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tv   Fox 5 News Edge 6  FOX  February 15, 2016 6:00pm-6:31pm EST

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rain and it is freedsing as it encountered below 32 degrees at the surface. it's not going to take long to get things really slippery around the region. what's happening aloft is warmer air is coming in and that's why the snow is melting over to rain but we still have a lot of cold air at the surface. we're still at 29 degrees here in the district. the only places that i see that are above freezing right now are the very southern tip of saint mary's over to the shore at about 32 degrees. so the rest of us have to wait a while. later tonight we believe, until we see these temperatures coming up. so a possibility of some accumulation of ice. we're already hearing from some of you that you are seeing this begin to stick to the trees. we know it's sticking to the sidewalks here in northwest dc and it could be about 0.10 inch in some areas. there could be some spots that get 0.25 inch or more. we're going to tc
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the snow is much easier to deal with. you can see right now as i have everything in motion that is mainly light freezing rain and it is somewhat patchy so not everybody is seeing it but you may be seeing drizzle. what's left of the snow is also going to be quickly moving away. closer in we still have patches across montgomery county and down into the district where we remain at 29 degrees here. leonardtown, you're finally to the 32 degree mark and we think this will take several more hours and we still have a lot more precipitation to come. as a matter of fact the winter weather alert and winter storm warning stay in effect really through 10:00 tomorrow because of ice. and then it's going to be heavy rain at which point those winter storm warnings will be allowed to drop. tomorrow at 6:00 a.m., a flood watch kicks in. that goes until 11:00 tomorrow night. a lot of run-off expected from heavy rain that begins late tonight into tomorrow morning and it isn't out of here until about the noon hour tomorrow. maybe even
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in this krasy storm that seems to be going in reverse order from cold to warm, we're going to head for the 50s tomorrow. we'll have much more on your 7-day forecast in just a few minutes. shawn and tony. >> the government along with many schools and businesses were closed for president's day and most people stayed off the roads in the district. >> and that's a good thing because it was an icy, slushy mess. fox 5's megan dice is live. >> we had this try pod out for the 5:00. it was rining then, you saw just a little bit of drizzle. this is pure ice on our tripod. we're off to the shoulder tonight because we can't get the camera on the tripod. we just saw a salt truck going by, it sprayed a bunch of salt, that's what the dot is telling us they're mainly doing right now, 12 hour shifts around the clock, 200 trucks there.
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they've got the main roads down to the blacktop from the snow earlier. again this is mainly salting. the metro rail, they've got the deicers ready to go. they can operate in 6 inches of snow some snow problem there. major routes only on the metro bus. the dc circulator has already suspended service. they suspended surface at 6:00 due to the weather. if you see anybody who is homeless or in need of shelter, call 1-800-535-7252. dc is providing transportation for people to get to those shelters. again, dot is asking, they want everybody to stay off the roads so they can get this cleared. also as we showed you, that ice forms very quickly. it's very hard to see now that the light has gone down. that's what's going on on here in dc. we're going to send it out to tom fitzgerald who is in
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hey, fitz. >> reporter: well, thank you dice. we are live in waldorf tonight. we have to tell you, a lot of the people here in waldorf told us they went to bad last night expecting a dusting. well what did they get? not a dusting. we saw snow totals here topping around the 6-inch mark. a lot of folks had this day off they spent the day shoveling. that was what happened earlier. we ever been in contact with maryland state highway administration. sha tells us that they have had these plow trains out throughout the day. not necessarily plowing as much, but trying to get materials, salt and brine on to these roads because of the fact they are very concerned this evening about not only that snow that came down melting throughout today as that rain moved in, but tonight freezing. they've been trying all day long to get as much material on to these roadways to prevent that. and we can show
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right now exactly what we're talking about. you saw megan talk about that tripod. you see that shine out there? that's not just a wet surface, we can tell you for ourselves, that is ice. this glaze, and i would put this at about 0.25 inch right now. this has completely covered this one parking lot that we are in, and we can also tell you we've seen this on a lot of our surrounding roads as well. it is slick, it is covering not only the road surfaces, but cars as well. as we go through the evening, especially as the sun continues to blackout here tonight, you need to be really careful if you're out on these roads. it comes up on you quickly. you think you're on blacktop and before you know it, you realize you're not on blacktop, you're on ice. it's a dangerous situation and it seems as this evening gets going and this mist continues, this build-up is going on and on as we go later into this evening.
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waldorf in charles county. going to send it across the river to alex limon who is live in virginia tonight. >> reporter: a little bit of good news out here. northern virginia it seems like most of the roads are in better condition, at least compared to places like maryland. you can see cars zipping along the key bridge here. bridges of course being one of the first places you typically see ice. but here in arlington, falls church area, so far no major problems. but i will tell you that the virginia department of transportation put out information saying they're already starting to see ice on the roads in places like loudoun county and they expect that to head our way. so things expected to get worse and this is why, take a look. you can see there is 3-4 inches of snow on the ground from that storm that hit us this morning. well, with the rain that's expected, it's going to melt a lot of this. i mean, it is fluffy powder that's going to melt
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right on to these roads and then that probably likely will stick and turn into ice. and that's the concern. that's what the virginia department of transportation is dealing with. they tell me they plan to keep 3,000 to 4,000 trucks on duty in northern virginia through the night treating the roads as best they can. but the problem is, just like what we've heard in the district in maryland, they can likely only get to primary roads. so your neighborhoods definitely going to be a little tricky if you can make a night of it and stay in, that's probably going to be your best idea. reporting live in arlington, i'll send it back to you guys in the studio. >> all right, alex. thank you very much. he helped shape the supreme court for more than three decades. now justice antonin scalia's death has washington divided. we'll have more on the bipartisan fight to replace him. >> catholic leaders aren't
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wavering about their position on birth control. ntrol.
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he went on to say the zika outbreak would not cause the church to change its position on the use of birth control. the bishop joins two cardinals. it has been linked to micro
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microcephaly. a birth defect. >> flags at the supreme court and across the region are flying at half staff. this in an or of supreme court justice antonin scalia who passed away over the weekend. justice scalia's body is back in the dc area after being flown from texas last night. no autopsy will be performed. it has been determined that scalia died of natural causes. in the meantime justice scalia's passing leaves the supreme court now split between liberals and conservatives and that is fueling a political fight. returns say appointing a new justice should wait for a new president, while democrats argue the president and the senate should move forward. >> the national park service announced a big gift on this president's day. a donation that will help give the lincoln memorial a much-needed face
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>> well, i try to study what the national park service might need and i try to think about my own interests and it's a variety of things, but i try to pick something that will be symbolic and get the attention and other people might be inspired to do something similar. >> he also gave $7 million to help the national park service to help repair the monument. >> very, very generous man. >> we're keeping a close eye on the weather of course tonight. we've got a live look from our tower cam. snow is pretty much wrapped up around this region. it's now turning into sleet and some freezing rain. sue is back in just a few.
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it was the day one dc woman literally never thought she would live to see. her home was badly damaged during a fast-moving fire and she and her husband had to be pulled from the second floor window to safety. this afternoon the woman met the crews who saved her life and there was a little surprise as well. the moment she walked into her home for the first time since the
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>> she was pronounced dead on the scene. >> they brought me back to life in this alley right here. and i'm so thankful. it's so overwhelming. >> wow! wow! i serve food to the homeless once a month. i guess to fix a homeless meal in my new kitchen. hold on, i might need the fire department. this is where the fire
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>> that's where they took my husband out of. >> the last thing here my wife telling me the house was on fire. i didn't believe it. shawn and sue, back over to you. >> thank you, tony. didn't mean to cut you off there. but it was absolutely incredible the way that the community came together. the firefighters, the redecorating. >> have some good news to announce f
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fau keer county closed tomorrow. a lot of snow down there. we're glad the kids didn't have to deal with that this morning and we're going to have to deal with now the icy part of this storm. i expect it to build up a little bit so you're going to have building up on trees and streets, et cetera. so you want want to be doing this later tonight. we caught this guy earlier today. >> oh, my goodness! look at him. >> i'm cold him. >> i love the shorts and the tank top. >> tovent it's gotten icy those stairs would be dangerous. if you did snow plow already, you're going
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is icy. so if you have not started to shovel, i would say maybe hold off. because then at least you get some traction. the ice is going to start to build up, it already has and it hasn't taken long for us to get a coating. we're already hearing from the folks on twitter and facebook they're seeing a little bit of glaze on trees. this will be all rain by the morning. it will change over overnight. the rest of this week looking good. as a matter of fact we'll warm up by the weekend but wanted to again show you some of these unbelievable snow totals. most areas got about what we thought in the 2-4 range. but down in maryland, 9 inches there. no model really saw that coming for them. spotslyvania, stafford area all closed tomorrow. we have to watch temperatures hour by hour. this is really important. quantico is is at
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budged. 27 as we look up to the north and west. the rain that is falling will become ice when it hits surfaces that are below freezing which is pretty much everybody north and east of dc and with only a few exceptions down to our south. you'll warm up faster east of dc so we think you'll get less than 0.10. maybe even a little bit more in this red zone here. that's an area that we'll have to watch closely. even there you will start to melt tomorrow morning and with the melting of this snow and all the rain we're expecting, now a flood watch is in effect for tomorrow. the pink areas here show us where we're seeing the light freezing drizzle. this is the last of the snow just about out of the picture up to the north and west. we're seeing some freezing rain starting to affect montgomery county in a big way. there's one quick drop out here on our radar picture. but again this is what's still to come late tonight and tomorrow. that's the heavy rain that could come through with a r
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thunder as this area of low pressure tracks to our west. icy conditions for the next several hours and the heavy rain is in here for the morning, i think it's out of here by 1:00 or 2:00 in the afternoon. we're near 29 degrees now, we should rise slowly through the 30s tonight. we're going to go from the 20s and 30s to temperatures abf 50 degrees with some thunderstorms, lots of melting, obviously lots of run-off. 7:00 temperature we hope we're at 30 degrees according to our model by 7:00, but look, we're still getting icing in all of these areas up to the north and west. by the time we get to midnight, maybe we're slowly rising but it may be closer to 7:00 in the morning before we start seeing those temperatures jump up and then we dry on out. late in the week we'll get a little bit chillier and it's a warm-up for the weekend. 52 tomorrow to maybe a couple of cooler days thursday and friday but it's definitely much quieter the rest of this week. much waer
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degrees, sunday 57. a few showers possible on monday at 54 degrees. so could that be our last snow day? in this crazy winter, not sure yet but we'll continue to track warmer temperatures coming in. please be so careful out there this evening with that ice around. shawn and tony? learning a second language can delay aging by the brain. >> british researchers found learning a second language can boost thinking schools and improve mental agility. children and adults who learn or speak another language benefit from the extra effort it takes to handle two sets of vocabularies and rules of grammar. bilingual children have a better understanding of other's point of view in dealing with complex situations. speaking multiple languages should be encouraged in schools and universities. and i think it is now. >> i think as a whole here in the united states, we
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it's not a general rule of thumb. >> despite the fires, falls and tough restrictions, retailers like walmart and toys r us will be stocking their shelves with hover boards. they're in high demand. riilt now they're only available online but retailers hope to have them in store by april. walmart says it's working with suppliers to make sure the batteries meet all the safety standards. you want a qualifity battery and you don't want a cheap knock-off. if you're buying a hoverboard that's 100 bucks, don't buy it. >> what is? >> hundreds. $300, $4000, $500. >> all right. more millennials are ditching tech for vinyl. the main attr
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of actually holding a physical copy of a record in their hands. however, if i showed that to my 10-year-old he would ask me what it was. the recording industry association of america says 9 million vinyl albums were sold in the first half of 2015. >> it's a great way to listen to music. >> i guess they do still print a limited amount of things on vinyl. >> yeah, but more and more is coming out on vinyl. in fact many artists. david bowie's album was released on vinyl. they didn't do it as a special thing after he passed away. it was actually done that way and a lot of artists are doing that now. you can actually find vinyl in the stores sometimes. >> stay with us, we'll be right back.
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we continue to watch areas of freezing rain around that could accumulate to a small amount of ice tonight. maybe .25 inch. it will be better by the morning commute. >> that is good news. >> thank you, sue. >> the latest tonight at 10:00. we'll see you then.
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>> today on "tmz" -- harvey: blake shelton and luke bryan went to mastro's steak house separately but they had beef with each other. >> who do you want to sit next to at the grammys? >> luke bryan but he never gets nominated. >> like brian -- >> they're like the nickelback of country. harvey: luke's songs are legitimately good. >> they're not respects by the grammys. harvey: like "star wars" never gets nominated for best picture -- >> the first one did. harvey: it didn't win. >> john mayer was there with his >> adele did a show on friday for hard-core fans. john mayer was there with his new girlfriend. katy perry as well. >> john mayer was there with his new girlfriend and katy perry was there with orlando bloom? >> less than two months after they broke up. >> did they sit next to each other?


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