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tv   Fox 5 Morning News  FOX  February 16, 2016 7:00am-9:01am EST

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>> right now at 7:00 a weather alert for you this morning. please, please be careful out there. a very slow commute both on foot and behind the wheel. and you can see evidence of that on the right, a firey wreck. that's the aftermath. upper right hand corner that was an ambulance. maryland that was d.c. maryland line. icy roads and sidewalks creating five adult numbered these things happen. still slick out there in many spots. >> good morning to you tuesday, february 16
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february 16, 2016, i'm allison seymour. >> i'm steve sgleev welcome to "fox 5 news morning". >> i have the whipped shield wiper going on the cam russ behind tuesday. let's see what is happening to the gral government federal workers have option for unscheduled leaf or telework. >> mother night tour turning the holiday to a four day weekend. in maryland, prince george, anne arrundel county schools are all closed. mall verity, are closed and frederick county maryland schools were all closed for future work di daep in virginia arlington. >> here's more rap ahanna county schools closed. fredericksburg city, mannasas
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city colonial beach. schools closed alexandria city, false church city and park city schools also closed. fauquier country schools are close the. in in the district all d.c. schools on people. >> however, so, when will things change. it seals like they are already, tuck. >> changing miing became in the last hour. 5:00 in the morning we were here at the palpable r wells with i -- my 5d vice wait to out. it will get better. let's go to ice accumulations. check it out. oftentimes we take about snow but that's ice. germantown third inch of ice overnight percyville quarter inch and lots and lots of reports between a tenth and third of inch of ice overnight. we have to melt that off. flood watch, 6 this this morning. heavy rain moving in and surge in temr
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next suvrl hours we'll have steady if not heavy rain and potential for thunderstorms activity around as the frontal system moves on. it all right. here are temperatures. these are rit call. reagan national now 51 degrees. 43 game irzburg and dulles, nass, getting. >> hagerstown and winchester we're not done with the ice threat for a few more hours. they sue speed to be four hours. generally heavy rain. few pock he et cetera of freezing main could be normentdz and west. . >> and lot of kloytions hereby as we speak. 52 expect the daytime high which should you been nice and form courtable. rain heavy at times. 6. >> let's do traffic now. excuse me let's go back to steve and allison. wilt do erin in a minute. thank you,
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"fox5" on the roads and showing you first-hand how dangerous they are this morning this is liver fikt from western avenue near river road, chevy chase where a private blang crashed neevring flames. that was about two oing ago. he belonged to am ambulance tivs. >> they were able to it. >> good news no was hurt there. it was those --. >> you can see behind me on dale city. slick conditions. rain coming down. potential will hit icy spots. it looks a little on here. do you hit off and on delays as you make your way to 5 toward the beltway. my best adds vice to you leave early fay it slow and go live look at the maps
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about issues head isy grovr on the red line. and north west from western avenue and and the investigation into prince george county watch for icy conditions on the beltway. sutland parkway inbound by south capital backed up and 295 southbound dealing with heavy volume. crash activity wearing station wear a card into a crash. type of example crashes are in arlington a crash cleared 39 5 north we'll see a red zone as folks hit the road e heavy flow near lily street and 20 crash on southbound side as you read in frederick you hit normal ja jam, leave early. take your time. several
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reach out an fwiter at e erin at fox free. >> the he chess he was newspaper fredericks apparently now he's near leesburg. >> pe very with literal will a couple minute ago and that's where a lot of heavy rain came along route 15 south out of frederick. most of journey wasal, right, as we got close for the area did then 50 at reagan national, our core thermometer here 30 miles west as the though mriingz. >> rain is hev yerl area earlier and since calmed begin eye bit though i've bee
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eye bit though i've been peaking at the radar and there's more on the way. everybody here keeping triping tripingzer crossed a rain does a lot of melting for them. again as you can see flight front ever us road here especially on side. and streets are still covered if not in -- solid sheet of ice our cars tires have been slipping quite a bit. 6 and weaver seep, again this is frederick or seeing it in leesburg and what happened a lot of these areas plowed the know yesterday and once they nowed they kind of allowed treat to grow outside and get hold wupts again. we'll keep -- now in northern virginia to keep on traveling through your neighborhoods, side streets and finding as much ice and sleet as we can and making it back safely later on. >> steve, allison, back inside to you. . >> take your time. though it is nice little tour of the area, mik
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your time out there. remind me i need to go throughout on a weekend trip when this nro no ice on the. >> most thes frplt are in stafford virginia. >> all the other power companies reporting minimal delays in out am this morning. more on the receive rear weather all morning long and of course you can follow our weather team any time you lying on the mobile device doe downloading fox 5 news at "fox5" warm apps or skovrm the fight over his replacement continues to heat up up. >> george zoe bush stops for brother yesterday his that at donald trump yes, that's 7:08
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>> a live look at the area all that rain is melting that tricky ice out there and it's a couple of hours for all the areas to be cleared. tucker will be along shortly five minute or so and he'll let us know what is going on with the weather and what you can safely venture and not dot penguin country walk out there. police are on the scene of investigation into a deadly overnight shooting this happened in the 8600 block of green belt road 11:00 last night and the victim died at the scene. no word on a suspects nor a motive. >> and this morning, there are new details in death of supreme court justice antonin scalia. >> the texas judge that decide not to order a autopsy said she spoke with skal he's drr before they made that decision and had a history of heart trouble and high blood pressure and was too weak to have surmingy for a recent injury in
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>> they are asking obama not to fill the position on the supreme court. >> to south carolina now where former president george w. bush hit the campaign frail to help jeb's campaign. in the speech trump never mentioned trump by name he said the country needs someone who brings hugh pillty and not frustration and dangerous allegations. >> he was risky for jeb tob bring his brother on the trail because it opens up his questions about record. >> thread eping is is that the unless the sext texas senator stops air what trumps camp calls fox --. >> campaign foring his wife in florida. she filled in request pillly when she got in -- bernie sanders spent monday building sun port in michigan
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9,000 people. he does not visit nrinlt but met with a group of flint residents dealing with the toxic water crisis there. >> still ahead a man arrested for child pornography may have had a juvenile record. why did that not show up in a background check. >> before we get you go a few secretary after break weather, next, 7:1 2.
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>> a live look it's treacherous throughout stishltion folks, please if you don't to go out don't go out. it's treacherous throughout there, folks. this is happening montgomery county cop con and george avenues. they're on the scene taking care of live pictures there. connecticut and george avenue. ice is a beast of another whole thing. >> tall takes is a glaze. >> it takes that much to get in trouble. we've had more than that much make a third inch in some spot spots. we had a lot of tis melt off here. temperatures surging the last hour or so. reagan national 5 51. it's 32 --. >> i mean --. >> 5:45 in the morning. >> let mother nature warm it up. >> dulles up. bwi marshall 336789 we are seeing a warm-up we expected and along with it heavy rain moving in. flood watch
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this evening. combination of snow, yesterday, and ice last night and now heavy rain will contribute likely cause localize flooding. here's good news. if you can wait this out for a few more hours mother nature should melt icing issues we have this morning and most and i route of hereby early afternoon. things improve greatly hereby probably noon. but, again, heavy rain at the moment. you can see the back edge of rain showers pushed back to west virginia and southwest virginia and we already had possible rots of few strokes of lightning as well. it's possible to hear thunder. let me know. tweet me. impressive 24 hours across the region. here's a welcome at 7 day, 52 tad things improve by early afternoon and we got a nice weather pattern middle and end of of week. those of you that wha want spring next weekend temperatures 60 with
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>> that looks great i like tha that. >> yeah. >> maybe aarr first croak uses. >> you look a good coocus. >> that's the flower of february. >> erin doesn't know this but tuck ser big in the flowers of the seasons. >> though he only mentions. corocus. >> i want to know where my valentine's day now rerz. >> they'll bloom eventually. >> good noto know. montgomery county crash you want to use caution around there. it looks like the fire is under control. police and fire blocking off that section of busy road. again connecticut in both directions at georgia. we'll seernly keep you posted on that one. first responders out of the vehicles on both sides of the road there. keep it to georgia if you head inbound. avoid connecticut. let's switch it back over for the maps. aside from that
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incident bradley boulevard at wilson lane. western avenue remains closed harrison to earlier private ambulance fire it hit a pole luck nroy injuries reported and big investigation there. in northwest inbound bridges use a loft caution. watch for icy spots and you still want to use your speeds and watch for quick areas. and frederick aligned trains operating 12 to 15 minutes late andd bre urging caution on icy conditions walking to the platforms. >> why go out when somebody else could be out and about checking companies for you. >> i would not suggest doing that. for a check of how things are looking in the district turn to our guy, bob barnard live in southeast, bob. good morning. >> good
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gorgeous day out here. >> yeah if you're a penguin. >> raping. >> yeah. >> exactly. >> it's raining and slushy out here this is 17 street southeast anacostia and you can see even 45 minutes ago the sidewalks were knowsen and it's 46 degrees here now and it's just a bunch of slush. earlier those of us that came to work 3:30 this morning, sheets and -- sheets of ice and cshd cars this was 'cult of ice on top of the snow now gone. the hood was covered with snow it's been falling off on the ice as the rain picks up and temperatures increase and it gets kind of nasty out here. at least in this part of southeast washington here it's no longer sheet of ice it's no longer frozen. it's just getting messy and slushy and you can see now, here, this gentleman is walking to work on sidewalks. about an hour ago sidewalks were too dangerous people walk in the streets because si
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but, now, the sidewalks are actually slushy and it's okay to nav get on the sidewalks here. some schools -- they'll be starting two hours late a lot of other schools around the area are closed today. may be a good idea because yeah it's been frozen all morning as you see the rain falling and everything getting wet and slushy and it's going to be that way for the coming hour. i was kidding a georgous day it's kind of yucky day glad you'reed in and chill out and enjoy the day. >> we're trying get all conditions wrapped in one. >> bram in california meeting with leetders in asia. >> while we're doing with snow and ice here some are goaling with tornadoes down south. we'll look at damage next. it's 7:206789
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>> 7:23 russia continues to deny though hit a doctors without borders. the air strikes are blamed on russia. however a spokesman for president put indenied the claim and 50 were killed in the attack including children. >> the eagles of death metal will nerve paris sin the terror attack at the venu
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were playing. they were performing at the concert hall in november when begunmen stormed in and killed dozens of peoplech they vowed to finish the show for the fans that day. >> a sum mist 10 asian leaders summit part of obama administration efforts to strengthen alliance of nations in order to koyrpt growing influence of china a yesterday's talks focused on economy and today scorety issues and anti-terrorism efforts and noupsed by white house the president is planning visit vietnam may. sfwlp well the same storm system that rocked east coast with the snow, sleet and vein blamed for three suspected tornadoes in the flora pan handle and state of mississippi in florida at least ten homes destroyed and police say some people suffered minor injuries. firefighters are coming through that area to make sure no one is trapped. and meanwhile, out west, both arizona and california experiencing
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temperatures in the high 80s and low 90s. wow. . >> i mean, get everything in these united states don't you? >> somebody. >> somebody upset mother natur nature. >> got love that about the weather. and that's rain falling on and ice and snow pack across northwest d.c. and it's no doubt about it a mess out there currently and will be a few more hours and thing will get better. this is flood watch. heaviest is between 9 and noon and things should get better they are already improving. 52 in leonardtown and 36 quantico and dulles jumped to 40 still holing on to pockets of temperatures north and west and martinsburg and hagerstown and not done with the ice threat but it will be heavy at times over the next couple hours as main front comes through. and then things quiet down.
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not sure we'll see sunshine. we'll quiet down. cloudy afternoon. high temperatures in the 50s. mother nature will do melting here over next 6 to 10 hours and you want signs of spring, check out day. high temperatures with sunshine in the upper 50s and low 6 0s. how is traffic? >> and dicey now icy spots 7:26. right now vehicle fire has connecticut avenue shut down in both directions out by georgia and you can see fire truck first responders and police at that location. so police low down and use caution and be prepared to detour around that and let's go ahead and move things over for a look at the beltway on other cram now. we'll get to that in a minute. first i want to show you this on the map western avenue
7:27 am
liping top inbound bridges are look going now watch for slick spot. we'll have delays as we continue. >> more fallout after arrest of school volunteer in prince george county for child por pornography. >> if he had a juvenile record shouldn't school officials need know. and attorney will drive us live for answers. break this all down for us when we come
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>> 7:30. there's a look at the powerok a outages right now. look at dominion's web z let's update those numbers right now. 2700 in the stafford area right now. now. so that's the bulk of the outages. just a handful in other parts oo the region but we're keeping ana eye on that. that is down from 3300 earlier. so they have about 600 peoplepl power back on right now but we t are expecting the heavy rain ton also have an impact throughoutgh the day today.e day today check in with tucker in justn j five minutes at 7:35.5. al? al? steve, thank you very much.k at 7:30 now, the list of victims continues to grow ino g that child porn investigation in prince george's county.y police say a total of 16 kids k were victimized by deonte raraway. the crimes reportedly happenedpe in several locations including u judge sylvania woods elementaryt where he was a volunteer.. a source tells fox5 that
7:31 am
record for child abuse. abu now if so, should schoold soo officials have known about thata joining us now discuss this cass is criminal defense attorney ate john norris.john norris. john, thanks for being with.eint >> good morning, allison.g, ais. happy to be here.happ >> let's talk about that firstat question. should the school have known?oo >> there's no way the schooll system or anyone else would have known if an individual applying for job with the school system l or volunteering had a juvenile record.record the reason nor is the juvenileil records are sealed to the publi and they're just simply notimpln known or not accessible other or than by the court system itself. >> there are exceptions. excons. we report about that all thethae time.. this person was charged as ann adult. >> that's correct.>> t a juvenile in maryland isylan i defined as anyone whose under wr the age of 18 with certainn exceptions.ns so if someone is over 14 andnd charged with a crime thatha possess as live offense, theyffn can be charged as an adult or if they're 16 years of age and charged with specific newspaper rated offenses, which
7:32 am
conclude sexual as abuse offen offenses though not pornography defense.fee. >> but your criminal defense attorney hat on for a moment. why would this the case.ce >> i think the basis for our foo juvenile justice system it'stemt really a parallel system to thee criminal but it has different goals. the goal is to do what's in the best interest of the individuala child who is in the system. sys for example, in the adult system, you have defendants whoa if the k proves their case can be convicted of a crime.f a cri if the juvenile system you havev responder dents if who account.c to proves their case are found involved in a delinquent i think all of this goes back to spencer tracy and father grant g began in boys town who saids tos there real nor bad b just boys that do bad things. tg so it's really about rehabilitation and part of that is keeping the system sealed sos that a juvenile adjudicationio doesn't follow someone into their adult life. le. >> john, in this case, there are 16 children whose lives are liv forever changed by thi
7:33 am
individual. >> yes. >> in your opinion, is there ant time where there can be an b exception, say, for a higher at a school system? >> there might be. but it's a change that wouldt wd have to be made by the legislature and then passed on o by the courts in maryland. mylan it really goes against the juvenile system in alltes. ste >> so just for the record andeca we've said it in the numerouser reports we've done, countyy school, prince george's countyrt they did their due diligence,ig background checks, but, again, these records, it would not havh shown up?shn up >> that's correct.hat's the school system is just simply not negligence on the issue ofc the background check. >> moving forward, as an an attorney is there anything thatr can be done or is this one of those case where is it justere falls through a loophole? >> well, i think if there is a a change, again arc change thathae has to come through thethroug legislature and through thee courts.ants. it's a tragic case for allll involved. you know, people -- mr. carrawaa i believe is 22 years of agers f right now.t now my understanding he was someone that was a special education eda student.
7:34 am
we're hearing a lot about that.o as a defense attorney, wouldneyw that come into play when thishei person goes to trial? >> while this is a horrendous crime for the child victims and the students, people don't just show up doing these types of offensen out of nowhere. nhe i know that he was interviewedvd by reporters from fox5 and he said that he had been raped vere young age.. unfortunately because there's aa such a stigma in society aboutio child sexual abuse children cld often don't get the help they ty need or report these offensesffs it's a type of offense that t tends to perpetuate itself.ets the victim at one point laterntl becomes the perpetrator later in life. li >> let me ask you when this doen go to trial.o tal will the juvenile record still remain sealed, there will be no if he does have one there willrl be no mention of it. >> that's correct.>> you can't be t impeached with aa juvenile record because again it's a not a criminal recordmine it's a juvenile
7:35 am
almost a a kin to some sort of f civil violation would not come e in. john norris, a criminal defensen attorney, thanks for spendingpe time with us on this very truckt link case. >> you're welcome.'re w happy to be here.ppy be >> tucker barnes, over to you.a >> good news, temperaturesemperu surging here the last hour.ou we were at the freezing mark att 5:00 a.m. 50 degrees at reagan national.a. warmup has begun.aseg along with it rain moving in,ing heavy at flood watch until this evening.g lots of weather packed actionken for the next couple of hours. hs things should calm down thisown afternoon.. reagan national 51 degrees. 5 dulles 40.lles 4 bwi marshall 36.l 3 all the local airports now abovw the freezing mark. that is great news. great trend as things were very very icy overnight.. ice accumulations between abouta a trace to more than a third oft an inch of ice accumulation forn the region here overnight. satellite/radar it's rain. plain old heavy rain moving in,g and much of the area will get enough rain we'll be dealig
7:36 am
particularly when you mix in the snow and ice we had yesterday. just be wary of that if you gotg to get out on the roads the nexe hour or two there could belde localized flooding issues that.e flooding threat will continue an long as the rain is steady out o there which will continue conti through late morning.ugh by early afternoon we should beb done with the rain.eai things should gradually improvep around here and keep thed eep temperatures well above theve freezing mark this afternoon.k r so melt off all the ice we ice e accumulate the last night. . 52 your daytime high. h all rain around here for nextorx several hours.ou winds out of the west at about a five to 10 although little gustg with a front moving through. thu all right. we'll look at the seven day.t t sunshine and warmer temperaturea on it. a lot to look forward to on then seven day in just a moment. mom let's do traffic with erin.raff >> 7:36. taking a look at traffic innerra loop we're dealing with a crashc but first i want to show youtohw this.this. earlier vehicle fire hadhicle fd connecticut shut down out by georgia avenue has cleared offar to the shoulder and traffic inii both directions on connecticut n getting by.gett now we'll show i was camera outa on the inner loop.on the inner l look at that backup.. just passed this point afters i connecticut we have a crasht we blocking two right lanes and ris then by the seminary road
7:37 am
overpass there's reports of a rp pothole taking out a lane.e please slow it down use cautioni this morning through the slick t spots and unfortunately if youfo are taking the inner loop byp b connecticut, you are up againsta a very slow give yourself plenty of extra e time there. wet conditions on the outer lo loop. outer jams by new hampshire as usual. we'll move it over for look at k our maps right now shown wasas else you're dealing with thisini crash early vehicle fire has western of a shut down byf a ow harrison street. stree that's in the area near riverari road so you'll need too detour t around that one.t o car hit utility pole but is not affecting power in the area. aa inbound bridges in arlington arn still in good shape but aut reminder bridges, overpasses, oo and off-ramps tend to deal witht icy conditions first. fst so use caution as you make yourr way out this morning.t th mor 395 inbound backing up towardsow the 14th street bridge. 295 inbound by eastern avenuee slow and then train update forp vre urging folks to use cautionc as you make your way to the platforms because of ice on thee sidewalks out there and mta, marc through frederick trainscka are expected to operate 12 to
7:38 am
minutes late because of icy o i conditions. right now metro bus is on ao bun regular schedule but it may be dealing with detours and delaysd from slick roads. back to you guys. >> erin, thank you very much.ha coming up a big announcemeno about the next star wars movie.. >> ut-oh. u. are we win the two-year window. >> star wars still in the moviev theaters? okay. o >> also we'll take look at the'a big moments from the grammysrom last night.last n did you watch? what did youhat like? let us know. >> hello, sierra. ♪
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>> 7:40, al. >> virginia state police, stevet trying to determine if slick roads led to deadly accident in loudoun county. investigators say a woman was driving along larry bird higathh in leesburg when her car rear ended a backhoe. bkh she died on the s now the driver of the backhoeac was not hurt.. in montgomery county policem are asking for help from anyonea who may have witness add deadlya car crash.rash this happened in potomac,otac maryland.ryland police say a dodge viper was was going westbound when it left thf road and hit a concrete wall. 18-year-old woman riding in the front seatin was killed. k the 21 year old driver survived. happening today, fairfaxrf county parents and students demanding full funding for the 2017 school butch. they're gather at the fairfaxtha county government center thistet afternoon where they plan to aso county supervisors to invest inn kids. fully fund the school boardool approved budget.. strong student participation isa expect the license includeense music, chanting an flash mob.ob coming up in today's foxox
7:42 am
for the new independence day movie. viv ya a. fox and brett spiderri reveal what -- why they return returned. >> all righty. grammies were jam packed withm d awards, performances andans tributes. we'll take look at some of the o big winners next. ♪
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♪ >> my goodness. i did not request this but yout know i'm loving it. >> i got nuked watching this yesterday. >> you did? >> i love it. >> my goodness. igo i know what i'm doingod
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you're looking live at a new bald eagle camera at the at national arboretum.oret two eagles live there.he their names mr. president and pt the first lady.first ady. the birds first made their neste there in 2014. they raised one eaglet there the last year. yr they are now busy nesting twoest new the first lady laid an egg onn february 10th and the second sec on valentine's day. d these eggs are expected to hatca mid march. mar >> you know when the littleit babies are in that nest we'll be watching it non-stop, right?ig >> so very cool. >> i just -- i don't know. don't i just love it. i don't know.i don't ow i'm not sure.not su >> maybe something they want tot tell us, ticker.icke >> look at momma. >> all right. r we'll be watching that. tha you have to tell me how to findd >> so regal, steve. steve >> who said it's in the cheap part of town? >> i don't >> okay. >> maybe it's meant for yout' tus cker.cker. maybe it's meant for thee it'snt groundhog.
7:46 am
>> oh, the groundhog much that is the coolest cam e did you see where i can find caf >> did we say it.>> d >> on the inter web.e inteb. >> the national arboretumum website. website. >> very helpful. check out ice accumulationsio overnight.t. just an icy mess developing late night. night. almost a quarter inch at ice vienna. vienna. third there germantown.there rmn quarter inch purserville.h ervil much of the area trace to about a third of an inch of ice we'll melt that off here prettyt quick. k. temperatures above freezing forr just about everybody. but it's going to take a fewoioa more hours. flood watch getting heavy rain y at the moment and i'm now seeine reports on my twitter account oo some ponding on the roadways and some of the roads are getting tg be troublesome.roubso so just keep that in mind thatin in addition to the ice threat tr we're now dealing with the with potential for rain -- flooding o for the next couple of hours. h 50 now in washington.asng 38 up in baltimore. 45 in gaithersburg.sbur 43 dulles.ul these numbers have really surges in the last two hours.ou everybody was near freezings early this morning.early this 52 in leonardtown. so much warmer frede
7:47 am
forgotten you're under our under banner here since we got a lotwt of school cancellations.ations you too are in the upper 30s.pp everybody should be well intoeln the 40s to about 50 over the the next couple of hours t will help melt off what froze uu last nig heavy rain moving up and downndd 95. lots of heavy rain out to theute west. still a pocket or two ofa ck freezing rain well north andll h west. the mountains really holding ono to the cold air just as long asl as possible.. even along 81 you guys will lose the cold temperatures shortlyreo and you should be well into thet 40s so that's great rain will be with us the firsthf half of the day the. by late morning a nicemornin improvement, and we'll bee'll quieter this afternoon with high temperatures about 50.bout 50. mother nature will do the worke for us h there's future cast at 11:00.t10 still getting heavy rain locallc but notice the back edge of that very distinct there along 66.lo. there we are at 1:00 o'clock. o. we should get perhaps even latee day sunshine with temperatures in the low 50s.he low0s nice improvement a quiet weathea forecast we deserve it after ava couple of days of wintertimete here. in fact several days of wintertime.wi get into wednesday, thursday,ede friday and saturday. sat i just want to point out
7:48 am
you're looking forward to the weekend near 60 degrees with0 de sunshine.hi. perhaps we can dine outdoors,or, erin. >> i would love that.ouldove >> okay. >> yay! something to look to. t that will get us through thisout rough commute.ugh commute. look at the inner loop liee in connecticut.coecti completely stacked up withta up volume.vo we have a crash just passed thii point.pot. reports of a pothole as you makm your way passed the seminary ser road overpass.verp give yourself plenty of extra time.time standstill traffic dealing withf rain coming down causingng additional slick spots inal s addition to the earlier icyear y conditions we were up against.we let's move over to a different e camera.ra aside from that the outer loopur jams a bit of a rubber neckubben delay and then traffic reallyea slow by colesville road.e r that is a normal congestion plus rubber neck from the crash righr by this overpass on the inner ir loop. let's check in with connecticutt avenue right now.ow earlier vehicle fire is underer control connecticut inbound i right before georgia still sll seeing the turn lane blocked byk police activity.y so use caution there.on you can see bus out and about ao traffic seem to go pick up am little bit better than what weha were seeing before. b
7:49 am
let's go ahead and check in witt our maps. we have a metro update for you.y because of speed restrictionstrn near stadium armory delays inels both directions on the orange,ng silver and blue lines. l. give yourself some extra time it you're taking that form of metro today. toda red line is back to normal.l. aside from that vre asking folkf to be extra cautious walking too the platform because of ice.f same story if you're walking oui and about in the district making your way to work this morning. i keep updated if you have anyny specific questions you can reach out to me at erin fox5 d.c. back to you guys. ♪ the music world has lot of another star.r s pop singer model and actressress vanity lead singer of vanity sit has died.ied. she was just 57 years old. vanity whose real name was denise matthews was a proto jayy of prince in the '80s.80 vanity struggled for years with drug use and health issuesssue related to her kidneys. kne she eventually left her party lifestyle behind and became a be christian evangelist.ngis she also appeared in a number oo tv shows and films like this ono
7:50 am
>> remember back in the day in y pretty much anybody associatedse with prince it was gold. gd. >> right. >> like rocket to stardom and fame.fa >> that's right.>> >> imagine if social immediateci would have been back then. imagine.> ine she was always such a beautiful person physically and then it'sn sad to hear about that.ha >> well we're celebrating music of today yesterday. yesterday. kind of last night was the night grammy awards. 58th annual. >> all right. best album of the year went toao taylor swift for 1989. 198 she used her speech to encourage young women who feel discourageo by others something her commentr were directed to kanye west who recently said that he made her famous in a song. >> mark rob son and bruin foe mars up town funk for record off the year and their theirheir acceptance speech he gave aave a shout out to prince, james browo and george clinton for beingor g leaders in funk. fun >> i just want to thank --- >> and rapper kendrick lamar bib winner of the night.ig five awards including
7:51 am
of the year.ea during his speech he thanked his family and his colleagues andole dedicated the award to hiphop. that was just a taste of tao some of the big moment of theom come up 8:00 more from the shows including what happened tod to adele's performance how lady pay good honored david bowie and why everybody is talking about thekt broadway hit hamilton. >> somebody said now now youowow won't be able to get ticketsicke until the year 3056.r >> and they are pricey. no doubt. if you can get them. g t in today's fox beat the new then movie independence day resurgence reunited some of thee original cast from the 19966 independence day film. >> kevin mccarthy sat down withw two of them viv have a a. fox and brent spinner or signer to e pack about the differenceifre between shooting a movie thentit and now. n here it is. >> this is like absolute honorte to be on this se ht w i was 12 2 years old i sat in theater with my draw beyond to the floor wheo the white house exploded.e housd i'm wondering we're sitting hern onset today. 20 years where are we, what can we expecc from this part of the movie when people see this set p >> we
7:52 am
the african set. >> we were actual until africa.r >> it feels like it.. >> so good of you to come alle a this way. w we're in africa.. >> africa set in new mexico.. >> that line today we celebratee our independence day -- >> today we celebrate our end dense day!nse day >> i want to hear your bestr yob today we celebrate oureb independence day.. >> today we celebrate our independence pennsylvania day! ! >> got to put base in there. the i could be the first sisterstis president. you know what i'm saying. w >> i loved it.ha>> lov >> yeah, yeah, we got to kick tc they butt.they butt. no they ain't coming up herep h trying this again 15 years y later. ter. um-um. (laughter). >> your turn, buddy.ou >> let me suggest something sugm else. >> all right.>> aight >> you know, there was after the film came out they today pocketp version of independence day anda then they came out with a secons one which was the prequel to independence day that was about dr. okin.. ok
7:53 am
>> gone to berkeley and this ant that and the other how he cameam to area 51. and i'm thinking in they ever e shoot that film, man, you could play dr. >> i'm in.'m i >> just cast you.>> >> couldn't he?>> >> yeah.. >> get 20th century fox on theon phone. phone. i'm in.i'm in. what are the biggest differencee and similarities shooting thehon '96 film and now.nd >> with the cgi it's morecgi itr advanced so it makes the stuntst and makes the stunts a lots ot easier.eaer. whereas before, you know, therey was a couploue of times where ie will never forget driving a truck which you know it was ah big deal. by the way can you drive stick?i i was like i guess so today. tod you know, jumping out -- comingm out of a tunnel jumping on a o limb that was hanging there. the it was a lot more -- i had toad have confidence in my fiscal f will the now they have things that can help you out a lot mor and you just kind of react to it. it so it's more acting internalin liesing thing.liesing thin >> the new movie independence day you'll have to wait fore tof eight little bit it would make m sense it
7:54 am
independence day. it will hit theaters in june.un they already obviously wrapped p production just be it will be here soon. it will be our independence day!y! >> thank you. tnk y >> here's a post valentine's day treat. filming underway for the next t chapter in the star wars sagaa already.y >> is that mark hamil again?ga >> yes, it is. >> okay. short clip was releasedt clip yesterday to announce the news.n >> that's the old one.. okay. >> all right. few new faces in the installmene including academy winner torro.. >> love him.veim. >> star wars episode eight due e out in december of 2017. may i just say for a momentm that watching that star wars --r force awakens the last one, and it was my sentiment when i washe leaving and i think i shared it whatever, but i had reallyeally forgotten how awesome. i mean goose bumps were the the force, the whole like -- it's i just so -- it's so
7:55 am you know what i mean? did you?u know that michael jackson off jn the wall when he's like it's thi force and all of that, that wass about star wars.abou >> i did not know that.. >> yeah.>> very interesting documentary.eny >> couple legends right >> i do know tucker if you goo online now you might be able tol get tickets to the opening nighn in december of 2017.f 201 >> i'm already in line. alrea i allison, did you say michaelicha jackson was in star wars. war >> michael jackson off the wallw album the force has got lot of t power in the album. alb >> i got it. >> he was referring -- he was- e inspired by the movie star warss the original. ogi when he was in new york.e wa n it's a documentary right now.ig >> very cool.ery cl. reagan national 50 degrees.0 dee not so cool at the airports.irrt that is great news. is grn warming it up 30s well into then 30s now at dulles and bwi b marshall. the great news we got the t temperatures above the bad news we're now getting g heavy rain across the area and a we've got flooding concerns buts at least the ice that we accumulated last night should become a thing of the past hereh over the next couple of hours. rain will be with us thisith morning and clear thing out latt
7:56 am
52 your daytime hig again if you don't need to get out roads wait a few hours f h things will be much much bettere by late morning early afternoonn look at the nice forecast to ent the week. look at saturday.. once again is a's daytime highs in the upper 50s with sunshine.n so a nice weekend to look l forward to.rwa erin, are you out there?he >> i am, tucker. unfortunately, i was looking at a bunch of cameras because the inner loop is very jammed up ass you head towards connecticut and that is because of a crash out by seminary road outer loop moving along okay bub wet conditions from some rainror that came down this morning. mog mix of earlier snow fromnow from yesterday we're dealing with ice conditions as well. wel so as you can see, really backec up speeds under 10 miles an hour at some we also have a pothole reportort taking out lane. you don't want to start the daye way flat tire.. use caution on the inner loop bh seminary road overpass. outer loop lie colesville roadvl jams as usual.. typical congestion there. if you have an early morninge an flight to catch on the way to bwi, reagan national or dulles
7:57 am
make sure everything is on time. things back to normal nor connecticut earlier vehicle fir under control by georgia. grg more traffic in just a fewraff t minutes. >> maybe you've seen gas getting close to dollar a gallon. galn. >> yes. >> somewhere it was just penniea a gallon. we'll tell where you coming uphn next. >> a good chance you'll returnol from your vacation with some extra weight and we're not just talking about souvenirs in your backpack or your luggage. lugga how about those vacation pounds? well they can lead to problems l down the road.oad. we'll talk about it in thehe 8:00 o'clock hour.'clock h
7:58 am
7:59 am
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♪ right now at 8:00, life loo8 outside on this tuesday morning. it's february 16th, 2016.y , temperatures on the rise but oni still a dangerous mix of snowf s and ice.and ice. it is now turned into a slicklik slushy mess as we deal witheal w heavy rain at this hour. h good morning to you.or i'm allison seymour. seymo >> i'm instead of chenevey.nsev welcome to fox5 news morning. before we get to the weathe we do want to mention theenti federal government still on three-hour delay rifle this morning.morng many school closings and delayss on the bottom of your sincreen r this morning. so let's get a look at thatt forecast now, tucker barnes is outside this morning keeping an eye onye conditions there as thingss th continue to warm up. tuck?tu? >> steve, first thank i noticedc the warmer temperatures.perature you step outside it feelst fee noticeably warmer. warme
8:01 am
but it is still i it will take a few more hours tu melt off the ice. t i maybe we can show just where myy feet are but look, i can do thet scooby do out here pretty quickq with very slippery conditionson still and good steady rainodtea across the region.egio so just hang in the warmer temperatures willture melt off the rest of this ice.hs things will improve greatly asas we get into the afternoon withew warmer temperatures moving but steady rain in fact we'veac' got concerns about flooding ass well through late morning.e m let's go to the maps.he m want to start with the floodhe o watch let you know we are under a flood watch through this t evening some very heavy rain look at on radar reports of somm ponding on the roadways locallyl here this morning.orni and again we've got that ice accumulation.ti ice and snow from yesterday noty going to help with the floodingd early this morning.. look at your numbers. nbers 50 at reagan national. 50 big surge we were at therg freezing mark in the 5:00 a.m.k0 hour. 45 in gaithersburg.sbur 45 in baltimore.. that warmer air working to thent north and west trying to get get into cup pepper and martinsburgg hagerstown and i think everybody will be well into
8:02 am
about 50 this afternoon along with it the threat of heavy rair we have good steady rainad r northwest d.c.hwes.c rain heavy at times this morninr with our frontal passage andassa then things should quiet downulw this afternoon. and we'll be in for just cloudsd again you can kind of wait thist out a few more hours that would be my advice.dv things will improve in a big wag as we get into the late morninge early 52 degrees with showers. sho all right. that's a look from outside agaia still slippery sidewalks. sew roads look pretty good but veryr slippery sidewalks. erin i'll toss it inside to you. >> thank you very much tucker. 8:02 right now. now icy conditions on our roads and problems.prms you can see behind me just how jam the inner loop is crash by connecticut avenue causing someg atypical slow downs usually thel inner loop is much quieter this time of morning.time we also have reports of atsf pothole taking out lane out byy the seminary road overpass. you're jam literally standstilla conditions leading towards thati area. at least two lanes blocked givee yourself extra time and use caution outer loop jams in ther usual spot bylo colesville roadr 270 on the southbound sideund se jamm f
8:03 am
town. we will have more traffic in just a few. thanks.thanks ice not only causing problems os the roads but also on theo on sidewalk.siwalk >> fox5's bob barnard isb barrd patrolling the district for icyy spots. sp he is in southeast now. n he's got another update for uspf much has it melted at all, bob?b >> reporter: it has quite a qu bit allison and steve. yeah, this is martin luthertin e king, jr., avenue in southeast. as you can see the street stree surface there's not much left ll the rain is pretty much washings all the slushy snow all thellhe frozen stuff away. a if you look up the street, metro buses are running pretty much on schedule here. he. especially on these major routee that are no longer blocked byedy anything really all this slushyu stuff is getting out of here. as you can see as they go by thb traction appears to be just finf and it is.anit is. you're right down to the surfacr which is it's 50 degrees right here iner southeast we've been showing you allng y morning these very icy and slici sidewalks which a lot of people were aid they were literally walking in l the streets to avoid the id
8:04 am
but they're much better now.r n there's still a little bit ofbio residue from the snow and freezing rain, and it's maybe ae little slippery but it's nots n icy. icy. not bad at all.t ba we've been showing you the cars that at 3:30, 4:00 this morningi up until about 6:00 this morning were end roughed with ice. i well that's all gone now becausu as you see here, you're right rg down to the windshield the warmer temperatures, there e rain is making it a lot easier e four people now having to get h out and go to work or wherever w you're going to get thereoing t without having to chisel awayl a your end roughed car. car so conditions are improving impi except for the fact that's factt raining and it's prettyy miserable out here getting going where you are especially here ii d.c.d.c. schools opening two hours lateat it will be lot easier for people get to go school want have yout in the coming minutes and hours. guys? >> all right. >> delay devil work dag.evilork thanks, bob. >> i learned something today s with the ice and keeping thend g snow on it and it gets the ice off your whipped shield quickerk >> we'll have much more on thea severe weather all morning longn you can follow our weather
8:05 am
any time you like on your mobilo device. just download the fox5 news and fox5 weather apps from the app store. they're free.they coming up new detailsw d emerging this morning aboutng a justin antonin scalia's healthea before he died plus thelu t controversy growing over his h successor.. >> also hillary clinton barking like a dog at a campaignn recallly? what in the world led up to this moment? coming up next. next. (church bell) (bear growls) (burke) smash and grub. seen it. covered it. we know a thing or two because we've seen a thing or two. ♪ we are farmers. bum-pa-dum, bum-bum-bum-bum ♪
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8:07 am
>> welcome back everybody. live look over the area we're seeing the turnover iur believe that's in prince's george's county from that t hardened ice to more of slush au the rain comes down. tucker will be along short tollo let us know when we can safelyas venture outside if you have to e go somewhere tod good we got ice and snow the same storm system is to blames a for a tornado that touched downd in florida. this was in northern florida ina the panhandle.hand at least 10 homes destroyedtroy there and some people did suffes minor firefighters still combing theng tear make sure that no one is trapped.apd now to the palmetto statehet south carolina where former president george w. bush hit thw campaign trail yesterday to hell boot his brother's campaign. cam in a speech president bush neven mentioned donald trump by name,y but said the country needs a nes president with humility. not someone who inn flames anger and frustration. hillary clinton got a littll animated when discussing her rep
8:08 am
93 yesterday.este the democratic front runner run taunted republicans by, well,el just listen to this.. >> i'm not sure how we do that d with republicans. you know, we get that dog andt a follow them around and every ane time they say these things like, oh, you know, great recessionecs was caused by too muchy regulation. bark, bark, bark. b we can cut right through a lotha of their, you know, they'rehe claims.. >> campaigning in nevada aheadna of state's caucuses which are wh scheduled for saturday.. this morning, there are newa details in the death of supremee court justice texas judge who decided not to order an autopsy says she spokes with scalia's personal dr. priop to making that decision. decis also revealed scalia had aliaad history of heart trouble, high, blood pressure and was considered too weak to undergo o surgery for a recent shoulder sr injury before his death. meanwhile republicans
8:09 am
saying that the president,rede president obama, should not fill justice scalia's vacant seat ons the supreme court. cou should let the next president dt that. for a second day president e obama is in southern californiar where he's hosting a summit of 10 asian leaders. leaders the summit is part of the obama administration's efforts tora'se strengthen an alliance of nations in order to counter theu growing influence of china. yesterday's talks faux cuff onk the economy.the o today they'll talk aboutk a security issues andnd anti-terrorism efforts. it also has just been announcedn by the white house that thete h president is visiting vietnam in russia is denying claims its war planes struck a doctors d without borders owls in norther syria. the air strikes have been blameb on russia and they happened dayd aft the country agreed togreed t proposed cease fire. however, a spokesperson forson president putin denies the un official say nearly 50 people civilians were killed in thes l attack including children.n the eagles of death met telt will perform tonight in parisn p fo
8:10 am
year's deadly terrorist attack.k the band was performing you'll remember at the bat clan concert hall when gunmen stormed in anda killed dons seven of people.onsf the band vow ped to return andea finish the show for its fans whw survived.ived. a touching moment during the pope's visit to one of mexico'sc poorest states.tes. >> the pontiff stopped to blesss a 14-year-old boy in a wheelchair who is suffering froo muscular dystrophy.ysop today the pope will travel toral will lead a holy mass and meetnd with young people at a localal stadium.adium his last day in mexico is tomorrow.ow still ahead at and tahd at a customers listen up.sisten u we'll tell you why your interner connection is about to get aabto whole lot faster.fas >> a live look outside onde o tuesday morning. there you go. oxon hill area we'll get a we' t closer look at weather and weath traffic coming up next.fic ng u time right now is 8:10.:10. ♪ ♪
8:11 am
8:12 am
8:13 am
♪ yeah. yeah. hmm. this is bad part of all of thisi folks out there with no power n right now. n we have an update for you on thr power outages. dominion power says outages are growing unfortunately.nfor there are now about 3600 outagee in the ashburn area, in thehe stafford area outages are up u once again to 3500. 350 but that one is due to a tree on wires. we'll keep you updat
8:14 am
>> all right. we'll check in try to brightenoe things up a little bit becausea it's that time of the molirningg like to just sit back and enjoy. >> i must say i've seen -- i had a little sneak peek. >> cuteness?ens >> and then jt, sweet baby jane. aww. >> perfect. >> let's do it. this is time now for fox5 photo of the day. this is chase.ha >> hi chase.i chase >> hi chase with a y. >> chase is a very adorable four months old.ld >> look at that face.ook tha >> and apparently wakes upak looking like that each and evere day.y. >> i'm sure he does. >> you know it. i feel happy just seeing him.g h >> look at his little two teetht on the bottom.on t you know he's a droolyy sweetheart. >> aww.>>. >> um-hmm. >> love it. >> about how many natural teetht i have left. >> to send us your child's's picture go fox5 d.c. and send them on in and we love that le h smile.ile. >> look at his little self.tle he make me so happy.ap >> need that great big smileig toy
8:15 am
>> i think he can be my childbei actually. actual >> what do you think, looks liks me and >> i can see that.>> can see it's sad, tucker. >> you wanted a boy so bad. >> i d oh, well, yeah. y >> you can be grandmom to boys.. >> um-hmm. >> a whole house of boys. o b >> maybe i will in like 20nike years. that would be awesome. be ome >> you big how long away youwa u want it. i vienna power outages much ice accumulations overnight. oveight quarter inch, third inch, manyan spots looking at the most ice accumulations i can remember tha last couple of years and againna germantown about third of ann inch per seville quarter inch.h. the numbers are unfortunatelynfa very high off to the north and a west. here's the good'she g 50 degrees in washington.. 55 in 52 in we're trying to warm up them entire region. regio most of the area has finallyally gotten above the freezing mark.g that is great news. i'm looking at martinsburg nottg quite there yet. y just about everybody else, andl, we will see temperatures surgerg into the upper 40s and low 50s s for everybody and that will tt really do a g
8:16 am
off the snow and ice we pickedep up in addition, we got heavy rainea across the region.egio flood watch in effect untilect u tonight.nit. heavy rain or steady rain will i continue through the late morning and then things should gradually up prove thiss afternoon with daytime highsme h again in the low 50s.ow mother nature will do a lot ofoa the melting for us.or that is great news.thatgrea wednesday, thursday and friday,a a nice quiet end to the work trk week and then this weekend signs of spring. s steve you can get out in the garden and start to, you know -k >> it will be great. gre >> till the soil. the soil. >> he's taking a road trip.takig >> you can text me your tuli app reports. report >> i certainly will. cer >> just >> crocuses. >> thank you. >> yes. either way. >> my yard i have dan doughough lions. >> snow drops. snow ops. (laughter). >> dandelions and other >> some day they'll be iconic.c >> they're beautiful.utif they add a little color. >> thanks erin.>> right now look at the delay. thd inner loop is really backed up u as you make your way passedsed connecticut.nnticut. we're dealing with a big potho pothole. there's several cars north ofras this point blocking the right
8:17 am
shoulder with flat tires. they're trying to get them'rtryi change. the big pothole right by b seminary road overpass.verp you need to get that filledha fe because of that after this poino you merge into the left lane. use caution this morning andiots unfortunately a lot of driversat not off to great start for sta tuesday morning. morni so the inner loop dealing withlg big problems there.he let's move it over right now anw show you a look at our maps. m now, if you are headed out thedo inner loop is down to an average of 16 miles per hour betweenur b wisconsin and georgia.eorgia so please slow down and just anj good reminder witness cold w weather and the rain coming down you may encounter new potholes e that weren't along normal route so use a lot of caution as youn head out this morning. bw parkway car into the woods tw right now lot of control on ther northbound side the 197 causingc some delay.some del little bit of congestion ingestn prince george's county as welley and bw parkway southbound asidea from that 66 on the eastbound eb side you are jammed 234 to centreville.reville. average speeds checking in about 38 miles per hour. per h multiple vehicle crash reported at 29 westbound blocking shoulder. that's going against the typicaa rush but you can encounter some delays there.delays the now keep in mind because ofsef federal offices
8:18 am
three-hour delay we're seeingren kind of a rolling amount ofmot congestion throughout the t morning.moin haven't seen that steady influxf it's been getting better andinge then things have been picking pi back right now earlier crash andshnd vehicle fire still closingll c western avenue at harrisonn ue street. detour around a right near river road. rer everything is under control andl luckily no injuries reported. rr aside from that as you make youk way out downtown by the capitolp keep in mind by the when you sa secondaries dealing with icydeal conditions as you walk around please travel with caution ash well. metro on or close to schedulee s right now. righ back to you.back >> erin, thanks.rin, my thomas out and about checkinc the travel conditions thisaveldi tuesday morning.morni he's rivaling bob barnard forarf most miles covered. cer >> he's in falls church now. hey. >> hey allison.on trying to beat bob and you knowk what i think we'll be able to d it here. because we've been to fredericke already.ready frederick maryland where the roads were absolutely he was was full. we then worked our way down int loudoun county to leesburg.urg where conditions were improvinge on the main roads. r but the side streets were stille pretty bad. . we're now in al
8:19 am
virginia in fairfax county, anda some of the side streets we'ree' just off route 7 and some of thf side roads back here in the her neighborhoods are still prettye bad. not as much muc i there's been heavy rain workingr its way through the region hereh that's been melting a lot of the ice on the roads. roa but roads are becoming prettygrt slush covered here as well.el so still kind of bad out on the sidewalks as well all snow covered still slick spots l thee good news the main thoroughfarer around fairfax county that we've seen so far are mainly just wett again, that's thanks to thet' t heavy rain coming through.hrgh the other threat i know tucker t has been mentioning ponding onip the roadways.the roay we've seen a lot of that. the drains are very clogged witl all this ice and so we have seen a lot of ponding on those roadways.ays but the good news is that sincee we've left leesburg ourur thermometer here has risen fromf 32 degrees all the way up to 45, 46 degrees. d so nearly 15 degrees of warmingw there so we're doing pretty
8:20 am
temperature wise. road conditions are of course, if you don't have to be out, stay inside.ide. let the rain continue to do itsi work and as tucker continues tos recommend it it looks like byiky the time we get to the afternoor hours most roads around the region will be okay. but we'll continue to monitor ir for you and send it back insides and let bob know i think we won. i think we won this time. (laughter).ghter). >> marathon, not a sprint.aratin but this leg may go to mikeik thomas. good news for expectant mothers. sweet treat new study says isdys actually good for you and yourro >> tailor swift shaking off a sf diss from kanye west. wes the grammy winner had choice h o words for the rapper in hern h acceptance speech for album off the year. how she fired back next. nt. ♪ ♪
8:21 am
8:22 am
8:23 am
♪ look at that.. >> nap time >> protecting those eggs. >> two egg under there.. another look at the new baldew eagle camera at the nationall arboretum.m >> that's momma. mom mr. president and the first ladi are the two eagles who livele wl there and she just had herer second egg on valentine's day. >> how sweet. s and this baby is due when,s d w march. ma >> i think in march. >> okay.kay >> two little eaglets. >> listening to the eagles.o thg i didn't get that.
8:24 am
>> listening to the eagles.thgle especially with the new kid inid town they'll be two new kids ind town. town. >> i get it. i >> 41 was lying eyes.yi e >> because momma was looking oui that eagle stare.. >> right. >> >> what do i need to ieo >> where are you, mr. president. >> get it out now so we don'tou have issues later. >> awww.ww okay. okay >> i was watching and listenings but i wasn't paying did we say where we can find c n that camera?that cer >> the national arboretum website. >> i'll check it out. i'l >> me, too. >> steve says he watched it allt day yesterday.rday >> i didn't say all day.idn't s i watch it yesterday. yeste >> much of the day?? >> no.>>o. >> a couple hours.ou >> not a couple of hours.ou. i watched it.ed i >> do you think those eagles arl yours now, steve?? (laughter). >> oh, boy. oh, >> let's go to the forecast.he f we got rain but good news we'ves got warmer temperatures.ratu 50 at reagan national. 37 at dulles.s. bwi marshall 46 degrees. 46 de that is great news. almost everybody with theverybo exception of the our viewersio well off to the north and westn in the mounnotains
8:25 am
their heads above the freezing n mark and the great melt is although it will take several i more hours.t heavy rain right now up and down d 95.. baltimore, d.c. down towardsnow fredericksburg getting verybueti heavy rain. r this will be with us for severar more hours. mo i think late morning, reearlyteg afternoon we'll be done with thh rain as the front moves throught but as mike thomas justt mentioned, lots of reports of rr ponding on roadways.dw we're melting off the ice andin the snow but picking up heavyeay rain, so my advice again if youn can wait it out a few more houre things will improve here in aeri big way by late afternoon.fterno there's your seven day forecast. 52 today. yeah, kind of cool wednesday and thursday but with sunshine and d quiet weather pattern i think it we'll all be happy. hap and those of you looking forookg signs of spring look at the loo weekend.ek saturday and sunday sunshine near 60 degrees.0 de >> very nice.>> vy ni >> in addition to crocuses snowo drops. little white flowers. >> oh. okay.okay they're some of the first're flowers as well every spring. wv >> what about the butterercup? >> eagle cam
8:26 am
>> look at the eagles. >> don't talk to him. >> different views. >> it is pretty cool i have totl say. >> it's amazing.. >> now i'm all stuck in ii erin, over to you. >> see it's addictive.. >> now i'm day dreaming about gardening, fresh vegetables,etab flowers. >> is that the president. >> that's the first lady.tht's >> i'm listening, erin. listee >> they can side track. t thank you allison.heank alli look at this mess.this want to pay attention if you'rey heading out on the inner loopnnl bisect connecticut avenue. cctit earlier crash several cars pulls over changing flat tires there'e a large pothole by the seminaryn road overpass they need to getd because of that traffic is is it a stand till before wisconsineio passed seminary road keep it to the left use a lot ot caution rain coming down as we well. you can city slick condition c slushy kind of ride right now.dd a lot of the ice in the area not to say you won't hit slickit patches but this rain is causins more of kind of just the slushyh typical rain commute. c let's take a look at our mapsato right now. righ aside from that 1bw parkway carc off the road into the reads byy 197 in prince william 66
8:27 am
38 miles per hour and then as hd you make your way out multipleti vehicle crash on the westboundhd side by 29.y caution there.ion we'll take a look at metro nextn back to you guys.s >> all right. thank you very coming up, filling up forp pocket change.hang we'll tell was caused a crazy price war between two gas two stations. >> who benefited. who first putting a few poundsa on while vacation is nothing not new,, right. >> nope. >> you're not exercising.'r you're eating new study e saysts that extra weight could bera hanging around long after you yu get home. hom dr. mike will join us live too explain next on what we can dote to make sure that doesn't happen. it's 8:27. 8:2 ♪ ♪
8:28 am
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8:30 am
>> i was hoping we would come back in with that eagle t are you tweeting out a link to o it, steve.te >> i'm going as soon as we're a done with dr. mike. dr. m >> in health news there's a good chance, there are it is. the first lady.y. that's her name. ne. sitting on her egg. e all righty. the national arboretum website is how you can follow that.low t in health news now, there'se a good chance your return fromuo your vacation with a couple a c extra pounds on you.extra pounds we're not talking about souvenirs in your luggagein youg either. >> it happens. new data supports something set called creeping obesity. osi i'm breaking out the air quoteso for you, dr. mike. d mik creeping obesity. hi. what is it? what is it? >> good morning. >> good morning. well there's lot of creeping c
8:31 am
going on.goin let me tell you. tl y when you go on vacation, thishis new research indicates onrch average you'll gain a pound but in my practice in my clinicalclc experience it's more like sevenn or 8 pounds and a lot of that ta weight doesn't go away.. so, look, i'm a big fan of the concept car pay diem you live your life. le. but you have to be aware thatwat when you go on vacation, you you have more alcoholic beverages,es you're going to pour in those it calories and you're going tooi gain weight.. >> so is it just being aware ofo this when we're on vacationio because i guess the question iss how long is it going to sticko i around if we just carp pay diemm it through the week of vacation? >> well, look, if i go onn vacation i want to be to go on vacation.on. i'm a big proponent living your life. if you live your life to the fullest, hey, it's okay, butkayb when you come back to the regular grind of every singleven day, you want to li
8:32 am
you want to get that weight offt by getting back to your exercise program, watching the caloriesae and, of course, watching theg amount of alcohol that goes in because that is just such an ease away to throw tons ofon calories into your body.your >> okay. let's move on to expectant momsm you know, if you had told meol m when i was pregnant that i tt couldn't eat whatever i wouldhae have said, okay, whatever wte dr. mike. dr. i have to eat it.have teat but one of the things that i dii love was chocolate and it turnsr out it wasn't so bad. >> not at all. a and this new research indicatese that if you have a small amount of chocolate every day, no more than about 30 grams per day, yo, can actually do your baby a favor. this showed increase blood flow to your baby if you consume csu small amounts of chocolate.hola good news for you those of you who aren't big fans of dark chocolate.oc they look at all kinds of k chocolate.ocolat maybe there's fat and there are calories so you don't want to
8:33 am
too much.too m as my grandfather used to sakes everything in moderation.. >> okay.>> i'm over those years, but that's good advice.ic i think it's going to give a ge whole lost folks a reason toks o smile. sm >> all i'm hearing is go on'm ha vacation and eat chocolate solae far. i kind of feel like i need to it sleep it off right now, dr. mi dr. mike. (laughter).. >> yes.>> yes. yes, do you. >> and if do you it, keep yourey mouth closed, right? >> exactly much that's thectly m question, right the proper waygp to sleep?? >> yes. yes yes. if you sleep with your mouth open, what happens is it iss increases the acid did the in your mouth and this can lead to cavities.caties why? because not only do you have that acidity causing damagm to the enamel, you have dry mouth, and that can increase the number of bacteria in your moutu and that causes cavities. cavit we see this a lot in a condition known as sjogren's syndrome.drom where you have chronic dry eyese and chronic dry mouth. m big problem.em ne
8:34 am
breathing through your mouth anu fix it if it's sinus problems, m or if you have sleep apnea, any number of those conditions,tion, treat it.t i >> all right.. >> one condition on top ofon onf another. >> thanks dr. mike.>> t have beautiful day. >> i was in washington over thet weekend. i love that city. i love love love love your city. >> nobody's phone rang. nobody's e-mail went off.ent o >> didn't get a text. >> haven't heard anything.rd find out after the fact. a >> well, the government is happp i came and went.. (laughter).(l >> all right. all dr. mike, thanks so much. so h. we'll see next >> hope you didn't eat too much. >> love you guys.u >> love you back. >> 8:34.>> let's check in with tucker givei you a little extra time, tuck. you have a lot to talk about.ut >> sure do. l about the rain right now and w warmer temperatures moving inres but we'll start with that floodf watch. check it out. flood watch in effect througheco this evening. i really think they'll lift this by early afternoon as thehe heaviest of the rain movingain v through at the moment. however, we are experiencingerig heavy rain locally i'll show yoy the radar here in just a secondc and that combined with the icebh and the snow from
8:35 am
causing flooding issues. iues. 50 now in 35 in quantico.35 iquan look at leonard town 52 degreesr 42 in annapolis.. 55 in cambridge. it's all good news here and he a temperatures are finally warming up because we got a lot of ice i off to the north and west. and w up to about a third of an inch accumulation and noticeot frederick and dulles are now aow above freezing as well.s w so the melt off has begun. bun the rain will help melt things i down as well. wel but i really think that it willi be a few more hours before allef is clear and roadways are in good shape as we still havetillv slippery spots across the regi region. there's your satellite/radar. you can see heavy rain welorkinr up and down 95 fredericksburg ug towards baltimore and pointsnd p north and still a pocket or two of freezing rain up towards tow hagues down but most of this isi just plain old heavy rain maybe a rumble thunder with wit the heavy rain will continue through late by early afternoon we shh ouldhl gradually see some improvementmo and maybe even a little late day sunshine get a chance to startnt drying out of notice thoseiceho temperatures everywhere welles into the 40s and low e 50s later so once
8:36 am
just let nature dot melting forg you here over the next couple of hours.s all right?? >> all right, erin. eri should you traffic. >> great mood today, tucker, io can >> well thank you. >> 8:36. 8:3 >> several pounds of chocolateho and four cups of coffee. cups of i feel >> tucker also borrowed myrrowey makeup this morning i'd like toi note you look extra dazzling. dn >> why, thank you it was it w actually moisturizer.stizer. >> it was in all fairness.rnes yes, allison. >> remember do something for grouch day. >> it is do something for ao so grouch day. >> i've already done things foro steve. you've done things for tucker. >> tucker borrowed myy moisturizer and i didn't didn' remember why he neat kneaded tot we'll get you some more som chocolate aft this traffic hit.c right now inner loop out by o connecticut all jammed up. we have a pothole by the seminary road overpass.veas cars unfortunately starting thee day with flat tires along the te right shoulder. it's hard to see because theecat overpass kind of takes that outo outer loop rubber neck delay ana typical congestion as you head h past colesville just kind of ani icy rainy yukky start to
8:37 am
tuesday. tues congestion picking up federalnga offices on three hour delay.rel so not exactly the steady stead congestion we normally see butmb it's kind of been on a rolling i basis throughout the morning. mi we'll switch it over now for a a look at our maps. maps. aside from that bw southboundth crash approaching 410 delays del back to the beltway cautionau there in prince george's. g and then northwest crash earlier vehicle fire under controle r cn western avenue should beern reopened soon as you make your y way towards river road. r we'll updated oh and that. luck follow power taken out byrn the the car struck a utility pole. e 66 eastbound typical slow downwn down to 16 miles per hour. 234 to sent centreville furiller taking trains metro largo pound silver line off loading at foggy bottom. turn back to wheelly for service. marc trains late out of frederick because of ice and vre are asking folks to slow downw n and use walk you're walking ability to slip and fall outll o there is extreme because of icyi patches. so that's your look at traffic.c
8:38 am
and allison and i will continueu to shower steve and tucker with praise and gifts on this special day. y >> we're not you go chiness go s because really we haven't gottet that much to be honest. >> oh. oh. >> we'll have to up the grouchpu factor.ctor. >> wow.>> w. >> okay.ka >> you're >> that was your chance to sayur that's not possible. see, i even served it to you. >> i'm halfway there. there coming up att and will test a super fast 5g mobile what it is and do you really dea need it? >> that was a great read.ea >> thanks, al.hank >> you're >> so nice. >> what led to a price warricear between two gas stations staon allowing drivers to phil up for pennies per gallon. >> i don't like it. >> get him snickers.ers. (laughter).(laughter).
8:39 am
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♪ comcast customers lost partp of their television service for several hours yesterday inay in several major cities includingng washington but the company saysy it is now fixed in most places. customers lost some of their channels but got some the cause of the outage and howd about subscribers it affected ac unknown right now. n if you are an at&t wireless customer your interneter connection is about to get wholt lot faster because they're testing out 5g this spring. s that's attempt to delivero d network speeds that they claimhy would be 100 times faster than 4g.4g. at&t is hoping to entice entic customers to switch to its to i wireless service by offerin
8:42 am
pay off what you owe your oldld read the fine print. finent. keep in mind lauren simonettioni earlier telling us it would be b great to have the fast speedstpd but you can blow through your allotment of,, what is it,. >> data. da >> usage.>>sage data. >> makes sense. sen grass may be cheap how aboub filling your tank up for penniep on the gallon. >> would not ab bad thing andhig some drivers in ohio were able l to do when a computer glitchte dropped the prices at a gases a station in toledo.oled another one across the street te lowered its prices to stay totay the extra low pricing lastedas three hours. hrs before returning to >> 19 cents a gallon. >> one driver said he filled his empty tank for 26 cents beforene the computer malfunction was resolve. >> he fill his whole tank for 26 cents? ce >> per gallon.nt>> >> probably.>> p whatever. it's cheap.'s >> it's not going to happeng to again. >> not going do worry tucker will be back with more oo today's rain and slickain a conditions. >> we're also going to take als look at the biggest moments fron the grammys last n did you watch? if you did, then you definitely saw lady gaga's
8:43 am
tribute to david bowie.david i loved this moment. >> john legend with the lionelll richie tribute. thea that was great.thea i loved that. all right. >> ♪
8:44 am
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so sweet. ok, we're going to need a napkin gooey, flaky, happy. toaster strudel. ♪ ♪ >> let's go right to summer. g let's go right to summer. sum the voice of an angel. (laughter)
8:46 am
>> that's right, steve., s >> sing it tuck.>> >> a little jealous.tle jeous. >> um-hmm. >> while i do the weather i want to you to find what blowing blo through the jasmine of my mind n means. >> i think i know already. iw al >> i don't think we have to look that one up. >> vienna virginia quarter incht ice accumulations from lastionsf night. we got to melt this off. o we got a lot of rain doing partg of the trick and warmer aar temperatures the other half ofaf it, but very impressive iceive i accumulations third of an inch in germantown. purchaserville quarter inch. flood watch continues throughti this evening. e we'llly i think the weatherthk h service will let this go earlyhe this afternoon but heavy rain at the moment had widespreadidpr reports of ponding on thengn roadways combination of the icei kind of blocking drains and that kind of thing. so just keep that in mind.n md. conditions are not great early.. 50 now in washington. 48 in baltimore. baltimo 52 in leonardtown. nice big surge of warmer air inr the last couple of hours. hou when i got here this morning itg was 32 at reagan national. that shows you how much we've
8:47 am
warmed up much still trying tolo warm it up out to the west and got news s everybody with the exception of culpeper andr and cumberland above freezing thaten is great news as the trend willd be to warm the entire region upu into the 40s and low 50s aow 5 little later this afternoon.noo. there's your satellite/radar.ter heavy rain at the moment.y right up and down 95.nd dn prince george's county oute's cy towards annapolis and an rah rua dell county, calvert county mucy of you guys in southern marylann got six, eight, 10-inches of0-cf snow yesterday. now you're getting heavy rain oi top of it.f that's likely to cause to additional flooding we'll haveon heavy rain with us for new moree hours. errly afternoon we'll call it quits op this winter hybridr h spring system.yste feels like spring out there now with temperatures in the 50's. s there we are at noon. n most of the vein east of us byvu noon we'll get a chance to quit things down. dow i think we'll get a little'll gt sunshine by mid to late by mid t afternoon and that will help drp thing out. out. again, mother nature can do mosd of the work here for you over o the next couple of hours.f hou this your seven day forecast. 52 this afternoon. aer notice the sunshine the rest of the week. want to point out on saturday and sunday we got sunshine andun
8:48 am
well above normal into the upper 50s. this is your saturday afternoonr forecast. look at the 60s expected acrossa the region by saturday. sur so we've got warmer weather to look forward to over the next several days.l d that is a weather update. steve, allison but the eagle cam down. down (laughter).(lau >> fascinating. >> it is. >> let's fine out right nowine i what's happening on good day d.c. because we are just 11e ar minutes away. mi what's up,nu guys?p,uy >> hey. >> good morning.good >> good morning, wismo. >> i like that n >> allison and steve.llnd steve we just heard tucker talkingke about some of the worst ice thit area has seen in a couple years. >> head two hours on good day gd d.c. live team coverage on the aftermath of this nasty holidayd storm and the flooding concernsn for this afternoon. aerno >> also ahead the race to thee o white house interesting developments for both thepm republican and democraticen a da candidates.ates >> plus weiss parents in maryland are worried about the w level of radiation exposurexp their children are getting at gi school. should you be, too? we'll takek a closer l
8:49 am
>> holly morris getting ready ta go over grammy's biggest bge moments. that's next and ahead at 9a, wew talk live to a local music critic.crit did the grammying get it right?t wouldn't if they d at 10a thoset grammy fashions, fab or fail? r our version of the fashion f police assembled and y, taylor swift is on the list. hmm. which side i wouldn't is she ono you'll just have to watch.oat 10:30 is your time to find out. >> jam packed good day d.c. jusj a few minutes away. sophia vergara on the list. l >> she's always on the list muc she's gorgeous.shgorg >> she's fabulous. fab >> did we ever find out whatt rolling through the jasmine ofue my mine m >> we were trying to going getrg it. we couldn't get it. cou >> we'll tell you off camera. >> oh snap.p. >> you're too young. you're to let me tell was it means.. >> allison.llison. >> yes, dear.>> y, d >> you're always fabulous.ou'r more fabulous than anybody onboy the red carpet. >> don't lie but thank you. liet you know what, lie. thank you very much. we'll see in you a little while. (laughter). >> see you later.>> >> he doesn't want his grouchro picture taken.pictur >> you trying to ad add him toio th
8:50 am
>> he doesn't want to be on theo grouch list.n >> okay. >> unforgettable momentsgettablm everything from lady gaga to a broadway smash hit last night sh which i thought was amazingzing performance.ornc >> holly it's do a grouch ao a g favor day. that's what steve was saying.ass >> we'll be busy. we'll >> yeah, right.h,ht (laughter).. >> take care of -- maureen andra wisdom will get that birds and s bees lesson a little later.e >> i know.>> >> we are talking grammys righty now, and so you know let's go g ahead and stars with the mrs mrs. sometimes there's more fune before the show we learnedhow rihanna would not be performingg as scheduled because of anse oan illness. a doctor put her on vocal rest r for 48 hours because she was ats risk of damaging her vocal cor cords. and one of the night's highly h anticipated performances fell aa little flat.ttla when adele had to deal with a slight audio issue.slig let's take a listen. ♪
8:51 am
>> now adele later tweeted thatt the piano mikes actually fall ol to the piano strings so it mate sound out of tune. t cbs also confirmed that by the t way. she also said because of theusee problem she was treating herselr to in and out burger.. keeping it real.t r see, that's why we love adele.o. >> that's right. that's >> there were also severalo s tribute performances throughout the night. let's talk about the hits now. stevie wonder and pan tonicic honored maurice white with this performance from earth, wind and >> ♪ >> talk about lady gaga now.agan she paid tribute to david bowiev a lot of people talking about this performing several of hisgf greatest hits.greatest she began with bowie's first smash hit "space oddity" end the performance with a powerful powr version of his landmark song son heroes.hero. the eagles paid tribute to glenn frye taking the stage to perforr take it easy.t they were actually joined by b jackso
8:52 am
song with frye and in a tribute to music legend lionell richie r all star lineup sinking amazingg medley of his s john legend, demi lovato, lukea, brian, may i don't know tray nor and tyrese gibson performed some of his biggest hits. pressing hello to brick house. h at the end of it although the singers joined richie himself hm for a performance of all night t long. i saw one person say theyy actually wished that had lasted all night long. it was that good.ha everybody really enjoyed it.t. okay.ay since it was an award show wee talk bout hardware taylor swifti wouldn't album of the year mak making her the first woman to ever win the award twice.. during her acceptance speech,e , she waste nod time firing backeg at kanye west who recently ren dropped a new song with lyrics i taking all the credit for makink her famous.s take a listen. >> they are going to be people along the way who will try to t under cut your succe
8:53 am
credit for your accomplishmentsn or your fame. >> if you just could focus on the work -- >> swift doesn't name names.. but we all new exactly what shee was talking about, right? andnd finally the wildly popular popar broadway play hamilton won for f best theater album of the year. the cast also performed take aek look at this. ♪ >> the snow which did he bowed last august has enjoyed a soldol out run and much critical a claim and to to that all i have to say hash tag i have ticketsat in april.. (laughter). >> i'm jealous.>> >> you know what -->> >> great performan yce. pance. >> the grammys never disappoint i don't think.
8:54 am
good year. >> i thought so too. tho >> lot of people on social media that -- that - >> don't ab grouch, steve.'t abr >> let me just do this. let a lot of people on social medial who were saying that it wasas boring, you know, they wereno falling asleep.faing you know, maybe there wereere moments it wasn't an excite eyeing enjoyed the show, >> there's no award show that is non-stop great from beginning ti end. >> exactly.>> exactly. >> they all he been and flow i thought hit enough high momentsn and itou had people you expected to win a few surprises speakings of which i thought tori kellyork was going to take home new artist.tist i fell like meghan trainor hasir been out that for awhile. >> she was very gracious meghan trainor thank for making me anea >> tori kelly might be able too get it in 2019 for next newne artist. >> holly thank you very much.y h >> way to play it, steve. >> thank you holly. i put out a twitter poll whatol your favorite performance wasrme last night with the options being kendrick lamar, lady if ay go
8:55 am
there. >> taylor swift.>> t >> justin beiber or someoneomeo else. kendrick lamar running away witw it on the twitter poll. p >> it was theater.heat >> it was really good. >> half the votes so far. let's check in with tuckerht barnes he gets our vote for -- - >> yes.>> i'm waiting patiently. >> best fox5 morning -- -- >> weather, snow,. snow, >> man. >> rain, ice day. >> good job, tuck. t >> thank you very much. y i think i'm honored.ouin there's your satellite/radar.elr i'll be popping later thisg ter morning. we got heavy rain just east oftf washington. you can see it pushing through h southern maryland. prince george's county and arundel county towards baltimore very heavy rain. hvy flood watch which continues fors the day today. t i think the weather service wilw let it go later this afternoon as post most of this rain shoul be out of here by late morning.i rain causing ponding on the we do have the threat of floo flooding and it's also helping melt off all the ice we ice w accumulated yesterday.esteay that is great there's your seven day forecasts 52 today.52 tay much muc
8:56 am
forecast for the middle and ende of the week and look at the weekend.end flowers will be blooming, well,l maybe. i'm jumping -- maybe i'm'm premature here it will be a nic weekend. highs in the upper 50s about 60t saturday and sunday withday wit nice looking for calf thiski for weekend. erin, roads? pleasant? >> no. look at that, tucker.attucker not pleasant.t. you're overall cheer thiser thi morning and look forward to ford spring is making me mep so thank you.nk it gives me something to taketo with me because this commute ise just terrible. trible. rainy, slushy mess on the the beltway. inner loop we have reports of as pothole taking out some right se lanes out by the seminary roadar overpass.overpass. you're all jammed up. up. literally parked towards thatdsa overpass we don't have cleart hc view of the crews working on thw pothole because it's obstructed by the overpass just look atk that delay though i know you'rey up against slow sw t. that's the outer loop right ther there by colesville road.e r that's jammed with typical slow-moving traffic becauseovinf federal offices are opening on a three-hour rolling delay today t just because of weather. weath we're seeing congestion develop
8:57 am
different hours than we normalla do. let's take look at our mapske l right now.ght . aside from that southbound crasn bw parkway approaching 410.roacg more traffic, your full forecasc an great good day at 9a. at 9 back to you guys. >> thank you, err rip. time right now 8:57.w 8 still to come on good day -- d >> is wi-fi in schools a healthh hazard? why some parents sayens they're concerned about a newd b program in a local schoolal soo district. district. >> all right. let's get one more look at eagle cam. we have to. >> yay !>> >> ♪ >> so regal. there's momma.ther the first lady.y. >> perfect song.ct song >> we'll be back with good dayid after this. t >> perfect. ♪ ♪
8:58 am
8:59 am
9:00 am
♪ straight ahead, thaw thawini t.t. the d.c. region woke up frozenre solid. but after days of temperaturesea below freezingre, it's actuallya feeling more like spring.g. unfortunately, that means a mess left behind. my experience strongeste stn person usually isn't the loudese one in the room.. a none too subtle shot from ar a former president george w. bush. hitting the trail for his little brother jeb. but donald trump showing no n signs of backing down. ♪ kendrick lamar stealing theg show at 58th annual grammymmy awards.ds plus, taylor swift's message t


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