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tv   Fox 5 News Edge 6  FOX  February 16, 2016 6:00pm-6:31pm EST

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and all that thawing out left a mess behind including these huge potholes. plus a fox5 viewer called us fof help after the rain caused thisd pool of water in her front yardt the news at 6 starts right now. it is good to have you with us tonight at 6. i'm shawn yancy and i'm tony perkins. just 24 hours articulation, thet headline was ice. now we're concerned about all the rain that we've had today h and flooding. let's check in with sue. sue she joins us with more on what we can expect. the temperature warmed up and the sun came out. > wasn't it nice to see the sunshine. >> yes. it gave us all hope. it was such a frigid weekend. now a big warmup. we got up to 53-degrees. even better news, guys, around 3:00 the flood watch was canceled. the flood watch threat has gones way down. it was a different story this morning when we picked up abouto an inch. all that rain on top of melting snow had an impact on streams o
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that has gotten a lot better. even the wind has helped to blow some of the water downstream ana get it on its way out to the atlantic ocean. our rain is also long gone. there is a new system just to the south but that one is a little one that is going to pass down to southern and central c virginia with a little bit ofh snow.a that is not in the cards fromm us, although we will see the clouds from that system coming m in a little bit.tle that was some big rain and we w missed out on the thunderstorms by only just a little bit. they had very strongtron thunderstorms and very powerful winds just north and east of the d.c. area and up towards philly. in the meantime we picked up to a good half inch and inch and aa quarter in a few spots and that was of great concern over central virginia where they had the jack pots yesterday.rday everything is settling down. the last of the flood watch dropped and boy we were helpedd out by these high temperatures today and it is still mighty pleasant out there now.
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still expect most places to heao down to freezing if not blow. caitlyn is tanning by out in northwest. she was on duty out thereut yesterday and we still have to t watch for a little bit of icy patching here and there tonight, caitlyn, but it's certainly aera lot better out there. >> it does. but there's always something. what are we on face four or five. we have gotten through most ofst the drama as you put it, sue, but yes, with temperatures falling blow freezing especiallc in our suburban spots tonight we are little worried because outside behind me it has been dryvit it was a gorgeous afternoon. we did have a lot of winds, but it's so nice to see traffic moving no concern of icing on thehe roadways anymore.adwa earlier today it was the flooding concerns. we had temperatures risingg overnight and we had heavy rain and as a result a lot of the t creeks and the storms were over flowing their banks spilling out onto lot of flago creek and tocomo park earlier today
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we saw those waters rising very rapidly because you had a coupla of inches that fell across montgomery county and the wholee area for that matter. then you had rapid melting during the overnight combinedigt with the heavy rains. so a lot of the snow piles thatt we saw yesterday are long gone, which is great. but as a result it's just too t much that happens too fast. again, that was flago creek parkway right in between silver springs and tocomo park. what is out there at the top of the 5:00 show and you're already seeing the creek reside into it's banks. it's probably the same for just about everyone. as sue mentioned, the flood f watch has been canceled. into tonight that's what we'll be watching. some probably isolated refreezeo around the area. we'll keep you updated with thah and probably have a reportt coming up tonight at 10. a that's the latest from out here in northwest, d.c. > thank you very much, caitlyn. here's what it looked like earlier today across the dmv along beach drive andest/west
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the roads were an icily slushy mess, fortunately fewer peoplefe were out there on the roads. in southeast the sidewalks on martin luther king jr. were cleared out pretty well. but this afternoon the pavemente was a little slick, but manageable and the streets were also clear. over on the beltway a small pothole became a big problem for vehicle also out there on the road. eight to ten of them got flat tires after going through the pothole. it was such a problem out theret it required emergency pothole repairs right during the middle of morning rush hour. that pothole was many that hehe emergencied aaa expects this to be a recordd year for vehicle damage because of pothole. the triple threat snow is and rain that we got in the 24-hourr period. they've already put the wheels w in motion. drivers have been dodging big craters in the roadways across r the area. transportation agencies urge residents to report problematic areas. and the snow and the rain has created a messy situation
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some area homeowners. take a look at this, larry and jacqueline whether it field sayy the front of their temple hillsm home often turns into a lake after bad weather. they say they've made severaly' calls to the county about fixing the drainage system in a that area to get rid of the water. however, the whether it fields say the problem has not benzolled. when it rains, heavy downpour, the water surrounds my house. not only what you see now, but up to the driveway to the garage door. the water runs down both sides of the house and it carries garbage with it. when it over turns trash cans. we have to do the policing and clean up. > the whether it fields sayer i they are concerned that theon water is going to eventually come into their house. the water is already creating erosion in their backyard. > president obama rapped up his visit where he held a summit with the leaders of the southeast nation.sout over the topics discussed,ssed security, the economy and
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counter the growing influence of china. during a press conference a short timing a the president announced the summit was a success. i believe summit has put the usation partnership on a new trajectory that will carry us to greater heights in the years ahead. we balance the age of the pacific including southeastation will include to be a foreign policy of my presidency.res > friends and family gathered t today in maryland to report or to remember a hartford sheriff's deputy killed last week. a viewing was held in abingtonbg for deputy daily and deputy mark long son r were killed at a shootout at a pennsylvania inner a bread by a david evans that was later killed by police. funerals will take place saturday.turd > now, we turn to the district where police a l
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pair of robers who held up a store on earn avenue northeastet last week. the men were wearing face masks and both of them pulled out guns. surveillance video shows the men rifling through the store. they took items and then emptied the cash register.the no one was hurt. police are asking anyone who may recognize these men to call them. straight ahead at 6 tonight howh should former d.c. mayor marion barry be remembered in the city. a few ideas have been throwing out there and renaming ballou high school is one of them. hear what people in theha community aret saying about tht possibility. then it is another step towardss restoring the relationship between the us and cuba. when dozens of flights may soons fly into cub cuba. s
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> welcome back, the courtroomrm chair of supreme court justice
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anton scalia is draped in blacke as part of a tradition datingg back to the 19th century. a black drape was also put over the main entrance to the supreme court chambers.s. the longest serving member of the supreme court scalia died over the weekend while on a hunting trip in texas. the 79 year old with will lie in repose at the supreme court court:meanwhile, the battle the lines have been drawn as the president prepares to replace justice scalia.scal a short timing a during a pressp conference in california, theori president said he plans to nominate someone who he says is, quote, in disputable qualifiedpa for the seat held biophysical yeah. for the first time in more thant a half century commercialry flights between us and cuba will be a reality. they signed an agreement to resume air traffic. officials are aiming for sometime next fall. some major airlines have alreada submitted proposals to the department of transportation. the t renewal
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latest step in repairing the relationship between the two countries.untr it's been nearly 15 months since former marion barry has died. they are still trying to figurer out how to honor the man. m one identify being fleeted is tt rename the ballou high school. but not everyone likes that proposal. a lot of residents that areents still in the community have an attachment to the school and have an attachment to the namehe of the school. they wear like a badge of honor. i agree by the work that was w done by marion barry.. i think he did an excellent job of having the school rebuilt. he is well liked, well loved.ovd > those who want to keep the ballou name says this has nothing to do with the marion barry. they have suggested renaming the new all boys high school instead of ballou. b what if they were combine
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names, possibly ballou barryu b high school.choo maybe that might be a suggestion. > i -- okay. -- that's a possibility. i suspect they're going to windo up with, you know, two separatee names. >> that way you could get to keep both. > social media making you a gnars situate probably so. justs ahead, why experts say facebook, twitter and all the like are fueling self absorbed behavior like never before. remember this, she took plentyny of heat for especially entitle performance. what happened to all the anyway sayers who called bisays. pop singer model and actress rabbit, the lead singer of vanity 6 has died. she was 57.7. vanity whose reel name was matthews was a property sage ofo prince in the 1980s. she vug led for years with drug issues and health issues related to her kidneys.
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she later left her lifestyle behind and became a christian he advantage list. she was in a number of shows, including the last dragon.
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> you're so vein. y you probably think this song isk about t you. you're so vein. well, you know, just taking a selfie, excuse us. i'll post that later. if you get the feeling that th people around you are becomingg more self absorbed you may be right. salute that's right. and social media may be playingp a huge role here. fox's linda schmidt explains.lan are you a nature situate cyst, well, there's test that you cana take online to see if you are. the book nature situate cyst many epidemic which is having a gradios view of yours and a thinking you're better than everyone is increasing in the us. it's growing and somethingethi
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professor w. keith campbell with the university of georgia is the co-author of the book. he says social media is playing a role, but it is not creating nature situate cysts. instead it is a platform for nature situate cysts to displayd their self absorption. psychiatric dr. matthew lobber is with lenox hill hospital. studies show they spend one houo a day on facebook, one over a a day on twitter. it's a chance to pose pictures on themselves, if and it's a chance to see how many likesikes they get and if they don't get enough likes another picture is posted. it is caused by your up bringing, your parents constantly telling you that you are better, prettier than everyone and then social immediate yeah acts an accelerant. they didn't have this.
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fulling little different as. it's just fueling these young children. and constantly promoting yourself instead of helping others has damaging consequencee essay cording to the experts.. people can start relationships but they have problem keepingpig them going. you have g people who are good t maybe promoting themselves and getting jobs, but when they're there they come across as too entitled or too self centered to especially could the yobs. y > that was fox's linda schmidt reporting. >> i'm not surprised. i'm not surprised about that at all. > all you coffee lovers outt there, i understand you probably could not imagine waking up every morning without your keurig and your espresso makerak at home. apparently president obama issie not with you. he takes his coffee with a splash of hipster cool.f hi take a look at this, the boston globe reports president obama has ordered 150 can i next coffee makers. that i
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popular with coffee makers who perhaps to make coffee the old fashioned order. he even has had his bulk order etched with the presidential seal. > i it's so ionic it's in the permanent collection at the museum of modern art. >> we did a little check to see how much they cost. wasn't it anywhere from 19 to 390-dollars. > that's big range. >> it just depends on all of the outside things you put them on them. > they're relatively inexpensive. > it looks like the anti beehive never made it into formation. >> that's right. take a look. this picture was taken outside o nfl headquarters in manhattan this morning. this is where protestors were supposed to rally against beyonce and her entitle
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some criticized the show as racist to the black lives matter movement. as you saw in the pictures there, the others did not get g much of a turnout there. something interesting yesterday, at the gram is, beyonce came ouo and in her speech she sort of made a statement about her performance by saying as artists, you know, i'm just j being an artist. we express ourselves through art. > there you go. you let's get the latest on our weather, which has changed drastically and dramatically since yesterday at this time. here's sue palka with the latest. you got to love the 20-degree temperature swings, right, tony. >> definitely.>> we had that today and we saw a little bit of everything yesterday, but a nice change today. we did start out this day with ice and a lot of school cancellations and delays. del lloyd said this was middle burg, virginia and an ace i start. finding it all ice covered. late this afte
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north and west, the sun came out and the moment the sunburst s through the clouds, the see lions rejoiced. he was down at the zoo. it's on my twitter feed. check it out. for tonight, no big refreeze.e. we've had a lot of drying, so no repeat of last night. n we head down to the mid and upper 20s in the suburb areas tt the north and west to about 32 in the district. the chilly, but the breeze has helped lot today. the strong and gusty winds have helped to get rid of a lot of the moisture around. but there could still be someme that is in a shelter area. the average high is 47-degrees. it was nice to get above it today at 53. we'll also be above it tomorrow at 48-degrees. but a little chiller thursday aa 42. friday, 46 and then a nice big warmup for the weekend. some spots could even be warmer
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sunday looking good as well. there goes today's rain. r the morning rain, getting some snow across upstate new york and then there is a trailing system behind this one. it's a weak one and that's going to pass down to our south, mainly along southern virginia, but it could brush richmond witn a little about it of snow and i wouldn't be surprised if it graces southern st. mary's. most of us are only going to set clouds from that system. it was so nice to see a break from the clouds and get some sunshine. it was after 10 when we got to t 53, dulles at 52. a pretty dramatic warmup, but we are going to see things falling. not only is it going to get cooler, butt winds are going tot get lighter. l 39 in the district, martinsburgm and hagerstown. you'll see where we havere w temperatures heading down tonight. it's still a lot warmer than it was 4 hours ago by some 17 to 2 # degrees.rees
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settle down.le they have done us a favor today to dry up pavement and to begin the process of kind of pushing the water, the runoff into the waterways and downstream so the flood watches that were in effect have now been cancel. c this is the little system that a we've been watching to our south. by midnight it looks like it's going to be lightly snowing in the roanoke area.a. it looks like richmond gets brushed with a little snow. some rain across norfolk and then we'll see our cloudsur diminish and go back to a sunny day. upper 20s in the suburbs. more clouds will be rolling in i late and we will have some patchy ice possible.hy i you can see the skies brightentn up. we get up to 48-degreess tomorrow. i don't think it's going to be quite as breezy. temperatures near 50 as well. w let me show you a planner. we think we'll brighten things up. by 5:00 about 45-degrees and your fox5 accuweather seven day forecast, a temperature
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could some places even be aen little bit warmer. w maybe as warm as 66 for fredericksburg.eder we're going to stick with your 60 for d.c.. we'll keep the good stuff going into sunday at 69-degrees. a couple of chances for some showers on monday and then i know i don't want to hear this, guy, but we're watching tuesday closely because it could be snow or rain. i don't like me, either. i'm going to a426789 it looks like there's a possibility of something coming up the coast. we will be getting colder in that time period and it may bey into wednesday, too.oo. > you still have a ways to go. >> it's a week away. i almost hate to bring it up because we're still trying to get through what happened yesterday. > people will see it on social media. >> there, we said it.t. > this is not very settled. s take a look. it's a hilarious moment. the woman sitting across from taylor swift at the gram is tried to take a sneaky picture with her
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the fan held the phone over herh head and all of a sudden she turned it sideways. s you could see taylor was excitec and celebrating for her friend ed shear and when he won then gram i. i was trying to google to figure out who that was. you see the belittle girl, so i looked. n apparently in these seats right here i think that is wherery and i was supposed to be sitting. we'll gag it and find out. we'll be right back.
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> talk about being in the right place at the right time, somehe residents in ohio go rt a big break at the pump and we mean big. >> off
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center in? north toledo say a computer glitch led to gas prices dropping to 49 cents a gallon and then 17 cents and finally one penny per gallon ofn gas. as you can guess, the price drop was something that madet ma customers very happy. h the drop only lasted for three hours. >> i would have filled up everybody's tank in the station. > see you tonight at 10, everybody.
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harvey: best video of the year. paul mccartney, the biggest star in the world in music, denied at an after party. >> denied twice from tyga's grammy party. >> maybe this is not paul mccartney's deal here. harvey: i would know snoop if i saw him and paul mccartney is at least as popular as snoop. >> paul mccartney was nominated for a rap grammy this year. in your face. >> it's in your mouth now. >> taylor swift. the grammy cameras caught after after she just opened the show and she was like i missed that note. harvey: nobody can hear it but she heard it. >> did you see when ed sheeran won his award? >> she goes so crazy. he wins and they cut to her. >> listen, the camera's not going to hang on him for too long anyway. let's be honest.


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