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tv   Fox 5 News Edge 6  FOX  February 13, 2016 6:00pm-7:01pm EST

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>> right off the top tonight sae news out of west texas, we are learning that the supreme courtu justice antonin scalia is dead. reports indicate the 79 year old died in his sleep last night after spending the day call hunt ding. he was a guest at a ranch resort. the dallas morning news is reporting tonight he arrived yesterday.erda attend add private party withh about 40 people. the justice did not show up for breakfast this morning. and someone went to his room ano found his body. b sad news. thanks everyone for joining us. antonin scalia was the longest serving justice on the supreme court.
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conservative justice was a pointed tin 1976 by ronald reagan. >> first italian american justice. this is going to have a massive effect on the political landscapes. joining us now on the phone toe talk more about breaking newsg ted williams, ted thank you soou much for joining us for a short notice. quite a career the justice scall kale had. >> what a tremendous career he had.d. justice antonin scalia as you'vv reported was one the longest serving justices on the supremeh court. but he was not only that, he was a giant on that court. his two judicial intellectual lip was above par.lip he was a very brilliant man. >> mr. woman's, talk about mr. antonin scalia in the past, we all know him for being very
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conservative fighting against affirmative action, most recently, the gay marriage. mar when you look back at his career and tell us what you think he'lh be remember bedder for the mostf the decision that stand out to you. >> i think, he'll be rememberede for judicial intellectual lip, while certainly, it is no doubt about it justice antonin scalia was a controversial figure on the court. he also was well respected by all of his colleagues on that court. him and, were good friends. fri they both were both individuals who loved the opera. he was one meaning justice antonin scalia was one of the most vocal individuals on that court. he is
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very much missed on that court. also, it is no doubt about it, that he he was a conservative justice. he was a strict constitutional list. he believed strongly in all the constitution and the manner. >> you know president obama now faced with putting up a nominee, could this sway the court? >> it absolutely could sway the court, but the problem now is that president obama, as yous know is in the last several months, shall we say by november he will be gone. so there's going to be a fight, i believe, as it pertains to replacing justice scall school on that court. this fight may very well be b placed into the hands of the ne
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states. i think you are going to find that the right witnessing of the republican party they are going to fight to make sure that if possible that president obama does not replace justice antonia scalia on this court. >>do you think that maybe t president obama might look for someone a bit more conservative to please republicans or do youo think it's going to have to wait until january of next year oncer we have a new president to get this done? >> you are probably going tong t have to wait until january ofana next year to get it done. i don't think that the left wing of president obama's base is going to be very police d please d if in fact he a points someonm of a conservative nature.atur normally was find is that the president of the united states will appoint somebody of his own
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so, in justice antonin scalia sa being on the conservative wing, it is no doubt about it that the next justice could very well tilt the supreme court. >> absolutely. thank you so much for your insight. legal expert ted williams joining us over the phone. we do appreciate it. i'm sure ghts going to be a bigg topic at the gop debate. >> for sure. just a short time ago chief justice john roberts issued a statement that since part, on behalf of the court and retireda justice i am sad to report that our colleague justice antoninonn scalia has passed away. he was an extraordinary individual. and jurist admired and trier and chord by colleagues.d his passing as great loss to the court and the country he soo loyally served we extend condolences to his wife and and family. speaking of his family, i was listening to fox news before tht show
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and something that was pretty interesting, someone who covers fox news was saying that, away from the court he's hilarious.. he's a funny guy. and in fact, he gets along with some of the liberal members of the court apparently bins begins burg is one of his friends. i never knew that about him. h >> hour thoughts went out to thw family as well definitely sad. sad >> we'll continue to follow thio for you. have more coming up at six 30 of course tonight on fox 5 news at ten. but, let's move on for now. n other big story tonight, itt is cold out there. the weather is dropping. ly temperature, it is cold. if you've been, you certainly felt it today. we're going to take a live looke if you thought this was bad waid this may be the beginning of this chilly winter whether. gwen tolbert here with your
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forecast. once we move into tonight,, tomorrow, oh, 92 sunday night it is going to get even worse. be prepared. gusty winds. wind chills to talk about.ut a two part weather story. onety is going to be the potential for snow for holiday monday. the second is the cold conditions that we're going tote deal with tonight until that time. let's take a look at tonight and for tomorrow. tom high's today look at theseese numbers, folks. some 20 degrees below the seasonal average.. daytime high struggling in the 20s across the and right now it is cold out there.ther 17 degrees dulles. d 19 dc. 14 at gaithersburg. that's the same at hagerstown and martinsburg. 19 degrees at culpeper. the winds have been a major fact. and they will continue to be so. gusty northwesterly winds. those winds gusting from 16 to 31 miles per hour. and they are helping to add todt the problem because with thee winds you factor those in with the air temperatures and we doo get those wind chills. if you are stepping
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like, only four degrees in d.c.. minus one at gaithersburg. one at baltimore. one at manassas. one at dulles. minus four at hagerstown. a what does thatt tell you? >> dangerous wind chills outchil there. we have a wind chill advisory until sunday morning with strong winds that are gusting. and i want to tell you as we progress tonight into tomorrow, as i said, it's going to geto g worse of the be back in a little bit. we'll talk about that snow forecast as well. we back to you. >> sound like a good evening to stay home and maybe watch a movie. the winter weather has created a deadly three people are dead after a nearly 50 vehicle pileup on o interstate 75 in pennsylvania. police say there are numerous injuries as well. we're told visibility at the v time of the accident was poor ws because of the snow and the strong wind. >> sounded like two bombs went off. we thought it was thunder clouds. my wife ran up over the hill and saw the
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>> describe what she saw. >> she said that there was a couple people laying out and trucks and cars all smashed, cars underneath tractor-trailer lesser, in between tractor-trailer rs total destruction.le >> man, that sounds awful. the interstate stays clothes. while authorities learn new l detains investigate the crash. also following breaking news locally police in appropriate have confirmed thatin abode has been found anne car in uppernne marlboro. the case being treated as a homicide. alexandria limon is life at the scene with more what can you tell us. >> reporter: prince george'sr: county police have confirmede they are now investigating a homicide. take a look. you can see crime scene investigators and homicide detective here on the scene. they've been here since 3:45 this afternoon when police got a call for a welfare and when officer's arrived theya found a man who had been shot s and was pronounced dead here on the en
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block of armstrong lane in upper marlboro. and that is about all of the of information that we have at this time. prince george's county policerg' have not released any n information about aot suspect oa motive. all they can tell us at this point the investigations ongoing. reporting live in upper marlboro alexandria limon fox 5 local news. already thank you. the search is on tonight for a man who robbed not one but two banks in montgomery county this morning. its first one happened shorterly after nine. on old georgetown road in bethesda. the suspected had a plastic bagt on his face. they say he got some cash and then walked out of the bank. ban about a half hour later police say the same man held up a bankb onan montgomery avenue in kensington. witnesses say bank robber had a gun. grabbed cash and then walked outer. no one was hurt. in either theft. a man is in custody after cs police chased
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george's county into the c district. the incident unfolded lastlast night. dc police say officers from prince george's county wererge' trying to stop a man wanted for a number of felonies. fel the driver kept going and the chase eventually ended on stanton road southeast when thee driver crashed the car. the man whom police weree pursuing was arrested. it's unclear if the man arrestes was the driver or a passenger ii the car. meanwhile a horrible case of animal abuse in maryland. we want to warn you the picture you are about to see may be hard to watch of the someone abandoned a severely what was s mays 8ev8 ted dog on gallons hasn't road in clinton. c its a female mastiff. those dogs normally way between 140 and 150 this dog ways 566 pounds. an award is for the person. per >> candidates will face off in a
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debate in south carolina toina night. voters in that state will go too the poles. just two weeks. meantime the democratic presidential candidate spent this day compaigning in nevada. get the latest from fox john roberts. >> reporter: wagering theorte american public is sick of her emails as bernie sander says he was. hillary clinton is compaigning in nevada ahead of that state's caucus. hillary clinton hillary clinton email fromll her time as secrete of state. s of these more than 80 of the electronic communication from her famous home server areerve deemed classified.lass most of them at the lowest leves of sensitivity. none of the emails are top secret. state department plans to finiss releasing the rest of her emaile on february 29th. one day before the important imp super tuesday primary. pri bernie sanders is also getting down to business in nevada. >> now
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>> reporter: most of the republican stain cans are left cram mink for tonight's deodaten special attention on mark company rubio to see if he can come back. >> that under never going to happen again. >> reporter: he is trying to vary his answers donald trump is promising to clean up his act at least his language.t he says he will refrain from making off color marks. >> i won't use foul language i'n not going to do it. they are all saying do it do ito no. >> reporter: donald trump who t could be tweeted in chief he may soon take cruz whether he is able to take president.
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that's because the senator was brian canada to an american mother. bush is taking low key approach. he says he is spending the final hours before the show down hanging out with his four grandchildren. in greenville, south carolina, john robins fox news. pope fran pope frances is on a five day visit to mexico. he met with the country's bishops. he delivered a stern message them telling them to do more to combat mexico's drug trade. he says bishops must help mexicans escape the violence. and not hide lined their own privilege and careers.aree when we come back why some of the faculty is calling for its predatory dc family is looking foreclosure to a painful mystery that haunt ted them for seven years. why the weather is forcing them to wait a little bit longer. did you order flowers for
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valentine's day. i p certainly hope so. we're going to tell you some of the trouble that local stores are having making making deliveries. >> supreme court justice antonij scalia has died. reports indicate the 79 year olr died in his sleep after night after zipped dang the day scale hunt ding. he was a guest at a ranch of the the news reports he arrived yesterday and attended a private party with about 40 people there when he did not show up for breakfast someone went to checko on him and found his body. we will continue to follow the store. more for you coming up tonight at six 30. stay with us.
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into snow her body has neverr bo been found and so far no one haa been arrested connected to her disappearance. now her family is on
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you ever been of declaring herof legally dead. fox 5's paul wagner has the story. >> reporter: seven years have gone by since sarah butlerle arrived at her sister house and found deeply troubling seen. see doors locked.ocke alarms off. and the house was a mess. not nearly the way pam had keptt it. >> i never thought that pam would just walk away. i always felt like it was foul f play there. >> reporter: here's why. pam butler had a sophisticated sur system installed in herlled house. and after she went missing the family went through every minute of it. she was seen on tape entering the house two days before valentine's day.ay and was never seen leaving. all we. >> all we ever saw was the ups man coming to her house to deliver things. we the mail man would come andoe her ex-boyfriend. nobody else ever, ever came up
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around her house, body else even came into the yard other y than those three people. >> reporter: the sur systemter: showed her ex-boyfriend coming m and going from the house at oddd hours and for several days. >> it seemed suspicious becausei he constantly kept coming going. >> reporter: and 2009 about three months after pam disa period derrick butler took us inside the house and showed us something the family found odd. >> we came in. this blind was race d up had raise the up. >> reporter: why was that odd.. >> she would never keep the blinds up, she would lower them from the top down so you couldn't see inside. >> reporter: its the only sidee not seen on the sur. su he suspect that's how his sistes 's body was carried out of thete house. at the time of the disappearance fox 5 spoke with her boyfriend who told us he had no idea what happened to her. h he said they broke up. he was only removing his bel
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police questioned him several times but he was never charged.c with no arrests seven years later, the family still wantsans answers but also wants to move on. >> we're at appoint right now ww haven't heard from pam in seven years. we really feel like shy's not l with us.s. so were at the point we're goinw to declare her dead shorterly so after the you are prayer vigil. >> reporter: house has been resold now. looking little like it did seven years ago. paul wagner, fox 5 local news. >> this afternoon the butler's were planning to hold a vigil in front of the home but the cold weather forced the vigil to be rescheduled for next saturday. also once pamela is legallyally declared dead there will be be another memorial service for her. loudoun county now where the sheriff's office needs your help finding a missing man. he was last seen wednesday in the 1600 block of
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avenue in capital heights. back in 2010 he was sentenced to 12 years on fraud charges but released early in 2014 after helping police in a murder case. his family says he drives a 2015 dodge ram pick-up truck with montana plates. any with information is asked to call police department. >> tonight faculty members are demanding the school president resign. this all started when the school's newspaper reported that the president simon newman saidw he wanted to identify freshman most likely to fail and offer them refunds to leave. newman like kenned these l students apparently to baby rabbits that should be killed. this past week two teachers who objected to the plan were fired. now they've been reinstated. however the faculty voted 87 to three for newman to resign by monday. professors say newman broughtht negative attention that underttn
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work and at track new students. college students in the district are being givene a new weapon to help prevent them from becoming a victim of break it it called you ask. it provides continuous says witu ability to instantly share their gps location with friends, with just the employees of a button. you can also preprogram text messages to share instantly like i feel un safe.eel can you come and get me. or, i've arrived safely.. >> really wanted to use technology as a platform foror racing awareness and providingng ongoing resources for students all over the city. sexual assault as big issue for college students. and this app is the first of its kind. >> it brings together all thee resources available to victims of sexual assault and dating violence at all eight dc college campuses. special event is being helde
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history month. the invention station nail swimt meet taking place at the in northwest. up it kicked off yesterday about one thousand swimmers from dc, eight other states and island of saint lucia are participating. >> its special because we have everyone coming to the district of columbia. 30 years it started it was very small. and we saw that the district residents outside to take part of such a historic event. now they are coming into the city. >> marking its 30 year. if you are near the aquatic aqu center and want to see the meete it will run through tomorrow. >> i've been to the center for f some of that stuff. so much energy. spies it up and have it outdoors. [ laughter ][ laug >> that would be like the polaro blanch. exactly. when we come back, it is so cold out there. so, how low will it go tonight? >> after the break gap within has the
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why we may not be getting a break from this weather in the next if you days. then a lit bit later beyonce mae be joining forces with someoneee as famous as she is. we'll tell you what tm. z is reporting .
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and like many of you, my family lived through the beltway sniper crisis. in congress, i'll fight to expand background checks on guns and ammunition, ban assault weapons, and mandate gun safety locks, because too many kids die from accidental shootings. let's show the nra we're not afraid of them; as democrats, as americans, as parents. i'm kathleen matthews and i approve this message. >> gwen you are notify friendre today. n [ laughter ].
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>> it is too cold out there. >> blame the messenger. >> i give you credit when its' nice. i want you all to remember this moment. you are absolutely right. unpack the wool lease. you are going toned them. it's valentine's weekends, you know its getting cold hashtag cuddles honey. cold as seriously it is going to be dangerously cold out there. skies are going to be clear as we move into tonight and those temperatures continue to dip. let's have a look at what is going on here. put it altogether for you. the polar vortex making anding unwanted return, unwanted house guess this cold air. well to the south of u u all of this cold air is just going to move its way down and d make itself just directly at home. with highs into the tense,
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single digits as we move there.t and significant wind chills is the other issue. we got wind we have to be concerned with. a whole lot going on here. here's a look at your current temperatures, high's today 20 degrees below seasonal averageso only into the 20. currently 19 dc, 14 gaithersburg, same at hagerstowh and martinsburg, 16 degrees at a win chest this hour. 16 degrees at battle whore. now, i mentioned wind big factor here, gusty northwesterly kick i know in. you can see how stronkg they ar. they are producing wind chills. they are going to be very significant. our current wind chill factorchl are in the minuses, single digits. this means it's what it feels like when you are ready to step outside. and it's not going to get any better. we have a wind chill advisoryory that's in effect until sunday morning as those winds are anticipated to be gusting up to 40 miles an hour. and as as a result of that we are talking wind chill values it's going to feel
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from minus ten to minus 20. higher wind chill value minus 20, areas to t north and northwest do take this very seriously it is dangerous cold weather.we tonight we are talking 11 1 degrees only for overnight low with northwesterly winds. if 11 is the air temperature ase i mentioned the wind chill the factor is going to be less than that, some minuses mostly clear skies. wind chills will be dangerous for you. and as we put it altogether forr you, here's a look at what else we've got going on a winter weather advisory in effects. what's that for? >> well, we're talking some snow in my forecast. i'll have the details on that coming up inp just a bit. that all important 7-day forecast. >> thank you gwen. love sny into love you too. >> last. >> don't you feel bad now. now >> no. when we come back on a serious note more on the stunning newses of texas supreme court justice antonin scalia has passed away. we are goi
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american university law professors to talk about what this could mean for the country. stay with us .
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morning news reports arrived r yesterday then attend add private party. there were about 40 people there when he did not show up though for pregnant bast this morningst they sent someone to his roomm and that that is where they found his bodies. he was the longest serving justice and the supreme court. the conservative justice was a pointed in 1986 by president ronald reagan. he was the country's first italian american justice. jus >> pretty stunning news.ews. joining us law professors you were saying i'd like to start out talking about how you knew him personally.nall my condolences to you and to the family. but just can you reflect at all about what sort of man he was. s and also what do you think he will be most recommend for in his career. >> i met him in about 1982 when he was on the federal appeals court. i saw him a number of times at court. took one of my classes to meetes
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students were fascinate ted. t you know personally, he was a very warm engaging friendly funny man. a very sharp sense of hugh more very entertaining. the kind of ballistics language that he used in his opine 81 was not the way he seemed when youhn talked to him in person. he was much more personable and accessible as an individual. i think his legacy on the court, he's had a profound influence if the most conservative justice advocateting a view that we take the constitution literally at its word that we adhere to the meaning of the framers. it's not a position that many justices have taken but he advocated it very strongly and for almost 30 years.. soso
6:35 pm
legacy. >> just so happens this morningt you were having a discussion with some of your class membersc about future of the court you were talking about some getting a bit older and then this happens. >> we had a panel discussion atn the lieu school this mornings about potential retirements and how that might affect the 2016 election. we talked specifically about justice begins burg and justicea antonin scalia on a side note this as great tray gabby key toe justice ginsburg, they served together on federal appeals court and both ended up at the supreme court. huge opera buffs, they've done couple i don't appearance in thp washington there's an opera recently rec written about the two of them.m. very close friendship. >> yet they disagreed on thehe court but were great friends. >> deep disagreements about almost everything but its a wonderful washington story ha
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together.geth >> same sorry speaking ofrry washington, you have to think about theha future. already i'm seeing on twitter some of my friends are messaging me thinking about what happens in the future?utur >> you've got a president who is adeem craft there's am conservative to replace and repa don't you see a fight ahead? >> i see the perfect storm. >> yeah. >> this is, in the middle of an election year, with obama on his way out. the republican's will want to keep his vacancy open to see who gets the white house. the democrats will scream it is an outrage that we'll go for a whole year without somebody filling this seat. the court will be dead locked in four four ties and create a certain amount of chaos. so we really are in for the perfect storm
6:37 pm
>> do you see -- do you seesee strategy on president obama parp trying to nominate someone who may be does lean a more conservative to try to get somebody through.dy >> there are a couple of federal appeal court justice who arece o democratic appointees who are more main stream, middle of the road, but i think the republicans are going to want to see this as a kind of necessityc that they hold on to this chair well beyond obama's president see. if you put a middle of the road democratic appointee, even if it doesn't dramatically change the balance it still changes thehang balance in a more progressive direction. i don't think that's going to be acceptable to the republican. >> is there anyone out there that most people watching tonight might know their nameame that you think could be ae possible nominee? >> i'm reluctant to mentiontion names. i mean the chief judge of
6:38 pm
court of appeals here in washington, gary land is somebody who has been mentioned as being kind of more person.ero i have no idea who republicansla and senate would find. >> if you were abetting man yout think we have to wait until next january. >> if i were abetting man i think obama will send up a nominee and that nominee will not get confirmed, the vacancy won't be filled until the next president. >> p that was suggested on social media. >> for sure.>> f and i'm sure it's going to be gi discussed tonight at the debate. >>yeah. right out of the gate.of thank you so much for joining us. >> thanks for having me into toi thank you appreciate it. we'll be back in a moment. stay with us .
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it's got a lot of what we were kinda talking about. [mother] yeah but this neighborhood,i feel like the kitchen is light and bright,new. we should definitely go see it. [agent] hi...welcome i'm maggie.melanie.maggie. so nice to meet you. [mother] this is brendan. [agent] hey brendan. living room. [dad] hey. [mother] hey sweetie. [dad] sorry about that. what about this? this looks good. [brendan] no. [mother] isn't it so great?i think we found it.
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[announcer]redfin pays its agents based on your happiness... that's real estate, redefined. >> syrian refugee problem isian getting attention.. george clne
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the country for premium mirror of his latest movie. the american act and activistis came with his wife human rights lawyer. they met with german chancellora to discuss what the film industry can do to help refugees. they met with syrian refugees who told them what life was liks and why they had to leave. two of the most famous female entertainers could becoul joining forces beyonce and mariah carry have talked aboutt working on a track together. the two key vas were at a benefit in los angeles and had tables side by side each other. tmz said he was told that mariah and beyonce talked and agreed on a diet that needs to happenap soon. the singer's share the same business manager. >>
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div. >> into if you own it. i >> cause i just read that in the script is that a derogatory term. >> music lovers only have to wait a couple more days for ther big night. the 58 grammy awards. >> some of the singers and other who will be performing duringero the ceremony. >> vein annual grammy awards orr set for money. many of the biggest stars are s either normal 98 ted or will bee taking the stage to perform. >> for me the show, when we are done, needs to be two and a hala hours of the greatest live music concert on the planet.t. that's what i strive for. >> kendrick lamar leads the
6:43 pm
pack. all eyes will be on swift andfta lamar going head to head for album and song of the year. ♪. >> it could go either way. if i were placing bets i wouldsi give it to taylor because its a more conventional album. ♪. >> country star best new artrt test mommy sam hunt says it ists an honor to be nominated. >> it means an honor people who i look up to for music in this country to accept me into the group and in 58 me to the big m party. >> best new artists can be enormous for an artists' career' because its a stamp of approval from the a came. it says to the public this is an artists you need to pay attention to. and perhaps nor significantly, especially if you are there are other grammy wins it can lead to bump in sales. >> grammy giftting sweet makes sure no one goes home pt
6:44 pm
hand. >> huge bag of thank you gifts just for being a part of the show. >> takes home grammy gold when the ceremony airs monday night n in hollywood fox news. >> i would love to walk a with. >> 25 thousand dollars worth. >> i don't need to go to the show. >> a rolex watch or somethingath like that. >> cosmetics that to you don't wring forever. >> for sure. mother nature is making life a little bit difficult forky mid. >> when the winter weather would leave people without flowers tomorrow say it isn't so.
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>> early morning snow squall m came through this morning strong enough to coat the red. >> that made for a sticky s situation for one florist trying to get flowers out the door this valentine's weekends. >> reporter: the workshop here the busiest day of delivery. with the weather working againsr them outside as they were were working inside. >> this that is going to kill ui in the beginning of the day because you can't send the drivers out right now. roads are way too slick. sli going to lose about two hours worth of delivery time. and that equates to maybe 75 a hundred deliveries.ers. got to bush them to tomorrow nobody wants them late. >> reporter: working toward the deadline 500 plus deliveries ahead, this shop has their
6:48 pm
cut out for them. t >> i'm going to drive slow and study i'll make all my m deliveries and be save that's all that matters.. >> reporter: they are trying to survive. how do you keep those flowers a life. >> keep it out of draft heat h vent vent or too close to the window. change water daily. average would race three weeks. bacteria does it in. if you are skillful knavery cutl >> reporter: fox 5 local news mw began dies. >> every not everyone will be celebration the holiday iss getting price see. national retail feather race says about 55% of americans will celebrate. those who do will shell out 147 dollars. a lot of that money being spent on flowers, jewelry and candy. but nearly a quarter of valentine spending is going to experienced type gifts like a romantic
6:49 pm
movie. concert or other events. e >> that's what i'd rather have. >> i saw you making faces. >> at 1550. >> i'm cool with jewelry.. >> yeah. i like to do something. i actually like. >> it 's a good day to spend together. >> i'll be spending it with migrate friend, gwen. we'll get to that in a a second. but it's going to be a great day to stay inside and stay warm. and you know, cuddles, becauseul it is going to be cold, trust mt it is going to be very veryery cold. and it is cold today. it will be cold tonight. t that is the big word in the forecast. clear skies tonight. high pressure continues to builo in. and that is going to hold for fo all the cold air that is situated across the region. here's a look at the current temperatures highs today actually some 20 degrees below as
6:50 pm
currently at 19 in d.c.. 14 at gaithersburg, 17 dulles. 15 degrees baltimore. same frederick didn't 14 martinsburg. winds a big player. p we got significant wind chillsct to talk about. dangerous wind chills o to talkk about.abou gusting from north northwest. and right now gusting up to about 31 miles per hour. here's what it feels like if you are getting ready to step outside feels like four in d.c.. only one at baltimore. bal minus four in hagerstown. and one in dulles. need i say more?ore? >> that's a pretty good example of what we are talking about. that is going to continue for the next 24 to 48 hours. hou so, here's a look at some of those future wind chills for you getting up early tomorrow heading out for early services, minus four in gaithersburg. one in d.c...c.. progress to three in thehe afternoon on sunday. we're doing a little bit better. we've got improvement in thent n
6:51 pm
as the sunsets we starting to write down hill all over again. just be prepared remember this is weather definitely it masses to be taken seriously. control arctic high letting allt that cold air come down. plenty of sunshine once we get into tomorrow. but don't be fooled by the sunday. as long as you weren't today. wind chill advisory in effect until sunday morning. winds gusting up to 40 miles an hour. talking wind chill rail values from minus ten to minus 20. once again, don't leave pets out in this weather, please. it is too dangerous for them. second part of my story, we've done temperature, winds, wind chills. now were heading into sunday tuesday time period. that's when we are tracking the storm system to the south.em a lot of questions with it right now. a little far off. we're going to put it together for we're looking at this systemm moving up to the northeast. pressure moves out. amount of cold a
6:52 pm
place is going to be determining factor for r dain snow line. how much we when it all arrives. because the longer the colderhe air stays in place, the more we are going to have to see snow or wintery mix. if the low pressure system goesg more to the west then we are going to be talking ballot more in terms of the mix as opposeds to the snow. the if it stays a little bit more toward the east with that cold air air in place we are going tg talk more of a snow situation. here's some of the main points. light snow accumulation expecten to start overnight sunday into monday. then snow to mix icing and concern when we get into the t later part of monday. mix heavy rain monday night, tuesday. and then temperatures once i said determining the snow mix rain timing of all that.t. so, we're talking also a winter storm watch that's in place frof sunday night until tuesday u morning for the entire air shaded here. that is in anticipation, let me, get that out, of the winter precipitio
6:53 pm
get. here's one of our models whichel is showing anywhere from about one to three inches is a possibility. here's a second model which is in agreement with that.ith so this is a little better. because yesterday the modelserda were not coming together. one wanted to give us a little more than the other f 11 degrees for tonight. 25 daytime high. tomorrow, that usually is ann overnight low, folks. and your 7-day forecast bundle up. cuddles honey on valentine dayay 25 degrees. then we get sunshine. temperatures start to rise. >> need to wait until the end of the week. it was freezing today. >>thank you. all right. being in california on a day like this doesn't sound too bad. how about relaxing doing littlet bit of this. some of the best surfers in the world were hanging ten at a a surfing competition in half moon bay. forget tank hanging ten it was more like 45. we mean waivers at 25 feet high. the water was c
6:54 pm
dangerous fans were not even aer loud to watch from beach. the winner took home 30 thousand dollars. >> wow. georgetown trying to revive ncaa tournament hopes. hop a win over providence put them on the tournament level. highlights ahead in sports.
6:55 pm
6:56 pm
>> forget georgetown found thise year feels a lot likeor 2014. that season they finished 8th in the ncaa town: this year six in the big east and in dangers ofrs missing the torn many. happen win today over providence could move them back on to to tournament. first half the bubble just about burst.bu went out to 49-49 lead. they turned it on in the second half.
6:57 pm
lead down to one, fine second ohio crass with a chance. smith two second left for the tie. shot is deflect ted george down loses a heart breaker 75-42. >> george mason, american false to army, 65-59, and virginia a just lost to duke on a contested buzzer beat ter 63-62. georgetown they have a big oneig next saturday at home. it will be on fox 5. that will be a big game. they are going to need to get a few more wins hear or they arey problem the unfortunately goinge to make the ncaa tournament. >> all so, not just uncomfortable but dangerous. we got dangerous wind chille an wind chill advisory in effect of the do be careful out that. temperatures are really dipping. >> that does it for us. we'll see h see you tonight at ten and 11. >> we'll have
6:58 pm
justice antonin scalia. hope to see you there. take care, everyone .
6:59 pm
7:00 pm
>> today on "tmz" -- >> i got to say, you look at this and khloe and lamar look like it was six years ago. >> how are you doing? >> lamar looks completely normal. he is interacting with the paparazzi. >> nobody would have thought we would see this. >> they have to get back together. >> it feels like they're back together. >> but you said -- >> what do i know. >> gwyneth paltrow in her underwear, quite the ass gwyneth paltrow has. >> it will be interesting to see whether gwyneth paltrow has the same traction as blac chyna and amber rose. >> you click through amber rose's gallery, you may see a vagina. >> you are going through a butt gallery to see vagina. >> i went through 150 photos looking for one glimmer. >> justin bieber was out in francis. he went to for


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