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tv   Fox 5 Morning News 430  FOX  February 16, 2016 4:30am-5:01am EST

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be careful. gary mcgrady will tell us what to expect as the weather wears on. >> maureen umeh alongside wisdom martin and holly morris. >> slick conditions outside prompting several school delays and closings in the region all scroll ago long the bottom of screen. let's get a look at major districts. in maryland schools closed today anne arrundel. calvert county, charles country schools and st. mary's county schools. >> several close ningz virginia fauquier, loudoun, mannasas city, prince william, spotsylvania county and stafford county. >> and here are schools on two hour display virginia. alexandria, fairfax county, false church city and mannasas park city. >> and federal government on three hour delay. employees have option of unsketched leave or unscheduled telework. >> d.c. public schools are on today. we'll let you know if anything changes. >> for a full list of closings find them scoming at the bottom of your screen or on the web site >> but now we
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with the man of the hour. that would be gary. >> right now we're waiting. it's a waiting game for warm temperatures and rain to come across. >> i totally miscalculated. i didn't think the layer of ice on my car would be that thick. >> oh,. >> i knew there would be some icy deposit think it would be that thick. >> you didn't go to bed with your capitals hat on. >> no and then the escapeer broke. i had to sit and wait for the car to warm up. >> i let my car warm up i'm not kidding 20 minutes and there was still ice that hi to chisel off. >> oh, man. >> practice your triple axl during that time. >> winter games will be here before you know it. >> there you go. >> did you tland successfully? >> it was slight boble tenth of deduction. >> i heard in competition that's the real problem you have to land in competition. here's the deal, we have all alerts out there. winter storm warning for countrys in blue that's basically west of i 95 does not include d.c.. winter
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east of d.c. to the bay. not on the eastern shore or out towards the shore do we have any advisorys in place this morning. these will go until 10 a.m. looks like by 10 a.m. we should all be above freezing if there's a couple of places at 10 a.m. not going to be above freezing it will be way up here. frederick county and maybe the northern maryland counties north of ixts 70 and again really is just a waiting game. but when you analyze everything and you give everything once over in the atmosphere what's going on it looks like warm air will be able to come across. visibilities are still greatly reduced eighth of mile here in town. quantico half a mile. not only do you have to deal with slippery roadways this morning especially neighborhoods and secondary streets awful. you have to deal with reduced visibility around the metro here. it's better down to the south. this is leonardtown. you can't see it because of banner here at 10 miles and cambridge at 10 miles too and
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warm air comes out across. we're still 31 now will be at freezing or below for at least a couple more hours. and you can see, here, 48 degrees. this is leonardtown. cambridge 48 degrees. that continues to come up. we're beginning to see some of of this warmer temperatures creep up to northern calvert county. perhaps southern prince george county over to charles county. again all of st. mary country in the 40s now. baltimore 31. frederick 30. winchester still 32. we start see winchester get above freezing and we know the warm air is really coming in. rich mopped 34 now. you can't see it here again a lot is covered by the bug. not rich mopped but raleigh is setting at 67 and cape hat res last check was 62. that's what it is. i can see it there. louisville 36. columbus 3 2. you jump to other side of system and temperatures cold. just rain coming
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and still pockets of freezing rain, too, i believe the damage is done. what more accumulation happens with this freezing precip now is just kind of adding insult to injury. it's not complicating matters too terribly much. we wait on heaviest of rain. the storm is still south, southeast and all the rain will come on in, heavy reigns. thunderstorms tots south of us and all this moisture comes in with warm air, warm air loft and gets pulled in at the surface too we're and gaiing lukely hood all this changes to rain. it will doll it too. future cast maybe is a little optimistic. i don't believe by 5 a.m. we have this in terms of rain. there's freezing rain in here. you notice early, late morning we get heavier rain coming out across and where there was 6, 7, 8" of snow down through southern maryland you add all this rain on top of that and then the melting from the warmer temperatures that we're already getting and there will be a likelihood of flood potential here and we'll watch that as we go through the morning hou
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afternoon. we may even get into a little bit of sunshine later today as we begin to dry things out a little bit. so, 37, 8 a.m. in town. i think there will be places that are 32 or below. even at 8 a.m. there will still be ice out there and the ice wept melt in ten minutes. it wail take a while for that to melt. rain by noontime. 49, heavy in spots. dry in the afternoon. temperature of 50 and look at this, look at this, could we have 60 degrees on saturday? we will some places. 59 here in town. 57 surprised. i just juneed, jumped right over saturday and surprised. here's erin cuomo to look at morning traffic. >> i'm telling you gary. seeing saturday and sunday forecast makes take bareable. because it will be a rough ride. >> i know we'll be 52 today some places close to 60 today. >> i like the sound of that for later, for right now 4:35 as you wake this up is a crash tracking two separate accidents in the same area.
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95 southbound right near dale city. watch for that. the left lanes are blocked. deep to the right. we're seeing a shine from the ice. snow blocking the shoulder and could be obstructing some left lane which could have led to this accident scene. so again, please slow down this morning that is my best advice to you. deep to the right lane if you make your way souxing dale cit city. we'll switch it back to the maps. aside from that ear crashes browns mill road one reported by penny crest lane caution there and perfect example of secondarys and we're seeing slick conditions throughout the neighborhood wisdom in gaithersburg give yourself extra time. gary had problems getting in north of 270 area as well. crash on 15 south near jefferson street another area to reduce spreedz in frederick and as far as montgomery county dealing with slick roads. earlier crash by new hampshire upper loop cleared. we're seeing green. our map is pick up. there's not enough volume to show major delays. the little traffic out and
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use low beams if you have fog and if you take metro bus several operating on snow detours. make sure you check in with the web site and follow me on twitter@erin fox d.c. before you head out. thanks. >> there's a lot of slick spots out there this morning. bob barnard out in northwest d.c. with a check on how the roads are looking there, good, morning, bob. >> good morning to you maureen be glad if you pashd in a garage. you menged about getting your car dug out this morning. this is what you see. if you didn't clear the snow snow from your car this say layer of ice. layer of ice not bad to get off your car. but we'll go carefully. the streets are a sheet ice. even those treated. this has salty material in the slushy part of the snow but this is still ice. this guy whoever this person is, they cleared their car yesterday but look this
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hard to get off. a sheet of ice. on the windshield. all over the car and with subfreezing temperatures that's going take some time to clear. give yourself extra time this morning because yeah, your cars are in jp tomed in ice. you have to be careful. you have lose your footing easily. you mentioned fog, guys, you'll see in a second. feels like london this morning because there's a ton of fog. you can feel the airs warming up but it pill will be time for your car. windows are cold. ice deinging out and getting out this morning will take time and be careful with foot around as you go whether walking to bus or train or to your car to dig it out the footing is very slick this morning. fortunately it will warm up quickly. look at this, this is just ice and it's very dangerous guys. that's the situation out here in northwest and around the area i'm
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from alexandria as well this morning, ice everywhere, guys, be careful out there. >> good words of advice. thank you, bob. >> breaking news out of prince george county, piece are on scene of homicide investigation 8600 block of green belt road. officers were called following a shooting 11:00 last night and found a man suffering from a gunshot wound. he was pronounced dead and investigators are look fwiring sis suspect and motive in this case and the incident remains under investigation. >> 4:39 now a war of words between trump and cruz why the billionaire is threatening to sue the senator. stay with us. back in a moment
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>> 4:42 is your time. donald trump is threatening to slap rival ted cruz with a lawsuit. the move comes in cruz airing what he calls false adds. trump lashed out at cruz calling him the most dishonest guy he ever met. the court should see if they meets the requirement of being a natural born citizen to meet the requirement for president. he was in canada. >> and front runner donald trump continues to take more shots
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and meanwhile the nevada caucu caucuses is next up for democrats. hillary clinton was scheduled to campaign in florida yesterday and changed plans and continues cam paining out west now that's she's in top five for nomination with senator bernie sanders. >> our team cover ramming this messy tuesday morning commute, continues next. >> we'll check back in with gary and erin and michael thomas as well. keep an rye on conditions and we'll see what he has to say. 4:43 is the time.
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>> back on this tuesday mornin morning. slick roads out there in urbana and roads looking slick. much of the area is iced over. gary mcgrady will give us details. >> that's my mood right there. >> that is your hood. we want to mention montgomery county schools are in fact, closed today. if you live o t
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montgomery country schools, closed today. >> that's a good call. >> d.k. should follow suit but hey i'm one parent talking. >> carry on. >> okay. >> just checking. >> leonardtown up to 50. the cold air wedge gets stuck and it kind of gets stuck up against the mountains and we have this northeasterly breeze that's kind of feeding this right now but we also have a fairly strong wind coming out of the south and southeast. it's kind of advancing slowly. but it is advancing some warmer temperatures. so again leonardtown feeling bam my down there and cambridge sitting at 48. again will take a little while to get this to continue toe push up and over and erode all this cold air. typically we'll watch this. if it does not happen over the next couple hours we may begin to get a little nervous okay? but when it that happens
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again we'll be watching these temperatures. westminster 34. that's important right there. and winchester is 32. culpeper is 30. again, the copfy dense is about as high as it gets day in terms of breaking this wedge with the warmer temperatures coming out across. again it's just a waitsing gam game. gaithersburg you're up to 32. that's good news it's startsing to break up. one thing too happening not as much precip up and down i 95. doesn't matter damage is done and ice is on ground and ice is on everything and in some spots approaching quarter inch of ice maybe more than that. i have not gotten a lot of reports coming on in. and there's still ice falling back here along i 81. not ice falling but ice accumulating with the freezing rain here and then back down fauquier county parts of culpeper country too. this little area. and again it doesn't matter all that much. because ice is accumulated on the ground already.
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you got snow back here on the cold side of the system. because all the wind is coming in from the north and northwest bringing cold in on the backside. now, sandwiched in middle of this that's where rain is as warm air is coming up ahead of this entire system and off east we're still battling cold air wedged through pennsylvania and right down against the appalachians to north carolina that's the weming of cold air. as rain comes over the top of that it basically becomes freezing rain. look at heavy rain coming down through north carolina now and sorp and central virginia. there's a chance today as all this sbingz across that we could end up with a little bit of thunderstorm activity. now, my thought is looking at everything i think that will primarily be off to the east of us. but eastern place as long the eastern shore and western shore too for annapolis and places like deal and leonardtown and st. mary county and calvert country you may get a rumble of
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we have early freezing rain and then becomes all rain later on. it will be heavy at times. winds southeast and eventually this afternoon the winds will go west. again we're very confident this will happen when temperatures 52 for high in city and gaithersburg 48. frederick 44. mannasas 52 and down through the south here you cannot see it we'll go fredericksburg 52 and go leonardtown 54 and since they are already signature 50 they may get warmer than that. maybe they go 56 to 58 again sometimes chasing temperatures down in this type of situation very, very tricky. freezing rain still place. that probably goes, the winter storm warning, northwestern communities 9, 10:00. you may have preezing rain in spots happening on. here in district by 10 a.m. we changed over we'll be all rain. temperatures climbing towards the 40s and definitely off east of us. most advisories and warnings
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are in place until 10:00 this morning. quick look at visibility. just 8th of mile in up to. that's real, real low. as you gets further away from city in frederick visibility four and not bad and generally over a mile back out west still low down around quantico too and annapolis visibility. couple spots visibility is a problem. for most of us this morning it's not a big deal. one look at temperatures 31 here. couple changes we've seen. gaithersburg came up to frezing and mannasas you're up to freezing and quantico 32 and leonardtown 50 right there. it's definitely warming up there. and beginning to see some of this breaking through okay? so i don't think it will be much longer. 34 richmond and new york city right now is at 48 degrees. they have the warm air coming right up off the ocean and that's warm are them up a little bit. forecast for today eventually high 52 all rain cool tomorrow sunshine 48 and all this ice going to be a distant memory
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at traffic morning. >> when you say ice a distant memory i felt really happy like i was on a beach gary thank you for that. >> it could be a couple slippery spots in the suburbs but that won't last long. >> 4:51 my biggest concern is folks guest out of naishdz right now. secondarys slick and icy conditions. crash activity now inner loop after the bw parkway on shoulder. use caution there. maps from prince george county to frederick crash activity 15 south at jefferson street. give yourself extra time to get in and out frederick. i know we're seeing icy conditions in those back neighborhoods. brownsville road crash penny crest rain. caution there as well and 6 6 eastbound earlier crash cleared and right now southbound traffic looking good patchy fog use low beams and give yourself extra time to get around.
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dealing with crash southbound side and that crash is out by dumfries as you make your way dale city to dumfries. if we get a live look that's causing problems now you see the arrow trucks are set upkeep it right and make sure you slow it down. 95 dealing with problems all morning. there's a second crash in that same area as well. we you have covered this morning. metro bus is operating on snow detours. you can check in with me twitter erin fox5dc and metro should be close to service in the next eight minutes or so and we'll let you know if and when that changes with the commute. . >> thank you very much. you know it's bad outside when we had to call michael thomas and have him get up and get in the car and start cruise around this morning to tell us about the conditions out on the road roads. michael thomas where are you now? >> wisdom, i'm looking for coffee. we have not quite found it yet. but we are in
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80 urbana we just caught a tree with a lot of ice on it. the difference now we're off the highway is kind of night and day. there's a lot of ice on these roads. they're still slush covered. they have not been plowing streets because it's difficult to plow ice. they're going to chemical treat and hope rain later this afternoon wash as way most icy accumulation. we're next to centerville elementary school here again in southern frederick county maryland. and we're turning in here. looks like crews were able to get to elementary school last night or earlier this morning and clear most of the parking spaces out. however if you can seat reflection off the lights that's not a wet reflection that is icy reflection. this whole parking lot is a sheet of ice. that was kind of the issue yesterday hey do you shovel the snow that felt and then clear those walkways and then have that sheet of ice warm here. or do you wait until after the
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then clear it off. that was an issue. lots of folks were running into yesterday here of course they cleared. we had the ice covered roadways here and we're going to keep our eye on school closings i have not seen anything go up yet on frederick county maryland schools but i heard montgomery county is closed for today. so we'll keep you updated and send it back into you. we're headed to gary's house to get breakfast now. >> he's not there, good luck. >> i think he's not there he was supposed to go grossy shopping yesterday don't know if he made. it you can give it a try. michael thomas be safer out there we'll check in with you later. further south metro weather -- they responded to 1100 wrecks statewide at least 300 of those were in raleigh durham area. >> residents in florida meanwhile recovering from a tornado that destroyed ten homes near the florida alabama border. police say some people suffered minor injuries.
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the area to make sure no one is trapped. . >> meanwhile cleanup efforts under way in louisiana and mississippi after a powerful storm knocked down trees and power lines. several people were injured and national weather service is yet to confirm that the storm actually produced tornado. >> from extreme winds to extreme heat --
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extreme heat -- in fact i heart she is the first twom win album of the year twice. >> good for her. >> ken drik lamar was last night's big winner he won five grammys including best rap album for his album to opinion a butterfly. he walked in with 11. other whipers up town function by mark ronson feept touring bruno mars and they won two awards including record of the year and megan trainer best new artist and ed sheeran thinking out loud song of the year. >> notable performance light night a performance from lady ga good paid tribute to david bowie. she played several of his hits
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powerful version of his landmark song heroes. he pass away last month, as you know. . >> all right. we want to meng we heard from prince george country schools. and they are closed today as well. prince george country schools and offices also closed today. >> all right. straight ahead at 5:00. live team coverage of today's slick weather continues gary and erin are back at the top of the hour. back in a
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>> and a live look outside on tuesday morning, 5:00 is time. we are still just below freezing. holding steady 31. gary promises we will indeed warm up. meanwhile the roads are very slick out there. and your car, if it was outside, probably covered in a sheet of ice. keep that all in mind as you head out this morning xing we of course will keep you updated throughout the morning and in fact i think we'll go ahead and talk to you noe now, gary. >> that's what they tell he me. breaking news. >> breaking news. >> yes just clicked to 3 2 here in town. >> yeah. >> couple things, too, i told you --


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