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tv   Fox 5 Morning News 430  FOX  February 17, 2016 4:30am-5:01am EST

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>> wisdom martin alongside maureen umeh. we have school delays in virginia to pass to you, culpeper, fauquier all on two hour delay and we need to you have that information right, there there you go. in the news today, d.c. council will hold a performance oversight hearing with the city's fire and emergency service medical department and the city is trying to improve medical response system. mayor bowser's office announce aid deal with a private ambulance company that will provide help with low priority calls. >> a former prince george country school board member is going on trial for illegally getting school lunches for a child at reduced price. authorities salineet monday applied for assistance by filling out false information for federal assistance even though she made more than 70,000 a year. it's made for children who have familys with less income, less than $40,000 a year. four other
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worked at government accountability office were part of school lunch scheme. new this morning, d.c. police are investigating an overnight shooting in northwest in the 1200 block of rittenhouse street 1:00 this morning. one man was shot and conscious and breathing when taken to the hospital. police are searching for a suspect seen driveing a black suv. so far no word on a motive. >> a d.c. family is demanding answers after death of be loved dog. on monday their dog la kai is being electrocuted and they're blaming the electrical in the northwest d. cerks house. she call la kai go limp, bite her and begin limping. >> i don't want my die to be at the cuteed and die invain. i want her back.
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and dot right thing. they knew this was happening. >> management aaddressed the issue and said there was exposed wire a licensed electrician identified a wire inside the concrete that was an issue. since learning of this unusual incident we removed the supply to the area. refrain from walking through the quarted off area. the residents have been going back and forth in the summer of what they considered a safety issue. justice antonin scalia chair is draped in black in honor of recent death. >> and in keeping with tradition there's a black drape over the courtroom doors and flags over the plaza will be flown half staff 30 days as well. friday antonin scalia's body
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tried rest on saturday. obama plans to send the senate a nominee to replace antonin scalia. republicans want the next president to make the selection. >> there are still a lot of questions though surrounding antonin scalia's death specifically why an autopsy was not ordered. some law enforcement officials say they're stunned by the decision. >> every case that you're called to investigate is a homicide until you -- your investigation proves otherwise. this was a justice of the united states supreme court. i understand he's 79 years old, that there were some reportedly some medical issues, but, you have to do the
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>> texas officials say this is unusual. but not unprecedented in rural areas. presidential hopefuls are racking up the miles crisscrossing south carolina ahead of the poll. candidates took shots at each other yesterday. and meanwhile little trauma on democratic site posts showing hillary clinton is ahead in nevada leading up to that caucus saturday. >> actor danny glover will be at the reagan national airport to investigate working conditions and poverty wages and mistreatment. he's standing up for electricityed airport workers that barely make enough money to make ends meet. he's fighting for them to make a minimum of $15 an hour and have union right and he'll sign a policemen for their fight. >> a new noise ordinance goes into effect today and county
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things hush hush from 10 at night to 7 in the morning no loud speakers or amplifiers and not using lawn mower ar loaf blower and refrain from fixing cars and pet owners are not to use the dog parks before or after dusk. penalties start $250 and reach up to $500. 4:35 is the time now. monday and tuesday are behind us. >> yes. >> come on weekend. that's what we're saying gary. >> listen, i'll tell you what. this morning, temperatures are all over the place. if you look at temperatures this morning, it depends where are you. north and west, it's actually a little warmer than to the sout south. which is unusual obviously but we have clouds to the north and northwest. and we have breaks down to the south. and that's what's allowing temperatures in spots to get colder.
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mannasas 37. fredericksburg 28. 20s to the southern tier north and northwest. westminster is not below freezing and neej ser frederic frederick. martinsburg 37. that's where the clouds are. you can see where the clouds are and that's where temperatures are warm they are morning which is important because if you come from northwesterly neighborhoods no slick spots there. if you come down into the metro into the city there could be a little slippery spot randomly across the area. we're dry today. cool today. we'll warm up lower 40s to mid up toer 40s. okay? and it's a mixture of sun and clouds. not sunny for everybody. it looks completely cloudy all day and we'll have cool highs. there's a look at forecast for today. we'll look at morning traffic. it's hump day, wednesday, obviously erin is in with that. it's like i get a day off toda today, erin. >> i hope so, gary, right now it feels like we're getting back to typical weekday
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taking a look at traffic down town secondarys are in better shape than when we were up against yesterday morning and day before that. despite the facts president's day monday weather gave us a rough ride. right now no crashes to report. still watch the slick spots. the rain washed out most of the things i saw on my commute to and from yesterday afternoon and this morning. 39 5 south two lanes blocked and beltway roadwork right now you need to be aware of of the both approaching university boulevard and left lanes blocked and volume light. you can see the green on the map right now. aside from that taking a look 50 on inbound side speeds as they should be in upper 50s and 60s now inside the beltway outside the beltway problem free new carlton and metro gearing up for service at 5, on or close to schedule. i like the start to this morning don't want to jinx it back to you guys. >> absolutely. if you want to attend this year's white house easter egg roll sign up for the lottery. time is running out. you actually only have until noon today to fill out the form
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lottery results will be announced next week. winners get tickets to the big event for free. this year's easter egg roll is march 28. >> 4:38 is the time. still ahead her arrest went viral after a florida woman videotaped herself drunk driving and this morning she's avoiding jail time and we'll explain why. >> new developments in the san bernardino terror attack and why tech giant apple is helping find key evidence. back
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>> a petition to bring in a special prosecutor to take in a special murder case politically motivated. state attorney alvarez was responding to prosecutors who wanted laquan mack done amend. she calls it more than counsel dental it comes more than 30 days before her election primary. >> apple fighting back to hack into a cellphone of farook from the san baern dean owe mass shooting his pass code on the phone cannot be cracked and it's preventing them from retrieving information. apple declined to assist the authorities in cracking iphone. farook and malik killed 14 people at holiday luncheon
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farook's co-workers. they were later killed in a shot-out with police. >> the california band performing in paris the night of the dead lay tacks returned to perform in paris. they were perform when 89 people were killed of the last night they took the stage to finish the show for the fans. it was the first time the band performed since at tacks. coming up, america crowns a newton dog. see who took home best in show as this year's westminster dog show. >> will one of d.c. historic high schools be renamed in name of maryanne berry. >> and cool out this morning. couple slick spots. some cases temperatures below freezing, where are we going today. what's all the talk about the weekend. stay with us the forecast is coming up.
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>> time, 4:45 you can see the ferris wheel there. it's a nicer someday than yesterday. gary mcgrady on deck with more on improving weather. >> have you heard about the weekend yet? did you hear the rumor? >> i'm living for the weekend now. >> everybody is working for the weekend. >> there you go. >> everybody is working for the weekend♪ . >> okay. back to the '80s you know what i think about that. okay. i created the weekend forecast. and it was leftover from last weekend and the difference is just stark, joyful. you fill in the adjectives. >> all right. >> okay. >> early, but we'll try. >> trying to get to you get more excited than that. >> woohoo yeah. >> i'll try to
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>> maybe 9. >> 33, 3 reagan national 33, dulles 33, bwi marshall sitting at 30. some places are below freezing. some places are above freezing. here you go. i expect round of applause on this maureen for the weekend forecast. yeah. 60 degrees. there's the potential here we could be a little warmer. but it is february. okay? we want to slow roll this basically. because any little thing can keep us from getting 60 in february. sunday is a little tricky. be more clouds on sunday without clouds we should be warmer on sunday than saturday. but it looks like we should have clouds. so how quickly will those clouds come in and how much in the way of cloud cover will we get? those are unanswered questions. up stayed of 63 surprised or 57 sunday just went ahead and left it at 60 to give you an idea. both days this are mild. it looks like on sdarks sunny and gorgeous out there. and agai
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more clouds coming in. disturbance to the south of us. it's staying south of us. there's rain through the carolinas this morning and perhaps a mixture in places. that's all to the south of us. we have clearing skies here. but we do have a lot of clouds around. so until this little disturbance gets out of here i don't think we'll improve too terribly much in the cloud category. we're in for a good day. mostly cloudy, 8 a.m., chilly, 35 in town. some spots will be right at freezing if not below. mid 40s by lunchtime. with sun and clouds okay and the winds will be five to ten miles an hour. all things considered not too terribly bad. late this afternoon we go for high temperature 47 or so. mostly sunny tomorrow. but cooler, 40 there. a few clouds on friday, 46. >> here comes the weekend. mild on saturday. more clouds for sunday, monday sun and clouds. and the next storm system will affect us coming in late
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snow possible. it looks like developing storm off the coast details to come later. erin cuomo with a look at traffic. >> jim, did you call me karen? >> i was stumbling through morning commute and erin and it all most came out karen. great job this week. >> thank you. >> thank you. >> you too. >> right now 395 southbound two lanes blocked off seminary roa road. there was rough monday and -- weather monday and tuesday. >> we'll do it again next week. >> don't say that we don't want rough weather next week. >> aside from construction icy patches are dissipating and both loops approaching university boulevard have left lanes blocked. let's take a live look outside and show you how things are looking on the beltway. you can see volume picking up, 20
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grove. looking good on southbound side. you hit that typical morning delay near truck scales and down towards the spur. once we get to the beltway despite construction we're in good shape. i'll let you know if anything pops up you need to be aware of. any questions @erinfox5dc back to you. >> thanks, erin, no word what caused smoke to fill cockpit of plane that left reagan nationa national. the plane was forced to land monday morning. they reported smoke shortly after takeoff. pilot and other crew members railroad taken to the hospital. all 161 passengers got off the plane safely. general motors recalling saabs and saturns over the air bag issue. they need to replace the inflators. it is part of broader recall of 5 billion vehicles released by regulators. it can explode with too much force in a crash.
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and 2011 and saab 95 from 2010 and 2011 and saturn astra from 2008 and 2009. >> florida woman for arrested driving drunk and live suprem supremeing on app peri scope will not going to jail jail. she was sentenced this month to twelve months monthsbation and required to do 250 hours of community service typical service for first time offen offenders. people viewing her live pod cast were afraid she would hurt herself or someone else. >> d.c. police are looking for robbers that lookedp a store on north east avenue last week and they were wearing masks and pulled out guns. they took a number of items and rifled through the cash register. head swim
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college in maryland is facing child porn charges. they arrested andre barbins last sunday arrested with having child pornography and showing material to a minor. he's been there since 1998 and investigators searched his home and found pornographic images. clem officials are cooperating with the police investigation. >> and also in maryland, one week after two deputies were killed in the lane line of dut duty, caro county sheriff has choice words for president obama. he took to facebook to criticize the president by not speaking out about the deaths of county deputies. both were killed in a shootout by david evans who was later killed by police. louis wrote when my president doesn't take the time to openly recognize the sacrifices brave men and women of law enforcement face each day keeping domestic
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dispointed. residents support him. >> i agree in a way hi should have showed some grief a little bit. >> it's a reaction i don't respect because it's a tight nit family from the youth to adults. >> you feel for them you think about all the people that were here that day, and you know, everybody that was involved --. >> deputy daily will be laid to rest today. deputy lockhead funeral is saturday. >> it's nearly 15 months since former mayor and d.c. counselor member maryanne berry died. >> one idea is to rename blue high school to maryanne berry high school. not everyone likes that proposal. >> i know that a lot of residents who are still here in the community have an attachment to the school. and have an attachment to the name of the school. they wear like a badge of hono honor. >> i agr t
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maryanne berry and hecident jobl rebuilt and he's well liked and well loved. >> those that want to keep the name say it has nothing to with the mayor they suggested naming the all boy's high school after the mayor instead of blue. >> a northeast d.c. high school student artwork is recognized by google. the search engine is sponsoring art competition for students and the winner will have artwork displayed on google home page and receive a college scholarship. kaela johnson is at eastern high school and created my afrocentric life. she's compete against whipers in all 50 states. vote for her drawing doodles for and the voting ends monday. >> speaking of being recognized america's got a newton dog this morning. >> fwheingt show dop dog tonight 20
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haired pointer. >> c.j. the german short haired pointer was crowned best in shox c.j. comes if a family of winners. his grandmother won best in show in 2005. pressure was on. >> yes. >> hearing the crowd go wild that's amazing. >> today we'll find out who florida's historic powerball jackpot winner is. one of the three winning tickets was purchased in mel bourpch the first winning tin tinget was claimed two days after the winning number was drawn january 13 they bought the ticket in mumford tennessee and the other was sold in california. this later winner comes forward more than ten weeks after the winning numbers were announced. >> this year's oscars are going a little old school. at least as far as the statues are concerned.
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this year the award statues will be based on original oscar from 1929 academy announced yesterday the new york foundry is restoring feature of the original design for 2016. and however, oscar is still plated in 24 car at gold and dimensions will remain the sam same. hey, this morning it's cold out there. it's not dread fully cold or anything like that. in some places believe it or not, not below freezing. let me show you temperatures this morning to give you an idea. it's milder, warmer, however you want to sigh that not torm and north west. martinsburg 37. so is frederick. westminster 36 degrees. further south you come down to the metro and it's 33 degrees. hovering rights around freezin freezing. i do suspect there's a few spots inside the beltway that are below freezing or right at freezing at 33 at national. south, more clear skies. temperatures have gotten colde
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colder. culpeper is 26. mannasas is sitting at 25 degrees. and quantico right now sitting at 30 and leonardtown you guys right on the freezing mark there at 32. and you can see the satellite picture. more clouds to the norm and west. and then some breaks down to the south. and today it's a little tricky with the clouds. i mean we'll go soup and clouds and we'll start out this morning at light here in the metro. mostly cloudy, temperature 35 degrees or so. and so that's chilly. and as we warm up through the day we'll have more sunshine. sun and cloud. temperatures making it up to about 40 -- 47 degrees. erin is in this morning with a look at traffic. >> 4:56 now i can happy tell you we're crash free dmv. top of beltway, inner and outer loop coalsdale road looking nice. both loops university boulevard problem free. we have construction you can see taking out the right lane. however because volume is light it's not really causing any big delays this morning as you make your way past that area. let's take a look at maps. we'll show you exactly whe
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that is by new hampshire traffic was quiet. now, aside from that, 395 south two right lanes blocked after seminary road with construction aside from that we're looking really good as you make your way out in the downtown area. no problems by the white hoution or capital we're looking nice secondary and nice for slick spots you may have some for the most part temperatures up we are getting back to a normal wednesday morning. we'll head back to you guys. . >> coming up 5:00 a family's heartbreak after be loved dog is electrocuted at their d.c. apartment complex and blaming the tragedy on building management. >> and that time of year again pothole city. all the snow, ice, salt, doing major damage to the roads and therefore, causing problems for a lot of our cars as well. a live report what you need to know straight ahead.
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>> we're on pothole patrol. a live report on what you need to know to protect your car. >> live picture outside right now at 5:00. 3


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