the last five years about 10,000 fans per game onn average.average. some teams do better than worser but if it comes to d.c. we willw be the best. thees >> you know who was in thenow wa recent in a football league for awhile -- >> curt warner.urt war >> jay gruden. jay >> the rock was in there too. >> the rock was in the canadiann league. >> i knew --w >> you just wanted to bring theg rock up. >> if there's anyplace you should play indoors it would be >> would you be interested in at recent in a footballed league.ea >> in >> no, in watching. >> in going. >> i would go to game.ld i don't think i would go to ever game. >> just to support one game atro least. >> i can't believe it's beenelie around 30 years.0 years >> they do like, um arc lot ofro times with indoor soccer and stuff. they'll play music andplay m everything and they'll make itle more like an event than just a the game itself.el >> like world team tennis.enni >> like the washington castles.c for the first time ever thet tie patriots have surpassed the cowboys as the most hated teamed in america.. >> what?
9:31 am
fans say the patriots are theirr least favorite team. t 20% of the nfl fans say theyy hate the cowboys. cys no other team was in double dou digits.digits. rounding out the top 514% don'tn have a least favorite team.. the giants came in fourth withur 9%.. >> really. ry. >> in fifth place, 8% of fansan hate the steelers. >> what?>> >> well, what is the common deed nominate with those four teams.s >> a lot of super bowl trophiese >> that's true.e. >> how did they get theirs is te the question, steve. steve. >> bad news for our newsr news director paul mcgonagle a hugee patriots fan.iots fan. he'll count his super bowl trophies. trophi >> as am ies? i >> exactly. >> oh, my god wisdom is a tom t brady fan.brady >> get me patriots gear.. >> broncos fan now that they thy wouldn't. >> i'll take it all.l ta all right.all what's up tuck?what'sp t >> i was shocked at the amount a of hate tom brady got rightot rt before the super the >> the booing.>> t >> totally booing him. >> he' a
9:32 am
quarterback whether or not youwh veve him or >> people outside of new england do not like tom brady. brady >> i get that.>> but he's still -- he's still ono of the best ever. >> but don't boo him at the super bowl.. >> he wasn't at home. why not? >> it's the super bowl.ow >> he was being honored for being mvp like multiple times ii the super bowl.perl. >> i like -- i don't even like k the guy and i wouldn't havet h booed. >> i like the dude. >> 23 in annapolis.. 27 leonardtown. it going to a cold cold dayold y today. featuring the weekend and bitekb blast, but let's start with today.y our high temperatures this afternoon 30 degrees.0 degr 9:30 in the teens in frederickrk and hagerstown. 17 degrees. winds have been with u17s all ul night long.. and they're still with us this i 15 to 20. 20. 15 current whipped up innthipp frederick.fred 18 here in washington.hingto wind chills right now off to ouo north and west hanging out in i the single digits.le dig please please make sure you got lots of layers bring your petsr indoors that kind of thingatind dangerous this afternoon ourer high temperature it won't getong above freezing be about abo
9:33 am
more cold on the horizon here as we get into saturday and sundaya in fact extreme cold aroundround there's your satellite/radar.atl nice and quiet yesterday we hadh a little band of snow set up south of town late in the le in afternoon not looking for that today. little bit of fair weather cloudiness but generally sunny conditions just plain old coldld this afternoon with that windin still kicking up out of theup ot north and west. and we'll keep the wind in theit forecast for the afternoon.. snow showers this is your set u for tomorrow.w. this is an arctic blast right rt here. but it may kick off a real quick burst of snow late tomorrow tor afternoon.afte i think tomorrow evening will bg our best chance for it.e fo it will be a quick mover butoveb maybe enough to coast the grounr and behind the front the windsin will start how long again and ln the temperatures will start sta plummeting by early sundayun morning looks like our lows will be in the single digits in fact sunday that's going to be theoet worst of it as we'll havell he morning lows around 9 so very very cold temperaturesre here for the day on sunday. i also want to mention in addition to the coldtionthe cold temperatures this weekend lookk
9:34 am
tuesday.tuesday. that winter storm looking moreoe and more likely can't reallyy guarantee rain/snow line will be but i can guarantee we'llee probably or at least some of us will have four day holiday holid weekend as we get into tuesday.y i'll leave it there.ll l all right,ea guys. where shall i go.l i >> i'll go to wisdom.ism hands up, >> thank you very much tucker ae the prompter went to black butut it's's okay. we'll figure this out.ut. 2016 mark the 20th anniversaryea of breaking barriers in sports t in life it's an educationalcaon program founded by sharonn robinson the daughter of legendary hall of famer jackieki robinson.robinson. now this initiative is designedd to teach young students aboutbo the obstacles that jack couldn't robinson faced as he broke baseball's color barrier. sharon is the author of the hero two doors down much she's in s n town to visit the washingtonashn nationals youth baseballutbal academy. she's life with us this morningt in the loft to tell us more about the work she is doi tng.hg good morning to you. >> good morning. goo >> it is an honor to be here ane talk with you
9:35 am
>> appreciate i love your name.y >> thank you very much. i can't take credit.n't ta it's my dad's name. they got it out of the bibleof b because it was his name.e it w i just happened to be fortunatea enough to be born.enough to >> i love it.>> >> thank you again for coming fc in. in. let's talk about the program. >> yes. >> >> this is 20th anniversary o ys this program. proam. tell us all about it.out >> it's actually a program wherw kids learn about barriers orr obstacles in general.. then they have to apply it to it their own life. l we give them values i associatea with my dad's success on and off the field strategies to overcome their barriers. ultimately they write and essays and we get 16 to 18,000 essays from kids all over the country and select this year 20 nationaa winners to honor our 20th anniversary. >> that is mazing. >> they go to the world series. they go to the all star game and then they're also honored thatrh their local marks.arks. >> right. do you find that a lot of peoplo in this day and age even thought we have access to all this information, do you find a lotfd of young people don't know abouo the struggles that jackie robinson other than the obviouso he broke the color barrier but they don't know the kind of t things he went through?
9:36 am
>> until foss 42 came out thatsc was true. but i think foss 42 --s 42 -- >> open up the minds.pen up >> to at least eight and a 10-year-olds.s. we'll have new kids coming upg u they have to be taught theght story. >> you have to educate >> you have to educate them.te >> talk about the book. >> speaking of educating themngm this is based on true story my father moved in and mother andnd older brother moved on to t tillman avenue in 1948. 1948. >> okay.ka >> and steve sat low who tells l the story that was his baseballl hero. here he is brooklyn 1948 jewishs neighborhood and i grew up with this tibbit of the story my m father actually gave steve ave a christmas tree their theirs thes christmas not understanding thas jews didn't celebrate christmas. so from that, i interviewedervid steve and really got the full story.stor >> right.. >> it's a little boy's hero moves two doors down. >> did anything that you talkede to steve about did it shock youu >> yes. the time he told me he push hish second grade teacher over the hedge because he didn't want hea to visit his hou that was shocking. >> wow! okay.y.
9:37 am
that is shocking.ats sh >> he was shocked himself when it actually happened.appened. >> right, right. rig, >> let's talk about your visit to the nationals youth academy.. >> yes, very excited about thata major league baseball has aas youth thrust and we have and wae number of programs for young yng players and our youth academiese are jewels in communitiesmuniti because they do provide placesla for kids to go after school anda not only learn baseball skills but they also do homework and build up their academic so that they're ready both as baseballl players and also they can go ono to col. >> right. well rounded.we >> well rounded. that's what we want. w we also bring in the characterer ed piece which is the breakingtb barriers program.gram we really feel that, you know,no my dad wouldn't have been successful without a strong a character and we want kids toso understand that that's as a important as talent.alent >> right.>> r tuck about the documentaryocumey because we talk about '42 thehe but there's a documentary new nw documentary that's coming out it will be on pbs ken burns. burns talk about that.t. my
9:38 am
hours works segments will beegme april 11th and 12th. >> >> and you see it's birth to death.h so people many people understanr my father's baseball career butb don't know what he did postt he you good tote see him both inoti civil rights and politics.its >> he was huge in civil rights.t >> he was. he was. and in family so you really seey the full man and his life andife even though he died young heounh died at 53, he had a very veryey compelling life. life. that's what i feel people willil get from this amazing ken burns special.ecial. there's some like there's somere things in there you'll beer surprised about.rpri >> for example -- you have toouo give little bit.ittle . there's a myth in baseballal that's been around forever.or and we've questioned it variousr people questioned it but kenut burns really gets to the heart h of it and shows it didn't happ happen. >> really? >> yeah. >> you don't want to share whato it is. >> s> i cannot tell you. >> that's a nice teaser.ea you shall get news writer thatit was a good tease.a tease. now we have to watch the entiree documentary.nt
9:39 am
>> how can people get access to the book. boo >> all sources.ources we're all book stores. i'm visiting two schools here on friday.ay. >> okay.>> o two schools.o s. yes, i was in alexandriaia yesterday. at one page bookstore i think one page over or something likei that.. any way two school visits a a contest we want to talk about as well.we. >> yes. actually the essays are due, um, march 15th and so, you know, k people can -- it's reallyeally exciting and, you know, even if if you're not winner you're ae a winner any way by writing the essay you get g to know kno something about yourself andel d pride in something that you'vetv overcome obstacle in your life.l >> there's the information righi there on younfr screen. scree thank you so much for coming in and sharing your story andtory spenting time with us thisth uss morning. >> my pleasure. >> we're all better people foree what the robinson family did for baseball and in thank you so much.ank you so mu. >> it is an honor for me to bero here talking to you thishi morning. mo >> thanks.>>nks. >> sharon i
9:40 am
question for you. y we know so much bow your dadr through movies like 42 and baseball history but there's the another book testing the icehe e that talks about him as a non swimmer who test the ice to make sure it was save for you to gooo what don't we know about your at dad as a family man as dad? >> he agonized over the becauseu of his lifestyle and so when he came out of baseball, he had non done well with his oldest son.. he a ranged for to spend time with my brother david and i so for example i started going tont new york city with him to chocko full of nuts and father/daughter day. long before bring your daughterh to work days. day so he really tried to change that pattern in parenting and wd were lucky that he retired whenw we were so young so we reallyea new him as a dad. >> what's the greatest lesson hh taught you personally?? >> the greatest lesson he taughh me is that you have to stay in the struggle, and he taught --
9:41 am
he came home -- 1963 just met dr. king, and said that i hopee you'll find work that you loveoe and family and god must remain,m you know, at the top, but we as a family were going to have a gt many physical so it really led us into when mm dad died my mother started thehe jackie robinson foundation minem brother are on the board ande b have been involved for 40 someom odd my work with major league lgu baseball is very much a part ofo a mission driven life, and evene my writing and so i think thatna was my dad really did teach us because i see it lived out overr the years.ears >> it's a legacy that endurestus and we're so proud that you'rehy here and grateful.rateful. thank you.> thank you >> we have you as a living y testimony of your dad's greatdar work.w i appreciate that. >> all right. still ahead, in the>> fox beat,f you don't have valentine's's squeeze we're getting a lessongo how to be single. sgl that's coming up next.ex time now 9:41. ♪
9:42 am
9:43 am
9:44 am
♪ >> what are you really doingll d online? i mean you're prettytty girl. this is new york there's like a billion people po outside that door. doo >> how many eligible people? p? okay. okay there are 8 million people in pl this city. sounds like a lot.. right? half of them are women w and hard as i tried in college,l i don't swing that way. so 4 million
9:45 am
have age limits let's say over r 20. >> keep it l >> under 40. 40. >> keep it sexy. >> now it's a million. is a >> right. we're talking about a million guys.guys >> but half of them are marriedd 10% are gay. i want someone college educated. not too ugly. so. >> there's your boyfriend. >> i wish.. got to be taller than me. and got to want kids. k so yeah, i'm on 10 different0 de dating web sites to increase my odds.ds >> these are the women?? >> um-hmm. >> i was upset they just wastedt all that food. >> that's andrew holme and allison brie.son she's engaged to james franco's' brother in real life.l dave franco.daveranco. we talk about her relationshipas with him. h also andrew holme also was ino n top five, workaholics we talke about when you shoot an intimati seen a sex scene in m
9:46 am
better to do it in a dramaticati film or in a comedic film lesss awkwardness but also when youlsh make movie about relationshipsis does it change the way youchge t perceive your open your relationships. we talk about her relationshipte with dave franco and how thisanw may be affected that change at all. check this out. >> when you have an intimate inm sequence in film and it's donesd in comedic set like, this film was set comedic way.ic is it awkward shooting intimatet moments in movies whatsoever better when it's on comedy set?? >> yeah, i guess -- well --el >> it's the same.>> it' >> let me wouldn't let me on me drama set. >> yes, they would. >> i don't know.>> yeah.yeah to me it's kind of the same. >> it is kind of the same. >> ' caw it's awkward but youwkt also are trying to so hard to to make it fun and >> in the moment you're in youru character and then if you're a a normal person between takes betn people are kind of checking in n and kind of being like are weere good you're breaking the ice.ake you know what i mean? i feel like there's usually you want tn be like let's not have tension.i is everyone uncomfortable.omrtab you're in yo
9:47 am
not totally thinking about it.. >> between takes we'll go underg the covers and hang out. o >> i thought you were going to say -- then when there's act i t pop out. hey, i'm black there are thing in this film that relate too everybody's reels lives when you walk away from it did you change the way you look atyou a relationships and the way your y lives are? does it affect us at that way?that >> i don't know. i mean it definitely made me appreciate the relationship i'mo in and that my like single dayse were super fun even appreciatede my single time. it made me appreciate i had tha time and that it was great. g and that it was also sort ofoor dark and i'm glad that it's oveo and now i'm really appreciativec of my relationship.ns i do think it's a cool thingoo about this movie.out th it's very funny. verfun but do you get to see all of these different perspectives onc being single and all of these oe different people trying toen figure out what they want and wh who they are and that it's muceh more about self fulfillment that it is about fining love specif specifically. >> the two stars of the movie s rebel wilson and dacta johnson h also lesley man is in the filmhf as well it's interesting ier perspective. it makes you think about singl
9:48 am
life versus having asus relationship with somebody and i think obviously yously myusousl perspective i love being in an a relationship and she says thes e single times make you appreciate that. if that's the discussion -- >> an degree howl many the onlyl dude in the movie. >> nicholas braun.un jake lesley. he dated lesley man's charactera whose pregnant in the movie. >> remember he's not just thattt into you.ou >> remember all the differentl e relationship that were having.av >> i loved that movie as well. w this is very differenty perspective on differentrsive relationships. >> how to be se >> did you ever see that moviee when you were in a relationshipr >> not that into you.le.e yowere >> i saw that when i was sip i w gel. yeah. now i'm in relationship.iohi i'm engaged. >> people look at youk a y differently sometimes based onye so of the things in the movietie >> if i go to this movie with mh wife is there going to be dramae i'm not going to be pleasant plt with. >> it's an a writted there's sexual material in it at >> i'm good with that. >> personally, i think dead pooa is your choice this weekend
9:49 am
>> i'm not going to take my wiff to see dead pool.d >> nothing says relationships and like valentine's day like'sk dead pool. >> you'll talk valentine's movie tomorrow. >> my fiance' will be on thece show tomorrow. >> that's fun. thanks a lot.anks lot. >> it's time for very specialer give a. special because it's fun for tht whole family and also because bc you can only e on our facebook page and our world of disney's greatest animated treasures inrs one magical place. p you could win four tickets onts disney on ice treasure trophy live at the verizon center onen your choice of dates februar february 13 -- 14 or 15 this15 year. go to fox5 d.c. enter for aor chance to win you can enter onct per hour from now until 11:59 tonight.night one winner will be selected byed random drawing on februar february 12th 2016 which is6 whc see the complete rules ates a d.c.. i said earlier this was like kevin the toons kevin questionst if he asked buzz light year ifha you ever going to be show with a little her may and other what im would it bay
9:50 am
>> there you go.ou >> now you can go see it. >> it's 9:49 coming up and out a of this world discovery litera literally right here in d.c.y ri why did it take so long to findn what is this this new treasureas unearthed at the air and spacedt museum. mu 40 years in the i we'll find out next. it's about time the taco...came out of its shell. unleash the power of dough. give it a pop.
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>> welcome back.>> smithsonian sharing details fro the moon landing that hasn'tt been seen for more than 40oreha years. >> it's fascinating when youatin think about it really.out it media will get a chance to viewe these details in a few moments n and eventually everybody willbol get to see bob barnard front and center right now honestly bobtly every time i look at that how dd people even sit in that capsule to begin with and apparentlyaren they had time on their handsirds when they were in there to makee some notes. not >> reporter: that's right.t's rt for the first time people willei be able to see some of the pencil writings inside columbia. this is the app local 11 commana module a top the rocket when iti blasted off from florida. f it orbit the the moon during thi mission the lapping on the moono michael collins the trees naught who stayed aboard this the whole time wrote some engineeringngine instructions that weret ere di
9:54 am
was for the first time tim discovered in the last couple of weeks as they've been doing 3dd imaging which will eventually bb available like on one of these e virtual reality head sets youses put your smart phone into one oe these head sets you get these things for like $10 cardboard ca version where you can get 3det d imaging inside and take a look o many this is some of the raw ofr data they're still puttingti together. it won't be until june thatne ta you'll be able to see this stufu at home but this is some of thet first ever 3d imaging of the t command modally? columbia.umbi the guys here have done the work said it's probably one of thehe most documented artifacts now in any museum anywhere and it can show you the outside eventuallyl you see inside, and it's basically a first of its kind kn look because they really don'tyn let anybody inside this commanda modally? but they have allowed through like the remote control arm as you see here cameras inside for the first time andnd discovered things that have beeb in here and on display all these years at the museum they neveryv
9:55 am
at. it's now available and hear morm about what you'll be able to see from home is dr. alan nadelad curator of science and spacendpe history here at the museum. >> there are end less les possibilities of what we can dow with the data we're collectingcn and the model we're building.ld we will in our exhibitions have flat touch screen displays where you will be able to do some exploration from home. every possibility developing a system for doing these virtualal reality views where you'll be yb able to put on the goggles andnd feel like you're sitting in the commander's all of those developments are ii the future.ur. but search part is to once and for all collect this data so weo don't have to go in there againa and all of the research andrc ad interest that is people have can be answered without any danger to the object
9:56 am
>> reporter: so it is a fascinating look at thiss artifact which was plucked froms the pacific ocean put onn aircraft carrier and has been he here at the smithsonian for years.yes they're redoing the exhibitdoin space and so while this was kinn of out of its exhibit, out of its shell she they decided let's take a closer look like we nevev have before, guys, it will bet available here at the museumt su online later this year.his yea 3d imaging and also virtual reality version of the apollo 11 space capsule, guys. guy fascinating stuff.tuff >> very cool.>>ery >> super cool. >> wow! >> thanks bob.>> >> amazing things like historylo that you can still find >> still learn.>> >> learn from it years even y ee decades listen a lot coming up onotn the 10a today. today we have a packed show.ho we got music entertainment forme you you've her of the big head and the monsters the band. b todd morris lead singer of thef band with us performing for usrm on the 10a today. today >> looking forward to that.orwat we've also got a justin beiber g gq interview that wisdom cannot wait to learn more about.orbout >> what you really can't wait w for our ce
9:57 am
david rutledge doing red carpetr looks there's models back theret i hear look amazing.mazi don't miss it.t miss i good day 10 a coming up right rt after this break. ♪
9:58 am
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ok, we're going to need a napkin gooey, flaky, happy. toaster strudel.
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>> read hot good day at 10a wild warm you up. lights, camera do that runway walk. does he oprah's makeup and livel in the lot of derrick rutledgele has a red carpet fashion showhis you don't want to miss.. >> in celebrity ditch kanye drops another bombshell. new title for ryan reynolds andd the biebs cupped turned cover >> the lead singer of big headia and the monsters is here liveli and yes, he will perform. perfom
10:01 am
the 108 starts now.. ♪ i feel like we have to show something. >> what's that?>> >> because we have our own red r carpet over here.rpet o >> i was just looking at >> really hard to roll out forrr us right now. >> at least -- it leaves a lve little to be what will come down this redhisd carpet you are not going to want to miss. to m because we have got red carpet e looks derek rutledge you knowu k him oprah some of the big namesn he does everybody.rybody he's here he's going to bes goie giving us looks you will notlooo want to miss. you actually want to copy toco o look your valentine's day or any other d day.y. >> he's not going to critique ci our carpet.arpet >> the focus will be on thele makeup and dresses. dsses what you need to wear headed h into the weekend thick glass ita will be really cold.yol we'll talk a lot more aboutore o what's coming our way weatheray wise. wi >> if you just bought a new a outer wear for the blizzard bli you'll get a chance to wear it again.n. >> that's right.>> >> positivity there. >> thanks for staying with us. first, though we do
10:02 am
address the news of the day. d story so disturbing it's beent's trending throughout the he rooe he region. r we're talking about thataboutt disturbing child pornographyornp investigation in prince george'r county involving elementaryary students.students. this morning the principal ofhep sylvania woods elementary schooo is on paid leave and a lawsuit u has now been filed against hersh and the school board as well ass the suspect 22-year-old dionneio thai carraway.rawa police say he made dozens of upon graphic videos featuring 11 children, melanie alnwick haslns been following this story allwi week and joins us now fngrom thm county board of education.cati i guess that 11 at least melanil that's what we know as of now, right? >> reporter: right. rht so we know that there are have been 11 confirmed victims. we believe that there have beenn at least 18 interviewed.. but in the lawsuit filed f yesterday lawyers claim there could be at many as 30 and i can tell that you police sources ieu spoke with said they do believee that this is going to get even n wider.wi now, the recordings that we knok of allegedly began in the
10:03 am
beginning of 2015 early 2015 bub we also know that deonte carraway i was a paid employeemp of sylvania woods elementarylent school in the 2014-2015 school year.year. so certainly there will be some questions as to when this activity actually began and how wide indeed is it? we know it'' not just the school but also during his interactions withit children as his director of the glenn arden youth choir. c not affiliated with the city. but it is a choir that he h started, that he began, and also apparently some of this actionn took place also at the swim center. so there's a lot more questionso as to just how deep his involvement in this is and thene how many kids he had contact with. >> so many questions out there t nel melanie much it's disturb ab well
10:04 am
angles. the public will get a chance toa talk about this tonight. tight will this be with the schoolhe s officials are already been namen in this lawsuit or with otherthr people? >> reporter: it's going to beo b school officials. but as to whether dr. kevin dr.k maxwell is going to be there i'e not sure.not su this was announced before theeft lawsuit and we know yesterdayes during the press conference conc there were a lot of questionsio asked and then the answers were somewhat vague because they sais they couldn't get too far into i the details of the investigation.inve so it will being to see just hoo far school official which is goi in giving information to parento tonightrm. i'm sure there are going to be lot of pointed questions because the biggest point of outrage oua that we've heard from the community is wanting to know t k what exactly did the school know and when.dhen. that's what we were hearing anda also contained in the lawsuit. w they were talking about that apparently carraway's interactions with some of these
10:05 am
it was well-known among studentt at the school.. it also claims that there were concerns that brought up tobroup school administration but thoseo were dismissed because theecause principal, michelle williams,e w said there was quote no proof of those allegations, and so iionsi think a lot of that is going toi come out as well. as that perhaps is why williams was put on that paid leave yesterday. school officials said it was ass a precaution during the investigation, but you can be b sure they'll be going backoing talking to people looking atki school records and i'm sure thaa tonight we'll hear a lot of that from the community about why why wasn't something noticed or donn >> you'll hear from theou'l community.mmunity. you hope there will be answerses for parents and not a responseso of we can't talk about thista as because of legal reasons rightng now because that will infuriater parents even more. >> ever how far the schoolow fao officials can or can't go itan'o won't be enough for those for parents. >> it's just not.>> >> it's so disturbing on so m io different levels.ffer they dropped the ball. this actually hammed in themed n school on more than one occasion and nobody noticed anything, and
10:06 am
word on the street in the school --sc- >> that it was >> amongs the children they kne this was going on. was it's disturbing on so many on levels. >> how did the principal or the anyone in a level of authorityty catches winds of something likel this happening you say there's e some proof.meroof isn't your job to protect theroe kids first and for most? >> yes. >> would you rather not air on the side of caution and letnd something like this happenkes h you've damaged these children t for the rest of their lives. liv >> and god knows what else hase happened as a result of this tht chain reaction.n. it sickens me to the core.ore. it's just so i do hope these parents get somt answers and moreover i hope they find piece and healing becausene this is going to reverberate fof so much longer than this storyhs beyond the headlines.eain >> this is just what happened i the school. remember he was also associateda with a choir.with a choir. there could be many more layersa to this story after all of thist it gets worse and worse.orse >> awful.>> fall. okay. let's move on and talk about the other big story this we're talking about arctic chill last hour tucker compared therom d.c. region to the iceland fromf star wars and he's not far offff re
10:07 am
we have been below freezing all it's going to get w for details tucker is back witht a first check on the forecast. c hey, tuck.y, t >> maureen, sunny and bright.bri let's take that.le >> it looks beautiful.oks beautl >> glass is half full.l. >> yup. >> y you're right -- absolutelybsol right. cold temperatures not only thiso weekend but today.ekeny. our daytime highs today onlyaynl about 30 degrees.0 deee so i feel like we've beenveee focused on the weekend. let's focus on today as our winn chills are still hanging out ino the teens, and even some singlel digits north and west.orth a wes 24 now in washington. leonardtown 27. 2 it's 10:00 o'clock in the00lo morning and we're not evene no e getting close to that freezinghn mark yet. 25 in fredericksburg thissbur morning and you can see teens, 19 gaithersburg, martinsburg,nsg hagerstown and you mick in thekn winds out of the north and westw west northwest at about 10 to 15, and that's what we're w w dealing with outside. so obviously take the cold teed zero yes yously feels likels lik 10 degrees in washington. in three in hagerstown.e in hag seven in winchester.. just a quick reminder pleaser pe don't leave your pets outdoors o for the door as this cold isol i serious for all of us here. h believe it or not it only getsng colder from here
10:08 am
our daytime high today about 30. clouds out there at the momentom part toll mostly sunny afternoor should be a dry day and i'llnd l come back at the rental of thehf though and show you the seven s day but we still have very veryv cold weekend. wke make sure you're ready toeao snuggle with your valentine. vai all right. al 30 today guys.ods. i'll toss it back upstairs toirs you. you. kevin is over there.n is oveth i'll go snuggle with him right t now. >> thank you tucker. >> 10:08. it's time to check and seee heck what's trending. first up, the cost of makingakin your true love happy on hap on valentine's day just keepsusps getting more and more expensive. the national retail federation says about 55% of the americansa will celebrate and on averageve they will spend nearly $150 majority of that money being spent on flowers, jewelry and candy. nearly a quarter of valentine'se day spending will go towards experience -- expensive gifts- p like romantic dinner, or tickett to the movies or concert. other events. >> actually think experiencedere gifts are sometimes better thana just an actual gift.t
10:09 am
together. y it doesn't have to be expensive eensi experience just an experience. >> flowers will die.l candy you eat. eat. >> i'm not into the flowerslo because they'll die. d why waste a bunch of money on mo flowers. >> there's nice to look at. n >> for a day and a half.ic a daa >> oh my goodness.dnes >> i'm just saying.'m j >> put powder in it it lasts a a week.. >> wisdom would prefer you getr him a nice >> or corvette would be nice. >> poo-poo and expensive andsi d things a throws out. >> magic experience. >> if you think you can get awaa with not getting a gift for youu letter very v day think again. 53% of women would break up witt their significant other if theyt did not receive a gift.. about 90% of people plan toplant actually buy a gift for their fe honey.honey 24% of singles buy themselves a present for valentine's day. no and believe it or not 45% did not plan to celebraterate valentine's this year.sea >> do you realize pow big 53% 5% is? that's the majority off women saying they would dumpinep their guy if they didn't get ai gift. >>
10:10 am
>> which tells me as i said earlier there's problems inems n everybody's relationship theseie days if that's the tipping t point. >> i don't know what it is more yooblems if you don't get awh gift. gift. >> if you're single are youu' buying yourself a valreentine'se day gift that's a little odd. >> compared to other singlethern people. >> you can go to -- >> it's a great deal.. >> finally if you don't call doc your significant other valentinn what do you call them wordsyou t honey, boo, love muffin -- >> nope.. >> love muffin g sugar lump. >> all terms and endearment.ndrm >> i hate when people call mel m baby.. lover is just too much.uc >> i had a college roommate useu to call his girlfriend lover aoa thousand times a day.ousa >> i hate that. >> is there a science behindce n pets names. nes according to studies nicknames can be a good thing for relationship if both partners pn are into it and it looks like nk matter what language you speak s pet names are used. the
10:11 am
or cream push.ush. research pets name are important when conflict arises and indicates marital satisfaction,s honey muffin.uf >> i'm in huge trouble.'m i don't call my wife a iny pet p names. >> what do you call her.t do y >> i call her by her name.r by >> all the time.>> a >> all the time. >> there's one time where iime don't call her by name. >> when is that? t >> when i'm in the at home.he ae >> oh, my gosh. g >> what do you call her? >> you're so we're.e' >> just go on.ust go let's go on.les go >> we'll find out in the break.k >> you guys missed that. >> i'm ink tension alley try tot miss it. >> still ahead at 10:00, he doee open prann the first lady's ly' makeup and live in the loft thel derek rutledge is workingor overtime right now to bring a red carpet fashion delight for >> yes, first though justinugh j strikes a pose with clothes on. kanye has another announcement and no dad bod for ryan reynol reynolds. not even a little bit. a ltle 10:11 is your time. tim
10:12 am
the break.
10:13 am
10:14 am
with havertys furniture, your even when life isn't. our presidents day sale is happening now. from classic to contemporary, havertys. ♪ you know what else will makm you strongerak? >> good day celebrity dish.h you'll be informed and first upr this thursday edition off celebrity dish the music you muc heard
10:15 am
west he's set to premier his prr long awaited new album atum at madison square garden the album debut will happen tame his fashion line dee abuse.bu the performance will featurel fu west doing his album in its entirety yesterday west tweetedt this photo of the final trackink list for his new album whichlb w according to this tweet seems ts be titled the life of pablo.ab as in -- okay. wisdom, guess what. w >> what? this one is for you. y >> i'm all ears.llar >> justin beiber is featured one the cover of the march issue of gq magazine.e. >> what?>>? >> sorry singer got not one but two covers. >> wawa? during the interview i he explained that sorry is noths really an apology for anything.g it's just another song about aot girl. he also opened up about hisut relationship with haley baldwin saying she is someone he really >> which cover do y
10:16 am
better. >> i like this one >> actually i like the secondhen one i think. >> let me see the on the one.e can't go back.n't goac >> they're really close up i mean.mean. >> keep going. neither one of them haleyon nor justin have confirmed thated they're an exclusive couple.ou >> this is the first cover. the i like the other one. o >> what is that green.hat >> i like the second one.e e se >> that's good one.s good one that looks classy.ksla >> you like it wisdom? oh myy gosh. feel his forehead.ehea >> he liked it because he's clothed. >> i think kevin mccarthy hasev that suit.inat s >> he probable still.e probable. he definitely has that listen. li that's not all in justin beiber news. lucky for you --ou -- >> what? >> two for. vanity fairy lease adddd collection of 29 celebritiesriti recitinreciting the lyrics of hf number one hit single sorry andd the result was magic.. take look.. >> go and get angry in all my honesty you know i try but i trb don't do too well with apolog apologies. >> i hope i don't run out of time. coul d someone call a referee ref because i just need one more shot. a
10:17 am
>> i know, you know, that i madm those mistakes maybe once. o or twice. >> and by once or twice iwice i mean -- >> maybe a couple hundred times. >> so let me, oh, let me redeem, oh, myself tonight.. >> because i just need.tee >> one more shot.or s >> second chances. >> yeah. >> is it too late now to say sorry? because i'm missing more than just your body. by >> is it too late now to say sorry? sorr >> yeah, i know, i know, i knoww >> oh, i let you down.ou d >> is it too late? >> to say sorry now.. >> i'm sorry. sor >> did 29 of the 29 see the9 set words ahead of time. tim >> i know. the list of celebrities is veryv impressive.pres >> it's pretty entertaining you jon hamm there.he john legend. len many, many more. me. make it stop.p. >> that look like how we read we the news (laughter).. >> like we've never seen itev before. >> every morning
10:18 am
>> there you go. y g >> never too late for to us says sorry. >> you ain't lying. >> sorry. >> all right.>>ll r look, people magazine sexiestexe dad alive. ryan reynolds, he's all excitedt over his growing family with hih wife blake lively during hising people magazine interview. intew during the interview he talkedd about how he secret hoped foropd girl when blake became pregnantn he says having his daughterte james has been a dream come true. >> that is one handsome couple.. >> yeah. >> y >> i will say.>> i w >> between the two of them. >> yes, ma'am. m >> you just leave it up.. >> okay. moving on. from the sexiest dad alive this is to donald trump. >> way to level it out. >> buzz kill.z kil gop presidential front runner is also a ripe source of material a for comedians funny or die doned a mock online documentary on trump starring johnny depp. the piece is tiled funny or diei presents donald trump the art of the deal the movie.ov it is an attempt to show what ia would have been like if trump
10:19 am
had written directed and editedi movie version of his 1987 best selling advice book.. >> interesting. >> i think they need an awarda a for makeup.r meu the fact they made johnny depp look like trump is a transformation.anor >> it's huge.>> it'ge >> huge. >> all right. well look finally harry potter p fans the wait is almost up. jk rollings releasing her eighte book this summer called harry hr potter and the cursed child parp one and two.ndwo. one and two.andwo. >> here's a look at the book th story follows potter's adultdu life as an over worked employeee of the ministry of magic and the father of three children. cld it will be released on jul july 3 it will come in principle copiep and on amazon and i tunes asunes digital download.tadown the first seven books of theks o series have sold more than 400 million copies worldwide inn 79 languages.. >> which answers my question why do we have more harry potter poe books because they're sellingus like that. t >> ya'll watch harry potter. p
10:20 am
>> which one did he get married? >> this is something --- >> it's way ahead.>> i >> yeah.>> y >> okay. >> like way ahead. >> ryan reynolds fatherlyrly haircut. >> i thought i missed somethingi i thought i seen most of thet t harry i'm good. >> we're glad.>> w >> we'll talk about justinabt j beiber. you carry on. >> it is right to you 10:20. yo0 coming up later valentine'sti gifts for everybody.ry not just your main squeeze.ze. >> indeed. first not just the nfl, wwe star hanging up his because of head injuries. we'll have details next. next.
10:21 am
10:22 am
10:23 am
♪ >> little eye of the tiger.he tr big news out of the world of ofo wrestling former wwe world hea heavyweight champ and and danien brian is throwing in the towel.l he announced on monday he ise done retired from the sport. why? well according to him it's because of brain damage causedsd by multiple concussions.cussion. he hasn't been around that longl he's only 34.4. he says he suffers seizuresres caused by too many headan injuries. he said he hit his struggle wite the seizures to keep wrestlingrt but medical scam found a small l lesion in his brain. bra he has been a wrestler since 181 16 years now. he said he had at least 10 10 concussions.ons. he kept on going. g. >> so sad.o sad >> to stay in the sport.
10:24 am
entertainment. they call it entertainment butib it's brutal because those chairr shots and some of the acrobaticc they do that's serious stuff.. >> yeah. >> they're still getting hit.. >> so yeah, that's a tough business.busi >> all right. during the oscar instead ofnste hearing i want to thank my manager, my first grade teacherh my parents, oscar winners willnl have their list of thank you scrolling on the screen during n their september tans speech. tap nominees will be able to filll e out a card with names of thenamt people they want to thankha producers hope that it will leal to better speeches and keep kee stars from being cut off by thee music. >> not only that but they said lot of times the controversyonty comes up because they didn'tyid thank certain people. peoe. >> right.ig >> or the nerves kick in and you forget somebody. at least they'll have chancell ahead of time to write down everybody. >> i don't feel how i feel abouo that. >> it's going to go really fasts in 45 seconds.econ >> something about saying it att that moment. >> i agree. >> i don't know. i >> i don't think people are thi still going to not thank peopleo >> i agree. >> you have 45 seconds to
10:25 am
>> get the top two and keep moving. >> what if they roll the wrongye person's thank you. you >> oh, my gosh.>> oh, my go >> still ahead on if day, celebrity make up artist derek rutledge man does he have ahe he treat for us today.r us today >> yes, does he. h >> red hot red carpet looks anda how to get them. the fashion show comin coming up ri next after the break.reak stay with us. ♪
10:26 am
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♪ all right.ig it is red carpet season. seaso sag awards, peoples choicee awa critics choice awardsiceward all behind us but we have the he grammys coming up, we also haveh the oscars coming up.. so let's talk red carpet fashiot and of course makeup and there's no one better to do than make uk artist to some of the most of ts famous faces hollywood celebrity and of himself derek rutledge. it's go he goa to see you. s y
10:29 am
thank you all for having me bacm again. >> you look amazing >> i aazppreciate that. this is one of my looks i was -s i'm up for couple awards andwara plus i'm going to be also doingo the red carpet for some of the e events. i wanted to be able to showcases men want to look good on the ree carpet as well. >> as far as wearing a look likl this. >> y you also have a littleo al sparkle in here. h >> oh, yeah.>> o just a little something to thror together. >> a little something somethingi >> let's start our fashion showw so we can start talking aboutnga what's hot this season. >> yes.>> y. >> go. >> alexandra is our first modeld being he is cored by our wonderful host. wow.wo look at this.look this. >> that is so gorgeous.o gorgeo. not everyone can pull this off.f >> not everyone can pull thisl i off and this is florals are verv hot for the spring. sprin >> really. really. >> especially for the red carpeo especially missend drove and you can wear it and they have gowns also connect midriff and the ane skirt. just for those who don't reallyl want to showcase midriff. mriff >> what about this coor
10:30 am
this the trend we're looking at more pastel. pastel. >> more pastels.>> m because we're talking about thet spring and everything and thenia it's also most red carpets areas on the west coast and in california so we're talkingal about being warm on the redm onr carpet. and then a lot of the women in hollywood they like to showcases their beautiful bodies. b >> of course.>> of cour >> of course they of >> they work hard at it and werh love they do >> can we talk really quicklyeay about her hair and makeup realel quick. i love >> hair nicely tousled hair h pulled up. up not overly done but little bit hanging down makeup soft and and secure, very but yet a nice popping lip andna fresh skin. >> it goes well with her lip h l like those... >> yes. you look gorgeous. >> next model. m >> oh yeah.>> o >> we're not talking about youai tucker.. >> talk about this beautifulif lady on your arm right here.ighh this looks amazing.. >> look at tucker. that's right. rig. >> okay.
10:31 am
beautiful black gown here and oo this gown, can you turn aroundnn for >> see the back.>> see the bac >> this is where the interesthei comes in. >> are you kidding me.ding >> give me a nice pose from them back. yes. a lot of times when the women,h, you know, come on the red carpet you only see them turn and showo their face.r fac this is one of those skithoseki dresses it showcases the beautiful body but you see the beautiful body and the accessories on the back. back >> her makeup -- sorry, goo ahead. ah >> you go on and tell me. aell m >> her makeup is more dramatic. i love the red lips.s. >> the red lip is very popularyr right now. n and because she has all the allt black on, what better to pair ir up than a red lip. l >> i love it.t. >> i love it g teach me how togt do that look.halook >> of course. >> that looks so good.s so goo put it on my instagram page.. >> give us a hint of that back t and forth.and fort >> stop the music.tothe >> look how beautiful that back is. is >> you look good. lk go >> bling is in. i >> bling is very much in.h on the dress and as far ass r accessories as
10:32 am
one ring is good. same thing with alex sandra. one ring.onin make sure it makes a nice bigig statement.stat and then a nice piece of jewelry on the wrist. w >> go big or go home.big or g our next look. lk >> look at mr. wisdom martinn escorting bombshell.omhe >> look at him.t h look at him. >> take a selfie. s >> give me a sel >> why are you still in the the moment.. >> ya'll keep talking. >> you're taking up my time he here.. >> keep talking.eep >> he's moved on to the nextt thing.g. >> wait, wait. w give you a little shoulder. >> you have >> times up.>> tim >> next model here is chelsea. a what i wanted to show you red is also very hot on the red carpete and the fact that even with thet red lip -- i mean red outfit yot don't want to give a red lip. rl nice neutral lip and leave the t interest in the eyes. e a nice, you know, if wear yourr hair down maybe pull it over to the side with a nice part on the side. side
10:33 am
me chelsea, yes. because what i wanted towhat wan showcase was that a lot of lot interest is in the outfit but yet also, okay, give us another turn, also, i wanted to be able too show you that is a full figurelg woman you can still look good o the runway.unway >> she's owning that outfit. own yes, she is.yes, i >> you point out green which isw right here on the red >> i wanted to show you all i yi wasn't able to get everybody ini all clothes but green is reallyl popular for the season. beautiful navy blue in case youe want to show, arc lot of timesfm women don't want to show theirwt arms you have this outfit hereer some cho cases you can hide youd arms. you also have gowns thatwns tt actually have a lot of drama at the bottom and flow. f and flow with the chiffon and ad this right here, this outfit is exquisite.qu >> i love thatis.. >> it's neutral beautiful foror the spring but yet it gives allv the interest in the gown. g these clothes can also, youou
10:34 am
taylor. >> very act six.ct >> very nice in helping me to pull clothes for our models ass well as the accessories.soes >> is there anything that's outo >> what do you not want to see t on the runway.on r >> or the red carpet this award. >> whatever looks good on yourrk body go with.o wit >> i hear you. i hear >> you can actually take vintage outfit.outf just as long as it looks good oo your body and you can wear itea well. well. >> i want to give you a chance to brag on yourself a little b bit. we know that you were up for y some awards.wa hollywood beauty award. >> hollywood beauty award.. >> tell us what you're nominate for. >> i'm nominated for a beautyut award in makeup as a trailblaz trailblazer, you know, makeupp industry. >> you are. you know what i've done. >> what dud. wha >> i actually have taken andaken couldn't figure out what i was s going to wear i bought extraa outfits.s. there you >> i wanted to make sure had outfits. >> i don't think you can go't wrong with any of those. t >> you look good. >> you have neverth disap ypoine us ever. e and so we are happy this mo
10:35 am
to be presenting our first ever good day d.c. award for the best, most creative effervescent makeup artist we have ever seene >> thank you. thank y i got my first -- first >> would you like to give your september tans speech. >> my first goodie. gdi my first goodie award. awa thank you very much. >> thank you very much.hank you all those people out there thate voted for o me. thank god.od. thank you, mommy. there you >> thank you all out there. ahe >> and holly and maureen.aure >> give out a shout out that o t does my clothes doing them for 25 years alan catrell. cre >> and holly and maureen. >> thank to you. tha >> i want to thank travolta and lore recent in a for helping mea with this. travolta did the hair.heai >> we're running out of the ti time. we'll scroll the rest at thehe e bottom. >> scroll the music.usic your speech is over.
10:36 am
>> he's saying my god we need to the goodie a we have to do this now. >> steve, we, where was our o thank you? >> we came out there and did our thing, too. steve. >> that's all right.t' >> i'm just saying. sayg. >> wisdom, i would still wouti possibly consider getting you valentine's gift any way even if we're not getting the love fromm die ladies right >> we're talking about pickingng valentine's day gifts.ay g they can give you a headache ife you don't know what you'retou doing. trust me. i know all about that first tha hasn't. straight ahead we have ideas foi you. you. because we're back after a shora break.. we're going to talk all aboutllo it. it >> i see gifts on the tabletab right now. up next. 10:36.
10:37 am
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♪ >> look we've been talking aboua what to get your significantigfi other for valentine's day all a week. what about some advice on whatcw you can get your best friend,en your roommate, or your mom? r joining us live in the loft nowt to talk about that with some s gift giving vice is curtis of life in the fashion lane. lane. >> what i'm so excited to be to >> we're excited.e're excit i see that right l let's start l on your side.on >> start right here. he >> what do we got. g >> this is a plastic wine knowno for amazing flavors and decadent blends they've come outome collection for valentine's day y called crush. csh $14 at your retailers. red fruit flavors and velvety smooth.smoo. if your looking for epicr ing valentine's da
10:40 am
your go to. >> we've got mochidocci.docc $15 for artisan delivered toiver your front door.ront make sure you get it now. n >> get it now. >> what is it? >> it's basically mocci a rice r paper gluten free. and then they stuff ice cream in these.thes >> i thought it was regular it r candy. >> no. it's not it's got ice cream i'sn it and d melts in your mouth and it's sos delicious for valentine's day.. >> i'm not familiar with that. a i need to broaden my horizons.oz >> you need to get it.oueed we've also got products fromrodf bath and body work.or they've got few collections icts love. lo >> japanese blossom. >> mad in love. paris am more collection ifollet you're looking to jet to paris.. that's cute. ce. we've got some stuff for the guys.. >> wait, wait, wait.. >> jc pennies. >> this is for the let's talk about the guys lady.l let's talk about this. >> this is collection from j.c..
10:41 am
look pretty good in it if i says so myself.f at all of your local jc penny'sn stores they've g it's beautiful whether you're wr looking for something sexy,ng sweet this val types day. day it's stunning right. r right behind it we've got -- got >> we can get back to the guys. >> now we can talk about thebo t guys.. >> michael strahan and really ra cute accessories. >> michael strahan has line noww >> exclusive to j.c. penney.ney >> what doesn't dough. >> he does you guys do everythin eg. he does everything. e >> he's getting paid. he's his valentine's day will be d awesome.esome >> like fly off on jet.n he'll probably have to work t w knowing him.inhim. he'll have to work four jobs. j >> cute stuff and affordable.. the second to last product --ro- >> let me ask you a questione as before we get to t we were covering the basis hereh because we said you can doe aid things for like everyone from f your sweetheart to your mom onom your roommate or your friend.en we cover the romance here and he friends stuff here. i'm guessing we can still ben sb >> this is practical both thesee thing.. these watches obviously by will he mew la base
10:42 am
get them at nordstrom's.trom super affordable. my best forty seven's birthday h is valentine's day i got her, h gabbie if you're watching theset one of these customizablele watches.watche >> it's birthday or valentine's. >> it's two for one saving monem and getting all of this stuffhiu online on their website. these socks are seven times are warmer than regular socks.arocks >> i like that.>> i like >> three times warmer than yourr average thermal socks and hugekh collect online of products that you can get for everybody, your parents, your grant parents, outer wear.r wear >> can you fine them in storesne too. >> i believe right now they'reoe they may be in stores but rightt now going online they alwaysheyy have sales and stuff that's probably a great >> you are -- we appreciate yout being here you're getting ready to head out of town you're goini to fashion >> i am right aft this. fax week. >> are you going to stop in andt see kanye and his line debutse b today. i might say hi. maybe some for free easy shoesyo it depends if he's a mood to md gift this season. >> t
10:43 am
your fashion blog you broughtg these here to telyol us out forr valentine's day.ay. fashion week like the super bowe of fashion. f. what's hot? do we have any tipp or any advances what we'll seets at fashion week this year?hisea >> i mean the number one ine always have specialsly for youno adults to be confident, loveonfe what you wear especially fashios week the street styleeet s photographers you see peopleyoue wearing the craziest outfitsestt that you'll ever imagine seeing and obviously those people are e pretty but that's definitely one tip that i have but i mean we'ren w seeing a lot of color of this ts wine that's cool color in right now. dark reds, maroons, really light but also awesome colors.ors. >> do the styles that arees thae revealed at fashion week becomee trending styles or is it mores r just like this is a week ofa wef show, like bring your a game the best do you do u ca >> the ladder. as much as i would love to say v the trends actually get i g policemenned they never reallyet do. i just go and kind of pick of p specific things that i like andd try and implement them for theht most part people just want to be seen and have pictures taken ofn themselves.. >> what's craziest thing you'vei seen at the fashion show.e shio
10:44 am
year all of the celebrities go. they sit front row and it is just basically barbies plasticlt barbie that is dress up and it's like the super bowl. it's just craziest stuff.criest nobody would wear that stuff inn real life because it's bizarre and you would get judged. >> what do they do with all that stuff. >> ion't know. >> auction it off later. >> auction it off.ucf. give it to lady gaga she'llhe'l probably pay thousands for thatr kind of clothing which is crazy. >> maureen and holly, i'm guessing that the valentine's ve gift here that you did not see s on the table you probably wouldd like did you check out alexis shoes. shoes. >> we saw them.>>e sa >> oh my gosh they're fromh the target. >> they're from target?ro tar >> yes this is actually byy camille -- >> best tip of the morning righe here.he >> these shoes are hot. >> thank gosh i got a pedicure.d $10 at target. tge >> very cute.>> ver >> you are the cutest thing ev ever. don't go anywhere i'm getting ai picture of those shoes. >> thank you so much.h. >> you're so sweet. >> 10:44. coming up from the super bowl tt good day lost we got the leadhel singer of big head t
10:45 am
with us and, yes, he's perfor performing live next.e we'll be right rigac ♪ hi dad uh huh, okay yeah..sorry about that. what do you think? hi ted, glad you could join us, we think you're going to like these numbers. ♪ bring me a higher love ♪ i could rise above
10:46 am
i lead the 11 o'clock news with stories of gun violence. and like many of you, my family lived through the beltway sniper crisis. in congress, i'll fight to expand background checks on guns and ammunition, ban assault weapons, and mandate gun safety locks, because too many kids die from accidental shootings. let's show the nra we're not afraid of them; as democrats, as americans, as parents. i'm kathleen matthews and i approve this message.
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10:48 am
>> how you doin' good day at at 10a.10 coming up on wendy alfred enocho stops by. b i've got you covered with allitl the juicy hot topics. >> wendy, thank you very much.ym you'll see wendy in 10 minutes.t right now if you listen liste carefully you'll recognize thatt voice. voice. our next guest the lead singerie of the platinum selling ban bigb head todd and the monsters inst town for a show tonight in d.c. not a bad gig. gig. little bit smaller than his lasl one, though. though. we're talking about the againga big head todd and monsters.onstr check this out. their performance this week at denver super bowl victory para parade. >> nice. >> a little bit smaller showr here in d.c. the band has beenee around since the mid '80's centennial state favorite headed lining the show tonight at 9:30 club. first they're joining us live i the loft and here to performor come on in my kitchen from the album 100 years of robert johnson, please welcome toddod moore from big head todd and the monsters. rs ♪
10:49 am
>> you better come on in mytecoe kitchen it's going to be raininn outdoors. >> ♪ the woman i love i took from my best friend, some jokere got lucky, stole her back againa you better come on in my kitch kitchen, it's going to
10:50 am
raining outdoors ♪ >> ♪ she's gone, she won't come back, taking her last nickel out a nation side, you better come e on in my kitchen, it's going tot be rainin raining outdoors. ♪ >> ♪ you don't like my peaches,h don't shake my trees, you don'tt like peaches, just let my let peaches you better come on in my kitch kitchen. it's going to be rainingai outdoors ♪ >> ♪ well,
10:51 am
that wind how long? ♪ >> well the woman's in trouble,, everyone brings her down, looking for a good friend, 91 can be found. found you better come on in my kitch kitchen. it's going to be raining outdoors ♪ (applause).laus. >> whoo!hoo >> whoo!! >> sounded great, man. gre man >> come on over, todd. td.
10:52 am
couch g to see you. >> wow!! >> thank you kindly all >> two things that i love. i l >> thank you guys. guys. >> how are you.ou >> yeah. >> i love sports and mew zig. to have jackie robinson'sson' daughter and hear the music ofuo robert johnson that's awesome.we you draw from a lot of that inhi music you go back to the roots of the blues and everything and else. >> i do.. big header blues club we do d blues tours in performing art centers every four or five ofi we did robert johnson tour previously and upcoming fallgal we're going to go a willie dixon tour. so -- >> it's so cool. >> we bring blues artists fromto chicago and so forth. >> why the blues for you?? >> um, i just fell in love withw it as a kid. >> it just happened to me. m i ended up doing project with john lee hooker and bb king.g. i've had an incredible careeree with blues musician even though i'm a rock person. >> you can say rock star.k s >> you can say rock star.ay >> you are.
10:53 am
mark you're a bonafide rocke >> i've seen these guys play ata 9:30 club a couple of time. cou. it's always a packed show.ked so a lot of energy as well.s wel it had to be if you playing theg super bowl parade.. congratulations to the broncos. >> how was that? that? >> i heard it was a lot of quicf travel back and forth. for >> it was terrifying an lot of f travel but we were so proud to o be involved and to be inn cluedc in that celebration.rati >> that was terrifying for youfo even though you've been in theyn game for awhile?ile? >> oh, yeah. >> why so? >> why is that?>> w >> well, i'm terrified every time i do something because itei could be your last thing or thet thing that gets you going intont the next level.el. you never know.. >> wow! .> i take it kind of seriously.y >> don't they say if you're note at least a little bit afraid afr you're not alive? ali >> that's right.s r that's right. >> danger in life. lif >> yeah, i like >> you didn't get to go to the t game, right? did you watch thee game. >> i did>> i did n of course i watch it.otrse tch we were in chicago at the time.m >> then you had to -- >> you said pack up. >> that's right. right >> i guess you literally youitey played the show and it was on to
10:54 am
the next gig.t gig. >> we had a gig in indianapolisn that night so we made it with an hour to t spare.e. >> so you guys actually came aca into town yesterday and finallyy had in the world of rock starr some rare down time.n t did you get a chance to do anything in d.c. yes. >> i slept all day. (laughter). >> sleeping is under rate.g unr >> we heard you -- we haveav luxury of seeing the behind thed scenes and hearing you warm up r and everything.everythin and you've been in this game fom so long.on how hard is it to preserve your voice and let it have longevity? >> um, i've gotten to be bettere at warming up and to do the things that singers are supposes to do to keep their voice goingg i've been lucky.uc. my vocal range has improve asro i've gotten older. so -- >> wow! that's >> i'm happy about that. hap >> you is he you've been aroundn for a long time.a long time. you started the band in high ing school. a bunch of high school friendsds getting together and playing. >> right.>> >> true story behind thestor nickname where did it come from. >> we were a blue ban when wee started and as a blues artist bt the name of
10:55 am
vincent that's where big head ba came from. f clean head. >> but i mean if you look at -- >> i wasn't going to accident at question steve.qu >> if you look at --kt >> it could have gone anywhere.. >> history typically have hav nicknames. >> right. >> so you had to have au ha nickname. >> that's right. got to have one. >> is there a venue you haven'te played yet that you would like play?play? >> you know, i'd like to plate'e kennedy center. >> oh, yeah.eah. >> really? >> for the reason of being, you know,. >> that that you're there. there >> if i got an award i'd like tk be >> i understand that. under >> it is interesting because when you see a lot of times aoto people that are playing they'ree stadium shows and everything evh they're always like we wanted t play local club which lot of loo people d.c. 9:30 club that wasts one of their places.e of we have to check this off thecki list as we move up the latter.a. was it like that for you guysuy especially starting out as highh school kids. >> sure.ure read rocks where we got to see s our shows and idolized our rockc stars and so playing there was a huge honor for us.or us. and still is.ill i
10:56 am
out there.out th honestly if you ever get toyou g colorado go to live show go to o red rock. rock. >> is there a genre of music you will like to tackle that you haven't, something totally outoy of your realm.ealm >> country.nt >> i think you're a little biteb country.y >> absolutely.>> abs >> you like to do countroly?y >> i'm interested in it sort off as the next thing conceivably,, yeah.. >> okay. >> i like that you're thinkingin about the next thing. thi already done so many thing. thig it's a awesome. asome >> that is cool.t is cool. >> the show is coming up there's the information it's tonight ata 9:30 club. c also think it's one of the coolest posters you'll see outse there with a car on it i love i tonight at 9:30 club in you guyy will take the stage about, what, 9:00 o'clock? o'clo >> 9:00 o'clock. >> 9:00 o'clock sharp.ockha mike doldi is with us. us. >> very cool.. >> good double we do appreciate you being here. >> thanks guys. >> rendition of super man, lovee it. >> remember the old days youdays tried to see how many people you can fit in a car.n t in is that where we are.e a >> feels like it.>> fee seven da
10:57 am
very very cold temperatures this afternoon.rnn. only 30 today.. so lots of layers. >> bundle up. >> todd, thank you for coming in. as a small business owner, you know things have a way of moving fast. but if your network can't keep up, it can really slow you wn. so switch to the 100% fiber optic network of verizon fios.
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